SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 14
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PCN_ACHCO Achievement code CHAR   
2 PCN_ACHLE Achievement level code CHAR   
3 PCN_ACHNM Achievement number CHAR 20    
4 PCN_AKIND single/multiple CHAR   
5 PCN_AMTTY Amount Type for Rounding BAdi CHAR   
6 PCN_APPMD Appointment mode CHAR   
7 PCN_APPRS Appointment reason CHAR   
8 PCN_ARTXT Contribution Area Text CHAR 20    
9 PCN_ASTAT Apply Status CHAR   
10 PCN_ATTRL Code of role in project CHAR   
11 PCN_CFRQC Contribution Frequency CHAR   
12 PCN_CHRSN Contribution change reason CHAR   
13 PCN_CHTXT Contribution change reason text CHAR 20    
14 PCN_CONAR Contribution Area CHAR   
15 PCN_CONGR Contribution Group (CN) CHAR   
16 PCN_CONLV Contribution Level (CN) CHAR   
17 PCN_CONTY Contribution Type Key CHAR   
18 PCN_DEGRP Employee Grouping of Disability CHAR   
19 PCN_DISCL Disability Classification CHAR   
20 PCN_DISGR Disability Grade CHAR   
21 PCN_DOCAT Document Category CHAR   
22 PCN_EETYP Employee Type for CN CHAR   
23 PCN_FRMTO From/To Category CHAR   
24 PCN_FSTID Payment indicator for the first month and last month CHAR   
25 PCN_ICNGR Contribution Group CHAR   
26 PCN_ICNLV Contribution Level CHAR   
27 PCN_IEEID Contribution Base Indicator CHAR   
28 PCN_IERID Contribution Base Indicator CHAR   
29 PCN_INCAT Income Category CHAR   
30 PCN_INDIC Contribution Base Indicator CHAR   
31 PCN_INGRP Income Category Grouping NUMC   
32 PCN_JOBTY Job type CHAR   
33 PCN_MINAR Minimum Salary Area CHAR   
34 PCN_MINDE Minimum Salary Area from Feature MINAR or Manual Input? CHAR   
35 PCN_NUM02 Numerical field (length 2) DEC   
36 PCN_OCCTY Occupation CHAR   
37 PCN_PAETY Political Affiliation Exception Type CHAR   
38 PCN_PBYER Who pays CHAR   
39 PCN_PCODE Political status code CHAR   
40 PCN_PHFAC Social insurance authority code CHAR   
41 PCN_PHFNO Public Housing Fund Number (PHF) (CN) CHAR 25    
42 PCN_PLCOD Personal file holding location code CHAR   
43 PCN_POSLV Position level code CHAR   
44 PCN_POSNC Position name code CHAR   
45 PCN_POSSC Current position state code CHAR   
46 PCN_POSTT Position transferring type CHAR   
47 PCN_POSTY Position type code CHAR   
48 PCN_PRCLS Social Class Status CHAR   
49 PCN_PRCLT Personnel Class Status Text CHAR 20    
50 PCN_PRIDN Personal Identity CHAR   
51 PCN_PRIDT Personal Identity Text CHAR 20    
52 PCN_PRJTP Project Type CHAR   
53 PCN_PRORU Proration Rule CHAR   
54 PCN_PRTBG Output in Background Run CHAR   
55 PCN_PSTAT Political status CHAR   
56 PCN_REGIO Regional code for China CHAR   
57 PCN_RMVMD Removal mode code CHAR   
58 PCN_RMVRS Removal reason code CHAR   
59 PCN_ROUND Rounding indicator CHAR   
60 PCN_SIAUC Social insurance authority code CHAR   
61 PCN_SPCRL Special Tax Calculation Rule CHAR   
62 PCN_STATU Occupation status CHAR   
63 PCN_SUIAC Supplementary Insurance Authority Institution Code CHAR   
64 PCN_TAXGP Tax grouping for company CHAR   
65 PCN_TAXYN Pre/post tax indicator CHAR   
66 PCN_TCRID Tax Calculation Rule CHAR   
67 PCN_TRRUL Tax Reduction Rules CHAR   
68 PCN_TXARE Tax Area CHAR   
69 PCN_TXCTG Tax Category CHAR   
70 PCN_TXGRP Tax rate grouping CHAR   
71 PCN_TYTXT Contribution Type Text CHAR 60    
72 PCODC Process code CHAR   
73 PCODE Process code CHAR   
74 PCODE_1 PRICAT: Qualifier for units of measure (profile) CHAR   
75 PCODU Process code for user-defined functions CHAR   
