SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 15
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PES_EXCVD Social disadvantage / domestic violance NUMC   
2 PES_EXDES RED system: Exemption from unemployment NUMC   
3 PES_EXESS Employee special status (SI contribution exemption) CHAR   
4 PES_EXFLD Identifier field in external table CHAR   
5 PES_EXPNT Mouse pointer to enter external debit table RAW   
6 PES_EXREC Surcharge exemption in extra payroll runs CHAR   
7 PES_FCLASS Form type CHAR   
8 PES_FORDE Type of unemployment contribution NUMC   
9 PES_FORDE1 Type of unemployment contribution NUMC   
10 PES_FSTAT Status of INEM forms CHAR   
11 PES_GFCUR Load service: 9 digits, 2 after comma CURR
12 PES_GFTWH Garnishee fee: Type of withholding CHAR   
13 PES_GFUNT Garnishee fee unit CHAR   
14 PES_GGATXT Deductions: Text for deductions CHAR 40    
15 PES_GHDKEY Deductions: Header key NUMC   
16 PES_GHDTXT Deductions: Header text CHAR 132    
17 PES_GHINTS Deductions: Intensified flag for history text CHAR   
18 PES_GHLENG Deductions: History text length NUMC   
19 PES_GHLEVL History text level CHAR   
20 PES_GHTEXT Deductions: History text CHAR 40    
21 PES_GMZNR Garnishment mapping number (Spain) RAW   
22 PES_GNIND Sign indicator for Gross/Net calculation CHAR   
23 PES_GNTPY Payment type for which Gross/Net amount is calculated CHAR   
24 PES_GRADO Degree of injury code CHAR   
25 PES_GRMSTS Deductions: Transfer status CHAR   
26 PES_GRNCUR Amount deducted: 11 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR 11 
27 PES_GRUPO Groups of companies CHAR   
28 PES_GSORT1 Deductions: Sort parameters for report CHAR   
30 PES_HTRAB Work time CHAR   
31 PES_HUELGA RED system: Limited strike CHAR   
32 PES_IAQT1 Amount processing CHAR   
33 PES_IAQT2 Extra payment processing CHAR   
34 PES_IARSN Reason for adjustment CHAR   
35 PES_IAWTY Wage types used in adjustment CHAR   
36 PES_ICDESP Dismissal costs indicator CHAR   
37 PES_ICOMP Complementary information CHAR   
38 PES_ID Document types CHAR   
39 PES_IDBTY Type of opening balance CHAR   
40 PES_IDCONT Contracts: Contract ID by company CHAR   
41 PES_IDEN RED system: Identification type CHAR   
42 PES_IDIRPF Employment tax (IRPF): Factor for applying family minimum CHAR   
43 PES_IDISC Employment tax percentage for disability NUMC   
44 PES_IDISE Employment tax (IRPF): Disability category CHAR   
45 PES_IDLLAM Calling identifier CHAR 12    
46 PES_IDOPAB Domain for auxiliary screen element DEC
47 PES_IDOPU Online payment unit CHAR   
48 PES_IDSEG Contracts: Contract keys CHAR   
49 PES_IMPORT RED System: Base amount, compensation or deduction NUMC   
50 PES_INACT Inactivity CHAR   
51 PES_INDCOT RED system: Contribution indicator CHAR   
52 PES_INDFAC RED system: Factor or type indicator CHAR   
53 PES_INDIC Calculation type indicator CHAR   
54 PES_INDICADOR Indicator (flag) CHAR   
55 PES_INDIMP Print indicator CHAR   
56 PES_INDOB Indicator of Obsolete allowance CHAR   
57 PES_INDPB Lost of profits indicator CHAR   
58 PES_INEM INEM: INEM registration code NUMC 10    
59 PES_IOCN1 Request case number CHAR 25    
60 PES_IOSTS Garnishment request status CHAR   
61 PES_ISFAM Status of reference family member/person for Spanish IRS CHAR   
62 PES_JORN Contracts: Contract schedule type CHAR   
