SAP ABAP Data Element - Index V, page 15
Data Element - V
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 VVJSRCH Final settlement indicator XFELD CHAR 
2 VVJSTAND Copy tables which belong in the standard system ? XFELD CHAR 
3 VVJSTAT Identification for statistical information JANE CHAR 
4 VVJSTEUER Indicator: Tax entry VVJSTEUER CHAR 
5 VVJSTICH Key date for manual posting JANE CHAR 
6 VVJSTMVA Dummy parameter for parameter docu. on offer status XFELD CHAR 
7 VVJSTOCK Premium reserve fund-relevant indicator JANEI CHAR 
8 VVJSTORNO Reversal indicator XFELD CHAR 
9 VVJSUMACT Indicator: Total for feature class up-to-date ? XFELD CHAR 
10 VVJTABLDIRECT Enter data in VIAK11 table. Do not read-in D-record XFELD CHAR 
12 VVJTSOFVER Immediate Repayment Settlement JFLAGG CHAR 
13 VVJTTLMV Indicator: Total debits and credits for a rental agrmt etc. XFELD CHAR 
14 VVJUEBERAE Predistribution settlement unit indicator JANE CHAR 
15 VVJUMB Indicator: Real Estate invoice amount has been transferred JANE CHAR 
16 VVJUMBUCH Indicator whether advance payments transferred JANE CHAR 
17 VVJUMLKOAR Ind. that apportionment unit is determined via cond. types JANE CHAR 
18 VVJUNUTZA Indicator: Predominant usage type ' '-ANLKL, 'X'-TIV36 JANE CHAR 
19 VVJUPDOS Indicator: Overwrite existing option rates XFELD CHAR 
20 VVJUPDSUM Dummy: Is no longer used (3.0) XFELD CHAR 
21 VVJUSRVALUE New condition amount determined by user XFELD CHAR 
22 VVJUSURY Take account of excess rent limit? XFELD CHAR 
23 VVJVERK Sales restriction JANEI CHAR 
24 VVJVERK6B Sale in acc. with tax credit method CHAR1 CHAR 
25 VVJVERK6BU Transfer of securities in acc. with §6b CHAR1 CHAR 
26 VVJVERTEIL Distribution assignment permitted XFELD CHAR 
27 VVJVGLEFFZ Effective int.-relevant comparative effective int. KENZX CHAR 
28 VVJVGLVALUE New condition amount acc. to comparative group XFELD CHAR 
29 VVJVIAK07 Indicator: Delete option rates for AU from legacy data trfr XFELD CHAR 
30 VVJVIBEOS Indicator: Delete opt.rates in corr. from legacy data trfr XFELD CHAR 
31 VVJVIOB05 Indicator: Delete opt.recs for building from old data trnsfr XFELD CHAR 
32 VVJVIOB06 Indicator: Delete opt.rates for prop. from legacy data trfr XFELD CHAR 
33 VVJVIOB07 Indicator: Delete option rates for BE from old data trfr XFELD CHAR 
34 VVJVIRECH Indicator: Delete line items in corr. from old data trnsfr XFELD CHAR 
35 VVJVOLLAB Full transfer indicator JANE CHAR 
36 VVJVORAUS ID for planned record reference to an advance payment KENZX CHAR 
37 VVJVORHAND ' ': SBEWZITI never available; not blank: SBEWZITI must be CHAR1 CHAR 
38 VVJVORSCH Default calculation form when created XFELD CHAR 
39 VVJVSOFVER Immediate repayment settlement JFLAGG CHAR 
40 VVJVSOP Dummy: Is no longer used (3.0) JANEI CHAR 
41 VVJVSTBE Input tax adjustment selection indicator JANE CHAR 
42 VVJVSTBEST Allocation number management indicator XFELD CHAR 
43 VVJVSTBR Input tax revision selection indicator JANE CHAR 
44 VVJVSTKO Input tax correction selection indicator JANE CHAR 
45 VVJVSTOPT Input tax opting (indicator) JANE CHAR 
46 VVJVVNIMP Indicator: Initialize option rate transfer table XFELD CHAR 
47 VVJVWHEIZT Heating expense settlement: Usage of heating value days JANE CHAR 
48 VVJVWKST Indicator: Costs for property manager (not owner) JANE CHAR 
49 VVJVZ Indicator: Fee type is advance payment XFELD CHAR 
50 VVJVZOFFEN Take account of unpaid advance payments? XFELD CHAR 
51 VVJVZZGB Ind. for adv.pmnt adjustment to take account of pmnts made JANE CHAR 