76 PCOMP Comparison CHAR   
77 PCOPT Admissibility indicator for personal calendar PC(PCL1) CHAR   
78 PCOTYPE Procurement card: cardholder type CHAR   
79 PCPP_HRKFT Values of Field HRKFT in Profit Center Planning CHAR   
80 PCP_PERTP Period distribution in Personnel Cost Planning CHAR   
81 PCRCH Active components of EC-PCA CHAR   
82 PCRD_NUMB Extended pass number for check-in at plant grounds CHAR 10    
83 PCST1 Status from pair formation CHAR   
84 PCTINC PCTincrease NUMC   
85 PCURR Transferred Currency CHAR   
86 PCWAS CO-PCA: Special treatment indicator for goods movements CHAR   
87 PC_B2A_ACTIO HR-B2A: Authorization Object - Action CHAR   
88 PC_B2A_BACOM HR-B2A: Communication Method NUMC   
89 PC_B2A_BADCF HR-B2A: Document Format NUMC   
90 PC_B2A_BAFMT HR-B2A: B2A Format CHAR 12    
91 PC_B2A_BASSF HR-B2A: Encryption NUMC   
92 PC_B2A_BTRTL Personnel Subarea CHAR   
93 PC_B2A_CHAR255 HR-B2A: Text Length 255 CHAR 255    
94 PC_B2A_CONTENT HR-B2A: Content of Transfer Data CHAR 255    
95 PC_B2A_KWERT HR-B2A: Constant Value T50BK CHAR 255    
96 PC_B2A_LTYPE HR-B2A: Line Type of Transfer Data NUMC   
97 PC_B2A_MTYPE HR-B2A: Domain for Message Types in Log CHAR   
98 PC_B2A_RFCDEST Logical RFC Destination CHAR 32    
99 PC_B2A_STATUS HR: Status of B2A Document NUMC   
100 PC_B2A_SXSTAT HRB2A: Domain for help status SXROUTE CHAR   
101 PC_B2A_WERKS Personnel Area CHAR   
102 PC_DRIVE Specification of PC disc drive (without colon) CHAR   
103 PC_EFI_ACTIO HR-EFI: Authorization Object - Action CHAR   
104 PC_EFI_CATEGORY Error Category CHAR   
105 PC_EFI_DATA4 Data field for HR master data (Efilingt copy) CHAR 178    
106 PC_EFI_FORM HR:GB eFiling Form names CHAR 10    
107 PC_EFI_MSG_STATUS e-Filing Message ID status CHAR   
108 PC_EFI_PROCSELECT Processing Options CHAR   
109 PC_EFI_RAW16 E-filing raw16 RAW 16    
110 PC_FEXT Extension of a PC file name CHAR   
111 PC_FNAME PC file name without extension CHAR   
112 PC_FNAME_E PC file name with extension CHAR 12    
113 PC_PATH PC path name CHAR 66    
114 PC_PATH_S PC path name in short form, for popups CHAR 50    
115 PC_PRINTTIME Print Time for Portion Change in Budget Billing Plan CHAR   
116 PC_SLEEP Sleep time for page cleaners INT4 10    
117 PDBIS End date of period DATS   
118 PDCODE posting date code CHAR   
119 PDCONTXTID PD structural graphics: application context ID CHAR 12    
120 PDCOUNT IS-M/SD: IAC Complaints, Counter for Set of Publication Days NUMC   
121 PDC_ART Outbound Formatting Type CHAR   
122 PDC_ORIGF Origin indicator CHAR   
123 PDC_PRIO Maintain PDC time tickets CHAR   
124 PDC_WSID Time ticket ID NUMC   
125 PDDESIGNID PD structural graphics: design ID CHAR 12    
126 PDDISPLYID PD structural graphics: data display ID CHAR 12    
127 PDD_DELIVERY_CONTROL Product Determination Delivery Control Cross-Selling CHAR   
128 PDEP_ZV_ALTBESTAND "Prior-Year Acq." Indicator (Registration Obligation No. 16) CHAR   
129 PDEP_ZV_UELID Domains of AKA SPI Number(s) CHAR   
130 PDE_ABWER Absence Event CHAR   
131 PDE_ALTER Age in years NUMC   
132 PDE_FRSTX Occupancy Days for an Absent Event Part Period NUMC   
133 PDE_PBSNV_AUFSCHUB_ART Type of Deferment CHAR   
134 PDE_PBSNV_AUFSCHUB_GRND Deferment Reason CHAR   
135 PDE_PBSNV_AUSFERTIGUNG_ART Type of Official Copy CHAR   
136 PDE_PBSNV_BERECH_ART Retroactive Pension Insurance Calculation Reason CHAR   
