SAP ABAP Data Element - Index M, page 12
Data Element - M
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 MDURAT Compulsory Leave Cycle Duration CDURAT NUMC 
2 MDURE Maximum Period of Continued Pay NUM3 NUMC 
3 MDUSRKEY Object ID for recipient CHAR70 CHAR 
4 MDUSRLNG Language of notification SPRAS LANG 
5 MDUSRTYP Recipient type OTYPE CHAR 
6 MDU_ANZGR Number of Master Data Groups NUM06 NUMC 
7 MDU_APPLC Calling Application MDU_APPLC CHAR 
8 MDU_CFCFM Function Module for Clarification (CFC Event CF_FILL) FUNCNAME CHAR 
9 MDU_DATA Data of Application Objects   STRG 
10 MDU_GRPNR Group Number in Master Data Lot NUM06 NUMC 
11 MDU_KEYM1 Master Data Lot MDU_KEYM1 CHAR 
12 MDU_KEYM2 Search Term MDU_KEYM2 CHAR 
13 MDU_NODAT NODATA Character for BDT Similar Calls CHAR1 CHAR 
14 MDU_OBJAP Application Object MDU_OBJAP CHAR 
15 MDU_OBJST Subobjects of Application Objects MDU_OBJST CHAR 
16 MDU_POSMA Item Number in Master Data Group NUM06 NUMC 
17 MDU_POSMP Subitem Number of Subobject NUM06 NUMC 
18 MDU_READFM Module for Reading Data FUNCNAME CHAR 
19 MDU_STAMP Status of Group Items of Master Data Lot MDU_STAMP CHAR 
20 MDU_STAMS Status of Master Data Lot MDU_STAMS CHAR 
21 MDU_UPDFM Function Module for Update Object FUNCNAME CHAR 
22 MDU_XCFC Use Clarification XFELD CHAR 
23 MDU_XERRT Test Mode for Group Items after Error XFELD CHAR 
25 MDU_XROLD Determine Old Data XFELD CHAR 
26 MDV Planning identification MDVXX CHAR 
27 MDV01 Production line MDVXX CHAR 
28 MDV02 Planning identification 2 MDVXX CHAR 
29 MDVMDEL Deleted Planning File Entries INT4 INT4 
30 MDWMN MRP: Quantity field (Goods issue quantity) MENG13 QUAN 
31 MDWUK Display Cross-Plant View for Grouped Lists XFLAG CHAR 
32 MDXVR Indicator: version selection via quotas allowed OPTIO CHAR 
33 MDZGD Identification of Grouped Display MD_MDZGD CHAR 
34 MDZTX Status field for linking to documents in doc. mgmt system TEXT22 CHAR 
35 MDZUISTRW Actual range of coverage in additional planning DECV3_1 DEC 
36 MDZUO Several documents exist for design drawing XFELD CHAR 
37 MDZUSATZ Additional Field CHAR60 CHAR 
38 MDZUSOLLRW Target range of coverage in additional planning DECV3_1 DEC 
39 MD_ABBED Stock Transfer Releases (Total) MENG13 QUAN 
40 MD_ABSCHNITT Display of Selected Segments TEXT70 CHAR 
41 MD_ABSCHNITT2 Display of Individual Segment TEXT20 CHAR 
42 MD_ACTIVATION_FLAG Merchandise Distribution: Activation Indicator MD_ACTIVATION_FLAG CHAR 
43 MD_ADDIN Additional Information on BAdI MD_EXT_SUP CHAR20 CHAR 
44 MD_ADINF Field for Additional Information MD_ADINF CHAR 
45 MD_AENDER Create Change Documents in Data Transfer XFELD CHAR 
46 MD_AMPEL Traffic Light Status of All Ranges of Coverage ICON CHAR 
47 MD_AMPEL1 Traffic Light Status for Stock Days' Supply ICON CHAR 
48 MD_AMPEL2 Traffic Light Status for 1st Receipt Days' Supply ICON CHAR 
49 MD_AMPEL3 Traffic Light Status for 2nd Receipt Days' Supply ICON CHAR 
50 MD_ANZ00 Calculated Stock INT4 INT4 
51 MD_ANZ01 Without Stock Statistics INT4 INT4 
52 MD_ANZDP Number of Materials With Short Dump INT4 INT4 
53 MD_ANZEX Number of Materials with Termination MRP List INT4 INT4 
54 MD_ANZPR Number of forecast periods that are included in MRP PERAN DEC 
55 MD_ASSIGN Account Assignment CHAR38 CHAR 
57 MD_A_VPSTA Direct input: field MARA-VPSTA (full maintenance status) PSTAT CHAR 
58 MD_BADI Object change via active Business Add-In MD_BADI CHAR 
59 MD_BADI_MOD Indicator: Modified By BAdI XFELD CHAR 
60 MD_BADI_ON Indicator: BAdI is Active XFELD CHAR 
61 MD_BULK Display Bulk Material in Order Report XFELD CHAR 
62 MD_CALL_BADI Indicator: Call BAdI XFELD CHAR 
63 MD_CHFLG Indicator: Object Changed via Business Add-In XFELD CHAR 
64 MD_CLEANUP Cleanup Interval (h)   DEC 
65 MD_CMODE Call Type for Evaluation of Planning Situation MD_CMODE CHAR 
