SAP ABAP Data Element - Index J, page 14
Data Element - J
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 JZIPADDONHIGH IS-M: Extension of 5-digit ZIP code (upper limit) CHAR4 CHAR 
2 JZIPADDONLOW IS-M: Extension of 5-digit ZIP code (lower limit) CHAR4 CHAR 
3 JZIPCLASSIFCODE Classification of ZIP code CHAR01 CHAR 
4 JZIPCODE 5-digit ZIP code JCHAR5 CHAR 
5 JZIPCODE_PTT Postal code 6-digit (PTT), 4 numeric, 2 letters CHAR06 CHAR 
6 JZIPCODE_PTT_ALPH IS-M: Alpha part of postal code (PTT NL; 2-character) CHAR02 CHAR 
7 JZIPCODE_PTT_NUM IS-M: Numeric part of postal code (PTT NL; 4-digit) CHAR04 CHAR 
8 JZIVERSDAT IS-M: Shipping date in carrier information DATUM DATS 
9 JZLSCH IS-M: Payment Method ZLSCH CHAR 
10 JZLSCHA IS-M: Payment method for outgoing payments ZLSCH CHAR 
11 JZLSCHE IS-M: Payment method for incoming payments ZLSCH CHAR 
12 JZLSCH_IAC IS-M: IACs, Target or Default Setting for Payment Method ZLSCH CHAR 
13 JZSKLS Time slice classification for sales order JZSKLS CHAR 
14 JZSTLZNABO Delivery time including delivery to non-subscribers DAUERSTD4 TIMS 
15 JZUAB Value appreciation indicator JZUAB CHAR 
16 JZUABK Reduction/surcharge features indicator JANE CHAR 
17 JZUGEHOER IS-M: Membership Status Own/Co-Administered/Third Party JZUGSTAT CHAR 
18 JZUGRIFFOL Access sequence within access path JZUGRIFFOL NUMC 
19 JZUGRIFFPF Access path for read routines in change management JZUGRIFFPF NUMC 
20 JZUK Flag: Future changes JFLAGG CHAR 
21 JZUKOMM IS-M: Additional Communication Data TEXT50 CHAR 
22 JZUKVOR Flag: Acct settlement variant will change in future JFLAGG CHAR 
23 JZUMOD IS-M/SD: Contract arrangements for home delivery JZUSTMOD CHAR 
24 JZUONR_CREDITS IS-M/SD: Assignment Number in FI Document (Credit Posting) ZUONR CHAR 
25 JZUONR_DEBITS IS-M/SD: Assignment Number in FI Document (Debit Posting) ZUONR CHAR 
26 JZUONR_MSD IS-M/SD: Assignment number in FI document ZUONR CHAR 
28 JZUORDFUNK Assignment function (inclusive, exclusive) JZUORDFUNK CHAR 
29 JZUORDNR IS-M: Sales activity assignment number JZUORDNR CHAR 
30 JZUORDTYP Type of structure assignment JZUORDTYP CHAR 
31 JZUORDTYPS Initial assignment type for structure maintenance JZUORDTYP CHAR 
32 JZUORDTYPZ Target assignment type for structure maintenance JZUORDTYP CHAR 
33 JZUOTYPGEF Next assignment type if assignments were found JZUORDTYP CHAR 
34 JZUOTYPNGE Next assignment type if no assignments found JZUORDTYP CHAR 
35 JZUSBETR IS-M/AM: Amount Surcharge WERTV6 CURR 
36 JZUSCHLAG Surcharge contained in new basic rent JANE CHAR 
37 JZUSMEIN IS-M/AM: Quantity-dependent surcharge WERTV6 CURR 
38 JZUSPROZ IS-M/AM: Percentage Surcharge DEC4_3 DEC 
39 JZUSTAENNR IS-M/AM: Number for Media Contact Person Responsibility JZUSTAENNR NUMC 
40 JZUSTAENNR_DI IS-M/AM: Number for Media Contact Person Responsibility CHAR03 CHAR 
44 JZUSTIM Approval indicator JANE CHAR 
45 JZUSTMENGE IS-M: Order Quantity for Ad Pre-Print Delivery (TMC) STMENGE DEC 
46 JZUSTNAME IS-M/SD: Name of carrier CHAR15 CHAR 
47 JZUSTRECH Carrier Subject to Research (Checked) GPNR CHAR 
49 JZUST_GPNR IS-M: Responsibility for business partner GPNR CHAR 
50 JZUSZSTLLZ Additional home delivery time DAUERSTD4 TIMS 
51 JZUZAHLBET Additional payment ISPWV112 CURR 
52 JZUZAHLWAE Currency for Additional Payment WAERS CUKY 
53 JZWANG Foreclosure indicator JANEI CHAR 
54 JZWSCHL IS-M: Payment Method (Bank Returns) ZLSCH CHAR 
55 J_1AAADJZE Disregard Manual Revaluations That Total Zero XFELD CHAR 
56 J_1AAAFABZ Base Value for Revaluation of Depreciation J_1AAAFABZ CHAR 
57 J_1AAAUCTF Settle Revaluation Amounts Proportionately XFELD CHAR 
58 J_1AABASEA Base Depreciation Area AFABE NUMC 
59 J_1AABBWNC Transaction Type for Revaluation Amounts BWASL CHAR 
