SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K, page 9
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 KOPSEPA EDI: Display Surcharges/Discounts at Item Level Separately XFELD CHAR 
2 KOPTB Header table name AS4TAB CHAR 
3 KOPTI042E Indicator: Do Not Perform Bank Optimization XFELD CHAR 
4 KOPV_COPY_MODE Mode for copying plan versions KOPV_COPY_MODE CHAR 
5 KOPV_SCENARIO Scenario for copying plan versions KOPV_SCENARIO CHAR 
6 KOQUA Confirmation status of picking/putaway STATV CHAR 
7 KOQUI Picking is subject to confirmation XFELD CHAR 
8 KOQUI_TVST Subject to pick confirmation KOQUI_TVST CHAR 
9 KOQUK Status of pick confirmation STATV CHAR 
10 KORBDBEL Include Recurring Entry Documents XFELD CHAR 
11 KORBEBEL Actual Documents Required XFELD CHAR 
12 KORBL_KK Number of Adjustment Document OPBEL_KK CHAR 
13 KORBMBEL Sample Documents Required XFELD CHAR 
14 KORBMPOS Noted Items Requested XFELD CHAR 
15 KORBNBEL Normal Documents Required XFELD CHAR 
16 KORBSBEL Reverse Documents Required XFELD CHAR 
17 KORD00SK Payment Notice Sorting KORD00SZ CHAR 
18 KORD10AB No Cleared Items Read XFELD CHAR 
19 KORD10AO Statement also without Items in the Acct Statmnt Period XFELD CHAR 
20 KORD10BD List Sorted by Document Age Based on Document Date XFELD CHAR 
21 KORD10DV Standard Key Date for Calculation of Days in Arrears KORD10DV CHAR 
22 KORD10NS No Zero Balances Required XFELD CHAR 
23 KORD10OL Account Statement in the Form of an Open Item List XFELD CHAR 
24 KORD10OP Breakdown Balance Carried Forward into Open Items XFELD CHAR 
25 KORD10PS Sorting of the Items of the Account Statement KORD10PS CHAR 
26 KORD10R1 Net Due Date Sorted List Required XFELD CHAR 
27 KORD10R2 Cash Discount 1 Due Date Sorted List Required XFELD CHAR 
28 KORD10R3 Cash Discount 2 Due Date Sorted List Required XFELD CHAR 
29 KORD10R4 Days Overdue Sorted List Required XFELD CHAR 
30 KORD10R5 List Sorted by Document Age Required XFELD CHAR 
31 KORD10SA Balance in Local Currency F130DECV15 DEC 
32 KORD10VA Calculate Days in Arrears for Clearing XFELD CHAR 
33 KORD20SK Sorting of Bill of Exchange Charges Statements KORD20SK CHAR 
34 KORD20WP Display Bill of Exchange Prolongation XFELD CHAR 
35 KORD30AS Print in Logon Language XFELD CHAR 
36 KORD30SK Sorting of Output KORD30SK CHAR 
37 KORD60AP Cleared Items Required XFELD CHAR 
38 KORDAPOS Cleared Items Requested XFELD CHAR 
39 KORDB Indicator: Source list requirement XFELD CHAR 
40 KORDBKOR Data is Read from Trigger Table XFELD CHAR 
41 KORDCLIM Cleared Items Requested XFELD CHAR 
43 KORDEKSU Issue Subtotal per Account XFELD CHAR 
44 KORDEKVB Statement for a Buying Group XFELD CHAR 
45 KORDFBEL Message for Follow-On Document of a Payment XFELD CHAR 
46 KORDINATOR Person Responsible for Processing Notification TEXT40 CHAR 
47 KORDINDK Individual Correspondence Required XFELD CHAR 
48 KORDJAMT Maximum Amount of an Invoice BETR15 DEC 
49 KORDJDBL Check for Double Creation XFELD CHAR 
50 KORDJMWS Tax Code from Original Document XFELD CHAR 
52 KORDKAGZ Do Not Issue Cleared Payments XFELD CHAR 
53 KORDRANT Reply Requested XFELD CHAR 
55 KORDSDNO Reference Document Number XFELD CHAR 
56 KORDSTID Open Items at Key Date DATUM DATS 
57 KORDT2_KK Correction date DATUM DATS 
58 KORDT_KK Date of the adjustment record DATUM DATS 
59 KORDZTEM Payment Term Exceptions for Japan ZTERM CHAR 
60 KOREF_ALT Old acct assignment reference for balance sheet transfer USTRU CHAR 
61 KOREF_NEU New acct assignment reference for balance sheet transfer USTRU CHAR 
62 KOREI Sequence rule type CHAR02 CHAR 
63 KOREN Position in sequence NUM3 NUMC 
64 KORFA Correction factor DEC2_2 DEC 
65 KORFK Correction factor for period forecast values DEC3_3 DEC 
66 KORGB_F42B Total Receivables in the Group WRTV8 CURR 
67 KORID_048 Identification for Correspondence CHAR02 CHAR 
68 KORIG Original Budget Creation by Commitment Processor FLAG CHAR 