52 VVJWBEVAL01 Adjustment based on CEA for public authority-supp.accomm. XFELD CHAR 
53 VVJWBEVAL02 Adjustment based on CEA for other apartments/offices XFELD CHAR 
54 VVJWBNLHD Indicator: Dutch apartment val., line with feature category XFELD CHAR 
55 VVJWBNLMML Indicator: Dutch apartment val., line with feature/points XFELD CHAR 
56 VVJWBNLRA Indcator: Apartment valuation NL, line with room type XFELD CHAR 
57 VVJWBNLSUM Indicator: Dutch apartment val., line with total of points XFELD CHAR 
58 VVJWDVOR Send resubmission XFELD CHAR 
59 VVJWEIM Resale to reserve carrier permitted JANEI CHAR 
60 VVJWENR Planning for business entities XFELD CHAR 
61 VVJWERT Fixtures + fittings feature allows point data in object? XFELD CHAR 
62 VVJWTEIG Resid./Part Ownership JANEI CHAR 
63 VVJZBNKP Central bank data maintenance indicator KENZX CHAR 
64 VVJZEND Possible to reset the meter JANE CHAR 
65 VVJZIABBA Interest-based accruals/deferrals indicator JANEI CHAR 
66 VVJZINFO Indicator additional information available XFELD CHAR 
67 VVJZUF Equal loan distribution button KENZX CHAR 
68 VVJZUONR Indicator: Allocation at start yes/no JANE CHAR 
69 VVJZUSCH Indicator: Create surcharge from rent adjustment JANE CHAR 
70 VVJZUSINF More info.about object in addition to no. of points? XFELD CHAR 
71 VVJZUSTPFL Select contracts subject to approval ? XFELD CHAR 
72 VVJZWJAHR Payment form refers to effective from date of condition XFELD CHAR 
73 VVJ_ALL_CHANGED_RC_COND Indicator: Change LO conds also in rent adjustment letter XFELD CHAR 
74 VVJ_AOAUFW Indicator for BAV-relevant extraordinary expenses KENZX CHAR 
75 VVJ_ERL Indicator for BAV-relevant revenues KENZX CHAR 
76 VVJ_KOST Indicator for BAV-relevant costs KENZX CHAR 
77 VVJ_NKSIM Indicator: Simulate service charges settlement XFELD CHAR 
78 VVJ_OBART_HIE Object type(s) for hierarchy structure J_OBART CHAR 
79 VVJ_OBART_SEL Object(s) for data selection J_OBART CHAR 
80 VVJ_OBJNR Obj. number for posting remaining amount for master SU J_OBJNR CHAR 
81 VVJ_OBJNR2 Object no: Real Estate extended object number (partner) VVJ_OBJNR2 CHAR 
82 VVJ_OBJNRX Object no: Real estate extended object number reporting VVJ_OBJNRX CHAR 
83 VVJ_OBJNRX_CONTRACT Extended Object Number Lease-In VVJ_OBJNRX CHAR 
84 VVJ_OBJNRX_OBJECT Extended object number real estate object VVJ_OBJNRX CHAR 
85 VVKAAFA_A Cumulative unplanned depreciation (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
86 VVKABSCHTX Price markdown C5KLEIN CHAR 
87 VVKAPTOW CEA: Repayment outside capital amount publicly subsid.accom. WRTV7 CURR 
88 VVKAPTP CEA: Repayment % outside capital DEC3_2 DEC 
89 VVKAPTSW CEA: Repayment outside capital amount other accommodation WRTV7 CURR 
90 VVKAPZOW CEA: Interest outside capital amount publicly subsid.accomm WRTV7 CURR 
91 VVKAPZP CEA: Interest % outside capital DEC3_2 DEC 
92 VVKAPZSW CEA: Interest outside capital amount other accommodation WRTV7 CURR 
93 VVKART1 Debit acct acct type KOART CHAR 
96 VVKATADR Veränderungsnachweis: Katasteramt Adresse TEXT80 CHAR 
97 VVKBAWH_OS Exercise price currency to local currency exchange rate KURSF DEC 
98 VVKBEMPR Issue price independent of currency VVKWKURS DEC 
99 VVKBEWH_OS Reference unit currency to local currency exchange rate KURSF DEC 
100 VVKBKOND Condition amount independent of currency VVKWKURS DEC 
101 VVKBKONDBI Condition amount independent of currency CHAR15 CHAR 
102 VVKBKON_BI Condition amount independent of currency CHAR18 CHAR 
103 VVKBPWH_OS Exercise price currency to local currency exchange rate KURSF DEC 
