SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 9
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P15_COLOI Start column NUMC   
2 P15_COMPA Comparison types company basic pay CHAR   
3 P15_COMRP Multiplication factor DEC
4 P15_CONBS Conditions for special bonus CHAR   
5 P15_CONST Constant for variable elements CHAR   
6 P15_CONTR Insurance qualification Ind. - third party CHAR   
7 P15_CORIT Delay code CHAR   
8 P15_COSCA Pay scale jump ind. CHAR   
9 P15_CPRCP Code for complementary insurance CHAR   
10 P15_CREAC Indicator for statement creation NUMC   
11 P15_CRINP INPS contract indicator CHAR   
12 P15_CSANF Family allowance expiration date (0002) DATS   
13 P15_CSEDE Contribution office CHAR 10    
14 P15_CSEDL Complete place of work CHAR 25    
15 P15_CUD_EXECTEXT Text to identify a CUD's run CHAR 60    
16 P15_CUD_NCOPIES Number of CUD declaration's copies to generate/print NUMC   
17 P15_CUMULO Report: cumulation CHAR   
18 P15_CURR12 Currency of 12 CURR 12 
19 P15_CURR6 Currency of 6 CURR
20 P15_DAT1M 01/ M issuing authorization date DATS   
21 P15_DATAM Processing period DATS   
22 P15_DCNUM Uniemens cluster: declaration break number RAW   
23 P15_DEBT Debit or Credit CHAR   
24 P15_DEC13_10 Decimal 13,10 DEC 13  10 
25 P15_DEC6 Value 6 decimal digits DEC 15 
26 P15_DEC7_4 Decimal 7,4 DEC
27 P15_DEFA1 Indicator CHAR   
28 P15_DEFAU Indicator for value calculation - ICOMP value indicator CHAR   
29 P15_DELTA Delta INT4 10    
30 P15_DESCU CUD 2002 box description CHAR 150    
31 P15_DIACC Annual provision amount divisor DEC
32 P15_DIANN Annual provision amount divisor DEC
33 P15_DIFFM Packed type domain for difference in months DEC   
34 P15_DINPS Coeff.for INPS divisor DEC
35 P15_DISAB Handicap CHAR   
36 P15_DIVIS Minimum time quantity by which an absence can be divided CHAR   
37 P15_DIVSC Scale divisor NUMC   
38 P15_DIVSM Scale divisor hours/months NUMC   
39 P15_DOUBL Double day NUMC   
40 P15_DQACC Provision quantity divisor DEC
41 P15_DRIFA Authorization reference date DATS   
42 P15_DRIFL Law reference date DATS   
43 P15_DS001 Data value of form 770 CHAR 16    
44 P15_DTANN Years of seniority for Severance Indemnity NUMC   
45 P15_DTMES Months of seniority for Severance Indemnity NUMC   
46 P15_DTYPE Data type for condition variabile for UR CHAR   
47 P15_DVACC Provision quantity divisor DEC
48 P15_ELAN2 Age range 2 for Family Check disbursement NUMC   
49 P15_ELANF Age limit for Family allowance issue NUMC   
50 P15_ELANS Age limit for Family Allowance issue NUMC   
51 P15_ELMAX Age range inferior to XX years NUMC   
52 P15_ENTE Institution CHAR   
53 P15_ENTEC Contribution body NUMC   
54 P15_EREDI Flag heirs CUD 2002 CHAR   
55 P15_EXECTEXT Text to identify the related TemSEs to the same program run CHAR 70    
56 P15_F24STAT Uniemens cluster: posting send status CHAR   
57 P15_F24_REMAIN_TYPE F24 remain type CHAR   
58 P15_FACTO Factor used for regional taxation calculation DEC 12 
59 P15_FACTOR Floating factor to multiply CURR 23  10 
60 P15_FFIELD Report: field CHAR 10    
61 P15_FIELD Infotype field name CHAR 10    
62 P15_FILEF Flag CUD 2002 file or calculation CHAR   
63 P15_FILEPATH CHAR 150    
64 P15_FILLE filler NUMC   
65 P15_FIRMA Owner or legal representative signature CHAR 60    
66 P15_FIXLN Box length INT2   
67 P15_FLAGS Print flag CHAR   
68 P15_FLINP Flag Special sickness remuneration Section C CHAR   
