SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 20
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PPE_DB_OWNER Relationships: Responsible Database CHAR   
2 PPE_DD_MODE Drag & Drop Direction for iPPE Relationship Types CHAR   
3 PPE_DEC5_4 5 digit decimal number, one before, 4 after decimal place DEC
4 PPE_DETAIL_MODE Display in Detail Area (Filter, Assignment Tree, etc.) CHAR   
5 PPE_DMUTMXPARAM Parameter for DMU transformation matrix FLTP 16  16 
6 PPE_DOCST Document Status CHAR   
7 PPE_DOC_ITEM_NO Item Number NUMC 10    
8 PPE_DOC_NO Document Number CHAR 20    
9 PPE_DOC_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
10 PPE_DO_COPY Copy Pricing and Payment Events CHAR   
11 PPE_DRAD_DOKOB Document-object link CHAR 10    
12 PPE_DRAD_OBJKY Document Management Object Key CHAR 50    
13 PPE_DURATION_MODE Usage Type of the Rounding Value CHAR   
14 PPE_DYNP_NR Screen Number for Customer Enhancements NUMC   
15 PPE_ENVIRONMENT System Environment in Which iPPE is Used (INS 614180) CHAR   
16 PPE_EVENT Business Event CHAR   
17 PPE_EVENT_ACR Business Event Acronym CHAR   
18 PPE_EVENT_NO Event Identifier NUMC   
19 PPE_EVENT_RULE Rule for Selection of Event CHAR   
20 PPE_EXPL_OPTION Explosion Type for Component Variant CHAR   
21 PPE_EXTR_NUM Number Range Length CHAR   
22 PPE_EXTR_STRING String for Naming Convention During Extraction CHAR 10    
23 PPE_EXTR_TRGT_APPL Target Application for iPPE Extraction CHAR   
24 PPE_FCAT_TEXT Description CHAR 60    
25 PPE_FCONNECT Connection of Focus to Further Processing CHAR   
26 PPE_FDNAME Local Field Name CHAR 30    
27 PPE_FILTER_ACCESS Access to Filter CHAR   
28 PPE_FILTER_NAME Filter Name in iPPE CHAR 40    
29 PPE_FLO_RELTYPE FLO-Specific Relationship Subtype CHAR   
30 PPE_FLTP Floating period FLTP 16  16 
31 PPE_FOCUS iPPE: Focus Name CHAR 40    
32 PPE_FTY_PROC Technical Characteristic of a Focus Type CHAR   
33 PPE_GROUP Pricing and Payment Event Group CHAR   
34 PPE_GUI_OTYPE Object Type for iPPE Workbench CHAR   
35 PPE_HDR_DELFLG Delete iPPE Production Version CHAR   
36 PPE_ICON_RTO RTO-ICON Display in Table Control CHAR 46    
37 PPE_ICON_UI Icon for Screen Output CHAR 46    
38 PPE_IOCOMPONENT Indicator for Input/Output Components CHAR   
40 PPE_KNART Dependency Type CHAR   
41 PPE_KNART2 Dependency type supplement CHAR   
42 PPE_KNBEO Authorization to maintain dependencies CHAR   
43 PPE_KNGRP Dependency Group CHAR 10    
44 PPE_KNNAM Name of dependency CHAR 30    
45 PPE_KNNUM Internal Number of Knowledge Element NUMC 10    
46 PPE_KNOBJ Object-to-dependency assignment number NUMC 18    
47 PPE_KNOBJ_STATUS Status of Object Dependency CHAR 40    
48 PPE_KNSTA Knowledge status CHAR   
49 PPE_LBDESC Short Text: Line Balance Version CHAR 60    
50 PPE_LBRATE_QUANT Line Balance Rate - Quantity QUAN 13 
51 PPE_LBRATE_TIME Line Balance Rate - Time QUAN
52 PPE_LBTCOMP Takt Offset DEC
53 PPE_LOCATION iPPE: Location CHAR 20    
54 PPE_LOCID Plant/Location in iPPE CHAR 22    
55 PPE_MATCOFLG iPPE: Time of Material Consumption CHAR   
56 PPE_MATCOFLG_HDR iPPE: Time of Material Consumption CHAR   
57 PPE_MATCOFLG_LINE Consumption Indicator CHAR   
58 PPE_MATERIAL_LONG Long Material Number CHAR 40    
