SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 21
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PRC_FLAG_ACCOUNT_RELEVANT Indicator for Account assignment relevance (Yes/No field) CHAR   
2 PRC_FLAG_DELETION Condition records should be deleted from the database CHAR   
3 PRC_FLAG_INVOICE_LIST Flag invoice list conditions CHAR   
4 PRC_FLAG_IN_OUT Trinary Decision CHAR   
5 PRC_FLAG_ITEM_STATISTICAL Statistical values CHAR   
6 PRC_FLAG_PRICING_DATE Condition price data (KPRDT) CHAR   
7 PRC_FLAG_UPDATE Update indicator CHAR   
8 PRC_FORMULA Pricing formula or requirement CHAR 20    
9 PRC_FORMULA_NUM Pricing formula or requirement (numerical) NUMC   
10 PRC_GENERAL_FLAGS Area for flags in bit form RAW   
11 PRC_GROUP_CONDITION_FLAG Condition is a group/duplicated/header condition CHAR   
12 PRC_HEAD_ACS Header access fields CHAR 128    
13 PRC_IN_OUT_INACTIVE Taking Account of Deactivated Conditions CHAR   
14 PRC_IN_OUT_STATISTICAL Taking Account of Statistical Conditions CHAR   
15 PRC_ITEM_ACS Item access fields CHAR 2048    
16 PRC_ITEM_SIGN Item sign CHAR   
17 PRC_KB_ID Knowledge Base ID INT4 10    
22 PRC_LOCK_MODE Setting and Canceling Lock Mode CHAR   
23 PRC_LOGICAL_KEY Logical key for key value pairs CHAR 30    
24 PRC_LOGICAL_VALUE Logical value for key value pairs CHAR 32    
25 PRC_MANDATORY_TYPE Behaviour of Mandatory Conditions CHAR   
26 PRC_MNT_RATE Condition maintenance: Condition amount CHAR 21    
27 PRC_MODE Processing Mode CHAR   
28 PRC_MODE_ITEM Mode at Item Level CHAR   
29 PRC_MODE_RW Indicator for read or write mode CHAR   
30 PRC_NUMBER_OF_DAYS Number of days NUMC   
31 PRC_NUMBER_OF_MONTHS Number of months NUMC   
32 PRC_NUMBER_OF_WEEKS Number of weeks NUMC   
33 PRC_NUMBER_OF_YEARS Number of years NUMC   
34 PRC_OUTPUT_MODE Kind of Output CHAR   
35 PRC_PP_SUBTOTAL Forming subtotals for conditions CHAR   
36 PRC_PRICING_TYPE Pricing type CHAR   
37 PRC_PRIC_PROC Pricing procedure CHAR   
38 PRC_PRIC_PROC_CDB Pricing Procedure CHAR   
40 PRC_PRINT_UNIT Unit of currency for screen/print issue (KOEIN) CUKY   
41 PRC_PRINT_VALUE Value prepared for print issue CHAR 30    
42 PRC_PROCESS_MODE Processing Type CHAR   
43 PRC_PRODUCT_ERP Product number in ERP systems CHAR 18    
44 PRC_QUANTITY Quantity DEC 18 
45 PRC_RATE_CHECK_RULE Checking rule for scale rates CHAR   
46 PRC_REC_ORIGIN Source of Data Record in Buffer CHAR   
47 PRC_REDETERMINE Redetermination: All Conditions CHAR   
48 PRC_RELEASE_STATUS Release Status CHAR   
49 PRC_ROUNDING_RULE Rounding rule CHAR   
50 PRC_RULE_ID ID for Rounding Rule NUMC   
51 PRC_SALES_TAX_CODE Taxes on sales/puchases code CHAR   
52 PRC_SCALE_BASE_TYPE Scale Base Value (Scale Base Type) CHAR   
53 PRC_SCALE_BASIS Scale base value DEC 18 
54 PRC_STATUS_EXPECTED_PRICE Status expected price CHAR   
55 PRC_STATUS_MANUAL_CHANGE Status manual price change CHAR   
56 PRC_STATUS_MAX_VALUE Maximum Value/Base Flag CHAR   
57 PRC_STEP Level number NUMC   
58 PRC_TERMS_OF_PAYMENT Terms of payment key CHAR   
59 PRC_TIME_DECIMALS Time with Decimal Places (for Seconds) DEC 13 
60 PRC_TRACK_MAINTENANCE_MODE Maintenance mode for tracking condition screen changes NUMC   
61 PRC_UPDATE_MODE Indicator for saving CHAR   
62 PRC_VALUE_DATE Value date DATS   
63 PRC_VALUE_DAYS No. of Value Days NUMC   
64 PRC_VARIABLE_GROUP_KEY Variable key 100 bytes CHAR 100    
65 PRC_VARIANT_DESCRIPTION Text for a Variant Condition CHAR 50    
