SAP ABAP Data Element - Index V, page 14
Data Element - V
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
6 VVILEER48 Empty 48 CHAR48 CHAR 
9 VVILEER8 Empty 8 characters CHAR8 CHAR 
10 VVIMGRP Group of real estate objects SETNR CHAR 
11 VVIMKEY Internal Key for Real Estate Object CHAR0008 CHAR 
12 VVIMKEY11 IMKEY part.key, only to be used within NRIV VVIMKEY11 CHAR 
13 VVIMKEYOLD DO NOT USE (old key for real estate object) CHAR8 CHAR 
14 VVIMKOB Objects for Real Estate IMKEY (as from Rel. 3.0) VVIMKOB CHAR 
15 VVIMMTXT_80 Text for Real Estate object of 80 length TEXT80 CHAR 
16 VVINAKTIV Flurstück inaktiv CHAR1 CHAR 
17 VVINAMEAG Sold-to party (tenant) CHAR27 CHAR 
18 VVINAMEEMP Name of recipient (apartment company) CHAR27 CHAR 
20 VVINCLUS Inclusive indicator for the due date XFELD CHAR 
21 VVINCOME_CUR Currency of Net Income WAERS CUKY 
23 VVINDPK_OS Index point WERTV7 CURR 
24 VVINDUSTRY_LOC IPD: Link to commercial object VVINDUSTRY_LOC CHAR 
25 VVINDUSTRY_SIT IPD: Location of commercial object VVINDUSTRY_SIT CHAR 
27 VVINDWH_OS Index point currency WAERS CUKY 
28 VVINRNRKONTOBF Number range for bank procedure account number CHAR2 CHAR 
29 VVINT4 Dummy INT4 INT4 
30 VVINTAKTZ Einheitswert: internes Aktenzeichen CHAR30 CHAR 
31 VVINTRENO Internal Real Estate Master Data Code VVINTRENO CHAR 
32 VVINTRENO2 Second real estate object for property management postings VVINTRENO CHAR 
33 VVINTRENOAV Contract with which the object was leased-in (INTRENO) VVINTRENO CHAR 
34 VVINVERS Posting rules: Inverse posting JANE CHAR 
35 VVINVERT Indicator whether reversal made via inversion VVCHAR1 CHAR 
36 VVIPARTFROM Source of Prospect CHAR4 CHAR 
37 VVIPARTWHY Reason for Acquisition CHAR4 CHAR 
38 VVIPLUS Account to be replaced VVIPLUS CHAR 
39 VVIPRIMA Primary note CHAR10 CHAR 
40 VVIREFER Reference number (freely definable) CHAR10 CHAR 
41 VVISALDO Account balance in local currency (company code currency) WERT7 CURR 
42 VVISALDOS Balance in second currency (converted value) WERT7 CURR 
43 VVISAMPO Number of collective items CHAR5 CHAR 
45 VVISATZL Record length CHAR4 CHAR 
46 VVISBMAX Maximum amount for instalment payment WRTV7 CURR 
47 VVISCHNR Check number CHAR16 CHAR 
48 VVISFCT_RE Application module (developed by SAP) for Real Estate FUNCNAME CHAR 
49 VVISKL_BI Index-Adjusted Lease-Out: Index or Spread Clause CHAR1 CHAR 
50 VVISNUMMC Consecutive number of C-record in BK01 tape NUMC2 NUMC 
51 VVISOBJTYP Object categories real estate management (with status) VVJ_OBTYP CHAR 
52 VVISRZBMAX Maximum Installment WRTV7 CURR 
53 VVISRZBTR Instalment payment: Total gross amount WRTV7 CURR 
54 VVISRZCURR Instalment payment: Currency WAERS CUKY 
55 VVISRZDAY Day carried out KTAG NUMC 
56 VVISRZDBEG Start date of instalment payment DATUM DATS 
57 VVISRZDEND End date of instalment payment DATUM DATS 
58 VVISRZMON Execution frequency of instalment payments in months VVISRZMON NUMC 
59 VVISRZNUM Number of instalment payments VVISRZNUM NUMC 
60 VVISRZXRST Remainder as last payment JANE CHAR 
61 VVISSALD Beginning balance CHAR18 CHAR 
62 VVISTAT Occupancy type J_ISTAT CHAR 
63 VVISTORN Reversal indicator CHAR6 CHAR 
64 VVISUMHA Total credits CHAR18 CHAR 
65 VVISUMSO Total debits CHAR18 CHAR 
66 VVISU_BANKL Total bank numbers C-records RFVIBK01_BANKL_4 NUMC17 NUMC 
67 VVISU_BETRAG Total of amounts from C-records NUMC13 NUMC 
68 VVISU_C Number of C-records CHAR7 CHAR 
69 VVISU_KONTO Total account numbers C-record field RFVIBK01C-KONTOBV_5 NUMC17 NUMC 
70 VVIS_BRUTTO Gross amount WERTV7 CURR 
71 VVIS_BTGFM Amounts per due months JANE CHAR 
72 VVIS_CNT1 Number NUM1 NUMC 
73 VVIS_DBERBIS 'Calculation to' Date DATUM DATS 
75 VVIS_DVAR Day shift of debit position - identification VVIS_DVAR CHAR 
76 VVIS_DVARV Day shift of debit position VVIS_DVARV INT2 
77 VVIS_IMM PRINT: Print immediately JANE CHAR 
78 VVIS_IMMON Transfer reference number JANE CHAR 
79 VVIS_KEEP PRINT: Hold in spool JANE CHAR 