59 PPE_MATERIAL_VER Version Number (Material) CHAR 10    
60 PPE_MAX_SHORT_BREAK Duration in Seconds INT4 10    
61 PPE_MESSAGE_OPTION Message Handling CHAR   
62 PPE_MMNUM Absolute share of material/product in model mix DEC   
63 PPE_MMSHARE Percentage share of material/product in model mix NUMC   
64 PPE_MMSUM Total of materials/products in the model mix DEC   
65 PPE_MODECOUPLE iPPE Mode Linkage Type CHAR   
66 PPE_MODEPRIORITY iPPE Internal Priority of a Mode CHAR   
67 PPE_MODEPRIORITY_EXTERN External Format of the Mode Priority CHAR   
68 PPE_MSGTY Message Type CHAR   
69 PPE_MSG_DESC Message Description CHAR 80    
70 PPE_MSG_HANDLER Storage of Messages CHAR   
71 PPE_MULT_LEV_CONF Multi-Level Configuration CHAR   
72 PPE_MULT_LEV_ECM Multi-level Parameter Effectivity CHAR   
73 PPE_NAME External Key for Integrated Product and Process Engineering CHAR 40    
74 PPE_NOSYNCFLG Synchronization Behavior of iPPE Activity CHAR   
75 PPE_NUMC10 Numerical field (length 10) NUMC 10    
76 PPE_NUMC2 2 character numerical field without validation NUMC   
77 PPE_OBJECTTYPE iPPE: Type of iPPE Object CHAR 15    
78 PPE_OBJECT_TYPE Type of the iPPE Object CHAR   
79 PPE_OBJTYPE Object Type of the iPPE Header Object CHAR   
80 PPE_OBJ_CNT Object Counter INT4 10    
81 PPE_OCX OCX CHAR 32    
82 PPE_OPR_SCRAP Scrap as a Percentage DEC
83 PPE_OTYPE_EXT Object Type for External Objects in iPPE Workbench CHAR   
84 PPE_OWNER Assignment to Function Groups CHAR   
85 PPE_PCOST_PROFILE Cost Profile (Internal) CHAR 22    
86 PPE_PDVTYPE Production Version Type of Access Object CHAR   
87 PPE_PFOC_TYPE PVS: Item Node Type CHAR   
88 PPE_PLANNING_TYPE Planning Type CHAR   
89 PPE_PLANTYPE Routing Types in the iPPE Process Structure CHAR   
90 PPE_PLNUM Planned Order Number CHAR 10    
91 PPE_PNAMEID_DEL Separator for Ext. Desct. in Context Identified Nodes CHAR   
92 PPE_PNAME_LEN Maximum Length of a Node Name INT1   
93 PPE_PNAME_PNID Field PNAME in Authorization Object C_PVS_PNID CHAR 128    
94 PPE_PRELID_HISTFLG Historical Maintenance Type CHAR   
95 PPE_PRESTYPE Operating Facility Type CHAR   
96 PPE_PRG_MODE Current Scenario of API Usage CHAR   
97 PPE_PRIORITY Priority of Lines in Part of Line Networks CHAR   
98 PPE_PRIORITY_INT Priority of Line in Part of Line Network (Internal Use) CHAR   
99 PPE_PRODVER_ACTIVE Production version is active CHAR   
100 PPE_PROP Property CHAR 15    
101 PPE_PR_CAPID BOM Application CHAR   
102 PPE_PR_COUNTER Counter NUMC   
103 PPE_PR_DNAME Design Name CHAR 18    
104 PPE_PR_FLBOM Indicator: Explode BOM CHAR   
105 PPE_PR_NAME Profile name CHAR 40    
106 PPE_PR_NTBOM Indicator: Explode Group BOM CHAR   
107 PPE_PR_OBJECT Object CHAR 50    
108 PPE_PR_OBTAB Object Identification CHAR 30    
109 PPE_PR_STLAN BOM Application CHAR   
110 PPE_PR_TMCOM Indicator: Complete Type Match CHAR   
111 PPE_PR_TMPAR Indicator: Partial Type Match CHAR   
112 PPE_PR_TMPRM Indicator: Permanent Type Match CHAR   
113 PPE_PR_TMREQ Type Match Indicator: On Request CHAR   
114 PPE_PVTYPE Type of iPPE Component Variant Relevant for Explosion CHAR   
115 PPE_REPLACE Loading Option: Load/Replace CHAR   
116 PPE_RESOLUTION Resolution for Work with the iPPE Workbench CHAR   
