SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 4
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P02_MSGTY HR-CH: Message type CHAR   
2 P02_MTTVAR HR-CH: Time variant methods CHAR   
3 P02_MVCTL HR-CH: Processing control : Determination of meth.variant CHAR   
4 P02_NAHVNR Social Insurance Number (CH) CHAR 13    
5 P02_NAHVNR_LOG Level of Detail Log (New AHV No.) NUMC   
6 P02_NBUPF NIA supplementary insurance NUMC   
7 P02_NMSRC Employee's WHT Number CHAR 20    
8 P02_OKCODE HR_CH_PK : Function codes for creating BI sessions CHAR 20    
9 P02_OPERA HR-CH: PC operation CHAR   
10 P02_OUTMT HR-CH: Output procedure for master data sheet CHAR   
11 P02_OUTSQ HR-CH: Output sequence CHAR   
12 P02_OUTTAB HR-CH: Accounting table for SI CHAR   
13 P02_OUTTY HR-CH: Output assignment type CHAR   
14 P02_OZRGL Cost-of-living allowance: Rules for determining COLA level CHAR   
15 P02_OZSTF Cost of living allowance level NUMC   
16 P02_PAFGR HR-CH: Parameter area grouping CHAR   
17 P02_PARAM HR-CH: Operation parameter NUMC   
18 P02_PARAR HR-CH: Parameter area CHAR   
19 P02_PARVR Parallel processing variant CHAR   
20 P02_PERCENT Percentage Rate DEC
21 P02_PERCENT_STR Percentage Rate CHAR   
22 P02_PERIOD Period CHAR   
23 P02_PLANID HR-CH: Name of partial plan CHAR   
24 P02_PPLAN HR-CH: Name of partial plan CHAR   
25 P02_PRBETRG_STR HR Payroll: Maximum Amount (String) CHAR 21    
26 P02_PREVENTION Prevention CHAR   
27 P02_PYF_LOG_LEVEL Level of Detail - Payroll Log and Application Log NUMC   
28 P02_QSGE_DEC10_2 Decimal number DEC 10 
29 P02_QSGE_DEC2_2 Decimal number DEC
30 P02_QSGE_DEC3_2 Decimal number DEC
31 P02_QSGE_ISEL_LOG Level of Detail for Log for ISEL NUMC   
33 P02_QSGE_STREET_NAME Street Type Name CHAR 40    
34 P02_QSGE_STREET_TYPE_CODE Street Type Code CHAR   
35 P02_QSGE_VERION_GETIS_ISEL Version of GeTis and ISEL NUMC   
36 P02_QSTPF Withholding Tax liability CHAR   
37 P02_QST_ABR_AUSVAR WHT Payroll Output Variant NUMC   
38 P02_QST_AUSVAR_ANADDR Output Variant Employee Address in WHT Statement NUMC   
39 P02_QST_AUSVAR_QSPRO Output Variant Tax Rate in WHT Accounting NUMC   
40 P02_QST_BES_AUSVAR WHT Certificate Output Variant NUMC   
41 P02_QST_EEADDR_LINE Line of Employee Address CHAR 40    
42 P02_QST_ID_CONT WHT Identification Fld for Old/New AHV No. and Date of Birth CHAR 16    
43 P02_QST_NUM Number of Entries in Witholding Tax Table DEC   
44 P02_QST_SORTKEY WHT: Sort Key from Old/New AHV CHAR 21    
45 P02_REGEL Special Processing Rule for Determining the Pension Age CHAR   
46 P02_RENAR Pension Type CHAR   
47 P02_REPTY HR-CH: Reporting type CHAR   
48 P02_RETCO HR-CH: Return code for PC method NUMC   
49 P02_RETYP HR-CH: PF: Pension type NUMC   
50 P02_RMC_ABSTYPE Absence Type CHAR   
51 P02_RMC_FORMSTATUS Status of form NUMC   
52 P02_RMC_FORMTYPE Maternity Pay: Type of Form NUMC   
53 P02_RMC_UNIT Period That the Payment Relates To CHAR   
54 P02_RNDDIV HR-CH: Rounding divisor DEC   
55 P02_SALST Salary Comparison: Salary level NUMC   
56 P02_SCHEM HR-CH: PC schema CHAR   
57 P02_SLGA Cumulation wage type CHAR   
58 P02_SPRCOD HR-CH: Language code (B/M/S) CHAR   
