SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 10
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P16_NQFOTYPE NQF object types CHAR   
2 P16_NUMC1 ZA Character String with only digits Length 1 NUMC   
3 P16_OCCAT Occupational Categories CHAR   
4 P16_OCIDX Alternative Title Index NUMC 10    
5 P16_OCLEV Occupation level CHAR   
6 P16_OCTYPE Outcome Type CHAR   
7 P16_OFOCD OFO Codes (South Africa) NUMC   
8 P16_OFOTXT OFO Code Description CHAR 120    
9 P16_OTCDE ITA88 Outcome Code NUMC   
10 P16_PCKIND Package indicator CHAR   
11 P16_PERM Employment status CHAR   
12 P16_PERTY Salary packaging: permission type CHAR   
13 P16_PRDNI ID Number CHAR 13    
14 P16_QTYPE NQF Qualifiaction type definition NUMC   
15 P16_RECTY SARS Record Type NUMC   
16 P16_REGNO Old version - Use P16_REGNO_C instead NUMC 16    
17 P16_REGNO_C Registered Number for Trust, CC and Company for IRP5 CHAR 16    
18 P16_REMRK Remarks (Bursaries) CHAR 255    
19 P16_RSSCD RSC Code CHAR   
20 P16_RUNST Run Status NUMC   
21 P16_RUNTY SARS Interface : Type of Run CHAR   
22 P16_SCODE Stream code NUMC   
23 P16_SCOMP Salary component CHAR   
24 P16_SEQUE Sequence number NUMC   
25 P16_SIEXR Exempt reason indicator CHAR   
26 P16_SLEVEL Skill Levels (OFO South Africa) NUMC   
27 P16_SOC Standard Occupational Code (SOC) South Africa CHAR   
28 P16_SOC7 Standard Occupational Code (SOC) South Africa CHAR   
29 P16_SPQUALI Type of Skills Priority CHAR   
30 P16_STATH Contribution class for Social Insurance ZA CHAR   
31 P16_STATU SARS Interface : Employee Status NUMC   
32 P16_SUBOB SARS Number Range Subobject NUMC   
33 P16_SVKZ1 Social insurance indicator CHAR   
34 P16_SVSPA SI sector CHAR   
35 P16_TECAT Termination Categories CHAR   
36 P16_TEUIF UIF: Termination Categories CHAR   
37 P16_TRNUM ITA88 Transaction Number CHAR 10    
38 P16_TTYPE Type of Termination CHAR   
39 P16_UIFAB UIF Abscence Types CHAR   
40 P16_UI_PRDNI ID Number CHAR 13    
41 P16_USTYP Unit Standard Type NUMC   
42 P16_VARID Package Variation ID CHAR   
43 P16_WT Weighting Digit NUMC   
44 P16_XCODE Exception Code CHAR   
45 P19_CHAR5 Char5 CHAR   
46 P20P_ANSVIR SST : Employment date CHAR   
47 P20P_ANTTJM SST : Number of months in service (in this year) NUMC   
48 P20P_APRSN Additional position reason for Norway Public Sector CHAR   
49 P20P_APRST Reason Type for Additional positions (Norway PS) CHAR   
50 P20P_BUDKAP SST : Budget chapter NUMC   
51 P20P_BUDPOS SST : Budget subchapter NUMC   
52 P20P_CTSEQ Sequence Number for Category (Norway PS) NUMC   
53 P20P_DELPRO SST : Part time percentage (without decimals) NUMC   
54 P20P_DELT Part time-% (format 999,99) CHAR   
55 P20P_ELEMENT Element for Norway Public Sector CHAR   
56 P20P_ELIG_CAT Eligibility Category for Norway Public Sector CHAR   
57 P20P_ETATK SST : Department Code CHAR   
58 P20P_FTILL SST : Recurring Payments NUMC   
59 P20P_FUNG Acting CHAR   
60 P20P_HIVAL High Value for Element for Norway Public Sector CHAR 12    
61 P20P_HLON Basic Pay NUMC   
62 P20P_IBUKY IBU Key (Type of Company) CHAR   
63 P20P_JOBNR SST : Job Number NUMC   
