SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 11
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P33_FIHR_GROUPNAMES Idents for groups of parameters CHAR   
2 P33_FIHR_PARAMNAMES Idents for parameters CHAR   
3 P33_FILEEXT Filename extension CHAR   
4 P33_FNAM Name of form object CHAR   
5 P33_FNAME Organization Long Name CHAR 1000    
6 P33_FNR Domain for form number CHAR 10    
8 P33_FORMAT_EMPTY Initial Value CHAR   
9 P33_FORMAT_MASKA Mask CHAR 20    
11 P33_FORMAT_ROUND Rounding Method NUMC   
12 P33_FORML Formular CHAR 10    
13 P33_FORMLONGN Form Long Name CHAR 50    
14 P33_FORMU Form indicator CHAR   
15 P33_FORMU_5YF0 Form name CHAR   
16 P33_FORM_TYPE Information Type CHAR   
17 P33_FSTAT Filing status CHAR   
18 P33_FTYPE Form type CHAR   
19 P33_FZAMN Tax office number (D) NUMC   
20 P33_GCATE Garnishment document category CHAR   
21 P33_GORCD Garnishment originator code CHAR   
22 P33_GROUP_AVER Group for Average Base for Number of Absence Days CHAR   
23 P33_GRPAR Group of the parameters CHAR 10    
24 P33_GSTAT Garnishment status CHAR   
25 P33_GUID GUID for 2-NDFL CHAR 36    
26 P33_GUNIT Unit CHAR   
27 P33_HSNMR Hausnummer CHAR 10    
28 P33_HWC_CODE HWC Code NUMC   
29 P33_INHERIT Inherit CHAR   
30 P33_INSTL Authority CHAR   
31 P33_INVER Collect invertion CHAR   
32 P33_IUNIT Unit CHAR   
33 P33_KDOKD OKDP CHAR 135    
34 P33_KDOKH OKONH CHAR 23    
35 P33_KDOKP OKPO CHAR 10    
36 P33_KDVID Work CHAR 30    
37 P33_KEY_DATE Key Date Type CHAR   
38 P33_LABOUR_CODE Labour or other generally useful activity code CHAR 20    
39 P33_LABOUR_NAME Labour or other generally useful activity name CHAR 128    
40 P33_LEVEL HR valuation rules level NUMC   
41 P33_LONG_SERV_ADI Long service add. info CHAR 50    
42 P33_LONG_SERV_CODE Long service code CHAR   
43 P33_LONG_SERV_NAME Long service name CHAR 128    
44 P33_LONG_SERV_PAR12 Parameters 1,2 of long service NUMC   
45 P33_LONG_SERV_PAR3 Parameter 3 of long service DEC
46 P33_MASSS Specification for reasons of action CHAR   
47 P33_MASTY Action Type: Determine Hire and Contract Termination Events CHAR   
48 P33_MDTAX Tax's schema CHAR   
49 P33_MNGPN Manager's position name CHAR 130    
50 P33_MODSG Social group modifier CHAR   
51 P33_MTD Method of deduction CHAR   
52 P33_NATI1 CIS - Nationality CHAR   
53 P33_NATIO Nationalitaetenschluessel CHAR   
54 P33_NATIT Nationalitaetenschluessel CHAR 80    
55 P33_NEIND Indicator for exemption CHAR   
56 P33_NUMC2 2-digit numeric field without check NUMC   
57 P33_NUMC4 4 digit numerical fields without check NUMC   
58 P33_NUMDOK Document number in the year for AVP* EF NUMC   
59 P33_OBALN Garnishment Order Amount CHAR   
60 P33_OCATE Garnishment order category CHAR   
61 P33_OCPROCESS OC: Process of Employee Selection CHAR   
62 P33_OKFSA OKFS algorithm CHAR 40    
63 P33_OKFSC OKFS code NUMC   
64 P33_OKFST OKFS name CHAR 115    
65 P33_OKINCODEF OKIN code prefix CHAR   
66 P33_OPERATION Operation CHAR   
67 P33_ORDCD Garnishment order type CHAR   
68 P33_ORGCODE Organization code CHAR   
69 P33_ORGEH Organizational unit STRG 2048    
