SAP ABAP Data Element - Index S, page 34
Data Element - S
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 SMO3IMRC_7 Code group - measurement reading valuation code SMO3QCODE1 CHAR 
2 SMO3IMRC_8 Number of decimal places for number display SMO3IMRC_ INT2 
3 SMO3IMRC_9 Deletion flag for 1-level deletion logic SMO3IMRC_1 CHAR 
4 SMO3IM_PR Investment measure profile SMO3IM_PR CHAR 
5 SMO3INBDT First start-up date DATUM DATS 
6 SMO3INCO1 Incoterms (part 1) SMO3INCO1 CHAR 
7 SMO3INCO2 Incoterms (part 2) SMO3INCO2 CHAR 
8 SMO3INCPO Increment of item number in the SD document NUM6 NUMC 
9 SMO3INDLT Object long text indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
10 SMO3INFLS Read customer-material info record ? XFELD CHAR 
11 SMO3INFNR Number of purchasing info record SMO3INFNR CHAR 
13 SMO3INNAM Name of the Maintenance Planner Group TEXT18 CHAR 
14 SMO3INSKZ Instance indicator X CHAR 
15 SMO3INSME Stock in quality inspection SMO3MENG1 QUAN 
16 SMO3INTCN Intrastat code NUM03 NUMC 
17 SMO3INTEL Maintenance Planner Group Telephone Number CHAR12 CHAR 
18 SMO3INTKL Internal class type XFELD CHAR 
19 SMO3INTRM Intra material SMO3MATNR CHAR 
22 SMO3ISDD Actual start: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
23 SMO3ISDZ Actual start: Execution/setup (time) SMO3ATIME TIMS 
24 SMO3ISERH Confirmed break time SMO3VGWRT QUAN 
26 SMO3ISPLI Actual number of splits SMO3SPLIT DEC 
27 SMO3ISTAD Actual start / date DATUM DATS 
28 SMO3ISTAU Actual start / time T TIMS 
30 SMO3IUPDT Date on which the object was last changed DATUM DATS 
31 SMO3IUPNA Name of the user who last changed the object USNAM CHAR 
32 SMO3IWERK Maintenance Planning Plant SMO3WERKS CHAR 
33 SMO3IZUST Initial status of a new batch SMO3IZUST CHAR 
34 SMO3I_COU Counter for differentiation 6-digit NUM6 NUMC 
35 SMO3I_INF Parameter ID object info SMO3I_INF CHAR 
37 SMO3JMJAH Year for which the number of employees is given SMO3JAHR NUMC 
38 SMO3JMZAH Number of employees for the year SMO3JMZAH NUMC 
39 SMO3JV_AC Indicator: JVA active XFELD CHAR 
40 SMO3JV_PA Partner account number SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
41 SMO3J_1AG Goods issue revaluation performed SMO3J_1AG CHAR 
42 SMO3J_ANU Maximum number of user statuses NUMC3 NUMC 
43 SMO3J_DYN No. of include screens DYNPRONR NUMC 
44 SMO3J_NOS Flag: No status profile XFELD CHAR 
45 SMO3J_OBJ Object number SMO3J_OBJ CHAR 
46 SMO3J_OBT Object type SMO3J_OBT CHAR 
47 SMO3J_PRO Module pool for Include screen PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
48 SMO3J_SNU Maximum number of system statuses NUMC3 NUMC 
49 SMO3J_STS Status profile SMO3J_STS CHAR 
50 SMO3J_SVE Flag: External status management XFELD CHAR 
51 SMO3KABSS Customer payment guarantee procedure SMO3KABSS CHAR 
52 SMO3KAEND Condition rate of change for amount/percentage XFELD CHAR 
53 SMO3KAEND1 Delete the scope for changing rate XFELD CHAR 
54 SMO3KAEND2 Condition scope of change for unit of measure XFELD CHAR 
55 SMO3KAEND3 Calculation type can be changed XFELD CHAR 
56 SMO3KAEND4 Scope for changing conversion factors XFELD CHAR 
57 SMO3KAEND5 Scope for changing the value XFELD CHAR 
58 SMO3KALAU Procedure for material exclusion SMO3KALSM CHAR 
59 SMO3KALKS Pricing procedure assigned to this customer SMO3KALKS CHAR 
60 SMO3KALLI Procedure for material listing SMO3KALSM CHAR 
61 SMO3KALSM Pricing procedure for sales and distribution SMO3KALSM CHAR 
62 SMO3KALSM1 Output determination procedure SMO3KALSM CHAR 
63 SMO3KALSM2 Procedure for item output SMO3KALSM CHAR 
64 SMO3KALSM3 Procedure (pricing, output control, acct. det., costing,...) SMO3KALSM CHAR 
