SAP ABAP Data Element - Index J, page 25
Data Element - J
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 J_3RS_SRCOPENQNT Open Quantity for Source Customs Declaration Item MENG15 QUAN 
2 J_3RS_SRC_CCD Reference Customs Declaration J_3RS_CCD_BELN CHAR 
4 J_3RS_SRC_CCDITEM Source Customs Declaration Item J_3RS_CCDITEMID NUMC 
5 J_3RS_STAWN_NAME Commodity Code Description CHAR160 CHAR 
6 J_3RS_SUBIQUANT Total Quantity for Customs Declaration Subitems MENG15 QUAN 
7 J_3RS_SUBTOT3 Condition Subtotal 3 from Pricing Procedure WERTV8 CURR 
8 J_3RS_SUBTOT4 Condition Subtotal 4 from Pricing Procedure WERTV8 CURR 
9 J_3RS_SUBTOT5 Condition Subtotal 5 from Pricing Procedure WERTV8 CURR 
10 J_3RS_SUBTOT6 Condition Subtotal 6 from Pricing Procedure WERTV8 CURR 
11 J_3RS_TAX_DOC Tax Transfer Document Number BELNR CHAR 
12 J_3RS_TAX_POSTED Flag for tax posting FLAG CHAR 
13 J_3RS_TECH_INFO_ALV Additional Information CHAR80 CHAR 
14 J_3RS_TOCHNG Sorting By Time of Change J_3RSINDICATOR CHAR 
15 J_3RS_TOTAL_DAY Days Since Contract J_3RS_DAY NUMC 
16 J_3RS_TRADCNTRY Trading Country LAND1 CHAR 
17 J_3RS_TRANSP_OBJ1 Transport Packaging Details 1 TEXT255 CHAR 
18 J_3RS_TRANSP_OBJ2 Transport Packaging Details 2 TEXT255 CHAR 
19 J_3RS_UMZIN Denominator for the Conversion Factor UMBSN DEC 
20 J_3RS_UMZIZ Numerator for the Conversion Factor UMBSZ DEC 
21 J_3RS_UNCONFIRMED_AMOUNT Nonqualifying Amount WERT7 CURR 
22 J_3RS_UNCONFIRMED_QUANTITY Quantity Not Qualifying MENG13 QUAN 
23 J_3RS_UNIT_TYPE Type of Loaded Units J_3RS_UNIT_TYPE CHAR 
24 J_3RS_USE_CDEC Find Customs Declarations   CHAR 
25 J_3RS_USE_PGTD Use Final Customs Declaration   CHAR 
26 J_3RS_USE_VGTD Use Temporary Customs Declaration   CHAR 
27 J_3RS_VBELN_VF Billing Document VBELN CHAR 
28 J_3RS_VEHNAME Shipping Type Name   CHAR 
29 J_3RS_VEHTP Transport type (cross border) CHAR03 CHAR 
30 J_3RS_VEHTYP Shipping Type Code   CHAR 
31 J_3RS_VEHTYP_BRD Shipping Type on Border   CHAR 
32 J_3RS_X_ERROR X = Error Occured J_3RSXFLAG CHAR 
33 J_3RT53ADAYH Day to CHAR2 CHAR 
34 J_3RT53ADAYL Day from CHAR2 CHAR 
35 J_3RT53ADTH Period to DATS DATS 
36 J_3RT53ADTL Period from DATS DATS 
37 J_3RT53AGIVPFIO Name of Person giving out the Sheet TEXT50 CHAR 
38 J_3RT53AGIVPSIGN Signature of Person giving out the Sheet TEXT20 CHAR 
39 J_3RT53ALISTDT Date of pay sheet DATS DATS 
40 J_3RT53ALISTNM Number of Pay Sheet List BELNR CHAR 
41 J_3RT53ALISTSUM Total of the sheet CJAMT CURR 
42 J_3RT53AMONH Month to CHAR10 CHAR 
43 J_3RT53AMONL Month from CHAR10 CHAR 
44 J_3RT53ANPP Line Item Number NUMC4 NUMC 
45 J_3RT53ANPPH Maximum Line Item Number on the Page NUMC4 NUMC 
46 J_3RT53ANPPHW Maximum Line Item Number on the Page in Words TEXT60 CHAR 
47 J_3RT53ANPPL Minimum Line Item Number on the Page NUMC4 NUMC 
48 J_3RT53ANPPLW Minimum Line Item Number on the Page in Words TEXT60 CHAR 
49 J_3RT53ANPPPG Maximum Line Items Number on Page NUMC4 NUMC 
50 J_3RT53AORGNAME Company Name TEXT60 CHAR 
51 J_3RT53APAYMTX Payment text TEXT50 CHAR 
52 J_3RT53APOSIT Position of Person Responsible for Form T-53A TEXT40 CHAR 
53 J_3RT53ARECPFIO Name of Person receiving the Sheet TEXT50 CHAR 
54 J_3RT53ARECPSIGN Signature of Person receiving the Sheet TEXT20 CHAR 
55 J_3RT53ARESPONS Name of Person Responsible for Form T-53A TEXT40 CHAR 
56 J_3RT53ASUBDIVIS Structural Division Name TEXT60 CHAR 
57 J_3RT53AYRH Year to CHAR4 CHAR 
58 J_3RT53AYRL Year from CHAR4 CHAR 
59 J_3RTADVPAYM Advance Payment (1/4 Rate) XFELD CHAR 
60 J_3RTAX21_DG_DG Where the document is given   CHAR 
61 J_3RTAX21_DG_DSC Description   CHAR 
62 J_3RTAX21_DT_DT Document Type   CHAR 
63 J_3RTAX21_FIO33 Person Name   CHAR 
64 J_3RTAXAFABE Tax depreciation area AFABE NUMC 
