SAP ABAP Data Element - Index R, page 62
Data Element - R
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 RWBVOM Exception (lowest value based on r/c): prev. month's stock XFELD CHAR 
2 RWBVVJ Exception (lowest value based on r/c): year bef.last stock XFELD CHAR 
3 RWBVVM Exception (low.value based on r/c): stck month before last XFELD CHAR 
4 RWBZP Subscription price currency WAERS CUKY 
5 RWCUR Currency key of the original transaction currency WAERS CUKY 
6 RWDA1 Date: Stock Days' Supply DATS DATS 
7 RWDA2 Date: First Days' Supply with Selected Fixed Receipts DATS DATS 
8 RWDA3 Date: Second Days' Supply with Selected Fixed Receipts DATS DATS 
9 RWDAT Range of coverage "to" date DATUM DATS 
10 RWDATA_HIST Report Writer Change History Data CHAR255 CHAR 
11 RWDAV1 From Date Stock Days' Supply DATS DATS 
12 RWDAV2 From Date First Days' Supply with Selected Fixed Receipts DATS DATS 
13 RWDAV3 From Date Second Days' Supply with Selected Fixed Receipts DATS DATS 
14 RWDECZERO Number of decimal places for zero values DECIP CHAR 
15 RWEI Macro operator: days' supply CHAR01 CHAR 
16 RWEIT Lowest value: range of coverage in months NUMC03 NUMC 
17 RWERTIND Real estate value table reference number NUMC6 NUMC 
18 RWERTU Value updating XFELD CHAR 
19 RWEXCP1 Exception rule 1 for lowest val. determ. based on r/coverage XFELD CHAR 
20 RWEXCP2 Exception rule 2 for low. value determ. based on r/coverage XFELD CHAR 
21 RWEXCP3 Exception rule 3 for low. value determ. based on r/coverage XFELD CHAR 
22 RWFAK Rework factor (is not used yet) AUSCHUFAK DEC 
23 RWFLG Calculate safety stock based on range of coverage XFELD CHAR 
25 RWGKA Reference material group for price calculation MATKL CHAR 
26 RWGRP_D Transaction type group RWGRP CHAR 
27 RWGSBEST Range of coverage of total stock BCSP4 DEC 
28 RWHRBAS Exercise price currency WAERS CUKY 
33 RWIED_KK Continue Processing File after Program Termination CHAR1 CHAR 
34 RWIF_NOVAR Report Painter: No variation permitted CHAR1 CHAR 
36 RWINKZ Integrated Planning BOOLE CHAR 
37 RWKABEST Range of Coverage of Sales Order Stock BCSP4 DEC 
38 RWKOBEST Range of coverage of consignment stock BCSP4 DEC 
39 RWKONSOL Consolidation currency RWHRG CHAR 
40 RWLAUFDAT Running date of range of coverage determination DDAT DATS 
42 RWLST_KK List of Documents in Accounting XFELD CHAR 
43 RWLVL Set structure level for Report Writer RWLVL CHAR 
44 RWMAXDAT Upper date limit for consumption DDAT DATS 
45 RWMINDAT Lower date limit for consumption DDAT DATS 
46 RWMNG Range of coverage quantity MENGE QUAN 
47 RWMULTI_CHAR Multiple use of characteristics RWMULTI_CHAR CHAR 
48 RWNTG Number of days per range of coverage period NUMC2 NUMC 
51 RWOBJ_HIST ReportWriter Object in Change Document CHAR24 CHAR 
52 RWOBJ_TYPE ReportWriter Object Type RWOBJ_TYPE CHAR 
53 RWPARTEXT Description for key figure parameters TEXT30 CHAR 
54 RWPDATF Pointer on table DATA_FIELDS as key CHAR4 CHAR 
55 RWPER Period for Calculating the Dynamic Safety Stock RWPER CHAR 
56 RWPR Macro operator: target days' supply/production CHAR01 CHAR 
57 RWPRBEST Range of Coverage of Project Stock BCSP4 DEC 
58 RWPRO Range of coverage profile RWPRO CHAR 
59 RWPROGTYPE Program type for generated Report Writer programs RWPROGTYPE CHAR 
60 RWPRZRC Exception (lowest value based on range of cov.): percentage DEC3_1 DEC 
61 RWPSETM Pointer on a set manager object as key RWPSETM CHAR 
62 RWREQFIELD Required field or field group FDNAME CHAR 
63 RWREQPER Required periods in a field group RWREQPER CHAR 
64 RWRITTEN Number of changes to the table   CHAR 
65 RWSH_AUFT_DEL Radio button "Allocation table" CHAR1_X CHAR 
