SAP ABAP Data Element - Index K, page 14
Data Element - K
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 KZ_ARCH Indicator for archiving only FLAG CHAR 
2 KZ_ARCHIVE Archive print list (optical archiving) XFELD CHAR 
3 KZ_AREGEL Indicator:Alloc. Table Generation Using Alloc. Rule/Strategy FLAG CHAR 
4 KZ_AR_PLGR Archive entire group FLAG CHAR 
5 KZ_AUFME Adjustment on the basis of allocation quantity FLAG CHAR 
6 KZ_AUFND IS-H: Admission Diagnosis Indicator XFELD CHAR 
7 KZ_AUSSCHL Exclusion indicator XFELD CHAR 
8 KZ_BDC Indicator: generate posting KZ_BDC CHAR 
9 KZ_BEHLD IS-H: Treatment Diagnosis Indicator XFELD CHAR 
10 KZ_BESTAETIGUNG Indicator: Confirmation FLAG CHAR 
11 KZ_BESTB Add Order Stocks to Stock XFELD CHAR 
12 KZ_BESTL Select Prices from Purchase Orders XFELD CHAR 
13 KZ_BEWAR Subsequent Definition of Consolidation Transaction Types X CHAR 
14 KZ_BHSD IS-H: "Treatment Certificate Diagnosis" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
15 KZ_BLG Indicator: Function module operates in document CHAR1_X CHAR 
16 KZ_BROWSER Configuration browser XFELD CHAR 
17 KZ_BTCI Automatic Material Price Change via Batch Input XFELD CHAR 
18 KZ_BTE Quantity Adjustment by Cus.-Specific Function Module (BTE) FLAG CHAR 
19 KZ_BUDG Indicator: Use overall budget value (instead of plan value) XFELD CHAR 
20 KZ_BWPRH Update of commercial valuation price 1 XFELD CHAR 
21 KZ_BWPRH1 Update of commercial valuation price 2 XFELD CHAR 
22 KZ_BWPRS Update of tax valuation price 1 XFELD CHAR 
23 KZ_BWPRS1 Update of tax valuation price 2 XFELD CHAR 
24 KZ_CALL Indicator for reorganizing according to last task list call FLAG CHAR 
25 KZ_CFIND Indicator: No changes to balance carry-forward X CHAR 
26 KZ_CHECK Indicator for task list checks FLAG CHAR 
27 KZ_CHP Indicator: Retained earnings posted X CHAR 
28 KZ_CONTR Contract is Allocated KZ_CONTR CHAR 
29 KZ_COPY_MBEW Copy valuation view of material reference KENNZX CHAR 
30 KZ_CREATE Indicator specifying that an archive is to be created FLAG CHAR 
31 KZ_CURBW Indicator for Display in Position Currency XFELD CHAR 
32 KZ_CURCW Indicator for display in settlement currency XFELD CHAR 
33 KZ_CURHW Indicator for Display in Local Currency XFELD CHAR 
34 KZ_CYDBI Indicator: not saved by years of acquisition X CHAR 
35 KZ_CYIND Indicator: Years of acquisition entry only for current year X CHAR 
36 KZ_DEFAULT Default indicator XFELD CHAR 
37 KZ_DEFAULT_ZW Propose register during installation/replacement KENNZX CHAR 
38 KZ_DELTA Delta selection indicator X CHAR 
39 KZ_DIAGRP IS-H: "Diagnosis Group" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
40 KZ_DISPLAY_FROM_ARCHIVE Indicator: Shipment Displayed from Archive CHAR20 CHAR 
41 KZ_DISPO Indicator: determine consumption from material master data XFELD CHAR 
42 KZ_DISPO1 Determine Consumption from Material Master Data XFELD CHAR 
43 KZ_DR Indicator for printing info record XFELD CHAR 
44 KZ_DRG IS-H: "DRG Diagnoses" Indicator (Yes/No) ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
45 KZ_DRGHDFA IS-H: "DRG Principal Diagnosis in Department" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
46 KZ_DRGHDFA_ICON IS-H: "DRG Principal Diagnosis in Department" Icon CHAR04 CHAR 
47 KZ_DRGHICP IS-H: Indicator DRG Principal Procedure XFELD CHAR 