70 P33_OUT Works special conditions CHAR 50    
71 P33_OUT_KPS List position code CHAR 50    
72 P33_P4_END_OF_QUARTER Quarterly Data Calculation CHAR   
73 P33_P4_END_OF_YEAR Calculate Employee Movements CHAR   
74 P33_P4_EXPTAB Export P-4 Tables CHAR   
75 P33_PACK_REGNO Registration Number CHAR   
76 P33_PARAM Parameter CHAR 10    
77 P33_PARTN Section in Military Catalog NUMC   
78 P33_PAR_DESC_CODE Parameter description for seniority CHAR   
79 P33_PAR_DESC_NAME Parameter description name for seniority CHAR 128    
80 P33_PAR_DESC_SHORT Short name of parameter description CHAR   
81 P33_PAYERCAT Payer's Category Name CHAR 200    
82 P33_PCCOD Payer category code CHAR   
83 P33_PCNAM * OBSOLETE * Payer Category Name CHAR 40    
84 P33_PERES Length service reason CHAR   
85 P33_PERSMOD Personal modifier CHAR   
86 P33_PFADI Length service additional information CHAR 12    
87 P33_PFFUS PF fused period feature CHAR   
88 P33_PFLSA Long-service additional information CHAR 12    
89 P33_PFLSR Long-service reason CHAR   
90 P33_PFNPP Number (NPP) NUMC   
91 P33_PFRES Length service reason CHAR   
92 P33_PFTER Territorial code CHAR   
93 P33_PFWCC Particular work condition code CHAR 21    
94 P33_PFWCN Particular work condition CHAR   
95 P33_PKBCD PFR BCDATA code CHAR 10    
96 P33_PKBTX PFR BCDATA name CHAR 20    
97 P33_PKCER PFR Error types CHAR   
98 P33_PKCOD PFR Package code CHAR   
99 P33_PKERR PFR Error text CHAR 100    
100 P33_PKPOS PFR Package position NUMC   
101 P33_PKTXT PFR Package name CHAR 100    
102 P33_PLACE Birthplace CHAR 40    
103 P33_PMON Month NUMC   
104 P33_PM_CHECK Checking Status NUMC   
105 P33_PRIGHT Pension Right CHAR   
106 P33_PRIOR HR valuation rules priority NUMC   
107 P33_PUNIT Political unit CHAR   
108 P33_PUNTT Political unit name CHAR 50    
109 P33_PYACC Status of time account for payroll CHAR   
110 P33_PYER Year NUMC   
111 P33_QY006 CIS - domain for Address Extension CHAR   
112 P33_RAION Birthplace county CHAR 40    
113 P33_RCOUNTYT County name CHAR 80    
114 P33_REGIO Regional code for garnishmetn CHAR   
115 P33_REGION Birthplace region CHAR 40    
116 P33_REGIONT Region name CHAR 80    
117 P33_REGNO Registration number CHAR 14    
118 P33_RESID Resident/Not Resident CHAR   
119 P33_RESTYPE Residence Type CHAR   
120 P33_RETRO_0048 Retro Calculation Switch for Infotype 0048 CHAR   
121 P33_RULIM Rule CHAR   
122 P33_RULIM_RETRO Addition for retro processing CHAR   
123 P33_RULNR Remittance Rule Number NUMC   
124 P33_S900F Field name CHAR 32    
125 P33_S900V Value CHAR 255    
126 P33_SCRUL Service charge rule (copy of PB10_SCRUL) CHAR   
127 P33_SEQNR CIS Seq.Number NUMC   
128 P33_SIGN Sign include/exclude/optional CHAR   
129 P33_SIGNATURE_CERTIFIER Signature Certifier CHAR 20    
130 P33_SOCGR Social group for SI CHAR 15    
131 P33_SOORT Organization type CHAR   
132 P33_SORT1 Sort CHAR   
133 P33_SPCPF Special birthplace CHAR   
134 P33_SPECO_CODE Special conditions of work: code CHAR   
135 P33_SPECO_POS Special conditions of work: position CHAR 20    
136 P33_SRT01 Short key for Address data CIS CHAR 10    