63 PES_JUBPAR Retirement indicator CHAR   
64 PES_LMODE_GEN Logging mode for calendar processing CHAR   
65 PES_LOCAL Town CHAR 32    
66 PES_MES Month number in year NUMC   
67 PES_METODO Contract processing methods CHAR   
68 PES_MINUS Percentage of disability NUMC   
69 PES_MIPAG Decrease due to mortgage CHAR   
70 PES_MLLAM Call Up Type CHAR   
72 PES_MOCON Contract categories according to the tax office CHAR   
73 PES_MODAL Contracts: Contract modes CHAR   
74 PES_MODALIDAD Category of exclusion contracts CHAR   
75 PES_MODPG Payment method CHAR   
76 PES_MODSAL RED system: Wage category CHAR   
77 PES_MOTAFI RED system: Employee status NUMC   
78 PES_MOVIM Allowed transaction types CHAR   
79 PES_MOVTC2 Employee movement in TC2 forms CHAR   
80 PES_MREIN Rehired female employee CHAR   
81 PES_MUNIC Province CHAR 40    
82 PES_MUTUA RED system: Entity code for indust.accident/disease CHAR   
83 PES_N00_99 Numerical character between 00 and 99 NUMC   
84 PES_NEXRE Employment Regulation File: file reference number CHAR   
85 PES_NFORM Level of training code NUMC   
86 PES_NORET Basis/deduction calculation form 190 CHAR   
87 PES_NUMEX Employment provisions file: file number CHAR   
88 PES_NXDCUR Non-exempt amount per employee: 9 digits, 2 digits CURR
89 PES_NXEXD Employee number in calculation of non-exempt NUMC   
90 PES_NXFCUR Non-exempt: 9 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR
91 PES_NXREL Relation connecting the percentage and the amount CHAR   
92 PES_NXUNA Unit of non-exempt amount CHAR   
93 PES_NXUNP Unit of percentage value in non-exempt calculation CHAR   
94 PES_OBLCB Basic copy obligatory CHAR   
95 PES_OCUPA Employment (IA and ID contribution) CHAR   
96 PES_OCUPAR Online payments: 9 digits, 2 digits CURR
97 PES_OPACUR Continual payment: 9 digits, 2 digits CURR
98 PES_OTROS RED system: Other employee profiles CHAR   
99 PES_PERCENTUAL Percentage between 0 and 100 DEC   
100 PES_PERCNT 3 spaces before, 2 spaces after decimal point DEC
101 PES_PERC_DEC Percentage between 0 and 100 DEC
102 PES_PERDB Profit loss indicator NUMC   
103 PES_PERIOD Generation periodicity of overview of Employment tax payts NUMC   
104 PES_PJUPA Working time percentage, partial retirement contracts NUMC   
105 PES_PJUPA_DEC Decimal percent on working time (partial retirement) DEC
106 PES_PLURI RED system: Multiple employment indicator CHAR   
107 PES_PMODE_GEN Calendar processing mode CHAR   
108 PES_PORC Percentage CHAR   
109 PES_PORJR Percentage of contract work schedule with reduction DEC
110 PES_PORRD Contribution reduction percentage DEC
111 PES_PRCNT_2 Percentage DEC
112 PES_PROVI Province CHAR 32    
113 PES_RCCAT Legal deductions: Category CHAR   
114 PES_RECSE Special cases of relations between one debt and others CHAR   
115 PES_REDCAB RED system: Section heading CHAR   
116 PES_REDJB Retirement age reduction coefficient CHAR   
117 PES_REDSTX RED system: Message syntax identifier CHAR   
118 PES_REDUC RED system: Reduction indicator CHAR   
119 PES_REFRF Reference file for protected data CHAR 40    
120 PES_REG RED system: Social Insurance category NUMC   
121 PES_RELLAB Special work relationship CHAR   
122 PES_REPRI Debt priority in relation to other debts NUMC   
123 PES_REQUIS Contracts: Requirement for special contracts CHAR   
