SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 6
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P06_CONTRAT_CAS_PARTICULIER Employment contract: Specific case CHAR   
2 P06_CONTRAT_CATEGORIE_DUREE Employment contract: Law on Securing emplymt - Duration cat. CHAR   
3 P06_CONTRAT_MOTIF_RECOURS_CDD Employment contract: Reason for recourse to a CDD CHAR   
4 P06_CONTY DUCS Contribution Type CHAR   
5 P06_CORGA Agency code CHAR   
6 P06_CORPS Corps, cadre d'emploi CHAR   
7 P06_COTEXT Commercial designation of insurance contract CHAR 80    
8 P06_COTGR Contributor group CHAR   
9 P06_COTIS 4 characters without spaces CHAR   
10 P06_COTPART Part of assess. basis for contr. CHAR   
11 P06_COTTY DUCS Contribution Type CHAR   
12 P06_COTVD Indicator for COT line fields CHAR   
13 P06_CPAM Local Sickness Insurance Fund (CPAM) code CHAR 35    
14 P06_CPMOD DUCS Declared Unit modifier by Corga/Perty CHAR   
15 P06_CRAM DAT: CRAM code CHAR   
16 P06_CRCTDS Declaration CHAR   
17 P06_CRITR Selection criterion CHAR   
18 P06_CRMOD Contribution rule modifier CHAR   
19 P06_CTMOD Contribution type CHAR   
20 P06_CURR12 Amount, 12 characters CURR 12 
21 P06_CURR18 CURR 18 
22 P06_DADPERIOD Period (start date - end date) for DADS-U conversion CHAR 40    
23 P06_DADSU_CODE Bases code CHAR   
24 P06_DADTST DADSU : test or real sending CHAR   
25 P06_DAT16 Name of field used in seniority calculation (Infotype 0016) CHAR   
26 P06_DAT_ROLE Contact DAT role (EDI) CHAR   
27 P06_DEC10_2 Dec. no. with 10 digits before the comma and 2 digits after DEC 10 
28 P06_DEC4 A four digit decimal number with no digits after the comma DEC   
29 P06_DEC4_2 Decimal number with 4 digits before, 2 digits after comma DEC
30 P06_DEC8 An eight digit decimal number with no digits after the comma DEC   
31 P06_DECTYP Identifier indicator for type of declaration CHAR   
32 P06_DECUN Declared Unit/Contract CHAR 16    
33 P06_DNSG_ROLE DN-AC role of Signatory and contact person CHAR 10    
34 P06_DPMOC Working time contribution method indicator CHAR   
35 P06_DROITC Work contract law code CHAR   
36 P06_DSIZE File Size NUMC 10    
37 P06_DTTYP Data type CHAR   
38 P06_DUCMT Working form code CHAR   
39 P06_DUCS_ROLE DUCS role - contact CHAR 15    
40 P06_DUE_ROLE DUE role Contact CHAR 10    
41 P06_DUPER CHAR   
42 P06_DUPM1 CHAR   
43 P06_DUPM2 CHAR   
44 P06_DURAT Work contract duration CHAR   
45 P06_ED2T1 Exclusive contract for relevance to D2 CHAR   
46 P06_ELECTN Type of elections CHAR   
47 P06_EMENV Test or real file sending code CHAR   
48 P06_EMPL Location of the contribution rule CHAR   
49 P06_EMSRV Select.service code CHAR   
50 P06_ERMSG Pension fund contract reference: check validity CHAR   
51 P06_EVENEM DADS-U: Employee-linked contract event code CHAR   
52 P06_EXERC Exercice, période d'application CHAR   
53 P06_EXPAT Expatriate, impatriate or cross-border contract CHAR   
54 P06_EX_PRF Exclusion or exemption from expenses for participation CHAR   
55 P06_FD_DAD DADS-U wage type CHAR 18    
56 P06_FI140 CHAR 140    
57 P06_FI244 CHAR 244    
58 P06_FIL10 Filler (blank) CHAR 10    
59 P06_FIL12 CHAR 12    
60 P06_FIL122 CHAR 122    
61 P06_FILL7 CHAR   
62 P06_FILLER DADS-U: Filler CHAR   