137 P33_STATH Pernr processing status CHAR   
138 P33_STAT_VARNT View Variant Name of the Form CHAR 10    
139 P33_STRANA Birthplace country CHAR 40    
140 P33_STRAS Street CHAR 60    
141 P33_STREET Street and House Number CHAR 35    
142 P33_STRING String STRG   
143 P33_SUBTY Subtype CHAR   
144 P33_SWIT1 Switch: Address element RAW   
145 P33_T5YTS_ETYPE Time Schedule Report - Type of Time Elements CHAR   
146 P33_T5YTS_TYPE Time Scedule Report - Type of Time Evaluation Element CHAR   
147 P33_T6YTS_OPER Time Scedule Report - Cross Operations CHAR   
148 P33_TABOO Forbidden Statuses NUMC 50    
149 P33_TAXL Privilege class CHAR   
150 P33_TAXN Tax class CHAR   
151 P33_TAXTX Name of tax or netto payment CHAR 30    
152 P33_TAXTYPE Tax Type CHAR   
153 P33_TERCOND_CODE Territorial conditions of work code CHAR   
154 P33_TERCOND_KOEF Territorial conditions: coefficient DEC
155 P33_TERCOND_NAME Territorial conditions of work name CHAR 128    
156 P33_TERKOEF Territorial coefficient CHAR   
157 P33_TERKOES_NEC Enter Territorial Coefficient CHAR   
158 P33_TEXT150 Text Length 150 CHAR 150    
159 P33_TEXT158 Text length 158 CHAR 158    
160 P33_TEXT40 Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
161 P33_WCODE Wage code CHAR   
162 P33_WINNUM Windows Num for Flexible Payroll Data Report NUMC   
163 P33_WNAME Wage Code Name CHAR 128    
164 P33_WRKCL Work Condition Class CHAR   
165 P33_WRKST Work Condition Degree CHAR   
166 P33_WTSETNAME Wage type Set Name CHAR 80    
167 P33_WTYPE Wage type CHAR   
168 P3PR_MODE Remittance engine mode CHAR   
169 P3PR_STATUS Third party remittance status CHAR   
170 P3TYPE 3D graphics type CHAR   
171 P40_UI_RENTO Property is rented/self occupied CHAR   
172 P43_GROSS Value storing Gross NZ CURR 15 
173 P43_WKPER Work period NZ DEC
174 P44_ABCODE Absence Code CHAR   
175 P44_ABSCD TEL: Absence code CHAR   
176 P44_ABSGR Nordic absence grouping CHAR   
177 P44_ACRSGR Risc group number for Finnish accident insurance NUMC   
178 P44_ACRSNAME Risc group number for Finnish accident insurance CHAR 30    
179 P44_ACRSRECL Risc gr responsibility class for Finnish accident insurance NUMC   
180 P44_ACTION Service action at ePost CHAR   
181 P44_AGEGR Age group for company car (HR-FInland) CHAR   
182 P44_AGE_FLAG Age Relevance for Tax Code 136 CHAR   
183 P44_ARCHIVE Archiving and/or printing CHAR   
184 P44_ATCST Constraint of tax code columns CHAR   
185 P44_ATS0_TYPE Record type for ATS Data Collector CHAR   
186 P44_ATSDC ATS Data collector ID CHAR   
187 P44_AWTMEN Domain for AWT hours worked men DEC
188 P44_AWTMGRP Domain main groups annual working time report CHAR   
189 P44_AWTPROZ Domain for AWT percent of total hours DEC
190 P44_AWTSGRP Domain subgroups annual working time report CHAR   
191 P44_AWTTOT Domain for AWT total hours worked DEC
192 P44_AWTWMEN Domain for AWT hours worked women DEC
193 P44_CHANO Channels number for eLetter CHAR   
194 P44_COLZONE Cost Of Living zone Finland CHAR   
195 P44_CONCERNS Kela Report Concerns CHAR   
196 P44_CONNR Insurance contract number for Finland CHAR 11    
