SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K, page 8
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 KNRZE Head office account number (in branch accounts) KUNNR CHAR 
2 KNRZE_BI Alternative Head Office (Batch Input Field) KTO17 CHAR 
3 KNRZM Additional quantity for free goods MENG13 QUAN 
4 KNRZM_FG Additional quantity for free goods MENG13_FG QUAN 
5 KNRZS Account Number of Health Insurance Fund CHAR10 CHAR 
6 KNSCE Indicator: Dependencies for SCE Format XFELD CHAR 
7 KNSOFT Indicator: Soft/Hard Inferred Values for Dependency CHAR1 CHAR 
8 KNSRT Counter for sorting object allocations NUM4 NUMC 
9 KNSRT_BI Counter for sorting object assignments (Batch-Input) CHAR4 CHAR 
10 KNSTA Dependency status KNSTA CHAR 
11 KNSTX Dependency maintenance status - description TEXT40 CHAR 
12 KNTAB Table ID for object KNTAB CHAR 
13 KNTAE Indicator: Account assignment can be changed XFELD CHAR 
15 KNTANF_BI Start reference node of a sequence (batch input) CHAR8 CHAR 
16 KNTBE_D Account assig.type: account for sales order, no special stck KNTTP CHAR 
17 KNTBU Account assignment category: unknown account assignment KNTTP CHAR 
18 KNTDY Indicator: Account assignment screen KNTDY CHAR 
19 KNTEND_BI Finish reference node of a sequence (batch input) CHAR8 CHAR 
20 KNTGEW Cumulative net weight of all schedule lines MENG13 QUAN 
21 KNTGT Quota Amount DEC5_2 DEC 
22 KNTKZ Flag: item assg. to account, usually not relevant to MRP XFLAG CHAR 
23 KNTNR Node Number KNTNR NUMC 
24 KNTNR_BI Node number (batch input) CHAR8 CHAR 
25 KNTOH Account for Credit Clearing Entry KONTO CHAR 
26 KNTOS Account for Debit Clearing Entry KONTO CHAR 
27 KNTPSA Point as planning start in transportation planning system KNOTN CHAR 
28 KNTPSE Point at planning end in transportation planning system KNOTN CHAR 
29 KNTRF_SORTKZ IS-H CH: Sortierreihenfolge für Kantonstarif ISH_SORT06 NUMC 
30 KNTTP Account assignment category KNTTP CHAR 
31 KNTTX Account Assignment Category Description TEXT20 CHAR 
32 KNTTYP Account Category KNTTYP CHAR 
33 KNTWORD_KK Keyword Found CHAR30 CHAR 
34 KNTYP Condition Cat.: Frt, Tax, Basic Price=Revenue, Price, Cost KNTYP CHAR 
35 KNTYP_TEXT Text - Condition Type: Freight, Tax, Basic Price TEXT30 CHAR 
36 KNTZU Indicator: Account assignment required PLUMI CHAR 
37 KNT_EXTROW Purchase Order: Released from Line NUMC10 NUMC 
38 KNT_GROUP Purchase Order: Released from Outline Level TEXT45 CHAR 
39 KNT_INTROW Entry: Unplanned from contract INTROW NUMC 
40 KNT_MENGE Contract: Quantity Released (by Issue of Release Orders) MENG13 QUAN 
41 KNT_PACKNO Entry: Unplanned from contract PACKNO NUMC 
42 KNT_WERT Contract: Value Released (via Release Orders) WERT11V CURR 
43 KNUBK_KK FPP4: IBAN-Only Account Number Unknown XFELD CHAR 
44 KNUM1 Number of the line scale (scaling) KNUMB CHAR 
45 KNUM2 Number of column scale KNUMB CHAR 
46 KNUMA Agreement (various conditions grouped together) KNUMA CHAR 
47 KNUMA_AG Sales deal KNUMA CHAR 
49 KNUMA_BO Agreement (subsequent settlement) KNUMA CHAR 
50 KNUMA_NEUA Rebate arrangement (group of conditions): from arrangement KNUMA CHAR 
51 KNUMA_NEUE Rebate arrangement (group of conditions): to arrangement KNUMA CHAR 
52 KNUMA_NEUS Reb. arrangement (group of conds.): arrangs. to be processed KNUMA CHAR 
55 KNUMA_SD Standard agreement KNUMA CHAR 
56 KNUMA_SQ Sales quote KNUMA CHAR 
58 KNUMA_UEB Higher-level agreement KNUMA CHAR 
59 KNUMA_VOR Preceding arrangement for automatic renewal KNUMA CHAR 
60 KNUMB Rebate data number KNUMB CHAR 
61 KNUMB_CL Rebate data number KNUMB_CL CHAR 