117 PPE_RESOURCE_DESC Description of Resource Types CHAR 60    
119 PPE_RESOURCE_TYPE_SF Types of Planning Resources for iPPE Shop Floor NUMC   
120 PPE_RESTYPE Basic Types of Production Resources NUMC   
121 PPE_RESUID iPPE Resource CHAR 32    
122 PPE_ROOT_DOC_TYPE Root Document Type CHAR   
123 PPE_SCPCID Precondition ID CHAR   
125 PPE_SCRAP_100 Scrap as a Percentage DEC
126 PPE_SCSID Status ID CHAR   
127 PPE_SEFFECT Meaning of a Value CHAR   
128 PPE_SEQ_INDEX Serialization Index for iPPE Engine Callbacks NUMC   
129 PPE_SIDE Logistical side of a document CHAR   
130 PPE_SLOT_START Control When Activity Starts CHAR   
131 PPE_SOTYPE Status of Object Type CHAR   
132 PPE_SOVERRIDE Can Field Be Overridden? CHAR   
133 PPE_SPXTYPE Status: Customizing Type of the Object CHAR   
134 PPE_SRESP_OTYPE Object Type (Extract from Table T778O, OTYPE of HR Basis) CHAR   
135 PPE_SSTATUSGUID Status Object GUID RAW 16    
136 PPE_SSTATUSGUID_CMPV_EXT CHAR32 GUID with Conversion Exit for External Key CHAR 32    
137 PPE_SSTATUSGUID_GENN_EXT CHAR32 GUID with Conversion Exit for External Key CHAR 32    
138 PPE_TADUR Time Analysis: Execution Time CHAR 12    
139 PPE_TADUR_LOS_DP Time Analysis: Lot Size for Transfer to the Data Provider CHAR 12    
140 PPE_TADUR_MIN Time Analysis: Execution Time in Minutes DEC
141 PPE_TAIDEXT External Key for a Time Analysis CHAR 32    
142 PPE_TAIDEXT_ERGO External key for a time analysis (ERGO) CHAR 12    
143 PPE_TAIDEXT_ORTIM External Key of Time Analysis (ORTIM) CHAR 12    
144 PPE_TAIDEXT_TICON External key for a time analysis (Ticon) CHAR 12    
145 PPE_TAPART iPPE-Partner Time Analysis CHAR 20    
146 PPE_TAUSE Usage of the Time Analysis CHAR   
147 PPE_TECHS Effectivity object CHAR 12    
148 PPE_TEXT Description CHAR 40    
149 PPE_TEXT20 Text Length: 20 Characters CHAR 20    
150 PPE_TEXT20_HIGH Character Field Length 20 Upper Case Letters CHAR 20    
151 PPE_TIMSTMP_TYPE Time Stamp Types in iPPE CHAR   
152 PPE_TI_NODE_NAME Description of Node in GRID CHAR 72    
153 PPE_TMS_TYPE Time Stamp Type at iPPE Access Object CHAR   
154 PPE_TS_ID Tabstrip Identifier INT1   
155 PPE_TS_SCRNR Screen Number NUMC   
156 PPE_TS_TABNR Tab Title Number NUMC   
157 PPE_TS_TABSTRIP Tabstrip Selection NUMC   
158 PPE_TYPE Type of the iPPE Access Object CHAR   
159 PPE_TYPE_SETTING Assignment of the Usages of Access Types CHAR   
160 PPE_USE Use of iPPE CHAR   
161 PPE_VERSNR Version number INT1   
162 PPE_VRSIOID Simulation Version - Internal CHAR 22    
163 PPE_VWEA Standard Value Determination Type CHAR   
164 PPE_XFELD Yes/No Field CHAR   
165 PPE_XFIELD Yes/No Field CHAR   
166 PPFDACTSET PPF: Action Volume CHAR   
167 PPFDADRTYP PPF: Address type of partner CHAR   
168 PPFDAPPL PPF: Application CHAR 30    
169 PPFDATTRIB PPF: Attribute name CHAR 32    
170 PPFDAUTOMA PPF: Schedule Action Automatically CHAR   
171 PPFDBCSARC Archive Mode for External Sending CHAR   
172 PPFDBCSCOVERTYPE Type of Fax Cover Sheet in BCS Medium of the PPF CHAR   
173 PPFDBOOL PPF: Boolean Indicator CHAR   
174 PPFDCDEFLT PPF: Transfer Default Values from Action Definition CHAR   
175 PPFDCNTXT PPF: Name of Action Profile CHAR 30    