66 MD_COBYPRODUCT Display Co- and By-Products in Order Report XFELD CHAR 
67 MD_COLL_UPD BAPI: Collective Update of Planning File Entries XFELD CHAR 
68 MD_COLUMNF Display First Column Number INT4 INT4 
69 MD_COLUMNM Display of Maximum Available Columns INT4 INT4 
71 MD_COLUMNT Display Last Column Number INT4 INT4 
72 MD_COLUMNVALUE Value of Cell Content TEXT128 CHAR 
73 MD_COL_ACTIVE BAdI MRP: Additional Column Active XFELD CHAR 
77 MD_COL_NAME BAdI MRP: Additional Column Name SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
78 MD_COMMENTNEW Description of Value of New Profile TEXT60 CHAR 
79 MD_COMMENTPAT Description of Value of Template Profile TEXT60 CHAR 
80 MD_COMPORG Description for MPS Analysis Data TEXT40 CHAR 
81 MD_COMPRES Compressed explosion XFLAG CHAR 
82 MD_COMPSHON Display Comparison Data TEXT40 CHAR 
83 MD_COMPWITH Description of Comparison Data TEXT40 CHAR 
84 MD_CONVER Conversion Value of Unit of Measure MENG13V QUAN 
85 MD_CONVERC Conversion Value in Currency Unit WERT11 CURR 
86 MD_CONVERQ Conversion Value in Unit of Measure MENG13V QUAN 
87 MD_COSHON Description of Comparison Data TEXT40 CHAR 
88 MD_CO_DATE Date of the last activity reqmt transfer from SAP/MRP to CO DATUM DATS 
89 MD_CO_LFP Ind: transfer of the activity reqmts from long-term planning XFELD CHAR 
90 MD_CO_MRP Indicator: transfer activity reqmts from MRP XFELD CHAR 
91 MD_CO_SOP Indicator: activity reqmt transfer from SOP XFELD CHAR 
92 MD_CREASTMP Timestamp for Setup Date of Planning Situation TZNTSTMPS DEC 
93 MD_CRIND Use Creation Indicator from MRP Group XFELD CHAR 
94 MD_CRIT_DS Indicator for Critical Materials MD_CRIT_DS CHAR 
95 MD_CUTDT Evaluation End Date for Statistics DATS DATS 
96 MD_DBDATE Database: Time Stamp Date of BOM SYDATS DATS 
97 MD_DBTIME Database: Time of BOM Time Stamp SYTIME TIMS 
98 MD_DELAY_ICON Order Report: Icon for Seriousness of a Delay ICON CHAR 
99 MD_DELAY_LEVEL Order Report: Cumulative Delay of Lower Levels MD_DELAY_LEVEL QUAN 
100 MD_DELAY_ME Order Report: Own Delay of a Receipt Element MD_DELAY_ME QUAN 
101 MD_DELAY_SUM Order Report: Own Delay + Delay of Lower Levels MD_DELAY_SUM QUAN 
102 MD_DELAY_UNIT Order Report: Unit of a Delay MD_DELAY_UNIT UNIT 
103 MD_DESCF Indicator: sort in descending order XFELD CHAR 
104 MD_DESCRIPTION Description of a markdown plan MD_TEXT40 CHAR 
105 MD_DIFFMOD Display Difference Between Analysis and Comparison Data FLAG CHAR 
106 MD_DISPO Indicator: Update planning file entries during data transfer XFELD CHAR 
107 MD_DSTAT Statistics Only XFELD CHAR 
108 MD_DTALL Display without time limit XFELD CHAR 
109 MD_DTAPP Horizon can be selected by user XFELD CHAR 
110 MD_DTCUS Horizon using default value in Customizing XFELD CHAR 
111 MD_DZALL Additional selections: none XFELD CHAR 
112 MD_DZAPP Define additional selections in the application XFELD CHAR 
113 MD_DZCUS Define additional selections in Customizing XFELD CHAR 
114 MD_EINME Total Stock of All Restricted Batches not MRP-Relevant MENG13V QUAN 
115 MD_EMPTYLINE The MPS Evaluation Row Is Empty XFLAG CHAR 
116 MD_ENDDT Last date of subsequent period MD_ENDDT CHAR 
117 MD_ENDDT_ER End date of the selection process MD_ENDDT CHAR 
118 MD_EPBED No Consideration of Planned Independent Requirements BOOLEAN CHAR 
119 MD_ERFMELD Issue success messages XFELD CHAR 
120 MD_ERROROUT Output Option Only Incorrect Records XFLAG CHAR 
121 MD_ESPAN Period After Today's Date INT4 INT4 
122 MD_ESPAN_ER Period After Today's Date INT4 INT4 
123 MD_ESTMP Timestamp: Last Update of Range of Coverage Data TZNTSTMPS DEC 
124 MD_EVAPR Evaluation Profile for Range-of-Coverage Data MD_EVAPR CHAR 
125 MD_EVATX Short Text Evaluation Profile Ranges of Coverage TEXT40 CHAR 
126 MD_EWM_MENGE Stock Quantities for Adoption from EWM EWM_MENGE QUAN 
127 MD_EXFLG Indicator: Exit when importing MDPSX for this object XFELD CHAR 