104 VVKEJAHR Year of receipt of notice GJAHR NUMC 
105 VVKEMONAT Month by which notice received NUMC2 NUMC 
106 VVKEMWH_OS Issue currency to local currency exchange rate KURSF DEC 
107 VVKENNZ Kennzeichen für Meldewesen MELDKZ CHAR 
108 VVKENNZEICHEN Kennzeichen interne Nutzung (I) / int. Entwicklungsplan.(P) VVKENNZEICHEN CHAR 
109 VVKENNZEICHEN_AM Kennzeichen A=Anlagenstammsatz / F=Anl-Werte aus Fremdsystem CHAR01 CHAR 
110 VVKENNZS Kennzeichen Versicherungssparte DÜVA VVKENNZS CHAR 
111 VVKENNZV Vermögensart - Meldewesen Österreich VVKENNZV CHAR 
112 VVKENNZW Kennzeichen für Wertpapier-Kennummer VVKENNZW CHAR 
113 VVKERLGANZ Rev.acct for adv.pmnts made for tenant service charge sett. SAKNR CHAR 
114 VVKERLNAV rev.acct for serv.charges sett. SAKNR CHAR 
115 VVKERLNET Net rev.acct for cust. posting in service charges settlement SAKNR CHAR 
116 VVKEY DARWIN universal key (no client) VVKEYBAV CHAR 
117 VVKEY10 Key field for deadline monitoring (10 characters) CHAR10 CHAR 
118 VVKEY13 Key field for deadline monitoring (13 characters) CHAR13 CHAR 
120 VVKEYDATEOI Key date for the data selection VVKEYDATE DATS 
121 VVKEYOBJ Internal key for object VVKEY CHAR 
122 VVKFEINS Unit: area CHAR5 CHAR 
123 VVKHERKX Price source RFCCHAR8 CHAR 
124 VVKHHOCH Historical high price for percentage-quoted securities DEC3_7 DEC 
125 VVKHTIEF Historical low price for percentage-quoted securities DEC3_7 DEC 
126 VVKIDWH_OS Index marker currency to local currency exchange rate KURSF DEC 
127 VVKJHOCH Yearly high price for percentage-quoted securities DEC3_7 DEC 
128 VVKJTIEF Yearly low price for percentage-quoted securities DEC3_7 DEC 
129 VVKLAKTZEI Complaint reference code CHAR20 CHAR 
130 VVKLASS Classification SWPKLASS NUMC 
131 VVKLDATUBI Date of complaint CHAR10 CHAR 
132 VVKLDATUM Date of complaint DATUM DATS 
133 VVKLDATUM_DI Date of complaint CHAR10 CHAR 
134 VVKLEN Unit: length CHAR5 CHAR 
135 VVKNZMZ Treasury: Only take limit value into account for overpmnts XFELD CHAR 
136 VVKOABIS Cost elements ..upto KSTAR CHAR 
137 VVKOAVON Cost elements from... KSTAR CHAR 
138 VVKOBLBEG Tenant acct sheet: Start date for cleared items DDAT DATS 
139 VVKOBLEND Tenant acct sheet: End date for open/cleared items DDAT DATS 
140 VVKOGRP Account group VVKOGRP CHAR 
141 VVKOGRPBEZ Name of account group TEXT40 CHAR 
142 VVKOMMTR Internal comment TEXT50 CHAR 
143 VVKONDPJ Conditions on lease-out effective per year (display) JFLAGG CHAR 
144 VVKONDSEL Copy Conditions Selectively XFELD CHAR 
145 VVKONTO1 POR incoming account Swiss post office/bank (in object CoCd) SAKNR CHAR 
146 VVKONTO2 POR clearing account Swiss post office/bank (in object CoCd) SAKNR CHAR 
147 VVKONTO3 Commitments to object company code (Management company code) SAKNR CHAR 
148 VVKONTO4 POR clearing account (in manager company code) SAKNR CHAR 
149 VVKONTO5 Commitments to object company code from COCD_GKT SAKNR CHAR 
150 VVKONTO6 POR clearing account / Pool account SAKNR CHAR 
152 VVKOPBENU Copy User Fields XFELD CHAR 
153 VVKOPDP Copy partner XFELD CHAR 
154 VVKOPF_BER Text module output in header XFELD CHAR 
155 VVKOPGRP Copy encumbrances XFELD CHAR 
156 VVKOPKOND Copy conditions XFELD CHAR 
157 VVKOPOBJ Copy objects XFELD CHAR 
158 VVKOPOVORBEL Indicator for Default Setting of Conditions from Customizing JANEI CHAR 
159 VVKOPSIC Copy Collateral XFELD CHAR 
160 VVKOR From sales organization VKORG CHAR 
161 VVKORRBER Correspondence application KORRBER NUMC 
162 VVKOSTKTO Cost account for incidental expense account settlement KSTAR CHAR 
