SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 7
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P08_OIQPS Qualifying Pension Scheme(Opt-In) CHAR   
2 P08_OIVDT Valid From(Opt-In) DATS   
3 P08_OIWRC Worker category(Opt-In) CHAR   
4 P08_OOAGE Employee Age(Opt-Out) NUMC   
5 P08_OOATY Assessment Type(Opt-Out) CHAR   
6 P08_OODEN Date sent - Opt-Out DATS   
7 P08_OOFDT Form received date(Opt-Out) DATS   
8 P08_OOPDT Pension privider notice to the employee DATS   
9 P08_OOQER Qualifying earnings(Opt-Out) CURR 15 
10 P08_OOQPS Qualifying Pension Scheme(Opt-Out) CHAR   
11 P08_OOVDT Valid From(Opt-Out) DATS   
12 P08_OOVTO Valid To(Opt-Out) DATS   
13 P08_OOWFM Opt-Out Window From DATS   
14 P08_OOWRC Worker category(Opt-Out) CHAR   
15 P08_OSP01 Absence Evaluation: Check Window Method CHAR   
16 P08_OSP02 Absence Evaluation: Cover Rule Line: Number Of Warning Days CHAR   
17 P08_OSP03 Absence Evaluation: Check Window Number Of Linked Days CHAR   
18 P08_OSP14 Absence Evaluation: Valuation Rule Grouping CHAR   
19 P08_OSP15 Part Time: Comparison & Factoring Time Units CHAR   
20 P08_OSP16 EntWeeks: Entitlement Time Units CHAR   
21 P08_OSP17 Non Qualifying Days For Entitlement CHAR   
22 P08_OSP18 Part Day Entitlement Calculations CHAR   
23 P08_OSP19 7 Digit Numeric Characters NUMC   
24 P08_OSP20 4 Digit Numeric Characters NUMC   
25 P08_OSPRY Value of OSPP recovered Year to date CURR 15 
26 P08_OSPTY Occupational Sick Pay Scheme Type CHAR   
27 P08_OSP_DEC5_2 Entitlement in Decimals 5 before 2 after DEC
28 P08_OSP_DEC5_4 Entitlement in Decimals 5 before 4 after DEC
29 P08_OSP_DEC7_1 Entitlement in Decimals 7 before 1 after DEC
30 P08_P11FD Completed forms P11D and P11D(b) are due CHAR   
31 P08_P35_TXTID P35: Text ID for XML Values CHAR   
32 P08_P46CLS HR GB P46 Class NUMC   
33 P08_PAE_SLA1 PAE: Days until AE Notice Sent (SLA Driven) CHAR   
34 P08_PAE_SLA2 PAE: Days until Ts&Cs Sent (SLA Driven) CHAR   
35 P08_PAE_STOP PAE: Indicator to stop notifications from being sent CHAR   
36 P08_PAE_TPA Transitional Period Applied CHAR   
37 P08_PAE_TPCH Pensions Auto Enrolment: Transitional Period Deferral Choice CHAR   
38 P08_PC_EFI_RAW16 E-filing raw16 RAW 20    
39 P08_PENID Pensioner Indicator CHAR   
40 P08_PMODE Processing mode for RPCGNCG0 CHAR   
41 P08_PMTMN HR GB: Payment Month Number CHAR   
42 P08_PMTWK HR GB: Payment Week Number CHAR   
43 P08_PRDIN SSP/SMP Period Indicator CHAR   
44 P08_PRDNI HR:GB National Insurance Number CHAR   
45 P08_PRMNO Permit number: Char field length 12 CHAR 12    
46 P08_PROCES UK GovTalk Message Envelope - Processed CHAR   
47 P08_PROFB Professional Body CHAR   
48 P08_PROTY Process Type CHAR   
49 P08_PSTAT Membership Status CHAR   
50 P08_PSTYP Pension Scheme Type CHAR   
51 P08_PTAGE Employee Age(Postponement) NUMC   
52 P08_PTATY Assessment Type(Postponement) CHAR   
53 P08_PTDDN Deferral Date DATS   
54 P08_PTDDT Deferral date DATS   
55 P08_PTDEN Date sent - Postponement DATS   
56 P08_PTIER Tier of certification for a pension scheme NUMC   
57 P08_PTNTY Postponement Notice Type CHAR   
58 P08_PTQER Qualifying earnings (Postponement) CURR 15 
59 P08_PTQPS Qualifying Pension Scheme(Postponement) CHAR   
60 P08_PTWRC Worker category(Postponement) CHAR   
