SAP ABAP Data Element - Index S, page 10
Data Element - S
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 SA_BWARTSC Movement type for scrap BWART CHAR 
2 SA_BWARTWA Movement type for goods issue BWART CHAR 
3 SA_BWARTWE Movement type for goods receipt BWART CHAR 
4 SA_BWAWAM Movement type for GI - individual stock of sales order BWART CHAR 
5 SA_BWAWAMS Mtype f. reversing GI of individual stock of sales order BWART CHAR 
6 SA_BWAWEM Movement type for GR for individual sales order BWART CHAR 
7 SA_BWAWEMS Movement type for reversing GR of individual sales order BWART CHAR 
8 SA_BWRTCOS Movement type for reversing by-product BWART CHAR 
9 SA_BWRTSCS Movement type for reversing scrap BWART CHAR 
10 SA_BWRTWAS Movement type for reversing goods issue BWART CHAR 
11 SA_BWRTWES Movement type for reversing goods receipt BWART CHAR 
12 SA_CHAPTER SAP Solution Manager: Chapter   CHAR 
13 SA_CHARG Receiving batch for repetitive manufacturing CHARG CHAR 
14 SA_CHKOPT PS master data compare reports: object checking options SA_CHKOPT CHAR 
15 SA_CLASS Access class SA_TEXT004 CHAR 
16 SA_COKEX Ind.: cost collector only valid for this production type XFELD CHAR 
17 SA_COKEY Search logic for cost collector SA_COKEY CHAR 
18 SA_COMP Compress work process display XFELD CHAR 
19 SA_COMPARE_STATUS_ICON Compare status icon TEXT30 CHAR 
21 SA_DAT04 Start date for production DATUM DATS 
22 SA_DAT05 Finish date for production DATUM DATS 
23 SA_DATP Production period DATUM DATS 
24 SA_DATPF Production period (production order view) DATUM DATS 
25 SA_DATPM Period of production (assembly order view) DATUM DATS 
26 SA_DB To-Date: For Period of Examination in RS Header Maintenance HORBI INT4 
27 SA_DDDAT Name of response structure SA_TEXT004 CHAR 
28 SA_DDREQ Name of request structure SA_TEXT004 CHAR 
29 SA_DDSEL Name of selection structure SA_TEXT004 CHAR 
30 SA_DESCR Description SA_TEXT050 CHAR 
31 SA_DETAIL Document log: Detailed information XFELD CHAR 
32 SA_DETAIL1 Partial documents in document log XFELD CHAR 
33 SA_DETAIL2 User-defined detailed information for document log XFELD CHAR 
34 SA_DISPO MRP controller of the run schedule header DISPO CHAR 
36 SA_DYNGR Screen group for run schedule headers BP_DYNP CHAR 
37 SA_EDATB Withdrawal date DATUM DATS 
38 SA_EDATV Withdrawal date DATUM DATS 
39 SA_EENKZ End withdrawal indicator XFELD CHAR 
40 SA_ELIKZ Final delivery indicator for repetitive manufacturing XFELD CHAR 
41 SA_ELORT Replenishment storage location for pull list LGORT CHAR 
42 SA_ELPRO Proposed issue storage location for components LGORT CHAR 
43 SA_ENART Withdrawal type SA_ENART CHAR 
44 SA_EQUAN Proposed quantity for stock transfer from pull list MENG13 QUAN 
45 SA_ERDAT Created on DATUM DATS 
46 SA_ERFME Unit of measure for backflush quantity and for actual scrap MEINS UNIT 
47 SA_ERFMG Backflush quantity in repetitive manufacturing MENG13 QUAN 
48 SA_ERFOLG Stocks sequence for the withdrawal NUM02 NUMC 
49 SA_ERNAM Created by USNAM CHAR 
50 SA_ERUKZ Final backflush indicator XFELD CHAR 
51 SA_EVAL_DOVOBJ Data Element for Object ID in Solar Reporting CHAR70 CHAR 
52 SA_EXCEP Exception message in the pull list SA_EXCEP CHAR 
53 SA_FCODE Function code FCODE CHAR 
54 SA_FIELD PS Master data compare reports: check field SA_CHKOPTX CHAR 
55 SA_FLDNAM SAPaccess: field name of a DDIC structure SA_TEXT030 CHAR 
56 SA_FLDNN Value field for planning FLDNN CHAR 
57 SA_FLKZD Indicator: Post production activities XFELD CHAR 
58 SA_FLKZH Production activities in the background (worklist) SA_FLKZH CHAR 
59 SA_FLKZS Production activity posting in worklist XFELD CHAR 
60 SA_FTYPK Indicator: Selection of KANBAN production type XFELD CHAR 
61 SA_FTYPL Indicator: Selection of production type production lot XFELD CHAR 
62 SA_FTYPM Selection of production type: make-to-order production XFELD CHAR 
