SAP ABAP Data Element - Index S, page 35
Data Element - S
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 SMO3MTSTB Description of material status from MM/PP view TEXT25 CHAR 
2 SMO3MTVER Export/import material group SMO3MTVER CHAR 
3 SMO3MTVFP Checking group for availability check SMO3MTVFP CHAR 
4 SMO3MULTO Indicator: several objects allowed XFELD CHAR 
5 SMO3MUPRG Name of sample program for generating condition maintenance PROGRAMM CHAR 
6 SMO3MUSTR Name of the sample table for generating condition tables TABNAME CHAR 
7 SMO3MVGR1 Material group 1 SMO3MVGR1 CHAR 
8 SMO3MVGR2 Material group 2 SMO3MVGR2 CHAR 
9 SMO3MVGR3 Material group 3 SMO3MVGR3 CHAR 
10 SMO3MVGR4 Material group 4 SMO3MVGR4 CHAR 
11 SMO3MVGR5 Material group 5 SMO3MVGR5 CHAR 
12 SMO3MWSK1 Sales tax indicator SMO3MWSK1 CHAR 
13 SMO3MWSK2 Withholding Tax Code SMO3MWSK2 CHAR 
14 SMO3MWSKZ Tax on sales/purchases code SMO3MWSKZ CHAR 
15 SMO3MWSKZ1 Output tax code for non-taxable transactions SMO3MWSKZ CHAR 
16 SMO3MWSKZ2 Input tax code for non-taxable transactions SMO3MWSKZ CHAR 
17 SMO3MXKBA Maximum condition base value SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
18 SMO3MZEIT Notification time UHRZT TIMS 
19 SMO3NABPF Indicator "Does not require settlement" XFELD CHAR 
20 SMO3NAME2 Name 2 TEXT30 CHAR 
21 SMO3NA_KA Application for output conditions SMO3KAPPL CHAR 
22 SMO3NA_KS Output type SMO3KSCHL CHAR 
23 SMO3NETAU Indicator: Net scrap XFELD CHAR 
24 SMO3NIELS Nielsen indicator SMO3NIELS CHAR 
25 SMO3NKOBJ Number range object NROBJ CHAR 
26 SMO3NLFZT Lead-time offset SMO3NLFZT DEC 
27 SMO3NMAIL Advertising material indicator XFELD CHAR 
28 SMO3NMKRE Number range for external number assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
29 SMO3NMKRS Number range for internal number assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
30 SMO3NOH No of working Hours SMO3NOH DEC 
31 SMO3NORM Name of standards organization TEXT10 CHAR 
32 SMO3NORMB Standard description TEXT70 CHAR 
33 SMO3NORMN Standard number TEXT20 CHAR 
34 SMO3NORMT Standard Description (such as ANSI or ISO) SMO3NORMT CHAR 
35 SMO3NORMT1 Standard title TEXT70 CHAR 
36 SMO3NO_DI Effective for materials planning SMO3NO_DI CHAR 
37 SMO3NPLNR Network number for account assignment SMO3AUFNR CHAR 
38 SMO3NRART Type of partner number SMO3NRART CHAR 
39 SMO3NTBEZ Description of number category TEXT40 CHAR 
40 SMO3NTGEW Net weight MENG13 QUAN 
41 SMO3NTGEW1 Net weight SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
42 SMO3NTGEW2 Net weight of item SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
43 SMO3NUMKE Number range in the case of external number assignment NUMKR CHAR 
44 SMO3NUMKI Number range in the case of internal number assignment NUMKR CHAR 
45 SMO3NUMKR Number range CHAR2 CHAR 
46 SMO3NUMTP Number category of International Article Number (EAN) SMO3NUMTP CHAR 
47 SMO3OBJKN Object list number SMO3OBJKN INT4 
48 SMO3OBJKZ Indicator: Remaining split record SMO3OBJKZ CHAR 
49 SMO3OBJTY Object type (BOM item) SMO3OBJTY CHAR 
50 SMO3OBJVW Object list usage SMO3OBJVW CHAR 
51 SMO3OBJZA Object list counters SMO3OBZAE INT4 
52 SMO3OBSOR Object list sort field CHAR20 CHAR 
53 SMO3OBZAE Counter key NUM4 NUMC 
54 SMO3OFMNE Unit of measure for remaining work MEINS UNIT 
55 SMO3OPVAR Posting period variant SMO3OPVAR CHAR 
56 SMO3ORTOB Location is mandatory XFELD CHAR 
57 SMO3OSCRT SubscreenCat - Object SMO3SCRTP CHAR 
59 SMO3OTGRP Code group - object parts SMO3QCODE1 CHAR 
60 SMO3OTKAT Catalog type - object parts SMO3QKATA CHAR 
61 SMO3PACKN Package number SMO3PACKN NUMC 
62 SMO3PAFKT Contact person function SMO3PAFKT CHAR 