61 P08_PTYPE Pension scheme type CHAR   
62 P08_PYFREQ HR GB: RTI Pay Frequency CHAR   
63 P08_PYTNI Payment to non individual CHAR   
64 P08_PYTSO Paid employee's pay to someone other than the employee CHAR   
65 P08_QDAYS Number of Qualifying Days NUMC   
66 P08_QDP SSP Qualifying Day Pattern (YYYYYY) CHAR   
67 P08_QPENS Qualifying Pension Scheme CHAR   
68 P08_REASU Unavailability reason for company car CHAR   
69 P08_RESULT UK GovTalk Message Envelope - Result CHAR   
70 P08_RETNT End of Year Return Type CHAR 12    
71 P08_RP_STARTER Relevant Period Starter Type (Space, New, Recent, Special) CHAR   
72 P08_RTE_DEC18_5 HR-GB: Rate with 5 decimal places CURR 18 
73 P08_RTI GB:RTI reports CHAR   
74 P08_RTYPE SSP/SMP Record Type CHAR   
75 P08_SAPRY Value of SAP recovered Year to date CURR 15 
76 P08_SC Self Certificate Provided by Employee CHAR   
77 P08_SCHID Pension scheme CHAR   
78 P08_SCHTY Employer's scheme type CHAR   
79 P08_SCODE Payroll Simulation Code CHAR   
80 P08_SCRSN HR-GB: Reason to stop WTC payments CHAR   
81 P08_SESSIONS Sessions - grade dependent time unit in heathcare/hospital DEC
82 P08_SEXORIENT HR-GB: Sexual orientation CHAR   
83 P08_SIGN Plus/minus sign CHAR   
84 P08_SLIND Student Loan Indicator CHAR   
85 P08_SMPRY Value of SMP recovered Year to date CURR 15 
86 P08_SP204 Character 204 CHAR 204    
87 P08_SP387 Character 387 CHAR 387    
88 P08_SP440 Spare 440 CHAR 440    
89 P08_SRCOM Service Company CHAR   
90 P08_SRTRO HR-GB: Exceptions Report Retrocalculation Situation? CHAR   
91 P08_SSPRY Value of SSP recovered Year to date CURR 15 
92 P08_SSPXR Statutory leave payments exclusion reason indicator CHAR   
93 P08_STAGE Employee Staging Age NUMC   
94 P08_STAT RTI E filing Status NUMC   
95 P08_STATY Assessment Type(Staging) CHAR   
96 P08_STDEN Date sent - staging DATS   
97 P08_STGDT staging date DATS   
98 P08_STNOT Pensions Auto-Enrolment: Notice Type NUMC   
99 P08_STPE HR GB: Starter or Pensioner CHAR   
100 P08_STQER Qualifying earnings (Staging) CURR 15 
101 P08_STQPS Qualifying Pension Scheme(Staging) CHAR   
102 P08_STWRC Worker category(Staging) CHAR   
103 P08_SUBMT End of Year Submission Type CHAR 10    
105 P08_SWF_TIMES SWF Return Times CHAR   
106 P08_SWF_XML_FTYPE SWF XML File Types CHAR   
107 P08_SXPAT SxP Absence Processing Type CHAR   
108 P08_SXP_D_EVCLS SxP Day Mark CHAR   
109 P08_SXP_WEEKS SxP Week (1 decimal place) DEC
110 P08_TAG XML tag name CHAR 75    
111 P08_TAGTEST XML tag name CHAR 75    
112 P08_TCCRE HR-GB: Reason for issue of certificate of payments (tc) CHAR   
113 P08_TDNUM Tax district number NUMC   
114 P08_TDSRC Tax code source CHAR   
115 P08_TEXT150 Text 150 CHAR 150    
116 P08_TPEMC PAE: Transitional Period CHAR   
117 P08_TRANSF UK GovTalk Message Envelope - Transformation CHAR 10    
118 P08_TUPE TUPE Organisation NUMC   
119 P08_TXBAS Tax basis CHAR   
120 P08_TXRUK Entitled Worker Pension scheme CHAR   
121 P08_UI_PRDNI HR:GB National Insurance Number CHAR   
122 P08_UI_PRPUR Primary purpose of visiting NUMC   
123 P08_UI_VISAT Visa type CHAR   
124 P08_UKNIC NI Number Check CHAR   
125 P08_WEEKNO SSP Week Number NUMC   
126 P08_WPDWE Indicator for when earned- or when paid-processing CHAR   
127 P08_WRK_RHIRE_INDP08_WRK_RHIRE Indicator to identify the worksnumber for re-hired employees CHAR   