63 P06_FONCTION Function code NUMC   
64 P06_FPCTP Professional expenses type code CHAR   
66 P06_GCONV Règle générale de conversion d'échelle CHAR   
67 P06_GENDER Gender of employee CHAR   
68 P06_GRADE Grade CHAR   
69 P06_GRPCA Characteristics group CHAR   
71 P06_HOURS No. of hours DEC
72 P06_INDBR Indice brut NUMC   
73 P06_INDIC DADSU : call sign CHAR 100    
74 P06_INFTY Infotype used in seniority calculation CHAR   
75 P06_INTERV DADSU: Task area CHAR   
76 P06_KZTIM Modalité d´activité CHAR   
77 P06_LGART_FIELD Wage type field to use: AMT / NUM / RTE CHAR 30    
78 P06_MAGRP Nature of action/reason pair CHAR   
79 P06_MASTY Special type of action/reason pair CHAR   
80 P06_MEDIA DADSU : call media type code CHAR   
81 P06_MESSG CHAR 252    
82 P06_MLIND Garnishment cancellation code CHAR   
83 P06_MODAC Mode d'accès à un grade CHAR   
84 P06_MODAL Form of work contract CHAR   
85 P06_MONF1 NUMC 18    
86 P06_MONMO NUMC 18    
87 P06_MONNAIE BRC : Declaration currency NUMC   
88 P06_MONTA Amount NUMC 18    
89 P06_MOPAR Profit sharing modifier CHAR   
90 P06_MOTIF Reason in action/reason pair CHAR   
91 P06_MOTIF_SORTIE Reason for departure CHAR   
92 P06_MULTD DUCS Multi declared CHAR   
94 P06_N4DSAT_STATUS N4DS results: status CHAR   
95 P06_N4DS_AMOUNT Individual amount DEC 10 
96 P06_N4DS_DEC18_2 Number 16 integers and 2 decimal places DEC 18 
97 P06_N4DS_DEC3_2 Number 3 integers and 2 decimal digits DEC
98 P06_N4DS_FISC_AMOUNT Individual tax amount DEC 10 
99 P06_N4DS_SPECFISC_AMOUNT Individual tax amount DEC 10 
100 P06_N4DS_SUM_AMOUNT Total amount DEC 16 
101 P06_N4DS_SUM_FISC_AMOUNT Total tax amount DEC 16 
102 P06_NATCO DUCS Nature of the contribution CHAR   
103 P06_NATDC Nature of declaration CHAR   
104 P06_NATDEC BRC: type of declaration NUMC   
105 P06_NATIO Nationality CHAR   
106 P06_NATTDS Nature of DADS CHAR   
107 P06_NATURE_CONTRAT Contract kind CHAR   
108 P06_NATURE_MOUVEMENT Movement kind CHAR   
109 P06_NAT_INDSUP Nature code of allowance for special constraints CHAR   
110 P06_NAT_MANDAT_CODE Mandate nature code NUMC   
111 P06_NAT_N4DS N4DS declaration nature code CHAR   
112 P06_NB_ENF DADS-U: Number of children NUMC   
113 P06_NEWSI New relationship with contributions fund CHAR   
114 P06_NRPOS Nombre positif DEC   
115 P06_NT_DAD Nature code of the DADS-U declaration CHAR   
116 P06_NUMBRE18 Number NUMC 18    
117 P06_NUMC1 Character zero or year NUMC   
118 P06_NUMCL SI number CHAR 16    
119 P06_OPER Operator for data calculation CHAR   
120 P06_OPKEN Operation code CHAR   
121 P06_OPQUALITE Operator Quality Code CHAR 35    
122 P06_OPS Social Protection Agency CHAR   
123 P06_OPTIO Tax option for profit sharing payment CHAR   
124 P06_ORGA1 4 characters without spaces CHAR   
125 P06_ORGAN Code identifiant un organisme. CHAR   
126 P06_ORGIS Selection criterion CHAR   
127 P06_ORG_CD Official agency code CHAR   
128 P06_OTRAN Tranche of contribution basis CHAR   
129 P06_PACKED_AMOUNT DADS-U: Packed amount DEC   
130 P06_PASPP Etape de processus de promotion CHAR   
131 P06_PCONV Procédé de conversion d'échelle CHAR   
132 P06_PCS Socio-professional category INSEE code CHAR   
133 P06_PCTRL Contrôle supp. associé à une position administrative CHAR   
