SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K, page 11
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 KTEXT40 General description TEXT40 CHAR 
3 KTEXTHIER Short text of the maintenance package hierarchy CHAR2 CHAR 
4 KTEXTK_021 Field Label TEXT40 CHAR 
5 KTEXTOFFS Short text for the start offset (time/performance) CHAR2 CHAR 
6 KTEXTZYK Short text for the maintenance cycle (time/performance) CHAR2 CHAR 
7 KTEXT_021 Field Description TEXT40 CHAR 
8 KTEXT_030 Description of Acct Determinatn Keys for Acct Determinatn TEXT20 CHAR 
9 KTEXT_048W Short Text TEXT20 CHAR 
10 KTEXT_074T Short Text for Special G/L Indicator TEXT7 CHAR 
11 KTEXT_ARI Open FI: Short name TXT20 CHAR 
12 KTEXT_AT IS-H: Short text (BCM) TEXT12 CHAR 
13 KTEXT_BF BTE: Short description TEXT20 CHAR 
14 KTEXT_CAS Short text for a sales activity TEXT40 CHAR 
15 KTEXT_CAS_MC Short Text for a Sales Activity in Uppercase Letters TEXT40U CHAR 
16 KTEXT_CAS_MC_LANG Language Key for Short Text SPRAS LANG 
17 KTEXT_CCY_UNIT Currency Unit: Short Text TEXT15 CHAR 
18 KTEXT_CEP Description of CEP profile TXT40 CHAR 
19 KTEXT_CURT Short text TEXT15 CHAR 
20 KTEXT_LOG Name of logical profit center TEXT20 CHAR 
21 KTEXT_MLKZV_KK Short Text for Report Key TXT40 CHAR 
22 KTEXT_S Description of the reference operation set CHAR40 CHAR 
23 KTEXT_SAD Description of address list CHAR40_LOW CHAR 
25 KTEXT_SELS IS-H: Short Text Case selection for Cancellation/Part. Cncl KTEXT_SEL CHAR 
26 KTEXT_STLV Short Text: Standard Service Catalog TEXT20 CHAR 
27 KTEXT_V Search term for product proposal TEXT40 CHAR 
28 KTEXT_XPO Field Name (Short Text) TEXT16 CHAR 
29 KTGBI Product allocation: Allocation valid until DATUM DATS 
30 KTGRB IS-M: Booking Unit Account Assignment Group KTGRB CHAR 
31 KTGRD Account assignment group for this customer KTGRD CHAR 
32 KTGRDE IS-M: Account assignment group for publication KTGRM CHAR 
33 KTGRM Account assignment group for this material KTGRM CHAR 
34 KTGRTX Description of account determination TEXT50 CHAR 
35 KTGRU Cost Object Group GRPNAME CHAR 
36 KTGRV IS-M: Account Assignment Group for Sales Agent Contract KTGRV CHAR 
37 KTGRV_TEXT IS-M: Text for Sales Agent Account Assignment Group TEXT15 CHAR 
38 KTHEMA Indicator - Copy themes from reference promotion FLAG CHAR 
39 KTHWR Outline Agreement Target Value in Local Currency WERTV8 CURR 
40 KTITEL Title line for business events offered / bookings received CHAR79 CHAR 
41 KTLFZ_T071 Account Life in Days NUMC04 NUMC 
42 KTLMG Target quantity in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
43 KTMAFB Value adjustment account for transferred reserves SAKNR CHAR 
44 KTMAFG Contra account for transferring reserves SAKNR CHAR 
45 KTMAHK Acct:Gain from asset retirement over APC (curr. not used) SAKNR CHAR 
46 KTMEHR G/L account: asset retirement gain SAKNR CHAR 
47 KTMIND G/L account for asset retirement loss SAKNR CHAR 
48 KTMNG Target Quantity MENGE QUAN 
49 KTMZUS Rev. account: Write-up on transfer of reserves SAKNR CHAR 
50 KTNAFB Accumulated depreciation account for ordinary depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
51 KTNAFG Expense account for ordinary depreciation to book val. 0 SAKNR CHAR 
52 KTNAFU Expense account for ordinary depreciation below zero SAKNR CHAR 
53 KTNAIB Account for capitalization differences/nonoperating expense SAKNR CHAR 
54 KTNAM IS-H: Insurance Provider Name TEXT40 CHAR 
55 KTNAUF P&L account:Write-off spec.reserves w/ gross allocation SAKNR CHAR 
56 KTNRA_F05A Account Number of the Customer/Vendor in the Line Item MAXKK CHAR 
57 KTNR_I Account number SAKNR CHAR 
58 KTNZUS Revenue account for write-up on ordinary depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