128 P08_WRSAF WRS Application Form CHAR   
129 P08_WRSER WRS Exemption Reason CHAR   
130 P08_XML_STATUS GB:XML Status CHAR 15    
131 P08_XML_VALUE XML String Value STRG   
132 P08_YES_NO Yes/No CHAR   
133 P08_ZIPTY UK GovTalk EndOfYearReturn - Compression Type CHAR   
134 P09_ACCTY Link type for leave CHAR   
135 P09_AGRPE HR work group (DK) CHAR   
136 P09_ARBFK Work function for FA statistics CHAR   
137 P09_ARBS1 Place of employment key for S74 tax and DA information DK CHAR   
138 P09_ARBS2 Place of employment key for DA statistics DK CHAR   
139 P09_ARBS3 Place of employment key for DS statistics DK CHAR   
140 P09_ARBS4 Place of employment key for FA CHAR   
141 P09_AUSTR FA statistics: leave key CHAR   
142 P09_BTTYP HR DK: PBS Transfer type NUMC   
143 P09_CTATP Wage type contributes to ATP basis/is used as ATP hour CHAR   
144 P09_CURR5 Currency field 5 (0) CURR
145 P09_CURR7 Currency field 7 (2) CURR
146 P09_CURR8 Currency field 8 (2) CURR
147 P09_DEF Definition of wage type +/- sign in PBS system DK CHAR   
148 P09_DKPLZ Danish bank number CHAR   
149 P09_DKPSTL Danish postal codes CHAR   
150 P09_ECTYP Type of entitlement to vacation allowance (Scandanavia) NUMC   
151 P09_EDCOD Official DA training key (DK) CHAR   
152 P09_ERORG Employer organization CHAR   
153 P09_ERRCA Error areas in the validation routines for FA statistics NUMC   
154 P09_ERRTYP Error type for PBS error in net calculation CHAR   
155 P09_FAAPT FA statistics: bonus type CHAR   
156 P09_FAAUS FA statistics: Training key CHAR   
157 P09_FAPOS FA statistics: item key CHAR   
158 P09_FFIVE Country Key CHAR   
159 P09_FIELD Input field number for own statistics IT0204 (DK) NUMC   
160 P09_FIPBS HR-DK company code CHAR   
161 P09_FIRMA HR-DK company code CHAR   
162 P09_FIRMA_PBS HR-DK company code PBS for PBS CHAR   
163 P09_FIRMA_SAP HR-DK company code PBS in SAP System CHAR   
164 P09_FIVAS Company variant sets CHAR   
165 P09_FMCOD Key for PBS forms (DK) CHAR   
166 P09_FRAVAER Create absence statistics CHAR   
167 P09_FTEXT Form text for PBS forms (HR DK, Payroll) CHAR 101    
168 P09_FTUBT Payment of Leave Bonus CHAR   
169 P09_INDIK Model type CHAR   
170 P09_INST Pension institution code CHAR   
171 P09_JAHR Year of origin for leave entitlement CHAR   
172 P09_JANEIN Yes / no field CHAR   
173 P09_OFKOD HR-DK Leave schema CHAR   
174 P09_ONLMD Execution mode for transactions called up CHAR   
175 P09_PARTNE Check box: Is the partner ('X') or SAP (' ') responsible CHAR   
176 P09_PAYGR Salary group for FA CHAR   
177 P09_PAYLV Pay grade level for FA statistics CHAR   
178 P09_PBSBET PBS wage type definition: Transfer amount/rate/number values CHAR   
179 P09_PBSRS Indicator: document absence on PBS remuneration statement CHAR   
180 P09_PBSTR PBS track CHAR   
181 P09_PBSTV PBS accumulator CHAR   
182 P09_PBS_FIELD_IN_FORM HR-DK: Position of a field in a form NUMC   
183 P09_PENPR Processing type for Danish pension processing CHAR   
184 P09_PFTYP Garnishment type CHAR   
185 P09_PRIO Priority (Scandanavia) NUMC   
186 P09_PROPV Grouping for default values for vacation allowance CHAR   
187 P09_PROZS Settlement percentage rate DEC
188 P09_PRRUN Payroll accounting run number NUMC   