63 SMO3PALAN WMS Number of pallets SMO3PALAN DEC 
64 SMO3PAPFL Partner is mandatory XFELD CHAR 
65 SMO3PAPFT Partner Function Group SMO_TXT4 CHAR 
66 SMO3PARBU Clearing company code SMO3BUKRS CHAR 
67 SMO3PAREI Partner must be unique XFELD CHAR 
68 SMO3PARGB Trading partner's business area SMO3GSBER CHAR 
69 SMO3PARGR Partner determination procedures SMO3PARGR CHAR 
70 SMO3PARK1 Partner Function for Current Customer in Serial Number SMO3PARVW CHAR 
71 SMO3PARK2 Partner Function for Equipment Vendor SMO3PARVW CHAR 
72 SMO3PARK3 Partner Function for Customer in Equipment Usage Period SMO3PARVW CHAR 
73 SMO3PARK4 Partner Function for Endcustomer in Equipment Usage Period SMO3PARVW CHAR 
74 SMO3PARK5 Partner Function for Operator in Equipment Usage Period SMO3PARVW CHAR 
75 SMO3PARNR Number of contact person SMO3PARNR NUMC 
76 SMO3PARVO Partner's power of attorney SMO3PARVO CHAR 
77 SMO3PARVW Partner function SMO3PARVW CHAR 
78 SMO3PARVW1 Partner function for contact person SMO3PARVW CHAR 
79 SMO3PARVW2 Partner function for author of notification SMO3PARVW CHAR 
80 SMO3PARVW3 Partner function for manufacturer SMO3PARVW CHAR 
81 SMO3PARVW4 Source partner function SMO3PARVW CHAR 
82 SMO3PARVW5 Partner function for implementation (department) SMO3PARVW CHAR 
83 SMO3PARVW6 Partner function for customer SMO3PARVW CHAR 
84 SMO3PARVW7 Partner function for vendor SMO3PARVW CHAR 
85 SMO3PARVW8 Partner function for paging SMO3PARVW CHAR 
86 SMO3PARVW9 Partner function: Person/dept. responsible SMO3PARVW CHAR 
87 SMO3PARZA Partner counter SMO3PARZA NUMC 
89 SMO3PEINH Price unit PACK3 DEC 
90 SMO3PENDD Forecast finish / date DATUM DATS 
91 SMO3PENDU Forecast finish / time T TIMS 
92 SMO3PERCA Calendar used to determine dates WFCID CHAR 
93 SMO3PERFK Invoice dates (calendar identification) WFCID CHAR 
94 SMO3PERIV Fiscal year variant of credit control area PERIV CHAR 
95 SMO3PERNR Personnel Number SMO3PERNR NUMC 
96 SMO3PERRL Invoice list schedule (calendar identification) WFCID CHAR 
97 SMO3PETER Planned finish date DATUM DATS 
99 SMO3PETUR Planned finish time for task UZEIT TIMS 
100 SMO3PETUR1 End time of activity UZEIT TIMS 
102 SMO3PGEAN Prefix of EAN category for fresh produce EANs CHAR2 CHAR 
103 SMO3PKOST Indicator: General costs activity FLAG CHAR 
104 SMO3PKSTA Packing status of item SMO3STATV CHAR 
105 SMO3PKSTK Overall packing status of all items SMO3STATV1 CHAR 
106 SMO3PLART Planning type SMO3PLART CHAR 
107 SMO3PLINT Indicator for Integrated Planning XFELD CHAR 
108 SMO3PLMIN Quantity is calculated positively, negatively or not at all SMO3PLMIN CHAR 
109 SMO3PLNAW Application of the task list SMO3PLNAW CHAR 
110 SMO3PLNUM Planned order number SMO3PLNUM CHAR 
111 SMO3PLPLA Production Storage Bin SMO3PLPLA CHAR 
112 SMO3PLTYP Price list type SMO3PLTYP CHAR 
113 SMO3PMATN Pricing reference material SMO3MATNR CHAR 
114 SMO3PMLOC Location of maintenance object SMO3AP_ST CHAR 
115 SMO3PM_ST Status profile assigned to an operation SMO3J_STS CHAR 
116 SMO3PON CRM Product Order Number (PON) SMO3PON CHAR 
118 SMO3POSAR1 Display material on cash register display XFELD CHAR 
119 SMO3POSEX Item number of the underlying customer purchase order SMO3POSEX CHAR 
120 SMO3POSNE Business item number SMO3POSNR NUMC 
121 SMO3POSNR Item number of the SD document SMO3POSNR NUMC 
122 SMO3POSNR1 Subsequent item of an SD document SMO3POSNR NUMC 
123 SMO3POSNR2 Sales document item SMO3POSNR NUMC 
124 SMO3POSNR3 Delivery item SMO3POSNR NUMC 
125 SMO3POSNR4 Preceding item of an SD document SMO3POSNR NUMC 
126 SMO3POSNU Sort position INT2 INT2 
127 SMO3POSNV Originating item SMO3POSNR NUMC 