60 J_1AABBWND Transaction Type for Revaluation Amounts BWASL CHAR 
61 J_1AABZDAT Transaction value date DATUM DATS 
62 J_1AABZWKZ Base Value for Revaluation of APC J_1AABZWKZ CHAR 
63 J_1AACNO Account number of vendor/customer CHAR10 CHAR 
64 J_1AACOPYN Number of layout rules for copy printing of way bills J_1AACOPYN NUMC 
65 J_1AACTFLAG Activation Flag J_1AACTFLAG CHAR 
66 J_1AACTSS Activity Code for Social Insurance J_1AACTSS CHAR 
67 J_1AADDLOG Additional data display required XFELD CHAR 
68 J_1AADJBAP Adjustment frecuency for the material J_1AFRECP NUMC 
69 J_1AADJMOD Additional Rule for Revaluation J_1AADJMOD CHAR 
70 J_1AADJMOP Adjust month of origin XFELD CHAR 
71 J_1AADJPER Fiscal period up to which the account is adjusted MONAT NUMC 
72 J_1AADJYEA Fiscal year of the last adjusted period GJAHR NUMC 
73 J_1AAEDAT Date of Last Change DATUM DATS 
74 J_1AAENAM Name of Person Who Changed Object USNAM CHAR 
75 J_1AAEXPON Exponet of base 10 for historic values (negative Exponent) J_1AAEXPON NUMC 
76 J_1AAFRMMO Way bill Form for asset movement TDFORM CHAR 
77 J_1AAFRMMT Form for Transfers with movement - AA Way Bill TDFORM CHAR 
78 J_1AAFRMOT Forms for other movements - AA Way Bills TDFORM CHAR 
79 J_1AAFRMTR Form for Transfer - AA Way Bills TDFORM CHAR 
80 J_1AAGENTF Starting Date of Collection Authorization J_1ASTART DATS 
81 J_1AAGENTT End Date for Collection Authorization J_1AEND DATS 
82 J_1AAIDXBT Revaluation amount calculated at last execution ANLKWERT CURR 
83 J_1AAINDEX Inflation Index J_1AINDXP CHAR 
84 J_1AAKBWNC Transaction type for adjustments of transfer/ retirements BWASL CHAR 
85 J_1AAKBWND Adjustment transaction type for Transfers/retirement BWASL CHAR 
86 J_1AALTDAT Last Revaluation Date DATUM DATS 
87 J_1AALTIDX Last Index Used J_1AINDXP CHAR 
88 J_1AALVDIS Flexible Output with ALV XFELD CHAR 
89 J_1AAMACT Inflation Accounting Active for Asset Accounting (FI-AA) XFELD CHAR 
90 J_1AAMNT Amount in local currency WERT8 CURR 
91 J_1AAMNTM1 Amount in the 1. Month DEC10_2V DEC 
92 J_1AAMNTM2 Amount in the 2. Month DEC10_2V DEC 
93 J_1AAMNTM3 Amount in the 3. Month DEC10_2V DEC 
94 J_1AAMNTM4 Amount in the 4. Month DEC10_2V DEC 
95 J_1AAMOTRX Transfer with movement XFELD CHAR 
96 J_1AAMOVDT Document date for way bill DATUM DATS 
97 J_1AAMOVEX Asset movement XFELD CHAR 
99 J_1AAM_EXT_OUT Extended Output List CHAR1 CHAR 
100 J_1AAM_NUM_TX Maximum Number of Transactions Per Batch Input Session N_INTEGER INT4 
101 J_1AAM_RVEND_CONT Allow Revaluation After End of Useful Life J_1AAEND CHAR 
102 J_1AAM_STD_OUT Standard Output List CHAR1 CHAR 
103 J_1AANX3DT Date of Annexure III generation DATUM DATS 
104 J_1AANX3SALESDT Stores the last sent document date in Annexure 3 for Sales DATUM DATS 
105 J_1AANX3SERVDT Stores the last sent document date in Annexure 3 for Service DATUM DATS 
106 J_1AAOFFCL Official document class for Asset Movements J_1ADOCCLS CHAR 
107 J_1AAOTHEX Other reason for Way Bill Printing XFELD CHAR 
108 J_1AAOTTYC Transaction Type for Revaluation Amounts BWASL CHAR 
109 J_1AAOTTYD Transaction Type for Revaluation Amounts BWASL CHAR 
110 J_1AAPARTM Apartment number for self employed vendor CHAR4 CHAR 
111 J_1AAPCMET Period Control Method J_1AAPCMET CHAR 
112 J_1AAPPLKP Application lock indicator J_1AAPPLKP NUMC 
113 J_1AAPRTDT Printing date for asset accounting way bill DATUM DATS 
114 J_1AARANL1 Receiver Asset main number ANLN1 CHAR 
115 J_1AARANL2 Receiver Asset sub number ANLN2 CHAR 
116 J_1AARATYP Revaluation Area Type J_1AARATYP CHAR 
117 J_1AARBUKR Receiver company code BUKRS CHAR 
118 J_1AARCSNR Branch of receiver object J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
119 J_1AAREASN Type of movement - reason for numbering J_1AAREASN CHAR 
