SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 25
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PVE_RISKC Domain associated with risk code NUMC   
2 PVE_SCODE Domain associated with work contract termination code CHAR   
3 PVE_SSOLC Domain associated with SSO retirement code CHAR   
4 PVE_SUDBN Financial operation code (SUDEBAN) CHAR   
5 PVE_TAXPE Domain associated with the financial year NUMC   
6 PVE_TPEGR Expenditure type for expenditure mass load file CHAR   
7 PVE_TPMOV Transaction category CHAR   
8 PVE_TPTRA Worker type for income mass load file CHAR   
9 PVE_TYPEM Domain associated to movement type NUMC   
10 PVE_UI_ACTRT Indicator of current interest rate for severance payments CHAR   
11 PVE_UI_DPSEN Indicator of service securities in company account CHAR   
12 PVE_UI_SINGL Domain associated to the employment tax deduction rate CHAR   
13 PVE_UI_UNITR Tax unit abbreviation CHAR   
14 PVE_YEARF Domain associated with years worked factor CHAR   
15 PVE_YES_NO Yes/No CHAR   
16 PVHKN Source CHAR   
17 PVKSM Customer procedure for product proposal/cross-selling CHAR   
18 PVMSO Material sorting in product proposal NUMC   
19 PVPER Period type CHAR   
20 PVRRT Recalculation category CHAR   
21 PVSEL_KZ Indicator for selection or production version CHAR   
22 PVSMD Product proposal procedure CHAR   
23 PVSPA Column heading for product proposal CHAR   
24 PVSTB Input tax treatment phase for real estate-specif.AM postings CHAR   
25 PVSVA Reason for exemption CHAR   
26 PVS_ACTTYPE Node Types in the iPPE Process Structure CHAR   
27 PVS_ALTNR Alternative CHAR   
28 PVS_ALTNUM PVS: Positionsknoten Alternative CHAR   
29 PVS_APPLOBJ_TYPE Application Object Type for iPPE CHAR   
30 PVS_CARD Cardinality CHAR   
31 PVS_CARD_MAX Maximum Cardinality CHAR   
32 PVS_CARD_MIN Minimum Cardinality CHAR   
34 PVS_CHAR32 Information Field with Uppercase and Lowercase CHAR 32    
35 PVS_CLASS_ASSIGN General Assignment for Class Use CHAR   
36 PVS_CUST_NUM PVS: Domäne für Customizing-Tabelle CHAR   
37 PVS_ECM_COUNT PVS: Zähler NUMC 10    
38 PVS_EFF_RPM Check on Effectivity Parameters for the RPM CHAR   
39 PVS_EXPL_OPTION Explosion Type for Component Variant CHAR   
40 PVS_EXTERN_KEY External Key for a PVS Node (for BAPIs) CHAR 63    
41 PVS_FIELDCAT Field Catalog Structure for the ALV Tree CHAR 30    
42 PVS_FLOR_TYPE Type of a resource assignment to a FLO node CHAR   
43 PVS_FLOTYPE Basic Types of iPPE Nodes in the Line Structure NUMC   
44 PVS_FOL_NAME Name of the Folder in the Worklist CHAR 40    
45 PVS_FUNCTION Function in iPPE CHAR 20    
46 PVS_KNOBJFLG Indicator for Existing Object Dependencies CHAR   
48 PVS_LOGSYS_CHECK System Reaction when Checking the Logical System CHAR   
49 PVS_OBJ_TYPE PVS: Customizing Typing (PxTYPE) of PVS Objects CHAR   
50 PVS_OTYPE iPPE Object Type (Node, Variant, Alternative) CHAR   
52 PVS_PAGUID_EXT CHAR32 GUID with Conversion Exit for External Key CHAR 32    