65 J_3RTAXCAT Tax category J_3RTAXCAT CHAR 
66 J_3RTAX_GROUPVAL Depreciation Group GDLGRP CHAR 
67 J_3RTAX_ONLY VAT amount only J_3RTAX_ONLY CHAR 
68 J_3RTAX_OPERATION Retirement Type CHAR01 CHAR 
69 J_3RTAX_PER09 Tax Period Code for VAT Return 09 J_3RTAX_PER09 CHAR 
70 J_3RTAX_ZFIELD Depreciation Group Field in Asset Master CHAR40 CHAR 
71 J_3RTBAUJJ Manufacturing Date   DATS 
72 J_3RTCHECK Check for Missing Data CHAR1_X CHAR 
73 J_3RTDBTAX Full month tax CHAR1_X CHAR 
74 J_3RTDEPONUSLF Rate depends on vehicle age XFELD CHAR 
75 J_3RTDTBG Carrier registration date DATUM DATS 
76 J_3RTDTBRA Date Stolen   DATS 
77 J_3RTDTBRB Return Date   DATS 
78 J_3RTDTEN Carrier registration date completion DATUM DATS 
79 J_3RTERRCM Error comment   CHAR 
80 J_3RTFULTX Full amount of tax   CURR 
81 J_3RTGJAGE Age of Vehicle NUM3 NUMC 
83 J_3RTKNUM Goods issue - transportation note number CHAR20 CHAR 
84 J_3RTKOEFU Tax coefficient   CHAR 
85 J_3RTMNFUL Tax yield period   NUMC 
86 J_3RTMOD Tax modifier   DEC 
87 J_3RTMSGTP Traport tax message type MSGTE CHAR 
88 J_3RTNOTX Transport Tax Exemption Code   CHAR 
89 J_3RTNUMBER Order number   NUMC 
90 J_3RTOKATO1 OKATO Code (Part 1) CHAR02 CHAR 
91 J_3RTOKATO2 OKATO Code (Part 2) CHAR03 CHAR 
92 J_3RTOKATO3 OKATO Code (Part 3) CHAR03 CHAR 
93 J_3RTOKATO4 OKATO Code (Part 4) CHAR03 CHAR 
94 J_3RTPAFROM Fiscal period from which transport tax is calculated PERAF NUMC 
95 J_3RTPLNTX Amount of plan tax   CURR 
96 J_3RTPOST Posted Tax Values CHAR1_X CHAR 
97 J_3RTPREF Transport Tax Reduction Code   CHAR 
98 J_3RTREG Registration Date   DATS 
99 J_3RTREM Cancellation Date   DATS 
100 J_3RTREVB17 Revaluation Total at the Beginning of the Year J_3RBS5VALUE CURR 
101 J_3RTREVE18 Revaluation Total at the End of the Year J_3RBS5VALUE CURR 
104 J_3RTTAXBASE Tax base of transport MENG13 QUAN 
105 J_3RTTAXUNIT Tax base unit MEINS UNIT 
106 J_3RTTHRES Tax Base   DEC 
107 J_3RTURN_CURR Turnover for current period WERTV8 CURR 
108 J_3RTURN_PREV Turnover for previous period WERTV8 CURR 
109 J_3RTVAL Transport Tax Rate   DEC 
110 J_3RTVALTX Amount of posting tax   CURR 
112 J_3RTYPV Transport Type   CHAR 
113 J_3RTYPVTEXT Transport Type Description J_3RTYPDESC CHAR 
115 J_3RT_PRIV_CODE Russian Transport Tax Privelege Code   CHAR 
116 J_3RT_PRIV_TYPE Type of privilege for russian transport tax J_3RT_PRIV_TYPE CHAR 
117 J_3RT_PRIV_VAL Privilege value   DEC 
118 J_3RT_PRIV_VAL_TYPE Type of value for privilege J_3RT_PRIV_VAL_TYPE CHAR 
119 J_3RUBKNT Our account number at the bank BANKN CHAR 
120 J_3RUBKON Bank control key at our bank BKONT CHAR 
121 J_3RUBNKL Bank number of our bank BANKL CHAR 
122 J_3RUSEFULLIFE Workwear Useful Life   CHAR 
123 J_3RVALADJUST Value adjustments ANLKWERT CURR 
124 J_3RVAL_ADJUST Value adjustments J_3RVAL_ADJUST CHAR 
125 J_3RVOZM The compensated amount of the VAT J_3RVOZM CURR 
126 J_3RWAISTSIZE Waist Size   NUMC 
128 J_3RWUNIT Weight Unit for Precious Material MEINS UNIT 
129 J_3RWWAREA Depreciation Area Type J_3RWWAREA CHAR 
130 J_3RWWBWART Movement Type (Material Management) BWART CHAR 
131 J_3RWWBWASL Asset transaction type BWASL CHAR 
132 J_3RWWICON Workwear Status   CHAR 
133 J_3RWWMDESCRIPT Workwear movement type description TEXT80 CHAR 
134 J_3RWW_OPERATION Workwear movement class J_3RWW_OP_CLASS CHAR 
135 J_3RWW_TR_CODE Workwear movement type   CHAR 
136 J_3RWW_VALTDEF Default Valuation Type XFELD CHAR 
137 J_3RXNEGPAREA Negative Postings Permitted XFELD CHAR 
138 J_3RZBKON Bank control key of the payment receiver BKONT CHAR 
139 J_3RZBNKN Bank account number of payment receiver BANKN CHAR 
140 J_3R_AA_FILTERING Asset Accounting Filtering   CHAR 