120 J_1AARTADJ Transaction type for adjustment of transfer/retirements XFELD CHAR 
121 J_1AARTTEX Do Not Revaluate Transactions of This Type XFELD CHAR 
122 J_1AARVADJ Exclude When Calculating Differences XFELD CHAR 
123 J_1AARVKEY Revaluation Key J_1AARVKEY CHAR 
124 J_1AASANL1 Sender asset main number ANLN1 CHAR 
125 J_1AASANL2 Sender Asset Sub number ANLN2 CHAR 
126 J_1AASESNR Branch of sender object J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
127 J_1AASTEXT Short Text TEXT50 CHAR 
128 J_1AATAGRP Historic Transaction Balance Group J_1AATAGRP CHAR 
129 J_1AATAREA Revaluation Difference Area AFABE NUMC 
130 J_1AATBBZD Time base and exposure to inflation for asset value date J_1ATBEDEP CHAR 
131 J_1AATBEAC TBE Variant for Acquisitions J_1ATBEDEP CHAR 
132 J_1AATBEAF TBE Variant for Subsequent Acquisitions J_1ATBEDEP CHAR 
133 J_1AATBERE TBE Variant for Retirements J_1ATBEDEP CHAR 
134 J_1AATBETR TBE Variant for Transfers J_1ATBEDEP CHAR 
135 J_1AATRANX Transfer of asset XFELD CHAR 
136 J_1AAUTBR Branch for Automatic Postings J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
137 J_1AAWBLNR Internal Number for asset movement way bills J_1AAWBLNR CHAR 
138 J_1AAXLOEV Deletion flag XFELD CHAR 
139 J_1AAXREVD Split Revaluation of Depreciation XFELD CHAR 
140 J_1AAXREVDA No Split Revaluation of Depreciation XFELD CHAR 
141 J_1ABARCODE Barcode for billing document (Argentina)   NUMC 
142 J_1ABATCH Batch Indicator J_1ABATCH CHAR 
143 J_1ABIUSEP User for batch input CHAR12 CHAR 
144 J_1ABRNCH Branch number J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
145 J_1ACAEDUEDATE CAE invoice due date DATUM DATS 
146 J_1ACAENUM CAE number of invoice J_1ACAENUM CHAR 
147 J_1ACAEREASON Reason for CAE status   CHAR 
148 J_1ACAEREF Reference document for CAE invoices J_1ACAEREF CHAR 
149 J_1ACAEREFTYP CAE reference document type J_1ACAEREFTYP CHAR 
151 J_1ACALBA Calculate Inflation by Business Area XFELD CHAR 
152 J_1ACALY Calendar year GJAHR NUMC 
153 J_1ACANCEL Document is cancelled XFLAG CHAR 
154 J_1ACAREER Forwarding agent/carrier LIFNR CHAR 
155 J_1ACBSCHP Credit Posting Key for Inflation Adjustment Documents BSCHL CHAR 
156 J_1ACIFLAG Flag: Document contains data for C.I.T.I. Ddeclaration XFELD CHAR 
157 J_1ACINUM Credit Invoice Number VBELN CHAR 
158 J_1ACIREL Document Type Relevant for Credit Invoice (Argentina Only) XFELD CHAR 
159 J_1ACITI_D C.I.T.I. code J_1ACITI CHAR 
160 J_1ACI_ISS_DATE Date on which Credit Invoice is Issued DATUM DATS 
161 J_1ACI_MIN_AMOUNT Minimum Amount for Credit Invoice WERT7 CURR 
162 J_1ACI_MIN_DAYS Limit in Days After Which Credit Invoice Is Issued NUMC2 NUMC 
163 J_1ACMONTH Calendar month AM_MONAT NUMC 
164 J_1ACOEFFP Indicator: Inflation coefficient XFELD CHAR 
165 J_1ACOINAP Composite Index XFELD CHAR 
166 J_1ACOMINP Composite Index J_1AINDXP CHAR 
167 J_1ACOMPER Inflation adjustment of amounts from the comparison period XFELD CHAR 
168 J_1ACONBRNCH Contingency Branch J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
169 J_1ACONDATE Contingency Date DATUM DATS 
170 J_1ACONFLAG Processing Contingency Document   CHAR 
171 J_1ACONRESAON Contingency Reason for CAE Invoice CHAR20 CHAR 
172 J_1ACONT Contingency Check J_1ACONT CHAR 
173 J_1ACONTIME Contingency Time TIME8 TIMS 
174 J_1ACOPYN Number of copies NUM2 NUMC 
175 J_1ACORWVP Correct wrong valuated good issues XFELD CHAR 
176 J_1ACPDEL Indicator: Copy branch from Delivery note XFELD CHAR 
177 J_1ACSTCD1 Company code C.U.I.T. STCD1 CHAR 
178 J_1ACSTMCD Customs code J_1ACSTMCD CHAR 
179 J_1ACSTMDT Customs date DATUM DATS 
180 J_1ACSTMNO Customs tariff number CHAR8 CHAR 
181 J_1ACSTMYR Customs year GJAHR NUMC 
