SAP ABAP Data Element - Index J, page 8
Data Element - J
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 JITWEM SumJC Goods Receipt Quantity to be Posted MENG13 QUAN 
2 JIT_ABC_ICON Category of Requirements Matching SYCHAR132 CHAR 
3 JIT_ABLADP Priority Unloading Point JIT_FPRIOX CHAR 
5 JIT_ABNUM_BC Call Header Number with Barcode Prefix JIT_ABNUM_BC CHAR 
6 JIT_ABRVZ Relevance for Summarized JIT Calls JIT_ABRVZ CHAR 
8 JIT_ACTVAL Action for Status of Components Group is not possible XFLAG CHAR 
9 JIT_AGGR_LEVEL Aggregation Level of JIT-Call Data Progress Confirmation JIT_AGGR_LEVEL CHAR 
10 JIT_AGTSL Matching with Customer Delivery Confirmation XFELD CHAR 
11 JIT_AHEAD Forecast units   NUMC 
12 JIT_AKTGM Derivation of the Components Group Material JIT_AKTGM CHAR 
14 JIT_AKTIONT Description of Action TEXT40 CHAR 
16 JIT_ALV_COLOUR Control Field for Coloring ALV List Rows CHAR3 CHAR 
17 JIT_ANLIE Type of Components Group (Delivery) JIT_ANLIE CHAR 
18 JIT_ANZVAR Display Variant in JIT Cockpit CHAR14 CHAR 
19 JIT_ANZVART Short Text for Display Variant TEXT40 CHAR 
20 JIT_APPL_VP Application for Packaging JIT_APPL_VP CHAR 
21 JIT_ARCFILE Create Archive File XFELD CHAR 
22 JIT_ARCHI Archiving status XFELD CHAR 
24 JIT_ATPCH ATP Check on Delivery Creation JIT_ATPCH CHAR 
25 JIT_AUTACT Automatic Start of Action XFELD CHAR 
26 JIT_BACKF Goods Movement Executed XFELD CHAR 
27 JIT_BAFLU Execution of Backflush (Goods Movement) JIT_BAFLU CHAR 
28 JIT_BATCH_ACTION Action Execution in Background Processing JIT_AKTION CHAR 
29 JIT_BATCH_ICON Processing Status SYCHAR132 CHAR 
30 JIT_BFZP Time of Backflush TZNTSTMPS DEC 
32 JIT_BWEXT Business Information Warehouse Extraction Status JIT_BWEXT CHAR 
33 JIT_CALLQ Number of JIT Calls NUMC8 NUMC 
34 JIT_CCOUNT Number of JIT Calls   INT4 
35 JIT_CGARC Components Group Archived XFELD CHAR 
37 JIT_CHARAC Features of Color Profile TXT40 CHAR 
38 JIT_CHART Chart Number in JIT Cockpit NUMC10 NUMC 
39 JIT_CHNGLEV Change index CHAR35 CHAR 
40 JIT_CHNGSEQ Change sequence CHAR35 CHAR 
42 JIT_CNTRLT JIT Call Control Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
43 JIT_COL_PROF Color Profile of JIT Cockpit CHAR10 CHAR 
44 JIT_COMMENT Reason for Status Correction   CHAR 
45 JIT_COMPL Archive only Complete Calls XFELD CHAR 
46 JIT_COMQU Number of Components Groups NUMC8 NUMC 
47 JIT_COMSH Components are Displayed XFELD CHAR 
48 JIT_COUNT Sequence Number for Partial Action NUM1 NUMC 
49 JIT_COUNT_MA_CO Occurrence of JIT Material in Call Components JIT_COUNT NUMC 
50 JIT_CRHU Creation of Handling Units JIT_CRHU CHAR 
51 JIT_CRHUB Creation of Handling Units (Buffer Call) JIT_CRHU CHAR 
52 JIT_CRIT Selection Criterion in Color Profile JIT_CRIT CHAR 
55 JIT_CUSTTX Additional Text Exists for the Components Group Type CHAR1 CHAR 
56 JIT_DAYDF Time Difference in Days JIT_DAYDF NUMC 
57 JIT_DCREA Delivery Created XFELD CHAR 
58 JIT_DDATA Documentation Data Available XFELD CHAR 
59 JIT_DDATE Actual Time of Shipping TZNTSTMPS DEC 
60 JIT_DDATUM Actual Shipping Date of Components Group DATE DATS 
61 JIT_DD_TYPE Entry of Documentation Data JIT_DD_TYPE CHAR 
62 JIT_DELPO Delivery Information for Internet Scenarios CHAR70 CHAR 
63 JIT_DELSB Delete Buffer RADIO CHAR 
64 JIT_DESTI Destination of JIT Customer (Delivery Data) JIT_DESTI CHAR 
65 JIT_DETSH Details Displayed XFELD CHAR 
66 JIT_DIFF Cumulated Difference of Call Quantities MENG15 QUAN 
67 JIT_DIFF_QUANT Difference Quantity Warehouse Stock Minus JIT Requirement MENG15 QUAN 
68 JIT_DLCN_EXP Hotspot Field for Displaying Dely Conf. Reference Numbers SYCHAR04 CHAR 
69 JIT_DLSLV Split Level SumJC Delivery Grouping JIT_DLSLV CHAR 
70 JIT_DOLOG Activation of Action Logging JIT_DOLOG CHAR 
71 JIT_DONPU Existence Check of Other Summarized JIT Calls w. Same Ref. XFELD CHAR 
72 JIT_DON_LIGHT_R Time Difference for Alarm Level (Red Traffic Light) TSTRDURAN DEC 