141 J_3R_AA_QNTY Quantity of Actual Availability   QUAN 
142 J_3R_AA_VALUE Value of Actual Availability   CURR 
143 J_3R_ACCNTNAME Accountant's Name TEXT50 CHAR 
144 J_3R_ACCNTPOS Accountant's Position TEXT30 CHAR 
145 J_3R_ACCOUNTANT Accountant TEXT50 CHAR 
146 J_3R_ACCOUNTED_CURR_TAX_PERIOD Amount Accounted In Current Tax Period WERT12 CURR 
147 J_3R_ACCOUNTED_PREV_TAX_PERIOD Amount Accounted In Previous Tax Periods WERT12 CURR 
148 J_3R_ACCOUNT_DESCRIPTION Account description TEXT20 CHAR 
149 J_3R_ACCOUNT_EMPTY Empty Accounting Details   CHAR 
151 J_3R_ACCRENGINE Accrual Engine   CHAR 
152 J_3R_ACCSUBACC Account, Subaccount TEXT40 CHAR 
153 J_3R_ACC_BY_NAME Accepted by - Name TEXT60 CHAR 
154 J_3R_ACC_BY_POS Accepted by - Position TEXT60 CHAR 
155 J_3R_ACC_CH_ACC_NAME Chief Accountant of Accepting Organization TEXT48 CHAR 
156 J_3R_ACC_DEF_ACC Account Item of Adjusted Deficiency TEXT20 CHAR 
157 J_3R_ACC_DEF_QNTY Quantity of Adjusted Deficiency   QUAN 
158 J_3R_ACC_DEF_QNTY_SUM Total Quantity of Adjusted Deficiency   QUAN 
159 J_3R_ACC_DEF_VALUE Value of Adjusted Deficiency   CURR 
160 J_3R_ACC_DEF_VALUE_SUM Total Value of Adjusted Deficiency   CURR 
161 J_3R_ACC_EXP_AMOUNT_FC Accepted expense amount in foreign currency WERT7 CURR 
162 J_3R_ACC_EXP_AMOUNT_LC Accepted expense amount in local currency WERT7 CURR 
163 J_3R_ACC_RESP_PERS_NAME Responsible person name (from accepting organization) TEXT140 CHAR 
164 J_3R_ACC_RESP_PERS_NR Responsible person personal nr (from accepting organization) PERNR NUMC 
165 J_3R_ACC_RESP_PERS_POS Responsible person position (from accepting organization) TEXT60 CHAR 
166 J_3R_ACC_SPL_ACC Account Item of Adjusted Surplus TEXT20 CHAR 
167 J_3R_ACC_SPL_QNTY Quantity of Adjusted Surplus   QUAN 
168 J_3R_ACC_SPL_QNTY_SUM Total Quantity of Adjusted Surplus   QUAN 
169 J_3R_ACC_SPL_VALUE Value of Adjusted Surplus   CURR 
170 J_3R_ACC_SPL_VALUE_SUM Total Value of Adjusted Surplus   CURR 
171 J_3R_ACQ_VAL Acquisition Value ANLKWERT CURR 
172 J_3R_ACQ_VAL_TOTAL Total Value of Acquisitions   CURR 
173 J_3R_ACQ_VAL_UNIT Value of acquisitions per unit   CURR 
174 J_3R_ACTION_TYP Action Type TEXT5 CHAR 
175 J_3R_ACTIVITY Code of Activity TEXT20 CHAR 
177 J_3R_ACTUAL_DATE Actual date of withdrawal of the remnants of values   DATS 
178 J_3R_ACT_ACC_DET_DEFECTS Actual Accepted Defects Detected TEXT20 CHAR 
179 J_3R_ACT_BOOK_VALUE Actual Value   CURR 
180 J_3R_ACT_EQ_TRANSP_COST Transportation Costs   CURR 
181 J_3R_ACT_EQ_TRANSP_TOTAL Total Value of Transportation Costs   CURR 
182 J_3R_ACT_QUANTITY Actual Quantity   QUAN 
183 J_3R_ACT_REPAIR_COST Costs of Repair – Actual   CURR 
184 J_3R_ACT_REPAIR_TOTAL Total Value of Costs of Repair – Actual   CURR 
185 J_3R_ACT_REP_PER_FROM Actual Repair Period from MCPERIOD NUMC 
186 J_3R_ACT_REP_PER_TO Actual Repair Period to MCPERIOD NUMC 
187 J_3R_ACT_REST_COST Costs of Modernization – Actual   CURR 
188 J_3R_ACT_REST_TOTAL Total Value of Costs of Modernization – Actual   CURR 
189 J_3R_ADAMNT_FOR Actual payed off advance amount in foreign currency WERT7 CURR 
190 J_3R_ADAMNT_LOC Actual payed off advance amount in local currency WERT7 CURR 
191 J_3R_ADTOTAL Actual advance balance WERT7 CURR 
192 J_3R_ADVREPDATE Advance report date DATS DATS 
193 J_3R_ADVREPNUM Advance report number J_3R_FNR CHAR 
194 J_3R_ADV_PAYM Advance Payment   CURR 
195 J_3R_ADV_PAYM_15 Calculated Tax Amount Advance Payment   CURR 
196 J_3R_ADV_PAY_TXT Advance Payment   CHAR 
197 J_3R_ADV_PURP Purpose of advance TEXT50 CHAR 
198 J_3R_AD_QNTY Quantity According Accounting   QUAN 
199 J_3R_AD_VALUE Value According Accounting   CURR 
200 J_3R_AITYPE Operation type in Inventory card lines J_3R_AITYPE CHAR 
