SAP ABAP Domain - Index P
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P001_ANTYP Employment Category for Statistical Reporting CHAR   
2 P001_SNDRG Special Rule for Compulsory Amount Calculation CHAR   
3 P001_VRSON Process for Constant Calculation CHAR   
4 P009_SBFMN Maximum Challenged Group Credit for a Compulsory Work Center DEC
5 P009_SBFMX Maximum Challenged Group Credit for a Compulsory Work Center DEC
7 P00_PBSNO_DOCTYP documentation type of a notification CHAR   
8 P00_PBSNO_NGRPTXT Notification Group Text CHAR 40    
9 P00_PBSNO_NOTGRP Notification Group CHAR   
10 P00_PBSNO_NOTID Notification Id CHAR   
11 P00_PBSNO_NOTTXT Notification text CHAR 40    
12 P00_PBSNO_PACK package for notifications CHAR   
13 P00_PBSNO_PACKART Notification Type Within Package CHAR   
14 P00_PBSNO_SEQNR Sequence Number of Notification Within Package CHAR   
15 P00_PBSNO_USE_ADOBE Use Adobe or Smartforms for notifications CHAR   
16 P00_PBSNO_UTIME User Time (System time) CHAR   
17 P00_PBS_ACTLOGTEXT Texts for Action Log of Process Workbench Engine (PWE) CHAR 40    
18 P00_PBS_APPL Application use of PWE CHAR 20    
19 P00_PBS_BRULE Rules for business flow CHAR   
20 P00_PBS_CKIND Applicability of status check for sub process scenario CHAR   
21 P00_PBS_CTRLMARK Control Features CHAR   
22 P00_PBS_DATASTATUS Status of data requested CHAR   
23 P00_PBS_DISPLAYTYPE Describes Manner of Display for Next Processor CHAR   
24 P00_PBS_GRPPS Grouping for sub process scenarios CHAR   
25 P00_PBS_GRPPT Grouping for process tasks CHAR   
26 P00_PBS_INDCT Indicator for object name CHAR   
27 P00_PBS_INVIS Sub Process Scenario invisible CHAR   
28 P00_PBS_MULTREC Multiple records flag CHAR   
29 P00_PBS_PARTYP Import/Export parameter type CHAR   
30 P00_PBS_PRGRP Process group for sub proc scenarios & process tasks CHAR   
31 P00_PBS_PROCSCEN Sub Process Scenario CHAR   
32 P00_PBS_PRSCN Process Scenario CHAR   
33 P00_PBS_PRSENSE Specification of Process Scenarios Indicating Meaning CHAR   
34 P00_PBS_PRTSK Process tasks CHAR   
35 P00_PBS_PSFRL Process status flow rule CHAR   
36 P00_PBS_PSREL Relationship between process scenarios CHAR   
37 P00_PBS_REQMODE Business scenario request mode CHAR   
38 P00_PBS_SELECTTYPE Selection Type for Determining Next Processor CHAR   
39 P00_PBS_SPATH Status path CHAR   
40 P00_PBS_STATGRP Grouping for status CHAR   
41 P00_PBS_STATUS Status CHAR   
42 P00_PBS_TYPCK Type of error check (Err / Warning / Info) CHAR   
43 P00_PBS_UNAMEKEY Key for User Name CHAR   
44 P00_PBS_WORKMODUS Work Mode of Process Scenario CHAR   
45 P010_ROUNA Processing Routine for Derivation of Wage Types CHAR   
46 P010_VERAR Indicator for Distribution of Absences CHAR   
47 P011_ANZHL SI Statement of Contributions: SI Days DEC   
48 P011_BERKZ Calculation indicator CHAR   
49 P011_BETRG SI Statement of Contributions: Amount Field DEC 16 
50 P011_BMGGR Grouping of Assessment Thresholds NUMC   
51 P011_BTKLS Contribution Scales for Persons w/Voluntarily Reduced Insur. CHAR   
52 P011_BTRKL Contribution Scales for Voluntary Health Insurance CHAR   
53 P011_DFART EDI - Type of Data Exchange CHAR   
54 P011_DFNUM EDI - File Number NUMC   
55 P011_EINST Valuation of Wage Classifications? CHAR   
56 P011_EUART EDI - Digital Signature NUMC   
57 P011_KPART EDI - Compression Type NUMC   
58 P011_KVBEI Indicator for SI Contribution Amount Determination CHAR   
59 P011_KVSVA Social Insurance: Reasons for Exemption CHAR   