66 PRC_VARIANT_KEY Variant condition CHAR 26    
67 PRC_VERSION Version number CHAR   
68 PRC_WITHHOLDING_TAX Withholding tax code CHAR   
69 PRDATE Structural authorization selection period CHAR   
70 PRDATV Prop.f.pricing date CHAR   
71 PRDCD XSI: product code CHAR 10    
72 PRDFLID Product Flow Indicator CHAR   
73 PRDKT_ARI FI-ARI: External suppliers' product CHAR   
74 PRDKT_BF Complementary Software Partner product CHAR   
75 PRDPL Production dates or basic dates ? CHAR   
76 PRDUR Ind. forecast execution CHAR   
77 PRDVO_POFO Portfolio Determination: Date for Portfolio Determination CHAR   
78 PRD_QTR_M340_ES Reporting Period/Quarter for Modelo-340 CHAR   
79 PRD_SOURCE PSC Product Source CHAR   
80 PREAS Reason for changing master data CHAR   
81 PREBENE Trading contract: Level for incompleteness check CHAR   
82 PREBE_KK Check level CHAR   
83 PREDA Date of preference determination DATS   
84 PREFA Foreign Trade: Preference - Preference Type CHAR 10    
85 PREFE Preference Indicator CHAR   
86 PREFIX Prefix CHAR 25    
87 PREFIXCODE Official document numbering: Prefix code for Taiwan CHAR   
88 PREFIX_CN To define prefix which will be part of official doc. number CHAR 10    
89 PREFPACOD Preference Code CHAR   
90 PREFTYP_FPM Category of note to payee CHAR 30    
91 PREFTYP_PAY Note to payee categ. CHAR 10    
92 PREFXINUSE Indicator for package interface prefix used CHAR   
93 PREF_DOM Direct/indirect quotation prefix for exchange rate CHAR   
94 PREIFAKT Price adjustment factor DEC 12 
95 PREIGKL Price adjustment clause CHAR 10    
96 PREINABG Indicator: do not prorate price CHAR   
97 PREIS Various types of costs CURR 11 
98 PREISKLA Price class CHAR 10    
99 PREISSH Price activation status at promotion header level CHAR   
100 PREISTUF Price level CHAR 10    
101 PREISTYP Price category CHAR   
102 PRELBILL Provisional billing CHAR   
103 PRELDAT4 HR master data field RAW 178    
104 PRELDATA HR master data field RAW 250    
105 PREL_DATA4 Data field for HR master data CHAR 850    
106 PREL_DATEN Data field for HR master data CHAR 250    
107 PREMB_0022 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
108 PREMB_0040 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
109 PREMB_0041 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
110 PREMG_0014 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
111 PREMG_0015 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 10    
112 PREMG_0017 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
113 PREMG_0018 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
114 PREMG_0019 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
115 PREMG_0020 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
116 PREMH_0030 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
117 PREMH_0034 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
118 PREMK_0019 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
119 PREMK_0020 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 10    
120 PREMK_0021 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
121 PREMK_0022 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
122 PREMK_0023 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 10    
123 PREMK_0024 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
124 PREMK_0025 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 35    
125 PREML_0022 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
126 PREML_0025 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 40    