128 SMO3POSPR Display price on cash register display and print on receipt XFELD CHAR 
129 SMO3POSTP Item category (bill of material) SMO3POSTP CHAR 
130 SMO3POTPR Resulting item category SMO3POSTP CHAR 
131 SMO3POTX1 BOM item text (line 1) TEXT40 CHAR 
132 SMO3POTX2 BOM item text (line 2) TEXT40 CHAR 
133 SMO3PPAREN Root-segment GUID of the BDoc SMO_GUID CHAR 
134 SMO3PPRCT Partner profit center SMO3PRCTR CHAR 
135 SMO3PPSID Object ID of PP work center SMO3CR_OB NUMC 
137 SMO3PRBKN Rule for checking bank account number field PR005 CHAR 
138 SMO3PRBKS Rule for checking bank key field PR005 CHAR 
139 SMO3PRBLZ Rule for checking bank number field PR005 CHAR 
140 SMO3PRBST Check purchase order number SMO3PRBST CHAR 
141 SMO3PRCTR Profit center SMO3PRCTR CHAR 
142 SMO3PRDAT Proposed pricing date based on the requested SMO3PRDAT CHAR 
143 SMO3PRECH Period condition calculation rule SMO3KRECH CHAR 
144 SMO3PRFBE Description of EAN prefix TEXT40 CHAR 
145 SMO3PRFRE Relevant for price determination ID XFELD CHAR 
146 SMO3PRFZA Check-digit algorithm for EAN category SMO3PRFZA CHAR 
147 SMO3PRGRS Date type (day, week, month, interval) SMO3PRGRS CHAR 
148 SMO3PRGRS1 Proposed date type SMO3PRGRS CHAR 
150 SMO3PRIOK1 Priority text TEXT20 CHAR 
151 SMO3PRODH Product hierarchy SMO3PRODH CHAR 
152 SMO3PRODH1 Number of the level in the product hierarchy NUMC1 NUMC 
153 SMO3PROGN Name of the program for the form printout PROGNAME CHAR 
154 SMO3PROJN Old: Project number : Do not use any more!! --> PS_POSNR SMO3PROJN CHAR 
155 SMO3PROSA ID for material determination SMO3PROSA CHAR 
156 SMO3PROVG Commission group SMO3PROVG CHAR 
157 SMO3PRPSK Rule for checking postal check account number field PR005 CHAR 
158 SMO3PRREG Checking rule for the availability check SMO3PRREG CHAR 
159 SMO3PRSCH Price levels CHAR4 CHAR 
160 SMO3PRSDT Date for pricing and exchange rate DATUM DATS 
161 SMO3PRSFD Carry out pricing SMO3PRSFD CHAR 
163 SMO3PRSQU Price source SMO3PRSQU CHAR 
164 SMO3PRST1 Rule for checking tax code 1 field PR005 CHAR 
165 SMO3PRST2 Rule for checking tax code 2 field PR005 CHAR 
166 SMO3PRUIN Rule for checking VAT registration number field PR005 CHAR 
168 SMO3PSCRT Subscreen type - partner SMO3SCRTP CHAR 
169 SMO3PSOURC Source of the BDoc SMO_SOURCE CHAR 
170 SMO3PSTAT Maintenance status PSTAT CHAR 
171 SMO3PSTER Planned start date DATUM DATS 
172 SMO3PSTER1 Start date DATUM DATS 
174 SMO3PSTUR Planned start time for the task UZEIT TIMS 
175 SMO3PSTUR1 Start time of activity UZEIT TIMS 
176 SMO3PSTYD Default item category for the document SMO3PSTYV CHAR 
177 SMO3PSTYM Manual entries allowed for item category in the document SMO3PSTYV CHAR 
178 SMO3PSTYV Sales document item category SMO3PSTYV CHAR 
179 SMO3PSTYV1 Delivery item category SMO3PSTYV CHAR 
180 SMO3PSWRK Issuing plant SMO3WERKS CHAR 
181 SMO3PS_PS Work breakdown structure element (WBS element) SMO3PS_PO NUMC 
182 SMO3PS_TV No longer needed SMO3TVWKZ CHAR 
183 SMO3PS_VO Indicator: Planning XFELD CHAR 
184 SMO3PUEMA No alphanumeric equipment numbers X CHAR 
185 SMO3PVWKH Initial partner function in customer hierarchy SMO3PARVW CHAR 
186 SMO3QAEND Name of user who most recently changed the data record SRET_USER CHAR 
187 SMO3QAUSW Selected set SMO3QAUSW CHAR 
188 SMO3QAUSW1 Default value is a selected set SMO3QKTTA CHAR 
189 SMO3QCATF Follow-up action can be assigned in the catalog QKZ CHAR 
191 SMO3QCODE1 Code group SMO3QCODE1 CHAR 
192 SMO3QDATU Date on which data record was changed DATUM DATS 
193 SMO3QDATU1 Date on which the data record was created DATUM DATS 
194 SMO3QERST Name of user who created the data record SRET_USER CHAR 
195 SMO3QFBSD Number of initial screen DYNNR CHAR 
