SAP ABAP Data Element - Index S, page 47
Data Element - S
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 SODSDRFO Dereference all LDAP nodes except basic nodes SOC1 CHAR 
2 SODSHOST Host name of LDAP service SOC255 CHAR 
3 SODSHPLIM Maximum no. of LDAP services to be followed SOI INT4 
4 SODSIDX Sequence number for LDAP attribute names SONUMC NUMC 
6 SODSPORT Port number of LDAP service SOI INT4 
7 SODSRBND0 Execute new logon anonymously SOC1 CHAR 
8 SODSRBND1 Retain logon data SOC1 CHAR 
9 SODSRBNDP Select procedure to logon again SOI INT4 
10 SODSRFRLS Links to other LDAP services should be followed SOC1 CHAR 
11 SODSSIZE Max. no. of hits for search in LDAP service SOI INT4 
12 SODSTIME Time limit for search in LDAP service SOI INT4 
13 SODSTYPE Attribute type for LDAP service SOC255 CHAR 
14 SODSTYPONL Only read attribute types (w/o value) from LDAP service SOC1 CHAR 
15 SODSVRSN LDAP version number SOI INT4 
16 SODS_ATTR Attribute   INT4 
17 SODS_OP Relational Operator CHAR2 CHAR 
18 SODS_VAL Name of address CHAR35 CHAR 
19 SOEFF Public fund indicator JANEI CHAR 
20 SOEFFKL Indicator BAV opening clause JANEI CHAR 
21 SOEMSDAT Date on Which the Transfer Was Last Run DATUM DATS 
22 SOEMSDEX Data transport out of emergency system is active SO_FLAG CHAR 
23 SOEMSOFF Emergency system is off SO_FLAG CHAR 
24 SOEMSON Emergency system is on SO_FLAG CHAR 
25 SOEMSRFCD Emergency system destination RFCDEST CHAR 
26 SOEMSTIM Time at which the last transfer was run UZEIT TIMS 
27 SOEMSUSR Person responsible for last transfer SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
28 SOEMS_CLR Entries checked recently SO_FLAG CHAR 
29 SOEMS_REP Table should be replicated SO_FLAG CHAR 
30 SOEM_SYS Indicator for emergency system SO_FLAG CHAR 
31 SOEND End of planned working time UZEIT TIMS 
32 SOFAL Special cases CHAR3 CHAR 
33 SOFBT Amount Paid P05_BTI63 CURR 
34 SOFFR Free allowance SOF (Netherlands) BVBDR DEC 
35 SOFFS Length of list per page DEC06 DEC 
36 SOFIN SoFi Number NUM9 NUMC 
37 SOFL1 Sort field CHAR1 CHAR 
38 SOFMA SOF maximum (Netherlands) BVBDR DEC 
39 SOFODRCK Print letter immediately KENNZX CHAR 
40 SOGJA Spec. period (Year) GJAHR NUMC 
41 SOGRPNR Special group key number NUMC3 NUMC 
42 SOILT Healthcare company for ind. accidents and ind. disease COSOC CHAR 
43 SOITEMTXT Node item text on recipient list SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
44 SOKNT Special line account assignment share XFELD CHAR 
45 SOKTO Special line: Open target quantity XFELD CHAR 
46 SOKTR Special line: Release XFELD CHAR 
47 SOLFZ Special line for validity period in the case of outl. agmts. XFELD CHAR 
49 SOLGA Special wage type LGART CHAR 
50 SOLGEWGBND IS-M: Planned weight of containers GEWICHT QUAN 
51 SOLL1_UKSD Debit Amount Control Totals WERT8 CURR 
52 SOLLDT Planned Downtime DTVALUE DEC 
53 SOLLL Total of the Debit Postings in the Current Year WRTV8 CURR 
54 SOLLZ Planned working hours DEC03_2 DEC 
55 SOLL_BASIS Target Cost Basis for Results Analysis KKACHR1 CHAR 
56 SOLL_VERSN Target Cost Version COVERSI CHAR 
57 SOLMG Target Quantity in Stockkeeping Unit MENG13 QUAN 
58 SOLTE Deduction percentage for single persons w/o children NUM2 NUMC 
59 SOLV1_UKSD Control Totals: Debit Requirements WERT8 CURR 
60 SOL_DESCRIPTION Object Description TEXT120 CHAR 
61 SOMAX Maximum working time DEC2_2 DEC 
62 SOMB Postal Giro End Record/Total Amounts CHAR11 CHAR 
63 SOMG_D Postal Giro End Record/Account Number Total CHAR007 CHAR 
64 SOMIN Minimum working time DEC2_2 DEC 
65 SOMME Special line for units of measure XFELD CHAR 
66 SONAV SI Special Rule SI P011_SONSV CHAR 
67 SONBE Special stocks (T148M) SONBE CHAR 
68 SONDB Special stock allowed for the serial number XFELD CHAR 
69 SONDE Special payment provision SONDE CHAR 
70 SONDER_RP Special rules to be deleted CHAR1 CHAR 
71 SONDL Indicator for a special logic when creating SONDL CHAR 
72 SONFA Special Case for Calculating Garnishable Amount SONFA CHAR 
73 SONFB Special Case for Calculating Garnishable Amount SONFB CHAR 
74 SONFE Public holidays on Sunday NUM03 NUMC 