189 P09_PRSAB Indicator: document absence on PBS remuneration statement CHAR   
190 P09_PRSTEP Indivudual step in the Danish payroll NUMC   
191 P09_PSTLZ Danish postal codes CHAR 10    
192 P09_PTYPE HR-DK Pension type NUMC   
193 P09_RECDT HR-DK: Special key for pay-scale grouping date CHAR   
194 P09_RUNSEL Type of run selection options for a payroll step NUMC   
195 P09_RUNTPE Type of execution for a step in the payroll run NUMC   
196 P09_SEKEY SE# key DK CHAR   
197 P09_SPLIT Payment distribution over several payroll periods (Skand.) CHAR   
198 P09_STAT_TYP Statistics type CHAR   
199 P09_STCOD Official DA job key (DK) CHAR   
200 P09_TARAR Collective agreement key CHAR   
201 P09_TARGB FA-Statistics: Main pay scale area CHAR   
202 P09_TAXFD Employment tax field CHAR   
203 P09_TRLVL Transfer Level NUMC   
204 P09_TXT160 Text length 160 CHAR 160    
205 P09_USVAS User variant sets CHAR   
206 P09_VALTR Value transfer types for PBS fields CHAR   
207 P09_VASTA Leave Accumulation Status CHAR   
208 P106_ADDDE Additional Standard Deduction NUMC   
209 P106_AMOU5 Garnishment amount CURR
210 P106_AMOU9 Garnishment order amount CURR
211 P106_AMT09 Amount CURR
212 P106_AMT11 Amount CURR 11 
213 P106_AREAS Reason for adjustment CHAR   
214 P106_DEDUT Unit CHAR   
215 P106_DEFID Value identifier CHAR   
216 P106_EXEMP Number of exemptions / dependents NUMC   
217 P106_FIELD Field CHAR   
218 P106_FSTAT Filing status CHAR   
219 P106_FUNIT Field unit CHAR   
220 P106_GANSW Garnishment answer letter CHAR   
221 P106_KINDL Kind of letter CHAR   
222 P106_LEMOD Model for levy statement CHAR   
223 P106_MMIND Minimum/maximum indicator CHAR   
224 P106_OPERT Operation CHAR   
225 P106_ORCOD Garnishment originator code CHAR   
226 P106_PSTAT Print status CHAR   
227 P106_REMST Garnishment remittance status CHAR   
228 P106_RESUL Result CHAR   
229 P106_RTYPE Record type CHAR   
230 P106_SORT1 Sort CHAR   
231 P106_SPINS Special insert indicator CHAR   
232 P106_SPRUL Special rule for calculation of nonexempt amount CHAR   
233 P106_SUNIT Unit for service charge CHAR   
234 P106_SYMEX Symbolic Exit Name CHAR   
235 P10F_FIELD 60 byte character field: lower case CHAR 60    
236 P10F_FUNCN HR-US: ADP Interface, name of the function CHAR 40    
237 P10F_INKEY HR-US: ADP Interface, Interface key CHAR   
238 P10F_INTXT HR-US: ADP Interface, Text CHAR 80    
239 P10F_INTYP HR-US: ADP Interface, Interface Type CHAR   
240 P10F_SAPRC HR-US: ADP Interface, selection of record CHAR   
241 P10P_ACTAB CPDF Value Table Code CHAR 12    
242 P10P_ANIND Annuitant Indicator Code CHAR   
243 P10P_BARUN Bargaining Unit (PS) NUMC   
244 P10P_CDTYP Code Type CHAR   
245 P10P_CTNUM Certificate Number CHAR 10    
247 P10P_FERSC FERS Coverage Code CHAR   
248 P10P_FLDGP Validation Field Group Code CHAR 12    
249 P10P_FUCLS Functional Classification Code NUMC   
250 P10P_GRPWT test CHAR   
251 P10P_HLTPL Health Plan Code CHAR   
252 P10P_LEGAU Legal Authority CHAR   
253 P10P_LOCAR Locality Pay Area CHAR   
254 P10P_NOACO Nature of Action Code CHAR   
255 P10P_PEROF Personnel Office Id NUMC   
256 P10P_PYBSS Pay Basis CHAR   
257 P10P_REMRK Remark Code CHAR   
258 P10P_RETPL Retirement Plan Code CHAR   
259 P10P_RLUSE CPDF Rule Usage CHAR   
260 P10P_SLVFL Certificate: Status Level Flag CHAR   