137 PDE_PBSNV_BERECH_GRND Retroactive Pension Insurance Calculation Reason CHAR   
138 PDE_PBSNV_BESCH_ART Employment Type CHAR   
139 PDE_PBSNV_ERGART Result Type Retroactive Pension Insurance CHAR   
140 PDE_PBSNV_FUNKTION_G0883 Generation Function IT0883 CHAR   
141 PDE_PBSNV_INTSAA Internal Key Deferment Type Retroactive Pension Insurance CHAR   
142 PDE_PBSNV_INTSBA Internal Key Calculation Type Retroactive Pension Insurance CHAR   
143 PDE_PBSNV_INTSBG Internal Key Calc. Reason Retroactive Pension Insurance CHAR   
144 PDE_PBSNV_INTSG0883 Internal Key - Generation IT0883 CHAR   
145 PDE_PBSNV_INTSUA Internal Key - Suspension Type Retroactive Pension Insurance CHAR   
147 PDE_PBSNV_UNTERBRECHUNG_ART Suspension Type Entitlement Period Retro. Pension Insurance CHAR   
148 PDE_PBSNV_WIDERRUF_NICHT_OK Revocation is not legitimate/cannot be applied? CHAR   
149 PDE_PBSNV_WIDERRUF_OK Revocation Status CHAR   
150 PDE_PBSVAMD_RGBGD Calculation Base of Pension Percentage CHAR   
151 PDE_PBSVASEN_HGVH_PSTEP Step of Employment Period - For Calculating Upper Limit Rate CHAR   
152 PDE_PBSVASEN_KONTGT_P14V91 Calculated Child Quota for RGVH Sect. 14 Para. 1 Cl. 91 CHAR   
153 PDE_PBSVASEN_KP13A1 Reason for No Generation Sec. 13 Para. 1 (Allocation Period) CHAR   
154 PDE_PBSVASEN_KP13A3 Prereq. for Not Applying Comp. in Acc. with Sec. 13 Para. 3 CHAR   
155 PDE_PBSVASEN_KP14A Reason for Not Including Periods in Acc.with Sec.14a BeamtVG CHAR   
156 PDE_PBSVASEN_KP14A4 Prereq. for Not Applying Calculation Acc. to Sec. 14 Para. 4 CHAR   
157 PDE_PBSVASEN_KP14N91QUOT Req. for Not Applying Quota Arrangement Sec.14 Vers. from 91 CHAR   
158 PDE_PBSVASEN_KP69DA4 Prerequisite for Not Calculating in Acc.with Sec.69d Para.4 CHAR   
159 PDE_PBSVASEN_NEUT_A80 Neutral for Advance Pay 80 CHAR   
160 PDE_PBSVASEN_NEUT_A84 Neutralization for the Advance Pay 84 CHAR   
161 PDE_PBSVASEN_NOT_DETAIL Detail Type of Employment Period Line in Statement NUMC   
162 PDE_PBSVASEN_PROCE_LOGINFTY RGVH Calculation Processes with Collection of Infotype Texts CHAR   
163 PDE_PBSVASEN_PROTO Logging of Pension Percentage CHAR   
164 PDE_PBSVASEN_PSTEP_EVENT Processing Time/Event of Employment Period Calculation RGVH CHAR   
165 PDE_PBSVASEN_RGVH_PSTEP Step of RGVH Employment Period Calculation CHAR   
166 PDE_PBSVASEN_RGVH_VARIANTE Variant of RGVH Calculation CHAR   
167 PDE_PBSVAVG_AGE_LIMIT_GROUP Retirement Age Limit Grouping CHAR   
168 PDE_PBSVAVG_AGE_LIMIT_RULE Retirement Age Limit Calculation Rule CHAR   
170 PDE_PBSVAVG_ART_MV Type of Minimum Pension NUMC   
172 PDE_PBSVAVG_ART_VLTSV_P10 Reimbursement type NUMC   
173 PDE_PBSVAVG_AUFRUF_GRDVF Callpoint Reason Pension Entry NUMC   
174 PDE_PBSVAVG_BEMESSUNGSSATZ Factor with 3 Whole Numbers and 10 Decimal Places DEC 13  10 
175 PDE_PBSVAVG_BERART Special Calculation Type / Public Sector Functions CHAR   
176 PDE_PBSVAVG_BERECHN_VERS_BEZUG Calculation of the Benefits Payment CHAR   
177 PDE_PBSVAVG_BETRGV Amount for Wage Type with Plus/Minus Sign CURR
179 PDE_PBSVAVG_BRART_P54 Calc. Type CHAR   
180 PDE_PBSVAVG_BRART_P55 Indicator for Type of Calculation Sec.55 NUMC   
181 PDE_PBSVAVG_DEC6_5 Amount Field with 6 Whole Number and 5 Decimal Places DEC 11 
182 PDE_PBSVAVG_DEZIMALZEITEN Decimal Times (Months and Years) DEC
183 PDE_PBSVAVG_DIENSTRECHT_AUFRUF Call Type for Calc. of Assignment of Public Serv. Regulation CHAR   
184 PDE_PBSVAVG_EING_LEBENSPARTNER Text for Marriage or Registered Partnership CHAR   
