SAP ABAP Data Element - Index J, page 26
Data Element - J
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 J_3R_LAND_DATE Bill of Lading - Date DATS DATS 
2 J_3R_LAND_NR Bill of Lading - Number TEXT40 CHAR 
3 J_3R_LAND_SER Bill of Lading - Series TEXT40 CHAR 
4 J_3R_LASTCHECKERNAME Checked by - Name TEXT140 CHAR 
5 J_3R_LASTCHECKERPOS Checked by - Position TEXT60 CHAR 
6 J_3R_LASTCHNAME Checked by - Name TEXT50 CHAR 
7 J_3R_LASTCHPOS Checked by - Position TEXT30 CHAR 
8 J_3R_LAYOUT Name of Layout FPNAME CHAR 
9 J_3R_LAYOUTBY PDF layout created by USERNAME CHAR 
10 J_3R_LAYOUTDAT Layout last changed date   DATS 
12 J_3R_LAYOUTTIM Layout last changed time   TIMS 
13 J_3R_LIFNRNAME Full Name of Vendor   CHAR 
14 J_3R_LINNR Line Number   NUMC 
15 J_3R_LOAD_MASS_ACT_ACC Actual Accepted Load Mass TEXT20 CHAR 
16 J_3R_LOAD_MASS_ROAD Road Load Mass According to Documents of the Delivering Orga TEXT20 CHAR 
17 J_3R_LOAD_MASS_SENDER Sender Load Mass According to Documents of the Delivering Or TEXT20 CHAR 
18 J_3R_LOC_NUM_ACT_ACC Actual Accepted Number of Locations   QUAN 
19 J_3R_LOC_NUM_DELIV_ORG Number of Locations According to Documents of the Delivering   QUAN 
21 J_3R_LPM Last Page of the Month CHAR1 CHAR 
22 J_3R_LPY Last Page of the Year CHAR1 CHAR 
23 J_3R_MAIN_OBJ Main Object TEXT60 CHAR 
24 J_3R_MANAGER Name of Forwarding Agent TEXT80 CHAR 
25 J_3R_MANAGERTT Text Type for Forwarding Agent TDID CHAR 
26 J_3R_MANAGER_FNAME First Name of Manager CHAR20 CHAR 
27 J_3R_MANAGER_LNAME Last Name of Manager CHAR20 CHAR 
29 J_3R_MANAGER_PNAME Patronymic Name of Manager CHAR20 CHAR 
30 J_3R_MANAGER_POS Manager Position TEXT30 CHAR 
31 J_3R_MANF_COMP_REPR_NAME The name of manufacturer company representative TEXT60 CHAR 
32 J_3R_MANF_COMP_REPR_POS The position of manufacturer company representative TEXT60 CHAR 
33 J_3R_MAT_ASSET_TYP Material Assets Type TEXT60 CHAR 
34 J_3R_MAT_ASS_NAME Name of material asset TEXT40 CHAR 
35 J_3R_MAT_ASS_NOM_NR Nomenclature number of material asset TEXT20 CHAR 
36 J_3R_MAT_ASS_QNTY Quantity of Material Asset   QUAN 
37 J_3R_MAT_ASS_UNIT_VAL Value per unit of material asset   CURR 
38 J_3R_MAT_ASS_UOM Unit of measurement for material asset MEINS UNIT 
39 J_3R_MAT_ASS_VAL Value of material asset   CURR 
40 J_3R_MAT_ASS_VAL_TOTAL Total value of material assets   CURR 
41 J_3R_MAT_OWN_PROC Materials are in ownership or received for processing TEXT100 CHAR 
42 J_3R_MEMBERNAME Name of Commission Member TEXT50 CHAR 
43 J_3R_MEMBERPOS Position of Commission Member TEXT30 CHAR 
44 J_3R_MEMBER_NAME Name of Commission Member TEXT140 CHAR 
45 J_3R_MEMBER_POS Position of Commission Member TEXT60 CHAR 
46 J_3R_MINISTRY_FIN Coefficient With Rounding XFELD CHAR 
47 J_3R_MONTH Month For Calculations J_3RFPTMONTH12 NUMC 
48 J_3R_MSGTXT Message Text   CHAR 
49 J_3R_NDECL Paper Tax Return   CHAR 
50 J_3R_NETMASS Net Mass   DEC 
51 J_3R_NET_VAL Net asset value   CURR 
52 J_3R_NOMFDEOCC Number of Months from the Date of Expenses Occurence   NUMC 
53 J_3R_NOTE Note TEXT60 CHAR 
54 J_3R_NOT_COMPLTD Works not Completed TEXT50 CHAR 
55 J_3R_NPOSTR_KOP Kopecks in Payment Description of F5 Form   INT4 
56 J_3R_NPOSTR_RUR Rubles Part of Payment in Post Transfer Notification Form   INT4 
58 J_3R_NUMCOPY Number of Copies (Legal Form)   NUMC 
59 J_3R_NUM_INV Inventory Number TEXT20 CHAR 
60 J_3R_NUM_PASS Number of Passport TEXT20 CHAR 
61 J_3R_OBJANDREP Object name and repair description (INV-10)   CHAR 
62 J_3R_ODVALUE Overdraft value of advances WERT7 CURR 
65 J_3R_OKPO OKPO Code   CHAR 
68 J_3R_OPERATION_CODE Operation Code for VAT Return (Russia), Section 2 CHAR7 CHAR 
69 J_3R_OPER_DATE Operation Date DATUM DATS 
70 J_3R_OPER_DOCNR Operation Document BELNR CHAR 
71 J_3R_OPTYPE Operation Type TEXT5 CHAR 
73 J_3R_ORDNUM Order number   CHAR 