59 KTOBW_EB Transaction amount on bank statement WERTV9 CURR 
60 KTOCD Reference Account Group for One-Time Account (Customer) KTOKD CHAR 
61 KTOCK Reference Account Group for One-Time Account (Vendor) KTOKK CHAR 
62 KTOGD Customer account group KTOKD CHAR 
63 KTOGK Vendor account group KTOKK CHAR 
64 KTOGR Account determination KTOGR CHAR 
65 KTOGR_NACH Copy accounts in account allocation: "to" specifications KTOGR CHAR 
66 KTOGR_VON Copy accounts in account allocation: From specifications KTOGR CHAR 
68 KTOIH_EB Bank account holder CHAR35 CHAR 
69 KTOKAT Account category KTOKAT CHAR 
70 KTOKD Customer Account Group KTOKD CHAR 
71 KTOKDF Customer account group in third party system KTOKDF CHAR 
72 KTOKD_MM Default value for customer account group KTOKD CHAR 
73 KTOKD_NEW New account group for customer KTOKD CHAR 
74 KTOKK Vendor account group KTOKK CHAR 
75 KTOKKF Vendor account group in third party system KTOKKF CHAR 
76 KTOKK_NEW New account group of vendor KTOKK CHAR 
78 KTOKLASSET Text for account class TEXT40 CHAR 
80 KTOKL_077T Account group (customer, vendor, G/L account) KTOKL CHAR 
81 KTOKS G/L Account Group KTOKS CHAR 
82 KTOMA Acct entered manually CHAR1 CHAR 
83 KTONP Account number CHAR10 CHAR 
84 KTONR SD business partner identifier (number or code) KTONR CHAR 
85 KTONR76A Account number KTONR CHAR 
86 KTONR_ARCH GL/Customer/Vendor Account Number KTONR CHAR 
87 KTONR_AV Account Number KTONR CHAR 
88 KTONR_EB Bank account number BANKN CHAR 
89 KTONR_REF Customer/Vendor Account Number KTONR CHAR 
90 KTOP2 Chart of Accounts According to Country Legislation KTOPL CHAR 
91 KTOPL Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 
92 KTOPL_011 Financial Statement Version Uses Only One Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 
93 KTOPL_CM Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 
94 KTOPL_CO Controlling Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 
95 KTOPL_F123 Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 
96 KTOPL_FI Financial Accounting Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 
97 KTOPL_GL Chart of accounts KTOPL CHAR 
98 KTOPL_IN Chart of accounts to be created by copying KTOPL CHAR 
99 KTOPL_KK Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 
100 KTOPL_NACH Chart of Accounts of Target System KTOPL_NACH CHAR 
101 KTOPL_PT Chart of Accounts CHAR1 CHAR 
102 KTOPL_VON Chart of accounts being copied KTOPL CHAR 
103 KTOPL_VON1 Chart of Accounts of Sender System KTOPL CHAR 
104 KTOS1 Deb.pstng acct symbol KTOSY CHAR 
105 KTOS2 Credit posting account symbol KTOSY CHAR 
106 KTOSB_EB Special account name CHAR35 CHAR 
107 KTOSI_VK Outside Account View KTOSI_VK CHAR 
108 KTOSI_VK_DI Outside Acct View CHAR1 CHAR 
109 KTOSL Transaction Key CHAR3 CHAR 
110 KTOSL_007B Internal processing key KVSCHL CHAR 
111 KTOSL_KK Transaction key for account determination CHAR3 CHAR 
112 KTOSL_KK_S Tax Item Type CHAR3 CHAR 
113 KTOSL_KK_TAX Transaction Key for Tax Transaction KVSCHL CHAR 
114 KTOSL_MG Account Key: Offsetting Account for Material Adjustment KVSCHL CHAR 
115 KTOSL_VE Account key for settlement line in settlement request KVSCHL CHAR 
116 KTOSL_VERR Clearing Account Type for Distributed Systems KTOSL_VERR CHAR 
117 KTOSL_VNN Account determination for sorted list CHAR3 CHAR 
118 KTOSY Account symbol KTOSY CHAR 
119 KTOSY_AD Account Determination: Account Symbols KTOSY_AD CHAR 
120 KTOTAL_PAG Total number of pages DEC2 DEC 
121 KTPLN Quota or Ceiling Number for Import Processing KTPLN CHAR 
122 KTPLT Chart of accounts description TEXT50 CHAR 
123 KTPLV Type of Quota/Ceiling for Import Processing KTPLV CHAR 
124 KTPNR Item number of principal purchase agreement EBELP NUMC 
