SAP ABAP Data Element - Index J, page 20
Data Element - J
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 J_1IRG23AA G/L account RG23A AED account SAKNR CHAR 
2 J_1IRG23AAT1 G/L account RG23A AT1 account SAKNR CHAR 
3 J_1IRG23AAT2 G/L account RG23A AT2 account SAKNR CHAR 
4 J_1IRG23AAT3 G/L account RG23A AT3 account SAKNR CHAR 
5 J_1IRG23AB G/L account RG23A BED account SAKNR CHAR 
6 J_1IRG23AE G/L account for RG23A ECS SAKNR CHAR 
7 J_1IRG23AN G/L account for RG23A NCCD SAKNR CHAR 
8 J_1IRG23AS G/L account for RG23A SED SAKNR CHAR 
9 J_1IRG23C G/L account for Modvat Credit RG23C SAKNR CHAR 
10 J_1IRG23CA G/L account for RG23C AED SAKNR CHAR 
11 J_1IRG23CAT1 G/L account RG23C AT1 account SAKNR CHAR 
12 J_1IRG23CAT2 G/L account for RG23C AT2 SAKNR CHAR 
13 J_1IRG23CAT3 G/L account for RG23C AT3 SAKNR CHAR 
14 J_1IRG23CB G/L account for RG23C BED SAKNR CHAR 
15 J_1IRG23CE G/L account for RG23C ECS SAKNR CHAR 
16 J_1IRG23CN G/L account for RG23C NCCD SAKNR CHAR 
17 J_1IRG23CS G/L account for RG23C SED SAKNR CHAR 
18 J_1IRG23DSOPT Automatically Verify and Post EIs for Depot Sales XFELD CHAR 
19 J_1IRGSTAT Register Entry Status J_1IRGSTAT CHAR 
20 J_1IRIND1 Reference Document Type 1 J_1IRIND CHAR 
21 J_1IRIND2 Reference Document Type 2 J_1IRIND CHAR 
22 J_1IRIND3 Reference document type 3 J_1IRIND CHAR 
23 J_1IRISIND Goods Movement Direction J_1IRISIND CHAR 
24 J_1IRITEM1 Reference Item 1 NUMC6 NUMC 
25 J_1IRITEM2 Reference Item 2 NUMC6 NUMC 
26 J_1IRMENGE Quantity remaining to be sold/installed MENGE QUAN 
27 J_1IRMRK Self-Assessment Remarks J_1IRMRK CHAR 
28 J_1IRMRPIND Max. Retail Price Relevant J_1IRMRPIND CHAR 
29 J_1IRT57F3 57F3 percentage rate PRZ23 DEC 
30 J_1IRTDAT Return Date DATS DATS 
31 J_1IRYEAR1 Reference year 1 CHAR4 CHAR 
32 J_1IRYEAR2 Reference year 2 CHAR4 CHAR 
33 J_1ISCDESC TDS section description (nature of payment) TXT60 CHAR 
34 J_1ISCONDT Subcontracting document return date J_1ISCONDT DATS 
35 J_1ISCPGN Quantity of Scrap generated MENG13 QUAN 
36 J_1ISDRND Rounding off of Exicse duty for outgoing excise invoice XFELD CHAR 
37 J_1ISECREF Secondary Reference For Document J_1ISECREF CHAR 
39 J_1ISECTYP Indicator for section in TDS CHAR1 CHAR 
40 J_1ISED Excise Registration Is Liable to SED XFELD CHAR 
41 J_1ISEDCLA Excise SED claim WERT7 CURR 
42 J_1ISEDINV Inventorized SED WERT7 CURR 
43 J_1ISEDRAT Special Excise Duty % PRZ34 DEC 
44 J_1ISELTYP Excise Invoice Selection Procedure J_1ISELTYP CHAR 
45 J_1ISEQNO Sequence number NUM4 NUMC 
46 J_1ISER Service Tax WERT7 CURR 
47 J_1ISERAT1CLR G/L account ST AT1 Clearing account SAKNR CHAR 
48 J_1ISERAT1CRD G/L account ST AT1 Credit account SAKNR CHAR 
49 J_1ISERAT1PAY G/L account for AT1 payable account SAKNR CHAR 
50 J_1ISERCLR G/L account Service tax clearing account SAKNR CHAR 
51 J_1ISERCRD G/L account Service tax credit account SAKNR CHAR 
52 J_1ISERDES Document Series Description CHAR40 CHAR 
53 J_1ISERDOCTYP Service Document Type J_1ISERDOCTYP CHAR 
54 J_1ISERECSCLR G/L account ECS ST clearing account SAKNR CHAR 
55 J_1ISERECSCRD G/L account ECS ST credit account SAKNR CHAR 
56 J_1ISERECSPAY G/L account ECS ST payable account SAKNR CHAR 
57 J_1ISERGRP Excise Document Series Group J_1ISERGRP CHAR 
58 J_1ISERN Service Tax Registration Number CHAR40 CHAR 
59 J_1ISERPAY G/L account Service tax payable account SAKNR CHAR 
60 J_1ISERSUBCL Service sub clause no CHAR20 CHAR 
61 J_1ISERTAXNO Service Tax Serial Number NUMC10 NUMC 
62 J_1ISER_AR Service tax -Arrears WERT7 CURR 