53 PVS_PALT_TYPE PVS Alternative Types CHAR   
54 PVS_PNAME_INT Help Structure for Number Range NUMC 12    
55 PVS_PNGUID_EXT CHAR32 GUID with Conversion Exit for External Key CHAR 32    
56 PVS_PNODE iPPE: Node Name CHAR 40    
57 PVS_PNODE_TYPE PVS: Item Node Type CHAR   
58 PVS_PNREL_TYPE Component Node Relationship Type CHAR   
59 PVS_POSVAR PVS: Component Variant CHAR   
60 PVS_POSV_TYPE iPPE Variant Type CHAR   
61 PVS_PROFIL_DESC Profile description CHAR 50    
62 PVS_PROFIL_ID ID for the iPPE User Profile CHAR   
63 PVS_PROFIL_NAME Profile name CHAR 20    
64 PVS_PRSTYPE iPPE Type of Project Node CHAR   
65 PVS_PRVBE Production supply area CHAR 10    
66 PVS_PVCTYPE Component Variant: Basic Data for the Type CHAR   
67 PVS_PVGUID_EXT CHAR32 GUID with Conversion Exit for External Key CHAR 32    
68 PVS_QUANT Number of Units of Measure for the PVS Resource Object QUAN 13 
69 PVS_QUNIT Unit of Measure in the PVS UNIT   
70 PVS_RCPCHST Recipe Change Status in RMS CHAR 10    
71 PVS_RCPVERSION Version of the general recipe CHAR 10    
72 PVS_RECIPE_MAINTAINANCE Specifies if recipe is maintained with or w/o a change no. CHAR   
73 PVS_RELOBJ_TYPE iPPE Application Relationship Type CHAR   
74 PVS_REL_TYPE PVS Relationship Type CHAR   
75 PVS_REMTCTRL_FORM Type of Relationship Between Recipe and Formula CHAR   
76 PVS_RFORM Formula key CHAR   
77 PVS_ROLE_DESCR Role description CHAR 50    
78 PVS_ROLE_ID ID for iPPE User Role INT2   
79 PVS_ROLE_NAME Role name CHAR 20    
80 PVS_RPNAME Name of Reporting Point CHAR 18    
81 PVS_RPPOSITION Position of Reporting Point CHAR   
82 PVS_RPTYPE Type of Reporting Point CHAR   
83 PVS_SEQIND Sequence Indicator CHAR   
84 PVS_TAKTS Number of Takts on a Line/Line Segment NUMC   
85 PVS_TIME Number of Time Units for the PVS Resource Object QUAN
86 PVS_TREE_ID Identification of the ALV Tree on the iPPE User Interface CHAR   
87 PVS_TUNIT Time Units in the PVS UNIT   
88 PVS_TXTFLG PVS Text Indicator CHAR   
89 PVS_URL Internet/Intranet Address CHAR 255    
90 PVS_VARSCHEMA PVS Variance Scheme CHAR   
91 PVS_VERBUCHER Update program indicator CHAR   
92 PV_GRUND Reason for price change CHAR   
93 PWDCHGSTATE Password Change: Required / Allowed / Not Possible INT1   
94 PWDPARAMDFLT Default Max/Min Value of Password Parameters DEC 10    
95 PWD_HASH_STRING Password Hash Value (Various Algorithms and Codings) CHAR 255    
96 PWERT HR attribute value CHAR 10    
97 PWGGR Preference determination: Cross-plant grouping CHAR   
98 PWKURS Percentage rate (percentage quotation) DEC 10 
99 PWOK Result of the Password Entry CHAR   
100 PWSTATUSVALUE Status of Password Field CHAR 30    
101 PW_APPKZ Source application (for confirmations) CHAR   
102 PW_CHR24 Character (24) Uppercase/Lowercase CHAR 24    
103 PW_CURR13 Currency field of length 13 CURR 13 
104 PW_DEC13 Decimal field of length 13 DEC 13 
105 PW_ERRZL Counter NUMC   
106 PW_FLIST Screen type for maintaining incentive wages CHAR   