62 KNUMD Condition record number KNUMB CHAR 
63 KNUMH Condition record number KNUMB CHAR 
64 KNUMH_CD Condition record number KNUMH_CD CHAR 
65 KNUMH_CH Number of condition record from batch determination KNUMB CHAR 
66 KNUMH_CL Condition record number KNUMB_CL CHAR 
67 KNUMH_FG Condition record number KNUMH_FG CHAR 
68 KNUMH_PD Condition Record Number KNUMH_PD CHAR 
69 KNUMH_PER Number of the period-specific condition record KNUMB CHAR 
70 KNUMH_V Number of the sales price condition record KNUMB CHAR 
71 KNUMH_VB Number of main condition record KNUMB CHAR 
72 KNUMK Account assignment number KNUMB CHAR 
73 KNUML Number of long text KNUMB CHAR 
74 KNUMP Number of document condition - pricing KNUMV CHAR 
75 KNUMR Condition record number KNUMB CHAR 
76 KNUMS Number of scale values KNUMB CHAR 
77 KNUMT Number of texts KNUMB CHAR 
78 KNUMV Number of the document condition KNUMV CHAR 
79 KNUMVCOUNT IS-M/SD: Number of Condition Records in Condition Document NUMC2 NUMC 
80 KNUMVE Document condition - own conditions KNUMV CHAR 
81 KNUMVL Document condition - vendor error KNUMV CHAR 
82 KNUSE Use of employee category KNUSE NUMC 
83 KNUSER_TYP User classification NUMC2 NUMC 
84 KNVD_ANZAL Output quantity (original + copies) KNVD_ANZAL DEC 
85 KNVER Internal version number for object dependency NUMC4 NUMC 
86 KNVER2 Suffix for internal version assignment of dependency NUMC4 NUMC 
87 KNVERSION Internal version number for object dependency NUMC4 NUMC 
88 KNVFB Consider Tax Exemption for Pensions XFELD CHAR 
89 KNVH_NO_EXISTENCY_CHECK Existency Check for Lower-Level Nodes XFELD CHAR 
90 KNVK_CONTACT_PERSON Name of Contact Person TEXT100 CHAR 
91 KNVOR Dependency Template KNNAM CHAR 
92 KNVTP CAPP rule indicator KNVTP CHAR 
93 KNVTX Description of the rule for the characteristic CHAR20 CHAR 
95 KNZAG Indicator: Supplementary Benefit from Employer XFELD CHAR 
96 KNZBB ID: replenishable XFELD CHAR 
98 KNZBV Indicator: Special Pension Calculation CHAR2 CHAR 
99 KNZEICH1 Indicator column 1 CHAR01 CHAR 
100 KNZEICH2 Indicator column 2 CHAR01 CHAR 
101 KNZEICH3 Indicator column 3 CHAR01 CHAR 
102 KNZEICH4 Indicator column 4 CHAR01 CHAR 
103 KNZEICH5 Indicator column 5 CHAR01 CHAR 
104 KNZEICH6 Indicator column 6 CHAR01 CHAR 
105 KNZER Basis for Reimbursement CHAR2 CHAR 
106 KNZKO_VK Header Structure Indicator FLAG CHAR 
107 KNZN2 Numerical Indicator (2 Characters) KNZN2 NUMC 
108 KNZNM Name Format Indicator for Employee in a List KNZN2 NUMC 
109 KNZOP_VK Item Indicator FLAG CHAR 
110 KNZPAK Indicator showing further maintenance packages exist FLAG CHAR 
111 KNZRE Indicator for Adjusting Imputed Amount CHAR2 CHAR 
112 KNZRG Legal Basis of Pension Calculation CHAR2 CHAR 
113 KNZRR Change Due to Retroactive Accounting XFELD CHAR 
114 KNZSTILL Indicator for leading cycle (multi-counter plan) -> internal FLAG CHAR 
115 KNZSV Indicators TEXT9 CHAR 
116 KNZTX Indicator for text position CHAR1 CHAR 
117 KNZVK ID: material is on sale XFELD CHAR 
118 KNZVR Early Retirement Indicator XFELD CHAR 
119 KNZVV Version category, assortment list KNZVV CHAR 
120 KOABLVOR Prepare control reading KENNZX CHAR 
121 KOABR Indicator: Payroll correction run necessary XFELD CHAR 
122 KOABT Correspondence department TEXT12 CHAR 
123 KOABZ Account Type Name TEXT20 CHAR 
124 KOAER Pricing: Type of condition type determination KOAER CHAR 
125 KOAID Condition class KOAID CHAR 
127 KOAID_TEXT Text - Condition Class TEXT30 CHAR 
128 KOAKO Contract allowed as release order against contract XFELD CHAR 
