SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K, page 12
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 KVANZVS Number of Target Cost Versions SYST_LONG INT4 
2 KVARC Condition for Configuration XFELD CHAR 
3 KVARI Variant key KVARI CHAR 
4 KVARIANT Variant for Tree Control Customizing in Conditions KVARIANT CHAR 
5 KVARS Special Rule KVARI CHAR 
6 KVARZ Allowance Procedure KVARI CHAR 
7 KVAWT Value limit for cost estimate (inactive) WERT7 CURR 
8 KVAWT_DI Value Limit for Cost Estimate (Inactive) (Direct Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
9 KVBAG HI Contribution Scale - Employer Contribution CHAR6 CHAR 
10 KVBAT HI Contribution Distribution SVBAT CHAR 
11 KVBEZ Pension Payment Indicator SUBTY_591A CHAR 
12 KVBFE HI Contribution Deduction Voluntarily Reduced KVBFE CHAR 
13 KVBFG Reason for HI exemption P011_KVSVA CHAR 
14 KVBFR HI Contribution Deduction for Voluntarily Insured Person KVBFR CHAR 
15 KVBKL HI contribution class for voluntarily insured P011_ZUSKL CHAR 
16 KVBRU Gross Maximum for Compulsory Health Insurance NUM7 NUMC 
17 KVBTF Health Insurance Contribution NUM6 NUMC 
18 KVCSFLG Cost Component Assignment Exists (Target Costs) XFELD CHAR 
19 KVDBKNZ Indicator: Update Run XFELD CHAR 
20 KVDEBUG Indicator: Debugging in Parallel Processing XFELD CHAR 
21 KVDELTA Target Costs: Indicator for Delta Version XFELD CHAR 
22 KVEBPER Period in Which Order Was Created (AUFK-ERDAT) POPER NUMC 
23 KVEIN Restricted-use consignment stock in the previous period MENG13V QUAN 
24 KVEJAHR Fiscal Year in Which Order Was Created (AUFK-ERDAT) GJAHR NUMC 
25 KVERB Quota used ANZHL DEC 
27 KVERRCTL Number of Errors When Saving Control Costs (Tgt Cost Vers.) SYST_LONG INT4 
28 KVERROR Worklist: Object Has Errors XFELD CHAR 
29 KVERRSCP Number of Errors When Saving Scrap (Target Cost Version) SYST_LONG INT4 
30 KVERRTAR Number of Errors When Saving Target Costs (Target Cost Vers) SYST_LONG INT4 
31 KVERRVAR Number of Errors When Saving Variances (Target Cost Version) SYST_LONG INT4 
32 KVERWEND Additional Data for Use of Classes in BOMs and Task Lists XFELD CHAR 
33 KVEWE Usage of the Condition Table KVEWE CHAR 
34 KVEWE_BLIND Indicator: Scope of recompilation (usage for document cat.) XFELD CHAR 
36 KVEWE_FG Usage of the condition table KVEWE_FG CHAR 
37 KVEXT 'External rule' flag FLAG CHAR 
38 KVFAST Job Scheduling by Plant (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
40 KVFDPER First Day of Period SYDATS DATS 
41 KVFORTS Display Processing Progress XFELD CHAR 
42 KVFZU Contribution for Supplementary Social Insurance Germany SVBTR CURR 
43 KVGJAHR Fiscal Year from Selection Screen GJAHR NUMC 
44 KVGR1 Customer group 1 KVGR1 CHAR 
45 KVGR1_BEZ Description cust. group 1 TEXT20 CHAR 
46 KVGR2 Customer group 2 KVGR2 CHAR 
47 KVGR2_BEZ Description cust. group 2 TEXT20 CHAR 
48 KVGR3 Customer group 3 KVGR3 CHAR 
49 KVGR3_BEZ Description cust. group 3 TEXT20 CHAR 
50 KVGR4 Customer group 4 KVGR4 CHAR 
51 KVGR4_BEZ Description cust. group 4 TEXT20 CHAR 
52 KVGR5 Customer group 5 KVGR5 CHAR 
53 KVGR5_BEZ Description cust. group 5 TEXT20 CHAR 
54 KVGST HI Fund Branch Office KVGST CHAR 
55 KVINS Consignment stock in quality inspection, previous period MENG13V QUAN 
56 KVKALNR Variances: Cost Estimate Number of Mixed Cost Estimate CK_KALNR NUMC 
57 KVKBF Indicator: HI Exempt XFELD CHAR 
58 KVKLVAR1 Costing Variant of Version-Specific Cost Estimate KLVAR CHAR 
59 KVKLVAR2 Costing Variant of Valuation Variant (WIP, Scrap) KLVAR CHAR 
60 KVKLVAR3 Costing Variant of Cost Estimate (Target Costs) KLVAR CHAR 
61 KVKZ1 Indicator for Health Insurance SVSCH CHAR 
62 KVKZM Medical Aid Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