63 J_1ISER_CAT Service category CHAR10 CHAR 
64 J_1ISESN Service entry sheet number J_1ISESN CHAR 
65 J_1ISETOFF setoff percentages PRZ23 DEC 
66 J_1ISHCESSST Secess on Service Tax WERT7 CURR 
67 J_1ISHCESSST_AR Secess on service tax -Arrears WERT7 CURR 
68 J_1ISIMULATE Simulate postings CHAR1 CHAR 
70 J_1ISRLNO RG1 serial number NUMC10 NUMC 
71 J_1ISRLNO1 Register Entry Serial Number NUMC10 NUMC 
72 J_1ISRLNO2 Serial Number NUMC10 NUMC 
73 J_1ISSIPERC Rate of Excise Duty for Small-Scale Industries DEC3 DEC 
75 J_1ISTAT Status of the Form CHAR1_X CHAR 
78 J_1ISTATIND Indicator for Intrastate sales XFELD CHAR 
79 J_1ISTATUS Excise Document Status J_1ISTATUS CHAR 
80 J_1ISTCODE LST CST applicability code J_1ISTCODE CHAR 
81 J_1ISTDESC Tax applicability Description CHAR30 CHAR 
82 J_1ISTO Create Part I Entry For Stock Transport Order XFELD CHAR 
83 J_1ISTRDES Sub Transaction Type Text CHAR50 CHAR 
84 J_1ISTRTYP Sub Transaction Type CHAR2 CHAR 
85 J_1ISUB Indicator for sending materials to subcontractor CHAR1_X CHAR 
86 J_1ISUBDAY Subcontracting Period NUM3 NUMC 
87 J_1ISUBIND Material Can Be Sent to Subcontractors CHAR1_X CHAR 
88 J_1ISUBRAT Excise percentage rate - subcontracting PRZ23 DEC 
89 J_1ISURAMT Surcharge amount WERTV7 CURR 
90 J_1ISURC Surcharge Calculation Method J_1ISURC CHAR 
91 J_1ISURCHG To indicate if surcharge applicable for this section J_1ISURCHG CHAR 
93 J_1ISURETY_ADDR_NO Address Number NUM3 NUMC 
97 J_1ISURRAT Surcharge Rate PRZ23 DEC 
98 J_1ITANNO TDSCAN of Collecting Company for TCS CHAR40 CHAR 
99 J_1ITAXAMT Total witholding tax / service tax amount WERTV7 CURR 
100 J_1ITAXBAS Tax base amount WERTV8 CURR 
101 J_1ITAXC Document Type for Journal Voucher (Tax Code Correction) BLART CHAR 
102 J_1ITAXCAL Tax procedure KALSM CHAR 
104 J_1ITAXPC Tax carry over percentage WERTV6 CURR 
105 J_1ITCLEAR TDS clearing account number SAKNR CHAR 
106 J_1ITCODE Transaction code TCODE CHAR 
107 J_1ITDBANK Bank details for TDS cerificate TXT60 CHAR 
108 J_1ITDCHLN Challan Numbers CHAR10 CHAR 
110 J_1ITDFRDT From date for issuing TDS certificate CK_DATUM DATS 
111 J_1ITDINDE TDS amt in co. currency as deducted during TDS posting WERTV7 CURR 
112 J_1ITDINPO TDS amt as paid to the govt. in co. currency WERTV7 CURR 
113 J_1ITDSAMT TDS amount in local currency WERTV7 CURR 
114 J_1ITDSDOC TDS Certificate Number CHAR10 CHAR 
115 J_1ITDSIND TDS update indicator J_1ITDSIND CHAR 
116 J_1ITDSTYP Document Type for Remittance Challans BLART CHAR 
117 J_1ITEXT Text field for the User J_1ITEXT CHAR 
118 J_1ITODT Fiscal period for issuing cerificate CK_DATUM DATS 
119 J_1ITRNDES Description of Transaction Type J_1ITRNDES CHAR 
120 J_1ITRNTYP Excise Transaction Type J_1ITRNTYP CHAR 
121 J_1ITRPMODE Excise Bonding Mode of transport J_1ITRPMODE CHAR 
122 J_1ITXCODE Export tax code MWSKZ CHAR 
123 J_1ITXDATF Date from which the tax rule is valid DATUM_INV CHAR 
124 J_1ITXDATT Date to which the tax rule is valid DATUM_INV CHAR 
125 J_1ITXJCD Export tax jurisdiction code (Dummy) TXJCD CHAR 
126 J_1ITXRATE Rate of Excise Duty PRZ34 DEC 
127 J_1ITXSTAT Status of tax J_1ITXSTAS CHAR 
128 J_1ITXVNDS withholding tax - vendor type description J_1ITXVNDS CHAR 
129 J_1ITXVNTY Type of Company J_1ITXVNTY CHAR 
130 J_1IUPDIND Update indicator XFELD CHAR 
131 J_1IUSNAM Created By CHAR12 CHAR 
132 J_1IUSNAMC Changed by the user CHAR12 CHAR 
133 J_1IUTIAMNT Amount tobe utilized WERT7 CURR 
135 J_1IUTILIZ No aacount postings for CENVAT in sales cycle XFELD CHAR 
136 J_1IUTLTYP Document type for FI posting on Utilisation BLART CHAR 