197 P44_COUNT Count for Filter in BAdi NUMC   
198 P44_COUNTER Counter DEC   
199 P44_CURID TEL: Currency ID CHAR   
200 P44_CUSID Customer ID at ePost CHAR   
201 P44_DYS No. of Vacation Days INT2   
202 P44_EFORM eLetter Format CHAR   
203 P44_EMNAT TEL: Nature of employment CHAR   
204 P44_ENVEL Envelope for eLetter CHAR   
205 P44_ERIDT Finnish Tax ID CHAR   
206 P44_ERPER Pension insurance percent DEC
207 P44_ERR_MEMBNR Domain for membership number CHAR 10    
208 P44_ERR_OCCODE Occupational code NUMC   
209 P44_ERR_OCCU Domain for occupation code NUMC   
210 P44_ERR_PIDENT Domain for period identifier CHAR   
211 P44_FDMAP Mapping type for content-mapping from rem.stat. to channel CHAR   
212 P44_FILEF File format for eLetter CHAR   
213 P44_FIXAM Amount, lenght 15 / 4 decimals DEC 15 
214 P44_FONT Font used in eLetter CHAR   
215 P44_HPA_ETYPE Employee type for HPA CHAR   
216 P44_HPA_FTYPE Identify the type of functionality for HPA CHAR   
217 P44_HPA_NRA Identify the type of field of the Wage type to be used CHAR   
218 P44_HPA_PRIORITY Priority of the wage type in the HPA Report CHAR   
219 P44_HPA_SEQNR Sequence Number NUMC   
220 P44_ICODE Information to code system NUMC   
221 P44_IMAGE Image for eLetter CHAR   
222 P44_INCODE Code for Finnish pension insurances NUMC   
223 P44_INDPNAME Depart name in pension insurance contract CHAR 24    
224 P44_INGR Pension insurance group NUMC   
225 P44_INGRNAME Pension insurance group name CHAR 24    
226 P44_INNAME Name of insurance code in Finland CHAR 10    
227 P44_ITXNO Individual Tax Number NUMC 12    
228 P44_LINEB Line break for eLetters CHAR   
229 P44_LINNO Line number NUMC   
230 P44_LOCAL_NO Trade union local number - Finland NUMC   
232 P44_MODIV HR-FI: Factor group Finland NUMC   
233 P44_MTHLY_ACTID Action Identifier (Monthly) CHAR   
234 P44_MTHLY_RECID Data record identifier (Monthly) CHAR   
235 P44_MTYPE Message type for TEL reporting CHAR   
236 P44_OPTCT Optical control for eLetter files CHAR   
237 P44_OVT_MONTH Months in overtime report NUMC   
238 P44_OVT_WEEK Nuber of weeks in evaluation periods NUMC   
239 P44_PAPER Letter type foe eLetters CHAR   
240 P44_PCC_CODE PCC code for eLetters CHAR   
241 P44_PERIOD Garnishment period for fixed amount CHAR   
242 P44_RECID TEL: Record ID CHAR   
243 P44_RECORD_ID Record Identifier for eLetters CHAR   
244 P44_REFNO Reference number for payments CHAR 20    
245 P44_REPTEC Reporting technique CHAR   
246 P44_REQCL Requirement classification NUMC   
247 P44_RESCL Reserves class for posting to Financials (Finland) CHAR   
248 P44_RESTY Reserves type for posting to Financials (Finland) CHAR   
249 P44_RQTYP Request type NUMC   
250 P44_SIGN Sign CHAR   
251 P44_SNDCLASS Letter class for eLetters CHAR   
252 P44_SOURCE_TYPE Source type (ATS) CHAR   
253 P44_STATEXC Statistical exceptions (Finland) NUMC 10    
255 P44_TAUTH Taxauthority CHAR   
256 P44_TAX_CURR ATS currency CHAR   
257 P44_TAX_EVENT ATS Tax event CHAR   
258 P44_TAX_FLAG ATS flag Y/N CHAR   
259 P44_TAX_MONTH Month of payment for Annual Tax Statement Finland NUMC   