127 PREML_0040 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
128 PREMM_0031 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
129 PREMM_0032 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
130 PREMM_0033 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
131 PREMM_0034 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
132 PREMM_0035 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
133 PREMN_0009 Domain generated for matchcode field NUMC   
134 PREMN_0014 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 18    
135 PREMN_0015 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 10    
136 PREMN_0016 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 10    
137 PREMN_0017 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
138 PREMQ_0028 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
139 PREMQ_0029 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
140 PREMQ_0032 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
141 PREMQ_0033 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
142 PREMR_0014 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 18    
143 PREMR_0015 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 10    
144 PREMR_0017 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
145 PREMR_0024 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
146 PREMR_0027 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
147 PREMV_0036 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
148 PREMV_0037 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
149 PREMV_0038 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
150 PREMV_0039 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 10    
151 PREMW_0026 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
152 PREMZ_0009 Domain generated for matchcode field NUMC   
153 PREMZ_0027 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
154 PREMZ_0031 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
155 PRENA Preference verification CHAR   
156 PRENC Certificate of negation ID CHAR   
157 PREND Issue date of certificate of negation DATS   
158 PRENE Vendor declaration exists CHAR   
159 PRENG Validity date of vendor declaration DATS   
160 PRENN Number of exemption certificate for legal control CHAR   
161 PRENO Number of exemption certificate for legal control NUMC   
162 PREN_FORMAT_NAME Maste data file format CHAR 20    
164 PREP_COUNTER Meters for order creation NUMC   
165 PREQ_COVER_TYPE Period Factor for Determining Availability Date/Time DEC
166 PRESDROP Pressure drop in Joule Thomson Effect DEC
167 PRESOBJACT Object activation status in presentation buffer CHAR   
168 PRESSURE_W Average water pressure in bars DEC
169 PREVREQ Previous Progress Pymt. Request Number CHAR   
170 PRE_ARC_FLG Flag for Archiving Precheck report CHAR   
171 PRE_SHIP_ERSCHDAT Publication Date for Advance Delivery DATS   
172 PRFG Check status of production version after last check CHAR   
173 PRFKZ Preferred situation CHAR   
174 PRFLD Input Field Check CHAR   
175 PRFLG ATP Server: Check mode CHAR   
176 PRFOR Premium formula NUMC   
177 PRFTP IS-H*MED: Checking Type CHAR   
178 PRFUN Function module to be called up CHAR 10    
179 PRFUNC Structural authorization function module CHAR 30    
180 PRFZA Check-digit algorithm for EAN category CHAR   
181 PRF_ORIGIN Profile origin CHAR   
182 PRGBZ External date type CHAR   
183 PRGRP_ARTHIER Indicator: Price Group Assign. Active in Mat. Hier. Mainten. CHAR   