124 PES_RESID Classification indicator of a debt related to other debts CHAR   
125 PES_REWID Indicator of weight of debt in relation to other debts CHAR   
126 PES_RE_SEC Registered company name - System/Sector CHAR   
127 PES_SAAFI Type of additional situation CHAR   
128 PES_SCPER IRPF: Payment subkey NUMC   
129 PES_SEXPA Possible expatriate situations CHAR   
130 PES_SIGN Sign CHAR   
131 PES_SITPER Employment Tax (IRPF): personal situation CHAR   
132 PES_SRCOD Code for special rule CHAR   
133 PES_SROPR Operator used in special rule CHAR   
134 PES_SRRES Term resulting from special rule CHAR   
135 PES_SRSEQ Sequence number for special rule NUMC   
136 PES_SRTFX Text for special rule field 1 amount CHAR 20    
137 PES_SRTRM Term in special rule CHAR   
138 PES_SSTAT Generatio status NUMC   
139 PES_STACOM Contract communication status with employment office CHAR   
140 PES_STAFI AFI message status NUMC   
141 PES_STATUS RED system: Status indicator NUMC   
142 PES_SUBCO Contracts: Contract subset according to contribution CHAR   
143 PES_TCER Deductions certificate: Template types CHAR   
144 PES_TFORM Template types CHAR   
145 PES_TICON RED system: Contract key NUMC   
146 PES_TIOFI INEM: Type of INEM office CHAR   
147 PES_TIPDAT RED system: Data element type CHAR   
148 PES_TIPEMP Alphabetical type for employer CHAR   
149 PES_TIPLIQ Settlement type for CTs according to Social Insurance CHAR   
150 PES_TIPO Contracts: Contract type CHAR   
151 PES_TIPOF Basic copy signature type. Notification of contracts to INEM CHAR   
152 PES_TIPOP Type of report CHAR   
153 PES_TIPRES RED system: Resolution type NUMC   
154 PES_TISAL Output type CHAR   
155 PES_TPCRI IRPF: Performance type for deduction statement CHAR   
156 PES_TPORIG Source contract type CHAR   
157 PES_TPTRAB Relief worker type CHAR   
158 PES_TRASEG Contracts: Start of Soc. Insurance contribution processing CHAR   
159 PES_TRATA Processing type of special payment wage types CHAR   
160 PES_TRFCO Traffic accident CHAR   
161 PES_TXT150 150 character text CHAR 150    
162 PES_TYPEE Employment provisions file: file type CHAR   
163 PES_TYPIPF Legal Person Identifier Type CHAR   
164 PES_UI_HSNMR No. (building) CHAR 10    
165 PES_UI_POSTA Identification of apartment in a building CHAR 10    
166 PES_UNICO Contracts: Time unit NUMC   
167 PES_UNIDAD Time unit for contributing to Social Insurance NUMC   
168 PES_UNIDI Contracts: Time unit for number of part-time days NUMC   
169 PES_UNIDUR Contracts: Unit for length of contract NUMC   
170 PES_UNIHO Contracts: Time unit for number of hours NUMC   
171 PES_UNTCP Time unit for personnel calendar CHAR   
172 PES_VIFAM RED system: Family tie indicator CHAR   
173 PETRA Pension fund NUMC   
174 PEURO Amount specification in euro CHAR   
175 PEVENT1_SC Event in Payment Plan CHAR   
176 PEVENT_SC Event in Payment Plan CHAR   
177 PEXPI Spool retention period CHAR   
178 PFABW Switch indicating if different payment is allowed CHAR   
179 PFACH PO Box CHAR 10    
180 PFACH_ISP IS-M: with alpha conversion CHAR 10    
181 PFACTION SAP Statistic Action CHAR 40    
182 PFACTTYPE SAP Statistic Action Type INT2   
183 PFAD1 PFS Path CHAR 250    
184 PFADC61 Path name of the external planning system CHAR 61    