129 KOANR Correspondence form-of-address key ANRDE CHAR 
130 KOANT Indicator for cost portion KOANT CHAR 
131 KOANZ Quota deduction JRSTD DEC 
132 KOARS_003 Account Types Allowed CHAR5 CHAR 
133 KOART Account type KOART CHAR 
134 KOART_055G Account Type KOART_055G CHAR 
135 KOART_1 Account Type KOART_1 CHAR 
136 KOART_AV Payment Advice Account Type KOART_AV CHAR 
138 KOART_DK Open item account type (A/R / A/P) KOART CHAR 
139 KOART_F130 Account Type KOART_F130 CHAR 
141 KOART_MWSKZ Permitted Account Type for Proposed Tax Code KOART_MWSKZ CHAR 
142 KOART_T028R Repetitive payment advice type KOART_T028R CHAR 
143 KOART_T028R_B Repetitive payment advice type KOART_T028R CHAR 
144 KOART_Z Account Type of the Customer/Vendor KOART_Z CHAR 
145 KOATX Account Type Name TEXT15 CHAR 
146 KOATX_F05A Account Type Name CHAR12 CHAR 
147 KOATX_F05L Account Type Text CHAR15 CHAR 
148 KOAUF Share of Costs for Entire Trip KOAUF DEC 
149 KOBAS Cumulative condition basis (from settlement run) WERTV8 CURR 
150 KOBAZ for KOBRA for declarations to authorities for FT XFELD CHAR 
151 KOBDE PDC Error Indicator XFELD CHAR 
152 KOBED Requirement BEDNG NUMC 
153 KOBEL_F05L 50 Character Account Description TEXT50 CHAR 
154 KOBER Picking Area KOBER CHAR 
155 KOBES Cost item KOBES CHAR 
156 KOBEZ Account Description TEXT30 CHAR 
158 KOBIS Bank details valid to DATUM DATS 
159 KOBJD Object ID: business event HROBJID NUMC 
160 KOBJNR Object number KJ_OBJNR CHAR 
161 KOBKO Relevance for KOBRA Declaration XFELD CHAR 
162 KOBLI Condition is mandatory XFELD CHAR 
163 KOBLNR Document number: document index update BELNR CHAR 
164 KOBMG The confirmed quantity not delivered previously MENG15 QUAN 
165 KOBOG Condition type/table group for agreements KOBOG CHAR 
166 KOBRA Relevant to export control declarations (foreign trade) XFELD CHAR 
167 KOBTR Condition rate (amount/percentage) WERTV6 CURR 
168 KOBTX Cost item text TEXT25 CHAR 
169 KOB_NR Sequence Number for Cost Assignment of Expense Receipt NRBEL CHAR 
170 KOCOPYNR Sequence Number of Copying Routine KOCOPYNR NUMC 
171 KODAT Picking Date DATUM DATS 
172 KODATAB Validity start date of the condition record DATUM DATS 
173 KODATAB_PER Start of valitiy period for period-specific condition record DATUM DATS 
174 KODATAN New valid-from date for a condition record DATUM DATS 
175 KODATBI Validity end date of the condition record DATUM DATS 
176 KODATBI_PER End of validity period for period-specific condition record DATUM DATS 
177 KODELFL With / without deletion marked condition XFELD CHAR 
178 KOEIN Rate unit (currency, sales unit, or %) KOEIN CUKY 
179 KOETT Contract with delivery schedule XFELD CHAR 
180 KOEXCL Exclusive indicator for the pricing report XFELD CHAR 
181 KOFAK Product allocations: Conversion factor for allocation qty KOFAK DEC 
182 KOFAU Configure with Template "Production Order" XFELD CHAR 
183 KOFEL Subtotal in sales price calculation schema KOFEL CHAR 
184 KOFIZTEXT Text for account determination ID TEXT50 CHAR 
185 KOFIZ_CA Account Determination ID KOFIZ_CA CHAR 
186 KOFIZ_KK Account Determination ID KOFIZ_KK CHAR 
187 KOFIZ_PS Account Determination ID for Contract Objects KOFIZ_PS CHAR 
188 KOFLD Corrected value field FLDNN CHAR 
189 KOFLG Indicator FLAG CHAR 
190 KOFMA Correspondence - company name TEXT26 CHAR 
191 KOFRA Condition Formula for Condition Basis KOFRM NUMC 
192 KOFRG Ind: Data released for correction XFELD CHAR 
193 KOFRM Condition formula for alternative calculation type KOFRM NUMC 
194 KOFRS Formula for scale base value KOFRM NUMC 
