SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 2
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 P01P_ZFA_WEITK Flag Whether Other Child Allow. Recip. Exist in Repayt Per. NUMC   
2 P01P_ZRM_DAU Duration of Assessment Period NUMC   
3 P01P_ZVDTA_CNTR SP Bank Transfer: Counter for Bank Transfers of Same Type INT2   
4 P01P_ZVEGR Group of SPI CHAR   
5 P01P_ZVEID SAP Indicator of Relevant SPI NUMC   
6 P01P_ZVSTEU Supplementary Pension: Tax Model CHAR   
7 P01P_ZV_ANZ_KIND_ELTERNZEIT Suppl. Pension: No. of Children Entitled to Parental Leave NUMC   
8 P01P_ZV_BSCHL_EINZAHLER Domains must not be used and will be deleted soon CHAR   
9 P01P_ZV_BSCHL_EINZL Supplementary Pension: Posting Key of Payer CHAR   
10 P01P_ZV_BSCHL_STMKM Supplementary Pension: Posting Key / Taxing Feature CHAR   
11 P01P_ZV_BSCHL_VSMKM Supplementary Pension: Posting Key / Insurance Feature CHAR   
12 P01P_ZV_DATUEV_VERSION Supplementary Pension: Version Number (DATUEV-ZVE) CHAR   
13 P01P_ZV_UEBTYP Supplementary Pension: Bank Transfer Type CHAR   
14 P01P_ZV_VSMKM_FREIW Insurance Feature of Voluntary Insurance CHAR   
15 P01S_B2A_KOART SI: Communication Type NUMC   
16 P01S_B2A_SERVER Communication Server in Data Exchange SI CHAR   
17 P01S_B2A_STATS SI: Status of the Transfer NUMC   
18 P01S_BAUID ID of CO Objects for Workers' Compensation Association CHAR   
19 P01S_MONAT Month NUMC   
20 P01T_AGDAT ETNotif.: Employer CHAR 95    
21 P01T_ALPLZ ETStmt: Postal Code for Address Abroad CHAR 13    
22 P01T_ANMZR ETNotif.: Type of Registration Period CHAR   
23 P01T_ANZRM ETNotif.: Registration Period NUMC   
24 P01T_AUSTR ETStmt: Reason for Leaving Statement CHAR   
25 P01T_B2AXX ETStmt: Type of Test NUMC   
26 P01T_BERAN ETNotif.: Corrected Employment Tax Notification CHAR   
27 P01T_BETGT ETStmt: Statemented Amount (Integral Part) CURR 11 
28 P01T_BETRG ETStmt: Statemented Amount CURR 15 
29 P01T_BLAND ETStmt: State CHAR   
30 P01T_BSART ETStmt: Statement Type CHAR   
31 P01T_CFLAG ETStmt: Indicator Text - Amount CHAR   
32 P01T_DUSTA ETStmt: DUEVO Nationality CHAR   
33 P01T_FILENUMBER File Number NUMC   
34 P01T_GESCH ETStmt: Gender CHAR   
35 P01T_GRSBS ETStmt: Uppercase Letters CHAR 30    
36 P01T_KDFBT ETStmt: Number of Tax Exemptions for Children DEC
37 P01T_KEYID Identification for Certificate CHAR 132    
38 P01T_KEYID_VAKEY Variable Key for ET Card (T596M/T596MD) CHAR   
39 P01T_KISTP ETStmt: Church Tax Person CHAR   
40 P01T_KONFN ETStmt: Religious Denomination CHAR   
41 P01T_LANDK Vehicle country key CHAR   
42 P01T_LBART ETStmt: Type of Employment Tax Statement NUMC   
43 P01T_LSART Type of Employment Tax Statement CHAR   
44 P01T_MONAT Month NUMC   
45 P01T_PATH_MANUAL Path Entered Manually STRG   
46 P01T_SATZA ETStmt: Record Type CHAR   
47 P01T_STATA ETNotif.: Status of Data Record NUMC   
48 P01T_STATS ETStmt: Status of Data Record (Old) NUMC   
49 P01T_STATUS ETStmt: Status of Data Record NUMC   
50 P01T_STATUS_NDB ETStmt: Status of Processing Data Ticket NUMC   
51 P01T_STATUS_TEXT ETStmt: Status of Data Record, Text CHAR 20    
52 P01T_VALTEXT ETStmt: Status of Data Record, Value and Text CHAR 20    
53 P01T_VREBT ETNotif.: Include Reimbursement Amount CHAR   
54 P01T_WDREE ETNotif.: Cancellation of Automatic Debit Authorization CHAR   
55 P01W_AEUHO Different Amount of Remuneration NUMC   
56 P01W_AEZUS Additional Remuneration NUMC   
57 P01W_ANGRD Entitlement to Paid Release from Work CHAR   
58 P01W_BRTAE Working Time/Reduction Factor CHAR   
59 P01W_BZEND HR-DBS: End of Assessment Period NUMC   
60 P01W_COMPRESS HR-DBW: Compression Procedure NUMC   
