SAP ABAP Data Element - Index V, page 8
Data Element - V
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 VLMST_KK Behaviour at Last Dunning Level VLMST_KK NUMC 
2 VLOEDA Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Deletion Date VDATUM DATS 
3 VLPER Indicator: Entire period XFELD CHAR 
4 VLSCH Standard Text for Work Center KTSCH CHAR 
5 VLSCH_TXT Description of the standard text key TEXT40 CHAR 
6 VLSTK Distribution Status (Decentralized Warehouse Processing) VLSTK CHAR 
7 VLSTP Decentralized whse processing STATV CHAR 
8 VLSTP_CRM Decentral Storage STATV CHAR 
9 VLSTP_CRM1 Decentral Storage STATV CHAR 
10 VLTYP Distribution chain category VLTYP CHAR 
11 VLWKZ Delivery Phase Proposal Indicator VLWKZ CHAR 
12 VLWRK Original plant (deactivated) WERKS CHAR 
13 VLZEIT Calibration validity (yrs) for ext. devs subject to certif. ALLGVLZEIT DEC 
14 VLZEITI Internal certification period (years) ALLGVLZEIT DEC 
15 VLZEITN Old cal. validity/int. cert. period (yrs) until prod. year ALLGVLZEIT DEC 
16 VLZEIT_DEV Individual cal. validity (years) of dev. subject to certif. ALLGVLZEIT DEC 
17 VMANZL Number of persons prebooked in company prebooking DEC3 DEC 
18 VMATN From material number MATNR CHAR 
19 VMBEDART IS-M/AM: Requirement Type in Media Sales Agent Contract JVMBEDART CHAR 
20 VMBKL Valuation class of previous period BKLAS CHAR 
21 VMBNR Current Contract for Capital Formation SUBTY_591A CHAR 
23 VMCDBG_CATCH_TYPE VMC Debugger: Type of Exception Checkpoint VMCDBG_CATCH_TYPE INT4 
26 VMCHG Adopt Vendor Material Change (Inbound EDI Only) PRCHG CHAR 
27 VMC_GC_COUNTER Counter for VMC Garbage Collector VM_INT64 DEC 
28 VMDAT_KK Planned Report Date For Tax Item DATUM DATS 
29 VMDBE Planning file entry for plant MRP area VMDBE CHAR 
30 VMD_EI_COMPANY_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator for Company Code Data VMD_EI_COMPANY_TASK CHAR 
31 VMD_EI_CONTACTS_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator for Contact Person VMD_EI_CONTACTS_TASK CHAR 
32 VMD_EI_FUNCTIONS_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator for Partner Roles VMD_EI_FUNCTIONS_TASK CHAR 
33 VMD_EI_OBJECT_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator for Object VMD_EI_OBJECT_TASK CHAR 
34 VMD_EI_PURCHASING2_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Purchasing Organization VMD_EI_PURCHASING2_TASK CHAR 
35 VMD_EI_PURCHASING_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Purchasing Organization VMD_EI_PURCHASING_TASK CHAR 
36 VMD_EI_SUBRANGE_DESCRI_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator of Vendor Subrange Name VMD_EI_SUBRANGE_DESCRI_TASK CHAR 
37 VMD_EI_SUBRANGE_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Vendor Subrange (WYT1) VMD_EI_SUBRANGE_TASK CHAR 
38 VMD_EI_TAX_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Tax Grouping VMD_EI_TAX_TASK CHAR 
39 VMD_EI_WTAX_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Withholding Tax VMD_EI_WTAX_TASK CHAR 
40 VMD_TCODE CVI Vendor: Transaction Code (only XK01 and XK02) VMD_TCODE CHAR 
41 VME Compensation type CHAR1 CHAR 
42 VMEIN Restricted-use stock in previous period MENG13V QUAN 
43 VMEISO_T Transferred ISO Unit of Measure ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
44 VMEKY Notification Key VMEKY NUMC 
45 VMELAR Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (G): Notification Type VMELAR NUMC 
46 VMELDA Supplementary Pension - Public Sector(D): Notification Date VDATUM DATS 
47 VMELGR Supp. Pension - Public Sector (G): Notification Reason VMELGR NUMC 
48 VMENG Confirmed quantity for availability check in SKU MENG15 QUAN 
49 VMERK New characteristic without values XFELD CHAR 
50 VMERK32 From characteristic CHAR32 CHAR 