137 J_1IVALASS Assessable Value WERT13 CURR 
138 J_1IVALLGR Latest GR Value WERT13 CURR 
139 J_1IVALNDP Net Dealer Price WERT13 CURR 
140 J_1IVATIND Indicator for state under VAT XFELD CHAR 
141 J_1IVENCRE CENVAT Scheme Participant XFELD CHAR 
142 J_1IVENCUS Vendor/ Customer/ Sub-Contractor J_1IVENCUS CHAR 
143 J_1IVTYP Type of Vendor J_1IVTYP CHAR 
144 J_1IWAERS Currency Key WAERS CUKY 
145 J_1IWRKACC Stock transfer receiving plant account SAKNR CHAR 
146 J_1IXBLNR Refrence document number CHAR12 CHAR 
147 J_1IXBLNR1 Refrence document number 1 CHAR12 CHAR 
148 J_1IXBLNR2 Refrence document number 2 CHAR10 CHAR 
149 J_1IXBLNR_NO xblnr for cin CHAR35 CHAR 
150 J_1IYEAR Year of Register Entry NUMC4 NUMC 
151 J_1IZEILE Item Number J_1IZEILE NUMC 
152 J_1IZEILE1 Item number - GR at depot NUMC4 NUMC 
153 J_1IZEILE2 Item number - delivery at depot NUMC4 NUMC 
155 J_1I_AR_SECTION Section of Income Tax Act J_1I_AR_SECTION CHAR 
156 J_1I_CUSTOMS Customs Vendor FLAG CHAR 
157 J_1I_DUTY_TYPE Duty types J_1I_DUTY_NAME CHAR 
158 J_1I_GTA_SER_TYPE GTA condition indicator J_1I_GTA_SER_TYPE CHAR 
159 J_1I_INTCHLN_NO Internal Challan Number J_1I_INTCHLN_NO NUMC 
160 J_1I_MM_SER_TYP MM condition indicator J_1I_MM_SER_TYPE CHAR 
162 J_1I_QRTR Quarter J_1I_QRTR CHAR 
163 J_1I_SRCH_STRING Search term for free text search in table CHAR20S CHAR 
165 J_1I_TANNO TAN Number CHAR10 CHAR 
166 J_1I_TC_AVAIL_BAL Available Balances J_1I_BAL_AMT CURR 
167 J_1I_TC_UTIL_BAL Utilization amounts J_1I_BAL_AMT CURR 
168 J_1SABLAFT IS-M: CH/V: Unloading Point Text Line CHAR35 CHAR 
169 J_1SAGGLNA IS-M: Name of agglomeration (CH) J_1SC18 CHAR 
170 J_1SAGGLNR IS-M: CH: Agglomeration Number CHAR5KONV CHAR 
171 J_1SALSOGE IS-M: CH: Alpha Sort Value for Municipality J_1SC5 CHAR 
172 J_1SANZAUS IS-M: Number of issues per edition/period (CH) J_1SANZAUS DEC 
173 J_1SANZEXP Number of Copies per Packing Level (IS-M: CH) NUMC8 NUMC 
174 J_1SANZFA1 IS-M: CH: Number of PO Boxes 1 J_1SC5 CHAR 
175 J_1SANZFA2 IS-M: CH: Number of PO Boxes 2 J_1SC5 CHAR 
176 J_1SANZFA3 IS-M: CH: Number of PO Boxes 3 J_1SC5 CHAR 
177 J_1SANZHP1 IS-M: CH: Number of Households PTT 1 J_1SC7 CHAR 
178 J_1SANZHP2 IS-M: CH: Number of Households PTT 2 J_1SC7 CHAR 
179 J_1SANZHP3 IS-M: CH: Number of Households PTT 3 J_1SC7 CHAR 
180 J_1SBADAT IS-M: CH/F: Processing Date of Billing Document DATUM DATS 
181 J_1SBEARB IS-M: Processing indicator for J_1SSTRKUN (CH) J_1SSTRKUN CHAR 
182 J_1SBOTART IS-M: Courier type for Swiss postal service PTT (CH) J_1SBOTART CHAR 
183 J_1SBOTBEZ IS-M: Carrier Route (CH) J_1SC3 CHAR 
184 J_1SBUNDAZ IS-M: Bundle address field for foreign post (CH) CHAR24 CHAR 
185 J_1SBU_ANZ Number of Copies per Postal Pack (IS-M:-CH) NUMC8 NUMC 
186 J_1SC121 IS-M: CH/S: Char String 121 Characters in Length J_1SC121 CHAR 
187 J_1SC125 IS-M: CH: Char String 125 Characters in Length J_1SC125 CHAR 
188 J_1SC40 IS-M: Character string 40 characters in length (CH) J_1SC40 CHAR 
189 J_1SC53 IS-M: CH: Char String 53 Characters in Length J_1SC53 CHAR 
190 J_1SC6 IS-M: CH/S: Char String 6 Characters in Length J_1SC6 CHAR 
191 J_1SC72 IS-M: CH: Char String Length 72 J_1SC72 CHAR 
192 J_1SC79 IS-M: CH: Char String Length 79 J_1SC79 CHAR 
193 J_1SC9 IS-M: CH/S: Char String Length 9 J_1SC9 CHAR 
194 J_1SDEP IS-M/SD-CH: Number of Copies Direct Entry Press NUM8 NUMC 
195 J_1SDIRPAW IS-M: CH: Telecom Direction PTT (Deviation) J_1SC2 CHAR 
196 J_1SDIRPTT IS-M: CH: Telecom Direction PTT J_1SC2 CHAR 