63 KVLAB Unrestricted-use consignment stock, previous period MENG13V QUAN 
64 KVLBPER Period of Delivery (AFPO-LTRMI) POPER NUMC 
65 KVLDPER Last Day of Period SYDATS DATS 
66 KVLJAHR Fiscal Year of Delivery (AFPO-LTRMI) GJAHR NUMC 
67 KVMAFLG Material Cost Estimate (Target Costs) XFELD CHAR 
68 KVMAXFS Maximum Error Gravity of Messages SYST_LONG INT4 
69 KVMEI Condition unit in the document MEINS UNIT 
70 KVMEI_ISO Condition Unit in ISO Code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
71 KVMINERROR Worklist: Object Has Minor Errors XFELD CHAR 
72 KVMOD HI modifier CHAR2 CHAR 
73 KVMODUS Variance Calculation: Processing Mode KVMODUS CHAR 
74 KVMSGTX Message Text CHAR132 CHAR 
75 KVNDEL Delete Messages (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
76 KVNOCTL Number of Orders/Items Without Saved Control Costs SYST_LONG INT4 
77 KVNOSCP Number of Orders/Order Items Without Saving Scrap SYST_LONG INT4 
78 KVNOTAR Number of Orders/Order Items Without Saving Target Costs SYST_LONG INT4 
79 KVNOTREL Worklist: Object Not Relevant XFELD CHAR 
80 KVNOVAR Number of Orders/Order Items Without Saving Variances SYST_LONG INT4 
81 KVNUM IS-H: Responsible PPA (panel physician association) RI_KUNNR CHAR 
82 KVOBJID Object Assigned to Product Cost Collector TEXT20 CHAR 
84 KVOK Worklist: Object Is OK XFELD CHAR 
85 KVOLEH Volume unit of cumulative schedule line volume MEINS UNIT 
86 KVOLUM Cumulative volume of all schedule lines MENG13 QUAN 
87 KVOPFLG Operation Information Exists (Target Costs) XFELD CHAR 
88 KVORDBE Number of Orders or Order Items Processed SYST_LONG INT4 
89 KVORDCH Number of Orders/Order Items Changed SYST_LONG INT4 
90 KVORDFT Number of Orders/Order Items with Errors SYST_LONG INT4 
91 KVORDOK Number of Orders/Order Items Without Errors SYST_LONG INT4 
92 KVORDRE Number of Orders/Order Items Read SYST_LONG INT4 
93 KVORG Event in condition processing KOVOR CHAR 
94 KVORKAUF Preemption price DECV3_7 DEC 
95 KVOST Cumulative input tax ANLKWERT CURR 
96 KVPLAKO1 Explanation of Target Costs Active XFELD CHAR 
97 KVPLAKO2 Additional Data of Explanation of Target Costs Active XFELD CHAR 
98 KVPLFKO Including Planned Costs (Cost Center) XFELD CHAR 
99 KVPOPER Period from Selection Screen POPER NUMC 
100 KVPRI Indicator for Private Health Insurance XFELD CHAR 
101 KVPRIKZ Control Printing Format XFELD CHAR 
102 KVPRIMS Indicator: Periodic Job Scheduling XFELD CHAR 
103 KVPRS Cumulate cost XFELD CHAR 
104 KVPSK Payee Fund for Reporting XFELD CHAR 
105 KVQFLAG Type of Target Costs KVQFLAG CHAR 
106 KVSAMML Collective Processing XFELD CHAR 
107 KVSCH HI Fund Key for Compulsory Health Insurance Fund KVSCH CHAR 
108 KVSCPAT Generated On CHAR80 CHAR 
109 KVSCPON Generated In CHAR80 CHAR 
110 KVSDEL Delete Target Cost Versions (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
111 KVSERV Target Server Can Be Specified (Job Sched.) (Variance Calc.) XFELD CHAR 
112 KVSHOST Front-End Computer CHAR80 CHAR 
113 KVSKASS General Object Selections (Function Group KASS) XFELD CHAR 
114 KVSKDBR Database Library CHAR80 CHAR 
115 KVSKREL Kernel Release CHAR80 CHAR 
116 KVSL1 Account key KVSCHL CHAR 
117 KVSL1_CO Credit Key (CO Accrual, Overhead Rates) KVSCHL CHAR 
118 KVSL2 Account key - accruals / provisions KVSCHL CHAR 
119 KVSLV Account key for cash allocation KVSCHL CHAR 
120 KVSL_TAX IS-M/SD: Account Key for Deriving Main/Subtransaction KVSCHL CHAR 
121 KVSPE Blocked consignment stock, previous period MENG13V QUAN 
122 KVSPFLG Costing To Cost of Goods Sold Possible (Plan) XFELD CHAR 
123 KVSPLVL Support Package Level CHAR80 CHAR 
124 KVSTEPT Processing Step CHAR40 CHAR 
125 KVSTERM User's Terminal CHAR80 CHAR 
126 KVSTERMK User's Terminal TEXT80 CHAR 