48 KZ_EBVTY Incoming Bank Details Exist KZ_EBVTY CHAR 
49 KZ_EGERR_NUMCR_ALLWD Device Info Record: Automatic Number Allocation Permitted KENNZX CHAR 
50 KZ_EGERR_NUMCR_MANDATORY Device Info Record: Automatic Number Allocation Mandatory KENNZX CHAR 
51 KZ_EINSB Indicator: One-sided elimination X CHAR 
52 KZ_EINWD IS-H: Referral Diagnosis Indicator XFELD CHAR 
53 KZ_EKWVK Price adjustment on the basis of the basic purchase price FLAG CHAR 
54 KZ_EKWVKMD Price adjustment on the basis of the basic purchase price FLAG CHAR 
55 KZ_ENDPR Price Adjustment Based On Current Final Prices FLAG CHAR 
56 KZ_ENTLD IS-H: "Discharge Diagnosis" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
57 KZ_EQNEG Indicator: negative NBV of investment X CHAR 
58 KZ_ERSDA Select to material creation date DATUM DATS 
59 KZ_ERWWA Indicator: Enhanced Goods Issue XFELD CHAR 
60 KZ_ETDZ Register used in installed device KENNZX CHAR 
61 KZ_EXPLIZIT Indicator: Explicit entry of a unit of measure FLAG CHAR 
62 KZ_FAHPD IS-H: "Department Main Diagnosis" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
63 KZ_FAKT Indicator for billing XFELD CHAR 
64 KZ_FALLP IS-H: 'Case-Related' Procedure Indicator XFELD CHAR 
65 KZ_FEHLGEB IS-H: Delivery Category - Miscarriage XFELD CHAR 
66 KZ_FIELDNAME Sort by field name XFELD CHAR 
67 KZ_FPAGE Indicator: print back banner page X CHAR 
68 KZ_FROM_AB IS-M/AM: Indicator from Contract XFELD CHAR 
69 KZ_GENOLD Indicator: old data X CHAR 
70 KZ_GESANT Indicator: company ownership calculated X CHAR 
71 KZ_HAUS Inidicator: house KENNZX CHAR 
72 KZ_HNUM Determine house number for periodic replacement list KENNZX CHAR 
73 KZ_HULFG Indicator: Generate Delivery Items for HUs XFELD CHAR 
74 KZ_ICPM_HCODE IS-H: Indicator that Surgical Procedure Main Code Exists XFELD CHAR 
75 KZ_IMSTS Indicator: Import Status KZ_IMSTS CHAR 
76 KZ_INFOS Select Prices from Info Records XFELD CHAR 
77 KZ_INOLD Indicator: Input data extraction obsolete (level _,0,1,8) X CHAR 
78 KZ_INSTALL Installation is Allocated to the Contract KZ_INSTALL CHAR 
79 KZ_KAISER IS-H: Birth procedure by caesarean section XFELD CHAR 
80 KZ_KAUGR SD-Monitor: Indicator: Exclustion group with < 4 KSCHL YESNO CHAR 
81 KZ_KEB Indicator: exclude company X CHAR 
82 KZ_KGRPE SD Monitor: Indictor: Group condition not necessary YESNO CHAR 
83 KZ_KHHPD IS-H: Hospital Main Diagnosis Indicator XFELD CHAR 
84 KZ_KODAT Flag: Copy Pick Date XFELD CHAR 
85 KZ_KONTRA Select Prices from Contracts XFELD CHAR 
86 KZ_KORPR Take Corrected Forecast Values into Account XFELD CHAR 
87 KZ_LCCOMP Consolidation company indicator X CHAR 
88 KZ_LIEFPL Select Prices from Scheduling Agreements XFELD CHAR 
89 KZ_LOCIN Blocking indicator for data entry forms LOCIN CHAR 
90 KZ_LOEKZ Physical deletion of all objects that were deleted online FLAG CHAR 
91 KZ_LOT_CNT_PROZ Number of sample devices to be determined as percentage KENNZX CHAR 
92 KZ_LOT_CREATE Create lot for selection KENNZX CHAR 
93 KZ_LOT_CREATED Lot created for selection KENNZX CHAR 
94 KZ_LUFIN Indicator: block breakdown of the superior data entry form X CHAR 
95 KZ_LV Deletion flag indicator (partner management) XFELD CHAR 
96 KZ_MAHNUNG Indicator: Reminder FLAG CHAR 
98 KZ_MATBEL Determine Material Movements from Documents XFELD CHAR 