69 KORKZ Individual Object Configuration X CHAR 
70 KORLEVKEY_KK Balance of untransferred adj. summary records in FI-CA WERTV8 CURR 
71 KORLI Delivery type for correction deliveries LFART CHAR 
72 KORLV_KK Highest assigned correction level NUM02 NUMC 
73 KORMNG Correction qty for cumulative quantity MENG13V QUAN 
74 KORMNGC Correction quantity for cumulative figure with 3 decimals NUMC13 NUMC 
75 KORNR Correction of miscellaneous provisions KORNR CHAR 
76 KOROB Group Liability WRTV8 CURR 
77 KORR Indicator: Movement type is inventory correction CHAR1 CHAR 
78 KORRDOC_KK Document Number of Adjusted Report Documents CHAR24 CHAR 
79 KORRE Indicator: Correspondence data available XFELD CHAR 
80 KORRFLAG Record Object Changes in Transport Requests AS4FLAG CHAR 
81 KORRGRD IS-M: Reason for correction KORRGRD CHAR 
82 KORRK Adjustment Account SAKNR CHAR 
84 KORRKZAHL Correction of gas law deviation factor KORRKZAHL CHAR 
85 KORRK_NEW_KK Adjustment Account for New G/L Account of G/L Accounting SAKNR CHAR 
86 KORRK_OLD_KK Adjustment Account for Old G/L Account of G/L Accounting SAKNR CHAR 
87 KORRL_KK Correction level for incorrect totals records NUM02 NUMC 
88 KORRMESSD Air pressure correction KORRMESSD CHAR 
89 KORRN Correction number TRKORR CHAR 
90 KORRNUM Name of the locked correction TRKORR CHAR 
91 KORRVORF Correspondence activity KORRVORF NUMC 
92 KORR_KK Carry Out Corrections XFELD CHAR 
93 KORSAGO2 Absolute Total Liabilities F130DECV15 DEC 
94 KORSB_F42B Other Receivables in the Group WRTV8 CURR 
95 KORSKUMU Annual Sales F130DECV15 DEC 
96 KORST Correspondence street and house number TEXT30 CHAR 
98 KORTE Indicator for correction date in billing plan KORTE CHAR 
99 KORT_OLD Location TEXT20 CHAR 
100 KORWR Corrected value KORWR FLTP 
101 KORZT2_KK Correction date TIMES TIMS 
102 KORZT_KK Time of the adjustment TIMES TIMS 
103 KOR_NR Sequence Number for Cost Assignment of Entire Trip NRBEL CHAR 
104 KOSAR Cost Center Category KOSAR CHAR 
105 KOSASOPO Display Account Balances XFELD CHAR 
106 KOSAV Condition record exists XFELD CHAR 
107 KOSBN Employee responsible for the condition record CHAR12 CHAR 
108 KOSCH Product allocation determination procedure KOSCH CHAR 
109 KOSCH_GRP Allocation: Product Allocation Procedure Group KOSCH_GRP CHAR 
110 KOSEL Selection for pricing reports KOSEL CHAR 
111 KOSER Pricing: Condition record determination type KOSER CHAR 
112 KOSL1 Group Key KOSL1 CHAR 
113 KOSOR Sort type for conditions KOSOR CHAR 
114 KOSRE Possible cost centers for business event type CHAR1 CHAR 
115 KOSRT Search term for conditions CHAR10 CHAR 
116 KOSTA Picking Status/Putaway Status STATV CHAR 
117 KOSTAFF Determines whether scale quantities appear in pricing report XFELD CHAR 
118 KOSTA_BEZ Picking status TEXT20 CHAR 
119 KOSTEN Display with costs CHAR1_X CHAR 
120 KOSTENANT Write Proportionate Costs Up/Down VVSREVCST CHAR 
121 KOSTENART Cost element CHAR10 CHAR 
122 KOSTE_EB Cost center to which an account is to be assigned KOSTL CHAR 
123 KOSTK Overall picking / putaway status STATV CHAR 
124 KOSTKZ Scales are maintained XFELD CHAR 
125 KOSTKZ_INV Individual Scales Have Been Maintained XFELD CHAR 
126 KOSTKZ_STD Standard Scales Are Maintained XFELD CHAR 
127 KOSTL Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
128 KOSTLALT Cost Center of Old Device KOSTL CHAR 
129 KOSTLNEU Cost Center of New Device KOSTL CHAR 
130 KOSTLSET Name of a Cost Center Group for the Authorization Concept GRPNAME CHAR 
131 KOSTLSH Cost center short name TEXT20 CHAR 
132 KOSTLSTAMM Master Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
133 KOSTLTX Long name for cost center TEXT40 CHAR 
134 KOSTLV Cost center responsible for asset KOSTL CHAR 
135 KOSTL_DEFAULT Default Cost Center per Company Code and Business Area KOSTL CHAR 
136 KOSTL_EB Cost center CHAR10 CHAR 
137 KOSTL_L Debit Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
