SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K, page 10
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 KP_WARZTDA Current waiting time of shipment (in hours:minutes) TSTRDURAN DEC 
2 KP_WARZTDP Planned waiting time of shipment (in hours:minutes) TSTRDURAN DEC 
3 KQMNUM Maintenance Notification Number CHAR12 CHAR 
4 KQSTXFL8 Translation Rate for Withholding Tax Amount from Invoice XFELD CHAR 
5 KQSUADDR Street and House Number in Transmitter's Address QKSUADDR CHAR 
6 KQSUCARD Condition - Invalid Condition Types XFELD CHAR 
7 KQSUCITY City in Transmitter's Address KQSUCITY CHAR 
9 KQSUDIVINT Minimum Amount for Dividends and Interest (08) CHAR4 CHAR 
10 KQSUDOCNUM Reporting Document Number XFELD CHAR 
11 KQSUDOCS Document Number Report XFELD CHAR 
12 KQSUDSALES Minimum Amount for Direct Sales (09) CHAR4 CHAR 
13 KQSUDTLX List Output and Totals Level KQSUDTLX CHAR 
15 KQSUFED Federal Tax Reporting XFELD CHAR 
17 KQSUFILX Generation of a File XFELD CHAR 
19 KQSUFISHBT Minimum Amount for Fishing Boat Revenues CHAR4 CHAR 
20 KQSUFLIMIT Federal Minimum Taxable Amounts CHAR04 CHAR 
22 KQSULIST X - Form Printout XFELD CHAR 
23 KQSUMUCOMP X - Form Printout CHAR40 CHAR 
24 KQSUNAME Name in Transmitter's Address KQSUNAME CHAR 
25 KQSUNAME3 Post Office Box or Number CHAR9 CHAR 
26 KQSUPADD01 Address of Payer CHAR40 CHAR 
27 KQSUPADD02 City, State, Postal Code of Payer TEXT40 CHAR 
29 KQSUPNAM Name of Alternative Payer NAME CHAR 
30 KQSUPNAME1 Name1 of Payer TEXT40 CHAR 
31 KQSUPNAME2 Name 2 of Payer TEXT40 CHAR 
32 KQSUPNAME3 P.O. Box or Number CHAR9 CHAR 
33 KQSUPRNX Indicator for Printing 1042s Forms XFELD CHAR 
35 KQSUPTIN Tax Number of Payer KQSUTTIN NUMC 
36 KQSURECX List for 1042 Control Totals XFELD CHAR 
37 KQSUREGNUM Payer's State and Number CHAR5 CHAR 
38 KQSUROYALT Minimum Amount for Royalties CHAR4 CHAR 
39 KQSUSEQNR Serial Number (Tape) CHAR3 CHAR 
40 KQSUSORTIN Tape Sort Indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
41 KQSUSTAT State in Transmitter's Address KQSUSTAT CHAR 
42 KQSUSTATE State Tax Reporting XFELD CHAR 
43 KQSUSTRAS Street of Payee CHAR30 CHAR 
45 KQSUTAPETY Reporting Type (Tape) CHAR1 CHAR 
48 KQSUTRANCC Transmission Control Code (TCC) CHAR5 CHAR 
49 KQSUTRCC Transmitter Control Code TCC KQSUTRCC CHAR 
50 KQSUTTIN Transmitter's Tax Number KQSUTTIN NUMC 
51 KQSUTYPE 1099 - Type CHAR4 CHAR 
52 KQSUTZIP Transmitter's Postal Code KQSUTZIP CHAR 
54 KRAEB_KK Number of Document Posted to Clarification Account OPBEL_KK CHAR 
55 KRAEH_KK Clarification Account SAKNR CHAR 
56 KRAEN Indicator: Change possible XFELD CHAR 
58 KRANKGR IS-H: Hospital group CHAR2 CHAR 
59 KRAST Period grouping according to individual split CHAR1 CHAR 
60 KRAUS_CM Credit information number CHAR11 CHAR 
61 KRBILLING Mark Billing Indicator XFELD CHAR 
62 KRB_KEYTAB_ADD_MODE Kerberos Keytab Version Management KRB_KEYTAB_ADD_MODE INT1 
64 KRB_KEYTAB_ALGORITHM_NAME Kerberos Encryption Algorithm Name   STRG 
65 KRB_KEYTAB_DATE Kerberos Keytab Timestamp (UTC) TZNTSTMPS DEC 
66 KRB_KEYTAB_KEY Kerberos Encryption Key   RSTR 
67 KRB_KEYTAB_SPN Kerberos Service Principal Name (SPN)   STRG 
68 KRB_KEYTAB_VERSION Kerberos Keytab Entry Version   INT4 
69 KRB_REPLACE_SPN_ENTRY Flag: SPN Entry shall be replaced   CHAR 
70 KRB_SPN_PASSWORD Password for Kerberos Service Principal Name   STRG 
71 KRC Factory calendar: Return code HFCAL CHAR 
72 KRDIN_KK CAsh Desk: Bank Clearing Account for Incoming Card Payments SAKNR CHAR 
73 KREAK Post Subscription Rights VVKWKURS DEC 
74 KREAN IS-M: Contractor LIFNR CHAR 
75 KREB Indicator - Copy Promotion Discount from Reference Promotion FLAG CHAR 
76 KRECH Calculation type for condition KRECH CHAR 
77 KRECHF Calculation rule for scales REFQUAN CHAR 
78 KRECH_TEXT Text - Condition Calculation Rule TEXT30 CHAR 
79 KRECH_VF Condition calculation rule for multi-dimensional conditions KRECH_VF CHAR 