64 P20P_KORTA SST : Card art CHAR   
65 P20P_LONNRA Pay scale Group ( SST ) CHAR   
66 P20P_LONSK System Code CHAR   
67 P20P_LOVAL Low value for Element for Norway Public Sector CHAR 12    
68 P20P_LTR Wage Level NUMC   
69 P20P_MTYP Message Type NUMC   
70 P20P_OPRKO SST : Operation Code CHAR   
71 P20P_ORGNJ SST : Organization juridisk number NUMC   
72 P20P_OVTTIM SST : Overtime hours (so far this year) NUMC   
73 P20P_PERMAAR Number of Years for Leave of Absence NUMC   
74 P20P_PERMAVT Code for Leave Agreement CHAR   
75 P20P_PERMI Leave Indicator CHAR   
76 P20P_PRCOD Process Code for Norway PS CHAR 10    
77 P20P_PRCODT Text for Process Code for Norway PS CHAR 20    
78 P20P_PRCSS Process ID for Norway Public Sector CHAR   
79 P20P_PRSEQ Process Sequence number for Norway PS NUMC   
80 P20P_REG Wage Scale code NUMC   
81 P20P_RETIR Retirement Age NUMC   
82 P20P_RID Report ID CHAR   
83 P20P_STATUS Status CHAR   
84 P20P_STELL Government job-code NUMC   
85 P20P_STILLK Government job-code NUMC   
86 P20P_STLBET Position description CHAR 30    
87 P20P_TFORHX SST : Employment status code CHAR   
88 P20P_TILL Payment (format 999999,99) CHAR   
89 P20P_TJANSX SST : Seniority CHAR   
90 P20P_TJENK SST : Place of work CHAR   
91 P20P_UTDSSB SST : SSB educational code NUMC   
92 P20P_UTDSST SST educational code NUMC   
93 P20P_VAROVT SST : Additional overtime compensation NUMC   
94 P20P_VARTIL SST : Additional payments NUMC   
95 P20P_VERS Version of Statistics NUMC   
96 P20_AAR Year NUMC   
97 P20_ABDAY Number of days of absence NUMC   
98 P20_ABNUM Number of absences NUMC   
99 P20_ABSGR Norwegian absence grouping CHAR   
100 P20_ALTINN2_MOD Mode for Altinn II reporting CHAR 10    
101 P20_ALTINN2_PIN Pin codes for Altinn II CHAR   
102 P20_ANTA Special line containing annual taxcode DEC 15    
103 P20_ATCAT Cumulation category of wagetypes for annual tax reporting CHAR   
104 P20_ATCNT Contract type for annual tax statements CHAR   
105 P20_ATCOL Column in annual tax statement NUMC   
106 P20_ATCST Constraint of tax code columns CHAR   
107 P20_ATCUM Cumulation type of fields for tax codes NUMC   
108 P20_ATERN Attribute where amount was earned ? CHAR   
109 P20_ATFRM Print form for annual tax report - Norway CHAR   
110 P20_ATSGN Annual tax statements - Sign of reported amounts or numbers CHAR   
111 P20_ATSTA Reporting status for annual tax statements CHAR   
112 P20_ATSVB Annual tax reporting - place where wages are earned CHAR   
113 P20_BOLIG Street and house number CHAR   
114 P20_BUAREA Business Area ("Bransje") CHAR   
115 P20_DDIND Deduction indicator for Norway CHAR   
116 P20_DIV1 Various fields NUMC   
117 P20_DIV2 Various fields NUMC   
118 P20_DTYPE Deduction type CHAR   
119 P20_FORM Annual tax-report formula CHAR   
120 P20_FTYPE File type domain for AA-Register files. CHAR   
121 P20_KLPVR Pension: KLP Variant (New/Old) CHAR   
122 P20_LAND Country CHAR   
123 P20_LCATG Leave category CHAR   
124 P20_LNF166 Char166 - Loan notification CHAR 166    
125 P20_LOPPG ANT_LOPPG NO INT4 10    
126 P20_LTKOD <Lønns- og trekkoppgave> code CHAR   