185 PFADC64 Path name of the external planning system CHAR 63    
186 PFADPRE Path Prefix for Connection Types G and H CHAR 255    
187 PFAIM_MANUAL_POSITION_ID Position ID for manual entry CHAR 13    
188 PFAIM_REV_IND Reversal indicator CHAR   
189 PFAMC_CHAR_12 AMC Character String of Length 12 CHAR 12    
190 PFAMC_CHAR_140 AMC Character String of Length 140 CHAR 140    
191 PFAMC_CHAR_3 AMC Character String of Length 3 CHAR   
192 PFAMC_CHAR_30 AMC Character String of Length 30 CHAR 30    
193 PFAMC_CHAR_32 AMC Character String of Length 32 CHAR 32    
194 PFAMC_CHAR_40 AMC Character String of Length 40 CHAR 40    
195 PFAMC_CHAR_60 AMC Character String of Length 60 CHAR 60    
196 PFAPC_CHAR_128 APC Character String of Length 128 CHAR 128    
197 PFAPC_CHAR_250 Character Field Length 250 CHAR 250    
198 PFAPC_CHAR_30 APC Character String of Length 30 CHAR 30    
199 PFAPC_CHAR_32 APC Character String of Length 32 CHAR 32    
200 PFAPC_CHAR_40 APC Character String of Length 40 CHAR 40    
201 PFAPC_CHAR_48 APC Character String of Length 48 CHAR 48    
202 PFAPC_CHAR_64 APC Character String of Length 64 CHAR 64    
203 PFARR IS-H: Parish CHAR   
204 PFART Garnishment type CHAR   
205 PFASKEY Key for the application statistics record CHAR 30    
206 PFASSTATE Status of the application statistics record INT4 10    
207 PFAS_KEY Type-specific I/OPENKEY CHAR 25    
208 PFAS_TYP Type of application statistics CHAR   
209 PFA_DINTERVAL TRM-PA: Time Interval for Period-Based Key Figures CHAR 10    
210 PFA_FLG_NM Flag: Relevant for Exogenous Capital Flow CHAR   
212 PFCAT Call Category CHAR   
213 PFDBPROC Database procedure in statistics record CHAR 100    
214 PFDBUIGRAN RVAR granularity name CHAR 16    
215 PFDB_INDX Index used in Performance DB NUMC   
216 PFDB_PNUM Number for period time unti rule. Range 1 - 52. INT1   
217 PFDDATS Date part of time stamp DATS   
218 PFDSTATUS Profile status NUMC   
219 PFDTIMS Time part of time stamp TIMS   
220 PFEBACKUPPRO Profile Name CHAR 128    
221 PFEDENAME Data element describing profile parameter CHAR 10    
222 PFEDESCR Profile parameter description CHAR 80    
223 PFEED Carriage feed (rows/columns) CHAR   
224 PFEINSTGRP Name of a group of SAP instances CHAR 20    
225 PFELD Count number DEC 15    
226 PFESTR Special profile parameters CHAR 255    
227 PFEUNIXPRO Profile Name CHAR 88    
228 PFFILE SAP statistic: name of statistic file CHAR 100    
229 PFHTPDEST http destination (host, service) CHAR 64    
230 PFHTPPATH HTTP Processing Path CHAR 128    
231 PFICF_FORWARDED_IP_ADDRESSES IP Addresses of End Users up to ICMAN CHAR 128    
232 PFILE_IST File Number CHAR   
233 PFKOS Control: are assignment terms determinable from feature? CHAR   
234 PFKUR Determine pricing exchange rate CHAR   
235 PFLG Baseline date setting indicator CHAR   
236 PFLKS Range priority (compulsory/optional range) CHAR   
237 PFNUM Garnishment no. NUMC   
238 PFOBJ IS-M/AM: Partner object CHAR 10    
239 PFORM Processing Type NUMC   
240 PFO_ARCHIVE Archive Indicator CHAR   
241 PFO_ARCH_CONTEXT Context of PFO Archiving Object CHAR   
242 PFO_ARCH_STATE Archiving Statuses of PFO Object CHAR   
243 PFO_COMB ID of a Permitted Assignment Combination in PFO CHAR   
244 PFO_COUNT PFO Counter NUMC   
245 PFO_DATAFORMAT Data Format of RFC Interface in PFO CHAR   