61 P01W_DATASET HR-DBW: Character Set CHAR   
62 P01W_ENCRYPT HR-DBW: Encryption Method NUMC   
63 P01W_FLGAM HR-DBW: Due Date of Remuneration CHAR   
64 P01W_FLMON HR-DBW: Due Month NUMC   
65 P01W_HABEZ Homeworker: Payment Type/Vacation Pay CHAR   
66 P01W_KDGRD_AB Termination Reason CHAR   
67 P01W_KDGSL Termination Reason CHAR   
68 P01W_KDOAF Ordinary Notice of Dismissal vs. Severance Pay CHAR   
69 P01W_KDONO Ordinary Notice of Dismissal CHAR   
70 P01W_KDWID Contract Violations CHAR   
71 P01W_KPATL Capital Amount DEC
72 P01W_KRZNG HR-DBS: Reduction Method (Recourses) CHAR   
73 P01W_MONXX Date - Month CHAR   
74 P01W_PDATE Calendar Year CHAR   
75 P01W_SBRHT HR-DBS: Payments in Kind - Payment Frequency CHAR   
76 P01W_SBRHT_UEBER HR-DBS: Payts in Kind - Payt Frequency - Transitional Pay CHAR   
77 P01W_SIGN HR-DBW: Electronic Signature NUMC   
78 P01W_STATUS HR-DBW: Data Record Status NUMC   
79 P01W_TRANSNAME HR-DBW: Name of Transfer File CHAR 11    
80 P01W_VERDB Statement of Earnings CHAR   
81 P01W_VF Processes CHAR   
82 P01W_VRPRZ Early Retirement Pension: Rate DEC
83 P01W_VWLAG Capital Formation Savings Payments from Employer NUMC   
84 P01W_VWLWO Employer's Capital Formation Savings Payments: Data NUMC   
85 P01W_VWRHT CFS - Payment Frequency CHAR   
86 P01W_VWRHT_ERKKIND CFS / Payment Frequency for HR_DE_BW_ERKKIND CHAR   
87 P01W_VWRHT_KVVU CFS - Payment Frequency CHAR   
88 P01W_VWRHT_MUTTER CFS / Payment Frequency for HR_DE_BW_MUTTER CHAR   
89 P01W_VWRHT_UEBER HR-DBS: CFS Payment Frequency - Transitional Pay CHAR   
90 P01W_WOHNB Housing Subsidy Statement CHAR   
91 P01W_WZLAE Additional Remuneration NUMC   
92 P01W_ZLRHT Payment Frequency CHAR   
93 P01W_ZLRHT_KVVU Payment Frequency for HR_DE_BW_KVVU CHAR   
94 P01W_ZLRHT_MUTTER Payment Frequency for HR_DE_BW_MUTTER CHAR   
95 P01W_ZLRHT_UEBER HR-DBS: Payment Frequency of Transitional Pay CHAR   
96 P01W_ZULEI Entitlement to Other Benefits NUMC   
97 P01X_MSTVM Notification Status for Actuarial Interface CHAR   
98 P01Y_CHAR25K Character field of 25 length with small init. letters CHAR 25    
99 P01Y_FLDBZ CHAR 30 with Lowercase Letters CHAR 30    
100 P01Y_KVART Conversion Type CHAR   
101 P01Y_KZBTG PAISY: Indicator for Contribution or Amount for Allowance CHAR   
102 P01Y_KZDUW PAISY: Indicator for Printing Transfer Amounts CHAR   
103 P01Y_NABER PAISY: Retroactive Calculation CHAR   
104 P01Y_RRSTP PAISY: Retroactive Accounting Limit CHAR   
105 P01Y_STORNO PAISY Reversal Indicator CHAR   
106 P01Y_STRBR PAISY: Control of Gross Garnishment CHAR   
107 P01Y_VABKY PAISY: Processing Key for Child Allowance NUMC   
108 P01Y_VBLNT PAISY: Remaining Net Amount CHAR   
109 P01Y_ZSBTG PAISY Additional Garnishment Amount NUMC   
110 P01_ABTG Cession According to Sec.5 AAG Is Explained CHAR   
111 P01_AINSL GPR: Investment Institution Key CHAR   
112 P01_ANLAR AVmG: Investment Type CHAR   
113 P01_APPLI Application for Classification CHAR   
114 P01_APRO Type of Payroll Program Used NUMC   
115 P01_AREA Indicator for Print Area Within Window NUMC   
116 P01_ATZAN Semiretirement: Employment Office Number CHAR   
117 P01_ATZFC Minimal Remuneration Calculation Schedule CHAR   
118 P01_ATZGT Payment of Supplementary Amounts CHAR   
119 P01_ATZK9 Semiretirement: Employment Office Number, 9 Places CHAR   
120 P01_ATZKA Individual Cap of Semiretirement Gross CHAR   
121 P01_ATZKM Indicator: Working Time Model (Block/Part-Time Model) CHAR   
122 P01_ATZLK SR: Special Indicator for Wage Type Processing CHAR   
123 P01_ATZMO Semiretirement model CHAR   
124 P01_ATZPG Semiretirement: Individual Check: Statutory/Pay Scale CHAR   
