SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 8
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P12_CI_PLPAP Complementary Indemnity: Payment Execution NUMC   
2 P12_CI_PYSGR Payment subgroup CHAR   
3 P12_CI_RECON Complementary Indemnity: Resumption of Work CHAR   
4 P12_CI_REINP Complementary Indemnity: Indemnity number of months NUMC   
5 P12_CI_REWOR Complementary Indemnity: Resumption of work CHAR   
6 P12_CI_RPIND CI: Indicates if the employee has been replaced or not CHAR   
7 P12_CI_SEREX Complementary Indemnity: Service exemption CHAR   
8 P12_CI_STYPE Type of Complementary Indemnity contribution NUMC   
9 P12_COADT Code of advantage CHAR 40    
10 P12_COADV Code of advantage CHAR   
11 P12_COCOE CO2 coefficient CURR 10 
12 P12_CONTRACTTYPE Contract type for DMFA NUMC   
13 P12_CORPZ Body, employment cadre CHAR   
14 P12_COSRU Special rules pension CHAR   
15 P12_COZIV Code sickness and invalidity insurance CHAR   
16 P12_CSTAT Status SI Declaration CHAR   
17 P12_CTDUR Duration of period NUMC   
18 P12_DATE_DMFA Date for DMFA CHAR 10    
19 P12_DAYCD Type of Day CHAR   
20 P12_DAYIN Day Indicator CHAR   
21 P12_DAYNO Day count for absence processing NUMC   
22 P12_DAYS_DMFA DMFA Student Number of days NUMC   
23 P12_DAYS_SI Number of days on SI declaration INT4 10    
24 P12_DAYWS NUMC   
25 P12_DEC13 Decimal no. with 13 digits before & 2 after the decimal pnt. DEC 15 
26 P12_DEC15_2 Decimal field length 15 with 2 decimal places DEC 15 
27 P12_DECLT Declaration type (original/corrective) CHAR   
28 P12_DECL_TYPE Declaration type CHAR   
29 P12_DEPNA CHAR 30    
30 P12_DEPNB CHAR 20    
31 P12_DESCR Description for Belgian absence processing modifier (BEMOD) CHAR 50    
32 P12_DIAGN Diagnostic Declaration NUMC   
33 P12_DIDCH DIMONA declaration channel NUMC   
34 P12_DIDST Status of DIMONA declaration CHAR   
35 P12_DIDTP DIMONA declaration type NUMC   
36 P12_DIMQE DIMONA declaration: Qualification of the employee CHAR   
37 P12_DIREL Relevance for Dimona declarations CHAR   
38 P12_DITYP Type of DIMONA declaration NUMC   
39 P12_DI_FORM_STATUS Social Balance Declaration Status CHAR   
41 P12_DMODE Mode SI declaration creation program CHAR   
42 P12_DRECO Reporting place of contribution in DMFA NUMC   
43 P12_DSTAT Status SI declaration CHAR   
44 P12_EDUCCO Code for the declaration of educational leave CHAR   
45 P12_EEGR_MOD Employee grouping modifier (institution tables) CHAR   
46 P12_EE_RED_START Employee reduction of SI contributions start date DATS   
47 P12_EGOV_PLANNED_QUARTER Planned SI Declaration Quarter NUMC   
48 P12_EGOV_PLANNED_YEAR Planned SI Declaration Year NUMC   
49 P12_EGOV_QUOTA_TYPE Quota Type ( EGOV field 01018) CHAR 20    
50 P12_EGOV_TIME EGOV: Time (XML format HH:MM:SS.SSS) CHAR 12    
51 P12_EMPLE Employee name CHAR 80    
52 P12_EMPLPROM Employment incentive measure NUMC   
53 P12_EMPLR Employer total name CHAR 80    
54 P12_FACTOR Floating factor to multiply CURR 23  10 
55 P12_FISCALPOWER Fiscal power of a car NUMC   
56 P12_FISCPOWERTXT Fiscal power description CHAR 60    
57 P12_FLAGYN Yes / no flag NUMC   