73 JIT_DON_LIGHT_Y Time difference for Warning Level (Yellow Traffic Light) TSTRDURAN DEC 
74 JIT_DON_PROFIL Control Profile for Summarized JIT Calls (SumJC) CHAR12 CHAR 
75 JIT_DON_SPLIT Quantity Change Within Summarized JIT Calls JIT_DON_SPLIT CHAR 
76 JIT_DPROFT Text for SumJC Profile CHAR40 CHAR 
77 JIT_DRINT Drilldown According to Internal Processing Status XFELD CHAR 
78 JIT_DRUNL Drilldown - Unloading Point / Assembly Location XFELD CHAR 
79 JIT_DZEIT Actual Shipping Time of Components Group TIME TIMS 
80 JIT_EDATUM Date of External Status DATE DATS 
81 JIT_ERROR Error Occurred with Inbound IDoc XFELD CHAR 
82 JIT_ESVAR Indicator Entry Variant XUMARK CHAR 
83 JIT_EXCL Components Group for Progress Message Locked SYCHAR132 CHAR 
84 JIT_EXDAT External Status Time TZNTSTMPS DEC 
85 JIT_EXSTAT External Status Description TEXT40 CHAR 
86 JIT_EXSTA_NEW New External Status JIT_EXTST CHAR 
87 JIT_EXSTA_OLD Current External Status JIT_EXTST CHAR 
88 JIT_EXSTI Transmitted External Status Information TEXT35 CHAR 
89 JIT_EXTST External Status JIT_EXTST CHAR 
90 JIT_EZEIT External Status Time TIME TIMS 
91 JIT_FCOMP List Components in Progress Confirmation JIT_FCOMP CHAR 
92 JIT_FERPA Transfer to Production Executed XFELD CHAR 
93 JIT_FILEN Local file for upload/download TEXT50 CHAR 
94 JIT_FLDPO Assembly location of parts group at customer site TEXT20 CHAR 
95 JIT_FLDPOP Priority of Assembly Location JIT_FPRIOX CHAR 
96 JIT_FPROF Determ.profile for CHAR8 CHAR 
97 JIT_FPROFT Text for Determination Profile for Components Groups CHAR40 CHAR 
98 JIT_FREQU Time Interval for Recreating the Graphic NETTIMER NUMC 
99 JIT_FVERSP Priority of Production Version JIT_FPRIO CHAR 
100 JIT_GENHU JIT: Indicator Stock-Transfer with Handling Unit (HU) XFELD CHAR 
101 JIT_GIPOS Goods Issue for Components Group Posted XFELD CHAR 
102 JIT_GIUPD Status Update on Goods Issue Posting XFELD CHAR 
103 JIT_GKAP Number of JIT calls to be processed as a package   NUMC 
104 JIT_GRASH Graphic is Displayed XFELD CHAR 
105 JIT_GRIND Index for Grouping and Sequencing Information JIT_GRIND NUMC 
106 JIT_GRPIN Grouping and Sequencing Information Components Group JIT_GRPIN CHAR 
107 JIT_GRPIN_BC Grouping and Sequencing Info Comp. Group w. Bar Code Prefix JIT_GRPIN_BC CHAR 
108 JIT_GRPIN_FER Processing Mode: Grouping Term in Progress Confirmation JIT_GRPIN_FER CHAR 
109 JIT_GRPIN_INT Grouping and sequence information CG internal creation JIT_GRPIN_INT NUMC 
110 JIT_GRPIN_NUM Grouping and sequencing information components group numeric   NUMC 
111 JIT_GRTIME Additional Time with Goods Rec'g Times of Unloading Point TSTRDURAN DEC 
112 JIT_HDSUM Number of JIT Calls JIT_SUM NUMC 
113 JIT_HUPRF Handling Unit-Profile for JIT Call   CHAR 
114 JIT_HUPRFT Text for Handling Unit Profile for JIT Calls TEXT40 CHAR 
115 JIT_ICON_COMP Matching Status SYCHAR132 CHAR 
116 JIT_ICON_ESVAR Entry Variant SYCHAR132 CHAR 
117 JIT_ICON_USRSP User-Specific Display Variant SYCHAR132 CHAR 
118 JIT_IDATUM Internal Processing Status Date DATE DATS 
119 JIT_IDLEV Summarized JIT Call Identification Level JIT_IDLEV CHAR 
120 JIT_IMPAC Signal Monitor Active XFELD CHAR 
121 JIT_INDAT Internal Processing Status Time TZNTSTMPS DEC 
122 JIT_INFOTEXT Display Quick Info Text for a GANNT Chart in the Graphic JIT_INFOTEXT CHAR 
124 JIT_INSCR Text for GANTT Chart in the Graphic JIT_INFOTEXT CHAR 
125 JIT_INTAC Internal Action XFELD CHAR 
126 JIT_INTST Internal Processing Status JIT_INTST CHAR 
127 JIT_INTSTT Description for internal processing status TEXT40 CHAR 
128 JIT_INTST_NEW New Internal Processing Status JIT_INTST CHAR 
129 JIT_INTST_OLD Current Internal Processing Status JIT_INTST CHAR 
130 JIT_INTST_Z Further Internal Processing Status JIT_INTST CHAR 
131 JIT_IN_OUT Inbound/Outbound Relevance of Action JIT_IN_OUT CHAR 
132 JIT_IPRFT Text for Control Profile Internal Calls (Buffer) CHAR40 CHAR 
133 JIT_IPROF Control Profile for Internal Call (Buffer) CHAR8 CHAR 