197 J_1SERDAT IS-M: CH/F: Document Entry Date DATUM DATS 
198 J_1SERSCHW IS-M/SD-CH: Publication Frequency Post CH J_1SERSCHW CHAR 
199 J_1SESRFEH IS-M: CH/F: Number of Errored POR Transactions NUM10 NUMC 
200 J_1SESRFRE IS-M: CH/F: Number of Released POR Transactions NUM10 NUMC 
201 J_1SESRTNR IS-M: CH/F: POR Participant Number J_1SC9 CHAR 
202 J_1SESRTRA IS-M: CH/F: Number of POR Transactions NUM10 NUMC 
203 J_1SEXMPFT IS-M: CH/V: Issue Address Text Line CHAR35 CHAR 
204 J_1SEXMPLZ IS-M: Number of issues per postal code NUMC10 NUMC 
205 J_1SGEMNAM IS-M: CH: Municipality Name J_1SC18 CHAR 
206 J_1SGEWIGR IS-M: CH: Weight Groups in Grams NUMC4 NUMC 
207 J_1SGKDAT IS-M: CH: Validity Date YYMMDD J_1SC6 CHAR 
208 J_1SGNRBFS IS-M: CH: Municipality Number from Federal Statistics Office CHAR5KONV CHAR 
209 J_1SGPLZ IS-M: CH: 4-Digit Basic Postal Code CH J_1SGPLZ NUMC 
210 J_1SGUELTD IS-M: CH/S: Validity Date DDAT DATS 
211 J_1SHERSTA IS-MSD-CH: PTT Manufacturing Abroad X_OR_BLANK CHAR 
212 J_1SHMEER IS-M: CH: Height Above Sea Level J_1SC4 CHAR 
213 J_1SHNRBA IS-M: CH/S: House Numbers to Alpha J_1SC2 CHAR 
214 J_1SHNRBIS IS-M: CH/S: House Numbers To NUM04 NUMC 
215 J_1SHNRVA IS-M: CH/S: House Numbers from Alpha J_1SC2 CHAR 
216 J_1SHNRVON IS-M: CH/S: House Numbers From NUM04 NUMC 
218 J_1SKANTAB IS-M: Alternative Canton (CH) J_1SC2 CHAR 
219 J_1SKANTH1 IS-M: CH: Canton Household 1 J_1SC2 CHAR 
220 J_1SKANTH2 IS-M: CH: Canton Household 2 J_1SC2 CHAR 
221 J_1SKANTH3 IS-M: CH: Canton Household 3 J_1SC2 CHAR 
222 J_1SKANTON IS-M: CH: Canton J_1SC2 CHAR 
223 J_1SKATART IS-M: CH/W: Category Processing Type J_1SKATART CHAR 
224 J_1SKATEG IS-M: Category (CH) J_1SKATEG NUMC 
225 J_1SKENN IS-M: CH/S: Customer-Specific Street Identifier J_1SKENN CHAR 
226 J_1SKPDIR IS-M: CH: Regional Postal Structure J_1SC2 CHAR 
227 J_1SKPLREG IS-M: Canton planning region (CH) J_1SC4 CHAR 
228 J_1SKSEQ IS-M: Short production sequence (CH) CHAR2 CHAR 
229 J_1SKZADR IS-M: CH: Indicates Whether Postal Code can be Addressed J_1SC1 CHAR 
230 J_1SKZHAUS IS-M: CH: Check Byte for Household J_1SC1 CHAR 
231 J_1SKZTREN IS-M: CH/S: Separator Code NUM01 NUMC 
232 J_1SLEBUND IS-M: CH/V: Last Postal Pack in Container XFELD CHAR 
233 J_1SLEER5 IS-M: CH: Blank Field 5 Characters Long (Default '00000') J_1SC5 CHAR 
234 J_1SLEER7 IS-M: CH: Blank Field 7 Characters Long (Default '0000000') J_1SC7 CHAR 
235 J_1SLFNRMU IS-M: CH: Run Number for Changes J_1SC5 CHAR 
236 J_1SLG IS-M/SD-CH: Number of Copies for Country Group NUM8 NUMC 
237 J_1SMAXGEW IS-M: Maximum weight for determining PTT courier type GEWICHT QUAN 
238 J_1SMUTCOD JS-MSD CH: Change Code J_1SC1 CHAR 
239 J_1SMUTDAT IS-M: CH: Date of Last Change J_1SC6 CHAR 
240 J_1SMUTKZ IS-M: CH: Change Characteristic J_1SC1 CHAR 
241 J_1SMWSABF IS-M: Payable sales tax amount from billing document WERT7 CURR 
242 J_1SMWSAKT IS-M: Current sales tax amount in billing document (CH) WERT7 CURR 
243 J_1SMWSBEZ IS-M: Sales tax payover after receipt CHAR1 CHAR 
244 J_1SMWSIST IS-M: Sales tax amount payout for billing document (CH) WERT7 CURR 
245 J_1SMWSVEI IS-M: Sales tax payover by agreement CHAR1 CHAR 
246 J_1SNETZAW IS-M: CH: Network Group (Deviation) J_1SC3 CHAR 
247 J_1SNETZGR IS-M: CH: Network Group J_1SC3 CHAR 
248 J_1SNUM02 IS-M: CH/S: 2-Digit Run Number NUM02 NUMC 
249 J_1SONRP IS-M: Official number P (PTT) (CH) J_1SC5 CHAR 
250 J_1SORTABK IS-M: CH: City Abbreviation 27-Character J_1SC27 CHAR 
251 J_1SORTCOD IS-M: CH: City Code J_1SC4 CHAR 