99 KZ_MATNR Determine device category for periodic replacement list KENNZX CHAR 
100 KZ_MATVORPL Indicator: Material planning active XFELD CHAR 
101 KZ_MEBME Indicator: Adoption of the promotion sales unit FLAG CHAR 
102 KZ_MEBPR Indicator: Adoption of the promotion order price unit FLAG CHAR 
103 KZ_MEHR_LF Ability of ABAP to be repeated KZ_MEHR_LF CHAR 
104 KZ_MITTEILUNG Indicator: Information FLAG CHAR 
105 KZ_MUS ID: Variable ID must be maintained CHAR1 CHAR 
107 KZ_MYML Material Annual Layer XFELD CHAR 
108 KZ_MYMLM Material Monthly Layer XFELD CHAR 
109 KZ_MYMP Monthly Receipts XFELD CHAR 
110 KZ_MYMP1 Single Receipts XFELD CHAR 
111 KZ_MYPL Pool Annual Layer XFELD CHAR 
112 KZ_MYPLM Pool Monthly Layer XFELD CHAR 
113 KZ_NACHFA Indicator for billing output XFELD CHAR 
114 KZ_NACHLI Indicator for delivery output XFELD CHAR 
115 KZ_NACHTR Indicator for shipment output XFELD CHAR 
116 KZ_NACHVEL Indicator for Handling Unit Output (Delivery) XFELD CHAR 
117 KZ_NACHVET Indicator for Shipping Unit Output (Shipment) XFELD CHAR 
118 KZ_NOGES Indicator: do not print company's share X CHAR 
119 KZ_NOGVW Indicator: No posting to appropriation of retained earnings X CHAR 
120 KZ_NONEG Ignore Negative Quantities XFELD CHAR 
121 KZ_NOQUOTE Indicator: Do not split values acc. to proportional cons. X CHAR 
122 KZ_NOTRANS Do not translate X CHAR 
123 KZ_NO_SW_OFF_TIME Do not use switch-off time KENNZX CHAR 
124 KZ_NO_SW_ON_TIME Do not use switch-on time KENNZX CHAR 
125 KZ_NULL Absolute Price/Quantity Change FLAG CHAR 
126 KZ_NULLPR Indicates that zero prices should be taken into account XFELD CHAR 
127 KZ_NVKP Price adjustment on the basis of the standard sales prices FLAG CHAR 
128 KZ_NVKPMD Price adjustment on the basis of the standard sales prices FLAG CHAR 
129 KZ_OBJECT_LEVEL Bundling at level of dev., dev. loc., or connection object KZ_OBJECT_LEVEL CHAR 
130 KZ_OB_EXP Last object to be expanded XFELD CHAR 
131 KZ_OB_FLT Do not display object on object overview XFELD CHAR 
132 KZ_OB_READ Read object in order info system from DB XFELD CHAR 
133 KZ_OB_SHOW Display object in order info system XFELD CHAR 
134 KZ_OPERD IS-H: Surgery Diagnosis Indicator XFELD CHAR 
135 KZ_ORB_B Order receipt re resource-related billing XFELD CHAR 
136 KZ_ORB_F Orders from fixed price agreements XFELD CHAR 
137 KZ_ORB_H Indicator: Sales revenue XFELD CHAR 
138 KZ_ORB_PROJ Billing structure XFELD CHAR 
139 KZ_ORB_PSP Billing structure XFELD CHAR 
140 KZ_ORT Determine city for periodic replacement list KENNZX CHAR 
141 KZ_OSPOS Ind.: Post to triggering company X CHAR 
142 KZ_PABBM Adjustment on the basis of the planned sales quantity FLAG CHAR 
143 KZ_PANFM Adjustment of Quantities Based on the Planned Opening Stock FLAG CHAR 
144 KZ_PARALLEL Indicator: Use Parallel Processing X CHAR 
145 KZ_PARTNER Save partner KENNZX CHAR 
146 KZ_PAYEE Indicator: alternative payee CHAR1 CHAR 
147 KZ_PERC Indicator: intercompany profit and loss percentage KZ_PERC CHAR 
148 KZ_PERCT Indicator: Show percentage rate X CHAR 
149 KZ_PERSNR Personnel Number Allocated KZ_PERSNR CHAR 
150 KZ_PLVKP Price adjustment on the basis of promotion sales prices FLAG CHAR 
151 KZ_POSTOLD Indicator: Data extract obsolete due to postings X CHAR 