138 KOSTL_MASK Masked Cost Center KKGCHR10 CHAR 
139 KOSTL_MITARB Employee Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
140 KOSTL_N Cost center of the new work center (mass replacement) KOSTL CHAR 
141 KOSTL_NEW Redetermine cost center XFELD CHAR 
142 KOSTL_ONLY ID: select only the planned cost centers? XFELD CHAR 
143 KOSTL_R2 Cost center in R/2 KOSTL_R2 CHAR 
145 KOSTL_SIG Cost Center in Significant Length CHAR10 CHAR 
146 KOSTL_SORT IS-H: Sort Sequence for Cost Center (Billing) ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
147 KOSTL_TO To Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
151 KOSTR IS-H: Text Designating the INSURANCE PROVIDER Function RI_ROLLE CHAR 
152 KOSTRFIL IS-H: Insurance provider branch CHAR2 CHAR 
153 KOSTR_ART IS-H: Insurance Provider Type (e.g. Private, Statutory) KOSTR_ART CHAR 
154 KOSTR_ARTF IS-H: Insurance Provider Type (e.g. Private, Statutory) KOSTR_ARTF CHAR 
155 KOSTR_KTXT IS-H: Short Text for Insurance Provider Type TEXT12 CHAR 
156 KOSTR_MARK IS-H: Sort Sequence for Insurance Provider ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
157 KOSTR_MRK IS-H: Sort Sequence for Insurance Provider ISH_SORT06 NUMC 
158 KOSTR_SORT IS-H: Sort Sequence for Insurance Provider (Billing) ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
159 KOSTR_STAMM_AUFTL Distribution of Travel Expenses - Master Account Assignment KOSTR_STAMM_AUFTL DEC 
160 KOSTR_TXT IS-H: Text for Insurance Provider Type TEXT30 CHAR 
161 KOSTR_ZUZ IS-H: Insurance Provider Requires Copayment ISH01 CHAR 
162 KOSTS Cost Center Accounting Active RKAC2 CHAR 
163 KOSTVJN Indicator: Cost distribution XFELD CHAR 
164 KOSTV_D Indicator for cost distribution XFELD CHAR 
165 KOSTX Cost Center Text TEXT30 CHAR 
166 KOSTY Cost type (shipment cost item) KOSTY CHAR 
167 KOSUB Subtype of costs CHAR4 CHAR 
168 KOSZA Overhead Type AUFZA CHAR 
170 KOTAB Condition table AS4TAB CHAR 
171 KOTABNR Condition table KOTABNR CHAR 
172 KOTABNR_CD Condition table KOTABNR_CD NUMC 
173 KOTABNR_FG Condition table KOTABNR_FG NUMC 
174 KOTABNR_SO Source condition table KOTABNR NUMC 
175 KOTABNR_TA Target condition table KOTABNR NUMC 
176 KOTAB_PI Dictionary table for mouse select of fields KOTAB CHAR 
177 KOTAB_SEL Select condition table SELKZ_EA CHAR 
178 KOTAB_TXT Name of condition table DDTEXT CHAR 
179 KOTEL Correspondence telephone number CHAR20 CHAR 
180 KOTEX Text output in pricing reports KOTEX CHAR 
181 KOTIT Correspondence title TITEL CHAR 
182 KOTPE Object type: business event OTYPE CHAR 
183 KOTSL_VM Account key, clearing account, vendor billing document KVSCHL CHAR 
184 KOTXKZ Texts are maintained XFELD CHAR 
185 KOTXT Absence quota type text TEXT25 CHAR 
186 KOTXT_SREP Account Name TEXT50 CHAR 
187 KOTYP Cost accounting type KOTYP CHAR 
188 KOUE_AT IS-H: Ind. whether ins.verif.requests saved by funct.modules XFELD CHAR 
189 KOUHR Picking time (local time, with reference to a plant) TIME_PLANT TIMS 
190 KOULP Overlapping check for groups of conditions KOULP CHAR 
191 KOULPERR Error during overlapping check XFELD CHAR 
192 KOUPD Condition update XFELD CHAR 
193 KOUVZ Interest-free costs WERT05 CURR 
194 KOVAR Variant for output of list reports KOVAR CHAR 
195 KOVAR_BLGHNW IS-M/AM: Copying Variants for Insert Note KOPIERVAR CHAR 
196 KOVAR_TRGANZ IS-M: Copying Variant for Carrier Ad KOPIERVAR CHAR 
197 KOVBW Corrected consumption value MENGV13 QUAN 
198 KOVER Account number/contract number KOVER CHAR 
199 KOVON Bank Details Valid From DATUM DATS 
200 KOVOR Correspondence first name VORNM CHAR 
201 KOWNR Employee's Contribution to Childcare WERTV5 CURR 
202 KOWRK Plant to Which Current Conditions Apply WERKS CHAR 
203 KOWRR Statistical values KOWRR CHAR 
204 KOWRT Condition value WERTV8 CURR 
205 KOXXX Configure Without Template CHAR1 CHAR 
206 KOZEI Account assignment line KOZEI CHAR 
207 KOZGF Access sequence KOZGF CHAR 
