SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 22
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PROVG Commission group CHAR   
2 PROVRART Type of commission clawback CHAR   
3 PROVSPERRE Commission settlement block CHAR   
4 PROVTYP IS-M/AM: Commission category CHAR   
5 PROVZ Province code CHAR   
6 PROV_PROCESS Process of Maint. FW CHAR 32    
7 PROV_SC_GROUP Sol. Conf. Group CHAR 20    
8 PROV_SERV_TYPE Service Type CHAR   
9 PROXYTYPE DD: Type is reserved for usage in proxies CHAR   
10 PROZBEZ IS-PAM: Percentage rate of relationship DEC
11 PROZE Percentage rate with 2 places DEC
12 PROZENT Percentage from 0 to 100 NUMC   
13 PROZENT041 Percentage - 4 places before and 1 place after decimal point DEC
14 PROZENT052 Percentage value (5 places left of decimal point, 2 right) DEC
15 PROZENT10 Percentage figure for meter reading data entry (10 digits) DEC 10    
16 PROZENT100 Percentage (0-100) NUMC   
17 PROZENT101 Percentage -10 places before and 1 place after decimal point DEC 11 
18 PROZENT41 Percentage rate (0.0 - 9999.9) DEC
19 PROZENT8_2 Perc. for meter read. data entry (8 before, 2 after dec. pt) DEC 10 
20 PROZNEG100 Negative percentage value (-100 - 0) DEC   
21 PROZPB Percentage DEC   
22 PROZPUFF Percentage in buffer NUMC   
23 PROZS Settlement Percentage Rate DEC
24 PROZV8 Percentage with +/- sign DEC 15 
25 PRO_CODE Process code for operations in Supplier Workplace CHAR   
26 PRO_CURR ISP interface CUKY   
27 PRO_CURR13 ISP interface CURR 13 
28 PRO_DUR ISP interface QUAN
29 PRO_GROUP Process group for process codes for operations in SWP CHAR   
30 PRO_PLAN ISP interface DEC   
31 PRO_PRI11 ISP interface CURR 11 
32 PRO_PRICE ISP interface DEC   
33 PRO_QUAN ISP interface QUAN 13 
34 PRO_VOR ISP interface UNIT   
35 PRO_WORK ISP interface QUAN
36 PRPED Reduce forecast values CHAR   
37 PRPER Forecast period NUMC   
38 PRPFL Forecast profile: forecast parameters CHAR   
39 PRPL_CAPA_EVALUATION_COLUMNS Selection of Displayed Columns in Capa Evaluation CHAR   
40 PRPL_NUM_PERIODS Number of Periods DEC   
41 PRPL_THRESHOLD_VALUE Threshold Value DEC   
42 PRPMK_0005 Generated Domain for Matchcode Field CHAR 20    
43 PRP_AVAIL_TIME Available Time for Resources QUAN
45 PRP_FORM_KEY Usage Type of Form for Communication CHAR 10    
46 PRP_LOCATION Project Location CHAR   
48 PRP_PERCENTAGE Percentage for Project Resource Planning NUMC   
50 PRP_RATE_QUAN_TYPE_CO Activity Quantity (Base Quantity) QUAN
51 PRP_RATE_TYPE_CO Cost/Revenue Rate for Project Roles CHAR 15    
52 PRP_RFC_CONTEXT Context of RFC Destination CHAR 10    
53 PRP_ROLEWORKLIST_SEARCHMODE Mode for Worklist Search for Roles CHAR   
54 PRP_SIMULATE_CHECKBOX Domains with Fixed Values X and Space CHAR   
55 PRP_TV_UTILIZATION_SEARCH_TYPE Type of Capacity Utilization Analysis for PRP Resources CHAR   
56 PRQTYPE Prerequisite Type CHAR   
57 PRQ_BICKY Key for BIC+ Data Record CHAR 12    
58 PRQ_BNKTYP Role of bank details CHAR   
59 PRQ_CH8 8-Character Super Region CHAR   
60 PRQ_IMPER Imperative value date CHAR   