74 J_3R_ORD_REPAIR_COST Costs of Repair - According to Contract   CURR 
75 J_3R_ORD_REPAIR_COST_TOTAL Total Value of Costs of Repair – According to Contract   CURR 
76 J_3R_ORD_REP_PER_FROM Planned Repair Period from MCPERIOD NUMC 
77 J_3R_ORD_REP_PER_TO Planned Repair Period to MCPERIOD NUMC 
78 J_3R_ORD_REST_COST Costs of Modernization – According to Contract   CURR 
79 J_3R_ORD_REST_TOTAL Total Value of Costs of Modernization – According to Contrac   CURR 
80 J_3R_ORGHEAD Organization Head (KO-4) CHAR50LOW CHAR 
81 J_3R_ORG_ADDR Organization Address TEXT200 CHAR 
82 J_3R_ORG_FULL_NAME Organization Full Name CHAR255 CHAR 
83 J_3R_ORG_LONG_NAME Organization Name TEXT200 CHAR 
84 J_3R_ORG_NAME Organization Name CHAR160 CHAR 
85 J_3R_ORG_STCD Organization Tax Number CHAR58 CHAR 
86 J_3R_ORG_SUBDIV Organization Subdivision TEXT200 CHAR 
87 J_3R_ORG_SUBDIV_CODE Organization Subdivision Code TEXT20 CHAR 
88 J_3R_ORIG_COSTS Original Costs   CURR 
89 J_3R_ORIG_COSTS_TOTAL Total value of original costs   CURR 
90 J_3R_OS4_NOT_RETIRED Also print non-retired assets CHAR1 CHAR 
91 J_3R_OSHP_TYPE Ownership J3R_OSHP CHAR 
92 J_3R_OTHER_PROPERTY Indicator If The Property is Other Property   CHAR 
94 J_3R_OTPNAM1 Name of Printer RSPOPNAME CHAR 
95 J_3R_OTPTYP Type of Output   CHAR 
96 J_3R_OUTPUT_TO_FILE Output VAT Return to File CHAR001 CHAR 
97 J_3R_PACK Packages and Unpacked Materials XFELD CHAR 
98 J_3R_PACKEDMAT Packed Material XFELD CHAR 
99 J_3R_PACKMASS Pack Mass   DEC 
100 J_3R_PACKNUM Packing Label Number NUMC10 NUMC 
101 J_3R_PACKTYP Packing Type TEXT20 CHAR 
102 J_3R_PACK_DAMAGE Package Damage - Package is Damaged/do not Damaged TEXT30 CHAR 
103 J_3R_PACK_DAMAGE_SPEC Damage Specification TEXT30 CHAR 
104 J_3R_PACK_TYPE Packing Type TEXT40 CHAR 
105 J_3R_PAGENUM Page Number   NUMC 
106 J_3R_PAIDABR Amount Paid Abroad ANLKWERT CURR 
107 J_3R_PARAMNAM Parameter name CHAR40 CHAR 
108 J_3R_PARKED Park Document XFELD CHAR 
109 J_3R_PARTS_CAT_NR Catalogue number of parts TEXT20 CHAR 
110 J_3R_PARTS_NAME Name of parts TEXT40 CHAR 
111 J_3R_PARTS_NOM_NR Nomenclature number of parts TEXT20 CHAR 
112 J_3R_PARTS_ORD_NR Order Number of Parts TEXT20 CHAR 
113 J_3R_PARTS_QNTY Quantity of Parts   QUAN 
114 J_3R_PARTS_UNIT_VAL Value per unit of part   CURR 
115 J_3R_PARTS_UOM Unit of measurement for parts MEINS UNIT 
116 J_3R_PARTS_VAL Value of Part   CURR 
117 J_3R_PAYM_DATE Date of Payment DATUM DATS 
118 J_3R_PBU_TRANSFORM_CODE Transformation code for data transfer to FI-SL for PBU18 J_3R_PBU_TRANSFORM_CODE CHAR 
119 J_3R_PERIOD_NUMBER Tax Period Number NUM2 NUMC 
120 J_3R_PERIOD_TYPE Tax Period Type CHAR001 CHAR 
121 J_3R_PER_END Period End DATS DATS 
122 J_3R_PER_START Period Start DATS DATS 
123 J_3R_PHONE Contact Phone TEXT30 CHAR 
124 J_3R_PIECESNUM Number of Pieces   DEC 
125 J_3R_POSHEAD Position of Organization Head (KO-4) CHAR50LOW CHAR 
126 J_3R_POSITION Position : Transfer To TEXT30 CHAR 
127 J_3R_POSITION_OLD Position : Transfer From TEXT30 CHAR 
128 J_3R_PRICE Price   CURR 
129 J_3R_PRINT_NUM Number of Copies   NUMC 
130 J_3R_PRIV_AMNT Tax Privilege Amount   CURR 
131 J_3R_PROD_YEAR Production Year of Asset GJAHR NUMC 
132 J_3R_PROPBAL Part of balance cost of Real Estate DEC17_2 DEC 
133 J_3R_PROPPART Part of balance cost of Real Estate DEC3_2 DEC 
134 J_3R_PROPTAX_AMNT Property Tax Amount   CURR 
135 J_3R_PROPTAX_AVG Property Tax Average Amount   CURR 
136 J_3R_PR_MAT_MASS Precious Material Mass   QUAN 
137 J_3R_PR_MAT_NAME Precious Material Name TEXT40 CHAR 
138 J_3R_PR_MAT_NOM_NR Precious Material Nomenclature Number TEXT40 CHAR 
139 J_3R_PR_MAT_QNTY Precious Material Quantity   QUAN 
140 J_3R_PR_MAT_UOM Precious Material Unit of Measurement MEINS UNIT 
141 J_3R_PSTDDATE Start-up Document Date   DATS 