176 PPFDCONDES PPF: Description of condition CHAR 60    
177 PPFDCONDLI PPF: Relationship of conditions CHAR   
178 PPFDDETTYP PPF: Short name for determination technology used CHAR   
179 PPFDDSPTCH PPF: Processing Time CHAR   
180 PPFDDSPTCX PPF: Invalid Processing Time CHAR   
181 PPFDDSTAT PPF: Book status (demo application) CHAR   
182 PPFDELEMTP Element type CHAR 40    
183 PPFDESCAPE PPF: ID for addressees CHAR   
184 PPFDEXEDEL PPF: Delete Action After Execution CHAR   
188 PPFDFXARCH PPF: Archive mode for fax CHAR   
189 PPFDGENFLD PPF: Field for settings to generic medium CHAR 32    
190 PPFDISINCL PPF: Common Profile Indicator CHAR   
191 PPFDMEDTXT PPF: Text for Medium CHAR 132    
192 PPFDMETYPE PPF: Media type (print, fax, mail, EDI ...) CHAR   
193 PPFDMLARCH PPF: Archive Mode for Mail CHAR   
196 PPFDOP PPF: Operator CHAR   
197 PPFDPARTTY PPF: Address type of partner CHAR   
198 PPFDPROFCR PPF: Create Action Profile Again CHAR   
199 PPFDSFMAIN Smart Form as Main Document CHAR   
200 PPFDTMPDES PPF: Description of a template CHAR 60    
201 PPFDTSTAT PPF: Output status CHAR   
202 PPFDTT PPF: Output type CHAR 30    
203 PPFDUSEPDT Use Dynamic Printer Determination CHAR   
204 PPFDVCACTN PPF: Mode for Viewcluster Call CHAR   
205 PPF_TST_EVENT_TYPE Type of a Process Step CHAR 10    
206 PPF_TST_EXCEPTION Selection: Exception for Callback Modules NUMC   
207 PPF_TST_ORGUNIT Organizational Unit CHAR 10    
208 PPF_TST_PACKDEFCATG Package Creation Category CHAR   
210 PPH_DEMANDTYPE Demand Type for Uncovered Demands Value 1-7 INT1   
211 PPH_DYNAMIC_HORIZON Domain for Dynamic Horizon in MRP Cockpit INT1   
212 PPH_MAT_DISPLAY_IN_MRP_APPS Display material in MRP apps CHAR   
213 PPH_MRP_HORIZON_TYPE Type of Horizon in Period Lot-sizing Procedure CHAR   
214 PPH_MRP_PLMOD Planning Mode for MRP Live CHAR   
215 PPH_UI_TPDEP Type of Dependant for BIR 2316 Form CHAR   
216 PPIHIST_STATUS_SC Payment Plans: Status for a Payment Plan Item History Entry CHAR   
217 PPINW_CA Handling of Interest for Withdrawal of Promise to Pay CHAR   
218 PPIO_LISTTYPE Types of detail lists in order info system CHAR 32    
219 PPIO_LISTTYPE_PL Type of Individual List CHAR 32    
220 PPITEM1443 Progress Payments (1443) Cost Item General Domain CHAR 20    
221 PPKEY_CA Identification of Promise to Pay CHAR 12    
222 PPLAN_CUST_SC Single Document or Payment Plan CHAR   
223 PPLAN_SC Single Document or Payment Plan CHAR   
224 PPMENUE Menu CHAR   
225 PPMRP_COUNTER_INT Integer counter INT4 10    
226 PPMRP_SHORT_DEF_ID Shortage Definition ID CHAR 15    
227 PPMRP_SOLUTION_OPTION Solution Options CHAR   
228 PPMRP_SOLUTION_TYPE Solution Card Solution Type CHAR   
229 PPMRP_TEXTID_PO Text ID for Purchase Order CHAR   
230 PPMRP_TEXTID_PR Text ID for Purchase Requisition CHAR   
231 PPM_FINISH_CONSTRAINT Constraint on Finish Date CHAR   
232 PPM_METER Prepayment Meter NUMC   
233 PPM_SCHEDULE_INDICATOR Status of Scheduling Data CHAR   
234 PPM_SCHEDULE_TYPE Project Scheduling CHAR   
235 PPM_SCHEDULING_DIRECTION Scheduling Direction CHAR   
236 PPM_START_CONSTRAINT Constraint on Start Date CHAR   
237 PPOOL Maintenance package pool CHAR   
238 PPORDCNF_APP_ID Application ID CHAR   
239 PPORDCNF_ICON_NAME Icon Name CHAR 40    