60 P011_PVBFR CI Contribution Deduction, Voluntarily Insured CHAR   
61 P011_PVBKL Care Insurance Contribution Scales for Voluntary Insurees CHAR   
62 P011_RECORD Record Status of P3359 . CHAR 15    
63 P011_SONSV Social Insurance: Special Rules CHAR   
64 P011_SONZV Special Rule for Supplementary Pensions CHAR   
65 P011_SVBTR SI Accounting: Fixed Contribution DEC
66 P011_S_EN Sort by Individual Statement CHAR   
67 P011_S_SN Sort by Individual Statement Lists CHAR   
68 P011_VSART EDI - Encryption Type NUMC   
69 P011_ZUSKL Contribution Class for Supplementary Insurance CHAR   
70 P012_LZZRM Payroll Period CHAR   
71 P013_PRITY Transfer Priority for Capital Formation Contracts CHAR   
72 P013_RFUNC Values for Decision Operation CHAR   
73 P013_SOBSG Special Rule: Calc. Acc. to Capacity Util. Level CHAR   
74 P013_STLAN State Statistics Office CHAR   
75 P013_STSPA State Statistics Office Division CHAR   
76 P013_VARGL Processing Rule for Capital Formation CHAR   
77 P014_BESKN DUEVO Special Key: Miners' Insurance CHAR   
78 P014_BPRAE Miner's Bonus CHAR   
79 P014_DKABK DEUEV Indicator for Miners' Reason for Abandonment CHAR   
80 P014_DUABW DEUEV Absence Indicator CHAR   
81 P014_DUART DUEVO Type CHAR   
82 P014_DUETA DUEVO Occupational Code CHAR   
83 P014_DUMAS DEUEV Action Indicator CHAR   
84 P014_JAHRM Creation Month for Annual Report NUMC   
85 P014_SONPR DUEVO Special Test CHAR   
86 P014_TTKKN DUEVO Activity: Miners' Insurance CHAR   
87 P014_VWLVA Capital Formation: Types of Variants CHAR   
88 P014_WLGRD DEUEV Reason for Change - Miners CHAR   
89 P014_ZSART Type of name affix CHAR   
90 P015_BETRG Wage type amount CURR
91 P015_BRFGN Workers' compensation association CHAR   
92 P015_GFTST Hazard Pay Scale CHAR   
93 P015_STAGB Statistic Indicator NUMC   
94 P015_STAUS Indicator for Exceptions in Statistics CHAR   
95 P015_SUBTY Statistics area CHAR   
96 P016_KKOST Assign Repayment Balance CHAR   
97 P01A_MONAT Month NUMC   
98 P01A_MONAT2 Months NUMC   
99 P01A_TELNR Telephone Number CHAR 20    
100 P01BVVZ +/- Sign CHAR   
101 P01B_ABSTA Storage Type for Wage Types in IT INT1   
102 P01B_ABWKA Attributes for Absences Quota Types Construction for IT 2006 CHAR   
103 P01B_ABWTG Absence Day for Meal Allowance CHAR   
104 P01B_AKKOR Piecework Rule CHAR   
105 P01B_ARGEN Number of Work Cooperative NUMC   
106 P01B_ARGEP Partner in Work Cooperative CHAR   
107 P01B_ARTFA Trip Type CHAR   
108 P01B_AUFWD Expenses: Construction Pay CHAR   
109 P01B_AWART Type of Expense CHAR   
110 P01B_AWERT Day Value DEC
111 P01B_BABAS Construction Work Key CHAR   
112 P01B_BAUID Identification of CO Objects for HR Construction Sites CHAR   
113 P01B_BAUTU Employee Subgroup Subgrouping for Construction Ind. Leave CHAR   
114 P01B_BAUTY Employee Subgroup Grouping for Construction Pay CHAR   
115 P01B_BAUTZ Exception/Addition EE Subgroup Grouping for Const. Ind. Wage CHAR   
116 P01B_BEHGR Challenge Group for Leave Entitlement CHAR   
117 P01B_BFORM Calculation Formula for Year-End Bonus CHAR   
118 P01B_BKAGP Employee Group for Data Record ANMEL NUMC   
119 P01B_BKBES Indicator for Certified Data Record CHAR   
120 P01B_BKBNR Company Number for Social Fund NUMC   
121 P01B_BKDAS Character 390 CHAR 390    
122 P01B_BKGES Gender Key for Social Fund Procedure CHAR   
123 P01B_BKMAA Social Fund: Notification Type for Training Reimbursement NUMC   
124 P01B_BKMAE Social Fund: Notification Type for Initial Notification NUMC   