66 RWSH_CB_ABARBS Process messages immediately CHAR1_X CHAR 
67 RWSH_CB_NOERFKT Contract items only with open target quantity CHAR1_X CHAR 
68 RWSH_CB_RMATMULPOS Include materials already in allocation table CHAR1_X CHAR 
69 RWSH_CB_RMATSTRU Processing of structured materials - material mass selection CHAR1_X CHAR 
70 RWSH_CB_SPLITN Split notifications per allocation table CHAR1_X CHAR 
71 RWSH_CB_STATIS Issue statistics for message bundling CHAR1_X CHAR 
72 RWSH_FB_EXISTS Indicates that follow-on documents exist CHAR1_X CHAR 
73 RWSH_GNS_DEL Radio button "Group message records" CHAR1_X CHAR 
74 RWSH_NUR_ZEIT Indicates that only the time of day can be changed CHAR1_X CHAR 
75 RWSH_PACKET_SIZE Packet size (no. of alloc.tabs) NUM5 NUMC 
76 RWSH_RB_AR_ZU_MATKL Allocation rule generation with base material groups CHAR1_X CHAR 
77 RWSH_RB_AR_ZU_MATNR Generate allocation rules with materials CHAR1_X CHAR 
78 RWSH_RB_AR_ZU_WGRU1 Allocation rule generation with matl groups on level 1 CHAR1_X CHAR 
79 RWSH_RB_AR_ZU_WGRU2 Allocation rule generation with matl groups of level 2 CHAR1_X CHAR 
80 RWSH_RB_AR_ZU_WGRU_BEL Allocation rule generation for any desired material group CHAR1_X CHAR 
81 RWSH_RB_RMATSAVA Processing of generic material in material mass selection CHAR1_X CHAR 
82 RWSH_RMATDATVZ Date on which material is to be listed   DATS 
83 RWSH_SERIELL Sequential Processing After Resource Failure CHAR1_X CHAR 
84 RWSH_STAT_ERL Allocation table activity status "complete" CHAR1_X CHAR 
85 RWSH_STAT_NA Allocation table activity status "not active" CHAR1_X CHAR 
86 RWSH_WAIT_TIME Waiting Time After Resource Failure NUM2 NUMC 
87 RWSIREPORT Actual line item report name PROGNAME CHAR 
88 RWSKT Total Cash Discount for the Pmnt Transactn in Pmnt Currency WRTV7 CURR 
89 RWSKT17 Total Cash Discount for the Pmnt Transactn in Pmnt Currency CHAR17 CHAR 
90 RWSKT_S Total Cash Discount for the Pmnt Transactn in Pmnt Currency WERTV10 CURR 
91 RWSPREPORT Name of plan line item report PROGNAME CHAR 
92 RWSYMMARK Indicator: Select symbol in text (inverse display) XFELD CHAR 
93 RWSYMNAME Report texts: Name of the general text variables CHAR64 CHAR 
94 RWSYMTEXT Description of the text symbol TEXT40 CHAR 
95 RWSYMTYPE Report texts: Type of text variable RWSYMTYPE CHAR 
96 RWSYMUSED Indicator: Symbol is used in the text module XFELD CHAR 
97 RWSYMVALUE Current value of the text variable SYCHAR255 CHAR 
98 RWTAB General Ledger Table CHAR10 CHAR 
99 RWTABNAME Table name of the RW field group TABNAME CHAR 
100 RWTTREPORT Totals record program name PROGNAME CHAR 
102 RWTXINT Display: intense XFELD CHAR 
103 RWTXINV Inverse display XFELD CHAR 
104 RWTXLMARG Left Margin NUM3 NUMC 
105 RWTXRMARG Right Margin NUM3 NUMC 
109 RWTXTTTEXT Text for the text type TEXT20 CHAR 
110 RWTXTTYP_F Report texts: Text type 'Characteristic description' XFELD CHAR 
111 RWTXTTYP_L Report texts: Text type 'Long text' XFELD CHAR 
112 RWTXTTYP_S Report texts: Text type 'Short text' XFELD CHAR 
113 RWTXTTYP_V Report texts: Text type 'Characteristic value' XFELD CHAR 
114 RWTXVTTEXT Text for the value type TEXT20 CHAR 
115 RWTXVTYP_F Report texts: From value XFELD CHAR 
116 RWTXVTYP_R Report texts: Single value/representative value XFELD CHAR 
117 RWTXVTYP_S Report texts: Value/hierarchy group XFELD CHAR 
118 RWTXVTYP_T Report texts: To value XFELD CHAR 
119 RWTXWIDTH Page width NUM3 NUMC 
120 RWTYP Handling of wage types during export CHAR1 CHAR 
121 RWVON Lower limit of range of coverage in days BCSP4 DEC 
122 RWVONRC Exception (lowest value based on r/coverage): from date DDAT DATS 
123 RWWBWBEST Range of coverage (value-based) of valuated stock BCSP4 DEC 