240 PPORDCNF_VARIANT_COUNTER_MODE Number of Orders: Display Mode CHAR   
241 PPOST PRICAT: Create billing document CHAR   
242 PPPI_LISTTYPE Types of detail lists in order info system CHAR 32    
243 PPRSC_CA Reason for Promise to Pay CHAR   
244 PPR_BEHGRP IS-H: Treatment Group According to Nrs.Acuity Classification CHAR   
245 PPR_PATART IS-H: Patient types according to PPR (Germany) CHAR   
246 PPSTA_CA Status of Promise to Pay CHAR   
247 PPS_RSCHL Sequence key CHAR   
248 PPTP_ABPBS Absences CHAR   
249 PPTP_ACPBS Actions for Social Balance CHAR   
250 PPTP_ACTYPE Attribution/competency type/activity CHAR   
251 PPTP_AMOUN HR-PT: Amount CURR 15 
252 PPTP_APPRS SIADAP: Appraisal data NUMC   
253 PPTP_ARADS Measures for the ADSE report CHAR   
254 PPTP_BLOCK BDAP Information Blocks CHAR   
255 PPTP_CHGCD Situation Change Codes CHAR   
258 PPTP_CORESP Responsible company CHAR   
259 PPTP_CSPBS Situation Changes CHAR   
260 PPTP_CSRSN Reasons for Termination of Service CHAR   
261 PPTP_DAMOD Date modifier for action type CHAR   
263 PPTP_DGREE Levels of Education CHAR   
264 PPTP_DREGI Work Schedules CHAR   
265 PPTP_ENTTP Entrance Type Codes CHAR   
266 PPTP_FATYP Family Allowance Types CHAR   
267 PPTP_FILLI Portugal Public Sector - BDAP - Indicates Block Filling CHAR   
268 PPTP_FUCLVL Functional complexity level/manager level CHAR   
269 PPTP_FULNA Full name CHAR 55    
270 PPTP_IDXVALUE Index Value NUMC   
271 PPTP_INSTR Instruments CHAR   
272 PPTP_JRPBS Legal relationships CHAR   
273 PPTP_JUREL Legal Relationship CHAR   
274 PPTP_LRPBS Reason for Termination of Service CHAR   
275 PPTP_LTYPE HR-PT: Line Type CHAR   
276 PPTP_MDHOR Work Models CHAR   
277 PPTP_MFSITCO Situation Codes for Magnetic File CHAR   
278 PPTP_MTVCD Reasons for Absence CHAR   
280 PPTP_OBJNA SIADAP: Object nature CHAR   
281 PPTP_ORGCODE Organization Code CHAR 12    
282 PPTP_ORGID Organization CHAR   
283 PPTP_ORGRESP Responsible Organization CHAR   
284 PPTP_PGPBS Professional groups CHAR   
285 PPTP_PHASE Special Mobility Phases CHAR   
286 PPTP_PHASES Special Mobility Phases CHAR   
287 PPTP_POINT SIADAP: Points Received DEC
288 PPTP_RACODE Attribution/competency value/activity CHAR   
289 PPTP_RASCA Attribution/Competency/Activity/Profile CHAR   
290 PPTP_RATEXT Attribution/Competency text CHAR 200    
291 PPTP_RECTY ADSE Receipt Types CHAR   
293 PPTP_SCENR BDAP Scenarios CHAR 10    
294 PPTP_SELMETH Selection Methods CHAR   
295 PPTP_SELPROC Selection Procedures CHAR   
296 PPTP_SHPBS Levels of Education CHAR   
297 PPTP_SIOE_EDUC_LEVEL Level of education CHAR   
298 PPTP_SIOE_LEGPER Legal relationships CHAR   
301 PPTP_SRQNR HR PT PS: Numeric Seq. Number for BDAP NUMC   
302 PPTP_STPBS Work schedules CHAR   
303 PPTP_STRDINSTR Standard Types of Mobility CHAR   
304 PPTP_TONBR Tooth number NUMC   
305 PPTP_TRTGR ADSE Treatment Groups NUMC   
306 PPTP_TRTTY ADSE Treatment Types NUMC   
308 PPTP_VALUE_CODE Value Code CHAR   
309 PPTP_VALUE_TYPE Value Code CHAR   
310 PPTP_WKREG Work Availability CHAR   
312 PPTXT30 Short text for HR editor CHAR 30    
313 PPT_ACTIO Personnel action type CHAR   
314 PPT_AD026 AID - 26 spaces CHAR 26    
315 PPT_AD087 AID - 87 spaces CHAR 87    