127 KVSTPH Input tax phase indicator KVSTPH NUMC 
128 KVSUBRC Return Value When Reading Messages SYST_LONG INT4 
129 KVSUBRC1 Target Costs: Return Code of CO Object Generation SYST_SHORT INT4 
130 KVSUBRC2 Target Costs: Return Code of Overhead Calculation SYST_SHORT INT4 
131 KVSVA Reason for Exemption P011_KVSVA CHAR 
132 KVTABPX Table Prefix CHAR3 CHAR 
133 KVTASKS Maximum Number of Tasks in Parallel Processing SYST_LONG INT4 
134 KVTBPER Period of Technical Completion (AUFK-IDAT2) POPER NUMC 
135 KVTEX Indicator for ex. cost distribution. XFELD CHAR 
136 KVTEXT Error text from translator CHAR70 CHAR 
137 KVTJAHR Fiscal Year of Technical Completion (AUFK-IDAT2) GJAHR NUMC 
138 KVTRART Transaction Type KVTRART CHAR 
139 KVTST1 Breakpoint with Order/Item (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
140 KVTST10 Do Not Allow Collective Orders (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
141 KVTST11 Allow Scrap Transactions (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
142 KVTST12 Do Not Allow Joint Production (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
143 KVTST13 Do Not Allow Sales Orders/Project (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
144 KVTST14 Only Allow Collective Orders (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
145 KVTST15 Only Allow Joint Production (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
146 KVTST16 Only Allow Sales Orders / Projects (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
148 KVTST18 Dummy   CHAR 
149 KVTST19 Special Lists (Variance Calculation) CHAR1 CHAR 
150 KVTST2 Message for Each Order/Item (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
151 KVTST20A Job Scheduling for Subsequent Period (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
152 KVTST3 Breakpoint with Target Cost Version (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
153 KVTST4 Message for Each Target Cost Version (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
154 KVTST5 Show Additional Fields (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
155 KVTST6 Output View Data (KKS09) (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
156 KVTST7 Output All Indicators (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
157 KVTST8 Import All Objects (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
158 KVTST9 No Validation Cost Object Hierarchy (Variance Calculation XFELD CHAR 
159 KVTSTKZ Variance Calculation: Test Indicator CHAR20 CHAR 
160 KVTSYS Target Computer Specifiable (Job Sched) (Variance Calc.) XFELD CHAR 
161 KVTVS Selected Target Cost Versions CHAR20 CHAR 
162 KVVDEL Delete Control Records (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
163 KVVERWS Write Control Record XFELD CHAR 
164 KVWLERR Number of Orders/Items with Status "Error" SYST_LONG INT4 
165 KVWLFER Number of Orders/Items with Status "Followup Error" SYST_LONG INT4 
166 KVWLHER Number of Orders/Items with Status "Hierarchy error" SYST_LONG INT4 
167 KVWLMER Number of Orders/Items with Status "Minor error" SYST_LONG INT4 
168 KVWLNRE Number of Orders/Items with Status "Not relevant" SYST_LONG INT4 
169 KVWLOKY Number of Orders/Items in Worklist with Status "OK" SYST_LONG INT4 
170 KVWRT Corrected historical value FLDNN CHAR 
171 KVWRTTP1 Target Costs: Value Type for Update (Target, WIP, Scrap) CO_WRTTP CHAR 
172 KVWRTTP2 Target Costs: Value Type for CO Object Gener. (Target, Plan) CO_WRTTP CHAR 
173 KVWRTTPTXT Value Type (Designation) CHAR20 CHAR 
174 KV_AABRV Variances: 4-place text CHAR4 CHAR 
175 KV_VZ Employer / employee health insurance sign CHAR1 CHAR 
176 KV_ZULASS IS-H: Physician Has External Accreditation XFELD CHAR 
177 KWAEDAT Change Date for Purchase Order in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