61 PRQ_KEYNO Key number for payment requests CHAR 10    
62 PRQ_OACIN Payment Sequence and Special Payment CHAR   
63 PRQ_PARNO Business partner CHAR 10    
64 PRQ_PARTRO Business partner role CHAR   
65 PRQ_STATUS Status of a payment request CHAR   
66 PRQ_SWTXT Swift text CHAR 140    
67 PRQ_UNAME User name for authorization check CHAR 12    
68 PRQ_WLINO Worklist Number CHAR 10    
69 PRREG Checking rule for the availability check CHAR   
70 PRSAN Pricing on request CHAR   
71 PRSAP SAP cover page CHAR   
72 PRSBTR Price amount DEC 17 
73 PRSCHL IS-M/AM: Agent commission key CHAR   
74 PRSDIV IS-PSD: Denominator for periodicity conversion factor DEC   
75 PRSFD Pricing indicator CHAR   
76 PRSFRG Price Release Indicator CHAR   
77 PRSHTEXT40 Text Length 40: Product Description CHAR 40    
78 PRSHTEXTG40 Text Length 40: Product Description CHAR 40    
79 PRSMLT IS-PSD: Numerator for periodicity conversion factor DEC   
80 PRSNAS_D_FLAVOR_ID Personas: Flavor ID CHAR 40    
81 PRSNAS_D_FLAVOR_NAME Personas: Flavor Name CHAR 255    
82 PRSPE Pricing shown permanently CHAR   
83 PRSPER IS-M/SD: Price frequency CHAR   
84 PRSPL HR indicator for assignment of payroll period RAW   
85 PRSQU Price source CHAR   
86 PRSQU1 Price source CHAR   
87 PRSTR Forecast strategy CHAR   
88 PRSUPPR Only provide pressure component CHAR   
89 PRS_CATID Category CHAR   
90 PRS_DEC_16_06_S Engagement mgmt: 16 long 6 decimals +/- sign DEC 16 
91 PRS_DISPTYP Characteristics Display Type CHAR   
92 PRS_FUNCTION Functionality CHAR   
93 PRS_MET_SOURCE Metrics Value Source CHAR   
94 PRS_MULTIP Multiplier for Matrics DEC 10 
95 PRS_ORDER Order NUMC   
96 PRS_SORTBAS Characteristics Sort Basis CHAR   
97 PRS_SORTDIR Characteristics Sort Direction CHAR   
98 PRS_VALSRC Screen Value Source CHAR   
99 PRS_VALUEID Screen Value ID NUMC   
100 PRS_WORK_PERIOD Working Period (Internal Representation) NUMC   
101 PRS_WORK_PERIOD_EXT Working Period (External Representation) CHAR 11    
102 PRTAB Premium function NUMC   
103 PRTNR Document log number NUMC 10    
104 PRTPS Document log item NUMC   
105 PRTV_PROTECT Protection indicator of entry CHAR   
106 PRTYALIGN Indentation in pretty printer CHAR   
107 PRTYCOMMENT Pretty Printer: Standard Comment CHAR   
108 PRTYFORMAT Format for Pretty Printer CHAR   
109 PRTYNOCOMMENT Pretty Printer: No Standard Comment CHAR   
110 PRTYPE_ITAGCY Process Category CHAR   
111 PRTYP_ARI FI-ARI: Product type CHAR   
112 PRTYP_KK Process Type CHAR   
113 PRT_A Criteria for form printing CHAR   
114 PRT_DEPTH Print depth CHAR   
115 PRT_PRODUCT_GROUP Product Group NUMC   
116 PRT_RR Print ret.accounting CHAR   
117 PRT_SPR Output language CHAR   
118 PRUEFANZ Number of sample devices NUMC   
119 PRUEFART Tolerance check (individual/overall check) CHAR   
120 PRUEFERG Validation result CHAR 16    
121 PRUEFGR Validation group CHAR   
122 PRUEFKL Check class CHAR   
123 PRUEFLART Type of sample device NUMC   
124 PRUEFPKT Independent validation point CHAR   
125 PRUEFSTAT IS-PSD: Status of check CHAR   
