SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 3
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P01_SV_EE_KE_VOSZ Identification CHAR   
2 P01_SV_EE_KFRST Entitlement to Paid Release from Work Excluded NUMC   
3 P01_SV_EE_KNZAU Indicator for Work Incapacity NUMC   
4 P01_SV_EE_KNZJN Indicator Yes/No CHAR   
5 P01_SV_EE_KRZAE Reduction of Remuneration During Unpaid Release from Work NUMC   
6 P01_SV_EE_KZ20 20-character text length CHAR 20    
7 P01_SV_EE_KZJN Indicator No/Yes CHAR   
8 P01_SV_EE_KZJNU Indicator Yes No Unknown CHAR   
9 P01_SV_EE_MAZR Paid Overtime NUMC   
10 P01_SV_EE_MDTYP Notification Type EEL CHAR   
11 P01_SV_EE_MM HR-DDU: Indicator for Subsequent Data Modules CHAR   
12 P01_SV_EE_MM12 Feature Shift in Mining Company NUMC   
13 P01_SV_EE_MM123 Indicator RHC NUMC   
14 P01_SV_EE_MMJN Indicator Yes/No CHAR   
15 P01_SV_EE_MMKUG Indicator RHC NUMC   
16 P01_SV_EE_MMTRF Defining Pay Scale Group/Collective Agreement CHAR   
17 P01_SV_EE_MMXX Key Figures Reason for End of Employment Relationship NUMC   
18 P01_SV_EE_MM_123 Entry of Remuneration Type CHAR   
19 P01_SV_EE_NAMEAP Text (30 characters) CHAR 30    
20 P01_SV_EE_NODE Node of a Tree CHAR 30    
21 P01_SV_EE_RECHTSKR Legal Area of Company Office CHAR   
22 P01_SV_EE_REGAZ Paid Overtime in Period 1 NUMC   
23 P01_SV_EE_RESERVE_1 Reserve 1 CHAR 11    
24 P01_SV_EE_RESERVE_2 Reserve 2 CHAR   
25 P01_SV_EE_RUECKM Indicator Confirmation of Compensation Benefits (EEL) CHAR   
26 P01_SV_EE_STATUS Status Indicator in Data Exchange for Comp. Benefits (EEL) CHAR   
27 P01_SV_EE_TAGE Number of Days NUMC   
28 P01_SV_EE_TELAP Telephone Number of Contact Person CHAR 20    
29 P01_SV_EE_UNFAZ Accident Case Number of Relevant Accident Insurance Carrier CHAR 20    
30 P01_SV_EE_UNFTR Institute Indicator of Accident Insurance Carrier CHAR 15    
31 P01_SV_EE_VERNR HR-DDU: Version Number NUMC   
32 P01_SV_EE_VF Procedure for Which Data Record Is Intended CHAR   
33 P01_SV_EE_VFMM Procedure Feature CHAR   
34 P01_SV_EE_VORHA Indicates Whether Record Type Exists NUMC   
35 P01_SV_EE_VSNR HR-DDU: Pension Insurance Number CHAR 12    
36 P01_SV_EE_ZAHLART Payment Type NUMC   
37 P01_SV_EE_ZHLART Payment Form of Compensation Benefit NUMC   
38 P01_SV_EL_ABFGEZ If Severance Pay Were to Be Paid CHAR   
39 P01_SV_EL_ABFMONAT Severance Pay up to 0.5 Monthly Salaries CHAR   
40 P01_SV_EL_AVBFR Fixed-Term Employment/Work Relationship CHAR   
41 P01_SV_EL_AVBFRL Fixed-Term Work Relationship At Least 2 Months CHAR   
42 P01_SV_EL_AVBFSCHR Fixed-Term Contract Was Concluded in Writing CHAR   
43 P01_SV_EL_AVENLZ Benefits Payment at Termination of Employment Relationship CHAR   
44 P01_SV_EL_AVENLZG Reason for Uncertainty of Benefits Payment CHAR 30    
45 P01_SV_EL_AVENLZG_002 Reason for Uncertainty of Benefits Payment NUMC   
46 P01_SV_EL_AVENUAG Leave Compensation for Termination of Employment Relationshp CHAR   
47 P01_SV_EL_AVENVG Early Retirement Pension for Termination of Employment Rel. NUMC   
48 P01_SV_EL_AVENVL Early Retirement Benefit for Termination of Employment Rel. CHAR   
49 P01_SV_EL_AVKUEAL Reason for Notice or Dismissal CHAR   
50 P01_SV_EL_AVKUEALAM Written Warning for Reason for Notice CHAR   
51 P01_SV_EL_AVKUEBETR Dismissal for Operational Reasons CHAR   
52 P01_SV_EL_AVKUEDU Dismissal/Termination of Employment Relationship By NUMC   
53 P01_SV_EL_AVKUESCH Written Notice/Dismissal CHAR   
54 P01_SV_EL_AVKUESCHUKL Dismissal Protection Lawsuit Filed CHAR   
55 P01_SV_EL_AVKUEZUST Communication Type of Termination NUMC   
56 P01_SV_EL_AVKUEZVB Additional Notice Agreements CHAR   
57 P01_SV_EL_AVUWFWZ Irrevocable Release from Work with Continued Pay CHAR   
