SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K, page 2
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 KARENZANZ IS-M/AM: Grace Period for Changes to Ad Prices JKARENZ NUMC 
2 KARENZANZ_CHAR IS-M/AM: Grace period for changes to ad prices CHAR04 CHAR 
3 KARENZDL IS-M: Grace Period for Changes to Service Prices JKARENZ NUMC 
4 KARENZDL_CHAR IS-M: Grace period for changes to service prices CHAR04 CHAR 
5 KARENZDR Interval days for the due date of items to be printed NUM03 NUMC 
6 KARENZOL IS-M: Grace Period for Price Changes in Online Advertising JKARENZ NUMC 
7 KARENZOL_CHAR IS-M: Grace period for price changes in online advertising CHAR04 CHAR 
8 KARENZSI IS-M: Grace Period for Changes to Prices of Ad Inserts JKARENZ NUMC 
9 KARENZSI_CHAR IS-M: Grace period for changes to prices of ad inserts CHAR04 CHAR 
10 KARENZTG Interval days NUM03 NUMC 
11 KARENZVER IS-M: Grace Period for Changes to Distribution Prices JKARENZ NUMC 
12 KARENZVER_CHAR IS-M: Grace period for changes to distribution prices CHAR04 CHAR 
13 KARENZWSP IS-M: Grace Period for Changes to Commercial Prices JKARENZ NUMC 
14 KARENZWSP_CHAR IS-M: Grace period for changes to commercial prices CHAR04 CHAR 
15 KARNEUBR Interval days for new calculation of expected quantity ANZTA NUMC 
16 KARRIERE Program flag for career planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
17 KARSCHLABL Interval for suppression of meter readings for final MR ANZTA NUMC 
18 KART2 Account type credit account KOART CHAR 
19 KARTG Grace period CHAR1 CHAR 
20 KARTN Short mat. no. CHAR18 CHAR 
21 KARTNR IS-H: Material Number KARTNR CHAR 
22 KARTV Proposed condition type for fast entry KSCHL CHAR 
23 KARZT Grace period VVKARZT INT2 
24 KAR_DATUM Interval date for creation of budget billing plan DATS DATS 
25 KASAG Indicator: Employer HI Share CHAR1 CHAR 
26 KASIT2 Issuing Valuated Stock in Transit   DEC 
27 KASSA Cash Payment Indicator KASSA CHAR 
28 KASSACD Code for bank opening hours (* if less than 3 days/week) CHAR1 CHAR 
29 KASSE Additional health insurance fund CHAR2 CHAR 
30 KASST Indicator: Tax-Exempt Health Insurance Fund CHAR1 CHAR 
31 KASS_SELART Selection Type for Function Group KASS TEXT3 CHAR 
32 KASS_SELMETHOD Selection Method   CHAR 
33 KASTL Procedure with sales order BOM/WBS BOM active XFLAG CHAR 
34 KATALOG Work from catalog CHAR1_X CHAR 
35 KATALOGART Customizing for Price Catalog: Catalog Type CHAR10 CHAR 
36 KATALOGID Identification of Web Service KATALOGID CHAR 
37 KATALOGNAME Name of External Catalog CHAR30 CHAR 
38 KATALOG_FB Name of RFC module for finding catalog FUNCNAME CHAR 
39 KATBEZ Description of Web Services CHAR_30 CHAR 
40 KATEG Category of an Item to be Paid CHAR1 CHAR 
42 KATEX Suppress line KREUZ CHAR 
43 KATFEIER IS-M/SD: Public holiday bonus category KATFEIER CHAR 
44 KATGH Category (Organizational Assignment in College Statistics) CHAR2 CHAR 
45 KATID IS-H: Catalog Identification KATID CHAR 
46 KATIM Electronic Account Statement Time UZEIT TIMS 
47 KATKB IS-H: Short Text for Catalog TEXT10 CHAR 
48 KATNACHT IS-M/SD: Night bonus category KATNACHT CHAR 
49 KATPM Cumulated ATP quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
50 KATPMN Cumulative ATP quantity (available to promise) MENGV15 QUAN 
51 KATR1 Attribute 1 ATTR1 CHAR 
52 KATR10 Attribute 10 ATTR10 CHAR 
53 KATR2 Attribute 2 ATTR2 CHAR 
54 KATR3 Attribute 3 ATTR3 CHAR 
55 KATR4 Attribute 4 ATTR4 CHAR 
56 KATR5 Attribute 5 ATTR5 CHAR 
57 KATR6 Attribute 6 ATTR6 CHAR 
58 KATR7 Attribute 7 ATTR7 CHAR 
59 KATR8 Attribute 8 ATTR8 CHAR 
60 KATR9 Attribute 9 ATTR9 CHAR 
61 KATSONN IS-M/SD: Sunday bonus category KATSONN CHAR 
62 KATTX IS-H: Catalog Name KATTX CHAR 
63 KATTYP IS-H: Category of Service Catalog (Internal/External) KATTYP CHAR 
64 KATX IS-H: Text for Classification Type TEXT30 CHAR 
