SAP ABAP Data Element - Index R, page 28
Data Element - R
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 RKZ_TIME Start time of archive session RKZ_TIME TIMS 
2 RKZ_X Archiving checkbox X CHAR 
3 RK_DATE Order Closing Date RK_DATE DATS 
5 RK_DAY_WAO Delivery Day TEXT2 CHAR 
6 RK_FREI Production orders - backflush view CHAR1 CHAR 
7 RK_IST Actual data - backflush view CHAR1 CHAR 
8 RK_MELD Backflush quantity - backflush view CHAR1 CHAR 
9 RK_PLAN Planned orders - backflush view CHAR1 CHAR 
11 RK_SUM Total supply - production line view CHAR1 CHAR 
12 RL01SASICO Stock removal status (icon symbol in screens) CHAR132 CHAR 
13 RL01SASTAT Stock removal status XFELD CHAR 
14 RL01SBKAPV Used capacity in storage bin DEC8_3 DEC 
15 RL01SDAUER Length of days NUMC6 NUMC 
16 RL01SDPICO Dynamic bin incicator (icon symbol in screens) CHAR132 CHAR 
17 RL01SESICO Putaway Status (Icon Symbol in Screens) CHAR132 CHAR 
18 RL01SESTAT Putaway status XFELD CHAR 
19 RL01SIMICO Inventory quantity status (icon symbol in screens) CHAR132 CHAR 
20 RL01SISICO Inventory status (icon symbol in dynpros) CHAR132 CHAR 
21 RL01SISTAT Inventory status XFELD CHAR 
22 RL01SIVATX Inventory Method Text (Output Field Values) CHAR30 CHAR 
23 RL01SIVSTX Inventory status text CHAR30 CHAR 
24 RL01SKAPAZ Recalculation of capacity data XFELD CHAR 
25 RL01SLGDAT Find warehouse data XFELD CHAR 
26 RL01SLGEWI Recalculation of weight data XFELD CHAR 
27 RL01SLISTV List variant for the list viewer display CHAR008 CHAR 
28 RL01SLODAT Determine storage location data XFELD CHAR 
29 RL01SPMAUF Indicator: storage bins with sections XFELD CHAR 
30 RL01SPOSIT Position in bin occupied XFELD CHAR 
31 RL01SPRAUS Percentage bin utilization RL01SPRAUS CHAR 
32 RL01SPRAXX Percentage utilization (graphic display in screens= CHAR1 CHAR 
33 RL01SPRPRO Percentage utilization RL01SPRPRO DEC 
34 RL01SRLICO Empty indicator (icon symbol in screens) CHAR132 CHAR 
35 RL01SSICHT Stock transfer view CHAR001 CHAR 
36 RL01SUPDAT Immediate update of calculated capacity and weight data XFELD CHAR 
37 RL01SVKICO Full indicator (icon symbol in screens) CHAR132 CHAR 
38 RL02BAUTFR Release Automatically XFELD CHAR 
39 RL02BAUTTA Automatic TO creation XFELD CHAR 
40 RL02BBEAEN Requirement number changeable; help field for field select. XFELD CHAR 
41 RL02BELIKZ "Delivery Completed" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
42 RL02BOFFMG Open quantity still to be distributed in unit of entry MENSH QUAN 
43 RL02BOFMA1 Open Quantity of a Posting Change Notice MENG13 QUAN 
44 RL02BOFMA2 Open quantity (2) of posting change notice MENG13 QUAN 
45 RL02BOFMEA Open Quantity of TR Item in Alternative Unit of Measure MENSH QUAN 
46 RL02BOFMEN Open Quantity of TR Item in Stockkeeping Unit MENSH QUAN 
47 RL02BPDAAB Execution of Transfer Requirements From This Date Onwards DATUM DATS 
48 RL02BPDABI Execution of Transfer Requests up to This Date DATUM DATS 
49 RL02BPZEAB Execution of Transfer Requests From This Time Onwards UZEIT TIMS 
50 RL02BPZEBI Execution of Transfer Requests up to This Time UZEIT TIMS 
51 RL02BSTATE Transfer Requests With Status: "Completed" XFELD CHAR 
52 RL02BSTATO Transfer Requests With Status "Open" XFELD CHAR 
53 RL02BSTATT Transfer Requirements With Status "Partially Delivered" XFELD CHAR 
54 RL02BTAVOR Ind.: transfer orders exists for transfer request XFELD CHAR 
55 RL02BUSTAE Posting Change Notices With Status Completed XFELD CHAR 
56 RL02BUSTAO Posting Changes With Status Open XFELD CHAR 
57 RL02BUSTAT Posting Changes With Status Partially Completed XFELD CHAR 
58 RL02BVERMG Total putaway qty to be distributed MENSH QUAN 
59 RL02M_TEXT Message text TEXT63 CHAR 
60 RL034_ETEXT Error text for list output for stock transfer / post.change TEXT300 CHAR 
61 RL034_FARBE Color for list output for stock transfer / posting change CHAR003 CHAR 
62 RL034_IKONE Icon for list output for stock transfer / posting change CHAR002 CHAR 
63 RL03AAUSLA Stocks for stock removal XFELD CHAR 
64 RL03ABACKG Call up TO creation in background task XFELD CHAR 