127 P20_LTYPE Leave type CHAR   
128 P20_MTYPE Type of message to employees/employers register CHAR   
129 P20_MUNIC Municipality number CHAR   
130 P20_MUNST Municipality number CHAR   
131 P20_NOCHG_TYPE Type of Change CHAR   
132 P20_ORGBE Firm org. number (bedriftsnummer) NUMC 11    
133 P20_ORGJU Legal org. number (juridisk nummer) NUMC 11    
134 P20_ORGLED Organisation group(Organisasjonsledd) NUMC 11    
135 P20_ORGNO Organizations number for electronic data interchange CHAR 11    
136 P20_ORT01 City CHAR 30    
137 P20_PCODE SSB Position Code CHAR   
138 P20_PENVR Pension Variant CHAR   
139 P20_POSTN Norwegian postal code CHAR   
140 P20_PREVP Indicator for reading previous period CHAR   
141 P20_PSTLZ Postal code CHAR 10    
142 P20_PSWRD pasword for Enterprise SystemID CHAR 20    
143 P20_PTEXT Text CHAR 40    
144 P20_PTYPE Pension Type CHAR   
145 P20_QUART Quarter of a year NUMC   
146 P20_RAPTYP Report type CHAR   
147 P20_REACD Reason code CHAR   
148 P20_RECTYP Type of Record for Annual Tax Statements CHAR   
149 P20_REIMB_FORMTYPE Norway: Reimbursement form type CHAR   
150 P20_REIMB_STAT Norway: Reimbursement Status CHAR   
151 P20_REIMB_TYPE Norway: Reimbursement type CHAR   
152 P20_REPNR Organizations number used for tax and ERC reporting NUMC 11    
153 P20_RSTAT Status of reporting to the AA-Register CHAR   
154 P20_RUN_STATUS Status for Altinn run CHAR   
155 P20_SCODE Work Schedule Codes CHAR   
156 P20_STATS Company status regarding branch and employers contribution CHAR   
157 P20_SVAL Period NUMC   
158 P20_TABNO Table number CHAR   
159 P20_TEGN Character set CHAR   
160 P20_TERM Period NUMC   
161 P20_TIDS Begin date to End date in annual tax statement CHAR   
162 P20_TRYNA Name of <trygdekontor> CHAR 25    
163 P20_TRYNR NAV No. CHAR   
164 P20_VFPER Period for payment of vacation allowance CHAR   
165 P20_VISOPP How is the reports displayed CHAR   
166 P20_ZONE Contains two characters of the zone CHAR   
167 P21_AUSB IS-H: P21 Training Facility/Occupation Requiring Training CHAR   
168 P21_AUSBTYP IS-H: P21Ausbildungsstätten-Typ CHAR   
169 P21_DATERHEB IS-H: P21 Indicator for Data Extraction CHAR   
170 P21_ERLAUSGL IS-H: P21 Erlösausgleich DEC 11 
171 P21_KHART IS-H: P21 Type of Hospital CHAR   
172 P21_TART IS-H: P21 Type of Operator CHAR   
173 P21_VERSION IS-H: P21 Version ID CHAR   
174 P22J_22CCR Standard compensation amount change indicator CHAR   
175 P22J_22NAT used to display valid return values for feature maintenance CHAR   
176 P22J_22RPF Return of Pension Fund's Assets to the Government CHAR   
177 P22J_22SIP used to display valid return values for feature maintenance CHAR   
178 P22J_22YSL used to display valid return values for feature maintenance CHAR   
179 P22J_ADTXT to display Japanese address in one line CHAR 140    
180 P22J_APPDT Appraisal Detail Feature CHAR   
181 P22J_APPFT Appraisal Main Feature CHAR   
182 P22J_APPRK Appraisal Rank Criteria CHAR   
183 P22J_BEGDY Begin day NUMC   
184 P22J_CANFL Geppen Candidate indicator CHAR   
185 P22J_CHAR1 char one fields CHAR   
186 P22J_CPINR Company's Pension Insurance number CHAR 10    