196 SMO3QFBSQ Function module "create notification" FUNCNAME CHAR 
197 SMO3QFEHL Defect class SMO3QFEHL CHAR 
198 SMO3QFOLG Follow-up action SMO3QFOLG CHAR 
199 SMO3QGEL Data record was deleted QKZ CHAR 
200 SMO3QHIST Deactivate catalog entries when deleting QKZ CHAR 
201 SMO3QINAK Status of code group or code record QKZ CHAR 
202 SMO3QINSP Status of goods receipt inspection SMO3QINSP CHAR 
204 SMO3QKENN Quality score SMO3QKENN DEC 
205 SMO3QKUNU Account number of customer SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
207 SMO3QKZKA Selected sets are allowed for this catalog type QKZ CHAR 
208 SMO3QKZKA1 Valuation of selected set is required QKZ CHAR 
209 SMO3QLFDP Sort number for item SMO3QFELF NUMC 
210 SMO3QLFNK Current node number from order counter APLZL SMO3KNTNR NUMC 
211 SMO3QLOES Status of master record SMO3QLOES CHAR 
212 SMO3QLTEX Long text exists for the code QKZ CHAR 
213 SMO3QLTEX1 Long text exists for the code group QKZ CHAR 
214 SMO3QMANU Sort no. for the activity NUMC04 NUMC 
215 SMO3QMART Notification type SMO3QMART CHAR 
216 SMO3QMART1 Notification type texts TEXT20 CHAR 
217 SMO3QMDAB Date for completion of notification DATUM DATS 
218 SMO3QMDAT Date of notification DATUM DATS 
219 SMO3QMEL_ Status Management: Object Type Quality Notification SMO3J_OBT CHAR 
220 SMO3QMERK Inspection characteristic number SMO3QMERK NUMC 
221 SMO3QMFE_ Triggering Workflow when generating defect record QKZ CHAR 
222 SMO3QMLTX Log line for long text change QKZ CHAR 
223 SMO3QMLTX1 No changes to existing long text QKZ CHAR 
224 SMO3QMNAM Name of person reporting notification USNAM CHAR 
225 SMO3QMNUK Number range for notifications NUMKR CHAR 
226 SMO3QMNUM Notification number SMO3QMNUM CHAR 
227 SMO3QMOBJ Object number for status management SMO3J_OBJ CHAR 
228 SMO3QMSGT Message type SMO3MSGAR CHAR 
229 SMO3QMSME Date on which the task was carried out DATUM DATS 
230 SMO3QMSME1 Person who carried out the task USNAM CHAR 
231 SMO3QMSME2 Time at which the task was completed UZEIT TIMS 
232 SMO3QMSMW Date on which the task was resubmitted DATUM DATS 
233 SMO3QMSM_ Person responsible for the task (partner number) SMO3I_PAR CHAR 
234 SMO3QMSM_1 Function of the person responsible for the task SMO3PARVW CHAR 
235 SMO3QMSM_2 Status Management: Object Type Tasks SMO3J_OBT CHAR 
236 SMO3QMTTX Text for notification category TEXT20 CHAR 
237 SMO3QMTXT Short text TEXT40 CHAR 
238 SMO3QMTYP Notification category SMO3QMTYP CHAR 
239 SMO3QMUSR Subscreen number for CUSTOMER SUBSCREEN 'notific. header' DYNNR CHAR 
240 SMO3QMUSR1 Sucscreen number for CUSTOMER SUBSCREEN 'notification item' DYNNR CHAR 
241 SMO3QMUSR2 Subscreen number for CUSTOMER SUBSCREEN 'Cause' DYNNR CHAR 
242 SMO3QMUSR3 Subscreen number for CUSTOMER SUBSCREEN 'Task' DYNNR CHAR 
243 SMO3QMUSR4 Subscreen number for CUSTOMER SUBSCREEN 'Activity' DYNNR CHAR 
244 SMO3QMWAE Unit of estimated nonconformity costs WAERS CUKY 
245 SMO3QMZAB Completion time of notification UZEIT TIMS 
246 SMO3QM_NO Activation of qual. notif. while generating defect record QKZ CHAR 
247 SMO3QNBEN Field is no longer used CHAR8 CHAR 
248 SMO3QNICO No outstanding notifications SCRPICON_N CHAR 
249 SMO3QNICO1 OutstandingNotifs SCRPICON_N CHAR 
250 SMO3QNKUK Search for notifs. for customer QKZ CHAR 
251 SMO3QNLIK Search for vendor notifications QKZ CHAR 
252 SMO3QNMAT Search for notifications for mat./customer QKZ CHAR 
253 SMO3QNMAT1 Search for notifs. for material QKZ CHAR 
254 SMO3QNMAT2 Search for notifications for mat./vendor QKZ CHAR 
255 SMO3QNMOD Display mode for notifications SMO3QKZMO CHAR 
256 SMO3QNVER Variants for determining existence of notifications SMO3QKZVE CHAR 