260 P44_TAX_PAYID Payment type for Annual Tax Statement Finland CHAR   
261 P44_TAX_SIGN Sign for amount from wage type +/- CHAR   
262 P44_TAX_TRAV Interface key HR Payroll <-> FI-Travel for tax key CHAR   
263 P44_TEMPL eLetter Template CHAR   
264 P44_TPERS Tax employee groups NUMC   
265 P44_TRMCS TEL: Cause of termination CHAR   
266 P44_TRMRS Termination Reason CHAR   
267 P44_TRQID Identification of transfer requester CHAR 13    
268 P44_TSPEC Tax Specification NUMC   
269 P44_TTYPE Taxcard Types CHAR   
270 P44_TXAMT Finnish taxation limit amount CURR 15 
271 P44_TXAU_NAME Finnish tax authorities CHAR 25    
272 P44_TXDAY Method to calculate tax days CHAR   
273 P44_TXMTH Tax method CHAR   
274 P44_TXRNO Tax reference number CHAR 13    
275 P44_TXRTE Finnish withholding tax rate DEC
276 P44_UNION_NO Trade union number assigned by Leonia Bank - Finland NUMC   
277 P44_VACGRP Return value CHAR   
278 P44_VACIND Indicator for wage types, constants and rules CHAR   
279 P44_VACRUL Rules for vacation pay and vacaition bonus CHAR 100    
280 P44_VACSEQ Sequence number NUMC   
281 P44_VAC_HBDEF Holiday bonus definition CHAR   
282 P44_VDAYNO HR-FI: Number of days for vacation factor NUMC   
283 P44_VKESS Record ID for tax card file CHAR   
284 P44_WTTYPE Domain for EEs type of working time NUMC   
285 P44_YRLY_ACTID Action Identifier (Yearly) CHAR   
286 P44_YRLY_RECID Data record identifier (Yearly) CHAR   
287 P48_BNTYP SSS benefit types CHAR   
288 P48_BTYPE Character field length 3 CHAR   
289 P48_C60L PY-PH: 60 character field in lowercase CHAR 60    
290 P48_CHAR4 4 character code field CHAR   
291 P48_CNTTYP Contribution Type CHAR   
292 P48_CNTYP SSS Contribution Type CHAR   
293 P48_EMPLC Employer locator code CHAR   
294 P48_MSNUM HR-PH:Payroll Message Number NUMC   
295 P48_NUMC2 Philippines defined numc2 NUMC   
296 P48_NUMC4 Philippines defined numc4 NUMC   
297 P48_PBR PhilHealth Bank Receipt CHAR 15    
298 P48_PBRDATE PBR issue date DATS   
299 P48_RECEIPT Receipt number for storing SS, HDMF and CHAR 10    
300 P48_REFPONO Reference Payment Order number/Special Bank Receipt CHAR   
301 P48_SEX12 Philippines gender values 1 or 2. CHAR   
302 P990_OBJNA Object name CHAR   
303 P990_OBTYP Object type CHAR   
304 P990_OPCNT Country grouping CHAR   
305 P990_PARWE Allowed parameter values CHAR   
306 P990_PKIND Parameter type CHAR   
307 P99L_EVTCO Event Code Domain CHAR   
308 P99L_LCODE Law Code Domain CHAR   
309 P99L_MTYP Dismissal Protection: Output Flag CHAR   
310 P99L_ORGCO Org. Code Domain CHAR   
311 P99L_PRRES Protection Reason CHAR   
312 P99L_RELDA Related Date Domain CHAR   
313 P99L_RULE Evaluation Rule Domain CHAR   
314 P99L_SEL_DATE Selection date for reporting results CHAR   
315 P99L_TYPE Org. Type Domain CHAR   
316 P99S_FPTEXT Short Text of Form Object or Form Component CHAR 60    
317 P99S_UI_PERCENT Percentage Sign CHAR   
318 P99X_ACTIO Action to be carried out CHAR   
319 P99_DARRS Arrears characteristics for wage types CHAR   
320 P99_DPRIO Priority for deductions during arrears processing CHAR   