65 KATXT Text for Type of HI Fund TEXT25 CHAR 
66 KATX_PREV IS-H: Text of Last Valid Classification Type TEXT15 CHAR 
67 KATYP Cost element category KATYP CHAR 
68 KATZU Allowance catalog CHAR2 CHAR 
69 KATZUT Allowance catalog name TEXT25 CHAR 
70 KAUFERSTRUHANL No meter reading order creation for inactive installations KENNZX CHAR 
71 KAUFN Cumulative revaluation of ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
72 KAUFN_ALTD Cumul.reval. on ord.depreciation (legacy data transfer FIAA) CHAR16 CHAR 
73 KAUFT Absolute condition is to be split up KAUFT CHAR 
74 KAUFTEXT Object description TEXT40 CHAR 
75 KAUFW Cumulative revaluation on the replacement value ANLKWERT CURR 
76 KAUFW_ALTD Cumul. revaluation of replcmt val. (legacy data transfer AM) CHAR16 CHAR 
77 KAUGR Condition exclusion group KAUGR CHAR 
78 KAUGR1 Condition exclusion group1 KAUGR CHAR 
79 KAUGR2 Condition exclusion group 2 KAUGR CHAR 
80 KAULF Sequential number for condition exclusion NUM3 NUMC 
81 KAUSF Component scrap in percent DEC3_2 DEC 
82 KAUSF_BI Component scrap in percent (BTCI) CHAR6 CHAR 
83 KAUSG Indicator for output of field in report VVVKZ CHAR 
84 KAUSR Electronic Account Statement User UNAME CHAR 
85 KAUTB Indicator: "automatic purchase order allowed" FLAG CHAR 
86 KAUTKONTO IS-M: Security Deposit Account Number CHAR15 CHAR 
87 KAUTO Condition determined manually XFELD CHAR 
88 KAUTSATZ IS-M: Security Deposit Rate in Percent ISPNUM32 DEC 
89 KAUTSATZ_CHAR IS-M: Security Deposit Rate in Percent CHAR5 CHAR 
90 KAUTZINS IS-M: Interest Rate for Security Deposit Account ISPNUM32 DEC 
91 KAUTZINS_CHAR IS-M: Interest Rate for Security Deposit Account CHAR5 CHAR 
92 KAUVF Condition exclusion procedure KAUVF CHAR 
93 KAVERF Franchise Fee Procedure KAVERF CHAR 
95 KAVERF_BR_NET Franch. Fee Proc.: Different in Automatic and Manual Billing CHAR1 CHAR 
96 KAVERF_MAXBRUTTO Maximum Gross Procedure KENNZX CHAR 
98 KAVNR IS-M: Correction Order, Order Number AVNR CHAR 
99 KAVON From block for consumption with franchise tax E_ZONE NUMC 
100 KAWAER Sales Pricing: Pricing Currency WAERS CUKY 
101 KAWRT Condition Basis WERTV8 CURR 
102 KAWRT_ABR Condition basis for settlement WERTV8 CURR 
103 KAWRT_IST Condition Basis from Business Volume Update (Actual Data) WERTV8 CURR 
104 KAWRT_KMEIN Unit of Measure - Condition Basis MEINS UNIT 
105 KAWRT_KONWA Currency Condition Basis WAERS CUKY 
106 KAWRT_NEG Sel.field indicates neg.cond.basis in legacy order transfer XFELD CHAR 
107 KAWRT_PE Condition basis for final settlement WERTV8 CURR 
108 KAWRT_PE_DEF Condition basis: Final settlement from comparison of periods WERTV8 CURR 
109 KAWRT_PE_KMEIN Unit of Measure - Condition Basis - Final Settlement MEINS UNIT 
110 KAWRT_PE_KONWA Currency Condition Basis Final Settlement WAERS CUKY 
111 KAWRT_PLUS Condition basis in scale level projection WERTV8 CURR 
113 KAWRT_UABG Condition basis from business volume (bus. vol. comp.) WERTV8 CURR 
114 KAXKZ Indicator: standard cost estimate for future period XFELD CHAR 
115 KAZ_KSCHL IS-M: Condition Type in the Posting Extract KSCHL CHAR 
116 KAZ_SHKZG IS-M: Debit/credit indicator in the posting extract SHKZG CHAR 
117 KAZ_VZKWT IS-M: Leading sign for condition value in posting extract KAZ_VZKWT CHAR 
118 KA_GRENZPREIS Price Limit in Franchise Fee KENNZX CHAR 
119 KA_SEARCH Search term capacity TEXT12 CHAR 
120 KBACT40 SDB: Description of Activity CHAR40 CHAR 
121 KBAKT_KK Activate Cash Journal XFELD CHAR 
122 KBANZ Input combination for number/unit CHAR1 CHAR 
123 KBAPCURR Amount in currency KBAPCURR DEC 
124 KBAP_LINE Lines in parameter INT4 INT4 
125 KBAP_MSG Message text KBAP_MSG CHAR 
126 KBART Pricing document type KBART CHAR 
127 KBAS_DB_ACTION DB Action of service CHAR1 CHAR 
128 KBAS_STRING Data Element of String Type   STRG 
129 KBAU Combinable assembly TEXT25 CHAR 