65 RL03ABECHA Control parameters for stock/batch search RL03ABECHA CHAR 
66 RL03ACANCL Cancel all open items XFELD CHAR 
68 RL03ADBNOT Search only in internal tables XFELD CHAR 
69 RL03ADRUCK Print control RL03ADRUCK CHAR 
70 RL03ADVHLM Packaging materials for differences HU MATNR CHAR 
71 RL03AIMART Calling pos. in IM RL03AIMART CHAR 
72 RL03AKOMPL Only create TO if requested quantity is supplied in full XFELD CHAR 
73 RL03AKZNUL Indicator: bin empty at zero stock check XFELD CHAR 
74 RL03ANIDRU Do not print transfer order XFELD CHAR 
75 RL03ANOENQ Only quant number, no block XFELD CHAR 
78 RL03ASOLKO Correction to planned processing time in transfer order item PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
79 RL03AVERBU Execute posting asynchronously via update task XFELD CHAR 
80 RL03BINCOM Create TO even if requested quantity only partially supplied XFELD CHAR 
81 RL03BMULTA Several transfer orders in a logical unit XFELD CHAR 
82 RL03QLETYP Storage unit type for insp.sample quantity LVS_LETYP CHAR 
83 RL03QPRPLA bin for stock placement LGPLA CHAR 
84 RL03QPRTYP type for stock placement LGTYP CHAR 
85 RL03QSTAPR Transfer sample to inspection bin XFELD CHAR 
86 RL03QSTAWE Insp.sample qty remains in GR area XFELD CHAR 
87 RL03QSTNOT Insp.sample will not be included XFELD CHAR 
88 RL03QTBIGN Ignore TR item XFELD CHAR 
89 RL03TALAKT Select all items XFELD CHAR 
90 RL03TANFME Requested quantity in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
91 RL03TANFML Requested quantity of transfer order in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
92 RL03TANZHU Number of required HUs RL03TANZHU DEC 
93 RL03TAUFRU Indicator of the initiator of the function module CHAR2 CHAR 
94 RL03TAUSME Total stock removal qty in alt.units of measure MENG13 QUAN 
95 RL03TAUSML Total stock removal quantity in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
96 RL03TCHPRU Check batch RL03TCHPRU CHAR 
97 RL03TDAUER Length of time of material in this bin (in days) RL03TDAUER NUMC 
98 RL03TDIFFM Difference quantity during confirmation of a storage unit MENG13 QUAN 
99 RL03TDMENG Difference qty entered for TO item in base unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
100 RL03TDMGEA Difference quantity entered for TO item in alt.unit of meas. MENG13 QUAN 
101 RL03TEGTMA Scheduled quantity for further processing MENG13 QUAN 
102 RL03TEIEHU Indicator: Storage unit is a HU XFELD CHAR 
103 RL03TEINME Total quantity to be placed into stock in alt.units of meas. MENG13 QUAN 
104 RL03TEINML Total stock placement quantity in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
105 RL03TEINTA Processing for putaway transfer order RL03TEINTA CHAR 
106 RL03TELEHU Indicator: Put away storage unit using handling unit data XFELD CHAR 
107 RL03TEXTER External perform active XFELD CHAR 
108 RL03TEZUMA Stock placement quantity in storage type MENG13 QUAN 
109 RL03TFLGPL Indicator: Inspection lot considered during stock search CHAR132 CHAR 
110 RL03TFRKMG Available capacity MENG13 QUAN 
111 RL03TFRKML Available capacity in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
112 RL03TGKZGSM Indicator: Request according to total quantity XFELD CHAR 
113 RL03TKZANB Indicator: Request according to partial quantities XFELD CHAR 
114 RL03TKZSUB Indicator: Transfer item to external system (icon) CHAR132 CHAR 
115 RL03TKZVOL Indicator: Request according to a full storage unit XFELD CHAR 
116 RL03TLFDAT Delivery Date DATUM DATS 
117 RL03TLFDAZ Number of records RL03TLFDAZ DEC 
118 RL03TMANPL Manual bin specification XFELD CHAR 
119 RL03TNMGEA Destination quantity in TO in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
120 RL03TNQUIT Confirmation indicator for destination subitem RL03TNQUIT CHAR 
121 RL03TODMGA Open difference qty for a TO item in alt. unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
122 RL03TODMGE Open difference qty for a TO item in base unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
123 RL03TOFFMA Quantity to be conf.for trans.ord.with TR characteristics MENG13 QUAN 