321 P99_DRETRO Handling of arrears deductions during retroactive accounting CHAR   
322 PAANZ_KK Minimum Number of Payments for Parallelization NUMC   
323 PAART Planned order type CHAR   
324 PAAT0 Contact person: Attribute 10 CHAR   
325 PAAT2 Contact person: Attribute 2 CHAR   
326 PAAT3 Contact person: Attribute 3 CHAR   
327 PAAT4 Contact person: Attribute 4 CHAR   
328 PAAT5 Contact person: Attribute 5 CHAR   
329 PAAT6 Contact person: Attribute 6 CHAR   
330 PAAT7 Contact person: Attribute 7 CHAR   
331 PAAT8 Contact person: Attribute 8 CHAR   
332 PAAT9 Contact person: Attribute 9 CHAR   
333 PAATY JIT call activities for authorization check CHAR   
334 PABART JIT call type CHAR   
335 PABCONF JIT Call Confirmation via Internet CHAR   
336 PABDKZ Message: JIT call edited CHAR   
337 PABKZ Indicator for reducing independent requirements CHAR   
338 PABMSD Usage of Message Determination CHAR   
339 PABNR Payroll Number (D) NUMC   
340 PABNR_2 Branch Location of Payroll Number (D) NUMC   
341 PABNUM JIT call number CHAR 10    
342 PABPOS JIT call item NUMC   
343 PABPRF JIT call profile CHAR   
344 PABRP Payroll period NUMC   
345 PABRP6 Payroll Period (Six Digits MMYYYY) NUMC   
346 PABRQ Quarter NUMC   
347 PABRST3 Replenishment Strategy Stock Transfer for SumJC CHAR   
348 PABZUS Summary of summarized JIT calls CHAR   
349 PACK02 Packed field with length 2 (-> hierarchy level of an elem.) DEC   
350 PACK2 Packed field length 2 DEC   
351 PACK3 Packed field length 3 DEC   
352 PACK4 Packed field length 4 DEC   
353 PACK5 Packed Field of Length 5 (2 Decimal Places) DEC
354 PACK6 Packed field length 6 NUMC 11    
355 PACK8 Packed Field, 8 Characters w/o Decimal Places DEC 15    
356 PACKAGE Package Fixed Value     
357 PACKCHK Obsolete CHAR   
358 PACKEP ID for including packaging data in EDI CHAR   
359 PACKET Obsolete CHAR 30    
360 PACKET_NR Package Number INT4 10    
361 PACKNO Service package number NUMC 10    
362 PACKT Packing station CHAR 10    
363 PACKTYPE Obsolete CHAR   
364 PACSZ Packet size INT1   
365 PADCE_CATNO Information category modifier NUMC   
366 PADCE_DISVA Conversion for Personnel Assignment Description CHAR   
367 PADCE_IDTXT Display Variant - Key and/or Description CHAR   
368 PADCE_ITMTP Information item type CHAR   
369 PADCE_PRTXT Personnel assignment description text CHAR 80    
370 PADIV_MODULE Indirect evaluation module CHAR   
371 PADIV_MODULE_SPEC Module variant for indirect evaluation CHAR   
372 PAD_ABTYP Permitted values for EE subg.grping. for primary wage types CHAR   
373 PAD_ACTION_STEP_STATUS Status of Action Step CHAR   
374 PAD_DATR1 Reaction to: No delimitation CHAR   
375 PAD_DATR2 Reaction to: Enter 1st date CHAR   
376 PAD_DATR3 Reaction to: 1st and 2nd dates entered CHAR   
377 PAD_DATUM Date DATS   
378 PAD_DAYS Unit (Days) CHAR   
379 PAD_DEC1_1 Decimal fld with 1 fld before, 1 fld after point DEC
380 PAD_DEC_9_6 Decimal Field with 9 Chars, 6 of Which Are Decimal Places DEC
381 PAD_DUMMY_RADIO Placeholder for Radio Group CHAR   
382 PAD_ERD_D_REASON Reason for Employee Information STRG   