125 P01_ATZPH Semiretirement: Block Model Phase CHAR   
126 P01_ATZPR Decimal 3.2 DEC
127 P01_ATZSR Semiretirement: Special Rule CHAR   
128 P01_ATZTX Semiretirement Texts (Length 40) CHAR 40    
129 P01_ATZVA Semiretirement Variants CHAR   
130 P01_ATZ_WGHVA Semiretirement: Value Credit Processing Type CHAR   
131 P01_AUSKZ Supplement for Child Living Abroad CHAR   
132 P01_AUSMI Relevance for AI Minimum Remuneration CHAR   
133 P01_AUSN1 Change on First Day of Subsequent Period CHAR   
134 P01_AUVOR Submission of social insurance ID card CHAR   
135 P01_AVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Unemployment Insurance CHAR   
136 P01_AZKK Health Insurer Reference CHAR 20    
137 P01_AZVU Case Number of Employer CHAR 20    
138 P01_BAART AVmG: Processing Types CHAR   
139 P01_BACT Activities for Statements in Authorization Check CHAR   
140 P01_BAREA Statement Type CHAR   
141 P01_BAUST AVmG: Module CHAR   
142 P01_BBEGD Fixed Start Date of a Statement DATS   
143 P01_BD_ANRAP Form of Address for Contact Person (Mr., Mrs...etc) CHAR   
144 P01_BD_GD Reason for Statutory Payment NUMC   
145 P01_BD_RUHEND Inactive Indicator CHAR   
146 P01_BD_STATUS Status Indicator of Notif. for Business Data Maintenance CHAR   
147 P01_BD_TYP Notification Type in Business Data Maintenance Procedure CHAR   
148 P01_BD_VF Notification Procedure Indicator CHAR   
149 P01_BEART Processing Type for Assessment Threshold CHAR   
150 P01_BEITG GPR: Domain for Amount Fields CURR
151 P01_BEREG German Pension Reform: Processing Rules CHAR   
152 P01_BEWID Statement Identifier NUMC   
153 P01_BEWLA Statement Wage Type CHAR   
154 P01_BEWTX Statement Text CHAR 70    
155 P01_BFUNC Statement Functions CHAR   
156 P01_BFUTX Statement Function Text CHAR 70    
157 P01_BG_AUSGABE_PROZT Percentage for Output DEC
158 P01_BG_NBGPF Feature in Accident Insurance CHAR   
159 P01_BG_PROZENT Percentage DEC
160 P01_BLATX Statement Wage Type Text CHAR 70    
161 P01_BMSTATUS Status Indicator of PPO DEUEV Notifications CHAR   
162 P01_BNKE Data Record ID CHAR   
163 P01_BNW_BTRNR EDI and E-Mail Statement of Contributions Paid: Company No. CHAR 15    
164 P01_BN_BNART Contribution Statement Type CHAR   
165 P01_BN_KEKORR Indicator: Correction Contribution Statement CHAR   
166 P01_BN_KNAPP Miners' and Mine EEs' Insurance Contribution Statement CHAR   
167 P01_BN_MDTYP Notification Type for the Contribution Statement CHAR   
168 P01_BN_RENTNER Contribution Statement for Pensioners (Paying Office) CHAR   
169 P01_BN_STATUS Status of Contribution Statement CHAR   
170 P01_BSBTX Functional Area ID for Statements CHAR 25    
171 P01_BTABL Permitted Table CHAR 16    
172 P01_BTIME 2-Digit Statement Period in Months NUMC   
173 P01_BVERF Procedure for Expected Due Contributions CHAR   
174 P01_BVKE Data Record or Module Identifier CHAR   
175 P01_BVLGAF Regular Remuneration Excluding Notional Remuneration NUMC   
176 P01_BVNAME Name of Employer CHAR 30    
177 P01_BVNR Number of Professionals Insurance Organization NUMC   
178 P01_BVPER Period in Format YYYYMM CHAR   
179 P01_BVPLZ Postal Code of Place of Work NUMC   
180 P01_BVPRG Program Type for BVV Collection of Contributions Procedure CHAR   
181 P01_BVSTATUS Status Indicator of Notif. in Coll. of Contrib. Procedure CHAR   
182 P01_BVSVTG Social Insurance Days DEC   
183 P01_BVTYP Notification Category for PPO Collection of Contributions NUMC   
184 P01_BVV_VM0 Reason for Class 00 or Contribution = 0 CHAR   
185 P01_BVV_VMA Processing Feature for Leaving/End of Contract CHAR   
186 P01_BVV_VZ Plus/Minus Sign for Amounts in BVV Reporting CHAR   