69 P15_FLPOS Position field CHAR   
70 P15_FLRIV Pay scale jump revaluation frequency CHAR   
71 P15_FLTFR Severance Indemnity Print Flag CHAR   
72 P15_FORM Report/legal form CHAR 10    
73 P15_FREQU Calculation type / Form frequency CHAR 20    
74 P15_FTEXT Description of Field CHAR 40    
75 P15_FTYPE Report fild type CHAR   
76 P15_FULLT Full time / part time flag CHAR   
77 P15_GBDAT Date of birth DATS   
78 P15_GCOM Family member for deductions NUMC   
79 P15_GGCAI Absence days National Accidents Insurance NUMC   
80 P15_GGCAR Absence days INPS NUMC   
81 P15_GGCMP Company sickness range: grace max. bonus NUMC   
82 P15_GGCOB Bonus days NUMC   
83 P15_GGCOM Company sickness range: grace days NUMC   
84 P15_GGCON Standard days DEC
85 P15_GGCOR Standard days Accruals/Month NUMC   
86 P15_GGCPR Extended grace days NUMC   
87 P15_GGDON Blood donation day NUMC   
88 P15_GGFLI Days out of range DEC   
89 P15_GGIND reimburs.days NUMC   
90 P15_GGINF Range days for accident NUMC   
91 P15_GGINR Days of interval for subsequent sickness NUMC   
92 P15_GGLAV Days DEC
93 P15_GGLIA Max no. of days for company integration NUMC   
94 P15_GGLIC Certification tolerance range days NUMC   
95 P15_GGLIG Limit days INPS NUMC   
96 P15_GGLIM Max no. of paid sick days per year NUMC   
97 P15_GGLMA INPS sickness category: max no. of days NUMC   
98 P15_GGLMI Accident category INAIL: max no. of days NUMC   
99 P15_GGLPC Limit days for grace period NUMC   
100 P15_GGMAX Max. continuous days for marriage leave NUMC   
101 P15_GGMII Max no. of paid days INPS NUMC   
102 P15_GGNOC Week day to be excluded from marriage leave CHAR   
103 P15_GGNR Special pays CUD: unpaid days NUMC   
104 P15_GGPRO Sequential days NUMC   
105 P15_GGREB Paid days - section B NUMC   
106 P15_GGSET Start/end day of the week NUMC   
107 P15_GGSNI Day of the week not paid by INPS CHAR   
108 P15_GGTOT Total no. of days of personnel action NUMC   
109 P15_GGUT Special pays CUD: days NUMC   
110 P15_GGUTA Company clear working days NUMC   
111 P15_GINDE Paid days NUMC   
112 P15_GINUS Entry/issue date of INPS scale NUMC   
113 P15_GIOAL to date NUMC   
114 P15_GIODA From date NUMC   
115 P15_GMESE Days Months NUMC   
116 P15_GNIND Unpaid days NUMC   
117 P15_GRAER Integration range NUMC   
118 P15_GRASI Reimbursement range NUMC   
119 P15_GRCAI IRPEF Calculation group CHAR   
120 P15_GRCAL Calculation group CHAR   
121 P15_GRCTM District taxes calculation group CHAR   
122 P15_GRCTP Regional taxes calculation group CHAR   
123 P15_GRCTR Local taxes calculation group CHAR   
124 P15_GRFUN Function group for box CHAR   
125 P15_HALLR Paid nursing hours DEC
126 P15_HCMAX continuous hours for marriage leave DEC
127 P15_HCONV Standard hours DEC
128 P15_HEIRF CUD: heirs flag CHAR   
129 P15_HHCIG Earnings Equalization Fund hours Period DEC 15 
130 P15_HHFLI Hours beyond limit DEC
131 P15_HHTEO Planned hours Period DEC
132 P15_HMINA Minimun no. of worked hours for nursing DEC
133 P15_HRTAB Payroll driver table CHAR   
134 P15_IDENTIF_TYPE F24 result type CHAR   
135 P15_IMACC Provision yearly amount CURR 12 
136 P15_IMFAN Fixed annual amount CURR 15 
137 P15_IMFME Fixed monthly amount CURR 15 
138 P15_IMPAR Reduction annual amount CURR
139 P15_IMPDE Yearly amount of tax deduction CURR
140 P15_IMPINAI INAIL Amount CURR 15 
141 P15_IMPO1 Amount 1 CURR 15 
142 P15_IMPO2 Amount 2 CURR 15 
143 P15_IMPORTO Amount CURR 15 
