SAP ABAP Data Element - Index S, page 48
Data Element - S
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 SO_DEL_RE SAPoffice: delete unviewed objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
2 SO_DEL_REM SAPoffice: delete unviewed objects with message SO_FLAG CHAR 
3 SO_DEL_RR SAPoffice: delete unanswered objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
4 SO_DEL_RRM SAPoffice: delete unanswered objects with message SO_FLAG CHAR 
5 SO_DEPAR Department name ABTEI CHAR 
6 SO_DEPTH Expansion level SO_POSNO NUMC 
8 SO_DEST_EV Target event SO_EVENT CHAR 
9 SO_DIR_ADR Company address for direct addresses (empty or "unknown") AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
10 SO_DIR_EXT Direct external address as recipient SO_EXT_ADR LCHR 
11 SO_DISREG SAPoffice: SC ID of the send process to be disregarded SO_SC_ID CHAR 
12 SO_DISTRIB This system is part of a system group SO_FLAG CHAR 
13 SO_DIS_HOM Send to home addresses of users SO_FLAG CHAR 
14 SO_DIS_OFF This SAP system is not part of a mail system group SO_FLAG CHAR 
15 SO_DIS_RFC A remote SAPoffice is active for this SAP system SO_FLAG CHAR 
16 SO_DIS_RML Forward all messages to a central mail system SO_FLAG CHAR 
17 SO_DLIREC Group recipients into distribution list SO_FLAG CHAR 
18 SO_DLISIZE Number of entries in the distribution list SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
19 SO_DLI_DES Description of distribution list SO_OBJ_DES CHAR 
20 SO_DLI_EXP Expand specified distribution list SO_FLAG CHAR 
21 SO_DLI_FRE Subscription list SO_FLAG CHAR 
22 SO_DLI_NAM Name of distribution list SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
23 SO_DLI_NO Distribution list: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
24 SO_DLI_SEL SAPoffice: Selection of distribution lists SO_FLAG CHAR 
25 SO_DLI_SIZ Distribution list size (number of entries) SO_OBJ_SIZ NUMC 
26 SO_DLI_TP Distribution list type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
27 SO_DLI_YR Distribution list year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
28 SO_DNAME Distinguished name (DN) of an X.500 directory entry SO_TEXT255 CHAR 
29 SO_DOCTYP Document Class SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
30 SO_DOCTYPE SAPoffice: Type of file to be transferred SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
31 SO_DOC_DES Title of entry SO_OBJ_DES CHAR 
32 SO_DOC_LA Language in which object was created SPRAS LANG 
33 SO_DOC_LEN Length of a PC file (number of bytes) SO_DOC_LEN NUMC 
34 SO_DOC_NAM Object name SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
35 SO_DOC_NO Object: Number from ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
36 SO_DOC_SIZ Size of SAPoffice Document (for API1) SO_DOC_SIZ CHAR 
37 SO_DOC_TP Object: Object Type From ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
38 SO_DOC_YR Object: Year from ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
39 SO_DO_GRP ToDo group of the recipient SO_NUMC001 CHAR 
40 SO_DPCNT Number of departments in the list SO_NUM5 NUMC 
41 SO_DRK_FOL SAPoffice: ID of an invisible folder SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
42 SO_DSP_PBN SAPoffice: Name of an execution parameter SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
43 SO_DSP_PBV Displayable part of table SOOP1 SO_TEXT255 CHAR 
44 SO_DYNPRO Screen which is displayed SO_DYNPRO CHAR 
45 SO_DYNTEXT Dynamic Function Texts SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
46 SO_EDI_SEL Select EDI inbound distribution SO_FLAG CHAR 
47 SO_ENCL1 Number of attachments for an object SO_CNT1 RAW 
48 SO_ENCL2 Number of objects which use this object as an enclosure SO_CNT1 RAW 
49 SO_ENCODED SAPoffice: body part was coded SO_FLAG CHAR 
50 SO_ENC_CNT Number of attachments for the object SO_CNT2 RAW 
51 SO_ENDLINE SAPoffice: End line of the related body part SO_LIN_DES NUMC 
52 SO_ENQ_DB Enqueue on database level SO_FLAG CHAR 
53 SO_ENQ_KEY SAPoffice: key of a locked object SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
54 SO_ENQ_OBJ SAPoffice: name of a locked object SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
55 SO_ENTDATE Date of entry in table DATUM DATS 
56 SO_ENTPOS Position of first entry displayed in list SO_POSNO NUMC 
57 SO_ENTRY Distribution list entry SO_STRI241 CHAR 
58 SO_ENTRYID Folder Entry ID (Obj+Fol+Forwarder Name) SO_ENTRYID CHAR 
59 SO_ENTSUM Total entries in list SO_POSNO NUMC 
60 SO_ENTTIME Time of entry in table UZEIT TIMS 
61 SO_ESCAPE Specification of recipient type SO_ESCAPE CHAR 
62 SO_ESCAPE1 SAPoffice: Short message recipient type SO_ESCAPE CHAR 
64 SO_ESCDESC Description of entry SO_TEXT026 CHAR 