134 P06_PD_SCT Labor Relations Section of an establishment CHAR   
135 P06_PERDC Declaration frequency code CHAR   
136 P06_PERTA Percentage 3 round and 2 decimal numbers DEC
137 P06_PERTY Employee type CHAR   
138 P06_PER_DEB DADS-U: Start of period CHAR   
139 P06_PER_FIN DADS-U: End of period CHAR   
140 P06_POPULA DADS-U: Cover population formula code CHAR   
141 P06_POPULATION_EMPLOI Employment population code of employee or agent NUMC   
142 P06_PPACKID Parallel pack ID CHAR 30    
143 P06_PPSTA Etat de l'étape de processus de promotion NUMC   
144 P06_PRIOD Processing parameter for calculation of rolling period CHAR   
145 P06_PRIOR Garnishment priority CHAR   
146 P06_PRMST Situation d'un matricule dans un processus de promotion CHAR   
147 P06_PROCE Processing parameter for start of rolling period CHAR   
148 P06_PSADM HR-PSF : Position administrative CHAR   
149 P06_PSSTT HR-PSF : Position statutaire. CHAR   
150 P06_PVCTP Type code of paid bonus CHAR   
151 P06_PVCTP_V01X07 Type code of paid bonus CHAR   
152 P06_QASSO NUMC 15    
153 P06_QMONT CHAR   
154 P06_QREFE CHAR   
156 P06_QUALIF Qualification CHAR   
157 P06_QUALIF_IJSS IJSS qualification CHAR   
158 P06_QUALITESGN Quality CHAR   
159 P06_QUANT NUMC 15    
160 P06_QUOSA Garnishment basis CHAR   
161 P06_RCOTC DUCS: Contribution for tax declaration - Criteria CHAR   
162 P06_RCOTY DUCS: contribution type for tax declaration CHAR   
163 P06_REASN Raisons ouvrant droit au SFT CHAR   
164 P06_REGIM Other plan CHAR 52    
165 P06_REGIME DADS-U: Plan code CHAR   
166 P06_REGNO SI contrib. model (4 characters) CHAR   
167 P06_REPRI Transfer type code CHAR   
168 P06_RESER153 Field with 153 characters CHAR 153    
169 P06_RESER242 Field with 302 characters CHAR 242    
170 P06_RESER323 Field with 323 characters LCHR 323    
171 P06_RESER397 Field with 397 characters LCHR 397    
172 P06_RESER527 Field with 527 characters LCHR 527    
173 P06_RESER542 Field with 542 characters LCHR 542    
174 P06_RESZN Zone de résidence CHAR   
175 P06_RTMOD Contribution rate modifier CHAR   
176 P06_RULE Contribution rule CHAR   
177 P06_SALPAT Employee/employer indicator CHAR   
178 P06_SECTN Section (labor court elections) CHAR   
179 P06_SELNAME Criterion name for reference period calculation CHAR   
180 P06_SERVIC DADSU : service chosen by sender CHAR   
181 P06_SHARE Profit sharing : Excluded or exempt from SI costs CHAR   
182 P06_SIGN DADS-U: Sign CHAR   
183 P06_SIGNE Sign CHAR   
184 P06_SILIE Code for employee's family relationship with employer NUMC   
185 P06_SITFAM DADS-U: Marital status code CHAR   
186 P06_SOAPP CHAR   
187 P06_SPRUL Régle particulière CHAR   
188 P06_STATUS Data status in history CHAR   
189 P06_ST_DAD DADS-U structures CHAR 18    
190 P06_TCONV Table de régles de conversion CHAR   
191 P06_TIMS Time Given on Industrial Accident Declaration TIMS   
192 P06_TMAIN Subrogation ? CHAR   
193 P06_TMETH Method of processing indicator ('Bilan Social') CHAR   
194 P06_TPART Part-time CHAR   
195 P06_TPNIV Echelle, hors-echelle CHAR   
196 P06_TP_DAD Declaration type code CHAR   
197 P06_TRAN Payroll area type CHAR   
198 P06_TRANS CHAR   
199 P06_TRAN_BRC Payroll area type for BRC customizing CHAR   