63 SA_FTYPS Selection of production type: make-to-stock production XFELD CHAR 
64 SA_FUNCT Distribution function CY_FUNC CHAR 
65 SA_GAMNG Total run schedule header quantity MENG13 QUAN 
66 SA_GJAHR Fiscal year SA_TEXT004 CHAR 
67 SA_GRUND Reason for scrap CO_AGRND CHAR 
68 SA_GTIME Total runtime UZEIT TIMS 
69 SA_HNAME Group of production lines CHAR10 CHAR 
70 SA_HV Period from: for period of examination in repetitive mfg HORVO INT4 
71 SA_IAPMG Actuals for the current period MENGV13 QUAN 
72 SA_IGNORE_GLATT Indicator: Ignore Global Attribute CHAR1 CHAR 
73 SA_IMGTX Text: actuals TEXT10 CHAR 
74 SA_INDEX Original index INT4 INT4 
76 SA_INTLNG SAPaccess: internal length of a field SA_TEXT003 CHAR 
77 SA_ISKANB Indicator: Kanban part XFELD CHAR 
78 SA_IVPMG Actuals for the previous period MENGV13 QUAN 
79 SA_KAPKZD Indicator: Reduce capacity requirements XFELD CHAR 
80 SA_KAPKZH Capacity reduction in the background (worklist) SA_KAPKZH CHAR 
81 SA_KAPKZS Reducing capacity requirements in the worklist XFELD CHAR 
82 SA_KEYAC Access Type SA_TEXT001 CHAR 
83 SA_KKORR Indicator: no correction of discrepancies RBUTTON CHAR 
84 SA_KLASSE Record type group SA_KLASSE NUMC 
85 SA_KNOTE Nodes in a work center hierarchy ARBPL CHAR 
86 SA_KORRNZ Indicator: correction of discrepancies optional RBUTTON CHAR 
87 SA_KORRZ Indicator: correct discrepancies RBUTTON CHAR 
88 SA_KRIT1 Description for Repetitive Manufacturing TEXT20 CHAR 
89 SA_KTEXT Description of Run Schedule Header TEXT40 CHAR 
90 SA_KZKANB Indicator: Kanban parts not taken into account XFELD CHAR 
91 SA_KZMISS Ind.: display missing quantities only XFELD CHAR 
92 SA_KZNETTO Indicator: take existing warehouse stock into account XFELD CHAR 
93 SA_KZPEONL Only include orders that are relevant for production XFELD CHAR 
94 SA_LABOR Activity backflush to product cost collector SA_LABOR CHAR 
95 SA_LANGU SAPaccess: Language Key SPRAS LANG 
96 SA_LBOFF No activity posting RBUTTON CHAR 
97 SA_LBSTD_P Post standard activities according to standard cost estimate RBUTTON CHAR 
98 SA_LEVEL Planning level in repetitive manufacturing CHAR2 CHAR 
99 SA_LFZBG Start of the Period to Be Evaluated DATUM DATS 
100 SA_LFZEN End of the period of examination DATUM DATS 
101 SA_LIGHT Monitor processes XFELD CHAR 
102 SA_LINE1 Production line for repetitive manufacturing ARBPL CHAR 
103 SA_LINE2 Production line 2 for repetitive manufacturing ARBPL CHAR 
104 SA_LINES SAPaccess: text field SA_TEXT255 CHAR 
105 SA_LINS Accessing the planning table via a work center hierarchy RBUTTON CHAR 
106 SA_LINSK Line selection appears when accessing the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
107 SA_LMNGA Total quantity confirmed at a reporting point MENGV13 QUAN 
108 SA_LOEKZ Deletion indicator XFELD CHAR 
109 SA_LOSBS Upper value of the lot-size interval MENG13 QUAN 
110 SA_LOSVN Lower value of the lot-size interval MENG13 QUAN 
111 SA_MATNAUT Switch "Variant matrix does not appear automatically XFELD CHAR 
112 SA_MATNR Material number MATNR CHAR 
113 SA_MATSK Material selection appears when accessing the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
114 SA_MBDTER Completion date in independent reqmts display in pull list DATS DATS 
115 SA_MIMETYPE SAP Solution Manager: Mime Type   CHAR 
116 SA_MISSQ Missing quantity MENG13 QUAN 
117 SA_MLNR SAPaccess: number of unviewed messages SA_TEXT004 CHAR 
118 SA_MMGTX Text: backflush quantity TEXT10 CHAR 
119 SA_MNG01 Quantity received or quantity required MENGV13 QUAN 
120 SA_MNG03 Quantity of goods received MENG13 QUAN 
121 SA_MNG04 Scrap quantity MENG13 QUAN 
122 SA_MNG05 Goods receipt quantity to date MENG13 QUAN 
123 SA_MNG06 Actual scrap quantity to date MENG13 QUAN 
124 SA_MRPPP Planning calendar identification MRPPP CHAR 
125 SA_NBDMG Net requirements quantity for material provision MENG13 QUAN 