252 J_1SORTSNR IS-M: CH: Sequential City Number Assigned in SAP System J_1SC8 CHAR 
253 J_1SPLANO IS-M: Format Surcharge Indicator for Postal Charge Settlemt XFELD CHAR 
254 J_1SPLZ1 IS-M: CH/V: Postal Code on 1st Summarization Level NPSTLZ CHAR 
255 J_1SPLZ2 IS-M: CH/V: Postal Code on 2nd Summarization Level NPSTLZ CHAR 
256 J_1SPLZ3 IS-M: CH/V: Postal Code on 3rd Summarization Level NPSTLZ CHAR 
257 J_1SPLZ4 IS-M: CH/V: Postal Code on 4th Summarization Level NPSTLZ CHAR 
258 J_1SPLZ5 IS-M: CH/V: Postal Code on 5th Summarization Level NPSTLZ CHAR 
259 J_1SPLZCH IS-M: CH: 6-Digit Postal Code CH NUM06 NUMC 
260 J_1SPLZCHB IS-M: CH: 6-Digit Postal Code To... NUM06 NUMC 
261 J_1SPLZCHK IS-M: CH: 4-Digit Postal Code NUM04 NUMC 
262 J_1SPLZCHV IS-M: CH: 6-Digit Postal Code From... NUM06 NUMC 
263 J_1SPRPCOD IS-M: CH/S: Preposition Code J_1SPRPCOD CHAR 
264 J_1SPSART IS-M: Order Item Type for PTT Settlement J_1SPSART CHAR 
265 J_1SPTTAUFL IS-M/SD-CH: PTT Circulation Figures (> 20000?) Yes/No J_1SPTTAUFL CHAR 
266 J_1SPTTDAT IS-M: CH/F: Creation Date of PTT POR Data Medium DATUM DATS 
267 J_1SPTTFORMAT IS-M/SD-CH: PTT Format (B4 or B5) for Format Surcharge J_1SPTTFORMAT CHAR 
268 J_1SPTTNR IS-M/SD-CH: PTT Newspaper Number J_1SPTTNR CHAR 
269 J_1SPTTTEXT IS-M/SD-CH: PTT Text Portion (>15% or >30%) J_1SPTTTEXT CHAR 
271 J_1SPTTVDT IS-M: CH/F: Processing Date of PTT POR Data Medium DATUM DATS 
272 J_1SPTTZHL IS-M:(CH) Number of Orders for Country Group INT4 INT4 
274 J_1SRECART IS-M: CH/S: One-Character Record Type J_1SC1 CHAR 
275 J_1SRUBCOD IS-M: Column code (CH) J_1SC2 CHAR 
276 J_1SSACK IS-M: CH Sack Address PTT J_1SC25 CHAR 
277 J_1SSACKFT IS-M: CH: Sack Label Text Line CHAR25 CHAR 
278 J_1SSORPST IS-M: CH: Alpha Sort Value for Post Office J_1SC5 CHAR 
279 J_1SSPRCH1 IS-M: CH: Language Code Household 1 J_1SC1 CHAR 
280 J_1SSPRCH2 IS-M: CH: Language Code Household 2 J_1SC1 CHAR 
281 J_1SSPRCH3 IS-M: CH: Language Code Household 3 J_1SC1 CHAR 
282 J_1SSPRCO1 IS-M: CH: Language Code 1 J_1SC1 CHAR 
283 J_1SSPRCO2 IS-M: CH: Language Code 2 J_1SC1 CHAR 
284 J_1SSPRCO3 IS-M: CH: Language Code 3 J_1SC1 CHAR 
285 J_1SSPRCOD IS-M: CH: Language Code J_1SC1 CHAR 
286 J_1SSTADTH IS-M: CH: City Household Total J_1SC4 CHAR 
288 J_1SSTRN_G IS-M: CH/S: Street Name Upper Case J_1SC28 CHAR 
289 J_1SSTRPTT IS-M: PTT street number (CH) NUM06 NUMC 
290 J_1SSTRSTA IS-M: CH/S: Street Master J_1SC10 CHAR 
291 J_1STELBAW IS-M: CH: Telephone Book Number (Deviation) J_1SC2 CHAR 
292 J_1STELBNR IS-M: CH: Telephone Book Number J_1SC2 CHAR 
293 J_1STEXT40 IS-M: CH/S: Text Field CHAR40 CHAR 
294 J_1SUPDAFUNC CH Postal Upgrade Functions J_1SUPDAFUNC CHAR 
295 J_1SUPDATAB CH Postal Upgrade Table J_1SUPDATAB CHAR 
296 J_1SVERD IS-M/SD: Summarization postal code or summarization ID (CH) J_1SVERD CHAR 
297 J_1SWEMFME IS-M: Quantity for WEMF statistics (CH) STMENGE DEC 
299 J_1SXWEMF IS-M: Indicator: Reported to WEMF XFELD CHAR 
300 J_1SZDORT IS-M: CH: Home Delivery for City J_1SC18 CHAR 
301 J_1SZDPLZ IS-M: CH: Home Delivery for Postal Code J_1SC6 CHAR 
302 J_1SZUART IS-M: CH/S: Carrier Home Delivery Type NUM01 NUMC 
303 J_1SZUBOTF IS-M: CH: Existing Membership in Carrier File J_1SC1 CHAR 
304 J_1S_AK IS-M: CH/F: Indicator - Terminate Subscription XFELD CHAR 
305 J_1S_ANZGB IS-M: CH/V: Number of Containers in Production Sequence NUMC10 NUMC 
306 J_1S_ANZVA IS-M: CH/V: Number of Issues in a Postal Pack NUMC10 NUMC 
307 J_1S_FS IS-M: CH/F: Indicator - Reverse Billing Document XFELD CHAR 
308 J_1S_NB IS-M: CH/F: Indicator - Follow-Up Letter XFELD CHAR 