125 KTPNR_BI Item Number of Principal Agreement for BTCI CHAR5 CHAR 
126 KTQIFT Field name for quick info KTQIFT CHAR 
127 KTREL Relevance for account assignment KTREL CHAR 
128 KTREST G/L account for net book value when scrapped SAKNR CHAR 
129 KTRGR IS-H: Insurance Provider Group RI_KUNNR CHAR 
130 KTRKTEXT Short Text of Cost Object TEXT40 CHAR 
131 KTRPB To Contract Item EBELP NUMC 
132 KTRPO Contract item in the case of release order EBELP NUMC 
133 KTRPV From Contract Item EBELP NUMC 
134 KTRTEXT Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
135 KTR_AEDAT Changed on DATUM DATS 
136 KTR_AENAM Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
137 KTR_ERDAT Created on DATUM DATS 
138 KTR_ERNAM Created by USNAM CHAR 
139 KTR_KALSM Costing sheet KALSM CHAR 
140 KTR_LOEKNZ Deletion Indicator XFELD CHAR 
141 KTR_LOEKZ Deletion Flag XFELD CHAR 
142 KTR_LTEXT Indicator: Text exists XFELD CHAR 
143 KTR_ZSCHL Overhead key CHAR6 CHAR 
144 KTR_ZZPFL IS-H: Insurance Provider Requires Copayment XFELD CHAR 
145 KTSABG Rev. acct: Amortiz. spec.reserves after retirement SAKNR CHAR 
146 KTSAFB Accumulated depreciation account for special depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
147 KTSAFG Expense account for special depreciation up to book value 0 SAKNR CHAR 
148 KTSAFU Expense account for special depreciation below zero SAKNR CHAR 
149 KTSAUF Rev. acct: Amortiz. special reserves SAKNR CHAR 
150 KTSCH Standard text key KTSCH CHAR 
151 KTSCH_REF Indicator: Standard text key is referenced XFELD CHAR 
152 KTSEIN Exp. acct: Allocation to special reserves SAKNR CHAR 
153 KTSELPERNR Number of Personnel Numbers with Attendance/Absence Records ANZHL DEC 
154 KTSKZ Account Assignment Block for Cost Object Categories XFLAG CHAR 
155 KTSOL Targeted work measured in calendar days DEC3_2 DEC 
156 KTSOPO Spec.res. Balance sheet account SAKNR CHAR 
157 KTSUH_B_KK Specified Credit Total CHAR15 CHAR 
158 KTSUH_KK Specified Credit Total WERT8 CURR 
159 KTSUS_B_KK Specified Debit Total (Batch Input) CHAR15 CHAR 
160 KTSUS_KK Specified Debit Total WERT8 CURR 
161 KTSZUS Revenue account for write-up to special depreciation SAKNR CHAR 
162 KTTXT Longtext for sales activity type TEXT20 CHAR 
163 KTVBAB Clearing acct.revenue from sale to affiliated company SAKNR CHAR 
164 KTVBZU Clearing acct: Acquisition from affiliated company SAKNR CHAR 
165 KTVERK G/L acct for costs of sale SAKNR CHAR 
166 KTVIZU Clearing account for allocation of investment support SAKNR CHAR 
167 KTVRIZ Clearing account for repaying investment support SAKNR CHAR 
168 KTWRT Target Value for Header Area per Distribution WERT15 CURR 
169 KTWRTBAPI Cumulative planned value BAPICURR DEC 
170 KTX01 Description of technical object TEXT40 CHAR 
171 KTXME Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
172 KTXT1 Short text TEXT10 CHAR 
173 KTXT40 Work center description TEXT40 CHAR 
174 KTXTCONC IS-H: Service Short Text 120-Char. STXT1 + STXT2 + STXT3 TEXT120 CHAR 
175 KTXT_LST IS-H: Short Text for Billing Item LEIKTXT CHAR 
176 KTXT_RA04C Account text for displaying TEXT50 CHAR 
177 KTYP Internal category ID for tree control in conditions NUM03 NUMC 
178 KTYPS Classifying view or cat. CHAR1 CHAR 
179 KTYP_ALLG Acct. assgmt. cat. for reqn/res. in order/network: consumpt. KNTTP CHAR 
180 KTYP_BEST Account Assignment Category for Inventory KNTTP CHAR 
181 KTYP_KAUF Account assignment category for sales order stock KNTTP CHAR 
182 KTYP_KAUFP Acct. assignment cat.: Sales document w/project settlement KNTTP CHAR 
183 KTYP_PROJ Account assignment category for project stock KNTTP CHAR 
184 KTYP_STRE Account assignment type for leg KNTTP CHAR 
185 KTYP_VERB Account Assignment Category Usage KNTTP CHAR 