65 SO_ESC_DES Recipient type SO_STRI050 CHAR 
66 SO_ESC_FOL Indicator for an entry SO_ESC_FOL CHAR 
67 SO_ESC_FRW Address type for forwarding SO_ESC_FRW CHAR 
68 SO_ESC_USD Indicator for an entry SO_ESC_USD CHAR 
69 SO_ESC_USR SAPoffice: Indicator for specifying a user SO_ESC_USR CHAR 
70 SO_EV_EVNT Triggering event SO_EVENT CHAR 
71 SO_EV_OBJ Triggering object SO_OBJ_INS CHAR 
72 SO_EXCL_F All users not specified are edited SO_FLAG CHAR 
73 SO_EXMAX Maximum number of express messages allowed per send SO_CNT2 RAW 
74 SO_EXMAX_T Maximum number of express messages allowed per send SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
75 SO_EXPEX Execution of express messages in new session SO_FLAG CHAR 
76 SO_EXPIN No notification of unviewed mails at logon SO_FLAG CHAR 
77 SO_EXPNA Name of exit routine for express messages PROGNAME CHAR 
78 SO_EXP_DAT SAPoffice: Expiration Date for this Folder Entry DATUM DATS 
79 SO_EXP_SREQ Also search for dependent subrequests SO_FLAG CHAR 
80 SO_EXTCT Object contents are stored externally SO_FLAG CHAR 
81 SO_EXTHD Object-specific header is stored externally SO_FLAG CHAR 
82 SO_EXTOPON Always Display Options for External Sending SO_FLAG CHAR 
83 SO_EXTPAG Sending to pager is permitted SO_FLAG CHAR 
84 SO_EXTPRT Sending to printer is permitted SO_FLAG CHAR 
85 SO_EXTREC Display external recipients only SO_FLAG CHAR 
86 SO_EXTSAP Authorization to send within SAP system group SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
87 SO_EXTSMTP Authorization to send via the Internet SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
88 SO_EXTTELE Authorization to send via telematic services SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
89 SO_EXTX400 Authorization to send via X.400 SO_I_FLAG CHAR 
90 SO_EXTX500 Authorization to access the LDAP services SO_FLAG CHAR 
91 SO_EXT_REC External transmission: transmission method code SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
92 SO_EXT_SAP Authorization to send within SAP system group SO_FLAG CHAR 
93 SO_EXT_SEL SAPoffice: Selection of external addresses SO_FLAG CHAR 
94 SO_EXT_STP SAPoffice: Authorization to send with Internet SO_FLAG CHAR 
95 SO_EXT_TEL SAPoffice: Authorization for telecommunications SO_FLAG CHAR 
96 SO_EXT_X40 SAPoffice: Authorization to send with X.400 SO_FLAG CHAR 
97 SO_EX_ARCH Connection to an archive SO_FLAG CHAR 
98 SO_EX_FAX Connection to fax communications component SO_FLAG CHAR 
99 SO_EX_OBJ Send to Business Objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
100 SO_EX_ORG HR Org is connected and maintained SO_FLAG CHAR 
101 SO_EX_PAG One Paging Component Is Connected SO_FLAG CHAR 
102 SO_EX_SAP The SAP system is part of a mail system group SO_FLAG CHAR 
103 SO_EX_SMTP Connection to Internet Gateway SO_FLAG CHAR 
104 SO_EX_TLX Connection to telex communications component SO_FLAG CHAR 
105 SO_EX_X400 Connection to X.400 component SO_FLAG CHAR 
106 SO_EX_X500 LDAP service connection SO_FLAG CHAR 
107 SO_FACCNT Number of ToDo objects stored in the folder SO_CNT2 RAW 
108 SO_FAXFORM SAPoffice: User layout set name for faxing SO_FORM CHAR 
109 SO_FAX_NR SAPoffice: Fax number SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
110 SO_FCODE Function code for a SAPoffice function SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
111 SO_FDATFW Date, start of first automatic forwarding DATUM DATS 
112 SO_FDATSB Date, Start of Substitution DATUM DATS 
113 SO_FILEEXT File extension for PC application CHAR3 CHAR 
114 SO_FIRSTRS SAPoffice: date of the first resubmission or send date DATUM DATS 
115 SO_FIXED Check-in/check-out flag SO_FLAG CHAR 
116 SO_FLAG Search of private or shared folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
117 SO_FLCNT Number of folders where object is still stored SO_CNT2 RAW 
118 SO_FOLAD Substitute can access cost-center-wide folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
119 SO_FOLASDN Name of folder in which document is saved after sending SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
120 SO_FOLASDT Title of folder for saving document after sending SO_TEXT036 CHAR 
121 SO_FOLCC Substitute can access company-code-wide folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
122 SO_FOLCL Substitute can access client-wide folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
123 SO_FOLCRDN Folder in which document is saved after creation SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
124 SO_FOLCRDT Title of folder in which document is saved after creation SO_TEXT036 CHAR 
125 SO_FOLDP Substitute can access department-wide folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