246 PFO_EDT_DATA Data Section of EDT Interface in PFO CHAR 3500    
247 PFO_FLAG BOOLEAN Flag for Portfolio Assignment CHAR   
248 PFO_FOA_METHOD Methods for FOA CHAR 61    
249 PFO_GUID GUID for Portfolio Assignment Objects (Upper/Lower Case!) CHAR 22    
250 PFO_HIERTYPE Hierarchy Category of Segment CHAR   
251 PFO_KIND Object Kind (Entity) in Portfolio Assignment CHAR   
252 PFO_METHOD Method for Portfolio Assignment CHAR 61    
253 PFO_METH_C1 Methods of PFO (Single-Figure) CHAR   
254 PFO_ORIGIN External Name of (External) System in Portfolio Assignment CHAR 32    
255 PFO_ORIG_ID ID of an External System Information CHAR   
256 PFO_PM_OVERWRITTEN Ind: Assignment Was Manually Overwritten CHAR   
257 PFO_RFC_DATA Data Section of RFC Interface in PFO CHAR 5000    
258 PFO_ROLE Role in Portfolio Assignment CHAR   
259 PFO_ROLEKIND Type of Role in Portfolio Assignment CHAR   
260 PFO_SEGNR Segment Number CHAR 30    
261 PFO_SEGTYPE Segment Type in Portfolio Assignment CHAR   
262 PFO_TA_REG Indicator: Relevant for Transaction CHAR   
263 PFO_TIMESTAMP Portfolio Assignment: Time Stamp (YYYY.MM.DD hh:mm:ss) NUMC 14    
264 PFO_TYPE General TYPE in Portfolio Assignment CHAR   
265 PFPOS_KK Convenience Store: Item Number in Convenience Store Pymt Doc NUMC   
266 PFPRI Transfer priority for garnishments CHAR   
267 PFREF Type of Installment CHAR   
268 PFREQ Payroll time units NUMC   
269 PFRFC_CHAR64_CS RFC Character String of Length 64 (Lower-/Uppercase) CHAR 64    
270 PFRFC_CHAR_12 RFC Character String of Length 12 CHAR 12    
271 PFRFC_CHAR_1_CS RFC Character String of Length 1 (Lower-/Uppercase) CHAR   
272 PFRFC_CHAR_20 Character String, Length 20 CHAR 20    
273 PFRFC_CHAR_3 RFC Character String of Length 3 CHAR   
274 PFRFC_CHAR_32_CS RFC Character String of Length 32 (Lower-/Uppercase) CHAR 32    
275 PFRFC_CHAR_39_CS RFC Character String of Length 39 (Lower-/Uppercase) CHAR 39    
276 PFRFC_CHAR_40_CS Character String of Length 64 (Lower-/Uppercase) CHAR 40    
277 PFRFC_CHAR_48_CS RFC Character String of Length 48 (Lower-/Uppercase) CHAR 48    
278 PFRFC_CHAR_64 RFC Character String of Length 64 CHAR 64    
279 PFRFC_CHAR_64_CS RFC Character String of Length 64 (Lower-/Uppercase) CHAR 64    
280 PFSERVICE SAP Statistic Service INT2   
282 PFSTATUS_2 Program status CHAR   
283 PFSTB Status of garnishment/cession of wages CHAR   
284 PFSTT Status of garnishment/cession of wages CHAR   
285 PFS_56 Character field, length 56, small letters CHAR 56    
286 PFS_64 CHAR64 with capital and small letters CHAR 64    
287 PFS_8 CHAR8 with upper and lower case letters? CHAR   
288 PFUSERID SAP Statistic User ID CHAR 32    
289 PFYND Employment Indicator (South Africa) CHAR   
290 PF_MEMORY_AMOUNT Memory Use in Bytes FLTP 16  16 
291 PF_MICROSEC Duration in Microseconds FLTP 16  16 
292 PGAR_IONUM Order number NUMC   
293 PGAR_JURIS Code for jurisdiction CHAR   
294 PGASSCAT Pegging category of the assigned quantity NUMC   
295 PGASSQTY Assigned quantity in static pegging DEC 15 
296 PGEBIET Planning parameters: Planning area NUMC   
297 PGHST Hierarchical level: product group INT1   
298 PGIND Price point group index NUMC   
299 PGLLO Layout of product group lists CHAR   
300 PGLLV Layout of product group lists CHAR   
301 PGMID Program ID CHAR   
