SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 K1BEG Begin core time 1 UZEIT TIMS 
2 K1END End core time 1 UZEIT TIMS 
3 K20D_STEXT Screen text K20D_STEXT CHAR 
4 K2BEG Begin core time 2 UZEIT TIMS 
5 K2END End core time 2 UZEIT TIMS 
6 KA4E_POSIT Item within the cost element attribute mix CHAR1 CHAR 
7 KA4E_ZEICH Attribute indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
8 KA4E_ZTEXT Name of cost element attribute TEXT40 CHAR 
9 KA4_EIG01 Attribute 1 CHAR1 CHAR 
10 KA4_EIG02 Attribute 2 CHAR1 CHAR 
11 KA4_EIG03 Attribute 3 CHAR1 CHAR 
12 KA4_EIG04 Attribute 4 CHAR1 CHAR 
13 KA4_EIG05 Attribute 5 CHAR1 CHAR 
14 KA4_EIG06 Attribute 6 CHAR1 CHAR 
15 KA4_EIG07 Attribute 7 CHAR1 CHAR 
16 KA4_EIG08 Attribute 8 CHAR1 CHAR 
17 KAAFA Cumulative unplanned depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
18 KAAFA_ALTD Cum.unplanned depreciation (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR16 CHAR 
19 KAALL Display available and reserved business events CHAR1_X CHAR 
20 KAANB Capacity reqmt was not created by repetitive mfg FLTP FLTP 
21 KAANG Available capacity FLTP FLTP 
22 KAAUS Capacity load KAAUS FLTP 
23 KABA1 SIGN of the Parameter/Select-Option Table CHAR1 CHAR 
24 KABA2 OPTION of the Parameter/Select-Option Table CHAR2 CHAR 
25 KABA3 TYPE of the Parameter/Select-Option Table CHAR1 CHAR 
26 KABA35 Field of the Parameter/Select-Option Table CHAR35 CHAR 
27 KABA35A STRUCTURE of the Parameter/Select-Option Table CHAR35 CHAR 
28 KABA80 Lowest/Highest Value of the Parameter/Select-Option Table CHAR200 CHAR 
29 KABBR Calendar: Termination flag CHAR1 CHAR 
30 KABED Capacity requirements KAPBED FLTP 
31 KABETRG Maximum franchise fee KONBTR DEC 
32 KABFO_CM Classification of Form of Payment Guarantee for Security NUM04 NUMC 
33 KABGR_SCHL Results Analysis Keys for Credit/Debit Results Analysis KABGR_SCHL CHAR 
34 KABIS To-block for consumption with franchise tax E_ZONE NUMC 
35 KABLSORT Change Document Sort Sequence KABLSORT CHAR 
36 KABLXALG Indicator: Display Changes to General Data ? XFELD CHAR 
37 KABLXALL Indicator: Changes to General Data for All Vendors XFELD CHAR 
38 KABLXBUK Indicator: Display Changes to Company Code Data? XFELD CHAR 
39 KABLXDSC Indicator: Display account name XFELD CHAR 
40 KABLXEKO Indicator: Display Changes to Purchasing Organization Data? XFELD CHAR 
41 KABLXTEC Indicator: Display Technical Field Names XFELD CHAR 
42 KABRTXT Texts of Length 30 for Settlement List TEXT50 CHAR 
43 KABSLBETR Lower limit for dynamic determination of bud. billing cycle KABSLBETR CURR 
44 KABSPERA No budget billing in period billing KENNZX CHAR 
45 KABSSCB_CM Description of customer payment guarantee procedure TEXT60 CHAR 
46 KABSSCH_CM Customer payment guarantee procedure KABSSCH_CM CHAR 
47 KABSTD Distance of public holiday from Easter KABSTD DEC 
48 KAB_ICON_SGR Separate GR for kanban has taken place/has not taken place CHAR46 CHAR 
49 KAB_TABLE Tabular Display XFLAG CHAR 
50 KAB_TABLEVIEW Choose Tabular Display of Kanban Board CHAR1 CHAR 
51 KACTIV 'Allocatable' Flag FLAG CHAR 
52 KADAT Electronic Account Statement Date DATUM DATS 
53 KADD 'Added During Financial Year' Flag FLAG CHAR 
54 KADDFIELDS Indicator: Copy Additional Fields from Reference Promotion FLAG CHAR 
55 KADEL Delete class type XFELD CHAR 
56 KAEFE Indicator: Field name changed by person responsible XFELD CHAR 
57 KAEME Indicator: Feature can be changed by person responsible only XFELD CHAR 
58 KAEND Set indicator if generated DDIC structure may be changed KAEND CHAR 
59 KAEND_BTR Condition rate of change for amount/percentage XFELD CHAR 
60 KAEND_KNBTXT Changeability of the Additional Text XFELD CHAR 
61 KAEND_LOE Delete the scope for changing rate XFELD CHAR 