208 KOZGF_CO Dependency (Accrual Calculation, Overheads) KOZGF CHAR 
209 KOZGV Relevant for rebate KOZGV CHAR 
210 KOZIN Interest-bearing costs WERT05 CURR 
211 KOZNR Coding line NUM3 NUMC 
212 KOZUKZ Condition supplements are maintained XFELD CHAR 
213 KOZ_NR Sequence Number for Cost Assignment of a Trip Destination NRBEL CHAR 
214 KO_BELNR Document number of an account maintenance document BELNR CHAR 
215 KO_KNZ Indicator: note for correction run CHAR1 CHAR 
216 KO_PSPNR WBS element for account assignment PS_POSNR NUMC 
217 KO_SIZE No. of recds per insp.Operation WAIT INT4 
218 KPABBM Indicator - Copy planned sales volume from reference promo. FLAG CHAR 
219 KPAFK Partner function for follow-up sales activity PARVW CHAR 
220 KPAGE Current page for lists DEC2 DEC 
221 KPANG Available capacity KAPBED FLTP 
222 KPANG_DT Available Capacity DTDEC5_2 DEC 
223 KPARA_VALU Value of partial key CHAR50 CHAR 
224 KPART Combipack material flag CHAR1 CHAR 
225 KPATG Number of days (in a period) INT2 INT2 
226 KPBED Key figure to be transferred to Demand Management FDNAME CHAR 
227 KPC_ACCOUNTING_DOCUMENT_TYPE_C Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
228 KPC_COMPANY_IDENTIFIER_USAGE_C Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
229 KPC_NOSC_COST_CONTROLLING_LIQU Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
230 KPC_NOSC_WEAPON_SYSTEM_TYPE_CO Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
231 KPC_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type of a project object KPC_OBJECT_TYPE CHAR 
232 KPC_PLANNING_VERSION_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
233 KPC_PROJECT_COMMITMENT_LEDGER4 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
234 KPC_PROJECT_COST_LEDGER_ACCO10 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
235 KPC_PROJECT_PAYMENT_LEDGER_AC4 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
236 KPC_SUBLEDGER_ACCOUNT_CHARGE_T Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
237 KPDAT Check calculation proposal for next change to date DATUM DATS 
238 KPEIN Condition pricing unit KPEIN DEC 
239 KPEINC Condition pricing unit NUMC5 NUMC 
240 KPEIN_BI Price unit for batch input conditions CHAR5 CHAR 
241 KPEIN_KMEIN Price Unit - Provision Amount KPEIN DEC 
242 KPEIN_VF Condition pricing unit KPEIN DEC 
243 KPEP_WL_ATTRDESC Attribute Description of Object (Using Data Element) ROLLNAME CHAR 
245 KPEP_WL_ERR_SEQNO Sequence Number in Error Log for Worklist   NUMC 
246 KPEP_WL_HAS_HIEDATA Hierarchy Data Exists XFLAG CHAR 
248 KPEP_WL_NAME Hierarchy Node KEYID CHAR 
250 KPEP_WL_OBJATTRIB Attributes of an Object in the Worklist KPEP_WL_OBJATTRIB CHAR 
251 KPEP_WL_OBJCAT Object Type in the Worklist of the Schedule Manager KPEP_WL_OBJCAT CHAR 
252 KPEP_WL_OBJCHECKED "Object Checked" Flag XFLAG CHAR 
253 KPEP_WL_OBJCOUNT Number of Objects in Worklist KPEP_WL_OBJCOUNT NUMC 
254 KPEP_WL_OBJCOUNT_FAULTY Number of Objects in Worklist with Errors KPEP_WL_OBJCOUNT NUMC 
255 KPEP_WL_OBJCOUNT_FINISHED Number of Worklist Objects Without Errors KPEP_WL_OBJCOUNT NUMC 
256 KPEP_WL_OBJECTID Object Identifier in the SCMA Worklist KPEP_WL_OBJECTID CHAR 
257 KPEP_WL_OBJECTID_EXT External Display of the Object Number   CHAR 
258 KPEP_WL_OBJID Object Node Number in Worklist   NUMC 
259 KPEP_WL_OBJSEQID Object Node Number in Worklist   NUMC 
260 KPEP_WL_OBJSTAT Processing Status of Object in Worklist KPEP_WL_OBJSTATUS NUMC 
262 KPEP_WL_OBJSTAT_ICON Processing Status of Object in Worklist - Icon KPEP_WL_OBJSTATUS_ICON CHAR 
263 KPEP_WL_OBJ_SHTXT Short Text for the Object in the Schedule Manager Worklist   CHAR 
264 KPEP_WL_OBJ_USERCHECKED User Has Checked the Object XFLAG CHAR 
265 KPEP_WL_R_ALL Use This Agent for All Subsequent Objects XFLAG CHAR 
266 KPEP_WL_SELOBJS_ALL Select All Objects in Worklist XFLAG CHAR 
267 KPEP_WL_SELOBJS_BAD Select Faulty Objects in the Worklist XFLAG CHAR 