58 P01_SV_EL_AZAEGR Reason for a Change of the Regular Working Time NUMC   
59 P01_SV_EL_AZVG Averge Working Time in Hours NUMC   
60 P01_SV_EL_AZWOECH Weekly Working Time NUMC   
61 P01_SV_EL_BEAM Indicator Public Sector Employee CHAR   
62 P01_SV_EL_BETRAG Amount 10 Numeric Places NUMC 10    
63 P01_SV_EL_BVEGEN Remuneration/Salary After End of Employment Relationship CHAR   
64 P01_SV_EL_FEHLART Type of Absence Time in the ELENA Procedure NUMC   
65 P01_SV_EL_FIRMTEL Telephone Number CHAR 25    
66 P01_SV_EL_GD Reason for Issue (ELENA) NUMC   
67 P01_SV_EL_IT_AVKUEDU Dismissal/Notice Employment Relationship By NUMC   
68 P01_SV_EL_IT_AVKUEZUST Communication Type of Termination NUMC   
69 P01_SV_EL_IT_AVLETZTRL_M Month of Last Complete Payroll CHAR   
70 P01_SV_EL_IT_JN Selection Field Yes/No CHAR   
71 P01_SV_EL_IT_JNU1 Selection Field Yes/No/Unknown CHAR   
72 P01_SV_EL_IT_JNU2 Selection Field Yes/No/Uncertain NUMC   
73 P01_SV_EL_IT_JNU3 Selection Field Yes/No/Uncertain CHAR   
74 P01_SV_EL_IT_JNZ1 Selection Field Yes/No/Fixed-Term for Purpose CHAR   
75 P01_SV_EL_IT_KFBZ Reference Date/Time of Notice Period NUMC   
76 P01_SV_EL_IT_KFZE Notice Period Time Unit NUMC   
77 P01_SV_EL_IT_SAW Social Selection Made NUMC   
78 P01_SV_EL_IT_XFELD Domain for Checkbox CHAR   
79 P01_SV_EL_KA Excluded from Termination CHAR   
80 P01_SV_EL_KABGG Reason for Limited Termination Exclusion CHAR 30    
81 P01_SV_EL_KAU Unlimited Exclusion from Termination CHAR   
82 P01_SV_EL_KAUAUG Reason for Removal of Umlimited Exclusion from Termination CHAR 30    
83 P01_SV_EL_KAUAUG_002 Reason for Cancelling Exclusion from Termination CHAR   
84 P01_SV_EL_KENNUNG Data Record ID CHAR   
85 P01_SV_EL_KF Period of Notice NUMC   
86 P01_SV_EL_KFBZ Reference Date/Time of Notice Period NUMC   
87 P01_SV_EL_KFZE Time Unit for Notice Period NUMC   
88 P01_SV_EL_KINDFRB Tax Exemption for Children NUMC   
89 P01_SV_EL_MMARTAZ Training Feature NUMC   
90 P01_SV_EL_MONATEND End of the Period Within the Month NUMC   
91 P01_SV_EL_OKGL Ordinary Notice of Dismissal Permitted Only If Special Paymt CHAR   
92 P01_SV_EL_OKGLFG Dismissal w/ Due Notice for Ord.Dismissal with Special Paymt CHAR   
93 P01_SV_EL_PRUEF Check Passed CHAR   
94 P01_SV_EL_SAW Social Selection Made NUMC   
95 P01_SV_EL_SAWPRNA Name of Employment Office for Social Selection Check CHAR 30    
96 P01_SV_EL_SAWPRSC Employment Office Key for Social Selection Check NUMC   
97 P01_SV_EL_SBART Type of Tax-Exempt Payment CHAR   
98 P01_SV_EL_STAPAG Employer's Tax Deduction Obligation CHAR   
99 P01_SV_EL_STEART Type of Other Payment (Key) CHAR   
100 P01_SV_EL_URLEG Type of Vacation Pay NUMC   
101 P01_SV_EL_URLEGGEZ Payment Type of Vacation Pay NUMC   
102 P01_SV_EL_URLTAGE Leave Entitlement in Days NUMC   
103 P01_SV_EL_VERFAHREN Procedure CHAR   
104 P01_SV_EMAIL Sending of Notifications Using E-mail CHAR   
105 P01_SV_IT_DATA Data Structure for Infotype 0700 CHAR 250    
106 P01_SV_IT_SUBTY Subtype (Data Module) of Infotype 700 CHAR   
107 P01_SV_KOSERVER Transfer of Notifications Using the Communication Server CHAR   
108 P01_SV_LFDNR Counter for the Repeat Structure in the Data Modules NUMC   
109 P01_SV_NOTIF_DISP_MODE Type of Output for Overview List of Notifications CHAR   
110 P01_SV_NOTIF_LOG_MODE Type of Display of the Content of the Notification CHAR   
111 P01_SV_PROCESS_STATUS Process Status NUMC   
112 P01_SV_PROCESS_STEP_STATUS Status of Subprocess Scenario CHAR   
113 P01_SV_RESERVE_1 Reserve 1 CHAR   
114 P01_SV_RESERVE_2 Reserve 1 CHAR   
115 P01_SV_SOZAUS Social Insurance Adjustment: Calculation Procedure CHAR   
116 P01_SV_VZ +/- Sign CHAR   
117 P01_SV_ZS_KENNZSOZA Indicator: Social Insurance Adjustment NUMC   
118 P01_TABKN Table indicator CHAR   
