SAP ABAP Data Element - Index J, page 29
Data Element - J
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 J_INACT Indicator: Status Is Inactive J_INACT CHAR 
2 J_INIST Initial status flag XFELD CHAR 
3 J_INTKZ Flag: System status XFELD CHAR 
4 J_INTNUM Flag "Internal number allocation" XFELD CHAR 
5 J_IN_ACT Indicator: Status is inactive J_INACT CHAR 
6 J_ISPEZBT IS-M: Collection Authorization Limit CHAR11 CHAR 
7 J_ISTAT System status J_ISTAT CHAR 
8 J_ISTATEXT System status with external conversion J_ISTATEXT CHAR 
9 J_LANGTEXT Long text flag XFELD CHAR 
10 J_LENGHT IS-M/AM: Length Level of Product Hierarchy NUMC2 NUMC 
11 J_LINEP Position of the status in the status display NUMC2 NUMC 
12 J_LOEVM IS-M: Deletion Flag XFELD CHAR 
13 J_MAPN IS-M: Name of Batch Input Session TEXT12 CHAR 
14 J_MARKE Selection XFELD CHAR 
15 J_MAXSONR Status Number of the Highest Status Reached NUMC2 NUMC 
16 J_MEINS Base unit of measure for unloading rule MEINS UNIT 
17 J_MLDMONAT Auditing Month for Delivered / Returned / Billed Issues J_AEABPER ACCP 
18 J_MODKZ Modification flag J_MODKZ NUMC 
19 J_NODIS 'Do not display status' flag XFELD CHAR 
20 J_NOSMA Indicator: No Status Profile XFELD CHAR 
21 J_NOTSTAT Flag: No follow-up action XFELD CHAR 
22 J_NR_OF_ADVERTS IS-M/SD: Number of Delta Ads DEC06 DEC 
23 J_NR_OF_INSERTS IS-M/SD: Number of Inserts DEC06 DEC 
24 J_NSONR Lowest status number J_STONR NUMC 
25 J_NUMC1 One-Digit Number NUMC1 NUMC 
26 J_NUMC2 Two-Digit Number NUMC2 NUMC 
27 J_NUMC3 Three-Digit Number NUMC3 NUMC 
28 J_OART_FIL Output to File XFELD CHAR 
29 J_OART_SPO Output via SAP spool to output device XFELD CHAR 
30 J_OBART Object Type J_OBART CHAR 
31 J_OBART3 Three-character, language-dependent value for object type CHAR3 CHAR 
33 J_OBART_RE_AA Real Estate Object Type for Depreciation J_OBART_RE_AA CHAR 
34 J_OBINFO Callback for Object Information FUNCNAME CHAR 
36 J_OBJID_OUT Object identification in output format (without object type) CHAR45 CHAR 
37 J_OBJINFO Callback für Objektinformation FUNCNAME CHAR 
38 J_OBJNR Object number J_OBJNR CHAR 
42 J_OBJNR_OUT Object Identification In Output Format (With Object Type) CHAR50 CHAR 
43 J_OBJNR_REAL Object number of real CO account assignment J_OBJNR CHAR 
44 J_OBJNT Temporary object number J_OBJNR CHAR 
45 J_OBTERLBT Allowed object type XFELD CHAR 
46 J_OBTYP Object Category J_OBTYP CHAR 
47 J_OFFSET IS-M/AM: BW Product Hierarchy Offset NUMC2 NUMC 
48 J_OLBRTWR IS-M/AM: LIS order gross sales volume for online item WERTV10 CURR 
49 J_OLKZWI1 IS-M/AM: LIS order subtotal 1 for online item WERTV9 CURR 
50 J_OLKZWI2 IS-M/AM: LIS order subtotal 2 for online item WERTV9 CURR 
51 J_OLKZWI3 IS-M/AM: LIS order subtotal 3 for online item WERTV9 CURR 
52 J_OLKZWI4 IS-M/AM: LIS order subtotal 4 for online item WERTV9 CURR 
53 J_OLKZWI5 IS-M/AM: LIS order subtotal 5 for online item WERTV9 CURR 
54 J_OLKZWI6 IS-M/AM: LIS order subtotal 6 for online item WERTV9 CURR 
55 J_OLNETWR IS-M/AM: LIS order net sales volume for online item WERTV10 CURR 
56 J_ONRXX Flag "Index table ONRxx exists" XFELD CHAR 
57 J_ONRXX_WA Structure for Generic Processing of ONRxx Tables   CHAR 
58 J_OUT_ART Output type for shipping document J_OUT_ART NUMC 
60 J_PFLSP Maintenance Language SPRAS LANG 
61 J_POSNR_N IS-M: Subsequent Document Item Document Flow J_POSNR NUMC 
62 J_POSNR_V IS-M: Preceding document item document flow J_POSNR NUMC 
63 J_PRODH IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy J_PRODH CHAR 
64 J_PRODH_LEVEL1 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 1 J_PRODH CHAR 
65 J_PRODH_LEVEL2 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 2 J_PRODH CHAR 
66 J_PRODH_LEVEL3 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 3 J_PRODH CHAR 