58 P12_FLOW_USER_DECISION Flow User decision CHAR   
59 P12_FLYSTAFCLASS Flying staff class NUMC   
60 P12_FOIDN Form identifier CHAR   
61 P12_FORMTYPE Form Type CHAR   
62 P12_FOSTA Status of form NUMC   
63 P12_FOTYP Form type CHAR   
64 P12_FPART Part of the fiche CHAR   
65 P12_GARNPERC 100% maximum for garnishment DEC
66 P12_GRADE Rank CHAR   
67 P12_HOLICODE SRD Holiday Code NUMC   
68 P12_HOLISECTOR Holiday sector NUMC   
69 P12_HORECA Reduced subjection for extra of Horeca CHAR   
70 P12_HOURLY_RATE DMFA: Hourly rate NUMC   
71 P12_HOURLY_RATE_DEC3 DMFA: Hourly rate in thousandths of euro NUMC   
72 P12_HRSNB NUMC   
73 P12_HRSWS NUMC   
74 P12_INDAM Adjustment amount DEC
75 P12_INDEX Adjustment percentage DEC
76 P12_INDTX Index type text CHAR 25    
77 P12_INDTY Index type CHAR   
78 P12_INJUS Complementary Indemnity: Justification for Incomplete month NUMC   
79 P12_INMAX Maximum amount DEC
80 P12_INSS INSS number NUMC 11    
81 P12_INSSNEEDED Values for the option INSS needed in table T5BDR CHAR   
82 P12_INSTN Registration number institution NUMC   
83 P12_INT13 integer 11 with +/- sign INT4 10    
84 P12_INTRT Internal key for SI contribution part CHAR   
85 P12_INT_INCOME_CATEG Integration Income Category NUMC   
86 P12_IT41DTYPES Hard coded values for the date types of IT41 CHAR   
87 P12_JURST Juridical statute pension NUMC   
88 P12_JURTXT Juridical statute pension text CHAR 80    
89 P12_JUSTIF DMUP Justification CHAR 560    
90 P12_KICAT kind of calculation pension CHAR 15    
91 P12_KINCA kind of calculation pension NUMC   
92 P12_KINPE Kind of pension NUMC   
93 P12_KIPET Kind of pension text CHAR 35    
94 P12_MARIBEL Social Maribel category NUMC   
95 P12_MFORC CHAR 60    
96 P12_MGP Model G: Reason of leaving (electronic version Partena) CHAR   
97 P12_MODEREM Remuneration method NUMC   
98 P12_MONTHS Number of months NUMC   
99 P12_NPSEX Gender of the employee NUMC   
100 P12_NUMC9 Amount for key-field, 9 characters NUMC   
101 P12_OBLFD Deductions obligatory field in DMFA CHAR   
102 P12_OCDAYSJUSTIF Days justification CHAR   
103 P12_OLANG Official Language Belgium CHAR   
104 P12_ORADT Origin of advantage text CHAR 20    
105 P12_ORADV Origin of advantage CHAR   
106 P12_PAYFR Payment Frequency NUMC   
107 P12_PAYFR_CHAR Payment Frequency CHAR   
108 P12_PERIO Periodicity CHAR   
109 P12_PERTX Periodicity text CHAR 25    
110 P12_POSCD Position code NUMC   
111 P12_PRCNT HR-BE: Percentage DEC
112 P12_PRCOD System of unemployment contribution code CHAR   
113 P12_PSTWO Posted Worker NUMC   
114 P12_PUHOL DATS   
115 P12_QUALI Employee qualification CHAR   
116 P12_RCRES Search Result NUMC   
117 P12_REDCO Reduction code CHAR   
118 P12_REEVL Rebuild SVEVL CHAR   
119 P12_REGNO Registration number in front of social institutions CHAR 20    
120 P12_RELOC Deduction location in DMFA CHAR   
121 P12_REMCD Remuneration codes NUMC   
122 P12_REMES Reorganization measure NUMC   
123 P12_REMES1 Reorganization measure (TemSe) NUMC   
124 P12_REMES_TYPE Reorganization measure type CHAR   
125 P12_REORI Origin of reference NUMC   