124 RL03TOFFME Quantity not yet scheduled for stck plcmnt/rmvl in alt.UoM MENSH QUAN 
125 RL03TOFFML Open qty not yet distributed for stock plcmnt/ SUn MENSH QUAN 
126 RL03TOFFUM Open quantity that has not yet been transferred MENG13 QUAN 
127 RL03TOFPOS Indicator: Only open transfer order items to be confirmed. XFELD CHAR 
128 RL03TOIMGA Open quantity during confirmation in altern.unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
129 RL03TOIMGE Open quantity during confirmation MENG13 QUAN 
130 RL03TPICKM Pick qty MENG13 QUAN 
131 RL03TPISTA Remaining quantity in alternative unit MENSH QUAN 
132 RL03TPISTM Remaining quantity in stockkeeping unit MENSH QUAN 
133 RL03TPSOLA Bin stock in alternative unit MENSH QUAN 
134 RL03TPSOLM Bin stock in stockkeeping unit MENSH QUAN 
135 RL03TQENTN Confirmation of pick XFELD CHAR 
136 RL03TQENTR Confirm pick and material transfer XFELD CHAR 
137 RL03TQMSTI Indicator: inspection lot (QM) exists XFELD CHAR 
138 RL03TQSTAT Confirmation status (icon display in screens) CHAR132 CHAR 
139 RL03TQSTSU Confirmation Status for External System-Relevant Item (Icon) CHAR132 CHAR 
140 RL03TQSTVN Confirmation Status for Confirmation in Two Steps (Icon) CHAR132 CHAR 
141 RL03TQTRAN Confirm material transfer XFELD CHAR 
142 RL03TQUIME Open quantity to be confirmed MENG13 QUAN 
143 RL03TQUKNZ Confirmation indicator for separate confirmation RL03TQUKNZ CHAR 
144 RL03TRDNKL Background proc.of transaction XFELD CHAR 
145 RL03TREDUZ TO item quantity was reduced due to picking fm bulk storage XFELD CHAR 
146 RL03TRESTM Remaining quantity when confirming a storage unit MENG13 QUAN 
147 RL03TRHELL Foreground proc.of transaction XFELD CHAR 
148 RL03TRMGEA Ret. qty of transfer order in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
149 RL03TRQUIT Confirmation indicator for the return subitem RL03TRQUIT CHAR 
150 RL03TSELMG Selected quantity MENG13 QUAN 
151 RL03TSPLIT TO Request item split during confirmation (icon) CHAR132 CHAR 
152 RL03TSQUIT Indicator: confirmation of a transfer order item XFELD CHAR 
153 RL03TSTIMA Sample quantity MENSH QUAN 
154 RL03TSTZIN Indicator for record control RL03TSTZIN CHAR 
155 RL03TSTZKZ Field to describe record status RL03TSTZKZ CHAR 
156 RL03TSUBST Behavior dur. cancellation of items for subsystems XFELD CHAR 
157 RL03TSUMTL Total for all TO items already created in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
158 RL03TSUMTM Total of all transfer order items already created in alt.UoM MENG13 QUAN 
159 RL03TTALIF Processing of transfer order for delivery RL03TTALIF CHAR 
160 RL03TTEXT1 Explanatory text TEXT20 CHAR 
161 RL03TULTY1 Storage type interval LGTYP CHAR 
162 RL03TVERMA Available quantity in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
163 RL03TVERME Total of available quantity in this selection MENG13 QUAN 
164 RL03TVMGEA From-qty in transfer order in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
165 RL03TZIEAB Sample quantity to be deducted from stock placement quantity MENSH QUAN 
166 RL03TZULMG Quantity to be added to existing stock in a storage bin MENG13 QUAN 
167 RL03TZULML Quantity to be added to existing stock in bin (SUn) MENG13 QUAN 
168 RL03T_COPY Copy respective table XFELD CHAR 
170 RL04IABWEI Deviation between book inventory and counted inventory RL04IABWEI DEC 
171 RL04IANLPL Number of empty storage bins LVS_ANZQU DEC 
172 RL04IANPLA Number of storage bins in a system inventory record LVS_ANZQU DEC 
173 RL04IANPLB Number of storage bins per inventory document LVS_ANZQU DEC 
174 RL04IANQUA Number of quants LVS_ANZQU DEC 
175 RL04IANQUP Maximum number of quants per storage bin LVS_ANZQU DEC 
176 RL04IAPSRM Maximum number of items in adjustment document in inv. mgmt RL04IAPSRM DEC 
177 RL04IAUSBU Indicator: cleared XFELD CHAR 
178 RL04IBATIN Generate batch input session XFELD CHAR 
179 RL04IBREIT Indicator: print in landscape format LVS_BREIT CHAR 
180 RL04IBUDAT Posting date for clearing differences in inventory mgmt. DATUM DATS 
181 RL04ICALTR Generate inventory adjustment documents immediately XFELD CHAR 