67 J_PRODH_LEVEL4 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 4 J_PRODH CHAR 
68 J_PRODH_LEVEL5 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 5 J_PRODH CHAR 
69 J_PRODH_LEVEL6 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 6 J_PRODH CHAR 
70 J_PRODH_LEVEL7 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 7 J_PRODH CHAR 
71 J_PRODH_LEVEL8 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 8 J_PRODH CHAR 
72 J_PRODH_LEVEL9 IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy Level 9 J_PRODH CHAR 
73 J_PRODH_TEXT IS-M/AM: Text for Product Hierarchy TEXT20 CHAR 
74 J_PROGRAM Module pool for Include screen PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
75 J_PRVRG Status Check Transaction J_VORGANG CHAR 
76 J_RADIOB Data element for radio button SA_CBOX CHAR 
77 J_RCODE Return code NUMC1 NUMC 
78 J_REFSTRUCT Obj.No.Management: Reference Structure for Key Fields AS4TAB CHAR 
81 J_RFNAME IS-M: Name of (remote) function module JFUNCNAME CHAR 
82 J_RK_AUFNR Order Number of RK Order for Account Assignment J_RK_AUFNR CHAR 
83 J_RK_POSNR Item Number of RK Order for Account Assignment J_RK_POSNR NUMC 
84 J_RQUOTE IS-M: Return rate PRZNT DEC 
85 J_RUWRT IS-M/AM: LIS Bonus: Reset Value in Local Currency WERTV10 CURR 
86 J_SETONLY 'Status can only be set' flag XFELD CHAR 
87 J_SETSTAT Flag: Set status XFELD CHAR 
88 J_SETTRECP Flag 'Allowed as plan settlement recipient' XFELD CHAR 
89 J_SETTRECV Flag "Allowed as settlement receiver" XFELD CHAR 
90 J_SIBRTWR IS-M/AM: LIS order gross sales volume for ad insert WERTV10 CURR 
91 J_SIKZWI1 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST1 ad insert WERTV9 CURR 
92 J_SIKZWI2 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST2 ad insert WERTV9 CURR 
93 J_SIKZWI3 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST3 ad insert WERTV9 CURR 
94 J_SIKZWI4 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST4 ad insert WERTV9 CURR 
95 J_SIKZWI5 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST5 ad insert WERTV9 CURR 
96 J_SIKZWI6 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST6 ad insert WERTV9 CURR 
97 J_SINETWR IS-M/AM: LIS order net sales insert WERTV10 CURR 
98 J_SNUMB Maximum number of system statuses NUMC3 NUMC 
99 J_SOC_SECU IS-M: Social Insurance Number CHAR020 CHAR 
100 J_SORT_ID IS-M/AM: Work area hierarchies sort key SEU_ID NUMC 
101 J_STACT 'Status is currently active' flag XFELD CHAR 
102 J_STACTOLD Flag "Status was active at the beginning of the transaction" XFELD CHAR 
103 J_STAND Number status: general object number NUMC20 NUMC 
104 J_STATP Status display priority at a particular position NUMC2 NUMC 
105 J_STATUS Object status J_STATUS CHAR 
106 J_STEXT System status line TEXT40 CHAR 
107 J_STEXT_A System status line - old TEXT40 CHAR 
108 J_STEXT_N System status line - new TEXT40 CHAR 
109 J_STONR Status Order Number J_STONR NUMC 
110 J_STSMA Status Profile J_STSMA CHAR 
111 J_STSMANEW New status profile J_STSMA CHAR 
112 J_STSMAOLD Old status profile J_STSMA CHAR 
113 J_STUFE IS-M/AM: Level Number in Product Hierarchy NUMC1 NUMC 
114 J_STXT IS-M: Keyword Text TEXT79 CHAR 
115 J_SVEXT Flag: External status management XFELD CHAR 
116 J_SYST Indicator: Current status is system status KREUZ CHAR 
117 J_TABNAME Entity table for relevant objects AS4TAB CHAR 
118 J_TEXT10 Text, length 10 TEXT10 CHAR 
119 J_TEXT15 Text, length 15 TEXT15 CHAR 
120 J_TEXT20 Text, length 20 TEXT20 CHAR 
121 J_TEXT40 IS-M/SD: Text field without description CHAR40 CHAR 
122 J_TEXT60 Description TEXT60 CHAR 
123 J_TXT04 Individual status of an object (short form) TEXT4 CHAR 
124 J_TXT04_U Individual status for an object TEXT4_U CHAR 