126 P12_RETIRED Retired CHAR   
127 P12_RETIREDNUM Retired NUMC   
128 P12_RETYP Reference type NUMC   
129 P12_RPCOD Result Code NUMC   
130 P12_RPDAY DATS   
131 P12_RPDIN Indicator: Repayment Decision CHAR   
132 P12_RSKID NUMC   
133 P12_RSZFS Factory shutdown fund CHAR   
134 P12_SAPCD Internal absence code for absence identification CHAR   
135 P12_SB Social balance coding CHAR   
136 P12_SBCDFRAME Social Balance Declaration Results Frame CHAR   
137 P12_SB_ANSTA Employment Type NUMC   
138 P12_SB_BSOBA Relevance for Social Balance Declaration Reporting CHAR   
139 P12_SB_CTTYP Contract Type for Declaration Purposes CHAR   
140 P12_SB_DATA_CATEG Social Balance Declaration Data Category CHAR   
141 P12_SB_DATA_TABLE Declaration Data Source CHAR   
142 P12_SB_DATA_TYPE Social Balance Data Type CHAR   
143 P12_SB_DECL_TYPE Declaration Type CHAR   
144 P12_SB_DYEAR Accounting Year CHAR   
145 P12_SB_ENTRY_DATE Social Balance Declaration Arrival Date DATS   
146 P12_SB_FORM_STATUS Social Balance Declaration Status CHAR   
147 P12_SB_FORM_TYPE Social Balance Declaration Type CHAR   
148 P12_SB_INDICATOR Social Balance: Indicator CHAR   
149 P12_SB_LEAVE_DATE Social Balance Declaration Departure Date DATS   
150 P12_SB_LEGAL_CODE Legal Declaration Code CHAR   
151 P12_SB_MASSG Social Balance Reason for Contract Termination CHAR   
152 P12_SB_MODEE Social Balance Employee Modifier CHAR   
153 P12_SB_MODER Social Balance Employer Modifier CHAR   
154 P12_SB_OPERA_CD Social Balance Declaration Operation CHAR   
155 P12_SB_SAP_CODE SAP Declaration Code CHAR   
156 P12_SECTN Section CHAR   
157 P12_SEDAY_ALV Number of service days NUMC   
158 P12_SEHRS Service number of hours NUMC   
159 P12_SEHRS_ALV Service number of hours NUMC 11    
160 P12_SEMIN Service number of flight minutes NUMC   
161 P12_SEQNR Sequence number for absence splitting NUMC   
162 P12_SERCD Service Codes NUMC   
163 P12_SISECTOR Social insurance sector NUMC   
164 P12_SKGEN Skip/generate carence days. CHAR   
165 P12_STREF Sequence number NUMC   
166 P12_STYPE Type of contribution NUMC   
167 P12_SUP110 Belcotax code suppression 1.10 NUMC   
168 P12_TAXBASE_KM Advantage amount (taxable base) per kilometer CURR 10 
169 P12_TAXDECL_METH Tax declaration method CHAR   
170 P12_TENTHORTWELFTH Payment in tenths or twelfths NUMC   
171 P12_TIMEUNIT Time Unit in SRD declaration NUMC   
172 P12_TRMOD Declaration Transmission Mode CHAR   
173 P12_TRUSTEESHIP Trusteeship NUMC   
174 P12_TXSRU Special rule pension CHAR 70    
175 P12_TXTID NUMC   
176 P12_TXT_MOD CHAR 10    
177 P12_TXZIV Sickness and invalidity insurance text CHAR 60    
178 P12_TYPDE Type of declaration CHAR   
179 P12_TYPIN Type of income CHAR   
180 P12_UI_0002_GESCH Gender Domain (Male/female) CHAR   
181 P12_UI_0021_GESCH Gender Domain (Male/female) CHAR   
182 P12_UPACT Update Action CHAR   
183 P12_WDS Working Days System NUMC   
184 P12_WEEK Week number NUMC   
185 P12_WERTV5 Amount, 5 characters, signed CURR
186 P12_WERTV6 Amount, 6 characters, signed CURR
187 P12_WERTV7 Amount, 7 characters, signed CURR 10 
188 P12_WERTV8 Amount, 8 characters, signed CURR