200 P06_TRTYP Transfer type CHAR   
201 P06_TXTEP Description of special employment group or status CHAR 40    
202 P06_TYBOR CHAR   
203 P06_TYPACT Business Area NUMC   
204 P06_TYPARR Cease work type (subtype) CHAR   
205 P06_TYPCAT Categorization code (Bilan Social) NUMC   
206 P06_TYPCO Contribution type for profit sharing NUMC   
207 P06_TYPCOT ContributionType : maximum amount fixed, not fixed "accident CHAR   
208 P06_TYPDC Declaration type CHAR   
209 P06_TYPEBS 'Bilan Social' type (FR) NUMC   
210 P06_TYPE_MNT Type of amount to be calculated CHAR   
211 P06_TYPE_PMORALE Legal person type CHAR   
212 P06_TYPE_TEMOIN The witness CHAR   
213 P06_TYPMAIN Type of continued pay CHAR   
214 P06_TYPRUB Type of wage element CHAR   
215 P06_TYPTAB Type of table relevant CHAR   
216 P06_TYPTDS DADS-TDS : declaration type CHAR   
217 P06_TYPZON Field for related wage type CHAR   
218 P06_TYP_N4DS Type code of N4DS declaration CHAR   
219 P06_UNITE Time unit for calculating reference period dates CHAR   
220 P06_VALCST Final date for access to contr. (special contr.) CHAR   
221 P06_VERSBRC Table version for contribution recapitulation NUMC   
222 P06_WFDEN Dénominateur du facteur de proratisation DEC
223 P06_WFNUM Numérateur du facteur de proratisation DEC
224 P08P1_STATS Numerical field 6 digits (Needed for Year End Statistics) NUMC   
225 P08P_CLIN_CGRADE HESA: NHS contract grade (clinical) CHAR   
226 P08P_CLIN_CTYPE HESA: NHS contract type CHAR   
227 P08P_CLIN_RBODY HESA: Regulatory body (clinical) CHAR   
228 P08P_HESA_ACTCHQUAL HESA: Academic teaching qualification CHAR   
229 P08P_HESA_ACTLEAVE HESA: Activity after leaving CHAR   
230 P08P_HESA_CCENTRE3 HESA: Cost Centre (2012/13 onwards) CHAR   
231 P08P_HESA_CLINARD HESA: Clinical excellence award CHAR   
232 P08P_HESA_CLINICAL HESA: Clinical status CHAR   
233 P08P_HESA_CONTID HESA: Contract Identifier CHAR 20    
234 P08P_HESA_DISABLE HESA: Disability CHAR   
235 P08P_HESA_DISABLE2 HESA: Disability CHAR   
236 P08P_HESA_DISABLE3 HESA: Disability CHAR   
237 P08P_HESA_ECRSTAT HESA: Early career researcher status CHAR   
238 P08P_HESA_GENDERID HESA: Gender Identity CHAR   
239 P08P_HESA_ISBAL Combination of subjects is balanced or major/minor CHAR   
240 P08P_HESA_LEVELS HESA: UCEA or XpertHR defined level of the contract CHAR   
241 P08P_HESA_LOCLEAVE HESA: Location after leaving CHAR   
242 P08P_HESA_NATID HESA: National Identity CHAR   
243 P08P_HESA_NATIOND HESA: National Identity CHAR   
244 P08P_HESA_NISR_SENPH HESA Senior management post holder CHAR   
245 P08P_HESA_NISR_TERMS HESA: Terms of employment NUMC   
246 P08P_HESA_OCC HESA: Occupational categorie CHAR   
247 P08P_HESA_RESACT2001 HESA: Active in 2001 Research Assessment Exercise CHAR   
248 P08P_HESA_RESACT_ALL HESA: Active in the 1996/2001 Research Assessment Exercise CHAR   
249 P08P_HESA_RESAST HESA: Research Assistant CHAR   
250 P08P_HESA_RESCON HESA: Reason for end of contract CHAR   
251 P08P_HESA_SABAT HESA: Sabbatical or Secondment Out CHAR   
252 P08P_HESA_SEXORT HESA: Sexual Orientation CHAR   
253 P08P_HESA_SOBS HESA: Source of Basic Salary CHAR   
254 P08P_HESA_SOC2010 HESA: SOC 2010 code CHAR   