316 PPT_AD106 AID - 106 spaces CHAR 106    
317 PPT_ADJCI AID - IRS / IRC compensation CHAR 13    
318 PPT_ADJIR AID - Amounts withheld CHAR 13    
319 PPT_ADJRE AID - Annual income CHAR 14    
320 PPT_ADJTR AID - Withholding value CHAR 13    
321 PPT_ADLRE AID - Income origin CHAR   
322 PPT_ADNYR AID - Previous years income - no.of years CHAR   
323 PPT_ADPRE AID - Previous years income - amounts CHAR 14    
324 PPT_ADSEE ADSE exempt CHAR   
325 PPT_ADTIR AID - Total withheld amounts CHAR 15    
326 PPT_ADTRA AID - Total income from previous years CHAR 15    
327 PPT_ADTRE AID - Total annual income CHAR 15    
328 PPT_ADTRM DAR - Sum retentions CHAR 15    
329 PPT_ADTRT AID - Total withholdings CHAR 15    
330 PPT_ALLTY Type of vacation allowance CHAR   
331 PPT_ALTYP Type of earnings CHAR   
332 PPT_APIRCT IRCT applicability CHAR   
333 PPT_BSTYP Calculation basis nature CHAR   
334 PPT_CERTA Validity year of certificate NUMC   
335 PPT_CNTNA Name of contact CHAR 100    
336 PPT_CNTTY Counting type NUMC   
337 PPT_CODP Postal code CHAR 10    
338 PPT_CODRF Tax office code NUMC   
339 PPT_COLUM Tax table column CHAR   
340 PPT_COUNT Counting rule CHAR   
341 PPT_COVRU Coverage rule NUMC   
342 PPT_COVTY Coverage type CHAR   
343 PPT_CTTYP Contract type CHAR   
344 PPT_CTYRU Contract types for Unique Report CHAR   
345 PPT_DERIV Derivation of event CHAR   
346 PPT_DFVAL Formula for calculating lunch allowance days CHAR   
347 PPT_EACOD Economical Activity Code (CAE) NUMC   
348 PPT_EFREF Method for building effective VA reference remuneration CHAR   
349 PPT_EMAI2 Mail address CHAR 60    
350 PPT_ENTIT Code for institution that certified disability CHAR   
351 PPT_ESTME Method for annual estimation of vacation allowance CHAR   
352 PPT_FISCA Family income scale CHAR   
353 PPT_FNAME Field name CHAR   
354 PPT_FULNA Full name CHAR 60    
355 PPT_GRTYP Distinction of holiday/Christmas allowance grouping type CHAR   
356 PPT_GRVAL Holiday/Christmas allowance grouping CHAR   
357 PPT_INCAT Income category CHAR   
358 PPT_INCTV Hiring incentive indicator CHAR   
359 PPT_IWBRT Tax rate for independent workers in category B DEC
360 PPT_MODCR Employee grouping for coverage rules CHAR   
361 PPT_MSTAT Marital status CHAR   
362 PPT_NIQUA Training qualification level CHAR   
363 PPT_NSERS Social services number CHAR 15    
364 PPT_NUM02 Numeric length 2 NUMC   
365 PPT_NUM10 Number with 10 positions plus +/- sign INT4 10    
366 PPT_OBTYP Time object type CHAR   
367 PPT_OBVAL Time object value CHAR   
368 PPT_PAYTR Vacation allowance payment triggering method CHAR   
369 PPT_PCDEF Disability percentage DEC
370 PPT_PRACO Qualification level code - personnel summary Azores NUMC   
371 PPT_PRCAT Professional category CHAR   
372 PPT_PRCNP Professional classification (CNP) CHAR   
373 PPT_PRCTP Professional category CHAR   
374 PPT_PRERT Pre-retirement indicator CHAR   
375 PPT_PRFUN Functional structure NUMC   
376 PPT_PRGRP Professional group NUMC   
377 PPT_PRPAR Professional partitioning NUMC   
378 PPT_PRSIT Professional situation NUMC   
379 PPT_PSCTS Contract situation regarding Act no.20/98 NUMC   
380 PPT_PSCTT PS - Contract type NUMC   