134 JIT_ISLOC Buffer Storage for Internal Calls LGORT CHAR 
135 JIT_ISWRK Plant of Buffer Storage Location WERKS CHAR 
136 JIT_ITCNT Components Group Counter   NUMC 
137 JIT_ITCOS Sum of Call Components for this Components Group JIT_SUM NUMC 
138 JIT_ITEMNR External Item Number CHAR35 CHAR 
139 JIT_ITSUM Number of Components Groups JIT_SUM NUMC 
140 JIT_IZEIT Internal Processing Status Time TIME TIMS 
141 JIT_JITF_RELEASE Trigger Possible Special Actions SYCHAR132 CHAR 
142 JIT_JITF_SEL Progress confirmation of external call number XFELD CHAR 
143 JIT_JITF_SELIT Select components group XFELD CHAR 
144 JIT_JITM_EXP Display call components of components group SYCHAR132 CHAR 
145 JIT_JOBJI Object for Bar Code Issue JIT_JOBJK CHAR 
146 JIT_JOBJK Object for Bar Code Entry JIT_JOBJK CHAR 
147 JIT_JQUAL Object Qualifier for Barcode Entry JIT_JQUAL CHAR 
148 JIT_KMP_BOM Display Dependent Requirements for Call Components XFELD CHAR 
149 JIT_KMP_FDAY Start date of the detailed display DATE DATS 
150 JIT_KMP_ICON Symbol for Call Components SYCHAR132 CHAR 
151 JIT_KUM_QUANT Cumulated requirement up to and including date MENG15 QUAN 
152 JIT_KZVAK Interlinked Action XFELD CHAR 
153 JIT_LABGEN1 Requirements Matching until End of JIT Calls XFELD CHAR 
154 JIT_LABGEN2 Requirements Matching up to and including Specified Date XFELD CHAR 
155 JIT_LABKY Delivery Schedule Key CHAR1 CHAR 
156 JIT_LDATE lower requirements time limit TZNTSTMPS DEC 
157 JIT_LEVEL Level of Display in JIT Cockpit JIT_LEVEL CHAR 
158 JIT_LEVTY Additional Reference Text JIT_LEVTY CHAR 
159 JIT_LFDN Sequential number within JIT call package   NUMC 
160 JIT_LIUMF Components Groups Material (Delivery Scope) MATNR CHAR 
162 JIT_LOBOR Tolerance value (yellow light) NUM04 NUMC 
163 JIT_LOCKMODE SumJC: Mode for Lock Processing CHAR1 CHAR 
164 JIT_LOCKNUM Maximum Number Lock Entries INT4 INT4 
165 JIT_LPREORG Include new DS items in transaction data (MAT-REORG) RADIO CHAR 
166 JIT_LPROF Control Profile for the Delivery Creation CHAR8 CHAR 
167 JIT_LPROFT Text for Control Profile for the Delivery CHAR40 CHAR 
168 JIT_LSTAT lower status CHAR10 CHAR 
169 JIT_MAINT_MODE Maintenance Mode Sequenced JIT Calls JIT_MAINT_MODE CHAR 
170 JIT_MAJCRIT Main selection criterion in JIT cockpit JIT_CRIT CHAR 
171 JIT_MARK General Indicator for Selection XFIELD CHAR 
172 JIT_MASKE Sort-Relevant Figures of External Sequence Number CHAR35 CHAR 
173 JIT_MATID Internal JIT Material Number for Call Components JIT_MATID NUMC 
174 JIT_MATIP Material numbers ready for entry? XFELD CHAR 
175 JIT_MATREORG Reorganize JIT Material Master Data RADIO CHAR 
176 JIT_MATXT Supplementary Text with Information on Material TEXT70 CHAR 
177 JIT_MEMPF Recipient of Express Mail XUBNAME CHAR 
178 JIT_MINCRIT Secondary criterion for selection in JIT Cockpit JIT_CRIT CHAR 
180 JIT_MON_ICON Symbol for Components Groups / Call Components SYCHAR132 CHAR 
181 JIT_MSGLEVEL Log level for messages JIT_MSGLEVEL CHAR 
182 JIT_MTCH Logistical Matching of Delivery Confirmation JIT_MTCH CHAR 
183 JIT_NACHB Repeat Order XFELD CHAR 
184 JIT_NEWLINE Automatic line break XFELD CHAR 
185 JIT_NEW_LINES Number of new rows JIT_NEW_LINES NUMC 
186 JIT_NGRPIN Next Grouping Information JIT_GRPIN CHAR 
187 JIT_NIO Edit Additional Internal Processing Statuses XFELD CHAR 
189 JIT_NODISP Field Is Hidden XFELD CHAR 
190 JIT_NPOSID Next Components Group JIT_POSID NUMC 
191 JIT_NPRODN Next Call Number TEXT35 CHAR 
192 JIT_NSEQNR Next Sequence Number TEXT35 CHAR 
193 JIT_NUMB Number of Calls in a Row INT4 INT4 
194 JIT_NUMB1 Maintain Number Range for JITHD (Call Header)   CHAR 
195 JIT_NUMB2 Maintain Number Range for JITIT (Components Group)   CHAR 
196 JIT_NUMB3 Maintain Number Range for JITMA (Call materials)   CHAR 
197 JIT_NUMB4 Maintain Number Range for JITPP (Production Info)   CHAR 
198 JIT_NUMB5 Maintain Number Range for Delivery Confirmation   CHAR 
199 JIT_NUMB6 Maintain Number Range for Grouping Informaion   CHAR 
