SAP ABAP Data Element - Index V, page 10
Data Element - V
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 VSCONTFLAG Flag for continuation line in selection conditions AS4FLAG CHAR 
2 VSDAT Indicator: Actual data already proposed XFELD CHAR 
3 VSDATF Start date for subsequent processing specified action DATS DATS 
4 VSDISPLAY Indicator: 'Only display object' XFELD CHAR 
5 VSDMG Shipping quantity MENGV15 QUAN 
6 VSEEI Unit for Number of Handling Units MEINS UNIT 
7 VSENR EDI shipping unit CHAR8 CHAR 
8 VSEQNO Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Sequence Number VSEQNO NUMC 
9 VSEQUENCE Determination sequence for data field values   DEC 
10 VSERDAT Version creation date DATUM DATS 
11 VSERNAM Version created by USNAM CHAR 
12 VSESRK Service (entry via search string) CHAR12 CHAR 
13 VSEST IDoc communication status EDI_STATUS CHAR 
14 VSEVENT CO-Event in Validation or Substitution VSEVENT NUMC 
15 VSE_FRK Handling Unit Data are Referred in Shipment Cost Document VSE_FRK CHAR 
16 VSFLG_CO Indicator: Costs in a version XFELD CHAR 
17 VSFLG_DK Indicator: Documents in a simulation XFELD CHAR 
18 VSFLG_EL Indicator: Activity elements in a version XFELD CHAR 
19 VSFLG_EV Earned values in a version XFELD CHAR 
20 VSFLG_KB Indicator: Capacity requirements in a version XFELD CHAR 
21 VSFLG_LT Indicator: Long text in a simulation XFELD CHAR 
22 VSFLG_MS Indicator: Milestone in a version XFELD CHAR 
23 VSFLG_MTA Version is MTA-Relevant XFELD CHAR 
24 VSFLG_NP Indicator: Networks in a version XFELD CHAR 
25 VSFLG_NR Indicator: Relationship in a version XFELD CHAR 
26 VSFLG_NV Indicator: Activity from network is in a version XFELD CHAR 
27 VSFLG_OF Indicator: PRT in a version XFELD CHAR 
28 VSFLG_OK Indicator: Components in a version XFELD CHAR 
29 VSFLG_PD Indicator: Project definition in a version XFELD CHAR 
30 VSFLG_PH Placeholder for future indicator in structure XFELD CHAR 
31 VSFLG_PR Indicator: WBS element in a version XFELD CHAR 
32 VSFLG_SD Indicator: Sales order in a version XFELD CHAR 
33 VSFLG_TX Indicator: PS texts in a version XFELD CHAR 
34 VSGES Insurance companies CHAR2 CHAR 
35 VSGINKB Service company for field collector (optional) GPNR CHAR 
36 VSGINKBNAM Service company for field collector CHAR15 CHAR 
37 VSGPROV Service company for commission payee GPNR CHAR 
38 VSGRCHEUR Researcher's Service Company GPNR CHAR 
39 VSGRCHNAME Name of service company for researcher CHAR15 CHAR 
40 VSGRECHE Service Company Subject to Research GPNR CHAR 
41 VSGRP Shipping type procedure group VSGRP CHAR 
42 VSGRUPPE Group for a project version TEXT20 CHAR 
43 VSGSL Insurance companies CHAR6 CHAR 
44 VSGTX Insurance companies description TEXT30 CHAR 
45 VSGVERM Service company for sales agent GPNR CHAR 
46 VSGZUSTLR IS-M/SD: Service Company to Which Carrier Belongs GPNR CHAR 
47 VSG_ALT IS-M: Find service company and replace GPNR CHAR 
48 VSG_MA IS-M: Employee GPNR CHAR 
49 VSG_NEU IS-M: Find and replace service company GPNR CHAR 
50 VSHCPU Update shadow process: CPU percentage CPUANT DEC 
52 VSHRT Object abbreviation: Organizer TEXT12 CHAR 
53 VSIGN Variable Indicator for Infotype Record CHAR1 CHAR 
54 VSIMU Flag: if set, posting will only be simulated. CHAR1 CHAR 
55 VSINACT Version inactive indicator XFELD CHAR 
56 VSIND Insurance index series WBIND CHAR 
57 VSJHR Fiscal year for displaying insurance value GJAHR NUMC 
58 VSKAT Project version category: status/time-dependent VSKAT CHAR 
59 VSLHEDGERATE Hedging Ratio of Lent Security VSLHEDGERATE DEC 
60 VSLKZ IS-H: Indicator for Pension-Relevant Condition XFELD CHAR 
61 VSMAN Update insurable value manually XFELD CHAR 
62 VSMI_BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MESSAGE Unique identifier of a business document in a (technical) me   CHAR 