257 SMO3QNZEI Number of days NUMC4 NUMC 
258 SMO3QSMNU Sort number for task NUMC04 NUMC 
259 SMO3QSSBW Inspection by quality assurance SMO3QSSBW CHAR 
260 SMO3QSWOR Keyword for the catalog type in the inspection catalog SMO3QSWOR CHAR 
261 SMO3QTDFO Format column (1) for long text lines on notification screen TDELEMSTYL CHAR 
262 SMO3QTXTC Short text for the catalog SMO3QKURZ CHAR 
263 SMO3QUDIW Source of constant CHAR20 CHAR 
264 SMO3QUFNA Table field for document structure FDNAME CHAR 
265 SMO3QUNIT Unit for defect valuation MEINS UNIT 
266 SMO3QURNU Sort number for cause NUMC04 NUMC 
267 SMO3QUSTR Table name of the document structure AS4TAB CHAR 
268 SMO3QUTAB Reference table TABNAME CHAR 
269 SMO3QVERS Version number SMO3QVERS CHAR 
270 SMO3QVERW Data record is used QKZ CHAR 
271 SMO3QWRNU Reference notification number SMO3QMNUM CHAR 
272 SMO3QZULA Defect class allowed for valuation 'A' QKZ CHAR 
273 SMO3RANG_ Processing sequence of incompletion log NUMC4 NUMC 
274 SMO3RANL Contract number SMO3RANL CHAR 
275 SMO3RANTY Contract type SMO3RANTY CHAR 
276 SMO3RAUBE Storage conditions SMO3RAUBE CHAR 
278 SMO3RBNR Catalog profile SMO3RBNR CHAR 
279 SMO3RBNRX Catalog profile text TEXT30 CHAR 
280 SMO3RBTXT Description of storage condition(s) TEXT20 CHAR 
282 SMO3RDIFA Rounding difference comparison XFELD CHAR 
283 SMO3RECHT Display right-justified XFELD CHAR 
284 SMO3REDUN Redundant storage of characteristic values in AUSP CHAR1_X CHAR 
285 SMO3REFTP Equipment reference category SMO3REFTP CHAR 
286 SMO3REGGB Rule for determining the business area SMO3REGGB NUMC 
288 SMO3REKRI Indicator: BOM is recursive XFELD CHAR 
289 SMO3REKRS Indicator: recursiveness allowed XFELD CHAR 
290 SMO3RELEV Relevancy indicator SMO3RELEV CHAR 
291 SMO3RELEV1 Relevancy indicator (print, search, display) NUM10 NUMC 
292 SMO3RELIK Invoice list status of billing document SMO3STATV CHAR 
293 SMO3RELTN Relation type between two employees SMO_TXT12 CHAR 
294 SMO3REMNW Remaining work SMO3ARBEI QUAN 
295 SMO3REPOS Invoice receipt indicator XFELD CHAR 
296 SMO3RESER Development reserve: Format NUMC, length 8 SMO3NUMC8 NUMC 
297 SMO3RESP Responsible Sales Organization SMO3RESP CHAR 
298 SMO3RESZ1 Residence time 1 (calendar months) NUMC3 NUMC 
299 SMO3RESZ2 Residence time 2 (calendar months) NUMC3 NUMC 
300 SMO3RETME Blocked Stock Returns SMO3MENG1 QUAN 
301 SMO3REVFP Rule for transferring the results of the availability check SMO3REVFP CHAR 
302 SMO3REWOR Indicator: Rework operation XFELD CHAR 
303 SMO3RFGSA Overall status of reference SMO3STATV CHAR 
304 SMO3RFGSK Total reference status of all items SMO3STATV CHAR 
305 SMO3RFMNG Referenced quantity in base unit of measure SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
306 SMO3RFMNG1 Referenced quantity in base unit of measure (float) SMO3RFMNG FLTP 
307 SMO3RFMNG2 Referenced quantity in sales unit (float) SMO3RFMNG FLTP 
309 SMO3RFSTA Reference status SMO3STATV CHAR 
310 SMO3RFSTK Reference document header status SMO3STATV CHAR 
311 SMO3RGEKZ Indicator: Backflush XFELD CHAR 
312 SMO3RHYTH Dunning interval in days NUM03 NUMC 
313 SMO3RKAPP Reference application SMO3KAPPL CHAR 
314 SMO3RKEOB Profitability segment number (CO-PA) SMO3RKEOB NUMC 
315 SMO3RKSCH Reference condition type SMO3KSCHL CHAR 
316 SMO3ROANZ Number of variable-size items MENG13 QUAN 
317 SMO3ROMEI Unit of measure for sizes 1 to 3 MEINS UNIT 
318 SMO3ROMEN Quantity of variable-size item MENG13 QUAN 
319 SMO3ROMS1 Size 1 MENG13 QUAN 
320 SMO3ROMS2 Size 2 MENG13 QUAN 
321 SMO3ROMS3 Size 3 MENG13 QUAN 
322 SMO3ROUTB Description of route TEXT40 CHAR 