75 SONFL Special case for garnishment - field/block SONFL CHAR 
76 SONKL IS-H AT: Sonderklasse CHAR1 CHAR 
77 SONKV SI Special Rule HI P011_SONSV CHAR 
79 SONNTAGKZ Sunday flag CHAR1 CHAR 
80 SONPR Special Check for DEUEV P014_SONPR CHAR 
81 SONPV SI Special Rule CI P011_SONSV CHAR 
82 SONRE Special Rule for Capital Formation VWLSO CHAR 
83 SONRV SI Special Rule PI P011_SONSV CHAR 
84 SONSV Special SI rule P011_SONSV CHAR 
85 SONTX Social Insurance Special Rule Text TEXT15 CHAR 
86 SONVA Special variants TEXT20 CHAR 
87 SOPER_D Spec. period/carry-forward period CHAR3 CHAR 
88 SOPNET Indicator: Special reserves setting (net) XFELD CHAR 
89 SOPOB SOP - application area SOPOB CHAR 
90 SOPRA Special Case for Garnishment - Operation SOPER CHAR 
91 SOPRB Operand for Special Case Garnishment - Field/Block SOPRB CHAR 
92 SOPRC Interim Result SOPRC CHAR 
93 SOPSIZE Packet size SYST_LONG INT4 
94 SOPTAUS Exercise Type (American or European) SOPTAUS NUMC 
95 SOPTTYP Indicator: Option Category SOPTTYP NUMC 
96 SOPTVERT Indicator whether issuer or bond holder has option right SOPTVERT NUMC 
97 SOPZF_F150 Open items total with interest and dunn.charges in for.curr. WRTV8 CURR 
98 SOP_FLG Indicator: sub-operations FLG_OBJ CHAR 
99 SOQU_DAT Quota: Date that last calculation took place DATUM DATS 
100 SOQU_INCT Quota: Number of documents in inbox SOI INT4 
101 SOQU_OBLN Quota: Total size of all documents in private folders SO_OBJ_LEN CHAR 
102 SORDS Order status SORDS CHAR 
103 SORDT Order category SORDT CHAR 
104 SORDZ Order notation SORDZ CHAR 
105 SORF1 Sort sequence number in layout module NUMC10 NUMC 
106 SORFLD Database field FDNAME CHAR 
107 SORGAN Loan to manager indicator SORGAN NUMC 
108 SORGX Short text for organizational unit TEXT12 CHAR 
109 SORME Sorting the assigned elements NUM4 NUMC 
110 SORSU Special line for released/scheduled total XFELD CHAR 
111 SORT Sort order XFELD CHAR 
112 SORT1 Sort indicator 01 SORT1 CHAR 
113 SORT2 Sort indicator 02 SORT2 CHAR 
114 SORT20 Sort field CHAR20 CHAR 
115 SORTA Sort type (ascending/descending) SORTA CHAR 
116 SORTAB Alternative data source for allocation AS4TAB CHAR 
117 SORTB Sort string SORTB CHAR 
118 SORTC Sort criterion for items without an item number SORTF CHAR 
119 SORTCHAR Sequence of sort criteria CHAR9 CHAR 
120 SORTDISK Sort disk CHAR14 CHAR 
121 SORTE Display sorted by organization levels XFELD CHAR 
122 SORTF Sort sequence CHAR2 CHAR 
123 SORTF4 Sort sequence CHAR4 CHAR 
124 SORTFELD Object List Sort Field CHAR20 CHAR 
125 SORTFIELD Sort sequence NUM2 NUMC 
129 SORTFLD Sort field for geographical units CHAR15 CHAR 
130 SORTFLDS Sort field with length of 30 TEXT30 CHAR 
131 SORTHEAP Heap size for sort list in 4KB pages   CHAR 
132 SORTI Sort Term for Non-Stock Info Records CHAR10 CHAR 
133 SORTIERTI Status text elements SORTIERTI CHAR 
134 SORTIERTS Help field for text sort sequence ... SORTIERTS CHAR 
135 SORTIMT Assortment object, IS-R Listing WSORT CHAR 
136 SORTINDEX Sort sequence for characteristics ZAEHK NUMC 
137 SORTING Sort Sequence TEXT18 CHAR 
138 SORTK Header Sort Field CHAR4 CHAR 
140 SORTKENNZ1 Sort key for 1st hierarchy level SORTKENNZ CHAR 
141 SORTKENNZ2 Sort key for 2nd hierarchy level SORTKENNZ CHAR 
142 SORTKENNZ3 Sort key for 3rd hierarchy level SORTKENNZ CHAR 
143 SORTKEY Order of sort sequence CHAR11 CHAR 
144 SORTKRI Sort Criterion CHAR20 CHAR 
145 SORTKRIT Sequence of sort criteria SORTKRIT CHAR 
147 SORTKZTEXT Sort key text TEXT30 CHAR 
148 SORTL Sort field CHAR10 CHAR 
149 SORTL2 IS-M: Sort Field 2 (for Internal Use) CHAR20 CHAR 
150 SORTL3 IS-M: Sort field 3 (internal) TEXT30 CHAR 
151 SORTL_BAS Sort field CHAR10 CHAR 
152 SORTM Sort mode NUM2 NUMC 
153 SORTMEM Sort memory CHAR14 CHAR 
154 SORTMODE Display Jobs Sorted Alphabetically CHAR1 CHAR 
155 SORTN Sort number NUM4 NUMC 
156 SORTNR Sort number SORT NUMC 
157 SORTNUM Sequence indicator for sort SORTNUM CHAR 
158 SORTP Sort String CHAR10 CHAR 
159 SORTPARTLI Alphabetical sorting of attendee list CHAR1_X CHAR 
160 SORTP_CL Sort string CHAR10 CHAR 
162 SORTROWS Sort rows CHAR14 CHAR 