51 VMERK40 From Characteristic CHAR40 CHAR 
52 VMETH Indicator for Allowed Allocation Methods VMETH CHAR 
54 VMFSU Error total for the previous period MENGV13 QUAN 
55 VMFSU_BI Mean forecast error of pervious period (BTCI) CHAR18 CHAR 
56 VMGJA Fiscal year of previous period GJAHR NUMC 
57 VMGKY Notification Reason Key VMGKY NUMC 
58 VMGLG Tied empties stock for the previous period MENG13V QUAN 
59 VMGLI Property classification key VMGLI CHAR 
60 VMGW2 Base value of the second order in previous period MENGV13 QUAN 
61 VMGWE Basic value of previous period MENGV13 QUAN 
62 VMGWE_BI Basic value of previous period (BTCI) CHAR18 CHAR 
63 VMIND Reduction Amount WERTV5 CURR 
64 VMINS Stock in quality inspection from previous period MENG13V QUAN 
65 VMKOM Account Grouping Code for Previous Period KOMOK CHAR 
66 VMKUM Total valuated stock in previous period MENG13V QUAN 
67 VMLAB Valuated unrestricted-use stock in previous period MENG13V QUAN 
68 VMMAD Mean absolute devaition of previous period MENG13 QUAN 
69 VMMAD_BI Mean absolute deviation of previous period (BTCI) CHAR17 CHAR 
70 VMMON Month of previous period MONAT NUMC 
71 VMN13 Committed quantity for availability check in SKU MENG13 QUAN 
72 VMNG1 Total committed quantity MENG13 QUAN 
73 VMNGA Distributed Quantity in Base Unit of Measure MENG13 QUAN 
74 VMNGB Quantity to Be Distributed in Base Unit of Measure MENG13 QUAN 
75 VMNTH Asset Accounting: Acquis. month (in depreciation area) POPER NUMC 
76 VMNTH_ALTD Acquis. month depreciation area (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR4 CHAR 
77 VMODE Processing Mode for Matchcode Processing Only CHAR1 CHAR 
78 VMONAT_ARC First Archived Period in Archive MONAT NUMC 
79 VMPEI Price unit of previous period PACK3 DEC 
81 VMP_CHECKOUT_USER Check-Out User for Planning Scope USNAM CHAR 
83 VMP_GUIDX Global identification of a BOM header change status   CHAR 
84 VMP_INST_NAME Instance Override Name CHAR1024 CHAR 
85 VMP_INST_UIPATH Instance UI Path CHAR1024 CHAR 
86 VMP_MBOM_MOD_MODE Mode of Material BOM for Modification VMP_MBOM_MOD_MODE CHAR 
87 VMP_PART_FILE Identifier Part File BOOLE CHAR 
89 VMP_PLNSCP_ALT Planning Scope Alternative ALTNR CHAR 
90 VMP_PLNSCP_ALT_CNT Planning Scope Item Count CIM_COUNT NUMC 
91 VMP_PLNSCP_DES Planning Scope Description TEXT40 CHAR 
92 VMP_PLNSCP_DOC_ID Planning Scope Document ID CHAR33 CHAR 
93 VMP_PLNSCP_ID Planning Scope ID CHAR35 CHAR 
94 VMP_QUANTITY Quantity of Items   QUAN 
96 VMP_XML_RAWSTR XML data in the Byte   RSTR 
97 VMRET Blocked stock returns, previous period MENG13V QUAN 
98 VMSAL Value of total valuated stock in previous period WERT13N CURR 
99 VMSAV Value based on moving average price (previous period) WERT13N CURR 
100 VMSPE Blocked stock of previous period MENG13V QUAN 
101 VMSTA Distribution-chain-specific material status VMSTA CHAR 
102 VMSTB Description of material status from sales view TEXT25 CHAR 
103 VMSTD Date from which distr.-chain-spec. material status is valid DATUM DATS 
104 VMSTD_BI Material status for sales valid from this date (BTCI) CHAR10 CHAR 
105 VMSTP Standard price in the previous period WERT11V CURR 
106 VMSTP_BAPI Standard price in the previous period BAPICURR DEC 
107 VMS_KALSM Pricing Procedure for VMS KALSM CHAR 
108 VMTATB Supp. Pension - Public Sector (G): Reason for Notification VMTATB NUMC 
109 VMTNR Material (variant) MATNR CHAR 
110 VMTNR_BI Material (Variant) (BTCI) with Conversion MATN2 MATNR_EXT_CONV CHAR 
111 VMTPO Default value for material item category group MTPOS CHAR 
112 VMTRA Stock in transit for prev. period MENG13V QUAN 
113 VMTWE Trend value of previous period MENGV13 QUAN 
114 VMTWE_BI Trend value of pervious period (BTCI) CHAR18 CHAR 