62 KAEND_MEH Condition scope of change for unit of measure XFELD CHAR 
63 KAEND_RCH Condition Rate of Change for Calculation Type XFELD CHAR 
64 KAEND_TYP Condition categories that cannot be changed CHAR5 CHAR 
65 KAEND_UFK Scope for changing conversion factors XFELD CHAR 
66 KAEND_WRT Scope for changing the value XFELD CHAR 
67 KAEPX_HIERVIEW KAEPX: Display with Hierarchy CHAR1 CHAR 
68 KAEPX_KSTAR_OPT KAEPX: Number of Cost Elements Without Summarization SYST_LONG INT4 
69 KAEPX_OBJ_BLOC KAEPX: Number of Objects per Select SYST_LONG INT4 
70 KAEPX_SEL_LINES KAEPX: Maximum Number of Selection Criteria SYST_LONG INT4 
71 KAEP_CEKTX Cost Element Name TEXT20 CHAR 
72 KAEP_CELTX Cost Element Description TEXT40 CHAR 
73 KAEP_COLMN Column Position Default NUM03 NUMC 
74 KAEP_DDTAB Field Structure Name TABNAME CHAR 
75 KAEP_DE_TT Indicator Whether Already Translated (Using Traffic Lights) CHAR6 CHAR 
77 KAEP_EBTXT Purchase Order Text From the Purchasing Document TEXT40 CHAR 
78 KAEP_FILTER_ACTIVE Ind.: Is Filter Active for the Display Variant? CHAR20 CHAR 
79 KAEP_FILTER_FIELDS Characteristics Used as Filters CHAR50 CHAR 
80 KAEP_FILTER_VALUES Values for the Characteristics Used as Filters CHAR50 CHAR 
81 KAEP_FIXVAR Indicator: "Read Variant Fields Only" (Line Item Report) FLAG CHAR 
82 KAEP_GROUP Field Group Assignment KAEP_GROUP CHAR 
87 KAEP_OBATX Text for Object Type CHAR20 CHAR 
88 KAEP_OBJ Line Item Report Object KAEP_OBJ CHAR 
90 KAEP_POATX Text for Partner Object Type CHAR20 CHAR 
91 KAEP_POATX_UMB Text on object type of reposting partner CHAR20 CHAR 
93 KAEP_POBTX_UMB Name of reposting partner object KAEP_OBJTX CHAR 
94 KAEP_PRTAB Primary Table Name TABNAME CHAR 
95 KAEP_RECORD_COUNTER Counter for the Number of Records Read INT4 INT4 
96 KAEP_RUNTIME Runtime for Database Selection in hh:mm:ss CHAR10 CHAR 
97 KAEP_SHOWNOZERO Do Not Display Zero Records FLAG CHAR 
98 KAEP_SKTAB Secondary Table Name TABNAME CHAR 
99 KAEP_TCTAB Name of Table With General Text Fields TABNAME CHAR 
100 KAEP_TECH Technical Field FLAG CHAR 
101 KAEP_TEXT_CLIENT Text Constant "Client" CHAR10 CHAR 
102 KAEP_TEXT_DATE Text Constant "Date" (Local Date) CHAR10 CHAR 
103 KAEP_TEXT_FILTER Text Constant "Filter" CHAR10 CHAR 
105 KAEP_TEXT_NAME Text Constant "Name" CHAR20 CHAR 
106 KAEP_TEXT_PAGE Text Constant "Page" (Current Page) CHAR10 CHAR 
107 KAEP_TEXT_TIME Text Constant "Time" (Local Time) CHAR10 CHAR 
108 KAEP_TEXT_TITLE Text Constant "Title" (Report or Transaction Title) CHAR10 CHAR 
110 KAEP_TEXT_TRANSACTION Text Constant "Transaction" CHAR15 CHAR 
111 KAEP_TEXT_UNAME Text Constant "From" CHAR10 CHAR 
112 KAEP_TEXT_VARIANT Text Constant "Display Variant" CHAR20 CHAR 
113 KAEP_TFTAB Name of Table With Special Text Fields TABNAME CHAR 
114 KAEP_UOATX Text for Source Object Type CHAR20 CHAR 
115 KAEP_UOBTX Source Object Name KAEP_OBJTX CHAR 
116 KAEP_USEGRD Use ALV Grid as Output for Line Item Reports FLAG CHAR 
117 KAFINDTEXT Text for franchise tax determination TEXT30 CHAR 
118 KAFLG Resources planning and leveling allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
119 KAFREE Only business events with available places CHAR1_X CHAR 
120 KAFULL Display reserved business events CHAR1_X CHAR 
121 KAGEB Total capacity requirement for a production line FLTP FLTP 
122 KAGFR Notice period for employer (IT Contract Elements) CHAR20 CHAR 
123 KAGRER Franchise fee document generated automatically or manually KENNZX CHAR 
124 KAGRU Cost Element Group GRPNAME CHAR 
125 KAGRU_ERL Revenue cost element group GRPNAME CHAR 
126 KAGRU_LST Cost element group, quantity to be taken SETNR CHAR 
127 KAGRU_PRK Cost element group for primary costs GRPNAME CHAR 
128 KAGRU_SKZ Statistical ratio cost element grtoup SETNR CHAR 