107 PW_INPUT Indicator for line selection CHAR   
108 PW_KUREG Cumulation rule for activity type CHAR   
109 PW_LPARA Parameter for premium formulas CHAR   
110 PW_PER_CIR Situation in which the performance is provided CHAR 64    
111 PW_PER_DIM Dimension, Type of Behavior CHAR 20    
112 PW_PER_TYP Type definition for performance CHAR 20    
113 PW_PER_VRB Verb what the person should "do" when descr. the performance CHAR 64    
114 PW_PER_WAT What should the person do when describing the performance CHAR 80    
115 PW_PER_WHO Who provides the performance CHAR 64    
116 PW_PFUSE Using a premium formula CHAR   
117 PW_QUAN13 Quantity field of length 13 QUAN 13 
118 PW_SPKN Split indicator in incentive wages CHAR   
119 PW_STATU Log status when record is acccessed in interface CHAR   
120 PW_VGWRT_OLD Version 3.0 standard value QUAN
121 PXA_OBJCLASS Object Classes in PXA Buffer CHAR   
122 PXDHI Settlement profile: period delimitation NUMC   
123 PXMON Payment due profile: month CHAR   
124 PXNADFILTER Filter structure for authentication determination CHAR 30    
125 PXNCONSIMPLTYPE Consumer Implementation Types CHAR   
126 PXNCONTRCOMTYPE Contract Communication Type CHAR   
127 PXNDYNAPPENDABLE Enhancement Category CHAR   
128 PXNENHCATEGORY Enhancement Category CHAR   
129 PXNGENAPPL Generation Source CHAR 30    
130 PXNINTFPATT Interface Pattern CHAR   
131 PXNMAXOCC xsd maxoccurs CHAR   
132 PXNOPERPATT Operation Pattern CHAR 10    
133 PXNSECLEVEL Security level CHAR 10    
134 PYBLOCK_KK Payment Lock CHAR   
135 PYCLS_KK FICA-DM: Type of Payment Assignment CHAR   
136 PYDIR_CA Payment Direction CHAR   
137 PYINFTY_CUMTY Cumulation type for the payroll infotypes CHAR   
139 PYMET_KK Payment Method CHAR   
140 PYMTP_CA FI-CA Payment Services: Payment Type CHAR   
141 PYMT_TYPE US Federal Payment process CHAR   
142 PYORD Payment order CHAR 10    
143 PYPRC_CA Process CHAR   
144 PYTSO Paid employee#s pay to someone other than the employee CHAR   
145 PYTYP_CRM_CA Payment Category in FCC CHAR   
146 PYTYP_KK Payment Advice Note: Notified Payment Type CHAR   
147 PY_ACC_PAY_TYPE Time Account CHAR   
148 PY_BAL_TYPE Type of Time Account Status CHAR   
149 PY_INFTY_TYPE Type of payroll infotype CHAR   
150 PY_INTERVAL Possible entries for interval fields for PNP Payroll CHAR   
151 PY_KEYDATE Key date CHAR   
152 PY_PERCENTAGE Percentage Rate DEC 15 
153 PY_QUANT_VAL Number DEC 31  14 
154 PY_TM_STATUS Status for Payroll Accounting and Time Management CHAR   
155 PZIFF RI: Check digit CHAR   
156 PZINS Checkbox for entry of interest data CHAR   
157 PZINT Indicator for entry of additional data CHAR   
158 PZLFH Item counter for production resources/tools NUMC   
159 PZOLLGEB Customs Territory Preference CHAR   
160 PZTAR RHC Time Type CHAR   
161 PZUABSP Surcharge or reduction on representative list of rents DEC
162 PZUGR Responsibility Group CHAR   
163 PZUST Portfolio Responsibility CHAR   
164 PZVER Check Digit Procedure for SPF Insurance Number CHAR   