119 P01_TABTX Name of Permitted Tables CHAR 70    
120 P01_TFHOE Activity to Be Continued: Amount of Secondary Income CHAR   
121 P01_TFZTR Activity to Be Continued: Period for Amount CHAR   
122 P01_TKBER Company Business Segment NUMC   
123 P01_TX_E2_ART ELStAM: Notification Type CHAR   
124 P01_TX_E2_BESCH_BEG ElStAM: Overwrite Employment Start Date CHAR   
125 P01_TX_E2_DELTA_ABM ELStAM: Delaying of Deregistration NUMC   
126 P01_TX_E2_FRB1J ELStAM: Desired Annual Exemption CURR
127 P01_TX_E2_IMAGE ELStAM: Status of Master Data Before and After Notification NUMC   
128 P01_TX_E2_LSTAT ELStAM: Processing Status of Change Lists NUMC   
129 P01_TX_E2_NICHTTEILNAHME ELStAM: Reason for Nonparticipation in Procedure CHAR   
130 P01_TX_E2_SONDER ELStAM: Special Processing CHAR   
131 P01_TX_E2_SONDER_ANAB ELStAM: Special Processing for Registration/Deregistration CHAR   
132 P01_TX_E2_SONDER_GRUND ELStAM: Reason for Special Processing CHAR   
133 P01_TX_E2_SPERRE ELStAM: Fiscal Authority Block CHAR   
134 P01_TX_E2_SPERRE_GRUND ELStAM: Reasons for Blocking the Data CHAR   
135 P01_TX_E2_SPEZ_TYP ELStAM: Special Notification Type CHAR   
136 P01_TX_E2_STATUS ELStAM: Status CHAR   
137 P01_TX_E2_STATUS_MELD ELStAM: Status of Notification for the Administrator CHAR   
138 P01_TX_E2_STRING ELStAM: String for Error Text of Clearing House STRG   
139 P01_TX_E2_TSTAT ELStAM: Transfer Status NUMC   
140 P01_TX_GRUPPE_P40_1 Group for Flat-Rate Tax According to Sec.40 Para.1 EStG NUMC   
141 P01_TX_KNZMJ Indicator Calc. Step for Other Paymts and Multiyear Payments CHAR   
142 P01_TX_KRV SI Contribution Deduction Indicator NUMC   
143 P01_TX_LSTB_CHECK_VORJAHR ETStmt: Check Previous Year CHAR   
144 P01_TX_PKV Indicator: Health Insurance for PAP NUMC   
145 P01_U1KBX Indicator of Reimburs. of Employer Contr. f. Work Incapacity CHAR   
146 P01_U1STZ U1 Contribution Rate NUMC   
147 P01_U2KB1 Indicator of Reimburse. of Employer Contr. f. Proh. of Empl. CHAR   
148 P01_UERST U1/U2 Reimbursement Rate DEC
149 P01_UI_AUSBG Education/Training CHAR   
150 P01_UI_A_MONAT Month NUMC   
151 P01_UI_FINAN Company Insurance: Financing CHAR   
152 P01_UI_PFART Garnishment Type CHAR   
153 P01_UI_STBRF Occupational Status CHAR   
154 P01_UI_STEUR Company Insurance: Tax Code CHAR   
155 P01_UI_VERFH Addition procedure CHAR   
156 P01_UMLSZ U1/U2 Contribution Rate DEC
157 P01_UXEBX Percentage for Reimbursement of Employer Contributions DEC
158 P01_VA_ALTER PEP: Calculation up to Age CHAR   
159 P01_VA_BEREG PEP: Regulation of Calculation Control CHAR   
160 P01_VA_BESTART PEP: Taxation Type CHAR   
161 P01_VA_BEWUZ PEP: Evaluation Immediate / Periodic CHAR   
162 P01_VA_BEZUG_AUSGLEICH PEP: Payment of Equalization Value CHAR   
163 P01_VA_EXTERN PEP: External Distribution NUMC   
164 P01_VA_EXTERN_P14_21 PEP: External Distrib. Acc. to Sec.14 Para.2 No.1 VersAusglG NUMC   
165 P01_VA_EXTTEIL PEP: External Distribution CHAR   
166 P01_VA_FUALT PEP: Function Age Calculation CHAR   
167 P01_VA_FUSTT PEP: Function Key Date Calculation CHAR   
168 P01_VA_KNZRENTE PEP: Indicator: Retirement / Disability / Surv. Dep. Pension CHAR   
169 P01_VA_KOART PEP: Type of Cost Calculation CHAR   
170 P01_VA_KOREG PEP: Regulation for Calculation of Costs CHAR   
171 P01_VA_KUERZ Reduction Factor for Pension Equalization Payment DEC
172 P01_VA_MPARM_DATUM_URTEIL Indicator for Date from Pension Equalization Payment Verdict CHAR   
173 P01_VA_RCBAS Basis for Pension Calculation CHAR   
174 P01_VA_STATUS PEP: Processing Status NUMC   
175 P01_VA_TLREL PEP: Relevance for Split CHAR   
176 P01_VA_VACDB Basis Table for Reduction CHAR   
177 P01_VA_VACZP Times of Benefit Reduction CHAR   