130 KBAUS Indicator: configurable BOM XFELD CHAR 
131 KBBEG Certified start of sickness DATUM DATS 
132 KBBLKCNT Counter for datasets in KB segment (table) NUMC6 NUMC 
133 KBBLKLEN Length of dataset for SCE knowledge base INT2 INT2 
134 KBBSA Stock Type of Goods Movement (Complementary Posting) LBBSA CHAR 
135 KBBTR Input combination amount CHAR1 CHAR 
136 KBBWHR Change in nominal purchase value WERTV7 CURR 
137 KBB_VIEW View of the kanban board KB_VIEW CHAR 
138 KBCATXT SDB: Cause Description CHAR40 CHAR 
139 KBDAT Purchase order date DATUM DATS 
140 KBDAY Start day: business event CHAR10 CHAR 
141 KBDESCRIPT Language-dependent description of knowledge base object TEXT30 CHAR 
142 KBDYN Screen number: last 2 characteristics CHAR4 CHAR 
143 KBEDM Capacity requirements MENG13 QUAN 
144 KBED_D Ind: do not create capacity requirements XFELD CHAR 
145 KBEGD Validity start date of business event DATUM DATS 
146 KBEGDA Business Event Start Date DATUM DATS 
147 KBELEG Indicator for creating document XFELD CHAR 
148 KBELN Number of pricing document KBELN CHAR 
149 KBELP Item Number of Pricing Document KBELP NUMC 
150 KBEST_DT Individual customer stock MENG13V QUAN 
151 KBETR Rate (condition amount or percentage) WERTV6 CURR 
152 KBETRAE Absolute amount by which price is increased WERT5 CURR 
153 KBETRC Condition rate with decimal places and minus sign CHAR11 CHAR 
154 KBETR_1_CO Actual Overhead Rate (CO Accrual Calc., Overhead Rates) WERTV6 CURR 
155 KBETR_2_CO Plan Overhead Rate (CO Accrual Calculation, Overhead Rates) WERTV6 CURR 
156 KBETR_BI Condition amount/percentage in non-scale case CHAR14 CHAR 
158 KBETR_CO Overhead Percentage Rate (CO Accrual Calc., Overhead Rates) WERTV6 CURR 
159 KBETR_FLG Min/max indicator KBETR_FLG CHAR 
160 KBETR_KOND Rate (condition amount or percentage) where no scale exists WERTV6 CURR 
161 KBETR_NEG Sel.field indicates neg.cond.rate in legacy order transfer XFIELD CHAR 
162 KBETR_PRELS Amount for the Price Relationship for a Family Group WERTV6 CURR 
164 KBETR_TAX_DEF Tax Percentage WERTV6 CURR 
165 KBETR_VF Condition rate/percentage rate WERTV6 CURR 
166 KBEVENT Event in knowledge base (SCE) KBNAME CHAR 
167 KBEZDRERZ Short Text for Publication TEXT10 CHAR 
168 KBEZPVA Short text for edition TEXT10 CHAR 
169 KBEZSPLIT Short Text for Issue Mix TEXT15 CHAR 
170 KBE_BATXT Document type TEXT20 CHAR 
171 KBFLAG Bit encrypted flags in Pricing KBFLAG RAW 
172 KBFRU Reset frozen book inventory XFELD CHAR 
173 KBGDA Valid from: business event DATUM DATS 
174 KBID Internal Number of SCE Knowledge Base NUMC6 NUMC 
175 KBIT Bit for workday CHAR1 CHAR 
176 KBLAEDAT Date of Last Change DATUM DATS 
177 KBLAEN Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
178 KBLART Doc.type: Manual document entry KBLART CHAR 
179 KBLATEXT Reduction text TEXT50 CHAR 
180 KBLBL Labelling of kanbans in kanban board KBLBL CHAR 
181 KBLBLCKZ Blocking indicator for amounts in KBLE and KBLEW FLAG CHAR 
182 KBLBPENT Document item processing NUMC5 NUMC 
185 KBLERF Created by USNAM CHAR 
187 KBLERLDAT Completion date DATUM DATS 
188 KBLERLKZ Completion indicator for line item CHAR1_X CHAR 
189 KBLERLKZ_C Completed indicator for funds commitment line item CHAR1_X CHAR 
190 KBLERLKZ_P Completed indicator for payment commitment line item CHAR1_X CHAR 
191 KBLFDATK Costs due on DATUM DATS 
192 KBLFLDAT Costs due on DATUM DATS 
193 KBLHWCONS Earmarked fund reduction amount, in local currency WERTV8 CURR 
194 KBLHWG Total value in local currency WERTV8 CURR 
195 KBLKBLTYP Document Category: Manual Commitment KBLKBLTYP NUMC 
196 KBLKEY_DAT Archiving key date DATUM DATS 
197 KBLKLOEKZ Indicator: Earmarked for Archiving CHAR1_X CHAR 
198 KBLKTEXT Doc.header text TEXT50 CHAR 
199 KBLKUSERCL Document class for table KBLK_USER KBLKUSERCL CHAR 
201 KBLLINCNT No.of items display field LCNT NUMC 