128 MD_EXMAT Material Number used by Vendor IDNEX CHAR 
129 MD_EXMOD Extraction Mode for (Filtered) Planning Data MD_EXMOD CHAR 
130 MD_EXTXT Name of Extraction Mode TEXT40 CHAR 
131 MD_EZBST Total of Individual Stocks (Project and Sales Order) MENG13V QUAN 
132 MD_FABKL_COV Material-Specific Calendar (Range of Coverage) WFCID CHAR 
133 MD_FAILD Output Incorrect Items Only XFLAG CHAR 
134 MD_GET_MDEZ Indicator: Determination of Single-Line Display XFELD CHAR 
135 MD_GET_MDPS Indicator: Determination of Detail Display for MRP Elements XFELD CHAR 
136 MD_GET_MDSU Indicator: Determination of Period Totals Display XFELD CHAR 
137 MD_GFW_DAYRANGE Time period on the x-axis   INT4 
138 MD_GFW_SIMULTAN Number of materials displayed at the same time   INT4 
139 MD_GFW_YCOVMAX Maximum value for ranges of coverage on y-axis   INT4 
140 MD_GFW_YCOVMIN Minimum value for ranges of coverage on y-axis   INT4 
141 MD_GFW_YVAL MRP graphic: Value on Y-axis   INT4 
142 MD_GFW_YVALMAX MRP graphic: maximum Y value for stock values   INT4 
143 MD_GFW_YVALMIN MRP graphic: minimum Y value for stock values   INT4 
144 MD_GSBST Total of All Stocks Including Individual Stocks MENG13V QUAN 
145 MD_GSMNG Total Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
146 MD_GUID Merchandise Distribution: Universal GUID SYSUUID RAW 
147 MD_GUID_32 Merchandise Distribution: Universal GUID (Character-Format) SYSUUID_C CHAR 
148 MD_ICON_AMPEL Icon for Traffic Light Status of Ranges of Coverage SYCHAR132 CHAR 
149 MD_ICON_AMPEL1 Icon for Traffic Light Status: Stock Days' Supply SYCHAR132 CHAR 
150 MD_ICON_AMPEL2 Icon for Traffic Light Status: 1st Receipt Days' Supply SYCHAR132 CHAR 
151 MD_ICON_AMPEL3 Icon for Traffic Light Status: 2nd Receipt Days' Supply SYCHAR132 CHAR 
152 MD_ICON_STATUS Status Icon: Transfer Simulative Dependent Requirements SYCHAR132 CHAR 
153 MD_INDEX Numbering Index CHAR10 CHAR 
154 MD_INSME Stock in Quality Inspection not MRP-Relevant MENG13V QUAN 
155 MD_INT4 Counter for Material Requirements Planning INT4 INT4 
156 MD_IPBED Statistics Including Planned Independent Requirements BOOLEAN CHAR 
157 MD_KDNR Display Sales Order Number TEXT20 CHAR 
158 MD_KDPOS Display Sales Order Item Number POSNR NUMC 
159 MD_KEBST Total Individual Sales Order Stocks MENG13V QUAN 
160 MD_KEINM Restricted Consignment Stock Not MRP-Relevant MENG13V QUAN 
161 MD_KINSM Consignment Stock in Quality Inspection Not MRP-Relevant MENG13V QUAN 
162 MD_KOBST Total Consignment Stock MENG13V QUAN 
163 MD_KSPEM Blocked Consignment Stock not MRP-Relevant MENG13V QUAN 
164 MD_KUNNR Customer key KUNNR CHAR 
165 MD_LABST Warehouse Stock MENG13V QUAN 
166 MD_LABSTC Warehouse Stock in Currency WERT11 CURR 
167 MD_LABSTCV Warehouse Stock of Comparison Data in Currency WERT11 CURR 
168 MD_LABSTV Warehouse Stock of Comparison Data MENG13V QUAN 
169 MD_LAGNR Display Subcontractor TEXT10 CHAR 
170 MD_LAST_ORD BAPI: Indicator - Last Planned Order for Collective Update XFELD CHAR 
171 MD_LBBST Total Subcontracting Stock MENG13V QUAN 
172 MD_LGORT Storage location LGORT CHAR 
174 MD_LIST Selection Indicator Output List MD_LIST CHAR 
175 MD_LVSCHED Planned order: leading scheduling level (determines dates) SCHED_TYPE CHAR 
176 MD_MAKTX Material Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
177 MD_MANO Indicator: Material Memo Exists FLAG CHAR 
178 MD_MATGW Use Material-Specific Limit Values for Ranges of Coverage XFELD CHAR 
179 MD_MATNR Material Number (Without Input Help) MATNR CHAR 
180 MD_MATSTATUS Material Status After Planning Run MD_MATSTATUS CHAR 
181 MD_MAXCOMM No. of transactions per commit unit for data transfer NUMC6 NUMC 
182 MD_MAXERR Maximum number of logical errors with direct input DEC5 DEC 
183 MD_MAXTASK Maximum Number of Tasks for Parallel Processing INT4 INT4 