261 P10P_SUSTS Supervisory Status Code NUMC   
262 P10P_TENUR Tenure Code NUMC   
263 P10P_VALGP Validation Group Code CHAR 12    
264 P10P_VTAGP Value Table Access Group Code CHAR 12    
265 P10P_WRKSC Work Schedule Code CHAR   
266 P10_AGRCP Establishment level gross receipts CURR 15 
267 P10_ALLOI Tip allocation indicator CHAR   
268 P10_APPTLEN Appointment length exceeds 1 year indicator CHAR   
269 P10_ASOFD As of date DATS   
270 P10_BAISF EEO Complaint Bases and Issues Flag CHAR   
271 P10_BENTY FACE : Benficiary types CHAR   
272 P10_BIFLG EEO Complaint Bases or Issues Flag CHAR   
273 P10_BSERI Savings bonds series CHAR   
274 P10_BSIFORMULA BSI: Tax formula CHAR   
275 P10_CASHW Cash wage for tip credit CURR
276 P10_CHGTP Charged tips CURR 15 
277 P10_CHRCP Charged receipts CURR 15 
278 P10_CITY Duty Station City CHAR   
279 P10_CMPAR Competitive Area CHAR   
280 P10_CMPLV Competitive Level CHAR   
281 P10_CNTRN Control number NUMC   
282 P10_CNTRY Country Code CHAR   
283 P10_CONTY Duty Station County CHAR   
284 P10_COURTESY_WH Courtesy withholding CHAR   
285 P10_DACTN EEO Complaint Final Decision Agency Action CHAR   
286 P10_DCLSR EEO Compliant Final Decision Closure Type CHAR   
287 P10_DCMPS EEO Complaint Final Decision Compliance Status CHAR   
288 P10_DDSCP EEO Complaint Final Decision Disciplinary Action CHAR   
289 P10_DHIRE EEO Complaint Final Decision Hire Type CHAR   
290 P10_DPROM EEO Complaint Final Decision Promotion Type CHAR   
291 P10_DSORT Default sorting criteria CHAR 50    
292 P10_DTYSN Duty Station CHAR   
293 P10_EDOPT Nature of Action Edit Options CHAR   
294 P10_EEOCI EEO Complaint Progress ICON (Traffic Lights) CHAR   
295 P10_EEOCS EEO Complaint Case Current Status CHAR   
296 P10_EFFR_CONF US Effort Reporting : Configure Default CHAR   
297 P10_EFFR_ECRSTATUS US Effort Reporting : ECR Status CHAR   
298 P10_EFFR_GROUP US Effort Rep : Wage Type group CHAR   
299 P10_EFFR_RETRO_UPDATE_IND US Effort Reporting : Retro update indicator CHAR   
300 P10_EFFR_TYPE Record Type NUMC   
301 P10_EFFR_VRCD US Effort Reporting : Certification Variance code CHAR   
302 P10_EFFR_VRCD_TEXT US Effort Reporting : Variance code description CHAR 40    
303 P10_EMPKF Domain for exempt key for FACE CHAR   
304 P10_EMPKY Domain for exempt key CHAR   
305 P10_EMPKYTEMP Domain for exempt key CHAR   
306 P10_ESTAB Establishments for tip processing CHAR   
307 P10_ESTXT Establishment name CHAR 40    
308 P10_ETA_OVMTH US Tax Override Method CHAR   
309 P10_ETA_OVMTT Override Method Description CHAR 25    
310 P10_ETYPE Establishment type CHAR   
311 P10_FEDRI Federal Rule Indicator CHAR   
312 P10_FILE_NAME Name of CPDF status or dynamic file to be output locally CHAR 40    
313 P10_FILE_REQ Type of CPDF File Required CHAR   
314 P10_FINST Financial Statements Required CHAR   
315 P10_FRMNU Form number NUMC   
316 P10_FRTYP Form type CHAR   
317 P10_GRPWT Wage Type Grouping for Deferred Pay CHAR   
318 P10_INIHR Sick Leave Pool initial hours DEC 10 
319 P10_INTMN Termination Relevance CHAR   
320 P10_IRECD Number of records in subtotal NUMC   
321 P10_ISTAT EEO Complaint Investigator Status CHAR   
322 P10_LATXT NoA Legal Authority Text CHAR 40    
323 P10_LEGAUTH NoA Legal Authority CHAR   