182 J_1ACTYCODE Country code from AFIP for Argentina Electronic Invoice J_1ACTYCODE CHAR 
183 J_1ACTYP_D C.I.T.I. transaction type J_1ACTYP CHAR 
184 J_1ACURCODE Currency code from AFIP for Argentina Electronic Invoice J_1ACURCODE CHAR 
185 J_1ACURRC Original Currency - Current Period WAERS CUKY 
186 J_1ACURRP Original Currency - Previous Period WAERS CUKY 
187 J_1ACUSTMS Flag: Customs data maintainable in the document entry XFELD CHAR 
188 J_1ACUST_EI Flag to indicate electronic invoicing applicable for custome J_1ACUST_EI CHAR 
189 J_1ACYEAR Calendar year GJAHR NUMC 
190 J_1AC_STATE Com. Interface: Curent State Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
191 J_1ADATCHK Check Posting Date when Issuing Official Document Number XFELD CHAR 
192 J_1ADATETO Date of last number assignment J_1AEND DATS 
193 J_1ADBLART Document type of the discount document BLART CHAR 
194 J_1ADBRNCH Branch for domestic operations J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
195 J_1ADBSCHP Debit Posting Key for Inflation Adjustment Documents BSCHL CHAR 
196 J_1ADBSL Posting Key for Cash Discount Credit Memos on the Debit Side BSCHL CHAR 
197 J_1ADECIMP Number of decimals for reporting NUMC2 NUMC 
198 J_1ADEFDT Last Adjustment Date DATUM DATS 
199 J_1ADEFINP Definitive internal indicator XFELD CHAR 
200 J_1ADEFLAP Definitive Inflation Index Value XFELD CHAR 
201 J_1ADELCST Delivery Costs in Market Price Determination J_1ADELCST CHAR 
202 J_1ADELCTF Delivery Costs in Fiscal Valuation J_1ADELCST CHAR 
203 J_1ADEPDIP Indicator: Post revaluation on past depreciation XFELD CHAR 
204 J_1ADGIDT Information to the DGI date DATUM DATS 
205 J_1ADISC Indicator: entry represents a discount document ADISC CHAR 
206 J_1ADISDO_ discount document BELNR CHAR 
207 J_1ADIVAT Flag: Discriminate VAT in the document XFELD CHAR 
208 J_1ADLVCSP Market price includes delivery costs XFELD CHAR 
209 J_1ADMBTR Amount in local currency with sign WERTV7 CURR 
210 J_1ADOCCL_ Document Class J_1ADOCCLS CHAR 
211 J_1ADOCCNT Number of documents NUM08 NUMC 
212 J_1ADOCINF Additional document information (internal use) CHAR1 CHAR 
213 J_1ADOCMP Market price in document currency WERTV8 CURR 
214 J_1ADRDT Daily report date DATUM DATS 
215 J_1ADREI General Inflation Gain or Loss Account SAKNR CHAR 
216 J_1ADREPID Daily Report Name J_1ADREPID CHAR 
217 J_1ADREPNM Daily Report Name J_1ADREPNM CHAR 
218 J_1ADRT Specific Inflation Gain or Loss Account SAKNR CHAR 
219 J_1ADRVER_ Version of Daily VAT Report J_1ADRVER CHAR 
220 J_1ADTYP_D Distribution Type for Employment Tax J_1ADTYP CHAR 
221 J_1AEBRCH CAE Electronic Branch J_1AEBRC CHAR 
222 J_1AEBRNCH Branch for export operations J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
223 J_1AEDREBP xch.diff.calc.over real dates or adj.base J_1AEDREBP CHAR 
225 J_1AEIFLAG Flag to mark creation of EI in Annexure V format J_1AEIFLAG CHAR 
227 J_1AENVTYPE Type of Environment J_1AENVTYPE CHAR 
228 J_1AEPVERS Extended print version XFELD CHAR 
229 J_1AERRORS Errors in execution of the Program XFELD CHAR 
230 J_1AERTYPE Exchange Rate Type for G/L Account Evaluation KURST CHAR 
231 J_1AEXDF Start date of exemption J_1ASTART DATS 
232 J_1AEXDT End date of exemption J_1AEND DATS 
233 J_1AEXMPT Flag: exemption possible XFELD CHAR 
234 J_1AEXNR Number of exemption certificate CHAR15 CHAR 
235 J_1AEXPKZ Material movement: Export indicator XFELD CHAR 
236 J_1AEXRT Exemption rate PRZ32 DEC 
237 J_1AEXRTBI Exemption rate for batch input CHAR6 CHAR 
239 J_1AFAUSA Document type field status def. document header data FA040 CHAR 
240 J_1AFBLARP Document type for postings in another ledger BLART CHAR 
241 J_1AFCIREL Indicator: Credit Invoice relevant XFELD CHAR 
242 J_1AFCTYP Category of Credit Memo Billing Document J_1AFCTYP CHAR 