126 SO_FOLGR Substitute can access group folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
127 SO_FOLLIN Name of folder for document reference after sending SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
128 SO_FOLLIT Title of folder for document reference after sending SO_TEXT050 CHAR 
129 SO_FOLMOVE Move to / delete from folder SO_FLAG CHAR 
130 SO_FOLPL Substitute can access plant-wide folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
131 SO_FOLRGTP Folder area SO_TEXT020 CHAR 
132 SO_FOLSORT Setting for sorting folders subscribed to SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
133 SO_FOL_ABO SAPoffice: Folders subscribed to SO_FLAG CHAR 
134 SO_FOL_ALL Function is executed for all folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
135 SO_FOL_AUT Access authorization for shared folder (default setting) SO_FOL_CL CHAR 
136 SO_FOL_DES Folder title SO_OBJ_DES CHAR 
137 SO_FOL_ENT Number of folders in this folder SO_OBJ_SIZ NUMC 
138 SO_FOL_NAM Folder name SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
139 SO_FOL_NO Object folder: Number from ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
140 SO_FOL_RG Folder: Area (private, shared folders) SO_FOL_RG CHAR 
141 SO_FOL_SEC Folder area (private, client, group, ...) SO_FOL_SEC CHAR 
142 SO_FOL_SEL Function is executed for selected folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
143 SO_FOL_SIZ Number of documents stored in this folder SO_OBJ_SIZ NUMC 
144 SO_FOL_TP Object folder: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
145 SO_FOL_TXT Text: Move to / delete from folder SO_STRI030 CHAR 
146 SO_FOL_TY SAPoffice: Folder type SO_FOL_TY CHAR 
147 SO_FOL_VW SAPoffice foreground/background processing SO_FLAG CHAR 
148 SO_FOL_YR Object folder: Year from ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
149 SO_FORADR User who Forwarded the Document SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
150 SO_FORFB You cannot forward this message SO_FLAG CHAR 
151 SO_FORMLAN Fax layout set language SYLANGU LANG 
152 SO_FORM_F SAPoffice: User-defined fax layout set SO_FORM CHAR 
153 SO_FORM_S SAPoffice: User-defined SCR object layout set SO_FORM CHAR 
154 SO_FORWADR Recipient of automatic forwarding SO_STRI241 CHAR 
155 SO_FORWALL All documents will be forwarded SO_FLAG CHAR 
156 SO_FORWARD SAPoffice: forwarder of the object to be sent SO_ADDRESS CHAR 
157 SO_FORWNAM User name to which documents are forwarded SO_STRI035 CHAR 
158 SO_FOR_ID ID of the last forwarder SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
159 SO_FOR_NAM Name of forwarder USERNAME CHAR 
160 SO_FOR_NO Forwarder: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
161 SO_FOR_TP Forwarder: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
162 SO_FOR_YR Forwarder: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
163 SO_FPT_NO Forward pointer correspondence: Number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
164 SO_FPT_TP Forward pointer for correspondence: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
165 SO_FPT_YR Forward pointer correspondence: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
166 SO_FRDCNT Number of objects to be read SO_CNT2 RAW 
167 SO_FRG_NAM Name of the folder area (client, plant, etc.). SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
168 SO_FROUT Object is to be forwarded outside of SAPoffice SO_FLAG CHAR 
169 SO_FRPCNT Number of objects to be answered SO_CNT2 RAW 
170 SO_FSOCHNG Flag for change to setting for folders subscribed to SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
171 SO_FTDCNT Number of objects to be processed SO_CNT2 RAW 
172 SO_FW_FNAM Full name of the last forwarder SO_STRI035 CHAR 
173 SO_FX_CO SAPoffice: private recipient name TEXT35 CHAR 
174 SO_FX_COV Cover sheet and text on one page SO_FLAG CHAR 
175 SO_FX_DATE SAPoffice: Date received DATUM DATS 
176 SO_FX_DEPM SAPoffice: Department of fax or telex recipient SO_STRI035 CHAR 
177 SO_FX_FILE SAPoffice: File and path name for fax file on NFS SADC70 CHAR 
178 SO_FX_ITYP SAPoffice: Information type CHAR8 CHAR 
179 SO_FX_IVAL SAPoffice: Information value CHAR60 CHAR 
180 SO_FX_LDES Description of the country key of the fax number SO_STRI035 CHAR 
181 SO_FX_NAM1 SAPoffice: Name 1 of fax or telex recipient NAME CHAR 
182 SO_FX_NAM2 SAPoffice: name 2 of fax recipient NAME CHAR 
183 SO_FX_NUMB SAPoffice: Fax number CHAR20 CHAR 
184 SO_FX_ORID SAPoffice: Sender ID CHAR20 CHAR 
185 SO_FX_PAGN SAPoffice: Number of pages CHAR4 CHAR 
186 SO_FX_PBOX SAPoffice: P.O. box of fax recipient PFACH CHAR 
187 SO_FX_REC SAPoffice: Recipient name/name of the distribution list USERNAME CHAR 
188 SO_FX_RESC SAPoffice: Recipient type SO_FX_RESC CHAR 