201 J_3R_AMOUNT_CARRIED_FORWARD Amount Carried Forward Into Next Tax Period WERT12 CURR 
202 J_3R_AMTREDUCTION Transport tax amount reduction code CHAR5 CHAR 
203 J_3R_ANN_EXEMPT Annual Average Property Value Having Exemption   CURR 
204 J_3R_AO_EXP_AMNT_FC Advance report expense amount in foreign currency WERT7 CURR 
205 J_3R_AO_EXP_AMNT_LC Advance report expense amount in local currency WERT7 CURR 
206 J_3R_APPENDIX Number of Appendix   NUMC 
207 J_3R_ASSETNUM Asset Number TEXT10 CHAR 
208 J_3R_ASSET_ANN_AVRG Annual Average Value of the Property   CURR 
209 J_3R_ASSET_CLASS_GROUP Group by Asset Class XFELD CHAR 
210 J_3R_ASSET_CODE Material Asset Code MATNR CHAR 
211 J_3R_ASSET_DESC Asset Description and Additional Description TEXT100 CHAR 
212 J_3R_ASSET_REM_VALUE Remaining Value of the Fixed Asset   CURR 
213 J_3R_ASSET_UPDATE Asset Update Required   CHAR 
214 J_3R_ASS_ACC_PERS_NAME Name of Person Responsible for Asset Maintenance TEXT140 CHAR 
215 J_3R_ASS_ACC_PERS_PERNR Personnel No. of Person Responsible for Asset Maintenance PERNR NUMC 
216 J_3R_ASS_ACC_PERS_POS Position of Person Responsible for Asset Maintenance TEXT60 CHAR 
217 J_3R_ASS_BR_DESCR Brief Individual Description of the Fixed Assets Object TEXT50 CHAR 
218 J_3R_ATT_LETTER_DATE Letter of Attorney - Date DATS DATS 
219 J_3R_ATT_LETTER_ISSUER Letter of Attorney - Issuer TEXT140 CHAR 
220 J_3R_ATT_LETTER_NR Letter of Attorney - Number TEXT15 CHAR 
222 J_3R_AT_LOCATION1 Asset Location - Russian Company   CHAR 
223 J_3R_AT_LOCATION2 Asset Location - Isolated Subdivision   CHAR 
224 J_3R_AT_LOCATION3 Asset Location - Real Estate Object   CHAR 
225 J_3R_AT_LOCATION4 Asset Location - Foreign Company   CHAR 
226 J_3R_AT_LOCATION5 Asset Location -Biggest tax payer   CHAR 
227 J_3R_AT_LOCATION6 Asset Location - Russian Company Successor   CHAR 
228 J_3R_AT_LOCATION7 Asset Location - Biggest Tax Payer Successor   CHAR 
229 J_3R_AUFNR Repair Order number AUFNR CHAR 
230 J_3R_AUTH_DOCUMENT Authorization Document CHAR255 CHAR 
231 J_3R_AUTH_DOCUMENT_DATE Date of Authorization Document DATS DATS 
232 J_3R_AUTH_DOCUMENT_NUM Number of Authorization Document CHAR20 CHAR 
234 J_3R_BANK_DETAILS Bank Details of Handover Department TEXT140 CHAR 
235 J_3R_BANK_DETAILS_RECEIVER Bank Details of Receiver Department TEXT140 CHAR 
236 J_3R_BK_DATE Date of Taking Into Account DATS DATS 
237 J_3R_BLA Balance CHAR20 CHAR 
238 J_3R_BOOK_DATE Date of Taking Into Account DATS DATS 
239 J_3R_BOOK_VALUE Book Value of Asset   CURR 
240 J_3R_BRAND Vehicle Brand CHAR120 CHAR 
241 J_3R_BRAND_FR Vehicle Brand Filling Rule J_3R_BRAND CHAR 
242 J_3R_CALC_TAX Calculated Tax Amount   CURR 
243 J_3R_CARRIER_ORG Name of Carrier Company TEXT50 CHAR 
244 J_3R_CEO CEO Name CHAR40 CHAR 
245 J_3R_CEO_NAME CEO (name) of Organization TEXT48 CHAR 
246 J_3R_CEO_POS Position of CEO TEXT80 CHAR 
247 J_3R_CESSION_TYPE Cession Type TEXT15 CHAR 
248 J_3R_CFO CFO Name CHAR40 CHAR 
249 J_3R_CHAIRMANNAME Name of Chairman TEXT140 CHAR 
250 J_3R_CHAIRMANPOS Position of Chairman TEXT60 CHAR 
251 J_3R_CHAIRMNAME Name of Chairman TEXT50 CHAR 
252 J_3R_CHAIRMPOS Position of Chairman TEXT30 CHAR 
253 J_3R_CHARACT Quality and quantity characteristics TEXT40 CHAR 
254 J_3R_CHECKERNAME Name of the Checker Person TEXT40 CHAR 
255 J_3R_CHECKERPOS Position of the Checker Person TEXT40 CHAR 
256 J_3R_CHFACCNT Chief accountant TEXT50 CHAR 
257 J_3R_CHIEF Chief Accountant (KO-4) CHAR50LOW CHAR 
258 J_3R_CHIEFACCNT Chief accountant TEXT60 CHAR 
259 J_3R_CHIEF_FNAME First Name of Chief Accountant CHAR20 CHAR 
260 J_3R_CHIEF_LNAME Last Name of Chief Accountant CHAR20 CHAR 
261 J_3R_CHIEF_PNAME Patronymic Name of Chief Accountant CHAR20 CHAR 