178 P01_VA_VAKLG Grouping of Benefit Reduction CHAR   
179 P01_VA_VAKMT Method for Immediate Reduction CHAR   
180 P01_VA_VARGL Processing Rule for Pension Equalization Payment CHAR   
181 P01_VA_VAVID Identification for Processing CHAR   
182 P01_VBMAX Maximum Pension Payment Liable to Contributions NUMC   
183 P01_VERBEST Confirmation of Processing Without Errors CHAR   
184 P01_VGBART Default Type for Disruptive Event - Income Threshold Deficit CHAR   
185 P01_VN AVmG (BVV): Identifier Policyholder CHAR   
186 P01_VROUT AVmG: Processing Routine CHAR   
187 P01_VTMOD AVmG: Contract Model CHAR   
188 P01_VZLUFT Disruptive Event - Income Threshold Deficit (with +/- Sign) CURR 15 
189 P01_WATTR Attribute of a Value Credit CHAR   
190 P01_WDLGP AVmG: Conversion Wage Type Group CHAR   
191 P01_WGBTR Remuneration Liable to Contributions for Flexible WH Policy CURR 15 
192 P01_WGSCH Value Credit Key CHAR   
193 P01_YESNO Selection Field Yes/No = 1/2 CHAR   
194 P01_ZSBTR Amount with 2 Decimal Places for Paying Office Reporting NUMC   
195 P01_ZSDAT Date in Format HHYYDMDD for Paying Office Reporting DATS   
196 P01_ZSFEKZ ZMV: Error Indicator NUMC   
197 P01_ZSJN Answer: Yes/No CHAR   
198 P01_ZSKE Data Record or Module Identifier CHAR   
199 P01_ZSPRG Program Type for the Paying Office Procedure CHAR   
200 P01_ZSTYP Notif. Type for Paying Office Procedure NUMC   
201 P01_ZVMRT Calling Routine for BAdI of SPF Notification Program CHAR   
202 P02F_DTA_STATUS Status of DTA Posting of Value Types CHAR   
203 P02F_WEF_DOSSIERNR Dossier Number of Fund NUMC   
204 P02K_ACCTY HR-CH: PF: Account type NUMC   
205 P02K_ACVIE Individual PF Account View CHAR   
206 P02K_AUTGR HR-CH: Authorization groups for PF accounts NUMC   
207 P02K_CALCI HR-CH: Calculation infotype 0279 CHAR   
208 P02K_FXCAT Fund Function View Categories CHAR   
209 P02K_FXVIE Fund Function Views CHAR   
210 P02K_FXVTY Function View Types CHAR   
211 P02K_IPSET HR-CH: Quantity of entry paramters infotype 0279 calculation CHAR   
212 P02K_KASSE Pension funds CHAR   
213 P02K_LATYP Pension fund wage type category CHAR   
214 P02K_OUTPT HR-CH: Output status of infotype 0279 field CHAR   
215 P02K_PKFKT PF function CHAR   
216 P02K_PKGRP HR-CH: PF: MA groupings for field assignment infotype 0279 NUMC   
217 P02K_PKKLV HR-CH: Pension fund : Authorization level for account access CHAR   
218 P02K_SCODE Indicator for Gross-Nett Calculation CHAR   
219 P02K_SIMUL HR-Gran: Simulation CHAR   
220 P02K_VXCAT Fund Function View Categories CHAR   
221 P02P0 HR-CH: Pension funds CHAR   
222 P02R_BVERF HR-CH: BIGA wage and salary increase selection procedure NUMC   
223 P02R_DATUM HR-CH: Date types CHAR   
224 P02V0 HR-CH: Parameter area groupings NUMC   
225 P02V1 HR-CH: Processing schedules CHAR   
226 P02V2 HR-CH: Parameter areas CHAR   
227 P02VS_LLSTRING HR-CH: Very long character string CHAR 160    
228 P02VS_SFIELD Short display field for export structure CHAR 12    
229 P02Z_CDALT HR CH: code for calculating age of child CHAR   
230 P02Z_FAKTY HR CH: type of family equalization fund regulation CHAR   
231 P02Z_GEBMO HR CH: fixed month of birth for calculating age of child NUMC   
232 P02Z_KUREG Reduction rule CHAR   
233 P02Z_KZIE HR CH: Validity including/excluding the last month CHAR   
234 P02Z_RUTYP HR CH: FAK rounding type CHAR   
235 P02_ABREH HR-CH: Payroll unit CHAR   
236 P02_ABREHAGBE Payroll unit - wage statement CHAR   
237 P02_ABREHAL HR-CH: Payroll unit - AHV/UI CHAR   
238 P02_ABREHASM HR-CH: Payroll unit - ASM CHAR   
239 P02_ABREHBFS HR-CH: Payroll unit - BIGA CHAR   
240 P02_ABREHBVG Payroll Unit BVG CHAR   
241 P02_ABREHCU1 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 1 CHAR   