324 SMO3RPTSX Suffix for the generated report CHAR3 CHAR 
325 SMO3RQANT Remaining order quantity in sales units SMO3MENG11 QUAN 
327 SMO3RSDAT Earliest possible reservation date DATUM DATS 
328 SMO3RSNUM Number of reservation/dependent requirements SMO3RSNUM NUMC 
329 SMO3RSORD Refurbishment order indicator (PM) XFELD CHAR 
330 SMO3RSPOS Item number of reservation/dependent requirements SMO3RSPOS NUMC 
331 SMO3RSSTA Status of reservation SMO3STATR CHAR 
332 SMO3RSTYP Account assignment of reservation SMO3RSTYP CHAR 
333 SMO3RUEK Completion confirmation SMO3RUEK CHAR 
334 SMO3RUKOR Rebate: Accruals correction procedure SMO3RUKOR CHAR 
335 SMO3RU_IE Confirmed date for execution finish DATUM DATS 
336 SMO3RU_IE1 Confirmed time for 'Execution finish' SMO3ATIME TIMS 
337 SMO3RU_IS Confirmed date for start of execution DATUM DATS 
338 SMO3RU_IS1 Confirmed time for 'Execution start' SMO3ATIME TIMS 
339 SMO3RVREL Indicator: item relevant to sales SMO3RVREL CHAR 
340 SMO3RZEAN Indicator: EAN category allowed only for referencing EANs XFELD CHAR 
341 SMO3SACHM Characteristics screen XFELD CHAR 
342 SMO3SAKAT Catalog type - coding SMO3QKATA CHAR 
343 SMO3SAKNR G/L account number SMO3SAKNR CHAR 
344 SMO3SAKTO Cost element SMO3SAKNR CHAR 
345 SMO3SANFE Indicator: item relevant to production XFELD CHAR 
346 SMO3SANIN Indicator: item relevant to plant maintenance XFELD CHAR 
347 SMO3SANKO Indicator: item relevant to engineering XFELD CHAR 
348 SMO3SANTX Description of Standard Article Number (SAN) TEXT40 CHAR 
349 SMO3SANUM Standard Article Number (SAN) SMO3SANUM CHAR 
350 SMO3SANVS Indicator: high-level configuration XFELD CHAR 
351 SMO3SATNR Cross-plant configurable material SMO3MATNR CHAR 
352 SMO3SA_VE Distribution key for component consumption SMO3SA_VE CHAR 
354 SMO3SBGRP Credit representative group for credit management SMO3SBGRP CHAR 
355 SMO3SBMISD Collective number (SD) CHAR10 CHAR 
356 SMO3SBTER Latest requirements date DATUM DATS 
357 SMO3SCHED Indicator: Scheduling external op. with standard values CHAR1 CHAR 
358 SMO3SCHGT Indicator: bulk material XFELD CHAR 
359 SMO3SCHME Unit of measure of delivery unit MEINS UNIT 
360 SMO3SCHRT Delivery unit MENG13 QUAN 
361 SMO3SCOPE Object class SMO3SCOPE CHAR 
362 SMO3SDEQT Equipment Category for Serial Numbers CHAR1 CHAR 
363 SMO3SDKNZ Sales equipment XFELD CHAR 
364 SMO3SDOBJ Archiving document type when you create a document SADC10_DV CHAR 
365 SMO3SDOBJ1 Archiving document type used when you change a document SADC10_DV CHAR 
366 SMO3SELPA Selection parameter for purchasing lists SMO3SELPA CHAR 
367 SMO3SENDD Latest finish / date DATUM DATS 
368 SMO3SENDU Latest finish / time T TIMS 
369 SMO3SERAI Serial Number Profile SMO3SERAI CHAR 
370 SMO3SERESP Responsible Service Organization SMO3SERESP CHAR 
371 SMO3SERGE Manufacturer serial number CHAR30 CHAR 
372 SMO3SERGRP Service Organization Group SMO3SERGRP CHAR 
373 SMO3SERNR BOM explosion number SMO3SERNR CHAR 
374 SMO3SERORG Service Organization SMO3SERORG CHAR 
375 SMO3SERV_ Indicator: Service XFELD CHAR 
376 SMO3SETYP Fast entry type for condition tables SMO3SETYP CHAR 
377 SMO3SFACAL SFA Key of the Employee calendar SMO_GUID CHAR 
378 SMO3SGTXT Item text TEXT50 CHAR 
379 SMO3SHARE Share for BP (in %) SMO3DEC3_2 DEC 
380 SMO3SHELL Bill of material in foreground SMO3SHELL CHAR 
381 SMO3SHKUM Debit/credit indicator of revaluation SMO3SHKZG CHAR 
382 SMO3SHKZG Debit/credit indicator SMO3SHKZG CHAR 
383 SMO3SHKZG1 Returns item XFELD CHAR 
384 SMO3SKTOF Cash Discount Indicator DEFAULT CHAR 
385 SMO3SLKKZ Selection allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
386 SMO3SMO_A Inquiry Type for activities SMO3AUART CHAR 