115 VMTXT Description of the property classfication key TEXT30 CHAR 
116 VMUML Stock in transfer, previous period MENG13V QUAN 
117 VMVAB_0010 Generated data element for matchcode field VMVAB_0010 CHAR 
118 VMVER Moving Average Price/Periodic Unit Price in Previous Period WERT11V CURR 
119 VMVER_BAPI Moving average price/periodic unit price in previous period BAPICURR DEC 
120 VMVKG Sales value of tied empties stock for the prev. period WERT13N CURR 
121 VMVKS Value of Tot. Valuated Stock at Sales Price in Previous Per. WERT13N CURR 
122 VMVKT Transit value at SP for value-only mat. for prev. period WERT13N CURR 
123 VMVKU Sales val./inter-pl. transfer of VO material fr. prev. per. WERT13N CURR 
124 VMVPR Price control indicator for previous period VPRSV CHAR 
125 VMWSB Valuated Goods Receipt Blocked Stock, Previous Period MENG13V QUAN 
126 VMZL1 Registration Entry 1 for EC Sales List TEXT48 CHAR 
127 VMZL2 Registration Entry 2 for EC Sales List TEXT48 CHAR 
128 VMZL3 Registration Entry 3 for EC Sales List TEXT48 CHAR 
129 VMZUM Quantity of goods received in previous period MENGV13 QUAN 
130 VMZUW Value of goods received in previous period WERT13 CURR 
131 VM_APPL VM: Application Currently Running VM_APPL CHAR 
132 VM_BEDNR IS-M: Number of Media Sales Agent Contract Requirement VM_BEDNR NUMC 
133 VM_BEDNR_N IS-M: Position on Contract Requirement VM_BEDNR NUMC 
135 VM_BYTES VM: Memory Consumption (MB) VM_INT64 DEC 
137 VM_CPU Virtual Machine CPU VM_INT64 DEC 
138 VM_CRITICAL_SECTION Accumulated Time for Critical Section of a Shared Lock VM_CRITICAL_SECTION FLTP 
142 VM_ERR_MSG VM Error Message VM_ERR_MSG CHAR 
143 VM_ERR_PROGRAM VM Program / Activity During Error VM_ERR_PROGRAM CHAR 
146 VM_HANDLE Number of the Java VM VM_HANDLE INT4 
147 VM_INFO Short Info about VM VM_INFO CHAR 
148 VM_INT64 64 Bit Integer Without Sign VM_INT64 DEC 
149 VM_LOCKS Number of Cross-VM Locks VM_LOCKS INT4 
150 VM_LOCKS_IN_INTERVAL Number of Locks in Specified Time Interval VM_LOCKS_IN_INTERVAL INT4 
151 VM_LOCK_COUNT Number of Shared Lock Operations VM_LOCK_COUNT INT4 
152 VM_LWP Last process in which VM was active WPINDEX INT4 
156 VM_PROFILE VMC Profiling Active? VM_PROFILE INT4 
157 VM_SGC_STATE VM State of the Shared Garbage Collector (SGC) VM_SGC_STATE INT4 
161 VM_TRACE VM-Specific Trace VM_TRACE INT1 
163 VM_USED_TIME Start Time of Last Request VM_USED_TIME CHAR 
164 VN Version number CHAR16 CHAR 
165 VNABSCHN IS-H: Doppel-Vornamen abschneiden CHAR01 CHAR 
166 VNAME Layout CHAR3 CHAR 
167 VNAMED Supp. Pension - Public Sector (G): Name Acc. to DUEVO VNAMED CHAR 
168 VNAMEK Supp. Pension - Public Sector (G): Name in Short Form VNAMEK CHAR 
169 VNAMES_PAT Standardized First Name CHAR30 CHAR 
170 VNAME_ANG IS-H: First Name of Person to Be Contacted TEXT30 CHAR 
171 VNAME_AR First Name of Alternative Invoice Recipient/3rd Party Payer TEXT30 CHAR 
172 VNAME_NP First name of natural person TEXT50 CHAR 
173 VNAME_PAT IS-H: Patient First Name TEXT30 CHAR 
174 VNAME_SR IS-H: Last and first name of person insured CHAR61 CHAR 
175 VNAME_WAN First Name of Bad Debt Party TEXT30 CHAR 
176 VNDAT_VEDA Contract End Date DATUM DATS 
177 VNETWR Net value of condition (predefined externally) WERT7 CURR 
178 VNFOLGENR IS-HCM: Disp. Message Sequence No. for Extremely Long Msgs. NUMC03 NUMC 
179 VNNR IS-HCM: Dispatch Message Number VNNR NUMC 
180 VNRLV Version no. of last full version NUM4 NUMC 
181 VNUMBER Variable number CHAR3 CHAR 
182 VNUMME Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (G): Insurance Number VNUMME CHAR 
183 VN_ENQUEUE Message results in document block CHAR1 CHAR 
184 VN_INFORM Message accesses document information CHAR1 CHAR 
185 VN_WARNING Treat error message as warning CHAR1 CHAR 