255 P08P_HESA_STAFF_CATEGORY HESA Staff return category for NISR CHAR   
256 P08P_HESA_SUBCLIN HESA: Clinical sub-speciHESAalty CHAR   
257 P08P_HESA_SUBMISSION HESA: Unit of Assessment CHAR   
258 P08P_HESA_TCHWLH HESA: Ability to teach through the medium of Welsh CHAR   
259 P08P_HESA_UOA HESA: Unit of Assessment CHAR   
260 P08P_HESA_UOARAE HESA: Unit of Assessment - Letter of multiple submission CHAR   
261 P08P_LGPS_BAND LGPS: Pension Scheme Band CHAR   
262 P08P_LPGS_ADHOC LGPS ADHOC (Ad Hoc Payments) NUMC   
263 P08P_LPGS_MODE LGPS MODE (When Processed) NUMC   
264 P08P_LPGS_SPLIT LGPS SPLIT (Split Records) NUMC   
265 P08P_MIC_STATUS Mandatory Infotype Copy: Match Status CHAR   
266 P08P_MIC_TYPE Mandatory Infotype Copy: Match Type CHAR   
267 P08P_MONTH Month NUMC   
268 P08P_SWF_ABCAT SWF: Absence Category CHAR   
269 P08P_SWF_ABOCD SWF: Absent on Census Day CHAR   
270 P08P_SWF_CL1ST SWF: 1st Degree Class NUMC   
271 P08P_SWF_CNTRY SWF: Country of Origin CHAR   
272 P08P_SWF_CONTY SWF: Contract Type CHAR   
273 P08P_SWF_CURCD SWF: Vacancy: Subject Code CHAR   
274 P08P_SWF_CURHR Anzahl Stunden DEC
275 P08P_SWF_DESTN SWF: Destination CHAR   
276 P08P_SWF_DISAB SWF: Disability CHAR   
277 P08P_SWF_EPFT SWF: Number of Educational Psychologists (Full Time) NUMC   
278 P08P_SWF_EPPFTE SWF: Number of Educational Psychologists FTE (Part Time) DEC
279 P08P_SWF_EPPFTE_XML SWF: Number of Educational Psychologists FTE (Part Time) DEC
280 P08P_SWF_EPPT SWF: Number of Educational Psychologists (Part Time) NUMC   
281 P08P_SWF_ESTB SWF: Establishment NUMC   
282 P08P_SWF_ETHNC SWF: Ethnic Origin CHAR   
283 P08P_SWF_ETYPE SWF: Employment Type CHAR   
284 P08P_SWF_FTYPE SWF : File Type CHAR   
285 P08P_SWF_LEA SWF: LEA Number NUMC   
286 P08P_SWF_LEVEL SWF: LA or School Level CHAR   
287 P08P_SWF_NCYRG SWF: NC Year Group CHAR   
288 P08P_SWF_NUMBER SWF: Number of Occasional Quali-fied Staff NUMC   
289 P08P_SWF_ORIGN SWF: Origin CHAR   
290 P08P_SWF_POINT SWF: Pay Spine Point CHAR   
291 P08P_SWF_POST SWF: Post CHAR   
292 P08P_SWF_POSTM SWF: Post for maintenance CHAR   
293 P08P_SWF_PYCAT SWF: Additional Payment Category CHAR   
294 P08P_SWF_QTSRO SWF: QT Status Route CHAR   
295 P08P_SWF_QUALC SWF: Qualification Code CHAR   
296 P08P_SWF_ROLE SWF: Role CHAR   
297 P08P_SWF_SCALE SWF: Pay Scale CHAR   
298 P08P_SWF_SEQNR SWF Sequence Number NUMC   
299 P08P_SWF_SPINE SWF: Pay Spine CHAR   
300 P08P_SWF_SUBCD SWF: Subject Code CHAR   
301 P08P_SWF_TEANO SWF: Teacher Number NUMC   
302 P08P_SWF_TERM SWF: Census Term CHAR   
303 P08P_SWF_VACTN SWF: Vacancy: Tenure CHAR   
304 P08P_SWF_WKPA Anzahl Stunden DEC
305 P08P_SWF_WKSPA Anzahl Stunden DEC
306 P08P_TAGRP Trading in Association Grouping NUMC   
307 P08P_TPS_DATE6 Abbreviated date in format DDMMYY CHAR   
308 P08P_TPS_FPTIME TPS full or part time indicator CHAR   
309 P08P_TPS_LEA TPS LEA number NUMC   
310 P08P_TPS_PEN_TYPE TPS pension scheme type CHAR   
311 P08P_TPS_RATE_INDICATOR TPS Allowance rate indicator CHAR   
312 P08P_TPS_REC_LABEL TPS record label CHAR   
313 P08P_TPS_REC_TYPE TPS record type NUMC   
314 P08P_TPS_REGULAR TPS Regular or irregular part-time employment indicator NUMC   
315 P08P_TPS_SPEC_NOTES TPS Special notes NUMC   