163 VVKOSTL Cost center for own usage KOSTL CHAR 
164 VVKOSTLEER Cost center for vacancy KOSTL CHAR 
165 VVKPBLART Default document type for account maintenance BLART CHAR 
166 VVKREF_OS Reference price for warrants for currency UKURS DEC 
167 VVKREINS Unit: room content CHAR5 CHAR 
168 VVKREIS Kreis Langtext TEXT40 CHAR 
169 VVKRSDAT Rate date (exchange rate) DATUM DATS 
170 VVKRUNE Rounding difference, neutral P+L acct SAKNR CHAR 
171 VVKRUNK Rounding differences from service charge settlement SAKNR CHAR 
172 VVKSAFA_A Cumulative special depreciation (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
173 VVKSTAR_PR Revenue element for advance payments with RE ref. KSTAR CHAR 
174 VVKSTATU Indicator status adjustment portfolio JANEI CHAR 
175 VVKTXELEM Header text element BIG30 CHAR 
176 VVKTXT Short text TEXT40 CHAR 
177 VVKUEDMM Month of notice NUMC2 NUMC 
178 VVKUEDTT Day of Notice NUMC2 NUMC 
179 VVKUEDYY Year of notice GJAHR NUMC 
180 VVKUEFR Management contract notice period SKUEFR NUMC 
181 VVKUENDKVT Notice, correspondence activity KORRVORF NUMC 
182 VVKUNNRVW Customer no. in company code of management contract KUNNR CHAR 
183 VVKUNNR_BI Customer number KUNNR CHAR 
184 VVKUPRTCTRL Print parameter for notice VVPRTCTRL CHAR 
185 VVKURS1 Exchange rate into settlement currency KURSF DEC 
186 VVKURS2 Exchange rate from settlement currency into local currency KURSF DEC 
187 VVKURSABS Price of a unit-quoted security in quotation currency VVPKTKUR DEC 
188 VVKURSAUSW Price type for evaluations VVSKURSART CHAR 
189 VVKURSF Exchange rate KURSF DEC 
190 VVKURSFW Foreign currency exchange rate KURSF DEC 
191 VVKURSF_BI Exchange rate CHAR9 CHAR 
192 VVKURSHW Local currency exchange rate KURSF DEC 
193 VVKURSPROZ Price of percentage-quoted security in percent VVPKTKUR DEC 
194 VVKURZTEXT Beschreibung Gleichrangrahmen/Mithaftung Abt. III Grundbuch TEXT80 CHAR 
195 VVKWAERS Unit: currency CHAR5 CHAR 
196 VVKWKURS Security price VVKWKURS DEC 
197 VVKZ Processing ID CHAR1 CHAR 
198 VVKZBF BAV/tax office indicator VVKZBF CHAR 
199 VVKZEIGGKT Cash account control for owner VVKZEIGGKT CHAR 
200 VVKZESR Activation of POR functions JANE CHAR 
201 VVKZHBKID Activate account determination JANE CHAR 
202 VVKZHDN Main borrower indicator XFELD CHAR 
203 VVKZLSCHG Payment Method for Credit Memos After Lease-Out Ended ZLSCH CHAR 
204 VVKZLSCHL Payment method for debit memos after lease-out ended ZLSCH CHAR 
205 VVKZMWST Activate VAT functions JANE CHAR 
206 VVKZVALID Kennzeichen Grundbuchabschreibung/-zuschreibung VVKZVALID CHAR 
207 VVLAB Valuated, unrestricted-use stock in period before last MENG13 QUAN 
208 VVLAND1RCP Country key for recipient of a letter LAND1 CHAR 
210 VVLAUFZ Management contract term NUMC4 NUMC 
211 VVLAUFZEIT_ERB Laufzeit der Erbbaurechts in Jahren VVLAUFZEIT_ERB NUMC 
212 VVLAUFZEIT_ERB_BI Laufzeit der Erbpacht CHAR3 CHAR 
213 VVLBEZ Long description for asset type acc. to R96 appendix 11 CHAR60 CHAR 
214 VVLEERGD Vacancy reason VVLEERGD NUMC 
215 VVLEERPROZ Vacancy percentage rate, borne by landlord DEC3_2 DEC 
216 VVLEINS Unit of length MEINS UNIT 
217 VVLEINS_BI Unit of Length CHAR3 CHAR 
218 VVLEN Unit of length MEINS UNIT 
219 VVLENBI Unit of Length CHAR3 CHAR 
220 VVLEN_DEF Pre-setting for units of length MEINS UNIT 
221 VVLFD Sequence Number CHAR2 CHAR 
222 VVLFDNR Table entry sequential number LFDNR CHAR 
223 VVLFDNR2 Laufende Nummer NUMC2 NUMC 
224 VVLFDNR4 Laufende Nummer NUMC4 NUMC 
225 VVLFDNR4_BI Laufende Nummer CHAR4 CHAR 