243 J_1AFCURNEW Inflation Adjustment Only XFELD CHAR 
244 J_1AFDATE Start date for the Inflation adjustment calculation DATUM DATS 
245 J_1AFFLAG Indicator for foreign issuing party XFELD CHAR 
246 J_1AFIACT Inflation Accounting Active for Financial Accounting (FI) XFELD CHAR 
247 J_1AFICU01 Inflation control parameter XFELD CHAR 
248 J_1AFICU02 Control of inflation posting XFELD CHAR 
249 J_1AFICU03 Control data of last adjustment XFELD CHAR 
250 J_1AFICU04 Inflation adjustment calculation XFELD CHAR 
251 J_1AFICU05 Default values XFELD CHAR 
252 J_1AFICU06 Default values for the accounts CHAR1 CHAR 
253 J_1AFICU07 Accounts for provisional adjustments CHAR1 CHAR 
254 J_1AFICU08 Accounts for definitve adjustments CHAR1 CHAR 
255 J_1AFICU09 Account determination CHAR1 CHAR 
256 J_1AFICU10 General CHAR1 CHAR 
257 J_1AFICU11 Screen field: Document types for inflation adjustment CHAR1 CHAR 
259 J_1AFIGJAP Final year for inflation GJAHR NUMC 
260 J_1AFIMONP Original period for inflation MONAT NUMC 
261 J_1AFITPI Tax Category of Issuing Partner J_1AFITP CHAR 
262 J_1AFITPR Fiscal type of receiving party J_1AFITP CHAR 
263 J_1AFITP_D Tax type J_1AFITP CHAR 
264 J_1AFLOOR Floor for self employed vendor CHAR2 CHAR 
265 J_1AFNDDAT Foundation date of the company CHAR10 CHAR 
266 J_1AFOPID Tax Code for Foreign Nationals J_1AFOPID CHAR 
267 J_1AFORCENUM Indicator: Force Numbering for zero-value Billing Documents XFELD CHAR 
268 J_1AFORTN Fortnight (1 or 2) NUM1 NUMC 
269 J_1AFPER Start Period MONAT NUMC 
270 J_1AFPG From page number CHAR5 CHAR 
271 J_1AFPID Tax Code for Foreign Nationals CHAR13 CHAR 
272 J_1AFPTOID Flag: Foreign person type of document XFELD CHAR 
273 J_1AFRN From reference number CHAR10 CHAR 
274 J_1AFROMSK First G/L account number of a range of accounts SAKNR CHAR 
275 J_1AFVERS Index version NUMC4 NUMC 
276 J_1AFVERSP Index Version DEC04 DEC 
277 J_1AFWAER Currency of Account Balance WAERS CUKY 
278 J_1AFWBAS Tax base amount in document currency with sign WERTV7 CURR 
279 J_1AFWBLAT Document Type for Adjustments to Items in Foreign Currency BLART CHAR 
280 J_1AFWDIRECT Currency Valuation and Inflation Adjustment XFELD CHAR 
281 J_1AFWMODE Open items in foreign currency: Mode of processing J_1AFWMODE CHAR 
282 J_1AFWSTE Tax amount in document currency with sign WERTV7 CURR 
283 J_1AFWSTEP1 Currency Valuation Only XFELD CHAR 
284 J_1AFWSTEP2 Inflation Adjustment Only XFELD CHAR 
285 J_1AF_WT_REPBS Withholding tax base amount in local currency for reporting WERTV8 CURR 
286 J_1AGENER Text field: General data CHAR1 CHAR 
287 J_1AGICD_D Activity Code for Gross Income Tax J_1AGICD2 CHAR 
288 J_1AGIFLAG Flag: Document contains data for GI Declaration XFELD CHAR 
289 J_1AGIMAC Gross Income Tax coefficient J_1AGIMAC DEC 
290 J_1AGIPER_ Gross Income Tax Rate PRZ22 DEC 
291 J_1AGIRUPD Goods issue revaluation performed J_1AGIRUPD CHAR 
292 J_1AGIVDAT Gross Income valdity date -from- DATUM DATS 
293 J_1AGLINF General Inflation Contra Account SAKNR CHAR 
294 J_1AGOU Indicator: Good of use? XFELD CHAR 
295 J_1AHKONT Account to Be Adjusted SAKNR CHAR 
296 J_1AHOUSEN House Number for self employed vendor CHAR5 CHAR 
297 J_1AHWBAS Tax base amount in local currency with sign WERTV7 CURR 
298 J_1AHWSTE Tax amount in local currency with sign WERTV7 CURR 
299 J_1AIBLARP Document Type for Adjustments to Items in Local Currency BLART CHAR 
300 J_1AIBUDAT Posting date for the inflation adjustment postings DATUM DATS 
301 J_1AIDATEP Last day of the time period where the index value is valid J_1AUDATEP DATS 
302 J_1AIDATES Indexing base date J_1AUDATEP DATS 
303 J_1AIDEF Inflation adjustment with definitive index XFELD CHAR 
304 J_1AIFADJT Inflation adjustment performed up to XFELD CHAR 