263 J_3R_CIA_NAME Name of Chose in Action TEXT50 CHAR 
264 J_3R_CLERK Accounting clerk CHAR50LOW CHAR 
265 J_3R_CNTNT_DESC Description of the Content Structure   CHAR 
266 J_3R_CNTRCT_DATE Date of Rent Contract   DATS 
267 J_3R_CNTRCT_TYPE Type of Rent Contract   CHAR 
268 J_3R_COMM Remark CHAR50 CHAR 
269 J_3R_COMM_CHRMAN_NAME Name of Commission Chairman TEXT140 CHAR 
270 J_3R_COMM_CHRMAN_POS Position of Commission Chairman TEXT60 CHAR 
271 J_3R_COMM_DOC_DATA Commmission Document Data TEXT140 CHAR 
272 J_3R_COMM_DOC_DATA1 Assignment Document Data 1 TEXT140 CHAR 
273 J_3R_COMM_DOC_DATA2 Assignment Document Data 2 TEXT140 CHAR 
274 J_3R_COMM_DOC_DATA3 Assignment Document Data 3 TEXT140 CHAR 
275 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER1_NAME Name of Commission Member 1 TEXT140 CHAR 
276 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER1_POS Position of Commission Member 1 TEXT60 CHAR 
277 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER2_NAME Name of Commission Member 2 TEXT140 CHAR 
278 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER2_POS Position of Commission Member 2 TEXT60 CHAR 
279 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER3_NAME Name of Commission Member 3 TEXT140 CHAR 
280 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER3_POS Position of Commission Member 3 TEXT60 CHAR 
281 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER_DOC Member of the Commission - Dcument TEXT50 CHAR 
282 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER_NAME Name of Commission Member TEXT140 CHAR 
283 J_3R_COMM_MEMBER_POS Position of Commission Member TEXT60 CHAR 
284 J_3R_COMPANY_CHIEF_NAME Name of Company Chief TEXT50 CHAR 
285 J_3R_COMPANY_CHIEF_POSITION Position of Company Chief TEXT60 CHAR 
286 J_3R_CONCL_COMM Conclusion of Comission TEXT140 CHAR 
287 J_3R_CONCL_COMM1 Conclusion of Commission (Line 1) TEXT140 CHAR 
288 J_3R_CONCL_COMM2 Conclusion of Commission (Line 2) TEXT140 CHAR 
289 J_3R_CONSTR_START_DATE Date of Beginning of Construction DATS DATS 
290 J_3R_CONTEXT Name of Context FPNAME CHAR 
291 J_3R_CONTRACT Realization Reason RANL CHAR 
292 J_3R_CONTXTBY PDF context created by USERNAME CHAR 
293 J_3R_CONTXTDAT Context last changed date   DATS 
294 J_3R_CONTXTNAM Name of PDF context FPNAME CHAR 
295 J_3R_CONTXTTIM Context last changed time   TIMS 
296 J_3R_COO COO Name CHAR40 CHAR 
297 J_3R_COOWN_PART Coownership Participant TEXT80 CHAR 
298 J_3R_COOWN_PERC Coownership Share   DEC 
299 J_3R_COOWN_RIGHT_SHARE Share in Ownership   DEC 
300 J_3R_CORR_NUM Correction Number   CHAR 
301 J_3R_CORR_NUMBER Correction Number CHAR3 CHAR 
302 J_3R_COUNTDATE Date of the last count DATS DATS 
304 J_3R_CO_OBJECT CO object CHAR50 CHAR 
305 J_3R_CREATE_FILE Create File for VAT Return (Russia) CHAR001 CHAR 
306 J_3R_CRE_ACCT Credit account SAKNR CHAR 
307 J_3R_CRE_AMNT Credit amount WERT7 CURR 
308 J_3R_CRTDBY Form created by USERNAME CHAR 
309 J_3R_CRTDDAT Form creation date   DATS 
310 J_3R_CRTDTIM Form creation time   TIMS 
311 J_3R_CRTNLOCAT Location where act was created TEXT80 CHAR 
312 J_3R_CSAKNR Corresponding account number SAKNR CHAR 
313 J_3R_CUMULATE Cumulate If Same Asset Found   CHAR 
314 J_3R_CUST_COMP_REPR_NAME The name of customer company representative TEXT60 CHAR 
315 J_3R_CUST_COMP_REPR_POS Position of customer company representative TEXT60 CHAR 
316 J_3R_DATADATE Date on that data was taken from bookkeeping   DATS 
317 J_3R_DATADATE_TEXT Date on that data was taken from bookkeeping in words CHAR16 CHAR 
318 J_3R_DATE Document Date for Balance Sheet Reports SYDATS DATS 
319 J_3R_DEBQUANT Debit Quantity   CURR 
320 J_3R_DEBVAL Debit Value   CURR 
