SAP ABAP Data Element - Index S, page 49
Data Element - S
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 SO_PSTHR1 Functional substitute: Forward and delete SO_FLAG CHAR 
2 SO_PSTHR2 Automatic forwarding without deletion SO_FLAG CHAR 
3 SO_PTENC Number of objects for which this object is an attachment SO_CNT2 RAW 
4 SO_PTFOL Number of folders which contain the object SO_CNT2 RAW 
5 SO_PTHYP Number of hyperlinks to this object SO_CNT2 RAW 
6 SO_PTMBO Number of MBO objects which contain this object SO_CNT2 RAW 
7 SO_PTNOT Number of objects, in which this object is a note SO_CNT2 RAW 
8 SO_PUBDL Substitute: Maintain shared distribution lists SO_FLAG CHAR 
9 SO_PUFOL Authorization: Shared folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
10 SO_PWCNT Number of passwords in list SO_NUM5 NUMC 
11 SO_QI_ATT Attachments SO_QICON CHAR 
12 SO_QI_BC Sent as blind copy SO_QICON CHAR 
13 SO_QI_CP Sent as copy SO_QICON CHAR 
14 SO_QI_EX Sent as express SO_QICON CHAR 
15 SO_QI_FFB No forwarding SO_QICON CHAR 
16 SO_QI_OAC Completion status SO_QICON CHAR 
18 SO_QI_PFB No printing SO_QICON CHAR 
20 SO_QI_RD Read Status of Object (Read or Unread) SO_QICON CHAR 
21 SO_QI_RES Resubmission SO_QICON CHAR 
22 SO_QI_RR Reply required SO_QICON CHAR 
23 SO_QI_RS Reply was sent SO_QICON CHAR 
26 SO_QI_SO Message Attributes SO_QICON CHAR 
27 SO_RADIOWL Resubmission lead time acc. to working days or calendar days RADIOBUTT CHAR 
28 SO_RADIOWT Single or periodic resubmission RADIOBUTT CHAR 
29 SO_RAPCNT Number of recipients processing the object SO_CNT2 RAW 
30 SO_RAPNUM Number of recipients processing the object SO_NUM5 NUMC 
31 SO_RARCNT Number of recipients who must take action SO_CNT2 RAW 
32 SO_RARNUM Number of recipients who must take action SO_NUM5 NUMC 
33 SO_RATCNT Number of recipients who have taken action SO_CNT2 RAW 
34 SO_RATNUM Number of recipients who have taken action SO_NUM5 NUMC 
35 SO_RAW255 SAPoffice: Binary data, length 255 SO_RAW255 RAW 
36 SO_RAW_LIN LINE in RAW editor for text entry SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
37 SO_RAW_NO RAW text: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
38 SO_RAW_SIZ Size of document of type RAW (in lines) SO_OBJ_SIZ NUMC 
39 SO_RAW_STA Status of the RAW text SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
40 SO_RAW_TP Object RAW text: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
41 SO_RAW_YR RAW text: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
42 SO_RBCCNT Number of recipients of a blind copy SO_CNT2 RAW 
43 SO_RBCNUM Number of recipients of a blind copy SO_NUM5 NUMC 
44 SO_RCMAX Maximum number of recipients allowed per send SO_CNT2 RAW 
45 SO_RCMAX_F Maximum number of recipients allowed per send operation SO_FLAG CHAR 
46 SO_RCMAX_T Maximum number of recipients allowed per send operation SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
47 SO_RCODE Return code SYST_SHORT INT4 
48 SO_RCPCNT Number of recipients of a copy SO_CNT2 RAW 
49 SO_RCPNUM Number of recipients of a copy SO_NUM5 NUMC 
50 SO_RCTPDES Type of Recipient Address SORECTPDES CHAR 
51 SO_RC_FNAM Full name of the recipient SO_STRI035 CHAR 
52 SO_RD_DAT Date on which document was last read DATUM DATS 
53 SO_RD_TIM Time at which document was last read UZEIT TIMS 
54 SO_RECADR Name of recipient or number of recipients SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
55 SO_RECCADR Address name of recipient SO_STRI241 CHAR 
56 SO_RECCNT Number of recipients of the object SO_CNT2 RAW 
57 SO_RECDEP SAPoffice: Name of field for department SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
58 SO_RECFAX SAPoffice: Fax or telex number of recipient TELEX CHAR 
59 SO_RECL_IN SAPoffice: Include recipient list SO_FLAG CHAR 
60 SO_RECL_PR SAPoffice: Print recipient list SO_FLAG CHAR 
61 SO_RECNAM1 SAPoffice: Name of field for first part of name SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
62 SO_RECNAM2 SAPoffice: Name of field for second part of name SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
63 SO_RECNAME SAPoffice: Name of the recipient of a document (also ext.) SOEXTADRI1 CHAR 
64 SO_RECNUM Number of Recipients of Object SO_NUM5 NUMC 