182 RL04IDWERT Allowed deviation in value for the inventory WERT13 CURR 
183 RL04IDYNPL Select dynamic storage bins XFELD CHAR 
184 RL04IEDATU Take Date of Last Putaway as Inventory Date XFELD CHAR 
185 RL04IFELHE Indicator: display errors in foreground during call trans. XFELD CHAR 
186 RL04IFLGAL All items marked for clearing XFELD CHAR 
187 RL04IGESMA Book amount MENSH QUAN 
188 RL04IKOLIS Complete list RL04IKOLIS CHAR 
189 RL04IKSEND Indicator: Transmit system inventory record to subsystem XFELD CHAR 
190 RL04IKZINV Inventory method RL04IKZINV CHAR 
191 RL04IKZNUL Indicator: storage bin empty or quant does not exist XFELD CHAR 
192 RL04ILIAKT Activate inventory list immediately XFELD CHAR 
193 RL04ILIBUC Post warehouse inventory list XFELD CHAR 
194 RL04ILISAV Create Inclusion List XFELD CHAR 
195 RL04ILISDR Print inventory list XFELD CHAR 
196 RL04ILVORM Deletion flag for inventory item XFELD CHAR 
197 RL04IMATDR Print material data on inventory list XFELD CHAR 
198 RL04IMEKLN Include only bins with qty. less than N in inventory list LVS_MEKLN DEC 
199 RL04INIGEZ Display uncounted quants XFELD CHAR 
200 RL04ININVF Include bins that cannot have inventory executed XFELD CHAR 
201 RL04ININVL Include only bins for which inventory has not been executed XFELD CHAR 
202 RL04INQUAW Recount per quant XFELD CHAR 
203 RL04INUANZ Display list first XFELD CHAR 
204 RL04INURLI Only display inventory list XFELD CHAR 
205 RL04INURLP Only include empty bins in inventory list XFELD CHAR 
206 RL04INVERS Inventory recount version LVS_NANUM NUMC 
207 RL04IODIAL Clear without further dialog XFELD CHAR 
208 RL04IPLAHI Storage bin: upper value of range LGPLA CHAR 
209 RL04IPLALO Storage bin: lower value of range of bins LGPLA CHAR 
210 RL04IPLOBS Bins without activity (in days) LVS_PLOBS NUMC 
211 RL04IPOSAK Activate selected items XFELD CHAR 
212 RL04IREPID Name of print report for warehouse inventory list SYCHAR40 CHAR 
213 RL04ISENDE Transfer or inventory data to subsys.via ALE CHAR8 CHAR 
214 RL04ISTATA Number of storage bins partially counted LVS_ANZQU DEC 
215 RL04ISTATL Number of storage bins with status cleared LVS_ANZQU DEC 
216 RL04ISTATM Number of storage bins with status "cleared in RM" LVS_ANZQU DEC 
217 RL04ISTATN Number of storage bins not counted LVS_ANZQU DEC 
218 RL04ISTATZ Number of storage bins counted LVS_ANZQU DEC 
219 RL04IVOTAB Default values for print and data entry parameters XFELD CHAR 
220 RL05SANZRA Number of ramps for shipping INT1 INT1 
221 RL05SAZFOR Ind.display progress indicator XFELD CHAR 
223 RL05SDUNKL Check for 2-step relevancy in background (no pop-up) XFELD CHAR 
224 RL05SENQUE Indicator: Block reference number and reference documents XFELD CHAR 
225 RL05SHELL Check of 2-Step Relevancy in Foreground (With Popup) XFELD CHAR 
226 RL05SKEINE No check for 2-step relevancy XFELD CHAR 
227 RL05SKZNAC Ind.rework reference documents from mult.proc.closing scree XFELD CHAR 
228 RL05SLFSEL Selection of deliveries during multiple processing RL05SLFSEL CHAR 
229 RL05SLISTE Output final log for pick list XFELD CHAR 
230 RL05SOFFTA Indicator: Information of Open Transfer Orders XFELD CHAR 
231 RL05SRFMAX Maximum number of active reference numbers DEC2 DEC 
232 RL05SRFMIN Minimum number of active reference numbers DEC2 DEC 
233 RL05SSELTX Text for reference number selection CHAR50 CHAR 
234 RL05SSUBST Confirm also items for subsystems XFELD CHAR 
235 RL05SVOLUG Volume limit DEC12 DEC 
236 RL06DERLTX Explanatory text for error message CHAR72 CHAR 
237 RL06DFHLTX Text for error message CHAR72 CHAR 
238 RLADDR_KK Rule For Additional Receivable RLADDR_KK CHAR 
239 RLAND Country key RLAND CHAR 
240 RLANZ_KK Number Of Returns That Occurred in The Observation Period RLANZ_KK NUMC 
241 RLBAB_KK Return amount limit WRTV7 CURR 
242 RLBDELIV Reuse Library: Transportable Nature of Objects TEXT20 CHAR 
243 RLBDOCHTM Reuse Library: HTML Documentation for Object CHAR1 CHAR 
244 RLBDOCKEN Reuse Library: KW Doc. for Object CHAR1 CHAR 
245 RLBDOCNON Reuse Library: No Doc. for Object CHAR1 CHAR 