185 MD_MDSPR Minimum Range of Coverage Profile MD_MDSPR CHAR 
186 MD_MDSTX Short Text for Minimum Range of Coverage Profile TEXT40 CHAR 
187 MD_MEM_ORDREP Read Order Report from Buffer XFELD CHAR 
188 MD_MESSAGE_TEXT Message Text   CHAR 
189 MD_MESSLEV Display level for data transfer messages MD_MESSLEV CHAR 
190 MD_MES_CNF_DIF Reduction from Confirmation of Different Planned Orders CHAR1 CHAR 
191 MD_MES_CNF_QTY Total Confirmed Qty Planned Order (Repetitive Manufacturing) MENG13 QUAN 
192 MD_ML_APPROACH Optimistic/Pessimistic Calculation of Multilevel Delay XFELD CHAR 
193 MD_ML_DELAY Indicator: Calculation and Display of Multilevel Delay XFELD CHAR 
194 MD_ML_GREEN Threshold Value for Green Icon (Delay Non-Critical) DEC02 DEC 
195 MD_ML_OPER Calculation of Multilevel Delay at Operation Level XFELD CHAR 
196 MD_ML_RED Threshold Value Red Icon (Delay Highly Critical) DEC02 DEC 
197 MD_ML_YELLOW Threshold Value Yellow Icon (Delay Critical) DEC02 DEC 
198 MD_MSEHT Text for Unit of Measurement (Maximum 10 Characters) TEXT10 CHAR 
199 MD_MUSS_S Check required fields not belonging to core maint. status XFELD CHAR 
200 MD_NOBUF Indicator: Without Buffering BOM in Shared Buffer XFELD CHAR 
201 MD_NOBUF_DS Indicator: W/o Buffering of Range-of-Coverage Limit Values XFELD CHAR 
202 MD_NOCHANGE Do Not Change Existing Data FLAG CHAR 
203 MD_NOCOMPR Uncompressed explosion XFLAG CHAR 
204 MD_NOEXG Range of Coverage Traffic Lights Without Exception Groups BOOLEAN CHAR 
205 MD_NOLIST Indicator: Do Not Output Material List BOOLEAN CHAR 
206 MD_NOLVM Indicator: Materials Without Deletion Flag Only BOOLEAN CHAR 
207 MD_NOREC Order Report: Requirement Does Not Expect Receipt XFELD CHAR 
208 MD_NOSLINES Output Option Without Schedule Lines XFLAG CHAR 
209 MD_NO_BUFFER Indicator: Data Determination of Database (Not from Buffer) XFELD CHAR 
210 MD_NO_EXFLG No Exit when Importing MDPSX for this Object XFELD CHAR 
211 MD_NUMV Number assignment for creating a test file MD_NUMV CHAR 
212 MD_OLDVIEW Checkbox: List-Based Display for Results List FLAG CHAR 
213 MD_OLD_LIST Indicator: Old List Output MD_OLD_LIST CHAR 
214 MD_ORDKZ Selection from Source List CHAR1 CHAR 
215 MD_OSLID Output Without Schedule Lines XFLAG CHAR 
216 MD_OTYPE Output Category for Planning Situation MD_OTYPE CHAR 
217 MD_PACKSIZE Maximum Number of Materials for Each Packet INT4 INT4 
218 MD_PARAMETER Name of Parameter TEXT40 CHAR 
219 MD_PCURR Current Period CHAR10 CHAR 
220 MD_PERKZ Period indicator MDPER CHAR 
221 MD_PGTXT Product Group Description TEXT40 CHAR 
222 MD_PIPELINE Display Pipeline Material in Order Report XFELD CHAR 
223 MD_PLANR Display Planning Segment Number PLANR CHAR 
224 MD_PLATXT Material Requirements Planning Segment TEXT30 CHAR 
225 MD_PLIFZ_DB Consider Planned Delivery Time of the MRP Area MD_PLIFZ_DB CHAR 
226 MD_PNEX1 Next Period CHAR10 CHAR 
227 MD_PNEX2 Period After Next CHAR10 CHAR 
228 MD_POSID Project Number Display PS_POSID CHAR 
229 MD_PRBST Total Individual Project Stocks MENG13V QUAN 
230 MD_PROCUREMENT_QUANTITY_BU Planned Quantity for Procurement in Base Unit of Measure MENG15 QUAN 
231 MD_PRSCHED Planned order: scheduling using production dates XFELD CHAR 
232 MD_PSPT Description of WBS element TEXT40 CHAR 
233 MD_PSTA Fill status fields in BMM00 XFELD CHAR 
234 MD_PUSER User Name for Parallel Import XUBNAME CHAR 
235 MD_RCSUM Total of Receipts in Periods Plus Stock MENG13 QUAN 
236 MD_RECCUR Receipt Quantity in Current Period MENG13 QUAN 
237 MD_RECDUE Receipt Quantity Subject to Delay MENG13 QUAN 
238 MD_RECNX1 Receipt Quantity in Next Period MENG13 QUAN 
239 MD_RECNX2 Receipt Quantity in Period After Next MENG13 QUAN 
240 MD_REORDER Display Consumption-Based Materials in the Order Report XFELD CHAR 
241 MD_REQCUR Requirement Quantity in Current Period MENG13 QUAN 
242 MD_REQDUE Requirement Quantity Subject to Delay MENG13 QUAN 