268 KPEP_WL_SELOBJS_OK Select Processed Objects in the Worklist XFLAG CHAR 
269 KPEP_WL_STEP Number of the Flow Step in the Multilevel Worklist   NUMC 
270 KPEP_WL_STEPBL Block Counter in the PEP Worklist   NUMC 
271 KPEP_WL_SUBNR Subgrouping of a Worklist   NUMC 
272 KPEP_WL_SUBOBJECT Subobject of Worklist   CHAR 
274 KPEP_WL_WORKLISTID Description of a Worklist in the Schedule Manager KPEP_WL_WORKLISTID CHAR 
275 KPEP_WL_WORKLISTID_NUMC ID of a Worklist of the Workflow in the Schedule Manager   NUMC 
276 KPERC Indicator for Percentage Amount (Otherwise Fixed Amount) KREUZ CHAR 
277 KPERI Periods for the cumulation of the ATP quantity CHAR10 CHAR 
278 KPERLST Free parameter: Maximum age allowed in hours NUM2 NUMC 
279 KPERLTA Free parameter: Maximum age allowed in days NUM2 NUMC 
280 KPERS Contact Person TEXT25 CHAR 
281 KPESZ Operating time of the capacity KAPBED FLTP 
282 KPESZ_DT Operating Time of the Capacity DTDEC5_2 DEC 
283 KPEXI Header/Item data level for foreign trade KPEXI CHAR 
284 KPFLG Indicator: Capacity planning active CHAR1 CHAR 
285 KPFLG_EURO Adjustment of group currency values of equity CHAR1_X CHAR 
286 KPFLM ID: Compulsory characteristic value assignment CHAR1 CHAR 
287 KPGZU Flag: Conversion performed using table PGZU X CHAR 
288 KPHORDA Date of credit horizon SYDATS DATS 
289 KPI_NAME Territory Simulation: KPI Name   CHAR 
290 KPKLIMAG Credit limit used (from free check parameter) PRZ32 DEC 
291 KPKLIMK Free parameter: Maximum credit limit used PRZ32 DEC 
292 KPKNZ Indicator for miners' insurance XFELD CHAR 
293 KPLA_PERBL Planning period PERBL NUMC 
294 KPLEKP Indicator - Copy purchase prices from reference promotion FLAG CHAR 
295 KPLEVEL Parent level for tree control (Conditions) INT3 NUMC 
296 KPLVKP Indicator - Copy sales prices from reference promotion FLAG CHAR 
297 KPMAA Minimum difference: maximum number from current number BEHAZ NUMC 
298 KPMAHNS Free parameter: Maximujm dunning parameter allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
299 KPMAM Difference between maximum quantity and current quantity VERTPROZ NUMC 
300 KPMAXALL Adopt Maximum for All XFELD CHAR 
301 KPMCHECK Check budget structure when budget status changes CHAR1 CHAR 
302 KPMIA Difference between minimum number and current number BEHAZ NUMC 
303 KPMIM Difference between minimum quantity and current quantity VERTPROZ NUMC 
304 KPMINALL Adopt Minimum for All XFELD CHAR 
305 KPNEA Difference between next number and current number BEHAZ NUMC 
306 KPNEM Difference between next change and current quantity VERTPROZ NUMC 
307 KPNEXTALL Adopt Next Change for All XFELD CHAR 
308 KPNOBATCH No Automatic Adoption of Results of Calculation XFELD CHAR 
309 KPNODEID Parent node ID for tree control in conditions NUM03 NUMC 
310 KPNPRDAT Free parameter: Next check date ANZTA NUMC 
311 KPOBLIG Total commitments (from free check parameters) WRTV8 CURR 
312 KPOOI Free parameter: No.days (due date of oldest open item) ANZTA NUMC 
313 KPOSA Display condition items XFELD CHAR 
314 KPOSI Condition is Item Condition XFELD CHAR 
315 KPOSN Condition Item Number NUM6 NUMC 
316 KPOSNR Item number NUM03 NUMC 
317 KPOSN_ISP Condition item number NUM6 NUMC 
318 KPOSN_LAST IS-M: Last condition item number assigned NUM6 NUMC 
319 KPOSN_P Shipment cost subitem NUM6 NUMC 
320 KPOS_TXN Text number TEXT8 CHAR 
321 KPOS_TXT Financial statement item text TEXT45 CHAR 
322 KPOS_TXTYP Text type for financial statement items KPOS_TXTYP CHAR 
323 KPPDTOL Free parameter: No. days for consideration of open items ANZTA NUMC 
324 KPPRZOPK Free parameter: Maximum percentage of overdue open items PRZ32 DEC 
325 KPP_ACGTI Indicator: Additional call of get_time_information CHAR1 CHAR 
326 KPP_ATRCF Form routine in gerated report that checks an attribute FORMNAME CHAR 
327 KPP_BILDTY CO planning: screen type KPP_BILDTY CHAR 
328 KPP_BRGRU Authorization Group BRGRU CHAR 