189 P12_WERTV9 Amount, 9 characters, signed CURR 12 
190 P12_WERV10 Amount, 10 characters, signed CURR 13 
191 P12_WERV11 Amount, 11 characters, signed CURR 11 
192 P12_WFIND Winter Training NUMC   
193 P12_WORKERSTATUS Worker status CHAR   
194 P12_WORKER_TYPE Worker Type CHAR   
195 P12_WPCIT CHAR 40    
196 P12_WPHNB CHAR   
197 P12_WPIND CHAR   
198 P12_WPPBX CHAR   
199 P12_WPSTR CHAR 35    
200 P12_WPZIP CHAR   
201 P12_WREFV Workschedule type CHAR   
202 P12_WRKDAYS Working Days System NUMC   
203 P12_WRKHRS Mean working hours NUMC   
204 P13Q_ACCDV Leave Accrual Default Value DEC
205 P13Q_ACCFL Leave Accrual - Accrual Flag CHAR   
206 P13Q_ACCFR Leave Accrual Frequency CHAR   
207 P13Q_ACCID Leave Accrual Identifier Australia NUMC   
208 P13Q_ACCMV leave Accrual Maximum Value DEC
209 P13Q_ACCRT Leave Accrual Rate DEC
210 P13Q_ACCRU Leave Accrual Adjustment Amount - Australia DEC
211 P13Q_ACCWV Leave Accrual Warning Value DEC
212 P13Q_ACTIV Leave Accrual Active Indicator Australia CHAR   
213 P13Q_ADFEE Superannuation Guarantee Charge Fees DEC
214 P13Q_AMT00 Leave Accrual Australia - Accrual Amount DEC
215 P13Q_ANNDT Leave Accrual Anniversary Distance Type CHAR   
216 P13Q_ANNDU Leave Accrual Anniversary Distance Unit NUMC   
217 P13Q_ANNFD Leave Accrual Anniversary Fixed Date NUMC   
218 P13Q_ANNFV Leave Accrual Anniversary Fixed Value DEC
219 P13Q_ANNOP Leave Accrual Anniversary operation CHAR   
220 P13Q_ANNTY Leave Accrual Anniv Type CHAR   
221 P13Q_ASSIG Superannuation Wage Type Assignment Information CHAR   
222 P13Q_ASSLW Assignment of Termination Reason to Leave Payment CHAR   
223 P13Q_BANKL Australian Bank Key CHAR 15    
224 P13Q_BTPER Bonus Periods NUMC   
225 P13Q_CEMTX Cemtex User id for Australian Bank Connections NUMC   
226 P13Q_COEFA Coefficient A DEC 12 
227 P13Q_COEFB Coefficient B DEC 12 
228 P13Q_CONAM Contribution Amount CURR
229 P13Q_CONNM Superannuation Fund Contact Name CHAR 25    
230 P13Q_DEC11 Decimal 5.5 DEC 11 
231 P13Q_EEINF Employee Influence CHAR   
232 P13Q_EMAGE Superannuation Employee Age Australia NUMC   
233 P13Q_EMEAR Superannuation Employee Earnings Australia DEC
234 P13Q_EMHRS Superannuation Employee Hours DEC
235 P13Q_EMPLR Superannuation Fund Employer Number CHAR 20    
236 P13Q_EXCLF Exclusion Flag CHAR   
237 P13Q_FADR1 Superannuation Fund Address Line CHAR 25    
238 P13Q_FAXNR Superannuation Fund Contact Fax Number CHAR 14    
239 P13Q_FLTAX Flat Tax NUMC   
240 P13Q_FPST1 Superannuation Fund Postal Address Line CHAR 25    
241 P13Q_FTYPE Superannuation Fund Type CHAR   
242 P13Q_GCISS Group Certificate Issued NUMC   
243 P13Q_GCYD Payment Summary / Group certificate year - Australia NUMC   
244 P13Q_GCYR Group certificate year - Australia NUMC   
245 P13Q_HECSF HELP/SFSS Contributor CHAR   
246 P13Q_INTNO Superannuation Fund Contact Internet Address Australia CHAR 50    
247 P13Q_INTNR Internal Number for Leave Type Assignment - Australia NUMC   
248 P13Q_LACCR Leave Accrual Terminations Australia DEC
249 P13Q_LLDTP Leave loading types - International Leave CHAR   
250 P13Q_LLDTY Leave Loading Type CHAR   