321 J_3R_DEB_ACCT Debit account SAKNR CHAR 
322 J_3R_DEB_AMNT Debit amount WERT7 CURR 
323 J_3R_DECL_CORRNUM Correction Number of The Declaration   NUMC 
324 J_3R_DECL_DATE Declaration Date   DATS 
325 J_3R_DECL_DATE1 Declaration Date for the First Quarter   DATS 
326 J_3R_DECL_DATE2 Declaration Date for the Second Quarter   DATS 
327 J_3R_DECL_DATE3 Declaration Date for the Third Quarter   DATS 
328 J_3R_DECL_DATE4 Declaration Date for the Fourth Quarter   DATS 
329 J_3R_DECL_DOC_TYPE Document Type For Declaration J_3R_DECL_DOC_TYPE NUMC 
330 J_3R_DECL_NR_APPENDIX Number of Attached Documents   NUMC 
331 J_3R_DECL_NUM Tax Return Document Number   CHAR 
332 J_3R_DEFERRALS_NAME Deferrals Name TEXT50 CHAR 
333 J_3R_DELIV_COMPLETENESS Delivery Completeness - Equipment is Complete/ not Complete TEXT30 CHAR 
334 J_3R_DELIV_INCOMPLETNESS_SPEC Incompleteness Specification TEXT30 CHAR 
335 J_3R_DESC Short Description for the Sections   CHAR 
336 J_3R_DESC_DEF_QNTY Quantity of Inventory Deficiencies (Misdescription)   QUAN 
337 J_3R_DESC_DEF_SEQ Sequence Number of Offset Deficiencies NUMC NUMC 
338 J_3R_DESC_DEF_SEQ2 Sequence Number of Offset Deficiencies   CHAR 
339 J_3R_DESC_DEF_VALUE Value of Inventory Deficiencies (Misdescription)   CURR 
340 J_3R_DESC_SPL_QNTY Quantity of Inventory Surplus (Misdescription)   QUAN 
341 J_3R_DESC_SPL_SEQ Sequence Number of Offset Surpluses NUMC NUMC 
342 J_3R_DESC_SPL_SEQ2 Sequence Number of Offset Surpluses   CHAR 
343 J_3R_DESC_SPL_VALUE Value of Inventory Surplus (Misdescription)   CURR 
344 J_3R_DETPACK Detailed Packaging list of Mat XFELD CHAR 
345 J_3R_DIRECT_POSTING Post documents directly XFELD CHAR 
346 J_3R_DIRECT_RUN Productive Run XFELD CHAR 
347 J_3R_DISCH_DATE Date of Taking Off Account DATS DATS 
348 J_3R_DISM_EXP Dismantling Expenses   CURR 
349 J_3R_DISM_EXP_TOTAL Total Value of Dismantling Expenses   CURR 
350 J_3R_DISTRICT District CHAR34 CHAR 
351 J_3R_DISTR_ASSET Indicator If The Real Estate Object Does not Belong To UGSS   CHAR 
352 J_3R_DIVCODE Structural Division Code (KO-3, KO-4) CHAR50LOW CHAR 
353 J_3R_DIVNAME Structural Division (KO-3, KO-4) CHAR50LOW CHAR 
354 J_3R_DOCDATE Document Date DATS DATS 
355 J_3R_DOCNUM Document Number CHAR10 CHAR 
356 J_3R_DOC_DATE Document Date   DATS 
357 J_3R_DOC_LIST List of the Documents TEXT180 CHAR 
358 J_3R_DOC_NO Document Number J_3R_DOC_NO NUMC 
359 J_3R_DOC_TYPE Document Type J_3R_DOC_TYPE CHAR 
360 J_3R_DPR_RULE_NAME Depreciation Rule Name TEXT50 CHAR 
361 J_3R_DPR_RULE_RATE Depreciation Rule Rate   DEC 
362 J_3R_DRIVER Name of Driver TEXT80 CHAR 
363 J_3R_DRIVERTT Text Type for Driver TDID CHAR 
364 J_3R_DSAKNR Target account number SAKNR CHAR 
365 J_3R_ECOCLASS Ecological Class NUMC1 NUMC 
366 J_3R_ECO_CLS Ecological Class J_3R_ECO_CLS CHAR 
367 J_3R_EDECL Electronic Tax Return   CHAR 
368 J_3R_EMPTYVAL Print empty values in the colums 10-13 of INV-3 form XFELD CHAR 
369 J_3R_EQACC_END_DATE Equipment Acceptance End Date DATS DATS 
370 J_3R_EQACC_END_TIME Equipment Acceptance End Time   TIMS 
371 J_3R_EQACC_RENEWAL_DATE Equipment Acceptance Restart Date DATS DATS 
372 J_3R_EQACC_RENEWAL_TIME Equipment Acceptance Restart Time   TIMS 
373 J_3R_EQACC_START_DATE Equipment Acceptance Start Date DATS DATS 
374 J_3R_EQACC_START_TIME Equipment Acceptance Start Time   TIMS 
375 J_3R_EQACC_STOP_DATE Equipment Acceptance Stop Date DATS DATS 
376 J_3R_EQACC_STOP_TIME Equipment Acceptance Stop Time   TIMS 
377 J_3R_EQARR_REC_POINT Date of Equipment Arrival at Receiving Point   DATS 
378 J_3R_EQARR_REC_POINT_TIME Time of Equipment Arrival at Receiving Point   TIMS 
379 J_3R_EQDISP_SEND_STATION Date of Equipment Dispatch from Sender Station   DATS 