243 MD_REQNX1 Requirement Quantity Next Period MENG13 QUAN 
244 MD_REQNX2 Requirement Quantity Period After Next MENG13 QUAN 
245 MD_RONLY Ind.: Read file only XFELD CHAR 
246 MD_RQSUM Total Requirements in Periods (Including Safety Stock) MENG13 QUAN 
247 MD_RWLIMIT1 Upper-limit for range of coverage in case of shortage DECV4 DEC 
248 MD_RWLIMIT2 Lower-limit for range of coverage selection excess DECV4 DEC 
249 MD_RWTYPE Range of Coverage Type MD_RWTYPE CHAR 
250 MD_SBDATE Shared Buffer: Date of BOM Time Stamp SYDATS DATS 
251 MD_SBTIME Shared Buffer: Time of BOM Time Stamp SYTIME TIMS 
252 MD_SBUFF BOM Buffering in Shared Buffer XFELD CHAR 
253 MD_SCFLG Indicator: General Subcontracting Logic XFELD CHAR 
254 MD_SDATB Selected planned orders up to this opening date DATUM DATS 
255 MD_SDATV Selected planned orders from this opening date DATUM DATS 
256 MD_SHOW0 Help field for sort order NUMC6 NUMC 
257 MD_SHPRI Field selection with prioritization NUMC3 NUMC 
258 MD_SL_DELAY Activate Calculation of Actual and Expected Delay XFELD CHAR 
259 MD_SOPRI Sort with prioritization NUMC1 NUMC 
260 MD_SORT0 Help field for sorting NUMC2 NUMC 
261 MD_SOURCE Market data: data source MD_SOURCE CHAR 
262 MD_SPEME Blocked Stocked Not MRP-Relevant MENG13V QUAN 
264 MD_SRTFD Identifier: key shared buffer MD_SRTFD CHAR 
265 MD_SSPAN Time interval before todays date INT4 INT4 
266 MD_SSPAN_ER Time interval before todays date INT4 INT4 
267 MD_STAEX Status information on BOM explosion in planned order MD_STAEX CHAR 
268 MD_STATUS Status of the master data extractors INT1 INT1 
270 MD_STATUS_BOM Traffic Lights Field for BOM Status CHAR1 CHAR 
271 MD_STOCK_AVAIL Stock Available for Planning MENG13V QUAN 
272 MD_STOPT Start date of previous period MD_STOPT CHAR 
273 MD_STOPT_ER Start date of the import transaction MD_STOPT CHAR 
274 MD_STRUK Indicator: Multilevel Planning XFELD CHAR 
275 MD_SVGRP Server Group for Parallel Import RZLLI_ACN CHAR 
276 MD_TEST Indicator: Make checks, but do not update data XFELD CHAR 
277 MD_TOTLD Output Detailed Lists XFLAG CHAR 
278 MD_TRAME Average Plant Stock MENG13V QUAN 
279 MD_TRAME_DRP Stock in Transit - Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) MENG13V QUAN 
280 MD_TSIZE Packet Size for Parallel Requirements Planning Run INT4 INT4 
281 MD_UMARKT Material Component Short Text Assigned to the WBS Element TEXT40 CHAR 
282 MD_UMATNR Material Component Assigned to the WBS Element MATNR CHAR 
283 MD_UMBST Stock in Transfer (Total) MENG13V QUAN 
284 MD_UMLDB Indicator for Stock Transfer with MRP Areas MD_UMLDB CHAR 
285 MD_UMLME Stock in Transfer Not MRP-Relevant MENG13V QUAN 
286 MD_UMSATZ Business volume from exception analysis MD_CHAR20 CHAR 
287 MD_UPSPT Short Description of Assigned WBS Element TEXT40 CHAR 
288 MD_USERSET Apply User Setting FLAG CHAR 
289 MD_VALID Indicator: BOM item valid XFELD CHAR 
290 MD_VALUENEW Value of Parameter from New Profile TEXT7 CHAR 
291 MD_VALUEPAT Value of Parameter from Template Profile TEXT7 CHAR 
292 MD_VERID Production version VERID CHAR 
293 MD_VERW Indicator: Set up administrative data XFELD CHAR 
294 MD_VIEWN Key for planning result view CHAR15 CHAR 
295 MD_VIEWT Short text for user view TEXT50 CHAR 
296 MD_WERKTXT Plant Description TEXT30 CHAR 
297 MD_WRK02 Supplying or receiving plant WERKS CHAR 
298 MD_XROUNDING Round reqmt qties XFELD CHAR 
299 ME2O_DETAIL Detailed listing of requirements/additions to SC stock XFELD CHAR 
300 ME2O_NEGATIVE Display SC stock segments with negative available qty. only XFELD CHAR 
301 ME2O_SCBATCH Group by Batches   CHAR 
302 ME2O_TPSCP Display External Receipts from Purchase Orders XFELD CHAR 
303 ME2O_ZEROLINES Display zero lines XFELD CHAR 
304 ME59DETLOGICON Detailed Log   CHAR 
305 ME59ITEMS Number of Items   INT4 
306 ME59OBJTXT Object Type   CHAR 