387 SMO3SMO_A1 Quotation Type for activity SMO3AUART CHAR 
388 SMO3SMO_A2 Target Sales document type SMO3AUART CHAR 
389 SMO3SMO_A3 Hierarchy service number SMO3ASNUM CHAR 
390 SMO3SMO_A4 Order type for activity SMO3AUART CHAR 
391 SMO3SMO_A5 Copying control: Reference document type SMO3AUART CHAR 
392 SMO3SMO_C G/l account number for payment card receivables SMO3SAKNR CHAR 
393 SMO3SMO_C1 Counter Difference (not SI Unit) SMO3IMRC_4 FLTP 
394 SMO3SMO_C2 Counter (not SI Unit) SMO3IMRC_4 FLTP 
395 SMO3SMO_C3 Distribution of capacity requirements (Planned/prod.order) SMO3CR_VE CHAR 
396 SMO3SMO_E Reference schedule line category SMO3ETTYP CHAR 
397 SMO3SMO_F Billing status for the billing plan/invoice plan date SMO3STATV CHAR 
398 SMO3SMO_F1 Item for billing plan/invoice plan/payment cards SMO3FPLTR NUMC 
399 SMO3SMO_F2 Date category SMO3FPTTP CHAR 
400 SMO3SMO_F3 Copying control: Reference billing document type SMO3FKART CHAR 
401 SMO3SMO_G Copying requirements for data transfer VBAK SMO3GRPNO NUMC 
402 SMO3SMO_G1 Copying requirements for data transfer VBAP SMO3GRPNO NUMC 
403 SMO3SMO_G2 Copying requirements for data transfer VBEP SMO3GRPNO NUMC 
404 SMO3SMO_G3 Copying requirements for data transfer business data SMO3GRPNO NUMC 
405 SMO3SMO_G4 Copying requirements for data transfer business partner SMO3GRPNO NUMC 
406 SMO3SMO_G5 Credit Note Type allowed for activity SMO3AUART CHAR 
407 SMO3SMO_I Default maintenance activity type SMO3ILART CHAR 
408 SMO3SMO_I1 Denominator for conversion (MEINS <-> IWEIN) SMO3UMBSN DEC 
409 SMO3SMO_I2 Numerator for conversion of MEINS into IWEIN SMO3UMBSZ DEC 
410 SMO3SMO_K Status of a capacity requirements (object number) SMO3J_OBJ CHAR 
411 SMO3SMO_K1 Number of Contact Person SMO3KUNNR CHAR 
412 SMO3SMO_L Debit Note type allowed for sales activity SMO3AUART CHAR 
413 SMO3SMO_L1 General Purchasing status for service SMO3MMSTA CHAR 
414 SMO3SMO_O Object status (order status) SMO3J_OBJ CHAR 
415 SMO3SMO_P Partner Function of Operation SMO3PARVW CHAR 
416 SMO3SMO_P1 Personell Number SMO3PERNR NUMC 
417 SMO3SMO_P2 Partner Function of the Order Header SMO3PARVW CHAR 
418 SMO3SMO_P3 Proposed item category (copy) SMO3PSTYV CHAR 
419 SMO3SMO_Q Number of digits to the right of a decimal point (precision) SMO3QSTEL INT1 
420 SMO3SMO_R Reading (not SI Unit) SMO3IMRC_4 FLTP 
421 SMO3SMO_R1 Reclamation type allowed for activity SMO3AUART CHAR 
422 SMO3SMO_S Subscreen Category SMO3SCRTP CHAR 
423 SMO3SMO_S1 Sales document type allowed for activity SMO3AUART CHAR 
424 SMO3SMO_S2 Default control key for PM order SMO3STEUS CHAR 
425 SMO3SMO_T Tax indicator for service (Purchasing) SMO3TAXIM CHAR 
426 SMO3SMO_T1 Means of payment for classifying payment card plan lines SMO3TYPZM CHAR 
427 SMO3SMO_U Higher-level payment card plan number for billing SMO3FPLNR CHAR 
428 SMO3SMO_U1 Higher-level item in billing plan SMO3FPLTR NUMC 
429 SMO3SOBKZ Special stock indicator SMO3SOBKZ CHAR 
430 SMO3SORTI Sort order field SMO_NUM4 DEC 
431 SMO3SORTL Sort field CHAR10 CHAR 
432 SMO3SORTP Sort string CHAR10 CHAR 
433 SMO3SORT_ Sequence in which partners are determined in the sales doc. NUMC2 NUMC 
434 SMO3SOSTA Special form for scale determination SMO3SOSTA CHAR 
435 SMO3SOTXT Description of special stock TEXT20 CHAR 
436 SMO3SPAAU Reference division for document types (by sales area) SMO3SPART CHAR 
437 SMO3SPAIV Division for intercompany billing SMO3SPART CHAR 
438 SMO3SPAKO Reference division for conditions SMO3SPART CHAR 
439 SMO3SPAKU Reference division for customers SMO3SPART CHAR 
440 SMO3SPAPO Division in sales order item comes from the material SMO3SPAPO CHAR 