125 J_TXT30 Object status TEXT30 CHAR 
126 J_UMBRTWR IS-M/AM: LIS order total gross sales volume WERTV10 CURR 
127 J_UMKZWI1 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST1 total WERTV9 CURR 
128 J_UMKZWI2 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST2 total WERTV9 CURR 
129 J_UMKZWI3 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST3 total WERTV9 CURR 
130 J_UMKZWI4 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST4 total WERTV9 CURR 
131 J_UMKZWI5 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST5 total WERTV9 CURR 
132 J_UMKZWI6 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST6 total WERTV9 CURR 
133 J_UMNETWR IS-M/AM: LIS order net sales volume WERTV10 CURR 
134 J_UNAME Person Responsible UNAME CHAR 
135 J_URBELEG IS-M: Document Flow for Original Document AVM_NR CHAR 
137 J_VBELN_N IS-M: Sucessor Document in Document Flow J_VBELN CHAR 
138 J_VBELN_V IS-M: Preceding document in document flow J_VBELN CHAR 
139 J_VBTEXT IS-M/AM: Sales Area Text CHAR40 CHAR 
140 J_VGEGAL Flag: No influence on the business transaction XFELD CHAR 
141 J_VGERLBT Transaction allowed XFELD CHAR 
142 J_VGVERBT Trans. Prohibited XFELD CHAR 
143 J_VGWARNG Business transaction allowed with warning XFELD CHAR 
144 J_VORGANG Business Transaction J_VORGANG CHAR 
145 J_VORGANG_H Business transaction/event (credit) J_VORGANG CHAR 
146 J_VORGANG_S Business transaction/event (debit) J_VORGANG CHAR 
147 J_VORGMARK Selection Column for Business Transactions XFELD CHAR 
148 J_VORG_ERL Process execution allowed KREUZ CHAR 
149 J_VRGJV Procedure only used by Joint Ventures XFELD CHAR 
150 J_VRKME_D IS-M: LIS Auxiliary Field for Sales Unit of Measurement MEINS UNIT 
151 J_VSPARMOD Print: Archiving mode SYARMOD CHAR 
152 J_VSPDELET Delete Shipping Documents After Printing XFELD CHAR 
153 J_VSPIMMED Print out Shipping Documents Immediately XFELD CHAR 
154 J_VSPKOPIE Number of printouts RSPOCNT1 INT1 
155 J_VSPLIFET Shipping Document Retention Period in Spool SYNUM01 NUMC 
156 J_VSPPRABT Print: Department on cover sheet SYCHAR12K CHAR 
157 J_VSPPRBER Print: Authorization SYCHAR12 CHAR 
158 J_VSPPRNEW Print: Trigger new spool request per shipping doc.job (list) XFELD CHAR 
159 J_VSPPRREC Print: Recipient SYCHAR12 CHAR 
160 J_VSPPRSAP Print: SAP cover sheet SYCHAR01 CHAR 
161 J_VSPPRTXT Print: Text for cover sheet SYCHAR68K CHAR 
162 J_VTBRTWR IS-M/AM: LIS order gross sales volume for distribution WERTV10 CURR 
163 J_VTKZWI1 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST1 distribution WERTV9 CURR 
164 J_VTKZWI2 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST2 distribution WERTV9 CURR 
165 J_VTKZWI3 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST3 distribution WERTV9 CURR 
166 J_VTKZWI4 IS-M/AM: LIs order ST4 distribution WERTV9 CURR 
167 J_VTKZWI5 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST5 distribution WERTV9 CURR 
168 J_VTKZWI6 IS-M/AM: LIS order ST6 for distribution item WERTV9 CURR 
169 J_VTNETWR IS-M/AM: LIS order net sales volume for distribution WERTV10 CURR 
170 J_WF_COLLECTED Workflows Collected XFELD CHAR 
171 J_WSBRTWR IS-M/AM: LIS order gross sales volumne for commercial WERTV10 CURR 
172 J_WSKZWI1 IS-M: LIS order ST1 Commercial WERTV9 CURR 
173 J_WSKZWI2 IS-M: LIS order ST2 Commercial WERTV9 CURR 
174 J_WSKZWI3 IS-M: LIS order ST3 Commercial WERTV9 CURR 
175 J_WSKZWI4 IS-M: LIS order ST4 Commercial WERTV9 CURR 
176 J_WSKZWI5 IS-M: LIS order ST5 Commercial WERTV9 CURR 
177 J_WSKZWI6 IS-M: LIS order ST6 Commercial WERTV9 CURR 
178 J_WSNETWR IS-M/AM: LIS order net sales volume for commercial WERTV10 CURR 
179 J_ZAEHL Counter used to differentiate between data base entries J_ZAEHL NUMC