65 SMO3KALSU Procedure for material determination SMO3KALSM CHAR 
66 SMO3KALVG Document procedure (for determining pricing procedure) SMO3KALVG CHAR 
67 SMO3KAPAO Production work center reserved by plant maintenance KREUZ CHAR 
68 SMO3KAPA_ Indicator: Determine capacity requirements FLAG CHAR 
71 SMO3KAPPL3 Application SMO3KAPPL3 CHAR 
72 SMO3KARTV Proposed condition type for fast entry SMO3KSCHL CHAR 
73 SMO3KATR1 Attribute 1 SMO3ATTR1 CHAR 
74 SMO3KATR11 Attribute 10 SMO3ATTR11 CHAR 
75 SMO3KATR2 Attribute 2 SMO3ATTR2 CHAR 
76 SMO3KATR3 Attribute 3 SMO3ATTR3 CHAR 
77 SMO3KATR4 Attribute 4 SMO3ATTR4 CHAR 
78 SMO3KATR5 Attribute 5 SMO3ATTR5 CHAR 
79 SMO3KATR6 Attribute 6 SMO3ATTR6 CHAR 
80 SMO3KATR7 Attribute 7 SMO3ATTR7 CHAR 
81 SMO3KATR8 Attribute 8 SMO3ATTR8 CHAR 
82 SMO3KATR9 Attribute 9 SMO3ATTR9 CHAR 
83 SMO3KAUGR Condition exclusion group SMO3KAUGR CHAR 
84 SMO3KAUGR1 Condition exclusion group1 SMO3KAUGR CHAR 
85 SMO3KAUGR2 Condition exclusion group 2 SMO3KAUGR CHAR 
86 SMO3KAULF Sequential number for condition exclusion NUM3 NUMC 
87 SMO3KAUSF Component scrap in percent DEC3_2 DEC 
88 SMO3KAUTO Condition determined manually XFELD CHAR 
89 SMO3KAUVF Condition exclusion procedure SMO3KAUVF CHAR 
90 SMO3KAWRT Price Determination: Condition Basis SMO3KAWRT DEC 
91 SMO3KBFLAG Bit Encrypted Flags in Pricing SMO3KBFLAG RAW 
92 SMO3KCBRG Cumulative gross weight of all batch split items SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
93 SMO3KCMEN Cumulative batch quantity of all split items (in StckUnit) SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
94 SMO3KCNTG Cumulative net weight of all batch split items SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
95 SMO3KCVOL Cumulative volume of all batch split items SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
96 SMO3KDATU Condition pricing date DATUM DATS 
97 SMO3KDAUF Sales order number SMO3VBELN CHAR 
98 SMO3KDEIN Delivery schedule for sales order NUM04 NUMC 
99 SMO3KDERL Business data allowed at item level ? XFELD CHAR 
100 SMO3KDGRP Customer group SMO3KDGRP CHAR 
101 SMO3KDMAT Material belonging to the customer SMO3IDNEX CHAR 
102 SMO3KDPOS Item number in sales order NUM06 NUMC 
103 SMO3KDPTX Customer description of material TEXT40 CHAR 
104 SMO3KDUPL Structure condition SMO3KDUPL CHAR 
105 SMO3KFAKT Factor for condition base value FLTP FLTP 
106 SMO3KFAKT1 Factor for condition basis (period) FLTP FLTP 
107 SMO3KFKIV Condition for inter-company billing XFELD CHAR 
108 SMO3KFPOS Indicator: "configurable item" XFLAG CHAR 
109 SMO3KGRPE Group condition SMO3KGRPE CHAR 
110 SMO3KGRUP Class group description TEXT40 CHAR 
111 SMO3KHERK Origin of the condition SMO3KHERK CHAR 
112 SMO3KINAK Condition is inactive SMO3KINAK CHAR 
113 SMO3KINCL Set indicator if source table is an Include structure X CHAR 
114 SMO3KKBER Credit control area SMO3KKBER CHAR 
115 SMO3KKBTX Description of the credit control area TEXT35 CHAR 
116 SMO3KKIDX Index number for 'perform construction' condition key SMO3PRIDX DEC 
117 SMO3KKMOD Module pool for condition access SMO3KKMOD CHAR 
118 SMO3KKOPF Condition applies to header XFELD CHAR 
119 SMO3KKOWK Indicator: Conditions at plant level SMO3KKOWK CHAR 
120 SMO3KKREF Account category reference SMO3KKREF CHAR 
121 SMO3KKURS Condition exchange rate for conversion to local currency SMO3KKURS DEC 
122 SMO3KLABC Customer classification (ABC analysis) SMO3KLABC CHAR 
123 SMO3KLAKT Classification active indicator X CHAR 
124 SMO3KLAPO Item number NUM02 NUMC 
125 SMO3KLART Indicator: standard class type CHAR1 CHAR 
126 SMO3KLASA Indicator: SAP object classified as standard XFELD CHAR 