178 KWAEH Condition currency (for cumulation fields) WAERS CUKY 
179 KWAER Controlling area currency WAERS CUKY 
180 KWAERS Currency at Business Event Location WAERS CUKY 
181 KWAER_DISP Indicator: Display of values in controlling area currency XFELD CHAR 
182 KWAER_EB Account Currency Key WAERS CUKY 
183 KWAER_FF73 Account Currency WAERS CUKY 
184 KWAMNG Issued quantity MENG15 QUAN 
185 KWBADAT Creation Date for Purchase Order in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
186 KWBBEIN Delivery Date from the Order Confimration in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
187 KWBBERD Creation Date of the Order Confirmation in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
188 KWBDTER Requirements Date of a Component in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
189 KWBDTER1 Calendar Week of Requirements Date for a Reservation CHAR7 CHAR 
190 KWBEDAT Purchase Order Date of the Schedule Line in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
191 KWBEW Credit value in document currency WERTV8 CURR 
192 KWBT1 Actual Amount KWWERT7 CURR 
193 KWBTR Calculated Amount in Local Currency KWWERT7 CURR 
194 KWBTR_EB Amount in account currency WRTV7 CURR 
195 KWBTR_EBS Check amount (interface for external check entry) CHAR16 CHAR 
197 KWBTR_RECPT Confirmation WRTV7 CURR 
198 KWBTV_EB Amount in account currency WERTV9 CURR 
199 KWBUDAT_MSEG Posting Date for Material Document in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
200 KWBZD Replenishment Lead Time in Workdays DEC3 DEC 
201 KWBZM Replenishment Lead Time in Hours/Minutes TSTRDURAN DEC 
202 KWDAT Current Posting Day DATUM DATS 
203 KWDAT01 Confirmed Delivery Date of Component in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
204 KWDHT No repeat key KWDHT CHAR 
205 KWDMOPRP Values for additional attribute KWDMOPROP CHAR 
206 KWEEK Factory calendar: Week KWEEK ACCP 
207 KWEINDT Delivery Date of Item in Purch.Requisition in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
208 KWELVPLUS Picking wave number KWELVPLUS CHAR 
209 KWEL_VGLZP Comparison time for creating picking waves KWEL_VGLZP CHAR 
210 KWERDAT_LIPS Creation Date of a Delivery Item in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
211 KWERH Condition value in local currency WERTV7 CURR 
212 KWERK Customer plant CHAR20 CHAR 
213 KWERT Condition Value WERTV7 CURR 
214 KWERTPM Flag: Value conversion FLAG CHAR 
215 KWERT_KOA_RL Value of the condition deduction with immed. effect f. doc. WERTV7 CURR 
216 KWERT_NEG Sel.field indicates neg.cond.value in legacy order transfer XFIELD CHAR 
217 KWERT_RL Value of Remuneration List Condition of Indiv. Billing Doc. WERTV7 CURR 
218 KWERT_RLD Value of Remuneration List Condition (Customer-Side) WERTV7 CURR 
219 KWERT_RLK Remuner.List: Value of Conditions in Remuneration List WERTV7 CURR 
220 KWERT_SCALE Revenue for Scale Line WERTV7 CURR 
221 KWERT_SCALE_KONWA Currency of Income - Scale Line WAERS CUKY 
222 KWFLG_EURO Reconcile group currency CHAR1_X CHAR 
223 KWFRGDT Calendar Week of Release Date of Purchase Requsition CHAR7 CHAR 
224 KWGLTRP Calendar Week of Basic Finish Dates of Production Order CHAR7 CHAR 
225 KWGLTRS Calendar Week of Scheduled Finish of Production Order CHAR7 CHAR 
226 KWGSTRP Calendar Week of Basic Start Date of Production Order CHAR7 CHAR 
227 KWGSTRS Calendar Week of Scheduled Start of Production Order CHAR7 CHAR 
228 KWG_ADR Address of Borrower/Borrower Entity   CHAR 
229 KWG_NR SCB Borrower Entity No. According to Para. 14 GBA   CHAR 
230 KWHKZ Repeat Account Assignment X CHAR 
231 KWIVO Indicator for mandatory follow-up sales activity XFELD CHAR 
232 KWKEPGEN KEPlicator is still generating SAPShow FLAG CHAR 