329 KPP_CALCD Factual Aggregation Behavior of Characteristic Value KPP_CALCD CHAR 
330 KPP_CALCM Time-Based Aggregation Behavior of Characteristic Value KPP_CALCM CHAR 
331 KPP_CALCMF Field name from which cell calculation methods result FDNAME CHAR 
332 KPP_CALLM Indicator: Callup planning processor in CALL mode? XFELD CHAR 
333 KPP_COL Column Item Within Screen Area NUM4 NUMC 
334 KPP_COMPL CO planning processor: dimension complement permitted XFELD CHAR 
335 KPP_CONT Field Contents of Cell in Logical Screen KPP_CONT CHAR 
336 KPP_CPGFM Form routine determining no. of periods for fiscal year tab. FORMNAME CHAR 
337 KPP_CPGPR Program determining number of periods for fiscal year table PROGRAMM CHAR 
338 KPP_CRSFM Form routine for validating and expanding a set FORMNAME CHAR 
339 KPP_CRSPR Program validating and expanding set PROGRAMM CHAR 
340 KPP_CUAFM Form routine that sets CUA interface FORMNAME CHAR 
341 KPP_CUAPR Program that sets CUA interface PROGRAMM CHAR 
342 KPP_DCLASS Class of affected data field (char., data 1, 2, 3) KPP_DCLASS CHAR 
343 KPP_DDDRI Indicator: dimension based on data? XFELD CHAR 
344 KPP_DINIT Ind.: Is a blank value allowed as a select option? XFELD CHAR 
345 KPP_DOBLI Indicator: planning dimension obligatory? XFELD CHAR 
346 KPP_DSHOW Ind.: planning dimension for display active? KPP_DSHOW CHAR 
347 KPP_DSORT Validation sequence on initial screen NUMC4 NUMC 
348 KPP_DTBFM Form routine to modify layout and dimensions FORMNAME CHAR 
349 KPP_DTBPR Program to modify layout and dimensions PROGRAMM CHAR 
350 KPP_DTYPE Planning dimension type KPP_DTYPE CHAR 
351 KPP_D_LEV Number of Stars Displayed in Hierarchy Levels KPP_D_LEV INT1 
352 KPP_EBPFM Form routine to run applic. specific checks on init. screen FORMNAME CHAR 
353 KPP_EBPPR Program to run application-specific checks in initial screen PROGRAMM CHAR 
354 KPP_EBSFM Form routine to sort variables in initial screen FORMNAME CHAR 
355 KPP_EBSPR Program to sort variables in initial screen PROGRAMM CHAR 
356 KPP_EIMFM Form routing for export/import memory "Reset values" FORMNAME CHAR 
357 KPP_EIMPR Program for export/import memory PROGRAMM CHAR 
358 KPP_EINSTI Ind.: Send initial screen in all cases? XFELD CHAR 
359 KPP_EXCEL CO Planning: Planning with Microsoft Excel as Front End KPP_EXCEL CHAR 
360 KPP_EXIT Ind.: user function is exit code from planning environment? XFELD CHAR 
361 KPP_F4FM Form routine containing own F4 function for the dimension FORMNAME CHAR 
362 KPP_F4PR Program containing own F4 functions PROGRAMM CHAR 
363 KPP_F4SFM Form routine to set limitations for the F4 Help FORMNAME CHAR 
364 KPP_F4SPR Program to set limitations for the F4 Help PROGRAMM CHAR 
365 KPP_FCLASS CO Planning: Class of User Function KPP_FCLASS CHAR 
366 KPP_FDATM CO planning indicator: function manipulating data XFELD CHAR 
367 KPP_FLGFD Indicator: Initial display XFELD CHAR 
368 KPP_FLGNOV Parameters can be overwritten in planning BOOLE CHAR 
369 KPP_FLGPOS Indic.: Profile items exist for planning area BOOLE CHAR 
370 KPP_FLGVPA Default parameters for planning layout are defined BOOLE CHAR 
371 KPP_FORM_U Planning Layout RKE_FORM CHAR 
372 KPP_FORPL Form-Based Entry XFELD CHAR 
373 KPP_FRAME CO planning: framework in plan data entry screen CHAR30 CHAR 
374 KPP_FTTFM Form routine completing time table KPP0Z FORMNAME CHAR 
375 KPP_FTTPR Program completing the time table ITKPP0Z PROGRAMM CHAR 
376 KPP_FTYPE Field type of field (field itself or attribute of field) KPP_FTYPE CHAR 
377 KPP_GNRFM Form routine generating application-specific parts FORMNAME CHAR 
378 KPP_GNRPR Program generating application-specific parts PROGRAMM CHAR 
379 KPP_HDDDRI Ind.: Indicate header dimensions as data-based XFELD CHAR 
380 KPP_HDPOS Position of dimension in header area NUMC2 NUMC 
381 KPP_INIT Flag: Initial value chosen as select option XFELD CHAR 
382 KPP_INOUT CO planning: indicator for formula input/output KPP_INOUT CHAR 