126 SA_NFRKZ Indicator: production order not released XFELD CHAR 
127 SA_NKRBP Number range for document log NUMKR CHAR 
128 SA_NKRRS Number range for backlog from backflushing NUMKR CHAR 
129 SA_OAPMG Planned quantity still open in the current period MENG13 QUAN 
130 SA_OBART Object type for reference in document log - repetitive mfg SA_OBART CHAR 
131 SA_OBJCT PS Master data compare reports: check object SA_CHKOPT CHAR 
132 SA_OBJID SAP Solution Manager: Object ID (Name)   CHAR 
133 SA_OFPMG Planned quantity still open in the following period MENG13 QUAN 
134 SA_OMGTX Text: open planned quantity TEXT10 CHAR 
135 SA_OVPMG Planned quantity still open from previous period MENG13 QUAN 
136 SA_PARA Parallel processes XFELD CHAR 
137 SA_PERBP Period: posting period RBUTTON CHAR 
138 SA_PERBZ Period description CHAR10 CHAR 
139 SA_PERIO Time bucket SA_PERIO CHAR 
140 SA_PERMO Bucket: month RBUTTON CHAR 
141 SA_PERNN Period information CHAR10 CHAR 
142 SA_PERPK Bucket: planning calendar RBUTTON CHAR 
143 SA_PERTG Bucket: day RBUTTON CHAR 
144 SA_PERWO Bucket: week RBUTTON CHAR 
145 SA_PER_Z Period information CHAR10 CHAR 
146 SA_PFSTA New status SA_STAT CHAR 
147 SA_PHAS0 Indicator for blocking run schedule header XFELD CHAR 
148 SA_PLAN1 Detailed planning CHAR2 CHAR 
149 SA_PLAN2 Rate-based planning CHAR2 CHAR 
150 SA_PLAN3 Rough-Cut Planning CHAR2 CHAR 
151 SA_PLCNF Indicator: Backflushing with planned order CHAR1 CHAR 
152 SA_PLFDU Indicator: do not display planned order number SA_PLFDU CHAR 
153 SA_PLGEN Planned ord. - create for amount of reversal - GR - quantity SA_PLGEN CHAR 
154 SA_POS Item in a collective backflush NUMC4 NUMC 
155 SA_POSIT Position on selected incorrect component CHAR01 CHAR 
156 SA_POSTA Complete activity posting SA_CBOX CHAR 
157 SA_POSTN Post activities after last reporting point SA_CBOX CHAR 
158 SA_POSTZ Post activities for reporting point SA_CBOX CHAR 
159 SA_POWAA Indicator: Total GI posting SA_CBOX CHAR 
160 SA_POWAN Post components after last reporting point SA_CBOX CHAR 
161 SA_POWAZ Post components for reporting point SA_CBOX CHAR 
162 SA_PROD Product   CHAR 
163 SA_PRVBE Default supply area for components PRVBE CHAR 
164 SA_PZPKT1 Subs.posting of processes at time "immed. in update task" XFELD CHAR 
165 SA_PZPKT2 Subs. posting of processes "later than backflush job" XFELD CHAR 
166 SA_REDHZ Period in which plnd ords. or RS quantities are reduced DEC03 DEC 
167 SA_REDST Reducing production quantities in REM backflushing SA_REDST CHAR 
168 SA_REFMG Reference quantity MENG13 QUAN 
169 SA_REFNR Reference order SA_AUFNR CHAR 
170 SA_REPPT Backflushing with reporting points SA_REPPT CHAR 
171 SA_REQQTTY Production quantity MENG13 QUAN 
172 SA_REQUNIT Unit of measure for production quantity MEINS UNIT 
173 SA_REVER Reverse movement CHAR30 CHAR 
174 SA_RFCANZAHL Number of processed materials NUM06 NUMC 
175 SA_RFCGANZAHL Total number of processed materials NUM06 NUMC 
176 SA_RGEKZ Indicator: backflush for RS header CO_RGEKZ CHAR 
177 SA_RMISS Remaining material shortage after stck transfer in pull list MENG13 QUAN 
178 SA_RMKAF Return code for call transaction interfaces CHAR1 CHAR 
179 SA_RMKEYWORD Keywords in Roadmap STAT_KEYW CHAR 
180 SA_RPKANBAN Reporting Point Confirmation with Kanban Cards SA_RPKANBAN CHAR 
181 SA_RPSPA PS master data compare reports: only one settlement receiver SA_CHKOPTX CHAR 
182 SA_RRETR Indicator: Backlogs from backflushing SA_RRETR CHAR 
183 SA_RSDPS PS master data compare reports: SD:PS relation 1:1 SA_CHKOPTX CHAR 
184 SA_RSKZG Ind.: Reservation or dependent requirements object SA_RSKZG CHAR 
185 SA_RTYPK Indicator: Reverse backflush data for kanban RBUTTON CHAR 
186 SA_RTYPM Reverse backflush for make-to-order production RBUTTON CHAR 
187 SA_RTYPO Indicator: Reverse backflush for material document RBUTTON CHAR 