195 KOGRB Description of condition group TEXT40 CHAR 
196 KOGRU Grouping for condition tables in Purchasing CHAR01 CHAR 
197 KOGRUTY Category of the condition type group KOGRUTY CHAR 
198 KOGUELT Determines whether validity period appears in pricing report XFELD CHAR 
199 KOHER Origin of condition for document index update KOHER CHAR 
200 KOIDX Index number for internal tables KOIDX INT4 
201 KOIN1 Product allocations: Backward consumption period INT4_NOS INT4 
202 KOIN2 Product allocations: Forward consumption period INT4_NOS INT4 
203 KOINF Print origin of costs CHAR1_X CHAR 
204 KOINH_35_KK Name of Holder of Bank Account/Check Issuer/Cardholder NAME CHAR 
205 KOINH_CA Sold-to Party/Check Issuer/Card Holder Name KOINH CHAR 
206 KOINH_CRPO_KK Account Holder Name NAME CHAR 
207 KOINH_FI Account Holder Name KOINH CHAR 
208 KOINH_KK Name of Holder of Bank Account/Check Issuer/Cardholder KOINH CHAR 
209 KOINH_RZL_KK Name of Account Holder KOINH CHAR 
210 KOINH_SEL_KK Name of Payer for Payment Search KOINH CHAR 
211 KOINT_EB Search for bank accounts via internal name FLAG CHAR 
212 KOKDA Configure with Template "Order" CHAR1 CHAR 
213 KOKEY Correspondence key ANSSL CHAR 
214 KOKFI Allocation Indicator KOKFI CHAR 
215 KOKFI11 Cost accounting for company FLAG CHAR 
216 KOKFI1N Cross-Company-Code Cost Accounting FLAG CHAR 
217 KOKFIN1 Sub-divided company cost accounting FLAG CHAR 
218 KOKNZ Assignment of Repayment Balance and Costs KKOST CHAR 
219 KOKONPF With / without output of additional condition fields XFELD CHAR 
220 KOKRS Controlling Area CACCD CHAR 
221 KOKRS_BI Not to be used anymore (controlling area) CHAR4 CHAR 
222 KOKRS_HRK Origin Controlling Area Item CACCD CHAR 
223 KOKRS_MASK Masked Material Origin KKACHR4 CHAR 
224 KOKRS_N Controlling area of the new work center (mass replacement) CACCD CHAR 
225 KOKRS_SHLP Controlling Area CACCD CHAR 
226 KOKSEPA EDI: Display Surcharges/Discounts at Header Level Separately XFELD CHAR 
227 KOK_NR Sequence Number for Cost Assignment of Leg of Trip NRBEL CHAR 
228 KOLB1 Settlement group 2 of prior vendor EBONU CHAR 
229 KOLB2 Settlement group 3 of prior vendor EBONU CHAR 
230 KOLBO Settlement group 1 of prior vendor EBONU CHAR 
231 KOLIB Description of list scope for conditions TEXT40 CHAR 
232 KOLIF Prior Vendor LIFNR CHAR 
233 KOLIF_EXT Prior Vendor LIFNR CHAR 
234 KOLIU Scope of List for Conditions in Purchasing KOLIU CHAR 
235 KOLKZ Foreign trade: Import/Export - Consistency reports XFELD CHAR 
236 KOLND Correspondence country key LAND1 CHAR 
237 KOLNR Access Sequence - Access Number KOLNR NUMC 
238 KOLNR3 Access Sequence - Access Number KOLNR3 NUMC 
239 KOLNR_REL SD Monitor: Relative access levels NUMC2 NUMC 
240 KOLNR_RMAX SD Monitor: Maximum access depth of an access sequence NUMC2 NUMC 
241 KOLONNE Resource master ORGEH NUMC 
242 KOLONNE_TXT Resource master text TEXT25 CHAR 
243 KOLTS Vendor sub-range of prior vendor CHAR6 CHAR 
244 KOLWG Vendor material group of prior vendor CHAR18 CHAR 
245 KOMAS_D Product allocation: Masking ID for remaining allocations KOMAS CHAR 
246 KOMAT Configure with Template "Material" CHAR1 CHAR 
247 KOMATE Configured Material MATNR CHAR 
248 KOMAU Pick Order VBELN CHAR 
249 KOMBI Valid input combination CHAR1 CHAR 
250 KOMBINAT Combination of a device category KOMBINAT CHAR 
251 KOMBI_DAT IS-M: Date specification - Time combination: Date DATUM DATS 
252 KOMBI_SET Sets for combine selection SETNAME CHAR 
253 KOMBI_VATY IS-M: Date Specification: Issue Type VAVARTYP CHAR 
255 KOMGRPMUST Command group (reference) GEGST CHAR 