65 SO_RECPOBO SAPoffice: Name of field for PO box SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
66 SO_RECPRI Priority SO_TEXT020 CHAR 
67 SO_RECREM SAPoffice: comments about a recipient SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
68 SO_RECSTAT SAPoffice: Name of field for country key SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
69 SO_RECSTRT SAPoffice: Name of field for street SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
70 SO_RECTOWN SAPoffice: Name of field for city SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
71 SO_RECTYP Type of Recipient Address SO_REC_TYP CHAR 
72 SO_REC_ADR Recipient address for the SAP communications server SO_ADDRESS CHAR 
73 SO_REC_CNT SAPoffice: Number of recipients (outbox) SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
74 SO_REC_DES RFC destination with which the document is sent SO_RFCDES CHAR 
75 SO_REC_EXP Recipient name (express handling) SO_REC_EXP CHAR 
76 SO_REC_EXT External address (SMTP/X.400...) SOEXTADRI1 CHAR 
77 SO_REC_FAX SAPoffice: Name of the field for fax number SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
78 SO_REC_FIX Do Not Change Recipient on Screen SO_FLAG CHAR 
80 SO_REC_LST Recipient list is also transferred SO_FLAG CHAR 
81 SO_REC_MAX SAPoffice: Maximum number of recipients when sending message SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
82 SO_REC_MND SAPoffice: Client to which the document is to be sent SO_ADR_CLN CLNT 
84 SO_REC_NO Recipient number from ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
85 SO_REC_OWN SAPoffice: owner of a distribution list, address etc. USERNAME CHAR 
87 SO_REC_STA SAPcomm: status of the sent object SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
88 SO_REC_SYS SAPoffice: System name to which the message is sent SO_SYDEST CHAR 
89 SO_REC_TIT SAPoffice: Form of address of fax or telex recipient SO_STRI012 CHAR 
90 SO_REC_TP Recipient type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
91 SO_REC_TP2 Inbound distribution: Recipient type RECTYPE CHAR 
92 SO_REC_TTL SAPoffice: Name of field for form of address SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
93 SO_REC_TYP Receive externally: Recipient type SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
94 SO_REC_YR Recipient year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
95 SO_REFE1 Number of references to an object SO_CNT1 RAW 
96 SO_REFE2 No. of objects for which object is a reference SO_CNT1 RAW 
97 SO_REFER A reference to a document exists SO_FLAG CHAR 
98 SO_REFRESH Reconstruction of screen SO_FLAG CHAR 
99 SO_REFTYPE Indicates how document contents are saved SO_FLAG CHAR 
100 SO_REF_NO Object reference: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
101 SO_REF_TO SAPoffice: SAPcomm ID for send process concerned SO_SC_ID CHAR 
102 SO_REF_TP Object reference type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
103 SO_REF_YR Object reference year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
104 SO_REGION Addresses: regional code REGIO CHAR 
105 SO_REG_KEY SAPoffice: Key for read register CHAR80 CHAR 
106 SO_RELID SAPoffice: RELID for import/export tables RELID CHAR 
107 SO_REORGDY Log Deletion of SAPoffice Documents SO_FLAG CHAR 
108 SO_REPCNT Counter which displays number of repetitions SO_NUMC004 CHAR 
109 SO_REP_DAY Reply within ... days SO_CNT2 RAW 
110 SO_REP_DNA Recipient of reply: distribution list name SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
111 SO_REP_DOC Object ID of the document being replied to SO_ENTRYID CHAR 
112 SO_REP_ID Reply recipient ID SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
113 SO_REP_MND Replication: Client entry SO_MAND CHAR 
114 SO_REP_NAM Recipient of reply: User name USERNAME CHAR 
115 SO_REP_NO Recipient of reply: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
116 SO_REP_OWN SAPoffice: owner of a distribution list, address etc USERNAME CHAR 
117 SO_REP_REC Name of reply recipient for a document (incl. ext.) SOEXTADRI1 CHAR 
118 SO_REP_TO SAPoffice: SAPcomm ID replied to SO_SC_ID CHAR 
119 SO_REP_TP Recipient of reply: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
120 SO_REP_YR Recipient of reply: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