129 KAGST Status of sales order generation ASTAB CHAR 
130 KAIOTHREAD Number of kaio threads for kernel asynchronous disk I/O SINT4_NOS INT4 
131 KAKTIV ID: Credit check active XFELD CHAR 
132 KALAU Procedure for material exclusion KALSM CHAR 
133 KALAW CO-PA: Costing key KALAW CHAR 
134 KALAW1 First costing key (CO-PA) KALAW CHAR 
135 KALAW2 Second costing key (CO-PA) KALAW CHAR 
136 KALAW3 Third costing key (CO-PA) KALAW CHAR 
137 KALAW4 Fourth costing key (CO-PA) KALAW CHAR 
138 KALAW5 Fifth costing key (CO-PA) KALAW CHAR 
139 KALAW6 Sixth costing key (CO-PA) KALAW CHAR 
140 KALAWX Text for cost estimate selection TEXT30 CHAR 
141 KALAW_ACT Costing Key for Actual Cost Estimate/Material Ledger KALAW CHAR 
142 KALBB Calculation schema for bonus buys KALSM CHAR 
143 KALBO Settlement schema (subsequent settlement) KALSM CHAR 
144 KALCD Procedure for Campaign Determination KALSM CHAR 
145 KALC_ABSCH_TXT Allocations: Text for cost component structure CHAR15 CHAR 
146 KALC_AENNM Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
147 KALC_ALLFLAG Use All Field Attributes BOOLEAN CHAR 
148 KALC_BATCH Allocation: Batch Run CHAR1 CHAR 
149 KALC_CALL Callup of batch report from transactions BOOLEAN CHAR 
150 KALC_CONSISTENT Allocation: Consistency Check for Cycle Run Groups MKNFLAG CHAR 
151 KALC_DB_SELECT Database Selection Type for Periodic Allocations KALC_DB_SELECT NUMC 
152 KALC_DELTA_UPDATE Allocation: Is Delta Update Active? XFELD CHAR 
153 KALC_DEP_GROUP Allocations: Object dependency group KALC_DEP_GROUP CHAR 
154 KALC_DEP_HIER Allocations: Object dependency hierarchy KALC_DEP_HIER NUMC 
155 KALC_DFGRP Field Group is Default Value MKNFLAG CHAR 
156 KALC_EMPTY Placeholder field for better display, allocation CHAR1 CHAR 
157 KALC_EP_CYC Allocations: Save Line Items Report per Cycle CHAR1 CHAR 
158 KALC_ERRCS Procedure for errors CHAR1 CHAR 
160 KALC_ERRSW Change to Simulation Mode XFELD CHAR 
161 KALC_EXTRPOS Allocations: Sequence number KALC_EXTRPOS NUMC 
162 KALC_EXTR_DATA Data part for generating an extract KALC_EXTR_DATA CHAR 
163 KALC_EXTR_DATA2 Allocations: Tables and structures for extracts KALC_EXTR_DATA2 LCHR 
164 KALC_FACT Sender/receiver specific weighting factor TEXT16 CHAR 
165 KALC_FGBEZ Fld Grp Description: Tracing Factors for Period. Allocations KALC_FGBEZ CHAR 
166 KALC_HDFLD Field is on the Execute Allocations: Initial Screen KALC_HDFLD CHAR 
167 KALC_ID_EXTR Allocations: General ID KALC_ID_EXTR CHAR 
168 KALC_INHE1 Flag: Transfer of Sender Information to Receiver BOOLEAN CHAR 
169 KALC_INHE2 Inheritance Sender Information to Receiver BOOLEAN CHAR 
170 KALC_INHER Flag: Transfer of Sender Information to Receiver BOOLEAN CHAR 
171 KALC_ITER Iterative processing FLAG CHAR 
172 KALC_KL Allocations: Select KL Objects CHAR1 CHAR 
173 KALC_KL_BT Allocations: Make KL Selection with Single Values CHAR1 CHAR 
174 KALC_KL_SING Allocations: Make KL Selection with Single Values CHAR1 CHAR 
175 KALC_KSTPER Start period for accumulation RPMAX NUMC 
176 KALC_LFDNR Sequence number NUMC4 NUMC 
177 KALC_MAINT Indicator: field in display can be maintained (allocation) BOOLEAN CHAR 
178 KALC_MFLAG Allocations: Stop master data validation for field KALC_MFLAG NUMC 
179 KALC_MRULE Allocation: Manipulation Rule for Cyclical Maintenance CHAR_LG_04 CHAR 
181 KALC_NO_EPOS Segment reversal: Number of line items SYST_LONG INT4 
182 KALC_OBJ_COUNT Allocation: Number of Objects for Parallel Processing INT6 NUMC 
183 KALC_ORGUT Allocation: Organizational Unit CYCLE CHAR 
184 KALC_PPARAM Screen Field Allocation: Processing Parameters CHAR30 CHAR 
186 KALC_PROC_CHECK Cycle Run Group Check is Active XFELD CHAR 
187 KALC_PRODPER Allocation: Derive Production Month CHAR1 CHAR 
188 KALC_RC_ACT Field is required entry on allocat.tracing factors screen MKNFLAG CHAR 