128 SMO3KLFKZ Classification allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
129 SMO3KLFN1 Current number of the line scale SMO3KLFNR NUMC 
130 SMO3KLF_K Scale number for pricing SMO3KLFNR NUMC 
131 SMO3KLF_S Number of incremental scale SMO3KLFNR NUMC 
132 SMO3KLIMP Check credit limit SMO3KLIMP CHAR 
133 SMO3KLMAF Indicator: object/class SMO3KLMAF CHAR 
134 SMO3KLPKZ Class maintenance allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
135 SMO3KLSCH Keyword (upper case for matchcode) CHAR40 CHAR 
136 SMO3KLSTA Class status SMO3KLSTA CHAR 
137 SMO3KMANU Making manual entries SMO3KMANU CHAR 
138 SMO3KMEIN Condition unit MEINS UNIT 
139 SMO3KMENG Quantity conversion XFELD CHAR 
140 SMO3KMPME Component unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
141 SMO3KMPMG Component quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
142 SMO3KMPOL Name of the module pool for generating condition screen PROGRAMM CHAR 
143 SMO3KMPRS Condition changed manually XFELD CHAR 
144 SMO3KMXAW Indicator for maximum condition base value SMO3KMXWR CHAR 
145 SMO3KMXWR Indicator for maximum condition amount SMO3KMXWR CHAR 
146 SMO3KNEGA Plus/minus sign of the condition amount SMO3KNEGA CHAR 
147 SMO3KNFAK Customer factory calendar WFCID CHAR 
148 SMO3KNKLI Customer's account number with credit limit reference SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
149 SMO3KNOBJ Number of object with linked dependencies SMO3KNOBJ NUMC 
150 SMO3KNRMA Account number of the dunning recipient SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
151 SMO3KNTYP Condition category (examples: tax, freight, price, cost) SMO3KNTYP CHAR 
152 SMO3KNUH32 Condition record number SMO_GUID CHAR 
153 SMO3KNUMA Agreement (various conditions grouped together) SMO3KNUMA CHAR 
155 SMO3KNUMA2 Rebate agreement SMO3KNUMA CHAR 
157 SMO3KNUMA4 Standard agreement SMO3KNUMA CHAR 
158 SMO3KNUMA5 Sales quote SMO3KNUMA CHAR 
159 SMO3KNUMH Condition record number SMO3KNUMB CHAR 
160 SMO3KNUMT Number of texts SMO3KNUMB CHAR 
161 SMO3KNUMV Number of the document condition SMO3KNUMV CHAR 
162 SMO3KOAID Condition class SMO3KOAID CHAR 
163 SMO3KOART Account type SMO3KOART CHAR 
164 SMO3KOART1 Account type of the customer/vendor SMO3KOART1 CHAR 
166 SMO3KOBLI Condition is mandatory XFELD CHAR 
167 SMO3KOBOG Condition type/table group for agreements SMO3KOBOG CHAR 
168 SMO3KODAT Picking date DATUM DATS 
169 SMO3KODAT1 Validity start date of the condition record DATUM DATS 
170 SMO3KODAT2 Validity end date of the condition record DATUM DATS 
171 SMO3KOFRA Alternative formula for condition base value SMO3KOFRM NUMC 
172 SMO3KOFRM Condition formula for alternative calculation type SMO3KOFRM NUMC 
173 SMO3KOFRS Formula for scale base value SMO3KOFRM NUMC 
174 SMO3KOINH Account holder name SMO3KOINH CHAR 
175 SMO3KOKFI Allocation indicator SMO3KOKFI CHAR 
176 SMO3KOKRS Controlling area SMO3CACCD CHAR 
177 SMO3KOLNR Access sequence - Access number SMO3KOLNR NUMC 
178 SMO3KOMPP Form delivery group and correlate BOM components SMO3KOMPP CHAR 
179 SMO3KONAU Condition is mandatory XFELD CHAR 
180 SMO3KONDA Price group (customer) SMO3KONDA CHAR 
181 SMO3KONDA1 Price group (customer) SMO3KONDA CHAR 
182 SMO3KONDM Material Pricing Group SMO3KONDM CHAR 
183 SMO3KONDM1 Material pricing group SMO3KONDM CHAR 
184 SMO3KONFK Configuration supported XFELD CHAR 
185 SMO3KONFO Indicator: use in configurable objects XFELD CHAR 
186 SMO3KONMS Condition scale unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
187 SMO3KONWA Rate unit (currency or percentage) WAERS CUKY 
188 SMO3KONWS Scale currency WAERS CUKY 