142 J_3R_PSTDNAME Start-up Document Name   CHAR 
143 J_3R_PSTDNUM Start-up Document Number   CHAR 
144 J_3R_PTAX_AMNT Monthly Property Tax Amount   CURR 
145 J_3R_PTAX_AVGNBV Property Tax Average Net Book Value   CURR 
146 J_3R_P_DCLBYR Declaration by Representative   CHAR 
147 J_3R_QUANT_DEF Quantity of Deficiency MENG13V QUAN 
148 J_3R_QUANT_SURP Quantity of Surplus MENG13V QUAN 
149 J_3R_QUARTER Quarter Of the Fiscal Year   NUMC 
150 J_3R_RCV_RESP_PERS_NAME Name of Person Responsible TEXT140 CHAR 
151 J_3R_RCV_RESP_PERS_POS Position of Person Responsible TEXT60 CHAR 
152 J_3R_RDATE Date of Incoming Document CHAR20 CHAR 
153 J_3R_RECCUR Recurring Entries   CHAR 
154 J_3R_RECEIVER_NAME First and last name of employee who received the equipment TEXT140 CHAR 
155 J_3R_RECEIVER_POS The position of employee who received the equipment TEXT60 CHAR 
156 J_3R_REC_DOC_DATE Receiving Document Date DATS DATS 
157 J_3R_REC_DOC_NR Receiving Document Number CHAR10 CHAR 
158 J_3R_REC_EQ_UNIT_VAL Received Equipment Value per Unit   CURR 
159 J_3R_REC_EQ_UOM Measurement Unit of Received Equipment MEINS UNIT 
160 J_3R_REC_EQ_VAL Received Equipment Total Value   CURR 
161 J_3R_REGNUM Number of Register of Issued Workwear CHAR10 CHAR 
162 J_3R_REMBALANCE Estimated Remaining Future Expenses to be Written-off   CURR 
163 J_3R_REMEXP Remaining Expenses   CURR 
164 J_3R_REM_VALUE Remaining Value   CURR 
165 J_3R_RENDER The Name of the Leasing Company   CHAR 
167 J_3R_REORGINN INN of Reorganized Company TEXT30 CHAR 
168 J_3R_REORGKPP KPP of Reorganized Company TEXT9 CHAR 
169 J_3R_REPAIRC Agreed repair costs (INV-10)   CURR 
170 J_3R_REPCOMP Reporting Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
171 J_3R_REPORTNUM Report Number TEXT10 CHAR 
172 J_3R_REPPERIOD Reporting period (Year, month)   DATS 
173 J_3R_REPPERIOD_Q Reporting Period J_3R_REP_PERIOD CHAR 
174 J_3R_REPRDOC Name of the Authorization Document CHAR100 CHAR 
175 J_3R_REPRDOCDATA Representative's document data TXT80 CHAR 
176 J_3R_REPRESENTATIVE Representative's Name CHAR255 CHAR 
177 J_3R_REP_DATE Report Date DATS DATS 
178 J_3R_REP_GEN_REASON Reason for Report Generation TEXT80 CHAR 
179 J_3R_REP_NR Order Number TEXT15 CHAR 
180 J_3R_REP_PERIOD_Q_2C Reporting Period J_3R_REP_PERIOD_2C CHAR 
181 J_3R_REP_PERS Reporting person CHAR80 CHAR 
182 J_3R_REP_PERS_POS Reporting person signature description CHAR30 CHAR 
183 J_3R_REP_YEAR Reporting Year   NUMC 
184 J_3R_RESP Postion of Person Responsible (KO-3) CHAR50LOW CHAR 
185 J_3R_RESPNAME Name of Person Responsible TEXT80 CHAR 
186 J_3R_RESPONS_NAME First and last name of employee who is resp. for the eq TEXT140 CHAR 
187 J_3R_RESPONS_POS The position of employee who is responsible for the eq TEXT60 CHAR 
188 J_3R_RESPPOS Position of the Responsible Person TEXT40 CHAR 
189 J_3R_RESP_PERS Responsible Person TEXT60 CHAR 
190 J_3R_RESP_PERS_NAME Responsible Person Name TEXT140 CHAR 
191 J_3R_RESP_PERS_POS Responsible Person Position TEXT60 CHAR 
192 J_3R_RESP_PERS_SIGN Person Responsible   CHAR 
193 J_3R_RESTVALUE Rest value of advances WERT7 CURR 
194 J_3R_RET_ASSETS Show retired assets XFELD CHAR 
195 J_3R_RET_DOC_DATE Retirement Document Date DATS DATS 
196 J_3R_RET_DOC_NR Retirement Document Number CHAR10 CHAR 
197 J_3R_RET_REASON Retirement Reason TEXT180 CHAR 
198 J_3R_REWORK Required reworks TEXT140 CHAR 
199 J_3R_RE_REG_DATE State Registration Date of Real Estate Rights DATS DATS 
200 J_3R_RE_REG_NR State Registration Number of Real Estate Rights TEXT25 CHAR 
201 J_3R_RE_REMAINING_TAX Real Estate Remaining Tax   CURR 
202 J_3R_SEAL_PRES Seal Data TEXT80 CHAR 
203 J_3R_SEAL_PRESENCE Seal Presence TEXT50 CHAR 
204 J_3R_SECTION Identifier of the form's section J_3R_SECTION CHAR 
205 J_3R_SEC_CONTEXT Name of Secondary Context FPNAME CHAR 