324 P10_MAIND Manual Service Adjustment Indicator CHAR   
325 P10_MDTXT Test method text for drug screening CHAR 40    
326 P10_METHOD WC: Premium calculation method CHAR   
327 P10_MINWG Minimum wage for tip credit CURR
328 P10_NCACT HR-US: NC-9901 Major Activity Codes CHAR   
329 P10_NCSTA HR-US: NC-9901 Status Domain CHAR   
330 P10_NOA Nature of Action Code CHAR   
331 P10_NXINDIC Nexus Indicator NUMC   
332 P10_OCCAT Occupational Category CHAR   
333 P10_OCCSE Occupation (Series) CHAR   
334 P10_ONPROB Probation Status CHAR   
335 P10_OPTIONRMRK Remarks Value Option CHAR   
336 P10_PERCT Tax percentage DEC
337 P10_POLTP Sick Leave Pool Type CHAR   
338 P10_POOL Absence Pool ID CHAR   
339 P10_PRPUR Primary purpose of visiting NUMC   
340 P10_PSOCC Position Occupied CHAR   
341 P10_PSSEN Position Sensitivity CHAR   
342 P10_PTEXX Tax treaty text CHAR 30    
343 P10_QCOST Cost assignment CHAR   
344 P10_REGTYPE RIF Register Type CHAR 20    
345 P10_REMARK Noa Remark CHAR   
346 P10_REMTXT Noa Remark CHAR 80    
347 P10_RESST Resident Status for SPT (Subtantial Presence Test) CHAR   
348 P10_RIFST Reduction in Force Veterans' Preference CHAR   
349 P10_RNTXT Test reason text for drug screening CHAR 40    
350 P10_RSTUS Residence key CHAR   
351 P10_RSTXT Test result text for drug screening CHAR 30    
352 P10_RTTYP Donation Return Options CHAR   
353 P10_SCRCL Tax form class printing control indicator CHAR   
354 P10_SECCL Security Clearance CHAR   
355 P10_SEQNORMRK Remarks sequence number NUMC   
356 P10_SLD_TRANS Sick Leave Donation - transaction type CHAR   
357 P10_SPTFV Filter values for SPT BADI CHAR   
358 P10_SRVCH Service charge CURR 15 
359 P10_STATE State or Country for Duty Station CHAR   
360 P10_STTXT Test site for grug screening CHAR 30    
361 P10_SUBCT Substance test category CHAR   
362 P10_TENURELEN Career tenure achieved indicator CHAR   
363 P10_TERSN Test reason for drug screening CHAR   
364 P10_TFGTP Tax form class generation type CHAR   
365 P10_TIPEE Tipped Employee Indicator CHAR   
366 P10_TMETH Test method for drug screening CHAR   
367 P10_TOSHF Establishment level total tip shortfall CURR 15 
368 P10_TOTDT Establishment level total direct tips CURR 15 
369 P10_TOTHR Sick Leave Pool total hours DEC 10 
370 P10_TOTIT Establishment level total indirect tips CURR 15 
371 P10_TRESU Test result for drug screening CHAR   
372 P10_TSAMT Test amount QUAN
373 P10_TSITE Test site for drug screening CHAR   
374 P10_TTRGP Tax treaty groups CHAR   
375 P10_TYINF Type of information CHAR   
376 P10_TYPDF Deferred/Non-deferred Type of Wage Type CHAR   
377 P10_UI_BENTY FACE : Benficiary types CHAR   
378 P10_UI_DONAT Absence Donation Radio Buttons CHAR   
379 P10_UI_EEOPR EEO Complaint Progress Status CHAR   
380 P10_UI_GESCH FACE : Gender Domain (Male/female) CHAR   
381 P10_UI_RSTUS Override key CHAR   
382 P10_VATYP QDRO Award Valuation Type CHAR   
383 P10_VETSP Veteran Status CHAR   
384 P10_VISAS Visa subtype NUMC   
385 P10_VISAT Visa type CHAR   
386 P11FD Completed forms P11D and P11D(b) are due CHAR   
387 P11_ALGRP ALL Table Groups CHAR   
388 P11_ANMNT Number of months to be credited NUMC   
389 P11_CURRY HR-IE: Currency for Submission to Revenue CHAR   
390 P11_ERRCAT Category of Business Errors CHAR   