246 RLBDOCSAP Reuse Library: SAPScript Doc. for Object CHAR1 CHAR 
247 RLBDOCSTD Reuse Library: Standard Doc. for Object CHAR1 CHAR 
248 RLBDOMBOX Reuse Library: Domains CHAR1 CHAR 
249 RLBEDITMOD Reuse Library: Editor Mode (Create, Change, ...) CHAR10 CHAR 
250 RLBEL_CA Document Number of Returns Document OPBEL_CA CHAR 
251 RLBEL_KK Number of the return document OPBEL_KK CHAR 
252 RLBESANFME Requested quantity in alternative unit of measure RLBESANFME CHAR 
253 RLBFMDBOX Reuse Library: Function Module CHAR1 CHAR 
254 RLBHTMURL Reuse Library: HTML Page URL TEXT140 CHAR 
255 RLBLBCHOND Reuse Library: Date the Library was Changed SYDATS DATS 
256 RLBLBCHONT Reuse Library: Time the Library was Changed SYTIME TIMS 
257 RLBLBCROND Reuse Library: Date the Library was Created SYDATS DATS 
258 RLBLBCRONT Reuse Library: Time the Library was Created SYTIME TIMS 
259 RLBLBRBOX Reuse Library: Reuse Library CHAR1 CHAR 
260 RLBLBRNODE Reuse Library: Nodes under which Library Appears HIER_TEXT CHAR 
261 RLBLDBBOX Reuse Library: Logical Database CHAR1 CHAR 
262 RLBNR Document number of return delivery BELNR CHAR 
263 RLBOBJBOX Reuse Library: Class/Interface CHAR1 CHAR 
264 RLBPRCHOND Reuse Library: Date the Product was Changed SYDATS DATS 
265 RLBPRCHONT Reuse Library: Time the Product was Changed SYTIME TIMS 
266 RLBPRCROND Reuse Library: Date the Product was Created SYDATS DATS 
267 RLBPRCRONT Reuse Library: Time the Product was Created SYTIME TIMS 
268 RLBPRDBOX Reuse Library: Reuse Product CHAR1 CHAR 
269 RLBPRGBOX Reuse Library: Program CHAR1 CHAR 
270 RLBPRIVATE Reuse Library: Private Library RLBPRIVATE CHAR 
271 RLBPUBLIC Reuse Library: Public Library CHAR1 CHAR 
272 RLBREFNODE Reuse Library: Referenced Node of a Library HIER_TEXT CHAR 
273 RLBTPLBOX Reuse Library: Type Pool CHAR1 CHAR 
274 RLBTPUBLIC Reuse Library: Visibility of Library when Subscribing TEXT20 CHAR 
275 RLBTRNBOX Reuse Library: Transaction CHAR1 CHAR 
276 RLBTXTBOX Reuse Library: Structure Nodes CHAR1 CHAR 
277 RLBTXTVAL Reuse Library: Structure Nodes TEXT75 CHAR 
278 RLBTYPBOX Reuse Library: DDIC Type CHAR1 CHAR 
279 RLB_COMP Reuse Library: Reuse Product Application Components UFFCTR CHAR 
280 RLB_DOCID Reuse Library: Documentation Object Identification RLBDDOCID CHAR 
281 RLB_DOCTY Reuse Library: Documentation Object Type RLB_DOCTY CHAR 
282 RLB_EXTID Reuse Library: Reuse Product Identification RLBDEXTID CHAR 
283 RLB_LBCHBY Reuse Library: Reuse Library Change: User ID SYCHAR12 CHAR 
284 RLB_LBCHON Reuse Library: Reuse Library Change: Time TZNTSTMPS DEC 
285 RLB_LBCRBY Reuse Library: Reuse Library Creation: User ID SYCHAR12 CHAR 
286 RLB_LBCRON Reuse Library: Reuse Library Creation: Time TZNTSTMPS DEC 
287 RLB_LIBRID Reuse Library: Reuse Library ID RLB_LIBRID CHAR 
288 RLB_LIBRNA Reuse Library: Reuse Library Description RLBDLIBRNA CHAR 
289 RLB_LOGOB Reuse Library: Checked Object TEXT50 CHAR 
290 RLB_OCOMP Reuse Library: Check: Check Completeness CHAR1 CHAR 
291 RLB_ODEVC Reuse Library: Check: Check Packages CHAR1 CHAR 
292 RLB_OPACK Reuse Library: Check: Check Decoupling CHAR1 CHAR 
293 RLB_OWLIB Reuse Library: Check: Also Check Dependent Libraries CHAR1 CHAR 
294 RLB_OWPRD Reuse Library: Check: Also Check Products CHAR1 CHAR 
295 RLB_PACKET Reuse Library: Reuse Product Package Assignment DEVCLASS CHAR 
296 RLB_PRCHBY Reuse Library: Reuse Product Change: User ID SYCHAR12 CHAR 
297 RLB_PRCHON Reuse Library: Reuse Product Change: Time TZNTSTMPS DEC 
298 RLB_PRCRBY Reuse Library: Reuse Product Creation: User ID SYCHAR12 CHAR 
299 RLB_PRCRON Reuse Library: Reuse Product Creation: Time TZNTSTMPS DEC 
300 RLB_PRODID Reuse Library: Reuse Product Internal ID SYSUUID_C CHAR 
301 RLB_PRODNA Reuse Library: Product Name RLBDPRODNA CHAR 
302 RLB_PRPOS Reuse Library: Position Within a Product TEXT70 CHAR 
303 RLB_PRTAB Reuse Library: Tabstrip in Product Maintenance RLB_PRTAB CHAR 
304 RLB_STATUS Reuse Library: Reuse Product Status RLBDSTATUS CHAR 
305 RLB_TECHTY Reuse Library: Technical Type of Reuse Product RLBDTECHTY CHAR 