380 J_3R_EQDISP_SEND_STATION_TIME Time of Equipment Dispatch from Sender Station   TIMS 
381 J_3R_EQDISP_SEND_STORAGE Date of Equipment Dispatch from Sender Warehouse   DATS 
382 J_3R_EQDISP_SEND_STORAGE_TIME Time of Equipment Dispatch from Sender Warehouse   TIMS 
383 J_3R_EQ_TYPE Equipment Type TEXT40 CHAR 
384 J_3R_ESTAMWOFF Estimated Amount of Written-Off   CURR 
385 J_3R_EXCH_VAL_DATE Date of Exchange Rate Value DATS DATS 
387 J_3R_EXTRACT_TYPE Extract Type   CHAR 
388 J_3R_EX_EXPENSES CIA Realization Extra Expenses WERT7 CURR 
389 J_3R_FATAX_CALC_CB Display Calculated Tax Amounts Only   CHAR 
390 J_3R_FATAX_DECL Indicator If This Entry Is The Last Declared Entry   CHAR 
391 J_3R_FATAX_DECL_CB Display Declared Tax Amounts Only   CHAR 
392 J_3R_FATAX_SECT Section Number in The Tax Declaration   INT1 
393 J_3R_FA_DSCR Description of Fixed Asset TEXT50 CHAR 
394 J_3R_FA_DSCR2 Description of Fixed Asset TEXT100 CHAR 
395 J_3R_FECODE Expense Code CHAR40 CHAR 
396 J_3R_FEMATDATE Expense Maturity Date NUMC NUMC 
397 J_3R_FENAME Expense Name   CHAR 
398 J_3R_FEOCDATE Date of Expense Occurence   DATS 
399 J_3R_FIELDNAM Field Name CHAR40 CHAR 
400 J_3R_FILE_PATH File Path and Name   STRG 
401 J_3R_FIN_DEF_QNTY Quantity of Final Deficiencies   QUAN 
402 J_3R_FIN_DEF_VALUE Value of Final Deficiencies   CURR 
403 J_3R_FIN_SPL_ACC Account Number of Capitalized Final Surpluses TEXT20 CHAR 
404 J_3R_FIN_SPL_QNTY Quantity of Capitalized Final Surpluses   QUAN 
405 J_3R_FIN_SPL_VALUE Value of Capitalized Final Surpluses   CURR 
406 J_3R_FI_FILTERING FI Filtering   CHAR 
407 J_3R_FNAM Name of Form Object J_R3_FNAM CHAR 
408 J_3R_FNR Document Number J_3R_FNR CHAR 
409 J_3R_FORMNAME The Name of the Form CHAR10 CHAR 
410 J_3R_FORM_DESC Description of the Form TEXT100 CHAR 
411 J_3R_FOR_CUR Foreign Currency WAERS CUKY 
412 J_3R_FOR_CUR_EXCH_RATE Exchange Rate for Foreign Currency KURSF DEC 
413 J_3R_FP First Page CHAR1 CHAR 
414 J_3R_FPSTATETEXT Status Text   CHAR 
415 J_3R_FUTUREEXP Initial Amount of Future Expenses   CURR 
416 J_3R_F_RESULT Financial Result WERT7 CURR 
417 J_3R_GLCHECKBOX General Ledger   CHAR 
418 J_3R_GRFIDOC Group by Asset Document XFELD CHAR 
419 J_3R_GROSSMASS Gross Mass   DEC 
420 J_3R_GROUP_NAME Material Asset Code TEXT10 CHAR 
421 J_3R_GROUP_TRANS_1DAY Summarize acquisitions in the first day of life BOOLEAN CHAR 
422 J_3R_GRSTRDIV Group by Structural Division XFELD CHAR 
423 J_3R_GRTYPE Asset movement type for inventory card J_3R_GRTYPE CHAR 
424 J_3R_GR_DIVISION Indicator If Group by Division   CHAR 
425 J_3R_GR_REGION Indicator If Group by Region   CHAR 
426 J_3R_HND_CH_ACC_NAME Chief Accountant of Hand-Over Organization TEXT48 CHAR 
427 J_3R_HND_RESP_PERS_NAME Name of Person Responsible TEXT140 CHAR 
428 J_3R_HND_RESP_PERS_NR Responsible person personal nr (from hand-over organization) PERNR NUMC 
429 J_3R_HND_RESP_PERS_POS Position of Person Responsible TEXT60 CHAR 
430 J_3R_INCLUDE_DATE Date of Loss Include into Expenses DATUM DATS 
431 J_3R_INCLUDE_LOSS Loss Included into Expenses WERT7 CURR 
432 J_3R_INCOME CIA Realization Income WERT7 CURR 
433 J_3R_INCOMPL_REASON Reason for Incompliance TEXT140 CHAR 
434 J_3R_INIT_VAL Initial Value   CURR 
435 J_3R_INN INN of Reporting Company TEXT30 CHAR 
436 J_3R_INST_COMP_REPR_NAME The name of installation company representative TEXT60 CHAR 
437 J_3R_INST_COMP_REPR_POS The position of installation company representative TEXT60 CHAR 
438 J_3R_INTEREST_CALC Interest Calculation WERT7 CURR 
439 J_3R_INTERFACE Name of Interface FPNAME CHAR 
440 J_3R_INTFBY PDF interface created by USERNAME CHAR 
441 J_3R_INTFDAT Interface last changed date   DATS 
442 J_3R_INTFNAM Name of PDF interface FPNAME CHAR 