144 P15_IMRIR Amount to be refunded IRPEF CURR 12 
145 P15_IMRSS Amount to be refunded CSSN CURR 12 
146 P15_IMTIR Amount to withhold IRPEF CURR 12 
147 P15_IMTSS Amount to withhold CSSN CURR 12 
148 P15_INAZS Scale related company integration CURR 15 
150 P15_INCOI CURR 15 
151 P15_INCOS CURR 15 
152 P15_INDCC Company change CHAR   
153 P15_INDIN INPS reimburs. Month CURR 15 
154 P15_INFTY Taxation infotypes CHAR   
155 P15_ININS INPS allowance bracket CURR 15 
156 P15_INPSC INPS indicator CHAR   
157 P15_INSTATUS Cluster LU: freeze data status CHAR   
158 P15_INTAZ Monthly company integration CURR 15 
159 P15_INTEG CAF: integration 730 CHAR   
160 P15_INTER Interest rate DEC
161 P15_INTRE Interest rate for adjustment DEC
162 P15_KTYPE CHAR   
163 P15_LARGH Form width (max no. of characters) CHAR   
164 P15_LASTV Value sum - last value CHAR   
165 P15_LIMIP Parameter limit value for parameter for grace NUMC   
166 P15_LIMIT Range NUMC   
167 P15_LIMMA Interval limit NUMC   
168 P15_LIMPR Presence limit in reduced income bracket NUMC   
169 P15_LIMRI Company sickness category: subsequent sickness range NUMC   
170 P15_LNGTH Event length CHAR   
171 P15_LOG_LEVEL log level NUMC   
172 P15_LULISTATUS Definition of possible values for LULI0 feature NUMC   
173 P15_LUNAM CHAR 30    
174 P15_LUNGH No. of characters in the field NUMC   
175 P15_MACSM Monthly highest rate for Earnings Equaliation Fund CURR 12 
176 P15_MACSO Hourly highest rate for Earnings Equalization Fund DEC 12 
177 P15_MALPA Special illness CHAR   
178 P15_MAMLI Company sickness category: max no. of months NUMC   
179 P15_MASCA Indicator for pay scale jump accrual CHAR   
180 P15_MATCE INPS registration no. for contribution centralization CHAR 10    
181 P15_MATUR Accrual NUMC   
182 P15_MAXGG Maximum number of integration days NUMC   
183 P15_MDACC Differences accrual prcedure CHAR   
184 P15_MEKEN Priority flag for the criterion to split the absence CHAR   
185 P15_MEPAG Month of payment NUMC   
186 P15_MESAL Reference month To NUMC   
187 P15_MESDA Reference month From NUMC   
188 P15_MESEC Month NUMC   
189 P15_MESE_RIF Value type for reference month CHAR   
190 P15_MINGI Min.worked days for 100% recovery NUMC   
191 P15_MINRE Pay lowest rate CURR
192 P15_MINRM Lowest rate for monthly pay CURR 10 
193 P15_MMENS Monthly pay NUMC   
194 P15_MMLPC Max no. of months for grace period NUMC   
195 P15_MMPRI Priority NUMC   
196 P15_MO730 Grouping for Form 730 CHAR   
197 P15_MOANF Modifier for Earnings Equalization Fund CHAR   
198 P15_MOARR Grouping for net wage rounding CHAR   
199 P15_MOCIG Modifier for Earnings Equalization Fund CHAR   
200 P15_MODIF INAIL: modificator CHAR   
201 P15_MODMN Calculation grouping DM10 CHAR   
202 P15_MOFON Feature for Pension Fund determination CHAR   
203 P15_MOPTF Withdrawal options from Severance Indemnity CHAR 10    
204 P15_MOSOC Company grouping CHAR   
205 P15_MPARE Max no. of months from actual delivery date NUMC   
206 P15_MPART Max no. of months from delivery date NUMC   
207 P15_MUNIC Municipality key CHAR   
208 P15_MUNICF24 Municipality key NUMC   
209 P15_N0STATUS INAIL: table status t5itin0 CHAR   
210 P15_NAME Name for total field CHAR 10    
211 P15_NMAXPERNRS Maximum number of PNs to process in a TemSe file NUMC   
212 P15_NMTSC No. of tolerance months for expiration NUMC   
213 P15_NOCON CAF: settlement was not carried out CHAR   