186 VOALT Age from Which a Remuneration Level Is Granted KNZN2 NUMC 
187 VOART Transaction type VOART CHAR 
188 VOBAL_INT_VK Balance for Interest Calculation for an Insurance Object WRTV7 CURR 
189 VOBAL_NEW_VK Balance for an Insurance Object After Balance Int. Calc. WRTV7 CURR 
190 VOBAL_STAT_VK Balance for Statistical Items for an Insurance Object WRTV7 CURR 
191 VOBAL_VK Balance for an Insurance Object WRTV7 CURR 
192 VOBDT Posting Day DATUM DATS 
193 VOBJECTNAM Name of ABAP/4 Dictionary object used OBJECTNAME CHAR 
194 VOBJECTTYP Type of ABAP/4 Dictionary object used OBJECTTYP CHAR 
195 VOBLIG Indicator: Text variable required CHAR1_X CHAR 
196 VOCUR12 Value in Another Currency WERTV12 CURR 
197 VOCUR12_CUM Cumulated value in a different currency WERTV12 CURR 
198 VOCUR9 Value in a different currency WERTV9 CURR 
199 VOFAE_KQST Days to Due Date of Bill of Exchange NUMC2 NUMC 
200 VOGGT Completion regarding dangerous goods VOGGT CHAR 
201 VOGRENZE Percentage of positive consumption deviation PROZENT41 DEC 
202 VOHOE Preliminary doc.: Issuing authority of relevant prelim.doc. BEHOE CHAR 
204 VOID Reversal Indicator XFELD CHAR 
205 VOIDD Voided Check Date DATUM DATS 
206 VOIDK_KK Report Key with Check Voiding   CHAR 
207 VOIDR Check void reason code VOIDR NUMC 
208 VOIDREAS_CA Reason for Check Voiding   CHAR 
209 VOIDREAS_KK Reason for Check Voiding VOIDREAS_KK CHAR 
210 VOIDREPD_KK Report Date with Voided Check DATUM DATS 
211 VOIDREP_KK Report Status with Voided Check REPSTATE_KK CHAR 
212 VOIDRT_KK Report Time for Check Voiding   TIMS 
213 VOIDT Check void reason code (text) TEXT50 CHAR 
214 VOIDU Voided check user UNAME CHAR 
215 VOID_CODE Cancellation reason for payroll results VOID_CODE CHAR 
216 VOID_DATE Void date for payroll results DATUM DATS 
217 VOID_SYTYP Type of Void Reason Code for the Print Program VOID_SYTYP NUMC 
218 VOID_TIME Void time for payroll results UZEIT TIMS 
219 VOID_TR Void Flag FLAG CHAR 
220 VOINT_POST_VK Posted Interest for an Insurance Object WRTV7 CURR 
221 VOINT_VK Interest for an Insurance Object WRTV7 CURR 
222 VOISO Prelim. doc.: ISO code of ctry issuing the preliminary doc. INTCA CHAR 
223 VOLABR Volatility: ask T_VOLA DEC 
224 VOLAGE Volatility: bid T_VOLA DEC 
225 VOLEH Volume unit MEINS UNIT 
226 VOLEH_ISO Volume unit in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
227 VOLEH_SAM Volume unit for collective processing MEINS UNIT 
228 VOLEH_TARA Volume unit tare MEINS UNIT 
229 VOLEH_TARA_ISO Unit of tare volume in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
230 VOLEH_VE Volume unit, shipping unit contents MEINS UNIT 
231 VOLEH_VT Unit of volume for shipping unit tare MEINS UNIT 
232 VOLET Volume Unit Tare MEINS UNIT 
233 VOLL Financial document processing: Document completion flag FLAG CHAR 
234 VOLLERW IS-H: voll erwerbstätig XFELD CHAR 
235 VOLLPAKETE IS-M: Number of Full Bundles STMENGE DEC 
236 VOLLPAKETE_N IS-M: Number of Full Bundles   NUMC 
237 VOLLS Status (at this time without functionality) XFELD CHAR 
238 VOLLSTUECK IS-M: Round up quantity to whole number NUMC4 NUMC 
239 VOLMA Power of attorney type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
240 VOLSER Tape volume serial number CHAR6 CHAR 
241 VOLTO Excess volume tolerance limit during packing PRZ21 DEC 
242 VOLTO_BI Excess Volume Tolerance of the Shipping Unit (BTCI) CHAR4 CHAR 
243 VOLUM Volume MENG13 QUAN 
244 VOLUMENR Volume number (Informix) INT4 INT4 
245 VOLUME_OI Balance Carried Forward in Local Currency WRTV8 CURR 
246 VOLUM_15 Volume MENG15 QUAN 
247 VOLUM_AP Volume of the item MENG15 QUAN 
248 VOLUM_BI Volume CHAR17 CHAR 
249 VOLUM_DV Volume (special storage for decentralized shipping) NUM16 NUMC 