242 P02_ABREHCU2 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 2 CHAR   
243 P02_ABREHCU3 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 3 CHAR   
244 P02_ABREHELM Enterprise (ELM) CHAR   
245 P02_ABREHFAK HR-CH: Payroll unit: Family-related bonuses CHAR   
246 P02_ABREHKFO HR-CH: PAyroll Unit Compensation Fund VD CHAR   
247 P02_ABREHKT HR-CH: Payroll unit - Sickness indemnity insurance CHAR   
248 P02_ABREHLAW Payroll unit - wage statement CHAR   
249 P02_ABREHNBUZ HR-CH: Payroll unit: NBU additional insurance CHAR   
250 P02_ABREHQST Payroll unit - withholding tax CHAR   
251 P02_ABREHSFO HR-CH: Payroll unit: Social Funds CHAR   
252 P02_ABREHUEB HR-CH: Payroll unit: Voluntary Insurance CHAR   
253 P02_ABREHUVG HR-CH: Payroll unit UVG CHAR   
254 P02_ACCRD HR-CH: Cardinality of EE class CHAR   
255 P02_ACLAS HR-CH: EE Attributes Class CHAR   
256 P02_ACTIO HR-CH: PC activity CHAR   
257 P02_AHPF AHV Liability NUMC   
258 P02_AHPR AHV Liability NUMC   
259 P02_AHVNR HR-CH: AHV number CHAR 11    
260 P02_AHVNR_CHECK Check mode AHV number NUMC   
261 P02_AHV_VERW_VARI Calculation variant AHV administration costs contribution NUMC   
262 P02_AKANT Canton ID 2-Digit CHAR   
263 P02_ALLWNC_PAID_BY Bonuses paid out by CHAR   
264 P02_ALV_FAK_LTYPE Line Type in Control List for Payroll Family-Related Bonuses CHAR   
265 P02_ALV_STATUS Status Information for Infotype Record CHAR   
266 P02_ALV_VERS_LINETYPE Line Type Control List Payroll Insurances CHAR   
267 P02_AMTKY Employee activity key CHAR   
268 P02_ANSATZSTD HR-CH: Hours wage approach gross/net CHAR   
269 P02_ANWSCH HR-CH: Application key Switzerland CHAR   
270 P02_ANWSCHCH HR-CH: Application key Switzerland CHAR   
271 P02_APPLI HR-CH: Sub-application code CHAR   
272 P02_APPLZ Subapplication for Time Quotas CH CHAR   
273 P02_ASMCODE ASM - company code CHAR 20    
274 P02_ATTRI HR-CH: Attribute NUMC   
275 P02_B2A_CONTTYPE ELM: Content Type CHAR 10    
276 P02_BARCODE Deactivate 2-D Bar Code for LAW (X-> Yes,' ' No) CHAR   
277 P02_BARC_SYSID System ID: LAW Bar Code CHAR   
278 P02_BARC_SYSVERS System Version: LAW Bar Code NUMC   
279 P02_BATYP Type of Company Department Reduced Working Hours CHAR   
280 P02_BER HR-CH: Area for insurance NUMC   
281 P02_BIGAN HR-CH: BIGA Requirement level for work place NUMC   
282 P02_BIGAT HR-CH: BIGA Activity NUMC   
283 P02_BIGS BIGA Employment Statistics CHAR   
284 P02_BTABT HR_CH: Reduced hours text CHAR   
285 P02_BTRTE SUVA personnel areas CHAR   
286 P02_BVAR Pension fund type CHAR   
287 P02_BVAU Permissibility of summing CHAR   
288 P02_BVER Permissibility of data entry CHAR   
289 P02_BVFA Formula for calculation of age CHAR   
290 P02_BVFO Calculation formula CHAR   
292 P02_BVPR Percentages CHAR   
293 P02_BVPZ Present value factor CHAR   
294 P02_BVRE Pension Type CHAR   
295 P02_BVSP Pension table column NUMC   
296 P02_BVTB Pension table CHAR   
297 P02_BVVZ Sign code CHAR   
298 P02_BVWE Value date CHAR   
299 P02_CALCN HR-CH: PC calculation CHAR   
300 P02_CODEA Salary Comparison: Age Code CHAR   
301 P02_CODES Salary Comparison: Salary Code CHAR   
302 P02_CONDI Processing control: Operation requirment NUMC   
303 P02_CONTRACT_TYPE Employment Relationship CHAR   
304 P02_CQABP WhT accounting period CHAR   
305 P02_CQABV WhT accounting variant CHAR   
306 P02_CQAFR WhT type of tax exempt amount CHAR   
307 P02_CQB13 WhT treatment of 13th monthly wage CHAR   
308 P02_CQBEV WhT calculation variant CHAR   
309 P02_CQBPR WhT calculation of entitlement provisions CHAR   
310 P02_CQKAN Tax canton CHAR   
311 P02_CQKIS Withholding tax church tax calculation type CHAR   
312 P02_CQLWG Wage statement group tax CHAR   