121 SO_RESADR New recipient address SO_ADR110 CHAR 
122 SO_RESCADR Address name of new recipient SO_STRI035 CHAR 
123 SO_RESEND SAPoffice: Object sent to recipient more than once SO_FLAG CHAR 
124 SO_RESMAND Client of new recipient MANDT CLNT 
125 SO_RESSYS System of new recipient LOGSYS CHAR 
126 SO_RESTYP Type of new recipient address SO_RES_TYP CHAR 
127 SO_RESUB Substitute can access resubmissions SO_OBJ_AUT CHAR 
128 SO_RES_DAT Date of next resubmission DATUM DATS 
129 SO_RES_FOL SAPoffice: ID of the resubmission folder SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
130 SO_RES_RD The resubmitted document was viewed again SO_FLAG CHAR 
131 SO_RES_TIM Time of next resubmission in system UZEIT TIMS 
132 SO_RET_ADR SAPoffice: UNIX address for this Office (UNIX server) SO_STRI050 CHAR 
133 SO_RET_COD Return code SO_NUMC004 CHAR 
134 SO_REXCNT Number of recipients of the express message SO_CNT2 RAW 
135 SO_RFCDES RFC destination for SAPoffice server RFCDEST CHAR 
136 SO_RGTEXT Folder class/area SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
137 SO_RG_GRUP Create group folder SO_FLAG CHAR 
138 SO_RG_MAND Create client folder SO_FLAG CHAR 
139 SO_RML_MD Addresses: Client SO_MAND CHAR 
140 SO_RML_NAM Addresses: SAP name USERNAME CHAR 
141 SO_RPLY_ID Communic.ID to which the external document is a reply SO_SC_ID CHAR 
142 SO_RRDCNT Number of Recipients Who Have Read Object SO_CNT2 RAW 
143 SO_RRDNUM Number of Recipients Who Have Read Object SO_NUM5 NUMC 
144 SO_RRPCNT Number of recipients who have sent required reply SO_CNT2 RAW 
145 SO_RRPNUM Number of recipients who have sent required reply SO_NUM5 NUMC 
146 SO_RRRCNT Number of recipients who must reply to the object SO_CNT2 RAW 
147 SO_RRRNUM Number of recipients who must reply to the object SO_NUM5 NUMC 
148 SO_RSDAY Day of resubmission (eg. every first Wednesday) SO_RSFD CHAR 
149 SO_RSFACID Factory calendar identification code for the resubmission WFCID CHAR 
150 SO_RSFLG Interpretation of the resubmission period (days/months) SO_RSFU CHAR 
151 SO_RSFLGL SAPoffice: interpretation of lead time for the resubmission SO_RSFL CHAR 
152 SO_RSMCNT Number of resubmissions for a document SO_COUNT1 NUMC 
153 SO_RSPOID Number of a SPOOL entry RSPOID INT4 
154 SO_RSSELTR Resubmission depending on attributes SO_SELECT CHAR 
155 SO_RSSPA Intervals at which an object should be resubmitted SO_COUNT1 NUMC 
156 SO_RSTPDES Type of Recipient Address SORESTPDES CHAR 
157 SO_RSUBM SAPoffice: folder entry is a resubmitted object SO_FELD123 CHAR 
158 SO_RSU_NO Resubmission: object number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
159 SO_RSU_TP Resubmission: Object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
160 SO_RSU_YR Resubmission: object year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
161 SO_RSWD Resubmission on workdays only SO_FLAG CHAR 
162 SO_RS_BTID ID of the batch item supervising the resubmission NUMC12 NUMC 
163 SO_RS_NEXT SAPoffice: Date of next resubmission DATUM DATS 
164 SO_RTFCHNG Flag for change to RTF editor use SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
165 SO_RULENO Rule number SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
166 SO_SAE Recipient must reply to document SO_FLAG CHAR 
167 SO_SAPNUSR Create office user for SAP user name USERNAME CHAR 
168 SO_SAP_BDY Send externally with SAP data part SO_FLAG CHAR 
169 SO_SAP_F SAPoffice: Flag for changing SAP authorization SO_FLAG CHAR 
170 SO_SAP_NAM SAP name of a SAPoffice user USERNAME CHAR 
171 SO_SBCCNT Number of blind copies sent SO_CNT2 RAW 
172 SO_SCHED SAPoffice: Send at specified time SO_FLAG CHAR 
173 SO_SCHEDUL SAPoffice: send time SO_TEXT003 CHAR 
174 SO_SCOM_NO SAPcomm: number of the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
176 SO_SCOM_YR SAPcomm: year of ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
177 SO_SCPCNT Number of copies sent SO_CNT2 RAW 
178 SO_SCRFORM SAPoffice: User-defined standard SAPscript layout set SO_FORM CHAR 
179 SO_SCR_NO SAPscript object: number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
180 SO_SCR_SIZ SAPscript object: size (in lines) SO_OBJ_SIZ NUMC 
181 SO_SCR_TP SAPscript object: type from the ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