214 P15_NOGMAV Unit of measure of the parameter for grace CHAR   
215 P15_NOMEC Field name for the table to read CHAR 10    
216 P15_NOMEP Name of the program to execute CHAR 10    
217 P15_NOMET Table name containing the value / text value CHAR 10    
218 P15_NOTEC Field for note management CHAR   
219 P15_NRART Rounding number for currency CURR 10 
220 P15_NRATE No.of instalments for settl.payments and poss.down payments NUMC   
221 P15_NSETT Number of weeks for special pay NUMC   
222 P15_NSPEZ CUD: fraction number NUMC   
223 P15_NUM06 Numeric field (6 digits) NUMC   
224 P15_NUMC1 Number with Length 1 NUMC   
225 P15_NUMC2 Number with Length 2 NUMC   
226 P15_NUMC3 Number with Length 2 NUMC   
227 P15_NUMDECIMALI Number of decimals for rounding/truncation NUMC   
228 P15_NUME1 Field number 1 NUMC   
229 P15_NUME2 Field number 2 NUMC   
230 P15_NUME3 Field number 3 NUMC   
231 P15_NUME4 Field number 4 NUMC   
232 P15_NUMGG Number of days - Section C NUMC   
233 P15_NUMOD Form number NUMC   
234 P15_NUMSE Identification number for the condition to apply NUMC   
235 P15_OAZFL Company hours outside INPS range DEC
236 P15_OFSET Print position of contribution/exposure value NUMC   
237 P15_OPER Operator CHAR   
239 P15_OPLOG Logical relational operator CHAR   
240 P15_ORDES Execution order of special procedures for grace NUMC   
241 P15_OREAS Absence hours DEC
242 P15_OREFF Actual hourly wage CURR 12 
243 P15_ORIAZ Company integration hours DEC
244 P15_ORSET Estimated weekly hours - full time NUMC   
245 P15_ORTEO Target hourly wage CURR 12 
246 P15_ORTYPE Field of origin for vartab CHAR   
247 P15_PAGOR Hourly wage CURR
248 P15_PARAM Parametric form CHAR   
249 P15_PARCA Calculation start CHAR   
250 P15_PARTN CUD 2002 part name CHAR   
251 P15_PAYER Reimbursement or integration payer CHAR   
252 P15_PER Percentage field IT DEC
253 P15_PERC Percentage DEC
254 P15_PERCE Percentage DEC
255 P15_PERCG Percentage DEC
256 P15_PERIA Company integration percentage DEC
257 P15_PERII Allowance percentage c/INPS DEC
258 P15_PERIOD Declaration's period (Emens) NUMC   
259 P15_PERIT Company sickness category: integration percentage DEC
260 P15_PERLO Gross calculation percentage DEC
261 P15_PERMA Sickness category INPS: allowance % DEC
262 P15_PERNE Net calculation percentage DEC
263 P15_PERPT Total part-time percentage DEC
264 P15_PERRI Revaluation rate DEC 11 
265 P15_POSCONT Uniemens cluster: Uniemens send status CHAR   
266 P15_POSIZ Position CHAR 10    
267 P15_PRCDI Company account rate DEC
268 P15_PRCDP Rate of employee's account DEC
269 P15_PRDTR Deduction percentage DEC
270 P15_PRGAZIENDA Domain for COMPANYSEQNO for DMA UniEmens NUMC   
271 P15_PROGR Sequential number NUMC   
272 P15_PROLU Flag for extended grace period CHAR   
273 P15_PROSE Single condition sequence number NUMC   
274 P15_PROTO Log CHAR 25    
275 P15_PROVE Data origin CHAR 10    
276 P15_PSTEP Processing step NUMC   
277 P15_QMMAU Authorized monthly amount CURR 12 
278 P15_QMMNA Monthly amount not authorized CURR 12 
279 P15_QTAAC Yearly provision quantity DEC
280 P15_QTACC Yearly provision quantity DEC
281 P15_QU770 Pay scale indicator 770 CHAR   
282 P15_QUAL2 Pay scale indicator 2 for INPS CHAR   
283 P15_QUOAZ Amount to be debited to the company CURR 13 
284 P15_QUODI P15_QUODI CURR 12 
285 P15_QUODP Amount to be debited to the employee CURR 13 
286 P15_QUOUT Hourly amount used DEC 12 