316 P08P_TPS_WITHDRAWAL TPS Withdrawal confirmation CHAR   
317 P08P_USSS_CARE_EMP_TYPE USS Contributions CARE:Employment Type CHAR   
318 P08P_USS_CARE_EMP_TYPE USS Contributions CARE:Employment Type CHAR   
319 P08P_USS_SCHEME_TYPE USS Scheme Type CHAR   
320 P08_08PAB Occupational Absence Payment Types (GFMSA) CHAR   
321 P08_ABS_FACTOR Part period factoring for absence reporting CHAR   
322 P08_ADRYR Advance received from HMRC Year to date CURR 15 
323 P08_AEAES Auto Enrolment Scheme CHAR   
324 P08_AEAGC Employee Age Category NUMC   
325 P08_AEAGE Employee Age (AE) NUMC   
326 P08_AEATY Pensions Auto Enrolment: Assessment Type CHAR   
327 P08_AEDEN Date sent - AE DATS   
328 P08_AEERC Employee Earnings Category NUMC   
329 P08_AEERN Employee Earnings CURR 15 
330 P08_AEETY Employee Earnings Type CHAR   
331 P08_AEEXR Exemption Reason CHAR   
332 P08_AEFTEXT AE Form Text CHAR 30    
333 P08_AEGDT staging date DATS   
334 P08_AENOW Not ordinarily working in the UK CHAR   
335 P08_AENWK Not a worker in the UK CHAR   
336 P08_AEPNS Auto Enrolment Pension scheme CHAR   
337 P08_AEQER Qualifying earnings (AE) CURR 15 
338 P08_AEQPS Qualifying Pension Scheme(AE) CHAR   
339 P08_AEWRC Worker category(AE) CHAR   
340 P08_AGE Age NUMC   
341 P08_ALGRP ALL Table Groups CHAR   
342 P08_AMT10 Amount CURR 10 
343 P08_APAGE Employee Age(AE Postponement) NUMC   
344 P08_APATY Assessment Type(AE Postponement) CHAR   
345 P08_APDDN Deferral Notice Date - AE DATS   
346 P08_APDDT Deferral date DATS   
347 P08_APDEN Date sent - AE Postponement DATS   
348 P08_APNTY Postponement Notice Type (AE) CHAR   
349 P08_APQER Qualifying earnings (AE Postponement) CURR 15 
350 P08_APQPS Qualifying Pension Scheme(AE Postponement) CHAR   
351 P08_APWRC Worker category(AE Postponement) CHAR   
352 P08_ASHE_COL_AGR_TYPE ASHE Collective Agreement Type CHAR   
355 P08_ASPRY Value of ASPP recovered Year to date CURR 15 
356 P08_ASSRS Pensions Auto-Enrolment: Assessment Reason CHAR   
357 P08_ATITL Academic Qualification CHAR   
358 P08_ATYPE NI contributions/arrears type NUMC   
359 P08_AVAIL Data available CHAR   
360 P08_AWSER AWS Exemption Reason CHAR   
361 P08_BEGDA Start date of this Employment DATS   
362 P08_BSRNO HR-GB: Building Society Roll Number CHAR 18    
363 P08_C392 Character field length 392 CHAR 392    
364 P08_C394 HR-GB: MM3 Rec 3 Spare 394 CHAR 394    
365 P08_C403 HR-GB: MM3 Rec 3 Spare 403 CHAR 403    
366 P08_CARTY Type of company car CHAR   
367 P08_CERNI HR-GB: Certificate for NI category CHAR   
368 P08_CHAR186 186 character field CHAR 186    
369 P08_CHAR50 HR-GB: General character field with length 50 CHAR 50    
370 P08_CISDY Value of CIS deductions suffered Year to date CURR 15 
371 P08_CLIN_BASED Hospital CHAR   
372 P08_CLIN_HONHS Honorary NHS Status CHAR   
373 P08_CLIN_REGTY Registration type CHAR   
374 P08_CLIN_SPECL Clinical Specialty CHAR   
375 P08_CLIN_TRUST Health Trust CHAR   
376 P08_CLS01 CLASS CPX INTERFACE Record Type S, A or L CHAR   
377 P08_CLS10 CLASS CPX INTERFACE Class 01 Officers or 02 Manual Workers CHAR   
378 P08_CMINP HR-GB: Return values for feature GCMIN CHAR   
379 P08_COFLG PAE: Communication Required CHAR   