206 J_3R_SEC_INTERFACE Name of Secondary Interface FPNAME CHAR 
207 J_3R_SEC_LAYOUT Name of Secondary Layout FPNAME CHAR 
208 J_3R_SEND_EMAIL Sender E-mail Address   CHAR 
209 J_3R_SEND_JOB Sender Position   CHAR 
210 J_3R_SEND_NAME Sender First Name CHAR_60_KL CHAR 
211 J_3R_SEND_PAT_NAME Sender Patronymic Name CHAR_60_KL CHAR 
212 J_3R_SEND_SURNAME Sender Last Name CHAR_60_KL CHAR 
213 J_3R_SEP Separator CHAR1 CHAR 
214 J_3R_SEPBISAREA Separated Business Areas   CHAR 
215 J_3R_SEQNUM Sequence Number TEXT06 CHAR 
216 J_3R_SEQ_NR Line Number NUMC4 NUMC 
217 J_3R_SEQ_NUMBER Sequential Number of Section NUM6 NUMC 
218 J_3R_SGL Special G/L Indicator UMSKZ CHAR 
219 J_3R_SHEET_NUM Sheet Number   NUMC 
220 J_3R_SIGNATORY Signatory Full Name CHAR60 CHAR 
221 J_3R_SIGNDATE Date of Signature   DATS 
222 J_3R_SIGNDATE1 Date of Signature (Accountant)   DATS 
223 J_3R_SIGNDATE2 Date of Signature (Checking)   DATS 
224 J_3R_SIGNDATE_DAY Date of Signature: Day CHAR2 CHAR 
225 J_3R_SIGNDATE_MONTH Date of Signature: Month CHAR10 CHAR 
226 J_3R_SIGNDATE_TEXT Date of Signature in words   CHAR 
227 J_3R_SIGNDATE_YEAR Date of Signature: Year CHAR4 CHAR 
228 J_3R_SLCTDKEY Key sequence of selected parameters   CHAR 
229 J_3R_SLCTNKEY Key sequence of selection parameters   CHAR 
230 J_3R_STORE Indicator: Has to be stored? XFELD CHAR 
231 J_3R_STRDIV_CB Group by Structural Division CHAR1 CHAR 
232 J_3R_STRNAM Structure for Data Storing J_3R_STRNAM CHAR 
233 J_3R_STRUCTDIV Internal Code of Structural Division TEXT40 CHAR 
234 J_3R_STRUCTDIV_INT Internal Code of Structural Division CHAR40 CHAR 
235 J_3R_STRUCTDIV_INT_OLD Structural division transfer from - internal format CHAR80 CHAR 
236 J_3R_STRUCT_DEP Structural Department   CHAR 
237 J_3R_SUBJWOFFM Write-off to Production Cost (month)   CURR 
238 J_3R_SUBJWOFFY Write-off to Production Cost (year)   CURR 
239 J_3R_SUMGOODSW Total Number of Goods TEXT120 CHAR 
240 J_3R_SUMGROSSW Total of Gross Mass TEXT120 CHAR 
241 J_3R_SUMPACKW Total of Mass of Packages TEXT120 CHAR 
242 J_3R_SUMQNTYW Total Number (in Words) TEXT60 CHAR 
243 J_3R_SUMSEQNW Sequence Numbers (in Words) TEXT60 CHAR 
244 J_3R_SUMVALUEW Actual Value (in Words) TEXT60 CHAR 
245 J_3R_SUM_IN_KOPEKS Kopeks   NUMC 
246 J_3R_SUM_IN_WORDS Sum in words TEXT140 CHAR 
247 J_3R_SUM_TAX_PRIV The Sum of Tax Privilege   CURR 
248 J_3R_TAXPORG Taxpayer Representative CHAR50 CHAR 
249 J_3R_TAX_AMOUNT Property Tax Amount of the Asset   CURR 
250 J_3R_TAX_AUTH Tax Office Code   CHAR 
251 J_3R_TAX_AUTHN Tax Authority Name   CHAR 
252 J_3R_TAX_BASE Tax Base of the Property   CURR 
253 J_3R_TAX_BASE_15 Tax Base   CURR 
254 J_3R_TAX_CODE Coefficient Not Rounded XFELD CHAR 
255 J_3R_TAX_COEFF Tax Coefficient   DEC 
256 J_3R_TAX_OFFICE_CODE Tax Office Code CHAR4 CHAR 
257 J_3R_TAX_PRIV Code of Tax Privilege   CHAR 
258 J_3R_TAX_RATE Tax Rate   CURR 
259 J_3R_TAX_SUM Annual Tax Amount   CURR 
261 J_3R_TECH_DOC Technical Documentation TEXT180 CHAR 
262 J_3R_TERM Term of Use   CHAR 
263 J_3R_TEST_DATE Date of Test DATS DATS 
264 J_3R_TEST_RUN Indicator If Test Run is Needed   CHAR 
265 J_3R_TOTAL_INV_DEF_VALUE Total Value of Inventory Deficiency   CURR 
266 J_3R_TOTAL_INV_DESCTRUCT_VALUE Total Value of Destruction of Materials   CURR 
267 J_3R_TOTAL_INV_SET_DIFFR_VALUE Total Set of Inventory Differences   CURR 
268 J_3R_TOTAL_INV_SPL_VALUE Total Value of Inventory Surplus   CURR 
269 J_3R_TOTAL_RE_TAX Total Real Estate Residual Tax for the Given Month   CURR 
270 J_3R_TOTAL_WROFF_NAT_LOS_VALUE Total Written-off in Limits of Natural Losses   CURR 
271 J_3R_TOTAL_WROFF_OVERLIM_VALUE Total Written-off Over Limits of Natural Losses   CURR 
272 J_3R_TOTAL_WROFF_PERPETR_VALUE Total Written-off on Perpetrators or Principal   CURR 
273 J_3R_TOT_RES_TAX Total Residual Tax For the Given Month   CURR 