63 VSMI_BUSINESS_TRANSACTION_DOCU Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
64 VSMI_DATE_TIME Proxy Data Element (generated) XSDDATETIME_LONG_Z DEC 
65 VSMI_DURATION Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
66 VSMI_INDICATOR Indicator is the representation of a situation that has exac XSDBOOLEAN CHAR 
67 VSMI_LOCATION_INTERNAL_ID_CONT Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
68 VSMI_LOCATION_PARTY_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
69 VSMI_LOCATION_STANDARD_ID_CONT Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
70 VSMI_MEASURE_UNIT_CODE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
71 VSMI_PARTY_INTERNAL_ID_CONTENT Proprietary identifier for a party   CHAR 
72 VSMI_PARTY_PARTY_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
73 VSMI_PARTY_STANDARD_ID_CONTENT Standardized identifier for a party, and the identification   CHAR 
74 VSMI_PRODUCT_ACTIVITY_BUSINES5 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
75 VSMI_PRODUCT_INTERNAL_ID_CONTE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
76 VSMI_PRODUCT_PARTY_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
77 VSMI_PRODUCT_STANDARD_ID_CONTE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
78 VSMI_QUANTITY_CONTENT QUANTITY is the non-monetary numerical declaration of a quan   DEC 
79 VSMNG Delivered quantity in sales units MENG13 QUAN 
80 VSMNG_ERP Delivered quantity in sales units MENG13 QUAN 
81 VSMTA Indicator: Version relevant for milestone trend analysis XFELD CHAR 
82 VSNAM Name of person insured TEXT40 CHAR 
83 VSNDA Production version VERID CHAR 
84 VSNEGATION NOT operator in selection conditions VSNEGATION CHAR 
85 VSNMR Number or description of a version VSNMR CHAR 
86 VSNMR_CUST Input template: Version number or description VSNMR CHAR 
87 VSNMR_DEST Target version VSNMR CHAR 
88 VSNMR_SOURCE Source version VSNMR CHAR 
89 VSNMR_V Sales document version number VSNMR CHAR 
90 VSNUM Insurance Policy Number CHAR12 CHAR 
91 VSN_0_FND Results Analysis Data for Version 0 Found KKACHR1 CHAR 
92 VSN_ABG_VW Usage of Results Analysis Version VSN_ABG_VW CHAR 
93 VSN_N0_FND Results Analysis Data for Versions Other Than 0 Found KKACHR1 CHAR 
94 VSOBJL_D Bar for objects in a version CHAR30 CHAR 
95 VSOLL Debit Transaction Figures Total WERTV8 CURR 
96 VSOPERATOR Operator in a Join Condition VSOPERATOR CHAR 
97 VSORT Item proposal VBELN CHAR 
99 VSOZMENGE IS-M: Maximum schedule line quantity for social facility MENGGPOS QUAN 
100 VSPAPART Shipping document type VSPAPART NUMC 
101 VSPARTGRP Shipping document type grouping VSPARTGRP CHAR 
102 VSPATYP Shipping document type category VSPATYP NUMC 
103 VSPEBENE Shipping document level VSPEBENE NUMC 
104 VSPERRE Extension Block for Budget Billing Plans KENNZX CHAR 
105 VSPFOLGENR IS-M: Sequence in which shipping documents are created NUMC3 NUMC 
106 VSPFUNC Name of SAP function module for printing shipping documents FUNCNAME CHAR 
107 VSPKZ Ind.: Version Locked Against Changes? XFELD CHAR 
108 VSPPU Number of days to be kept free for SD document checks W_ACTIM NUMC 
109 VSPRA Insurance premium WERTV5 CURR 
110 VSPRB Insurance premium base WERTV5 CURR 
111 VSPTXT72 Text line for user-defined texts for shipping documents TEXT72 CHAR 
112 VSPVB Proposed Supply Area in Material Master Record PRVBE CHAR 
113 VSP_POSNR IS-M: Shipping document item INT3 NUMC 
114 VSRCH Complex Search for Business Partner Possible XFELD CHAR 
115 VSRNDVARI IS-M: Shipping schedule variant VRSNDVARI CHAR 
116 VSSLE Propose activities XFELD CHAR 
117 VSSMG Propose Quantities XFELD CHAR 
118 VSSTA LIS version status CHAR01 CHAR 
119 VSSTORNO Reversal indicator VSSTORNO CHAR 