380 P08_COPEN HR-GB: Contracted out pension link CHAR   
381 P08_COTYP Court order type CHAR   
382 P08_CPRSN HR-GB: Reason to start WTC payments CHAR   
383 P08_CRUSE Use of car CHAR   
384 P08_CTYPE Type of pension contribution calculation rule CHAR   
385 P08_DAYNO Day Number in SSP/SMP Week NUMC   
386 P08_DEC_1_6 LGPS Display Factor as F.FFFFFF DEC
387 P08_DEC_2_6 LGPS Display Factor as FF.FFFFFF DEC
388 P08_DEFNO Pensions Auto-Enrolment: Deferral Notice CHAR   
389 P08_DIRNOT HR-GB: Guernsey direction notice CHAR   
390 P08_DISTY Disability Type NUMC   
391 P08_DNIC HR GB: RTI Director's NIC CHAR   
392 P08_DNIC_OLD HR GB: RTI Director's NIC CHAR   
393 P08_EEACC Residence Status Indicator CHAR   
394 P08_EGTYP Engine type CHAR   
395 P08_EMOUK Employed outside UK for 30 days or more in a row CHAR   
396 P08_ENDDA End date of this Employment DATS   
397 P08_ENFLG Pensions Auto Enrolment: Enrolment Type CHAR   
398 P08_EPMSC EPM6(Modified) Scheme indicator CHAR   
399 P08_ERPEN ER Pen. rule CHAR   
400 P08_ETYPE Engine type CHAR   
401 P08_EVBFO Benefits to employees while they were employed CHAR   
402 P08_EXCLD Yes/No Field CHAR   
403 P08_FILENAME File Name inc. path (40 Character Field Allowing ANY case) CHAR 40    
404 P08_FINSC Final submission because scheme ceased CHAR   
405 P08_FORMNUM PAE: Form Number NUMC   
406 P08_FREAS HR-GB: Form Reason P46(Car) CHAR   
407 P08_FTXPY Free of tax payments to an employee CHAR   
408 P08_GBACT_AREA New GB solution to be activated by feature GBACT CHAR   
409 P08_GBCHG_TYPE Type of change CHAR   
410 P08_GBLNT Loan category CHAR   
411 P08_GBSPD_TYPE SAP/SMP/SPP Payment Day Type CHAR   
412 P08_GBSXP GBSXP payment types CHAR   
413 P08_GFMSA Occupational Absence Payment Types (GFMSA) CHAR   
414 P08_GSALC Salary Calculation Types CHAR   
415 P08_GWTDC Working Time Directive Revelant Periods (Weeks) NUMC   
416 P08_GYREG HR-GB: Guernsey registration card CHAR   
417 P08_GYTCS HR-GB: Guernsey tax code source CHAR   
418 P08_HER01 1 Character Identifier (Valid HER Reports) CHAR   
419 P08_HESA_ABLWELSH HESA: Ability to teach through the medium of Welsh CHAR   
420 P08_HESA_ACCDIS HESA: Academic discipline CHAR   
421 P08_HESA_ACD HESA: Academic discipline CHAR   
422 P08_HESA_AREA HESA: Scotland, Wales or other CHAR   
423 P08_HESA_CCENTRE HESA: Primary cost centre ("HEFCE") CHAR   
424 P08_HESA_CLINSTAT HESA: Clinical status NUMC   
425 P08_HESA_CTYPE Contract type CHAR   
426 P08_HESA_DEST HESA: Destination on leaving CHAR   
427 P08_HESA_DISABLE HESA: Disabled CHAR   
428 P08_HESA_DISC Academic Discipline CHAR   
429 P08_HESA_EMPPREYR HESA: Previous Employment CHAR   
430 P08_HESA_ETHNIC HESA: Ethnicity code NUMC   
431 P08_HESA_GENDER HESA Code for Gender CHAR   
432 P08_HESA_GRADE HESA: Grade structure CHAR   
433 P08_HESA_GRADID HESA: Grade identifier CHAR 10    
434 P08_HESA_GRNAME HESA: Grade Name CHAR 60    
435 P08_HESA_HCODE not used CHAR   
436 P08_HESA_INSTID HESA: Institution ID CHAR   
437 P08_HESA_MOE HESA: Mode of employment NUMC   
438 P08_HESA_NATION HESA: Nationality Code CHAR   
439 P08_HESA_NHSJOINT HESA: NHS joint appointment NUMC   
440 P08_HESA_NISR_MOE HESA: Mode of employment NUMC   
441 P08_HESA_PEMPFUN HESA: Primary employment function CHAR   