189 KALC_RC_SET Allocated Receiver Values for Periodic Allocations CHAR30 CHAR 
190 KALC_REBOK Rebook is Active XFELD CHAR 
191 KALC_REC_SHARE Receiver Tracing Factor for Periodic Allocations CHAR30 CHAR 
192 KALC_REVERSE Allocations: Cycle is Reversed KALC_REVERSE CHAR 
193 KALC_REVGJ Fiscal year to be adjusted GJAHR NUMC 
194 KALC_REVGJAHR Fiscal Year for Reversal GJAHR NUMC 
195 KALC_REVPD Posting period with variances CHAR30 CHAR 
196 KALC_REVPERIO Posting Period for Reversal POPER NUMC 
197 KALC_REVPF First period to be adjusted RPMAX NUMC 
198 KALC_REVPT Last period to be adjusted RPMAX NUMC 
199 KALC_REVTP Segment adjustment type SEGREV_TYP CHAR 
200 KALC_REV_CHECK Allocations: Master Data Check for Objects in Reversal CHAR1 CHAR 
201 KALC_RMFLG Allocation: Indicator to prevent receiver master validation KALC_MFLAG NUMC 
202 KALC_RREPL Receiver-Specific Account Assignments MKNFLAG CHAR 
203 KALC_RRFLD Account assignment field FDNAME CHAR 
204 KALC_RRVAL Account Assignment Value for Receivers: Periodic Allocations SETVAL CHAR 
205 KALC_RTA Allocations: Runtime Analysis XFELD CHAR 
206 KALC_RTAOFF Allocations: Deselect Constant Runtime Analysis XFELD CHAR 
207 KALC_RTA_ID Allocations: General ID TZNTSTMPL DEC 
208 KALC_RVARTEXT Application-Specific Text for "Type of Variable Portion" CHAR18 CHAR 
209 KALC_RWEIGHTF Decimal Places Factor of the Receiver Weighting Factors KALC_WEIGHT_FACTOR NUMC 
211 KALC_SCIST Sender Value Origin: Actual Values BOOLEAN CHAR 
212 KALC_SCPLN Sender Value Origin: Plan Values BOOLEAN CHAR 
213 KALC_SC_GET Sender Values Determined for Periodic Allocations CHAR30 CHAR 
214 KALC_SC_SET Allocated Sender Values for Periodic Allocations CHAR30 CHAR 
215 KALC_SEGRV Segment Reverse Active XFELD CHAR 
216 KALC_SEND_BASE Sender Tracing Factor for Periodic Allocations KALC_SEND_BASE CHAR 
217 KALC_SHOW_EXTR Display extract XFELD CHAR 
218 KALC_SI Indicator: Cycle Maintenance, Transfer Sender Value BOOLEAN CHAR 
219 KALC_SMFLG Allocation: Indicator to Prevent Sender Master Validation KALC_MFLAG NUMC 
220 KALC_SNOR Exclude Sender as Receiver BOOLEAN CHAR 
221 KALC_SORTF Segment Sort Field TEXT10 CHAR 
222 KALC_STAT Cycle maintenance status TEXT20 CHAR 
223 KALC_STDRT Fixed Price for Combinations of Assessments/Distributions TEXT16 CHAR 
225 KALC_SWEIGHT IAA Allocations: Sender Values Weighting Factor KALC_WEIGHT2 DEC 
226 KALC_SWEIGHTF Decimal Places Factor for Sender Weighting Factors KALC_WEIGHT_FACTOR NUMC 
227 KALC_TCODE Transaction Code for Batch Processing CHAR8 CHAR 
228 KALC_TESTRUN Allocations test run BOOLEAN CHAR 
229 KALC_TIMENR Runtime analysis number CHAR2 CHAR 
230 KALC_USED Allocations: Field used to create combinations XFELD CHAR 
231 KALC_USRFD Allocation: General user field (maximum length CHAR10) TEXT10 CHAR 
232 KALC_VARI Layout for allocations SLIS_VARI CHAR 
233 KALC_VARITEXT Display Variant Text for Allocations TEXT40 CHAR 
234 KALC_WEIGHT Weighting Factor for Periodic Allocations KALC_WEIGHT DEC 
235 KALC_WP_COUNT Allocation: Maximum Number of Work Processes NUMC3 NUMC 
236 KALE Maintain appointments in calendar KALE CHAR 
237 KALEA Pricing Level of Current Final Price KALEB CHAR 
238 KALEB Sales Pricing: Pricing level KALEB CHAR 
239 KALEBT Description of calculation level DDTEXT CHAR 
240 KALGR Pricing type KALGR CHAR 
241 KALGT Procedure for GTIN Mapping KALSM CHAR 
242 KALJAHR Calendar Year GJAHR NUMC 
244 KALKKZ Indicator: costing XFELD CHAR 
245 KALKL Indicator: standard cost estimate for current period XFELD CHAR 
246 KALKS Pricing procedure assigned to this customer KALKS CHAR 
247 KALKU_D Control of Costing KALKU CHAR 
248 KALKV Indicator: standard cost estimate for previous period XFELD CHAR 