200 JIT_OBJECT Object in Shared Buffer CHAR10 CHAR 
201 JIT_OLD_DD Change Existing Documentation Data CHAR1 CHAR 
202 JIT_ONE_WERKS Individual Plant XFLAG CHAR 
203 JIT_OPDEL Selection of Open Deliveries JIT_OPDEL CHAR 
204 JIT_OPT_DD Creation of Optional Documentation Data CHAR1 CHAR 
205 JIT_OQUAL Object Type for Qualifier for Barcode Entry JIT_OQUAL CHAR 
207 JIT_OUTEX JIT Call Outbound Generated XFELD CHAR 
208 JIT_P1ORD Sorting Sequence of Criteria with Priority 1 JIT_ORDER CHAR 
209 JIT_P2ORD Sort Sequence of Criteria with Priority 2 JIT_ORDER CHAR 
210 JIT_P3ORD Sort Sequence of Criteria with Priority 3 JIT_ORDER CHAR 
211 JIT_P4ORD Sort Sequence of Criteria with Priority 4 JIT_ORDER CHAR 
212 JIT_PDATE Planned Dispatch Time TZNTSTMPS DEC 
213 JIT_PDATUM Planned Shipping Date DATE DATS 
214 JIT_PGCUST1 Components Group Text 1 TEXT30 CHAR 
215 JIT_PGCUST2 Components Group Text 2 TEXT30 CHAR 
216 JIT_PGDCUST1 Destination Text 1 TEXT30 CHAR 
217 JIT_PGDCUST2 Destination Text 2 TEXT30 CHAR 
218 JIT_PMODE Print Formatting Mode JIT_PMODE CHAR 
219 JIT_PNTFR Plant of Source Storage Location of Stock Transfer WERKS CHAR 
220 JIT_PNTTO Plant of Receiving Storage Location WERKS CHAR 
221 JIT_POSGR Description of Component Group Type TEXT40 CHAR 
222 JIT_POSGT Delivery Information TEXT40 CHAR 
223 JIT_POSID Components Group Number JIT_POSID NUMC 
224 JIT_POSID_BC Components Group Number with Barcode Prefix JIT_POSID_BC CHAR 
225 JIT_POSNRN Delivery schedule item - new material POSNR NUMC 
226 JIT_POSNR_VL Item Number within Summarized JIT Call Deliveries POSNR NUMC 
227 JIT_POSTF Entry Units for Automatic Execution JIT_POSTF NUMC 
228 JIT_PPRIO Print Control Indicator: Priority JIT_PPRIO CHAR 
229 JIT_PPROD Archiving - Update Run XFELD CHAR 
230 JIT_PPROP Packing Instruction Exists in Sales Document XFELD CHAR 
231 JIT_PRDAT Shipping/Requirements Date DATUM DATS 
232 JIT_PRIID Reference Numbers in Delivery IDoc JIT_PRIID CHAR 
233 JIT_PRINF Key for Production Information JIT_PRINF NUMC 
235 JIT_PRIO1 Priority 1 in the Sort Variant JIT_PRIO1 CHAR 
236 JIT_PRIO2 Priority 2 in the Sort Variant JIT_SPRIO CHAR 
237 JIT_PRIO3 Priority 3 in the Sort Variant JIT_SPRIO CHAR 
238 JIT_PRIO4 Priority 4 in the Sort Variant JIT_PRIO1 CHAR 
239 JIT_PRIVC Reference Numbers in IDoc for Billing Document JIT_PRIVC CHAR 
240 JIT_PRKST Internal Processing Sts by SumJC Components Groups Splitting JIT_INTST CHAR 
241 JIT_PRODN External Call Number TEXT35 CHAR 
242 JIT_PRODNR External release number   CHAR 
243 JIT_PRODN_BC External call number with barcode prefix TEXT36 CHAR 
244 JIT_PRODN_FROM External Call Number: Start Value of Interval TEXT35 CHAR 
245 JIT_PRODN_TO External Call Number End Value of Interval TEXT35 CHAR 
246 JIT_PROFT Description of Color Profile TXT40 CHAR 
247 JIT_PZEIT Planned Shipping Time TIME TIMS 
248 JIT_QUALO Object Type for Qualifier for Barcode Entry JIT_QUALO CHAR 
249 JIT_QUALT Description of Object Qualifier for Bar Code Issue TEXT40 CHAR 
250 JIT_QUANT Call Quantity MENG15 QUAN 
251 JIT_QUICKMON Start Report Directly (Skip Selection Screen) XFELD CHAR 
252 JIT_RANGE Call is Part of a Summarized Range Call CHECKBOX CHAR 
253 JIT_RDATE Planned Time of Requirements TZNTSTMPS DEC 
254 JIT_RDATUM Planned Requirements Date DATE DATS 
255 JIT_REDAT Time of Receipt of Signal TZNTSTMPS DEC 
256 JIT_REDATUM Date of Receipt of Signal DATE DATS 
257 JIT_REFIO Inbound/Outbound Relevance of the References JIT_REFIO CHAR 
258 JIT_REFNR Reference Number of JIT Call CHAR35 CHAR 
259 JIT_REFRS Graphic Refreshed Automatically XFLAG CHAR 
260 JIT_REFTX Reference Number / Reference Text for JIT Call JIT_REFTX CHAR 
261 JIT_REFTY Type of Reference Number JIT_REFTY CHAR 
262 JIT_REFTYT Description for Type of Reference Number JIT_REFTYT CHAR 
263 JIT_RELINDAT Relative Time Data for Internal Processing Status JIT_RELTIME INT1 