184 PRGRP_MERCHCAT Indicator: Price Group Assignm. Active in Mat.Group Mainten. CHAR   
185 PRGRP_PERIOD_STATUS Status of Validity Period of a Price Group CHAR   
186 PRGRP_VK Product group CHAR   
187 PRGRS Period for date (day, week, month, interval format) CHAR   
188 PRGUE Validity period/range (week, month) NUMC   
189 PRI Priority CHAR   
190 PRIBEARBSTAT Status of the material item in the price catalog CHAR   
191 PRIBEARBSTATKUNDE PRICAT: Status of Customer at Outbound CHAR   
192 PRIBEARBSTATPROKUNDE PRICAT: Status of the Catalog Item at Outbound CHAR   
193 PRICEHIST Display Complete History for Each Price Key CHAR   
194 PRICEORIGIN Price Origin CHAR   
196 PRICE_GROUP Price Level Group CHAR   
197 PRICE_GROUP_CAT Price Group Categories CHAR   
198 PRICE_GROUP_T Price Level Group Description CHAR 40    
199 PRICE_LEVEL Price Level NUMC   
200 PRICE_ORIGIN Origin of Sales Price CHAR   
201 PRICE_ORIG_CHG_TYPE Change Category of Sales Price Origin from Old to New Price CHAR   
202 PRICE_SCHEMA Price Pattern NUMC   
203 PRICHAR1 PRICAT: General message field, length 1 CHAR   
204 PRICHAR16 PRICAT: General message field length 16 CHAR 16    
205 PRICHAR17 PRICAT: General message field length 17 CHAR 17    
206 PRICHAR18 PRICAT: General message field length 18 CHAR 18    
207 PRICHAR2 PRICAT: General message field, length 2 CHAR   
208 PRICHAR3 PRICAT: General message field length 3 CHAR   
209 PRICHAR30 PRICAT: General message field length 30 CHAR 30    
210 PRICHAR35 PRICAT: General message field length 35 CHAR 35    
211 PRICHAR4 PRICAT: General message field length 4 CHAR   
212 PRICHAR9 PRICAT: General input field length 3 CHAR   
214 PRICODE PRICAT: Additional information on unit of measure CHAR 50    
215 PRIDEF Definition point of printer CHAR   
216 PRIDOWNLOAD PRICAT on the Internet: Download Control CHAR   
217 PRIDX Index number for PERFORM in programs DEC   
218 PRIDYNPROGROUP PRICAT: Group Box for PRICAT Maintenance NUMC   
219 PRIDYNPROLEVEL PRICAT: Level Within the Catalog CHAR   
220 PRIDYNPRONAME PRICAT: Name of a Group Box CHAR 50    
221 PRIDYNPROPOSITION PRICAT: Sequence Number within the Group Box NUMC   
222 PRIDYNPROVIEW PRICAT: Function Code for Selecting the View CHAR 10    
223 PRIEAN PRICAT: EAN (Pricat format 35 characters) CHAR 35    
224 PRIEANTYP Type of material identification CHAR   
225 PRIFIELDLEVEL PRICAT: Dynamic Maintenance Level CHAR   
226 PRIHISTORY PRICAT: Type of history processing CHAR   
227 PRIINTART PRICAT: Number suffix for non-transferred EAN CHAR   
228 PRIKEYSDOM Domain for primary keys of SMOE Admin Console tables CHAR 10    
229 PRILOADOPTIONEN PRICAT: Settings for loading profiles CHAR   
230 PRILOGON PRICAT on the Internet: Logon Control CHAR   
231 PRIMM Print Time CHAR   
232 PRIMM2 Printed At (Front-End Printer) CHAR   
234 PRIMTAB IS-M/SD: Primary table for an object type CHAR 10    
235 PRINBR PRICAT: Sequential catalog numberer CHAR 10    
236 PRINT Output Control in Training and Event Management CHAR   
237 PRINTERTYP Printer type CHAR   
238 PRINTLOCK_KK Printing Lock CHAR   
239 PRINTMODE Choice of Printing Technique (SAPscript, PDF-Based Forms) CHAR   
240 PRINTPROGRAMM ABAP/4 program name CHAR 40    
241 PRINT_BUTTON_ACTIVE Activate Button for Bill Printout CHAR   
242 PRINT_CANC_DOC Print Reversal Document As Well CHAR   
243 PRINT_KEY PM: Print log internal key CHAR 30    