187 P01_BV_BANKNAME Bank Name CHAR 30    
188 P01_BV_DUMMYNR Dummy Membership Number of a PPO CHAR   
189 P01_BV_KNR Account Number CHAR 10    
190 P01_BV_KONTOINHABER Account Holder CHAR 35    
191 P01_BV_MELDEFILTER Notification Filter for DEUEV Notifications CHAR 50    
192 P01_BV_VERWENDUNGSZWECK Note to Payee CHAR 35    
193 P01_BYSATZ Contribution Rate of Health Ins. Fund with Two Dec. Places NUMC   
194 P01_BZ Indicator: Contribution Payment NUMC   
195 P01_CHAR1 1-Character - Checkbox CHAR   
196 P01_CPOPR Relational Operator CHAR   
197 P01_CPTYP Comparison type CHAR   
198 P01_D3KENNZMAN DEUEV: Reason for Manual Notification CHAR   
199 P01_D3MLDTYP Type of DEUEV Notification NUMC   
200 P01_D3MLDTYP_O Type of DEUEV Notification (Outbound Notification) NUMC   
201 P01_D3M_DTART Type of Notification for DEUEV Statement CHAR   
202 P01_D3RFLIDNR DEUEV Confirmation: Sequential Number of Status Indicator NUMC   
203 P01_D3RSTATUS DEUEV Confirmation: Status Indicator CHAR   
204 P01_D3STATUS DEUEV Status Indicator CHAR   
205 P01_D3_ABBRF DEUEV: Vocational Training CHAR   
206 P01_D3_ABSCH DEUEV: School Leaving Certificate CHAR   
207 P01_D3_ANUEB DEUEV: Leasing of Temporary Personnel CHAR   
208 P01_D3_ANUV DCR Counter for AI Data Records NUMC   
209 P01_D3_BRFTX DEUEV Occupation Text CHAR 230    
210 P01_D3_CHKDATA DEUEV Conversion: Notification Content to Convert CHAR 40    
211 P01_D3_GFTST Hazard Pay Area in the DEUEV Notification CHAR   
212 P01_D3_KONVDAT DEUEV Conversion: Converted Notification Content CHAR 40    
213 P01_D3_MMDAG SHI Monthly Declaration: EE/ER Declaration CHAR   
214 P01_D3_MMDKK SHI Monthly Declaration: HI Fund Declaration CHAR   
215 P01_D3_TTBRF DEUEV Occupation CHAR   
216 P01_D3_TTSCH DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 CHAR   
217 P01_D3_TTSTX DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Text CHAR 230    
218 P01_D3_UVARBSTD DEUEV Hours Worked for Worker's Compensation NUMC   
219 P01_D3_UVGD DEUEV Reason for Special Conditions in AI Data CHAR   
220 P01_D3_VTFRM DEUEV: Contract Form CHAR   
221 P01_DATNR File Number for E-Mail Procedure NUMC   
222 P01_DBAUAA Type of Downtime NUMC   
223 P01_DBAUAE Type of Remuneration in DBAU NUMC   
224 P01_DBAUUA Cause of the Work Incapacity NUMC   
225 P01_DBBVVG Payment Method of the Reimbursement NUMC   
226 P01_DBKZGD Reason for Notification in Data Module DBKZ NUMC   
227 P01_DBZKGD Reason for Notification in Data Module DBZK NUMC   
228 P01_DEC4_2 Decimal Number 4 Places with 2 Decimals DEC
229 P01_DSERAV Type of Insurance in the Data Record DSER NUMC   
230 P01_DSERGD Reason for Issue in Data Record DSER NUMC   
231 P01_DSID Identification Number of the Data Record CHAR 20    
232 P01_DSVZGD Reason for Statutory Payment in DSVZ Data Record NUMC   
233 P01_DTART Type of Data Exchange CHAR   
234 P01_DTART_INT Type of Data Exchange (Internal) CHAR   
235 P01_EAAAB Type of Payroll NUMC   
236 P01_EAARTBV Type of Prohibited Activities NUMC   
237 P01_EAAUSF Downtime NUMC   
238 P01_EAAUTG Worked on the First Day of Work Incapacity CHAR   
239 P01_EAAZSTD Number of Hours NUMC   
240 P01_EAAZTGL Daily Working Time NUMC   
241 P01_EAAZWOE Weekly Working Time NUMC   
242 P01_EABLZ Bank Number NUMC   
243 P01_EAEA_ARTBV Types of Prohibited Activities CHAR   
244 P01_EAEA_VERF Procedure CHAR   
245 P01_EAEG Remuneration NUMC   
246 P01_EAERSTBT Reimbursement Amount NUMC   
247 P01_EAESATZ Percentage of the Reimbursement NUMC   
248 P01_EAFAGANT Continued Pay Employer Contributions NUMC   
249 P01_EAFBRUT Continued Pay Gross Remuneration NUMC   