187 P22J_DEPEN Deduction for Dependant CHAR   
188 P22J_DISA2 Deduction for disabled (Family Members) CHAR   
189 P22J_DISAB Deduction for disabled CHAR   
190 P22J_DSTKM HR Distance in kilometers QUAN   
191 P22J_EALI1 Acquired/Lost CHAR   
192 P22J_EALID Indicator for acquire/lost CHAR   
193 P22J_EIBSB Employer number rate for EE's pension CHAR 13    
194 P22J_EIRUL Employment insurance premium calculation rule CHAR   
195 P22J_EMINR Employment Insurance number (Labour Ins.) CHAR 13    
196 P22J_ENDDY End day NUMC   
197 P22J_ENTID Indicator for SI entitlement CHAR   
198 P22J_EPINR Employee's Pension Insurance number CHAR 11    
199 P22J_EPRUL Santei/Geppen Process Rule for Empoyee's Pension CHAR   
200 P22J_FIXED Fixed or flexible CHAR   
201 P22J_GRINS Grade no. of std. compensation (insurance) NUMC   
202 P22J_HIRUL Santei/Geppen process rule for Health Insurance CHAR   
203 P22J_HLINR Health insurance number CHAR   
204 P22J_HLISB Employer number rate for Health insurance CHAR   
205 P22J_HOUSTY Housing Dedcution Type for JP CHAR   
206 P22J_IKRUL Basic specifications for IKKATSU TEKIYOU(Japan) CHAR   
207 P22J_INDIC Indicator 4 health insurance insured CHAR   
208 P22J_INSC1 Insurance company name CHAR   
209 P22J_INSCC Insurance company code CHAR   
210 P22J_INSCT Insurance Contract Type CHAR   
211 P22J_INST1 Insurance Type CHAR   
212 P22J_INSTY Insurance company type CHAR   
213 P22J_IREST Restriction for interest rate type CHAR   
214 P22J_IRFIX Indicator(fixed or flxible) CHAR   
215 P22J_ITXMF Income Tax Modifier JP CHAR   
216 P22J_JKING used to display valid return values for feature maintenance CHAR   
217 P22J_LBIMF Labour Insurance Modifier CHAR   
218 P22J_LBINR Employer number rate for labour insurance CHAR 15    
219 P22J_LIPI1 Labour insurance Premium Rate CHAR   
220 P22J_LIWTH Deduction for Live with CHAR   
221 P22J_MCSLT Monthly compensation HR (Japan) NUMC   
222 P22J_NAME Name (Japanese Standard) CHAR 24    
223 P22J_NREID HR-J: Indicator for residentail status CHAR   
224 P22J_NRPLC HR-J: Living place (for non-resident) CHAR   
225 P22J_OLPE2 Deduction for Old Person (Family Members) CHAR   
226 P22J_OLPER Deduction for Old Person CHAR   
227 P22J_PAYMO Pay scale feature CHAR   
228 P22J_PBDYS Payment Basic Days Range NUMC   
229 P22J_PNAME Name (Japanese Standard) CHAR 40    
230 P22J_PTRUL Santei evaluation rule for parttime workers(Japan) CHAR   
231 P22J_RCLID Method of Collection CHAR   
232 P22J_RCTVC City Code for Residence Tax CHAR   
233 P22J_RESTY Flag of retirement reason CHAR   
234 P22J_RETCP Retirement Calculation Pattern CHAR   
235 P22J_RETFI Retirement Allowance Calculation Formula Identifier CHAR   
236 P22J_RETMF Retirement Allowance Modifier JP CHAR   
237 P22J_RETTX Indication for Retirement Tax CHAR   
238 P22J_RETXX Internal ID for retirement calculation CHAR   
239 P22J_RMIND Refund on maturity indicator CHAR   
240 P22J_RTCLS Classification for reason of change CHAR   
241 P22J_RTXID Reason of change in residence tax CHAR   
242 P22J_RTXMF Residence Tax Modifier JP CHAR   