189 SO_FX_SANR Title of fax sender SO_STRI012 CHAR 
190 SO_FX_SATE SAPoffice: Country code for sending a fax/telex LAND1 CHAR 
191 SO_FX_SCFX Fax number of the fax sender's company TELEX CHAR 
192 SO_FX_SCO2 Second part of the company name of the fax sender NAME CHAR 
193 SO_FX_SCOM Name of fax sender's company NAME CHAR 
194 SO_FX_SCTL Telephone number of fax sender's company TELEX CHAR 
195 SO_FX_SDAT SAPoffice: Transmission date of fax/telex DATUM DATS 
196 SO_FX_SDEP SAPoffice: department of sender SO_STRI035 CHAR 
197 SO_FX_SERV SAPoffice: Server ID CHAR10 CHAR 
198 SO_FX_SFAX SAPoffice: fax number of sender (extension only) TEXT16 CHAR 
199 SO_FX_SIMM SAPoffice: Fax/telex to be sent immediately SO_FLAG CHAR 
200 SO_FX_SNAM SAPoffice: name of fax sender NAME CHAR 
201 SO_FX_SNIT SAPoffice: Fax/telex is sent at night SO_FLAG CHAR 
202 SO_FX_SORT SAPoffice: Sort field for fax distribution table (key) CHAR4 CHAR 
203 SO_FX_SPST Postal code of fax sender PFACH CHAR 
204 SO_FX_SSTR Street of fax sender TEXT35 CHAR 
205 SO_FX_STEL SAPoffice: Telephone extension of sender TEXT16 CHAR 
206 SO_FX_STIM SAPoffice: Time fax/telex should be sent UZEIT TIMS 
207 SO_FX_STIT Title of fax sender's company SO_STRI012 CHAR 
208 SO_FX_STR SAPoffice: Street of fax or telex recipient TEXT35 CHAR 
209 SO_FX_STWN City of fax sender TEXT35 CHAR 
210 SO_FX_TIME SAPoffice: Time received UZEIT TIMS 
211 SO_FX_TOWN SAPoffice: City of fax or telex recipient TEXT35 CHAR 
212 SO_FX_TYPE SAPoffice: Fax type CHAR10 CHAR 
213 SO_F_HIST SAPoffice: correspondence, flag for SOMT SO_FLAG CHAR 
214 SO_GENOPOF Hide General Send Options SO_FLAG CHAR 
215 SO_GFCNT Number of group folders created by a user SO_CNT1 RAW 
216 SO_GFCNT_T Number of group folders created by a user SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
217 SO_GFMAX Max. number of group folders which a user can create SO_CNT1 RAW 
218 SO_GFMAX_T Max. number of group folders which a user can create SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
219 SO_GHRAWDO Display of document header in continuos-text editor SO_FLAG CHAR 
220 SO_GH_CHNG Flag for general header when creating RAW documents SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
221 SO_GLMAX Maximum size of the access lists of a user SO_CNT1 RAW 
222 SO_GLMAX_T Maximum size of the access lists of a user SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
223 SO_GROUP_F Change authorization for creating client folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
224 SO_GWHOST Gateway host for incoming Internet mail SO_STRI080 CHAR 
225 SO_GWSERV Gateway service for incoming Internet mail SO_STRI012 CHAR 
226 SO_HABUFCL Time Stamp for Invalidating Home Address Buffer SYTSTP NUMC 
227 SO_HASH Send externally: hash string for hash table (inverse table) SO_TEXT241 CHAR 
228 SO_HASH_CT Send externally: counter for entries with same hash string SO_CNT2 RAW 
229 SO_HD_NUM Number of lines of an object header in object packet SO_PCKLINE NUMC 
230 SO_HD_STRT Start line of object header in transport packet SO_PCKLINE NUMC 
231 SO_HEAD_IN SAPoffice: Include message header SO_FLAG CHAR 
232 SO_HEAD_ON SAPoffice: Print message header SO_FLAG CHAR 
233 SO_HEX001 Bit-map length 1 SO_HEX001 RAW 
234 SO_HOCNT Number of documents which should not be archived SO_CNT1 RAW 
235 SO_HOCNT_T Number of documents which should not be archived SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
236 SO_HOLDO The object has status HOLD SO_FLAG CHAR 
237 SO_HOMAX Max. no. of documents a user can protect from archiving SO_CNT1 RAW 
238 SO_HOMAX_T Max. no. of documents a user can protect from archiving SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
239 SO_HOMEADR User's Home Address (Internal Users Only) CHAR001 CHAR 
240 SO_HOST Host name for incoming Internet mail SO_STRI080 CHAR 
241 SO_HYP_NO Hypertext pointer: number SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
242 SO_HYP_TP Hypertext pointer: Object type SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
243 SO_HYP_YR Hypertext pointer: year SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
244 SO_IAE Inbox/resubmission: Reply required SO_FLAG CHAR 
245 SO_IDOC_F Flag for changing default document specification SO_FLAG CHAR 
246 SO_ID_TYPE Send Externally: ID: Received or Sent SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
247 SO_IEU ToDo status SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
248 SO_IEX Inbox/resubmission: Express SO_FLAG CHAR 
249 SO_IGK Inbox/resubmission: Blind copy SO_FLAG CHAR 
250 SO_IGL Inbox/resubmission: Viewed SO_FLAG CHAR 
251 SO_IGLV Inbox: Viewed ICON CHAR 