250 P01_EAFETXT Error Text in Data Module DBFE in Reimbursement Process CHAR 255    
251 P01_EAHOEBBG Use of the Miners' Insurance Income Threshold CHAR   
252 P01_EAKE Data Record or Module Identifier CHAR   
253 P01_EAKENNZ Processing Indicator NUMC   
254 P01_EAKTO Account Number NUMC 10    
255 P01_EAKTOIN Account Holder CHAR 50    
256 P01_EAPRG Program Type for the Reimbursement Procedure CHAR   
257 P01_EASTATUS Status Indicator of the Notific. in the Reimburse. Procedure CHAR   
258 P01_EATYP Notification Type for Reimbursement Procedure NUMC   
259 P01_EAVERMO Period of the Clearing with the Contribution Statement NUMC   
260 P01_EAVZWECK Note to Payee CHAR 50    
261 P01_EA_ARTAUSFALLZ Type of Downtime NUMC   
262 P01_EA_ARTBV Type of Prohibited Activities CHAR   
263 P01_EA_ARTEG Remuneration Type NUMC   
264 P01_EA_BETRAG Amount fields CURR
265 P01_EA_KNZEV Indicator for Reimbursement Procedure CHAR   
266 P01_EA_URAU Cause of the Work Incapacity NUMC   
267 P01_EGA Non-Recurring Payment NUMC   
268 P01_EGAB Assessment Basis for Non-Recurring Payment NUMC   
269 P01_EHVE_BSART Survey of Earnings: Employment Type NUMC   
270 P01_EHVE_LSTGR Benefits Group for Survey of Earnings CHAR   
271 P01_EHVE_MELDID eSTATISTIK.core Indicator for Survey of Earnings CHAR 20    
272 P01_EHVE_NBRGD Earnings Survey: Reason for Non-Inclusion CHAR   
273 P01_EHVE_QUARTAL Quarter of Survey NUMC   
274 P01_EHVE_TEXT Text Field in Survey of Earnings CHAR 150    
275 P01_EHVS_BEMERKUNGEN Remuneration Structure Survey: Remarks CHAR 255    
276 P01_EHVS_EINOED State Influence CHAR   
277 P01_EHVS_VDREG Earnings Regulation CHAR 190    
278 P01_EINOED HR-D: State Influence CHAR   
279 P01_ELSTATUS Status Indicator of the Notification in the Elena Procedure CHAR   
280 P01_EL_KE Identification for the ELENA Procedure CHAR   
281 P01_EL_TYP Notification Type in the ELENA Prodcedure CHAR   
282 P01_ESSRV Relevance for ESS Scenarios CHAR   
283 P01_FERUECK Encrypted Return of Data Records with Errors CHAR   
284 P01_FLABA Notional Run Control: Employee Subgroup Proc. Grouping CHAR   
285 P01_FLAUF Fictitious run CHAR   
286 P01_FLJEZ HR-DBW: Year in Which Non-Recurring Payment Is Due NUMC   
287 P01_FLLFN Sequential Number for Fictitious Run Control NUMC   
288 P01_FLMEZ HR-DBW: Month in Which Non-Recurring Payment Is Due CHAR   
289 P01_FLSTE Fictitious Run Control CHAR   
290 P01_FLTAB Fictitious Run Control: Origin/Target Table CHAR   
291 P01_FLTXT Fictitious Run and Fictitious Run Control Text (length 40) CHAR 40    
292 P01_FXTAG ETStmt: Fixed Day for Additional Data of ET Statement CHAR   
293 P01_FZVSF Absences Before Maternity Protection Period NUMC   
294 P01_HANSP AVmG: Company Pension Entitlement CHAR   
295 P01_IMAGE Status of Master Data Before and After Notification NUMC   
296 P01_IT_KAPBETR Level of Capitalized Amount CURR 12 
297 P01_JAEG_KVSTATUS HI Status for Check of Annual Income Limit CHAR   
298 P01_JAEG_VORJDAT Data from Previous Years for Checking Annual HI Income Limit CHAR   
299 P01_JBEWE Year for Valuation in Pension Calculation CHAR   
300 P01_KAPBETR Level of Capitalized Amount NUMC 12    
301 P01_KEAN Identification of Employee for Employer CHAR 20    
302 P01_KEKORR Type of Contribution Statement (Indicator: Correction) NUMC   
303 P01_KENNZAB Indicator: Name Change/Authorization CHAR   
304 P01_KENNZABF Deduction of Contribution Amount Obligation NUMC   
305 P01_KENNZBEIH Indicator for Subsidy Entitlement CHAR   
306 P01_KENNZMFB Indicator: Multiple Payment NUMC   
307 P01_KGASP Child Allowance: Entitlement CHAR   