251 P13Q_LLFDT Leave Loading Fixed date NUMC   
252 P13Q_LLPER Leave Loading Percentage DEC
253 P13Q_LVACC Payroll Results : Leave Accrual Australia - Amount accrued DEC
254 P13Q_LVEDY Number of leave days DEC
255 P13Q_LVENT Leave Entitlement Australia DEC
256 P13Q_LVGRP Leave Grouping Australia CHAR   
257 P13Q_MAXMD Maximum dollars to be paid DEC
258 P13Q_MAXMW Maximum weeks to be paid DEC
259 P13Q_MAXPY Maximum Payout Option CHAR   
260 P13Q_MEDCL Superannuation Medical Classification CHAR   
261 P13Q_MEDEX Medicare Levy Exemption CHAR   
262 P13Q_MEDLV Taxation Australia - Medicare Levy DEC
263 P13Q_MEMNO Membership Number CHAR 20    
264 P13Q_MINMD Minimum dollars to be paid DEC
265 P13Q_MINMW Minimum weeks to be paid DEC
266 P13Q_MINPY Minimum Payout Option CHAR   
267 P13Q_MSGAR Payroll Message Area Australia CHAR   
268 P13Q_MSNUM Payroll Message Number (Australia) NUMC   
269 P13Q_NODEP Number of Dependants NUMC   
270 P13Q_NUMYR Number of Years Australia NUMC   
271 P13Q_OVAGD No. of Dollars to Pay if emp is greater than field EMAGE DEC
272 P13Q_PARAM Taxation Parameter CHAR   
273 P13Q_PRIND Maximum Contribution Processing Indicator Australia CHAR   
274 P13Q_PTYPE Redundancy Payment Type Australia CHAR   
275 P13Q_PYMT_METHOD payment methods CHAR   
276 P13Q_QGRP Absence quota grouping CHAR   
277 P13Q_REASC Superannuation Reason Code CHAR   
278 P13Q_REBAT Taxation Australia - Rebates CHAR   
279 P13Q_RECAT Category for Termination Reason CHAR   
280 P13Q_RETAF Superannuation Retirement Age for Females NUMC   
281 P13Q_RETAG Superannuation Retirement Age NUMC   
282 P13Q_RETAM Superannuation Retirement Age for Males NUMC   
283 P13Q_RNUMB Superannuation Restriction Rule Number Australia NUMC   
284 P13Q_SCNTR Split ETP counter INT1   
285 P13Q_SELBL Self Balancing Account Flag CHAR   
286 P13Q_SERDY Number of service days DEC
287 P13Q_SGLFU Superannuation Guarantee Fund Flag Australia CHAR   
288 P13Q_SOPMU Taxation Australia - Medicare SOP multiplier DEC
289 P13Q_STATC Superannuation Status Code NUMC   
290 P13Q_STATE State / Territory CHAR   
291 P13Q_STATU Status of Record - Loading Leave Balances Australia CHAR   
292 P13Q_SUPER Superannuation Modifier Australia CHAR   
293 P13Q_SUPES Superannuation Salary CURR 15 
294 P13Q_SUPSC Superannuation Salary Usage Australia CHAR   
295 P13Q_SVYRS Service years in whole numbers DEC   
296 P13Q_TAXFN Tax File Number NUMC   
297 P13Q_TAXSC Tax Scale CHAR   
298 P13Q_TELPH Superannuation Fund Contact Phone Number CHAR 14    
299 P13Q_TFNAV Tax File Number Available - Flag CHAR   
300 P13Q_THRES Threshold NUMC   
301 P13Q_TPPCT Termination tax Percent DEC
302 P13Q_TRACT Trace Bank Account Number CHAR   
303 P13Q_TRBSB Trace Account BSB Number NUMC   
304 P13Q_TRNAM Trace Company Name CHAR 16    
305 P13Q_TXTYP Tax Type CHAR   
306 P13Q_UANSP Accrual Adjustment Amount - Leave Accrual Australia DEC
307 P13Q_UNAGD No. of Dollars to Pay if employee is under field EMAGE DEC
308 P13Q_WFTDV Taxation Australia - Medicare WFT Divisor DEC
309 P13Q_WGROS Weekly Gross Amount for Taxation CURR