233 KWKKB Credit value in thousands WERTV8 CURR 
234 KWKKB_NUM Credit value for determination of document value class NUMC15 NUMC 
235 KWKKC Credit value WERTV8 CURR 
236 KWKKD Credit value in thousands beyond the credit horizon WERTV8 CURR 
237 KWKKE Credit value beyond the credit horizon WERTV8 CURR 
238 KWKKF Guaranteed value in thousands WERTV8 CURR 
239 KWKKG Guaranteed value WERTV8 CURR 
240 KWKURS Security price DEC14_4 DEC 
241 KWLDI SLS: Create key words: List output? XFELD CHAR 
242 KWLFDAT Delivery Date from Purchase Requisition in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
243 KWLFDAT_LIPS Delivery Date of a Delivery in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
244 KWMBDAT_LIPS Material Staging Date for Delivery in Calendar Weeks CHAR7 CHAR 
245 KWMENG Cumulative order quantity in sales units MENG15 QUAN 
246 KWOCH Period grouping according to weeks CHAR1 CHAR 
247 KWOTAG Day for public holiday calculation NUM01 NUMC 
248 KWPEDTR Calendar Week of Basic Finish Dates of Planned Order CHAR7 CHAR 
249 KWPROZ Security price for percentage quotation DEC14_4 DEC 
250 KWPSTTR Calendar Week of Basic Start Date of Planned Order CHAR7 CHAR 
251 KWRKT Indicator work time budget type FLAG CHAR 
252 KWRTA Payment amount WERTV6 CURR 
253 KWRTR Accrual Amount WERTV6 CURR 
254 KWR_URL_CA Node Description CHAR255 CHAR 
255 KWSHOW Select Display Option CHAR1 CHAR 
256 KWSTATE_WL Processing status IW_WLSTATE CHAR 
257 KWTZD Wait Time in Days DEC03_2 DEC 
258 KWTZM Wait Time in Hours/Minutes TSTRDURAN DEC 
259 KWVARID Key word for variable identifier material KWVARID CHAR 
260 KWWORKLIST KW: Name of worklist CHAR32 CHAR 
261 KW_ANZPOS Number of delivery items MCZAEHLINT INT4 
262 KW_APPL Technical Name: Product/Solution with Release (PPMS) KW_PRODUCT CHAR 
263 KW_APPL_REL Release of Application CHAR10 CHAR 
264 KW_APPL_SPS Minimum SPS of Application CHAR10 CHAR 
265 KW_BASE_ADDONID Base ID of SAP Product (Context) ADDONID CHAR 
266 KW_BASE_ADDONRL Basis Version of SAP Product CHAR12 CHAR 
267 KW_BEZ Description TEXT20 CHAR 
268 KW_BFUNCTION Technical Name of Business Function KW_BFUNCTION CHAR 
269 KW_CLASS Info category KW_CLASS CHAR 
270 KW_CONT_LEVEL Level of Processing for the Contexts INT1 INT1 
271 KW_COUNT Reuse Library: Counter for a key word SYNUM04 NUMC 
274 KW_PATH_K Path ID for the Knowledge Warehouse Server URL_PATH_K CHAR 
276 KW_PPT_RESOLUTION PowerPoint: Resolution of a Slide KW_PPT_RESOLUTION CHAR 
277 KW_PROCESS_TYPE Display Context Hierarchy Chain PROCESSING_TYPE CHAR 
278 KW_PROFIL Picking wave profile KW_PROFIL CHAR 
279 KW_PROTCL Protocol for Web Connection for the Knowledge Warehouse URL_PROTCL CHAR 
280 KW_SERVER Knowledge Warehouse Web Server Name SVR_NAME CHAR 
281 KW_SNW Technical Name of SAP NetWeaver with Release KW_PRODUCT CHAR 
282 KW_SNW_REL SAP NetWeaver Release CHAR10 CHAR 
283 KW_SNW_SPS Minimum SPS of SAP NetWeaver CHAR10 CHAR 
284 KW_VSD_FORMAT Visio: Display Format KW_VSD_FORMAT CHAR 
285 KW_VSD_RESOLUTION Visio: Resolution of the Display Format KW_VSD_RESOLUTION CHAR 
286 KXSCH Insurance Company CHAR8 CHAR 
287 KXTND Text extension: business event CHAR80 CHAR 
289 KYGST Subsidiary CHAR6 CHAR 
290 KYSCH Insurance Company CHAR8 CHAR 
291 KYTXT Different key word from DDIC KYTXT CHAR 
292 KYWRD Different field names for screens than DDIC entries CHAR3 CHAR 
293 KZ Modification indicator: Depreciation area CHAR1 CHAR 
294 KZ01 Key figure 01 CHAR22 CHAR 
295 KZ02 Key figure 02 CHAR22 CHAR 
296 KZ03 Key figure 03 CHAR22 CHAR 
297 KZ04 Key figure 04 CHAR22 CHAR 
298 KZ05 Key figure 05 CHAR22 CHAR 
299 KZ06 Key figure 06 CHAR22 CHAR 
300 KZ07 Key figure 07 CHAR22 CHAR 
301 KZ08 Key figure 08 CHAR22 CHAR 