252 SO_IKP Inbox/resubmission: Copy SO_FLAG CHAR 
253 SO_IMAPUID ID used by the IMAP server SO_IMAPUID NUMC 
254 SO_IMPORT SAPoffice: priority of the object to be sent SO_OBJ_PRI CHAR 
255 SO_INB_FOL SAPoffice: ID of the inbox folder SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
256 SO_INCL_F All specified users are being processed SO_FLAG CHAR 
257 SO_INDEX Index folder and documents contained in it SO_FLAG CHAR 
259 SO_INITNO SAPoffice: Number from ID of last default document SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
260 SO_INITTP SAPoffice: Type from ID of last default document SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
261 SO_INITYR SAPoffice: Year from ID of last default document SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
262 SO_INMAX Maximum number of documents allowed in the inbox SO_CNT2 RAW 
263 SO_INMAX_T Maximum number of documents allowed in the inbox SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
264 SO_INT SAPoffice: Type I SO_INT INT4 
265 SO_INTSND Authorization for internal transmission SO_FLAG CHAR 
266 SO_INT_LEV Integration level for objects (partially) stored externally SO_FLAG CHAR 
267 SO_IN_DEX SAPoffice: Indexing on/off SO_FLAG CHAR 
268 SO_IN_OUT Displays the direction in a correspondence SO_TEXT050 CHAR 
269 SO_IPR Inbox/resubmission: Priority of document SO_OBJ_PRI CHAR 
270 SO_IVM Inbox/resubmission: Process object SO_IN_EX CHAR 
271 SO_IWV Inbox: Resubmission (flag) SO_FLAG CHAR 
272 SO_JOBCNT ID number of send process CHAR8 CHAR 
273 SO_JOBNAME Name of Send Process CHAR32 CHAR 
274 SO_KEYFLD SAPoffice: Name of key field in address table SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
275 SO_KLASSE Addresses: class assigned to an address KLASSE CHAR 
276 SO_KOR_ADR Address name of the correspondent SO_STRI035 CHAR 
277 SO_KOR_NAM Name of the correspondent USERNAME CHAR 
278 SO_LADAT Date of last access DATUM DATS 
279 SO_LAND Addresses: X.400 country key LAND1 CHAR 
280 SO_LEAVE Flag to exit screen SO_FLAG CHAR 
281 SO_LEVEL Folder hierarchy level SO_NUMC004 CHAR 
282 SO_LEV_NUM Sequence within a folder hierarchy level SO_NUMC004 CHAR 
283 SO_LFDNR Addresses: Sequence number SO_TEXT003 CHAR 
284 SO_LFD_NR Addresses: Sequence Number of Address LFDNR CHAR 
285 SO_LG_NAM Long name of address to be displayed on screen SO_STRI241 CHAR 
286 SO_LIFSP Retention period of documents in folder SO_NUM5 NUMC 
287 SO_LINKDN Folder in which reference appears after document is created SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
288 SO_LINKDT Title of folder for reference when document is created SO_TEXT036 CHAR 
289 SO_LISTCNT Number of list entries for substitution or autom. forwarding SO_NUM5 NUMC 
290 SO_LOCK File blocked at file server by application SO_FLAG CHAR 
291 SO_LST_DAT Date on which object was last sent DATUM DATS 
292 SO_LST_ENT Search distribution lists with this entry SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
293 SO_LST_PRV Selection criterion for private distribution lists SO_FLAG CHAR 
294 SO_LST_PUB Search of private or shared distribution lists SO_FLAG CHAR 
295 SO_LST_SUB Selection criterion for subscription lists SO_FLAG CHAR 
296 SO_LST_TIM Time at which object was last sent UZEIT TIMS 
297 SO_MAILCMD Path name with parameters of Sendmail program SO_STRI241 CHAR 
298 SO_MAILDES Status for which user requires notification SO_STRI030 CHAR 
299 SO_MAX_LEN Query PC documents from this size SO_DOC_LEN NUMC 
300 SO_MC_NAME SAPoffice: Name of matchcode used for the search CHAR5 CHAR 
301 SO_MEMADR Dirct address SOEXTADRI1 CHAR 
302 SO_MEMID Memory ID for executing with memory SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
303 SO_MEM_ID ID of an entry in the distribution list SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
304 SO_MEM_NAM Entry in distribution list: Name SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
305 SO_MEM_NO Object in distribution list: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
306 SO_MEM_TP Object in distribution list: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
307 SO_MEM_YR Object in distribution list: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
308 SO_MESID SAPoffice: ID of the object to be sent SO_TEXT128 CHAR 
309 SO_MESS_TP Type of message CHAR4 CHAR 
310 SO_MESTIT SAPoffice: description of the object to be sent SO_TEXT128 CHAR 
311 SO_MFNAME SAPoffice: Name of table for address search CHAR10 CHAR 
312 SO_MLSTAT Status of external send in which a mail was sent SYCHAR01 CHAR 
313 SO_MOD_DES Changeability of document SO_MOD_DES CHAR 
314 SO_MSGTP Type of send request (message or status) SO_MSGTP CHAR 