186 KTZINB Contra account for posting interest SAKNR CHAR 
187 KTZING Expense account for interest over zero SAKNR CHAR 
188 KTZINU Expense account: Interest below zero SAKNR CHAR 
189 KTZNR Pointer to attendance quotas PRSPL RAW 
190 KTZUSA Rev. account: Write-up on special reserves SAKNR CHAR 
191 KUABEMER IS-H: comments on the insurance verification request header RI_BEMERK CHAR 
192 KUAFCHECK Indicator: order BOM XFELD CHAR 
193 KUAMENGE IS-H: Service quantity whose ins. verif. is requested LEISMENGE NUMC 
194 KUANS Print Address KUANS CHAR 
195 KUANZ flag whether system is to display customer in MD04 CHAR1 CHAR 
196 KUAPOS IS-H: Item insurance verification request KUPOS NUMC 
197 KUART Indicator for transfer type CHAR1 CHAR 
198 KUARW Working Hours Per Week STDAZ DEC 
199 KUAT1 ID for product attribute 1 PRATK CHAR 
200 KUAT2 ID for product attribute 2 PRATK CHAR 
201 KUAT3 ID for product attribute 3 PRATK CHAR 
202 KUAT4 ID for product attribute 4 PRATK CHAR 
203 KUAT5 ID for product attribute 5 PRATK CHAR 
204 KUAT6 ID for product attribute 6 PRATK CHAR 
205 KUAT7 ID for product attribute 7 PRATK CHAR 
206 KUAT8 ID for product attribute 8 PRATK CHAR 
207 KUAT9 ID for product attribute 9 PRATK CHAR 
208 KUATA ID for product attribute 10 PRATK CHAR 
209 KUATXTKZ IS-H: Comments Exist for IV Request Header XFELD CHAR 
210 KUBIS Cancellation rule valid until VDREG_VEDA CHAR 
211 KUBNR Company Number for Reduced Hours/Seasonal Reduced Hours BTRNR CHAR 
212 KUDAT_FP Cancellation date billing plan DATUM DATS 
213 KUDAT_FPK Rule for origin of billing plan cancellation date VDREG_VEDA CHAR 
214 KUDIF Exchange Rate Difference Amount WERT7 CURR 
215 KUDIV Reduced work divisor DEC3_2 DEC 
216 KUDMD Requirements not covered MENG13 QUAN 
217 KUEAN_KZ IS-H: Maintain Insurance Verification Request XFELD CHAR 
218 KUEAN_ZTR IS-H: Interval for Creating IV Requests ISH_INTERV NUMC 
219 KUEBEZ Description of reason for cancellation CHAR20 CHAR 
220 KUEB_GRU IS-H: Guarantor grouping for insurance verification (TN20K) TA_CLASS CHAR 
221 KUEGRU Reasons for cancelling contracts KUEGRU CHAR 
222 KUEMAH IS-H: Insurance Verification Reminder; 'X'=Yes ' '=No XFELD CHAR 
223 KUENART Cancellation type KUENART CHAR 
224 KUENDAT Cancellation date of contract DATUM DATS 
225 KUENDEING Date of Receipt of Termination DATUM DATS 
226 KUENDGRD Reason for end of delivery KUENDGRD CHAR 
227 KUENDGRD_L Delivery End Reason for Limited Items KUENDGRD CHAR 
228 KUENE Denominator Reduction DEC4_2 DEC 
229 KUENE_1 Denominator for Reduction 1 DEC4_2 DEC 
230 KUENE_2 Denominator for Reduction 2 DEC4_2 DEC 
231 KUENPDE Cancellation period PL2 DEC 
232 KUENPER Time unit for cancellation PERART CHAR 
233 KUENZEIT Number of time units for cancellation PERWERT NUMC 
234 KUEOR Customer master: Check classification for legal control XFELD CHAR 
235 KUERZ Reduction Percentage Rate BSGRD DEC 
236 KUEVER IS-H: Insurance Verification Procedure 'X'=Yes, ' '=No XFELD CHAR 
237 KUEVERSAND IS-H: Send IV Request Only if Diagnosis Is Maintained KUEVERS CHAR 
238 KUEZU_KZ IS-H: Maintain Confirmation of Coverage XFELD CHAR 
239 KUE_MAFRI IS-H: Reminder Period for IV Request in Days MAFRI NUMC 
240 KUE_STAT IS-H: Status for IV Requests; New or Still to Be Assigned LINE_STAT CHAR 
241 KUE_TOLAN IS-H: tolerance portion of the insurance verification NUM03 NUMC 
242 KUE_TOLBE IS-H: tolerance amount of the insurance verification WERT6 CURR 
243 KUE_TOLME IS-H: Tolerance Quantity for Insurance Verification LEISMENGE NUMC 
244 KUE_UEBAN IS-H: portion (% rate) confirmed for insurance verification NUM03 NUMC 
245 KUE_UEBBE IS-H: Amount of Coverage Confirmed WERT6 CURR 