287 P15_RACIG EEF grouping CHAR   
288 P15_RATEO Accrual CURR 15 
289 P15_RCCOM Total income of family member CURR 12 
290 P15_RCDIP Employment income of family member CURR 12 
291 P15_REAC Reaction code CHAR   
292 P15_RECVR Indicator for statement addressee CHAR   
293 P15_REFAR Absolute/relative reference CHAR   
294 P15_REFDAY Reference day CHAR   
295 P15_REFUNIT Reference Unit CHAR   
296 P15_REGAB Rule for date calculation CHAR   
297 P15_REGF24 Autonomous region / province for F24 NUMC   
298 P15_REGIO Autonomous region CHAR   
299 P15_REGOL Calculation rules No. of employees CHAR   
300 P15_RELPA Relationship CHAR   
301 P15_RELPR Remuneration for the service rendered CURR 15 
302 P15_REPET Box repetition number NUMC   
303 P15_RESER Space for application CHAR 35    
304 P15_RESTEP Go to retroactive accounting CHAR   
305 P15_RETIO Retroactive calculation influx/outflux flag CHAR   
306 P15_RETPA Special wage indicator CHAR   
307 P15_RETPD Special remuneration CHAR 30    
308 P15_RETRB Remuneration CURR 15 
309 P15_RETRI Reduced remunerations CURR 15 
310 P15_RETUT Highest rate for income remuneration CURR 12 
311 P15_RETYP Retroactive accounting type CHAR   
312 P15_RICAT Flag to deactivate data recalculation CHAR   
313 P15_RIDOP Reduction factor for admission to hospital NUMC   
314 P15_RIFA2 Reference to authorization CHAR 20    
315 P15_RIFAU Reference to authorization CHAR 10    
316 P15_RIFLE Reference to law CHAR 10    
317 P15_RIGAF End line NUMC   
318 P15_RIGAI Starting line NUMC   
319 P15_RIGAS Number of print line NUMC   
320 P15_RIGHE Number of lines per form NUMC   
321 P15_ROUNDING Rounding type CHAR   
322 P15_RTDFR Arrears table indicator CHAR   
323 P15_RULE Rule name CHAR 11    
324 P15_RULEP Rule name CHAR 11    
325 P15_SCAGL Seniority scale NUMC   
326 P15_SCANN Annual bracket CURR 15 
327 P15_SCAPT Part-time reduction calculation / 24 months CHAR   
328 P15_SCMEN Monthly bracket CURR 15 
329 P15_SECON Contribution place indicator CHAR   
330 P15_SECTN Report: section/part CHAR 10    
331 P15_SEDEC Extended place of work CHAR 15    
332 P15_SEDEI INAIL office NUMC   
333 P15_SEDEL Place of work indicator CHAR   
334 P15_SEDEZ Local head office indicator for INPS tape delivery CHAR   
335 P15_SEGNO Calculation type (+/-) CHAR   
336 P15_SEQNN Sequential number NUMC   
337 P15_SEQNO Sequence number with 4 digits NUMC   
338 P15_SESCA Expiration notification (YES/NO) CHAR   
339 P15_SETTA Week NUMC   
340 P15_SETTI Weeks 01/M NUMC   
341 P15_SILIC INAIL: risk of silicosis/asbestosis CHAR   
342 P15_SNCON Freeze sign CHAR   
343 P15_SOURCE CHAR   
344 P15_SPLIT CUD 2002 fraction number NUMC   
345 P15_SQFLAG UniEmens cluster: sequence flag for data break CHAR   
346 P15_STATF24 Archive status F24 CHAR   
347 P15_STATUS CHAR   
348 P15_STRIN String field CHAR 100    
349 P15_STYPE Type of the row's structure of a vartab CHAR   
351 P15_TCALC Calculation type CHAR   
352 P15_TCFAM Family member type sorting NUMC   
353 P15_TCOM Family Member Type CHAR   
354 P15_TCONT Content type CHAR   
355 P15_TEROG Disburs. type CHAR   
356 P15_TERON Not used deductions usage type CHAR   
357 P15_TEXT150 Text type with 150 characters CHAR 150    
359 P15_TFRTS Variation type CHAR   
360 P15_TFR_CHOICE SP Choice (subtype 3) CHAR   
361 P15_TFR_PR_SIL Percentage of silent SP DEC
362 P15_TFR_SITUATION SP Situation (subtype 3) CHAR   