302 PGMNA Program Name CHAR 40    
303 PGNAM Program name CHAR   
304 PGOBJNR Object Number CHAR 22    
305 PGPROFID Pegging profile CHAR   
306 PGP_CURR_CONV_RULE Currency Conversion Rule CHAR   
307 PGP_DATA_EXCNG_TYPE Type of Data Exchange for Global Payroll CHAR   
308 PGP_EXCHANGE Data exchange deferred or not CHAR   
309 PGP_MASTER_SERVANT Switch: Master - Servant Payroll CHAR   
310 PGP_SE_NO_PERIOD Indicator: No sender for this receiver period CHAR   
311 PGRA IS-H: Patient group for general nursing care CHAR   
312 PGRS IS-H: Patient group for special nursing care CHAR   
313 PGRUP_VK Grouping for open items CHAR   
314 PGR_OBJTYP Object Type CHAR   
315 PG_CURR Garnishment amount: 8 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR
316 PHANTOM_PART Used Part CHAR   
318 PHASE_INFO Phase information (for process info) CHAR 16    
319 PHASE_KZ Phase indicator CHAR   
320 PHASE_NAME Phase name (for process logging) CHAR 12    
321 PHASE_SHIFT_DIRECTION_SOCM Phase Transition Direction CHAR   
322 PHCONVID Allowed key for table TPRODHCNV CHAR   
323 PHEBK One-tenth garnishment increase CHAR   
324 PHIN_DOM_APPL Takeover-Handover Application CHAR   
325 PHIN_DOM_ATINN Internal Character. No. for ToHo Standard Characteristics NUMC 10    
326 PHIN_DOM_ATNAM Characteristic Name for ToHo Standard Characteristics CHAR 30    
327 PHIN_DOM_BAUMM Month of construction CHAR   
328 PHIN_DOM_CHGFLAG Phase In: Change Indicator CHAR   
330 PHIN_DOM_DEL Record is Logically Deleted CHAR   
331 PHIN_DOM_EQTYP Equipment category CHAR   
332 PHIN_DOM_FILE Phase In: File Name CHAR 40    
333 PHIN_DOM_FLOCIND Indicator for Structuring with Function Location CHAR   
334 PHIN_DOM_GUID Phase In Guid NUMC   
335 PHIN_DOM_LOC Location Information CHAR 30    
336 PHIN_DOM_MPLAN_SCHEDUL_STATUS Scheduling Status of Maintenance Plans CHAR   
337 PHIN_DOM_MPT_EXT Takeover: External ID for Characteristic / Measuring Point CHAR   
338 PHIN_DOM_NO_MP Number of objects INT1   
339 PHIN_DOM_NUMBER Number of Objects NUMC   
340 PHIN_DOM_PHASE Processing Phase CHAR   
341 PHIN_DOM_PHINTYPE Type of Phase In CHAR   
342 PHIN_DOM_PI_DATASOURCE Datasource for Takeover CHAR   
343 PHIN_DOM_REASON Reason of Takeover / Handover CHAR   
344 PHIN_DOM_SOURCE Phase In: Source Indicator CHAR   
345 PHIN_DOM_STATUSVALUES Values for Status CHAR   
346 PHIN_DOM_STATUS_FLAG Flag for status check CHAR   
348 PHIN_DOM_TOTYPE Object Types in Phin Table CHAR   
349 PHIN_DOM_TO_CHECKS PHIN: Name of Technical Object's Check CHAR 10    
350 PHIN_DOM_TO_HO_PROFIL Profile for Takeover and Handover CHAR   
351 PHIN_DOM_TO_STATUS PHIN: Status for the Technical Object's Checks CHAR   
352 PHIN_DOM_TO_TYPE Type of Technical Object for Handover CHAR   
353 PHIN_D_TIMESTAMP Timestamp INT4 10    
357 PHIN_VBKZ Update Program Indicator CHAR   
358 PHKTX Short text key phase CHAR   
359 PHK_AGEGR Age group CHAR   
360 PHK_APDCR Appraisal detail criteria CHAR   
361 PHK_APLRK Appraisal ranking CHAR   
362 PHK_APLTY Appraisal type CHAR   
363 PHK_APMCR Main criteria CHAR   
364 PHK_APRCR Appraisal criteria CHAR   
365 PHK_APRTY Appraiser CHAR   
366 PHK_CONTP Contribution plan CHAR   
367 PHK_CRGRP Contribution/entitlement group criteria ID CHAR   
368 PHK_DEC64 Decimal no., 6 whole numbers and 4 decimal places, no sign DEC 10 