165 P_99B_HRATTRIBUTE HR Attribute CHAR 16    
166 P_99B_HRATTRIBUTE_CVALUE Customizable Value of HR Attribute CHAR 40    
167 P_99B_HRATTRIBUTE_TYPE HR Attribute Type CHAR 16    
168 P_99B_HRATTRIBUTE_VALUE Value of HR Attribute CHAR 40    
169 P_99B_HRATTRIB_GROUP HR Attribute Grouping CHAR 16    
170 P_99B_HRATTR_APPL Subapplication of HR Attributes CHAR   
171 P_99B_RNDMETH Rounding method NUMC   
172 P_99D_WERT3 Value Field PL3 CURR
173 P_99L_D30STY Subtype of the day used in Divisor 30 CHAR   
174 P_99L_EXCAL Calculation to be Excluded CHAR   
175 P_99L_EXGRP Exclusion Grouping CHAR   
176 P_99L_FREVE Cumulation Freezing NUMC   
177 P_99L_REARA Retroactive Accounting Area CHAR   
178 P_99L_REEVT Special retrocalculation events NUMC   
179 P_99L_REMET Retroactive Accounting Method NUMC   
180 P_99L_RERSN Retroactive Accounting Reason CHAR   
181 P_99L_RETYP Retroactive Accounting Type CHAR   
182 P_99L_RVARA Recovery area CHAR   
183 P_99L_TEXT40 text with 40 characters CHAR 40    
184 P_99L_TYPE Four characters to associate a Day Type in Divisor 30 CHAR   
185 P_99S_AGTXT Award Group Text CHAR 20    
186 P_99S_ANWBT Legal right to future pension payments - amount CURR
187 P_99S_APDTT Application Date Type CHAR   
188 P_99S_AUTXT Authority Text CHAR 40    
189 P_99S_AWADG Award Group CHAR   
190 P_99S_AWTXT AwardType Text CHAR 70    
191 P_99S_CCURR Forms: Currency determination CHAR   
192 P_99S_CDSTN Distance NUMC   
193 P_99S_CFIXD Fixed Reimbursement CURR 10 
194 P_99S_CFIXE Reimbursement by Distance CURR 10 
195 P_99S_CHAR30L Character 40 length lower case CHAR 30    
196 P_99S_CHAR40L Character 40 length lower case CHAR 40    
197 P_99S_CODE_TYPE Code Type CHAR   
198 P_99S_CODE_VALUE Code Value CHAR 50    
199 P_99S_COMGR Reimbursement Grouping CHAR   
200 P_99S_COMTX Committee Description CHAR 60    
201 P_99S_COTYP Committee Type CHAR   
202 P_99S_CPERC Reimbursement Percentage DEC   
203 P_99S_CRATE Reimbursement Rate per Km CURR 10 
204 P_99S_CRULE Reimbursement Rule CHAR   
205 P_99S_CTYPE Cost Type CHAR   
206 P_99S_DATTY Forms: Data type CHAR   
207 P_99S_DESCR Description CHAR 60    
208 P_99S_DESCRP Description CHAR 60    
209 P_99S_DISTN Distance in kilometers DEC   
210 P_99S_DISTN_TABLE Pointer to Table T5F99MD CHAR   
211 P_99S_DUNIT Unit of Distance (Km) CHAR   
212 P_99S_ERROR_CODE Anomaly Code CHAR 10    
213 P_99S_FACTX Offense Category Text CHAR 100    
214 P_99S_FATTX Offense Type Text CHAR 100    
215 P_99S_FAUTX Offense Text CHAR 100    
216 P_99S_FLTDAQ Forms: filter for BADIS CHAR   
217 P_99S_FOVER Forms : Version CHAR 20    
218 P_99S_FTYP Forms : Type of forms CHAR   
219 P_99S_FTYPE Forms: Type of forms CHAR   
220 P_99S_GRPSE Type of section CHAR   
221 P_99S_GVTXT Authority descern text CHAR 40    
222 P_99S_INST Institution code CHAR   
223 P_99S_INSTGR Institutional group CHAR   
224 P_99S_INTYP Inheritance Type CHAR   
225 P_99S_KMSUM Flag to count distances together. CHAR   