185 PDE_PBSVAVG_ERST_ART_P10 Reimbursement type NUMC   
186 PDE_PBSVAVG_ERST_RGRND Legal Basis for Reimbursement CHAR   
187 PDE_PBSVAVG_EVENT_NEUER_VFREI Reason for Recalculation of Tax Exemption for Pensions CHAR   
188 PDE_PBSVAVG_GRDVF VAVH Sec. 14(3): Reason for Occurrence of Pension Event CHAR   
189 PDE_PBSVAVG_GRUND_KEINE_MINDV Indicator for Minimum Pension Exclusion Reason CHAR   
190 PDE_PBSVAVG_MODUL_ID Module Identifier for PAdm Module Within SNrP Calculation CHAR   
191 PDE_PBSVAVG_NK4 Decimal Fields with 4 Decimal Places DEC 12 
192 PDE_PBSVAVG_P14_BES_RGSK_F1991 Specific Pension Scale Section 14, 1991 Version CHAR   
193 PDE_PBSVAVG_P18_RGRNDL Legal Basis Sec.18 Death Benefit CHAR   
194 PDE_PBSVAVG_P18_STG_VARIANTE Variant of Death Benefit CHAR   
195 PDE_PBSVAVG_P50B_KEEZ_KINDER Number of Children for Determining KEEZ Sec. 50 b) CHAR   
196 PDE_PBSVAVG_P50_ART_HG Calculation Type of Upper Limit Child Bonuses/Care Bonuses CHAR   
197 PDE_PBSVAVG_P50_PFLEGESTUFE Care Level for Calculating Bonuses for Care of Family Member CHAR   
198 PDE_PBSVAVG_P50_RGFDZ_TAGE Pensionable Employment Period in Decimal Days DEC
200 PDE_PBSVAVG_P50_RGFDZ_TAGE_MAN Pensionable Employment Period in Decimal Days w. Dec. Places DEC
201 PDE_PBSVAVG_P54_KONSTELLATION Sec. 54 Constellation CHAR   
202 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_ABW_MAX_RGVH Deviating Maximum Pension Percentage Pension Equalization CHAR   
203 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_ANTRAGSTELLER Requester (Public Service Employee/Spouse/Insurance Company) CHAR   
204 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_ART_VERFAHREN Type of method CHAR   
205 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_BERECHNUNGSART Type of Calculation of Reduction Amount Section 57 NUMC   
206 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_GERICHT Court (Municipal/Regional Court of Appeal/Ger. Fed. Supreme) CHAR   
207 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_GRDL_TEILUNG Legal Basis Distribution CHAR   
208 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_GRD_KEINE_KUER Reason for No Reduction CHAR   
209 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_GRD_KUERZUNG Reason for Manual Entry of Reduction CHAR   
210 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_KUERZ_ANPASSEN Attribute for Making, Suspending, or Adjusting Reduction CHAR   
211 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_RENTENVERS Pension Insurance CHAR   
212 PDE_PBSVAVG_P57_VERS_AUSGLEICH Pension Equalization Payment CHAR   
213 PDE_PBSVAVG_PARAM_SZ Values for Controlling Special Payment in Calc. Modules CHAR   
214 PDE_PBSVAVG_PROZENTSATZ Control Data for Calculating the Pension Earned CHAR   
216 PDE_PBSVAVG_RGBGD Calculation Base of Pension Percentage CHAR   
217 PDE_PBSVAVG_SOZA_ZAHLUNGSWEISE Payment Method of Special Payment (Monthly/Annually) CHAR   
218 PDE_PBSVAVG_STKZV_PSLAW Control Indicator Pension Payment Public Services Regulation CHAR   
219 PDE_PBSVAVG_SZBERGRD Calculation Basis for a Module ID CHAR   
220 PDE_PBSVAVG_TEXTE_FAM_STAND Text for Marital Status from Infotype 0002 CHAR   
221 PDE_PBSVAVG_VARIANTE_SONDERZ Special Payment Variant CHAR   
222 PDE_PBSVAVG_VERS_BEZUG_VARIANT Calculation Variant of Benefits Payment for Spec. Payment CHAR   
224 PDE_PBSXXZU_TXTMODGRP Textbausteingruppierung CHAR   