250 VOLUM_DV13 Volume (special storage for decentralized shipping) NUM14 NUMC 
251 VOLUM_LK Delivery volume MENG13 QUAN 
252 VOLUM_MAX Maximum volume MENG15 QUAN 
253 VOLUM_SAM Processed volume (in collective processing) MENG15 QUAN 
254 VOLUM_SG Volume of all processed documents MENG13 QUAN 
255 VOLUM_VG Open volume of all schedule lines for this key MENG15 QUAN 
256 VOLUM_VP Packed Volume MENG15 QUAN 
257 VOL_CONTRIBUTION Volunteer Contribution WERT7 CURR 
258 VOL_EXT_LVL volume extraction level CHAR2 CHAR 
259 VOL_UNIT Volume unit MEINS UNIT 
260 VOMNG Previous Quantity (Delivery Schedule Lines) MENG13V QUAN 
261 VONAL RA: FROM asset number - number range allocation ANLN1 CHAR 
262 VONAM Default value for object name TEXT48 CHAR 
263 VONAN From-Change Number (Interval Lower Limit) NUM08 NUMC 
264 VONBEGDA START date of an evaluation DATUM DATS 
265 VONBL From Document Number (Interval Lower Limit) BELNR CHAR 
266 VONBT_042Z Minimum Amount for a Payment Using this Payment Method WERT7 CURR 
267 VONBUP Period that marks the beginning of the valid time span MCPERIOD NUMC 
268 VONDA Start of period to analyze DATUM DATS 
269 VONDAT Valid-From Date DATUM DATS 
270 VONDATUM Due date period lower limit DATUM DATS 
271 VONDATX Valid-from date CHAR10 CHAR 
272 VONDT_DUZI Settlement period lower limit (interest for days overdue) DATUM DATS 
273 VONDT_F05A Required Date or Required Date Lower Limit DATUM DATS 
274 VONDT_KQST Settlement Period Lower Limit DATUM DATS 
275 VONDT_OP_KK Date Required or Lower Limit for Date Required DATUM DATS 
276 VONDT_REGU Lower Limit for the Run Date Found DATUM DATS 
277 VONFB_011F Functional area interval lower limit FKBER CHAR 
278 VONFK_FBWE From date for the bill of exchange selection DATUM DATS 
279 VONHNRMZUS From house number with affix VONHNRMZUS CHAR 
280 VONKD Lower Limit for the Customer Interval MAXKK CHAR 
281 VONKK Lower Limit for the Vendor Interval MAXKK CHAR 
282 VONKN From-account number (interval lower limit) MAXKN CHAR 
283 VONKN_UKSD From account number (interval lower limit) MAXKN CHAR 
284 VONKT Lower limit of the account number interval MAXKK CHAR 
285 VONKT_011Z Account interval lower limit BILKT CHAR 
286 VONKT_F02E From Account Number SAKNR CHAR 
287 VONLD_KK Lower Limit for the Run Date Required DATUM DATS 
288 VONMON Month that marks the beginning of the valid time span MCPERIOD NUMC 
289 VONNR From material number (lower limit for number range) MATNR CHAR 
290 VONNR_077S Number of G/L account (lower area limit) SAKNR CHAR 
291 VONNR_RV SD number range display: Lower limit... CHAR10 CHAR 
292 VONPE From period (for validity ranges) POPER NUMC 
293 VONSL From entry (selection field) CHAR18 CHAR 
294 VONSL20 From Entry (Selection Field) CHAR20 CHAR 
295 VONSL20_L From entry (selection field) SCRTEXT_M CHAR 
296 VONSL50_KK From entry (selection field) CHAR50 CHAR 
297 VONSP Maximum field capacity CHAR3 CHAR 
298 VONTAG Day that marks the beginning of the valid time span DATUM DATS 
299 VONTG Planning start CHAR08 CHAR 
300 VONTXT Link from technical object (short text) TEXT40 CHAR 
301 VONWERT From Value CHAR24 CHAR 
302 VONWOC Week that marks the beginning of the valid time span MCPERIOD NUMC 
303 VONWT_F05A Required value or required value lower limit WERT7 CURR 
304 VONWT_KK Required value or required value lower limit WRTV7 CURR 
305 VONZL Total number CHAR3 CHAR 
306 VONZONE From-block E_ZONE NUMC 
307 VON_AUFNR R/2 order number at which transfer is started VON_AUFNR NUMC 
308 VON_BEZIRK From carrier route for selection BEZIRK CHAR 
309 VON_BEZTYP From mix type for selection BEZUGSTYP_JE_PVA CHAR 
310 VON_DRERZ From publication for selection DRERZ CHAR 
311 VON_GEOEIN From geographical unit for selection GEOEIN CHAR 