125 P01B_BKMAU Social Fund Procedure: Leave Authorization Notification Type NUMC   
126 P01B_BKMSA Notification Key for Data Record ANMEL NUMC   
127 P01B_BKPER Evaluation Period (YYYYMM) ACCP   
128 P01B_BKRZN Data Center Number for Construction Industry Social Fund NUMC   
129 P01B_BKRZN_R Data Center Number for Construction Industry Social Fund (R) CHAR   
130 P01B_BKSID Identifier of Record CHAR   
131 P01B_BKSTA Possible Statuses for Data Records in SFP CHAR   
132 P01B_BLABW Absence Indicator for Employment Days Constr. Indus. Leave CHAR   
133 P01B_BOOLE Boolean: Y or N CHAR   
134 P01B_BRANK Industry Sector Indicator CHAR   
135 P01B_BSATT Construction Site Attribute CHAR   
136 P01B_BSATY Contruction Site Attribute Types CHAR   
137 P01B_BSTGD_KNZ Indicator: Place of Work CHAR   
138 P01B_BTAGE Employment Days for Construction Industry Leave CHAR   
139 P01B_BTART Social Funds - Calculation Rules CHAR   
140 P01B_CURR10 Currency Field, Length 10 CURR 10 
141 P01B_EGRGL Vacation Pay Rule CHAR   
142 P01B_ERROR Error Status for Evaluation Records SFP Construction CHAR   
143 P01B_EXAKT Exact Contrib. for Contribution Determ. SFP Construction (D) DEC 10 
144 P01B_FAHRT Trip Type CHAR   
145 P01B_FLMOD Flexible Working Hours Model CHAR   
146 P01B_FORTS Extend Absence CHAR   
147 P01B_FTEXT Free text CHAR 72    
148 P01B_GREGL Vacation Bonus Rule CHAR   
149 P01B_HINRU Construction Industry: Out/Return Journey Weekend Trip Home CHAR   
150 P01B_HINRU_WEH Flag: Out and/or Return Trip DBAU EVA INT1   
151 P01B_KENZABWTG Flag: Absence Day DBAU EVA INT2   
152 P01B_KNZEB Flag: Retention Hours CHAR   
153 P01B_KNZVO Flag: Advance Payment CHAR   
154 P01B_KNZ_GST_ZERL Indicator: Breakdown of Trade Tax CHAR   
155 P01B_KOLON Team CHAR   
156 P01B_KONST Construction Pay Constant CHAR   
157 P01B_KRSCH Relevant Work Schedule Rule CHAR   
158 P01B_KTGRP Absence Quota Types Group CHAR   
159 P01B_KURZK Short Indicators: Transaction Data CHAR   
160 P01B_MAKNZ Calculation of Overtime CHAR   
161 P01B_MEHKN Overtime Rule CHAR   
162 P01B_MODIF Modification Status for Evaluation Records SFP Construction CHAR   
163 P01B_MONAT Month NUMC   
164 P01B_POSID Day NUMC   
165 P01B_REASON Reason for Return Trip DBAU EVA CHAR   
166 P01B_RKART Return Type CHAR   
167 P01B_RSART Trip Type CHAR   
168 P01B_RTART Travel Day Type CHAR   
169 P01B_RUECK Return to Residence CHAR   
170 P01B_RZNUM Data Center Number for Construction Industry Social Fund CHAR   
171 P01B_SFABR Tax-Exempt Payroll CHAR   
172 P01B_SKBAS Indicator for Special Errors with Contrib. Calc. SFP Con.(D) CHAR   
173 P01B_SKBAV Indicator for General Errors with Contrib.Calc. SFP Con. (D) CHAR   
174 P01B_SKBER Social Fund - Contribution Area CHAR   
175 P01B_SONR1 Special Rule: Arrival/Departure CHAR   
176 P01B_SPART Type of Flat-Rate Tax Amount CHAR   
177 P01B_SSTVE Tax Processing for Travel Costs CHAR   
178 P01B_STABR Tax Payroll Run of Expenses CHAR   
179 P01B_STATS Utilization Status for Evaluation Records SFP Construction CHAR   
180 P01B_STDAZ Number of hours TIMS   
181 P01B_STORN Cancellation Status for Evaluation Records SFP Construction CHAR   
182 P01B_STUND Daily hours DEC
183 P01B_UEART AccommodationType CHAR   
184 P01B_UEEDK Origin of Accomodation Costs CHAR   
185 P01B_WAVKM Means of Transport CHAR   
186 P01B_WOHNR Hostel Number CHAR   
187 P01B_XZVBI Indicator for Contribution Table/Determination SFP Con. (D) CHAR   
188 P01B_ZVKAN Employee Number at a Construction Social Insurance Fund CHAR 13    