310 P13_LVEPR Hours_Unit DEC 15 
311 P13_LVETY Type of leave NUMC   
312 P13_LWOPE LWOP Impact indicator CHAR   
313 P13_LWOPI LWOP impact type CHAR   
314 P13_NPLEN Time unit for threshold value CHAR   
315 P13_PCODE ETP Payment Code CHAR   
316 P13_PYDTY ETP Death Benefit Type Domain CHAR   
317 P13_PYLSAT Payment Summary Lump Sum A Type CHAR   
318 P13_TUNIT Time unit for transfer frequency CHAR   
319 P13_WKNUM No. of weekdays in month NUMC   
320 P14_ALGRP ALL Table Groups CHAR   
321 P14_AMT Amount field CURR
322 P14_AMT15 Amount field CURR 15 
323 P14_AMTOP Amount operation for EPF CHAR   
324 P14_APTYP Additional pay types CHAR   
325 P14_CATGE Eligibility category for Malaysia CHAR   
326 P14_CHQNUM Cheque number CHAR 28    
327 P14_CODNR Code nr for BIK NUMC   
328 P14_CTGRY SOCSO Category for Malaysia CHAR   
329 P14_DOWNF Download Format CHAR   
330 P14_DTYPE Disk format Type CHAR   
331 P14_EECAT Resident Employee Category CHAR   
332 P14_FRMAT Internet File Download Format for EPF CHAR   
333 P14_FRMAT_M2N Internet File Download Format for SOCSO/IRB CHAR   
334 P14_HASHTOTAL Hash total for MBB format CURR 15 
335 P14_PPFLG Domain for Pay period flag for Malaysia CHAR   
336 P14_RCTNO Receipt number for cp159 CHAR 20    
337 P14_RCTNUM Receipt number for cp159 CHAR 30    
338 P14_TAXSTATUS Resident Status of Individual for Tax Purposes CHAR   
339 P14_TXTYP Additional tax type CHAR   
340 P15CN Dominio usato per convertire carattere in numero CHAR   
341 P15_1RAAC 1st IRPEF advance instalment CURR 12 
342 P15_2RAAC Second or only IRPEF advance instalment CURR 12 
343 P15_AAGG Domain for supplementary allowance CHAR   
344 P15_ABSVL Absolute value CHAR   
345 P15_ACPER Cumulation indicator for arrears related to the period CHAR   
346 P15_ACTIO Action indicator for file CUD 2002 CHAR   
347 P15_ACTSE Separate taxation instalment CURR 12 
348 P15_ADM10 DM10 issue authorization number CHAR 18    
349 P15_ADO1M INPS authorization indicator for 01/M issue CHAR 18    
350 P15_AGECHLD Child's age NUMC   
351 P15_ALIQU Trainees rate DEC
352 P15_ALLIN Field alignment CHAR   
353 P15_ALPHA Alphanumeric code CHAR   
354 P15_ANNBS Tax period NUMC   
355 P15_ANNME Year/Month NUMC   
356 P15_ANNOE Processing year NUMC   
357 P15_ANNOREF Reference year CHAR 30    
359 P15_ANRIF Reference year from CHAR   
361 P15_APPEARS Report: exposure split CHAR   
362 P15_AR770 Part time CHAR   
363 P15_ASSCO Insurances covered by INPS CHAR   
364 P15_ASSIC Insurance CHAR   
365 P15_AUCIG Authorization type CHAR   
366 P15_AUT1M Authorization no. for 01M form issue CHAR 10    
367 P15_AZBLO Family allowance blocking action (total / partial) CHAR   
368 P15_AZPRA Lev.indicator sickness progr. personnel action start CHAR   
369 P15_BIRTH Child type CHAR   
370 P15_BLOAC CAF: down payment block CHAR   
371 P15_BONUS Bonus type CHAR   
372 P15_BOOL Domain for boolean data ('X' = true) ( ' ' = false) CHAR   
373 P15_BOXFORMAT Report: output box format CHAR 30    
374 P15_BOXNAME Report: output box name CHAR 30    
375 P15_BOXNR CUD 2002 box number NUMC   
376 P15_CAL77 Data origin CHAR 10    