312 VON_PVA From edition for selection PVA CHAR 
313 VON_TAG IS-H: Valid-From Date of Patient Group in Days Since Adm. NUMC03 NUMC 
314 VON_TARID IS-H: Source Svce Catalog for Svce Cat. Determ. (In-House) TARID CHAR 
315 VOPER Comparison type CHAR1 CHAR 
316 VOPERATOR Operator in a selection condition (screen field) VOPERATOR CHAR 
317 VOR00 Feeds VOR00 NUMC 
318 VOR1R_FPM Reference to Activity CHAR4 CHAR 
319 VOR1R_PAY Reference to Main Transaction CHAR4 CHAR 
320 VOR1T_FPM Activity Type VORTYP_FPM CHAR 
321 VOR1T_PAY Activity type VORTP_PAY CHAR 
322 VOR2R_PAY Reference to Subtransaction CHAR4 CHAR 
323 VORAB Advance procurement: project stock XFELD CHAR 
324 VORABKZ Ind: Preliminary order XFELD CHAR 
325 VORABR_KZ IS-H: Indicator whether Case Should Be Provisionally Billed XFELD CHAR 
326 VORAB_SM Advance Shipment Indicator VORAB_SM CHAR 
327 VORAG Name of employer TEXT60 CHAR 
328 VORAUSKNZ IS-M: Indicates Whether Advance Billing Required XFELD CHAR 
329 VORAUSRCH IS-M: "Advance billing required" indicator XFELD CHAR 
330 VORAUSZAHL Budget Billing Plan Item Is Advance Payment VORAUSZAHL CHAR 
332 VORAUSZDAT Start date of advance payment DATS DATS 
333 VORAW Previous absence AWART CHAR 
334 VORBABL Meter reading order creation permitted for MRU KENNZX CHAR 
335 VORBANL Meter reading order creation permitted for installation KENNZX CHAR 
336 VORBEI Duration After Latest Scheduled Start DAUER_4_1 QUAN 
337 VORBEI_2 Duration After Earliest Scheduled Start DAUER_9_1 QUAN 
338 VORBEREI Device prepared KENNZX CHAR 
339 VORBGER Meter reading order creation permitted for device KENNZX CHAR 
340 VORBK Predefined operating costs settlement variant ABRVAR CHAR 
341 VORBVTG Meter reading order creation permitted for contract KENNZX CHAR 
342 VORDA Preliminary document: Date of preliminary doc.f.import procg DATUM DATS 
343 VORDT_KK Previous end date for interes calc. DATUM DATS 
344 VORDZ Previous Employment Period, Partial Pension Imputation DEC2 DEC 
345 VOREB_KK Divergent planning level for transaction FDLEV CHAR 
346 VOREF Complete reference indicator XFELD CHAR 
347 VOREH Standard value unit MEINS UNIT 
348 VOREINST IS-H: Default Values Field in Quick Service Entry (NL01-6) XFELD CHAR 
349 VORER Park settlement document (credit memo) only XFELD CHAR 
350 VORFZ Previous Cumulative Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
351 VORG Location of payment TEXT30 CHAR 
352 VORGA Transaction/event VORGA CHAR 
353 VORGABEEND Constraint for finish of activity (Basic) VORGABEEND DATS 
354 VORGABEEND2 Constraint for Finish of Activity (Basic) VORGABEEND DATS 
355 VORGABEENZ Basic finish time of the activity ATIME TIMS 
356 VORGABESTD Constraint for activity start (Basic) VORGABESTR DATS 
358 VORGABESTZ Constraint for activity start time (Basic) ATIME TIMS 
359 VORGABE_DATEN Use default data to create delivery item XFELD CHAR 
360 VORGAENGER IS-M: Number of predecessor LAUFNUMMER NUMC 
362 VORGANGFAR Color of the activity in the graphic display GLXCOLOURS CHAR 
363 VORGANG_PRUEFREL Operation relevant for insp. CHAR4 CHAR 
364 VORGANG_PRUEFREL_ICON Operation relevant for insp. SYCHAR132 CHAR 
365 VORGANG_SI Transaction for inventory sampling VORGANG_SI CHAR 
366 VORGATX Transaction description TEXT60 CHAR 
367 VORGA_012C Transaction type for determining bank terms VORGA_012C CHAR 
368 VORGA_045T Type of Banking Transaction CHAR2 CHAR 
369 VORGA_NEXT Next transaction/event VORGA CHAR 
370 VORGA_NTR Subsequent settlement: Transaction type update VORGA_NTR CHAR 
371 VORGB Advance condition VORGB CHAR 
372 VORGC_EB Business transaction code CHAR3 CHAR 
373 VORGG_KK Transaction in Line Item VORGG_KK CHAR 
374 VORGG_M Transaction for Differentiation of Tax Code Selection VORGG_M CHAR 