163 SORTS Number of sorts since connect   CHAR 
164 SORTT Description of the sort string TEXT40 CHAR 
165 SORTTEXT Text for Report-Specific Sort Sequences TEXT70 CHAR 
166 SORTTEXT2 Sort criteria CHAR11 CHAR 
167 SORTTIME Elapsed time spent in sorts (milliseconds)   CHAR 
169 SORTZW Sort according to register number KENNZX CHAR 
172 SORT_DOWN Sort descending   CHAR 
173 SORT_FELD Sort sequence CHAR1 CHAR 
175 SORT_KEY Sequence of sort criteria CHAR7 CHAR 
176 SORT_KEY8 Sort sequence CHAR7 CHAR 
178 SORT_PAGE New page for each new sort group CHAR7 CHAR 
179 SORT_RP Sort list by existing features CHAR6 CHAR 
182 SORT_RP4 Sort by ... CHAR30 CHAR 
183 SORT_RP5 Printout sorted by ... CHAR30 CHAR 
184 SORT_STR Sequence of sort criteria CHAR10 CHAR 
185 SORT_SUM Output options CHAR4 CHAR 
186 SORT_TPAER Sequence in which partners are determined in the sales doc. NUMC2 NUMC 
187 SORT_VHART Sort Sequence for Displaying Handling Unit NUMC4 NUMC 
188 SORWE Special line: Outline agreement range of coverage XFELD CHAR 
189 SOSTA Special form for scale determination SOSTA CHAR 
191 SOST_STATUS_ACTIVE Send Status: Status Flag In Processing by Send Process BCS_BOOL CHAR 
192 SOST_STATUS_DIRECT Send Status: Status Flag Waiting for Direct Send BCS_BOOL CHAR 
193 SOST_STATUS_ERROR Send Status: Status Flag Errors BCS_BOOL CHAR 
194 SOST_STATUS_FUTURE Send Status: Status Flag Send in Future BCS_BOOL CHAR 
195 SOST_STATUS_INCONS Send Status: Status Flag Inconsistent BCS_BOOL CHAR 
196 SOST_STATUS_OK Send Status: Status Flag Transmitted BCS_BOOL CHAR 
197 SOST_STATUS_RETRY Send Status: Status Flag Retry BCS_BOOL CHAR 
198 SOST_STATUS_TRANSIT Send Status: Status Flag Sent BCS_BOOL CHAR 
199 SOST_STATUS_WAIT Send Status: Status Flag Waiting BCS_BOOL CHAR 
200 SOSUB Special line for collective number XFELD CHAR 
201 SOTAB Description of tab title for tabstrip control SO_TEXT006 CHAR 
202 SOTEXT Switch: Enter Object Text NUM1_01 NUMC 
203 SOTR_ALIAS Unique Alias Name for OTR Concept SYCHAR50 CHAR 
204 SOTR_CATGY Vector of Assigned Categories   RAW 
205 SOTR_CATY Semantic Category in OTR   CHAR 
207 SOTR_CNTRY OTR Context: Country/Localization LAND1 CHAR 
208 SOTR_CONAT User-Defined Context Attribute for the OTR   CHAR 
209 SOTR_CONC Key for Logical Object in the OTR SYSUUID_C CHAR 
210 SOTR_CVEC Flag Bar for Various Context Instantiations   CHAR 
211 SOTR_LENG Length of a Text in the OTR NUM3 NUMC 
212 SOTR_LOIO Logical Key for an OTR Object SOTR_LOIO CHAR 
213 SOTR_LVEC Language Vector in the OTR   CHAR 
214 SOTR_MIME Mime Type for SOTR Strings   CHAR 
215 SOTR_NUM Sequence Number in the OTR   NUMC 
216 SOTR_OBJC Key for Physical Object in the OTR SYSUUID_C CHAR 
217 SOTR_OBJEC Object Type Supported by the OTR OBJECT CHAR 
218 SOTR_OBJID Vector of Object Types   RAW 
219 SOTR_REL Release in the OTR (Basis Release/Add-On Release) IWEXTREL CHAR 
220 SOTR_SLENG Length of String in the OTR   INT2 
221 SOTR_STAT Status of an OTR Entry CHAR01 CHAR 
222 SOTR_T60 Text Field in the OTR with a Length of 60 Characters SOTR_T60 CHAR 
223 SOTR_TRALA OTR Translation Class   CHAR 
224 SOTR_TRALG Language Vector for Translation Administration   RAW 
225 SOTR_TXT Text Field in the OTR SOTR_TXT CHAR 
226 SOTR_TXTL Long Text in the OTR (String) SOTR_TXTL STRG 
227 SOTR_TXTYP Type of Referenced Texts SOTR_TXTYP CHAR 
228 SOTR_VERS Release Version   NUMC 
229 SOTR_XTND OTR Context: Enhancement IWEXTID CHAR 
230 SOTXT_D Description of special stock TEXT20 CHAR 
231 SOUML Special line for physical stock transfer XFELD CHAR 
232 SOURC Component 709: Source field SOURC CHAR 
233 SOURCE Text for Screen 3000 TEXT25 CHAR 
234 SOUTPUTTYPE Summarization: Output control SOUTPUTTYPE NUMC 
235 SOWRO Special line for open quantity/open value XFELD CHAR 
236 SOWRS Special line for total quantity/total value XFELD CHAR 
237 SOWRT Target value for Incentive Wages PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
238 SOXPIRYDAT Expiry date related to UTC (GMT) SYDATS DATS 
239 SOXPIRYTIM Expiry time related to UTC (GMT) SYTIME TIMS 
240 SOZWO Special line: Open target value XFELD CHAR 