189 SMO3KOPOS Sequential number of the condition NUM02 NUMC 
190 SMO3KOQUA Confirmation status of picking/putaway SMO3STATV CHAR 
191 SMO3KOQUK Status of picking confirmation SMO3STATV CHAR 
192 SMO3KORDB Indicator: Source list requirement XFELD CHAR 
193 SMO3KORLI Delivery type for correction deliveries SMO3LFART CHAR 
194 SMO3KOSAR Cost center category SMO3KOSAR CHAR 
195 SMO3KOSRT Search term for conditions CHAR10 CHAR 
196 SMO3KOSTA Picking status/Putaway status SMO3STATV CHAR 
197 SMO3KOSTK Overall picking / putaway status SMO3STATV CHAR 
200 SMO3KOTAB Condition table AS4TAB CHAR 
201 SMO3KOTAB1 Condition table SMO3KOTAB NUMC 
203 SMO3KOUPD Condition update XFELD CHAR 
204 SMO3KOWRR Statistical values SMO3KOWRR CHAR 
205 SMO3KOZGF Access sequence SMO3KOZGF CHAR 
206 SMO3KOZGV Relevant for rebate SMO3KOZGV CHAR 
207 SMO3KPEIN Condition pricing unit SMO3KPEIN DEC 
208 SMO3KPOSI Condition applies to items XFELD CHAR 
209 SMO3KPOSN Condition item number NUM6 NUMC 
210 SMO3KPOSN1 Item number NUM03 NUMC 
211 SMO3KPRDT Pricing date SMO3KPRDT CHAR 
212 SMO3KRECH Calculation type for condition SMO3KRECH CHAR 
213 SMO3KRECH3 Calculation type for condition SMO3KRECH3 CHAR 
214 SMO3KRELI Condition for invoice list SMO3KRELI CHAR 
215 SMO3KRFKZ Referenced Configuration X CHAR 
216 SMO3KRUEK Accruals are set up for the condition (e.g. freight) XFELD CHAR 
217 SMO3KSCHA Condition type SMO3KSCHL CHAR 
218 SMO3KSCHG Material listing/exclusion type SMO3KSCHL CHAR 
219 SMO3KSCHL Condition type SMO3KSCHL CHAR 
220 SMO3KSCHL1 Condition type for copying costs from line items SMO3KSCHL CHAR 
221 SMO3KSDAT ID: Condition structure has validity period XFELD CHAR 
222 SMO3KSKPF Pricing procedure for contract conditions at header level SMO3KALSM CHAR 
223 SMO3KSPAE Rebate was set up retroactively XFELD CHAR 
224 SMO3KSPOS Pricing procedure for contract conditions at item level SMO3KALSM CHAR 
225 SMO3KSTAT Condition is used for statistics XFELD CHAR 
226 SMO3KSTBM Condition scale quantity SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
227 SMO3KSTBS Pricing: Scale Basis SMO3KSTBS DEC 
228 SMO3KSTEU Condition control SMO3KSTEU CHAR 
229 SMO3KSTPR Checking rule for scale rates SMO3KSTPR CHAR 
231 SMO3KTAAR Sales Activity Type for Sales Support SMO3KTAAR CHAR 
232 SMO3KTAAR1 CAS: Classify sales activity types SMO3KTAAR1 CHAR 
233 SMO3KTABG Start of sales activity (date) SMO3KTABG DATS 
234 SMO3KTABT Start of sales activity SMO3KTABT TIMS 
235 SMO3KTAEB Analysis of sales activity outcome SMO3KTAEB CHAR 
236 SMO3KTAEN End of sales activity (date) SMO3KTAEN DATS 
237 SMO3KTAER Outcome of sales activities SMO3KTAER CHAR 
238 SMO3KTAET End of sales activity (time) SMO3KTAET TIMS 
239 SMO3KTAFK Type of follow-up activity SMO3KTAAR CHAR 
240 SMO3KTAGR Reason for sales activity SMO3KTAGR CHAR 
241 SMO3KTAST Status of sales activity SMO3KTAST CHAR 
242 SMO3KTEXT Short text for a sales activity TEXT40 CHAR 
243 SMO3KTEXT1 Search term for product proposal TEXT40 CHAR 
244 SMO3KTGRD Account assignment group for this customer SMO3KTGRD CHAR 
245 SMO3KTGRM Account assignment group for this material SMO3KTGRM CHAR 
246 SMO3KTOKD Customer account group SMO3KTOKD CHAR 
247 SMO3KTOP2 Chart of accounts according to country legislation SMO3KTOPL CHAR 
248 SMO3KTOPL Chart of accounts SMO3KTOPL CHAR 
249 SMO3KTREL Relevance for Account Assignment SMO3KTREL CHAR 
250 SMO3KTSCH Standard text key SMO3KTSCH CHAR 
251 SMO3KTX01 Description of technical object TEXT40 CHAR 
252 SMO3KUKLA Customer classification SMO3KUKLA CHAR 
253 SMO3KULEP Grace periods per line item NUM03 NUMC 