249 KALKVARIST Costing variant for actual costs KLVAR CHAR 
250 KALKVARPLN Costing variant for planned costs KLVAR CHAR 
251 KALKZ Indicator: Standard cost estimate for the period XFELD CHAR 
252 KALK_LOSGR Indicator: adjust costing lot size CHAR1 CHAR 
253 KALK_NEU Ind.: cost estimate will be recreated CHAR1 CHAR 
254 KALLE Display inactive items XFELD CHAR 
255 KALLI Procedure for material listing KALSM CHAR 
256 KALNB Procedure for discount in kind determination KALSM CHAR 
257 KALNR Cost Estimate Number (Unit Costing) KALNR CHAR 
258 KALNR_COM_KEY Character 95 Characters CHAR95 CHAR 
259 KALNR_VK Account Statement: Sequence number NUM10 NUMC 
260 KALPG Product List eligibility: Procedure for product lists KALSM CHAR 
261 KALPK Plan period indicator for product costing KALPK CHAR 
262 KALSB Description of schema group TEXT30 CHAR 
263 KALSC Overhead key (deactivated) KALSC CHAR 
264 KALSE Group for Calculation Schema (Purchasing Organization) KALSE CHAR 
265 KALSK Group for Calculation Schema (Vendor) KALSK CHAR 
266 KALSMACS Sales and distribution: Cross-selling pricing procedure KALSM CHAR 
267 KALSMAE IS-M: Pricing Procedure for Agency Commission KALSM CHAR 
268 KALSMASD Sales and Distribution: Pricing Procedure in Pricing KALSM CHAR 
269 KALSMATX Pricing procedure for tax determination KALSM CHAR 
270 KALSMA_CH Search procedure for batch determination KALSM CHAR 
271 KALSMB Output determination procedure KALSM CHAR 
272 KALSMBP Procedure for item output KALSM CHAR 
273 KALSMBPPAM IS-M: Output Determination Procedure for Item Output KALSM CHAR 
274 KALSMBP_MGT Trad.Contr: Message Schema f. Empl., Messages at Item Level KALSM CHAR 
275 KALSMBP_MM Message Schema for Vendor Messages at Item Level KALSM CHAR 
276 KALSMBP_SD Message Schema for Customer Messages at Item Level KALSM CHAR 
277 KALSMB_AAB IS-M: Contract Settlement for Output Determination Procedure KALSM CHAR 
278 KALSMB_ABRLF Message determination schema settlement run KALSM CHAR 
279 KALSMB_ABS IS-M: Contract Output Determination Procedure KALSM CHAR 
280 KALSMB_ADR IS-M: Output determination procedure for address change KALSM CHAR 
281 KALSMB_KONA Message determination schema rebate arrangement KALSM CHAR 
282 KALSMB_MGT Trading Contract: Message Schema for Messages for Employee KALSM CHAR 
283 KALSMB_MM Trading Contract: Message Schema for Vendor Messages KALSM CHAR 
284 KALSMB_SD Trading Contract: Message Schema for Customer Messages KALSM CHAR 
285 KALSMC Account determination procedure KALSM CHAR 
286 KALSMCA Pricing procedure for account determination extra pay KALSM CHAR 
287 KALSMCB Pricing procedure for acc. determ. reconciliation account KALSM CHAR 
288 KALSMCC Pricing procedure for account determination cash settlement KALSM CHAR 
289 KALSMCD Pricing procedure for account determination payment cards KALSM CHAR 
290 KALSM_ADCH IS-M: Output Determination Procedure for Address Change KALSM CHAR 
291 KALSM_ADRE IS-M: Output det.procedure for resubmission - address change KALSM CHAR 
292 KALSM_AMO IS-M/SD: Pricing Procedure for Amortization KALSM CHAR 
293 KALSM_CO Overhead Structure (CO Accrual Calculation, Overhead) KALSM CHAR 
294 KALSM_COPA Costing sheet (CO-PA valuation) KALSM CHAR 
295 KALSM_D Procedure (Pricing, Output Control, Acct. Det., Costing,...) KALSM CHAR 
296 KALSM_FREI IS-M: Output determination proc.for resubmission - release KALSM CHAR 
297 KALSM_KD Payment document: Calculation schema customer KALSM CHAR 
298 KALSM_KOPF Pricing procedure in shipment header KALSM CHAR 
299 KALSM_KRUST Schema "Account key for provisions for accrued income" KALSM CHAR 
300 KALSM_LF Payment processing: Calculation schema vendor KALSM CHAR 
301 KALSM_PROV IS-M: Pricing procedure for commission settlement KALSM CHAR 