241 SOZWS Special Line: Total Target Value XFELD CHAR 
242 SO_400_DDA Addresses: X.400 freely definable part SO_TEXT253 CHAR 
243 SO_400_FNM Addresses: X.400 first name SO_TEXT016 CHAR 
244 SO_400_GEN Addresses: X.400 generation SO_TEXT003 CHAR 
245 SO_400_INI Addresses: X.400 initials SO_TEXT005 CHAR 
246 SO_400_LAN SAPoffice: X.400 country codes for SAPcomm SO_TEXT003 CHAR 
247 SO_400_LNM Addresses: X.400 last name SO_TEXT040 CHAR 
248 SO_400_MIN Addresses: X.400 initials, middle letter SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
249 SO_400_OR1 Addresses: X.400 organization 1 CHAR32 CHAR 
250 SO_400_OR2 Addresses: X.400 organization2 CHAR32 CHAR 
251 SO_400_OR3 Addresses: X.400 organization3 CHAR32 CHAR 
252 SO_400_OR4 Addresses: X.400 organization4 CHAR32 CHAR 
253 SO_400_ORG Addresses: X.400 organization CHAR64 CHAR 
254 SO_400_SDA SAPoffice: X.400 DDA for SAPcomm X.400 interface CHAR256 CHAR 
255 SO_400_TID Addresses: X.400 terminal ID CHAR24 CHAR 
256 SO_400_TTP SAPoffice: Terminal type for SAPcomm X.400 ID SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
257 SO_400_UAI SAPoffice: user agent ID for SAPcomm (X.400 address) SO_TEXT032 CHAR 
258 SO_400_X12 Addresses: X.400 X.121 telecommunications address CHAR15 CHAR 
259 SO_400_X21 SAPoffice: X.121 network address for SAPcomm SO_TEXT015 CHAR 
260 SO_AAN_AC Automatic reply to ToDo objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
261 SO_AAN_AE Automatic reply to objects with reply required SO_FLAG CHAR 
262 SO_AAN_AL Automatic reply to all incoming objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
263 SO_AAN_CC Automatic reply to company confidential objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
264 SO_AAN_CO Automatic reply to confidential objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
265 SO_AAN_EE Automatic reply to ToDo objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
266 SO_AAN_EX Automatic reply to express objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
267 SO_AAN_FC Automatic reply to functional objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
268 SO_AAN_NO Automatic reply: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
269 SO_AAN_PR Automatic reply to private objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
270 SO_AAN_RR Automatic reply to objects which require a reply SO_FLAG CHAR 
271 SO_AAN_TP Automatic Reply: Object Type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
272 SO_AAN_YR Automatic reply: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
273 SO_ABUFB2 Function for deleting address buffer of all appl. servers CUA_BUTTON CHAR 
274 SO_ABUFHR Time period after which the address buffer is deleted SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
275 SO_ACALL ToDo by all recipients SO_FLAG CHAR 
276 SO_ACCNT Number of cost centers in list SO_NUM5 NUMC 
277 SO_ACC_CHG Change authorization for documents in the folder SO_FLAG CHAR 
278 SO_ACC_DIS Display authorization for folder and documents SO_FLAG CHAR 
279 SO_ACC_HDR Change authorization for folders and distribution lists SO_FLAG CHAR 
280 SO_ACC_MLN Number of unread mails of a SAPoffice user SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
281 SO_ACC_NAM SAPaccess: Name of a SAPoffice user SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
282 SO_ACINP ToDo: status SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
283 SO_ACMEM Process: memory ID SO_ACMEM CHAR 
284 SO_ACNAM Execute: Name of Report, FM, DB, TCode SO_ACNAM CHAR 
285 SO_ACONE ToDo by one of the recipients in the group SO_CNT1 RAW 
286 SO_ACONEN ToDo by one of the recipients in the group SO_NUM3 NUMC 
287 SO_ACOUT ToDo: To Be Completed Outside SAPoffice SO_FLAG CHAR 
289 SO_ACTEXT Authorizations for shared folders SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
290 SO_ACTII Reverse sort: first Done, then ToDo SO_FLAG CHAR 
291 SO_ACTIN Standard sort: first ToDo, then Done SO_FLAG CHAR 
292 SO_ACT_DAY ToDo in ... days SO_CNT2 RAW 
293 SO_ADBUFCL Time stamp for invalidation of buffered addresses SYTSTP NUMC 