254 SMO3KUMNE Denominator for converting condition units to base units SMO3UMBSN DEC 
255 SMO3KUMNE2 Denominator for converting condition units to base units SMO3KUMNE2 INT4 
256 SMO3KUMZA Numerator for converting condition units to base units SMO3UMBSZ DEC 
257 SMO3KUMZA2 Numerator for converting condition units to base units SMO3KUMZA2 INT4 
258 SMO3KUNAG Sold-to party SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
259 SMO3KUND1 Customer number SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
260 SMO3KUND2 End customer number SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
263 SMO3KUNDS Customer to Whom Serial Number was Delivered SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
264 SMO3KUNIV Customer number for intercompany billing SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
265 SMO3KUNN0 Customer number ZERO (0) allowed XFELD CHAR 
266 SMO3KUNNR Customer number SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
268 SMO3KUNNR2 Customer number (rebate recipient) SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
269 SMO3KUNNR3 Customer number SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
270 SMO3KUNNR4 Customer number of plant SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
271 SMO3KUNUM Customer number SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
272 SMO3KUNWE Ship-to party SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
273 SMO3KURSK Exchange rate for pricing and statistics SMO3KURRF DEC 
274 SMO3KURST Exchange rate type KURST CHAR 
275 SMO3KURST1 Exchange rate type for translation into country currency KURST CHAR 
276 SMO3KVARC Condition for configuration XFELD CHAR 
277 SMO3KVEWE Usage of the condition table SMO3KVEWE CHAR 
278 SMO3KVGR1 Customer group 1 SMO3KVGR1 CHAR 
279 SMO3KVGR2 Customer group 2 SMO3KVGR2 CHAR 
280 SMO3KVGR3 Customer group 3 SMO3KVGR3 CHAR 
281 SMO3KVGR4 Customer group 4 SMO3KVGR4 CHAR 
282 SMO3KVGR5 Customer group 5 SMO3KVGR5 CHAR 
283 SMO3KVMEI Condition unit in the document MEINS UNIT 
284 SMO3KVSL1 Account key SMO3KVSCH CHAR 
285 SMO3KVSL2 Account key - accruals / provisions SMO3KVSCH CHAR 
286 SMO3KWAEH Condition currency (for cumulation fields) WAERS CUKY 
287 SMO3KWMEN Cumulative order quantity in sales units SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
288 SMO3KZAKT Active indicator for access sequence XFELD CHAR 
289 SMO3KZAUF 'Order will be classified' indicator X CHAR 
290 SMO3KZAZU Order combination indicator XFELD CHAR 
291 SMO3KZBEW Movement indicator SMO3KZBEW CHAR 
292 SMO3KZBKD Indicator: material to be provided by customer XFELD CHAR 
293 SMO3KZBLF Indicator: material to be provided by vendor XFELD CHAR 
294 SMO3KZBWA Mvt type category CHAR2 CHAR 
295 SMO3KZBWS Indicator: valuation of special stock SMO3KZBWS CHAR 
296 SMO3KZBZG Scale basis indicator SMO3KZBZG CHAR 
297 SMO3KZBZG3 Scale basis indicator SMO3KZBZG3 CHAR 
298 SMO3KZCLA Option to classify batches SMO3KZCLA CHAR 
299 SMO3KZDRU Printing of document item SMO3KZDRU CHAR 
300 SMO3KZEAR Final issue for this reservation XFELD CHAR 
301 SMO3KZEFF Indicator: changed with new effectivity SMO3TECHS CHAR 
302 SMO3KZEIL Indicator: formatting applies to each single long text line X CHAR 
303 SMO3KZERS Indicator: spare part XFELD CHAR 
304 SMO3KZEXL Indicator: Exclusive condition access XFELD CHAR 
305 SMO3KZGRP Grouping indicator SMO3KZGRP CHAR 
306 SMO3KZGRU Control: Reason for Movement SMO3FAUSW CHAR 
307 SMO3KZINI Characteristic: Initial value allowed XFELD CHAR 
308 SMO3KZKFG Configurable Material XFELD CHAR 
309 SMO3KZKON Display or suppress account field/manual account assignment SMO3FAUSW CHAR 