225 PDE_PBSXXZU_TXTMODID Smartform Textbausteinen Zuordnung CHAR   
226 PDE_PBSXX_EMPF_ART Empfängerart CHAR   
227 PDE_PBS_ANPASSUNGSFAKTOR_P69E Adjustment Factor Sec. 69e DEC
228 PDE_PBS_FAKTOR_P5ABS1 Adjustment Factor Sec. 69e DEC
230 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_BERECH_ART Calculation Type of Severance Pay Process CHAR   
231 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_BERECH_GRUND Reason for Calculation CHAR   
232 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_BETRG_POS HR payroll: Maximum amount CURR 15 
233 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_ERSTELL_AKTION Information About Which Action Was Used to Create Entry CHAR   
234 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_INTSBA Internal Key for Calculation Type of Severance Pay CHAR   
235 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_INTSBG Internal Key for Calculation Reason of Severance Pay CHAR   
236 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_P10_ANZ_WITWE Number of Widows NUMC   
237 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_P10_ART Reimbursement type NUMC   
238 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_P10_MELDUNGSTYP Notific. Type of Change Notification for Sec.10 VersStaatsV NUMC   
239 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_RECHTSGRDL Legal Basis of Public Sector Employer CHAR   
240 PDE_PBS_VLTSV_STATUS Status of Notifications Regarding Sec.10 VLTSV CHAR   
241 PDE_PERIY Interval for Absent Event Part Period NUMC   
242 PDE_PF_VERHAELTNIS Relationship Between Two Amounts DEC 10 
243 PDE_PF_VERHS_PFB Ratio of Seizable to Unseizable Net Amount DEC
244 PDE_REGNR Rule for Absence Event NUMC   
245 PDE_REINH Time Unit for an Absence Event Part Period CHAR   
246 PDE_RETHD Decision Value for Substitute Position CHAR   
247 PDE_RETNO Decision Value for Own Position CHAR   
248 PDE_RFTBH Treatment of Public Holidays for Absence Events CHAR   
249 PDE_RULNO Control for Detail Regulation CHAR   
250 PDE_SVDVO Official SI Key CHAR   
251 PDE_SVKEY Official SI Key (Concatenated) CHAR   
252 PDE_SVTXT Name of Official SI Key CHAR 40    
253 PDGRP Plant data object grouping CHAR   
254 PDISC SNP Optimizer: Discretize PDS CHAR   
255 PDKEY_KK Payment Specification Key NUMC 12    
257 PDOTEXTID PD structural graphics: object text ID CHAR 12    
258 PDREF_KK Reference Key for Payment Specification CHAR 16    
259 PDRTEXTID PD structural graphics: relationship text ID CHAR 12    
262 PDSMAINT_DATEF Valid-From Date DATS   
265 PDSMAINT_IOIND Output Indicator for BOM Components CHAR   
266 PDSMAINT_MODE_PRIO Mode Priority in SCM CHAR   
267 PDSMAINT_MODE_REL Mode Linkage Type in SCM CHAR   
268 PDSMAINT_OPTION Option for Range Tables CHAR   
271 PDSMAINT_SIGN Sign for Range Tables CHAR   
272 PDSMAINT_SOS_NAME Name of PDS Source of Supply in SCM CHAR 60    
273 PDSMAINT_STATUS Maintenance Status of PDS CHAR   
274 PDSNR Sequential number for PDC messages NUMC 12    
275 PDSORTKAT Parameter for sort task catalog CHAR   
276 PDSP_IE Inclusive/Exclusive Indicators (IDs) for Profiles CHAR   
277 PDSP_PROF Shift Planning: Profile CHAR 10    
278 PDSRNDPR Bucket Offset for Product Availability in Production DEC
279 PDS_ACTTYPE Activity Type CHAR   
280 PDS_BUNIT Unit of Bucket Consumption UNIT   
281 PDS_CHG_FLAG Indicator for Selecting Changes CHAR   
282 PDS_DURFIX Fixed Mode Duration in PDS QUAN 13    
283 PDS_HERKUNFT Routing Source CHAR   