246 KUE_UEBME IS-H: Quantity for which Coverage is Confirmed LEISMENGE NUMC 
247 KUE_VERAN IS-H: portion of insurance verification NUM03 NUMC 
248 KUE_VERBE IS-H: insurance verification amount for extension WERT6 CURR 
249 KUE_VERME IS-H: quantity for extension of the insurance verification LEISMENGE NUMC 
250 KUFAK Reduction factor DEC3_2 DEC 
251 KUFIX Indicator: Fixing of Exchange Rate XFELD CHAR 
252 KUGDA Key date DATUM DATS 
253 KUGKN RHC Work Schedule Rule for This Work Schedule Rule SCHKN CHAR 
254 KUGKZ Work schedule rule for reduced hours XFELD CHAR 
255 KUGLI RHC List Indicator (only before 1998) KUGLI CHAR 
256 KUGNR Approval Number for Reduced Hours/Seasonal Reduced Hours CHAR15 CHAR 
257 KUGRP Business event group CHAR1_X CHAR 
258 KUGVE RHC Processing Indicator KUGVE CHAR 
259 KUKEYBS_KK Key of the Acct Statement Transferred to FI-CA KUKEY_EB NUMC 
260 KUKEY_EB Short key (surrogate) KUKEY_EB NUMC 
261 KUKEY_RE Short key (surrogate) KUKEY_EB NUMC 
262 KUKLA Customer classification KUKLA CHAR 
263 KUKLA_BEZ Customer Classification Description TEXT20 CHAR 
264 KUKNS Consignment stock at customer XFELD CHAR 
265 KUKO1_KK Short Account Assignment for Transfer Postings KUKO1_KK CHAR 
266 KUKONC_KK Short Acct Assgmt for Tfr Pstgs from Clarification Worklist KUKONC_KK CHAR 
267 KUKON_KK Short Account Assignment for Transfer Postings KUKON_KK CHAR 
268 KUKO_AKT_VK User-Defined Account Determination Is Active XFELD CHAR 
269 KULEP_047A Grace periods per line item NUM03 NUMC 
270 KULGR RHC Activity Group CHAR2 CHAR 
271 KULIF Customer or Vendor Number CHAR10 CHAR 
272 KULSA Wage Rate for Reduced Working Hours/Seasonal Reduced Hours DEC5 DEC 
273 KULTG Probable time until check is paid PACK2 DEC 
274 KULTG_BI Probable Time until Check is Paid (Batch Input) CHAR3 CHAR 
275 KULTG_DI Probable Time Until Check Is Encashed CHAR3 CHAR 
276 KULTG_F02D Probable time until check is paid CHAR3 CHAR 
277 KUMAFA Total accumulated depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
278 KUMAG Accumulated clearing amount in the fiscal year WRTV8 CURR 
279 KUMBETRAG Cumulated amount WRTV7 CURR 
280 KUMBETRW Cumulated Budget Billing Amount WRTV7 CURR 
281 KUMBETRW_ALT Old Cumulated Amount in Budget Billing Plan WRTV7 CURR 
282 KUMBETRW_NEU New Cumulated Amount in Budget Billing Plan WRTV7 CURR 
283 KUMDATU Last accumulated on DATUM DATS 
284 KUMLBPER Reporting Periods CHAR2 CHAR 
285 KUMLKRDT Date of Translation into Output Currency DATUM DATS 
286 KUMLKRTP Exchange Rate Type for Translating into Output Currency KURST CHAR 
288 KUMLUMS0 Indicator: Display Accounts without Sales? XFELD CHAR 
289 KUMLUMST Sales for Account DEC10_2V DEC 
290 KUMLWAER Output Currency WAERS CUKY 
291 KUMLXUMR Indicator: Translate into Output Currency? XFELD CHAR 
292 KUMNE Denominator for converting condition units to base units UMBSN DEC 
293 KUMUFLAG Indicator: Cumulative Allocation FLAG CHAR 
294 KUMUL Cumulation of gross amounts RAW12 RAW 
295 KUMULD Indicator, whether cumulated display is desired KREUZ CHAR 
296 KUMULIERT Cumulative Display? KKACHR1 CHAR 
297 KUMUL_F42B Account Balance (accumulated Value in Local Currency) CHAR18 CHAR 
298 KUMUL_NR Two-figure number for cumulation NUMC2 NUMC 
299 KUMUM Annual Sales WERTV8 CURR 
300 KUMUPLAN Indicator: Cumulative Allocation FLAG CHAR 
301 KUMZA Numerator for converting condition units to base units UMBSZ DEC 
302 KUM_PAUSE Accumulated break duration in seconds DEC_10 DEC 
303 KUN16 Customer Account Number KUN16 CHAR 
304 KUNABLA Point of departure: Customer's unloading point TEXT25 CHAR 
305 KUNABLZ Destination: Customer's unloading point TEXT25 CHAR 
306 KUNAG Sold-to party KUNNR CHAR 
307 KUNAG_20 Sold-to party with length 20 for APO CHAR20 CHAR 