443 J_3R_INTFTIM Interface last changed time   TIMS 
444 J_3R_INT_TRANSF_QUANT Quantity of Fixed Asset on Internal Transfer   QUAN 
445 J_3R_INV1A_SELX Checkbox For INV-1   CHAR 
446 J_3R_INV1_SELX Checkbox For INV-1   CHAR 
447 J_3R_INV26_SECTION Section types J_3R_INV26_SECTION CHAR 
448 J_3R_INVBEGDATE Inventory Period Start   DATS 
449 J_3R_INVDIFF_DEL Delete Old Offsetting Data BOOLEAN CHAR 
450 J_3R_INVDIFF_SORT Sorting sequence J_3R_INVDIFF_SORT CHAR 
452 J_3R_INVENDDATE Inventory Period End   DATS 
453 J_3R_INVMESCHECK Investment Measure   CHAR 
454 J_3R_INVMESTYPE Investment Measure Type J_3R_INVMESTYPE CHAR 
455 J_3R_INVORDDATE Inventory Order Date   DATS 
456 J_3R_INVORDNUM Inventory Order Number TEXT20 CHAR 
457 J_3R_INVORDNUM0319 Inventory Order Number TEXT20 CHAR 
458 J_3R_INVORDNUM26 Inventory Order Number TEXT20 CHAR 
459 J_3R_INVREPEXPFACT Repair Expences: actual costs   CURR 
460 J_3R_INVREPEXPPLAN Repair Expences: planned costs   CURR 
461 J_3R_INVRESECONOMY Inventory result: economy revealed   CURR 
462 J_3R_INVRESOVERDRAFT Inventory result: overdraft revealed   CURR 
463 J_3R_INVSD_LTR Date of Beginning of Inventory in Letters.   CHAR 
464 J_3R_INV_BEG_DAT Physical Inventory Start Date DATS DATS 
465 J_3R_INV_BOOK_RESP_NAME Name of Person Responsible for Inv. Book Maintenance TEXT140 CHAR 
466 J_3R_INV_BOOK_RESP_POS Position of Person Responsible for Inv. Book Maintenance TEXT60 CHAR 
467 J_3R_INV_CARD_NR Inventory card number TEXT16 CHAR 
468 J_3R_INV_CARD_RESP_NAME Name of Person Responsible for Inv. Card Maintenance TEXT140 CHAR 
469 J_3R_INV_CARD_RESP_PERNR Personnel No. of Person Responsible for Inv. Book Maint. PERNR NUMC 
470 J_3R_INV_CARD_RESP_POS Position of Person Responsible for Inv. Card Maintenance TEXT60 CHAR 
471 J_3R_INV_DEF_QNTY Quantity of Inventory Deficiency   QUAN 
472 J_3R_INV_DEF_QNTY_SUM Total Quantity of Inventory Deficiency   QUAN 
473 J_3R_INV_DEF_VALUE Value of Inventory Deficiency   CURR 
474 J_3R_INV_DEF_VALUE_SUM Total Value of Inventory Deficiency   CURR 
475 J_3R_INV_DESCTRUCTION_VALUE Value of Destruction of Materials   CURR 
476 J_3R_INV_DOC_DATE Document Date DATS DATS 
477 J_3R_INV_DOC_NO Document Number TEXT10 CHAR 
478 J_3R_INV_END_DAT Physical Inventory End Date DATS DATS 
479 J_3R_INV_NR Inventory Number TEXT60 CHAR 
480 J_3R_INV_ORD_DAT Physical Inventory Date DATS DATS 
481 J_3R_INV_ORD_NUM Inventory Order Number TEXT10 CHAR 
482 J_3R_INV_ORD_TYPE Inventory Order Type J_3R_INV_ORD_TYPE CHAR 
483 J_3R_INV_SET_DIFFERENCES_VALUE Set of Inventory Differences   CURR 
484 J_3R_INV_SPL_QNTY Quantity of Inventory Surplus   QUAN 
485 J_3R_INV_SPL_QNTY_SUM Total Quantity of Inventory Surplus   QUAN 
486 J_3R_INV_SPL_VALUE Value of Inventory Surplus   CURR 
487 J_3R_INV_SPL_VALUE_SUM Total Value of Inventory Surplus   CURR 
488 J_3R_INV_WROFF_NAT_LOS_VALUE Written-off in Limits of Natural Losses   CURR 
489 J_3R_INV_WROFF_OVERLIM_VALUE Written-off Over Limits of Natural Losses   CURR 
490 J_3R_INV_WROFF_PERPETR_VALUE Written-off on Perpetrators or Principal   CURR 
491 J_3R_IOTYPE Asset transfer type J_3R_IOTYPE CHAR 
492 J_3R_KBK KBK Code For Non-UGSS Asset   CHAR 
493 J_3R_KBK_UGSS KBK Code For UGSS Asset   CHAR 
494 J_3R_KBK_VAT KBK for VAT Return (Russia) CHAR20 CHAR 
495 J_3R_KPP KPP Number of Reporting Company TEXT9 CHAR 
496 J_3R_KPPCODE KPP Number of Reporting Company TEXT9 CHAR 
497 J_3R_LADING_BILL_DATE Date of Bill of Lading DATS DATS 
498 J_3R_LADING_BILL_MARK Special Marks in the Bill of Lading TEXT50 CHAR 
499 J_3R_LADING_BILL_NUM Number of Bill of Lading TEXT20 CHAR 
500 J_3R_LADING_BILL_SERIES Series of Bill of Lading TEXT20 CHAR