80 KREDE_0007 Data element generated for matchcode field KREDE_0007 CHAR 
81 KREDE_0009 Data element generated for matchcode field KREDE_0009 CHAR 
82 KREDFINPLN Current financial budget, credit side WERTV8 CURR 
83 KREDFINPLNOC Current Credit Side Cash Budget in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
84 KREDITOR_S Limiting vendor selection XFELD CHAR 
85 KREDITPRUEFUNGSSPERRE Indicator for credit check block SELKZ CHAR 
86 KREDI_0006 Generated data element for matchcode field KREDI_0006 CHAR 
87 KREDI_0007 Data element generated for matchcode field KREDI_0007 CHAR 
88 KREDI_0008 Generated data element for matchcode field KREDI_0008 CHAR 
89 KREDI_0009 Data element generated for matchcode field KREDI_0009 CHAR 
90 KREDK_0007 Data element generated for matchcode field KREDK_0007 CHAR 
91 KREDK_0008 Generated data element for matchcode field KREDK_0008 CHAR 
92 KREDK_0009 Data element generated for matchcode field KREDK_0009 CHAR 
93 KREGEL Holiday rule CHAR1 CHAR 
94 KREISGPOST IS-M: Postal district municipality key for transfer NUM8 NUMC 
95 KREISG_SCH IS-M: District Municipality Key KREISG_SCH CHAR 
96 KRELA_TEXT Text for definition of instances via relationship CHAR1 CHAR 
97 KRELI Condition for invoice list KRELI CHAR 
98 KRENTE Orphan's benefit CHAR2 CHAR 
99 KRERS IS-M: Invoicing party LIFNR CHAR 
100 KRESV Reservation flag CHAR1 CHAR 
101 KRET_WEIGHT Score Value for Retrieved Document NUMC3 NUMC 
103 KREUZFELD Field for selection KENNZX CHAR 
105 KREWL IS-M: Supplier of goods LIFNR CHAR 
107 KRFKZ Referenced Configuration X CHAR 
108 KRFTX Account classes reference description TEXT30 CHAR 
109 KRGED End of sick pay DATUM DATS 
110 KRHVF Sickness data recorded CHAR20 CHAR 
111 KRI1 Checkbox: class boundaries for key figure 1 X CHAR 
112 KRI2 Check box for class boundaries of key figure 2 X CHAR 
113 KRIFZHL Internal counter for alternative access path CUCOZHL NUMC 
114 KRIT Criterion for Color Control KRIT_OS CHAR 
115 KRIT1 Planning criterion KRIT1 CHAR 
116 KRIT3 Key figure KRIT1 CHAR 
117 KRIT4 Characteristic KRIT4 CHAR 
118 KRITB Key for high priority stock CHAR1 CHAR 
119 KRIT_CHANG Additional criterion changed XFELD CHAR 
120 KRIZ_BI Additional criteria counter (batch input) CHAR7 CHAR 
121 KRKHS IS-H: Text Designating the HOSPITAL Function RI_ROLLE CHAR 
122 KRKSA Health Insurance Fund Category CHAR2 CHAR 
123 KRLAYOUTLIST Print Tax Invoices from Output List XFELD CHAR 
124 KRLAYOUTSAPSCRIPT Print Tax Invoices Using SAPscript XFELD CHAR 
125 KRLAYOUTUSEREXIT Print Tax Invoices From Output List (User Exit) XFELD CHAR 
126 KRMID_EB Vendor matchcode ID MCID CHAR 
127 KRNOT Score for criterion NUM3 NUMC 
128 KRPAC Percentage packed with sign (+/-) PRZ31 DEC 
129 KRPKT Score variance BEWER DEC 
131 KRPRO Percentage for vendor evaluation PRZ21V DEC 
132 KRPRT Indicator: Sickness Certificate Printed/Only Created PB03_KRPRT CHAR 
133 KRPRZ Percentage for a subcriterion NUM03 NUMC 
134 KRRECEIPT Mark Receipt Indicator XFELD CHAR 
135 KRS2_ID_S Object ID: reserved/canceled bus.event ( string) CHAR12 CHAR 
136 KRSDATE Exchange rate date DATUM DATS 
137 KRSDT Exchange Rate Date DATUM DATS 
138 KRSNF Indicator for Multiple Sickness Certificate Requests CHAR1 CHAR 
139 KRSUF Indicator for Multiple Leave Sickness Requests CHAR1 CHAR 
140 KRT01 Score for subcriterion 01 BEWER DEC 
141 KRT02 Score for subcriterion 02 BEWER DEC 
142 KRT03 Score for subcriterion 03 BEWER DEC 
143 KRT04 Score for subcriterion 04 BEWER DEC 
144 KRT05 Score for subcriterion 05 BEWER DEC 
145 KRT06 Score for subcriterion 06 BEWER DEC 
146 KRT07 Score for subcriterion 07 BEWER DEC 
147 KRT08 Score for subcriterion 08 BEWER DEC 
148 KRT09 Score for subcriterion 09 BEWER DEC 
149 KRT10 Score for subcriterion 10 BEWER DEC 
150 KRT11 Score for subcriterion 11 BEWER DEC 