308 KUNAG_CUST Sold-To Party for Customizing Data KUNNR CHAR 
309 KUNAG_EDI Sold-to party at customer, transferred via EDI by vendor EDIF3039 CHAR 
310 KUNAG_EXT Enterprise Search :- Sold to Party   CHAR 
311 KUNAG_OK Sold-to party is default value XFELD CHAR 
312 KUNAG_T Transferred Sold-To Party Number CHAR17 CHAR 
313 KUNAG_VL35 Sold-to party KUNNR CHAR 
314 KUNBZ Indicator for Irregular Payment KUNBZ CHAR 
315 KUNCK Financial doc. processing: Check customer / vendor numbers XFELD CHAR 
316 KUND1 Customer No. KUNNR CHAR 
317 KUND2 End customer number KUNNR CHAR 
318 KUND3 Operator KUNNR CHAR 
319 KUNDEUINR Customer VAT registration number STCEG CHAR 
320 KUNDE_D Partner number (KUNNR, LIFNR, or PERNR) KUNDE CHAR 
322 KUNDE_RB Screen Text: Business Partner KENNZX CHAR 
323 KUNDSE Customer to Whom Serial Number was Delivered KUNNR CHAR 
324 KUND_HIERA Processing of Sales Order Structure in Results Analysis KUND_HIERA CHAR 
325 KUNFS Financial doc. processing: Field sel. cust./vendor numbers FAAKK CHAR 
326 KUNID_49E Customer ID Number CHAR15 CHAR 
327 KUNIV Customer number for intercompany billing KUNNR CHAR 
328 KUNN0 Customer number ZERO (0) allowed XFELD CHAR 
329 KUNN2 Customer number of business partner KUNNR CHAR 
330 KUNNA Departure point: Customer KUNNR CHAR 
331 KUNNR Customer Number KUNNR CHAR 
332 KUNNRCORR Overlap during selection of sold-to party INT1 INT1 
333 KUNNR_AG Foreign Trade: Legal Control: Customer number sold-to party KUNNR CHAR 
334 KUNNR_CPD Ship-to party in decentralized shipping KUNNR CHAR 
335 KUNNR_DEF Customer Number 1 KUNNR CHAR 
336 KUNNR_EB Customer number KUNNR CHAR 
337 KUNNR_EBMC Customer matchcode field CHAR7 CHAR 
338 KUNNR_EN FT: Legal Control: Custumer no. ultimate consignee KUNNR CHAR 
339 KUNNR_F05M Customer for Whom the Notice is Created KUNNR CHAR 
341 KUNNR_KO Customer number (rebate recipient) KUNNR CHAR 
342 KUNNR_NEU Other customer KUN16 CHAR 
344 KUNNR_P Customer Number KUNNR CHAR 
345 KUNNR_POS IS-M: Customer Number of Point of Sale KUNNR CHAR 
346 KUNNR_R2 R/2 customer number (R/2-R/3 link) KUNNR CHAR 
347 KUNNR_RE Foreign Trade: Legal Control: Customer number bill-to party KUNNR CHAR 
348 KUNNR_RG Foreign Trade: Legal Control: Customer number payer KUNNR CHAR 
349 KUNNR_TMP Temporary customer number KUNNR CHAR 
350 KUNNR_TREX Enterprise Search Customer   CHAR 
351 KUNNR_TX Number of Customer Relevant for Tax Calculation KUNNR CHAR 
352 KUNNR_TXT Customer description NAME CHAR 
353 KUNNR_V Customer number KUNNR CHAR 
354 KUNNR_VV Customer number RF-VV KUNNR_VV CHAR 
355 KUNNR_WE Foreign Trade: Legal Control: Customer number of ship-to p. KUNNR CHAR 
356 KUNNR_WK Customer number of plant KUNNR CHAR 
357 KUNNZ Customer number for destination point KUNNR CHAR 
358 KUNRE Bill-to party KUNNR CHAR 
360 KUNRGNUM KUNRG counter - number of payers INT4 INT4 
361 KUNRG_BEZ Payer Description TEXT20 CHAR 
362 KUNRG_SORT IS-H: Sort sequence by payer (billing) ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
363 KUNUM Customer Number KUNNR CHAR 
364 KUNUMTYP Indicator: Convert to EMU currency (X) XFELD CHAR 
365 KUNWE Ship-to party KUNNR CHAR 
366 KUNWECORR Overlap during selection of ship-to party INT1 INT1 
367 KUNWE_EDI Ship-to party at customer, transferred via EDI by vendor EDIF3039 CHAR 
368 KUNWE_VL35 Ship-to party KUNNR CHAR 
369 KUORT Business Event Location CHAR12 CHAR 
370 KUPDATE Update Conditions XFELD CHAR 
372 KURAT IS-H: Indicator whether Curative Treatment Is Performed XFELD CHAR 
373 KUREF IS-H: Customer reference number for transfer carrier KUREF NUMC 
374 KURFN Reference Number for Reduced Hours/Seasonal Reduced Hours KURFN CHAR 
375 KURFP Exchange rate for date in billing plan KURRF DEC 