302 KALSM_R Procedure for recipient search KALSM CHAR 
303 KALSM_S Search procedure for sender search KALSM CHAR 
304 KALSM_SO Source costing sheet KALSM CHAR 
305 KALSM_TA Target costing sheet KALSM CHAR 
306 KALSM_TAX Procedure (Pricing, Output Control, Acct. Det., Costing,...) KALSM CHAR 
307 KALSM_TRAB Pricing procedure in stage of shipment KALSM CHAR 
308 KALSM_ZUST IS-M: Pricing procedure for home delivery settlement KALSM CHAR 
309 KALSM_ZU_B IS-M: Pricing proc.for carrier route flat rate in home del. KALSM CHAR 
310 KALSM_ZU_P IS-M: Pricing procedure for home delivery - period average KALSM CHAR 
311 KALSM_ZU_S IS-M: Pricing proc.for home delivery - unit-based payment KALSM CHAR 
312 KALSN Calendar Selection for Order KALSN NUMC 
313 KALSNTX Calendar Selection Description field KALSNTX CHAR 
314 KALSP Shipping: Pricing procedure KALSM CHAR 
315 KALSS Schema for price determination (Ext. Services Management) KALSM CHAR 
316 KALST Description of material status from costing view CHAR50 CHAR 
317 KALSU Procedure for material determination KALSM CHAR 
318 KALTG Calendar days TAGE4_2 DEC 
319 KALTX Description of the factory calendar TEXT20 CHAR 
320 KALVG Document schema for determining calculation schema KALVG CHAR 
321 KALVG_DEF Doc.Procedure Proposal (to Determine Pricing Procedure) KALVG CHAR 
322 KALVL Procedure for material listing KALSM CHAR 
323 KALWO Calendar week, external display (WW.YYYY) KALWO CHAR 
324 KAL_BIS Calendar: Date to DATUM DATS 
325 KAL_VON Calendar from DATUM DATS 
326 KAMAN NO indicator YNFLG CHAR 
327 KAMAY YES indicator YNFLG CHAR 
328 KAMNG Quantity Released Against Contract MENG13 QUAN 
329 KAMNTPM 'Quantity-Based Conversion' Flag FLAG CHAR 
330 KAMOUNT Amount in Controlling area currency WERTV9 CURR 
331 KAMPAGNE IS-M: Campaign (customer) KAMPAGNE CHAR 
332 KAMPAGNE_LTEXT IS-M: Short Text for Campaign (Customer) TEXT50 CHAR 
333 KAMPAGNE_STEXT IS-M: Short Text for Campaign (Customer) TEXT15 CHAR 
334 KAMP_ETAT IS-M: Campaign Budget WERT CURR 
335 KANAL Communication Channel KANAL CHAR 
336 KANAM Short Anamnesis TEXT50 CHAR 
337 KANFR Notice period for employee (IT Contract Elements) CHAR20 CHAR 
338 KANNF Indicator: Optional entry XFELD CHAR 
339 KANNR KANBAN/sequence number CHAR35 CHAR 
340 KANSW Cumulative acquisition and production costs ANLKWERT CURR 
341 KANSW_ALTD Cumulative APC (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR16 CHAR 
342 KANSW_LARGE Cumulative acquisition and production costs ANLKWERT_LARGE CURR 
343 KANTE Number of the link between two technical objects KANTE CHAR 
344 KANTE_K Path in exploded BOM tree STKAN NUMC 
345 KANTE_V Path of the superior item in the exploded tree STKAN NUMC 
346 KANTO Canton Indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
347 KANTTXT Text for link object TEXT40 CHAR 
348 KANTYP Link category KANTYP CHAR 
349 KANWA Business Event Attendance Type CHAR1 CHAR 
350 KANWA_TEXT Text for Business Event Attendance Type CHAR25 CHAR 
351 KANXT Short text for link TEXT40 CHAR 
352 KANZA Cumulative down payments ANLKWERT CURR 
353 KANZH Quota number ANZHL DEC 
354 KAPAKZ Indicator: available capacity of individual cap. maintained XFELD CHAR 
355 KAPAN Available capacity KAPBED FLTP 
356 KAPANZAHL Number of individual capacities KAPANZAHL INT2 
357 KAPANZAHL_DX Number of individual capacities CHAR005 CHAR 
358 KAPANZAHL_NUMC Number of individual capacities KAPANZAHL_NUMC NUMC 
359 KAPAO Production Work Center Reserved by Plant Maintenance KREUZ CHAR 
360 KAPAR Capacity category CHAR3 CHAR 
361 KAPART Capacity category KAPART CHAR 
362 KAPARTTEXT Description of the capacity category TEXT20 CHAR 
363 KAPART_IST Actual values not updated when confirming ind. capacity XFELD CHAR 