124 RWWGSBEST Range of coverage (value-based) of total stock BCSP4 DEC 
125 RWX_DISP Indicator: Online when exporting XFELD CHAR 
126 RWX_FALGN Indicator: Transfer orientation XFELD CHAR 
127 RWX_FCOLOR Indicator: Transfer background color XFELD CHAR 
128 RWX_FFRAME Transfer frames XFELD CHAR 
129 RWX_FNUM Indicator: Transfer Numerical Rormat XFELD CHAR 
130 RWX_GROUP Indicator: Group characteristics XFELD CHAR 
131 RWX_HIER Indicator: Represent Summary Hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
132 RWX_OUTLN Indicator: Create classification XFELD CHAR 
133 RWX_SIMPLE Indicator: Single display XFELD CHAR 
134 RW_APPL Report Writer: Application RW_APPL CHAR 
136 RW_COMMAND Parameters for program RW_COMMAND CHAR 
137 RW_CONTROLS Navigation with ActiveX XFELD CHAR 
138 RW_CSTAT Report Writer: Status of the report RW_CSTAT CHAR 
139 RW_CURR Target currency WAERS CUKY 
140 RW_DATE Exchange rate date SYDATS DATS 
141 RW_DCQUNIT Unit of measure for zero values MEINS UNIT 
142 RW_DEFAULT Indicator: Standard list variants (default value) XFELD CHAR 
143 RW_DS_TYPE Key figure type XFELD CHAR 
144 RW_DZCUNIT Currency unit for zero values WAERS CUKY 
145 RW_EIS Indicator: Data transfer to EIS RW_RADIO CHAR 
146 RW_ENABLED 'Retention-Warehouse-enabled' indicator FLAG CHAR 
147 RW_EXCEL Indicator: Output report in MS Excel directly RW_RADIO CHAR 
148 RW_EXIT FORM routine for checks and virtual characteristics/key fig CHAR30 CHAR 
149 RW_EXPERT Report Writer: Expert Mode XFELD CHAR 
150 RW_EXPONLY Indicator: Export only (do not start any PC applications) RW_RADIO CHAR 
151 RW_FILE Indicator: Export report to file RW_RADIO CHAR 
152 RW_FIXDATE Indicator: Fixed value for master data date RW_RADIO CHAR 
153 RW_FIX_COLUMNS Freeze columns including lead column FLAG CHAR 
154 RW_FIX_HEADER Freeze Page Header FLAG CHAR 
155 RW_FORMULA Report Painter: General formula CHAR60 CHAR 
156 RW_FRM_CUR Indicator: Search from cursor position RW_RADIO CHAR 
157 RW_FRM_TOP Indicator: Search from report beginning RW_RADIO CHAR 
158 RW_GENREQ Key figure: Generate only if necessary XFELD CHAR 
159 RW_GLOCELL Indicator: Global cell XFELD CHAR 
160 RW_GUI GUI status for report output GUI_STATUS CHAR 
161 RW_HIT_1 Indicator: Position on first hit RW_RADIO CHAR 
162 RW_HIT_ALL Indicator: Display all hits RW_RADIO CHAR 
163 RW_ICONS Display icons XFELD CHAR 
164 RW_INVALID Indicator: Symbol for undefined values XFELD CHAR 
165 RW_INVALID_QUAN Indicator: Display invalid quantities (with unit '*') XFELD CHAR 
166 RW_KEEP Indicator: Drill down higher totals by characteristic vals XFELD CHAR 
167 RW_KEYCOLT Report specific text for lead column TEXT40 CHAR 
168 RW_LANGU Report Writer: Maintenance language SPRAS LANG 
169 RW_LAST_D Last date selected DATUM DATS 
170 RW_LAST_T Last time selected T TIMS 
171 RW_LAST_U Last user who selected USNAM CHAR 
172 RW_LINCT Page length NUM3 NUMC 
173 RW_LINCT_D Indicator: Page length from report definition RW_RADIO CHAR 
174 RW_LINCT_S Indicator: Other page length RW_RADIO CHAR 
175 RW_LINCT_W Indicator: Page length from current window size RW_RADIO CHAR 
176 RW_LITABLE Line item table AS4TAB CHAR 
177 RW_LIVAR List variants for FI-SL line item report RW_LIVAR CHAR 
178 RW_LIVART List variant description TEXT40 CHAR 
179 RW_MAC_CMD AppleScript-Instruction TEXT55 CHAR 
180 RW_MAC_SGN Signature of an application in Mac-OS (creator) RW_MAC_SGN CHAR 
181 RW_MAC_X1 Indicator: Launch application and open file RW_RADIO CHAR 
182 RW_MAC_X2 Indicator: Launch application with AppleScript instruction RW_RADIO CHAR 
183 RW_N_EXEC Number of selections for the report group INT4 INT4 