188 SA_RTYPP Backflush reversal for manufacturing with production lots RBUTTON CHAR 
189 SA_RTYPS Reverse backflush for make-to-stock production RBUTTON CHAR 
190 SA_RUSTR Backflush strategy SA_RUSTR CHAR 
191 SA_SALK3 SAPaccess request: value of total valuated stock SA_TEXT018 CHAR 
193 SA_SAUFT Ind.: Repetitive mfg allowed XFELD CHAR 
194 SA_SAVEDIR SAP Solution Manager: PC Save Directory   CHAR 
195 SA_SCRPZ Ind.: Post scrap at reporting point RBUTTON CHAR 
196 SA_SCRPZB Ind.: Post scrap up to RP currently being backflushed RBUTTON CHAR 
197 SA_SCRPZZ Indicator: Only post component scrap at reporting point RBUTTON CHAR 
198 SA_SELDT Selection date DATUM DATS 
199 SA_SELEK Selection indicator SA_CBOX CHAR 
200 SA_SELH1 Selection period for the planning table DEC03 DEC 
201 SA_SELHZ Selection period for planned order assignment DEC03 DEC 
202 SA_SELMOD Selection type for pull list XFELD CHAR 
203 SA_SELUZ Selection time UZEIT TIMS 
204 SA_SETTL PS master data compare reports: check settlement SA_CHKOPTX CHAR 
205 SA_SFPRO Indicator: Restore values from repetitive mfg profile SA_CBOX CHAR 
206 SA_SHIFT Shift number NUM01 NUMC 
208 SA_SINIT Initializing dependent requirements CHAR1 CHAR 
209 SA_SKAND Row sort ID for other versions in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
210 SA_SKBED Row sort ID for requirements in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
211 SA_SKLFP Row sort IS for long-term planning in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
212 SA_SKNZU Row sort ID for 'to be assigned' in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
213 SA_SKPRD Row sort ID for production in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
214 SA_SKREI Row sort ID for coverage in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
215 SA_SKSUB Row sort ID for 'total requirements' in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
216 SA_SKSUZ Row sort ID for 'total receipts' in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
217 SA_SKSZU Row sort ID for 'other receipts' in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
218 SA_SKUEZ Row sort ID for user exit rows in planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
219 SA_SKVER Row Sort ID for 'Available Quantity' in Planning Table NUMC2 NUMC 
220 SA_SKVPB Row sort ID for planned indep. reqmts in the planning table NUMC2 NUMC 
221 SA_SPAEX PS master data reports: settlement to CO-PA only SA_CHKOPTX CHAR 
222 SA_STATUS Status of the destination TEXT6 CHAR 
223 SA_STATX Old status for maintaining RS header SA_STAT CHAR 
224 SA_STL00 PS master data compare reports: settlement strategy XFLAG CHAR 
225 SA_STLAC Indicator: actual settlement XFELD CHAR 
226 SA_STLDARK Indicator: display component withdrawal/ w/o change option RBUTTON CHAR 
227 SA_STLHELL Indicator: Post backflush in dialog RBUTTON CHAR 
228 SA_STLOR Indicator: incoming order settlement XFELD CHAR 
229 SA_STLPL Indicator: planned settlement XFELD CHAR 
230 SA_STLRC PS master data compare reports: check settlement SA_CHKOPTX CHAR 
231 SA_STLRU PS master data compare reports: check settlement rule SA_CHKOPT CHAR 
232 SA_STORN Reversal indicator SA_STORN CHAR 
233 SA_SYSROLE System Role with Possible Entries Help SMSY_ROLE CHAR 
234 SA_TABNAME Tab Name   CHAR 
235 SA_TABTYPE Symbolic Name of SAP Solution Manager Tabs   CHAR 
236 SA_TASTA Partial order status TEXT10 CHAR 
237 SA_TAUFT Partial order for run schedule header TEXT20 CHAR 
238 SA_TC_RESPONSER Responser for testcase XUBNAME CHAR 
239 SA_TSTMPSL Time Stamp in Short Format with Seconds SA_TSTMPSL NUMC 
241 SA_USR01 User group in backflushing CHAR12 CHAR 
242 SA_VAART Processing type for backflush CHAR4 CHAR 
243 SA_VERF Determine Quantity Per Variant/Plant From Total Quantity SA_VERF CHAR 
244 SA_VERSI Repetitive manufacturing allowed for version XFELD CHAR 