441 SMO3SPAPR Check division SMO3SPAPR CHAR 
443 SMO3SPERB Central posting block XFELD CHAR 
444 SMO3SPERZ Payment block XFELD CHAR 
445 SMO3SPEVB Sales document block SMO3SPEVB CHAR 
446 SMO3SPLIT Actual number of splits DEC3 DEC 
448 SMO3SPVBA Blocked for inquiry SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
449 SMO3SPVBB Blocked for quotation SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
450 SMO3SPVBC Blocked for sales order SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
451 SMO3SPVBD Blocked for product proposal SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
452 SMO3SPVBE Blocked for scheduling agreement SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
453 SMO3SPVBF Blocked for value contract SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
454 SMO3SPVBG Blocked for contract SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
455 SMO3SPVBH Blocked for returns SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
456 SMO3SPVBI Blocked for free of charge delivery SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
457 SMO3SPVBJ Blocked for delivery SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
458 SMO3SPVBK Blocked for credit memo request SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
459 SMO3SPVBL Blocked for debit memo request SMO3FEDIA CHAR 
460 SMO3SQFNA Source field FDNAME CHAR 
461 SMO3SQTAB Source table TABNAME CHAR 
462 SMO3SSAVD Latest scheduled start: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
463 SMO3SSAVZ Latest scheduled start: Execution (time) SMO3ATIME TIMS 
464 SMO3SSEDD Latest scheduled finish: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
465 SMO3SSEDZ Latest scheduled finish: Execution (time) SMO3ATIME TIMS 
466 SMO3SSSAD Latest scheduled start: Teardown (date) DATUM DATS 
467 SMO3SSSAZ Latest scheduled start: Teardown (time) SMO3ATIME TIMS 
468 SMO3SSSBD Latest scheduled start: Processing (date) DATUM DATS 
469 SMO3SSSBZ Latest scheduled start: Processing (time) SMO3ATIME TIMS 
470 SMO3SSTAD Latest start / date DATUM DATS 
471 SMO3SSTAU Latest start / time T TIMS 
472 SMO3STADY Indicator for a fixed screen sequence XFELD CHAR 
473 SMO3STAFO Update group for statistics update SMO3STAFO CHAR 
474 SMO3STAFO1 Credit update for open order/delivery/billing document value SMO3STAFO1 CHAR 
476 SMO3STATG Status group SMO3STATG CHAR 
477 SMO3STATU Status description TEXT20 CHAR 
478 SMO3STATU1 General SD status SMO3STATU CHAR 
479 SMO3STAWN Commodity code / Import code number for foreign trade SMO3STAWN CHAR 
480 SMO3STCD1 Tax number 1 SMO3STCD1 CHAR 
481 SMO3STCD2 Tax number 2 SMO3STCD2 CHAR 
482 SMO3STCEG VAT registration number SMO3STCEG CHAR 
483 SMO3STCUR Exchange rate for statistics SMO3KURRF DEC 
484 SMO3STDCL Indicator: Standard class SMO3STDCL CHAR 
485 SMO3STEIN Uniqueness in the master data XFELD CHAR 
486 SMO3STEUC Control code for consumption taxes in foreign trade SMO3STEUC CHAR 
488 SMO3STEUT Control key description TEXT40 CHAR 
490 SMO3STFNA Field name in the generated DDIC structure FDNAME CHAR 
491 SMO3STGAK Statistics group for sales document type SMO3STGVB CHAR 
492 SMO3STGAP Statistics group for the item category SMO3STGVB CHAR 
493 SMO3STGKU Customer statistics group SMO3STGKU CHAR 
494 SMO3STGMA Material statistics group SMO3STGMA CHAR 
495 SMO3STKKZ PM assembly indicator XFELD CHAR 
496 SMO3STKTX Alternative BOM text TEXT40 CHAR 
497 SMO3STKZA Indicator: Business partner subject to equalization tax ? SMO3STKZA CHAR 
498 SMO3STKZN Indicator: Business partner a sole proprietor ? SMO3STKZN CHAR 
499 SMO3STKZU Indicator: Business partner subject to tax on sales/purch. ? XFELD CHAR