302 KZ09 Key figure 09 CHAR22 CHAR 
303 KZ10 Key figure 10 CHAR22 CHAR 
304 KZ11 Key figure 11 CHAR22 CHAR 
305 KZ12 Key figure 12 CHAR22 CHAR 
306 KZ13 Key figure 13 CHAR22 CHAR 
307 KZ14 Key figure 14 CHAR22 CHAR 
308 KZ15 Key figure 15 CHAR22 CHAR 
309 KZ16 Key figure 16 CHAR22 CHAR 
310 KZ17 Key figure 17 CHAR22 CHAR 
311 KZ18 Key figure 18 CHAR22 CHAR 
312 KZ19 Key figure 19 CHAR22 CHAR 
313 KZ1EH Indicator (1) unit (indicator not yet defined) X CHAR 
314 KZ1SGPLN IS-HCM Indicator: Send Each Segment in Separate Line XFELD CHAR 
315 KZ20 Key figure 20 CHAR22 CHAR 
316 KZ21 Key figure 21 CHAR22 CHAR 
317 KZ22 Key figure 22 CHAR22 CHAR 
318 KZ23 Key figure 23 CHAR22 CHAR 
319 KZ24 Key figure 24 CHAR22 CHAR 
320 KZ25 Key figure 25 CHAR22 CHAR 
321 KZ26 Key figure 26 CHAR22 CHAR 
322 KZ27 Key figure 27 CHAR22 CHAR 
323 KZ28 Key figure 28 CHAR22 CHAR 
324 KZ29 Key figure 29 CHAR22 CHAR 
325 KZ2EH Indicator (2) unit (indicator not yet defined) X CHAR 
326 KZ30 Key figure 30 CHAR22 CHAR 
327 KZ31 Key figure 31 CHAR22 CHAR 
328 KZ32 Key figure 32 CHAR22 CHAR 
329 KZ33 Key figure 33 CHAR22 CHAR 
330 KZ34 Key figure 34 CHAR22 CHAR 
331 KZ35 Key figure 35 CHAR22 CHAR 
332 KZ36 Key figure 36 CHAR22 CHAR 
333 KZ37 Key figure 37 CHAR22 CHAR 
334 KZ38 Key figure 38 CHAR22 CHAR 
335 KZ39 Key figure 39 CHAR22 CHAR 
336 KZ40 Key figure 40 CHAR22 CHAR 
337 KZ41 Key figure 41 CHAR22 CHAR 
338 KZ42 Key figure 42 CHAR22 CHAR 
339 KZ43 Key figure 43 CHAR22 CHAR 
340 KZ44 Key figure 44 CHAR22 CHAR 
341 KZ45 Key figure 45 CHAR22 CHAR 
342 KZABB Termination Condition Reached During ArchivingSess KZABB CHAR 
343 KZABE Indicator for the means of transport at departure KZABE CHAR 
344 KZABG Indicator: movement type is a goods issue XFELD CHAR 
345 KZABLAD Change Unloading Point XFELD CHAR 
346 KZABLDRK Print meter reading order KENNZX CHAR 
347 KZABN Acceptance indicator CHAR01 CHAR 
348 KZABN_TXT Acceptance indicator SYCHAR132 CHAR 
349 KZABR_VK Store as payment form CHAR1 CHAR 
350 KZABS Order Acknowledgment Requirement XFELD CHAR 
351 KZABSVER Activate Budget Billing Procedure KZABSVER CHAR 
352 KZABSVER_PRIO Priority for Budget Billing Procedure NUMC2 NUMC 
353 KZABW Absence indicator KUGLI CHAR 
354 KZADD INd.: Additional data present XFELD CHAR 
355 KZADDSUB Additive or subtractive category assignment ISPXADDSUB CHAR 
356 KZAEH Counter for allowed cond. types/tables for condition index KZAEH NUMC 
357 KZAEN Change indicator XFELD CHAR 
358 KZAGL Indicator: smooth promotion consumption KZAGL CHAR 
359 KZAHLAKT Pay-in rate DEC3_7 DEC 
360 KZAHLE Gas law deviation factor (set) KZAHL DEC 
361 KZAHLKZ Determination of gas law deviation factor KZAHLKZ CHAR 
363 KZAHLT Actual gas law deviation factor KZAHL DEC 
364 KZAHLUNG Pay-in/disbursement rate DEC3_7 DEC 
365 KZAKB Scheduling According to Calculation Profile XFELD CHAR 
366 KZAKP Indicator for type of component check KZAKP CHAR 
367 KZAKT Access Sequence - Act. Indicator XFELD CHAR 
368 KZAKTIV IS-HCM: Active entry indicator XFELD CHAR 
369 KZAL First header line: "<" to continue left KZAL CHAR 
370 KZALE Distributed contract (ALE) XFELD CHAR 
371 KZALEMUSS Ind.: Check all required fields in material master maint. XFELD CHAR 
372 KZALL Indicator: all wanted XFELD CHAR 
373 KZALLART Indicator: display all materials XCHAR CHAR 
374 KZALT Old Record (for Internal Administration Only) XFELD CHAR 
375 KZALV Display with SAP List Viewer XFELD CHAR 
376 KZAME ID for display of UoM in batch determination KZAME CHAR 
377 KZAMS MRP exception message ID (T458A) AUSSL CHAR 
378 KZANF Transaction group for material master maintenance (old/new) TEXT01 CHAR 
379 KZANL Indicator: Table record can be created XFELD CHAR 
380 KZANP Indicator for timepoint of adjustment KZANP CHAR 