375 VORGI Transaction VORGI CHAR 
376 VORGID Accounting transaction ID CHAR20 CHAR 
377 VORGID_TEXT Description of accounting transaction ID TEXT50 CHAR 
378 VORGKZ Existing organizational unit CHAR4 CHAR 
379 VORGN Transaction Type for General Ledger VORGN CHAR 
380 VORGNG Activity (primary posting, distribution) VORGNG CHAR 
381 VORGN_012A Transaction VORGN_012A CHAR 
382 VORGR Operation group SETNR CHAR 
383 VORGS Superior Out Sick (Illness) CHAR15 CHAR 
384 VORGSCHL Standard value key VORGSCHL CHAR 
385 VORGTYP Activity type for FI-SL activities VORGTYP CHAR 
386 VORGTYP_LO Activity Category (Posting Area) VORGTYP_LO CHAR 
387 VORGWRTKZ Origin of the parameter value VGWRTKZ CHAR 
388 VORGZ Float before production (in days) NUM3 NUMC 
389 VORGZ_TRM Scheduled float before production in days PUFFER_TRM DEC 
390 VORG_DUMY1 Number for general costs element or work element VORNR CHAR 
391 VORG_DUMY2 Number for general costs element or work element VORNR CHAR 
392 VORG_DUMY3 Key word for external processing element VORNR CHAR 
393 VORG_FRDAVMNR IS-M/AM: External Order Number Proposal CHAR20 CHAR 
394 VORG_NACH Indicator: maintained after successor XFELD CHAR 
395 VORG_UEBER Superior activity VORNR CHAR 
396 VORG_ZAEHL Predecessor incid.expenses consumption meter SZAEHLER NUMC 
397 VORHK Predefined heating expenses settlement variant ABRVAR CHAR 
398 VORHO Compensation time DEC2_2 DEC 
399 VORID Transaction ID VORID CHAR 
400 VORKZ Rule indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
401 VORLA Copy from... CHAR30 CHAR 
402 VORLAGE Copy from... TEXT7 CHAR 
403 VORLAGEART Group key for earmarked fund copying template VORLAGEART CHAR 
404 VORLAGEBEL IS-M: Template sales promotion WERBEAKT CHAR 
405 VORLAGEKZ IS-H: Template Indicator XFELD CHAR 
406 VORLAGE_VKP Indicates if item originates from rtl reval. doc. template XFELD CHAR 
407 VORLANZ IS-M: Number of Ad Spec Masters of a Particular Type NUMC4 NUMC 
408 VORLART IS-M: Ad Spec Master Type AZART_VORL CHAR 
409 VORLAUF IS-M: Lead Time in Days NUMC02 NUMC 
410 VORLAUFDAT Date of shipping preparation as deadline for order changes DATUM DATS 
411 VORLCHECK Query asking whether a template is to be used CHAR1_X CHAR 
412 VORLD IS-H: Date when Healthcare Smart Card Last Submitted RI_DATUM DATS 
413 VORLTAGIVW Number of lead days for update of circulation figures NUMC2 NUMC 
414 VORLZ Lead time (number) NUM3 NUMC 
415 VORL_AVMNR IS-M: Order Number of the Preceding Document AVM_NR CHAR 
416 VORL_BE IS-M: Ad spec template last booking unit BELEINH CHAR 
417 VORL_DRVLNR IS-M: Template Ad Spec Master DRVORL_NR NUMC 
418 VORL_FIELDS Permitted template fields for earmarked funds FMRE_FIELDNAME CHAR 
419 VORL_MOTNR IS-M: Ad Spec Template (Ad) PAM_MOTIV NUMC 
420 VORL_MOTNR_OL IS-M: Template ad spec (online) MAM_OL_MOT NUMC 
421 VORL_POSNR IS-M: Item number of the Preceding Item AVM_PNR NUMC 
422 VORL_TABLES Permitted tables for earmarked fund reference fields FMRE_TABS_TEMPLATES CHAR 
423 VORL_TECID IS-M: Ad spec template (description in technical system) MOTIVID CHAR 
424 VORL_WMONR IS-M: Ad spec template (commercial) PAM_WS_MOT NUMC 
425 VORME Unit of measure for activity MEINS UNIT 
426 VORME_BI Quantity unit for operation (batch input) CHAR3 CHAR 
427 VORMG Rounding value according to rounding profile MENG13 QUAN 
428 VORMO Transfer from Previous Period VORMO CHAR 
429 VORMTX Name of the implementation phase in the Procedure Model TEXT40 CHAR 
430 VORMUND IS-H: Legal Representative XFELD CHAR 
431 VORMZ_D Assignment to the Procedure Model VORMZ CHAR 
432 VORN0 First name CHAR30 CHAR 
433 VORN1 DUEVO First Name CHAR1 CHAR 
434 VORN10 DUEVO First Name CHAR10 CHAR 
435 VORN6 DUEVO First Name CHAR6 CHAR 