152 KZ_PROGN Indicator: determine consumption via forecast values XFELD CHAR 
153 KZ_PROT Log of messages FLAG CHAR 
154 KZ_PROZ Percentage which must be reached for movement rate NIWE_PROZ NUMC 
155 KZ_PRUEF1 Select sample devices for first drawing KENNZX CHAR 
156 KZ_PRUEF2 Select sample devices for 2nd drawing KENNZX CHAR 
157 KZ_PRUEF3 Select Sample Devices from 3rd Drawing KENNZX CHAR 
158 KZ_PRUEF4 Select Sample Devices from 4th Drawing KENNZX CHAR 
159 KZ_PRUEF5 Select Sample Devices from 5th Drawing KENNZX CHAR 
160 KZ_PSALM Adjustment of Quantities Based on Current Planned Qty Sold FLAG CHAR 
161 KZ_RCUIN Indicator: data input in group currency X CHAR 
162 KZ_READ Table already read XFELD CHAR 
163 KZ_REGIO Allocatef PM plant to division and regional structure group KENNZX CHAR 
164 KZ_REO_AL Indicator for reorganizing task list alternative FLAG CHAR 
165 KZ_REO_NR Indicator for reorganizing within a group FLAG CHAR 
166 KZ_REPLACE Indicator: Replacement group CHAR1 CHAR 
167 KZ_RESED Indicator for BOM reorg over entire validity period FLAG CHAR 
168 KZ_RESER Deduct Reservations from Stock XFELD CHAR 
169 KZ_RESERV1 Select spare sample devices for first drawing KENNZX CHAR 
170 KZ_RESERV2 Select spare sample devices for 2nd drawing KENNZX CHAR 
171 KZ_RESET Indicator for reorganizing task lists over entire period FLAG CHAR 
172 KZ_REST IS-H: Ind. Rem. for Rounding Errors/Ins. Coverage IV Request XFELD CHAR 
173 KZ_RMVCT Indicator: Document per transaction type X CHAR 
174 KZ_SAMPLE_DEVICES Include Uninstalled Sample Devices KZ_SAMPLE_DEVICES CHAR 
175 KZ_SIMULA Indicator: Simulation Using Allocation Rule/Strategy FLAG CHAR 
176 KZ_SINLINE Output single lines XFELD CHAR 
177 KZ_SMALL_DEVICE Device info record KENNZX CHAR 
178 KZ_SM_DOC_TYPE Document category for plant maintenance and customer service KZ_SM_DOC_TYPE CHAR 
179 KZ_SPREIS Include Standard Prices as Market Prices XFELD CHAR 
180 KZ_SRG_NO_ACC No Account Assignment XFELD CHAR 
181 KZ_STATUS Processing status KZ_STATUS NUMC 
182 KZ_STDAY Indicator for reorganizing according to key date FLAG CHAR 
183 KZ_STOCK Quantity Adjustment Based On Current Stock FLAG CHAR 
184 KZ_STORNO Ind.: Reverse document X CHAR 
185 KZ_STRASSE Determine street for periodic replacement list KENNZX CHAR 
186 KZ_STTAG Indicator for reorganizing according to key date FLAG CHAR 
187 KZ_SUMLINE Output Totals Lines XFELD CHAR 
188 KZ_SYMPT_TO_MOVM Assign Health Problem to Object XFELD CHAR 
189 KZ_T684S SD-Monitor: Counter: No. condition exclusions in procedure NUM3 NUMC 
190 KZ_TECHINST Equipment is a technical installation KENNZX CHAR 
191 KZ_TEST Test run for archiving FLAG CHAR 
192 KZ_TKNUM Sort by shipment XFELD CHAR 
193 KZ_TOIND Indicator: Totals transaction type X CHAR 
194 KZ_TRRMAT Indicator for restriction to materials relevant for transprt KZ_TRRMAT CHAR 
195 KZ_UIB Determine company area for periodic replacement list KENNZX CHAR 
196 KZ_UNIQUE ID: unique CHAR1 CHAR 
197 KZ_UO_KLASSEN Indicator: Subordinate Class(es) Exist(s) CHAR01 CHAR 
198 KZ_UPD_DEL Indicator: Save/Delete KZ_UPD_DEL CHAR 
199 KZ_UPPER Indicator: upper case for financial statement item text X CHAR 
200 KZ_VAKUUM IS-H: Birth procedure birth by vacuum extraction XFELD CHAR 
201 KZ_VBUND Read from master data X CHAR 