264 JIT_RELRDATE Relative Time Data for Planned Requirement Time JIT_RELTIME INT1 
265 JIT_RELUOM Unit of Measure for Relative Time Data JIT_RELUOM CHAR 
266 JIT_RESID Residence Time in Days INT4 INT4 
267 JIT_REZEIT Time of Receipt of Signal TIME TIMS 
268 JIT_RNPID Type of Reference Number in IDoc JIT_RNPID CHAR 
269 JIT_RUECK Completion message from production executed XFELD CHAR 
270 JIT_RZEIT Planned Requirements Time TIME TIMS 
271 JIT_SALL All Application Servers XFIELD CHAR 
272 JIT_SASHC Item of Separator (Sash) for Component List INT4 INT4 
273 JIT_SASHD Item of Separator (Sash) for the Details INT4 INT4 
274 JIT_SASHG Item of Separator (Sash) for the Graphic 0=No Graphic INT4 INT4 
275 JIT_SASHS Item of Separator (Sash) for the Settings INT4 INT4 
276 JIT_SBOFF Do not check sequence break XFELD CHAR 
277 JIT_SEL Selection marking for data record XFELD CHAR 
278 JIT_SELDCL Delete component lists data in temporary storage FLAG CHAR 
279 JIT_SELDCU Delete Customer Data from Shared Buffer FLAG CHAR 
280 JIT_SELDLV1 All Components Groups Delivered RADIO CHAR 
281 JIT_SELDLV2 Only select delivered components groups RADIO CHAR 
282 JIT_SELDLV3 Select only undelivered components groups RADIO CHAR 
283 JIT_SELDMA Delete Material Data from Shared Buffer FLAG CHAR 
284 JIT_SELDPG Delete Components Group Data from Shared Buffer FLAG CHAR 
285 JIT_SELECT_LIMIT DB Selection Row Limit NUMC4 NUMC 
286 JIT_SELFER1 Select all Components Groups RADIO CHAR 
287 JIT_SELFER2 Select only if Transfer to Production Completed RADIO CHAR 
288 JIT_SELFER3 Select Only if not Transferred to Production RADIO CHAR 
289 JIT_SELKBU1 Select all Components Groups RADIO CHAR 
290 JIT_SELKBU2 Select Only Updated Components Groups RADIO CHAR 
291 JIT_SELKBU3 Select Only Updated Components Groups RADIO CHAR 
292 JIT_SELMEL1 Select all Components Groups RADIO CHAR 
293 JIT_SELMEL2 Select Only Completed Components Groups RADIO CHAR 
294 JIT_SELMEL3 Select Only Completed Components Groups RADIO CHAR 
295 JIT_SELNB1 Select all RADIO CHAR 
296 JIT_SELNB2 Select Only Repeat Orders RADIO CHAR 
297 JIT_SELNB3 Select Only Non Repeat Orders RADIO CHAR 
298 JIT_SELOB Number of Objects Selected INT4 INT4 
299 JIT_SELOUT1 Calls With and Without JIT Calls Outbound RADIO CHAR 
300 JIT_SELOUT2 Only Select Calls with JIT Calls Outbound RADIO CHAR 
301 JIT_SELOUT3 Only Select Calls Without JIT Calls Outbound RADIO CHAR 
302 JIT_SELTSL1 Delivery Confirmation Matching Closed or Open RADIO CHAR 
303 JIT_SELTSL2 Delivery Confirmation Matching Closed RADIO CHAR 
304 JIT_SELTSL3 Delivery Confirmation Matching not yet Closed RADIO CHAR 
305 JIT_SELTXT Selection Criterion Text CHAR40K CHAR 
306 JIT_SELTXT1 Select JIT Calls With and Without Additional Information RADIO CHAR 
307 JIT_SELTXT2 Select JIT Calls with Additional Information RADIO CHAR 
308 JIT_SELTXT3 Select Only JIT Calls without Additional Information RADIO CHAR 
309 JIT_SEQAF Sequence Number after Gap TEXT35 CHAR 
310 JIT_SEQBF Sequence Number before Gap TEXT35 CHAR 
311 JIT_SEQBR Display Sequence Gaps XFELD CHAR 
312 JIT_SEQNR External Sequence Number TEXT35 CHAR 
313 JIT_SEQNRS Priority of the Sequence Number in the Sort Variant JIT_SPRIO CHAR 
314 JIT_SEQNR_BC External Sequence Number with Barcode Prefix TEXT36 CHAR 
315 JIT_SETSH Settings Shown XFELD CHAR 
316 JIT_SHOW Display number of calls XFELD CHAR 
317 JIT_SISES Display Selection Screen at Start XFELD CHAR 
318 JIT_SIZE Size of Calls in JIT Cockpit (Scale 1 to 9) NUMC2 NUMC 
319 JIT_SORT Sort Criterion in JIT Cockpit JIT_SORT CHAR 
321 JIT_SORTVT Description of Sort Variant CHAR40 CHAR 
322 JIT_SQUANT Single Quantity of Material in External Document MENG15 QUAN 
323 JIT_SSPEZ Additional Information 3 TEXT35 CHAR 
324 JIT_STATISTICS_LIST Display Statistics in List Form XFELD CHAR 
325 JIT_STATUS Status for Internet scenario CHAR10 CHAR 
326 JIT_STDAT Time of status DEC15 DEC 
327 JIT_STOFR Source Storage Location of Stock Transfer LGORT CHAR 