202 KBLLOEKZ Deletion Indicator CHAR1_X CHAR 
203 KBLLTEXT Long Text Exists XFELD CHAR 
204 KBLMENGA Quantity reduced MENG13 QUAN 
205 KBLMENGE Reserved quantity MENG13V QUAN 
206 KBLMENGO Remaining qty open MENG13 QUAN 
207 KBLNR Document Number for Earmarked Funds KBLNR CHAR 
208 KBLNR_COM Funds commitment (commitment budget) KBLNR CHAR 
209 KBLNR_CR Payment Cards: Card Document KBLNR CHAR 
210 KBLNR_DY Document number for earmarked funds KBLNR CHAR 
211 KBLNR_FI Document number for earmarked funds KBLNR CHAR 
212 KBLNR_PAY Document number of a payment commitment KBLNR CHAR 
213 KBLNR_PC Document Number: Card Document KBLNR CHAR 
214 KBLNR_VORL Reference document number KBLNR CHAR 
215 KBLPAYAMCL Amount cleared per period (payment plan) WERTV8 CURR 
216 KBLPAYDEV Percentage difference PRZ32 DEC 
217 KBLPAYPCCL Percentage amount cleared (payment plan) PRZ32 DEC 
218 KBLPAYSUM Total of distributed amounts (payment plan) WERTV9 CURR 
219 KBLPAYSUPR Total of percentages PRZ32 DEC 
220 KBLPOS Earmarked Funds: Document Item KBLPOS NUMC 
221 KBLPOSCNT Entry Displayed LCNT NUMC 
222 KBLPOSPOS Position on line number KBLPOS NUMC 
227 KBLPRUMN Denominator for converting price unit into quantity UMBSN DEC 
228 KBLPRUMZ Counter for converting price unit into quantity UMBSZ DEC 
229 KBLRBELNR Reference (reference to orig.document in KBLK) KBLNR CHAR 
230 KBLRBLPOS Reference doc.item (Reference to original KBLP) KBLPOS NUMC 
231 KBLRESZ Residence time (calendar months) NUMC3 NUMC 
232 KBLTYP Earmarked Funds Document Category KBLTYP NUMC 
233 KBLTYPOLD Reference document category before change KBLTYP NUMC 
234 KBLVAR Listscreen variant VARNR_021F CHAR 
235 KBLVORGANG Business Transaction J_VORGANG CHAR 
236 KBLWERT Overall value in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
237 KBLWTA Amount in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
238 KBLWTABG Funds reservation amount reduced WERTV8 CURR 
239 KBLWTBLC Amount blocked in funds reservation WERTV8 CURR 
240 KBLWTCONS Earmarked fund reduction amount, in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
241 KBLWTG Total reserved amount in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
242 KBLWTO Open value in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
243 KBL_AWORG Earmarked Funds: Reference Organization Units AWORG CHAR 
244 KBL_AWPOS Earmarked Funds: Reference Line Item AWPOS CHAR 
245 KBL_AWREF Earmarked Funds: Reference Document Number AWREF CHAR 
246 KBL_AWTYP Earmarked Funds: Reference Object Type AWTYP CHAR 
247 KBMENG Cumulative confirmed quantity in sales unit MENG15 QUAN 
248 KBNAME Name of object in knowledge base (task, event, and so on) KBNAME CHAR 
249 KBNK1 Kanban indicator KBNK1 CHAR 
250 KBNKZ Kanban Indicator KBNKZ CHAR 
251 KBNULL Number of times that consignment stock was zero ANZAHL DEC 
252 KBNUM Subordinate key figure/info set KBNUM CHAR 
253 KBOBJNAME Knowledge-Base Object KBOBJNAME CHAR 
254 KBOPTXT SDB: Description of Location CHAR40 CHAR 
255 KBOP_HOUR_ALV Operations KB/hour   INT4 
256 KBPCS Indicator: Work for PBC System FLAG CHAR 
257 KBPROFILE Knowledge-base profile for SCE KBNAME CHAR 
258 KBPRTXT SDB: Description of Damage CHAR40 CHAR 
259 KBRART Fuel type in RE KBRART NUMC 
260 KBRGEW Cumulative gross weight of all schedule lines MENG13 QUAN 
261 KBRUE Accrual Amount WERTV6 CURR 
262 KBRUE_KMEIN Unit of Measure - Provision Amount MEINS UNIT 
263 KBRUE_KONWA Provision Unit (Currency or Percentage) WAERS CUKY 
264 KBRUE_KPEIN Price Unit - Provision Amount KPEIN DEC 
265 KBSEGM Name of knowledge base segment (table) CHAR30 CHAR 
266 KBSEGMNO Counter for SCE knowledge base table/segment NUMC4 NUMC 
267 KBSTAT Processing status for conditions KBSTAT CHAR 
268 KBSTATUS SDB: Status for search criteria CHAR40 CHAR 
269 KBSTICHTAG Key date for rate/price valuation DATUM DATS 