309 J_1S_R2 IS-M: CH/F: Indicator - 2nd Invoice (Dunning Notice) XFELD CHAR 
310 J_1S_SB IS-M: CH/F: Indicator - Dunning Notice XFELD CHAR 
311 J_1S_TAGE IS-M: CH/F: Days After Payment Deadline/Days in Arrears NUM03 NUMC 
312 J_1S_WLE IS-M: Set desired end of delivery for subscription XFELD CHAR 
313 J_1S_XABST IS-M: CH/V: Indicator - Postal Pack with Unloading Point XFELD CHAR 
314 J_1S_ZFE IS-M: CH/F: No.Days Payment Deadline for Renewal Bill.Doc. NUM3 NUMC 
315 J_1S_ZFN IS-M: CH/F: Number of Days in Payment Deadline NUM3 NUMC 
316 J_2IAR_DT Excise Invoice Date on removal J_2IAR_DT DATS 
317 J_2IAR_NUM Excise Invoice No. on removal J_2IAR_NUM CHAR 
318 J_2ICAPGDS Capital goods indicator J_2ICAPGDS CHAR 
319 J_2ICHAR One character text field CHAR1 CHAR 
320 J_2ICHAR1 One character text field CHAR1 CHAR 
321 J_2ICHRL Long char J_2ICHRL LCHR 
322 J_2ICUMM Tot. recpts+issues per day MENG13 QUAN 
323 J_2IEXIND Extract indicator J_2IEXIND CHAR 
324 J_2IIDENTI Identification mark J_2IIDENT CHAR 
326 J_2IKEYID Key ID qualifier for extract lines J_2IKEY NUMC 
327 J_2ILAYDES Layout description J_2ILAYDES CHAR 
328 J_2ILAYNR Layout number NUMC3 NUMC 
329 J_2IMATFRM Material packaging form: Packed, Loose J_2IMATFRM CHAR 
330 J_2INOCOPI No. of copies NUMC3 NUMC 
331 J_2IREGELE Data element for Register names J_2IREGDOM CHAR 
332 J_2IREGSTR Register name J_2IREGIST CHAR 
333 J_2IREMARK Remarks containing RG1 or excise inv. ranges J_2IREMARK CHAR 
334 J_2IRG1_PL Packed or Loose J_2IRG1_PL CHAR 
335 J_2IRIIND Rcpt/Issu classification codes J_2IRIIND CHAR 
336 J_2IRIINDI Rcpt/Issu classification codes J_2IRIINDI CHAR 
337 J_2IROUTIN Form routine CHAR30 CHAR 
338 J_2IRULE Rule/Section J_2IRULE CHAR 
339 J_2ISEQNR Sequence number INT4 INT4 
340 J_2ISLINDI Storage location type indicator J_2ISLINDI CHAR 
341 J_2ISTDT Start date J_2ISTDT DATS 
342 J_2IVRFYDT Verification date J_2IVRFYDT DATS 
343 J_2IXFLD Checkbox J_2IXFLD CHAR 
344 J_2I_ADDR Address J_2I_ADDR CHAR 
345 J_2I_DATUM1 Start Date DATS DATS 
346 J_2I_DATUM2 End Date DATS DATS 
347 J_2I_DUTY Duty J_2I_DUTY CURR 
348 J_2I_NAM35 Address J_2I_NAM35 CHAR 
349 J_2I_NAME Name J_2I_NAME CHAR 
350 J_2I_TOTAL Total Amount calculated J_2I_TOTAL CURR 
351 J_3GAABEQUI Current Settlement for Equipment Activity DATS DATS 
352 J_3GAABMAT Current Settlement for Material Delivery/Sales DATS DATS 
353 J_3GAABPERS Current Settlement for Personnel Performance DATS DATS 
354 J_3GAABRECH Date of Current Settlement DATUM DATS 
355 J_3GABDAT Cancellation Date DATUM DATS 
356 J_3GABDATE External Settlement Date DATUM DATS 
357 J_3GABDATI Internal Settlement Date DATUM DATS 
358 J_3GABGLG Retirement Date Counts for Performance-Based Equipment X CHAR 
359 J_3GABGVG Retirement Date Counts for Time-Based Equipment X CHAR 
360 J_3GABRART Settlement Type J_3GABRART CHAR 
361 J_3GABRE Settlement in CEM/MM X CHAR 
362 J_3GABREMP Indicator for Settlement Recipient X CHAR 
363 J_3GABRK Indicator for Settlement Calendar Dominance X CHAR 
364 J_3GABRKEN Settlement Indicator J_3GABRKEN CHAR 
365 J_3GABSACO Sender of CO Order AUFNR CHAR 
366 J_3GABSAPM Sender of PM Order AUFNR CHAR 
367 J_3GABSCHB PMIS: Book Depreciation WERTV8 CURR 
368 J_3GABSCHK PMIS: Cost-Accounting Depreciation WERTV8 CURR 
369 J_3GABSDEB Debtor of Sender KUNNR CHAR 
371 J_3GABSEXT External Ship-to Party - Sender KUNNR CHAR 
372 J_3GABSKOK Controlling Area Sender CACCD CHAR 
373 J_3GABSKOS Cost Center Sender KOSTL CHAR 
374 J_3GABSLAG Storage Location/Warehouse Sender LGORT CHAR 