381 PPT_PSED2 PS 2000 - education level code NUMC   
382 PPT_PSEDU PS - education level code NUMC   
383 PPT_PSNAT PS - Nationality indicator NUMC   
384 PPT_PSS3S PS 2000 - Blanks (record type 3) CHAR 144    
385 PPT_PSWSR PS - work schedule regime NUMC   
386 PPT_PTYPE HR-PT: professional classification type (CNP or CPP) CHAR   
387 PPT_QCLAS Classification of absence quota CHAR   
388 PPT_QUALEV Qualification level CHAR   
389 PPT_QUOTM Method to consider leave absences depending on quota valid. CHAR   
390 PPT_REASN Reason for action CHAR   
391 PPT_REGTY Type of regime (normal/alternative) CHAR   
392 PPT_RELEV Disability relevance value for tax and soc.sec.processing CHAR   
393 PPT_RESID Indication of residence CHAR   
394 PPT_RGCOD Social security regime code CHAR   
395 PPT_RUME Incoming reasons for Unique Report CHAR   
396 PPT_RUMS Outgoing reasons for Unique Report CHAR   
397 PPT_RVABS Absence classification CHAR   
398 PPT_SBEDU BS - educational level code NUMC   
399 PPT_SFEAT Social security voluntary regime/self-employed regime level CHAR   
400 PPT_SIZE Size of company CHAR   
401 PPT_SPCA3 AD - Spaces (record type 3) CHAR 121    
402 PPT_SPLIT Splitting rule CHAR   
403 PPT_SPREG Indicator for special regime CHAR   
404 PPT_SRETY Applicability of the working time account regime CHAR   
405 PPT_SSINS Social security institution NUMC   
406 PPT_SSINS2 Social security institution NUMC   
407 PPT_SSINS3 Social security institution NUMC   
408 PPT_SSIPS Social security institution - personnel summary code NUMC   
409 PPT_SSRGM Social security regime code CHAR   
410 PPT_SSSUB Social security infotype subtype CHAR   
411 PPT_SSSVC Social security subregional service NUMC   
412 PPT_SSTYP Social security level type distinction CHAR   
413 PPT_SS_BSTYP Type of social protection regime CHAR   
414 PPT_SS_NATUR Nature of wage type CHAR   
415 PPT_TABLE Tax table CHAR   
416 PPT_TENTR Selection rule validity (dep.on EE's contract situation) CHAR   
417 PPT_TXAPL Applicability for income tax calculation CHAR   
418 PPT_VADSE ADSE card validity DATS   
419 PPT_VATRA VAT rate for employees in category B DEC
420 PPT_WTTAB Payroll internal table with cumulation wage type CHAR   
421 PP_PDATE Set posting date when posting CHAR   
422 PP_PLNTY Planning type CHAR   
423 PR005 Table T005 test flag CHAR   
424 PR04O Use of expense type in weekly report CHAR   
425 PR04X Sequence of expense types in weekly report CHAR   
426 PRACTIONNR Print action record NUMC 10    
427 PRAEFIX EAN prefix CHAR   
428 PRAEMART Type of advertising bonus CHAR   
429 PRAKN Premium ID CHAR   
430 PRAKZ Premium ID NUMC   
431 PRANZ Number of sample devices NUMC   
432 PRANZHL HR payroll: Maximum number DEC 15 
433 PRART_VK Premium type CHAR   
434 PRAST Period split CHAR   
435 PRASTA Period split for splitting indep.reqmts CHAR   
436 PRASTP Period split CHAR   
437 PRATA ID for product attribute CHAR   
438 PRATK ID for product attribute (customer) CHAR   
439 PRBAS_ISP Price basis CHAR   
440 PRBETPE HR payroll: Maximum rate CURR 15 
441 PRBETRG HR payroll: Maximum amount CURR 15 
442 PRBST Check purchase order number CHAR   
443 PRCHG Change: Yes/no CHAR   
444 PRCOMP Protect from appends CHAR   