274 J_3R_TP_AMOUNT Subtotal of the Amount in Letters CHAR255 CHAR 
275 J_3R_TP_CHANGE Subtotal of Change in Letters CHAR80 CHAR 
276 J_3R_TP_COPPERS Subtotal of Coppers in Letters CHAR80 CHAR 
277 J_3R_TP_QUANT SubTotal of Quantity for the Page in Letters CHAR255 CHAR 
278 J_3R_TP_SEQ_NUM Subtotal of Sequence Number in Letters CHAR255 CHAR 
279 J_3R_TRAV_KM Traveled kilometers PACK8 DEC 
280 J_3R_TRAV_KM_FROM_LAST_REPAIR Traveled Kilometers From Last Repair PACK8 DEC 
281 J_3R_TRAV_KM_FROM_START Traveled Kilometers from Start of Operation PACK8 DEC 
282 J_3R_TTAXBASE Tax Base Unit Upto Two Decimal Places   QUAN 
283 J_3R_TTAX_AMNT Monthly Transport Tax Amount For   CURR 
285 J_3R_TTAX_BASE Tax Base Unit   QUAN 
286 J_3R_TTAX_DECL Indicator: If The Transport Tax Entry Is Declared CHAR1 CHAR 
287 J_3R_TTAX_ID Identifier name of the Saved Transport Tax Entry CHAR30 CHAR 
288 J_3R_TTAX_SAVE_CB Store Output Data   CHAR 
289 J_3R_TTAX_STAT Status of The Transport Tax Entry J_3R_TTAX_STATUS CHAR 
290 J_3R_TTAX_VER Version Of The Transport Tax Entry   CHAR 
291 J_3R_TYPECODE Type of the cluster for storing legal forms J_3R_TYPECODE CHAR 
292 J_3R_TYPE_IO Inventory Order Type   CHAR 
293 J_3R_T_AMOUNT Total Amount in Letters   CHAR 
294 J_3R_T_ESTWROFF Sum of Estimated Amount to be Written Off   CURR 
295 J_3R_T_FUTUREEXP Sum of Future Expenses   CURR 
296 J_3R_T_INVREPEXPFACT Repair Expences: actual costs   CURR 
297 J_3R_T_INVREPEXPPLAN Repair Expences: planned costs   CURR 
298 J_3R_T_INVRESECONOMY Inventory result: economy revealed   CURR 
299 J_3R_T_INVRESOVERDRAFT Inventory result: overdraft revealed   CURR 
300 J_3R_T_MONTH Sum of Months from Expenses Occurrence   NUMC 
301 J_3R_T_QUANT Sum of Asset Quantity MENG13V QUAN 
302 J_3R_T_QUANT_DEF Total Quantity of Deficiency MENG13V QUAN 
303 J_3R_T_QUANT_LTR Total Quantity in Letters   CHAR 
304 J_3R_T_QUANT_SURP Total Quantity of Surplus MENG13V QUAN 
305 J_3R_T_REMBALANCE Sum of Remaining Balance   CURR 
306 J_3R_T_REMEXP Sum of Remaining Expenses   CURR 
307 J_3R_T_SEQ_NUM Total of Sequence Numbers in Letters   CHAR 
308 J_3R_T_VALUE Sum of Book Value ANLKWERT CURR 
309 J_3R_T_VALUE_DEF Total Value of Deficiency ANLKWERT CURR 
310 J_3R_T_VALUE_SURP Total Value of Surplus ANLKWERT CURR 
311 J_3R_T_WOFFPRODCOST_M Sum of Write-Off to Production Cost (month)   CURR 
312 J_3R_T_WOFFPRODCOST_Y Sum of Write-Off to Production Cost (year)   CURR 
313 J_3R_T_WROFFEXP Sum of Written Off Expenses   CURR 
314 J_3R_UGSS_BELONGING Indicator If The Asset Belongs to UGSS   CHAR 
315 J_3R_UOMDESC Unit of Measurement TEXT20 CHAR 
316 J_3R_UOMOKEI Code of Unit of Measurement MSEH3 CHAR 
317 J_3R_USAGE_COEFF Tax Coefficient DEC1_4 DEC 
318 J_3R_USEFUL_LIFE Useful Life NUMC2 NUMC 
319 J_3R_USE_COEFF Tax Coefficient DEC1_2 DEC 
320 J_3R_USRN Person Responsible (KO-3) CHAR50LOW CHAR 
321 J_3R_USRN5 Cashier (KO-4) CHAR60LOW CHAR 
322 J_3R_VALIDFROM Start Date of Validity Interval DATS DATS 
323 J_3R_VALIDTO End Date of Validity Interval DATS DATS 
324 J_3R_VALID_MONTH Number of Valid Months with Respect To The Tax   NUMC 
325 J_3R_VALID_MONTHS Valid Months   NUMC 
326 J_3R_VALUE_DEF Value of Deficiency ANLKWERT CURR 
327 J_3R_VALUE_SURP Value of Surplus ANLKWERT CURR 
328 J_3R_VAT_PAYER Account Number of Taxpayer LIFNR CHAR 
329 J_3R_VEHICLE_NUM Vehicle Number NUMC NUMC 
330 J_3R_VEHICLE_TYPE Vehicle Type TEXT50 CHAR 
331 J_3R_VEH_CAP Load-bearing Capacity of the Vehicle   QUAN 
332 J_3R_VEH_CHASS_NR Chassis Number of the Vehicle TEXT25 CHAR 
333 J_3R_VEH_ENG_NR Engine Number of the Vehicle TEXT25 CHAR 
334 J_3R_VEH_MASS Object Mass of the Vehicle   QUAN 
335 J_3R_VEH_NR Plate Number TEXT40 CHAR 
336 J_3R_VEH_TECH_PASSP_NR Technical Passport Number of the Vehicle TEXT40 CHAR 