294 SO_ADBUFIV No. of hours (interval) before invalidation of addr. buffer SO_BUFIVT NUMC 
296 SO_ADMNAME Name of Unix mail administrator (incoming Internet mail) USERNAME CHAR 
297 SO_ADM_DOM Addresses: X.400 administration domain SO_TEXT016 CHAR 
298 SO_ADM_NO User with maintenance authorization: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
299 SO_ADM_TP User with maintenance authorization: object type from the ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
300 SO_ADM_YR User with maintenance authorization: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
301 SO_ADR SAPoffice: external address (variable) SO_EXTADR CHAR 
302 SO_ADRESS Inbound distribution: Recipient address (also BOR objects) SO_ADR110 CHAR 
303 SO_ADRNAM Name in address management SO_STRI035 CHAR 
304 SO_ADRNAM2 Full name SO_STRI035 CHAR 
305 SO_ADRNAME SAPoffice: Recipient name SO_STRI035 CHAR 
306 SO_ADRNR Number of internal private address ADRNR CHAR 
307 SO_ADRTP Receive ext.: address type (ADR,&X4,&SS, etc.) SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
308 SO_ADR_ADR Address String of BAS Address SO_STRI241 CHAR 
309 SO_ADR_ALI SAPoffice: other (internal) address name SO_TEXT256 CHAR 
310 SO_ADR_EXT The user has an active external address. SO_FLAG CHAR 
311 SO_ADR_NR Addresses: Address Number ADRNR CHAR 
312 SO_ADR_RT Addresses: Recipient type, indicator for mailing system SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
313 SO_ADR_SEL SAPoffice: selection of recipient addresses SO_FLAG CHAR 
314 SO_ADR_TYP SAPoffice: type of address SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
315 SO_ALLSET All authorizations have been set, incl. max. recipients SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
316 SO_ALL_CNT SAPoffice: No. of documents in a folder SYST_LONG INT4 
317 SO_ANSWI Reverse sort: First reply sent, then no reply sent SO_FLAG CHAR 
318 SO_ANSWN Standard sort: First no reply sent, then reply sent SO_FLAG CHAR 
319 SO_ANSWRED Number of people who have replied SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
320 SO_APPL Abbreviation for an application SO_APPL CHAR 
321 SO_ARCHI The document is stored in archive SO_FLAG CHAR 
322 SO_ARCHIV Authorization for moving to archive SO_FLAG CHAR 
323 SO_ARSENEX Do not send automatic reply for external mails SO_FLAG CHAR 
324 SO_AR_ACTV SAPoffice: Flag: Automatic reply active SO_FLAG CHAR 
325 SO_ASYNCH Document is to be sent asynchronously SO_FLAG CHAR 
326 SO_ATTCNT Number of attachments SO_INT4 INT4 
327 SO_ATTLEN Total size of attachments SO_INT4 INT4 
328 SO_ATTRI Attribute Name for Source Object Criterion SO_STRI035 CHAR 
329 SO_ATTRIB Attributes of send operation SO_TEXT050 CHAR 
330 SO_ATT_FIX Send attributes should not be changed on the screen SO_FLAG CHAR 
331 SO_ATT_ID ID of an attachment for the API SO_ATT_ID CHAR 
332 SO_ATT_LEN Total size of all attachments to a document SO_OBJ_LEN CHAR 
333 SO_ATT_SIZ Size of attachment SO_DOC_SIZ CHAR 
334 SO_ATT_TXT Number of attachments SO_STRI012 CHAR 
335 SO_ATT_TYP Object type of an attachment SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
336 SO_AUANS Substitute can access automatic replies SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
337 SO_AUSER Substitute can maintain user SO_FLAG CHAR 
338 SO_AUSSL Substitute can access subscription list SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
339 SO_AUTFOR SAPoffice: Automatic forwarding SO_FLAG CHAR 
340 SO_AUTFOR1 SAPoffice: Automatic forwarding and deletion in inbox SO_FLAG CHAR 
341 SO_AUTOFOR Flag indicating whether automatic reply is defined SO_FLAG CHAR 
342 SO_AUTORPL Display whether automatic reply is defined SO_FLAG CHAR 
343 SO_AUT_ANL Authorization: Attachments SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
344 SO_AUT_CON Authorization: contents SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
345 SO_AUT_EXT Authorization to send externally SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
346 SO_AUT_E_P No external sending of confidential documents SO_FLAG CHAR 
347 SO_AUT_FOL Authorizations for shared folders SO_FOL_AUT CHAR 