245 SA_VERTI Distribution key for component consumption SA_VERTL CHAR 
246 SA_VERTL MRP Distribution Key SA_VERTL CHAR 
247 SA_VERTO Distribution key for quantity produced SA_VERTL CHAR 
248 SA_VERTT Description of Distribution Key TEXT40 CHAR 
250 SA_VJSAL SAPaccess request: previous year; value of total stock SA_TEXT018 CHAR 
251 SA_VMSAL SAPaccess request: previous period; value of total stock SA_TEXT018 CHAR 
252 SA_VVJSL SAPaccess request: year before last; value of total stock SA_TEXT018 CHAR 
253 SA_VVSAL SAPaccess request: period before last; value of total stock SA_TEXT018 CHAR 
254 SA_WAKZD Indicator: Post goods issue XFELD CHAR 
255 SA_WAKZH Post goods issues in the background (worklist) SA_WAKZH CHAR 
256 SA_WAKZS Goods issue posting in the worklist XFELD CHAR 
257 SA_WESTR Transfer strategy of goods receipts (repetitive mfg) SA_WESTR CHAR 
258 SA_XMATN Access planning table using a material RBUTTON CHAR 
259 SA_XMNGA Total scrap quantity confirmed at a reporting point MENGV13 QUAN 
260 SA_XORDR Carry out planning for a run schedule header RBUTTON CHAR 
261 SA_XPLID Carry out planning for a planning ID RBUTTON CHAR 
262 SA_ZPKNB Follow-up posting of previous reporting point quantities SA_CBOX CHAR 
263 SA_ZPUNKT Reporting Point VORNR CHAR 
264 SBABK Official abbreviation CHAR4 CHAR 
265 SBAD2 Issue date of challenge certificate DATUM DATS 
266 SBADT Issue date of challenge certificate DATUM DATS 
267 SBAGRP Flow type group SBEWAGRP CHAR 
268 SBAKTION Indicator for whether there is a promotion material in order CHAR1 CHAR 
269 SBALKON Balcony/patio JANEI CHAR 
270 SBAMT_KK Total of Balance Changes WRTV7 CURR 
271 SBANF Selection of Purchase Requisitions VFMOD CHAR 
272 SBANK Alternative bank account SAKNR CHAR 
273 SBANK_EBCK Not used yet - Routing Number of Sending Bank BANKK CHAR 
274 SBART Type of Challenge SBART CHAR 
275 SBASH8_KK Amount Subject to Tax in Local Currency (Tax Base Amount) WRTV8 CURR 
276 SBASH_B_KK Tax Base Amount in Local Amount (Batch Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
277 SBASH_KK Amount Subject to Tax in Local Currency (Tax Base Amount) WRTV7 CURR 
278 SBASIS Calculation base indicator VVSBASIS CHAR 
279 SBASW8_KK Amount Subject to Tax in Transaction Currency (Tax Base Amt) WRTV8 CURR 
280 SBASW_B_KK Tax Base Amount in Document Currency (Batch Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
281 SBASW_CA Tax Base Amount in the Transaction Currency WRTV7 CURR 
282 SBASW_KK Amount Subject to Tax in Transaction Currency (Tax Base Amt) WRTV7 CURR 
283 SBAUALT Building age category SBAUALT NUMC 
285 SBAUTL Assembly item MATNR CHAR 
286 SBAV501 *** Internal usage *** SBAV501 CHAR 
287 SBBATCH_REF Reference Stock Batch (GR) CHARG CHAR 
288 SBBRGEW Total gross weight of purchase order MENG13 QUAN 
289 SBBSDAT Common purchase order date DATUM DATS 
290 SBBST Special stock XFELD CHAR 
291 SBCBODY1K SAP BC, Body for HTTP Tables CHAR1000 CHAR 
292 SBCCNAME SBC routing table, Keyfield   CHAR 
293 SBCCVALUE SBC routing table, Value of keyfield   CHAR 
294 SBCHEAD255 SAP BC, header for HTTP tables TEXT255 CHAR 
295 SBCNUMF Zahl der Tabellenfelder der SBC Benchmark Test Tabellen SBCNUMF CHAR 
296 SBCOD Social balance coding P12_SB CHAR 
297 SBCTIMS Datenelement Typ TIMS. Veri- Projekt Business Connector SBCTIMS TIMS 
298 SBCUNIT Datenelement Typ UNIT. Veri- Projekt Business Connector SBCUNIT UNIT 
299 SBCWHR Debit amount in display currency WERT7 CURR 
300 SBDAT_CM Reference Date DATUM DATS 
301 SBDIS Share of safety stock which can be used for planning NUM03 NUMC 
302 SBDKZ Dependent requirements ind. for individual and coll. reqmts SBDKZ CHAR 
304 SBDOC_NAME Synchronization BDoc Type SBDOC_NAME CHAR 
305 SBDS2 Severe challenge: Official agency TEXT20 CHAR 
306 SBDST Severe challenge: Official agency TEXT20 CHAR 