308 ME59REQS Number of Purchase Requisitions   INT4 
310 MEA01 Meter reading type MEA01 CHAR 
311 MEA02 Key for measured value MEA02 CHAR 
312 MEA03 Meter reading result CHAR20 CHAR 
313 MEA04 Unit or basis for unit of measurement MEA04 CHAR 
314 MEA05 Minimum value of area measured CHAR20 CHAR 
315 MEA06 Maximum value of measured area CHAR20 CHAR 
316 MEA07 Meaning of Measured Values CHAR2 CHAR 
317 MEABART Scheduling agreement release type ABART CHAR 
318 MEABEFZ Cumulative Scheduled Quantity for Scheduling Agreement ABEFZ QUAN 
319 MEABFDE End of Production Go-Ahead Period DATUM DATS 
320 MEABLLI External release number ABLLI CHAR 
321 MEABM Unit of Dimension for Length/Width/Height MEINS UNIT 
322 MEABMDE End of Material Go-Ahead Period DATUM DATS 
323 MEABM_ISO Unit for length/breadth/height in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
324 MEABRDT Date of Scheduling Agreement Release (Transmission Date) DATUM DATS 
325 MEABRUF Release Number ABRUF NUMC 
327 MEACTOR Processor TEXT40 CHAR 
328 MEADD Additive Component Quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
329 MEAL Wage Types which are Relevant for all Levy Types CHAR4 CHAR 
330 MEALERTS_DATS Date Unit for Alerts monitored by CCMS MEALERTS_DAT CHAR 
332 MEAMENG Last-transmitted quantity MENG13 QUAN 
333 MEANZSUB Number of Lower-Level Units of Measure MEANZSUB DEC 
334 MEAN_UPDKZ Indicator whether and how the MEAN entry must be updated CHAR1 CHAR 
335 MEAPPLTYPE Mobile Infrastructure Type of Application MEAPPLICATION_TYPE CHAR 
336 MEAP_IMWRK Inbound Delivery has Status 'In Plant' XFELD CHAR 
337 MEAP_ZEKKN Sequential number of account assignment NUM02 NUMC 
338 MEASR_TXT Measure text CHAR40 CHAR 
339 MEASURE_CONTENT3 Measure is a physical indication of Measurements including t   DEC 
340 MEASURE_UNIT_CODE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
342 MEASURE_UNIT_MEANING_CODE Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
343 MEAUCO BGC-PC End Record/Message Authorization Code CHAR016 CHAR 
344 MEAWEFZ Cumulative Received Quantity for Scheduling Agreement MENG13 QUAN 
345 MEAXXX Scrap Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
346 MEB01 Indicator: Amount Withheld Automatically CHAR1 CHAR 
347 MEB02 Indicator: Amount Withheld Automatically CHAR1 CHAR 
348 MEBAREA Application Area in MEB CHAR004 CHAR 
349 MEBBED Maintenance Event Builder: Basic Finish Date DATUM DATS 
350 MEBBET Maintenance Event Builder: Basic Finish Time UHRZT TIMS 
351 MEBBSD Maintenance Event Builder: Basic Start Date DATUM DATS 
352 MEBBST Maintenance Event Builder: Basic Start Time UHRZT TIMS 
353 MEBEL_0007 Generated data element for matchcode field MEBEL_0007 CHAR 
354 MEBEZ Characteristic reference for exception XFELD CHAR 
355 MEBME Order unit (Purchasing) for conditions MEINS UNIT 
356 MEBODYTYPE Type of Body in Synchronization Container MEBODYTYPE CHAR 
357 MEBPAR MEB Parameter for User Settings CHAR010 CHAR 
358 MEBPARVAL Value for MEB Parameter Set by User CHAR040 CHAR 
359 MECCP_DOCNUMBER Document Number for Display in Document Overview CHAR20 CHAR 
361 MECDACTION Type of change TEXT10 CHAR 
362 MECDSELKZ Selection indicator XFELD CHAR 
364 MECDSORTKEY1 Sort key of directly changed object CHAR70 CHAR 
365 MECDTEXT Changed object CHAR100SM CHAR 
366 MECDTEXT1 Directly changed object CHAR100SM CHAR 
367 MECHANISCH IS-H: Default Value for Performance Type of Service TYP_ERBR CHAR 
368 MECHATEXT IS-H: Text for mechanical performance TEXT40 CHAR 
369 MECHDTYP Exactly as Data Type MECHDT CHAR 
370 MECHEXTRA Describes an Extractor MECHEXT CHAR 
371 MECONTGUID Unique ID of Synchronization Container MEGUID CHAR 
372 MECONTTYPE Type of Synchronization Container METYPE CHAR 
374 MECP_CPTYPE Commitment Plan Category MECPTYPE CHAR 
375 MED Text CHAR032 CHAR 