182 SO_SCR_YR SAPscript object: year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
183 SO_SC_DATE SAPcomm: Transfer date to SAPcomm DATUM DATS 
184 SO_SC_PART SAPoffice: part of a SAPcomm ID SO_TEXT241 CHAR 
185 SO_SC_TIME SAPcomm: Transfer time to SAPcomm UZEIT TIMS 
186 SO_SD_FNAM Full name of sender SO_STRI035 CHAR 
187 SO_SEARCH Search term (name) SO_STRI241 CHAR 
188 SO_SEC_CNT SAPoffice: Counter for a statistics entry SYST_LONG INT4 
189 SO_SEC_NAM Name of a statistics entry SO_TEXT006 CHAR 
190 SO_SEE Recipient must process document SO_DYNP_EE CHAR 
191 SO_SELDISP SAPoffice: Display field for correspondence (optional) SO_TEXT015 CHAR 
192 SO_SELECT Selection/check field SO_SELECT CHAR 
193 SO_SEL_001 Selection criterion: Daily SO_FLAG CHAR 
194 SO_SEL_007 Selection criterion: Weekly SO_FLAG CHAR 
195 SO_SEL_030 Selection criterion: Monthly SO_FLAG CHAR 
196 SO_SEL_365 Selection Criterion: Annually SO_FLAG CHAR 
197 SO_SEL_RUN Selection criterion: Every run SO_FLAG CHAR 
198 SO_SENCHNG Flag for change to preassigned send settings SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
199 SO_SENDATR Attributes of send operation SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
200 SO_SENSIT SAPoffice: sensitivity of the object to be sent SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
201 SO_SEQUNO Consecutive number of a rule SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
202 SO_SEX Send Express SO_FLAG CHAR 
203 SO_SEXCNT No. of express messages sent SO_CNT2 RAW 
204 SO_SGK Send: Blind copy SO_FLAG CHAR 
205 SO_SHARED Indicator for shared distribution list SO_FLAG CHAR 
206 SO_SHR_FOL Folder ID of the shared folders (root) SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
207 SO_SKD Send: No printing SO_FLAG CHAR 
208 SO_SKIPS Execute: Process First Screen in Background SO_FLAG CHAR 
209 SO_SKP Send: Copy SO_FLAG CHAR 
210 SO_SKW Send: No forwarding SO_FLAG CHAR 
211 SO_SMTP Internet address SO_STRI050 CHAR 
212 SO_SMTP_F SAPoffice: Flag for changing SMTP authorization SO_FLAG CHAR 
213 SO_SM_SNDR Must be same sender SO_FLAG CHAR 
214 SO_SNDADR Address name of sender SO_ADRNAM CHAR 
215 SO_SNDART External transmission method of document SO_SNDART CHAR 
216 SO_SNDAU Substitute has authorization to send SO_FLAG CHAR 
217 SO_SNDCADR Address name of sender SO_STRI035 CHAR 
218 SO_SNDDAT SAPoffice: date on which the object is to be sent DATUM DATS 
219 SO_SNDI_RD SAPoffice: Reading of transmission info required SO_FLAG CHAR 
220 SO_SNDNUM Range of number of recipients allowed per send operation SO_SNDNUM NUMC 
221 SO_SNDREM SAPoffice: comment on send process SO_TEXT050 CHAR 
222 SO_SNDTIM SAPoffice: time at which the object is to be sent UZEIT TIMS 
223 SO_SNDTYP Type of sender address SO_SND_TYP CHAR 
224 SO_SND_ART Transmission Method (Fax, Telex, ...) SO_SND_ART CHAR 
225 SO_SND_BC Send as a blind copy SO_FLAG CHAR 
226 SO_SND_CP Send: As copy SO_FLAG CHAR 
227 SO_SND_DAY Send in ... days SO_CNT2 RAW 
228 SO_SND_DR Send: As disregard SO_FLAG CHAR 
229 SO_SND_EX Send express SO_FLAG CHAR 
230 SO_SND_EXT Sender of an external document SOEXTADRI1 CHAR 
231 SO_SND_ID ID of the sender of the document SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
233 SO_SND_NO Sender number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
234 SO_SND_NOT Send: With note SO_FLAG CHAR 
235 SO_SND_PRI Send: Priority SO_OBJ_PRI CHAR 
236 SO_SND_STA Status to be sent SO_TEXT004 CHAR 
237 SO_SND_TP Sender type from the ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
238 SO_SND_YR Sender year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
239 SO_SNS_DES Sensitivity description SO_SNS_DES CHAR 
240 SO_SNTPDES Sender address type SOSNDTPDES CHAR 
241 SO_SOMFNR SAPoffice: Fax matchcode key CHAR10 CHAR 
242 SO_SORT Sort Sequence SO_SORT CHAR 
243 SO_SORTCLA SAPoffice: Sort class for recipient name (type) SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
244 SO_SORTKEY Sort key for recipient type SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
245 SO_SORTNAM SAPoffice: Sort field for recipient name (address name) SO_STRI035 CHAR 
246 SO_SPOOL ID of the spool entry (e.g. after faxing) SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