151 KRT12 Score for subcriterion 12 BEWER DEC 
152 KRT13 Score for subcriterion 13 BEWER DEC 
153 KRT14 Score for subcriterion 14 BEWER DEC 
154 KRT15 Score for subcriterion 15 BEWER DEC 
155 KRT16 Score for subcriterion 16 BEWER DEC 
156 KRT17 Score for subcriterion 17 BEWER DEC 
157 KRT18 Score for subcriterion 18 BEWER DEC 
158 KRT19 Score for subcriterion 19 BEWER DEC 
159 KRT20 Score for subcriterion 20 BEWER DEC 
160 KRTCR_HQBP Business Place of Headquarters XFELD CHAR 
161 KRTXT Longtext for outcome of sales activity TEXT20 CHAR 
162 KRTXT_FCU1 Name for foreign currency translation in tax items TEXT45 CHAR 
163 KRTYP Scoring method KRTYP CHAR 
164 KRTYT Text for automatic subcriterion category TEXT30 CHAR 
165 KRUEK Condition is Relevant for Accrual (e.g. Freight) XFELD CHAR 
166 KRUEK_FO Indicator: cumulative updating of provisions for rebate inc. XFELD CHAR 
167 KRUEK_ONLY Indicator: updating of provisions for rebate income only XFELD CHAR 
168 KRUEK_ST Indicator: Updating of provision for returned incomed XFELD CHAR 
169 KRUND Rounding rule for price changes GRPNO NUMC 
170 KRUST Do not post any prov. for accr. income f. settled arrangmnts XFELD CHAR 
171 KRVRZ Plus/Minus Sign for Percentage Value for Subcriterion VORZEI CHAR 
172 KRZBE Abbreviation CHAR2 CHAR 
173 KRZFR No. of sick pay supplements periods (IT Contract Elements) CHAR3 CHAR 
174 KRZKY ID for Alternative G/L Account CHAR2 CHAR 
175 KRZZH Sick pay supplement unit (IT Contract Elements) CHAR15 CHAR 
176 KR_AMOUNT Amount for Payment Program WERT7 CURR 
177 KR_HQBP Select Headquarter Business Place for Korea XFELD CHAR 
178 KR_QSREC Vendor Recipient Type KR_QSREC CHAR 
179 KR_SGTXT Flag: Fill segment text for vendor posting CHAR1 CHAR 
180 KSAAR Cost collector order type AUFART CHAR 
181 KSAFA Cumulative special depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
182 KSAFA_ALTD Cumulative special dep. (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR16 CHAR 
183 KSAMB_FBWD No collective posting: Individual clearing XFELD CHAR 
184 KSANS Cumulative statistical acquisition value ANLKWERT CURR 
185 KSART Interest calculation type for costs CHAR1 CHAR 
186 KSA_FORM Form for customer meter reading order FORMKEY CHAR 
187 KSBEW Group Account for Loss from Valuation SAKNR CHAR 
188 KSBEZ Course name TEXT25 CHAR 
189 KSBIS Cost collector valid to DATUM DATS 
190 KSBUR Course appraisal TEXT40 CHAR 
191 KSCHA Condition Type KSCHL CHAR 
192 KSCHC Condition type for account determination KSCHL CHAR 
193 KSCHD Material determination type KSCHL CHAR 
194 KSCHG Material listing/exclusion type KSCHL CHAR 
195 KSCHGT Without bulk material XFELD CHAR 
196 KSCHH Batches: Search strategy type KSCHL CHAR 
197 KSCHI Condition Type for Quality Certificate Profile KSCHL CHAR 
198 KSCHL Condition Type KSCHL CHAR 
199 KSCHLEXT_SBI External conditions in the self-billing procedure SBINV KSCHL CHAR 
200 KSCHLINT_SBI Internal conditions in the self-billing procedure SBINV KSCHL CHAR 
201 KSCHL_ALWAYS Use this message type always for WEB printing XCHAR CHAR 
202 KSCHL_B_CO Base (CO Accrual, Overhead Rate) KSCHL CHAR 
203 KSCHL_CD condition type campaign determination KSCHL_CD CHAR 
204 KSCHL_DEP Condition dependency KSCHL CHAR 
205 KSCHL_EXT_KK Type of External Tax KSCHL_EXT_KK CHAR 
206 KSCHL_KK Condition Type KSCHL CHAR 
207 KSCHL_KO Condition type for copying costs from line items KSCHL CHAR 
208 KSCHL_KOF Condition type for fixed cost transfer from line items KSCHL CHAR 
209 KSCHL_KOMM Picking list KSCHL CHAR 
210 KSCHL_PERC Condition Type Percentage Discount KSCHL CHAR 
211 KSCHL_R Condition Type for Posting in R/3 Revaluation Document KSCHL CHAR 
212 KSCHL_SO Source condition type KSCHL CHAR 
213 KSCHL_STRKZ_KK Type of Tax Item for Other Tax Codes CHAR4 CHAR 
214 KSCHL_TA Target condition type KSCHL CHAR 