226 VVLFDNR5 Laufende Nummer NUMC4 NUMC 
227 VVLFNR Sequence number NUM3 NUMC 
228 VVLFNRK Periods of notice sequence number LFNR3 NUMC 
229 VVLFNRR Instalment payment sequence no. LFNR3 NUMC 
230 VVLFNRU Sequence number for sales amount and percentage LFNR3 NUMC 
231 VVLFNRU_BI Sequence number for sales amount and percentage CHAR3 CHAR 
232 VVLFPAR General parameters for logical field CHAR04 CHAR 
233 VVLGEMARK Explanation of sub-district VVLGEMARK CHAR 
234 VVLGEXMPL Market data: Location data of object class TEXT15 CHAR 
235 VVLIALAGE Reduced Rate DEC03_2 DEC 
236 VVLIAREA Area added/removed VVLIAREA QUAN 
237 VVLIAREA_BI Area added/removed CHAR16 CHAR 
238 VVLICACCON Down payment WRTV7 CURR 
239 VVLICALCOM County rate DEC03_2 DEC 
240 VVLICALCOS County rate for not rented DEC03_2 DEC 
242 VVLICAUPER Raising percentage DEC03_2 DEC 
243 VVLICBASIM Taxable amount WRTV7 CURR 
244 VVLICBASVL Basic value WRTV7 CURR 
245 VVLICBLCMM Period in months after that county rate is reduced NUMC03 NUMC 
247 VVLICCOEFF Annual coefficient for D-Building DEC03_2 DEC 
248 VVLICCOFCA Category coefficient DEC03_2 DEC 
249 VVLICCOFRE Regional Coefficient DEC03_2 DEC 
250 VVLICCOFRI Revaluation Coefficient DEC3_2 DEC 
251 VVLICCORUS Use grouping code VVLIC2 CHAR 
252 VVLICCOSIM Annual Asset incrementative cost WRTV7 CURR 
253 VVLICDECAT Category description CHAR50LOW CHAR 
254 VVLICDECLA Class description CHAR50LOW CHAR 
255 VVLICDEPRI First instalment detractions WRTV7 CURR 
256 VVLICDERUS Use group description CHAR50LOW CHAR 
257 VVLICDESEC Second instalment detractions WRTV7 CURR 
258 VVLICDTFIN End period date DATS DATS 
259 VVLICDTPRI First payment deadline DATS DATS 
260 VVLICDTSEC Second payment deadline DATS DATS 
261 VVLICDTVAL Validity date DATS DATS 
262 VVLICESATT Name of the ICI collector DDTEXT CHAR 
263 VVLICFLPRI Flag 1st instalment payment XFELD CHAR 
264 VVLICGRCAT Cadastral group VVLIC2 CHAR 
269 VVLICMEESC Months of exclusion NUMC02 NUMC 
270 VVLICMEPOS Months of ownership NUMC02 NUMC 
272 VVLICPEDET Detraction percentage DEC03_2 DEC 
273 VVLICPEPOS Percentage of ownership DEC03_2 DEC 
274 VVLICQUPRI First instalment share DEC03_2 DEC 
275 VVLICREDOM Domain revenue WRTV7 CURR 
276 VVLICRENBA Basic Cadastral revenue WRTV7 CURR 
277 VVLICRENCA Cadastral revenue WRTV7 CURR 
280 VVLICVAIMM D-Building value WRTV7 CURR 
281 VVLICVALIM Asset value of the year WRTV7 CURR 
282 VVLICVAVEN Selling value for building areas WRTV7 CURR 
283 VVLICVEDET Possible detraction value WRTV7 CURR 
284 VVLICVLPRI First instalment value WRTV7 CURR 
285 VVLICVLSEC Second instalments value WRTV7 CURR 
287 VVLIDATE Acquisition/Retirement Date DATE DATS 
288 VVLIDATE_BI Acquisition/Retirement Date CHAR10 CHAR 
289 VVLIDIREC Transfer/retirement VVLIDIR CHAR 
290 VVLIFNRVW Vendor no. of manager in object company code LIFNR CHAR 
291 VVLIFTBIS Elevator to Floor in Building VVSSTOCKW NUMC 
292 VVLIFTBISBI Elevator to floor in building CHAR3 CHAR 
293 VVLILFDNR Sequence number NUMC5 NUMC 
294 VVLILFDNR_BI Sequence number CHAR5 CHAR 
295 VVLINE First line on the list screen VVILINE INT4 
296 VVLINE1 Line number INT1 INT1 
297 VVLINEMAX Max. no. of lines in display table VVILINE INT4 
298 VVLINES_BUKRS Address line of company code LINES CHAR 
300 VVLIRABBAT Reduction percentage DEC03_2 DEC 
301 VVLIRBAARR Furniture taxable amount WRTV7 CURR 
302 VVLIRBACAN Rental taxable amount WRTV7 CURR 
303 VVLIRBAGAR Guarantor taxable amount WRTV7 CURR 
304 VVLIRBAIMP Taxable amount WRTV7 CURR 