369 PHK_EPELI Grouping for entitlement plan eligibility CHAR   
370 PHK_EPLAN Entitlement plan CHAR   
371 PHK_FTYPE Nature of contribution/entitlement plan CHAR   
372 PHK_IRGRP Tax Reporting Grouping CHAR   
373 PHK_LOSGR Length of service grouping for retirement plan CHAR   
374 PHK_MOPFE Personnel subarea grouping for contribution plan eligibility CHAR   
375 PHK_OCCUP Occupations of familiy's members CHAR   
376 PHK_OSRSN Overseas departure reason CHAR   
377 PHK_PAYTY Payment type CHAR   
378 PHK_PLSTAT Retirement plan status CHAR   
379 PHK_PROVR Provider CHAR   
380 PHK_PWDST SMW Status for PWD CHAR   
381 PHK_QTRNT Nature of Quarter Provided CHAR   
382 PHK_RESTY Scheme type for entitlement plan CHAR   
383 PHK_REWTY Withdrawal type for entitlement plan CHAR   
384 PHK_RNTCR new rental record created(for tabscrip check) CHAR   
385 PHK_RNTMN text for the field "rent key in maneully" in p0345 CHAR   
386 PHK_RNTNO for non radio button selected. CHAR   
387 PHK_SALGR Salary group CHAR   
388 PHK_SCALC Years of service calculation method CHAR   
389 PHONENR Telephone Number CHAR 20    
390 PHONENR_UI Telephone Number CHAR 20    
391 PHONE_EXTEN_DOM Domain for a telephone number extension data element CHAR 10    
392 PHOST Physical host name CHAR 64    
393 PHOSTD Network name of host CHAR 254    
394 PHSEQ Control recipe destination CHAR   
395 PHS_DARST Display of phase in graphics CHAR   
396 PHTMLB_FLI_MODIFIER Form Layout Modifier CHAR   
397 PHYSBUFF Foo INT4 10    
398 PHYSFILE Foo INT4 10    
399 PH_ACTIVE Activate Park and hold for Purchasing Documents CHAR   
400 PH_ICON Icon for Status Display in Portfolio Hierarchy CHAR   
401 PIAKT Key for action to be triggered by F-code PICK NUMC   
402 PIAKT_TX Name of action to be triggered by F-code PICK CHAR   
403 PICHAR30 Pegged requirements in external system CHAR 30    
404 PICK Current Entry Selected CHAR   
405 PIC_COMMON_KZ Indicator: Common Field for Interchangeable Parts CHAR   
406 PIC_INTTYPE Parts interchangeability type (forward, interchangeable) CHAR   
407 PIC_MRPGR Parts interchangeability IM-MPN MRP set CHAR 10    
408 PIC_PICCAT Parts interchangeability category CHAR   
409 PIC_PICCODE Parts interchangeability code CHAR   
410 PIC_PICFLAG PIC indicator CHAR   
411 PIC_PICID Parts interchangeability indicator CHAR   
412 PIC_PICKEY Part interchangeability object key (GUID) CHAR 22    
413 PIC_PICNUM Parts interchangeability group number CHAR 18    
414 PIC_PICTYPE PIC membership type CHAR   
415 PIC_SPERKZ Parts interchangeability block indicator CHAR   
416 PIC_UPDKZ Change Indicator for Material Replacement CHAR   
417 PIDCC_KK Process code (dunning, payment, ...) CHAR   
418 PID_AMONT Amount Field, Indonesia CURR15 CURR 15 
419 PID_CTYPE Contribution Type Flag CHAR   
420 PID_LOANC Loan Category CHAR   
421 PID_TUNIT Time Unit for Indonesia Absence Evaluation CHAR   
422 PID_TXDEP Number of Tax Dependents CHAR   
423 PIE_CRNCY Currency (IE) CURR 11 
424 PIE_EADDR Employer address line CHAR 30    
425 PIE_EANIE Employer´s Address Number NUMC   
426 PIE_EMP PRSI ememption for Employers CHAR   
427 PIE_ENAME Employer name CHAR 30    
428 PIE_ERNIE Employer's Registered Number CHAR   
429 PIE_EUNIE Employer´s Unit Number NUMC   