442 P08_HESA_PROFQHLD HESA: Professional qualification held NUMC   
443 P08_HESA_PSOS HESA: Principal source of basic salary CHAR   
444 P08_HESA_QUAL HESA: Highest academic qualification CHAR   
445 P08_HESA_READER HESA: Reader CHAR   
446 P08_HESA_REPRT HESA: Reason reported in individualised staff return CHAR   
447 P08_HESA_RESACT HESA: Active in the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise CHAR   
448 P08_HESA_SENPH HESA: Senior management post holder NUMC   
449 P08_HESA_SSOS HESA: Secondary source of basic salary CHAR   
450 P08_HESA_TCHWLH HESA: Teaching through the medium of Welsh CHAR   
451 P08_HESA_TERMS HESA: Terms of employment NUMC   
452 P08_IMRES HR-GB: Isle of Man residence status CHAR   
453 P08_IMTCS HR-GB: Isle of Man tax code source CHAR   
454 P08_INDI RTI Indicator CHAR   
455 P08_INDIC Irregular Employment Indicator CHAR   
456 P08_INDYR HR-GB: Indicator for Year (Current/Previous) CHAR   
457 P08_IREMP Irregular Payments Indicator CHAR   
458 P08_ISLE HR-GB: Off-shore island CHAR   
459 P08_ITYPE HR-GB: Type of P35 supplemetary information CHAR   
460 P08_JYREG HR-GB: Jersey registration card CHAR   
461 P08_LSFLG Late starter/forgotten time sheet CHAR   
462 P08_LTPYI Late payment after notification Indicator CHAR   
463 P08_MAXOA Maximise OAP offsetting CHAR   
464 P08_MAXOM Maximise OMP offsetting CHAR   
465 P08_MAXOP Maximise OPP offsetting CHAR   
466 P08_MAXOS Maximise OSP offsetting CHAR   
467 P08_MAXOT Maximise OTP offsetting CHAR   
468 P08_ME01 Multiple employment payroll priority CHAR   
469 P08_ME02 ME Process CHAR   
470 P08_METRANSOPERATION Operation for transfer of wagetypes in mult.empl. payroll CHAR   
471 P08_MFCAT HR-GB: Allowed gender for NI category CHAR   
472 P08_MOLGA Country Grouping CHAR   
473 P08_MONTH Month CHAR   
474 P08_MPTFLAG Mid Period Transfers CHAR   
475 P08_MSAX_BFTYP Brought Forward Type CHAR   
476 P08_MSAX_SXPTY SxP absence type CHAR   
477 P08_NASPY Value of NIC compensation on ASPP Year to date CURR 15 
478 P08_NATIC National ID ( Customized ) CHAR   
479 P08_NAVIL Data not available CHAR   
480 P08_NFI_FTPT Full Time Indicator CHAR   
481 P08_NFI_GENDER Gender CHAR   
482 P08_NFI_LEAVER Leaver CHAR   
483 P08_NFI_TEACHER Teacher CHAR   
484 P08_NHWKD HR GB: RTI Number of hours worked CHAR 20    
485 P08_NHWKD_OLD HR GB: RTI Number of hours worked CHAR 10    
486 P08_NICER HR-GB: NI Certificates CHAR   
487 P08_NICHY Value of NICs Holiday Year to date CURR 15 
488 P08_NILIM NI Limit type NUMC   
489 P08_NOSPY Value of NIC compensation on OSPP Year to date CURR 15 
490 P08_NPYFP No payment due as no employees or subcontractors paid CHAR   
491 P08_NSAPY Value of NIC compensation on SAP Year to date CURR 15 
492 P08_NSMPY Value of NIC compensation on SMP Year to date CURR 15 
493 P08_NTSRC Notification of Student Loan Repayment CHAR   
494 P08_NTSST Stop Notication source CHAR   
495 P08_NTYPE National Insurance Earnings Type CHAR   
496 P08_OIAGE Employee Age(Opt-In) NUMC   
497 P08_OIATY Assessment Type(Opt-In) CHAR   
498 P08_OIDEN Date sent - Opt-In DATS   
499 P08_OIFDT Form received date(Opt-In) DATS   
500 P08_OIQER Qualifying earnings(Opt-In) CURR 15