307 SBEAR_SORTKZ IS-H CH: Sortierreihenfolge für Sachbearbeiter ISH_SORT06 NUMC 
308 SBEATYP Processing category for rejected incoming payments SBEATYP CHAR 
309 SBEINDT Delivery date DATUM DATS 
310 SBELA Occupancy type indicator SBELA NUMC 
311 SBELA_BI Occupancy type indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
312 SBELN No. of allocation rule SBELN CHAR 
313 SBELP Document item of allocation rule ABELP NUMC 
314 SBEMOT Sender Accounting Indicator BEMOT CHAR 
315 SBERE Special Processing of Minimum Pension XFELD CHAR 
316 SBERECH Grace Period Interest Method XFELD CHAR 
317 SBERI Correction item number SBERI CHAR 
318 SBES Position staffing schedule RHSBES00 CHAR1_X CHAR 
320 SBESFREQ Basic Working Hours (Hours per Period) HR_WT_FREQ CHAR 
322 SBEST Selection of purchase orders VFMOD CHAR 
323 SBET28_KK Tax Amount in Second Parallel Currency WRTV8 CURR 
324 SBET2_B_KK Tax amount in second parallel currency (batch input) CHAR16 CHAR 
325 SBET2_KK Tax amount in second parallel currency WRTV7 CURR 
326 SBET38_KK Tax Amount in Third Parallel Currency WRTV8 CURR 
327 SBET3_B_KK Tax amount in third parallel currency (batch input) CHAR16 CHAR 
328 SBET3_KK Tax amount in third parallel currency WRTV7 CURR 
329 SBETA1 Trend value smoothing using the beta factor SGLATT DEC 
330 SBETH8_KK Tax Amount in Local Currency with +/- Sign WRTV8 CURR 
331 SBETH_B_KK Tax Amount in Local Currency With +/- Sign (Batch Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
332 SBETH_KK Tax Amount in Local Currency With +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
333 SBETL_HU_KK Tax Amount in Country Currency with +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
334 SBETR Transfer Amount for Principal WERT05 CURR 
335 SBETR_KK Total reversed local currency WRTV7 CURR 
336 SBETTYP Shareholding type SBETTYP NUMC 
337 SBETT_KK Total Reversal Amount in Transaction Currency WRTV7 CURR 
338 SBETU2_KK Transfer amount of tax in parallel currency 2 WRTV7 CURR 
339 SBETU3_KK Transfer Amount of Tax in Third Parallel Currency WRTV7 CURR 
340 SBETUH_KK Transfer amount of tax in local currency WRTV7 CURR 
341 SBETU_KK Posted Tax Amount in Transaction Currency WRTV7 CURR 
342 SBETW8_KK Tax Amount in Transaction Currency with +/- Sign WRTV8 CURR 
343 SBETW_B_KK Tax amount in foreign currency with +/- sign (batch input) CHAR16 CHAR 
344 SBETW_CA Tax Amount in Transaction Currency With Leading Sign WRTV7 CURR 
345 SBETW_KK Tax Amount in Transaction Currency with +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
348 SBEWARTAU Flow type for clearing trivial amount record SBEWART CHAR 
350 SBEWARTU Flow Type for Transfer Postings SBEWART CHAR 
351 SBEWARTVO Flow type from SBEWART CHAR 
352 SBEWART_H Credit flow type SBEWART CHAR 
353 SBEWART_HD Predefined credit flow type SBEWART CHAR 
354 SBEWART_S Debit flow type SBEWART CHAR 
355 SBEWART_SD Predefined debit flow type SBEWART CHAR 
356 SBEWBALANCE Valuate Period Balance Only XFELD CHAR 
357 SBEWBNAM Batch Input Session Name CHAR12 CHAR 
358 SBEWEGRP Flow record group in cash flow calculator SBEWEGRP NUMC 
359 SBEWEGRP2 Flow Record Group in Cash Flow Calculator SBEWEGRP2 NUMC 
360 SBEWFI Valuation area for FI JANEI CHAR 
361 SBEWFIMA Calculation category for cash flow calculator SBEWFIMA CHAR 
362 SBEWFNAM Field Name of Account Assignment Object in Flexible G/L FDNAME CHAR 
363 SBEWGRP Valuation group (pool securities acct) SBEWGRP CHAR 
364 SBEWK Valuation indicator SBEWK NUMC 
365 SBEWKR Financial Assets Management valuation area SBEWKR CHAR 
366 SBEWNOAC Accounts Not to be Valuated SAKNR CHAR 
367 SBEWPLC Also Valuate P&L Account XFELD CHAR 
368 SBEWREMBWBER Valuation Area for Translated Valuation Difference BWBER CHAR 
369 SBEWREMCURT Local Valuation Difference Also in Parallel Currency CURTP CHAR 
370 SBEWSTAG Valuation Key Date DATUM DATS 
371 SBEWTRANS Currency Translation XFELD CHAR 