328 JIT_STOTO Target Storage Location for Stock Transfer LGORT CHAR 
329 JIT_SWACT Action for Internal Calls with CG Switch JIT_AKTION CHAR 
330 JIT_SWALV Do Not Create List XFELD CHAR 
331 JIT_SWBATCH_L Generate JIT delivery schedules in batch if JIT shortage XFELD CHAR 
332 JIT_SWBLK Components Groups Block XFELD CHAR 
333 JIT_SWBLM Call Components Block XFELD CHAR 
334 JIT_SWDIS Discrete material XFELD CHAR 
335 JIT_SWEXP Expand Hierarchy Levels in List XFELD CHAR 
336 JIT_SWINC Components Group Switch only for Internal Calls XFELD CHAR 
337 JIT_SWIST Switch Processing Status (Action SWCG) XFELD CHAR 
338 JIT_SWMAT Call Header / Call Components XFELD CHAR 
339 JIT_SWMATSORT Display view sorted by material XFELD CHAR 
340 JIT_SWMODE1 Carry Out JIT Matching with MRP-relevant FDS Requirements XFELD CHAR 
341 JIT_SWMODE2 Match JIT Call directly on JIT/Forecast Dely Schedule Level XFELD CHAR 
342 JIT_SWNOR Call header / components group XFELD CHAR 
343 JIT_SWPID Switch Internal Components Group Number (Action SWCG) XFELD CHAR 
344 JIT_SWPOU Only Switch Completed Components Groups XFELD CHAR 
345 JIT_SWSEL Line Selection Permitted XFELD CHAR 
346 JIT_TABACTIV Activate Selection Tabstrip XFELD CHAR 
347 JIT_TAKTION Sub-Action of Interlinked Action JIT_AKTION CHAR 
348 JIT_TESTDELETE Delete Only in Test Mode XFELD CHAR 
349 JIT_TEXCO JIT: Additional Indicator on Call Component Level XFELD CHAR 
350 JIT_TEXHD Supplementary Text Exists XFELD CHAR 
351 JIT_TEXIT Additional Data Available at Components Group Level XFELD CHAR 
352 JIT_TEXT Text line TEXT70 CHAR 
353 JIT_TGMATP Priority of Components Groups Material JIT_FPRIO CHAR 
354 JIT_TIMDF Current Time Difference at Time of Receipt TIME TIMS 
355 JIT_TIMED Time Shift in hh:mm:ss JIT_TIMED TIMS 
356 JIT_TSART Basis of lead time calculation JIT_TSART CHAR 
357 JIT_TXTID JIT: Text Index for Additional Text Processing INT4 INT4 
358 JIT_TZONE Time zone of customer plant TZNZONE CHAR 
359 JIT_TZONE_DIA Time Zone for Dialog TZNZONE CHAR 
360 JIT_TZONE_PG Time zone of supplier's plant TZNZONE CHAR 
361 JIT_TZONE_VAR Time Zone of Specific User TZNZONE CHAR 
362 JIT_UDATE Upper requirements time limit TZNTSTMPS DEC 
363 JIT_UPBOR Tolerance Value for Red Traffic Light NUM04 NUMC 
364 JIT_USRSP Indicator for User-Specific Saving XFELD CHAR 
365 JIT_USTAT upper status CHAR10 CHAR 
366 JIT_VATYP Proposal call type JIT_ABTYP CHAR 
367 JIT_VBELNN Delivery schedule number (new material) VBELN CHAR 
368 JIT_VEHID Additional Information 2 TEXT35 CHAR 
369 JIT_VERID Production Version of Components Groups Materials VERID CHAR 
370 JIT_VETYP Additional Information 1 TEXT35 CHAR 
371 JIT_VL10_SEL Display of JIT Data for Summarized JIT Calls XFELD CHAR 
372 JIT_VMENG Call Quantity in Sales Unit of Measure MENG15 QUAN 
373 JIT_WARN_ICON Total Requirements Exist SYCHAR132 CHAR 
374 JIT_WKFLW Workflow Triggered XFELD CHAR 
375 JIT_WOTRM Do not consider scheduling during requirements matching XFELD CHAR 
376 JIT_ZETYP Document Type CHAR17 CHAR 
377 JIT_ZMENG Call Quantity in Target Unit of Measure MENG15 QUAN 
378 JIT_ZVER Preliminary Run XFELD CHAR 
379 JIVWBLGMNG CAR insert quantity STMENGE DEC 
380 JIVWMITMNG CAR combination quantity STMENGE DEC 
381 JIXANPOB Rent can only be adjusted on an upward basis (indicator) XFELD CHAR 
382 JJBEDARTZP IS-M: Requirement Type for Extra Commission Entitlement JVMBEDART CHAR 
383 JJBEDART_KTEXT IS-M/AM: Requirement Type (Short Text) TEXT15 CHAR 
384 JJBEDNR_KTEXT IS-M/AM: Contract Requirement (Short Text) TEXT15 CHAR 
385 JJBELNR IS-M/AM: Billing Document JJBELNR CHAR 
386 JJBELNRSV IS-M: Reversal Reference JJBELNR CHAR 
387 JJBEZKKBET IS-M: Condition Rate (Amount or Percentage) DECV15_3 DEC 
388 JJBONSCHL1 IS-M/AM: Bonus 1: Commission Key for Media Sales Agent PRSCHL CHAR 
389 JJBONSCHL2 IS-M: Bonus 2: Commission Key for Media Sales Agent PRSCHL CHAR 