226 P_99S_LAWRF Law Reference CHAR 100    
227 P_99S_LINK Link to company car info CHAR   
228 P_99S_MBMOD Modifier from Feature BOBGR CHAR   
229 P_99S_MDCRS Reason for changing master data CHAR   
230 P_99S_MOBID Name of Mobility Record CHAR 30    
231 P_99S_MOBME Means of Transport CHAR   
232 P_99S_MOBTY Mobility Group CHAR   
233 P_99S_OPER ABAP: Selection option operator CHAR   
234 P_99S_PANZL Number for cost interval NUMC   
235 P_99S_PAYMO Payment Model: Periodicity NUMC   
236 P_99S_PAYRR Payroll relevant CHAR   
237 P_99S_PERIO payment periodicity NUMC   
238 P_99S_PPGTX Population Group Description CHAR 60    
239 P_99S_PRFID Proof of Identity Type CHAR   
240 P_99S_REASN_PERMIT Reason of Permit CHAR   
241 P_99S_RECHZ Arithmetic symbol CHAR   
242 P_99S_RNAME Route Type Identifier CHAR   
243 P_99S_RULE Reimbursement Rule CHAR   
244 P_99S_SAGTX Text of Disciplinary Measure Group CHAR 60    
245 P_99S_SANTX Disciplinary Measure Text CHAR 60    
246 P_99S_SASTA Type of Status CHAR   
247 P_99S_SECTN Forms: Section CHAR   
248 P_99S_SOUTY Forms: type of source CHAR   
249 P_99S_SOUWT Forms: Wage types source group CHAR   
250 P_99S_SPECI Institution group specific to companies or subareas CHAR   
251 P_99S_STATS Status NUMC   
252 P_99S_STATX Statut Description CHAR 60    
253 P_99S_STTXT Status Text CHAR 50    
254 P_99S_STTYP Approval Type CHAR   
255 P_99S_TITXT Title Text CHAR 30    
256 P_99S_TMSLT Forms: time slot CHAR   
257 P_99S_TUNIT Period Unit CHAR   
258 P_99S_TYPE Calculation Type CHAR   
259 P_99S_VALID Validity period of the infotype record NUMC   
260 P_99S_VUNIT Validity Unit: Percentage or Day CHAR   
261 P_99S_WPFUN Functional Area NUMC   
262 P_99S_WTCON Wage type container CHAR   
263 P_99S_XMLTG Forms: XML tag of field CHAR 60    
264 P_99S_XMLTG_CHAR_200 Forms: XML tag of field (medium length) CHAR 200    
265 P_99S_XMSCT Field type for XML CHAR   
266 P_99_DEC_BASE_GRP XDEC: Base Wage Type Grouping CHAR   
267 P_99_DEC_CST_CTYPE XDEC: Costing Type (+ or -) CHAR   
268 P_99_DEC_CST_ETYPE XDEC: Entry Type (N, B or C) CHAR   
269 P_99_DEC_KUMUL XDEC: Wage Type Cumulation Class CHAR   
270 P_99_PBSCA_CALCMODULE HR-PBS: Calculation Module CHAR 10    
271 P_99_PBSCA_CALCMODULE_PATH Call Path Calculation Module CHAR 100    
272 P_99_PBSCA_CALCTIME HR-PBS: Calculation Time Calculation Module CHAR 10    
273 P_99_PBSCA_PAYROLL_TABLE Payroll Table CHAR   
274 P_99_PBSCA_PUBLIC_SERVICES_LAW HR-PBS: Public Services Regulation CHAR   
275 P_99_PBSCA_PUBLIC_SERV_LAW_TXT HR-PBS: Text Public Services Regulation CHAR 80    
276 P_99_PBSCA_RESULTCOL Result Value CHAR 40    
277 P_99_PBSCA_RESULTID HR-PBS: Result Calculation Time CHAR 10    
278 P_99_PBSCA_RESULTTEXT Result Text CHAR 80    
279 P_99_PBSCA_RESULTTEXT_120 Result Text CHAR 120    
280 P_99_PBSCA_RESULTVAR Placeholder for Results Text CHAR 25    
281 P_99_PBSCA_WGTYPE_FIELD Wage Type Fields that Are Filled in Payroll CHAR   