308 VVLIRDESPO Accounting position description CHAR50LOW CHAR 
309 VVLIRDETRI Descrizione tributo VVLIDETRI CHAR 
310 VVLIRDTFAT Billing date DDAT DATS 
313 VVLIRDTREG Registration date DDAT DATS 
314 VVLIRFARAT Accounting accruals: Start/End aggreement VVLIRFARAT CHAR 
315 VVLIRFLABB Reduction flag XFELD CHAR 
316 VVLIRFLCON Flag accounted XFELD CHAR 
317 VVLIRFLIVA Flag Vlue Added Tax XFELD CHAR 
319 VVLIRFLRIS Flag advance resolution XFELD CHAR 
320 VVLIRGICON Days since agreement NUMC03 NUMC 
321 VVLIRIDIRE Calculation type VVLIC2 CHAR 
323 VVLIRIRRIS Advance resolution IRE WRTV7 CURR 
325 VVLIRMIARR Minimum for furnitures WRTV7 CURR 
326 VVLIRMICAN Minimum for annual rent WRTV7 CURR 
328 VVLIRNRRAT Number of adding accruals NUMC01 NUMC 
329 VVLIRNRREG Registration number CHAR13 CHAR 
330 VVLIRPEIAR IRE% for Furniture DEC03_2 DEC 
331 VVLIRPEICA IRE% for bail DEC03_2 DEC 
332 VVLIRPEIGA IRE% for guarantor DEC03_2 DEC 
333 VVLIRPEIRE IRE Percentage DEC03_2 DEC 
334 VVLIRPFATT Accounting frequency VVLIRPFATT CHAR 
336 VVLIRRECPE Payback percentage DEC03_2 DEC 
337 VVLIRRECPE_OBSOLET field is obsolet (Payback percentage now in table TIVLIRCO) DEC03_2 DEC 
339 VVLIRSPREC Expenses payback WRTV7 CURR 
341 VVLIRTPANNX Type of year handled as intermediate year XFELD CHAR 
342 VVLIRVLARR Furniture value WRTV7 CURR 
345 VVLIRVLGAR Guarantor monthly val. WRTV7 CURR 
346 VVLIRVLUFF Register office IRE value WRTV7 CURR 
349 VVLIVEVAL Evaluation of fixt. and fitting charact. for living quality DECV3_2 DEC 
350 VVLOEDAT Deletion date for edited records in MZDAT DATUM DATS 
351 VVLSCNFLAREA Flurstücksfläche am Vertrag VVBFLART QUAN 
352 VVLTTRDATE Date of the letter which this appendix belongs to DDAT DATS 
353 VVLTYP BAV list category VVLTYP NUMC 
354 VVLVSIGN Residential value sign for fixt./fitt.charact. of RUs VVLVSIGN CHAR 
355 VVLZLSCH Payment method for debit memos ZLSCH CHAR 
356 VVMABER Dunning: area MABER CHAR 
357 VVMAHADR Address type for dunning notices ADRTYP CHAR 
358 VVMAHNS Dunning: level MAHNS NUMC 
359 VVMANOPT Option Rate to Be Entered Manually POPTSATZ DEC 
360 VVMANPKVT Rent adjustment, correspondence activity KORRVORF NUMC 
361 VVMANPVERZ_BI Adjustment delay in months CHAR2 CHAR 
362 VVMANSP Dunning: Blocking reason MANSP CHAR 
363 VVMAXBETR Subsidy/grant maximum amount WERTV7 CURR 
364 VVMAXBE_BI Subsidy/grant maximum amount CHAR13 CHAR 
365 VVMAXCOST Maximum costs value for service charge settlement WERT7 CURR 
366 VVMAXCOST1 Maximum costs value per service charge key for SCS WERT7 CURR 
367 VVMAXCOST2 Maximum costs value per condition type for SCS WERT7 CURR 
368 VVMAXMIET Maximum rent for sales-based lease-outs WRTV7 CURR 
369 VVMAXVALFE Maximum allowed condition amount per area unit WRTV7 CURR 
370 VVMAXVALGS Total maximum allowed condition amount WRTV7 CURR 
371 VVMEOPT Rental unit opted for input tax XFELD CHAR 
372 VVMFACH Rent table field CHAR10 CHAR 
373 VVMGJ Fiscal year of period before last GJAHR NUMC 
374 VVMIDAT Date of Last Correction Run in Classic RE DATUM DATS 
375 VVMIGRA Preparatory Run for Data Migration to RE-FX XFLAG CHAR 
376 VVMINABT Minimum assignment amount BWHR CURR 
377 VVMINAU_OS Minimum exercise WERTV7 CURR 
378 VVMINBETR Minimum rent per sales grading WRTV7 CURR 
379 VVMINBETR_BI Minimum rent per sales grading CHAR13 CHAR 
380 VVMINMIET Minimum rent for sales-based rental agrmnts WRTV7 CURR 
381 VVMITEIG Miteigentum CHAR29 CHAR 
382 VVMITEIGTN Miteigentum Nenner VVBEIGTN DEC 
383 VVMITEIGTN_BI RE: Miteigentum Nenner CHAR6 CHAR 