184 RW_ORIGIN Report Writer: Indicator: Origin of the report RW_ORIGIN CHAR 
185 RW_OUT_APPD Indicator: Append Reports XFELD CHAR 
186 RW_PAGEVIEW Print page formatting XFELD CHAR 
187 RW_PARM Field name of the parameter from T800/T801R FDNAME CHAR 
189 RW_PROGRAM Program on presentation server RW_PROGRAM CHAR 
190 RW_PRT_ALL Indicator: Print all pages RW_RADIO CHAR 
191 RW_PRT_PAG Indicator: Print current page RW_RADIO CHAR 
192 RW_PRT_SEL Indicator: Print selected pages RW_RADIO CHAR 
193 RW_RATE Exchange rate type KURST CHAR 
194 RW_RELATED Indicator: Row/column block is assigned to non-assigned vals XFELD CHAR 
195 RW_REQ_FLD Indicator: Required entry on the selection screen XFELD CHAR 
196 RW_REST Indicator:Row or column block is a block for non-assngd vals XFELD CHAR 
197 RW_RFRMT3 Indicator: Export in HTML format RW_RADIO CHAR 
198 RW_RFRMT_0 Indicator: Export in text format RW_RADIO CHAR 
199 RW_RFRMT_1 Indicator: Export in tabular format RW_RADIO CHAR 
200 RW_RFRMT_2 Indicator: Export in Excel format RW_RADIO CHAR 
201 RW_RFRMT_3 Indicator: Export in HTML format RW_RADIO CHAR 
202 RW_R_INDEX Number of the report in the report group NUM2 NUMC 
203 RW_R_PAR Indicator: Valid report layout parameters CHAR1 CHAR 
204 RW_SAVE_PARMS Save settings XFELD CHAR 
205 RW_SAVE_PM Indicator: Save entries as default values XFELD CHAR 
206 RW_SCREEN Indicator: Output to screen or printer RW_RADIO CHAR 
207 RW_SCREENX Indicator: Output to screen or departmental printer RW_RADIO CHAR 
208 RW_SECLANG Indicator: Secondary language XFELD CHAR 
209 RW_SECTION Inidicator: New section XFELD CHAR 
210 RW_SELSCR_STATUS GUI status for selection screen GUI_STATUS CHAR 
211 RW_SEND Indicator: Send extract by mail RW_RADIO CHAR 
212 RW_SEND_POPUP Indicator: Send dialog box 'Exit report' XFELD CHAR 
213 RW_SET_B Report Writer: Check box for basic sets XFELD CHAR 
214 RW_SET_D Report Writer: Check box for key figure sets XFELD CHAR 
215 RW_SET_M Report Writer: Check box for multi-sets XFELD CHAR 
216 RW_SET_S Report Writer: Check box for single sets XFELD CHAR 
217 RW_SH_TEXT Description of Section TEXT40 CHAR 
218 RW_SORTNR Sort number NUM03 NUMC 
219 RW_SPLITSCREEN Vertical navigation bar in splitscreen XFELD CHAR 
220 RW_SRCOL Reference column for sort NUM3 NUMC 
221 RW_SRLEV Summation level for the sorting SUM_LEVEL CHAR 
223 RW_SRMODH Sort (hierarchical/only one step) RW_SRMOD CHAR 
224 RW_SSEQNR Section number RSEQNR NUMC 
225 RW_SSTRG Search string TEXT60 CHAR 
226 RW_STATUS Report Writer: Status RW_STATUS CHAR 
227 RW_SYM_INV Indicator: Symbol for invalid values XFELD CHAR 
228 RW_SYSDATE Indicator: Master date from current system date RW_RADIO CHAR 
229 RW_S_PAR Indicator: Valid standard layout parameters CHAR1 CHAR 
230 RW_TABTEXT Reporting table description AS4TEXT CHAR 
231 RW_TOPTTL Report specific text for the sum total TEXT40 CHAR 
232 RW_TOTAL_VAL Added Values Recipient MENGE13 QUAN 
233 RW_TRCOL Ref. column for threshold value NUM3 NUMC 
234 RW_TRDET Indicator: Condition only valid for detail rows XFELD CHAR 
235 RW_TRFLG Indicator: Active threshold value condition XFELD CHAR 
236 RW_TRGREEN Indicator: Highlight selected rows in green RW_RADIO CHAR 
237 RW_TRHIDE Indicator: Print selected rows only RW_RADIO CHAR 
238 RW_TRMOD Indicator: Highlight rows RW_TRMOD CHAR 
239 RW_TROP Assignment of threshold value condition RW_TROP CHAR 
240 RW_TROPR Threshold value condition RW_TROPR CHAR 
241 RW_TRRED Indicator: Highlight selected rows in red RW_RADIO CHAR 
242 RW_TRSGN Indicator: Ignore +/- sign XFELD CHAR 
243 RW_TRVAL Threshold value CHAR24 CHAR 