215 KSCHL_TEXT Text - Condition Type TEXT20 CHAR 
216 KSCHL_TXT Name of Condition Type CHAR50 CHAR 
217 KSCHL_V5 Grouped output KSCHL CHAR 
218 KSCHL_VAL Condition Type Absolute Discount KSCHL CHAR 
219 KSCHL_X Selection field for editing condition types FUNCTION CHAR 
220 KSCHL_Z_CO Overhead (CO Accrual, Overhead Rates) KSCHL CHAR 
221 KSCHM Portfolio Type KSCHL CHAR 
222 KSCHN Discount type KSCHL CHAR 
223 KSCHN_FG Free goods type KSCHL_FG CHAR 
224 KSCHP Condition type item KSCHL CHAR 
225 KSCHW Rule type KSCHL CHAR 
226 KSCH_PV Condition type for packing object determination KSCHL CHAR 
227 KSCKZ Condition key in header XFELD CHAR 
228 KSCRTEXT_M CO medium-length key word KCHA15 CHAR 
229 KSCYC Cycle: Per. Reposting, Assessment, Distrib., Ind.Act .Alloc. CHAR6 CHAR 
230 KSDAT ID: Condition structure has validity period XFELD CHAR 
231 KSFRST Indicator: Structure has release status XFELD CHAR 
232 KSGEB Course fees WERT6 CURR 
233 KSGRU Cost Center Group GRPNAME CHAR 
234 KSHIN Bank Clearing Account BVRKO_KK CHAR 
235 KSHIN_KK Cash Desk: Bank Clearing Account for Incoming Cash Payments SAKNR CHAR 
236 KSHRT Object abbreviation: business event TEXT12 CHAR 
238 KSHSKONZ X - Group version XFELD CHAR 
239 KSHSNULL Print special G/L indicators with zero balance XFELD CHAR 
240 KSHSNUMS Also normal sales XFELD CHAR 
241 KSHSSAL0 Print accounts not posted to XFELD CHAR 
242 KSHSSALD Account balance AMUNT DEC 
243 KSHSSORT Account sorting CHAR01 CHAR 
245 KSHSVDST Summarization level CHAR01 CHAR 
246 KSKOM Completion flag for the cost center master record YNFLG CHAR 
247 KSKPF Pricing procedure for contract conditions at header level KALSM CHAR 
248 KSKTO Condition is qualifying for cash discount XFELD CHAR 
249 KSKTXT Cost Center Short Text TEXT20 CHAR 
250 KSLDDEKR Only vendors with a debit balance XFELD CHAR 
251 KSLDKONZ Corporate group version XFELD CHAR 
252 KSLIS Type of BV recompilation (suppl. update, recompilation) KSLIS CHAR 
253 KSLIS_DYN Subsequent bus. vol. updated or recompilation of bus. vol. XFELD CHAR 
254 KSLPP FI-SL: Data element for KSL key figure in planning WERTV12 CURR 
255 KSLVT Balance carried forward in group currency (currency 3) WERTV8 CURR 
256 KSLVT12 Balance carried forward in group currency WERTV12 CURR 
257 KSLVT9 Balance carried forward in group currency WERTV9 CURR 
258 KSLXX Total transactions in the period in group currency (curr 3) WERTV8 CURR 
259 KSLXX12 Total of transactions of the period in group currency WERTV12 CURR 
260 KSLXX7_GR Amount in Group Currency, Group Valuation WERTV7 CURR 
261 KSLXX7_LG Amount in Group Currency WERTV7 CURR 
262 KSLXX7_PC Amount in Group Currency, Profit Center Valuation WERTV7 CURR 
263 KSLXX9 Total of transactions of the period in group currency WERTV9 CURR 
264 KSLXX9_GR Amount in Group Currency, Group Valuation WERTV9 CURR 
265 KSLXX9_LG Amount in Group Currency WERTV9 CURR 
266 KSLXX9_PC Amount in Group Currency, Profit Center Valuation WERTV9 CURR 
267 KSLXX_PCA Total transactions for the period in pctr local currency WERTV8 CURR 
268 KSMAX Maximum amount of interest for costs WERT5 CURR 
269 KSOLL Account for Losses from Exchange Rate Changes SAKNR CHAR 
270 KSORT Indicator for field sequence NUM02 NUMC 
271 KSORTNR Sequential Sort Number Sort/Output Sequence NUMC3 NUMC 
272 KSOUT_KK Cash Desk: Bank Clearing Account for Outgoing Cash Payments SAKNR CHAR 
273 KSPAE Rebate was set up retroactively XFELD CHAR 
274 KSPAEB Indicator: subsequent updating of vendor business volume XFELD CHAR 
275 KSPBUF Supply Source Buffer in Percent DEC3 DEC 
276 KSPEM Blocked consignment stock MENG13V QUAN 
277 KSPI_ANTEL Proportion of Activity Taken from Activity Quantity PROZV8 DEC 
278 KSPI_CNTIS Number of iteration steps in activity price computation INT4 INT4 
279 KSPI_CNTKS Number of Cost Centers in Price Calculation INT4 INT4 