270 KBTASK Name of task for knowledge base (SCE) KBNAME CHAR 
271 KBTCH Indicator for U1/U2/U3 updating of info structures KBTCH CHAR 
272 KBTCHX Indicator: Extraction structure updated X CHAR 
273 KBTIM1 Business event start time TIMES TIMS 
274 KBTK40 SDB: Description of Solution Task CHAR40 CHAR 
275 KBTRG_F05K Vendor Balance Control Totals WRTV8 CURR 
276 KBTXT Longtext for reason for sales activity outcome TEXT20 CHAR 
277 KBTXT40 SDB: Descriptions (40 characters) CHAR40 CHAR 
278 KBTYP Indicator: whether member is a key figure or an info set CHAR1 CHAR 
279 KBTYPE Type of object in knowledge base (SCE) KBTYPE CHAR 
280 KBUEB_PS Petty Amount for Overpayment WRTV7 CURR 
281 KBUFF Condition read from buffer XFELD CHAR 
282 KBUFI Freeze book inventory balance XFELD CHAR 
283 KBUHR Start time: business event (day 1) TIMES TIMS 
284 KBUKR Correspondence Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
285 KBUNT_PS Petty Amount for Underpayment WRTV7 CURR 
286 KBVAB IS-H: Classification of Billing Type According to PPA-BDT KBVAB NUMC 
287 KBVER Allowed deviation in quantity (in percent) PACK2 DEC 
288 KBWOM_FKBER Functional Area: Funds & Function KBWOM_FKBER CHAR 
289 KBWOM_GEBER Funds: Funds & Function BP_GEBER CHAR 
290 KBWOM_GRANT Grant: Funds & Function KBWOM_GRANT CHAR 
291 KBWOM_PFKBER Partner Functional Area: Funds & Function KBWOM_FKBER CHAR 
292 KBWOM_PGEBER Partner Funds: Funds & Function BP_GEBER CHAR 
293 KBWOM_PGRANT Partner Grant: Funds & Function KBWOM_PGRANT CHAR 
295 KBXXN_LISTS Lists in manual actual postings in CO KBXXN_LISTS CHAR 
296 KBYTES Size of the extent in bytes DEC14 DEC 
297 KBYTETRANS Amount of Data Transferred in KB (= Queue + Source + DSQL)   DEC 
298 KBYTETRANS2 Amount of Data Transferred in KB (= Queue + Source + DSQL)   DEC 
299 KBYTETRANS_D Difference: Transferred Data Volume in kilobytes (%) DECV10_2 DEC 
300 KBYTETRANS_LONG Amount of Data Transferred in KB (= Queue + Source + DSQL)   DEC 
301 KBYTETRANS_SAW Standard Deviation: Transferred Data Volume in Kilobytes   DEC 
302 KB_TERM Reference to a term in KBD_TREE CHAR6 CHAR 
303 KCAENDB External Data Transfer: Change Document XFELD CHAR 
304 KCALLMODE Environment from which SD_COND_ACCESS is called up KCALLMODE CHAR 
305 KCART Ind.: Whether and How a Kanban Control Cycle is Calculated KCART CHAR 
306 KCASPET Aspect (application area) KCASPET NUMC 
308 KCBDT End of evaluation period for kanban calculation DATUM DATS 
309 KCBIERH Batch Input Error Handling XFELD CHAR 
310 KCBLKSIZE External data transfer: Block size SYST_LONG INT4 
311 KCBLOCK External data transfer: Block selection XFELD CHAR 
312 KCBOTTOM External data transfer: end CHAR1 CHAR 
313 KCBRGEW Cumulative gross weight of all batch split items MENG15 QUAN 
314 KCCON Constant for Kanban Calculation INT1 INT1 
315 KCCPROTNR External Data Transfer: External Customer Log Number BALNREXT CHAR 
316 KCC_FIELD_INITIAL Comments in EIS: Field initial CHAR1 CHAR 
317 KCDD_CHILD Child node ID (hierarchy) NUMC6 NUMC 
319 KCDD_CTRL_TYPE Drilldown: Control output, type   INT4 
320 KCDD_DATS Date for Drilldown Reporting ('#' Allowed as Init. Value) KCDD_DATS DATS 
321 KCDD_EXCEPTION Status (color) of an exception CHAR15 CHAR 
322 KCDD_HASH_REPKEY Report key in HASH form (MD5) CHAR32 CHAR 
323 KCDD_HID Hierarchy node ID NUMC6 NUMC 
324 KCDD_KEYID Characteristic value CHAR50 CHAR 
325 KCDD_KOORD_X X coordinate   INT4 
326 KCDD_KOORD_Y Y coordinate   INT4 
327 KCDD_LAYOUT_INT Integer type for layout struct. for control output drilldown   INT4 
328 KCDD_LCID Lead column component ID NUMC6 NUMC 
329 KCDD_LEVEL Hierarchy level NUMC2 NUMC 
331 KCDD_MID ID for combination of characteristics and char. values NUMC6 NUMC 
332 KCDD_NAME Function code CHAR4 CHAR 
333 KCDD_NEXTID ID of the next neighbour node (hierarchy) NUMC6 NUMC 