376 KURFP_P Direct quotation exchange rate for deadline in billing plan KURSP DEC 
377 KURFP_V Indirect quotation exchange rate for deadline in billing pla KURSP DEC 
378 KURKZ Course indicator XFELD CHAR 
379 KURRF Exchange rate for FI postings KURRF DEC 
380 KURRF_P Directly quoted exchange rate for FI postings KURSP DEC 
381 KURRF_V Indirectly quoted exchange rate for FI postings KURSP DEC 
382 KURS Indicator: Business event CHAR1_X CHAR 
383 KURS2 Exchange Rate for the Second Local Currency KURSF DEC 
384 KURS3 Exchange Rate for the Third Local Currency KURSF DEC 
385 KURSA Exchange rate indicator KURSA CHAR 
387 KURSB Exchange rate specification KURSF DEC 
388 KURSBK Exchange rate for op.concern currency -> Co.code currency KURSF DEC 
389 KURSBR Selling rate UKURS DEC 
390 KURSC Exchange rate KURSC NUMC 
391 KURSD Exchange rate date DATUM DATS 
392 KURSE Effective Exchange Rate in the Line Item KURSF DEC 
393 KURSF Exchange rate KURSF DEC 
394 KURSFIKRS Translation rate in FM area currency KURSF DEC 
395 KURSF_BI Exchange Rate Direct Quotation (Batch Input Field) CHAR10 CHAR 
396 KURSF_B_KK Exchange Rate (Batch Input) CHAR10 CHAR 
397 KURSF_CHAR Exchange rate in CHARACTER format CHAR15 CHAR 
398 KURSF_EB Exchange rate (different from local currency) KURSF DEC 
399 KURSF_EBS Exchange rate (external check entry interface) CHAR10 CHAR 
400 KURSF_KK Exchange rate KURSF DEC 
401 KURSF_M Indirect Exchange Rate (Batch Input Session) CHAR10 CHAR 
402 KURSF_X_BRO Exchange Rate CHAR10 CHAR 
403 KURSG Bid rate UKURS DEC 
404 KURSH Exchange Rate Type for Credit Balances KURST CHAR 
405 KURSHANDEL Currency or securities market HANDELSPL NUMC 
406 KURSHERKFT Price source CHAR10 CHAR 
407 KURSH_KK Exchange rate type for credit balance KURST CHAR 
408 KURSINFO Explode by business event type CHAR01 CHAR 
409 KURSINFO_X Explode by business event type CHAR1_X CHAR 
410 KURSK Exchange Rate for Pricing and Statistics KURRF DEC 
411 KURSKC Exchange Rate for Pricing and Statistics NUMC09 NUMC 
412 KURSKC_V Indirect noted exchange rate for pricing and statistics NUMC09 NUMC 
413 KURSKZ Exchange rate op.concern currency -> group currency KURSF DEC 
414 KURSK_P Directly Quoted Exchange Rate for Pricing and Statistics PKURS DEC 
415 KURSK_V Indirectly Quoted Exchange Rate for Pricing and Statistics PKURS DEC 
416 KURSM Middle rate UKURS DEC 
417 KURSR Hedged Exchange Rate KURSP DEC 
418 KURSR_BI Fixed Exchange Rate Direct Quotation (Batch Input Field) CHAR10 CHAR 
419 KURSR_M Indirect Hedged Exchange Rate (Batch Input Field) CHAR10 CHAR 
420 KURSS Exchange Rate Type for Debit Balances KURST CHAR 
421 KURSS_KK Exchange rate type for debit balance KURST CHAR 
422 KURST Exchange Rate Type KURST CHAR 
423 KURSTNEU New Exchange Rate Type KURST CHAR 
424 KURST_003 Exch.Rate Type for Determining the Proposed Rate KURST CHAR 
425 KURST_005 Exchange Rate Type for Translation into Country Currency KURST CHAR 
426 KURST_CURR Exchange rate type KURST CHAR 
427 KURST_DEF IS-M: Standard Business Partner Exchange Rate Type KURST CHAR 
428 KURST_H Rate type (credit) KURST CHAR 
429 KURST_REGU Alternative Ex.Rate Type for Payments in Foreign Currency KURST CHAR 
430 KURST_S Rate type (debit) KURST CHAR 
431 KURST_T169P Exchange rate type KURST CHAR 
432 KURST_TRANSFER IS-M/SD: Exchange Rate Type for Liability Account Transfer KURST CHAR 
433 KURST_X Indicator: business event type CHAR1_X CHAR 
434 KURSU Last revaluation rate KURSF DEC 
435 KURS_ID Business Event ID NUM08 NUMC 
436 KURS_ID_S Business event ID (or search string) CHAR21 CHAR 
437 KURS_SHORT Business Event Name Abbreviation TEXT12 CHAR 
438 KURS_STEXT Object Name for Business Event TEXT40 CHAR 