280 KSPI_CNTT1 Number of entries in iteration table INT4 INT4 
281 KSPI_CNTT2 Number of links in iteration table INT4 INT4 
282 KSPI_EBFLG Indicator to post activity prices despite errors FLAG CHAR 
283 KSPI_ITCHG Ind.: Entry in Iteration Matrix Changed in Last Step BOOLEAN CHAR 
284 KSPI_ITVBF Indicator: Entry in iteration matrix that can be improved BOOLEAN CHAR 
285 KSPI_NABST Symbol if activity type is not reconciled KSPI_NABST CHAR 
286 KSPLN Planned course (unused) XFELD CHAR 
287 KSPOS Pricing procedure for contract conditions at item level KALSM CHAR 
288 KSPP_LEVKL Level of Detail: Cost Center/Activity Type XFELD CHAR 
289 KSPP_LEVMW Level of Detail: Material/Plant XFELD CHAR 
290 KSPP_LEVPO Detail Level: Plan- SOP Order XFELD CHAR 
291 KSPP_OBJCHK Indicator "Execute Object-Related Check" XFLAG CHAR 
292 KSREMIND IS-M/SD: Customer Procedure for Monitoring KSREMIND CHAR 
293 KSTAF Condition scale base value NUM07 NUMC 
294 KSTAGR Are stat.key figs used in dependency for dependent costs? XFELD CHAR 
295 KSTAR Cost Element KSTAR CHAR 
296 KSTARGER Cost-Element-Based Assessment XFELD CHAR 
297 KSTAR_COST Cost element for general costs activities KSTAR CHAR 
298 KSTAR_FID Revenue type for debitor downpayments without sales ord. ref KSTAR CHAR 
299 KSTAR_FIN Cost element for vendor downpayments w/o purchase ord. ref. KSTAR CHAR 
300 KSTAR_FRMD Cost element for external processing KSTAR CHAR 
301 KSTAR_MASK Masked Cost Element KKGCHR10 CHAR 
302 KSTAR_MATVORPL Cost element for material planning (int.processed activity) KSTAR CHAR 
303 KSTAR_MKZ Source Cost Elements Indicator KSTAR_MKZ CHAR 
304 KSTAR_ONLY Ind. Select already planned cost elements only? XFELD CHAR 
305 KSTAR_ORB Incoming orders cost element KSTAR CHAR 
306 KSTAR_RESSOURCE Cost Element Under Which the Resource Can be Updated KSTAR CHAR 
307 KSTAR_SERV Cost element for services KSTAR CHAR 
309 KSTAT Condition is used for statistics XFELD CHAR 
310 KSTATTZ Control MR instead of interim MR in case of multiple MROC KENNZX CHAR 
311 KSTATU Translator status CHAR2 CHAR 
312 KSTATUS Delivery Status (L)ocal, (S)AP, (K)customer CHAR1 CHAR 
313 KSTAU Cost distribution CO KSTAU CHAR 
314 KSTAZ Indicator for Statistical Line Items KSTAZ CHAR 
315 KSTBM Condition scale quantity MENG15 QUAN 
316 KSTBMT Condition scale basis quantity (as currency, 3 decimal plc) KSTBMT CURR 
317 KSTBM_AKT Incremental scale: start of interval WERT8 CURR 
318 KSTBM_BI Condition scale basis quantity CHAR17 CHAR 
319 KSTBM_NEXT Increase scale: end of interval WERT8 CURR 
320 KSTBS Scale base value of the condition WERTV8 CURR 
321 KSTBS_ABR Condition scale basis for settlement WERTV8 CURR 
322 KSTBS_KONMS Unit of Measure Scale Basis MEINS UNIT 
323 KSTBS_KONMS_PER Unit of Measure Scale Basis Final Settlement MEINS UNIT 
324 KSTBS_KONWS Currency Scale Basis WAERS CUKY 
325 KSTBS_KONWS_PER Currency - Scale Basis - Final Settlement WAERS CUKY 
326 KSTBS_PE Scale basis for final settlement WERTV8 CURR 
327 KSTBS_PE_DEF Scale basis: Final settlement from comparison of periods WERTV8 CURR 
328 KSTBS_PLUS Additional scale basis in case of projection to scale levels WERT8 CURR 
329 KSTBW Scale value WERT8 CURR 
330 KSTBW_BI Condition scale basis value CHAR17 CHAR 
331 KSTEL Cost Field WERTV7 CURR 
332 KSTEP Permissibility Indicator for Church Tax Spouse ZKENN CHAR 
333 KSTEU Condition control KSTEU CHAR 
334 KSTEU_TEXT Text - Condition Control TEXT30 CHAR 
335 KSTFNA Key figure for capacity planning FDNAME CHAR 
336 KSTGRP Settlement company cost group KSTGRP CHAR 
337 KSTHI Standard Hierarchy for Cost Centers SETNR CHAR 
338 KSTIN_KK Cash Desk: Bank Clearing Account for Postal Order Payments SAKNR CHAR 
339 KSTLF Post ordering costs SA_CBOX CHAR 
340 KSTOBLGES Total cost commitment WERTV8 CURR 
341 KSTOBLGESOC Total Cost Commitment in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