337 J_3R_VEH_TYPE Vehicle Type TEXT80 CHAR 
338 J_3R_VIN Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)   CHAR 
339 J_3R_VRN Vehicle Registration Number (VRN)   CHAR 
340 J_3R_WEIGHTDIFF Weight difference   CHAR 
341 J_3R_WOASSETCLASS Output: Without Grouping by Asset Classes XFELD CHAR 
342 J_3R_WORK_COMPLTD Works Completed TEXT50 CHAR 
343 J_3R_WORK_TYPE Type of Work TEXT50 CHAR 
344 J_3R_WRITEOFF_TOTAL_AMOUNT Write-off Total Amount WERT12 CURR 
345 J_3R_WROFFEXP Written Off Expenses   CURR 
346 J_3R_WR_OFF_AMOUNT Write-off Cost Amount   CURR 
347 J_3R_WR_OFF_AMOUNT_TOTAL Total write-off cost amount   CURR 
348 J_3R_WR_OFF_CRE_ACC Write-off credit account SAKNR CHAR 
349 J_3R_WR_OFF_DEB_ACC Write-off Debit Account SAKNR CHAR 
350 J_3R_WR_OFF_DOC_DATE Write-off document date DATS DATS 
351 J_3R_WR_OFF_DOC_DET Write-off document, date, number TEXT60 CHAR 
352 J_3R_WR_OFF_DOC_NAME Write-off Document Name TEXT20 CHAR 
353 J_3R_WR_OFF_DOC_NR Write-off Document Number TEXT32 CHAR 
354 J_3R_WR_OFF_REASON Write-off Reason TEXT180 CHAR 
355 J_3R_WR_OFF_RESULTS Write-off Results TEXT180 CHAR 
356 J_3R_WR_OFF_WORK_TY Type of Work TEXT40 CHAR 
357 J_3R_XCD Document Selection from Clearing XFELD CHAR 
358 J_3R_XCJ Document Selection from Cash Journal XFELD CHAR 
359 J_3R_XEMPCUST Employee as Customer XFELD CHAR 
360 J_3R_XEMPVEND Employee as Vendor XFELD CHAR 
361 J_3R_XGL Document Selection from AP/AR XFELD CHAR 
362 J_3R_XHEAD Head information only CHAR1 CHAR 
363 J_3R_YR Year - first page CHAR4 CHAR 
364 J_7L14 Amount Field with One Place Before and Four After Dec.Point J_7L14 DEC 
365 J_7L22 Amount Field with 2 Places Before and 2 After Decimal J_7L22 DEC 
366 J_7L3STATE Trivalent Checkbox J_7L3STATE CHAR 
367 J_7LAALKZ Indicator: Automatically Create Article from Packaging CHAR1_X CHAR 
368 J_7LABGRKZ Selection Criteria Option in Declaration System XFELD CHAR 
369 J_7LABLSKO Derivation Rule for Special Condition Type J_7LABLSKO CHAR 
370 J_7LABLSKO_AUT Derive Special Condition Type Automatically XFELD CHAR 
371 J_7LABMMFNA Comparison MM Characteristic Definition: Field Name FDNAME CHAR 
372 J_7LABMMTNA Comparison MM Characteristic Definition: Table AS4TAB CHAR 
373 J_7LACTIVITY Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
374 J_7LACTIVITY1 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
375 J_7LACTIVITY10 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
376 J_7LACTIVITY11 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
377 J_7LACTIVITY12 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
378 J_7LACTIVITY2 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
379 J_7LACTIVITY3 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
380 J_7LACTIVITY4 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
381 J_7LACTIVITY5 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
382 J_7LACTIVITY6 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
383 J_7LACTIVITY7 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
384 J_7LACTIVITY8 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
385 J_7LACTIVITY9 Activity for Output of Trade Level   INT1 
386 J_7LAEZET Time Last Change Was Made UZEIT TIMS 
387 J_7LAIKNZ REA Indicator from Info Structure CHAR1_X CHAR 
388 J_7LALLPLANT REA Internal: Include All Plants XFELD CHAR 
389 J_7LAMKNZ REA Indicator from Material Documents CHAR1_X CHAR 
390 J_7LANZKZ Display Indicator XFELD CHAR 
391 J_7LAPPEND_MODUS REA Declaration System: Spool Control J_7LAPPEND_MODUS CHAR 
392 J_7LAREA REA Function Group for Enhancements AREA CHAR 
393 J_7LARTFUX Usage in REA Articles CHAR1 CHAR 
394 J_7LARTSX Indicator: Execute Selection via Article Master XFELD CHAR 
395 J_7LASTAT REA Output: Status of Update CHAR10 CHAR 
396 J_7LAUART Assigned Sales Document Type AUART CHAR 