247 SO_SQWIN Switch confirmation prompt on or off when deleting SO_FLAG CHAR 
248 SO_SQWIN_F Value for changing the confirmation prompt SO_FLAG CHAR 
249 SO_SRTFD SAPoffice: SRTFD for import/export tables SO_SRTFD CHAR 
250 SO_SSO_CNT Subscription object: Item in list SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
251 SO_SSO_NO Subscription list number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
252 SO_SSO_TP Subscription list type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
253 SO_SSO_YR Subscription list year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
254 SO_SSW_DEN Addresses: Soft*Switch distribution element name SO_TEXT008 CHAR 
255 SO_SSW_DGN Addresses: Soft*Switch distribution group name SO_TEXT008 CHAR 
256 SO_STADATE Date of status DATUM DATS 
257 SO_STAICO Status of Activation Period SO_STAICO CHAR 
258 SO_STAMAIL Sending a mail when this confirmation type appears SO_STAMAIL CHAR 
259 SO_START Start line of the related body part SO_LIN_DES NUMC 
260 SO_STATIME Time of status UZEIT TIMS 
261 SO_STATUS Status of a document sent externally SO_SNDSTAT CHAR 
262 SO_STA_CNT Counter for status entries for this send process SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
263 SO_STA_CR User name responsible for creating status UNAME CHAR 
264 SO_STA_DIR Specifies whether status applies to sending or receiving CHAR1 CHAR 
265 SO_STA_ORD Sequential arrangement of this status CHAR1 CHAR 
266 SO_STA_SND Author of status (address object) SO_ADR_OBJ CHAR 
267 SO_STA_TXT Send externally: description of status to be sent SO_TEXT080 CHAR 
268 SO_STDFL Addresses: Default flag SO_FLAG CHAR 
269 SO_STORE Object is stored in a folder SO_FLAG CHAR 
270 SO_STORE_I Retain default document for entire session SO_FLAG CHAR 
271 SO_SUBJECT SAPoffice: description of the body part SO_TEXT050 CHAR 
272 SO_SUBNAM Name of substitute for user SO_STRI035 CHAR 
273 SO_SUBSTIT Flag indicating that substitute was created SO_FLAG CHAR 
274 SO_SUB_DES Substitution type: Automatic forwarding SO_STRI020 CHAR 
275 SO_SUB_ID ID of the substitute who (also) received the object SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
276 SO_SUB_NAM Substitute: Name of substitute USERNAME CHAR 
277 SO_SUB_NO Substitute: Number from ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
278 SO_SUB_TP Substitute type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
279 SO_SUB_YR Substitute year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
280 SO_SUCNT Counter for active periods of a substitute SO_COUNT1 NUMC 
281 SO_SUFLAG0 Authorization for private folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
282 SO_SUFLAG1 Forward all documents automatically SO_FLAG CHAR 
283 SO_SUFLAG2 Substitute: Flag 2 SO_FLAG CHAR 
284 SO_SUFLAG3 Substitute: Flag 3 SO_FLAG CHAR 
285 SO_SUFLAG4 Substitute: Flag 4 SO_FLAG CHAR 
286 SO_SUFLAG5 Substitute: Flag 5 SO_FLAG CHAR 
287 SO_SUFLAG6 Substitute: Flag 6 SO_FLAG CHAR 
288 SO_SUFLAG7 Substitute: Flag 7 SO_FLAG CHAR 
289 SO_SUFLAG8 Substitute: Flag 8 SO_FLAG CHAR 
290 SO_SUFLAG9 Substitute: Flag 9 SO_FLAG CHAR 
291 SO_SUNO1 Substitute: Additional folder auth. - number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
292 SO_SUNO2 Substitute: Note number from the ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
293 SO_SUNO3 Substitute: Alternative number from ID SO_OBJ_NO CHAR 
294 SO_SUTP1 Substitute: Additional folder auth. - object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
295 SO_SUTP2 Substitute: Note - object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
296 SO_SUTP3 Substitute: Alternative object type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
297 SO_SUYR1 Substitute: Additional folder auth. - year from ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
298 SO_SUYR2 Substitute: Note - year from ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
299 SO_SUYR3 Substitute: Alternative year from ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
300 SO_SYDEST SAPoffice: System ID of internal SAP address SO_SYDEST CHAR 
301 SO_SYMANDT SAPoffice: Client of user in other system SO_ADR_CLN CLNT 
302 SO_SYSID Send externally: system ID for communications ID SO_SYSID CHAR 