334 KCDD_NEXTKZ Flag: Next characteristic value CHAR1 CHAR 
335 KCDD_PARENT ID of parent node (hierarchy) NUMC6 NUMC 
336 KCDD_PERIO Period/Fiscal Year KCDD_PERIO CHAR 
337 KCDD_PREVKZ Flag: Previous characteristic value CHAR1 CHAR 
338 KCDD_ROUND Rounding factor (exponent) NUMC1 NUMC 
339 KCDD_ROW Row in detail list (y coordinate) INT4 INT4 
340 KCDD_SIZE Drilldown: Control output, size ratio in percent   INT4 
341 KCDD_STRING String   STRG 
342 KCDD_TEXT Text for lead column CHAR60 CHAR 
343 KCDD_TITLE Column header CHAR60 CHAR 
344 KCDD_TYPEIND Index for table with node types (rsttyp) INT4 INT4 
345 KCDD_UNDEFINED Number value not defined CHAR1 CHAR 
346 KCDD_UNIT Unit/currency CHAR9 CHAR 
347 KCDD_VALUE Number value (for control interface)   CHAR 
348 KCDEFILEPATH File name or entire path CHAR1 CHAR 
349 KCDE_FN_FIELD Sender field for file name FDNAME CHAR 
350 KCDE_RW_FIELD Sender field for row number FDNAME CHAR 
351 KCDE_SP_FIELD Sender field for column number FDNAME CHAR 
352 KCDFCURR From currency WAERS CUKY 
353 KCDKEY_HEAD Flexible Excep upload: header - key indicator KCD_KEY_HEAD CHAR 
354 KCDMKKEN External data transfer: mandatory/optional flag KCDMKKEN CHAR 
355 KCDSPRAS External data transfer: language SPRAS LANG 
356 KCDTCURR_D To-currency WAERS CUKY 
357 KCD_ANWDG Application: KCD_ANWDG CHAR 
358 KCD_BLKMD Data transfer: rolling processing possible CHAR1 CHAR 
359 KCD_BNDLE Data transfer: package KCD_BNDLE CHAR 
360 KCD_BYTE Simple characteristic value   CHAR 
361 KCD_CRITERIA External Data Transfer: Sort Criteria KCD_CRITERIA CHAR 
362 KCD_CUKY Target currency WAERS CUKY 
363 KCD_CUNIT Translation unit MEINS UNIT 
364 KCD_DDIC_SSTRUC_SUFFIX Suffix of a generated DDIC structure for sender structures CHAR03 CHAR 
365 KCD_DDNR DDIC structure number NUMC02 NUMC 
366 KCD_DECCO Decimal Place Correction XFELD CHAR 
367 KCD_DECI_SEP Decimal formatting character CHAR1 CHAR 
368 KCD_DIFSF Sender field which is to be converted FDNAME CHAR 
369 KCD_DIGIT Number of characters in field NUMC3 NUMC 
370 KCD_DKEY Reaction to double key CHAR1 CHAR 
371 KCD_EB2 Indicator: Ignore ASCII Space in EBCDIC CHAR1 CHAR 
372 KCD_EDTCHAR1 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
373 KCD_EDTCHAR10 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
374 KCD_EDTCHAR100 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
375 KCD_EDTCHAR101 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
376 KCD_EDTCHAR102 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
377 KCD_EDTCHAR103 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
378 KCD_EDTCHAR104 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
379 KCD_EDTCHAR105 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
380 KCD_EDTCHAR106 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
381 KCD_EDTCHAR107 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
382 KCD_EDTCHAR108 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
383 KCD_EDTCHAR109 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
384 KCD_EDTCHAR11 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
385 KCD_EDTCHAR110 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
386 KCD_EDTCHAR111 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
387 KCD_EDTCHAR112 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
388 KCD_EDTCHAR113 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
389 KCD_EDTCHAR114 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
390 KCD_EDTCHAR115 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
391 KCD_EDTCHAR116 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
392 KCD_EDTCHAR117 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
393 KCD_EDTCHAR118 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
394 KCD_EDTCHAR119 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