120 VSSTX Insurance policy number CHAR15 CHAR 
121 VSSU1 Amount Insured WERTV6 CURR 
122 VSSU2 Amount Insured WERTV6 CURR 
123 VSSUM Amount Insured WERTV6 CURR 
124 VSSWB Indicator: Propose goods movements for confirmation XFELD CHAR 
125 VSSZT Propose dates XFELD CHAR 
126 VSSZU Propose personnel data XFELD CHAR 
127 VSTAR Insurance rate CHAR5 CHAR 
128 VSTATCLASS Oracle: v$sysstat.class DEC17 DEC 
129 VSTATID Oracle: v$sysstat.statistic# DEC17 DEC 
130 VSTATNAME Oracle: v$ CHAR64 CHAR 
131 VSTATUS DRS FM interface - processing status VSTATUS CHAR 
132 VSTATVAL Oracle: v$sysstat.value DEC17 DEC 
133 VSTAT_28A Processing status CHAR1 CHAR 
134 VSTAT_D Processing Status VSTAT CHAR 
135 VSTAUFW Expense account for non-deductible input tax SAKNR CHAR 
136 VSTAX Version status text CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
137 VSTED Proposed shipping point VSTEL CHAR 
138 VSTEL Shipping Point/Receiving Point VSTEL CHAR 
139 VSTELA Shipping point at point of departure VSTEL CHAR 
140 VSTELCORR Correlation of collect. processing regarding shipping point INT1 INT1 
142 VSTELLE_T Choose premise KENNZX CHAR 
143 VSTELZ Shipping point at destination VSTEL CHAR 
144 VSTEL_BEZ Description of shipping point TEXT30 CHAR 
145 VSTEL_TBG First shipping point in transportation (LIS) VSTEL CHAR 
146 VSTEL_TXT Description of shipping point TEXT30 CHAR 
147 VSTEL_VL35 Shipping point VSTEL CHAR 
148 VSTEM Shipping point can be entered manually VSTEL CHAR 
149 VSTER Carry out shipping scheduling XFELD CHAR 
150 VSTERTG Revenue account for deductible input tax SAKNR CHAR 
151 VSTEXT Version description TEXT40 CHAR 
152 VSTGA Deadline deviation reason VSTGA CHAR 
153 VSTID Key date for due dates DATUM DATS 
154 VSTKZ Indicator: Not Displayed in Single-Level Configuration X CHAR 
155 VSTLB Shipping point To VSTEL CHAR 
156 VSTLST_TXT Combined description of shipping point/loading point TEXT50 CHAR 
157 VSTLV Shipping point From VSTEL CHAR 
158 VSTOGROUP DB2/390: Stogroup (Tables) DB2STGROUP CHAR 
159 VSTR2 Street and house number: organizer's address TEXT35 CHAR 
160 VSTRANS Indicator: 'Version copied' XFELD CHAR 
161 VSTRDAT Transfer date for a version DATUM DATS 
162 VSTRG_VK Summarization Control VSTRG_VK CHAR 
163 VSTRM Activate delivery scheduling VSTRM CHAR 
164 VSTRNAM NAme of the user who transferred the version USNAM CHAR 
165 VSTRNG Search String for Complex Search for Vendors NAME CHAR 
166 VSTRS Street: Organizer TEXT30 CHAR 
167 VSTTX Insurance tariff description TEXT30 CHAR 
168 VSTVERTRAG Contract for determining a premise VERTRAG CHAR 
169 VSTVO Propose shipping location XFELD CHAR 
170 VSTXT Version Text TEXT30 CHAR 
171 VSTXT_011T Financial Statement Version Name TEXT50 CHAR 
172 VSTZW Deadline function VSTZW CHAR 
173 VSUPD Indicates when the status should be set CHAR01 CHAR 
174 VSVAL Relative distribution factor DECV13_2 DEC 
175 VSVAL10 Relative distrib. factor, local calc. fld type P(10), 2 decs DECV19_2 DEC 
176 VSVPR Percentage for Additional SI Amount DEC2_2 DEC 
177 VSWBN Indicator: Goods movements are already determined XFELD CHAR 
178 VSWEG_VK Dispatch Method VSWEG_VK CHAR 
179 VSWRT Current insurable value ANLKWERT CURR 
180 VSWTBE Supp. Pension - Public Sector(D): Seasonal Work Indicator VSWTBE CHAR 
181 VSZHL Internal version counter (each version has a unique number) VSZHL NUMC 
182 VSZTX Supplementary insurance text TEXT50 CHAR 
183 VSZWG_VX Insurance Class VSZWG_VX CHAR 
184 VS_COST Costs for External Systems   FLTP 
185 VS_TO_OP Transfer version -> operative data XFELD CHAR 
186 VS_TO_VS Transfer version -> version XFELD CHAR 
187 VS_TRZAEHL Counter: Transfer objects NUMC8 NUMC 
188 VS_TXT Version description TEXT40 CHAR 
189 VTABID Beginning of VTAB segment for this interface SYNUM05 NUMC 