445 PRCONKEY Summarized price key CHAR 26    
446 PRCTP_KK Process Type CHAR   
447 PRCTR Profit center CHAR 10    
448 PRCTR_TYPE Profit Center Type CHAR   
449 PRCTYPH_T Transferred Transaction Code CHAR   
450 PRCTYPI_T Transferred Posting Key CHAR   
451 PRCT_SUBTO Subtotal CHAR   
452 PRCUNIT Price unit in controlling area currency NUMC   
453 PRCZOMAX Upper limit of interval for price block adjustment in days NUMC   
454 PRCZOMIN Lower limit of interval for price block adjustment in days NUMC   
455 PRCZONAJ Type of price block adjustment CHAR   
456 PRC_ATTR_NAME Attribute Name for IPC Pricing CHAR 30    
457 PRC_ATTR_VALUE Attribut Value for IPC Pricing CHAR 50    
458 PRC_AUTHORITY_LEVEL Level for Authorization Checks NUMC   
459 PRC_CALCULATION_BASE Calculation base CHAR   
460 PRC_CALCULATION_TYPE Calculation type for condition CHAR   
461 PRC_CALCULATION_TYPE_DIM Serial number of a dimension for a calculation type NUMC   
462 PRC_CONDITION_CATEGORY Condition type: Freight, tax, cost,,...... CHAR   
463 PRC_CONDITION_EXCLUSION_GROUP Condition exclusion group CHAR   
464 PRC_CONDITION_INACTIVE_FLAG Condition inactive CHAR   
465 PRC_CONDITION_ORIGIN Origin of condition CHAR   
466 PRC_CONDITION_PRICING_UNIT Condition pricing unit DEC   
467 PRC_CONDITION_TYPE Condition type CHAR   
468 PRC_COND_BASIS Condition Basis DEC 18 
469 PRC_COND_CLASS Condition ID CHAR   
470 PRC_COND_EXCLUSION_PROCEDURE Condition exclusion procedure CHAR   
471 PRC_COND_EXCLUSION_TYPE Condition exclusion category (AUSVF) CHAR   
472 PRC_COND_MAN_PRIORITY Rules for conditions with manual entry (KMANU) CHAR   
473 PRC_COND_PRICE_SOURCE Price source CHAR   
474 PRC_COND_PURPOSE Purpose (business significance) of a condition CHAR   
475 PRC_COND_RATE_SIGN_CONTROL Control ID for sign CHAR   
476 PRC_COND_SALES_TAX_CODE Taxes on sales/puchases code CHAR   
478 PRC_COND_SIGN Control ID for sign CHAR   
479 PRC_COND_SOURCE Data record source for a condition record CHAR   
480 PRC_COND_STATUS Condition control CHAR   
481 PRC_COND_STRUCT Structure condition CHAR   
482 PRC_COND_VALUE Pricing: Amount and value fields CURR 19 
483 PRC_COPY_ABS_COND Copying Behavior from Absolute Rate Conditions CHAR   
484 PRC_COPY_TYPE Copying Types CHAR   
485 PRC_COUNTER Numerator NUMC   
486 PRC_CTYPE_CATEGORY Category of a calculation type CHAR   
487 PRC_DATA_ORIGIN Data source system CHAR 10    
488 PRC_DATE Date DATS   
489 PRC_DESCRIPTION_30 Description with length 30 CHAR 30    
490 PRC_DESCRIPTION_80 Description with length 30 CHAR 80    
491 PRC_DOC_TYPE Pricing document type CHAR   
492 PRC_EDIT_TYPE Condition categories that cannot be changed CHAR   
493 PRC_ERP_CONDITION_PRICING_UNIT Condition pricing unit DEC   
494 PRC_EXCH_RATE_COND_CURRENCY Rate for converting condition currency into house/doc curr. DEC
495 PRC_EXCL_INDICATOR Exclusion Indicator in Condition Record (KZNEP) CHAR   
496 PRC_EXT_ITEM_NO External Item Number NUMC 10    
497 PRC_FAST_GROUP_PROCESSING Group Condition Processing in the Pricing Engine CHAR   
498 PRC_FIELD_FILTER Filter for Pricing Condition Fields CHAR   
499 PRC_FIX_GROUP Pricing: Fixation Group CHAR   
500 PRC_FIX_RATE Pricing: Fixation Type for Condition Amount CHAR