308 P01_KGSON Child Allowance: Special Rules CHAR   
309 P01_KKART Type of Organizational Unit of Health Insurance Fund NUMC   
310 P01_KKBTR Health Insurance Contribution Rates DEC
311 P01_KKLNA Name of List of HI Funds CHAR 10    
312 P01_KKTYP Health Insurance Fund Category CHAR   
313 P01_KLASS Classification CHAR   
314 P01_KORRF Correction factor DEC
315 P01_KUMUL AVmG: Cumulation CHAR   
316 P01_KVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Health Insurance CHAR   
317 P01_KVNR Health Insurance Number CHAR 14    
318 P01_KZSTA DEUEV: Indicator: Status Determination Procedure CHAR   
319 P01_LBGRD ETStmt: Reason for Statement CHAR   
320 P01_LGA Current Remuneration NUMC   
321 P01_LIART List Type CHAR   
322 P01_MBS Indicator for Limited Tax Liability NUMC   
323 P01_MEVO Notification Procedure CHAR   
324 P01_MEVSP SI Contribution Deduction Indicator CHAR   
325 P01_MNRBG Membership Number of Company at Associated Acc. Ins. Company CHAR 20    
326 P01_MNRBV Membership Number of Professional Insured Person CHAR 17    
327 P01_MODSV Modifier: Social Insurance Threshold Deficit CHAR   
328 P01_NULGR ETStmt: Cancellation Reason CHAR   
329 P01_NUMC1 1-Digit Numerical Field NUMC   
330 P01_NUMC2 2-Digit Numerical Fields? NUMC   
331 P01_NUMC3 3-Digit Numerical Fields NUMC   
332 P01_OANLNR Number of Appendix to Sect. 55 BBesG for Foreign Serv. Bonus CHAR   
333 P01_OARTAZ Type of Foreign Service Bonus CHAR   
334 P01_OCH30 HR-PSG: 30-Character Text Field CHAR 30    
335 P01_ODORT Employment Location for Foreign Service Bonus CHAR   
336 P01_ODYNAS Dynamic Modification of Premium for Standard Pay Increase CHAR   
337 P01_OFKT Function Key for Public Sector CHAR   
338 P01_OFKTM Function Model for Public Sector CHAR   
339 P01_OKUERZUNG_VK Part-Time Reduction Method for Full-Time Employee Values CHAR   
340 P01_OLGAMO Wage Type Model for Leave and Sick Pay Premium CHAR   
341 P01_OLSTUF Country Level for Foreign Service Bonus NUMC   
342 P01_ONEUER Event at Start of New Calc. Period for Leave/Sick Pay Prem. CHAR   
343 P01_ONEUMO Model: Events at Start of Calc. Per. fr Leave/Sick Pay Prem. CHAR   
344 P01_OTRFDF Pay Scale Definition for Leave/Sick Pay Premium (Pub. Sect.) CHAR   
345 P01_OZBEE Married Bonus Payment CHAR   
346 P01_OZBEK Child Component CHAR   
347 P01_OZBER Child Component: Beneficiary CHAR   
348 P01_OZTZK Part-Time Reduction for Child Component CHAR   
349 P01_PB Compulsory Contribution NUMC   
350 P01_PFART Garnishment type CHAR   
351 P01_PHASE Flexible Working Hours Policy: Phase CHAR   
352 P01_PRITY AVmG: Priority for Assignment CHAR   
353 P01_PVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Care Insurance CHAR   
354 P01_RBM_ADRESSERG Address Supplement CHAR 46    
355 P01_RBM_ARTANFR 'Type of Inquiry' Feature NUMC   
356 P01_RBM_BETRAGART Type of Amount NUMC   
357 P01_RBM_BETRG Amount CURR
358 P01_RBM_CSV_GRUND Transfer Reason for Notification via CSV File NUMC   
359 P01_RBM_DATUM Date in Format YYYY-MM-DD CHAR 10    
360 P01_RBM_DOCTY Document Category: Pension Receipt Notifications CHAR   
361 P01_RBM_FEMN Feature for Error Number NUMC   
362 P01_RBM_FENR Error Number CHAR 10    
363 P01_RBM_FETX Error/Parser Text CHAR 80    
364 P01_RBM_FRUEHFNAME Previous Last Name CHAR 45    
365 P01_RBM_GEBNAME Name at Birth CHAR 45    
366 P01_RBM_GEBORT Place of Birth CHAR 35    
367 P01_RBM_GEBSTAAT Country of Birth NUMC   
369 P01_RBM_GRUND Notification Reason: Pension Receipt Notifications CHAR   
370 P01_RBM_HAUSNR House Number NUMC   
371 P01_RBM_HAUSNRZU House Number Letter/Additional Digits CHAR 20    