305 J_1AIFSKS Inflation Key J_1AIFSKS CHAR 
306 J_1AIFSKST Inflation Key - G/L Account (Description) TEXT30 CHAR 
307 J_1AIMWSKP Input Tax Code for Inflation Adjustment Documents MWSKZ CHAR 
308 J_1AINDCO Indicator: select prices from contracts XFELD CHAR 
309 J_1AINDEXP Indicator: Inflation Index XFELD CHAR 
310 J_1AINDGR Select Prices from Goods Receipts XFELD CHAR 
311 J_1AINDICP Index Format J_1AINDICP NUMC 
312 J_1AINDINF Indicator: select price from info records XFELD CHAR 
313 J_1AINDINV Indicator: select prices from invoices XFELD CHAR 
314 J_1AINDMAN Indicator: include manual price XFELD CHAR 
315 J_1AINDPO Indicator: select prices from purchase orders XFELD CHAR 
316 J_1AINDTXT Inflation Index Short Text TEXT30 CHAR 
317 J_1AINDXF Fiscal Inflation Index J_1AINDXP CHAR 
318 J_1AINDXM Inflation Indexing Method J_1AINDXM CHAR 
319 J_1AINDXP Inflation Index J_1AINDXP CHAR 
320 J_1AINDXSP Inflation Index J_1AINDXP CHAR 
321 J_1AINFAMNT Inflation Adjustment Amount WERTV8 CURR 
322 J_1AINFAMP Basis amount for inflation WERT7 CURR 
323 J_1AINFCOP Inflation Index Expressed as a Coefficient J_1AINFCOP DEC 
324 J_1AINFCPP Provisional Inflation Index Expressed as a Coefficient J_1AINFCOP DEC 
325 J_1AINFME_ Inflation Method J_1AINFMET CHAR 
326 J_1AINFMT_ Description TEXT30 CHAR 
327 J_1AINFPEP Inflation Index Expressed as a Percentage J_1AINFPEP DEC 
328 J_1AINFPPP Provisional Inflation Index Expressed as a Percentage J_1AINFPEP DEC 
329 J_1AINFRND Inflation Rate Rounding J_1AINFRND CHAR 
330 J_1AINFST Inflation adjustment status of account J_1AINFST CHAR 
331 J_1AINSACCT Change New G/L Accounts Only XFELD CHAR 
332 J_1AINVREF Invoice reference in billing document J_1AINVREF CHAR 
333 J_1AIPER Final period for inflation adjustment MONAT NUMC 
334 J_1AIPMNGP General Inflation Index J_1AINDXP CHAR 
335 J_1AIPOST Update Run XFELD CHAR 
336 J_1AIPROV Provisional Run XFELD CHAR 
338 J_1AISNR Issuing Branch number J_1AISNR CHAR 
339 J_1AISTAT Inflation Calculator XFELD CHAR 
340 J_1AISVAT Flag: is VAT like tax XFELD CHAR 
341 J_1AKBSL Posting Key for Cash Discount Credit Memos on Credit Side BSCHL CHAR 
342 J_1AKDATE Inflation Adjustment Date DATUM DATS 
343 J_1AKOSTL Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
344 J_1AKSCHL Condition Type: Tax Code in Financial Accounting KSCHL CHAR 
345 J_1ALAMNT Limit amount WERT7 CURR 
346 J_1ALAMNTG Quartal limit amount WERT7 CURR 
347 J_1ALAMNTS Single (per transaction) limit amount WERT7 CURR 
348 J_1ALASTR Status of last adjustment run J_1ALASTR CHAR 
350 J_1ALEGAL Legalization TEXT40 CHAR 
351 J_1ALINENO Line number NUM10 NUMC 
352 J_1ALINFVL Last Adjustment Date DATUM DATS 
353 J_1ALMCHK Check for Lower Limit XFELD CHAR 
354 J_1ALOCFL Name of Local File SADC70 CHAR 
355 J_1ALOCKPP Date for locking provisional or definitive index DATUM DATS 
356 J_1ALREDTP Last Revaluation Date DATUM DATS 
357 J_1AMANPR Manual Change of Replacement Cost Relevant XFELD CHAR 
358 J_1AMCALPG Name of calling program (SY-REPID) WPREPORT CHAR 
359 J_1AMCDATE Creation Date of Log-Entry DATS DATS 
360 J_1AMCTIME Creation Time of Log-Entry TIME TIMS 
361 J_1AMDODAT Date of document DATS DATS 
362 J_1AMDOITM Document item POSNR NUMC 
363 J_1AMDONUM Document number CHAR10 CHAR 
364 J_1AMDOTYP Document type J_1AMDOTYP CHAR 
365 J_1AMETHOP Method for Inflation Reestatement J_1AMETHOP CHAR 
366 J_1AMETINF Adjustment Method J_1AMETINF CHAR 
367 J_1AMINFC Material Inflation Class CHAR03 CHAR 
368 J_1AMINFRO Minimum amount valid from J_1ASTART DATS 
369 J_1AMIXTYP Type of inflation index J_1AMIXTYP NUMC 
370 J_1AMJC Municipal Jurisdiction Code CHAR40 CHAR 
371 J_1AMLBSCO Determine Market Price from Contracts XFELD CHAR 