364 KAPART_PER Indicator: People possible as individual capacities XFELD CHAR 
365 KAPART_TYP Type of capacity category KAPART_TYP CHAR 
366 KAPAR_SET Name of the capacity category set SETNAME CHAR 
367 KAPAZ10 Capacity KAPAZ10 DEC 
368 KAPAZEINH IS-M: Unit of Capacity for Loading/Unloading Point MEINS UNIT 
369 KAPAZITAET Capacity INT4 INT4 
370 KAPAZIT_E9 Capacity expressed in a specific unit of measure KAPAZIT_E9 QUAN 
371 KAPAZIT_EH Capacity expressed in a specific unit of measure KAPAZIT_EH QUAN 
372 KAPAZIT_EM Capacity with volume or quantity unit KAPAZIT_EM QUAN 
373 KAPAZIT_H Capacity in hours KAPAZIT_H DEC 
374 KAPAZIT_VM_MAX Maximum capacity in volume unit or unit of measure KAPAZIT_EM QUAN 
375 KAPAZIT_VM_MAX_T Maximum available capacity (in all indiv. capacities) KAPAZIT_EM QUAN 
376 KAPAZIT_VM_MIN Minimum capacity in volume unit or unit of measure KAPAZIT_EM QUAN 
377 KAPAZIT_VM_MIN_T Minimum available capacity (in all indiv. capacities) KAPAZIT_EM QUAN 
378 KAPAZIT_VM_UNIT Unit for available capacity MEINS UNIT 
379 KAPAZ_EH10 Capacity expressed in a specific unit of measure KAPAZ_EH10 QUAN 
380 KAPA_D Indicator: Determine capacity requirements FLAG CHAR 
381 KAPA_FEIN Capacity planning using detailed planning XFELD CHAR 
382 KAPA_GEW Capacity Weight/ Allowed Total Weight for Shipment MENG15 QUAN 
383 KAPA_GROB Capacity planning using rough-cut planning profile XFELD CHAR 
384 KAPA_RATE Capacity planning based on production rates XFELD CHAR 
385 KAPA_VOL Capacity Volume/ Allowed Total Volume for Shipment MENG15 QUAN 
386 KAPBASIS Base Unit of Measurement for Capacity MEINS UNIT 
387 KAPBASIS_DX Base unit of measure for capacity CHAR003 CHAR 
388 KAPBASNEN Denominator of the base capacity UMBSN DEC 
389 KAPBASZHL Numerator for base capacity UMBSZ DEC 
390 KAPBEGZEIT Start time T TIMS 
391 KAPBEGZT Start time in seconds (internal) INT4 INT4 
392 KAPEH Unit of the capacity requirements MEINS UNIT 
393 KAPEINZT Operating time in seconds (internal) INT4 INT4 
394 KAPEINZT_H Operating time in hours KAPEINZT_H DEC 
395 KAPENDZEIT Finish time T TIMS 
396 KAPENDZT Finish time in seconds (internal) INT4 INT4 
397 KAPER Planning period considered (capacity planning) CHAR10 CHAR 
398 KAPFABTAG Indicator: Workdays KAPFABTAG CHAR 
399 KAPFX Indicator: capacity for planned order dispatched XFELD CHAR 
401 KAPKX Indicator: Generate capacity reqmts (detailed planning) XFELD CHAR 
402 KAPKX_2 Create capacity requirements (detailed planning,medium term) XFELD CHAR 
403 KAPKX_3 Create capacity requirements (detailed planning, long term) XFELD CHAR 
404 KAPKX_GROB Create capacity requirements (rough-cut planning) XFELD CHAR 
405 KAPKX_LTP Create capacity requirements (long term planning) XFELD CHAR 
406 KAPKX_RATE Create capacity requirements (rate-based planning) XFELD CHAR 
407 KAPKZ SFIS indicator for cumulative updating of capacity data X CHAR 
409 KAPMAX Maximum capacity of a business event NUMC5 NUMC 
410 KAPMIN Minimum capacity of a business event NUMC5 NUMC 
411 KAPNAME Capacity name KAPNAME CHAR 
412 KAPNAMEP Name of the pooled capacity KAPNAME CHAR 
413 KAPNAMEZ Name of individual capacity KAPNAME CHAR 
414 KAPNR IS-M: Correction Order: Item Number APNR NUMC 
415 KAPOPT Optimum capacity of a business event NUMC5 NUMC 
416 KAPPAUSE Cumulative break time in seconds (internal) INT4 INT4 
417 KAPPAUZEIT Cumulative length of breaks per shift T TIMS 
418 KAPPL Application KAPPL CHAR 
419 KAPPLANER Capacity planner group KAPPLANER CHAR 
420 KAPPLKE Application class for CO-PA KAPPLKE CHAR 
421 KAPPLTEXT Output type (delivery or group output) CHAR40 CHAR 
422 KAPPL_CD Application KAPPL_CD CHAR 
423 KAPPL_FG Application KAPPL_FG CHAR 
424 KAPPL_SO Source application KAPPL CHAR 