384 VVMITEIGTZ Miteigentum Zähler VVBEIGTZ DEC 
385 VVMITEIGTZ_BI RE: Miteigentum Zähler CHAR6 CHAR 
386 VVMITHAFT Mithaftungs-/Gleichrangrahmen-Nr. CHAR12 CHAR 
387 VVMITHAFTKZ Kennzeichen Gleichrangrahmen VVMITHAFTKZ CHAR 
388 VVMKOART Reduction condition type SKOART NUMC 
389 VVMLB Total valuated stock in period before last MENG13V QUAN 
391 VVMMINUMS_BI Minimum sales in reporting interval CHAR18 CHAR 
392 VVMMO Month of period before last MONAT NUMC 
393 VVMMXMBEZ Reason for rent reduction XMBEZ CHAR 
394 VVMNOPTS Option Rate to Be Entered Manually CHAR10 CHAR 
395 VVMODCALL The call mode (CALL / SWIT) CHARX8 CHAR 
396 VVMODCNEU The new call mode (CALL / SWIT) CHARX8 CHAR 
397 VVMODCURR Consecutive editing mode for the screen CHARX8 CHAR 
398 VVMODNEU New call mode for the screen CHARX8 CHAR 
399 VVMONAT Number of months NUM2 NUMC 
400 VVMONBE Accrued/deferred month (correction items) NUM2 NUMC 
401 VVMRKVGCODE Selections requirements for adjustment method comparison VVMRKVGCODE CHAR 
402 VVMSEHI Measurement unit for assignment of participating SUs MEINS UNIT 
403 VVMSFRNZBI Indicator for shifting due date CHAR1 CHAR 
405 VVMSGTXT Message Text CHAR256 CHAR 
406 VVMSKZ Tax code for vendor posting MWSKZ CHAR 
407 VVMSPADDSYS Total surcharge per AU (fixt&fit. abs surch.+rel surcharge) WRTV7 CURR 
408 VVMSPNCOSYS New rent per area unit (calculated by system) WRTV7 CURR 
409 VVMSPNCOUSR New rent per area unit (entered by user) WRTV7 CURR 
410 VVMSPVALFE Condition amount per AU acc. to representative list of rents WRTV7 CURR 
411 VVMSPVALGS Condition amount according to representative list of rents WRTV7 CURR 
412 VVMSREFNR Security deposit reference number TEXT30 CHAR 
413 VVMUS_ACT Integrierte Pflege zusammengeh. Mieträume/flächen aktivieren JANE CHAR 
414 VVMVHDOPT1 Standard Hierarchy of Lease-Out Overview JANE CHAR 
415 VVMVHDOPT2 Lease-out view - lease-out overview JANE CHAR 
416 VVMVHDOPT3 Rental agreement overview JANE CHAR 
417 VVMVIMKEY Lease-Out -Real Estate Key IMKEY CHAR 
418 VVMVINDSEC Industry of master tenant BRSCH CHAR 
419 VVMVK_DIAL Ist-Konditionen über Dialog verteilen JANE CHAR 
420 VVMVPRTCTRL Print control lease-out VVPRTCTRL CHAR 
421 VVMWSKZ Tax code for unqualified down payment MWSKZ CHAR 
422 VVMWSKZ0 Tax on Sales/Purchases Code with Tax Rate 0 MWSKZ CHAR 
423 VVMWSKZUST Management contract: Sales tax code (posting to cust. acc.) MWSKZ CHAR 
424 VVMWSKZVST Management contract: Input tax code (posting to vendor acc.) MWSKZ CHAR 
425 VVMWSKZVW Sales tax code CHAR2 CHAR 
426 VVMWSTNR_EIG Value-added tax of owner STCEG CHAR 
427 VVMWST_PRZ Percentage rate of sales tax PRZ43V DEC 
428 VVMYEINKO Month/year monthly income NUMC06 NUMC 
429 VVMZST Indicator: Tenant assessed for tax XFELD CHAR 
430 VVNABTRV Contract of assignment number CHAR15 CHAR 
431 VVNAFA_GJE_A Fiscal year end ordinary depreciation (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
432 VVNAME_FINAMT Name des Finanzamtes TEXT40 CHAR 
433 VVNAME_KATAMT Name des Katasteramtes TEXT40 CHAR 
434 VVNANGNEU New offer number for condition header LFNR3 NUMC 
435 VVNANZAUSZ Maximum number of cleared documents which can be accepted INT4 INT4 
436 VVNARW Internal stock indicator (BAV) VVNARW NUMC 
437 VVNATION Nationality LAND1 CHAR 
438 VVNATOL Term end tolerance in days (+/-) VVNTOL INT2 
439 VVNATURE_INT IPD: Ownership structure VVNATURE_INT CHAR 
440 VVNAVAL Guarantee number CHAR15 CHAR 
441 VVNAZR Ranking Order For Display NUMC03 NUMC 
442 VVNBFOLGE Processing sequence of calculation bases DEC2 DEC 