59 P02_STAMM HR master data sheet CHAR   
60 P02_STAND_BEM Standard Comments ELM CHAR   
61 P02_STATS Evaluation line status NUMC   
62 P02_TERMINAT_BY Notice Given By CHAR   
63 P02_TIMEC HR-CH: Processing time CHAR   
64 P02_UAVAL0 Display value PC Universal evaluation num., 0 decimal places DEC 15    
65 P02_UAVAL2 Display value PC Universal evaluation num., 2 decimal places DEC 15 
66 P02_UAVAL4 Display value PC Universal evaluation num., 4 decimal places DEC 15 
67 P02_UAVAL6 Output Value of PC Universal Eval. Num., 6 Decimal Places DEC 15 
68 P02_UVGPF HR-CH: UVG/SUVA liability NUMC   
69 P02_VAL HR-CH: Value within processing control CHAR 18    
70 P02_VAL02 HR-CH: Output field for SAPscript reports (2 DEC 16 
71 P02_VAL03 HR-CH: Output field for SAPscript report (4 DEC 16 
72 P02_VAL12 HR-CH: Value Within Processing Control CHAR 12    
73 P02_VALTY HR-CH: Value type CHAR   
74 P02_VASET HR-CH: PC value set CHAR   
75 P02_VDXML_ACI_ACTIV EMP-ACI: Activity Type CHAR   
76 P02_VDXML_ACI_ACTIV_TYPE EMP-ACI: Activity Type CHAR 20    
81 P02_VDXML_ACI_RES_PERMIT EMP-ACI: Residence Status CHAR   
85 P02_VDXML_ACI_VERSION Version Number of Notification Format NUMC   
86 P02_VDXML_LOG Level of Detail Log NUMC   
87 P02_VERSI Retroactive accounting version CHAR   
88 P02_VINHA Level of Relationship to Owner of Enterprise NUMC   
89 P02_VNR_RULE Rule for Output of Social Insurance Number NUMC   
90 P02_VPROP HR-CH: PC value type characteristic NUMC   
91 P02_VSAR Insurance types CHAR   
92 P02_WORKTIME_UNIT Unit of measurement for working time CHAR   
93 P02_ZUKZ Assign reduced hours NUMC   
94 P032_ESMOD Indicator: Income/Tax CHAR   
95 P032_JHAUS Annual Tax Declaration CHAR   
96 P032_STAKZ Indicator: Tax Card Submitted? CHAR   
97 P032_ZWABS Deduction Type CHAR   
98 P034_ABUNT Absence Less Than 1 Day CHAR   
99 P034_ACCOB Indicators in Analysis Period CHAR   
100 P034_ADVNC Pay Scale Jump Due to Seniority CHAR   
101 P034_DATID Use of Date Type CHAR   
102 P034_OBSRV Analysis Period CHAR   
103 P034_REQIR Requirements Linked to an Absence Category CHAR   
104 P034_SYMID Purpose/Requirement (Use of Symbols, EFZG) CHAR   
105 P034_TBLGR Table Group to Be Considered CHAR   
106 P034_UNITS Quotas and Deduction Methods CHAR   
107 P036_GRUPE Garnishment Group CHAR   
108 P03P1RA_ABGP Pensioner Deregistration Reason CHAR   
109 P03P1RA_AGCP Pensioner Registration Reason CHAR   
110 P03P1RA_DEC155 Decimal number 15 places, 5 decimal places, no +/- sign DEC 15 
111 P03P1RA_DEC38 Decimal Number 3 Digits Before 8 After Decimal Point DEC 11 
112 P03P1RA_FBBEE Child Types for Orphan CHAR   
113 P03P1RA_GESW Gender of Trustee CHAR   
114 P03P1RA_KZAPN Absence Indicator FRSC CHAR   
115 P03P1RA_PART Pension Type CHAR   
116 P03P1_AGRD0 Deregistration Reason, Code CHAR   
117 P03P1_ANGR0 Registration Reason: Code CHAR   
118 P03P1_BINAR Domain for Decision Fields with Two Options CHAR   
119 P03P1_GEGC0 Legal Basis, Code CHAR   
120 P03P1_PEART Pension Type NUMC   
121 P03P1_PSRTY Extended Pay Scale Reclassification Type for PSRTY CHAR   
122 P03P2_ARBK0 Responsible Chamber of Labor CHAR   