244 PRINT_NEW_MND_KK Print New Mandate CHAR   
245 PRINT_OBJ Object to be printed in MS-WinWord CHAR   
246 PRINT_OUTPUT Print Output: HTML | PDF CHAR   
247 PRINT_POSS Print Variant CHAR   
248 PRINT_PROFIL_ID IDs for user-defined print profiles in shipping (V2) CHAR 15    
249 PRINUMC15 PRICAT: General message field length 15 (numerical) NUMC 15    
250 PRINUMC17 PRICAT: General message field length 17 (numerical) NUMC 17    
251 PRINUMC18 PRICAT: General message field length 18 (numerical) NUMC 18    
252 PRINUMC3 PRICAT: General message field length 3 (numerical) NUMC   
253 PRIO IS-PSD: Priority of address NUMC   
254 PRIOA Period type: day CHAR   
255 PRIOD Period CHAR   
256 PRIODEY Period length in days DEC   
257 PRIOGR_URG Requirement Urgency Group CHAR   
258 PRIOGR_URGTX Text for Requirement Urgency Group CHAR 35    
259 PRIOK Priority CHAR   
260 PRION1 Priority (1 to 9) NUMC   
261 PRIORITAET Priority CHAR   
262 PRIORITAET_QUICK Priority for Quickinfo EA61EX CHAR   
263 PRIORITY Error message priority NUMC   
264 PRIORITY_A Priority: Assignment of Follow-Up Material to Original Mat. CHAR   
265 PRIOT Spool request priority NUMC   
266 PRIOUTPUTSTATE PRICAT: Controls Supply of Data to Catalog Fields -Outbnd CHAR   
267 PRIOUTSTATE PRICAT: Status of a Price Catalog at Outbound CHAR   
268 PRIOY Priority of sequence of resource allocation CHAR   
269 PRIO_ORG Organizational Priority CHAR   
270 PRIO_ORGTX Text for Organizational Priority CHAR 35    
271 PRIO_REQ Requirement Priority NUMC   
272 PRIO_REQTX Text for Requirement Priority CHAR 35    
273 PRIO_URG Requirement Urgency NUMC   
274 PRIO_URGTX Text for Requirement Urgency CHAR 35    
275 PRIPERIODE PRICAT: Time unit (day, week, month) (char &) CHAR   
276 PRIPREI PRICAT: Should prices be transferred CHAR   
277 PRIPRF PRICAT: Requirements profile CHAR   
278 PRIPRICEDISPL PRICAT On Internet: Control of Price Display CHAR   
279 PRIPRICEDWNLD PRICAT on Internet: Control of Price Download CHAR   
280 PRIPRICESRC PRICAT on the Internet: Price Source CHAR   
281 PRIPRODGRP PRICAT: Sequential number within the product group NUMC   
282 PRIPRODGRPMAX PRICAT: Maximum run number within the product group NUMC   
283 PRIPRODUCTGROUP PRICAT: PGI or assortment module from Pricat IDoc CHAR 18    
284 PRIPRODUCTGRP_TEXT PRICAT: PGI or assortment module text CHAR 35    
285 PRIPROFILNAME PRICAT: Name of the profile for copying data CHAR 30    
286 PRIQUALPERIOD PRICAT: Qualifier for periods CHAR   
287 PRISATNR Assignment Indicator for Generic Material CHAR 18    
288 PRISBCPORT PRICAT: Port of an SBC Server NUMC   
289 PRISBCSTRING PRICAT: String for SBC Parameter CHAR 30    
290 PRISTAF PRICAT: Should scales be transferred CHAR   
291 PRISTATE PRICAT: Catalog processing status CHAR   
292 PRISTATEINDICATOR PRICAT: Movement Indicator for the Item CHAR   
293 PRISTRUKTURTYP Price Catalog: Type of Enhancement Structure CHAR   
294 PRITEST PRICAT: Test flag CHAR   
295 PRITY Priority for the address lines CHAR   
296 PRIUEB PRICAT: Transfer unit of measure for material CHAR   
297 PRIV_PUB_INDIC Private/Public Flag CHAR   
298 PRIWEBSTATE PRICAT: Indicator for Internet Release CHAR   
299 PRIXMLTYPE PRICAT: Type of Transferred XML File CHAR 10    
300 PRI_CALC Measurement characteristic (counters) CHAR   
301 PRI_COND_PRICING_UNIT Condition Pricing Unit DEC   
302 PRI_DATA_MODEL data model for accessing the database CHAR   
303 PRI_DESCRIPTION General Text CHAR 50    