81 VVIS_LSTOP Criterion for output JANE CHAR 
83 VVIS_NOKEEP PRINT: Delete after printing JANE CHAR 
84 VVIS_SDATU Debit position base date DATUM DATS 
85 VVIS_SELECT Number of selected entries for the object SYST_LONG INT4 
86 VVIS_SIMUL Test run w/o posting - Simulate JANE CHAR 
87 VVIS_SKRIT Sort criteria for posting log VVIS_SKRIT CHAR 
88 VVIS_SMONA Debit position month MONAT NUMC 
89 VVIS_STEUER Value-added tax WERTV7 CURR 
90 VVIS_SVARI Input mode for due date VVIS_SVARI CHAR 
91 VVIS_SYEAR Debit position year GJAHR NUMC 
92 VVIS_TPOST Make transfer posting JANE CHAR 
93 VVIS_TSPLIT Document split for transfer posting JANE CHAR 
94 VVIS_WAERS Currency key WAERS CUKY 
95 VVIS_ZEBET Processing category VVIS_ZEBET CHAR 
96 VVIS_ZUONR Fill Assignment in Document JANE CHAR 
97 VVIS_ZUSON Different indicator for editing subsidies JANE CHAR 
98 VVITEM_RECN_TRANSFER_POST Indicator: Transfer posting for lease-out CHAR1 CHAR 
99 VVITEM_VIRTUAL Indicator: Lines not in database CHAR1 CHAR 
100 VVITEUR Stand.liv.index DEC5_3 DEC 
101 VVITEURALT Old standard of living index DEC5_3 DEC 
102 VVITEXT Text for Real Estate object CHAR30 CHAR 
103 VVITEXTSCHLA Text key part 1: Indicator for transaction CHAR2 CHAR 
104 VVITEXTSCHLB Text key part 2: Indicator for transaction CHAR3 CHAR 
105 VVITSCHL Text key CHAR03 CHAR 
106 VVIUPDAT Bank update CHAR8 CHAR 
108 VVIVALUT Value date CHAR8 CHAR 
109 VVIVORMKZ Preselection Indicator for Rental Request CHAR4 CHAR 
110 VVIVSTKG Indicator: Non-deductible input tax to source account JANE CHAR 
111 VVIVWZ01 Purpose1 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
112 VVIVWZ02 Purpose2 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
113 VVIVWZ03 Purpose3 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
114 VVIVWZ04 Purpose4 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
115 VVIVWZ05 Purpose5 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
116 VVIVWZ06 Purpose6 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
117 VVIVWZ07 Purpose7 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
118 VVIVWZ08 Purpose8 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
119 VVIVWZ09 Purpose9 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
120 VVIVWZ10 Purpose10 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
121 VVIVWZ11 Purpose11 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
122 VVIVWZ12 Purpose12 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
123 VVIVWZ13 Purpose13 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
124 VVIVWZ14 Purpose14 VVIVWZ00 CHAR 
125 VVIWAERS Currency (character for account statement) CHAR3 CHAR 
126 VVIWAY Enquiry method CHAR4 CHAR 
128 VVIWRBTRH Credit amount in document currency/transaction currency WERT7 CURR 
129 VVIWRBTRS Debit in document currency/transaction currency WERT7 CURR 
130 VVIXFROM Description of origin of acquisition XMBEZ CHAR 
131 VVIXREST Residual items screen (with OI clearing of differences) CHAR1 CHAR 
132 VVIXTEIL Partial payment screen (only OI clearing of differences) CHAR1 CHAR 
133 VVIXVERR Clearing items not payable XFLAG CHAR 
134 VVIXWAY Name of enquiry method XMBEZ CHAR 
135 VVIXWHY Description of partner acquisition reason XMBEZ CHAR 
136 VVIZINF1 Additional information 1 CHAR15 CHAR 
137 VVIZINF2 Additional info 2 CHAR15 CHAR 
139 VVIZWSUM Subtotal for contracts VVVKZ1 CHAR 
140 VVI_BK File format: DTAUS   CHAR 
141 VVI_GS Credit memo simulation   CHAR 
142 VVI_LS Returned debit memo simulation (outgoing payments)   CHAR 
143 VVI_MC File format: MultiCash   CHAR 
144 VVJABG Dummy: Is no longer used (3.0) XFELD CHAR 
145 VVJABGKZ Indicator: Other planned retirements taken into account JANE CHAR 
146 VVJABR Advance payment adjustment JANE CHAR 
147 VVJABSOL Absolute amount indicator JANEI CHAR 
148 VVJABUCH Indicator: Input tax adjustment from sale XFELD CHAR 
149 VVJACTIVE Activation indicator (event table/loans) XFELD CHAR 