123 P03P2_BONUS Indicator for Unemployment Insurance CHAR   
124 P03P2_BTRA BVA Social Insurance Contribution Type CHAR   
125 P03P2_CATEG Indicator Contractual Civil Servant/Government Official CHAR   
126 P03P2_GERF Indicator for Minimal Income Worker CHAR   
127 P03P2_KNBTA Indicator for Type of Contribution CHAR   
128 P03P2_KNBTA2 Additional Indicator for Contribution Type CHAR   
129 P03P2_VOPE0 VOPE - Early Retirement/Retirement CHAR   
130 P03P2_ZUGBN Affiliation Contribution Statement CHAR   
131 P03P2_ZUGE Affiliation, Code CHAR   
132 P03PBS_ANGR0 Registration Reason: Code CHAR   
133 P03PBS_AVKAT Domain for Feature AVKAT CHAR   
134 P03PBS_AVKAT_P2 Domain for Feature AVKAT CHAR   
135 P03_ABART Statutory Payment Type to Tax Office CHAR   
136 P03_ANART Type of Deduction Amount CHAR   
137 P03_ARAN0 Worker / Salaried Employee CHAR   
138 P03_ARTE0 Type of Payslip E18 (Service Provided) NUMC   
139 P03_ARTL0 Type of Payslip L16 NUMC   
140 P03_AVSTR Type of Insurance Institution CHAR   
141 P03_BACTI Document Action CHAR   
142 P03_BEITR Type of Contribution and Contribution Amount CHAR 10    
143 P03_BETYP Employment Type for Contribution Base Statement (SI Austria) CHAR   
144 P03_BGSPL Grouping of Correction of Contribution Basis CHAR   
145 P03_BTV94 Effective Pay Scale: Deduction Amount DEC 13 
146 P03_BZART Reference Type CHAR   
147 P03_CHAR150 Character String 150 for Text CHAR 150    
148 P03_CHKEQ Comparison Method for Payslip Field CHAR   
149 P03_COLZP Period Assignment of Summarization of Payslip Field NUMC   
150 P03_CONID_D Domain for Customizing Constant ID CHAR   
151 P03_CURRC9 Decimal no. w/ 7 characters before and 2 after decimal point CURR
152 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_ANBRINGEN Type of Declaration CHAR   
153 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_ART_IDBEGRIFF Type of Identification Term CHAR   
155 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_EART Type of Declaration CHAR   
156 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_JAHRMONTYP Type of Period Specification CHAR   
157 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_KOMSTART Type of Municipal Tax Return CHAR   
158 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_KZTYPE Indicator category CHAR   
159 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_RUECK Withdrawal CHAR   
160 P03_DAQ_KSJ_D_UHRZTYPE Time Category CHAR   
161 P03_ECARD E-Card Charge To Pay CHAR 10    
162 P03_EINRH Pay Scale CHAR   
163 P03_EMETH Electronic Notification Procedure CHAR   
164 P03_EPRO2 ELDA Project CHAR   
165 P03_ERHNG Type of Pay Scale CHAR   
166 P03_ERRIN Payslip L16, Error Indication CHAR   
167 P03_ESTG47 Type of Joint Taxation Sec. 47 EStG CHAR   
168 P03_FLTVA BAdI Filter for Pension Calculation CHAR 30    
169 P03_GMDCD Municipality Code NUMC   
170 P03_GMD_STATUS Municipality Status CHAR   
171 P03_JOBID Determination of Work Relationship, Payslip L16 CHAR   
172 P03_KINDZ Type of Heavy Labor According to Sec. 5, Regulation of FMSSG CHAR   
173 P03_KZABW Indicator Absence Public Sector CHAR   
174 P03_LAZGMVS Wage Type Assignment for Joint Taxation CHAR   
175 P03_LEIST Benefit Type CHAR   