391 P11_IE_PSTLZ Postleitzahl CHAR 40    
392 P11_KEYCHAR PY-IE:PPSN Charcter CHAR   
393 P11_KEYWEIGH PY-IE:Charcter Weigtage NUMC   
394 P11_LANGU HR-IE: Language for XML Submission CHAR   
395 P11_LVFLG Leaver Flag. CHAR   
396 P11_NICAT NI category (IE) CHAR   
397 P11_NUM36 HR-IE: Mag Media Rec 1 Spare 36 NUMC 36    
398 P11_PRDNI PPS number CHAR   
399 P11_PRDTY HR IE : PRD Form Type CHAR   
400 P11_PRD_REJOIN PRD: No Intention to re-join Public Sector after leaving CHAR   
401 P11_PRMNO Permit number: Char field length 12 CHAR 12    
402 P11_SP036 HR-IE: Mag Media Rec 1 Spare 36 CHAR 36    
403 P11_SP167 HR-IE: Mag Media Rec 3 Spare 167 CHAR 167    
405 P11_TDRCE Character field, 7 long without check CHAR   
406 P11_UI_PRDNI PPS number CHAR   
407 P11_VHI_CONST VHI file constant CHAR   
408 P11_VHI_CONST_HEADER VHI file constant in header CHAR   
409 P12DIM000_11 Type of file, DIMONA declaration NUMC   
410 P12DIM100_02 Language of the documents to be sent by the SI to employer NUMC   
411 P12MG Reason of action - Belgium CHAR   
412 P12P_CA_ARTYPE Type of allowance receiver NUMC   
413 P12P_CA_INF Auxiliary field to jump between infotypes child allowance CHAR   
414 P12P_CA_SIT Situation of the right-having NUMC   
415 P12P_DEGREE Grade ID NUMC   
416 P12P_FRACTION Working time fraction DEC
417 P12P_LEVEL Level of Belgian Public Sector Payscale CHAR   
418 P12P_ONSSAAT Other activity of the employee (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 365) NUMC   
419 P12P_ONSSAPLCODE73 Code on employee function (RSZPPO/ONSSAPL 073) NUMC   
420 P12P_ONSSAPLCODE76 Employee's activity Code(NACE) (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 076) NUMC   
421 P12P_ONSSAPLCSE EE Grade: security contract CHAR   
422 P12P_ONSSAPLPSTFBI Previous EE's statute - FBI (AR/KB 491) (ONSSAPL/RSZPPO 246) CHAR   
423 P12P_ONSSAPLSTF Employee's function status (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 197) CHAR   
424 P12P_ONSSAPLSTPI Code Article 29 - AR 25/11/91 (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 271) CHAR   
425 P12P_RANK Rank of Belgian Public Sector Payscale CHAR   
426 P12P_SEN_M Seniority (months) NUMC   
427 P12P_SEN_Y Seniority (years) NUMC   
428 P12_ACTCODE Activity with risk code NUMC   
429 P12_ACTIO Notification Action Code NUMC   
430 P12_AMOUNT_10 10-digit amount - SRD declaration NUMC 10    
431 P12_AMOUNT_8 8-digit amount - SRD declaration NUMC   
432 P12_AMOUNT_DMFA Amount on DMFA declaration NUMC 11    
433 P12_AMOUNT_DMFA_9 Amount on DMFA declaration size 9 digits NUMC   
434 P12_AMOUNT_SI Amount on SI declaration INT4 10    
435 P12_ANMCL SI Anomaly class CHAR   
436 P12_ANOMALY_LBL Text description for anomaly label, DMFA notification CHAR 560    
437 P12_APPLS Applications for the DmfA(PPL) Checkmonitor CHAR   
438 P12_APPRTYPE Apprenticeship type NUMC   
439 P12_AREA P12_AREA CHAR   
440 P12_ART22 Notion articule 22 quater CHAR   
441 P12_ART54 Sanction articule 54 ter CHAR   
442 P12_B2A_STATUS Status of B2A Document for TemSe deletion NUMC   
443 P12_BELC_CORRECTED_ID Reference to the past declaration corrected actual (0.026) NUMC   
444 P12_BELC_RECORD_TYPE Type of record (corrective, original). NUMC   
445 P12_BELC_TYPE Belcotax declaration type (field 0.025) CHAR   