243 P22J_RULNI Payment rule for Nursing Insurance CHAR   
244 P22J_SASTA SI Hokensya-Santei Status CHAR   
245 P22J_SCIMF Social Insurance Modifier CHAR   
246 P22J_SEQN3 HR Sequence number length 3 JPN NUMC   
247 P22J_SIBNR Employer number rate for soc. insurance CHAR   
248 P22J_SIDID Indicator for deduction Yes/no - field CHAR   
249 P22J_SIFIX Indicator that Evaluation Result is fixed CHAR   
250 P22J_SIGEN Social insurance gender ID CHAR   
251 P22J_SIII1 Social Insurance Deduction CHAR   
252 P22J_SIINR Insurance number CHAR 15    
253 P22J_SIPI1 Social Insurance Premium Rate CHAR   
254 P22J_SIPNR Pension number CHAR 15    
255 P22J_STUWO Deduction for Student Worker CHAR   
256 P22J_SVYFP Service Years - Factor - Patterns for Retirement CHAR   
257 P22J_TXID1 Taxation class (indicator) CHAR   
258 P22J_TXTYP Taxation type indicator CHAR   
259 P22J_UMEID Union member indicator CHAR   
260 P22J_UNION Labour union CHAR   
261 P22J_UPDST Update Status CHAR   
262 P22J_WIDOW Deduction for Widow CHAR   
263 P22J_YEID1 Year end adjustment indicator CHAR   
264 P22J_YESNO Yes/No Decision CHAR   
265 P22_CHARSET Character set CHAR 16    
266 P22_CHARSET_TEXT Character set text CHAR 32    
267 P22_FDFLG Flag for selecting type of output data CHAR   
268 P22_PAYCT Payment option for personnel action CHAR   
269 P22_UI_BKONT Bank control key CHAR   
270 P22_UI_GESCH Gender key CHAR   
271 P23_7DEC0 Decimal 7 digits no decimals DEC   
272 P23_AAREA Agreement area CHAR   
273 P23_ACDAY Absence condition days - SE DEC   
274 P23_ACGAP Absence condition gap width - SE INT1   
275 P23_ACHRS Absence condition hourly split - SE CHAR   
276 P23_ACKEY Absence condition key - SE CHAR   
277 P23_AETYP Absence exception type CHAR   
278 P23_AMFNR AMF number CHAR   
279 P23_BUSIN Business area CHAR   
280 P23_CAUTL Capacity utilization level DEC
281 P23_CFARN CFAR number CHAR   
282 P23_CHECK Flag (X or space) CHAR   
283 P23_COREC Corporate reduction of employers contribution indicator CHAR   
284 P23_CPIS Compulsory pension insurance status CHAR   
285 P23_ECTYT Text for Employee Contribution Type CHAR 80    
286 P23_EPG_HARD XML Extra Pages Soft NUMC   
287 P23_EPG_SOFT XML Extra Pages Soft NUMC   
288 P23_EVNTY SPP Event Type CHAR   
289 P23_FEILD Field number CHAR   
290 P23_FORKD Church key CHAR   
291 P23_INT1 1-byte integer. INT1   
292 P23_INTFA Intermittence factor DEC
293 P23_ISCO ISCO code CHAR   
294 P23_JOB JOB code for swedish statistics CHAR   
295 P23_KOMKD Municipality key CHAR   
296 P23_KUTYP Type of Annual tax statement CHAR   
297 P23_LANKD Region key CHAR   
298 P23_LASDATE_TYPE Date type CHAR   
299 P23_MAXNO Absence condition max no of occurance - SE INT1   
300 P23_MAXRA Maximum range - SE DEC   
301 P23_NOENT No leave entitlement days DEC
302 P23_NYK NYK code CHAR   
303 P23_ORGNO tax reference number NUMC 10    
304 P23_PRCNT Percent Int1 INT1   
305 P23_PROWT Processing type for wage type for vacation debt list CHAR   
306 P23_PROZS Union due percentage DEC
307 P23_PRSJO Processing type for availabilty CHAR   
308 P23_REGEC Regional redution of employers contribution indicator CHAR   