284 PDS_PLAN_SELECT Routing Selection CHAR   
285 PDS_PROP_FLAG Default Value CHAR   
286 PDS_PROP_PLAG Indicator for Selecting Default Values CHAR   
288 PDS_VALID Production Version invalid CHAR   
289 PDTABIX PD tabix INT4 10    
290 PDTOOLBXID PD structural graphics: toolbox ID CHAR 12    
291 PDTOOLID PD structural graphics: tool ID CHAR   
292 PDTSETID PD structural graphics: tool group ID CHAR 12    
293 PDTYP_KK Category of Payment Specification CHAR   
294 PDUV61 HR-DDU: Case Group Selection CHAR   
295 PDVON Starting date of period DATS   
296 PD_CSID Status ID CHAR   
297 PD_NACHN Last name CHAR 25    
298 PD_SIGN Sign CHAR   
299 PD_TYPE Confirmation type CHAR   
300 PD_VORNA First name CHAR 25    
301 PEAK_NO Number of demand peaks NUMC   
302 PECULIAR Filter type CHAR 80    
303 PEDIT ID for editing mask CHAR   
304 PEG_BRK Pegging: Distribution of Scrap CHAR   
305 PEG_CHANGEDOC Pegging: Change Documents CHAR   
306 PEG_EXCEPTION Pegging: Exception handling category CHAR   
307 PEG_EXCESS Peging: Distribution of Surplus CHAR   
308 PEG_FIX Pegging: Logic CHAR   
309 PEG_FRACTQTY Pegging: Assignment with Broken or Whole Quantities CHAR   
310 PEG_INSTK Pegging: Assigned Quantity is in Stock CHAR   
311 PEG_LOST Pegging: Distribution of Stock Differences CHAR   
312 PEG_MTNA Categorize Movement Types CHAR   
313 PEG_OBJNR Breakpoint Object Number CHAR 22    
314 PEG_SCRAP Pegging: Distribution of Scrap CHAR   
315 PEG_WLSTCOUNT Pegging: Counter for Worklist NUMC 20    
316 PEG_XFLAG XFLAG values: blank or 'X' CHAR   
317 PEKEZ Period parameter for accumulation of km CHAR   
318 PENGR Pension reserves group CHAR   
319 PENSK Pension Indicator CHAR   
320 PENTXT Penalty reason code text CHAR 50    
321 PENTY Pension category (GB) CHAR   
322 PEPOS_KK Calling Program CHAR   
323 PEPPROFILE Schedule Manager: Task list CHAR 10    
324 PEPP_GRVER IS-H: PEPP Maximum Length of Stay NUMC   
325 PER1 Period 1 CHAR   
326 PER2 End period CHAR   
327 PERABG Comparison of period-specific conditions CHAR   
328 PERAF Periods dep. calculation NUMC   
329 PERAN Number of periods DEC   
330 PERART Type of period CHAR   
331 PERAS Period selection CHAR   
332 PERBL Period block NUMC   
333 PERBSL Key for period control CHAR   
334 PERBZ Period Reference CHAR   
335 PERBZ_LD Period Reference (Language-Dependent) CHAR   
336 PERCDAYS Days per Month: Periodic Planning NUMC   
337 PERCENT Percent DEC 16  14 
338 PERCENTAGE Percentage DEC
339 PERCHECK Checkbox Flag - Periodic Scheduling CHAR   
340 PERCOUNT Counters for Periodic Scheduling NUMC   
341 PERCREA Period to be created CHAR   
342 PERCWEEK Weeks in Month for Periodic Scheduling NUMC   
343 PERC_NON_DEDUCTIBLE Percent Not Deductible DEC
344 PERC_SHARE Percentage of Cost Assignment DEC
345 PERDE Period NUMC   
346 PERDE2 Period (2 char.) NUMC   
347 PERDE_INV Inverted period NUMC   
348 PERDTYP_PS Period Category CHAR   
349 PERDUE_SC Percentage Due DEC
350 PERENDBI Type of period-end billing CHAR   
351 PERFLAG Period-type indicator CHAR   
352 PERFLAG2 Alternative period type indicator CHAR   
353 PERF_CHAR Optimization Information CHAR 50    
354 PERGR Permit group for maintenance permits CHAR   
355 PERGRP Transaction type groups for period control CHAR   
356 PERI0 Period of calculation CHAR   
357 PERI3 Three-digit period number DEC   
358 PERIC Number of periods INT2   
359 PERIDENT Indicator for Person ID or Personnel Number CHAR   