377 P15_CALCPER Report: calculation period CHAR   
378 P15_CALRR Reference income calculation method CHAR   
379 P15_CANTI Work site of origin CHAR   
380 P15_CARRE Grace day flag CHAR   
381 P15_CAUSA Reason note (Italy) NUMC   
382 P15_CCODE Box field for CUD file interface CHAR 10    
383 P15_CD001 770 form data indicator CHAR   
384 P15_CD157 User administrative data CHAR   
385 P15_CD770 770 exposure indicator CHAR   
386 P15_CDAAP Previous years arrears taxation indicator CHAR   
387 P15_CDABI Bank number CHAR   
388 P15_CDACC Provision indicator CHAR   
389 P15_CDACP Current year, previous year indicator CHAR   
390 P15_CDALT Other taxation indicator CHAR   
391 P15_CDANF Family allowance indicator CHAR   
392 P15_CDARR Rounding indicator CHAR   
393 P15_CDATA Date CHAR 10    
394 P15_CDATTIV CoCoCo - Activity code CHAR   
395 P15_CDBAS Calculation base evaluation indicator CHAR   
396 P15_CDCAB Bank routing number CHAR   
397 P15_CDCAL Payment calendar indicator CHAR   
398 P15_CDCDE Decontribution settlement indicator CHAR   
399 P15_CDCGN Contribution settlement indicator CHAR   
400 P15_CDCIG EEF authorization indicator CHAR   
401 P15_CDCIN CIN indicator CHAR   
402 P15_CDCND Condition indicator CHAR   
403 P15_CDCNI IRPEF settlement indicator CHAR   
405 P15_CDCOD Contribution settlement indicator CHAR   
406 P15_CDCOG Settlement indicator CHAR   
407 P15_CDCOI IRPEF contribution indicator CHAR   
408 P15_CDCOM Grace period indicator CHAR   
409 P15_CDCON Contribution indicator CHAR   
410 P15_CDCTM District tax settlement code CHAR   
411 P15_CDCTP Provincial tax settlement indicator CHAR   
412 P15_CDCTR Regional tax settlement indicator CHAR   
413 P15_CDCUA Sections for forms CHAR 15    
414 P15_CDDAT Data NUMC   
415 P15_CDDOC Document indicator CHAR   
416 P15_CDDTR Tax deduction indicator CHAR   
417 P15_CDEDU Deduction indicator CHAR   
418 P15_CDESP Contribution / exposure indicator CHAR   
419 P15_CDFON Fund indicator CHAR   
420 P15_CDFTA Taxation formula indicator CHAR   
421 P15_CDINT Company integration indicator CHAR   
422 P15_CDLFB Mimimum and/or non-taxable amount indicator CHAR   
423 P15_CDLIQ Accrual settlement indicator CHAR   
424 P15_CDMAT Accrual indicator CHAR   
425 P15_CDMOD Form indicator CHAR 10    
426 P15_CDNCC Bank account number CHAR 12    
427 P15_CDPRI Recalculation period indicator CHAR   
428 P15_CDPRO Deduction indicator properties NUMC   
429 P15_CDQUA Form section indicator CHAR   
430 P15_CDRAG Grouping indicator CHAR   
431 P15_CDRAP INPS relation type indicator CHAR   
432 P15_CDRGG Grouping indicator CHAR   
433 P15_CDRIC Recalculation ind. CHAR   
434 P15_CDRIP Carry-forward type indicator CHAR   
435 P15_CDSCA Pay scale jump ind. CHAR   
436 P15_CDSCD Family allowance expiration indicator CHAR   
437 P15_CDTFR Severance indemnity provision indicator CHAR   
438 P15_CDTMU District tax code CHAR   
439 P15_CDTPR Provincial tax indicator CHAR   
440 P15_CDTRE Regional tax indicator CHAR   
441 P15_CDTTD Diff.taxation indicator CHAR   
442 P15_CDTTF Severance indemnity taxation indicator CHAR   