126 PRUEFTYP Validation category CHAR   
127 PRUEFUNG Type of check when saving document in the delivery CHAR   
128 PRUEFZAH Check number NUMC   
129 PRULE Payday rule CHAR   
130 PRUNIT_SC Units for payment and renewal frequency CHAR   
131 PRUNIT_VK Unit for Payment Frequency: Days, Months, Years CHAR   
132 PRUNX Print Operating System Cover Page CHAR   
133 PRVBE Supply Area CHAR 10    
134 PRVFN Pricing procedure CHAR   
135 PRXGENAPPL Proxy Generation: Proxy Type CHAR 30    
136 PRX_ACTION Performed action for a Proxy CHAR 20    
137 PRX_ACTIONCODE Action Code CHAR   
138 PRX_BOOLEAN ABAP Proxies: Boolean Value ('X' = True, Space = False) CHAR   
139 PRX_CODE_EXT Code is extensible CHAR   
140 PRX_CONTR Field Control in XML Data Stream (=> Type Group SAI) CHAR   
141 PRX_DECIMAL Decimal DEC 31    
142 PRX_DELETION_INDICATOR Deletion Indicator CHAR   
143 PRX_DESCR Description CHAR 60    
144 PRX_DIR Proxy Generation: Interface Direction (Inbound/Outbound) CHAR   
145 PRX_EVENT Event Flag CHAR   
146 PRX_EVENT_OBJECTS Event Facade objects are generated CHAR   
147 PRX_FILTER Filter for Proxy Configuration CHAR 200    
148 PRX_GLOBAL Proxy Generation: Global Object (Directly Under <shema>) CHAR   
150 PRX_HDR_MODE Proxy Generation:Mapping Mode Coupled/Decoupled) CHAR   
151 PRX_HOST Proxy Host CHAR 120    
152 PRX_ID Proxy Generation: Unique Object ID STRG   
153 PRX_IDEMPOTENT Operation is idempotent CHAR   
154 PRX_IFRNAM Proxy Generation: Object Name in the IFR (Tag) CHAR 120    
155 PRX_IFRTXT Proxy Generation: Short Text of an Object in the IFR CHAR 100    
156 PRX_IFRTXT255 Proxy Generation: Short Text of an Object in the IFR (255) CHAR 255    
157 PRX_IFR_LIFESTATE Release status CHAR   
158 PRX_LANGU Proxy Generation: Language Key CHAR   
159 PRX_LOBJ_NAME name of logical transport object CHAR 34    
161 PRX_MODE Proxy Generation: Communication Mode (Synchron./Asynchron.) CHAR   
162 PRX_NOTIFY Notify Status CHAR   
163 PRX_ORDER Proxy Generation: Transformation directive order INT1   
164 PRX_P2P_ENABLED Web Service Enabled CHAR   
165 PRX_PASSWD Proxy Password CHAR 200    
166 PRX_PREFIX Proxy Generation: Prefix for Generated DDIC Types CHAR 30    
167 PRX_PREFIX_DYNP Proxy Generation: Prefix CHAR 20    
168 PRX_PROT Proxy Log INT4 10    
169 PRX_PROXY_TYPE ABAP Proxies: Proxy Type: XI or WS CHAR   
170 PRX_R3NAME Proxy Generation: Name of an Object in R/3 CHAR 30    
171 PRX_R3OBJ Proxy Generation: Object Type in R/3 CHAR   
172 PRX_R3OBJ_GLOBAL Proxy Generation: Global Object Type in R/3 CHAR   
173 PRX_R3_BOXED boxed component CHAR   
174 PRX_RD_MODE Mode of logical receiver determination CHAR   
175 PRX_REPTERM Rep. Term CHAR 30    
176 PRX_SD_MODE LSD mode CHAR   
177 PRX_SETNAM Proxy Generation: Settings: Parameter Name CHAR 30    
178 PRX_SETVAL Proxy Generation: Settings: Parameter Value CHAR 255    
179 PRX_SH_NAMESPACE Namespace with Outputlen 132 because searchhelp restrictions CHAR 255    
180 PRX_SOURCE_TYPE Proxy Generation: WSDL Document Source CHAR   