304 PRI_ITEM_ID_EXT External Item Number NUMC 10    
305 PRI_MEMORY Amount of Memory INT4 10    
306 PRI_PROCESS_MODE Processing Mode CHAR   
307 PRI_STRING PRICAT on the Internet: Search String CHAR 100    
308 PRI_VARIANT_KEY Key for Variant Condition CHAR 26    
309 PRI_XML_LINE An XML String STRG   
310 PRJ_ACTION Project-Related Switch in Change and Transport System CHAR 20    
311 PRJ_D_CONSTRAINT_REL_TYPE Constraint Relation Type (Start-Start, Start-End, etc.) INT4 10    
312 PRKST Costs for a network activity CURR 11 
313 PRLKF Cond. seq. for loc. substitution in transportation planning CHAR   
314 PRLKO Cond. for location substitution in transportation planning CHAR   
315 PRLSM Planning procedure for route limitation CHAR   
316 PRLST Level in planning procedure for route limitation NUMC   
317 PRLTP Plan. cat. for route limitation of transportation planning NUMC   
318 PRMGR Forecast model group CHAR   
319 PRMOD Forecast model CHAR   
320 PRNEW Append to other spool requests CHAR   
321 PRNST_KK Direct Debit Pre-Notification: Status of an Item CHAR   
322 PRNUM_NR Log number for tax exemption licenses CHAR 10    
323 PRO43 Percentage with 3 decimal places DEC
324 PROBCL_KK Application log: problem class CHAR   
325 PROBLEM_SUBTYPE SDB: Problem Subtype CHAR   
326 PROC1 Internal procurement type CHAR   
327 PROC2 Control indicator in the case of external procurement CHAR   
328 PROCEDUR IS-HCM Character with length 30, upper case only CHAR 30    
329 PROCESSEDX Processing status CHAR   
330 PROCESSID PID of an R/3 WP (DB session) INT4 10    
331 PROCESSING_STATE_SOCM Processing Status for Context Nodes CHAR   
332 PROCESSING_TYPE Display Context Hierarchy Chain CHAR   
333 PROCESSNO Number of a process on operating system level CHAR 10    
334 PROCESSOR Program that Processes the Backlog Quantity CHAR 40    
335 PROCESSTYPE_IDE Processing mode for aggregation CHAR   
336 PROCESS_ENGINEER Process: configuration in engineering/design CHAR   
337 PROCESS_INDICATOR Process Indicator CHAR   
338 PROCESS_INDICATOR_UI Process Indicator CHAR   
339 PROCESS_KK Process in which a Posting Occurs CHAR   
340 PROCESS_SALES Process: configuration in sales CHAR   
341 PROCID_CPRC_KK ID of Process (Set Alternative Currency) CHAR   
342 PROCL Program class CHAR   
343 PROCLEVEL Level of processing CHAR   
344 PROCMD Replenishment Type CHAR   
345 PROCPRIO Procurement Priority DEC 13 
346 PROCS PDC processing status CHAR   
347 PROCS_TYP Selection Type CHAR   
348 PROCTYPE_ITAGCY Agency Collections Transaction Category CHAR   
349 PROCUREMENTPROGRESSINDICATOR Procurement Progress Indicator CHAR   
350 PROC_CLASS DD: Possible classes for DDIC processes CHAR   
351 PROC_EVENT IS-H: Event triggering procedure creation NUMC   
352 PROC_EVTUP IS-H: Event That Caused Procedure to Be Modified NUMC   
353 PROC_STAT Processing State CHAR   
354 PROC_TYPE Status of Purchase Requisition CHAR   
355 PRODATE Control of date transfer for output operands CHAR   
356 PRODAVREQ_ID ID for SOA object ProductAvailabilityRequirement CHAR 35    
357 PRODA_KK Execution date of payment with DME DATS   
358 PRODEINH IS-M/AM: Production unit NUMC 10    
359 PRODG Product group CHAR   
360 PRODH Product Hierarchy CHAR 18    
361 PRODH1 Domain for standard data element PRODH1 CHAR   
362 PRODH2 Domain for standard data element PRODH2 CHAR   
363 PRODH3 Domain for standard data element PRODH3 CHAR   
364 PRODHST Product Hierarchy Structure CHAR 14    