315 SO_NAME Recipient address SO_STRI241 CHAR 
316 SO_NAME1 SAPoffice: Address name SO_STRI035 CHAR 
317 SO_NAME_FW Name of forwarder SO_STRI241 CHAR 
318 SO_NAME_SD Name of sender SO_STRI241 CHAR 
319 SO_NATIO SAPoffice: international code for character set NATION CHAR 
320 SO_NDRSND Direct external sending is not allowed in this system SO_FLAG CHAR 
321 SO_NEWSTAT New status to be set CHAR12 CHAR 
322 SO_NEW_FAX SAPoffice: Create new fax number SO_FLAG CHAR 
323 SO_NEW_INT SAPoffice: Create new Internet address SO_FLAG CHAR 
324 SO_NEW_RML SAPoffice: Create new RML address SO_FLAG CHAR 
325 SO_NEW_TEL SAPoffice: Create new telephone number SO_FLAG CHAR 
326 SO_NEW_X40 Selection option: Edit new X.400 address SO_FLAG CHAR 
327 SO_NEXCNT QUOTA: Number of documents that no longer exist SO_INT4 INT4 
328 SO_NEXTSND Sending to an external address recipient type not allowed SO_FLAG CHAR 
329 SO_NF_DELI Acknowledgment of receipt expected SO_FLAG CHAR 
330 SO_NINTSND Send internally not allowed in this system SO_FLAG CHAR 
331 SO_NOAREX Flag for change "Automatic reply not..." SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
332 SO_NOARSDE Send automatic reply externally SO_FLAG CHAR 
333 SO_NOENTRY Document class not allowed in this SAP system SO_FLAG CHAR 
334 SO_NOEXEC Document class cannot be executed in this SAP system SO_FLAG CHAR 
335 SO_NOEXTRE Do not display external recipients (for docs received ext.) SO_FLAG CHAR 
336 SO_NOTDELI Acknowledgment of receipt expected SO_FLAG CHAR 
337 SO_NOTES Flag for an attachment SO_FLAG CHAR 
338 SO_NOTE_IN Print note SO_FLAG CHAR 
339 SO_NOTIF Type of confirmation SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
340 SO_NOTREAD Pattern passed only applies to unviewed documents SO_FLAG CHAR 
341 SO_NOTREC Read acknowledgment expected SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
342 SO_NOTTP_F Change default document class SO_FLAG CHAR 
343 SO_NOT_DEL SAPoffice: Is a delivery confirmation required? SO_FLAG CHAR 
344 SO_NOT_NO Object note: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
345 SO_NOT_NUM Number of note lines for this recipient SO_PCKLINE NUMC 
346 SO_NOT_REC SAPoffice: Is a receipt confirmation required? SO_FLAG CHAR 
347 SO_NOT_TP Default setting of document class SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
348 SO_NOT_YR Object note: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
349 SO_NO_ADR No search in address management SO_FLAG CHAR 
350 SO_NO_DIR No search in the direct addresses SO_FLAG CHAR 
351 SO_NO_NEW SAPoffice: number of the object created SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
352 SO_NO_TOM Generic document class (for example, for PC documents) SO_FLAG CHAR 
353 SO_NRTFEDT Continuos-text editor for SAP editor documents SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
354 SO_NT_LINE Notes editor EDPLINE CHAR 
355 SO_NT_STRT Initial line of the note text for this recipient SO_PCKLINE NUMC 
356 SO_NUMBER SAPoffice: numbers in the screen SO_NUMBER NUMC 
357 SO_NUMCOM Addresses: several entries for this communication method SO_NUMCOM CHAR 
358 SO_NUMFW Number of defined/relevant forwardings SO_NUM5 NUMC 
359 SO_NUMOFF SAPoffice: Number of recipients allowed for internal transm. SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
360 SO_NUMRS Number of resubmissions for a document SO_COUNT1 NUMC 
361 SO_NUMSAP SAPoffice: Number of remote SAP recipients allowed SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
362 SO_NUMSB Number of defined/relevant substitutions SO_NUM5 NUMC 
363 SO_NUMSMTP SAPoffice: Number of Internet recipients allowed SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
364 SO_NUMTELE SAPoffice: Number of recipients with telecommunications SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
365 SO_NUMX400 SAPoffice: Number of X.400 recipients allowed SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
366 SO_NUM_DES SAPoffice: number ID CHAR50 CHAR 
367 SO_NUM_FI SAPoffice: Sequence number for search table SOFIND SO_NUM3 NUMC 
368 SO_NVW_CNT SAPoffice: Number of unread documents (shared folders) SO_INT INT4 
369 SO_OAE Outbox: Reply required SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
370 SO_OAS Outbox: Reply sent SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
371 SO_OBJAA Display object types in ascending or descending order SO_FLAG CHAR 
372 SO_OBJA_CC Substitute can access company confidential objects SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
373 SO_OBJA_CO Substitute can access confidential objects SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