348 SO_AUT_FPR Authorization: print folder SO_FLAG CHAR 
349 SO_AUT_HDL Authorization: header SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
350 SO_AUT_HYL Authorization: hyperlink SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
351 SO_AUT_INT Authorization: send internally SO_FLAG CHAR 
352 SO_AUT_IOE Authorization: internal/external SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
353 SO_AUT_NAM Name of entry in authorization list for shared folders USERNAME CHAR 
354 SO_AUT_NO Authorization list: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
355 SO_AUT_NOT Authorization: notes SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
356 SO_AUT_OBH Authorization: object header SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
357 SO_AUT_OBJ Authorization: object SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
358 SO_AUT_PAS Authorization: password SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
359 SO_AUT_PRI Authorization: print SO_FLAG CHAR 
360 SO_AUT_SENDER Authorization for Display Send Requests (Sender) SO_AUT_SENDER CHAR 
361 SO_AUT_SOH Authorization: SAPoffice header SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
362 SO_AUT_TP Authorization list: Type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
363 SO_AUT_TRA Authorization: transaction SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
364 SO_AUT_YR Authorization list: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
365 SO_BCOPY Substitute can access blind copies SO_FLAG CHAR 
366 SO_BD_CRDA SAPoffice: Date body part was created DATUM DATS 
367 SO_BD_CRTI SAPoffice: Time when body part was created UZEIT TIMS 
368 SO_BD_NUM Number of lines of the object contents in an object packet SO_PCKLINE NUMC 
369 SO_BD_STRT Start line of object contents in an object packet SO_PCKLINE NUMC 
370 SO_BODY_TP SAPoffice: body part type (send externally) SO_BD_TP CHAR 
371 SO_BPT_NO Backward pointer for correspondence: Number from ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
372 SO_BPT_TP Backward Pointer for Correspondence: Object Type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
373 SO_BPT_YR Backward pointer for correspondence: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
374 SO_CALEN Day on which the week begins SO_CALEN CHAR 
375 SO_CAL_F Change factory calendar SO_FLAG CHAR 
376 SO_CCCNT Number of company codes in the list SO_NUM5 NUMC 
377 SO_CCO_NO Change copy: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
378 SO_CCO_TP Change copy: object type from the ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
379 SO_CCO_YR Change copy: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
380 SO_CHADNAM Address name of last person to make changes SO_STRI035 CHAR 
381 SO_CHANGER SAPoffice: last user who changed object to be sent SO_ADDRESS CHAR 
382 SO_CHAN_ID SAPoffice: Last changed by: ID SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
383 SO_CHAR36 SAPoffice: Text field for popup SO_TEXT036 CHAR 
384 SO_CHARGE Send externally: transmission charges SO_TEXT006 CHAR 
385 SO_CHATSEN Change options for document after sending SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
386 SO_CHATTEX Change options for documents after sending SO_TEXT050 CHAR 
387 SO_CHA_ALL Document may be changed by all users SO_FLAG CHAR 
388 SO_CHA_AUT Document May only Be Changed by Author SO_FLAG CHAR 
389 SO_CHA_DAT SAPoffice: Date object/user was last changed DATUM DATS 
390 SO_CHA_NAM SAPoffice: Last changed by: Full name SO_STRI035 CHAR 
391 SO_CHA_NOT Document Cannot Be Changed SO_FLAG CHAR 
392 SO_CHA_OBJ Suitability of attachment for change SO_TEXT020 CHAR 
393 SO_CHA_TIM SAPoffice: Time when object/user was last changed UZEIT TIMS 
394 SO_CHK_INB Check that object exists SO_FLAG CHAR 
395 SO_CHNG_IN Change print parameters SO_FLAG CHAR 
396 SO_CHO_ADN Office name of last person to change user SO_SADRNAM CHAR 
397 SO_CHO_ADR Address name of last person to make changes SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
399 SO_CHO_NO User that changed the object: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