436 VORNA First Name VORNM CHAR 
437 VORNA0 Employee's first name CHAR15 CHAR 
438 VORNAMC First Name (Field for Search Help) CHAR25 CHAR 
439 VORNAME Employee's First Name CHAR15 CHAR 
440 VORNR Operation/Activity Number VORNR CHAR 
441 VORNR1 Number of the branch operation VORNR CHAR 
442 VORNR2 Number of the return operation VORNR CHAR 
443 VORNR_AOB1 Operation number, start of relationship VORNR CHAR 
444 VORNR_AOB2 Operation number, end of relationship VORNR CHAR 
445 VORNR_AUF Operation Number VORNR CHAR 
446 VORNR_BAPI_WB Goods Movements for Order Operation: BAPI KREUZ CHAR 
447 VORNR_GOTO Go to an activity within the network VORNR CHAR 
448 VORNR_HIGH Maximum activity number VORNR CHAR 
449 VORNR_LOW Minimum activity number VORNR CHAR 
450 VORNR_ONLY Ind. Only select operations already planned? XFELD CHAR 
451 VORNR_P Partner Transaction Number VORNR CHAR 
452 VORNR_WB Goods Movements for Order Operation KREUZ CHAR 
453 VORNU Preliminary document: No. of preliminary doc.f.import procg CHAR25 CHAR 
454 VORNUMMER Operation Number VORNR CHAR 
455 VORPA Preliminary document: Document type for foreign trade procg VORPA CHAR 
456 VORPKUMKG Cumulative Value to Prev. Period: Total in CO Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
457 VORPL Planning without final assembly in the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
458 VORPR Reference forecast profile PROPR CHAR 
459 VORPR1 Reference forecast profile (w. catchword "forecast profile") PROPR CHAR 
460 VORPRUEF Preliminary check for existing data records XFELD CHAR 
461 VORRC Result of sample reading at header level (prelim. step) VORRC CHAR 
462 VORRCK Early dlv./Backlog MENGV15 QUAN 
463 VORRKZ Stock indicator VORRKZ CHAR 
464 VORS2 Second Name Prefix TITEL CHAR 
465 VORSC Indicator: Default value XFELD CHAR 
466 VORSCHL Default value VORSCHL CHAR 
467 VORSCHLAG Default for control of gas data (in months) VORSCHLAG NUMC 
468 VORSCHLF Default value for fixed temperature VORSCHLF CHAR 
469 VORSCHUB Form feed CHAR11 CHAR 
470 VORSE Trans./ev. key for determ. of acct. in purch acct. mgmt. VORSL CHAR 
471 VORSELEKT Screening for succession planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
472 VORSG Should period be used for default generation? XFELD CHAR 
473 VORSL Transaction/event key for account determination VORSL CHAR 
474 VORSORGE Health Exam. CHAR01 CHAR 
475 VORSORGE_ Health Examination CHAR1_X CHAR 
476 VORSP Pension Flat-Rate PRBETRG CURR 
477 VORSTAT Default status indicator for class maintenance XFELD CHAR 
478 VORSTOR Prebooking/Cancellation CHAR1 CHAR 
479 VORSW Name Prefix TITEL CHAR 
481 VORT Entry Before Earliest Retroactive Accounting Date XFELD CHAR 
482 VORTAB1 Template Table AS4TAB CHAR 
483 VORTITLE Menu entry text TEXT80 CHAR 
484 VORTR Set up balance carry forward XFELD CHAR 
485 VORTX_012B Description of transaction type TXT35 CHAR 
486 VORWT Forward scheduling KREUZ CHAR 
487 VORZ Sign (+/-) VORZ CHAR 
489 VORZEIT Lead Time of Option VORZEIT INT2 
490 VORZE_012C +/- sign for the difference in days VORZE_012C CHAR 
492 VORZZ Counter for rules for CAPP characteristics CAPZZ NUMC 
493 VORZ_BEHND Adjust plus/minus signs X CHAR 
494 VOR_BEDNR Sales Agent Contract: Number of the Preliminary Requirement VM_BEDNR NUMC 
495 VOR_GRVER IS-H: Previous Days to Be Deducted from Max. Length of Stay GRVER NUMC 
496 VOR_NACH Indicator: display completed and/or higher-level material? VO_NA CHAR 
497 VOR_OPBEL No. of inv. doc. that selects adv.pmt.plan for trans.posting OPBEL_KK CHAR 
498 VOR_PER Indicator: Transfer previous period XFELD CHAR 
499 VOR_VNR IS-M: Sales Agnt Contract: Contract No.of Preliminary Req. JVMVVNR CHAR 
500 VOR_WERK Predefined plant WERKS CHAR