176 P03_LOHNB Payroll Office AT CHAR   
177 P03_LZCOP Compression Method of Payslip Field CHAR   
178 P03_LZSV_MAXBT Wage type amount CURR
179 P03_LZTYP Payslip Data Category CHAR   
180 P03_MODAK Employee NUMC   
181 P03_MSGTY HR-AT: Message Type CHAR   
182 P03_NEULZ L16: Conditions for New Payslip NUMC   
183 P03_NIKEG Reason for No Pay in Lieu of Notice CHAR   
184 P03_NIUEG Reason for Nonpayment of UE/UA CHAR   
185 P03_NUMMM Number of Months NUMC   
186 P03_OPERA Check Operation CHAR   
187 P03_ORGZU Return Value Feature APORG CHAR   
188 P03_PFART Garnishment type CHAR   
189 P03_PRNLZ Creation of Payslip L16 CHAR   
190 P03_PROV0 Description of Commission CHAR   
191 P03_PRZ38 Effective Pay Scale: Marginal Tax Rate DEC 11 
192 P03_PYF_LOG_LEVEL Level of Detail - Payroll Log and Application Log NUMC   
193 P03_READY Release Status for Electronic Transfer CHAR   
194 P03_RECHZ Arithmetic Operator CHAR   
195 P03_RESTY Reaction to Result If True CHAR   
196 P03_RETRE_D Domain for Retirement Reason NUMC   
197 P03_REVMO_D Domain for Revaluation Modificator NUMC   
198 P03_REVTY Revision Type CHAR   
199 P03_RUNDG Rounding-off type CHAR   
200 P03_RUNM_D Domain for RUN Mode (Pension Calculation) CHAR   
201 P03_SDSEL Selection by Due Date CHAR   
202 P03_SEQNR Sequential Document Number NUMC   
203 P03_SETID Type of Payslip L16 CHAR   
204 P03_SETYP Record Type for Electronic Notification CHAR   
205 P03_SIGNM +/- Sign CHAR   
206 P03_SLGTX Cumulation Wage Type and Cumulation Wage Type Text CHAR 86    
207 P03_SOURCE_D Domain for Source of Contribution Basis CHAR   
208 P03_SRTZA Process Status for Consolidation and Notification Creation NUMC   
209 P03_START Type of Tax Payment CHAR   
210 P03_STOME Cancellation Method CHAR   
211 P03_STPRC Tax Processing CHAR   
212 P03_SVART Type of SI Payment CHAR   
213 P03_SVVER Type of Distribution of a Wage Type CHAR   
214 P03_SYMID Purpose/Use CHAR   
215 P03_TABID Effective Pay Scale: Table Type CHAR   
216 P03_TABNA Name of Int. Table CHAR   
217 P03_TEXT160 Text of Length 160 CHAR 160    
218 P03_TEXT37 Text length 37, uppercase/lowercase CHAR 37    
219 P03_TXTNO Text Number CHAR   
220 P03_UEKV_TTYP Usage Type in Simulation Result CHAR   
221 P03_UI_AROCC Work Relationship of Substitute Employee NUMC   
222 P03_UI_KABEK Employment Type at Sick Pay Entitlement Declaration NUMC   
223 P03_UI_KABEW Employment Type at Maternity Pay Entitlement Declaration NUMC   
224 P03_UI_LZPER Garnishment AT: Equalization Period for Special Payments NUMC   
226 P03_VSTRG Insurance Institution CHAR   
227 P03_WAHLR Employee's Public Service Law CHAR   
228 P04CN Domain used to convert char to num NUMC   
229 P04_MOCAT Category modifier NUMC   
230 P052_KDLHF Wage Tax (LH) Indicator CHAR   
231 P05EIR_AMOUNT Electronic Illness Reporting Generic Amount CURR 18 
232 P05EIR_CD_RD_TOEP_29B_ZW Codes for Reasons in Art. 29B ZW NUMC   
233 P05EIR_CD_RED_AANG_AO Code Reason for Illness Message NUMC   
234 P05EIR_CODE_INITIATOR_FIRING Initiator of End of Work Relationship CHAR   
236 P05EIR_CODE_ROL_PARTIJ Code Role of Chain Party CHAR   