303 SO_SYSNUM System number for incoming Internet mail SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
304 SO_SYUSR Your user view is set when you start SAPoffice SO_FLAG CHAR 
305 SO_SYUSRIN Inbox filter (unviewed documents only) SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
306 SO_SYUSROU User view of outbox SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
307 SO_TAB_DES SAPoffice: Description of the table to be searched TEXT50 CHAR 
308 SO_TAB_NAM SAPoffice: Name of the table to be searched SO_FELDNAM CHAR 
309 SO_TAR_FOL Target folder (default setting) SO_OBJ_DES CHAR 
310 SO_TDATFW Date for end of automatic forwarding DATUM DATS 
311 SO_TDATSB Date for end of substitution DATUM DATS 
312 SO_TELE_F SAPoffice: Flag f. changing telecommunications authorization SO_FLAG CHAR 
313 SO_TEST_ID SAPoffice: Test ID for SAPconnect test SO_TEST_ID CHAR 
314 SO_TEXT Text line of a message SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
315 SO_TEXT001 Text field length 1 SO_TEXT001 CHAR 
316 SO_TEXT003 Text field length 3: for use as required SO_TEXT003 CHAR 
317 SO_TEXT005 Text field length 5: screen display numbers SO_TEXT005 CHAR 
318 SO_TEXT012 Folder name SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
319 SO_TEXT015 SAPoffice: text field length 15 SO_TEXT015 CHAR 
320 SO_TEXT018 Text field length 18 SO_TEXT018 CHAR 
321 SO_TEXT030 SAPoffice: Text field SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
322 SO_TEXT050 Text field length 50 SO_TEXT050 CHAR 
323 SO_TEXT072 SAPoffice: text length 72 SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
324 SO_TEXT15 Text field length 15: authorization check SO_TEXT015 CHAR 
325 SO_TEXT254 Text field length 254: texts SO_TEXT254 CHAR 
326 SO_TEXT255 Text field length 255: texts SO_TEXT255 CHAR 
327 SO_TEXTATR Attributes of send operation SO_TEXT072 CHAR 
328 SO_TFOLDES Folder in which the document is created or stored SO_OBJ_DES CHAR 
329 SO_TFOLNAM Folder in which the document is created or stored SO_OBJ_NAM CHAR 
330 SO_TIM_AB Active phase of automatic reply: start UZEIT TIMS 
331 SO_TIM_AC Time by which the received object must be acted upon UZEIT TIMS 
332 SO_TIM_AE Active phase of automatic reply: end UZEIT TIMS 
333 SO_TIM_AT Time at which the sent object was acted upon UZEIT TIMS 
334 SO_TIM_CH Time of Last Change UZEIT TIMS 
335 SO_TIM_CR Time created UZEIT TIMS 
336 SO_TIM_DL Expiry time of object UZEIT TIMS 
337 SO_TIM_FOR Time when the document was forwarded UZEIT TIMS 
338 SO_TIM_FW Time at which object was forwarded UZEIT TIMS 
339 SO_TIM_IN Time object was received UZEIT TIMS 
340 SO_TIM_IP Time when document was received UZEIT TIMS 
341 SO_TIM_OU Time at which the object was sent UZEIT TIMS 
342 SO_TIM_RB Resubmission: time UZEIT TIMS 
343 SO_TIM_RBB Start of resubmission: time UZEIT TIMS 
344 SO_TIM_RBE End of resubmission: time UZEIT TIMS 
345 SO_TIM_RC Time object was received UZEIT TIMS 
346 SO_TIM_RD Time at which the document was viewed UZEIT TIMS 
347 SO_TIM_RR A reply must be sent by the specified time UZEIT TIMS 
348 SO_TIM_RS A reply was sent at the specified time UZEIT TIMS 
349 SO_TIM_RSL SAPoffice: lead time of resubmission in hours SO_COUNT1 NUMC 
350 SO_TIM_SB Time at which substitution or forwarding begins UZEIT TIMS 
351 SO_TIM_SD Time at Which The Object Was Sent UZEIT TIMS 
352 SO_TIM_SE Time at which substitution or automatic forwarding ends UZEIT TIMS 
354 SO_TO_REPL Number of persons with "Reply required" SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
355 SO_TPONLY Only this object type can be stored in this folder SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
356 SO_TP_DES Object type description SO_TEXT026 CHAR 
357 SO_TP_NEW SAPoffice: type of object created SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
358 SO_TRANBIN Flag for indicating an obj. to be transported in binary form SO_FLAG CHAR 
359 SO_TXTNUM SAPoffice: internal number of text element SO_NUMBER NUMC 
360 SO_TXTXPR Short description of the respective information SOTXTEXPR CHAR 
361 SO_TXT_AA Text if automatic reply is defined or not SO_STRI050 CHAR 
362 SO_TXT_AUT Substitute: Text for authorization headers SO_TEXT036 CHAR 