309 P23_SAFNO SAF number CHAR   
310 P23_SAFUN Union SAF CHAR   
311 P23_SAFWP SAF work place number CHAR   
312 P23_SCBWP SCB work place number CHAR   
313 P23_SCODE Statistic code CHAR   
314 P23_SEQNO Numerical field (length 3) NUMC   
315 P23_SINKT Type of KU-type (SINK) CHAR   
316 P23_SPPCO SPP code CHAR   
317 P23_SPPDI SPP division CHAR   
318 P23_SPPID User-id for SPP CHAR   
319 P23_SPPNO SPP number CHAR   
320 P23_SPRJO Processing type for availabilty CHAR   
321 P23_SSYK SSYK code CHAR   
322 P23_SSYK_2004 SSYK code CHAR   
323 P23_SUN SUN code CHAR   
324 P23_SUNLE Sun code level CHAR   
325 P23_SUNSU Sun code subject CHAR   
326 P23_SUNTX Sun code text element CHAR 70    
327 P23_TABKD Tax Table Number NUMC   
328 P23_TADKD Tax Adjustment CHAR   
329 P23_TAETT Extra Tax CHAR   
330 P23_TAKKD Tax column NUMC   
331 P23_TRUKD Tax Adjustment CHAR   
332 P23_TVKUG Text variants for annual tax statement (Kontrollupgift) CHAR   
333 P23_TXT15 Text field CHAR 15 CHAR 15    
334 P23_TXT20 Text field CHAR 20 CHAR 20    
335 P23_TXT40 Text field CHAR 40 CHAR 40    
336 P23_TXT60 Text field CHAR 60 CHAR 60    
337 P23_TYPEC Employer's contribution Type CHAR   
338 P23_TYPKD Tax Type CHAR   
339 P23_UP_14 RSV-number CHAR   
340 P23_UP_91 Time working abroad CHAR   
341 P23_UP_92 Type of KU-type (ATP) CHAR   
342 P23_VDTP Order of deduction INT1   
343 P23_VSCAL Insurance scale CHAR   
344 P23_VSCEE EE/SP Switch CHAR   
345 P23_VSCOV OPIS Insurance Cover CHAR   
346 P23_VSRNR Insurance rule number CHAR   
347 P23_XFELD Checkbox domain CHAR   
348 P25AMT_TOTAL Signed decimal no. 8 digits before, 2 after decimal CURR 10 
349 P25C_DTYPE Part month rounding types NUMC   
350 P25C_TUNIT TIme unit CHAR   
351 P25M_FUNDN Fund name CHAR   
352 P25M_FUNTY Fund type CHAR   
353 P25M_FWSGR Subgroup of Foreign Worker CHAR   
354 P25M_FWTYP Foreign Worker Type CHAR   
355 P25M_SIGRP Institution of Soc. Insurance SG CHAR   
356 P25M_STATUS Staus for temse CHAR 17    
357 P25SOP_COMPANY_NAME Company Name (40) CHAR 40    
358 P25SOP_HOLD_PRD_FROM Holding Period From CHAR   
359 P25SOP_HOLD_UNIT Period Unit CHAR   
360 P25SOP_RCB_NO RCB No for a Company CHAR 12    
361 P25SOP_SCHEME_ID Scheme id domain for Stock option shemes CHAR   
362 P25SOP_SCHEME_ID_ESOW Scheme id domain for Stock option shemes for ESOW CHAR   
363 P25SOP_TEXT Text field CHAR 200    
364 P25SOP_TEXT150 Character fields length 150 without check CHAR 150    
365 P25SOP_TEXT200 Text 200 CHAR 200    
366 P25SOP_TEXT60 Text 60 CHAR 60    
367 P25SOP_TOTAL_AMT Signed decimal no. 7 digits before, 5 after decimal DEC 12 
368 P25_ACODE Absence Code for absence not counted as Pensionable Service CHAR   
369 P25_AFIND Averaging formula indicator CHAR   
370 P25_AKIND single/multiple CHAR   
371 P25_APEFO APE Formula Code CHAR   
372 P25_APPOR Approval of Retirement Code CHAR   
373 P25_BENTY Benefit Type CHAR   
374 P25_BFTYP Type of Business Firm CHAR   
375 P25_BIGS BIGA Employment Statistics CHAR   
376 P25_BLACA Blacklist category CHAR   
377 P25_BLARE Blacklist reason CHAR   