190 VTABPPAIND Index for access to protected and private sections SYNUM05 NUMC 
191 VTABPRTIND Beginning of protected section of class SYNUM05 NUMC 
192 VTABPRVIND Beginning of private section of class SYNUM05 NUMC 
193 VTABPUBIND Pointer for public part of table VTAB SYNUM05 NUMC 
194 VTABSEGEND Pointer for last entry in table VTAB SYNUM05 NUMC 
195 VTAGBIS IS-M: To weekday in shipping schedule CHAR2 CHAR 
196 VTAGE Days for distribution in cash mgmt position/liquid. forecast NUM2 NUMC 
197 VTAGE_NET Days relating to due date for net payment RR_VTAGE NUMC 
198 VTAGE_SK1 Days relating to first cash disc. due date RR_VTAGE NUMC 
199 VTAGE_SK2 Days relating to second cash disc.due date RR_VTAGE NUMC 
200 VTAGVON IS-M: From weekday in shipping schedule CHAR2 CHAR 
201 VTARCH Status Indicator That Variant Table is Marked for Deletion XFELD CHAR 
202 VTART Substitution Type VTART CHAR 
203 VTASK Type of Update HR_VTASK CHAR 
204 VTAUT_CONT Authorization Group for Maintaining Variant Table Contents VTAUT_CONT CHAR 
205 VTAUT_STRU Authorization Group for Maintaining Variant Table VTAUT_STRU CHAR 
206 VTBFI Rule for determining the sales area for stock transfers VTBFI CHAR 
207 VTBSX Status Description for Variant Table TEXT40 CHAR 
208 VTBTX Variant Table Description TEXT40 CHAR 
209 VTBTX_UC Variant Table Description (Caps for Search Criteria) CHAR40 CHAR 
210 VTB_FIXING_CHECK Fixing date check CHAR001 CHAR 
211 VTB_JLPAGE Page change in Treasury journal CHAR1 CHAR 
212 VTB_JLSORT Sorting in Treasury journal CHAR1 CHAR 
213 VTB_TB_FMOD_ID Field modification name CHAR20 CHAR 
215 VTCLASS Table Class for Verification VTCLASS CHAR 
216 VTCUR Value in Transaction Currency WERTV8 CURR 
217 VTCUR0 Transaction Crcy WERTV8 CURR 
218 VTCUR12 Value in Transaction Currency WERTV12 CURR 
219 VTCUR12_CUM Cumulated value in transaction currency WERTV12 CURR 
220 VTCUR9 Value in Transaction Currency WERTV9 CURR 
221 VTCUR9_PRD Period value in transaction currency WERTV9 CURR 
222 VTCUR9_YTD Cumulative value in transaction currency WERTV9 CURR 
223 VTCUR_H Credit total WERTV9 CURR 
224 VTCUR_PCA Amount in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
225 VTCUR_S Debit total WERTV9 CURR 
226 VTCUR_SH Debit/Credit Balance WERTV9 CURR 
227 VTC_GC Value Derivation from a Guiding Characteristic   CHAR 
228 VTC_IC Checking Inconsistent Combinations   CHAR 
229 VTC_SVD Selective Value Derivation   CHAR 
230 VTC_TC Value Derivation for a Target Characteristic   CHAR 
231 VTC_VD Value Derivation   CHAR 
232 VTC_VR Value Restriction   CHAR 
233 VTDCT Display Format: Decision Table XFELD CHAR 
234 VTDISTAT Initial status of a delivery in transportation planning VTDSTAT NUMC 
235 VTDISTATC Initial Freight Planning Delivery Status VTDSTATC NUMC 
236 VTDNSTAT Sequence status of delivery in transportation planning VTDSTAT NUMC 
237 VTDNSTATC Sequence Status of a Delivery in Freight Planning VTDSTATC NUMC 
238 VTDSTATC_D Condition of Delivery in Freight Planning by Forwarding Agnt VTDSTATC NUMC 
239 VTDSTAT_D Status of a delivery in transportation planning VTDSTAT NUMC 
240 VTDTCON Transition requirements for status sequence of deliveries VTDTCON NUMC 
241 VTDTCONC Transition Requirements for Status Sequence of Deliveries VTDTCONC NUMC 
242 VTDWM Distribution Control: Decentralized WMS VTDWM CHAR 
243 VTEID Business event type NUM08 NUMC 
244 VTEILKZ Remaining Amount VTEILKZ NUMC 
245 VTEILKZ1 Remaining amount for automated BB plan VTEILKZ NUMC 
246 VTERL Contract data allowed for sales document type VCOPY CHAR 
247 VTEXT Description TEXT20 CHAR 
248 VTEXT30 Sales and distribution text TEXT30 CHAR 
249 VTEXT40 Sales and distribution text TEXT40 CHAR 
250 VTEXT_BF Message text TEXT45 CHAR 