400 SO_CHO_TP User that changed the object: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
401 SO_CHO_YR User that changed the object: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
402 SO_CLNT_F Flag for changing the create authorization for group folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
403 SO_COMM_ID Communications ID for this external send operation SO_SC_ID CHAR 
404 SO_COMTYPE Communication method SO_COMTYPE CHAR 
405 SO_COM_ART SAPoffice: Communication method SO_COM_ART CHAR 
406 SO_COM_MOD Valid communication methods SO_COM_MOD CHAR 
407 SO_CONT SAPoffice: Storage information SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
408 SO_CONT_RD SAPoffice: View contents SO_FLAG CHAR 
409 SO_CONVERT SAPoffice: Conversion exit after matchcode selection CHAR5 CHAR 
410 SO_COUNT Sequence number for large tables COUNTING NUMC 
411 SO_COUNTER Receive externally: counter for copy list members SO_CNT2 RAW 
412 SO_CO_NAME Addresses: company name SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
413 SO_CP_LIST Appears in the recipient list as a recipient SO_FLAG CHAR 
414 SO_CRADNAM Address name of creator SO_STRI035 CHAR 
415 SO_CRADR Address name of author SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
416 SO_CRCLFOL SAPoffice: Create authorization for client folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
417 SO_CREANAM SAPoffice: Full name of creator SO_STRI035 CHAR 
418 SO_CREATOR Creator for MacIntosh-based files SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
419 SO_CREA_ID SAPoffice: ID of the creator of an object or user SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
420 SO_CREA_NP Not possible to create this type via Office interface SO_FLAG CHAR 
421 SO_CREDAT SAPoffice: Date of creation of object DATUM DATS 
422 SO_CRETIM SAPoffice: time at which the object was created UZEIT TIMS 
423 SO_CRE_DAT SAPoffice: Date when object/user was created DATUM DATS 
424 SO_CRE_TIM SAPoffice: Time when object/user was created UZEIT TIMS 
425 SO_CRFAD Authorization to create cost-center-wide folders SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
426 SO_CRFAD_P Authorization to create cost-center-wide folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
427 SO_CRFCC Authorization to create company-code-wide folders SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
428 SO_CRFCC_P Authorization to create company-code-wide folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
429 SO_CRFCL Authorization to create client folders SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
430 SO_CRFCL_P Authorization to create client-wide folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
431 SO_CRFDP Authorization to create department-wide folders SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
432 SO_CRFDP_P Authorization to create department-wide folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
433 SO_CRFGR Authorization to create group folders SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
434 SO_CRFGR_P Authorization to create group folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
435 SO_CRFPL Authorization to create plant-wide folders SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
436 SO_CRFPL_P Authorization to create plant-wide folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
437 SO_CRGDL Authorization to create shared distribution lists SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
438 SO_CRGDL_P Create auth. for shared distribution lists in profile SO_FLAG CHAR 
439 SO_CRGRFOL SAPoffice: Create authorization for group folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
440 SO_CRO_ADN Address name of creator of user SO_SADRNAM CHAR 
441 SO_CRO_ADR Address name of creator SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
443 SO_CRO_NO User that created object: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
444 SO_CRO_TP User who created object: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
445 SO_CRO_YR User that created object: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