390 JJFATBB1 IS-M: Free Attribute 1 Requirement Element JJFATBB1 CHAR 
391 JJFATBB1TK IS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 1 (Element) TEXT15 CHAR 
392 JJFATBB1TL IS-M/AM: Long Text for Free Attribute 1 (Element) TEXT50 CHAR 
393 JJFATBB2 IS-M: Free Attribute 2 Requirement Element JJFATBB2 CHAR 
394 JJFATBB2TK IS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 2 (Element) TEXT15 CHAR 
395 JJFATBB2TL IS-M/AM: Long Text for Free Attribute 2 (Element) TEXT50 CHAR 
396 JJFATBB3 IS-M: Free Attribute 3 Requirement Element JJFATBB3 CHAR 
397 JJFATBB3TK IS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 3 (Element) TEXT15 CHAR 
398 JJFATBB3TL IS-M/AM: Long Text for Free Attribute 3 (Element) TEXT50 CHAR 
399 JJFATBB4 IS-M: Free Attribute 4 Requirement Element JJFATBB4 CHAR 
400 JJFATBB4TK IS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 4 (Element) TEXT15 CHAR 
401 JJFATBB4TL IS-M/AM: Long Text for Free Attribute 4 (Element) TEXT50 CHAR 
402 JJFATBB5 IS-M: Free Attribute 5 Requirement Element JJFATBB5 CHAR 
403 JJFATBB5TK IS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 5 (Element) TEXT15 CHAR 
404 JJFATBB5TL IS-M/AM: Long Text for Free Attribute 5 (Element) TEXT50 CHAR 
405 JJFATBB6 IS-M: Free Attribute 6 Requirement Element JJFATBB6 CHAR 
406 JJFATBB6TK IS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 6 (Element) TEXT15 CHAR 
407 JJFATBB6TL IS-M/AM: Long Text for Free Attribute 6 (Element) TEXT50 CHAR 
408 JJFATBB7 IS-M: Free Attribute 7 Requirement Element JJFATBB7 CHAR 
409 JJFATBB7TK IS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 7 (Element) TEXT15 CHAR 
410 JJFATBB7TL IS-M/AM: Long Text for Free Attribute 7 (Element) TEXT50 CHAR 
411 JJLIFT Criterion: Elevator JAUSW CHAR 
414 JJMCANZDIE IS-M/AM: LIS number of service items MCZAEHLER DEC 
415 JJMCANZEIN IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Schedule Lines MCZAEHLER DEC 
416 JJMCANZFAK IS-M: LIS no of billing documents MCZAEHLER DEC 
417 JJMCANZFAN IS-M: LIS Number of Billing Ad Items MCZAEHLER DEC 
418 JJMCANZFDI IS-M: LIS number of billing service items MCZAEHLER DEC 
419 JJMCANZFGA IS-M: LIS number of billing document credit memos MCZAEHLER DEC 
420 JJMCANZFGD IS-M: LIS number of billing credit memo service items MCZAEHLER DEC 
421 JJMCANZFGK IS-M: LIS number of KOMV credit memos MCZAEHLER DEC 
422 JJMCANZFGN IS-M: LIS Number of Billing Ad Credit Memo Items MCZAEHLER DEC 
423 JJMCANZFGO IS-M/AM: LIS number of credit memos for online items MCZAEHLER DEC 
424 JJMCANZFGP IS-M: LIS number of credit memo billing items MCZAEHLER DEC 
425 JJMCANZFGS IS-M: Number of billing credit memo AI items MCZAEHLER DEC 
426 JJMCANZFGT IS-M: LIS number of billing partner credit memos MCZAEHLER DEC 
427 JJMCANZFGV IS-M: LIS Number of Sales Agents Credit Memo MCZAEHLER DEC 
428 JJMCANZFGW IS-M: LIS number of commercial item credit memos MCZAEHLER DEC 
429 JJMCANZFGY IS-M/AM: LIS number of credit memos for distribution items MCZAEHLER DEC 
431 JJMCANZFOL IS-M/AM: LIS number of billing documents for online item MCZAEHLER DEC 
432 JJMCANZFPA IS-M: LIS Number of Billing Partners MCZAEHLER DEC 
433 JJMCANZFPO IS-M: LIS number of billing items MCZAEHLER DEC 
434 JJMCANZFSO IS-M: LIS number of billing AI items MCZAEHLER DEC 
435 JJMCANZFVT IS-M: LIS Number of Billing Documents for Distribution Items MCZAEHLER DEC 
436 JJMCANZFVZ IS-M: LIS Number of Sales Agents MCZAEHLER DEC 
437 JJMCANZFWS IS-M: LIS number of billing commercial items MCZAEHLER DEC 
438 JJMCANZGRP IS-M/AM: LIS number of billing datasets for LIS DEC9 DEC 
439 JJMCANZMOT IS-M: LIS number of ad specs MCZAEHLER DEC 
440 JJMCANZOL IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Online Items MCZAEHLER DEC 
442 JJMCANZSON IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Ad Insert Items MCZAEHLER DEC 
443 JJMCANZVT IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Distribution Items MCZAEHLER DEC 