372 P01_RBM_KDNR Customer Number NUMC 10    
373 P01_RBM_LEJAHR Year of Inflow/Outflow of Benefit NUMC   
374 P01_RBM_LEMN Feature for Benefit NUMC   
375 P01_RBM_LERG Feature: Legal Basis of Benefit CHAR   
376 P01_RBM_LFDNR Sequence Number NUMC   
377 P01_RBM_MIPFANDURCHWAHL Contact Person: Extension CHAR 10    
378 P01_RBM_MIPFANMAIL Contact Person's E-Mail Address CHAR 255    
379 P01_RBM_MIPFANNAME Name of contact person CHAR 50    
380 P01_RBM_MIPFANTEL Telephone Number of Contact Person CHAR 30    
381 P01_RBM_MIPFBEZ Name of Notification Party CHAR 90    
382 P01_RBM_MMMELD Feature for Notification NUMC   
383 P01_RBM_MONAT Calendar Month NUMC   
384 P01_RBM_MQCHAN ZfA: Channel Name for MQ CHAR 50    
385 P01_RBM_MQHOST ZfA: Host Name for MQ CHAR 50    
386 P01_RBM_MQPORT ZfA: Port for MQ CHAR 50    
387 P01_RBM_MQQUEU ZfA: Queue Name for MQ CHAR 50    
388 P01_RBM_MQQUMA ZfA: Queue Manager for MQ CHAR 50    
389 P01_RBM_MSG ZfA: Message for MQ CHAR 1000    
390 P01_RBM_MSGDAT ZfA: Message for MQ from File CHAR 1000    
391 P01_RBM_NAMZU Name Affixes CHAR 20    
392 P01_RBM_NNAME Family Name CHAR 45    
393 P01_RBM_ORT City CHAR 72    
394 P01_RBM_PLZ Postal Code CHAR 12    
395 P01_RBM_REPLY Response to Query of Tax ID CHAR   
396 P01_RBM_RETURNCODE Investigation result NUMC   
397 P01_RBM_STAATID Country Code NUMC   
398 P01_RBM_STATUS Notification Status: Pension Receipt Notifications NUMC   
399 P01_RBM_STDAT Key Date for Reading Personal Data DATS   
400 P01_RBM_STR Street CHAR 72    
401 P01_RBM_TESTMERKER Test Marker CHAR   
402 P01_RBM_TITEL Title CHAR 20    
403 P01_RBM_TRSTAT RBM: Transfer Status for Files NUMC   
404 P01_RBM_VNAME First Name CHAR 35    
405 P01_RBM_VWORT Name Prefix CHAR 20    
406 P01_RBM_ZEITPUNKT Timespot in Format YYYY-MM-DD:hh:mm:ss-mil CHAR 23    
407 P01_RBM_ZEITRAUM Period in Format YYYY-MM CHAR   
408 P01_RECS Indicator for Records to Be Imported NUMC   
409 P01_RVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Pension Insurance CHAR   
410 P01_SACHE Subject in Paying Office Procedure CHAR   
411 P01_SB_AGART Employer Type (Severely Challenged Act) CHAR   
412 P01_SB_AGTYP Employer Type (Severely Challenged Act) CHAR   
413 P01_SB_ANPTN Type of Contact Person NUMC   
414 P01_SB_ANRED Form of Address CHAR   
415 P01_SB_ANZART Type of Display (Severely Challenged Act) CHAR   
416 P01_SB_AVE HR: Display (SC Act) DEC
417 P01_SB_AZEIT Working Time CHAR   
418 P01_SB_DATUM Date CHAR   
419 P01_SB_DELIM Delimiter CHAR   
420 P01_SB_DNSTL Admin. Office CHAR   
421 P01_SB_GESCH Gender CHAR   
422 P01_SB_GRUND Reason for Credit CHAR   
423 P01_SB_IGAMT Integration Office CHAR   
424 P01_SB_MONAT Month NUMC   
425 P01_SB_NACHW Verification Document Type NUMC   
426 P01_SB_PEGRP Person Group CHAR   
427 P01_SB_RFORM Legal Form of Employer CHAR   
428 P01_SLASH '/' Character CHAR   
429 P01_SOZUW Special Payment: Child Increase Amount CHAR   
430 P01_SPART Division CHAR   
431 P01_STATUS Status Indicator of Notification in Paying Office Procedure CHAR   
432 P01_STNAG HR-DST: Employer Tax Number CHAR 20    
433 P01_STNRAG HR-DSV: Employer's Tax Number CHAR 20    
434 P01_SUMLA Wage Type Basis CHAR   
435 P01_SUMTX Wage Type Basis Text CHAR 70    
436 P01_SVBTR Fixed Contribution in Social Insurance CURR
437 P01_SVFENR Sequential Number in DBFE Module NUMC   
438 P01_SVFETXT Error Text in Data Module DBFE CHAR 72    
439 P01_SVMZART Type of Notification Period of Notification CHAR   
440 P01_SVM_DTART Data Exchange Type That Can Be Selected in RPUSVMD0_FLAG CHAR   
441 P01_SVRTY Confirmation type CHAR   