237 P05EIR_DTYPE Electronic Illness Notification: Data Type CHAR   
238 P05EIR_FIELD_PROPERTY Electronic Illness Reporting Proxy Field Properties CHAR   
239 P05EIR_IKO_TYPE Type of Income Declaration CHAR   
240 P05EIR_INDICATOR Electronic Ilness Reporting: Indicator CHAR   
241 P05EIR_INFOTYPE_STATUS Infotype Status NUMC   
242 P05EIR_INFOTYPE_TYPE Type of Report CHAR   
243 P05EIR_INSTITUTION Electronic Illness Reporting Message Institution CHAR   
244 P05EIR_MESSAGE_NUMBER Electronic Illness Reporting Message Number NUMC 10    
245 P05EIR_MESSAGE_STATUS Notification Status NUMC   
246 P05EIR_MESSAGE_TYPE Notification Type CHAR   
247 P05EIR_PRX_R3NAME Proxy Generation: Name of an Object in R/3 CHAR 30    
248 P05EIR_REASON_RECOURSE Reason for Compensation NUMC   
249 P05EIR_RECORD_CURRENCY Currency in which a record is kept CUKY   
250 P05EIR_SEQUENCE_NUMBER Electronic Illness Reporting Sequence Number NUMC   
251 P05EIR_TOEL Additional explanations CHAR 200    
252 P05EIR_TRIGGER_TYPE Electronic Illness Reporting Trigger Type CHAR   
253 P05EIR_WOONBOOT Indicator for House Boat CHAR   
254 P05EIR_WOONWAGEN Indicator Caravan CHAR   
256 P05FBN_AFWPL_BPVTR Values for determining the rate for absence plans CHAR   
261 P05FBN_CATGR Category CHAR   
262 P05FBN_CHG_BPLAN Plan may be changed CHAR   
263 P05FBN_DEC5_2V DEC
266 P05FBN_FPR Flexible Period for Adjustment CHAR   
269 P05FBN_KZVAR Save variant of flexible benefits record CHAR   
270 P05FBN_RESULT_IT_EXISTS Plan Activation Status Based on Infotype CHAR   
273 P05FBN_STATUS_RPLFBIN0 Status of Flexible Benefits Record CHAR   
274 P05FBN_TST CHAR   
276 P05FBN_VERR_VRT Values for time of amount-based adjustment CHAR   
278 P05F_GNSIM CHAR   
279 P05K_ACTUA NUMC   
280 P05K_ADREI CHAR   
281 P05K_AMT07V Amount field (7 bytes with sign) CURR 13 
282 P05K_AMT72V Betragsfeld 7 Bytes und 2 dezimalen und Vorzeichen CURR 13 
283 P05K_ANSNR CHAR 20    
284 P05K_ARPP Pensioenprodukt (code) NUMC   
285 P05K_BANKN CHAR 30    
286 P05K_BRANC CHAR   
287 P05K_BRATX CHAR 30    
288 P05K_CHAR128 CHAR 128    
289 P05K_CHAR15 PA-PF-NL: CHAR 15 kleine letters CHAR 15    
291 P05K_CHAR35 PA-PF-NL: Omschrijving status waardeoverdracht CHAR 35    
292 P05K_CIRCUIT PA-PF-NL: Mogelijke circuits CHAR   
293 P05K_CLAS Rubriek CHAR   
294 P05K_CTPEI CHAR   
295 P05K_CTPEM CHAR   
299 P05K_DATS Feld vom Typ DATS DATS   
300 P05K_DEC_VALUE Numerieke waarde DEC 16 
301 P05K_D_ACTION CHAR 10    
302 P05K_D_DIRECTION CHAR 10    
303 P05K_D_SUBACTION CHAR 10    
304 P05K_EIOMS CHAR 60    
305 P05K_EMPID CHAR   
306 P05K_EMPST CHAR   
307 P05K_EMPTX CHAR 60    
308 P05K_ERTY Fehlertyp CHAR   
309 P05K_EURO Euro DEC 10 
310 P05K_EVNT Soort actie CHAR   
311 P05K_FVP_STATUS FVP status NUMC   
312 P05K_GBA_CODE GBA code CHAR   
313 P05K_GRNM Groepsnaam (VK-rapport) CHAR   
314 P05K_IDTC Gebeurtenis CHAR 10    
315 P05K_INFT Infotype CHAR   
316 P05K_INSTA CHAR   
317 P05K_KASSE CHAR   
318 P05K_LANGU LANG   
320 P05K_MSG_TXT CHAR 200    
321 P05K_MSTP Berichttype CHAR   
323 P05K_PARAM PA-PF-NL: Parameter voor RPLPKSN0 CHAR 25    
324 P05K_PARTY CHAR   
326 P05K_PERC Percentage deeltijd DEC
327 P05K_PKELV CHAR   