256 KOMJN Control indicator for compression XFELD CHAR 
257 KOMKD_D Municipality key KOMKD NUMC 
258 KOMKZ Indicator for picking control KOMKZ CHAR 
259 KOMKZ_AD Account Determination: Indicator for Compression XFELD CHAR 
260 KOMM Reason TEXT40 CHAR 
261 KOMM50 IS-M: Comment 50 Characters in Length TEXT50 CHAR 
263 KOMMAST Number of places shown after the decimal point KOMMAST CHAR 
264 KOMMENT Kommentar in einer Texttabelle zur tvem1, MC-Veri KOMMENT CHAR 
265 KOMMIRUECK Indicator: pick verification in the delivery KZ_KOMMIRUECK CHAR 
266 KOMMT_KK Comment for a line item TEXT20 CHAR 
267 KOMMZ Comment character CHAR1 CHAR 
268 KOMNG Quantity to be picked (actual qty minus picked qty) MENG13 QUAN 
269 KOMOK Account Modification KOMOK CHAR 
270 KOMOK1 Symbolic Account for FI/CO Transfer (Vendor) P_KOMOK40 CHAR 
271 KOMOK2 Symbolic Account for FI/CO Transfer (Expense/Clearing) P_KOMOK40 CHAR 
272 KOMOK_030 Account Modification KOMOK CHAR 
273 KOMOK_AD Account Determination: Modification for Acct Establishment CHAR10 CHAR 
274 KOMOK_BUV Account modification CHAR10 CHAR 
275 KOMON Monthly costs WERT05 CURR 
276 KOMP0 Productive indicator for controlling area CHAR1_X CHAR 
277 KOMP1 Indicator: Revenue must be converted CHAR1_X CHAR 
278 KOMP2 Indicator: reserve (not used at present) CHAR1_X CHAR 
279 KOMPDOMA Domain of the component DOMNAME CHAR 
280 KOMPF Scaling factor KOMPF INT4 
281 KOMPFAKT Compaction factor FAKTOR32 DEC 
282 KOMPL IS-H: Complementary Function in Case-to-Case Assignment REFTE CHAR 
283 KOMPONENTE Name of a program component BSTNAME CHAR 
284 KOMPP Create Deivery Group and Correlate BOM Components KOMPP CHAR 
285 KOMPRL Release of a Component KOMPRL CHAR 
286 KOMPRMODE Compression mode KOMPRMODE CHAR 
287 KOMPZ Compression indicator per account symbol VVVKZ CHAR 
288 KOMP_CHECK Check table of the component AS4TAB CHAR 
289 KOMP_EXISTENCE Existence of Set Components or Empties Components   CHAR 
290 KOMP_SHLP Search Help for Component SHLPNAME CHAR 
291 KOMP_TYPE Name of Dictionary Type OBJECTNAME CHAR 
292 KOMRL Relevant for picking or putaway XFELD CHAR 
293 KOMSU Picking subsystem CHAR10 CHAR 
294 KOMTH Product allocation: Selection of product allocation methods FLAG CHAR 
295 KOMTX Name of municipality TEXT48 CHAR 
296 KOMUE Automatically overwrite delivery quantity with picking qty SHP_UPDATE_FLAG CHAR 
297 KOMUS Indicator for required entry field in the pricing report XFELD CHAR 
298 KOMXWRT Maximum condition value WERTV7 CURR 
299 KOM_OK Item has been picked XFELD CHAR 
300 KON1_F123 Account Lower Limit MINKN CHAR 
301 KON2_F123 Account Upper Limit MAXKN CHAR 
302 KON30_074 Acct Determination Key for Clearing Taxes on Sales/Purchases KOMOK CHAR 
303 KONAB Derive preliminary account assignment from G/L account XFELD CHAR 
304 KONAK Product allocation: Allocation active XFELD CHAR 
305 KONAM Correspondence last name NACHN CHAR 
306 KONAO Select rebate arrangements XFELD CHAR 
307 KONART Condition type KONART CHAR 
308 KONAU Condition is mandatory XFELD CHAR 
309 KONAU_TYP Condition - inadmissible condition categories CHAR5 CHAR 
310 KONA_TABIX Pointer to arrangement data (KONA) TABIX INT4 
311 KONBE Scale basis (unit of measure) KONBE CHAR 
312 KONDA Price Group (Customer) KONDA CHAR 
313 KONDA_AUFT Price group of sales order KONDA CHAR 
314 KONDA_V Price group (customer) KONDA CHAR 
315 KONDBEZTYP IS-M: Condition Relationship Type KONDBEZTYP CHAR 
316 KONDDAT1 Condition date at which interest rate is valid DATUM DATS 