360 PERID_F "From" period NUMC   
362 PERIODD Number of Days for Calculating Due Date NUMC   
363 PERIODET Period category (months or years) CHAR   
364 PERIODETMT Period category (month or day) CHAR   
365 PERIODEX Period length DEC   
366 PERIODM Number of Months for Calculating Due Date NUMC   
367 PERIODTYPE Period Type CHAR   
368 PERIOD_CORR_VK Deadline in days for insufficient deposit coverage corr. NUMC   
369 PERIOD_SC Period of examination NUMC   
370 PERIP Period with display CHAR 10    
371 PERIR Period split CHAR 10    
372 PERIV Period version CHAR   
373 PERI_AUSPR Format of period type CHAR   
374 PERJOB Background Job Period CHAR 12    
375 PERKNZ Period type indicator for maintenance planning CHAR   
376 PERKZ Period indicator CHAR   
377 PERKZ_KNB1 Period indicator for collective invoices CHAR   
378 PERKZ_MRP Period Indicator CHAR   
379 PERMINHER Flag: Inherit use access from previous package CHAR   
380 PERMLINEID Permanent name for the line device INT4 10    
381 PERMO Period parameter NUMC   
382 PERMONTH Months for Periodic Scheduling INT1   
383 PERMRESTR Restriction on use CHAR   
384 PERN0 Personnel number sequence CHAR   
385 PERNA Period name CHAR   
386 PERNAME Period name CHAR   
387 PERNB Period without display CHAR   
388 PERNO Number of FI-GLX periods NUMC   
389 PERNR Personnel number NUMC   
390 PEROD_CA FI-CA Display Period CHAR   
391 PEROFF_C_SC FS-CD: Period Offset CHAR   
392 PEROFF_SC Period Offset DEC   
393 PERPOS_SC Item in the period CHAR   
394 PERREGEL Frequency rule CHAR   
395 PERREGEL_MP Frequency Rule for Media Products CHAR   
396 PERSA Personnel area CHAR   
397 PERSG Employee group CHAR   
398 PERSIST_TIME IS-U archiving: retention period in days NUMC   
399 PERSK Employee subgroup CHAR   
400 PERSL_KK Key for Period Assignment CHAR   
401 PERSNO Personnel number NUMC   
402 PERSON Dynamic menu: ID code CHAR   
403 PERSONAL_NUMBER Personnel Number NUMC   
404 PERSONID Person number NUMC   
405 PERSONID_EXT External Person ID CHAR 20    
406 PERSONID_EXT_ABA External Person ID CHAR 20    
407 PERTAX_KK Tax rate DEC
408 PERTOLER Interval in days for monthly billing period INT4 10    
409 PERTYP Period category CHAR   
410 PERUL Evaluation rule for time intervals (obsolete from 4.6A) CHAR   
411 PERUL_OLD Do not use: Calculation rule for time intervals (T525G) CHAR   
413 PERVERBR Period Consumption DEC 11    
414 PERVERBRC Screen field for periodic consumption CHAR 14    
415 PERVR Period indicator CHAR   
416 PERWEEK Weekdays for Periodic Scheduling INT1   
417 PERWERT Period value NUMC   
418 PER_INV_K Seven-Character Period, Inverse Display NUMC   
419 PER_LEN Number of days DEC   
420 PESCHILT Switch: Change of limits during TI NUMC   
421 PESEHESW Switch: Annual overtime limit NUMC   
422 PES_111TIPODE Template 111: Declaration type CHAR   
423 PES_190CHK Annual deductions overview checks NUMC   
424 PES_190HIJ Child count NUMC   
425 PES_190VIV Home purchase or restoration CHAR   
426 PES_AAFEC Seniority: Modifier of actions that affect CHAR   
427 PES_ABERE Type of day for ERE calendar. CHAR   
428 PES_ACCAFI RED system: Action at worker level CHAR   
429 PES_ACNGL Seniority type appraiser CHAR   
430 PES_AGRUP Contracts: Groupers CHAR   
431 PES_ALTSIN RED system: Entry without payment CHAR   
432 PES_AMOME Seniority: Time of payment CHAR   
433 PES_AMTDV Seniority: Payment method CHAR   