310 SMO3KZKSD Serial data when maintaining equipment X CHAR 
311 SMO3KZKUP Indicator: co-product XFELD CHAR 
312 SMO3KZLOE Indicator: delete data record CHAR1 CHAR 
313 SMO3KZLTA Long text indicator XFELD CHAR 
314 SMO3KZMHD Check shelf life expiration date/production date SMO3KZMHD CHAR 
315 SMO3KZMLA Primary language indicator for text segment CHAR1 CHAR 
316 SMO3KZNEP Condition exclusion indicator SMO3KZNEP CHAR 
317 SMO3KZPIP Pipeline Handling Mandatory XFELD CHAR 
318 SMO3KZPRC Material Master Record for a Process XFELD CHAR 
319 SMO3KZRBW Indicator post net book value for retirement XFELD CHAR 
320 SMO3KZSTR Transaction/event is relevant for statistics SMO3KZSTR CHAR 
321 SMO3KZTLF Partial delivery at item level SMO3KZTLF CHAR 
322 SMO3KZUST Responsibility in SD for condition/material SMO3KZUST CHAR 
323 SMO3KZVBR Consumption posting SMO3KZVBR CHAR 
324 SMO3KZVBU Consumption posting SMO3KZVBU CHAR 
325 SMO3KZVPR Price Control Mandatory XFELD CHAR 
326 SMO3KZWES GR blocked stock SMO3KZWES CHAR 
327 SMO3KZWIW Condition subtotal SMO3KZWIW CHAR 
328 SMO3KZZDE Maintain status data of a batch XFELD CHAR 
329 SMO3KZZUG Receipt indicator SMO3KZZUG CHAR 
330 SMO3LABOR Laboratory/design office SMO3LABOR CHAR 
331 SMO3LABST Valuated stock with unrestricted use SMO3MENG1 QUAN 
332 SMO3LADGR Loading group SMO3LADGR CHAR 
333 SMO3LAEDA Date of last change DATUM DATS 
335 SMO3LANDA Alternative country key SMO3LANDA CHAR 
336 SMO3LATYP Activity Type Category SMO3LATYP CHAR 
337 SMO3LATYP1 Variant Activity Type Category for Actual Postings SMO3LATYP1 CHAR 
338 SMO3LBKUM Total valuated stock SMO3MENG1 QUAN 
339 SMO3LBREI Total width of list NUMC3 NUMC 
341 SMO3LEARR Activity type for confirmation SMO3LSTAR CHAR 
342 SMO3LEINH Activity unit MEINS UNIT 
343 SMO3LEIST Characteristics table SMO3LEIST CHAR 
344 SMO3LEKNW Indicator showing no remaining work expected XFELD CHAR 
345 SMO3LFART Delivery type SMO3LFART CHAR 
346 SMO3LFARV Default delivery type SMO3LFART CHAR 
347 SMO3LFBJA Fiscal year of a reference document GJAHR NUMC 
348 SMO3LFBNR Document number of a reference document SMO3BELNR CHAR 
349 SMO3LFDAT Delivery date DATUM DATS 
350 SMO3LFGSA Overall delivery status of the item SMO3STATV CHAR 
351 SMO3LFIMG Actual quantity delivered (in sales units) MENG13 QUAN 
352 SMO3LFNR2 Sequential number NUM02 NUMC 
353 SMO3LFPOS Item of a reference document SMO3MBLPO NUMC 
354 SMO3LFREG Supply region (region supplied) ZONE CHAR 
355 SMO3LFREL Item is relevant for delivery XFELD CHAR 
356 SMO3LFREL1 Item is relevant for delivery XFELD CHAR 
357 SMO3LFSTA Delivery status SMO3STATV CHAR 
358 SMO3LFSTK Delivery status SMO3STATV CHAR 
359 SMO3LFUHR Time of delivery SMO3LFUHR TIMS 
361 SMO3LGMNG Actual quantity delivered in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
362 SMO3LGNUM Warehouse number / warehouse complex SMO3LGNUM CHAR 
363 SMO3LGOBE Description of storage location TEXT16 CHAR 
364 SMO3LGORT Storage location SMO3LGORT CHAR 
365 SMO3LGPBE Storage bin CHAR10 CHAR 
367 SMO3LGTYP Storage type SMO3LGTYP CHAR 
368 SMO3LGWID Object ID of the Work Center SMO3CR_OB NUMC 
369 SMO3LICDT Date license granted DATUM DATS 
370 SMO3LICNO Tax exemption license number SMO3LICNO CHAR 
371 SMO3LIEF External processing SMO3LIEF CHAR 
372 SMO3LIFNR Account number of vendor or creditor SMO3LIFNR CHAR 
373 SMO3LIFNR1 Vendor number of plant SMO3LIFNR CHAR 
374 SMO3LIFRE Different invoicing party SMO3LIFNR CHAR 
375 SMO3LIFSD Customer delivery block (sales area) SMO3LIFSP CHAR 
376 SMO3LIFSD1 Central delivery block for the customer SMO3LIFSP CHAR 