317 KONDDAT2 Condition date at which calculated int.rate is to be valid DATUM DATS 
318 KONDIGR Rate fact group KONDIGR CHAR 
319 KONDIGR_DIST Rate Fact Group for Grid Installation KONDIGR CHAR 
320 KONDIGR_SUPP Rate Fact Group of Supply Installation KONDIGR CHAR 
321 KONDIKZ Operand can be specified in fact group KENNZX CHAR 
322 KONDKOMP Components of base condition types KKOMP NUMC 
323 KONDM Material Pricing Group KONDM CHAR 
324 KONDM_V Material pricing group KONDM CHAR 
325 KONDT Date of Entry into Group DATUM DATS 
326 KONDTXT IS-H: Condition text TEXT40 CHAR 
327 KONDZAHL Payment Condition KONDZAHL CHAR 
329 KOND_DATA Condition record CHAR255 CHAR 
330 KOND_ZAEHL IS-M: Condition counter for condition printing KOND_ZAEHL NUMC 
331 KONEVU Utility company's franchise fee contribution KONBTR DEC 
332 KONFE Religious Denomination Key KONFE CHAR 
333 KONFI Configuration allowed or required KONFI CHAR 
334 KONFIG_INIT Configuration - Initialization needed CHAR1 CHAR 
335 KONFKNZ Configuration supported XFELD CHAR 
336 KONFL_STEU IS-M: Display Original Assignments in Order XFELD CHAR 
337 KONFM Configurable material MATNR CHAR 
338 KONFOBJ Use in Configurable Objects XFELD CHAR 
339 KONFV Consumption of configuration KONFV CHAR 
340 KONGR Account group GRPNAME CHAR 
341 KONGX Indicator for convention CHAR1_X CHAR 
342 KONH1_KK Payables account for company code clearing SAKNR CHAR 
343 KONID Convention NUM08 NUMC 
344 KONKAUS IS-M: Competitor exclusion KONKAUS CHAR 
345 KONKAUSKOM IS-M: Comment on competitor exclusion TEXT35 CHAR 
346 KONKO Open item account number MAXKK CHAR 
347 KONKT Constant for Min. No. of Calendar Days for Suppl. Mat. Pay ABRKN CHAR 
348 KONKUN Business partner's franchise fee contribution KONBTR DEC 
349 KONKY Indicates a key field of a condition table XFELD CHAR 
350 KONKZ Account assignment allowed KONKZ CHAR 
351 KONLANG Text for franchise tax group TEXT45 CHAR 
352 KONLI Description of List Reports for Conditions KONLI CHAR 
353 KONLI_DATINT Validity range DATUM DATS 
354 KONLI_DATINT_NACH at end of validity period XFELD CHAR 
355 KONLI_DATINT_VOR at start of validity period XFELD CHAR 
356 KONLI_REP Name of sample program for pricing report PROGRAMM CHAR 
357 KONLT Corporation Group Name (Long Text) TEXT20 CHAR 
358 KONMD Control Notification CHAR1 CHAR 
359 KONMG Constant: Health Insurance Fund Maternity Pay Amount ABRKN CHAR 
360 KONMS Condition scale unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
361 KONNR Number of principal purchase agreement EBELN CHAR 
362 KONOB Product allocation object KONOB CHAR 
363 KONPR Consignment price WERT11 CURR 
364 KONS1 Payroll Parameters CHAR5 CHAR 
365 KONS1_KK Receivables account for company code clearing SAKNR CHAR 
366 KONSIDISPLAY Display consignment stocks XFELD CHAR 
367 KONSI_ABW Consignment processing via consignment info record CHAR1 CHAR 
368 KONSI_AKT Valuation of consignment stock via consignment info record CHAR1 CHAR 
369 KONSI_D Indicator: Consignment info record XFELD CHAR 
370 KONSI_NA Valuation of consignment stock via consignment price segment CHAR1 CHAR 
371 KONSLSTART List type used to specify level of detail in cons.reports KONSLSTART NUMC 
372 KONSREPORT ABAP program for consolidation activity KONSREPORT CHAR 
373 KONST Valuation constant DEC3_2 DEC 
374 KONSU IS-H: Reasons for Performing a Consultation Examination TEXT30 CHAR 
375 KONSUCH Activate Contract Search XFLAG CHAR 
376 KONSX Gap Insurance Constant PAYCO CHAR 
377 KONS_T1 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