375 J_3GABSPRO Project Number Sender PS_PSPNR NUMC 
376 J_3GABSPSP WBS Element Sender PS_POSNR NUMC 
377 J_3GABSREF Reference Type Sender J_3GREFTYP CHAR 
378 J_3GABSWRK Plant Sender WERKS CHAR 
379 J_3GABS_EQ_EMPF Indicator: Sender = Recipient X CHAR 
380 J_3GABTAGM Indicator - Retirement Date Counts in Settlement CHAR1 CHAR 
381 J_3GABTYP Mapping Category, Group Mapping J_3GABTYP NUMC 
382 J_3GAGEXT External Sold-to Party KUNNR CHAR 
383 J_3GAGINT Customer Internal Settlement KUNNR CHAR 
384 J_3GAGSTDI Standard Recipient KUNNR CHAR 
385 J_3GAKTION Action Code for Calendar Visualization J_3GAKTION CHAR 
386 J_3GANDAT Registration Date DATUM DATS 
387 J_3GANLC Field Name for Value Field from Asset Accounting ANLC J_3GANLC CHAR 
388 J_3GANZPOS Maximum Number of Items NUMC3 NUMC 
389 J_3GANZTAGE Number of Days for Future Entry NUMC NUMC 
390 J_3GART Activity Types for Settlement Calendar J_3GART CHAR 
391 J_3GARTBES Indicator for Inventory Management J_3GARTBES CHAR 
392 J_3GARTBU Posting Type (Providing/Debited) J_3GARTBU CHAR 
393 J_3GASTLNR Number of Active BOM for Equipment (Internal No. Assignment) NUMC4 NUMC 
394 J_3GATYP Sender Type J_3GETYP CHAR 
395 J_3GAUARTE Sales Document Type (External Equipment Activity) AUART CHAR 
396 J_3GAUARTI Sales Document Type (Internal Equipment Activity) AUART CHAR 
397 J_3GAUART_MAT_E Sales Document Type/Material (External) AUART CHAR 
398 J_3GAUART_MAT_I Sales Document Type/Material (Internal) AUART CHAR 
399 J_3GAUART_PERS_E Sales Document Type/Personnel (External) AUART CHAR 
400 J_3GAUART_PERS_I Sales Document Type/Personnel (Internal) AUART CHAR 
401 J_3GAUSGJ Edition Year J_3GAUSGJ CHAR 
402 J_3GBART Indicator for Stock Type J_3GBART NUMC 
403 J_3GBARTE Inventory Management Type/Equipment J_3GARTBES CHAR 
404 J_3GBARTM Inventory Management Type/Material J_3GBARTM CHAR 
406 J_3GBEGRU CEM Authorization Group J_3GBEGRU CHAR 
407 J_3GBELAB Document Number for Retirement J_3GBELNR CHAR 
408 J_3GBELAD Loading/Unloading Costs WERTV7 CURR 
409 J_3GBELDAT CEM Document Date DATUM DATS 
410 J_3GBELNR External Document Number J_3GBELNR CHAR 
411 J_3GBELNRI Document Number J_3GBELNR CHAR 
412 J_3GBELPOS Document Item J_3GPOSNR NUMC 
413 J_3GBELSTA Internal Document Status J_3GBELSTA CHAR 
414 J_3GBELSTE External Document Status J_3GBELSTA CHAR 
415 J_3GBELTYP Document Categories Allowed CHAR15 CHAR 
416 J_3GBELZU Document Number for Acquisition J_3GBELNR CHAR 
417 J_3GBEST Inventory Management in CEM/MM X CHAR 
418 J_3GBESTEM Inventory Management - Recipient KUNNR CHAR 
419 J_3GBESTF Inventory Management Indicator J_3GBESTF CHAR 
420 J_3GBETR1 Internal Flat Rate - Sender WERTV8 CURR 
421 J_3GBETR2 External Flat Rate - Sender WERTV8 CURR 
422 J_3GBETR3 Internal Flat Rate - Recipient WERTV8 CURR 
423 J_3GBETR4 External Flat Rate - Recipient WERTV8 CURR 
424 J_3GBEWEG Internal Indicator for Transaction Type J_3GBEWEG CHAR 
425 J_3GBEWFAK Take Valuation Factors on Object Level into Account X CHAR 
426 J_3GBEZ01 Document Type Texts J_3GBEZ01 CHAR 
427 J_3GBEZ02 Activity Type Description J_3GBEZ02 CHAR 
428 J_3GBEZ03 Recipient Type Description J_3GBEZ03 CHAR 
429 J_3GBEZ04 External Equipment Type Description J_3GBEZ04 CHAR 
430 J_3GBEZ05 Authorization Group Description BEZEK CHAR 
431 J_3GBEZ99 Description CHAR30 CHAR 
432 J_3GBFART Inventory Management Type J_3GBFART CHAR 
433 J_3GBKOKRS Debited Controlling Area CACCD CHAR 
434 J_3GBLART Document Type J_3GBLART CHAR 
435 J_3GBLERF Document Entry X CHAR 