181 PRX_STATUS Proxy Status CHAR 10    
182 PRX_STRING String STRG   
183 PRX_SV_FIELD_STATE Service variant field state CHAR   
184 PRX_SV_FIELD_VALUE Field Value within Service Variant RSTR   
185 PRX_SV_FIELD_VALUE_STR Field Value within Service Variant STRG   
186 PRX_SWCV Proxy Generation: Software Component Version CHAR 60    
187 PRX_SWITCH Proxy Switch CHAR 10    
188 PRX_SWITCH_VALUE Value of a proxy switch CHAR 255    
189 PRX_TAGTYP Proxy Generation: Tag Type (Normal, Invisible, ...) CHAR   
190 PRX_TRANSFORM Proxy Generation: Transformation directive name CHAR 120    
191 PRX_TSTMP Time stamp (stored in UTC time) NUMC 14    
192 PRX_TTYP Proxy Generation: Repetition Group Type <element>/<sequence> CHAR   
193 PRX_TXT_TYPE Text GUID CHAR 40    
194 PRX_TYPE Proxy Generation: Object Category CHAR 30    
195 PRX_UI_ENUMPROVIDER Enumprovider mode CHAR   
196 PRX_UI_WB_BROWSER Enterprise Service Browser CHAR   
197 PRX_UI_WB_TREE_ORDER Prefered Tree Order CHAR   
198 PRX_USER Proxy User Name CHAR 64    
199 PRX_WHEREUSED Use Access for an Element CHAR   
200 PRX_WSDLSRCTYP ABAP Proxy Generation: WSDL Source CHAR   
201 PRX_WSDLTY Proxy Generation: WSDL Type (portType, message, and so on) CHAR 30    
202 PRX_XI_ONLY Communication type CHAR   
203 PRX_XSD_BOOL Proxy Generation: xsd boolean CHAR   
204 PRX_XSD_BYTE Proxy Generation: xsd unsigned byte INT1   
205 PRX_XSD_DEFAULT xsd default (string CamelCase) STRG   
206 PRX_XSD_PATTERN xsd facet pattern (string CamelCase) STRG   
207 PRX_XSD_SHORT Proxy Generation: xsd short INT2   
208 PRZ13 Packed percentage rate N,NNN DEC
209 PRZ21 Percentage packed, NN,N DEC
210 PRZ21V Percentage packed NN, NV DEC
211 PRZ22 Packed percentage rate NN,NN DEC
212 PRZ22V Percentage rate (packed number) with +/- sign: XX.XX+/- DEC
213 PRZ23 Packed percentage rate NN,NNN DEC
214 PRZ25 Packed percentage rate NN,NNNNN DEC
215 PRZ31 Percentage packed NNN.N DEC
216 PRZ32 Packed percentage NNN,NN DEC
217 PRZ32V Packed percentage with +/- sign NNN,NNV DEC
218 PRZ33 IS-B: Percentage rate - packed NNN,NNN DEC
219 PRZ33V Percentage stored with sign NNN,NNNV DEC
220 PRZ33_KK Percentage rate packed NNN,NNN DEC   
221 PRZ33_KK_NEW Percentage rate packed NNN,NNN DEC
222 PRZ34 Percentage rate as XXX,XXXX DEC
223 PRZ38 Percentage rate packed NNN,NNNNNNNN DEC 11 
224 PRZ43 Packed percentage rate NNNN,NNN DEC
225 PRZ43V Percentage rate packed with +/- sign NNNN,NNNV DEC
226 PRZ52 Packed percentage rate NNNNN,NN DEC
227 PRZ72 Percentage 9 places NNNNNNN,NN DEC
228 PRZGF Pointer: Forecast weighting factor NUMC 10    
229 PRZGFV Forecast weighting factor (is deleted again) NUMC 10    
230 PRZIDPA Identificator for confirmation process NUMC   
231 PRZNT Percentage DEC
232 PRZST Process automization rate CHAR   
233 PRZXX Percent values of forecast events DEC
234 PR_AREA_AI Air pressure area CHAR   
235 PR_AREA_WA Water pressure area CHAR   
236 PR_BASIS IS-PAM: Basis for scale access (number/quantity) CHAR   
237 PR_DESCRIPTION PR Mobile Specific Description CHAR 40    