244 RW_TTEXT Indicator: Text before single values XFIELD CHAR 
245 RW_TXTTYPE RW: Type for row texts RW_TXTTYPE CHAR 
246 RW_TYPE_RP Report type: Report Painter RW_RADIO CHAR 
247 RW_TYPE_RW Report type: Report Writer RW_RADIO CHAR 
248 RW_USAGE Field usage in the report RW_USAGE CHAR 
249 RW_USERX Determine Average Consumption with User-Specific Routine XFELD CHAR 
250 RW_VORLAGE Report Painter: Row/column Model RKE_FORM CHAR 
251 RW_VRL_C Report Writer: Check box for column sets XFELD CHAR 
252 RW_VRL_H Report Writer: Check box for hierarchy sets XFELD CHAR 
253 RW_VRL_R Report Writer: Check Box for Row Sets XFELD CHAR 
254 RW_VRL_S Report Writer: Check box for selection sets XFELD CHAR 
255 RW_VRL_Z Report Writer: Check box for additional sets XFELD CHAR 
256 RW_WIN_X1 Indicator: Launch application and open file RW_RADIO CHAR 
257 RW_WIN_X2 Indicator: Lauch application via parameters RW_RADIO CHAR 
258 RW_XDBASE Indicator: Export in DBASE format XFELD CHAR 
259 RW_XEXCEL Indicator: Export in Excel format XFELD CHAR 
260 RW_XHTML Indicator: Export in HTML format XFELD CHAR 
261 RW_XSPRDSH Indicator: Export for spreadsheet XFELD CHAR 
262 RW_XTXTPRC Indicator: Export in text format XFELD CHAR 
263 RW_XWK1 Indicator: Export in WK1 format XFELD CHAR 
264 RW_X_FORMAT_AMOUNTS Indicator: Format Figures FLAG CHAR 
265 RW_X_UNIT Indicator: Print value with unit XFELD CHAR 
266 RXBEWART Reference flow type - description TEXT30 CHAR 
267 RYACQ Year of acquisition CJAHR CHAR 
268 RYBED Time-phased planning with requirements (MRP) XFELD CHAR 
269 RYEA1 Evaluation year GJAHR NUMC 
270 RYEAR Fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
271 RYEAR_DEP Beginning year of deprecation GJAHR NUMC 
272 RYEAR_F "From" year GJAHR_INV NUMC 
273 RYEAR_FK Year of first consolidation GJAHR NUMC 
274 RYEAR_FROM "From" fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
275 RYEAR_RTRM Year of retirement to external companies GJAHR NUMC 
276 RYEAR_RV Year of amortization of goodwill/hidden reserves GJAHR NUMC 
277 RYEAR_TR Year of the asset transfer GJAHR NUMC 
278 RYOSHUSHO Number Assigned to a Document BELNR CHAR 
281 RYTHM_KQST Dunning Frequency NUMC2 NUMC 
282 RZAEH Counter reading confirmation FLTP FLTP 
283 RZAEHC Completion Counter Reading WZYKL CHAR 
284 RZAE_STAND Meter reading service charges-consumption meter MENG15_3 QUAN 
285 RZAHLK Account number of securities account CHAR15 CHAR 
286 RZAKO_KK Account for refunding incoming payments SAKNR CHAR 
287 RZAWE Payment Method for This Payment ZLSCH CHAR 
288 RZAWL List of Pmnt Methods Permitted for this Check Lot ZWELS CHAR 
289 RZBTR Repayment amount resulting from retirement of inv. support ANLKWERT CURR 
290 RZEAN Indicator: EAN category allowed only for referencing EANs XFELD CHAR 
291 RZEBEL of debit pos. doc.header (only for inc.pmnt records) RBELKPFD CHAR 
292 RZEDENT Assignor number RPERS CHAR 
293 RZEDENT_NEW Assignor number BU_PARTNER CHAR 
294 RZFKT Recipe factor FAK72 DEC 
296 RZI0CELLTP Cell Type of BEX/BRAIN Interface NUMC1 NUMC 
297 RZICLASS Datafeed: Instrumenten-Klasse T_CLASS CHAR 
298 RZIEL Location RZIEL CHAR 
300 RZIEL_IDOC Location TEXT35 CHAR 
301 RZKAP Recipe capacity per unit of activity CQUA8 QUAN 
302 RZKHABE Credit interim account SAKNR CHAR 
303 RZKSOLL Debit interim account SAKNR CHAR 
304 RZKST Dependent planned costs per unit of activity CVAL8 CURR 
306 RZKURSKZ Kurskennzeichen RZKURSART CHAR 
308 RZLLI_APCL Logon/Server Group Name RZLLI_ACN CHAR 
309 RZLLI_ASVR Instance Name (for Logon/Server Group Assignment) RZLLI_ASN CHAR 
310 RZLLI_C20 Multi-purpose logon/server group management field TEXT20 CHAR 