189 P01B_ZVKAS Social Fund CHAR   
190 P01B_ZVKNN Name/Description of a Pension Fund in the Building Sector CHAR 30    
191 P01C_ACCTY Availability Type CHAR   
192 P01C_ACTID Subsequent Payroll Activities Indicator CHAR   
193 P01C_ALTBT Alternative Amount Field with +/- Sign, without Currency DEC
194 P01C_ANGRP Pension Plan CHAR   
195 P01C_ANRTY Origin of Attributable Amount CHAR   
196 P01C_ANSPR Entitlement to Company Retirement Pension Plan CHAR   
197 P01C_ANTYP Entitlement Type (Entitlement/Benefit Type) CHAR   
198 P01C_ANZ12 Number (1 Whole Number Place, 2 Decimal Places) DEC
199 P01C_ANZ15 Number (1 Whole Number Place, 5 Decimal Places) DEC
200 P01C_ANZ22 Number (2 Whole Number Places, 2 Decimal Places) DEC
201 P01C_ANZ32 Number (3 Whole Number Places, 2 Decimal Places) DEC
202 P01C_ANZ34 Number DEC
203 P01C_ANZ44 Number (4 Whole Number Places, 4 Decimal Places) DEC
204 P01C_ANZ54 Number DEC
205 P01C_ANZ74 Number DEC 11 
206 P01C_ANZ78 Number DEC 15 
207 P01C_ARTUE Type of Capital Formation Amount (Sending/Receiving) CHAR   
208 P01C_ASTAB Individual Entitlement Status CHAR   
209 P01C_AVART CPS Wage Types CHAR   
210 P01C_AVFMA Company Pension Scheme Pension Organizations CHAR   
211 P01C_AZEIN Unit for Number Constants CHAR   
212 P01C_AZPER Number of Periods in Time Interval DEC   
213 P01C_AZRGL Rules for Deduction/Bonus CHAR   
214 P01C_AZRND Rounding of Entitlement Times CHAR   
215 P01C_AZTYP Calculation Method for Deduction/Bonus Calculation CHAR   
216 P01C_BAART Notional/Actual CHAR   
217 P01C_BATYP Basis for Contribution/Income CHAR   
218 P01C_BAVCO Company for Pension Scheme CHAR   
219 P01C_BAVDB CPS Database Table Name CHAR 30    
220 P01C_BAVVM CPS Database Table Name CHAR 30    
221 P01C_BBZRM Period for Calculation of Contributions CHAR   
222 P01C_BDCP Parameter for BDC/List Processing CHAR   
223 P01C_BEABR Taxation of Contribution CHAR   
224 P01C_BEDNG Conditions for Pension Calculations CHAR   
225 P01C_BEIKZ Contribution Indicator CHAR   
226 P01C_BEITR Contribution Packed (5 Whole No. Places, 2 Decimal Places) CURR
227 P01C_BEIZA Contribution Payer CHAR   
228 P01C_BEKLA Amount Classification CHAR   
229 P01C_BET72 Amount (6 Whole Number Places, 2 Decimal Places) CURR
230 P01C_BETBT Transfer Amount CURR
231 P01C_BETRG Amount Packed (7 Whole Number Places, 2 Decimal Places) CURR
232 P01C_BETYP Type of Amount from Contribution Reimbursement CHAR   
234 P01C_BI202 Transfer Data to Entitlements CHAR   
235 P01C_BTPKZ Annual/Monthly Amount Indicator CHAR   
236 P01C_BTRGL Amount Rule CHAR   
237 P01C_BVKNZ Type of Calculation Method NUMC   
238 P01C_BWREL Calculation Relevance for Final Processing Rule CHAR   
239 P01C_CH20 Charfield 20 Characters (Capital Letters Only) CHAR 20    
240 P01C_CH40 Charfield 40 Characters (Capital Letters Only) CHAR 40    
241 P01C_CLTAB Cluster Table CHAR   
242 P01C_CMETH Method for Calculation of Conversion Amount CHAR   
243 P01C_DAYMA Maximum Days in a Month NUMC   
244 P01C_DEC3_8 Percentage DEC 11 
245 P01C_DIALO Dialog Control for Wage Type Group CHAR   
246 P01C_DPRTY Determine Employment Period Percentage Rate CHAR   
247 P01C_DTYPE Data Type of Statement CHAR   
248 P01C_DUWEG Execution Methods of Company Pension Scheme CHAR   
249 P01C_EINZV Debit Procedure CHAR   
250 P01C_ERROR Error Flag CHAR   
251 P01C_FAKVR Annuitization Factor DEC
252 P01C_FIELD Fields of a Value Type CHAR   
253 P01C_FKTID Purpose of Function CHAR   