372 SBEWTYP Valuation Category SBEWTYP CHAR 
373 SBEWXAUF Valuation Including Revaluation XFELD CHAR 
374 SBEWXKDF Sorting Acc. to Exch/Rate Difference Key XFELD CHAR 
376 SBEWZUAB Category of Additional Flow Types for Valuation SBEWZUAB CHAR 
377 SBEW_AB Balance sheet transfer outgoing flow type SBEWART CHAR 
378 SBEW_ZU Stock transfer inflow type SBEWART CHAR 
379 SBEZUGWR Currency ref.amount for purchase of currency via warrant WAERS CUKY 
380 SBFAK Credit Factor used by Employment Office for Severe Challenge SBFAK NUMC 
381 SBFAK_DEC Crediting Factor (decimal) for Severe Challenge   DEC 
382 SBFA_ALPHA ABAP/4 validation: Field with converiosn ALPHA SBFA_ALPHA CHAR 
383 SBFLG Long-term plnng: depend.reqmts for reorder point materials XFELD CHAR 
384 SBFMN Minimum credit factor SBFAK NUMC 
385 SBFMX Maximum credit factor SBFAK NUMC 
386 SBFREI Administrator responsible for free copies USNAM CHAR 
387 SBFRME Total Number of Assignments Qualify.for Bonus From Other BU SAEME DEC 
388 SBFRME_FK Total No.All Billed Assignments Qual.for Bonus From Other BU SAEME DEC 
389 SBFRMM Total qty of all accp.assignments qual.for bonus frm othr BU SAEMM QUAN 
390 SBFRMM_FK Total qty all billed assignments qual.for bonus frm other BU SAEMM QUAN 
391 SBFRMO Total sales vol. all acc.assign. qual.for bonus from othr BU WERTV8 CURR 
392 SBFRMO_FK Total sales vol.all bill.assign.qual.for bonus from other BU WERTV8 CURR 
393 SBFUK Payment in Kind (Family Members) DEC3_2 DEC 
394 SBFVP Pay./KD: Family Meals, Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remun.) DEC3_2 DEC 
395 SBF_ABAP Function module name CHAR30 CHAR 
396 SBF_BWAREA Classification of BAPI sub-element BWAREA CHAR 
397 SBF_CHKPRG Check Program for BAPI Todo SBF_CHKPRG CHAR 
398 SBF_COUNT Number of released BAPIs in the list   NUMC 
399 SBF_FORM Subroutine to replace the event module in subscreens TEXT40 CHAR 
400 SBF_INTERN Object only for SAP internal use SWC_BOOL CHAR 
401 SBF_LINENO Line number in project definition DOMIDHRGEN NUMC 
402 SBF_LISTNO Consecutive number of user's project DOMIDHRGEN NUMC 
403 SBF_LOCAL Display local objects ($TMP) SWC_BOOL CHAR 
404 SBF_LOOKUP Search term in BAPI Explorer TEXT80 CHAR 
406 SBF_PARA ABAP Dictionary Information on BAPI Parameter TEXT60 CHAR 
407 SBF_PRIO Priority of TODO message SBF_PRIO NUMC 
408 SBF_PRIOE Priority of Todo Message in BAPI Explorer SYCHAR01 CHAR 
409 SBF_PRIOG Priority of Todo Message for BAPI/BO Generation SYCHAR01 CHAR 
410 SBF_PRIOR Priority of Todo Message for BAPI Release SYCHAR01 CHAR 
411 SBF_PRIOW Priority of Todo Message in BAPI Wizard SYCHAR01 CHAR 
412 SBF_PRIOX Priority for caller of TODO message SBF_PRIOX CHAR 
413 SBF_RELCNT Number of released BAPIs in the list   NUMC 
414 SBF_RELSTA Release status of business objects or BAPIs TEXT50 CHAR 
415 SBF_SPECN Check Number in BAPI Todo Specification   NUMC 
416 SBF_TEXT Description of located error TEXT100 CHAR 
417 SBF_TOOLID Numerical ID of tool in BAPI Explorer NUM06 NUMC 
418 SBGRP_CM Credit Representative Group for Credit Management SBGRP_CM CHAR 
419 SBGRU Challenge group SBGRD CHAR 
420 SBGS2 Reference number of issuing authority TEXT20 CHAR 
421 SBGSP Blocked stock selection XFELD CHAR 
422 SBGSZ Reference number of issuing authority TEXT20 CHAR 
423 SBHLT Deductible WRTV8 CURR 
424 SBHSL_VK Key for Notes to the Clerk CHAR20 CHAR 
425 SBIACTION Possible types of self-billing processing SBIACTION CHAR 
426 SBIAG ER contribution (tax class 3) BETRG CURR 
427 SBILK Balance Sheet Indicator SBILK CHAR 
428 SBIMA EE contribution (tax class 3) BETRG CURR 
429 SBINAKTIV Agent is not Active SBINAKTIV CHAR 
431 SBJDF_F02D Subject to tax from CHAR10 CHAR 
432 SBJDT_F02D Subject to tax until CHAR10 CHAR 
433 SBJKT Examination area SBJKT CHAR 