311 RZLLI_CLNM Application class name TEXT20 CHAR 
313 RZLLI_FAVT Logon group method to determine the favorite server RZLLI_FAVT CHAR 
316 RZLLI_IPAD IP address CHAR31 CHAR 
317 RZLLI_LOGN Number of logons RZLLI_LOGN NUMC 
318 RZLLI_RSPT Response Time NUM6 NUMC 
319 RZLLI_TIME Logon Group Time Interval in Minutes RZLLI_TIME NUMC 
320 RZLLI_USRS No. of users NUM4 NUMC 
321 RZLLI_WPQT Maximum number of work processes that can be used RZLLI_WPQT INT1 
322 RZLMNG Rejected Quantity MENGE QUAN 
323 RZLPL Dep. activity qty. per unit of activity CQUA8 QUAN 
324 RZMNG Dependency qty CQUA8 QUAN 
325 RZNR Computer center number NUM2 NUMC 
326 RZPML Dep. output quantity per unit of activity CQUA8 QUAN 
327 RZPRIORI Priorität NUMC2 NUMC 
328 RZPRZ Depend.percentage PRZ72 DEC 
329 RZSHIERCOLS Query: Universal display hierarchy in the columns RSBOOL CHAR 
330 RZTBUSYSEC No. of seconds that a work process is active NUMC NUMC 
331 RZTDUMPS No. of error dumps of a work process NUMC NUMC 
332 RZTLOAD60 Work process load in percent (100% = 60 characters) TEXT60 CHAR 
333 RZTSEL Select tool options CHAR1 CHAR 
334 RZTYP Dependency type for dependency planning RZTYP CHAR 
335 RZUGNETTO Posting type: Net without affiliated company XFLAG CHAR 
336 RZUMS Target Special G/L Indicator of the Payment Transaction UMSKZ CHAR 
337 RZUOBIS Upper Limit for Number of Assignments NUM5 NUMC 
338 RZUOKLA Indicator: with allocated classes XFELD CHAR 
339 RZUORD Indicator: with number of allocations XFELD CHAR 
340 RZUORDA Allocation number of inflow CHAR10 CHAR 
341 RZUORDS Allocation number of outflow CHAR10 CHAR 
342 RZUOVON Lower Limit for Number of Assignments NUM5 NUMC 
343 RZVAR Depend.source type CHAR10 CHAR 
344 RZVAR_MEINH Unit of measure of the dependency source type MEINS UNIT 
345 RZVAR_STAGR Depend.source type STAGR CHAR 
346 RZVAR_TEMP Depend.source type STAGR CHAR 
348 R_ABLBELNR Suppressed Meter Reading Document ABLBELNR CHAR 
349 R_ABLESER Meter Reader Number of Suppressed Meter Reading ABLESER CHAR 
350 R_ACCMODE Radio button for table type access types DDBOOL CHAR 
352 R_AMENG Current component quantity (purity of material) MENGV13 QUAN 
355 R_BTSEZ Charge quantity from MENG13 QUAN 
356 R_BTSFR Charge quantity from MENG13 QUAN 
357 R_BTSZE Charge quantity to MENG13 QUAN 
358 R_BUKRS Receiver company code BUKRS CHAR 
359 R_CHARG Derivation: Receiver Batch CHARG CHAR 
360 R_CHRULE Change rule R_CHRULE CHAR 
361 R_CODE Return code for function modules for message output R_CODE NUMC 
362 R_COLCF_0 Offset column total: No offset RW_RADIO CHAR 
363 R_COLCF_1 Offset column total: Offset not underscored RW_RADIO CHAR 
364 R_COLCF_2 Offset column total: Single underscore RW_RADIO CHAR 
365 R_COLCF_3 Offset column total: Double underscore RW_RADIO CHAR 
366 R_COLCF_C Offset column total: Enter underscore character RW_RADIO CHAR 
367 R_COLSS_1 Column break character: None RW_RADIO CHAR 
368 R_COLSS_2 Column break character: Line RW_RADIO CHAR 
369 R_COLSS_U Column break character: User-defined character RW_RADIO CHAR 
370 R_COLTP_C Column text orientation: Centered RW_RADIO CHAR 
371 R_COLTP_L Column text orientation: Left-justified RW_RADIO CHAR 
372 R_COLTP_R Column text orientation: Right-justified RW_RADIO CHAR 
373 R_COLTX_1 Column Text Type 1: Description RW_RADIO CHAR 
374 R_COLTX_2 Column text type 2: Key and description RW_RADIO CHAR 
375 R_COLTX_3 Column text type 3: Characteristic name and key RW_RADIO CHAR 
376 R_COLTX_4 Column text type 4: Key RW_RADIO CHAR 
377 R_COLTX_9 Column text type 9: Suppress standard column heading RW_RADIO CHAR 
379 R_COSTR Process instruction category CO_COSTR CHAR 