378 P25_CATGY HR-PS-SG:Subtype for Employee Suggestion Scheme CHAR   
379 P25_CCODE Pensions Scheme Constant Code CHAR   
380 P25_CCOUT Outcome grouping CHAR   
381 P25_COINT Frequency of compounding of interest CHAR   
382 P25_COIP3 UIN/FIN of Committee of Inquiry officer CHAR 20    
383 P25_COIPR UIN/FIN of Committee of Inquiry officer NUMC   
384 P25_COMPC Pensions Scheme Option Component Code CHAR   
385 P25_CONRG Pensions Scheme Constant Rule Grouping CHAR   
386 P25_COTYP Type of Company CHAR   
387 P25_CRTCD HR-PS-SG: Criteria CHAR   
388 P25_CURR9_3 Decimal no. 9 digits before, 3 after decimal DEC 10 
389 P25_DCTRG Pensions Scheme Discount Rule Grouping CHAR   
390 P25_DEC12_5 Decimal no. 7 digits before, 5 after decimal DEC 12 
391 P25_DEC15_2 Decimal field length 15 with 2 decimal places DEC 15 
392 P25_DEC18_3 Decimal no. 15 digits before, 3 after decimal DEC 18 
393 P25_DEC6_3 Domain with 6 digits before Decimal and 3 after DEC
394 P25_DIACD Disciplinary act CHAR   
395 P25_ELIGG Pensions Scheme Eligibility Grouping CHAR   
396 P25_EREGN Type of Registration of Company CHAR   
397 P25_ESSNR HR-PS-SG: Suggestion Status Reference Number NUMC   
398 P25_ESSRK Staff Suggestion Ranking CHAR   
399 P25_ESSTA HR-PS-SG: Suggestion Status CHAR   
400 P25_ETEXT Unit Text for Time/Measurement for Discipline CHAR 10    
401 P25_ETYPE Type of Company CHAR   
402 P25_EVALG HR-PS-SG: Evaluator Grouping NUMC   
403 P25_EVALS HR-PS-SG:Values for employee suggestion evaluator NUMC   
404 P25_EXITM Exit mode CHAR   
405 P25_EXMPT Exempt/Remission Income Indicator CHAR   
406 P25_FACMT Factoring method CHAR   
407 P25_FRINT Period of interest computation CHAR   
408 P25_FTYPE File name types CHAR 10    
409 P25_FUNCD Status Group CHAR   
410 P25_FUSTS Status CHAR   
411 P25_GRPIR Group Suggestion Indicator for Employee Suggestion Scheme CHAR   
412 P25_GRUID Eligibility grouping for Interest Rates CHAR   
413 P25_ICTYP Ic type CHAR   
414 P25_IDCHK ID number check error flag CHAR   
415 P25_INTCD Interest code CHAR   
416 P25_INTTY Interdiction Type CHAR   
417 P25_IRAS_AMT Signed decimal no. 9 digits before, 2 after decimal CURR 11 
418 P25_MOLGA Ländergruppierung für Personalwirtschaft CHAR   
419 P25_NASCH Nature of Scheme CHAR   
420 P25_OFFCD Offence code CHAR   
421 P25_OFFGR Offence grouping CHAR   
422 P25_OPRTR Pensions Scheme Operator Codes CHAR   
423 P25_OTYPE Pensions Scheme Option Codes CHAR   
424 P25_OUTCD Outcome Code CHAR   
425 P25_OUTMT Unit of Time/Measurement for Discipline CHAR   
426 P25_PEACD Pensions Act Code CHAR   
427 P25_PENS Flag for Pension scheme 2006 CHAR   
428 P25_PRINT Period of interest computation CHAR   
429 P25_PRPTY Type of Property CHAR   
430 P25_PTYPE HR-PS-SG:Pensions Scheme Option Types CHAR   
431 P25_RADIO CHAR   
432 P25_REFOPT Refund Option CHAR   
433 P25_REINC Restore increment with-held CHAR   
434 P25_REPPR UIN/FIN of the representative CHAR 20    
435 P25_REPYC Restore Pay/Medical CHAR   
436 P25_SCODE Pensions Scheme Codes CHAR   
437 P25_STYPE HR-PS-SG:Subtype for SG Public Sector Pensions Scheme CHAR   