313 P02_CQMFA WhT for concurrent employment CHAR   
314 P02_CQMOD HR-CH: Processing mode for import of rates CHAR   
315 P02_CQRUT WhT rounding type CHAR   
316 P02_CQSAA WhT tax rate application CHAR   
317 P02_CQSPA Withholding tax column CHAR   
318 P02_CQTAB Withholding tax table CHAR   
319 P02_CQTAV WhT tax table version CHAR   
320 P02_CQTEI WhT partial period invoice variant CHAR   
321 P02_CQTES QSt Teilmonatsrechnungsvariante Stundenlöhner CHAR   
322 P02_CQTRFA HR-CH: WTax - PScale type CHAR   
323 P02_CVIEW HR-CH: View for PC calculator CHAR   
324 P02_DAQ_CO CO CHAR 40    
325 P02_DAQ_QSGE_ACTIVITY_RATE Employment Fraction CHAR   
326 P02_DAQ_QSGE_AMOUNT_CENT Amount Rounded to 5 Centimes CHAR 14    
327 P02_DAQ_QSGE_AMOUNT_NO_CENT Amount Without Decimal Places CHAR 10    
328 P02_DAQ_QSGE_BOOLEAN3 Boolean for Countries CHAR   
329 P02_DAQ_QSGE_DATE Date CHAR 10    
330 P02_DAQ_QSGE_DAYS Days CHAR   
331 P02_DAQ_QSGE_FAMST Marital Status NUMC   
332 P02_DAQ_QSGE_FREE_ADR Free Text for Address CHAR 100    
333 P02_DAQ_QSGE_FREE_TEXT Free Text CHAR 50    
334 P02_DAQ_QSGE_GROSS Gross CHAR 10    
335 P02_DAQ_QSGE_HOUSE_NO House number CHAR 10    
336 P02_DAQ_QSGE_LIANT_VOIE Street Binder Type CHAR 10    
337 P02_DAQ_QSGE_LOCTX Locality CHAR 40    
339 P02_DAQ_QSGE_SEX Gender NUMC   
340 P02_DAQ_QSGE_TAX_CODE Tax Scale NUMC   
341 P02_DAQ_QSGE_TAX_RATE Tax Rate CHAR   
342 P02_DAQ_QSGE_TAX_TYPE Withholding Tax for Geneva: Tax Type NUMC   
343 P02_DAQ_QSGE_TYPE_VOIE Street Type CHAR 20    
344 P02_DAQ_QSGE_XCAP Socio-Professional Category ("categorieProfessionnelle") CHAR   
345 P02_DAQ_QSGE_XCON Religious Denomination NUMC   
346 P02_DAQ_QSGE_XTCT Tax Payer Type CHAR   
347 P02_DAQ_QSGE_YEAR Year CHAR   
348 P02_DAQ_QSGE_ZIP_CODE Postal Code CHAR 30    
349 P02_DAQ_QSVD_COSEX Gender Code NUMC   
350 P02_DAQ_QSVD_CTCON Content Type CHAR   
351 P02_DAQ_QSVD_NVSRC Indicator for New WHT Liable CHAR   
352 P02_DAQ_QSVD_PERTR Residence Status CHAR   
353 P02_DAQ_QSVD_TACTI Activity type CHAR   
354 P02_DAQ_QSVD_TENVI Type of System Environment (Test/Production) CHAR   
355 P02_DATTY HR-CH: Data type for PC values CHAR   
356 P02_DEC2 HRPF: Data Type FP2 for Value Type DEC 18 
357 P02_DEC4 HRPF: Data Type FP4 for Value Type DEC 18 
358 P02_DEC6 HRPF: Data Type FP6 for Value Type DEC 18 
359 P02_DECL_B2ACTL Control for Creation of Entries in B2A Manager NUMC   
360 P02_DECL_SLIS_HANDLE Administration ID for Variants CHAR   
361 P02_DTRTY Data Medium CHAR   
362 P02_EDCO_AUSB_KEY Key for Training or Further Training NUMC   
363 P02_EDCO_AUSB_TXT Name of Training or Further Training CHAR 40    
364 P02_EDCO_EVTNR Number of Single Event (Merging Multiple Records) NUMC 20    
365 P02_EDCO_FTEXT Alternative Free Text for Comment on Wage Statement CHAR 100    
366 P02_EDCO_INST_KEY Key for Training or Further Training Institute NUMC   
367 P02_EDCO_INST_TXT Name of Training or Further Training Institute CHAR 40    
368 P02_EDCO_PRTXT Description of Amounts of Further Training on Wage Statement CHAR 255    
369 P02_EGMTD HR-CH: Employee groupings for PC methods CHAR   
370 P02_EINH HR-CH: unit for contribution rates CHAR   
371 P02_ELM_ACATG Insurance Category Code of Insurer CHAR   
372 P02_ELM_BEM_VAR Placeholder for Comments ELM CHAR 60    
373 P02_ELM_CC_NAME Name of Recipient of Data Copy (ELM) CHAR 50    
374 P02_ELM_CHECK_INOP_OPERA2 ELM: Amount of Operand 2 for Interoperability Test CURR 15 
375 P02_ELM_CMPY_PAYAG Type of Wage Agreement NUMC   
376 P02_ELM_COMMENT Comment CHAR 255    
377 P02_ELM_COPW2 ELM: Password for Completion and Release of Notification CHAR 300    
378 P02_ELM_COUR2 ELM: URL with Key and Password for Completion CHAR 400    