150 VVJADJNACMV Adjust inactive lease-outs? XFELD CHAR 
151 VVJADJSCLS Indicator: Not adjusted gradings in CH rent adjust. letter XFELD CHAR 
152 VVJADJUSTAL Adjust lease-outs and rental units? XFELD CHAR 
153 VVJADJUSTME Only adjust rental units? XFELD CHAR 
154 VVJADJUSTMV Only Adjust Lease-Outs? XFELD CHAR 
155 VVJADJVACME Only adjust rental unit in case of vacancy? XFELD CHAR 
156 VVJAEPRUEF Do not carry out check function for settlement units JANE CHAR 
158 VVJAHRAB Gültig-ab-Jahr GJAHR NUMC 
159 VVJAHRBE Year to be selected for correction items GJAHR NUMC 
160 VVJAHRBIS Gültig-bis-Jahr GJAHR NUMC 
161 VVJALTD Indicator: Data record from transfer of legacy data XFELD CHAR 
162 VVJALTHW Translate amounts to old local curr.after the euro XFELD CHAR 
163 VVJAMHIER Take asset hierarchy into consideration for correction items XFELD CHAR 
164 VVJAMUSS Required field indicator JANE CHAR 
165 VVJAMVA Indicator: Status for Active Lease-Out Offer JANE CHAR 
166 VVJANFSLD Indicator: Bal.carried in ten.acct sheet tab.line XFELD CHAR 
167 VVJANKAKT Adjustment run for modernization measure exists JANE CHAR 
168 VVJANL1Z1 Indic: Real estate object must be assigned 1:1 to asset JANE CHAR 
169 VVJANLHIE Indicator: Asset allocation valid for subordin. building JANE CHAR 
170 VVJANLOBL Indic.: Asset assignment is mandatory JANE CHAR 
171 VVJANPIB Adjustment being processed (indicator) JANE CHAR 
172 VVJANPINV Indicator: Letter for LO not subject to approval XFELD CHAR 
173 VVJANPIZV Indicator: Letter for rental agrmnt subject to approval XFELD CHAR 
174 VVJANPMZR CH rent adjustment: Adjust rent reserve from appreciation? XFELD CHAR 
175 VVJANPPSCH Do you want to adjust flat rates? XFELD CHAR 
176 VVJANPVZ Do you want to adjust advance payments? XFELD CHAR 
177 VVJANTCH Check holding types for 100% JANE CHAR 
178 VVJANTEIL Pro rata calculation indicator JANEI CHAR 
179 VVJANTM Share type is a required field for all partners concerned JANE CHAR 
180 VVJANZEIG Field key display indicator JANE CHAR 
181 VVJANZEIGE Flag: Object will be displayed CHAR1 CHAR 
182 VVJANZMON Display payments: 'X' = monthly, ' ' = every quarter XFELD CHAR 
183 VVJANZWE Resale report JANEI CHAR 
184 VVJAPOS Indicator: Print cleared items ? XFELD CHAR 
185 VVJAPROT_S Archiving: Reduced Check XFELD CHAR 
186 VVJAPVORH Indicator: Cleared items exist in tenant account sheet XFELD CHAR 
187 VVJARCHIVE Object was archived CHAR1 CHAR 
188 VVJAREA Rental on basis of area? XFELD CHAR 
189 VVJASDIRECT Reverse/activate rent adjustment without list XFELD CHAR 
190 VVJASNOSAVE Rent adjustment simulations cannot be saved XFELD CHAR 
191 VVJAUGBEL Indicator: Item from clearing document XFELD CHAR 
192 VVJAUSBEW Fixture/fitting characteristic not relevant for rental req. VVJAUSBEW CHAR 
193 VVJAUSW Use field selection from status XFELD CHAR 
194 VVJAUSWA Control whether field selection from TZPA or TZPAB is used JANEI CHAR 
195 VVJAUSWDYN Index-Linked Insurance Radio Button KENZX CHAR 
196 VVJAUSWOB1 Object selection indicator KENZX CHAR 
197 VVJAUSWOB2 Object selection indicator KENZX CHAR 
198 VVJAUSWSI1 Collateral Selection Indicator KENZX CHAR 
199 VVJAUSWSI2 Collateral selection indicator KENZX CHAR 
200 VVJAUSWSTA Static insurance indicator KENZX CHAR 
201 VVJAUSZVI Default Value for Inclusive Indicator for Interest Val.Date KENZX CHAR 
202 VVJAUTOGEB Autom. determination of LO no.: Consider building/property? JANE CHAR 
203 VVJAUTOMV Create Lease-Out Number Automatically JANE CHAR 
204 VVJBASBR CH rent adjustm.: Adj. on basis of gross yield XFELD CHAR 
205 VVJBASEALL Rent adjustment on basis of total rent (indep. of area) JANE CHAR 
206 VVJBASHZ CH rent adjustm.: Adj. on basis of mortgage loan rate change XFELD CHAR 
207 VVJBASIS Base indicator JANEI CHAR 
208 VVJBASMOD CH rent adjustment: Adj. on the basis of modernization XFELD CHAR 
209 VVJBASOUE CH rent adj.: Adjustment on basis of typical local rent XFELD CHAR 