446 SO_C_BLIND Number of people with a blind copy SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
447 SO_C_COPY Number of people with a copy SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
448 SO_C_DONE Number of people who have acted upon the document SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
449 SO_C_EXP Number of people who have received the document per express SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
450 SO_C_PROC Number of people by whom the document is being processed SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
451 SO_C_READ Number of people who have viewed the document SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
452 SO_C_REC Number of people who have received the document SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
453 SO_C_TO_DO Number of people who must take action (ToDo) SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
454 SO_DAT_AB Date from when the automatic reply is active DATUM DATS 
455 SO_DAT_AC Date by which action is to be taken on the received document DATUM DATS 
456 SO_DAT_AE Date up to which automatic reply is active DATUM DATS 
457 SO_DAT_AT Date on which action was taken DATUM DATS 
458 SO_DAT_CH Date of Last Change DATUM DATS 
459 SO_DAT_CR Date created DATUM DATS 
460 SO_DAT_DL Document Expiration Date DATUM DATS 
461 SO_DAT_FOR Date forwarded DATUM DATS 
462 SO_DAT_FRM Time restriction: Start time DATUM DATS 
463 SO_DAT_FW Date on which document was forwarded DATUM DATS 
464 SO_DAT_IN Date on which document was received DATUM DATS 
465 SO_DAT_IP Date when document was received DATUM DATS 
466 SO_DAT_LA Date of last access DATUM DATS 
467 SO_DAT_LAS Last access to SAPoffice by substitute DATUM DATS 
468 SO_DAT_LGA Last access to a shared folder by the user DATUM DATS 
469 SO_DAT_LOA Last access to SAPoffice by user DATUM DATS 
470 SO_DAT_LPA Last access of a private folder by user DATUM DATS 
471 SO_DAT_NS Date for the function 'New since:...' DATUM DATS 
472 SO_DAT_OU Date on which document was sent DATUM DATS 
473 SO_DAT_RB Date On Which The Object Was Resubmitted DATUM DATS 
474 SO_DAT_RBB Start of resubmission: Date DATUM DATS 
475 SO_DAT_RBE End of resubmission: date DATUM DATS 
476 SO_DAT_RC Date document was received DATUM DATS 
477 SO_DAT_RD Date on which the sent document was read DATUM DATS 
478 SO_DAT_RDF Resubmission date of forwarded document DATUM DATS 
479 SO_DAT_RR A reply to the document must be sent by the specified date DATUM DATS 
480 SO_DAT_RS A reply to the document was sent on the specified date. DATUM DATS 
481 SO_DAT_RSL Lead time of the resubmission in days SO_COUNT1 NUMC 
482 SO_DAT_RUN Date Entered DATUM DATS 
483 SO_DAT_SB Start date for substitution or automatic forwarding DATUM DATS 
484 SO_DAT_SD Date On Which Object Was Sent DATUM DATS 
485 SO_DAT_SD1 Date object was sent DATUM DATS 
486 SO_DAT_SE End date for substitution or automatic forwarding DATUM DATS 
487 SO_DAT_TO Time restriction: End date DATUM DATS 
488 SO_DAT_VLA Second last access of user to SAPoffice DATUM DATS 
489 SO_DAYS Length of validity period in days NUMC2 NUMC 
490 SO_DEFEXP Default expiry time for document SO_NUM3 NUMC 
491 SO_DEFLT Document class is preset in the Business Workplace SO_FLAG CHAR 
492 SO_DEF_LAD Default for last access date (last changed) SO_NUM3 NUMC 
493 SO_DEF_TYP SAPoffice: Default type for creating a message SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
494 SO_DELFOIB Delete document from inbox after forwarding SO_FLAG CHAR 
495 SO_DELI SAPoffice: Deliver to recipient anyway? SO_FLAG CHAR 
496 SO_DELTR No. of days after which documents are deleted from trash SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
497 SO_DELTRSH No. of calendar days after which doc. is deleted from trash SO_TEXT003 CHAR 
498 SO_DEL_AC SAPoffice: delete ToDo objects - no action taken SO_FLAG CHAR 
499 SO_DEL_ACM SAPoffice: del. ToDo objects (no action taken) with message SO_FLAG CHAR 
500 SO_DEL_ALL Object Can Be Deleted by All Users with an Application SO_FLAG CHAR