363 P15_TFR_SUBSTAT SP Substate (subtype 3) CHAR   
364 P15_TIARR Rounding type CHAR   
365 P15_TIPOA Adjustment special conditions CHAR   
366 P15_TIPOC CAF: settlement type CHAR   
367 P15_TIPOLAVSTAT Identify special types of workers for stat. purposes CHAR   
368 P15_TIPOR CAF: adjustment type CHAR   
369 P15_TIWIN CHAR   
370 P15_TMFRAME Time frame CHAR   
371 P15_TMUNIT Time unit CHAR   
372 P15_TP770 Value type CHAR   
373 P15_TPANF Family allowance type NUMC   
374 P15_TPARR Rounding type CHAR   
375 P15_TPASI Field domain for IRPEF taxation type NUMC   
376 P15_TPASS Field domain for taxation type NUMC   
377 P15_TPAST Domain for IRPEF taxation type field/ diff.taxation NUMC   
378 P15_TPCAL Calculation type CHAR   
379 P15_TPCIG Type of Earnings Equalization Fund CHAR   
380 P15_TPCNR INPS contract second part CHAR   
381 P15_TPCOM Family member type NUMC   
382 P15_TPCON Taxation indicator CHAR   
383 P15_TPCU Contract type to be used CHAR   
384 P15_TPDET Deduction type NUMC   
385 P15_TPDIP Employee subgroup - INAIL CHAR   
386 P15_TPERO Disburs. type CHAR   
387 P15_TPERR Error type CHAR   
388 P15_TPEVE Personnel action type NUMC   
389 P15_TPEVI INPS action type CHAR   
390 P15_TPEVP Subsequent personnel action type CHAR   
391 P15_TPEX5 Form type EX-503 CHAR   
392 P15_TPGDI Type of public holidays (Sunday) excluded from INPS payment CHAR   
393 P15_TPGFN Type of public holiday excluded from INPS payment CHAR   
394 P15_TPGGF Type of public holiday to be excluded from marriage leave CHAR   
395 P15_TPIFO Type of Fund registration CHAR 10    
396 P15_TPIFOX Type of Fund registration CHAR 10    
397 P15_TPIFX Description CHAR 60    
398 P15_TPIMN Management type for negative taxable amounts CHAR   
399 P15_TPINA Person subgroup for settlement self-calculation CHAR   
400 P15_TPLIM Limit type CHAR   
401 P15_TPONE Type of allowable expense NUMC   
402 P15_TPPER Percentage type CHAR   
403 P15_TPREC Record type for form 770 CHAR   
404 P15_TPRIC Recalculation type CHAR   
405 P15_TPRIV Revaluation type CHAR   
406 P15_TPSCA Type of pay scale jump CHAR   
407 P15_TPTRA Absence treatment type CHAR   
408 P15_TPVAL Value type NUMC   
409 P15_TPVMI Type of lowest rate value CHAR   
410 P15_TR770 770 relation type CHAR   
411 P15_TRANF Type of record for family allowance (Subtype 0001-0002-0003) CHAR   
412 P15_TRASF Uniemens cluster: flag of employee's INPS key CHAR   
413 P15_TRONC Truncation length NUMC   
414 P15_TRSCA Seniority record type (Subtype 0001-0002) CHAR   
415 P15_TVALO Value type CHAR   
416 P15_TXDOC Document description CHAR 25    
417 P15_TXESP Description of exposure/contribution indicator CHAR 80    
418 P15_TYPEB Box type CHAR   
419 P15_TYPET Grace type CHAR   
420 P15_TYPE_APPREND Apprenticeship Type CHAR   
421 P15_UCOMM Comment to statement creation CHAR 60    
422 P15_UEDATA UniEmens Cluster: Declaration Date Field CHAR 80    
423 P15_UEECNT UniEmens Cluster: employee used in Pay Seniority calculation CHAR   
424 P15_UEFORM_LISTBOX UniEmens: form list for report RPUDUII0 CHAR 10    
425 P15_UEKTYPE Cluster Uniemens: employee/company type CHAR   
426 P15_UEOPER Value operator of a report/legal form CHAR   
427 P15_UESICOD Uniemens Cluster: Social Insurance Code CHAR   
428 P15_UESTAT Uniemens Cluster: declaration status CHAR   
429 P15_UETYP UniEmens: individual or company code type CHAR   
430 P15_UE_RETTYPE Execution type, normal o adjustment CHAR   