254 P01C_FLDLN Field length DEC
255 P01C_FLDSY Symbolic Value (Field Name) CHAR 30    
256 P01C_FNAM1 Field Name for Determination of Basis CHAR   
257 P01C_FRBIT Infotype Indicator 0014/0015 CHAR   
258 P01C_GEPER Fiscal Year NUMC   
259 P01C_GEVE Calendar Year of First Payment CHAR   
260 P01C_GPTYP Vested Payments Type CHAR   
261 P01C_GRID4 Grouping of 4-Character Field CHAR   
262 P01C_GRPID Grouping CHAR   
263 P01C_GRTP4 Grouping Type for Rules CHAR   
264 P01C_GRTYP Grouping Type CHAR   
265 P01C_GRUBV Rules Used in Calculation of Bases NUMC   
266 P01C_HBLOW Lower Threshold for Surviving Dependent Type NUMC   
267 P01C_HBTYP Dependent Type CHAR   
268 P01C_HCLAS Dynamic Division of Surviving Dependent in Class 1;2;3 SDID CHAR   
269 P01C_IDAUS Control of Payment CHAR   
270 P01C_IDBAS Identification of Calculation of Bases CHAR   
271 P01C_IDBEI Rules for Calculating Contributions CHAR   
272 P01C_IDVER Annuitization Rules CHAR   
273 P01C_INSTT Company Pension Scheme Organization CHAR   
274 P01C_ISIGN Information Character CHAR 105    
275 P01C_ISTAT Individual Entitlement Status CHAR   
276 P01C_ISTIT Pension Statement Element / Statement Item CHAR   
277 P01C_JBEWE Year for Valuation in Pension Calculation CHAR   
278 P01C_JTAGE Days in a Year NUMC   
279 P01C_KNZBP Start Indicator for Pension Payment CHAR   
280 P01C_KNZID Indicators CHAR   
281 P01C_KNZMW Male/Female Indicator CHAR   
282 P01C_KNZWZ End of Waiting Period Indicator CHAR   
283 P01C_KOKLA Collision Class NUMC   
284 P01C_KONST Constant for Company Pension Scheme CHAR   
285 P01C_KONSY Symbolic Value (Constant) CHAR   
286 P01C_KOTYP Constant Type CHAR   
287 P01C_KWERT Value of Payroll Parameters DEC
288 P01C_KZABL Type of derivation CHAR   
289 P01C_KZALI Indicator for Wage Type Reduction CHAR   
290 P01C_KZATM Indicator for Number of Days in Month CHAR   
291 P01C_KZDAR Average Type Indicator CHAR   
292 P01C_KZPER Period Indicator (Annual/Monthly) CHAR   
293 P01C_KZTYP Indicators CHAR   
294 P01C_KZUAB Bonus/Deduction Indicator CHAR   
295 P01C_KZUEX Indicator for Customer Exit CHAR   
296 P01C_L2MTH Date Determination for Enhanced Qualification Check CHAR   
297 P01C_LGHKE Origin of Wage Type for Income CHAR   
298 P01C_LGHKT Origin of Wage Type CHAR   
299 P01C_LGIDA Wage Type Identification for Payroll Accounting CHAR   
300 P01C_LGTYA Calculation Type of Wage Type CHAR   
301 P01C_LIGHT Traffic Lights CHAR 132    
302 P01C_LIMIT Final Processing Rule CHAR   
303 P01C_LIMTY Threshold Type CHAR   
304 P01C_LIMZP Time of Final Processing CHAR   
305 P01C_LRGTY Threshold Rule Type CHAR   
306 P01C_LSTKZ Indicator - Benefit Type CHAR   
307 P01C_LSTTR Origin of Benefit CHAR   
308 P01C_MGLST Member Status CHAR   
309 P01C_MITST Entitlement Status CHAR   
310 P01C_MOBBV Grouping for Valuation Bases CHAR   
311 P01C_MODBV Calculation Variant for Entitlement CHAR   
312 P01C_MONTH Month NUMC   
313 P01C_MOZBV Grouping of Calculation Bases CHAR   
314 P01C_NUMC2 Numerical Field Length 2 NUMC   
315 P01C_NUMC3 Character Field Numeric, 3 Characters NUMC   
316 P01C_NUMC4 Character Field, Numeric, 4 Characters NUMC   
317 P01C_NUMID Identification of Function CHAR   
318 P01C_OPTION Option for ranges CHAR   
319 P01C_OPTOR Operator for Value Types CHAR   
320 P01C_P16EI Start Date for Contract Elements (Infotype 0016) CHAR   
321 P01C_PATYP CPS Parameters CHAR   
322 P01C_PAVAL Value of CPS Parameter CHAR 40    