374 SO_OBJA_FC Substitute can access functional objects SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
375 SO_OBJA_PE Substitute can access private objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
376 SO_OBJA_PR Substitute can access private objects SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
377 SO_OBJCNT Number of main documents SO_INT4 INT4 
378 SO_OBJIE Display all object types or selection SO_FLAG CHAR 
379 SO_OBJLEN Document size SO_INT4 INT4 
380 SO_OBJPN Display selected or unselected object types SO_FLAG CHAR 
381 SO_OBJ_AC The recipient must take action SO_FLAG CHAR 
382 SO_OBJ_APP Application object SO_FLAG CHAR 
383 SO_OBJ_ATT Document has attachments ICON CHAR 
384 SO_OBJ_AUT Authorizations of a user for an object SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
385 SO_OBJ_CC This is a company confidential object SO_FLAG CHAR 
386 SO_OBJ_CO Sensitivity: Standard SO_FLAG CHAR 
387 SO_OBJ_CP Document cannot be changed SO_FLAG CHAR 
388 SO_OBJ_DES Short description of contents SO_OBJ_DES CHAR 
389 SO_OBJ_EDT Expiration date of object DATUM DATS 
390 SO_OBJ_ENC Object: coded SO_FLAG CHAR 
391 SO_OBJ_FC Sensitivity: Functional SO_FLAG CHAR 
392 SO_OBJ_FIL Object from SAPfile SO_FLAG CHAR 
393 SO_OBJ_ID SAPoffice: ID of a SAPoffice object SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
394 SO_OBJ_KEY Key of an SAP object SO_OBJ_KEY CHAR 
395 SO_OBJ_LA Language in Which Document Is Created SPRAS LANG 
396 SO_OBJ_LEN Size of Document Content SO_OBJ_LEN CHAR 
397 SO_OBJ_MTH Method of an SAP object SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
398 SO_OBJ_NAM Name of document, folder or distribution list SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
399 SO_OBJ_NO Object: Number from ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
400 SO_OBJ_PR Sensitivity: Confidential SO_FLAG CHAR 
401 SO_OBJ_PR1 SAPoffice: Short message data element for private object SO_FLAG CHAR 
402 SO_OBJ_PRI Document priority SO_OBJ_PRI CHAR 
403 SO_OBJ_RD Object has already been viewed SO_FLAG CHAR 
404 SO_OBJ_RN A reply cannot be sent to the object SO_FLAG CHAR 
405 SO_OBJ_RR A reply must be sent for this object SO_FLAG CHAR 
406 SO_OBJ_RS The reply to this object has already been sent SO_FLAG CHAR 
407 SO_OBJ_SEL SAPoffice: Choose SAP object instances SO_FLAG CHAR 
408 SO_OBJ_SND Object has already been sent SO_FLAG CHAR 
409 SO_OBJ_SNS Object: Sensitivity (private, functional, ...) SO_OBJ_SNS CHAR 
410 SO_OBJ_SRT Sort field SO_OBJ_SRT CHAR 
411 SO_OBJ_TP Code for document class SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
412 SO_OBJ_TYP SAPoffice: Object type for number range object SO_OBJ_TYP CHAR 
413 SO_OBJ_YR Object: Year from ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
414 SO_OCS_NAM Name of the SAPoffice user in OCS TEXT10 CHAR 
415 SO_OEE Outbox: ToDo SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
416 SO_OER Outbox: Done SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
417 SO_OEU Outbox: Check action (field) SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
418 SO_OEX Outbox: Express (flag) SO_FLAG CHAR 
419 SO_OFFICE Internal call from SAPoffice SO_FLAG CHAR 
420 SO_OFFSET Offset entry SO_NUMBER NUMC 
421 SO_OFO Folder only contains objects SO_FLAG CHAR 
422 SO_OGK Outbox: Blind copy (flag) SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
423 SO_OGL Outbox: Viewed SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
424 SO_OIB Outbox: In process SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
425 SO_OKP Outbox: Copy (flag) SO_TEXT003 CHAR 
426 SO_OPR Outbox: Priority (field) SO_FLAN CHAR 
427 SO_ORG_SEL Choose organizational units SO_FLAG CHAR 
428 SO_ORIGIN SAPoffice: owner of the object to be sent SO_ADDRESS CHAR 
430 SO_OUTBOX Flag: Save in outbox after sending SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
431 SO_OUTFL Documents are copied to the outbox when sent SO_FLAG CHAR 
432 SO_OUTFL_F Change value for storing documents when sending SO_FLAG CHAR 
433 SO_OUT_EXP Expiration time for documents in outbox SO_NUM3 NUMC 
434 SO_OUT_FOL SAPoffice: ID of Outbox Folder SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
435 SO_OWN_ADR Address name of the owner SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
436 SO_OWN_FNA Full name of the owner SO_STRI035 CHAR 
437 SO_OWN_ID ID of the owner of the document SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
438 SO_OWN_NAM Name of document owner USERNAME CHAR 
439 SO_OWN_NO Owner number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
440 SO_OWN_TP Owner type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