379 P02_ELM_FAK_KAN Canton of Family Equalization Fund (ELM) CHAR   
380 P02_ELM_FAULT_FACOD ELM: Error Code NUMC   
381 P02_ELM_HNUMB House number CHAR 10    
382 P02_ELM_JOBKEY ELM: Order Key (Job Key) of Transferred Notification CHAR 50    
384 P02_ELM_LOG Level of Detail Log NUMC   
385 P02_ELM_MONID Monitoring ID of Wage Notification (MonitoringID) CHAR 32    
386 P02_ELM_MSGTYPE ELM: Message Type NUMC   
387 P02_ELM_NUM_PERS Number of personnel numbers DEC 10    
388 P02_ELM_PARTNERID Partner Identification ELM CHAR 50    
389 P02_ELM_RESUL Processing Status of Order with Final Recipient NUMC   
390 P02_ELM_SEL_DOCTY Document Category CHAR   
391 P02_ELM_STAND_BEM Standard Comments ELM CHAR   
392 P02_ELM_STRAS Street and House Number (3. Line) CHAR 60    
393 P02_ELM_TEXT200 Text length 200 CHAR 200    
395 P02_ELM_VERSION Version NUMC   
396 P02_ELM_WKANTO ELM: Canton of Residence CHAR   
397 P02_EMAIL E-Mail Address CHAR 255    
398 P02_EMPFSL ELM: Internal Institution ID CHAR   
399 P02_EMPFSL2 ELM: Internal Institution ID CHAR 12    
400 P02_EODI Service type CHAR   
401 P02_EOLP HR-CH: Processing schedule: Line processing CHAR   
402 P02_ERC_BARCODE_SYM Language-Dependent Barcode on Employer Statement CHAR   
403 P02_FAKAN Cantonal family equalization fund CHAR   
404 P02_FAK_FMZR_ENTMT_BEGDA Start of Entitlement Period for Family-Rel. Bonus (FamRBReg) DATS   
405 P02_FAK_FMZR_ENTMT_ENDDA End of Entitlement Period for Family-Rel. Bonus (FamRBReg) DATS   
406 P02_FAK_FMZR_REFNR Bonus Reference Number (FamRelBonReg) NUMC 16    
407 P02_FAK_FMZR_REFNR_POSTFIX Addition for Bonus Reference Number (FamRelBReg) NUMC   
408 P02_FAK_PER_OF_EMPL Employment Period for FAK CHAR 13    
409 P02_FAK_WORK_CONTRACT_PARTNER Partner's Work Contract CHAR   
410 P02_FILENAME File Names CHAR 255    
411 P02_FIMO Financing model CHAR   
412 P02_FMZR_ALLOWANCE_CODE Bonus Code for Family-Related Bonus CHAR   
413 P02_FMZR_AL_CCRES_XML Child's Country of Residence Acc. to Standard "eahv/iv-008" CHAR   
414 P02_FMZR_AL_STORN Reversal Indicator for Bonus (02 = No, 01 = Yes) CHAR   
415 P02_FMZR_BN_GENDR_XML Recipient: Gender (Code for XML) CHAR   
416 P02_FMZR_CH_FAREL_XML Child: Family Status of Recipient to Child (XML) CHAR   
417 P02_FMZR_CH_GENDR_XML Child: Gender (Code for XML) CHAR   
418 P02_FMZR_CP_CNAME_XML Notification: Company Name (XML) CHAR 200    
419 P02_FMZR_CP_RPEML_XML Notification: E-Mail Address of Contact Person (XML) CHAR 50    
420 P02_FMZR_CP_RPNAM_XML Notification: Name of Contact for Resolving Errors (XML) CHAR 50    
421 P02_FMZR_FORMT Notification Format CHAR   
422 P02_FMZR_LOG_LVL Level of Detail of Log NUMC   
423 P02_FMZR_VERNR Version Number of Notification Format NUMC   
424 P02_FNUMB HR-CH Number of an employee attribute NUMC   
425 P02_FORMU HR-CH: PC form CHAR 16    
426 P02_FUART Salary Comparison: Function type CHAR   
427 P02_FUBRA Salary comparison: Industry code CHAR   
428 P02_FUNUM Salary Comparison: Function number NUMC   
429 P02_FZAL Calculation of age CHAR   
430 P02_FZAN Application key CHAR   
431 P02_FZKU Reduction rule CHAR   
432 P02_GEBDAT Date of Birth CHAR 10    
433 P02_GEMND Municipality NUMC   
434 P02_GESCH Gender (F: Female; M: Male) CHAR   
435 P02_GETIS_BCODE WHT Geneva: Pay Scale Code for Data Carrier (GeTIS) NUMC   
436 P02_GETIS_CDACT Occupational Code (GeTIS) NUMC   
437 P02_GETIS_CONFE WHT Geneva: Religion Code for Data Carrier (GeTIS) NUMC   
438 P02_GETIS_ETCVL WHT Geneva: Marital Status Code for Data Carrier (GeTIS) NUMC   
439 P02_GETIS_FAMST WHT Geneva: Marital Status Code for Data Carrier NUMC   
440 P02_GETIS_F_LINTY Type of Line NUMC   
441 P02_GETIS_F_OCONV Output Conversion for File NUMC   
442 P02_GETIS_HNR House number CHAR   