439 KURUECK Indicator: Create cumulated reprocessing records CHAR1 CHAR 
440 KURZAUF IS-H: Quick Admission Indicator XFELD CHAR 
441 KURZBEZ IS-H: Short Text for Results TEXT30 CHAR 
443 KURZF Indicator: List in short form XFELD CHAR 
444 KURZT Calendar: Day Short Text TEXT2 CHAR 
445 KURZTEXT Short text/description of the object TEXT40 CHAR 
446 KURZT_053 Text key CHAR4 CHAR 
447 KUSCH Reduced hours shift SCHKN CHAR 
448 KUSER Calendar: Calendar creator/changer USERNAME CHAR 
449 KUSKL Different tax class STRKL CHAR 
450 KUSPE Lock Indicator for Reduced Hours/Seasonal Reduced Hours XFELD CHAR 
451 KUSSA Normal Wage Rate PRANZHL DEC 
452 KUSTA_BONUS Rebate paid WERTV10 CURR 
453 KUSTA_BONUS_TXT Rebate paid until now CHAR0128 CHAR 
454 KUSWG Reduced Hours/Seasonal Reduced Hours KUSWG CHAR 
455 KUTAB Print Table of Reduced Hours XFELD CHAR 
456 KUTES Test switch XFELD CHAR 
457 KUTEXT Short text for transaction type TEXT8 CHAR 
458 KUTXT Transfer Text TEXT25 CHAR 
459 KUTY_1 1. Exchange Rate Type (FI Interface) KURST CHAR 
460 KUTY_2 2. Exchange Rate Type (FI Interface) KURST CHAR 
461 KUTY_3 3. Exchange Rate Type (FI Interface) KURST CHAR 
462 KUVOR Proposed customer number XFELD CHAR 
463 KUVPOS IS-H: Item insurance verification agreement KUPOS NUMC 
464 KUWAERS Output Currency of Reduced Hours Compensation List WAERS CUKY 
465 KUWOK West/East Indicator WOKNZ CHAR 
466 KUZHL Numerator Reduction DEC4_4 DEC 
467 KUZHL_1 Numerator for Reduction 1 DEC4_4 DEC 
468 KUZHL_2 Numerator for Reduction 2 DEC4_4 DEC 
469 KUZITEXT Short Text for Reference Interest Rate TEXT15 CHAR 
471 KVACAN Indicator for the selection of vacant positions ONLY CHAR1_X CHAR 
472 KVADDP Switch Off Addnl Parameters for Job Sched (Variance Calc) XFELD CHAR 
473 KVADEL Delete Worklist (Variance Calculation) XFELD CHAR 
474 KVAJAHR Current Fiscal Year (SYST-DATLO) GJAHR NUMC 
475 KVAKDAT Target Costs: Date for Finding the Cost Estimate DATUM DATS 
476 KVAKZ Cost estimate indicator (inactive) XFELD CHAR 
477 KVAL Value of a condition or item with 5 decimal places   DEC 
479 KVALU Flag: Returns FLAG CHAR 
480 KVANZAK Number of Orders/Order Items with Cumulative Processing SYST_LONG INT4 
481 KVANZAP Number of Orders/Order Items with Periodic Processing SYST_LONG INT4 
482 KVANZAS Number of Orders Without Variance Key SYST_LONG INT4 
483 KVANZFA Number of Production Orders/Order Items SYST_LONG INT4 
484 KVANZFK Number of Order Items for a Fixed-Price Co-Product SYST_LONG INT4 
485 KVANZFP Number of Orders/Order Items with Parallel Processing Errors SYST_LONG INT4 
486 KVANZFS Number of Orders/Order Items with Wrong Status SYST_LONG INT4 
487 KVANZKB Number of Orders/Order Items Without Suitable Posting Rule SYST_LONG INT4 
488 KVANZKD Number of Orders/Order Items for Sales Order SYST_LONG INT4 
489 KVANZKE Number of Orders/Order Items for Valuated Sales Order Stock SYST_LONG INT4 
490 KVANZKT Number of Orders/Order Items Assigned to Cost Object SYST_LONG INT4 
491 KVANZLK Number of Orders with Active Deletion Indicator SYST_LONG INT4 
492 KVANZMP Number of Orders/Order Items for Joint Production SYST_LONG INT4 
493 KVANZOR Number of Relevant Orders/Order Items SYST_LONG INT4 
494 KVANZPC Number of Orders/Order Items on Product Cost Collector SYST_LONG INT4 
495 KVANZPE Number of Orders/Order Items for Valuated Project Stock SYST_LONG INT4 
496 KVANZPI Number of Process Orders (Order Items) SYST_LONG INT4 
497 KVANZPJ Number of Orders/Order Items for Project SYST_LONG INT4 
498 KVANZPK Number of Product Cost Collectors (Items) SYST_LONG INT4 
499 KVANZPN Number of Orders/Order Items for Collective Order SYST_LONG INT4 
500 KVANZVL Number of Records Read (View) SYST_LONG INT4