441 SO_OWN_YR Owner year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
442 SO_PAENC No.of archived objects f. which this object is an attachment SO_CNT2 RAW 
443 SO_PAFOL Number of folders, in which object is stored and archived SO_CNT2 RAW 
444 SO_PAHYP Number of archived hyperlinks to this object SO_CNT2 RAW 
445 SO_PAMBO Number of archived MBO objects which contain this object SO_CNT2 RAW 
446 SO_PANOT Number of archived objects in which this object is a note SO_CNT2 RAW 
447 SO_PARFUNC SAPoffice: Parameter function CHAR3 CHAR 
448 SO_PARNAME SAPoffice: Parameter name SO_PARNAME CHAR 
449 SO_PARTEXT SAPoffice: Parameter description SO_TEXT036 CHAR 
450 SO_PARTYPE SAPoffice: Parameter type SO_PARTYPE CHAR 
451 SO_PAR_FOL ID of the parent folder of this folder SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
452 SO_PAR_NO Parent object number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
453 SO_PAR_TP Parent object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
454 SO_PAR_YR Parent object year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
455 SO_PASS Password for Unix mail administrator CHAR8 CHAR 
456 SO_PASSW Password SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
457 SO_PA_FR01 Indicator: Select Option/Parameters CHAR01 CHAR 
458 SO_PCK_IDX SAPoffice: Index in packing list SYST_LONG INT4 
459 SO_PCOLE Start PC application in SAP window SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
460 SO_PCTRL SAPoffice: object can be deleted in external inbox SO_FLAG CHAR 
461 SO_PC_DES Name of PC document SO_TXT40 CHAR 
462 SO_PERMA SAPoffice: Object is displayed independent of selection date SO_FLAG CHAR 
463 SO_PERSREC Select private recipients only SO_FLAG CHAR 
464 SO_PFLCL Private folder class SO_FOL_CL CHAR 
465 SO_PFOCHNG Do not move documents to additional folders when sending SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
466 SO_PLCNT Number of plants in the list SO_NUM5 NUMC 
467 SO_PNAME SAPoffice: name of the parameter value SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
468 SO_PPCHNG Flag for change to preassigned printer setting SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
469 SO_PRFOL Private folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
470 SO_PRGPATH SAPoffice: Path for a PC application LOCALFILE CHAR 
471 SO_PRIFB Object cannot be printed SO_FLAG CHAR 
472 SO_PRIORI SAPoffice: send priority of the object (bundled) SO_OBJ_PRI CHAR 
473 SO_PRI_DES Recipient Priority SO_PRI_DES CHAR 
474 SO_PROCMAN SAPoffice: Client in which a document is executed MANDT CLNT 
475 SO_PROCSYS SAPoffice: System in which a document can be executed SO_PROCSYS CHAR 
476 SO_PROC_CL Client in Which Document is Processed MANDT CLNT 
477 SO_PROC_SY System in Which Document is Processed SO_SYSID CHAR 
478 SO_PROT1 Substitute can access class 1 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
479 SO_PROT2 Substitute can access class 2 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
480 SO_PROT3 Substitute can access class 3 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
481 SO_PROT4 Substitute can access class 4 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
482 SO_PROT5 Substitute can access class 5 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
483 SO_PROT6 Substitute can access class 6 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
484 SO_PROT7 Substitute can access class 7 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
485 SO_PROT8 Substitute can access class 8 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
486 SO_PROT9 Substitute can access class 9 folders SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
487 SO_PROTECT SAPoffice: object is protected against changes SO_FLAG CHAR 
488 SO_PROTI Substitute can access the inbox SO_FLAG CHAR 
489 SO_PROTIO Substitute can access the inbox and outbox SO_FLAG CHAR 
490 SO_PROTO Substitute can access the outbox SO_FLAG CHAR 
491 SO_PROXY Substitute SO_STRI241 CHAR 
492 SO_PRPANDH Default settings for printing of document header SO_FLAG CHAR 
493 SO_PRPARCH Default settings for calling print parameters SO_FLAG CHAR 
494 SO_PRPARNP Default settings for printing of notes SO_FLAG CHAR 
495 SO_PRPARRL Default settings for printing of recipient list SO_FLAG CHAR 
496 SO_PRTCT Document title modifiable SO_FLAG CHAR 
497 SO_PRVDL Substitute can access private distribution lists SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
498 SO_PRV_DOM Addresses: X.400 private domain SO_TEXT016 CHAR 
499 SO_PRV_FOL SAPoffice: ID of the highest private folder SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
500 SO_PSTHR Functional documents are forwarded SO_FLAG CHAR