446 P12_BEMOD Absence processing modifier BE NUMC   
447 P12_BKODE Second letter for personal calendar marking. CHAR   
448 P12_BLDIN Indicator: DMUN block decision CHAR   
449 P12_BMPRD Monthly tax declaration periods NUMC   
450 P12_BM_DOCTYPE Document type in monthly Belcotax CHAR 40    
451 P12_BM_MSGTYPE Message type of monthly Belcotax declaration CHAR 15    
452 P12_BM_ORIGIN Origin in monthly Belcotax CHAR   
453 P12_BM_REVNAT Revenue Nature NUMC   
454 P12_BORDR Border worker NUMC   
455 P12_BOWLV Level for Belcotax on Web printforms NUMC   
456 P12_BOWNR Belcotax Fiche Code NUMC   
457 P12_BOW_BOWNR_MODQU Fiche Code letter (modifier for Qualification Code) CHAR   
458 P12_BOW_TYPDE Type of declaration CHAR   
459 P12_BREGM Regulation contract months per year CHAR   
460 P12_BT281 Text fiche 281.## CHAR 20    
461 P12_BTIND Belcotax indicator NUMC   
462 P12_BTNEG Flag to allow negative amounts CHAR   
463 P12_BTNRA Number, rate or amount out of payroll results CHAR   
464 P12_BTVOU Voucher / Form number NUMC   
466 P12_BUNIT Unit for Belcotax on Web print forms CHAR   
467 P12_BV281 Fiche 281 code CHAR   
468 P12_BVBOR Border worker CHAR   
469 P12_BVEXC reason for tax exemption CHAR   
470 P12_BVEXT text reason for exemption CHAR 25    
471 P12_BVFOR additional % foreigners DEC
472 P12_BVMUT Employee health insurance CHAR   
473 P12_CAPELO_EXEMPTED Capelo Eligibility (01012) CHAR   
474 P12_CAPNO Capitalization notion NUMC   
475 P12_CARTI Number of carence days to skip/generate per year NUMC   
476 P12_CDDES Absence code description CHAR 30    
477 P12_CERTORIG Place of issue of certificate NUMC   
478 P12_CHARN3 Field with fixed value: 0,1,2,space CHAR   
479 P12_CI_ADNOT Complementary Indemnity: Payment adjustment type code list CHAR   
480 P12_CI_AGE Complementary Indemnity: Age NUMC   
481 P12_CI_AGTYP Complementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code NUMC   
482 P12_CI_ALSGR Complementary Indemnity: Allowance subgroup CHAR   
483 P12_CI_BEGGH Complementary Indemnity: Dependent family CHAR   
484 P12_CI_BEGPC Joint Committee at the moment of the first CI payment CHAR   
485 P12_CI_CANOT Complementary Indemnity: Capitalization notion CHAR   
486 P12_CI_CINOM Complementary Indemnity: Number of months with decimal DEC
487 P12_CI_CIPID Complementary Indemnity: Parent ID CHAR   
488 P12_CI_DBNOT Complementary Indemnity: Debtor Type Code List CHAR   
489 P12_CI_ERID Complementary Indemnity: Employer ID CHAR 11    
490 P12_CI_FLAPN Lower Limit Applied NUMC   
491 P12_CI_FPDAT Complementary Indemnity: Begin date of the first CI payment DATS   
492 P12_CI_HTIND Complementary Indemnity: Half Time Indicator CHAR   
493 P12_CI_INDAY Incompleted number of days NUMC   
494 P12_CI_INJUS Complementary Indemnity: Justification for Incomplete month. CHAR   
495 P12_CI_MINMH Complementary Indemnity: Minimum SI contrib. by Month. CURR
496 P12_CI_MLERD CI: Indicates multiple employers are defined as debtor. CHAR   
497 P12_CI_MOCOP Complementary Indemnity: Month covered by the payment NUMC   
498 P12_CI_NUM_MONTHS Complementary Indemnity: Numb er of Months of C. Indemnity NUMC   
499 P12_CI_PAYAM Complementary Indemnity: Payment Amount CURR 13 
500 P12_CI_PAYMENT_TYPE Complementary Indemnity: Payment Type CHAR