372 J_1AMLBSDS Display Market Price Source Document XFELD CHAR 
373 J_1AMLBSFD From-Date for Market Price Determination DATS DATS 
374 J_1AMLBSIR Determine Market Price from Info Records XFELD CHAR 
375 J_1AMLBSIV Determine Market Price from Invoices XFELD CHAR 
376 J_1AMLBSPO Determine Market Price from Purchase Orders XFELD CHAR 
377 J_1AMLBSUD To-Date for Market Price Determination DATS DATS 
378 J_1AMLSBMP Use Market Price Determination XFELD CHAR 
379 J_1AMMACT Inflation Accounting Active for Materials Management (MM) XFELD CHAR 
380 J_1AMMCUTY Exchange Rate Type for Replacement Cost Valuation KURST CHAR 
381 J_1AMMDAC Don't post to Materials Management (MM) XFELD CHAR 
382 J_1AMMETYP Type of valuation method J_1AMMETYP NUMC 
383 J_1AMMLACT Material ledger is active XFLAG CHAR 
384 J_1AMNEWPR New (valuated) material price WERT11 CURR 
385 J_1AMOLDPR Old price WERT11 CURR 
386 J_1AMONACC Account for Monetary Items XFELD CHAR 
387 J_1AMPBDAT Begin of selection period DATS DATS 
388 J_1AMPDATE Date of market price DATUM DATS 
389 J_1AMPDATP Use last good receipt date to valuate PO and invoice prices XFELD CHAR 
390 J_1AMPDOC Document type relevant for market price determination XFELD CHAR 
391 J_1AMPEDAT End of selection period DATS DATS 
392 J_1AMPFLAG Indicator that market price has been found XFELD CHAR 
393 J_1AMPMANC Market price set manually for current period XFELD CHAR 
394 J_1AMPMANP Market price set manually for previous period XFELD CHAR 
395 J_1AMPMAST Take valuation method from material master XFELD CHAR 
396 J_1AMPMETH Revaluation Method J_1AMPMETH CHAR 
397 J_1AMPPU Market price previous period updated XFELD CHAR 
398 J_1AMPRCHP Price change via MR21 previous period only XFELD CHAR 
399 J_1AMPRICE Market price in local currency WERTV8 CURR 
400 J_1AMPROVI Flag indicating provisional run CHAR1 CHAR 
401 J_1AMPYEAR Year of valuation period GJAHR NUMC 
402 J_1AMTBTYP Type of time base and exposure to inflation J_1AMTBTYP NUMC 
403 J_1AMTPER Value maintenance method J_1AMTPER CHAR 
404 J_1AMVALMD Valuation Mode J_1AMVALMD NUMC 
405 J_1AMVALTY Valuation-Type J_1AMVALTY NUMC 
406 J_1AMWSKZ Tax code for SD documents MWSKZ CHAR 
407 J_1ANAME4 Last Name, First Name for self employed vendors CHAR1 CHAR 
408 J_1ANATXCD National Tax Code J_1ANATXCD CHAR 
409 J_1ANDSCOR Name of Dataset for Corrections TEXT30 CHAR 
410 J_1ANDSNEW Name of Dataset for New Entries TEXT30 CHAR 
411 J_1ANEWDAT Create a new Dataset XFELD CHAR 
412 J_1ANOCCT Flag: No CUIT certificate XFELD CHAR 
413 J_1ANOPG Number of pages of invoice J_1ANOPG NUMC 
414 J_1ANOPG_BI Number of pages of invoice (batch input field) CHAR3 CHAR 
415 J_1ANOSSCT Flag: No Social Security certificate XFELD CHAR 
416 J_1ANOTRTP No Adjustment Split XFELD CHAR 
417 J_1ANOVERP No new versions allowed XFELD CHAR 
418 J_1ANRPCPT New Replacement Cost Total Value WERT7 CURR 
419 J_1ANUMGR0 Numbering groups for withholding certificate numbering J_1ANUMGR3 CHAR 
420 J_1ANUMGR_ Number Group for Official Documents J_1ANUMGR1 CHAR 
421 J_1ANUMREL Document Type Relevant for Official Numbering XFELD CHAR 
422 J_1ANUTIME Time of numbering for deliveries J_1ANUTIME CHAR 
423 J_1AOFFNREL Official Document Numbering Control J_1AOFFNREL CHAR 
424 J_1AOFFNUM Official document number for Argentina J_1AOFFNUM CHAR 
425 J_1AOFTP_D Official document type J_1AOFTP CHAR 
427 J_1AOMWSKP Output Tax Code for Inflation Adjustment Documents MWSKZ CHAR 
428 J_1AONLYSP Specific Adjustments Only XFELD CHAR 
429 J_1AOPTYPE Operation type CHAR11 CHAR 
430 J_1AORDATP Original Date DATUM DATS 
431 J_1AORGJAP Original year for inflation GJAHR NUMC 
432 J_1AORMONP Original period for inflation MONAT NUMC 
433 J_1AORMWSK Use Original Tax Codes XFELD CHAR 