328 P05K_QDOM Veldbeschrijving CHAR 30    
329 P05K_REQCODE Aanvraag code NUMC   
330 P05K_RESE1 CHAR 60    
331 P05K_RESE2 CHAR 60    
333 P05K_RPNM VK-rapport NUMC   
334 P05K_SCOMP CHAR   
335 P05K_SCOTX CHAR 30    
338 P05K_SOORT CHAR   
339 P05K_SORT CHAR   
340 P05K_SORTX CHAR 30    
342 P05K_SPART CHAR   
344 P05K_TANM Identificatie voor triggering NUMC   
345 P05K_TCOMP CHAR   
346 P05K_TCOTX CHAR 30    
347 P05K_TERUG PA-PF-NL: Terugrentingsfactor waardeoverdracht DEC
348 P05K_TEXT500 Defintie 500 karakters CHAR 500    
349 P05K_USER_EXIT CHAR 12    
350 P05K_VALUES_0665 Namen van velden uit P0665 NUMC   
351 P05K_VARD Variabele (VK-rapport) CHAR   
352 P05K_VART Variabele type CHAR   
353 P05K_VARVV Variabele definitie NUMC   
354 P05K_VKOP Operatie (VK-rapport) CHAR   
355 P05K_VKTY Type rapport CHAR   
356 P05K_VLUE Waarde CHAR   
357 P05K_VOLGNR PA-PF-NL: Volgnummer NUMC   
358 P05K_XFELD Aankruisveld CHAR   
359 P05T_AANTSV Wage Return: Number of SI Days INT4 10    
360 P05T_AE_PERTYPE Wage Return: Type of Period CHAR   
361 P05T_AMOUNT Amount CURR 15 
362 P05T_CDAGH Contribution Reduction Code CHAR   
363 P05T_CDBEPTD Wage Return: Open-Ended/Fixed-Term Contract Code CHAR   
364 P05T_CDINCINKVERM Wage Return: Incidental Income Reduction Code CHAR   
365 P05T_CDLNGRNS Wage Return: "ZFW" Wage Threshold Assessment Code CHAR   
366 P05T_CVZ_AANT_VERZ Domain for number of insured parties in HCIB return DEC   
367 P05T_CVZ_ACTUEEL Current status codes of insured person for HCIB NUMC   
368 P05T_CVZ_BEDRAG Amount in Health Care Insurance Board format DEC
369 P05T_CVZ_BESTAND Health Care Insurance Board file type CHAR   
370 P05T_CVZ_CONV_FACTOR Factor for HCIB return DEC
371 P05T_CVZ_DATATYPE Health Care Insurance Board file data type CHAR   
372 P05T_CVZ_DATUM Date for Health Care Insurance Board exchange CHAR 10    
373 P05T_CVZ_FACTOR Factor for HCIB return DEC
374 P05T_CVZ_FOUTMELDING Specification for Health Care Insurance Board error message NUMC   
375 P05T_CVZ_GESLACHT Gender of insured person CHAR   
376 P05T_CVZ_HM Indicator/code main person insured/co-insured for HCIB file CHAR   
377 P05T_CVZ_MUTATIE Health Care Insurance Board amendment code NUMC   
378 P05T_CVZ_OVERL Indicator/code of deceased for HCIB file NUMC   
379 P05T_CVZ_PERC Percentage for use in Health Care Insurance Board file DEC
380 P05T_CVZ_PERC_2008 Percentage for Use in HCIB File (2008) DEC
381 P05T_CVZ_PREMIELOON Domain for HCIB premium rates DEC
382 P05T_CVZ_REDEN_MELDING Notification Reason NUMC   
383 P05T_CVZ_REG_INFOTYPE Domain for infotype selection report RPCVZPN0 NUMC   
384 P05T_EMPL Employer CHAR   
385 P05T_GEBRAUTO Wage Return: Reason for No Taxab.Income for Car Code CHAR   
386 P05T_GESL Wage Return: Gender CHAR   
387 P05T_HANDLE_LL_SPLIT Handling of Life-Course Saving Scheme Split in Wage Return CHAR   
388 P05T_HKONT General Ledger Account Number CHAR 10    
389 P05T_INDICATOR Wage Return: Indicator (Yes/No) CHAR   
390 P05T_IV_TYPE Type of Income Relationship CHAR   
391 P05T_JLO_DATATYPE Data type in Annual Wage Return CSV file CHAR   
392 P05T_JLO_MULT_DATA Handling various data with different values CHAR   