306 RLB_TREEID Reuse Library: Tree ID in Hierarchy Maintenance Tool SYCHAR32 CHAR 
307 RLCATPRIO Priority for Multiple Existence of Role Categories NUMC3 NUMC 
308 RLCP1LGORT_TB Storage location for transfer requirement LGORT CHAR 
309 RLCP1QPBKZ Stock in quality inspection exists XFELD CHAR 
310 RLCPPALLES Switch between all components / only relevant components XFELD CHAR 
311 RLCPPAUFNH Order Number (Upper Limit) AUFNR CHAR 
312 RLCPPAUFNL Production order number (lower limit) AUFNR CHAR 
313 RLCPPAUTOP Request automatic material staging XFELD CHAR 
314 RLCPPAUTTA Indicator: create transfer order immediately (automatically) XFELD CHAR 
315 RLCPPBDTEH Component requirement date (latest) DATUM DATS 
316 RLCPPBDTEL Component requirement date (earliest) DATUM DATS 
319 RLCPPCOPRT Update PP log, called up from production order XFELD CHAR 
320 RLCPPDCALL Direct function call, no internal usage XFELD CHAR 
321 RLCPPDIRTA Automatic TO creation immediately after TR creation XFELD CHAR 
322 RLCPPDUNKL Background control of subsequent processing XFELD CHAR 
323 RLCPPDYNNR Screen for WM-PP interface LRPP_DYNNR CHAR 
324 RLCPPEINMA Stock for placement in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
325 RLCPPEINZL Individual request XFELD CHAR 
326 RLCPPFAOFF Prod.ord.qty to be requested MENG13 QUAN 
327 RLCPPFASUA Total requirement qty minus posted quantities in alt. UoM MENG13 QUAN 
328 RLCPPFASUM Total requirement quantity minus cleared quantities MENG13 QUAN 
329 RLCPPFVMNG Available quantity in bin (not reserved) MENSH QUAN 
330 RLCPPGET Retrieve saved table entries XFELD CHAR 
331 RLCPPGETAN Material requested for staging XFELD CHAR 
332 RLCPPGMENG Product quantity to be produced MENSH QUAN 
333 RLCPPHELL Foreground Control of Subsequent Processing XFELD CHAR 
334 RLCPPINITT Initiation of WM transfer requirement XFELD CHAR 
335 RLCPPKZMNG Indicator: Unit of measure for WM/PP material staging RLCPPKZMNG CHAR 
336 RLCPPLGORT Stor. location used to select/create TRs for replenishment LGORT CHAR 
337 RLCPPLHMA1 Loading equipment quantity in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
338 RLCPPLPLMA Storage bin quantity in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
339 RLCPPLPLME Storage bin quantity MENSH QUAN 
340 RLCPPLPLTB Storage bin qty with TR MENSH QUAN 
341 RLCPPMARKI Selection field XFELD CHAR 
342 RLCPPMATNH Material number (upper limit) MATNR CHAR 
343 RLCPPMATNL Material number (lower limit) MATNR CHAR 
344 RLCPPMEALT Indicator: quantities in unit of issue XFELD CHAR 
345 RLCPPMEBAS Indicator: quantities in base unit of measure XFELD CHAR 
346 RLCPPMELVS Indicator: quantities in WM unit of measure XFELD CHAR 
347 RLCPPMNGAN Quantity requirement related to the product XFELD CHAR 
348 RLCPPMWMNA Whse stock in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
349 RLCPPNOINR No initialization of table in func.mod.L_WMPP_RS_PER_MAT_BIN XFELD CHAR 
350 RLCPPNORES Ignore reservations for storage bin XFELD CHAR 
351 RLCPPNREAD Read again for WM initiation task XFELD CHAR 
352 RLCPPNUR_1 Only components with picking for prod.order (Sect.ind.=1) XFELD CHAR 
353 RLCPPOFMNG Staging Quantity to be Requested MENSH QUAN 
354 RLCPPPFKEY CUA status for WM-PP function modules LRPP_PFKEY CHAR 
355 RLCPPPREPA Start preparation of material staging XFELD CHAR 
356 RLCPPPROAN Requirement based on the total quantity XFELD CHAR 
357 RLCPPPROTO Log was updated XFELD CHAR 
358 RLCPPPROZM Percentage requirement quantity LRPP_PROZM DEC 
359 RLCPPQPMNG Quantity in qual.inspection MENG13 QUAN 
360 RLCPPRELEV Display only relevant lines XFELD CHAR 
361 RLCPPRESTM Staging of remaining quantity for production order XFELD CHAR 
362 RLCPPRSMNG Reserved quantity - planned for production orders MENSH QUAN 
363 RLCPPSELKZ Selection Field XFELD CHAR 
364 RLCPPSET Record important tables XFELD CHAR 
365 RLCPPSICHE Saving required by user of function module XFELD CHAR 
366 RLCPPSIMUL Simulation of WM material staging XFELD CHAR 
367 RLCPPTBOFA Open TR quantity in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