282 P_99_PBS_EVENT Pay Scale Event NUMC   
283 P_99_PBS_LEGAL_BASIS Key for Legal Basis NUMC   
284 P_99_PBS_LEGAL_SPECIALTIES Key for Legal Basis NUMC   
285 P_99_PBS_PRZNT Percentage/Factor with 3 Whole No. and 4 Dec. Places, Sign DEC
286 P_ABCSATZ Percentage for determination of A and B categories NUMC   
287 P_ACTION User action ABAP/4 program CHAR 10    
288 P_ADRES Selection level for address of simplif.export Switz. CHAR   
289 P_AFTYP Type of affecting the gross/net CHAR   
290 P_AGCOD Code for agency CHAR   
291 P_AGEIN Type of Witholding CHAR   
292 P_AGKEM Unit Service Charge CHAR   
293 P_AMT07 Amount field (7 bytes w/o sign) CURR 13 
294 P_AMT07V Amount field (7 digits with sign) CURR 13 
295 P_AMT08 Amount field (8 bytes w/o sign) CURR 15 
296 P_AMT08V Amount field (8 bytes with sign) CURR 15 
297 P_APPL Subapplication CHAR   
298 P_ATYPE Amount type CHAR   
299 P_AUSGABE Output sequence for analysis of purchase order values CHAR   
300 P_AUTHPE01 Authorization level HR schema CHAR   
301 P_AUTHPE02 Authorization level personnel calculation rule CHAR   
302 P_AWTY Treatment of Amount in Adjustment infotype CHAR   
303 P_BAAMT Amunt of the wage type CURR 15 
304 P_BACOS Basis Cost CHAR   
305 P_BAMOD Code for the basis model CHAR   
306 P_BATXT Description of the basis model CHAR 40    
307 P_BELSPLIT Split for posting documents (document split) CHAR   
308 P_CALCX Infoline company car CHAR   
309 P_CMPID Leasing Company CHAR   
310 P_CODIST Activating Cost Distribution CHAR   
311 P_COMPR HR-XX: Relational Operator CHAR   
312 P_CONVERT Conversion logic R/2 -> R/3 CHAR   
313 P_CO_SPLIT Split sessions, CO batch input sessions CHAR   
314 P_CPIND Planned compensation type CHAR   
315 P_CRCOD Code for calculation rule CHAR   
316 P_CRCODG Code for calculation rule CHAR   
317 P_CVPSH Van sharing percentage (for UK only) DEC
318 P_DBBALL Indicator for Total Payment Requirement CHAR   
319 P_DBCAT Fundamental type of debt CHAR   
320 P_DBCOD debt code CHAR   
321 P_DBCOS Indicator for Cost Requirement CHAR   
322 P_DBONPY Indicator for Ongoing Payment Requirement CHAR   
323 P_DBPRM Indicator for input requirement CHAR   
324 P_DEC3_5 HR: Decimal no.(3 places<decimal, 5 places>decimal w/o sign) DEC
325 P_DEDNU Unit of deduction CHAR   
326 P_DEDTY Type of deduction CHAR   
327 P_DESCR HR-XX: Description CHAR 25    
328 P_DOCSTAT Status of HR Idoc CHAR   
329 P_DPLAN Door Plan (for UK only) CHAR   
330 P_DSCNT Discount DEC
331 P_EGTYP Fuel type CHAR   
332 P_ERRCAT Category of Business Errors CHAR   
333 P_EVATTR Attribute of a posting run CHAR 10    
334 P_EVPTS Evaluation points NUMC   
335 P_EVSTATUS Reporting status CHAR   
336 P_EVTYP Type of payroll reporting CHAR   
337 P_EXPNT Garnishment payroll: Pointer to entry in ext. table for debt RAW   
338 P_FACTO Car facturer CHAR   
339 P_FILEVERS File version transfer file for RPCIPI00 CHAR   
340 P_FLDNM HR-XX: Field Name CHAR   
341 P_FSPLT HR-XX: Split Flag CHAR   