365 PRODHX Domain for standard data elements PRODH4 to PRODH9 CHAR   
366 PRODH_HTYPE Hierarchy type for product hierarchy NUMC   
367 PRODH_INV Product hierarchy - reverse CHAR 18    
368 PRODH_READREF Control indicator Read the product hierarchy with references CHAR   
369 PRODH_STU IS-M: Competitor exclusion: Product hierarchy levels NUMC   
370 PRODNUM IS-M/SD: Product number postal service product key NUMC   
371 PRODONLY Dependent definition of system landscape CHAR   
372 PRODPER Production Month for JVA in CO NUMC   
373 PRODPRF_TX Description of production scheduler profile CHAR 40    
374 PRODSEQ IS-PSD: Production sequence CHAR   
375 PRODUCT_ID Identification of waste product area CHAR   
378 PRODVARART IS-M/AM: Production unit variant type CHAR   
379 PRODVERSTXT Product Version Text CHAR 72    
380 PROD_ID Product ID CHAR 40    
381 PROD_ITEM_TYPE Product Item Category CHAR   
382 PROD_MAINT_TBL Product Maintenance Table CHAR 30    
383 PROD_PL_BASIS Product Planning basis CHAR   
384 PROD_TYPE Product Category CHAR   
385 PROFCATEGORY Profile Category NUMC   
386 PROFDECIMALS Decimal places in profile NUMC   
387 PROFEST Process quantity, fixed value DEC
388 PROFHIST Profile history NUMC   
389 PROFID Profile ID CHAR   
390 PROFIDPROJ Profile ID: Work Breakdown Structure CHAR   
391 PROFID_DT Profile order progress report CHAR 12    
392 PROFID_GRF Profile ID for order-dependent parameters CHAR   
393 PROFID_LIS Profile for detail list CHAR 12    
394 PROFID_ORD_REP Profile for Order Report CHAR 12    
395 PROFIL Profile CHAR   
396 PROFILE Picking waves profile CHAR 10    
397 PROFILE_IF Profile for BOM transfer CHAR   
398 PROFILE_VALUE Profile Values CHAR 128    
399 PROFILE_VIEW Profile Maintenance - View CHAR   
400 PROFILID Profile ID: Network CHAR   
401 PROFILTXT Profile text CHAR 30    
402 PROFIL_ID IDs for user-related profiles of capacity planning CHAR 10    
403 PROFITSIM Method for simulating profit CHAR   
404 PROFIT_DISPLAY_METHOD Display methods, profit simulation CHAR   
405 PROFL Authorization profile CHAR 12    
406 PROFLD Description of regulation profile CHAR 70    
407 PROFPARLVL Integer value with 31 figures and signs DEC 31    
408 PROFPL Name of planning profile NUMC 12    
409 PROFROLE Profile allocation role CHAR   
410 PROFROLECONTEXT Context for Profile Allocation Roles CHAR 22    
411 PROFROLETXT Profile allocation role (text) CHAR 60    
412 PROFTEXT Profile text CHAR 30    
413 PROFTXT Profile text CHAR 40    
414 PROFTYPE Profile type NUMC   
415 PROFVALUE Profile value DEC 16    
416 PROFVERSCRT Create Profile Version in Case of Changes NUMC   
417 PROFVERSNO Profile version number NUMC 18    
418 PROF_AS_LEVEL Level to which profile is allocated CHAR   
419 PROF_CEP Profile for CEP CHAR   
420 PROF_COST_VAL Purchase Value Change Profile CHAR   
421 PROF_COST_VAL_TXT Profile Text CHAR 80    
422 PROF_CRITERION CRM Marketing: Target group selection - criteria CHAR   
423 PROF_FD_DAT Profile: Displayed fields CHAR 12    
424 PROF_FSEL_CEP Profile ID: Work Breakdown Structure CHAR   
425 PROG2_KK Program name CHAR   
426 PROGENT Program Category CHAR   
427 PROGID Program Run ID CHAR   
428 PROGN Program name CHAR 40    
429 PROGNAME Program Name CHAR 40    
430 PROGNAME_1 Program name CHAR 40    
431 PROGN_021F Program name CHAR   
432 PROGN_021M Program name CHAR   
433 PROGN_KK Program name CHAR   
434 PROGPYMT Progress Payment Rate CHAR   