368 RLCPPTBOFF Open transfer requirement quantity MENSH QUAN 
369 RLCPPTBSUM Total of requested stagings, minus quantity used MENG13 QUAN 
370 RLCPPVERBU Posting of transfer requirements in the update task XFELD CHAR 
371 RLCPPVERMA Available stock in alternative unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
372 RLCPPVIEW_ Display WM data XFELD CHAR 
373 RLCPPWADEL Consumption posting for PP orders through GI for delivery XFELD CHAR 
374 RLCPPWMMNG Warehouse stock MENSH QUAN 
375 RLCPPWMREL Plant/stor.location spec. is relevant for WM-PP interface XFELD CHAR 
376 RLDAT Compare value for reset CHDAT CHAR 
377 RLDEPO Securities Account VRLDEPO CHAR 
378 RLDIVLAUFZ Processed before (no.days) RLDIVLAUFZ NUMC 
379 RLDIVPCCON Read from dataset that was generated via PC connection XFELD CHAR 
381 RLDNR1 Average balance ledger RLDNR CHAR 
384 RLDNR_BC Ledger for business area consolidation RLDNR CHAR 
385 RLDNR_EURO LC ledger for conversion RLDNR CHAR 
386 RLDNR_FLEX Ledger of Flexible General Ledger RLDNR CHAR 
387 RLDNR_GC Consolidation ledger RLDNR CHAR 
388 RLDNR_LC Consolidation ledger RLDNR CHAR 
389 RLDNR_RU Rollup ledger for consolidation RLDNR CHAR 
390 RLDNR_SND Source ledger RLDNR CHAR 
391 RLDRIHUMLA Switch: Print HU slips in WM (pick-HU slips) XFELD CHAR 
392 RLDRILABEL Switch: Label printing in WM XFELD CHAR 
393 RLDRIMULTI Switch: Print in WM from combined pick list XFELD CHAR 
394 RLDRIPOCHA Switch: Print transfer order for posting change XFELD CHAR 
395 RLDRISINGL Switch: Print in WM based on items XFELD CHAR 
396 RLDRISUSLI Switch: Print storage unit document in WM XFELD CHAR 
397 RLDRUAUSDR Ignor switch for no printing during TO print XFELD CHAR 
398 RLDRUBETXT Explanatory text for requirement type in tr.order printout CHAR7 CHAR 
399 RLDRUDRUCK Indicator for printout on this printer XFELD CHAR 
400 RLDRUFTADA Indicator: printing should not be initiated manually XFELD CHAR 
401 RLDRUGEMTA Indicator: Print current transfer order XFELD CHAR 
402 RLDRUGRUIG Ignore control break (new page) during TO display XFELD CHAR 
403 RLDRUKZMEM Ind.: data to be extracted from memory XFELD CHAR 
404 RLDRULEINH Indicator: print storage unit contents XFELD CHAR 
405 RLDRULESCH Code: Print storage unit document XFELD CHAR 
406 RLDRULETAS Code: Print SU TO document XFELD CHAR 
407 RLDRUMEINS Unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
408 RLDRUMENGE Quantity field for printing MENG13 QUAN 
409 RLDRURFLGN Wareh.mgmt.ref.number and wareh.number compressed code RLDRURFLGN CHAR 
410 RLDRURFLTN WM reference no., st.ty. & whse no. compressed for bar code RLDRURFLTN CHAR 
411 RLDRUTALGN Transfer order no. and warehouse no. in compressed form RLDRUTALGN NUMC 
412 RLDRUTAPLG TO number, TO item and warehouse number in compressed form RLDRUTAPLG NUMC 
413 RLDRUTAPOB Bar code print in WM with TO number and item RLDRUTAPOB NUMC 
414 RLDRUTASCH Code: Print transfer order documents XFELD CHAR 
415 RLDRUTEXT1 General text field for printing forms TEXT30 CHAR 
416 RLDRUTEXT2 General text field for transfer order printout TEXT50 CHAR 
417 RLDRUWIEDR Text field: repeat printing of transfer order CHAR17 CHAR 
418 RLED Lock Status for Open Item Display CHAR30 CHAR 
419 RLEVL Posting level RLEVL CHAR 
420 RLEVL_GC Posting level RLEVL_GC CHAR 
421 RLEVL_KK Posting level for inclusion in consolidation of investments RLEVL_KK CHAR 
422 RLFDT Realistic Delivery Date DATUM DATS 
423 RLFMG Quantity of return delivery MENG13 QUAN 
424 RLFW_CALLBACK_CLASS callback class for notifications from runlevel framework PROGNAME CHAR 
425 RLFW_SERVER_GROUP Group ID for application servers RLFW_SERVER_GROUP CHAR 
426 RLFW_SERVICE_ID Service ID for services registered in the runlevel framework RLFW_SERVICE_ID CHAR 
429 RLGEB_KK Graduated charge for returns WRTV7 CURR 
430 RLGESCH Location on Floor RLGESCH CHAR 
431 RLGOR Ref. Storage Location w/ Collective Entry of Stor. Locations LGORT CHAR 
432 RLGRD_KK Return reason RLGRD_KK CHAR 
433 RLHBK_KK House bank's return reason RLHBK_KK CHAR 
434 RLIB_TYPE Reuse Library: Navigation: Editor mode SYCHAR10 CHAR 