376 MED0 Text CHAR035 CHAR 
377 MED1 Line 1 of Description CHAR032 CHAR 
378 MED2 Line 2 of Description CHAR032 CHAR 
379 MED3 Line 3 of Description CHAR032 CHAR 
380 MEDAN I.B.G.D. number (plant medical service) CHAR14 CHAR 
381 MEDATA_APPKEY Application Key for MI Data Applications   CHAR 
382 MEDCD Foreign Payments Medium Code for the Netherlands CHAR1 CHAR 
383 MEDEVGUID Unique ID of Device MEGUID CHAR 
385 MEDIACARRYINGISSUE IS-M: Media issue for insertion MATNR CHAR 
386 MEDIAKUNDE IS-M: Media customer GPNR CHAR 
387 MEDIAN Average Proficiency (Expressed as a Value) DEC12_3 DEC 
389 MEDIAPRODUCTFAM_SOLD Media product family sold MATNR CHAR 
390 MEDIAPRODUCT_SOLD Media product sold MATNR CHAR 
391 MEDIA_ART IS-M: Media type (print media/radio) MEDIA_ART CHAR 
392 MEDIN Code "I.B.G.D." (plant medical service) CHAR4 CHAR 
394 MEDIUM Transport medium for Intrastat data MEDIUM CHAR 
396 MEDIUM_DTA Medium Used to Store the Original Application Files TEXT16 CHAR 
397 MEDIUM_NAME_CONTENT Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
398 MEDIUM_NAME_CONTENT4 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
399 MEDIUM_TDTA Medium Used to Write Data for Print Program TEXT16 CHAR 
400 MEDKL IS-H: Medikamente zur Behandlung körperlicher Leiden XFELD CHAR 
401 MEDKXT Short text for the link medium TEXT40 CHAR 
402 MEDKZ Indicator for Distributed Planned Order MEDKZ CHAR 
403 MEDOK Indicator for a Medical Document XFELD CHAR 
404 MEDPROT Detailed log XFELD CHAR 
405 MEDST Unit of measure for distance MEINS UNIT 
406 MEDSTISO ISO Code for Unit of Measurement 'Distance' ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
407 MEDTX Text for medium MEDTX CHAR 
408 MEDTXT Text for transport medium for Intrastat data TEXT40 CHAR 
409 MEEIN Unit of measure of a purchased material MEINS UNIT 
410 MEEINH Text: Unit of measure CHAR1 CHAR 
411 MEERDAT Date Release was Created DATUM DATS 
412 MEERUHR Time of Creation TIME TIMS 
413 MEETART Schedule line type (backlog, immed. requirement, forecast) MEETART CHAR 
414 MEFAK Quantity factor MEFAK DEC 
415 MEFINDUNG Default value key for unit determination MEFINDUNG CHAR 
416 MEFSUM Total Fixed Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
417 MEFXXX Fixed Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
418 MEFXXX9 Fixed quantity MENGV9 QUAN 
419 MEFXXXI Control Quantity for Variance Calculation, Fixed MENGV8 QUAN 
420 MEFXXXP Fixed Planned Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
421 MEFXXXS Fixed Target Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
422 MEGENBODY String for Generic Body   STRG 
423 MEGRP Units of measure group MEGRP CHAR 
424 MEGRU Unit of Measure Group MEGRU CHAR 
425 MEGRU_A Unit of measure group (old) MEGRU CHAR 
426 MEGSUM Total Fixed and Variable Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
427 MEGUI_MASSCH_LPEIN Category of Delivery Date PRGBZ CHAR 
428 MEGUI_RANGE_ALL Change all items (fast change) XFELD CHAR 
429 MEGUI_RANGE_CLEAR Delete Field Content (Fast Change)   CHAR 
430 MEGUI_RANGE_MARKED Change selected items (fast change) XFELD CHAR 
431 MEGXXX Total Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
432 MEGXXX9 Total quantity MENGV9 QUAN 
433 MEGXXXI Total Control Quantity for Variance Calculation MENGV8 QUAN 
434 MEGXXXIB Total Actual Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
435 MEGXXXP Total Planned Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
436 MEGXXXS Total Target Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
437 MEHERL Gain from asset retirement ANLKWERT CURR 
438 MEHRFACHKL Indicator: multiple classification XFELD CHAR 
439 MEHRFACH_Z Multiple counter plan CHAR1 CHAR 
440 MEHRS Flag: multi-level XFELD CHAR 
441 MEHRT Value added tax indicator MEHRT CHAR 
442 MEHRTERM Selection field for number of occurrences: "Multiple" CHAR1 CHAR 