443 P15_CDUSL ASL indicator CHAR   
444 P15_CDVAL Value type indicator (YY, MM, DD) CHAR   
445 P15_CDVER Payment indicator CHAR   
446 P15_CDVRT Calendar code for payment CHAR   
447 P15_CFANF Family member indicator (FM) for family allowance CHAR   
448 P15_CFANS Family member indic. (FM) for family allowance (0001-0002) CHAR 16    
449 P15_CFAZIENDA Tax number for UniEmens COMPANYTN CHAR 16    
450 P15_CFDED Indicator: deductions or withholdings CHAR   
451 P15_CFDIC Tax payer's code CHAR 16    
452 P15_CFDTR Family member indicator (FM) for tax deduction (TXD) CHAR   
453 P15_CHAR1 Char1 CHAR   
454 P15_CHAR20 20-character string CHAR 20    
455 P15_CHICI CIG authorization year/month NUMC   
456 P15_CHR4 CHAR code 4 CHAR   
457 P15_CIQIN INPS wage level indicator CHAR   
458 P15_CLCFL Number, rate or amount out of payroll results CHAR   
459 P15_CLSID Class indicator for factory CHAR 15    
460 P15_CMMDA Monthly amount to be authorized CURR 12 
461 P15_CMODU Module for forms CHAR 40    
462 P15_CNUM Number field for CUD file interface NUMC   
463 P15_COCO_CAP CoCoCo - Zip code NUMC   
464 P15_COCO_GC_CODE Cont.& - contribution facility code NUMC   
465 P15_COCO_GC_FILL CoCoCo - fill CHAR 52    
466 P15_COCO_GC_TAXR CoCoCo - rate for contribution accounting NUMC   
467 P15_COCO_GL_FILL CoCoCo - fill CHAR 42    
468 P15_COCO_GL_NAME CoCoCo - member's name CHAR 20    
469 P15_COCO_GL_SEQNO CoCocO - sequence number NUMC   
470 P15_COCO_GM_CURR CoCoCo - currency type NUMC   
471 P15_COCO_GM_EMAIL CoCoCo - e-mail CHAR 30    
472 P15_COCO_GM_FAX CoCoCo - fax number CHAR 15    
473 P15_COCO_GM_FILL CoCoCo - GM Fill CHAR 11    
474 P15_COCO_GM_INPS CoCoCo - INPS office indicator NUMC   
475 P15_COCO_GM_ISTAT CoCoCo - ISTAT indicator CHAR   
476 P15_COCO_GM_NOMC CoCoCo - third party's name CHAR 60    
477 P15_COCO_GM_PHONE CoCoCo - telephone number CHAR 15    
478 P15_COCO_GM_TYPE CoCoCo - report type CHAR   
479 P15_COCO_GR_AMT CoCoCo - total amount of payments NUMC 10    
480 P15_COCO_GR_FILL CoCoCo - fill CHAR 40    
481 P15_COCO_GR_MONTH CoCoCo - month of payment NUMC   
482 P15_COCO_GR_NUMP CoCoCo - number of payments NUMC   
483 P15_COCO_MUN CoCoCo - Municipality CHAR 30    
484 P15_COCO_PROV CoCoCo - province initials CHAR   
485 P15_COCO_RECORD CoCoCo - Record type CHAR   
486 P15_COCO_RES1 CoCoCo - reserved field CHAR   
487 P15_COCO_RES2 CoCoCo - reserved field CHAR   
488 P15_COCO_STREET CoCoCo - street/square and/or district CHAR 40    
489 P15_COCO_STRNO CoCoCo - house number CHAR   
490 P15_COCO_TAXC CoCoCo - Third party's tax payer's ref. no. or tax no. CHAR 16    
491 P15_COCSC Statistical Indicator For Contributions CHAR   
492 P15_CODALTR Code: other mandatory insurance form NUMC   
493 P15_CODATT CoCoCo - Contract type CHAR   
494 P15_CODE Code for Form F24 NUMC   
495 P15_CODF Tax Payer's Reference Number For The Family Member CHAR 16    
496 P15_CODITTA Company code NUMC 11    
497 P15_CODLA Layout indicator (domain) CHAR 10    
498 P15_CODQU INPS pay scale indicator CHAR   
499 P15_CODSEDEINAIL INAIL office code CHAR   
500 P15_COLOF End column NUMC