434 PES_APERI Seniority: Calculation regularity NUMC   
435 PES_AREPT Seniority: Repetition CHAR   
436 PES_ARR Indicator of allowances and reductions carried forward CHAR   
437 PES_ASIST Healthcare type CHAR   
438 PES_ASQAN Seniority: Calculation sequence CHAR 20    
439 PES_AUDCA Seniority: Calculation unit CHAR   
440 PES_BALCUR Opening balance CURR
441 PES_BONDIFF Report bonification differences CHAR   
442 PES_BOOLE Boolean CHAR   
443 PES_CALCLA RED system: Key classifier NUMC   
444 PES_CALCOT Calc. contribution CHAR   
445 PES_CALCR Ways of calculating deductions in form 109 CHAR   
446 PES_CALEN Calendar type for ERE CHAR   
447 PES_CAM19 Form 190 deductions certificate fields CHAR   
448 PES_CARAC Special ERE feature CHAR   
449 PES_CARIT Type of grace of TI CHAR   
450 PES_CATEG RED system: Category CHAR   
451 PES_CATMIN Employment tax (IRPF): Disability category CHAR   
452 PES_CAUEXT Reason for work contract termination or cancellation NUMC   
453 PES_CAUIN Temporary status object cause code CHAR   
454 PES_CAUSAS Substitution causes CHAR   
455 PES_CAUSASUST Substitution causes CHAR   
456 PES_CCC RED system: Taxpayer identification number (NIF) NUMC   
457 PES_CCDESP Code for the permanent recruitment promotion group NUMC   
458 PES_CCITY Municipality CHAR   
459 PES_CCRED Reduction group code CHAR   
460 PES_CDAGE Material agent of the activity CHAR   
461 PES_CDLUG Place code CHAR   
462 PES_CIF RED system: Taxpayer identification number (NIF) NUMC   
463 PES_CIFTY CIF type CHAR   
464 PES_CLASS Calculation method: Method type CHAR   
465 PES_CLAVE RED system: Days key/collective-specific schedule CHAR   
466 PES_CNTRT Hires CHAR   
467 PES_CNTVAL RED system: Validation check NUMC   
468 PES_CODES Unemployed CHAR   
469 PES_COLBON Bonus/ Discount group NUMC   
470 PES_COLBON_NC3 Domain used to convert char to num CHAR   
471 PES_COLEF Training age group NUMC   
472 PES_COLTR Worker collective NUMC   
473 PES_COMPANY_EE_INDICATOR Number of company employees indicator CHAR   
474 PES_CON11 Pay scale code NUMC 11    
475 PES_CON20 Pay scale code NUMC 20    
476 PES_CONCO Contracts: Set of contracts by contribution CHAR   
477 PES_CONDDES RED system: Unemployed CHAR   
478 PES_CONSS Pay scale code NUMC 11    
479 PES_COT30 Basis calculation w/inverse contribution group NUMC   
480 PES_CPSDU Dedication to public or labor union post NUMC   
481 PES_CPSIN Public union post CHAR   
482 PES_CPTRA Change of work center NUMC   
483 PES_CRT2_ERRCOM Error in communication to INEM (employment office) CHAR 10    
484 PES_CRT2_STACOM Communication status CHAR   
485 PES_CRT2_TYPEEREBEG Starting date of ERE suspension NUMC   
486 PES_CSTAT Acceptance status NUMC   
487 PES_CTEP2 Center belongs to the company CHAR   
488 PES_CUR9_2 Garnishment amount: 9 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR
489 PES_CVEUR Type of changeover to Euros CHAR   
490 PES_DATAP Employment provisions file: approval date DATS   
491 PES_DFIND Default value indicator CHAR   
492 PES_DFVAL Default values CHAR   
493 PES_DIESP IRPF: Payment type CHAR   
494 PES_DIREC Address CHAR 32    
495 PES_DURAT Days that qualify for SI coverage NUMC   
496 PES_ECOACT Business activity text CHAR 120    
497 PES_EMETH Type of electronic file CHAR   
498 PES_EMPRE Company CHAR 32    
499 PES_ENVRED RED system: Message transfer mode CHAR   
500 PES_EXCED Domain for Excedente Sector Textil - CHAR02 CHAR