434 SBKEY Key for Payment in Kind Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remun.) CHAR4 CHAR 
435 SBKON_EDL Selection ESP Consignment Stock XFELD CHAR 
436 SBKZPOOK Indicates that PO matches restriction profile XFLAG CHAR 
437 SBLBVEN Indicator: call function for load building vendor? CHAR1_X CHAR 
438 SBLGORT Storage location LGORT CHAR 
439 SBLIDAT Common delivery date DATUM DATS 
440 SBLTSNR Vendor Subrange LTSNR CHAR 
441 SBLTYP Indicator: Flag document category for processing XFELD CHAR 
442 SBMAT_REF Material of Reference Stock Batch (GR) MATNR CHAR 
443 SBMENGE Total Order quantity MENG13 QUAN 
444 SBMIGAUTO Migration (Automatic/Manual) SBMIGAUTO CHAR 
445 SBMLFDNR5 Sequence number LFDNR5 NUMC 
446 SBMOD Administrator Group CHAR4 CHAR 
447 SBNAMAG Person Responsible (Internally) SBNAM CHAR 
448 SBNAMAN Person Responsible (Externally) SBNAM CHAR 
449 SBNFR Selection of restricted-use stock XFELD CHAR 
450 SBNTGEW Total purchase order net weight MENG13 QUAN 
451 SBNUM Simulation requirements number SBNUM NUMC 
452 SBODISBACTIVE Business Operation Disbursement Active XFELD CHAR 
453 SBOERNOT Indicator: Listed on an Exchange JANEI CHAR 
454 SBOINCL Unscheduled Repayment: Default Value for Inclusive Indicator KENZX CHAR 
455 SBOME IS-M: Total Number All Acc.Assignments Qualifying for Bonus SAEME DEC 
456 SBOME_FK Total Number of All Billed Assignments Qualifying for Bonus SAEME DEC 
457 SBOMM IS-M: Total quantity of all accpt.assignments qual.for bonus SAEMM QUAN 
458 SBOMM_FK Total qty of all billed assignments qualifying for bonus SAEMM QUAN 
459 SBOMO IS-M: Total sales vol.all accept.assignments qual.for bonus WERTV8 CURR 
460 SBOMO_FK Total sales vol.all billed assignments qualifying for bonus WERTV8 CURR 
461 SBONI Credit standing application SBONI NUMC 
462 SBONITA Credit standing SBONITA CHAR 
464 SBORMPNR Software Product No. (Generically Created in CST) SBORMPNR CHAR 
465 SBORMPNRT Product Text TEXT50 CHAR 
466 SBORPVNR Product Version Number SBORPVNR CHAR 
467 SBORPV_FRM Component Release SBORPVNR CHAR 
468 SBORPV_TO Component Release SBORPVNR CHAR 
469 SBOTERM Unscheduled Repayment: Indicator for Shortening End of Term SBO_TERM CHAR 
470 SBO_CAT Business Operation Category SBO_CAT CHAR 
471 SBO_STATUS Loans: Business operation status SBO_STATUS CHAR 
472 SBPLNT_REF Plant of Reference Stock Batch (GR) WERKS CHAR 
473 SBPMN Minimum degree of challenge NUM3 NUMC 
474 SBPMX Maximum degree of challenge NUM3 NUMC 
475 SBPOS Simulation requirements item number RSPOS NUMC 
476 SBPRF Degree of Challenge DEC3_2 DEC 
477 SBPRO Severe challenge: Percentage DEC3 DEC 
478 SBPROZ Transferred Condition Percentage SBPROZ DEC 
479 SBPTCLOSE Close Pushbuttons XFELD CHAR 
480 SBPTSTYLE Apeparance of Container Bars SBPTSTYLE CHAR 
481 SBPT_ARTXT FWWP: Text in Navigation Area   CHAR 
483 SBPT_CMDNR FWWP: Sequence Number of Command for Class   NUMC 
484 SBPT_CNTXT FWWP: Context of Application   CHAR 
485 SBPT_DEBUG Wizards: Debugging XFELD CHAR 
486 SBPT_DEFVA FWWP: Use Default Variante for List CHAR01 CHAR 
487 SBPT_DFAV FWWP: Display Folder Selection When Favorites Created XFELD CHAR 
488 SBPT_FACT FWWP: Command Object Is Active   CHAR 
489 SBPT_FATIT FWWP: Title of Favorites Folder   CHAR 
490 SBPT_FPOS FWWP: Position of a Command Object   INT1 
491 SBPT_GROUP FWWP: Assignment of Function Object SBPT_GROUP CHAR 
492 SBPT_INDEX FWWP: Internal Index of Object Reference   INT4 
493 SBPT_MULTI FWWP: Enable Navigation for Mulitiple Selection   CHAR 
494 SBPT_NONAV FWWP: No Navigation Tree XFELD CHAR 
495 SBPT_OBJCT FWWP: Abstract Object Reference OBJECT REF 
496 SBPT_OBKEY FWWP: Object Key   CHAR 
497 SBPT_ORDER FWWP: Arrangement of Controls   INT1 
498 SBPT_PREV FWWP: Display Preview XFELD CHAR 
499 SBPT_SETCO FWWP: Sets the Command Configuration for Own Class XFELD CHAR 
500 SBPT_VSAVE FWWP: Save Mode for Variant CHAR01 CHAR