377 SMO3LIFSK Delivery block (document header) SMO3LIFSP CHAR 
378 SMO3LIFSM Delivery block SMO3LIFSP CHAR 
379 SMO3LIFSP Default delivery block SMO3LIFSP CHAR 
380 SMO3LIFSP1 Schedule line blocked for delivery SMO3LIFSP CHAR 
381 SMO3LIFZT Delivery time in days DEC3 DEC 
382 SMO3LISOF Create delivery immediately SMO3LISOF CHAR 
383 SMO3LISTO List object type for variable lists CHAR3 CHAR 
384 SMO3LKENZ Deletion indicator XFELD CHAR 
385 SMO3LKGSK Overall delivery status for all items SMO3STATV CHAR 
386 SMO3LKVRZ Short name for foreign trade statistics CHAR7 CHAR 
387 SMO3LLAND Destination country LAND1 CHAR 
388 SMO3LMENG Required quantity for in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
389 SMO3LNBKN Bank account number length NUM02 NUMC 
390 SMO3LNBKS Length of the bank key NUM02 NUMC 
391 SMO3LNBLZ Bank number length NUM02 NUMC 
392 SMO3LNPSK Post office bank current account number length NUM02 NUMC 
393 SMO3LNSPL Delivery within one warehouse SMO3LNSPL CHAR 
394 SMO3LNST1 Permitted input length for tax code 1 NUM02 NUMC 
395 SMO3LNST2 Permitted input length for tax code 2 NUM02 NUMC 
396 SMO3LOEVM Deletion indicator for condition item XFELD CHAR 
397 SMO3LOEVM1 Deletion flag for customer (sales level) XFELD CHAR 
398 SMO3LOEVM2 Central deletion flag for master record XFELD CHAR 
399 SMO3LOHN Indicator: Print time tickets FLAG CHAR 
401 SMO3LOKNZ Deletion indicator for BOMs XFELD CHAR 
402 SMO3LOSBS To lot size MENG13 QUAN 
403 SMO3LOSVN From lot size MENG13 QUAN 
404 SMO3LPDATE Date of last password changes SMO_DATE DATS 
405 SMO3LPRIO Delivery priority SMO3LPRIO NUMC 
406 SMO3LRGDT Return date for returnable packaging DATUM DATS 
407 SMO3LRMEI Alternative unit of measure for stockkeeping unit MEINS UNIT 
408 SMO3LSMEH Unit of measure from delivery note MEINS UNIT 
409 SMO3LSMEN Cumulative required delivery qty (all dlv-relev.sched.lines) SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
410 SMO3LSMNG Quantity in units from delivery note MENG13 QUAN 
412 SMO3LSTEL Loading point SMO3LSTEL CHAR 
413 SMO3LTRMN Required end date DATUM DATS 
414 SMO3LTRUR Required end date-time UZEIT TIMS 
415 SMO3LTSNR Vendor sub-range SMO3LTSNR CHAR 
416 SMO3LTXA1 Short text TEXT40 CHAR 
417 SMO3LTYPA Action when material variant determined during configuration SMO3LTYPA CHAR 
418 SMO3LTYPV Run ATP check on material variants SMO3LTYPV CHAR 
419 SMO3LVOLG Flag Material for Deletion at Storage Location Level XFELD CHAR 
420 SMO3LVOMA Flag Material for Deletion at Client Level XFELD CHAR 
421 SMO3LVORM Deletion flag XFELD CHAR 
422 SMO3LVOWK Flag Material for Deletion at Plant Level XFELD CHAR 
423 SMO3LVSTA Status of warehouse management activities SMO3STATV CHAR 
424 SMO3LVSTK Overall status of warehouse management activities SMO3STATV CHAR 
425 SMO3LVS_L Warehouse number description TEXT25 CHAR 
426 SMO3LVS_L1 Name of storage type TEXT25 CHAR 
427 SMO3MABER Dunning area SMO3MABER CHAR 
428 SMO3MADAT Last dunned on DATUM DATS 
429 SMO3MAGRP Code group - Tasks SMO3QCODE1 CHAR 
430 SMO3MAHN1 Number of days for first reminder/urging letter SMO3MAHNT DEC 
431 SMO3MAHN2 Number of days for second reminder/urging letter SMO3MAHNT DEC 
432 SMO3MAHN3 Number of days for third reminder/urging letter SMO3MAHNT DEC 
433 SMO3MAHNA Dunning procedure SMO3MAHNA CHAR 
434 SMO3MAHNA1 Reference dunning procedure for text selection SMO3MAHNA CHAR 
435 SMO3MAHNS Dunning level from which all due items are to be totaled SMO3MAHNS NUMC 
436 SMO3MAHNS1 Dunning level SMO3MAHNS NUMC 
437 SMO3MAKAT Catalog type - Tasks SMO3QKATA CHAR 
438 SMO3MAKTX Material description TEXT40 CHAR 
439 SMO3MANSP Dunning block SMO3MANSP CHAR 