381 KZANZ Display indicator XFELD CHAR 
382 KZAOB_VK Indicator: Alternative Classification Key KZBST_VK CHAR 
383 KZAOP_VK Include All Open Items in Dunning Activities CHAR1 CHAR 
384 KZAOS Indicator: create without status XFELD CHAR 
385 KZAPF Indicator: released for work scheduling XFELD CHAR 
386 KZAR First header line: ">" to continue right KZAR CHAR 
387 KZARI Arithmetic KZARI CHAR 
388 KZART Health Insurance Fund Category KZART CHAR 
389 KZARX Read Archived Data in Archive CHAR1_X CHAR 
390 KZASCIN Indicator: Breakdown by trading partners (affiliates) X CHAR 
391 KZASG Indicator for output field XFELD CHAR 
392 KZASY Ind.: Update material administrative data asynchronously XFELD CHAR 
393 KZATP ATP indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
394 KZAUF Indicator: released for production orders XFELD CHAR 
395 KZAUFGRP Indicator 'Create order group' XFELD CHAR 
396 KZAUFKLA 'Order will be classified' indicator X CHAR 
397 KZAUK Indicator: combination active XFELD CHAR 
398 KZAUS Discontinuation indicator KZAUS CHAR 
399 KZAUSLIST Indicates whether a material can be discontinued KZAUSLIST CHAR 
400 KZAUSME Indicator: Unit of measure is delivery unit/issue unit XFELD CHAR 
401 KZAUSS Exclusion indicator XFELD CHAR 
402 KZAUT Automatic Generation of Purchase Order Allowed XFELD CHAR 
403 KZAUTLF Type of full delivery check KZAUTLF CHAR 
404 KZAUTO Rule for restarting after the next archiving session KZAUTO CHAR 
405 KZAUTOBETR Indicates automatic calculation of amount CHAR1 CHAR 
406 KZAUTORD General rounding, without user interaction XCHAR CHAR 
407 KZAVC Indicator for type of availability check KZAVC CHAR 
408 KZAVO Indicator: Whether usage as operation (task) catalog allowed CHAR01 CHAR 
409 KZAZU_D Order combination indicator XFELD CHAR 
410 KZAZU_INV Inverse Cumulated Indicator: Order Combination XFELD CHAR 
411 KZBAA Indicator: valuation type is set automatically XFELD CHAR 
412 KZBAR Screen is active under "Goto" XFELD CHAR 
413 KZBAVF Indicator for BAV list control: BAV or Treasury KZBAVF CHAR 
414 KZBCD Timepoint of generation of cross-docking deliveries KZBLG CHAR 
415 KZBCR Indicator: Automatic batch creation in the order KZBCR CHAR 
416 KZBDP Indicator: explosion in material requirements planning (MRP) XFELD CHAR 
417 KZBEB_VK Org. Area Control Characteristic KZBST_VK CHAR 
418 KZBED Indicator for Requirements Grouping KZBED CHAR 
419 KZBEI Indicator: Supplementary item XFELD CHAR 
420 KZBEW Movement Indicator KZBEW CHAR 
421 KZBEZ Descriptions of performance measures TEXT30 CHAR 
422 KZBEZ_C Dependencies for characteristic KZBEZ_C CHAR 
423 KZBFT Timepoint of generation of FT deliveries KZBLG CHAR 
424 KZBKA ID: Background price calculation XFELD CHAR 
425 KZBKD Indicator: Material to be Provided by Customer XFELD CHAR 
426 KZBL Second header line: "<" to continue left KZBL CHAR 
427 KZBLF Indicator: Material to be Provided by Vendor XFELD CHAR 
428 KZBLG Indicator for timepoint of document generation KZBLG CHAR 
429 KZBME Ind.: Unit of measure is base unit (used internally only) XFELD CHAR 
430 KZBMG Indicator: Confirmed quantity for TR creation XFELD CHAR 
431 KZBNK Obsolete: ID for planned delivery costs: do NOT use! CHAR1 CHAR 
432 KZBNK_D Item is an item with delivery costs XFELD CHAR 
433 KZBPA Timepoint of generation of PA deliveries KZBLG CHAR 
434 KZBPK Indicator for Gross Personnel Costs CHAR1 CHAR 
435 KZBR Second header line: ">" to continue right KZBR CHAR 
436 KZBRB Gross requirements indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
437 KZBRG Confirmation of gross weight XFELD CHAR 
438 KZBRS Indicator: A&D-Specific Material Provision XFELD CHAR 
439 KZBSA_VK In-Force Business Type Control Char. KZBST_VK CHAR 