395 KCD_EDTCHAR12 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
396 KCD_EDTCHAR120 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
397 KCD_EDTCHAR121 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
398 KCD_EDTCHAR122 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
399 KCD_EDTCHAR123 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
400 KCD_EDTCHAR124 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
401 KCD_EDTCHAR125 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
402 KCD_EDTCHAR126 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
403 KCD_EDTCHAR127 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
404 KCD_EDTCHAR128 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
405 KCD_EDTCHAR129 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
406 KCD_EDTCHAR13 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
407 KCD_EDTCHAR130 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
408 KCD_EDTCHAR131 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
409 KCD_EDTCHAR132 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
410 KCD_EDTCHAR133 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
411 KCD_EDTCHAR134 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
412 KCD_EDTCHAR135 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
413 KCD_EDTCHAR136 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
414 KCD_EDTCHAR137 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
415 KCD_EDTCHAR138 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
416 KCD_EDTCHAR139 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
417 KCD_EDTCHAR14 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
418 KCD_EDTCHAR140 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
419 KCD_EDTCHAR141 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
420 KCD_EDTCHAR142 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
421 KCD_EDTCHAR143 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
422 KCD_EDTCHAR144 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
423 KCD_EDTCHAR145 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
424 KCD_EDTCHAR146 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
425 KCD_EDTCHAR147 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
426 KCD_EDTCHAR148 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
427 KCD_EDTCHAR149 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
428 KCD_EDTCHAR15 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
429 KCD_EDTCHAR150 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
430 KCD_EDTCHAR151 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
431 KCD_EDTCHAR152 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
432 KCD_EDTCHAR153 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
433 KCD_EDTCHAR154 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
434 KCD_EDTCHAR155 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
435 KCD_EDTCHAR156 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
436 KCD_EDTCHAR157 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
437 KCD_EDTCHAR158 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
438 KCD_EDTCHAR159 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
439 KCD_EDTCHAR16 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
440 KCD_EDTCHAR160 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
441 KCD_EDTCHAR161 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
442 KCD_EDTCHAR162 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
443 KCD_EDTCHAR163 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
444 KCD_EDTCHAR164 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
445 KCD_EDTCHAR165 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
446 KCD_EDTCHAR166 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
447 KCD_EDTCHAR167 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