435 RLIDX Sequential no. SEQNP NUMC 
436 RLIFT Type of elevator installation RLIFT NUMC 
437 RLIFT_BI Type of elevator installation CHAR2 CHAR 
438 RLIMMNG Reserve budget quantity in base unit of measure (BUn) MENGV15_3 QUAN 
439 RLIND Rule indicator PB10_RLIND CHAR 
440 RLINESCOR Automatic distribution: correct text replacements INT4 INT4 
441 RLINESMOD Automatic distribution: modified text replacements INT4 INT4 
442 RLINESNEW Automatic distribution: number of times new texts replaced INT4 INT4 
443 RLISTALLTA All transfer orders XFELD CHAR 
444 RLISTAUSGD Stock comparison output option: with bin inventory XFELD CHAR 
445 RLISTAUSGK Ouput option for stock comparison: complete data of material XFELD CHAR 
446 RLISTAUSGM Ouput option for stock comparison: create batch input file XFELD CHAR 
447 RLISTBREIT Wide printout XFELD CHAR 
448 RLISTDAUBI No. of days passed since putaway (upper lim.) RLISTALTER NUMC 
449 RLISTDAUVO No. of days passed since placement into stock (low.limit) RLISTALTER NUMC 
450 RLISTDIREK Indicator: Include direct TOs (without 2-step relevance) XFELD CHAR 
451 RLISTENTNA Indicator: Include pick TOs XFELD CHAR 
452 RLISTFAGEL Hazardous materials stored incorrectly RLISTFAGEL CHAR 
453 RLISTINVZR Time period for inventory progress SYDATS DATS 
454 RLISTKOLIS Complete list for inventory progress XFELD CHAR 
455 RLISTLFMAT Storage bin with assignment and stock, but incorr.material XFELD CHAR 
456 RLISTLFREI Available storage bins XFELD CHAR 
457 RLISTLKZUO Storage bin without mat.assignment in MLGT with stock XFELD CHAR 
458 RLISTLRMAT Stor.bin with assignment and assigned stock XFELD CHAR 
459 RLISTLZUOR Storage bins with assignment without stock XFELD CHAR 
460 RLISTMIBOK Check storage bin for mixed storage, if allowed XFELD CHAR 
461 RLISTMIKOM Display weights with decimal places XFELD CHAR 
462 RLISTMILIL Indicator: issue list for fire department per storage type XFELD CHAR 
463 RLISTMISCH Check storage bin for mixed storage if not allowed XFELD CHAR 
464 RLISTMITPL Indicator: issue of capacity list with storage bins XFELD CHAR 
465 RLISTNGESP Indicator: only storage bins that are not blocked XFELD CHAR 
466 RLISTNIGEZ Display bins not counted XFELD CHAR 
467 RLISTNORMA Normal output XFELD CHAR 
468 RLISTOFFTA Indicator: only open transfer orders XFELD CHAR 
469 RLISTOFFTP Indicator: only open transfer order items XFELD CHAR 
470 RLISTPMITB Indicator: only storage bins with stock XFELD CHAR 
471 RLISTPOHNI Indicator: only bins where no inventory has taken place XFELD CHAR 
472 RLISTQUITA Selection: all confirmed transfer orders XFELD CHAR 
473 RLISTSELET Select Partially Processed TO (Automatic TO Generation) XFELD CHAR 
474 RLISTSEVNR Selection: source/destination/return storage type XFELD CHAR 
475 RLISTSORK2 Sort indicator: material data per storage type RLISTSORK2 CHAR 
476 RLISTSORKZ Sort indicator: stock in the warehouse management system RLISTSORKZ CHAR 
477 RLISTSUBST Processing transfer order items for subsystems XFELD CHAR 
478 RLISTTBGTA Ind: transfer rqmnt. qty. greater than transfer order qty. XFELD CHAR 
479 RLISTTEILB Partial staging allowed with automatic TO generation XFELD CHAR 
480 RLISTUEBER Print overview XFELD CHAR 
481 RLISTZUSAT Additional selection options XFELD CHAR 
482 RLISTZWEIZ Double-line output XFELD CHAR 
483 RLKEYBS_KK Name of Returns Lot to be Created KEYR1_KK CHAR 
484 RLMAX_KK Maximum amount difference WRTV7 CURR 
485 RLMC1NEUAB New structure for whse controlling XFELD CHAR 
486 RLMC1TAERS Time of TO creation XFELD CHAR 
487 RLMC1TAQUI Time of TO confirmation XFELD CHAR 
488 RLMFW_ACTIV Release Management Activation RLMFW_FLAG CHAR 
489 RLMFW_ACTIVITY Activity in Release Management RLMFW_ACTIVITY CHAR 
493 RLMFW_AGTYPE Role in Release Process RLMFW_AGTYPE CHAR 
494 RLMFW_AGTYPE_TEXT Role Description TEXT60 CHAR 
495 RLMFW_BELNR Order Number Without Calendar Year RLMFW_BELNR CHAR 
496 RLMFW_BZW Object Dependencies TEXT72 CHAR 
498 RLMFW_CDOKU Help Text for Check CHAR30 CHAR 
500 RLMFW_CHGPROC Change Process Allowed RLMFW_FLAG CHAR