434 J_1AORPCPT Old Replacement Cost Total Value WERT7 CURR 
435 J_1APAC Print Authorization Code J_1APAC CHAR 
436 J_1APACF Subject to Fiscal Controller XFELD CHAR 
437 J_1APACPN Official Document Numbers Issued Externally XFELD CHAR 
438 J_1APACVD Print Authorization Code: Valid-To Date DATUM DATS 
439 J_1APAGENO Page number NUM5 NUMC 
440 J_1APAYDOC payment document BELNR CHAR 
441 J_1APCAGNO Perception agent no. CHAR10 CHAR 
442 J_1APCHAR Character to be printed on the document J_1APCHAR CHAR 
443 J_1APDATA Print data on SAPscript layoutset CHAR1 CHAR 
444 J_1APERCEP Indicator: Inflation percentage XFELD CHAR 
445 J_1APGDCNM Time Dependency for Page and Document Numbering J_1APGDCNM CHAR 
446 J_1APINFCO Provisional inflation coefficient J_1AINFCOP DEC 
447 J_1APINFPE Provisional inflation percentage J_1AINFPEP DEC 
448 J_1APKPAY Indicator: Posting key for payments selected in reports XFELD CHAR 
449 J_1APLANDC Planned delivery costs WERT7 CURR 
450 J_1APMONTH Replacement Cost Valuation MM - Month of Period MONAT NUMC 
452 J_1APODATP Posting Date XFELD CHAR 
454 J_1APODTFR Select from posting date (incl.) DATUM DATS 
455 J_1APODTTO Select up to posting date (incl.) DATUM DATS 
456 J_1APOINDX Indexing Active XFELD CHAR 
458 J_1APORECO Post Replacement Cost Valuation (Price Change) XFELD CHAR 
459 J_1APOSCAL Create and Post Inflation Adjustment Documents Online XFELD CHAR 
460 J_1APOSMEP Posting Method for FI Inflation J_1APOSMEP CHAR 
461 J_1APOSTI Post Inflation Adjustments for this Account XFELD CHAR 
463 J_1APRCHAN Create price changes XFELD CHAR 
464 J_1APRDATE Printing/Presentation date DATUM DATS 
465 J_1APREI General Inflation Gain or Loss Account SAKNR CHAR 
466 J_1APREPID Replacement Cost Valuation - Inflation Report J_1ADREPID CHAR 
467 J_1APREYEP Previous Year XFELD CHAR 
468 J_1APRNREC Print records of file XFELD CHAR 
469 J_1APRNTCD Print cleared documents XFELD CHAR 
470 J_1APROC Processing way J_1APROC CHAR 
471 J_1APRODTC Last Processing Date - Current Period DATUM DATS 
472 J_1APRODTP Last Processing Date for Market Price - Previous Period DATUM DATS 
473 J_1APRODXC Last processing date inflation index reval. (curr./def.) DATS DATS 
474 J_1APRODXP Last Processing Date for Definitive Index Adjustment DATS DATS 
475 J_1APROINP Provisional or definitive indicator J_1APROINP CHAR 
476 J_1APROMON Process Monetary Items XFELD CHAR 
477 J_1APRORUN Replacement cost valuation - provisional run XFELD CHAR 
478 J_1APROVDT Date of last provisional adjustment DATUM DATS 
479 J_1APROVIS Execution was not a final one XFELD CHAR 
480 J_1APROVRN Provisional run XFELD CHAR 
481 J_1APROVXC Last processing date inflation index reval. (curr./prov.) DATS DATS 
482 J_1APROVXP Last Processing Date for Provisional Index Adjustment DATS DATS 
483 J_1APRT Specific Inflation Gain or Loss Account SAKNR CHAR 
484 J_1APRTOL Price Tolerance PRZ32 DEC 
485 J_1APSSYDT Post discount document with system date as posting date XFELD CHAR 
486 J_1APVALIP Provisional inflation index value J_1AVALIP DEC 
487 J_1APYEAR Replacement Cost Valuation MM - Year of period GJAHR NUMC 
488 J_1ARECNO Number of record CHAR8 CHAR 
489 J_1AREDDAB Read entries from Database XFELD CHAR 
490 J_1AREDDAT Read entries from Dataset XFELD CHAR 
491 J_1AREDDOC Read specific documents XFELD CHAR 
492 J_1AREFKSCHL Reference Condition Type KSCHL CHAR 
494 J_1AREGSS Registered for Social Insurance XFELD CHAR 
495 J_1AREIAMNT General Inflation Gain or Loss WERTV8 CURR 
496 J_1AREIFP General inflation effect J_1AAMTP DEC 
497 J_1AREJCODE Return Code from AFIP for Electronic Invoice J_1AREJCODE CHAR 
498 J_1AREJDESC Description of Return Code TEXT100 CHAR 
500 J_1AREJREASON Reason for rejection of CAE invoice CHAR11 CHAR