342 P_FUELR Fuel Rule CHAR   
343 P_FXCOD HR-XX: Fix Value for comparision CHAR 20    
344 P_FXVAL HR-XX: Fix Value DEC 15 
345 P_GARINSID Intern. insert indicator for payroll result of debt CHAR   
346 P_GATPY Type of payment CHAR   
347 P_GATXT Text for garnishment CHAR 40    
348 P_GCATE Code for category CHAR   
349 P_GFCOD Garnishee fee rule CHAR   
350 P_GFCODE Service Charge Rule CHAR   
351 P_GNIND Sign indicator CHAR   
352 P_GNMOD Code for the gross/net model CHAR   
353 P_GRDSC Tolerance limit group description CHAR 40    
354 P_GRMODG Code for the gross model CHAR   
355 P_GRNCUR Intern. garnishment amount: 11 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR 11 
356 P_GRNIACCS Intern. indicator for extended limit of debt CHAR   
357 P_GRNINSID Intern. insert indicator for payroll result of debt CHAR   
358 P_GRNITYPP Intern. indicator for type of pay CHAR   
359 P_GRNIWEIG Intern. indic. on how debt is weighted in rel. to other debt CHAR   
360 P_GRNNUPPY Number of pay periods per year INT1   
361 P_GRNUOPYA Intern. unit for the amount value of the ongoing payment CHAR   
362 P_GRNUOPYP Intern. unit for the percentage value of the ongoing payment CHAR   
363 P_GROUP ABAP/4 program authorization group CHAR   
364 P_GXFELD Check box CHAR   
365 P_IARSN Reason for Garnishment Adjustment CHAR   
366 P_IDBTY Type Total Payment CHAR   
367 P_IDNRL Relation Between Limits CHAR   
368 P_IDNUA Unit of Amount Value CHAR   
369 P_IDNUP Unit Percentage Limit CHAR   
370 P_IDOPU Calculation Unit for the debt CHAR   
371 P_INTBA Basis for Interest CHAR   
372 P_INTDE Interest Dependency CHAR   
373 P_INTPE Interest Period CHAR   
374 P_INTTY Interest Calculation Type CHAR   
375 P_INTVA Value Added Tax in Interest CHAR   
376 P_INTVE Internation country versions: Travel Management CHAR   
377 P_IONUM Order number NUMC   
378 P_IOPRI Priority of garnishment order NUMC   
379 P_IOSTS Garnishment Status CHAR   
380 P_JURIS Code for jurisdiction CHAR   
381 P_JURISD Code for jurisdiction CHAR   
382 P_KALKLART Preference: Indicator for determination type CHAR   
383 P_KASSE Fund Type: Relief Fund or Pension Fund CHAR   
384 P_KOMOK40 Symbolic account CHAR   
385 P_KTTYP Symbolic Account Type CHAR   
386 P_LARRS Arrears characteristic for limit wage types CHAR   
387 P_LEASC Leasing Category CHAR   
388 P_LOGIC HR-XX: Logic CHAR   
389 P_LSCOD Code for Level Systems CHAR   
390 P_MAXLINES Additional document split according to number of lines INT4 10    
391 P_MITPOS Indicator for display with document items CHAR   
392 P_MNTRL Regulation for maintenence of company car CHAR   
393 P_MODEL Car model CHAR   
394 P_MOFIX60 Employee Grouping Standard Accounting FM/GM CHAR   
395 P_MOMAG40 Employee grouping for account determination CHAR   
396 P_MSGNO HR-XX: Exception reporting Message Type NUMC   
397 P_MSGTX HR-XX: Exception reporting Message Text CHAR 50    
398 P_MSGTY HR-XX: Exception reporting Message Type NUMC   