323 P01C_PBDC Batch Input Parameter or Call Transaction CHAR   
324 P01C_PINDEX Price index DEC
325 P01C_PRITY Conversion Priority CHAR   
326 P01C_PRZ34 Percentage rate as XXX,XXXX DEC
327 P01C_PRZ44 Percentage Packed NNNN,NNNN DEC
328 P01C_PRZEU Origin for Employment Fraction CHAR   
329 P01C_RDAZP Rounding Rule for Period CHAR   
330 P01C_RDDZP Rounding Rule for Employment Period Percentage Rate CHAR   
331 P01C_RDDZT Rounding Rule for Employment Period CHAR   
332 P01C_RDWZT Rounding Rule for End of Waiting Period CHAR   
333 P01C_REGRB Rule for Start of First Adjustment Date CHAR   
334 P01C_REKLA Taxation Type of Pension CHAR   
335 P01C_RELBS Relevance for Vested Payments CHAR   
336 P01C_RESLT Condition Result CHAR   
337 P01C_RETYP Accompanying Statement Type CHAR   
338 P01C_RGSGN Operation with Limit Value CHAR   
339 P01C_RNART Pension Type CHAR   
340 P01C_RNDMN Rounding Rule for Proportional Reduction CHAR   
341 P01C_RNDMO Monthly Evaluation CHAR   
342 P01C_RNTOP Processing Type for Pension Calculation CHAR   
343 P01C_ROUND Rounding Rule for Amounts CHAR   
344 P01C_RPTYP Type of Amount from Contribution Reimbursement CHAR   
345 P01C_SAART Record Type Read in PCL2 (DB): DIR or CSTIT NUMC   
346 P01C_SITXT Text for Pension Statement Element CHAR 25    
347 P01C_SIVAL Value Field for Pension Statement Elements CHAR 30    
348 P01C_STAUA Status of Vested Entitlement CHAR   
349 P01C_STTEX Enhanced Status Indicator CHAR   
350 P01C_STTYP Status of Processing Type CHAR   
351 P01C_TABNA Table Name of Calculation of Basis CHAR   
352 P01C_TNAME Table name CHAR 30    
353 P01C_TOPER Compare operator CHAR   
354 P01C_TXTBS Text Module for Pension Calculations CHAR 100    
355 P01C_TXTID Text ID CHAR   
356 P01C_TXTYP Type of Text Module CHAR   
357 P01C_TYPES Types of Pension Retirement Pension Plans CHAR   
358 P01C_UNVAW Indicator for Vested Entitlement CHAR   
359 P01C_V0TYP Variable Assignment Type CHAR   
360 P01C_VANLA Processing Subtype for Pension Calculation CHAR   
361 P01C_VARAZ Number of variables NUMC   
362 P01C_VDTAB Variable Data Part for Actions from Payroll CHAR 100    
363 P01C_VERFA Annuitization Factor DEC
364 P01C_VFUSS Footer: Pension Organization/Company CHAR 30    
365 P01C_VKOPF Header: Company/Pension Organization CHAR 30    
366 P01C_VLIST List Results CHAR   
367 P01C_VLOGO Pension Organization Logo CHAR 30    
368 P01C_VMARB Indicator for Individual/Surviving Dependents' Pension CHAR   
369 P01C_VMART Benefit Type CHAR   
370 P01C_VMDAS Character 1200 CHAR 1200    
371 P01C_VMMID Identification Key for Person CHAR 15    
372 P01C_VMSTA Processing Status for Interface Data CHAR   
373 P01C_VORZE Sign CHAR   
374 P01C_WAKEY Currency Modifier CPS CHAR   
375 P01C_WIGUT Asset CHAR   
376 P01C_WMETH Method for Calculation of Conversion Amount CHAR   
377 P01C_WTYPE Main Window Area CHAR 10    
378 P01C_WZMTH Calculation Method for End of Waiting Period CHAR   
379 P01C_YEARS Annual Figures NUMC   
380 P01C_ZODNR HR-BAV Assignment Number NUMC   
381 P01C_ZRATE Number of Installments DEC   
382 P01C_ZRMKZ Processing Indicator for Period CHAR   
383 P01C_ZRUMR Conversion Indicator for Calculation of Bases CHAR   
384 P01C_ZWBEG Start Time for Determination of Bases CHAR   
385 P01C_ZWECK Purpose of Table Entry CHAR   
386 P01C_ZWEND End Time for Formation of Averages CHAR   
387 P01C_ZWRND Rounding of Entitlement Times CHAR   
388 P01C_ZWTYP Increase Type CHAR   
389 P01C_ZZTYP Calculation Method for Deduction/Bonus Calculation CHAR   