444 JJMCANZVZ IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Sales Agent Assignments MCZAEHLER DEC 
445 JJMCANZWS IS-M/AM: LIS number of commercial items MCZAEHLER DEC 
446 JJMCGUANZA IS-M/AM: LIS number of credit memos for orders MCZAEHLER DEC 
447 JJMCGUANZD IS-M/AM: Number of credit memo items for service items MCZAEHLER DEC 
448 JJMCGUANZOL IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Online Credit Memos MCZAEHLER DEC 
449 JJMCGUANZP IS-M/AM: LIS number of credit memo items MCZAEHLER DEC 
450 JJMCGUANZS IS-M: LIS number of credit memo items for ad insert items. MCZAEHLER DEC 
451 JJMCGUANZV LIS number of Credit Memo Items for Sales Agt Assignments MCZAEHLER DEC 
452 JJMCGUANZVT IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Distribution Credit Memos MCZAEHLER DEC 
453 JJMCGUANZW IS-M: LIS number of credit memo items for a commercial item MCZAEHLER DEC 
454 JJMCGUANZZ IS-M/AM: LIS Number of Credit Memo Items for an Ad Item MCZAEHLER DEC 
455 JJMEINS IS-M: Basic Unit of Measure for Time MEINS UNIT 
456 JJMEINS_ISO IS-M: ISO Code for Basic Unit of Measure for Time ISOCD CHAR 
458 JJPERNR IS-M: Personnel Number JPERNR CHAR 
459 JJPOSNR IS-M/AM: Item (number) in settlement document JJPOSNR NUMC 
461 JJVNR_KTEXT IS-M/AM: Sales Agent Contract (Short Text) TEXT15 CHAR 
462 JJVPRDHSTU No.of Levels in Product Hier.for Sales Agent Determination PRODH_STU NUMC 
463 JJXNOVFIND IS-M: Deactivate Sales Agent Determination XFELD CHAR 
464 JJXNOVFPRT IS-M: Do Not Update Sales Agent Determination Log XFELD CHAR 
465 JJ_MIN_GUT IS-M: Minimum credit memo CHAR07 CHAR 
466 JJ_MIN_LAS IS-M: Minimum credit memo CHAR07 CHAR 
467 JJ_XPFTS IS-M: Pricing in Technical System Indicator XFELD CHAR 
468 JKAKTIVTYP Activity type for data transfer for sales order JKAKTIVTYP CHAR 
469 JKAK_ERROR IS-M: Order not allowed by planning trigger AVNR CHAR 
470 JKALKSK IS-M: Sales Agent Det.Proc. (for Pricing Proc.Determination) KALKSK CHAR 
471 JKANNEING Field with optional entry JANE CHAR 
472 JKAPBIS Date to which Sales Order Item is Valid DATUM DATS 
473 JKAPBIS_ZE Selection Date To (Central Access) DATUM DATS 
474 JKAPPL IS-M: All IS-M/AM Output Applications JKAPPL CHAR 
475 JKAPVON Valid-From Date of Sales Order Item DATUM DATS 
476 JKAPVON_ZE Selection Date From (Central Access) DATUM DATS 
477 JKAPZLSCH IS-M: Order payment method ZLSCH CHAR 
478 JKAP_ERROR IS-M: Order item not allowed by planning trigger APNR NUMC 
479 JKARENZ IS-M: Grace Period for Price Changes JKARENZ NUMC 
480 JKARENZANZ IS-M: Grace Period for Ad Item CHAR04 CHAR 
481 JKARENZDL IS-M: Grace Period for Service Item CHAR04 CHAR 
482 JKARENZSI IS-M: Grace Period for Ad Insert CHAR04 CHAR 
483 JKARENZVER IS-M: Grace Period for Distribution Item CHAR04 CHAR 
484 JKARENZWSP IS-M: Grace Period for Commercial CHAR04 CHAR 
485 JKART Security deposit paid in cash JANE CHAR 
486 JKAUFOPT Option to buy JANEI CHAR 
487 JKBETR_NUM IS-M: External numerical condition amount NUM11 NUMC 
488 JKBLART Document Type for Incoming Payment BLART CHAR 
489 JKDATA IS-M/SD: Data Part of Structure for Data Import   CHAR 
490 JKDELIVEND_ACT IS-M/SD: Actual end of delivery (copy/ JKPERIOD CHAR 
491 JKDELIVEND_POS IS-M/SD: Possible end of delivery (copy/ JKPERIOD CHAR 
492 JKDELIVEND_REQ IS-M/SD: Requested end of delivery (copy/ JKPERIOD CHAR 
493 JKEFUNKTION Processing function for schedule line data transfer JKEFUNKTION CHAR 
494 JKEPBIS Date to Which Schedule Line in Sales Order is Valid DATUM DATS 
495 JKEPVON Date from Which Schedule Line in Sales Order is Valid DATUM DATS 
496 JKEREIGNIS IS-M: Event - trigger of circulation increase in retail JKEREIGNIS CHAR 
497 JKEXPIRATION IS-M/SD: Expiration date (copies/publication date) JKPERIOD CHAR 
498 JKFAKTMODFROM IS-M/SD: Change billing arrangements from (copies/ JKPERIOD CHAR 
499 JKFAKTTO IS-M/SD: Date to which billing performed (copies/ JKPERIOD CHAR 
500 JKFIXED IS-M/SD: Reference Media Issue Fixed XFELD CHAR