380 R_COSTR_N New process instruction category CO_COSTR CHAR 
381 R_CSKTX Short description of process instruction TEXT40 CHAR 
382 R_CTYPE Radio button for associated type (type RANGE_CTYP) DDBOOL CHAR 
383 R_CURRCONV_0 Radio button: No currency translation XFELD CHAR 
384 R_CURRCONV_1 Radio button: Translate to target currency XFELD CHAR 
385 R_DATEE_1 Date display: DD.MM.YYYY RW_RADIO CHAR 
386 R_DATEE_2 Date display: MM/DD/YYYY RW_RADIO CHAR 
387 R_DATEE_3 Date display: MM-DD-YYYY RW_RADIO CHAR 
388 R_DATEE_4 Date display: YYYY.MM.DD RW_RADIO CHAR 
389 R_DATEE_5 Date display: YYYY/MM/DD RW_RADIO CHAR 
390 R_DATEE_U Date display: Specifications from user parameters RW_RADIO CHAR 
391 R_DATUM IS-M: Date of Last Interim/Final Settlement DATUM DATS 
393 R_DECIE_C Decimal display: Comma RW_RADIO CHAR 
394 R_DECIE_P Decimal display: Point RW_RADIO CHAR 
395 R_DECIE_U Decimal display: Specifications from user paramters RW_RADIO CHAR 
396 R_FLAG Reorganization of Condition Changes FLAG CHAR 
397 R_FTNR Line Number of Process Instruction VORNR CHAR 
398 R_FVNR Line Number of Process Instruction Characteristic VORNR CHAR 
399 R_INDEX Dependency planning index INDEX6 NUMC 
400 R_INVAL_B Indicator: Blank for undeterminable values RW_RADIO CHAR 
401 R_INVAL_X Symbol for undefined currencies and quantities RW_RADIO CHAR 
402 R_IOIND Master recipe I/O indicator materials CHAR1 CHAR 
403 R_KAP Only Routes from Day Capacity KENNZX CHAR 
404 R_KEYDEF Radio button for key definition DDBOOL CHAR 
405 R_KEYKIND Radio button for key type DDBOOL CHAR 
406 R_LEADMAT Main product TEXT20 CHAR 
407 R_LINE Line in the process industry ARBPL CHAR 
408 R_LINES Indicator: Print zero rows RW_RADIO CHAR 
409 R_LISTE Indicates list output (yes/no) XFELD CHAR 
410 R_LLSIGN_1 Totals display: Left-hand column break character (none) XFELD CHAR 
411 R_LLSIGN_2 Totals display: Left column border with single line XFELD CHAR 
412 R_LLSIGN_U Totals display: Left column border with other character XFELD CHAR 
413 R_MATNR Derivation: Receiving Material MATNR CHAR 
414 R_MESSAGE Assignment of Message Type to Internal Type R KKACHR1 CHAR 
415 R_MTART Derivation: Receiving Material Type MTART CHAR 
416 R_MULCHAR Multiple usage: Check uniqueness after every entry RW_RADIO CHAR 
417 R_MULCHAR_0 Multiple usage: Uniqueness check when saving RW_RADIO CHAR 
418 R_MULCHAR_1 Multiple usage allowed RW_RADIO CHAR 
419 R_MULCHAR_U Multiple usage: Uniqueness check when saving RW_RADIO CHAR 
420 R_MULCHAR_X Multiple usage allowed RW_RADIO CHAR 
421 R_MWSKZ Tax on sales/purchases code for rounding MWSKZ CHAR 
422 R_NAME Name of function module for check routine Data element SYCHAR30 CHAR 
423 R_NETTOBTR Net amount: rental price WRTV7 CURR 
424 R_NOOUTPUT Indicator: Do not output report RW_RADIO CHAR 
425 R_NUM ID: Room CHAR8 CHAR 
426 R_OBJART Object Type (0=User 1=Profile 2=Role) CHAR1 CHAR 
427 R_OBJNAM Assigned to Object CHAR30 CHAR 
428 R_OBJNR Receiver Object J_OBJNREXT CHAR 
429 R_OBJTX Receiver Object Name KAEP_OBJTX CHAR 
430 R_OLSIGN_1 Totals display: No upper border XFELD CHAR 
431 R_OLSIGN_2 Totals display: Display upper border with single line XFELD CHAR 
432 R_OLSIGN_3 Totals display: Display upper border with double line XFELD CHAR 
433 R_OLSIGN_U Totals display: Display upper border with other character XFELD CHAR 
436 R_OR_S Object ('R') or partner object ('S') R_OR_S CHAR 
439 R_PLNNR Recipe group key PLNNR CHAR 
440 R_PPATT_0 Print by column RW_RADIO CHAR 
441 R_PPATT_1 Print by row RW_RADIO CHAR 
442 R_RBEZ Recipe description TEXT40 CHAR 
443 R_RBKDOC Rebook document: Document number of reversal BELNR CHAR 