425 KAPPL_TA Target application KAPPL CHAR 
426 KAPP_WEGSTRECKE Amount of Capping Document of Trip Segment Comparison Calc. GESBE CURR 
427 KAPR Capacity CQUA8 QUAN 
428 KAPREFANZN Denominator relationship: No. of indiv. capacities reference INT1 INT1 
429 KAPREFANZZ Numerator relationships: No. of indiv. capacities reference INT1 INT1 
430 KAPREFNAME Name of the reference capacity KAPNAME CHAR 
431 KAPST Status of the Capacity KAPSTATU CHAR 
432 KAPTEXT Capacity short text TEXT40 CHAR 
433 KAPTPROG Shift definition KAPTPROG CHAR 
434 KAPT_PUFFR Operation floats after finite scheduling (in seconds) INT4 INT4 
435 KAPT_SICHZ Remaining float after finite scheduling NUM3 NUMC 
436 KAPT_VORGZ Float (bef. production) remaining after finite scheduling NUM3 NUMC 
437 KAPVARIA Shift definition variants KAPVARIA CHAR 
438 KAPVERSA Version of Available Capacity KAPVERSION NUMC 
439 KAPVERSAKT Active version of available capacity KAPVERSION NUMC 
440 KAPVERSION Available capacity version KAPVERSION NUMC 
441 KAPXX Capacity CQUA8 QUAN 
442 KAPZ1 Minimum capacity DEC5 DEC 
443 KAPZ2 Optimum capacity DEC5 DEC 
444 KAPZ3 Maximum capacity DEC5 DEC 
445 KAPZ_22 Minimum/Optimum/Maximum Capacity (2.2 Version) DEC3 DEC 
446 KAP_ANGEB Available capacity HOURS1 DEC 
447 KAP_ARBPL Work center for capacity planning ARBPL CHAR 
448 KAP_ART Capacity category KAPART CHAR 
449 KAP_BED Capacity requirements for dispatched operations HOURS1 DEC 
450 KAP_BELEG Document detail - consolidation of investments KAP_BELEG NUMC 
451 KAP_BESCHR Indicator: capacity limitation of a picking wave XFELD CHAR 
452 KAP_BLGPRO Level of detail for document (consolidation of investments) KAP_BLGPRO CHAR 
453 KAP_KOPF Ind.: standard available capacity is valid for this interval XFELD CHAR 
454 KAP_KUM Ind.: Cumulative posting from year of first consolidation X CHAR 
455 KAP_KZAVO Indicator: Several operations can use capacity XFELD CHAR 
456 KAP_KZLPL Indicator: Capacity excluded from long-term planning XFELD CHAR 
457 KAP_KZPOOL Indicator for pooled capacity XFELD CHAR 
458 KAP_KZTER Indicator: Capacity relevant to finite scheduling XFELD CHAR 
459 KAP_LTYPE List type for consolidation of investments KAP_LTYPE NUMC 
460 KAP_MEHR Has individual capacities XFELD CHAR 
461 KAP_PRF Method is activated CHAR1 CHAR 
462 KAP_PROT Indicator: Audit trail after posting cons.of investments X CHAR 
463 KAP_PSR_0PROJECT Project (Copy for InfoObject 0PROJECT) KAP_PSR_0PROJECT CHAR 
466 KAP_PSR_0WBS_ELM_EX WBS Element (Copy for InfoObject 0WBS_ELM_EX) KAP_PSR_0WBS_ELM_EX CHAR 
469 KAP_PSR_COLUMN_TYPE Type of Query Column (Characteristic, Attribute, Key Figure) CHAR1 CHAR 
474 KAP_PSR_DISTANCE Distance after an element NUMC5 NUMC 
481 KAP_PSR_HEIGHT Height   INT4 
482 KAP_PSR_HORIZONTAL Horizontal Position NUMC5 NUMC 
483 KAP_PSR_NAVBLOCK Navigation block (yes/no) FLAG CHAR 
484 KAP_PSR_OBJTYPE Object type for project status report KAP_PSR_OBJTYPE CHAR 
485 KAP_PSR_SHEET Page number NUMC5 NUMC 
486 KAP_PSR_TEXT Text/Description TEXT60 CHAR 
487 KAP_PSR_TEXTELEMENTS Text Element (yes/no) FLAG CHAR 
488 KAP_PSR_TOOLBAR Toolbar (yes/no) FLAG CHAR 
489 KAP_PSR_TXT20 Short text (language-dependent user guide) TEXT20 CHAR 
490 KAP_PSR_TXT40 Medium text (language-dependent user guide) TEXT40 CHAR 
491 KAP_PSR_TXT60 Long text (language-dependent user guide) TEXT60 CHAR 
492 KAP_PSR_VERTICAL Vertical position NUMC5 NUMC 
494 KAP_STA Indicator: Consistent method CHAR1 CHAR 
495 KAP_SUPPLY Available capacity limits KAP_SUPPLY CHAR 
496 KAP_UPD Indicator: update hidden reserves X CHAR 
498 KAP_YESLPL Indicator: Long-term planning takes capacity into account XFELD CHAR 
499 KARCL_KK Clearing: Grace Period for Due Date of Open Items NUM04 NUMC 
500 KARENZ Interval days NUM03 NUMC