342 KSTORN Reverse indicator XFELD CHAR 
343 KSTPR Checking rule for scale rates KSTPR CHAR 
344 KSTRA Group Account for Loss from Translation SAKNR CHAR 
345 KSTRF From Cost Element KSTAR CHAR 
346 KSTRG Cost Object KSTRG CHAR 
347 KSTRG_ONLY Ind.: Only select planned cost objects? XFELD CHAR 
348 KSTRT To Cost Element KSTAR CHAR 
349 KSTRUKTUR Customizing for Price Catalog: Catalog Structure AS4TAB CHAR 
350 KSTRV Group Account for Clearing Translation Gain SAKNR CHAR 
351 KSTSN Cost element CHAR10 CHAR 
352 KSTTX Name of Church Tax Area TEXT18 CHAR 
353 KSTTY Valid Cost Center Categories KSTTY CHAR 
354 KSTXT Object name: business event TEXT40 CHAR 
355 KST_ABW Cost Element for Variances KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
356 KST_BST_BI Cost Element for Capitalized Costs + WIP (Creation/Balance) KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
357 KST_BST_VB Cost Element for Capitalized Costs and WIP (Usage) KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
358 KST_EF_BST Cost Element for Revenue in Excess of Billings KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
359 KST_ERL_E Cost Element for Calculated Revenue KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
360 KST_E_UBS Cost Element for Revenue Surplus KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
361 KST_GEW_AU Cost Element for POC Profit Decrease KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
362 KST_GEW_BI Cost Element for POC Profit Increase KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
363 KST_GWBST Cost Element for Capitalized Profit KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
364 KST_KABGR Cost Element for Credit/Debit Results Analysis KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
365 KST_KDU Cost Element for Cost of Sales / Revenues KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
366 KST_KST_E Cost Element for Calculated Costs KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
367 KST_KST_I Cost Element for Valuated Actual Costs KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
368 KST_PRO_I Cost Element for Valuated Actual Costs of Comp./Commissions KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
369 KST_RDV_BI Cost Element for Reserves for Imminent Loss (Crtn/Balance) KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
370 KST_RDV_VB Cost Element for Reserves for Imminent Loss (Usage) KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
371 KST_RDV_WB Cost Element for Reserves for Imminent Loss (Value Adjust.) KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
372 KST_RUE_BI Cost Element for Reserves (Creation/Balance) KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
373 KST_RUE_VB Cost Element for Reserves (Usage) KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
374 KST_VRL_AU Cost Element for POC Loss Cancellation KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
375 KST_VRL_BI Cost Element for POC Loss Creation KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
376 KST_VRL_VB Cost Element for POC Loss Realization KKG_KSTAR CHAR 
377 KSUEB Copy Costing Sheet into Dependent Objects XFELD CHAR 
378 KSUMP_KK Specified Number of Items   NUMC 
379 KSVON Cost collector valid from DATUM DATS 
380 KS_ABGDT IS-H: Date when IV/Certificate Fully Completed KS_ABGDT DATS 
381 KS_ABGEL IS-H: Rejection of Coverage Indicator XFELD CHAR 
382 KS_ANTEI IS-H: Coverage Rate per Item of IV/Treatment Certificate KS_ANTEI DEC 
383 KS_ART IS-H: Type of IV Document/Treatment Certificate per Category KS_ART CHAR 
384 KS_BEGDP IS-H: Valid-From Date of Item RI_DATUM DATS 
385 KS_BEGDT IS-H: Start of Validity of IV Document/Treatment Certificate RI_DATUM DATS 
386 KS_BELNR IS-H: Document Number of IV Document/Treatment Certificate KS_BELNR CHAR 