444 R_RB_EX1_ABA DMEE: System Response Level 1 - Warning XFELD CHAR 
445 R_RB_EX2_ABA DMEE: System Response Level 2 - Error XFELD CHAR 
446 R_RB_EX3_ABA DMEE: System Response Level 3 - Termination XFELD CHAR 
447 R_RB_SC1_ABA DMEE: System Response Level 1 - Warning XFELD CHAR 
448 R_RB_SC2_ABA DMEE: System Response Level 2 - Error XFELD CHAR 
449 R_RB_SC3_ABA DMEE: System Response Level 3 - Termination XFELD CHAR 
450 R_RES Resource (Work center) ARBPL CHAR 
451 R_RES1 Resource ARBPL CHAR 
452 R_RESZ Secondary resource VORNR CHAR 
453 R_REVDOC Reverse document for reversal document number BELNR CHAR 
454 R_REZME Recipe unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
455 R_RLSIGN_1 Totals display: Right-hand column break character (none) XFELD CHAR 
456 R_RLSIGN_2 Totals display: Right column border with single line XFELD CHAR 
457 R_RLSIGN_U Totals display: Right column border with other character XFELD CHAR 
458 R_RMENG Quantity with 100% active ingredient content MENGV13 QUAN 
459 R_ROWTX_1 Row Text Type 1: Description RW_RADIO CHAR 
460 R_ROWTX_2 Row text type 2: Key and description RW_RADIO CHAR 
461 R_ROWTX_3 Row text type 3: Characteristic name and key RW_RADIO CHAR 
462 R_ROWTX_4 Row text type 4: Key RW_RADIO CHAR 
463 R_ROWTX_5 Row text type 5: Long text from set (only for rows) RW_RADIO CHAR 
464 R_ROWTX_L0 Master data texts in the lead column: txt selectn automatic XFELD CHAR 
465 R_ROWTX_L1 Master data texts in the lead column: short text XFELD CHAR 
466 R_ROWTX_L2 Master data texts in the lead column: long text XFELD CHAR 
467 R_RTITI_0 Indent title: Do not indent RW_RADIO CHAR 
468 R_RTITI_1 Indent title: 1 character RW_RADIO CHAR 
469 R_RTITI_2 Indent title: 2 characters RW_RADIO CHAR 
470 R_RTITI_3 Indent title: 3 characters RW_RADIO CHAR 
471 R_RTITI_N Indent title: User entry RW_RADIO CHAR 
472 R_SECKEYKIND TTYP: Radio Button for Definition of the Secondary Key DDBOOL CHAR 
473 R_SECKEY_ACCESS TTYP: Radio Button for Type of Secondary Key (Access) DDBOOL CHAR 
474 R_SIGNE_1 +/- sign display: '-1' RW_RADIO CHAR 
475 R_SIGNE_2 +/- sign display: '1-' RW_RADIO CHAR 
476 R_SIGNE_3 +/- sign display: In parentheses '()' RW_RADIO CHAR 
477 R_SIGNE_4 +/- sign display: '1 CR' RW_RADIO CHAR 
478 R_SIGNE_5 Sign display: '1' RW_RADIO CHAR 
479 R_SRMOD1_0 Sort: hierarchical XFELD CHAR 
480 R_SRMOD1_1 Sorting: Only specified grouping level XFELD CHAR 
481 R_SRMOD_0 Sort: none XFELD CHAR 
482 R_SRMOD_1 Sort: ascending XFELD CHAR 
483 R_SRMOD_2 Sort: descending XFELD CHAR 
484 R_STATU Recipe status PLNST CHAR 
485 R_STRHN Material purity DEC3_2 DEC 
486 R_STUSE Material usage in master recipe CHAR3 CHAR 
487 R_TAB Relative schedule deviation DAUER_6_1V QUAN 
488 R_TABN Relative Schedule Deviation Negative DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
489 R_TABP Relative Schedule Deviation Positive DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
490 R_TFCOL_A Column totals position: Right RW_RADIO CHAR 
491 R_TFCOL_B Column totals position: Left RW_RADIO CHAR 
492 R_TFROW_A Row totals position: Below RW_RADIO CHAR 
493 R_TFROW_AT Row totals position: Below with text above RW_RADIO CHAR 
494 R_TFROW_B Row totals position: Above RW_RADIO CHAR 
495 R_TTEXT_A Totals position: After group RW_RADIO CHAR 
496 R_TTEXT_B Row totals position: Before group RW_RADIO CHAR 
497 R_TTYP_FURTHER_SKEYS TTYP: Radio Button for 'Further Secondary Keys' DDBOOL CHAR 
498 R_ULSIGN_1 Totals display: No lower border XFELD CHAR 
499 R_ULSIGN_2 Totals display: Display lower border with single line XFELD CHAR 
500 R_ULSIGN_3 Totals display: Display lower border with double line XFELD CHAR