SAP ABAP Data Element RZEDENT_NEW (Assignor number)
EA-FINSERV (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services
   FS-BP (Application Component) Business Partner
     FTBP (Package) Treasury: Central business partner
Basic Data
Data Element RZEDENT_NEW
Short Description Assignor number  
Data Type
Category of Dictionary Type D   Domain
Type of Object Referenced     No Information
Domain / Name of Reference Type BU_PARTNER    
Data Type CHAR   Character String 
Length 10    
Decimal Places 0    
Output Length 10    
Value Table BUT000    
Further Characteristics
Search Help: Name BUPA    
Search Help: Parameters PARTNER   
Parameter ID BPA  
Default Component name PARTNER   
Change document    
No Input History    
Basic direction is set to LTR    
No BIDI Filtering    
Field Label
  Length  Field Label  
Short 10 Assignor 
Medium 15 Assignor no. 
Long 20 Assignor number 
Heading 10 Assi 
Last changed by/on SAP  20110901 
SAP Release Created in 463_20