383 PAD_ERD_D_REASON_VAL Default Values for Reason for Info. about Employee Data CHAR   
384 PAD_FIELD_PROPERTY Field Characteristic CHAR   
385 PAD_FOPER Operation indicator for personnel fast entry CHAR   
386 PAD_HOURS Units (Hours) CHAR   
387 PAD_HSNMR House number CHAR 10    
388 PAD_IDERR Taiwan ID error status CHAR   
389 PAD_INFKN Infotype/view indicator CHAR   
390 PAD_KMETRES Unit (Kilometer) CHAR   
391 PAD_LOCAT 2nd address line CHAR 40    
392 PAD_LONG_TEXT Long Text Field (For Example, For Infotype Texts) STRG   
393 PAD_MINUTES Unit (Minutes) CHAR   
394 PAD_MONTHS Unit (Months) CHAR   
395 PAD_NACHN Last name CHAR 40    
396 PAD_NAUST Maintenance of HR master data permissible after leaving CHAR   
397 PAD_OPERA Operator for Task Types CHAR   
398 PAD_OPERT Operator for Task Types CHAR   
399 PAD_ORT01 City CHAR 40    
400 PAD_PLANS_MAIN Primary Position in Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) CHAR   
401 PAD_PRCNT Percentage symbol CHAR   
402 PAD_QTRRT Quarter provite details CHAR   
403 PAD_REDUCTION_METHOD Reduction rule CHAR   
404 PAD_RRTYP Retroactive accounting category CHAR   
405 PAD_SRTPS Sort sequence of records CHAR   
406 PAD_STATU Country-dependency status for infotypes CHAR   
407 PAD_STEXT Screen Name Text CHAR 30    
408 PAD_STRAS House number and street CHAR 60    
409 PAD_STYPE Type of Screen Structure CHAR   
410 PAD_UI_HSNMR House Number CHAR   
411 PAD_UI_STABR Radio Button: Taxation: Type of Trip CHAR   
412 PAD_UI_STBEH Radio Button: Taxation CHAR   
413 PAD_VAIND NHI contribution from CHAR   
414 PAD_VORNM First name CHAR 40    
415 PAD_WKTYP Permiss. val. for pers.sarea grpng for prim.wge.typ & wge.m CHAR   
416 PAD_YEARS Unit (Years) CHAR   
417 PAD_ZRMKNZ Period/key date indicator CHAR   
418 PAFKT Contact person function CHAR   
419 PAGECNT Page Counter NUMC   
420 PAGESTAT Paging status CHAR   
421 PAGES_IO_1 Foo INT4 10    
422 PAGES_IO_2 Foo INT4 10    
423 PAGETYP Page type CHAR   
424 PAGEWMANTL_T Actual paper weight for common part (to a thousandth of UM) CHAR   
425 PAGTY Form - page type CHAR   
426 PAHSC Origin keys for the characteristics CHAR   
427 PAIBKZ Indicator: AuC for investment measure NUMC   
428 PAIDBY Paid By CHAR 20    
429 PAISY_KZPFB PAISY: Garnishment Indicator CHAR   
430 PAKDELMEM Indicator for deleted objects CHAR   
431 PAKNOCHECK Check exceptions for package checks CHAR   
432 PAKREAS Package Check: Reason for Error Severity CHAR 255    
433 PAKSTATE Existence of package API objects CHAR   
434 PAKZAE Counters for maintenance packages NUMC   
435 PAK_ACTIVATION_STATE Activation state for package data CHAR   
436 PAK_DEPRECATED Whether an object is deprecated or not CHAR   
437 PAK_ENCAPSULATION_LEVEL Encapsulation level for package checking CHAR   
438 PAK_GEN_APPEND_PACKAGE_SUB_KEY Sub-key for generation append packages CHAR 30    
439 PAK_HAS_DCL Flag whether a package has a DCL or not CHAR   
440 PAK_INHERIT_CLIENT_INTERFACES Allow inheriting client interfaces of superpackage CHAR   
441 PAK_IS_ENHANCEABLE Indicator whether package can be enhanced CHAR   