393 P05T_JLO_RUBRIEK Annual Wage Return column CHAR   
394 P05T_JLO_STATUS Annual Wage Return status CHAR   
395 P05T_JWN_ROUND Annual Employee Tax Statement: Rounding NUMC   
396 P05T_RESPTYPE Wage Return: Type of Message CHAR   
397 P05T_SRTAANG Wage Return: Type of Return CHAR   
398 P05T_SRTIV Wage Return: Type of Income Relationship CHAR   
399 P05T_STATUS Wage Return: Return Status NUMC   
400 P05T_TABNAME Wage Return: Table Name CHAR 30    
401 P05T_WCR_CALCULATION_METHOD Work Cost Regulation Calculation Method CHAR   
402 P05T_WCR_D_ACTIVATION WCR Activation CHAR   
403 P05T_WCR_D_METHOD WCR Method CHAR   
404 P05T_WCR_D_MODAY WCR: Month and Day NUMC   
405 P05T_WCR_D_PRODMODE WCR Mode: Productive/Simulation/Inactive CHAR   
406 P05T_WCR_STATUS WCR Status CHAR   
407 P05T_XML_PROT Wage Return: Detailed Report NUMC   
408 P05T_XML_SECT Wage Return Selection in XML NUMC   
409 P05T_XML_VERE Wage Return: Schema Version CHAR 20    
410 P05_AANTJ No. of Calendar Years for Life-Course Leave Tax Return INT1   
411 P05_AANVU Number of Remunerated Hours DEC   
412 P05_AARD Type of Childcare Arrangement (Day-care or Allowance) CHAR   
413 P05_AARDP Type of the Contribution NUMC   
414 P05_ABGRENZ_ART Processing method CHAR   
415 P05_ACTCO 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' activity code CHAR   
416 P05_ACTGR Eligibility for Perm. Inv. Benefit (Restrictions) Act plan CHAR   
417 P05_ACTPN Activity Periode Eligibility Act: Number of Units NUMC   
418 P05_ACTPR 'Eligibility for Perm. Inv. Benefit' activity processing CHAR   
419 P05_ACTPU 'Eligibility for Perm. Inv. Benefit' activity period unit CHAR   
420 P05_ACTSD Number of signalling days for Perm. Inv. Benefit activity NUMC   
421 P05_ACTSO Elig. for Perm. Inv. Benefit (Restrictions) Act act. type CHAR   
422 P05_ACTXT Description of 'Perm. Invalidity Benefit' activity CHAR 50    
423 P05_AFRND Rounding Method CHAR   
424 P05_AFRWG Rounding Method ER Contribution CHAR   
425 P05_AFRWN Rounding Method EE Contribution CHAR   
426 P05_AFWAD Different Working Hours NL CHAR   
427 P05_AFWPG Different Pensionable Salary CURR
428 P05_AFWPP_WG Different ER Contribution Percentage DEC
429 P05_AFWPP_WN Different EE Contribution Percentage DEC
430 P05_AFWWG Different Employer Contribution CURR
431 P05_AFWWN Different Employee Contribution CURR
432 P05_AGE_01_01 Age on 1 January NUMC   
433 P05_APPRV HR_NL: Gebeurtenis goedkeuren CHAR   
434 P05_APSCR Apply Special Calculation Rules for Extra SI CHAR   
435 P05_APSJB Payroll Period Start Annual Accounting NUMC   
436 P05_ARBGK Disabled Persons' Tax Credit CHAR   
437 P05_BBZKT Special Processing for Sickness CHAR   
438 P05_BEROEP Professional Group Code CHAR   
439 P05_BGLST Marital Status for Evaluations CHAR   
440 P05_BLOCK HR-NL: Geen geblokkeerde gebeurtenis CHAR   
441 P05_BOOLEA Yes/No Field CHAR   
442 P05_BSNCD Citizen Service Number [BSN] CHAR 20    
443 P05_BSTCV Valid Soc.Insurance Ind. for UVI and Primary Ins. Cover Ind. NUMC   
444 P05_BTI63 Domain for Amounts in IT0063 (Social Ins. Fund) CURR 13 
445 P05_CAARD Work Relationship Type Code CHAR   
446 P05_CAOCD CAO code NUMC   