431 P15_UNIMI Unit of measure for the integration of protected actions CHAR   
432 P15_UNIMP Unit of measure of the parameter for grace CHAR   
433 P15_UNITA Unit CHAR   
434 P15_UR_RETR Relevance type for adjustment CHAR   
435 P15_VADIP Number of employees DEC   
436 P15_VAL77 Value CHAR   
437 P15_VALCU CUD 2002 box value CHAR 80    
438 P15_VALMA Maximum allowed value NUMC   
439 P15_VALMI Minimum allowed value NUMC   
440 P15_VALNU Infotype field value of type NUMC 25 NUMC 25    
441 P15_VALOC Value to be compared CHAR 16    
442 P15_VALPA Infotype field value of DEC type DEC 17    
443 P15_VALSC Pay scale jump valuation indicator CHAR   
444 P15_VALTE TEXT CHAR 50    
445 P15_VALTO Total value CHAR 30    
446 P15_VALUT Further value according to the amount CURR 15 
447 P15_VAQTA Quantity value DEC   
448 P15_VARBL Parameter for grace CHAR   
449 P15_VARIA UniEmens: Manual/Automatic override for Company Report CHAR   
450 P15_VARID CHAR 10    
451 P15_VARIP Value to be transferred to the target indicator CHAR   
452 P15_VIAGG INAIL: travelling staff CHAR   
453 P15_WITYP Type of time frame for grace CHAR   
454 P15_WTTYP Type of retroactive accounting wage type CHAR   
455 P15_XRULE Rule name CHAR 11    
456 P15_XXGMXV Units of measure allowed: days, months, times CHAR   
457 P15_XXGMXX Units of measure allowed: days, months CHAR   
458 P15_XXGXXX Units of measure allowed: only days CHAR   
459 P15_XXXMXX Units of measure allowed: only months CHAR   
460 P15_YEAR Year NUMC   
461 P16 Long number field for totals formation DEC 17    
463 P16_ABRKN Form constant CHAR   
464 P16_APP_TEMPLATE Appraisal templates CHAR   
465 P16_A_IND Account Indicator CHAR   
466 P16_A_LO Account Number Lower Range Limit NUMC 18    
467 P16_A_UP Account number upper range limit NUMC 18    
468 P16_BKREF Bank Ref Field - Account Holder Relationships CHAR 20    
469 P16_BRIND Bursary Indicator (Employee / Relative) CHAR   
470 P16_CATEG Labour Relations Category CHAR   
471 P16_CPIND Course Pass/Fail Indicator CHAR   
472 P16_CTYPE Type of electronic certificate (IRP5, UIF) CHAR   
473 P16_DATTY SARS Interface - Data Type CHAR   
474 P16_DEL Deletion Indicator (month) CHAR   
475 P16_DESIG Designated Group for Employment Equity Reporting CHAR 20    
476 P16_DIG Digit Value CHAR   
477 P16_DISCH Package display choice CHAR   
478 P16_DLFLG Za- Delete Flag CHAR   
479 P16_FCODE Foreign income SARS code CHAR   
480 P16_FIELD NQF Field definition NUMC   
481 P16_FILESTA Send status of the electronic UIF file NUMC   
482 P16_FORMN Form Name CHAR 30    
483 P16_FORMT Output form type CHAR   
484 P16_FUDGE Fudge Factor NUMC   
485 P16_INPST Salary packaging: Input setting CHAR   
486 P16_JOBTY Job/Function Type NUMC   
487 P16_KXSCH Social insurance company CHAR   
488 P16_KYGST Social insurance scheme CHAR   
489 P16_LRCASNR Case Number (Labour Relations ZA) NUMC 12    
490 P16_LROUCT Outcome of Labour Relations Intervention NUMC   
491 P16_LRREAS Reason for Labour Relations interventions NUMC   
492 P16_LRRESPO Responsibility for a Lab.Relations case CHAR   
493 P16_LRROLE Participating Role in Labour Relation Intervention NUMC   
494 P16_LRSTAT Status of a Labour Relation intervention process NUMC   
495 P16_MODUL Modulus NUMC   
496 P16_MONTH Month NUMC   
497 P16_NAPER Nature of Person CHAR   
498 P16_NATUR Nature of SARS code CHAR   
499 P16_NQFBAND NQF Band CHAR