399 P_NEMODG Code for the net model CHAR   
400 P_NXMOD Code for the non-exempt amount model CHAR   
402 P_NXREL Relation by which percentage and amount values are connected CHAR   
403 P_NXUNA Unit of the non-exempt amount CHAR   
404 P_NXUNP Unit of percentage value in non-exempt calculation CHAR   
405 P_OCTYP Type of off-cycle activity CHAR   
406 P_PNP_FL HR flow attributes of log. database PNP CHAR   
407 P_POLLC Pollution Category CHAR   
408 P_POSIGN Plus/Minus Sign for Posting CHAR   
409 P_POST_MC Posting with matchcode CHAR   
410 P_PRCNT HR-XX: Percentage DEC
411 P_PRINT Print status of a trip CHAR   
412 P_PSTLZ Selection level for Postal Code in CH Export Procedure CHAR   
413 P_PTIME Prioritise Garnishments per Time CHAR   
414 P_RADIO Domain for radio button CHAR   
415 P_REASN Unavailable reason CHAR   
416 P_RECHZ Arithmetic symbol CHAR   
417 P_RECSE Special cases for relation of debt to other debts CHAR   
418 P_REGEL Preference determination rule CHAR   
419 P_REMOD Code for the model of the relationship to other debts CHAR   
420 P_REMODG Code for the model of the relationship to other debts CHAR   
421 P_RESID Indicator on how debt is sorted in relation to other debts CHAR   
422 P_REWID Indicator on how debt is weighted in relation to other debts CHAR   
423 P_RLDSC HR-XX: Exception Reporting Rule description CHAR 40    
424 P_RLTYP HR-XX: Exception reporting Sub Rule Type NUMC   
425 P_ROLLE IS-M/AM: BP role during management of ad spec masters CHAR   
426 P_ROMOD Rounding model CHAR   
427 P_SAVOIE Deletion category for Intrastat selection CHAR   
428 P_SEQNU Sequential number CHAR   
429 P_SETNOLOG Log output control CHAR   
430 P_SFELD HR-XX: Field Name CHAR 11    
431 P_SORT Sort sequence for rescheduling NUMC   
432 P_SORTIER Sort sequence for analysis of purchase order values CHAR   
433 P_SORTKZ Sort indicator for lists relating to purchase requisition CHAR   
434 P_SPECPRC Special processing of posting items CHAR   
435 P_SRCE_SYS SAP System CHAR   
436 P_SRCOD Code for special rule CHAR   
437 P_SROPR Operator used in special rule CHAR   
438 P_SRRES Result term in special rule CHAR   
439 P_SRTRM Term in special rule CHAR   
440 P_SRULE HR-XX: Exception reporting Sub Rule NUMC   
441 P_STABL HR-XX: Table Name CHAR 10    
442 P_STATUS Object status CHAR   
443 P_SUML Cumulation wage type CHAR   
444 P_TABNM HR-XX: Table name CHAR   
445 P_TABTYPE Table Name Specification CHAR   
446 P_TECHACC Technical symbolic accounts (account keys) CHAR   
447 P_TGRUP HR-XX: Tolerance limit Grouping CHAR   
448 P_TRANS_COUNT Transfer Counter DEC   
449 P_TRULE HR-XX: Exception Reporting Rule CHAR   
450 P_TSTLVL Transfer to accounting: Test level CHAR   
451 P_TTYPE Transmission types (for UK only) CHAR   
452 P_TXT60 Text (60 chars.) CHAR 60    
453 P_VALID HR: Specification of validity period CHAR   
454 P_VEHCL Vehicle Class CHAR   
455 P_VEHTY Vehicle type CHAR   
456 P_WERT_FI IS-H: parameter value TN03A CHAR 30