238 PR_MODULO Processing number for print action records NUMC   
239 PR_PART Property Bag: Section of the Definition CHAR   
240 PR_TYPE Processing type CHAR   
241 PR_VIEW Project Views CHAR 45    
242 PSAKTYP Activity type in the transaction in the flexible det. screen CHAR   
243 PSAMT Post office bank branch number CHAR   
244 PSART Warranty item type CHAR   
245 PSART_AT IS-H: Outpatient flat rate type (BCM) CHAR   
246 PSA_ARMS_IND PSA Arms Length Indicator for Sales Transaction CHAR   
247 PSA_BOL PSA Bill of Lading CHAR 10    
248 PSA_CALC_MAINT_TBL PSA Calculation Type Maintenance Table CHAR 30    
249 PSA_CALC_SCHEME Production Sharing Contract Calculation Scheme CHAR 10    
250 PSA_CALC_STEP PSA calculation step NUMC   
251 PSA_CON_FACTOR Conversion Factor DEC
252 PSA_COST_TYPE_SRC PSA Cost Type Source CHAR   
253 PSA_CR_CAP PSA Cost Recovery Cap DEC
254 PSA_CT PSA Recoverable Cost Type NUMC   
255 PSA_CT_CG PSA calculation type category CHAR   
257 PSA_DAYS PSA Number of Day INT1   
258 PSA_DEC7_4 Decimal 7,4 DEC
259 PSA_DECIMALS Number of decimals CHAR   
260 PSA_DELIMITER Delimiter for Word, Excel CHAR   
261 PSA_DISP_PROF PSA display profile CHAR   
262 PSA_DOCNR PSA document number CHAR 10    
263 PSA_ENTITLE Entitlement (K=In Kind, V=In Value) CHAR   
264 PSA_EV_STATUS PSA Event Status CHAR   
265 PSA_EXT_SRC_MAINT PSA External Source maintenance flag CHAR   
267 PSA_GROUP_CT PSA Group cost type NUMC   
268 PSA_LIFT_GROUP PSA Lifting Partner Group CHAR 20    
269 PSA_LIFT_GROUP_DESCR PSA Lifting Partner Group Description CHAR 30    
270 PSA_LIFT_PCT PSA Lifting Percentage DEC 12 
271 PSA_MAINT_TBL PSA Maintenance Table CHAR 30    
272 PSA_MAN_INPUT_FLG PSA Manual Input flg CHAR   
273 PSA_NAME PSC Name CHAR 10    
274 PSA_OILTYPE PSA Oil type code CHAR   
275 PSA_ORIGIN Source of the EG CHAR   
276 PSA_PARTN JV Partner CHAR 10    
277 PSA_PERIOD PSA Effective period NUMC   
278 PSA_POSNR PSA position within one calculation step NUMC   
279 PSA_PPU Price per Unit DEC 12 
280 PSA_PPU_NEW Price per Unit DEC 17 
281 PSA_PP_STATUS Pre-Post Status CHAR   
282 PSA_PRD_SOURCE PSA Product Source CHAR   
283 PSA_PROCA PSA Authority Process Code CHAR 10    
284 PSA_PROCESS Prcoess used in PSA CHAR   
285 PSA_PRODUCT PSA Product CHAR 10    
286 PSA_PROD_MAINT_TBL PSA Product Maintenance Table CHAR 30    
287 PSA_PSC_NAME PSC Name CHAR 10    
288 PSA_PV PSA Production Volume DEC 17 
291 PSA_REASON_TEXT PSA Reason Code Description CHAR 40    
292 PSA_RECEIVER_TBL PSA Receiver Table CHAR 30    
293 PSA_REPORT_FREQ PSA reporting frequency CHAR   
294 PSA_SALES_TYPE PSA Sales transaction Length Type CHAR   
295 PSA_SCALING Scaling in NUMC   
297 PSA_SELECT PSA select parameter CHAR   
298 PSA_SENDER_TBL PSA Sender Table CHAR 30    
302 PSA_SRC_DERIVATION PSA Source Derivation CHAR   
303 PSA_SSC_FREQ PSA Sliding Scale Frequency CHAR   
305 PSA_VOLUME PSA Volume DEC 15 
306 PSA_VOLUME_TYPE Volume Type CHAR   
307 PSA_VOL_FACTOR PSA Volume Factor DEC 14 
308 PSA_VOL_FREQ PSC Volume Frequency CHAR   