251 VTEXT_CONDENSE_TYPE Name of usage (differentiation) levels TEXT30 CHAR 
252 VTEXT_DESC Cust/Vend Description TEXT20 CHAR 
253 VTEXT_EB Use transaction type for manual bank statement FLAG CHAR 
254 VTEXT_F05L Column headings for explaining the line items TEXT62 CHAR 
255 VTEXT_KK Name of Reason for Check Voiding TXT50 CHAR 
256 VTEXT_NAUMF Name of aggregation level TEXT30 CHAR 
257 VTEXT_USERG_TOOL Text for user group TEXT30 CHAR 
258 VTEXT_VL Description TEXT20 CHAR 
259 VTFREE_CONT Status Ind. Variant Table Released for Maintaining Contents XFELD CHAR 
260 VTFREE_KNOW Status of Variant Table is "Released for Dependencies" XFELD CHAR 
261 VTGRP_CM_CA Contract Group CHAR20 CHAR 
262 VTGRT Description of variant table group TEXT40 CHAR 
263 VTGRU Variant table group VTGRU CHAR 
264 VTHRS Hours Specified VTHRS NUMC 
265 VTINF_KK Information on Contract TEXT46 CHAR 
266 VTINT Internal number of variant table VTINT NUMC 
267 VTITT_CA Text for Provider Contract Item TEXT50 CHAR 
268 VTKEN Previous Day Indicator XFELD CHAR 
269 VTKNZ Distribution Indicator YNFLG CHAR 
270 VTKNZ_ICON Distribution Indicator (Icon) ICON CHAR 
271 VTLAG Indicator: distribution warehouse XFELD CHAR 
272 VTLIN Row Number of Variant Table - External NUM05 NUMC 
273 VTLINENO Sort String for Characteristics in a Row CHAR4 CHAR 
274 VTLINENO5 Sort String for Characteristics in a Row CHAR5 CHAR 
275 VTLINLONG Row Number in Variant Table - External, 10 Characters INT4 INT4 
276 VTLKZ Distribution in Cost Object Hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
277 VTLNR Organizer's phone number CHAR25 CHAR 
278 VTLOCK Status ind. variant table locked XFELD CHAR 
279 VTMSB Report Writer: Variation: Set pointer as key RWPSETM CHAR 
280 VTNAM Name of variant table VTNAM CHAR 
281 VTNAM40 Name of variant table TEXT40 CHAR 
282 VTNR IS-M: Service agreement number VTNR CHAR 
283 VTPNR Functional location (variant) TPLNR CHAR 
284 VTPOS Item number of characteristic in variant table NUM03 NUMC 
285 VTPREP Status of Variant Table is "In Preparation" XFELD CHAR 
286 VTPRP Ind. characteristics planning table XFELD CHAR 
287 VTPS_LFTX Delivery header text ID for transferral to ext. TDID CHAR 
288 VTRAGSNR Contract Number Designation TEXT40 CHAR 
289 VTRD_COPY Copy sales and distribution data XFELD CHAR 
290 VTRE2_CA Additional Reference VTREF_CA CHAR 
291 VTRE2_KK Additional Reference Information VTREF_KK CHAR 
292 VTRE2_SC Reference to Insurance Object VTREF_KK CHAR 
293 VTRE3_SC Target Insurance Object for Cross-Company Code Postings VTREF_KK CHAR 
294 VTRE3_VK Reference Specifications from Contract VTREF_KK CHAR 
295 VTREFGRP_CM_CA Collection Management: Contract Group VTREF_CA CHAR 
296 VTREF_BEZ_COV_PS Business Partner Overview: Description of Contract Object CHAR35 CHAR 
297 VTREF_CA Reference Specifications from Contract VTREF_CA CHAR 
298 VTREF_EXT_KK Contract Number in External System CHAR20 CHAR 
299 VTREF_FPM Contract Reference   CHAR 
300 VTREF_I_KK Icon for Contracts   CHAR 
301 VTREF_KK Reference Specifications from Contract VTREF_KK CHAR 
302 VTREF_TEXT_CA Text Field for Description of Contract Reference TEXT70 CHAR 
303 VTREF_TEXT_KK Text Field for Description of Contract Reference TEXT70 CHAR 
304 VTREF_TRANSPOST_SC Target Insurance Object for Subledger Transfer Posting VTREF_KK CHAR 
305 VTREF_TXT_KK Contract Name TEXT35 CHAR 
306 VTREF_VK Supplementary contract number VTREF_KK CHAR 
307 VTRERRNUM Error number for conversion of pooled tables NUM1 NUMC 
308 VTRGK Sales overhead costs WERT7 CURR 
309 VTRHJ Balance carried forward to fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
310 VTRMEXT External Transfer Number, SD Self-Billing Procedure TRMNO_EXT CHAR 