210 VVJBASTI CH rent adjustm.: Adj. on basis of standard of living index XFELD CHAR 
211 VVJBASUBK CH rent adjustm.: Adj. on basis of maint./operat.costs index XFELD CHAR 
212 VVJBATCH MText word processing: Document can be created in batch JANEI CHAR 
213 VVJBAV Flag: Regulatory reporting active JANEI CHAR 
214 VVJBEARP Clerk preference indicator KENZX CHAR 
215 VVJBELBIND Evaluate rental request occupancy commitment JAUSW CHAR 
216 VVJBELEG Indicator: Doc. for each grouping of correction items XFELD CHAR 
217 VVJBETRAG Field 'amount' Event: 'X'=mandatory, ' ' = entry not allowed XFELD CHAR 
218 VVJBEW Application-specific restrictions JAUSW CHAR 
219 VVJBEWEG Flag: Line item data available JANE CHAR 
220 VVJBEZUG Reference factor indicator JANE CHAR 
221 VVJBKBEST Indicator: Additional data owner active JANE CHAR 
222 VVJBKRZ Cash deposit instalment payment JANEI CHAR 
223 VVJBMA Criterion: Rent amount corresponds to offer conditions JAUSW CHAR 
224 VVJBMC Criteria: Check rent amount JAUSW CHAR 
225 VVJBME Criterion: Rent amount corresponds to rental unit conditions JAUSW CHAR 
226 VVJBMV Criterion: Rent amount corresponds to rental agrmt condit. JAUSW CHAR 
227 VVJBRBEW Valuation of storable fuel active JANE CHAR 
228 VVJBRFBST Indicator: Check text modules which appear in letters XFELD CHAR 
229 VVJBSTAUSW Text module selection ? XFELD CHAR 
230 VVJBTCH Background run indicator XFELD CHAR 
231 VVJBUCH BAV transfer posting JANEI CHAR 
232 VVJBUCHAUS Selection for flows to be posted KENZX CHAR 
233 VVJCFAFINTERNET Fixt./Fitt. Characteristic Used in Internet Search XFELD CHAR 
234 VVJCHGNRBI Change number CHAR3 CHAR 
235 VVJCHSNKRUL Pass on reductions to reserves by single settlement XFELD CHAR 
236 VVJCHSNKSUM Pass on reductions to reserves by single settlement XFELD CHAR 
238 VVJCLRDIT Indicator: Select cleared items XFELD CHAR 
240 VVJCONDDAY Contract conditions on a daily basis? XFELD CHAR 
241 VVJCPMETOMV Pass-On Amount From Rental Unit to Lease-Out XFELD CHAR 
242 VVJCPMVTOME Pass-On Amount From Lease-Out to Rental Unit XFELD CHAR 
243 VVJCTVBST CTV word processing: ID whether module should be displayed JANEI CHAR 
244 VVJCUTOFF Consider rent cap indicator XFELD CHAR 
245 VVJDARWIN Copy contents of Darwin table which are used by others ? XFELD CHAR 
246 VVJDATIGNO 'X': Ignore table time-dependency XFELD CHAR 
247 VVJDATMAN Indicator: Manual deadlines for modernization JANE CHAR 
248 VVJDED Assigned distribution button KENZX CHAR 
249 VVJDEFKOAR Default condition type for adjustment method? XFELD CHAR 
250 VVJDIRECT Execute program immediately (without interaction) XFELD CHAR 
251 VVJDISPLYAL Display adjustments of lease-outs and rental units? XFELD CHAR 
252 VVJDISPLYME Only display adjustments affecting rental units? XFELD CHAR 
253 VVJDISPLYMV Only display adjustments affecting lease-outs? XFELD CHAR 
254 VVJDISTRIBUTE Type of Predistribution (Apportionment Unit, Perc, Equ.Nos) CHAR1 CHAR 
255 VVJDIVANP Do several adjustment types exist? XFELD CHAR 
256 VVJDIVGSCH Division by number of storeys XFELD CHAR 
257 VVJDOKUANZ Display documentation on condition? ANKREUZ CHAR 
258 VVJDV3TI Indicator: Display in PRF3 repayment list JANEI CHAR 
259 VVJDYNANN Adoption of index-linked insurance indicator JANE CHAR 
260 VVJDYNSTAT Index-Linked Insurance Indicator JANE CHAR 
261 VVJEDIT M text: Edit indicator JANEI CHAR 
262 VVJEFFZI2 Effective int.-relevant internal effective interest KENZX CHAR 
263 VVJEIGENT juristischer Eigentümer TEXT80 CHAR 
264 VVJEIGTV Indicator: Owner management active JANE CHAR 
265 VVJEIGWOHN Rental Unit in Separate Ownership (COA) JANE CHAR 
266 VVJEINBE Indicator for withholding of amount during disbursement KENZX CHAR 
267 VVJEINMKON Indicator: Condition type valid once JANE CHAR 
268 VVJEINZELP Indicator: Cancellation of line items JANE CHAR 
269 VVJENDEKON Indicator: Condition type no longer valid as from today JANE CHAR 