440 SMO3MANUM Serial task number NUM4 NUMC 
441 SMO3MATBF Material on which stock is managed SMO3MATNR CHAR 
442 SMO3MATKL Material group SMO3MATKL CHAR 
443 SMO3MATNR Material number SMO3MATNR CHAR 
444 SMO3MATNR1 Material number used by customer SMO3IDNEX CHAR 
445 SMO3MATST Material status from MM/PP view SMO3MMSTA CHAR 
446 SMO3MATWA Material entered SMO3MATNR CHAR 
447 SMO3MATXT Short text for task TEXT40 CHAR 
448 SMO3MAT_K Sales order number of valuated sales order stock SMO3VBELN CHAR 
449 SMO3MAT_K1 Sales order item of valuated sales order stock NUM06 NUMC 
450 SMO3MAT_P Valuated customer stock WBS element SMO3PS_PO NUMC 
451 SMO3MAUEH Downtime unit MEINS UNIT 
452 SMO3MAXBL Maximum display block for variable lists SMO3LISTO CHAR 
453 SMO3MBBEZ Industry sector description TEXT25 CHAR 
454 SMO3MBDAT Material availability date DATUM DATS 
455 SMO3MBLNR Number of material document SMO3BELNR CHAR 
456 SMO3MBLPO Item in material document SMO3MBLPO NUMC 
457 SMO3MBREF Screen reference depending on the material type SMO3MAREF CHAR 
458 SMO3MBRSH Industry sector SMO3MBRSH CHAR 
459 SMO3MB_BS Goods receipt quantity in order unit MENG13 QUAN 
460 SMO3MB_GR Reason for movement SMO3MB_GR NUMC 
461 SMO3MB_IN Stock type SMO3MB_IN CHAR 
462 SMO3MCKEY Classification AS4FLAG CHAR 
463 SMO3MEABM Unit of dimension for length/width/height MEINS UNIT 
464 SMO3MEEIN Unit of measure of a purchased material MEINS UNIT 
465 SMO3MEHRF Indicator: multiple classification XFELD CHAR 
466 SMO3MEINS Base unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
467 SMO3MENG1 Order quantiy for each item is limited to 1 XFELD CHAR 
468 SMO3MENGE Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
469 SMO3MENGU Quantity Updating in Material Master Record XFELD CHAR 
470 SMO3MERKM Indicator: inspection characteristics for operation required FLAG CHAR 
471 SMO3MFCOD Activity code SMO3QCODE CHAR 
472 SMO3MFGRP Code group - Activities SMO3QCODE1 CHAR 
473 SMO3MFKAT Catalog type - Activities SMO3QKATA CHAR 
474 SMO3MFTEX Activity text TEXT40 CHAR 
475 SMO3MGVRG Operation quantity MENG13 QUAN 
476 SMO3MIKBA Minimum condition base value SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
477 SMO3MINAU Minimum order quantity in base unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
478 SMO3MINLF Minimum delivery quantity in delivery note processing MENG13 QUAN 
479 SMO3MIVRZ Days in arrears after which a dunning notice will be sent NUM03 NUMC 
480 SMO3MJAHR Material doc. year GJAHR NUMC 
481 SMO3MLANG Primary language for object texts SPRAS LANG 
482 SMO3MMSTA Plant-Specific Material Status SMO3MMSTA CHAR 
484 SMO3MNGFA Quantity factor for activities NUMC3 NUMC 
485 SMO3MPNMT Manufacturer Part XFELD CHAR 
486 SMO3MPROK Status manual price change SMO3MPROK CHAR 
487 SMO3MREGL Rules for copying from the sample account for G/L accounts SMO3MREGL CHAR 
488 SMO3MRNKZ Manual invoice maintenance XFELD CHAR 
489 SMO3MSAUS Breakdown indicator XFELD CHAR 
491 SMO3MSGKZ Send warning XFELD CHAR 
492 SMO3MSTAE Cross-Plant Material Status SMO3MMSTA CHAR 
493 SMO3MSTAV Cross-distribution-chain material status SMO3VMSTA CHAR 
494 SMO3MSTDV Date from which the X-distr.-chain material status is valid DATUM DATS 
495 SMO3MSTKZ Indicator for maintaining multi-lingual texts XFELD CHAR 
496 SMO3MTART Material type SMO3MTART CHAR 
497 SMO3MTBEZ Description of material type TEXT25 CHAR 
498 SMO3MTEND Last of the month switch for date determination SMO3MTEND CHAR 
499 SMO3MTPOS Item category group from material master SMO3MTPOS CHAR 
500 SMO3MTREF Reference material type SMO3MAREF CHAR