443 MEHRW_EB Other entries exist CHAR1 CHAR 
444 MEHT Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
445 MEI6U Unit of measure in conversion table T006U MEINS UNIT 
446 MEID Radio button for message class XFLAG CHAR 
447 MEIGN_AD Account Determination: Account Determination Key Possible? XFELD CHAR 
448 MEILR Indicator: Milestone confirmation carried out MEILR CHAR 
449 MEINA Unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
450 MEINB Posted Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
451 MEIND Unit of measure for dislay of receipts and issues MEINS UNIT 
452 MEINDEX Message Index (Sequential Number) MEINDEX CHAR 
453 MEINH Unit of Measure for Display MEINS UNIT 
454 MEINHBLGEW Unit of weight for page weight MEINS UNIT 
455 MEINHBREIT IS-M: Unit of measure for page width MEINS UNIT 
456 MEINHGEWBL IS-M: Unit of Weight for Ad Insert MEINS UNIT 
457 MEINHGROUP Units of Measurement Group for EAN Consistency MEINHGROUP CHAR 
458 MEINHGWIHT IS-M: Unit of weight MEINS UNIT 
459 MEINHHOE IS-M: Unit of measurement for page length MEINS UNIT 
460 MEINHPAGEW Unit of measure for weight of paper MEINS UNIT 
461 MEINHSPABS IS-M: Unit of measurement for column spacing ISPEINH_H UNIT 
462 MEINHSPBRE IS-M: Unit of measurement for column width ISPEINH_H UNIT 
463 MEINHSTRK Unit of measurement for thickness MEINS UNIT 
464 MEINHVAGEI Unit of weight for actual issue weight MEINS UNIT 
465 MEINHVAGEP Unit of weight for planned issue weight MEINS UNIT 
466 MEINHVAGEW Unit of weight for issue (calculated weight) MEINS UNIT 
467 MEINHVAGPO Unit of weight for issue weight relevant to postal dist. MEINS UNIT 
468 MEINHVERAR Ind.: alternative units of measure have been selected CHAR1 CHAR 
469 MEINH_EXT Quantity Unit for Display (External) MSEH3 CHAR 
470 MEINH_FRMD Purchase order unit for external processing MEINS UNIT 
471 MEINH_ISO Unit of measure for display in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
472 MEINH_LS IS-H: Unit of Measure for Service MEINS UNIT 
474 MEINH_RK23 Unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
475 MEINH_SERV Purchase order unit for a service MEINS UNIT 
476 MEINH_VA_GEWICHTE Unit of weight for issue weights MEINS UNIT 
477 MEINH_ZUS IS-M: Additional Unit of Measure for Settlement ISPEINHEIT UNIT 
478 MEINLIEF Unit of Measure for Delivery Quantity MEINS UNIT 
479 MEINN Internal method number MEINN NUMC 
480 MEINS Base Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
481 MEINS01 Base unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
482 MEINS_ALTD Base unit of measure (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR3 CHAR 
483 MEINS_BBP Base unit of measure in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
484 MEINS_BEZ IS-M: Short text for units of measure CHAR10 CHAR 
485 MEINS_BI Base unit of measure CHAR3 CHAR 
486 MEINS_CHAR IS-M: Basic Unit of Measure for Time CHAR03 CHAR 
487 MEINS_EKPO Unit of Measure for Order Item MEINS UNIT 
488 MEINS_EXT External Representation for Base Unit of Measure   CHAR 
489 MEINS_FAUF Base Unit of Measure in Production Order MEINS UNIT 
490 MEINS_FLAG Base unit of measure XFELD CHAR 
491 MEINS_ISO Base unit of measure in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
492 MEINS_ISU Unit of measurement for meter reading MSEC6 CHAR 
493 MEINS_MSEG Base Unit of Measure of Quantity in the Material Document MEINS UNIT 
494 MEINS_PCA Unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
495 MEINS_PLAF Base Unit of Measure in Planned Order MEINS UNIT 
496 MEINS_RESB Base Unit of Measure of Reservation MEINS UNIT 
497 MEINV Unit of measure for display of available quantity MEINS UNIT 
498 MEINWLAENG Unit of measurement for path length MEINS UNIT 
499 MEIVE Time unit for the expected delay MEINS UNIT 
500 MEIVT Time unit for the actual delay MEINS UNIT