309 PSA_VTYPE PSA Volume Type CHAR   
310 PSA_WAP_QM Weighted Average Price per Quarter or Month CHAR   
311 PSA_YEAR PSA Effective Year NUMC   
312 PSBBP_APLZL General counter NUMC   
313 PSBBP_POSID PS@BBP: Project Structure Planning Element (WSB Element) CHAR 24    
314 PSBBP_POSNR PS@BBP: Internal Project Item Number NUMC   
315 PSBBP_PSPID PS@BBP: Project Number (External) CHAR 24    
316 PSBBP_PSPNR Internal Number Project Definition NUMC   
317 PSBW_0INT_BUS Internal Business Volume CHAR   
318 PSB_INIT_TYPE_DO Initialisation type CHAR   
319 PSB_SCOPE_CV Object class copied from SCOPE CHAR   
320 PSB_STOCK Project stock CHAR   
321 PSCOM Command for editing a line item CHAR   
322 PSCOM_KK Command for editing a line item CHAR   
323 PSCOP Copy Result of Product Selection CHAR   
324 PSC_ADJ_PRICE Adjusted Price per Unit DEC 12 
325 PSC_AVG_STATUS PSC Average API Status CHAR   
326 PSC_BILL_FREQ PSC billing frequency CHAR   
327 PSC_BOL PSC Bill of Lading CHAR 10    
328 PSC_CALC_QTY Quantity for internal calculation DEC 17 
329 PSC_CALC_STEP PSC calculation step NUMC   
330 PSC_CON_FACTOR Conversion Factor DEC
331 PSC_COST_TYPE PSC Recoverable Cost Type NUMC   
332 PSC_COUNTER PSC counter NUMC   
333 PSC_CT Production Sharing Contract Recoverable Cost Type NUMC   
334 PSC_CT_CG PSC calculation type category CHAR   
336 PSC_DEC16_7 Amount 17digits total, 7 decimals DEC 17 
337 PSC_DEC7_4 Decimal 7,4 DEC
338 PSC_DISP_PROF PSC display profile CHAR   
339 PSC_DOCNR PSC document number CHAR 10    
340 PSC_FUNCTION PSC calculation Function Name CHAR 30    
342 PSC_LINE_DESCR PSC line description CHAR 40    
343 PSC_MAINT_TBL PSC Maintenance Table CHAR 30    
344 PSC_NAME PSC Name CHAR 10    
345 PSC_OILTYPE Oil type code CHAR   
346 PSC_ORIG_DT PSC Original Date DATS   
348 PSC_PERIOD PSC Effective period NUMC   
349 PSC_PER_COST PSC Period Costs CHAR   
350 PSC_POSNR PSC position within one calculation step NUMC   
351 PSC_PPU Price per Unit DEC 12 
352 PSC_PPU_NEW Price per Unit DEC 17 
353 PSC_PRICING PSC Pricing Flag CHAR   
354 PSC_PROD PSC Production DEC 17 
355 PSC_PRODUCT PSC Product CHAR 10    
356 PSC_PROD_UNIT PSC Producing Unit CHAR   
357 PSC_PV PSC Production Volume DEC 17 
358 PSC_QUANTITY PSC quantity QUAN 17 
359 PSC_RATE psc rate DEC
360 PSC_RECEIVER_TBL PSC Receiver Table CHAR 30    
361 PSC_REPORT_FREQ PSC reporting frequency CHAR   
362 PSC_SCALE_TYPE PSC Sliding Scales Type CHAR   
363 PSC_SENDER_TBL PSC Sender Table CHAR 30    
365 PSC_SOURCE Production Sharing Contract Source CHAR   
366 PSC_SRC_DERIVATION PSC Source Derivation CHAR   
367 PSC_SSC_FREQ PSC Sliding Scale Frequency CHAR   
369 PSC_TOT_VOL PSC Total Volume DEC 16 
370 PSC_VOLUME PSC Volume DEC 15 
371 PSC_VOLUME_TYPE Volume Type CHAR   
372 PSC_VOL_FACTOR Volume Factor DEC 14 
373 PSC_VOL_FREQ PSC Volume Frequency CHAR   
374 PSC_VTYPE PSC Volume Type CHAR   
375 PSC_YEAR PSC Effective Year NUMC   
376 PSECONT Application Context of a PSE CHAR   