311 VTRMINT Internal Transfer Number, SD Self-Billing Procedure TRMNO_INT NUMC 
312 VTRNR Representative number VTRNR NUMC 
313 VTRNR_BI Representative number (batch input) CHAR10 CHAR 
314 VTRPRIO Priorities for table conversion NUM1 NUMC 
315 VTRST Pay Scale Level Lower Grouping TRFST CHAR 
316 VTRSTATE Status of a table when pooled tables are converted VTRSTATE CHAR 
317 VTRST_VK Policy Status VTRST_VK CHAR 
318 VTRTO_REL Runtime object variant table - release generation CHAR10 CHAR 
319 VTRTO_SIZE Ind. Size Category of Runtime Object CHAR1 CHAR 
320 VTRWAZ Supp. Pension - Public Sector (D): Standard Hours per Week VWOSTD CHAR 
321 VTRZT Rounding-up period for delivery scheduling (in days) DIFZT DEC 
322 VTR_KTEXT IS-H: Short Text for Contract Scheme TEXT15 CHAR 
323 VTR_LTEXT IS-H: Text describing the contract scheme TEXT40 CHAR 
324 VTR_SPOS Carry forward statistical items X CHAR 
325 VTR_TSTDB Ind.: Test run without updating consolidation data base X CHAR 
326 VTR_TSTTAB Ind.: Test run without updating carry-forward tables X CHAR 
327 VTSCH Distribution chain IS-R VTWEG CHAR 
328 VTSCHL Structure of Distribution Key VVARZ CHAR 
329 VTSHT Business event type abbreviation TEXT12 CHAR 
330 VTSTA Variant table status VTSTA CHAR 
331 VTSTAT_CA FI-CA Customizing: Status Of Provider Contract VTSTAT_CA CHAR 
332 VTSTD Substitution hours JRSTD DEC 
333 VTSTX Name of business event type TEXT40 CHAR 
334 VTTABLFEATURE DD: Flag for indicator that has a TABL Max1 Feature DDDBFEATURE CHAR 
335 VTTART Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Activity Type VTTART CHAR 
336 VTTK_ADD01 Suppl. 1 VTTK_ADD01 CHAR 
337 VTTK_ADD01_T Description for supplement 1 TEXT40 CHAR 
338 VTTK_ADD02 Suppl. 2 VTTK_ADD02 CHAR 
339 VTTK_ADD02_T Description of supplement 2 TEXT40 CHAR 
340 VTTK_ADD03 Suppl. 3 VTTK_ADD03 CHAR 
341 VTTK_ADD03_T Description of supplement 3 TEXT40 CHAR 
342 VTTK_ADD04 Suppl. 4 VTTK_ADD04 CHAR 
343 VTTK_ADD04_T Description of supplement 4 TEXT40 CHAR 
344 VTTK_TEXT1 Addit.text 1 TEXT40 CHAR 
345 VTTK_TEXT2 Addit.text 2 TEXT40 CHAR 
346 VTTK_TEXT3 Addit.text 3 TEXT40 CHAR 
347 VTTK_TEXT4 Addit.text 4 TEXT40 CHAR 
348 VTTXT Substitution type text TEXT25 CHAR 
349 VTTYP Contract type SUBTY CHAR 
350 VTVAL Report Writer: Variation: Value pointer as key RWPSETM CHAR 
351 VTVATAGE Number of Days NUMC06 NUMC 
352 VTVDPRBORD RM: Indicator for Frame Around Table XFELD CHAR 
353 VTVDPRKEYW RM: Width of a key for a table in the detail log INT4 INT4 
354 VTVDPRTEXT RM: Entry in detail log (text) TEXT120 CHAR 
355 VTVDPRTEXT_KL CL: Entry in Detail Log (Text) TEXT256 CHAR 
356 VTVDPRTYPE RM: Category of a Detail Log Entry VTVDPRTYPE CHAR 
357 VTVDPRWDTH RM: Width of a list in the detail log INT4 INT4 
358 VTVPVUEERR_MSG Error Message Text from External Price Calculator VTVPVUEERR_MSG_D CHAR 
359 VTVPVUERETURNVALUE Return Value in User Exit for External NPV Calculator VTVSTUERETURNVALUE_D FLTP 
360 VTVSTUERETURNVALUE Return value in user exit of stat. calc. (vola. or correl.) VTVSTUERETURNVALUE_D FLTP 
361 VTVUESTVALUE Value passed for user exit in statistic calculator VTVUESTVALUE_D DEC 
362 VTVUESTVALUETYPE Type of values in the transfer table of the stat. calculator VTVUESTVALUETYPE_D CHAR 
364 VTVUEVAKOCONFN Confidence Level for User Exit in Variance/Covariance VTVUEVAKOVALUE FLTP 
370 VTV_NPV_CC RM NPV in Evaluation Currency T_PRESVAL CURR 
371 VTV_NPV_LONG_CC RM NPV of Incoming Side in Evaluation Currency T_PRESVAL CURR 
372 VTV_NPV_LONG_PC RM NPV of Incoming Side in Currency of Incoming Side T_PRESVAL CURR 
373 VTV_NPV_PC RM Net Present Value in Position Currency T_PRESVAL CURR 
374 VTV_NPV_SHORT_CC RM NPV of Outgoing Side in Evaluation Currency T_PRESVAL CURR 