378 KONS_T2 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
379 KONS_T3 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
380 KONS_T4 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
381 KONS_T5 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
382 KONS_T6 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
383 KONS_T7 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
384 KONS_T8 Help text TEXT45 CHAR 
385 KONTA Account assignment (cost center, project, order) CHAR12 CHAR 
386 KONTAKTDAT Date of sales activity DATUM DATS 
387 KONTAKTNR IS-M: Business Partner Sales Activity ERSATZNR CHAR 
388 KONTAKTUHR IS-M: Time of sales activity UZEIT TIMS 
389 KONTB Type of account assignment KONTB CHAR 
390 KONTF Account management CHAR1 CHAR 
391 KONTF_VK Account Management KONTF_VK CHAR 
392 KONTF_VK_DI Account Management CHAR1 CHAR 
393 KONTG Absence quota deduction CHAR1 CHAR 
394 KONTGRP IS-M: Sales activity group KONTGRP CHAR 
395 KONTH Account for Credit Clearing Entry SAKNR CHAR 
396 KONTI Indicator: No account assignment XFELD CHAR 
397 KONTIER Account assignment CHAR70 CHAR 
398 KONTKOST_G Total Control Costs WERTV8 CURR 
399 KONTKOST_GK Total Control Costs in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
400 KONTKOST_GO Total Control Costs in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
401 KONTL Variable Account Assignment for Clearing CHAR100 CHAR 
402 KONTL_AC_KK Acct Assgt Toolbar for Appl-Spec.AcctAssgmts for G/L A-Lines CHAR50 CHAR 
403 KONTL_BP_KK Acct Assgnt Toolbar for Appl-Specific Act Assts for BP Lines CHAR50 CHAR 
404 KONTL_FI Acct assignment string for industry-specific acct assignmnts CHAR50 CHAR 
405 KONTL_KK Acct assnmnt string for industry-specific account assngments CHAR50 CHAR 
406 KONTL_VX Acct Assignment List for FS-CD CHAR50 CHAR 
407 KONTO Account number KTO16 CHAR 
408 KONTO12 Account CHAR12 CHAR 
409 KONTOBEZ Bezeichnung der Kontennummer KONTOBEZ CHAR 
410 KONTOCLASS Classification item of an account (Customer/vendor) CHAR10 CHAR 
411 KONTONR Kontonummer gemäß Kontenplan KONTONR CHAR 
412 KONTO_AD Account Determination: G/L Account Number SAKNR CHAR 
413 KONTO_F05A Account Number or Matchcode for the Account To Be Posted KTO16 CHAR 
415 KONTO_NACH Account of Target System SAKNR CHAR 
416 KONTO_RB Screen text: contract account KENNZX CHAR 
417 KONTO_VON Account of Sender System SAKNR CHAR 
418 KONTR Indicator: Control CHAR1_X CHAR 
419 KONTRVRF Indicator: dummy record from automatic control procedure KENNZX CHAR 
420 KONTS_D Account for Debit Clearing Entry SAKNR CHAR 
421 KONTT_AC_KK Cat. of Additional Acct Assnmt for G/L Account Lines KONTT_KK CHAR 
422 KONTT_BP_KK Category for Additional Acct Assnmt for Bus. Partner Line KONTT_KK CHAR 
423 KONTT_FI Account Assignment Category for Industry Solution KONTT_FI CHAR 
424 KONTT_KK Account Assignment Category KONTT_KK CHAR 
425 KONTT_VX Additional Account Assignment Category in IS-IS CHAR2 CHAR 
426 KONTV Account Number of the Clearing Account KTO16 CHAR 
427 KONTX Corporation name KONTX CHAR 
428 KONTXT Term for identifying sort sequence KONTXT CHAR 
429 KONTXTA Term for identifying the output sequence (position list) KONTXTA CHAR 
430 KONTXTB Term for identifying sort/output sequence pos.trend list KONTXTB CHAR 
431 KONTY Account assignment category J_OBART_LD CHAR 
433 KONT_PACK Package Number of Contract PACKNO NUMC 
434 KONT_RA04C Indicator: Account control XFELD CHAR 
435 KONT_ZEILE Line number of contract INTROW NUMC 
436 KONUM Condition numerator KONUM NUMC 