447 P05_CATGO Category CHAR   
448 P05_CCOBT Open-Ended / Fixed-Term Contract Indicator CHAR   
449 P05_CDAYS Number of Calendar Days of Attendance/Absence Record INT4 10    
450 P05_CDMDG Notification Indicator CHAR   
451 P05_CDVRZ Primary Insurance Cover/Capacity of the Insured CHAR   
452 P05_CDZKM Sickness Notification Indicator CHAR   
453 P05_CDZVW ZVW Insurance Situation Code CHAR   
454 P05_CFIFZ Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Indicator CHAR   
455 P05_CFIZZ Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Ind./Obsolete CHAR   
456 P05_CHAR1 Character String Field, Length 1 CHAR   
457 P05_CHAR15 Character Field Length 15 CHAR 15    
458 P05_CHAR50 General Character Field with Length 50 CHAR 50    
459 P05_CHBES Initialize Decision Code CHAR   
460 P05_CIINV One-Off Reduction in Income Indicator CHAR   
461 P05_CIVPL Insurance Obligation Influence Code CHAR   
462 P05_CLCPS Wage Type Code for Pensionable Salary CHAR   
463 P05_CODHR Conversion Rule Indicators CHAR   
464 P05_COMBC Combination CHAR   
465 P05_CORCCD Correction Code Cadans CHAR   
466 P05_CREIF Code with Reason for End of Flexiworker Income Relationship CHAR   
467 P05_CRGBA Taxab.Inc.f.Cd. CHAR   
468 P05_CTYPE Calculation type CHAR   
469 P05_CUMHB Cumulative Retroactive Accounting CHAR   
470 P05_DATS General Date Field DATS   
471 P05_DEC12_5 Decimal with 5 Decimal Places and +/- Sign DEC 12 
472 P05_DEC17_4 Decimal Field, Length 17 with 4 Decimal Places DEC 17 
473 P05_DEC18_8 Decimal field with 8 decimals DEC 18 
474 P05_DEC21_8 Decimal field with 8 decimals DEC 21 
475 P05_DEC4_2 Decimal 4 Positions, 2 Decimals DEC
476 P05_DEC5_2 Decimal 5 Positions, 2 Decimals DEC
477 P05_DEC6_2 Decimal 6 Positions, 2 Decimals DEC
478 P05_DEC7_2 Decimal with 7 positions, two behind separator DEC
479 P05_DEC7_4 7 Positions with 4 Decimal Places, Neg. Values Possible DEC
480 P05_DEC9_2 Number with 9 Figures before the Point and 2 Decimals DEC 11 
481 P05_DEC9_4 Number with 9 Figures before the Point and 4 Decimals DEC 13 
482 P05_DENS Domain P05_DENS CHAR   
483 P05_DENSCC Density Cadans CHAR   
484 P05_DFILE_IDENTIFIER A file path + file name + extension CHAR 255    
485 P05_DGPWK Days per Week (Dec 5,2) DEC
486 P05_DIFFP Difference Percentage DEC
487 P05_DISP_STAT Domain for P05_DISP_STAT CHAR   
488 P05_DLNOW_EHP Payment Reduction for Education / Training CHAR   
489 P05_DLNOW_EN Payment Reduction for Education / Training CHAR   
490 P05_DLNOW_EN2 Copy of P05_DLNOW_EN without value X CHAR   
491 P05_DNSTV Employment NL CHAR   
492 P05_DOELU Note to Payee CHAR   
493 P05_DTAXTAB_BEL_CODE NL Tax Tab Belastingdienst Code (EXTERNAL) CHAR 10    
494 P05_DTAXTAB_CODE NL Tax Table Code CHAR   
495 P05_DTAXTAB_COL_DESCR NL Tax Table Column Description CHAR 55    
496 P05_DTAXTAB_COL_SEQNO NL Tax Table column sequence number NUMC   
497 P05_DTAXTAB_DESCR NL Tax Table description CHAR 35    
498 P05_DURABS Unit of Att./absence duration with corresponding selection CHAR 10    
499 P05_DURILL Unit with selection of sickness duration CHAR 10    
500 P05_DURNUM Number of units for selection of minimum duration NUMC