438 P25_TAX Employee Income Tax borne by Employer Indicator CHAR   
439 P25_TRCOD Transaction codes for UOB Bank transfer program CHAR   
440 P25_TYPER Type of Representation CHAR   
441 P25_UNITNO Indicates payments made by MOF or MINDEF CHAR   
442 P25_WPCOD Type of work permit CHAR   
443 P2PUS_CA Parameter Use CHAR   
444 P2TYPE 2D graphics type CHAR   
445 P336_GANSW Garnishment answer letter CHAR   
446 P33_2NDFL_VERSION Type of information CHAR   
447 P33_ABBRV Abreviaton CHAR 20    
448 P33_ABSIMOD Calculation Modifier CHAR   
449 P33_ADDDE Additional Standard Deduction NUMC   
450 P33_ADJTYPE Calculation Algorithm for Adjustment Factor CHAR   
451 P33_ALINK Absence link date DATS   
452 P33_AMOU7 Garnishment order amount CURR
453 P33_AMOU9 Garnishment order amount CURR
454 P33_AVNW Average number of workers INT4 10    
455 P33_AVRULE_TYPE Average rule type CHAR   
456 P33_AWDTP Award type CHAR   
457 P33_BETRG Sum DEC 15 
458 P33_BMCODE Bonus model CHAR   
459 P33_BMSCALE Scale of bonus model CHAR   
460 P33_BMSCALE_ITYP Type of initialization for Bonus Model Scale CHAR   
461 P33_CATAL PFR check catalog CHAR 110    
462 P33_CCITY Short KLADR code CHAR 10    
463 P33_CCODE Code CHAR   
464 P33_CCODE2 Code CHAR   
465 P33_CCODE4 Code CHAR   
466 P33_CESSATION_ACTIVITY Cessation of activity of organization CHAR   
467 P33_CESSATION_ACTIVITY_CODE Cessation of activity of organization code CHAR   
468 P33_CESSATION_ACTIVITY_TEXT Cessation of activity of organization text CHAR 200    
469 P33_CHAR128 Text length 128 CHAR 128    
470 P33_CHAR255 char 255 CHAR 255    
471 P33_CLCFD Number, Rate, or Amount Out of Payroll Results CHAR   
472 P33_CMSKO MSKO code CHAR   
473 P33_CNAME Name CHAR 100    
474 P33_CODTS Tariff code of the sender CHAR   
475 P33_COKSO OKSO code CHAR   
476 P33_CONFIRM_TYPE Verifier of Form Content NUMC   
477 P33_CORRECTION_TYPE Correction Type CHAR   
478 P33_COUNT_SEN_AC_CODE Additional Information About Calculated Seniority CHAR   
479 P33_COUNT_SEN_AC_NAME Name of Additional Conditions for Calculated Seniority CHAR 128    
480 P33_COUNT_SEN_CODE Calcualted Seniority Code CHAR   
481 P33_COUNT_SEN_NAME Calculated Seniority Name CHAR 128    
482 P33_COUNT_SEN_PAR012 Parameters Zero, One, and Two for Calculated Seniority NUMC   
483 P33_COUN_SEN_NEC Inadmissibility of parameter input CHAR   
484 P33_CRENR HR payee number NUMC   
485 P33_CRETY HR payee type CHAR   
486 P33_CSHTR Training Short Code CHAR   
487 P33_DEC5_2V Dec.figure/5 places before, 2 places after point and sign DEC
488 P33_DEDUT Unit CHAR   
489 P33_DED_GROUP Group of deductions for limiting CHAR   
490 P33_DOCNUMBER Document number CHAR 20    
491 P33_DRCAT Driving Category CHAR   
492 P33_EDUQLF Education Qualification CHAR 255    
493 P33_EMPL_ATTR Employee attribute text CHAR 20    
494 P33_EXCEP Rule for the calculation of garnishment order type CHAR   
495 P33_EXCLD Exclude Field CHAR   
496 P33_EXEMP Number of exemptions / dependents NUMC   
497 P33_EXTTY Extension type CHAR   
498 P33_FACET Facet OKIN CHAR   
499 P33_FAMST Familienstandsschlüssel CHAR   
500 P33_FATXT OKIN: Matrial status CHAR 40