443 P02_GETIS_KONFE WHT Geneva: Religion Code for Data Carrier NUMC   
444 P02_GETIS_LOCCD Withholding Tax Geneva: Municipality Code NUMC   
445 P02_GETIS_LOCTX Withholding Tax Geneva: Text Municipality Code CHAR 40    
446 P02_GETIS_LOG Level of Detail Log (GeTIS) NUMC   
447 P02_GETIS_NDAY WHT Geneva: Number of Unpaid Absence Days NUMC   
448 P02_GETIS_O_N WHT Geneva: Key for Boolean Values in File (GeTIS) CHAR   
450 P02_GETIS_STBRUT Withholding Tax Geneva: Gross Tax Amount for Data Carrier CURR 15 
451 P02_GETIS_STRAS Name of Street (Without Postal Code) CHAR 40    
452 P02_GETIS_VERSI Version NUMC   
453 P02_GMDTL District key CHAR   
454 P02_GRP13LO Grouping for year-end bonus CHAR   
455 P02_GRPTY HR-CH: Group formation type CHAR   
456 P02_IDEHRA Enterpise ID Acc. to Fed. Commercial Registry Office (EHRA) CHAR 18    
457 P02_INT HRPF: Data Type Integer for Value Type NUMC 18    
458 P02_INTBT HR-CH: plant section code internal UVG/SUVA CHAR   
459 P02_KANTI Possibility of canteen meals (LAW Switz.) CHAR   
460 P02_KART Grace period CHAR   
461 P02_KZLOHN HR-CH: Base creation for year-end bonus CHAR   
462 P02_LAUWG Wage statement group CHAR   
463 P02_LAWTXTH Wage Statement: Address Row for Letter H (EE Address) CHAR 40    
464 P02_LAW_AUSHI Wage statement: temporary help CHAR   
465 P02_LAW_ORIGIN Wage Statement 2005: Origin of the Cumulation Wage Type CHAR   
466 P02_LINTY HR-CH: Processing schedule: Line type CHAR   
467 P02_LSE_ACTIVE_B Employment Period: From (Day/Month) CHAR   
468 P02_LSE_ACTIVE_E Employment Period: To (Day/Month) CHAR   
469 P02_LSE_ADDR_ADDON HRCH: Survey of Struc./Level of Wages - Addnl Txt f. Address CHAR 40    
470 P02_LSE_ADDR_ORT HRCH: Survey of Struct./Level of Wages Postal Code and City CHAR 40    
471 P02_LSE_BRUTTO13 13th Monthly Wage NUMC   
472 P02_LSE_BRUTTOOKT Gross Wage October NUMC   
473 P02_LSE_CONTRACTTYPE Job Feature: Contract Type CHAR   
474 P02_LSE_CONTRACTWORKT Job Feature: Contractually Agreed Working Time CHAR   
475 P02_LSE_DEGREE Employee Degree CHAR   
476 P02_LSE_EDUCATION Training NUMC   
477 P02_LSE_ENTRYDATE Work Entry Date (Month/Year) CHAR   
478 P02_LSE_EXERCISEDJOB Job Exercised at Company CHAR 28    
479 P02_LSE_FAMZ Family-Related Bonuses in October NUMC   
480 P02_LSE_PAYAGREEMENT Wage Agreement NUMC   
481 P02_LSE_POSITION Professional Position NUMC   
482 P02_LSE_SONDERBR_Q Special Payments: Irregular Benefits NUMC   
483 P02_LSE_SONDERBR_R Special Payments: Payments in Kind NUMC   
484 P02_LSE_SONDERBR_S Special Payments: Capital Payments NUMC   
485 P02_LSE_SONDERBR_T Special Payments: Additional Benefits Paid by Employer NUMC   
486 P02_LSE_SOZIALOKT_L Social Security Contributions in October; w/o Second Pillar NUMC   
487 P02_LSE_SOZIALOKT_M Social Security Contributions, 2nd Pillar, w/o Purchases NUMC   
488 P02_LSE_UEBERSTDLOHN Remuneration from Overtime Hours NUMC   
489 P02_LSE_UGROESSE HRCH: Survey of Structure and Level of Wages: Company Size NUMC   
490 P02_LSE_UTILIZATIONGRADE Job Feature: Contractual Utilization Grade in October CHAR   
491 P02_LSE_VACATIONDAYS Job Feature: Vacation Days (Vacation Entitlement) CHAR   
492 P02_LSE_WAGECALCTYPE Job Feature: Wage Calculation Basis NUMC   
493 P02_LSE_WAGE_EARNER HRCH: Survey of Struct./Lvl of Wages, Hrly/Mnthly Wge Earner NUMC   
494 P02_LSE_ZULAGEOKT Bonuses October NUMC   
495 P02_MDSVL HR-CH: Derived infotype values for master data sheet CHAR   
496 P02_METHD HR-CH: PC method type CHAR   
497 P02_MODIF Grouping for social insurance Switzerland NUMC   
498 P02_MOST Statistics modifier NUMC   
499 P02_MOSV Grouping for social insurance Switzerland NUMC   
500 P02_MOUVG HR-CH: modifier for premium table UVG NUMC