377 PSEN_ADDIN Input permissibility of imputation period/factor CHAR   
378 PSEN_AGE_BY_BEGDA Selection of Age with Several Anniversaries On One Day CHAR   
379 PSEN_CALDD Interface to empl.per.calculation: Duration in days (dec.) DEC 11 
380 PSEN_CALENDAR_UNIT Calendar Unit CHAR   
381 PSEN_CALMM Interface to emp.per.calculation: Duraiton in months (dec.) DEC
382 PSEN_CALTY Employment period calculation type CHAR   
383 PSEN_CALYY Emp. period calculation interface: Duration in years (dec.) DEC
384 PSEN_CLGRP Collision Group for Time Specification Type CHAR   
385 PSEN_CRULE Conversion rules for periods and dates CHAR   
386 PSEN_CVAUTHD_COND Approval Condition of Time Specification Type CHAR   
387 PSEN_CVAUTHD_REQ Entry of Approval Date CHAR   
388 PSEN_CVREASN Reason for a Time Specification Type CHAR   
389 PSEN_CVRENWL_COND_PT Part-Time Condition for Renewal CHAR   
390 PSEN_CVTYP Time type for employment period calculation CHAR   
391 PSEN_DAY_IN_YEAR Day in Year NUMC   
392 PSEN_DEC7_4 Decimal number with 7 pre-decimal and 4 decimal places DEC 11 
393 PSEN_DENOM Denominators for weighting factor for emp.period calculation DEC
394 PSEN_D_DENOM Denominators for weighting factor for emp.period calculation DEC 11 
395 PSEN_D_NUMER Numerator for weighting factor in emp. period calc. data DEC 11 
397 PSEN_EVENT Log: Processing time/event CHAR   
398 PSEN_FDVAL Indicator: Definition of valid selection date CHAR   
399 PSEN_FGTHC Flag: Threshold value, maximum value CHAR   
400 PSEN_FLGAL Indicator: Definition of end date for gen. basic interval CHAR   
401 PSEN_FLGEM Move type for end date CHAR   
402 PSEN_FLGMB Move type for start date CHAR   
403 PSEN_FLGTC Flag: Threshold value, maximum value CHAR   
404 PSEN_FLMIN Indicator: Part-Time Percentage under the Minimum CHAR   
405 PSEN_FSLID Derived selection condition CHAR   
406 PSEN_GRAD_CLG_RESULT_WRITE Highest: Buffering of Results CHAR   
407 PSEN_LEAP_DAY_ANNIV Anniversary day of February 29 not in a leap year CHAR   
408 PSEN_LGDESC Legal Regulations CHAR   
409 PSEN_NUMER Counter for employment period calculation weighting factor DEC
410 PSEN_PRDBD Process Periods Overriding by Duration CHAR   
411 PSEN_PROCE Calculation Process for Employment Period Calculation CHAR   
412 PSEN_PROTO Log for employment period calculation CHAR   
413 PSEN_PSTEP Process step for employment period calculation CHAR   
414 PSEN_RESTY Result type for employment (duration/key date) CHAR   
415 PSEN_RFEAT Return value feature SENOR employment period calculation CHAR   
416 PSEN_SEL_DATE_CTRL Behavior when Selection Date Before First Organ. Assignment CHAR   
417 PSEN_SUBRC_COMPARE_DURATION Comparison Result of Duration with Reference Duration CHAR   
418 PSEN_TSPCL Valuation class CHAR   
419 PSEN_TSPCL_IND Indicator for Selection Class CHAR   
420 PSEN_TYPE_WEIGHT Weighting Factor CHAR   
421 PSEN_VALID Indicator: Period is interval/key date CHAR   
422 PSEN_WFTYP Weighting factor of a selection object CHAR   
423 PSEQ IS-PSD: Production sequence CHAR   