448 KCD_EDTCHAR168 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
449 KCD_EDTCHAR169 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
450 KCD_EDTCHAR17 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
451 KCD_EDTCHAR170 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
452 KCD_EDTCHAR171 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
453 KCD_EDTCHAR172 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
454 KCD_EDTCHAR173 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
455 KCD_EDTCHAR174 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
456 KCD_EDTCHAR175 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
457 KCD_EDTCHAR176 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
458 KCD_EDTCHAR177 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
459 KCD_EDTCHAR178 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
460 KCD_EDTCHAR179 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
461 KCD_EDTCHAR18 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
462 KCD_EDTCHAR180 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
463 KCD_EDTCHAR181 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
464 KCD_EDTCHAR182 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
465 KCD_EDTCHAR183 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
466 KCD_EDTCHAR184 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
467 KCD_EDTCHAR185 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
468 KCD_EDTCHAR186 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
469 KCD_EDTCHAR187 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
470 KCD_EDTCHAR188 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
471 KCD_EDTCHAR189 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
472 KCD_EDTCHAR19 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
473 KCD_EDTCHAR190 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
474 KCD_EDTCHAR191 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
475 KCD_EDTCHAR192 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
476 KCD_EDTCHAR193 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
477 KCD_EDTCHAR194 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
478 KCD_EDTCHAR195 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
479 KCD_EDTCHAR196 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
480 KCD_EDTCHAR197 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
481 KCD_EDTCHAR198 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
482 KCD_EDTCHAR199 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
483 KCD_EDTCHAR2 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
484 KCD_EDTCHAR20 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
485 KCD_EDTCHAR200 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
486 KCD_EDTCHAR201 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
487 KCD_EDTCHAR202 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
488 KCD_EDTCHAR203 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
489 KCD_EDTCHAR204 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
490 KCD_EDTCHAR205 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
491 KCD_EDTCHAR206 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
492 KCD_EDTCHAR207 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
493 KCD_EDTCHAR208 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
494 KCD_EDTCHAR209 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
495 KCD_EDTCHAR21 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
496 KCD_EDTCHAR210 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
497 KCD_EDTCHAR211 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
498 KCD_EDTCHAR212 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
499 KCD_EDTCHAR213 EDT Character Field   CHAR 
500 KCD_EDTCHAR214 EDT Character Field   CHAR