270 VVJEQM_1Z1 Unique assignment of functional location to RE object JANE CHAR 
271 VVJEQM_1Z1_GE Unique assignment of building to functional location JANE CHAR 
272 VVJEQM_1Z1_GR Unique assignment of property to functional location JANE CHAR 
273 VVJEQM_1Z1_ME Unique assignment of rental unit to functional location JANE CHAR 
274 VVJEQM_1Z1_WE Unique business entity assignment to functional location JANE CHAR 
275 VVJEQM_AUTO Automatic creation of functional location for RE object JANE CHAR 
276 VVJEQM_AUTO_FL Automatic create/change FL for architectural area VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
277 VVJEQM_AUTO_GE Automatic create/change FL for building VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
278 VVJEQM_AUTO_GR Automatic create/change FL for property VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
279 VVJEQM_AUTO_IMMO Automatic create/change FL for Real Estate object VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
280 VVJEQM_AUTO_ME Automatic create/change FL for rental unit VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
281 VVJEQM_AUTO_RA Automatic create/change FL for architectural room VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
282 VVJEQM_AUTO_VMFL Automatic creation/change of FL for rental space VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
283 VVJEQM_AUTO_WE Automatic change/create FL for business entity VVJEQM_AUTO NUMC 
284 VVJERHPR Take % rate increase for rental adjustm. into consideration? JANE CHAR 
285 VVJERHSTD Use the specified pass-on percentage rate? XFELD CHAR 
286 VVJERRTAB Fill log table XFELD CHAR 
287 VVJEXPL M/Text: Create EXPL request JANEI CHAR 
288 VVJEXTLIST Print rent adjustment list in extended form? XFELD CHAR 
289 VVJEZUORD Flag: End of assignment JANE CHAR 
291 VVJFFIINMSP Characteristic is listed in representative list of rents XFELD CHAR 
292 VVJFFINOUSE Ignore characteristic for rent adjustment XFELD CHAR 
293 VVJFLART Criterion: Area types JAUSW CHAR 
294 VVJFLAT Flat price - Yes/No KENZX CHAR 
295 VVJFLATRTE Indicator: Flat rates in SCS correspondence available XFELD CHAR 
296 VVJFOLLOWMV Also Adjust Renewal Contracts FLAG CHAR 
297 VVJFPRT_LL Error log. Delete Yes/No JANEI CHAR 
298 VVJFUTANP Adjust conditions already determined for the future ? XFELD CHAR 
299 VVJGEBUCHT Indicator that bal.sheet transfer posting was carried out XFELD CHAR 
300 VVJGEM Indicator area type reference factor for mixed usage JANE CHAR 
301 VVJGENR Planning for buildings XFELD CHAR 
302 VVJGESUCHT Int. indicator for alternative calculations CHAR1 CHAR 
303 VVJGEW Indicator: Used commercially/non-commercially VVJANE CHAR 
304 VVJGJ Fiscal year of last period of year before last GJAHR NUMC 
305 VVJGLEITKL Index Lease-Out: Index Clause JANE CHAR 
306 VVJGRNR Planning for properties XFELD CHAR 
307 VVJGUFO Simulate credit/receivable indicator XFELD CHAR 
308 VVJGWB Indicator area type reference factor for commercial usage JANE CHAR 
309 VVJHAUPT Indicator for the main object within a complete object JANEI CHAR 
310 VVJHEIBOE Home exchange - Yes/No KENZX CHAR 
311 VVJHIST Indicator: History exists XFELD CHAR 
312 VVJHKINTERN SU indicator for heating system are settled internally XFELD CHAR 
313 VVJHONOBJ Fee for object: Already exists yes/no XFELD CHAR 
314 VVJHONOVOR Indicator: Superimpose fee type (admin.contract appendix) XFELD CHAR 
315 VVJHSICH Primary collateral indicator JANEI CHAR 
316 VVJHZUNT Heating system subsystems available JANE CHAR 
317 VVJIGNWARN Indicator: Ignore warning message when executing activity XFELD CHAR 
318 VVJIMMO Flag: Copy real estate tables XFELD CHAR 
319 VVJINCDUNLEV Next Reminder Level XFELD CHAR 
320 VVJINDBASE Index-Linked Adj. Based on Index Level, Rent at Rental Start FLAG CHAR 
321 VVJINDEXKL Index Lease-Out: Index Clause Fixed JANE CHAR 
322 VVJINDFLEX Consider adjustment frequency as a minimum interval XFELD CHAR 