397 J_7LAUARTG Sales Document Type Accruals Correction Credit Memo AUART CHAR 
398 J_7LAUARTL Sales Document Type Accruals Correction Debit Memo AUART CHAR 
399 J_7LAUDITOR Auditor with the Licensee XUBNAME CHAR 
400 J_7LAUTOF Release Directly into FI XFELD CHAR 
401 J_7LAUTOPARTNERUPDATE Derive Recycling Partner from Fraction XFELD CHAR 
402 J_7LAUTOV Automatic Document Flow - Create Billing Document XFELD CHAR 
403 J_7LAUTOX Automatic Execution at Condition Update XFELD CHAR 
404 J_7LAVARIANTE Variant of Article J_7LVARIANTE CHAR 
405 J_7LAVKNZ REA Indicator for No Transport Data CHAR1_X CHAR 
406 J_7LBAGTRG Petty Rule for Weight-Dependent Fee J_7LBAGTRG CHAR 
407 J_7LBAKTG REA Document Types: Short Text in Capital Letters CHAR40 CHAR 
408 J_7LBAKTX REA: Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
409 J_7LBBNR International Location Number (Part 1) NUM07 NUMC 
410 J_7LBBNR2 2nd BBN-Code (ILN Part 1) NUM07 NUMC 
411 J_7LBBNR3 3. BBN-Code (ILN Part 1) NUM07 NUMC 
412 J_7LBBNR4 4.BBN-Code (ILN Part 1) NUM07 NUMC 
413 J_7LBBSNR International Location Number (Part 2) NUM05 NUMC 
414 J_7LBBSNR2 2nd BBN Code (International Location Number Part 2) NUM05 NUMC 
415 J_7LBBSNR3 3rd BBN Code (International Location Number Part 2) NUM05 NUMC 
416 J_7LBBSNR4 4th BBN Code (International Location Number Part 2) NUM05 NUMC 
417 J_7LBELEG Indicator: Output of Cond. Type Items on Separate Document CHAR1_X CHAR 
418 J_7LBERWE Net Value in Recycling Partner Currency (Fee Formula) J_7LWERTVX CURR 
419 J_7LBERWR Calculated Value in Document Currency (Output Value Formula) J_7LWERTVX CURR 
420 J_7LBGTRGH Petty Rule Main Component for Weight-Dependent Fee J_7LBAGTRG CHAR 
421 J_7LBKNZ REA Indicator with Screen Output CHAR1_X CHAR 
422 J_7LBLART Document Type for Recycling Partner J_7LBLART CHAR 
423 J_7LBLARTFI FI Document Type BLART CHAR 
424 J_7LBLFLVW Use of Document Flow Evaluation J_7LBLFLVW CHAR 
425 J_7LBLGSIGN +/- Sign for Credit Memo in Document SIGN CHAR 
426 J_7LBOART_CHANGE_IN Create Workflow Event for Article Changes XFELD CHAR 
427 J_7LBOART_CREATE_IN Create Workflow Event for Article Creating XFELD CHAR 
428 J_7LBOART_DELETE_IN Create Workflow Event for Article Deleting XFELD CHAR 
429 J_7LBOART_INCONS_IN Create Workflow Event for Inconsistent Articles XFELD CHAR 
430 J_7LBOM_REMOTE_KZ Indicater: Explode Bills of Material by User Exit XFELD CHAR 
431 J_7LBOM_REMOTE_LGL Level of Detail for Log Distributed BOM Explosion J_7LLOG_LEVEL NUMC 
432 J_7LBOM_REMOTE_LGP Persistence of Log Entries for Distributed BOMs J_7LLOG_PERSISTENCE NUMC 
433 J_7LBOPACK_CHANGE_IN Create Workflow Event for Packaging Changes XFELD CHAR 
434 J_7LBOPACK_CREATE_IN Create Workflow Event for Packaging Creating XFELD CHAR 
435 J_7LBOPACK_DELETE_IN Create Workflow Event for Packaging Deleting XFELD CHAR 
436 J_7LBOPACK_INCONS_IN Create Workflow Event for Inconsistent Packaging XFELD CHAR 
437 J_7LBORART_CHANGE_IN Create Workflow Event for Reference Article Changes XFELD CHAR 
438 J_7LBORART_CREATE_IN Create Workflow Event for Reference Article Creating XFELD CHAR 
439 J_7LBORART_DELETE_IN Create Workflow Event for Reference Article Deleting XFELD CHAR 
440 J_7LBROART_CHANGE_IN Create Workflow Event for Reference Article Changes XFELD CHAR 
441 J_7LBUDATX Posting Date Control J_7LBUDATX CHAR 
442 J_7LBUKPROKZ Log Missing Article for Company Code XFELD CHAR 
443 J_7LBUKRSR REA Address Data: Alternative Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
444 J_7LCBABFUEL REA Declaration: Checkbox for Bottler CHAR1_X CHAR 
445 J_7LCBAUSLEXP REA Declaration: Checkbox for Foreign Exporter CHAR1_X CHAR 
446 J_7LCBBAKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Payment by Bank Transfer CHAR1_X CHAR 
447 J_7LCBBENKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Users at Conai 6.1 CHAR1_X CHAR 