424 PSFCODE Function code for a tab page in the flexible detail screen CHAR   
425 PSFOR Characteristic format - select template CHAR   
426 PSGENIL_STOCK Project stock CHAR   
427 PSGRANT_PS Grant CHAR 20    
428 PSG_9DEC 5 places before decimal point and 9 decimals DEC 14 
429 PSG_APSTS Appointment status CHAR   
430 PSG_APTYP Appointment type CHAR   
431 PSG_ASSET Asset Type CHAR 10    
432 PSG_BCOMP Salary Components Code CHAR   
433 PSG_CHAR1 Planning Status CHAR   
434 PSG_CMDTN Commendation CHAR   
435 PSG_DATUM Datum DATS   
436 PSG_DEC_12_10 Decimal DEC 12  10 
437 PSG_DIALT cd CHAR   
438 PSG_DIVIS Division CHAR   
439 PSG_DRATIO Divisional Ratio DEC
440 PSG_DSEQ Sequence of Deduction NUMC   
441 PSG_ECANA Code For ECA / Voluntary Services CHAR   
442 PSG_ECAPH Position Held In ECA / Voluntary Service CHAR   
443 PSG_ECARP Representation eg. Inter-department CHAR   
444 PSG_ELGART Corresponding Wage types CHAR   
445 PSG_ELIGR NPVP Increment Eligibility Group CHAR   
446 PSG_EXITK Exit key CHAR   
447 PSG_GLDNU Golden Number NUMC   
448 PSG_GRCOD Grade CHAR   
449 PSG_INCDA Date of Increment NUMC   
450 PSG_INCMN Increment Month NUMC   
451 PSG_LVALW Group for leave allowance CHAR   
452 PSG_LVQTY Decision Key for leave quota CHAR   
453 PSG_NSCDR Conduct Rating CHAR   
454 PSG_NSMCD Mobilisation Code CHAR   
455 PSG_NSPFR Performance Rating CHAR   
456 PSG_NSUNT Unit CHAR   
457 PSG_PSCPF Public sector CPF CHAR   
458 PSG_RANKC RANK at ORD / Reservist CHAR   
459 PSG_RETCD Group identifier for leave entilement CHAR   
460 PSG_SCCAT Level of clearance CHAR   
461 PSG_SCHEM Scheme code CHAR   
462 PSG_SCODE Salary Code CHAR   
463 PSG_SCSTA Status Of Clearance CHAR   
464 PSG_SHCOD Scheme Code. E.g. Super Scale, Time Scale etc. CHAR   
465 PSG_SJCOD Subject CHAR   
466 PSG_STATS Status Of National Service CHAR   
467 PSG_TENOF Tenure of office CHAR   
468 PSG_UI_EMP_STA Employment Status CHAR   
469 PSG_UI_PWAGE_DEP Yes/No Field CHAR   
470 PSG_USFUN Usage of function module CHAR   
471 PSG_VOCAC Vocation at ORD / Reservist CHAR   
472 PSHIR Explode product hierarchy ? CHAR   
475 PSHLP_DATASETS_DM HLP Datasets CHAR 70    
476 PSHLP_DATA_SET_ICON Domain for Filters CHAR   
477 PSHLP_EXTERNAL_ID_TD External ID CHAR 24    
478 PSHLP_FM_ACTION_TD Describes the action to be performed CHAR   
479 PSHLP_FM_INDEX_TD Maps to the Keys Index NUMC   
480 PSHLP_GANTT_CALENDAR_VIEW_TD Switch for Gantt Calendar CHAR   
481 PSHLP_GANTT_CALENDAR_VIEW_TV Switch for Gantt Calendar CHAR   
487 PSHLP_GRP_IND_DOM Domain for Collective PR Indicator CHAR 20    
490 PSHLP_STATUS_SET_TYPE_TD Status set Type CHAR   
492 PSIC_NAMETYPE_UI Other Name Type CHAR   
493 PSIC_OTHERNAME Other Name CHAR 40    
494 PSIC_OTHERNAME_CHAR Other Name (Upper Case) CHAR 40    
495 PSIC_OTHERNAME_CHAR_UI Other Name (Upper Case) CHAR 40    
496 PSIC_OTHERNAME_UI Other Name CHAR 40    
497 PSIC_SEQNR Sequence Number NUMC   
498 PSIC_SEQNR_UI Sequence Number NUMC   
499 PSIC_SPRAS_UI Language LANG   
500 PSINST_AFFIL_PS Special Reference to Institution CHAR