442 P01_SVSTORNOKZ Reversal Indicator as Checkbox for Representation in ALV CHAR   
443 P01_SVTG Social Insurance Days NUMC   
444 P01_SVUZEIT SI Reporting: Creation/Change Time of a Notification TIMS   
445 P01_SV_AGA_IT_ARTAUSFALLZ Type of Downtime NUMC   
446 P01_SV_AGA_IT_ARTEG Remuneration Type NUMC   
447 P01_SV_BM_MLDTYP Category of a DEUEV Notification (Professionals Insurance) NUMC   
448 P01_SV_D3_ABWUV Type of Alternative of Responsible AI Carrier CHAR   
449 P01_SV_D3_BYGR_C DEUEV Contribution Group Key CHAR   
450 P01_SV_D3_EENW Indicator: Supporting Document for Parenthood CHAR   
451 P01_SV_D3_EG_7 DEUEV Remuneration 7-Digit NUMC   
452 P01_SV_D3_EG_8 DEUEV Remuneration 8-Digit NUMC   
453 P01_SV_D3_EG_8_C DEUEV Remuneration 8-Digit CHAR   
454 P01_SV_D3_GDMLD Internal Reason for the Creation of a DEUEV Notification CHAR   
455 P01_SV_D3_GD_DSKK Submission Reason Data Record HI Fund Notification NUMC   
456 P01_SV_D3_KENNZGLE Indicator Slide Zone CHAR   
457 P01_SV_D3_KENNZGLESV Indicator: Remuneration Slide Zone NUMC   
458 P01_SV_D3_KENNZGLZ Indicator: Slide Zone Calculation Contribution Zone NUMC   
459 P01_SV_D3_KENNZMOME Indicator: SHI Monthly Declaration NUMC   
460 P01_SV_D3_KENNZSOZA Indicator: Social Insurance Adjustment NUMC   
461 P01_SV_D3_KVGD Reason for the Special Feature When Submitting HI Data NUMC   
462 P01_SV_D3_MG_DSKK Notification Reason Data Record DSKK NUMC   
463 P01_SV_D3_MMUEB DEUEV Transmission Method of Submitted Notification CHAR   
464 P01_SV_D3_MSLUV Membership Key for AI Data of Company CHAR 10    
465 P01_SV_D3_SOSA Special Regulation CI Sec.58 Para. 3 SGB XI CHAR   
466 P01_SV_D3_SVTG SI Days in Payroll Month NUMC   
467 P01_SV_D3_SVTG_C SI Days in Payroll Month ('No Information' Possible) CHAR   
468 P01_SV_DS_MLDTYP Notification Type of DEUEV Immediate Notification NUMC   
469 P01_SV_DTART Type of Data Exchange CHAR   
470 P01_SV_EE_ABGRD Submission Reason for Notif. for Compensation Benefits (EEL) NUMC   
471 P01_SV_EE_AKZ HR-DDU: Company Number CHAR 20    
472 P01_SV_EE_ANRAP HR-DDU: Gender CHAR   
473 P01_SV_EE_ANZSTD Number of Hours NUMC   
474 P01_SV_EE_ANZSTD_5 Number of Hours/Shifts NUMC   
475 P01_SV_EE_ANZTG Number of days NUMC   
476 P01_SV_EE_ATANZ Number of Workdays NUMC   
477 P01_SV_EE_AWTAGE Number of days NUMC   
478 P01_SV_EE_AZVU 20-character text length CHAR 20    
479 P01_SV_EE_AZWOECH Regular Weekly Working Time NUMC   
480 P01_SV_EE_BBNR HR-DDU: Company Number CHAR 15    
481 P01_SV_EE_BETRAG Amount (8 Digits) NUMC   
482 P01_SV_EE_BETRAG5 Amount (5 Digits) NUMC   
483 P01_SV_EE_BETRAG6 Amount (6 Digits) NUMC   
484 P01_SV_EE_BNR Company Number CHAR 15    
485 P01_SV_EE_BRUZW Gross Remuneration Was Paid for ... Days NUMC   
486 P01_SV_EE_BVALS Employed as CHAR 30    
487 P01_SV_EE_BVGRD Reason for End of Employment Relationship CHAR   
488 P01_SV_EE_DATUM Date (Numeric, 8 Digits) DATS   
489 P01_SV_EE_DSID Identification Number of the Data Record CHAR 20    
490 P01_SV_EE_ED HR-DDU: Date/Time of Creating Data Record NUMC 20    
491 P01_SV_EE_ENTGART Entry of Remuneration Type CHAR   
492 P01_SV_EE_FAXAP Fax Number of Contact Person CHAR 20    
493 P01_SV_EE_FEAN HR-DDU: Number of Mistakes NUMC   
494 P01_SV_EE_FEHLZT Absence Time Before Protect. Period Start/Work Rel.ship Ends NUMC   
495 P01_SV_EE_FEKZ Numerical field (length 1) NUMC   
496 P01_SV_EE_FRTAGE Number of Workdays for Release from Work NUMC   
497 P01_SV_EE_GBDT Numeric, 8 characters DATS   
498 P01_SV_EE_GRUNDAV Reason for Request for Work Incapacity/Rehabilitation NUMC   
499 P01_SV_EE_KE Procedure CHAR   
500 P01_SV_EE_KENNZST HR-DDU: Reversal Indicator CHAR