383 KPP_JOIN Link number for bracketted dimensions/characteristics NUMC4 NUMC 
384 KPP_KURST CO-OM: Exch. Rate Type f. Conversion to Freely Def. Currency KURST CHAR 
385 KPP_LEVEL Level within validation hierarchy SYST_LONG INT4 
386 KPP_LINCNT CO planning: Total no. of entries for entry info LCNT NUMC 
387 KPP_LINE Line in generated coding -> see long text CHAR72 CHAR 
388 KPP_LOGDEP CO Planning Processor: Logical Dependency XFELD CHAR 
389 KPP_MARK CO planning: selection indicator XFELD CHAR 
390 KPP_MDCFM Form routine validating one or more characteristics FORMNAME CHAR 
391 KPP_MDCPR Program validating a characteristic PROGRAMM CHAR 
392 KPP_MDTFM Form validating combination of characteristics FORMNAME CHAR 
393 KPP_MDTPR Program validating combination of characteristics PROGRAMM CHAR 
394 KPP_MODIFY Ind.: Entry/cell is modifiable? F_MODUS CHAR 
395 KPP_MODUS Processing Mode for Planning Transaction CHAR1 CHAR 
396 KPP_MOMENT Time of validation KPP_MOMENT CHAR 
397 KPP_MORE Ind.: Are there several characteristics to this field? XFELD CHAR 
398 KPP_MWKZ CO planning: quantity/value indicator of value field CHAR1 CHAR 
399 KPP_NLOGS Reconstruct logical screen, CO planning processor CHAR1 CHAR 
400 KPP_NOBUFFORMS CO Planning Indicator: No buffering for forms in kpp1 CHAR1 CHAR 
401 KPP_NOCHF KF: User function requires checks in initial screen? XFELD CHAR 
402 KPP_NORMA Characteristic for standardizing, using standard. method CHAR30 CHAR 
403 KPP_NOT_SUM Indicator Whether Row Can be Totalled CHAR1 CHAR 
404 KPP_ONLY Free Entry of Unplanned Records XFELD CHAR 
405 KPP_PLAREA Planning area TEXT20 CHAR 
406 KPP_PLARL Planning Area (Description) TEXT40 CHAR 
407 KPP_PLDAT CO-OM: Value Date for Conversion to Freely Defnble. Currency DATUM DATS 
408 KPP_PLPROF Planner profile KPP_PLPROF CHAR 
409 KPP_POINTR Pointer for further internal table NUMC5 NUMC 
410 KPP_POSCNT CO planning: current entry from entry info LCNT NUMC 
411 KPP_POSIT Item within planner profile NUMC3 NUMC 
412 KPP_PVALUE Value in Dialog Box for "Change Values" Function CHAR40 CHAR 
413 KPP_PWSFM Form routine to set parameters for non-use of sets FORMNAME CHAR 
414 KPP_PWSPR Program to set parameters for non-use of sets PROGRAMM CHAR 
415 KPP_RADIO CO Planning: Ind. Field as Pushbutton RADIO CHAR 
416 KPP_RATIO Screen area within row/column structure KPP_RATIO CHAR 
417 KPP_REPEX Include containing exits in generated report PROGRAMM CHAR 
418 KPP_REPST 5 character prefix in generated planning report CHAR5 CHAR 
419 KPP_REQUST Ind.: Cell changed since last correct run? XFELD CHAR 
420 KPP_RFIELD Superior field for master data validations FDNAME CHAR 
421 KPP_ROW Row in Screen Area NUM4 NUMC 
422 KPP_RSMFM Form routine for report string manipulation FORMNAME CHAR 
423 KPP_RSMPR Program for report string manipulation PROGRAMM CHAR 
424 KPP_SCRDNM CO planning: dynpro number of subscreen in initial screen DYNNR CHAR 
425 KPP_SCRPRG CO planning: program for subscreen of initial screen PROGNAME CHAR 
426 KPP_SETCL Set class if sets are used SETCLASS CHAR 
427 KPP_SETCLD Ind.: Display set class onsceen? XFELD CHAR 
428 KPP_SETFLD Field name for set containing dictionary infos FDNAME CHAR 
429 KPP_SETTAB Table name for set field AS4TAB CHAR 
430 KPP_SETUSE Ind.: Is a set used for the dimemsion? XFELD CHAR 
431 KPP_SFELD Field for Display of Hierarchy Level KPP_SFELD CHAR 
432 KPP_SMIFM Form routine setting 'New lines allowed' indicator FORMNAME CHAR 
433 KPP_SMIPR Program setting 'adding new line allowed' indicator PROGRAMM CHAR 
434 KPP_SOLVED Formula could be resolved XFELD CHAR 
435 KPP_SUM Total for column CHAR30 CHAR 
436 KPP_S_TYPE Key Column Presentation Type KPP_S_TYPE CHAR 
437 KPP_TCHAN Transaction code of planned value/data change transaction TCODE CHAR 
438 KPP_TEXTR Ind. Texts for characterstic read? XFELD CHAR 
439 KPP_TEXT_M CO Planning Processor: Name Field SCRTEXT_M CHAR 