202 KZ_VERDD IS-H: "Tentative Diagnosis" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
203 KZ_VERKPR Indicator: Select Sales Prices XFELD CHAR 
204 KZ_VKONT Business Partner is Allocated to a Contract Account KZ_VKONT CHAR 
205 KZ_WA Goods issue active XFELD CHAR 
206 KZ_WABUCH Indicator for goods issue posting XFELD CHAR 
207 KZ_WAERS IS-H: Currency Field Indicator XFELD CHAR 
208 KZ_WAESP Indicator: currency difference split X CHAR 
209 KZ_WALE_PRICES Indicator - Include plant-specific prices FLAG CHAR 
210 KZ_WAUSM Indicator: Adoption of the issue unit FLAG CHAR 
211 KZ_WA_STO Goods issue cancellation active XFELD CHAR 
212 KZ_WG_MAXCURCHECK Check minimum/maximum current of winding group KENNZX CHAR 
213 KZ_WG_MAXVOLTCHECK Check minimum/maximum voltage of winding group KENNZX CHAR 
214 KZ_WMENGE Indicator: Alloc. Table Generation Using Entered Plant Qtys FLAG CHAR 
215 KZ_XCHPF_A Indicator: MARA-XCHPF has changed CHAR1 CHAR 
216 KZ_ZANGEN IS-H: Birth Procedure - Birth by Forceps Delivery XFELD CHAR 
217 KZ_ZEROWB Indicator: print '0', if no value X CHAR 
218 KZ_ZU Indicator: movement type is a goods receipt XFELD CHAR 
219 KZ_ZUG Consider Receipts XFELD CHAR 
220 KZ_ZUGANG Determine Receipt Prices for Purchase Orders XFELD CHAR 
221 KZ_ZUST Indicates that movement type is receipt reversal XFELD CHAR 
222 K_AA Indicator: Valid for Order Completion G_ERROR CHAR 
223 K_ADD_PAY HR-FPM: 'Allowance' Flag FLAG CHAR 
224 K_AF Indicator: Valid for Order Release G_ERROR CHAR 
225 K_BASIC_PAY 'Basic Pay' Flag FLAG CHAR 
226 K_BETRAG Amount of the costs of a service order PRKST CURR 
228 K_CLASS Only Internally for View Maintenance: Classification Exists XFELD CHAR 
229 K_DATAB List condition records with validity period from - to DATUM DATS 
230 K_DAY Weekday: business event CHAR10 CHAR 
231 K_DRUCK Printout of Permit Papers X CHAR 
233 K_FIELD Key Figure from LIS FDNAME CHAR 
234 K_FRKART Foreign key field type: key fields/candidates DYNPCHOICE CHAR 
235 K_GENEHM Permit Issued X CHAR 
236 K_KSVD_ACTIVATE Activate Document Date = Work Date for CO Confirmations XFELD CHAR 
237 K_KSVD_FOR_ACTIVITY Use Special Valuation Date for Activity Valuation XFELD CHAR 
238 K_KSVD_FOR_OVERHEAD Use Special Valuation Date for Overhead Cost Calculation XFELD CHAR 
239 K_KSVD_PROFILE Special Valuation Date Settings Profile K_KSVD_PROFILE CHAR 
240 K_KSVD_SOURCE Source of Special Valuation Date K_KSVD_SOURCE CHAR 
241 K_NODEL Changeability of Permits X CHAR 
242 K_OBJEKT Indicator: For Which Object the Permit Was Created G_OBJECT CHAR 
243 K_ORIGIN Indicator: Permit Origin in Order G_ORIGIN CHAR 
244 K_PRO Indicator: Permit Proposed During Processing X CHAR 
245 K_QUOTE Proportion PRZ34 DEC 
246 K_RELEVANT Override default values for permits KENNZX CHAR 
247 K_RESTRICT Restriction of Usage K_RESTRICT CHAR 
248 K_RTOHC_YEAR_FROM Starting Year for Activation GJAHR NUMC 
249 K_RTOHC_YEAR_TO Ending Year for Activation GJAHR NUMC 
250 K_SALDO Order balance in controlling-area currency WERTV8 CURR 
251 K_SKIP Relevance of Permit X CHAR 
252 K_SPERR Usage Block for Permits X CHAR 
253 K_STATUS_RECORD Status of a Database Record to be Updated K_STATUS_RECORD CHAR 
254 K_WAERS Transition matrix currency WAERS CUKY 
255 K_WIPBVA Valuation Variant for WIP AWBVA CHAR