435 PROGRAMID SAP program name (ABAP/4 program, dynpro name) CHAR 40    
436 PROGRAMM ABAP program name CHAR 40    
437 PROGRAMMR2 Variant name in RIVA R/2 CHAR   
438 PROGRAM_HAZARD_WASTE Fixed Values of Program for Conditions in Waste Legislation CHAR   
439 PROGRAM_ID Program name (report name, screen name without number) CHAR 40    
440 PROGRAM_ORDER_SELECT Fixed Value of Program for Order Selection CHAR   
441 PROGRESS_CHK Domain for Progress checkbox CHAR   
442 PROGROUP Program group CHAR   
443 PROGT Command (ARCR) CHAR   
444 PROGTYP Type of entry in a report set CHAR   
445 PROG_STAT Repository: Program status CHAR 14    
446 PROG_TYPE R/3 Repository: Program type CHAR 12    
447 PROID_CA Process Indicator (Dunning, Payment, ...) CHAR   
448 PROID_KK Process code (dunning, payment, ...) CHAR   
449 PROJAUTH Number of one/several projects NUMC   
450 PROJECT_ID Project name CHAR 10    
451 PROJECT_NAME Project Description CHAR 30    
452 PROJECT_STATUS Status of Project CHAR   
453 PROJECT_TGROUP Translator Group of Individual Agencies CHAR   
454 PROJECT_TL_TYP_SOCM Project Types of Task Plan CHAR   
455 PROJN Project number: DO NOT use -> PS_POSNR CHAR 16    
456 PROJ_CDC_ACTIVE Recording Changes CHAR   
457 PROJ_CLASS Project class CHAR   
458 PROJ_FILE Project management document file extension CHAR   
459 PROJ_K2 Project management keyword type CHAR   
460 PROJ_NTYPE Note types CHAR   
461 PROJ_PHASE Project phases CHAR   
462 PROJ_STAT_DOM Project Status Combination INT1   
463 PROJ_VISIBILITY Visibility CHAR   
464 PROKI Project short identification CHAR 16    
465 PROKZ Forecast indicator CHAR   
466 PROMOTION_PRICE Promotion Price CURR 12 
467 PROMOTION_PRICE_UI Promotion Price DEC 12 
468 PRONU Foreign Trade - Pro Forma Invoice Number CHAR 25    
469 PROOS MRP indicator for forecast CHAR   
470 PROPERTY Shift Planning: Requirements Characteristics CHAR   
471 PROPNAME Name of Property CHAR 30    
472 PROPR Forecast profiles CHAR   
473 PROPRULE_ITAGCY Default rule CHAR   
474 PROP_BOOL Property Bag: Boolean Value CHAR   
475 PROP_EDIT Property Bag: Editor for Attribute Maintenance CHAR 32    
476 PROP_HSTR Screen: Property String in HTML Syntax STRG   
477 PROP_NAME Property Bag: Name of a Property CHAR 30    
478 PROP_RFID_ATTR Property Bag: Attributes of Property "RFID" CHAR 30    
479 PROP_SPEECH_ATTR Property Bag: Attributes of Property "Speech" CHAR 30    
480 PROP_STRING Property Bag: Attribute String STRG   
481 PROP_TYPE Property: Type CHAR 10    
482 PROP_VALUE Property Value CHAR 255    
483 PROP_VALUE_ORIGIN Property Bag: Origin of Attribute Value CHAR   
484 PRORATE1 Indicator: account for operand proration CHAR   
485 PRORATE2 Operand proration control CHAR   
486 PROSA ID for material selection - active CHAR   
487 PROTART Reservation type for names in development environment CHAR   
488 PROTECIN Default value for technical device installation CHAR   
489 PROTECTED_KK Indicator of whether lock is protected for processing CHAR   
490 PROTF Document management log field CHAR 20    
491 PROTH High-level log CHAR   
492 PROTLEVEL Log generation level NUMC   
493 PROTLINETY IDoc definition tools CHAR   
494 PROTNAME Input- Name of a DDIC log CHAR 40    
495 PROTNR IS-M/SD: Log counter NUMC 10    
496 PROTO Log CHAR   
497 PROTS Sublevel log CHAR   
498 PROTSTAT Log Status CHAR   
499 PROT_ART Log type CHAR   
500 PROVB Consumption indicator for forecast CHAR