440 KPP_TOTAL CO planning: entry field for planning values WERTV9 CURR 
441 KPP_TSHOW Transaction code for planned values/data display transaction TCODE CHAR 
442 KPP_TXTFM Form routine taht reads the text for a characteristic FORMNAME CHAR 
443 KPP_TXTPR Program that reads the text for a characteristic PROGRAMM CHAR 
444 KPP_TXTUP Ind.: long text has been changed XFELD CHAR 
445 KPP_UATTR User Attribute (Internal Number) KPP_UATTR CHAR 
446 KPP_UNIT CO planning: Quantity/currency unit of value field CHAR6 CHAR 
447 KPP_UPDOTH Ind.: Attribute changes other attributes/data? XFELD CHAR 
448 KPP_USEFOB Ind.: Use 'Form planning' pushbutton in initial screen? XFELD CHAR 
449 KPP_USFFM CO planning: form routine executing user function FORMNAME CHAR 
450 KPP_USFPR Program Executing User-Function, if Entered PROGRAMM CHAR 
451 KPP_VALUE Value in Characteristics Table CHAR40 CHAR 
452 KPP_WAERS CO-OM: Freely Definable Currency WAERS CUKY 
453 KPP_XFELD CO planning: key figure field as graphic check field XFELD CHAR 
454 KPP_XSCDNM CO Planning: Subscreen No. When Defining Excel-Interface DYNNR CHAR 
455 KPP_XSCPRG CO Planning: Subscreen Program When Defining Excel-Interface PROGNAME CHAR 
456 KPP_ZSAPPL Row/Column Structure Application Class APPLCLASS CHAR 
457 KPP_ZSSUBC Row/column structure sub-grouping CFBSUBCLAS CHAR 
458 KPP_ZSTABN Table name for planning area/planning layout KPP_ZSTABN CHAR 
459 KPRDT Pricing date KPRDT CHAR 
460 KPRGBZ Date type of the requested delivery date PRGBZ CHAR 
461 KPRGRS Default period PRGRS CHAR 
462 KPRIOX Booking Priority CHAR2 CHAR 
463 KPRNN Percentage rate for cost distribution DEC3_2 DEC 
464 KPROAE Percentage price change PRZ33V DEC 
465 KPROF Costing profile KPROF CHAR 
466 KPROMHIERID Copy Higher-Level Promotion Number FLAG CHAR 
467 KPROT HR_DSV: Checkbox for Short Log XFELD CHAR 
468 KPROZ Percentage Transfer of Costs DEC2_2 DEC 
469 KPRZT Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
470 KPSAUFT Total of sales values (from free check parameter) WRTV8 CURR 
471 KPSIZE Memory requirement (Bytes) NUM08 NUMC 
472 KPSOL Scheduled capacity requirements KAPBED FLTP 
473 KPSUMOPKUM Free parameters: Cumulative total of open items (by arrears) WRTV8 CURR 
474 KPTRIALL Adopt Trigger Point for All XFELD CHAR 
475 KPTYP Type of log CHAR1 CHAR 
477 KPU3_ASS_ACTS_PLN Assignment of Plan Transactions<->Actual Transactions J_VORGANG CHAR 
478 KPU3_KL_FLAG Indicator: Cost Center / Activity Type Object BOOLE CHAR 
479 KPU3_VALUTYP KPU3: Valuation Views VALUTYP NUMC 
480 KPU3_VRGNG10 KPU3: Manually Plannable CO-Business Transactions J_VORGANG CHAR 
481 KPU3_VRGNG20 KPU3: Copyable CO Actual Buusiness Transactions J_VORGANG CHAR 
482 KPU3_VRGNG_GR Copy transaction groups for actual->plan J_VORGANG CHAR 
483 KPU3_VRGNG_INT Internal Business Transaction J_VORGANG CHAR 
484 KPU3_VRGNG_MP Manually Plannable CO Business Transactions J_VORGANG CHAR 
485 KPUBA Revaluat. base DEC15 DEC 
486 KPUPR Revaluation percentage PRZ32 DEC 
487 KPUPR1 Reval.percentage fixed costs PRZ32V DEC 
488 KPUPR2 Reval.percentage costs PRZ32V DEC 
489 KPUPR3 Reval.percentage fixed usage PRZ32V DEC 
490 KPUPR4 Revaluation percentage consumption PRZ32V DEC 
491 KPUPZ Revaluation percentage PRZ32V DEC 
492 KPUZU Overhead from revaluation DEC15 DEC 
493 KPWRK Plant from which current conditions copied WERKS CHAR 
494 KPWRT Corrected forecast value FLDNN CHAR 
495 KP_EFFZTDA Actual time needed for transporation (in hours:minutes) TSTRDURAN DEC 
496 KP_EFFZTDP Planned duration of transportation (in hours:minutes) TSTRDURAN DEC 
497 KP_GESZTDA Actual total time of shipment (in days) TSTRDURAG DEC 
498 KP_GESZTDP Planned total time of transportation (in days) TSTRDURAG DEC 
499 KP_STBLG Document Number of Reversal Docu. for Account Maintenance BELNR CHAR 
500 KP_STJAH Fiscal Year of Reversal Document for Account Maintenance GJAHR NUMC