375 VTV_NPV_SHORT_PC RM NPV of Outgoing Side in Currency of Outgoing Side T_PRESVAL CURR 
376 VTWAU Distribution channel for sales doc types VTWEG CHAR 
377 VTWEG Distribution Channel VTWEG CHAR 
378 VTWEGV Distribution Channel Template Control VTWEG CHAR 
379 VTWEG_AUFT Distribution channel of sales order VTWEG CHAR 
380 VTWEG_B Distribution Channel To VTWEG CHAR 
381 VTWEG_BEZ Description of distribution channel TEXT20 CHAR 
382 VTWEG_DEFSBI Default distribution channel VTWEG CHAR 
383 VTWEG_STD Distribution channel for master data assignments VTWEG CHAR 
384 VTWEG_TEXT Description for Distribution Channel TEXT20 CHAR 
385 VTWEG_V Distribution Channel From VTWEG CHAR 
386 VTWIV Distribution channel for intercompany billing VTWEG CHAR 
387 VTWKO Reference distribution channel for conditions VTWEG CHAR 
388 VTWKU Reference for cust.and material masters VTWEG CHAR 
389 VTWMA Distribution channel for material master VTWEG CHAR 
390 VTWSD Distribution channel for master data VTWEG CHAR 
391 VTX Long text for insurance company TEXT25 CHAR 
392 VTX12 Address version short description TEXT12 CHAR 
393 VTX60 Address version long description TEXT60 CHAR 
394 VTXTDC Description TEXT20 CHAR 
395 VTXTH Sales header text TEXT79 CHAR 
397 VTXTKI Individual description TEXT20 CHAR 
398 VTXTL Descriptions used for sales and distribution (length 40) TEXT40 CHAR 
399 VTXTM Description TEXT30 CHAR 
400 VTXTM_CO Description of Dependency (CO Accrual Calc., Overhead Rates) TEXT30 CHAR 
401 VTXVH Process text for text generation exists XFLAG CHAR 
402 VTYP Processing Category VVSTYP CHAR 
403 VTYP1 Processing type for pair type 1 CHAR1 CHAR 
404 VTYP2 Processing type for pair type 2 CHAR1 CHAR 
405 VTYP3 Processing type for pair type 3 CHAR1 CHAR 
406 VTYPE Processing Type NUM02 NUMC 
407 VTYPM_EB Transaction type for manual bank transactions VTYPM_EB CHAR 
408 VUAVBE Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (D): Start of Work Relation. DATUM DATS 
409 VUDAT_VEDA Date on which contract is signed DATUM DATS 
410 VUEDAT Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Bank Transfer VUEDAT NUMC 
411 VUGRENZE Percentage of negative consumption deviation PROZENT41 DEC 
412 VUMGL_KK Summarized Reclassification Totals XFELD CHAR 
413 VUMKO Default value for converting foreign trade data XFELD CHAR 
414 VUPOS Originating item POSNR NUMC 
415 VUTFR Free allowance VUT (Netherlands) BVBDR DEC 
416 VUTMA Maximum VUT (Netherlands) BVBDR DEC 
417 VUTPR Pension 1 KDSV1 CHAR 
418 VUTTX VUT indicator (text) TEXT20 CHAR 
419 VUV_NOICHK TVARV maintenance: No check for valid interval RSSCR_CFLG CHAR 
420 VVA6BVERF 6b-available securities ASTUECK DEC 
421 VVAAFAL_A Prorated unplanned depreciation of year (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
422 VVAAFAP_A Planned unplanned depreciation of year (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
423 VVAAFAV_A Prorated cum. unplanned depreciaiton (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
424 VVAANG Number of offers DEC3 DEC 
425 VVAANZ Number of values NUMX2 INT2 
426 VVAAOB No. of object features per group AINT4 INT4 
427 VVAARCHI Retention period in archive in years NUM02 NUMC 
428 VVABBLN Settlement Identification ->Accounting Ref. Doc.Number XBLNR CHAR 
429 VVABBLN1 Settlement Identification ->Accounting Ref. Doc.Number XBLNR1 CHAR 
430 VVABBVNR Abschreibungen CHAR80 CHAR 
431 VVABETR Accepted amount WERT7 CURR 
432 VVABGAN_A Total retirements and retiring transfer postings (DispCurr) ANLKWERT CURR 
435 VVABGGRART Grundstücksart laut Abgabenbescheid VVABGGRART CHAR 
436 VVABGRD Abgeschriebene Grundstücke CHAR80 CHAR 
437 VVABNNR Settlement firm: number TEXT20 CHAR 
438 VVABNUNR Settlement company: subnumber NUM3 NUMC 
439 VVABRBEL Display settlement documents XFELD CHAR 