442 PAK_KEYTYP Key length for package interface element CHAR   
443 PAK_MESSAGE_TYPE Specifies whether a message is a warning or an info CHAR   
444 PAK_OBJECT_TYPE Object type for package runtime CHAR 20    
445 PAK_PACKAGE_KIND Kind of package (e.g. regular package, append package) CHAR   
447 PAK_PROJECT_GUID GUID for cPro Project RAW 16    
448 PAK_PROJECT_ID External cPro Project ID CHAR 24    
449 PAK_PROJECT_PASSDOWN Pass On Project Assignment for Subpackages CHAR   
450 PAK_SELECTION_MODE Selection mode for API objects CHAR   
451 PAK_USAGE_OP Usage operations for package object types CHAR 20    
452 PAK_VERSION Versions of API-objects CHAR   
453 PALAN WM number of pallets DEC 11    
454 PALGN_EBLB Posting algorithm for checks without payment advice CHAR   
455 PALGR_EBLB Posting algorithm for checks with payment advice CHAR   
456 PALISZU Assignment of info structure to operating concern CHAR 10    
457 PALLG Period field - general ---> YYYYMMDD or YYYYMM__ (CHAR 8) CHAR   
458 PALTE IS-H: Alter des Patienten NUMC   
459 PAM2PERIOD IS-M/AM: Date control periods CHAR 14    
460 PAMA_APPLI Application to which a search string is assigned CHAR   
461 PAMA_CH Sign from the input alphabet, marking the status CHAR   
462 PAMA_INTAG Interpretation algorithms to be used with search strings NUMC   
463 PAMA_MC Sign to be mapped from the input alphabet CHAR   
464 PAMA_PANAM Search string name CHAR 20    
465 PAMA_STATE State of pattern matching machines INT4 10    
466 PAMA_TAFI Bank Statement Search String: Target Field CHAR 10    
467 PAMB Air pressure in bars DEC
468 PAMOD Work break schedule CHAR   
469 PAMS_ALTLIST Alternative List Display CHAR   
471 PAMS_D_COUNTE Counter Required for Settlement CHAR   
473 PAMS_D_POOLTY Type of pool CHAR   
474 PAMS_FIELDTEXT Field Texts CHAR 20    
475 PAMS_FKM Inclusive Miles/Kms for Vehicle Type NUMC   
476 PAMS_INSCRIPTION Description (60 Characters) CHAR 60    
477 PAMS_KTEXT Short Text (40 Characters) CHAR 40    
478 PAMS_MODE_GRAPHIC Graphic Mode CHAR   
480 PAMS_STATUSTEXT Status Description CHAR 40    
481 PAMS_TIMESCALE Time scale CHAR 80    
482 PAMS_VARIANTE Variant for Access to Planning Board CHAR 20    
483 PAMS_VHCAT Vehicle Classification CHAR   
484 PAM_BELART IS-PAM: Document type CHAR   
485 PAM_KENNZI IS-M/AM: Identification number CHAR 10    
486 PAM_KORART IS-M/AM: Customer correction type CHAR   
487 PAM_MERKML IS-M: OPM characteristic CHAR 21    
488 PAM_MONTH IS-M: Month in year YYYYMM ACCP   
489 PAM_MOTIV IS-M/AM: Advertisement ad spec number NUMC   
490 PAM_PERIOD IS-M/AM: Date control periods CHAR 14    
491 PAM_STATUS IS-PAM: Status indicator CHAR   
492 PAM_VZ Leading sign CHAR   
493 PAM_WEEK IS-PAM: Week in year ACCP   
494 PAM_WS_MOT IS-PAM: Commercial ad spec number NUMC   
495 PANAM Parameter Name CHAR   
496 PANEL Screen title CHAR   
497 PANTEIL Tenant share per service charge key, in percent DEC
498 PAOBJ Object for which partner determination procedure is created CHAR   
499 PAOC_HELP_KEYNAME Name for Help Key Field CHAR 30    
500 PAOC_HELP_VALUENAME Name for Help Value Field CHAR 30