437 KONUV Display all possible conditions XFELD CHAR 
438 KONV00001 Documentation for key figure KONV 00001 CHAR1 CHAR 
439 KONV00002 Documentation for key figure KONV 00002 CHAR1 CHAR 
440 KONV00003 Documentation for key figure KONV 00003 CHAR1 CHAR 
441 KONV00006 Documentation for key figure KONV 00006 CHAR1 CHAR 
442 KONV00021 Documentation for key figure KONV 00021 CHAR1 CHAR 
443 KONV00022 Documentation for key figure KONV 00022 CHAR1 CHAR 
444 KONV00023 Documentation for key figure KONV 00023 CHAR1 CHAR 
445 KONVE Functional location conversion level TIEFE NUMC 
446 KONVERT Conversion rule for a CAPP characteristic XFELD CHAR 
447 KONV_ABS SD Monitor: Absolute amount in the KONV INT4 INT4 
448 KONV_PROZ SD Monitor: Amount in the KONV in % SDMONITHRE DEC 
449 KONWA Rate unit (currency or percentage) WAERS CUKY 
450 KONWAAE Currency unit of price chnage WAERS CUKY 
451 KONWA_CO Percentage Key (CO-CCA Accrual Calc., Overhead Rates) WAERS CUKY 
452 KONWA_RUECK Currency of Provision for Accrued Income WAERS CUKY 
453 KONWS Currency Key: Condition Scale WAERS CUKY 
454 KONYP Quota type CHAR1 CHAR 
455 KONZA Product allocation: Product allocation step KONZA NUMC 
456 KONZBEFR Exempt from franchise fee KONZBEFR CHAR 
457 KONZERN Group Version XFELD CHAR 
458 KONZIGR Franchise fee group KONZIGR CHAR 
459 KONZKZ_EIG Kennzeichen Konzernzugehörigkeit Eigentümer TEXT10 CHAR 
460 KONZKZ_JEIG Kennzeichen Konzernzugehörigkeit Juristischer Eigentümer TEXT10 CHAR 
461 KONZPRZ Group share PRZ34 DEC 
462 KONZS Group key KONZS CHAR 
463 KONZVER Franchise contract KONZVER CHAR 
464 KONZ_SGRP Konzernhierarchie Gruppierungsschlüssel KONZ_SGRP CHAR 
465 KOOPV Total Cost of Childcare WERTV5 CURR 
466 KOORD Coordination correction WERTV5 CURR 
467 KOORT Correspondence city TEXT25 CHAR 
468 KOPAG ID for pricing reports: Page/header/item KOPAG CHAR 
469 KOPBW Take into account weekend in memo record copy function XFELD CHAR 
470 KOPEI Price unit for consignment price DEC5 DEC 
471 KOPFO Copy sequence for texts NUM01 NUMC 
472 KOPFS Pension Office CHAR1 CHAR 
473 KOPFSPERRE Indicator for header block SELKZ CHAR 
474 KOPFS_VK Header Structure XFELD CHAR 
475 KOPF_DAZU Read order headers as well XFELD CHAR 
476 KOPGR Screen sequence group in doc. header KOPGR CHAR 
477 KOPID Current number of dimension NUM02 NUMC 
478 KOPIE IS-H: Business Partner - Template RI_KUNNR CHAR 
479 KOPIEREN Ind.: Maintenance by Copying Allowed? XFELD CHAR 
481 KOPIM Foreign trade: Import data copying control for GR KOPIM CHAR 
482 KOPLN Leading planned order for direct production PLNUM CHAR 
483 KOPLS ID: Execute header check XFELD CHAR 
484 KOPLZ Correspondence postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
485 KOPONR Item number: document index update POSNR NUMC 
486 KOPOPOKZ P-Sort Indicator (1-7) CHAR1 CHAR 
487 KOPOS Sequential number of the condition NUM02 NUMC 
488 KOPOSOKZ Sort Indicator for Master Records   CHAR 
489 KOPOS_NOT_ALL_DEL At Least 1 Condition Item Required XFELD CHAR 
490 KOPRAGO2 Absolute Total Liabilities F130DECV15 DEC 
491 KOPRAGOB Absolute Total Liabilities WRTV8 CURR 
492 KOPRF Control Indicator for Pick Check in Shipment KOPRF CHAR 
493 KOPRRALT List Sorted by Document Dates XFELD CHAR 
494 KOPRRAST OI Sorted List Summarization (0-2) CHAR1 CHAR 
495 KOPRSAL2 Balance F130DECV15 DEC 
497 KOPRSOAR OI List Sorting (1,2) CHAR1 CHAR 
498 KOPRVERD Summarization Level (0-4) CHAR1 CHAR 
499 KOPRW Corrected value for forecast MENGV13 QUAN 
500 KOPRW_BI Corrected forecast value (BTCI) CHAR18 CHAR