323 VVJINDMOVE Indicator to interpret adjustment delay XFELD CHAR 
324 VVJINI Indicator: Initialize internal tables JANE CHAR 
325 VVJINIT Indicator for suitability als initial status JANE CHAR 
326 VVJINITFIELD RE: Flag for "Field With Initial Contents" XFELD CHAR 
327 VVJINKLHIE Inclusive hierarchy: Consider sub-objects yes/no XFELD CHAR 
328 VVJINPGEB Suppress leading zeros for building no. entry ? JANE CHAR 
329 VVJINPGRU Suppress leading zeros for property no. entry ? JANE CHAR 
330 VVJINPME Suppress leading zeros for rental unit no. entry ? JANE CHAR 
331 VVJINPWE Suppress leading zeros for entry of BE number ? JANE CHAR 
332 VVJISKL Index-Adjusted Lease-Out: Index or Spread Clause VVISKL NUMC 
333 VVJKAER Revenue planning indicator XFELD CHAR 
334 VVJKALE Activity input planning indicator XFELD CHAR 
335 VVJKANLA Flag: No investment assigned JFLAGG CHAR 
336 VVJKAPR Primary costs type planning indicator XFELD CHAR 
337 VVJKAST Statistical ratios planning indicator XFELD CHAR 
338 VVJKAUFOPT Purchase option: indicator JANEI CHAR 
339 VVJKBLL Indicator to create long version of tenant account sheet XFELD CHAR 
340 VVJKOBL Indicator: Output tenant account sheet in dunning program CHAR1 CHAR 
341 VVJKOBLLST Indicator: Tenant account sheet item table as list on screen XFELD CHAR 
342 VVJKOBLLTR Indicator: Tenant account sheet as letter XFELD CHAR 
343 VVJKOBLMHN Indic.for tenanct acct sheet call-up from dunn.not.printout XFELD CHAR 
344 VVJKOBLNR Number of requested item list NUMC01 NUMC 
345 VVJKONDMV Transfer conditions to RU when lease-out expires? XFELD CHAR 
346 VVJKONDMV2 Cond.transfer RA: indicator XFELD CHAR 
347 VVJKOPO Indicator: Condition new after unscheduled repayment CHAR1 CHAR 
348 VVJKOPOSHW Display all condition items? XFELD CHAR 
349 VVJKUENDCH Indicator: Notice under Swiss law XFELD CHAR 
350 VVJKUENEXT Postpone adjustment date until next notice date XFELD CHAR 
351 VVJKUMB Indicator: Complete transfer XFELD CHAR 
352 VVJKZANP Carry out adjustment in acc.with this criterion? XFELD CHAR 
353 VVJKZMAXCOST Simulate credit/receivable indicator XFELD CHAR 
354 VVJLB Total valuated stock in year before last MENG13V QUAN 
355 VVJLEER0 Set value of apportionment factor to zero for vacancy XFELD CHAR 
356 VVJLEERP Switch: Maintain vacancy percentage rate CHAR1 CHAR 
357 VVJLEISTVB Index rent agreement: Payment provision JANE CHAR 
358 VVJLIMIT Distribution limit indicator KENZX CHAR 
359 VVJLOEAR Record planned for Real Estate archiving JLOESCH CHAR 
360 VVJLOEFORM Reorganization with deletion flag JANEI CHAR 
361 VVJLOESCH Real Estate Delection Indicator for Settlement Unit JLOESCHAE CHAR 
362 VVJLOEVORM Reorganization with deletion flag JANEI CHAR 
363 VVJMAACTIVAT Activate Rent Adjustment XFELD CHAR 
364 VVJMABGR Accrual/deferral method JFLAGG CHAR 
365 VVJMABRG Flag: Several apportionment factors per settlement unit JANE CHAR 
366 VVJMACOMPUTE Calculate rent adjustment XFELD CHAR 
367 VVJMADISPLAY Display rent adjustment XFELD CHAR 
368 VVJMAHN Payment key can be dunned CHAR1 CHAR 
369 VVJMANP01 Select all not activated adjustments XFELD CHAR 
370 VVJMANP02 Select all active adjustments XFELD CHAR 
371 VVJMANP03 Select all activated adjustments subject to approval XFELD CHAR 
372 VVJMANP04 Select all activated adjustments not subject to approval XFELD CHAR 
373 VVJMANP05 Do not select any activated rent adjustments XFELD CHAR 
374 VVJMANP06 Select all not activated adjustments subject to approval XFELD CHAR 
375 VVJMANP07 Select all not activated adjustments not subject to approval XFELD CHAR 
376 VVJMANP08 Not activated adjustments subject to apprvl, approval given XFELD CHAR 
377 VVJMANP09 Not activated adjustments approval without approval XFELD CHAR 
378 VVJMANPCH Indicator: Rent adjustment under Swiss law XFELD CHAR 
379 VVJMANPG Indicator: Rent adjustment completed JANE CHAR 
380 VVJMANSP Dunning: Block indicator JANE CHAR 