440 KZBSF Inventory management indicator XFELD CHAR 
441 KZBSTME Indicator: Unit of measure is the order unit XFELD CHAR 
442 KZBSW Indicator: Special Stock Valuation KZBWS CHAR 
443 KZBTR Amount in Group Currency WERT7 CURR 
444 KZBTR_FI Original Reduction Amount in Local Currency WERT7 CURR 
445 KZBUCH Check whether accounting document is completed XFELD CHAR 
446 KZBUD_VK Indicator: Posting Date KZBST_VK CHAR 
447 KZBUK Display Stocks at Company Code Level XFELD CHAR 
448 KZBWA Movement type category CHAR2 CHAR 
449 KZBWA_VK Transaction Type Control Char. KZBST_VK CHAR 
450 KZBWG Indicator: Display stocks at base plant group level XFELD CHAR 
451 KZBWS Valuation of Special Stock KZBWS CHAR 
452 KZBWT Indicator: determine valuation area from plant XFELD CHAR 
453 KZBWZ Indicator: determination of val. area from plant mandatory XFELD CHAR 
454 KZBZG Indicator: Scale Base Type KZBZG CHAR 
455 KZBZG_TEXT Text - Scale Base Type Indicator TEXT30 CHAR 
456 KZCDM Indicates whether cross-docking is possible CHAR1_X CHAR 
457 KZCHA Determine Batches for Physical Inventory in Background KZCHA CHAR 
458 KZCHAIN Indicator: contra item X CHAR 
459 KZCHB Display Batches XFELD CHAR 
460 KZCHF Indicator: Batch determination executed for line item XFELD CHAR 
461 KZCHG Indicator: Display batches XFELD CHAR 
462 KZCHN Unit Costing Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
463 KZCHP Indicator: Check of the batch entered is active XFELD CHAR 
464 KZCL Third header line: "<" to continue left KZCL CHAR 
465 KZCLA Option to classify batches KZCLA CHAR 
466 KZCO Indicator: Whether usage in accounting allowed CHAR01 CHAR 
467 KZCOM Indicator: MTCOM fields filled internally from table XFELD CHAR 
468 KZCON Indicator: Control X CHAR 
469 KZCONIN Ind.: Item used only during consolidation X CHAR 
470 KZCOPY Copy Field Content when Reference Is Changed (Retail Only) XFELD CHAR 
471 KZCR Third header line: ">" to continue right KZCR CHAR 
472 KZCREA Flag that specifies what triggered the 'In Process' entry KZCREA CHAR 
473 KZCUH Origin of Configuration KZCUH CHAR 
474 KZCURIN Indicator: breakdown by currency X CHAR 
475 KZCUS Indicator: Consider Current Sender Only in Derivation CHAR1_X CHAR 
476 KZDAZ Indicates direct material assignment XFELD CHAR 
477 KZDCD Indicator: Document management active for batches CHAR1 CHAR 
478 KZDCH Indicator: definition of batch management level KZDCH CHAR 
479 KZDEB Customer indicator XFELD CHAR 
480 KZDEBCO Indicator: Intercompany elimination X CHAR 
481 KZDELIVER IS-HCM: Indicator for Express Dispatch XFELD CHAR 
482 KZDEP_VK Indicator: Execute Coverage Check XFELD CHAR 
483 KZDET Indicates exceptions to type of Inventory Management XFELD CHAR 
484 KZDFM Direct Production Material -> Cost Rollup XFELD CHAR 
485 KZDI Kennzeichen Direktinvestition KZDI CHAR 
486 KZDIA Indicator: suppress dialogs XFELD CHAR 
487 KZDIE Indicator: MRP controller is buyer (deactivated) XFELD CHAR 
488 KZDIR Screen selected direct (Goto) XFELD CHAR 
489 KZDIR_MB Direction Indicator (Cross-System Flow of Goods) KZDIR_MB CHAR 
490 KZDIS Indicator: Confirmation is Relevant to Materials Planning XFELD CHAR 
491 KZDKZ Documentation required indicator XFELD CHAR 
492 KZDL Fourth header line: "<" to continue left KZDL CHAR 
493 KZDLVUPD Simulation: Delivery Change to Follow XFELD CHAR 
494 KZDOK Indicates assigned documents XFELD CHAR 
495 KZDOK_C Document for characteristic KZDOK_C CHAR 
496 KZDR Fourth header line: ">" to continue right KZDR CHAR 
497 KZDRB Indicator: direct procurement/production MRP KZDRB CHAR 
498 KZDRU Printing of document item KZDRU CHAR 
499 KZDRV Definition of batch derivation KZDRV CHAR 
500 KZDUM Indicator: dummy XFELD CHAR