390 P01F_BWKNZ Statements Indicator CHAR   
391 P01O_JSZ_ANSPRUCH_DEZ Remuneration Entitlement (December) Based on 1/12 of ASP CHAR   
392 P01O_JSZ_BESCHVERH Indicator: Employed or in Education on December 1st CHAR   
393 P01P_ABMGR Deregistration Reason, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
394 P01P_ABMTY SAP ID of Deregistration Reasons CHAR   
395 P01P_ABTYP Absence cat. CHAR 20    
396 P01P_ABWHT Switch: Is Period Unpaid Absence (Insurance Feature 4x)? CHAR   
397 P01P_ABWVA SP Insurance Type (Determined by Absences) CHAR   
398 P01P_ADART Address Type, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
399 P01P_ARTBW Indicator for Eval. Type for Calc. of Maternity Pay Supplem. CHAR   
400 P01P_ARTDV Type of Work Relationship CHAR   
401 P01P_AUFST Progression CHAR   
402 P01P_AZRM_OPT Alternative Calculations for Assessment Basis CHAR   
403 P01P_BESCH Determination Variant for Period of Employment CHAR   
404 P01P_BESCHVERH_TYP Employment Relationship Category CHAR   
405 P01P_BESKL Guaranteed Payment Class for COLA/Family-Related Bonuses CHAR 20    
406 P01P_BETRG Amount, ZVE-PBS DEC
407 P01P_BFREI Exemption from Insurance Liability, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
408 P01P_BLAND State CHAR   
410 P01P_BUDGET_PERIOD Budget Period CHAR 10    
411 P01P_BUEZ_AKT Active Indicator for Gross Overpayment CHAR   
412 P01P_BUEZ_SCHWELLW_KNZ Threshold Value Indicator CHAR   
413 P01P_BUEZ_TILG_STATUS Repayment Status of Overpayment CHAR   
414 P01P_BUEZ_TLGART_IND Assignment of Repayment to Overpayment Type CHAR   
416 P01P_DAUER_JAHR Duration of Payment NUMC   
417 P01P_DEC6_1 Decimal Number: 6 Whole Number Places and 1 Decimal Place DEC
418 P01P_DISTM Distributed Reporting: Call Indicator CHAR   
419 P01P_DSTAT Data Medium Status CHAR   
420 P01P_EINZA Payer, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
421 P01P_ERGKZ Indicator for Events CHAR   
422 P01P_FINAN Financing of the SPI Compulsory Insurance (Obsolete) CHAR   
423 P01P_GRDNZ Reason for Retroactive Payment, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
424 P01P_GSCHL Gender, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
425 P01P_HOCHSCHULNUMMER University Number of University Statistics NUMC   
426 P01P_HVS_WITWE_DEC3_2 Key for Percentage (Widow) DEC
427 P01P_INT_TRFGR Internal Pay Scale Group CHAR   
428 P01P_JMMON Month in Which Annual Report Is To Be Created NUMC   
429 P01P_KNTNR Account Number, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
430 P01P_KNZAL Key Figure: Prior-Year Acquisitions CHAR   
431 P01P_KNZBV Employment Relationship Indicator, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
432 P01P_KNZVW Key for Percentage (Widow) CHAR   
433 P01P_KNZWV Indicator: Additional Insurance Relationship CHAR   
434 P01P_KSUID Key Figure: Totals Record Identification NUMC   
435 P01P_LFDNR Sequential File Number NUMC   
436 P01P_METYP Notification Type CHAR   
437 P01P_MKORR Reporting Corrections: Corrections or Cancel/New? CHAR   
438 P01P_MRELE Event Relevant for Notification (SAP-Internal) CHAR   
439 P01P_MSTAT Employee Reporting Status CHAR   
440 P01P_MSTRU Key for Notification Record Structures CHAR   
441 P01P_MTATB Reason for Notification, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
442 P01P_MTKEY Key for Valid Reasons for Notification CHAR   
443 P01P_NAART Name Type, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