381 VVJMARK Manual posting selection button JANE CHAR 
382 VVJMARKED Flag: List entry is selected XFELD CHAR 
383 VVJMARKHI Select maximum amounts as default value BOOLE CHAR 
384 VVJMARKLO Select minimum amounts as default BOOLE CHAR 
385 VVJMARKNO No default selection BOOLE CHAR 
386 VVJMASIMULAT Simulate rent adjustment XFELD CHAR 
387 VVJMASTORNAT Reverse rent adjustment XFELD CHAR 
388 VVJMAXVALUE New maximum allowed condition amount XFELD CHAR 
389 VVJME Restrictions: Specific to rental unit JAUSW CHAR 
390 VVJMELD Subject to reporting indicator JANEI CHAR 
391 VVJMELDCH ID whether changes for the bal.sheet posting arise from BAV XFELD CHAR 
392 VVJMENR Planning for rental units XFELD CHAR 
393 VVJMEOVGB Only display RUs that have no comparative group assigned yet JANE CHAR 
394 VVJMFREI Condition is not checked JANE CHAR 
395 VVJMINDF Indicator whether condition suitable for rent deduction JANE CHAR 
396 VVJMINDV Indicator: Rent reduction available in condition XFELD CHAR 
397 VVJMIVE Planning for lease-outs XFELD CHAR 
398 VVJMKBL01 Tenant account sheet-screen list: Amounts in doc.currency XFELD CHAR 
399 VVJMKBL02 Tenant account sheet-screen list: Amounts in local currency XFELD CHAR 
400 VVJMKBL03 Tenant account sheet screen: Amounts in 2nd currency XFELD CHAR 
401 VVJMN Last period of year before last MONAT NUMC 
402 VVJMOD Modification field indicator KENZX CHAR 
403 VVJMONMINDDE Always calculate minimum interval from beginning of month FLAG CHAR 
404 VVJMRKM Criterion: Characteristics JAUSW CHAR 
405 VVJMRKMAL 'X': Fixtures + fittings characteristic belongs to obj. XFELD CHAR 
406 VVJMSPOBJTYP Type of object to be adjusted (RU or RA) XFELD CHAR 
408 VVJMSPVALUE New condition amount acccording to rep. list of rents XFELD CHAR 
409 VVJMSREPEAT Run complete check loop XFELD CHAR 
410 VVJMUEND Eligibility indicator JANEI CHAR 
411 VVJMVKOP Transfer Condition Items From Previous Lease-Out JANE CHAR 
412 VVJMVTXT1 Indicator: Search for addit.texts in lease-outs too XFELD CHAR 
413 VVJNACHR Secondary loans ID JANE CHAR 
414 VVJNEWCODST Generate new condition types on target object? XFELD CHAR 
415 VVJNEWCOND Generate new condition types as required? XFELD CHAR 
416 VVJNEWOBJ Indicator: New object number must be assigned JANE CHAR 
417 VVJNOAREA Rental based on area is not permitted XFELD CHAR 
418 VVJNOAUGDT Indicator that item has no settlement date XFELD CHAR 
419 VVJNOBS Indicator: No base rate available XFELD CHAR 
420 VVJNOCHANG Rent adjustments cannot be changed manually XFELD CHAR 
421 VVJNOMS Indicator: Composite rate not calculated XFELD CHAR 
422 VVJNOUEB No BE cross-business entity SUs XFELD CHAR 
423 VVJNOVBEWA Indicator that item has not transaction type XFELD CHAR 
424 VVJNOVERTN Indicator that item has no contract number XFELD CHAR 
425 VVJNOZFBDT Indicator that item has no due date XFELD CHAR 
426 VVJNRGOP Indicator: Select open items which are not to be settled XFELD CHAR 
427 VVJNRGP Indicator: Select items not to be settled XFELD CHAR 
428 VVJNSOFVER Immediate Interest Settlement JFLAGG CHAR 
429 VVJNULLKON Save conditions with zero values XFELD CHAR 
430 VVJNURJ Indicator: Only regard construction date in terms of years JANE CHAR 
431 VVJNUTZART Choose external usage type JANE CHAR 
432 VVJOATREE Display master data hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
433 VVJOBJ Select objects of this category? XFELD CHAR 
434 VVJOBJEKT Indicator: Status in object transferred JANE CHAR 
435 VVJOBJEKTZU Object assignment permitted XFELD CHAR 
436 VVJOFFER Indicator for editing a lease-out offer XFELD CHAR 
437 VVJOHNEZUS Select contracts which are not subject to approval ? XFELD CHAR 
438 VVJOIALL Checkbox: select all open items XFELD CHAR 
439 VVJOIONLY Checkbox: select only open items with key date XFELD CHAR 
440 VVJOPENIT Indicator: Select open items XFELD CHAR 
441 VVJOPIERT Company code opted for input tax - Indicator for opt. rate. JANE CHAR 