387 KS_BSTAT IS-H: Insurance Verification Processing Status KS_BSTAT CHAR 
388 KS_BTRAG Total Amount Covered ISH_WERTV6 CURR 
389 KS_EBARB IS-H: Agent Processing IV/Certificate at Recipient KS_EBARB CHAR 
390 KS_EBZEI IS-H: Reference of IV/Certificate at Recipient KS_EBZEI CHAR 
391 KS_EMTYP IS-H: Recipient Type for IV Document/Certificate KS_EMTYP CHAR 
392 KS_ENDDP IS-H: Valid-To Date of Item RI_DATUM DATS 
393 KS_ENDDT IS-H: End of Validity of IV Document/Treatment Certificate RI_DATUM DATS 
394 KS_ERSDT Date when IV Document/Certificate Created RI_DATUM DATS 
395 KS_GLOBZ IS-H: Preappr. Insurance Indicator, i.e., no Ins. Verific. XFELD CHAR 
396 KS_KBEZ IS-H: Short Text for IV Document/Treatment Certificate TEXT10 CHAR 
397 KS_KBEZA IS-H: S.Text for IV/Certificate Type per IV/Certif. Category TEXT10 CHAR 
398 KS_KTEXT IS-H: Short Text for Insurance Verification/Certificate TEXT50 CHAR 
399 KS_KUEAB IS-H: Ind. Whether IV/Certificate Completely Rejected XFELD CHAR 
400 KS_MAANZ IS-H: Number of Reminders for IV/Certificate KS_MAANZ NUMC 
401 KS_MADAT IS-H: Date of Last Reminder for IV/Certificate RI_DATUM DATS 
402 KS_MENGE IS-H: Maximum Quantity Covered LEISMENGE NUMC 
403 KS_MENGE_A IS-H: Quantity Field Billing/IV: Quantity Billed to Date ISH_MENG10 QUAN 
404 KS_MENGE_A_LONG Previously Billed Quantity for Display ISH_MENGE_15 QUAN 
405 KS_MENGE_I Internal Quantity Field Billing/Insurance Verification ISH_MENG10 QUAN 
406 KS_MENGE_P IS-H: Quantity Field (Price-Rel) IV: Quantity Billed to Date ISH_MENG10 QUAN 
407 KS_MSPER IS-H: Reminder Block for Insurance Verification/Certificate XFELD CHAR 
408 KS_PABDT IS-H: Date when Item Was Completed KS_ABGDT DATS 
409 KS_POSNR Item Number per Insurance Verification/Certificate KS_POSNR NUMC 
410 KS_PREIS IS-H: Maximum Price for Insurance Coverage ISH_WERTV6 CURR 
411 KS_PSTAT IS-H: Processing Status of Insurance Verification Item KS_PSTAT CHAR 
412 KS_PTEXT IS-H: Comment on item IV/certificate (no long text call up) TEXT30 CHAR 
413 KS_SEKZ IS-H: Self-Payer Indicator (Insurance Verification) XFELD CHAR 
414 KS_STATUS IS-H: Processing status insurance verification/certificate KS_STATUS CHAR 
415 KS_STATXT IS-H: Overall Status of Insurance Verification/Certificate STATXT CHAR 
416 KS_TBTRAG IS-H: Price (per Quantity Unit) WERT6 CURR 
417 KS_TXT IS-H: Name of Certificate Category TEXT40 CHAR 
418 KS_TXTA IS-H: Name of Certificate Type per Certificate Category TEXT40 CHAR 
419 KS_TYP IS-H: External Category of IV Document/Treatment Certificate KS_TYP CHAR 
420 KS_TYPEX IS-H: Internal Category of Insurance Verification/Certific. KS_TYPINT CHAR 
421 KS_TYPINT IS-H: Internal Category of Insurance Verification/Certific. KS_TYPINT CHAR 
422 KS_UEBAB IS-H: Ind. Whether Coverage of Service Is Rejected XFELD CHAR 
423 KS_VERDT IS-H: Date when IV Request/Certificate Sent RI_DATUM DATS 
424 KS_VERKZ IS-H: Sent Indicator for IV Document/Certificate KS_VERKZ CHAR 
425 KS_VERWEND IS-H: Internal Usage ID of Certificate Category KS_VERWEND CHAR 
426 KS_WAERS IS-H: Insurance Verification Currency WAERS CUKY 
427 KTA01 Sales activity description 01 KTA01 CHAR 
428 KTA02 Sales activity description 02 KTA02 CHAR 
429 KTA03 Sales activity description 03 KTA03 CHAR 
430 KTA04 Sales activity description 04 KTA04 CHAR 
431 KTA05 Sales activity description 05 KTA05 CHAR 
432 KTA06 Sales activity description 06 KTA06 CHAR 
433 KTA07 Sales activity description 07 KTA07 CHAR 
434 KTA08 Sales activity description 08 KTA08 CHAR 
435 KTA09 Sales activity description 09 KTA09 CHAR 
436 KTA10 Sales activity description 10 KTA10 CHAR 
437 KTAAFB Balance sheet account for unplanned depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
438 KTAAFG Expense account for unplanned depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
439 KTAAFU Expense account for unplanned depreciation below zero SAKNR CHAR 