443 VVNCLASSIZE Number of characteristics in a characteristics category NUMC4 NUMC 
444 VVNCODE Entry for item JANEI CHAR 
445 VVNDOBJ Select objects not flagged for deletion XFELD CHAR 
446 VVNDOBJ_FS Selection: "Undeleted Obj." / "Deleted Obj." XFELD CHAR 
447 VVNDOCCNT Number of printed letters for an adjustment NUMC3 NUMC 
448 VVNDYNGRP Screen group number NUMC2 NUMC 
449 VVNEINHEIT Assessed value base year CJAHR CHAR 
450 VVNEINHW Assessed value: base year GJAHR NUMC 
451 VVNEINTR Number of an entry NUMC3 NUMC 
452 VVNETYIELD IPD: Net market yield DEC5_2 DEC 
453 VVNET_INCOME Annual Net Income WERTV8 CURR 
454 VVNEWCONME Create new conditions on rental unit? XFELD CHAR 
455 VVNEWCONMV Generate new conditions on lease-out? XFELD CHAR 
456 VVNFELD Field number of a logical field VVNFELD NUMC 
457 VVNGEBTEIL Building part number VVNGEBTEIL NUMC 
458 VVNKAZUSCHL Cost surcharge for service charge settlement XFELD CHAR 
459 VVNKIND_OF_ACTIVE_RENT_ADJ RE Correspondence: Active Rent Adjustments to be Selected VVNKIND_OF_ACTIVE_RENT_ADJ NUMC 
460 VVNKIND_OF_INACTIVE_RENT_ADJ RE Correspondence: Inactive Rent Adjustments to be Selected VVNKIND_OF_INACTIVE_RENT_ADJ NUMC 
461 VVNKOKEY Account assignment key identification VVNKOKEY CHAR 
462 VVNKOMPPOS Position of Components within the Number NUM02 NUMC 
463 VVNLAUFZ Contract term in months NUMC4 NUMC 
464 VVNLAUFZ_DI Contract term in months CHAR4 CHAR 
465 VVNLFDNUM Sequence number NUMC04 NUMC 
466 VVNLFDPR Priority which should be given to this reserve NUMC1 NUMC 
467 VVNLIMIT Distribution limit number NUMC06 NUMC 
468 VVNMANR Employee- / clerk number VVNMANR NUMC 
469 VVNMEIST Actual number of rental units per usage type NUMC5 NUMC 
470 VVNMESOLL No. of rental units (target) per usage type NUMC5 NUMC 
471 VVNMODERN Year of modernization GJAHR NUMC 
472 VVNMTOL Reminder Tolerance in days (+/-) VVNTOL INT2 
473 VVNNPART Last name of applicant TEXT20 CHAR 
474 VVNNPARTB Master tenant: last name TEXT20 CHAR 
475 VVNNPARTBA Alternative payer: surname TEXT20 CHAR 
476 VVNOADJUST Flag; No adjustment possible CHAR1 CHAR 
477 VVNOCND Checkbox: Aggregate items XFELD CHAR 
478 VVNOCORHON Management contract: No correction of fees XFELD CHAR 
479 VVNOMANAG Management contract: No manager posting yes/no XFELD CHAR 
480 VVNOOBJEKT Management contr.: Object-related fees not permitted yes/no XFELD CHAR 
481 VVNOOWNER Management contract: No owner posting yes/no XFELD CHAR 
482 VVNOTEDOMKEY Subarea identification VVNOTEDOMKEY CHAR 
483 VVNOTENTXTLN Sequence number of text line   NUMC 
484 VVNOTEOBJKEY Memo ID (higher-level key) VVNOTEOBJKEY CHAR 
485 VVNOTESUBKEY Memo ID (higher-level key) VVNOTESUBKEY CHAR 
486 VVNOTEXTXTLN Content of text line   CHAR 
487 VVNOTWAERS Quotation currency (which prices are in) WAERS CUKY 
488 VVNPAGE New page after control break Yes/No VVVKZ CHAR 
489 VVNPEIG Owner partner number SPARTNR CHAR 
490 VVNPEIG_NEW Owner partner number BU_PARTNER CHAR 
491 VVNPERSOND Special period to post follow-up costs NUMC2 NUMC 
492 VVNPOS Position on form page NUM3 NUMC 
493 VVNPRIO Incoming payments: Priority of evaluation criteria VVNPRIO NUMC 
494 VVNPROT Log Level CHAR01 CHAR 
495 VVNPVERW Manager partner no. SPARTNR CHAR 
496 VVNPVERW_NEW Manager partner no. BU_PARTNER CHAR 
497 VVNRA1 lfd. Nr. Eintragung Abt. I VVXNRGB CHAR 
498 VVNRA2 Laufende Nummer der Eintragungen VVNRA2 CHAR 
499 VVNRA3 Laufende Nummer der Eintragungen VVNRA3 CHAR 
500 VVNRANG Ranking number (position number) of variant or modification NUMC03 NUMC