444 P01P_NAMEK Name (Short Form), ZVE-PBS CHAR 12    
445 P01P_NZRM_OPT Alternative Calculations for Assessment Basis CHAR   
446 P01P_OZBST Components of Family-Related Bonus CHAR   
447 P01P_PBSZV_CORRES Marker for "Exists in Both Files?" CHAR   
449 P01P_PRZNT Percent with 3 Digits Before Decimal and 5 Decimal Places DEC
450 P01P_PYKEY Key for Payroll Control CHAR   
451 P01P_RECL_KZ_UMGRUPP Indicator Regrouping CHAR   
452 P01P_RVPFL Identifier Insurance Liability in Statutory PI CHAR   
453 P01P_RZRM_OPT Alternative Calculations for Assessment Basis CHAR   
454 P01P_SAART KHST: Record Type CHAR   
455 P01P_SATZA Record Type, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
456 P01P_SEZAV Entitlement Condition for Special and Non-Recurring Payments CHAR 20    
457 P01P_SEZBST Modules for Calculating Special and Non-Recurring Payments CHAR 20    
458 P01P_SEZKUERZ Reduction Variants for Special and Non-Recurring Payments CHAR 20    
459 P01P_SEZMOD Model for Special and One-Time Payments CHAR 20    
460 P01P_SOBER Special Calculation of Valuation Basis CHAR   
461 P01P_STATU Notification Block Status, ZVE-PBS NUMC   
462 P01P_STFMJ Tax-Free Quota, Section 3, No. 56 EStG Monthly/Annually CHAR   
463 P01P_STMKM Taxing Feature, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
464 P01P_STUFE Cost-of-Living Allowance Level 1/2 CHAR   
465 P01P_SUMID Totals Record ID for Payment Advice (Bank Transfer), SPI NUMC   
466 P01P_TBKNZ Transfer to Collective Agreement Public Sector CHAR   
467 P01P_TV Collective Agreement for Public Sector CHAR   
468 P01P_UEREV Transfer Relevance of a Record, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
469 P01P_VBLPF Insurance Liability of Employee at an SPI CHAR   
470 P01P_VERNR Insurance Number, ZVE-PBS CHAR 12    
471 P01P_VORVS Previous Insurance at an SPI CHAR   
472 P01P_VORZ Plus/Minus Sign, DATUEV-ZVE CHAR   
473 P01P_VSMKM Insurance Feature, ZVE-PBS CHAR   
474 P01P_VTKEY Distribution Key, ZVE-PBS CHAR 20    
475 P01P_VZRM_OPT Alternative Calculations for Assessment Basis CHAR   
476 P01P_ZFA_AKTZ File Number of Competent Section CHAR 20    
477 P01P_ZFA_ART_EINNAHMEN Type of Revenues in ZfA Notifications CHAR   
478 P01P_ZFA_BEAMTVG Pension for ZfA Notifications CHAR   
479 P01P_ZFA_BISBE To-Date of Salary Payment CHAR   
480 P01P_ZFA_DIENS Notifying body is responsible NUMC   
481 P01P_ZFA_DOCTY ZfA: Domain for festv+ CHAR   
482 P01P_ZFA_ERRCO ZfA Error Code CHAR   
483 P01P_ZFA_FBZ02 Processing Indicator for BZ02 Notifications CHAR   
484 P01P_ZFA_FZB01 Processing Indicator for ZB01 Notifications CHAR   
485 P01P_ZFA_LFDNR_ZKNN Sequential Number for ZKNN Notifications NUMC   
486 P01P_ZFA_MMELD Notification Feature CHAR   
487 P01P_ZFA_MQCHAN ZfA: Channel Name for MQ CHAR 50    
488 P01P_ZFA_MQHOST ZfA: Host Name for MQ CHAR 50    
489 P01P_ZFA_MQPORT ZfA: Port for MQ CHAR 50    
490 P01P_ZFA_MQQUEU ZfA: Queue Name for MQ CHAR 50    
491 P01P_ZFA_MQQUMA ZfA: Queue Manager for MQ CHAR 50    
492 P01P_ZFA_MSG ZfA: Message for MQ CHAR 1000    
493 P01P_ZFA_MSGDAT ZfA: Message for MQ from File CHAR 1000    
494 P01P_ZFA_NODIR ZfA Notification Reason for Directory CHAR   
495 P01P_ZFA_NOTIF ZfA Notification Type CHAR   
496 P01P_ZFA_STATUS ZfA Notification Status NUMC   
497 P01P_ZFA_STATUS_ZKNN ZfA Notification Status NUMC   
498 P01P_ZFA_TRSTAT ZfA: Transfer Status for Notifications NUMC   
499 P01P_ZFA_VERSN ZfA Version Number CHAR   
500 P01P_ZFA_VONBE From-Date of Salary Payment CHAR