442 VVJOPVORH Indicator: OI's exist in tenant account sheet XFELD CHAR 
443 VVJORTSUEB CH rent adjustment: Adjustment rent typical for locality ? XFELD CHAR 
444 VVJOUTGEB Suppress leading zeros for output of building no. ? JANE CHAR 
445 VVJOUTGRU Suppress leading zeros for output of property no. ? JANE CHAR 
446 VVJOUTME Suppress leading zeros for output of rental unit no. ? JANE CHAR 
447 VVJOUTWE Suppress leading zeros for output of bus. entity no.? JANE CHAR 
448 VVJPARTAUS Selection Indicator: Partner in Contract - All Partners KENZX CHAR 
449 VVJPAUSCH Indicator: Flat-Rate Posting Retirement JANE CHAR 
450 VVJPERIO Indicator: Fee type is periodical XFELD CHAR 
451 VVJPKTFLKL Points for the feature are stored in dependence of area XFELD CHAR 
452 VVJPKTMXKL Max. no. of points stored for class w. ref. to this feature XFELD CHAR 
453 VVJPOSTNOW Carry out one-time postings immediately JANE CHAR 
454 VVJPRI Indicator area type ref. factor for residential usage JANE CHAR 
455 VVJPRIMART Indicator: Primary Adjustment Type XFELD CHAR 
456 VVJPRIMARYCOLL Indicator: Rental collateral is primary rental collateral XFELD CHAR 
457 VVJPRNOTA Prima nota active indicator JANE CHAR 
458 VVJPROBEDR ISIS: M/Text Sample printout indicator JANEI CHAR 
459 VVJPROL Indicator: Taken into consideration for rollover JANEI CHAR 
460 VVJPROZENT Value as Percentage JANE CHAR 
461 VVJPRT_LL Log of logical deletion Yes/No JANEI CHAR 
462 VVJPRT_PL Log of physical deletion Yes/No JANEI CHAR 
463 VVJPUNKTE Indicator: Rent adjustment by points XFELD CHAR 
464 VVJRAART Criterion: Room types JAUSW CHAR 
465 VVJRACTRLTAB Control table for RLR adjustment is inactive XFELD CHAR 
466 VVJRADEFCOMM Use default comment for control table XFELD CHAR 
467 VVJRARUMEM Global buffer for lease-outs/rental units in FGp FVAJ XFELD CHAR 
468 VVJRBUCH Indicator: Posting to prior period XFELD CHAR 
469 VVJRDINAKT Indicator for rounding inactive JFLAGG CHAR 
470 VVJRECHNNR Indicator: Invoice number is noted in line items XFELD CHAR 
471 VVJRECHTST Indicator, civil contracting party JANEI CHAR 
472 VVJREF Reference field indicator KENZX CHAR 
473 VVJREPFI Repeat run of invoice on basis of FI document XFELD CHAR 
474 VVJREPFS Repeat run of invoice on basis of cash flow XFELD CHAR 
475 VVJREQU Indicator: Send confirmation prompt XFELD CHAR 
476 VVJRGAP Indicator: Selected cleared items to be settled XFELD CHAR 
477 VVJRGOP Indicator: Select open items to be settled XFELD CHAR 
478 VVJRMS Indicator, take into account TSCS §23 Austria XFELD CHAR 
479 VVJRMSCHPR Tenant service charge settlement? XFELD CHAR 
480 VVJRNDDOWN Round down condition amount XFELD CHAR 
481 VVJROLL Sequential distribution button KENZX CHAR 
482 VVJROLSEL Always Choose External Role XFELD CHAR 
483 VVJROUND Round off area for determination of no.of points ? XFELD CHAR 
484 VVJRUECK Subject to return JANEI CHAR 
485 VVJRUEKK Indicator: No more memo records after loan repayment CHAR1 CHAR 
486 VVJSAVEDEF Save conditions identical to default values? XFELD CHAR 
487 VVJSBUCH Indicator: Collective posting XFELD CHAR 
488 VVJSEL Selection field indicator KENZX CHAR 
489 VVJSELALL Checkbox: select all items with key date XFELD CHAR 
490 VVJSENKMZR Pass decreases on to rent reserves ? XFELD CHAR 
491 VVJSETSTAT Indicator: Set status (otherwise only check) JANE CHAR 
492 VVJSGTXT Indicator: Disp.item text in tenant acct sheet long version XFELD CHAR 
493 VVJSHOWERR Issue log with correspondence XFELD CHAR 
494 VVJSIGN Sign-relevant indicator KENZX CHAR 
495 VVJSL Value of total valuated stock in year before last WERT13N CURR 
496 VVJSOLL Debit acct indicator at start yes/no JANE CHAR 
497 VVJSPANNKL Index-Linked Lease-Out: Spread Clause JANE CHAR 
498 VVJSPERR Indicator for general block of CU JANE CHAR 
499 VVJSPFB Spool control screen Yes/No ? XFELD CHAR 
500 VVJSPOOL Indicator: Spool request generated XFELD CHAR