440 VVABREART Settlement type for service charges after settlement perfor. VVABREART CHAR 
441 VVABRINT Settlement interval sales-based rent INTVJ NUMC 
442 VVABSCHR Abschreibung CHAR1 CHAR 
443 VVABSPROZ Heading for the price field: unit or percentage-quoted C15 CHAR 
444 VVABTLFD_ERB Lfd. Nr. Zeile Abt. 2 Erbbau CHAR5 CHAR 
445 VVABTNR2 laufende Nummer der Eintragung CHAR80 CHAR 
446 VVABTNR3 laufende Nummer der Eintragung CHAR80 CHAR 
447 VVABW Smoothing Factor: Compliance with Shipping Instructions GLATT DEC 
448 VVABWZE Alternative payee KUNNR CHAR 
449 VVACCPTCODE Selection based on approvals granted CHAR1 CHAR 
450 VVACTIVCODE Selection according to activation status VVACTIVCODE CHAR 
451 VVACTMVA Flag for offers XFELD CHAR 
452 VVACTVT Activity status for authorization objects VVACTVT CHAR 
453 VVADJME_EL Also adjust RU if LO cannot be adjusted for other reasons XFELD CHAR 
454 VVADJME_LK Also adjust RU if related LO is blocked? XFELD CHAR 
455 VVADJME_NA Also adjust RU if related LO is not active? XFELD CHAR 
456 VVADJME_NE Also adjust RU if no LO exists? XFELD CHAR 
457 VVADJRSN Reason for rent adjustment CHAR10 CHAR 
458 VVADJSRCAL Separate Calculation XFELD CHAR 
459 VVADJSRCME Base object is rental unit XFELD CHAR 
460 VVADJSRCMV Base Object is Lease-Out XFELD CHAR 
461 VVADRESSE Address of master tenant with customer account CHAR80 CHAR 
462 VVADRESSE_AUFBER Adresse aufbereitet TEXT80 CHAR 
463 VVAENDBETRKO Change of currency amount of condition item WERTV7 CURR 
464 VVAEPERIO Effective period of settlement units CHAR20 CHAR 
465 VVAFA_GJE_A Fiscal year end depreciation (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
466 VVAGARAGE Number of garages DEC5 DEC 
467 VVAGB No. of land registers DEC5 DEC 
468 VVAGE No. of buildings DEC6 DEC 
469 VVAGESVERF Total position available ASTUECK DEC 
470 VVAGR No. of properties DEC6 DEC 
471 VVAGREECODE Selection depending on whether approval is required VVAGREECODE CHAR 
472 VVAGRP Number of grouping features NUMX2 INT2 
473 VVAHALBZI Number of half rooms DEC6 DEC 
474 VVAJAHRNEU Rnt adj. by points: No.of years w/o building age reduction DEC2 DEC 
475 VVAJARND Number of years adjusted remaining life DEC3_3 DEC 
476 VVAJHRANPN No. yrs which reduced increase refers to on percentage basis DEC2 DEC 
477 VVAJHRANPR No. yrs which reduced increase refers to on percentage basis DEC2 DEC 
478 VVAJMRND No. of years of average economic remaining life DEC03 DEC 
479 VVAJRLFZ Heritable building right remaining life in years DEC03 DEC 
480 VVAJRND Years of adjusted remaining life DEC03 DEC 
481 VVAKONS Number of syndicate members NUM03 NUMC 
482 VVAKP Number of correspondence partners VVDEC6 DEC 
484 VVAKTPFKEY Application key to determine function text CHAR20 CHAR 
485 VVAKUEFR Management contract notice period NUMC4 NUMC 
486 VVAKUEFR2 Notice period: months DEC06 DEC 
487 VVAKULT Grace period for loan special interest calculation NUM03 NUMC 
488 VVALEERANG Number of offers per vacancy VVALEERANG QUAN 
489 VVALEERGEN Number of approved vacancies of a rental unit DEC8 DEC 
490 VVALEERSTD No. of rental unit vacancies DEC8 DEC 
491 VVALEERTG Number of days rental unit is vacant DEC15 DEC 
492 VVALEERTGS No. of days in vacancy period under review DEC15 DEC 
493 VVALIFVERF LIFO available securities ASTUECK DEC 
494 VVALTGRD Bisherige laufende Nummer der Grundstücke CHAR80 CHAR 
495 VVALUES Individual Value Indicator for Variation Range XFELD CHAR 
496 VVAMDLFZ Minimum contract period in months NUMC3 NUMC 
497 VVAME Number of rental units DEC6 DEC 
498 VVAMEGES Total number of rental units VVAMEGES QUAN 
499 VVAMEUST Number of rental units opting for sales tax VVAMEUST QUAN 
500 VVAMMRHY Number of months in period NUMC03 NUMC