430 PIE_FREQY VHI payment frequency NUMC   
431 PIE_FRMID Form type CHAR   
432 PIE_HICOM Health Insurance Company CHAR   
433 PIE_INICL Initial PRSI class CHAR   
434 PIE_LYEXMP PY-IE: Income Levy Exemption CHAR   
435 PIE_OTHCL Other PRSI class CHAR   
436 PIE_P45WK Tax Week Number NUMC   
437 PIE_PAYMD Payment Method (IE) CHAR   
438 PIE_PNTXT Pension text CHAR 40    
439 PIE_PRD_MAIN PRD: Main Employment CHAR   
443 PIE_PRSIC Current PRSI Class CHAR   
446 PIE_RDATE Date for selection CHAR   
447 PIE_RETTP PY-IE : Type of Submission to ROS CHAR   
448 PIE_RSINO Employee RSI Number CHAR   
449 PIE_SCHID Scheme identifier CHAR   
452 PIE_STAMP PRSI Contribution weeks NUMC   
453 PIE_TAXTB Tax Table - IE CHAR   
454 PIE_TXBAS Tax Category CHAR   
455 PIE_TXPER Tax Percentage DEC
456 PIE_TXRFS Action on wittheld tax refunds CHAR   
457 PIE_TXTBL Tax Table - IE CHAR   
458 PIE_TYPE Type of Plan CHAR   
459 PIE_USC_PERNO Period Number used in USC calculation NUMC   
460 PIE_VHIPL Domain for Health Plans CHAR   
461 PIE_VHIPR VHI Period Number NUMC   
463 PIE_WEEKE Week End NUMC   
464 PIE_WEEKS Week Start NUMC   
465 PIFERROR Error return codes INT4 10    
467 PIFINT1 1 byte Integer INT1   
468 PIFINT4 INT4 INT4 10    
469 PIFLONGKEY Indicator for long key for package interfaces CHAR   
470 PIFMODE PIF mode INT1   
471 PIFOBJTEXT Short Description for Package Interface Element CHAR 80    
472 PIFSTABLTY Package interface stability CHAR   
473 PIFSTRING PIF Any String Value STRG   
474 PIFTIMEOUT Session Inactivity Timeout (seconds) INT4 10    
475 PIGCHAR30K Character field, length 30k CHAR 30000    
476 PIKBE Internal key for availability duty CHAR   
477 PIMON_CHNL_ADAPTER_ENGINE PI Monitoring Channel Monitor domain for adapter Engine CHAR 80    
478 PIMON_CHNL_ADAPTER_TYPE Adapter Type for PI Monitoring Channel Monitor CHAR 80    
479 PIMON_CHNL_CHANNEL_NAME Domain for channel name CHAR 80    
480 PIMON_CHNL_COMPONENT Component name for PI Monitoring Channel Monitor CHAR 80    
481 PIMON_CHNL_DIRECTION PI Monitoring Channel Monitor Domain for Direction CHAR 80    
482 PIMON_CHNL_NAMESPACE Namespace Name for PI Monitoring Channel Monitor CHAR 25    
483 PIMON_CHNL_PARTY Party name for PI Monitoring Channel Monitor CHAR 80    
484 PIMON_CHNL_STATUS Status for PI Monitoring Channel Monitor CHAR 80    
485 PIMON_CONTENT_TYPE Domain for Text Type in Notification CHAR 10    
486 PIMON_COUNT Generic count INT4 10    
487 PIMON_DISPLAY_ROWS Domain for no. of rows to be displayed in a table INT1   
488 PIMON_DM_OPTION Domain for option CHAR   
489 PIMON_DM_QNAME Query name CHAR 40    
490 PIMON_DM_QTEXT Short text for query name CHAR 120    
491 PIMON_DM_SIGN domain for sign CHAR   
492 PIMON_DM_VALUE Value for filter CHAR 140    
493 PIMON_ERBL_GRP_VISIBLE Domain for group visible in error/backlog monitor CHAR 30    
494 PIMON_ER_BL_TYPES Types for Error/Backlog Top Table CHAR 30    
495 PIMON_MSGFLOW_DETAILS Domain for drop-down values in MsgFlow details CHAR 20    
496 PIMON_MSG_TIME_RANGE Time Range for PI Message Monitoring CHAR 60    
497 PIMON_NAME Generic name STRG   
498 PIMON_PMSTAT Integration Engine: Message Status NUMC   
499 PIMON_RETURN_CODE Method return status code INT1   
500 PIMON_SELFTEST_TYPES Domain for drop-down values in Self-Test details CHAR 20