448 J_7LCBCHKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Payment by Check CHAR1_X CHAR 
449 J_7LCBDATAUS REA Declaration: DM Checkbox for Disk, Tape, Cassette, paper CHAR1_X CHAR 
450 J_7LCBHANDEL REA Declaration: Checkbox for Retail CHAR1_X CHAR 
451 J_7LCBINLIMP REA Declaration: Checkbox for Domestic Importer CHAR1_X CHAR 
452 J_7LCBJAKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Final Annual Declaration CHAR1_X CHAR 
453 J_7LCBJMKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Annual Declaration CHAR1_X CHAR 
454 J_7LCBMMKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Monthly Declaration CHAR1_X CHAR 
455 J_7LCBPACKM REA Declaration: Checkbox for Packaging Production CHAR1_X CHAR 
456 J_7LCBPROKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Producer at Conai 6.1 CHAR1_X CHAR 
457 J_7LCBQMKNZ REA Declaration: Checkbox for Quarterly Declaration CHAR1_X CHAR 
458 J_7LCBVERSA REA Declaration: Checkbox for Mail Order CHAR1_X CHAR 
459 J_7LCBZUSCHL REA Declaration: Checkbox for Additional Info Key CHAR1_X CHAR 
460 J_7LCCWOMMKZ Indicator: Packaging Without Material Master Record XFELD CHAR 
461 J_7LCHAR15 Character String, Length 15 for Form Output CHAR015 CHAR 
462 J_7LCHAR30 Character String, Length 30 for Form Output CHAR030 CHAR 
463 J_7LCHAR52 52-Character Field J_7LCHAR52 CHAR 
464 J_7LCHAR8 Character String, Length 8 for Form Output CHAR08 CHAR 
465 J_7LCHAR90 Character String, Length 90 for Form Output CHAR90 CHAR 
466 J_7LCHAR_09 Character Field Length 9   CHAR 
467 J_7LCHAR_31 Character Field Length 31   CHAR 
468 J_7LCHAR_51 Character Field Length 51   CHAR 
469 J_7LCHECKBOX REA Declaration: Checkbox CHAR1_X CHAR 
471 J_7LCHECK_SUMMARY Summary of Consistency Check   CHAR 
472 J_7LCOND_MODE Mode of Condition Update J_7LCOND_MODE CHAR 
473 J_7LCONTRACTNR REA Declar.: Optional Contract No.Between Licensee + Re.Part J_7LZNEH CHAR 
474 J_7LCONTSTKZ Indicator: Master Data Maintenance with Controls XFELD CHAR 
475 J_7LCUST_AP_KEY REA Customizing: Key for Customer-Specific Enhancement J_7LCUST_AP_KEY CHAR 
476 J_7LDATABX Selection Interval Mode for Billing Date From J_7LDATABX CHAR 
477 J_7LDATBIX Selection Interval Mode for Billing Date To J_7LDATBIX CHAR 
478 J_7LDATSP Start Date of Splitting Contract DATUM DATS 
479 J_7LDATZE Date of License Usage Contract REA DATUM DATS 
480 J_7LDBAKTN Database Action To Be Performed J_7LDBAKTN CHAR 
481 J_7LDBAKZ Indicator for Default Document Type XFELD CHAR 
482 J_7LDECLLOGPERST REA Declaration System: Indicator - Log Cannot Be Deleted XFELD CHAR 
483 J_7LDEFAULTX Use as Default for Non-Assigned Company Codes/Condition Type XFELD CHAR 
484 J_7LDEFKEY Key Definition for Accruals Correction Posting J_7LDEFKEY NUMC 
485 J_7LDEFKEYTX Text Definition for Accruals Correction Posting TEXT60 CHAR 
486 J_7LDFKZIE Global Data Filter Use J_7LRKZIE CHAR 
487 J_7LDFSTRG Data Filter Control J_7LDFSTRG CHAR 
488 J_7LDFTYP Data Filter Type J_7LDFTYP CHAR 
489 J_7LDIFFKRIT Differentiation Criterion for Reporting J_7LDIFFKRIT CHAR 
490 J_7LDOMAIN_SUFFIX REA: Suffix of a Network Domain CHAR80 CHAR 
491 J_7LDTAKZ Indicator for Data Medium Exchange CHAR1_X CHAR 
492 J_7LDTSTKZ Indicator Determine Declaration Date from Canceled Bill.Doc. XFELD CHAR 
493 J_7LDUNKZ Print and Display Impossible CHAR1_X CHAR 
494 J_7LENQUE_MODE Lock Mode when Reading and Writing Master Data J_7LENQUE_MODE CHAR 
495 J_7LENTNAM Recycling Partner J_7LENTNAM CHAR 
496 J_7LERRTXT Text of an Error Message CHAR70 CHAR 
497 J_7LERZET Time Created UZEIT TIMS 
498 J_7LEVENT Time of Call J_7LEVENT CHAR 
499 J_7LEXITCHKA Exit for Article Consistency Check (Function Module) FUNCNAME CHAR 
500 J_7LEXITCHKV Exit Packaging Consistency Check (Function Module) FUNCNAME CHAR