363 SO_TYPASCI Treat document class as a ASCII file SO_FLAG CHAR 
364 SO_TYPSND Information about send object SO_TYPSND CHAR 
365 SO_UADNAM Name of the user in the address management SO_STRI035 CHAR 
366 SO_UEX_CNT Counter for Unread Express Documents in inbox   INT4 
367 SO_UHCNT Counts how many users have this object in HOLD status SO_CNT2 RAW 
368 SO_UIDHASH Hash number of AP12 ID SO_TEXT012 CHAR 
369 SO_UNREAD Number of unviewed messages in this folder SO_NUMC005 CHAR 
370 SO_UNR_CNT SAPoffice: Number of unread documents SYST_LONG INT4 
371 SO_UNXCONF Path specification for a UNIX file SO_STRI241 CHAR 
372 SO_UNX_ADR SAPoffice: UNIX address SO_TEXT241 CHAR 
373 SO_UNX_DES SAPoffice: RFC destination of the UNIX mail server SO_RFCDES CHAR 
374 SO_UPDWN Reverse sort should be carried out SO_FLAG CHAR 
375 SO_URL Insert link SO_URL CHAR 
376 SO_USCNT Number of users in the list SO_NUM5 NUMC 
377 SO_USRADR SAPoffice: Address of the user in the address administration ADRNR CHAR 
378 SO_USRART User identifier SO_USRIDC CHAR 
379 SO_USRAU Maintain user: only the administrator is authorized SO_FLAG CHAR 
380 SO_USRIADR Number of internal company address SO_INTADR CHAR 
381 SO_USRNAM SAPoffice: SAP name in other system USERNAME CHAR 
382 SO_USRVW_F SAPoffice: Flag for changing user view SO_FLAG CHAR 
383 SO_USR_ABO SAPoffice: User has subscribed to folders SO_FLAG CHAR 
384 SO_USR_DEL SAPoffice: Office user was deleted SO_FLAG CHAR 
385 SO_USR_ID SAPoffice: User ID of an Office user SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
386 SO_USR_NAM SAPoffice user name USERNAME CHAR 
387 SO_USR_NO User number from the ID SO_USR_NO CHAR 
388 SO_USR_SEL SAPoffice: Search for SAPoffice recipients SO_FLAG CHAR 
389 SO_USR_TP User type from ID SO_OBJ_TP CHAR 
390 SO_USR_VW SAPoffice: Single-line or double-line inbox/outbox SO_USR_VW CHAR 
391 SO_USR_YR User year from the ID SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
392 SO_UZEIT Hours, minutes, seconds for validity period SYTIME TIMS 
393 SO_VAR_DES Description of a variable SO_TEXT040 CHAR 
394 SO_VAR_NAM Variable name SO_TEXT030 CHAR 
395 SO_VIEW_F1 User view: Folder contents single-line SO_USR_VW CHAR 
396 SO_VIEW_F2 User view: Folder contents double-line SO_USR_VW CHAR 
397 SO_VIEW_I1 User view: Single-line inbox SO_USR_VW CHAR 
398 SO_VIEW_I2 User view: Double-line inbox SO_USR_VW CHAR 
399 SO_VIEW_IE User view: Common inbox SO_USR_VW CHAR 
400 SO_VIEW_O1 User view: Single-line outbox SO_USR_VW CHAR 
401 SO_VIEW_O2 User view: Double-line outbox SO_USR_VW CHAR 
402 SO_VM SAPoffice: Processing indicator SO_TEXT002 CHAR 
403 SO_VM_TXT SAPoffice: Explanatory text for execution type SO_TEXT026 CHAR 
404 SO_VM_TYP Execute: Type (Report, Dialog Module, ...) SO_VM_TYP CHAR 
405 SO_WAITDAT No processing before this date DATUM DATS 
406 SO_WAITTIM No processing before this time UZEIT TIMS 
407 SO_WASTE Object is in trash SO_FLAG CHAR 
408 SO_WFSTART Fax processing: Trigger workflow directly SO_FLAG CHAR 
409 SO_WST_FOL SAPoffice: ID of the private trash SO_OBJ_ID CHAR 
410 SO_WV_F Identifier for resubmission SO_FLAG CHAR 
411 SO_W_DATA SAPoffice: Binary Data Vector SO_W_DATA CHAR 
412 SO_W_LEN Filled Length of Object Line SO_W_LEN CHAR 
413 SO_W_LINE Contents of Object Line SO_W_LINE CHAR 
414 SO_W_NAME SAPoffice: Parameter name SO_W_NAME CHAR 
415 SO_W_VALUE SAPoffice: Parameter Value SO_W_VALUE CHAR 
416 SO_X400_F Change value for send authorization via X.400 SO_FLAG CHAR 
417 SO_X50_SEL Address search via LDAP SO_FLAG CHAR 
418 SO_YR_NEW SAPoffice: year ID of the object created SO_OBJ_YR CHAR 
419 SP2_FLAG VBLOG handling in SP2 project SP2_FLAG CHAR 
420 SPA05 Multi-function column 05 MUFLD CHAR 
421 SPA51 Output ATP quantity XFELD CHAR 
422 SPA52 Output actual/target range of coverage XFELD CHAR 
423 SPA53 Output actual/mimimum range of coverage XFELD CHAR 
424 SPA54 Output actual/maximum range of coverage XFELD CHAR 
425 SPA55 Output target stock quantity XFELD CHAR 
426 SPA56 Output minimum stock quantity XFELD CHAR 
427 SPA57 Output maximum stock quantity XFELD CHAR 
428 SPA58 Output average daily requirements XFLAG CHAR 
429 SPA59 Output of the average daily production rate CHAR1 CHAR 