440 KTAAK Functions of a sales activity for authorization check KTAAK CHAR 
441 KTAAR Sales Activity Type for Sales Support KTAAR CHAR 
442 KTAAR_CLASS CAS: Classify sales activity types KTAAR_CLASS CHAR 
443 KTAAR_NACH Sales activity type to which copying takes place KTAAR CHAR 
444 KTAAR_VON Reference sales activity type for copying KTAAR CHAR 
445 KTABF Only condition records with filled key XFELD CHAR 
446 KTABG Start of sales activity (date) KTABG DATS 
447 KTABT Start of sales activity KTABT TIMS 
448 KTADA Date of follow-up sales activity KTADA DATS 
449 KTADEC G/L account:Decimals from asset acquisition: not used SAKNR CHAR 
450 KTADR IS-H: Insurance Provider Address TEXT40 CHAR 
451 KTAEB Analysis of sales activity outcome KTAEB CHAR 
452 KTAEN End of sales activity (date) KTAEN DATS 
453 KTAER Outcome of sales activities KTAER CHAR 
454 KTAET End of sales activity (time) KTAET TIMS 
455 KTAFK Type of follow-up activity KTAAR CHAR 
456 KTAG Day of month for public holiday calculation KTAG NUMC 
457 KTAGE Period grouping according to days CHAR1 CHAR 
458 KTAGR Reason for sales activity KTAGR CHAR 
459 KTAKL Calendar days of absence class DEC3_2 DEC 
460 KTANR Number of the Address List KTANR CHAR 
461 KTANSG Contra account: Acquisition value posting SAKNR CHAR 
462 KTANSW Bal. sheet account: Acquisition and production costs SAKNR CHAR 
463 KTANZ Quota multiplier NUM3 NUMC 
464 KTANZA G/L account:down payments SAKNR CHAR 
465 KTANZG Contra account: Down payment posting SAKNR CHAR 
466 KTAOR Organizational data required for sales activites KTAOR CHAR 
467 KTARA Description of where sales activity took place KTARA CHAR 
468 KTARE Report for sales activities, mailing etc. PROGRAMM CHAR 
469 KTARIZ Expense account:Repayment of investment support SAKNR CHAR 
470 KTART Attendance or absence quota type KTART NUMC 
471 KTART_PARA IS-H: Determine IV Control Parameters via Ins. Prov. Yype ISH01 CHAR 
472 KTART_SORT IS-H: Sort Sequence for Insurance Provider Type (Billing) ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
473 KTAST Status of sales activity KTAST CHAR 
474 KTAUFG Offsetting account for revaluation SAKNR CHAR 
475 KTAUFW Reconciliation account: Revaluation SAKNR CHAR 
476 KTAUNB Accumulated depreciation account: Revaluation of ord.deprec. SAKNR CHAR 
477 KTAUNG Offsetting account: Revaluation of ordinary depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
478 KTAVA Variants for sales activities, mailing, etc... VARIANT CHAR 
479 KTAZUS Revenue account for write-up on unplanned depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
480 KTA_AFART Inquiry type for sales activities AUART CHAR 
481 KTA_AGART Quotation type for sales activities AUART CHAR 
482 KTA_AUART Sales order type for sales activities AUART CHAR 
483 KTA_AUMA1 Order type for sample enclosure for direct mailing campaign AUART CHAR 
484 KTA_AUMA2 Order type for enclosures for a direct mailing campaign AUART CHAR 
485 KTA_GUART Credit memo type for sales activities AUART CHAR 
486 KTA_LAART Debit memo type for sales activities AUART CHAR 
487 KTA_REART Returns type for sales activities AUART CHAR 
488 KTA_SOART Sales document type for sales activities AUART CHAR 
489 KTCOAB Cost element for settlement of asset u. cons. to CO objects SAKNR CHAR 
490 KTDBU Accnt asgnmt cat. for direct procuremt: unknown accnt asgnmt KNTTP CHAR 
491 KTDEP_EXT_VK External Number for Clearing Account CHAR20 CHAR 
492 KTDEP_VK Clearing Account VKONT_KK CHAR 
493 KTENAK Revenue account for post-capitaliz. of asset SAKNR CHAR 
494 KTERLW Clearing account for revenue from asset sale SAKNR CHAR 
495 KTEX1 Description TEXT40 CHAR 
496 KTEX2 Short text TEXT40 CHAR 
497 KTEXT General Name TEXT20 CHAR 
498 KTEXT1 Short Text 1 TEXT40 CHAR 
499 KTEXT15 General description TEXT15 CHAR 
500 KTEXT2 Short Text 2 TEXT38 CHAR