436 J_3GBLSPER Blocking Indicator for Document Entry X CHAR 
437 J_3GBLTYP CEM Document Category J_3GBLTYP CHAR 
438 J_3GBPCGR1 Debited Profit Center - Group 1 SETNAM_INT CHAR 
439 J_3GBSTPRF Indicator for Stock Check X CHAR 
440 J_3GBUARTB Posting Type - Debited Party J_3GBUART NUMC 
441 J_3GBUARTL Posting Type - Providing Party J_3GBUART NUMC 
442 J_3GBW_AB Measurement Doc. - Sending Construction Site J_3GBW_AB CHAR 
443 J_3GBW_ALL Measurement Doc. - Receiving and Sending Construction Site J_3GBW_ALL CHAR 
444 J_3GBW_ZU Measurement Doc. - Receiving Construction Site J_3GBW_ZU CHAR 
446 J_3GCDIFF Counter Reading Difference NUMC10 NUMC 
447 J_3GCNTRR1 Actual Counter Reading NUMC10 NUMC 
448 J_3GCNTRR2 Calculated Counter Reading NUMC10 NUMC 
449 J_3GCOFIKZ FI or CO Documents J_3GCOFIKZ CHAR 
450 J_3GCOLNR Column Number in Catalog J_3GCOLNR NUMC 
451 J_3GCOOBJA CO Object - Sender TEXT14 CHAR 
452 J_3GCOOBJE CO Object - Recipient TEXT14 CHAR 
453 J_3GCOTYP Account Assignment Category (Only for Warehouse) J_3GCOTYP NUMC 
454 J_3GCPLSTD Complete Hours - Performance-Based Equipment Report NUM02 NUMC 
455 J_3GDATAB Retirement Date DATUM DATS 
456 J_3GDATAK Date of Equipment Price Activation DATUM DATS 
458 J_3GDATBIS Valid-to Date for Profit Center DATUM DATS 
459 J_3GDATLAB Date of Activity Output DATUM DATS 
462 J_3GDATZU Acquisition Date DATUM DATS 
463 J_3GDAUER Duration DEC03_2 DEC 
464 J_3GDAUERB Indicator for Recurring Entry Document X CHAR 
465 J_3GDBELNR Number of Recurring Entry Document BELNR CHAR 
466 J_3GDEBBEZ Indicator for Reference to Debtor J_3GDEBBEZ CHAR 
467 J_3GDEMPST Dummy Recipient KUNNR CHAR 
468 J_3GDGJAHR Fiscal Year of Recurring Entry GJAHR NUMC 
469 J_3GDISPO Planning Indicator J_3GDISPO CHAR 
470 J_3GDOMLMB Pricing Dominancy (Provider/Intermediate Recipient/Debtor) J_3GDOMLMB CHAR 
471 J_3GDOMMB Pricing Dominancy (Intermediate Recipient/Debtor) J_3GDOMLMB CHAR 
472 J_3GDOMPR Dominant Recipient for Pricing J_3GDOMPR CHAR 
473 J_3GDRUCKREP Name of Report for Print of Shipping Document PROGNAME CHAR 
474 J_3GEBUKRS Debited company code BUKRS CHAR 
475 J_3GEDITM Template for Number in Catalog J_3GEDITM CHAR 
476 J_3GEGSBER Debited Business Area GSBER CHAR 
477 J_3GEIFR Indicator for Own/External Equipment J_3GEIFR CHAR 
479 J_3GEIGVER Owner/Administrator Number J_3GEIGVER CHAR 
480 J_3GEINEND End of Usage Period DATUM DATS 
481 J_3GEIVBEZ Owner/Administrator Description J_3GEIVBEZ CHAR 
482 J_3GEMINBE Minimum Usage Period for Restricted Usage (Days) NUMC NUMC 
483 J_3GEMPACO CO Order Recipient AUFNR CHAR 
484 J_3GEMPAPM PM Order Recipient AUFNR CHAR 
485 J_3GEMPDEB Debtor of Recipient KUNNR CHAR 
486 J_3GEMPEXT External Ship-To Party - Recipient KUNNR CHAR 
487 J_3GEMPFAE Recipient KUNNR CHAR 
488 J_3GEMPKOK Receiving Controlling Area CACCD CHAR 
489 J_3GEMPKOS Receiving Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
490 J_3GEMPLAG Receiving Storage Location LGORT CHAR 
491 J_3GEMPPER Receiving Cost Center for Personnel KUNNR CHAR 
492 J_3GEMPPRO Receiving Project Number PS_PSPNR NUMC 
493 J_3GEMPPSP Receiving WBS Element PS_POSNR NUMC 
494 J_3GEMPREF Receiving Reference Type J_3GREFTYP CHAR 
495 J_3GEMPWRK Receiving Plant WERKS CHAR 
496 J_3GEPCGR1 Debited Profit Center - Group 1 SETNAM_INT CHAR 
497 J_3GEPCGR2 Debited Profit Center - Group 2 SETNAM_INT CHAR 
498 J_3GEPCGR3 Debited Profit Center - Group 3 SETNAM_INT CHAR 
499 J_3GEPCGR4 Debited Profit Center - Group 4 SETNAM_INT CHAR 
500 J_3GEPCGR5 Debited Profit Center - Group 5 SETNAM_INT CHAR