430 SPA60 Output control for days' supply CHAR1 CHAR 
431 SPAAN Special Tax Indicator SPAAN CHAR 
432 SPAAU Reference division for document types (by sales area) SPART CHAR 
433 SPABA Current margin (gross) WERTV6 CURR 
434 SPABA_BAPI Current Margin (Gross) for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
435 SPABR Margin (gross) in sales price calculation WERTV6 CURR 
436 SPABR_BAPI Margin (Gross) in the Sales Price Calculation for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
437 SPACEFLAG Controls whether SPACE is included in printout XFELD CHAR 
438 SPACES_12 Type of record - attachment J CHAR12 CHAR 
439 SPACT Action that initiates the blocking process CHAR2 CHAR 
440 SPADSY Set SPA parameters CHAR34 CHAR 
441 SPAETER Actual Finish/Planned Finish After Latest Scheduled Finish DAUER_4_1 QUAN 
442 SPAETER_2 Actual Finish/Planned Finish After Latest Scheduled Finish DAUER_9_1 QUAN 
443 SPAFLOG_ITEM_NOTE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
444 SPAFLOG_ITEM_SEVERITY_CODE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
445 SPAFLOG_ITEM_TYPE_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
446 SPAF_LOGITEM_CAT_CODE_CONTENT Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
447 SPAGEWMANT Standard weight of paper for cover PAPIERGEW QUAN 
448 SPAIV Division for intercompany billing SPART CHAR 
449 SPAKO Reference division for conditions SPART CHAR 
450 SPAKU Reference division for customers SPART CHAR 
451 SPAK_ACL_INCLUDING_SUPACKAGES Restriction of Client Packages - Including Subpackages   CHAR 
452 SPAK_ACL_POINT_TO_POINT_FLAG Package Interface - Point-to-Point Access   CHAR 
466 SPAK_CLIENT_MAIN_PROGRAM_D Main Program of the Client Package Object PROGNAME CHAR 
467 SPAK_CLIENT_OBJECT_NAME_D Name of the Client Package Object SOBJ_NAME CHAR 
468 SPAK_CLIENT_OBJECT_TYPE_D Object Type of the Client Package Object OBJECT CHAR 
469 SPAK_CLIENT_OBJ_RESPONSIBLE_D Person Responsible for the Client Package Object AS4USER CHAR 
470 SPAK_CLIENT_PACKAGE_ACH_COMP_D Application Component of the Client Package UFPS_POSID CHAR 
472 SPAK_CLIENT_PACKAGE_SW_COMP_D Software Component of the Client Package DLVUNIT CHAR 
473 SPAK_CLIENT_PACKAGE_TRLAYER_D Transport Layer of the Client Package DEVLAYER CHAR 
474 SPAK_CLIENT_PACK_RESPONSIBLE_D Person Responsible for the Client Package AS4USER CHAR 
475 SPAK_CLIENT_SOURCE_INCLUDE_D Client Object: Include in which the Package Error occurs PROGNAME CHAR 
476 SPAK_CLIENT_STRUPACK_NAME_D Structure Package of the Client Package DEVCLASS CHAR 
477 SPAK_DEPRECATION_TYPE Type of Deprecation: Error, Warning, or Information SPAK_DEPRECATION_TYPE CHAR 
478 SPAK_DIFF_STRUCTURE_PACKAGES_D Indicator 'Different Server and Client Structure Packages' BOOLE CHAR 
479 SPAK_ENFORCED_PACK_CHECK_D Indicator 'Forced Encapsulation' of the Server Package BOOLE CHAR 
480 SPAK_FIRST_NOT_STRUCT_PACKAGE Package Hierarchy: First Not-Structure Package DEVCLASS CHAR 
481 SPAK_PACKAGE_ERROR_CATEGORY_D Package Error Category   CHAR 
483 SPAK_PACKAGE_ERROR_NUMBER_D Number of the Same Package Errors in the Client Package   INT4 
485 SPAK_PACK_ERROR_SEVERITY_D Severity of the Package Error CHAR1 CHAR 
486 SPAK_REPLACEMENT_SUBOBJ_NAME Replacement Object: Subobject Name   CHAR 
487 SPAK_REPLACEMENT_SUBOBJ_TYPE Replacement Object: Subobject Type   CHAR 
488 SPAK_SERVER_OBJECT_NAME_D Name of the Server Package Object SOBJ_NAME CHAR 
489 SPAK_SERVER_OBJECT_TYPE_D Object Type of the Server Package Object OBJECT CHAR 
490 SPAK_SERVER_OBJ_RESPONSIBLE_D Person Responsible for the Server Package Object AS4USER CHAR 
491 SPAK_SERVER_PACKAGE_ACH_COMP_D Application Component of the Server Package UFPS_POSID CHAR 
493 SPAK_SERVER_PACKAGE_SW_COMP_D Software Component of the Server Package DLVUNIT CHAR 
494 SPAK_SERVER_PACKAGE_TRLAYER_D Transport Layer of the Server Package DEVLAYER CHAR 
495 SPAK_SERVER_PACK_ENCAPS_D Indicator 'Encapsulation of the Server Package' BOOLE CHAR 
496 SPAK_SERVER_PACK_RESPONSIBLE_D Person Responsible for the Server Package AS4USER CHAR 
497 SPAK_SERVER_STRUPACK_NAME_D Structure Package of the Server Package DEVCLASS CHAR 
498 SPAK_TRKORR Transport Request TRKORR CHAR 
499 SPAK_TRKORR_TASK Task in a Transport Request TRKORR CHAR