SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 13
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PBAS_CMLTY Cumulation Relative to Payment Date CHAR   
2 PBAS_CUMTY Calendar type CHAR   
3 PBAS_FUNMO Functionality grouping NUMC   
4 PBAS_TEXT5 Text (5 char) CHAR   
5 PBBEZ Pushbutton description CHAR 10    
6 PBCHAR1 General character field with check CHAR   
7 PBC_ACTION Activity NUMC 10    
8 PBC_UNIT Time Unit CHAR   
9 PBDID Planned independent requirements identification NUMC 12    
10 PBDNR Planned independent requirements number CHAR 10    
11 PBETMS_DI TEMSE file generation mode for Dimona declaration CHAR   
12 PBETN Independent requirements: schedule line number NUMC   
13 PBEXXX Resource price unit NUMC   
14 PBIND Indicator for price fixing CHAR   
15 PBLYNAME Portal Builder Layout Information: Name CHAR 30    
16 PBLYTEMPL Template Name for Portal Builder Layout Information CHAR 30    
17 PBLYTYPE Portal Builder Layout Information: Type CHAR   
18 PBLYVALUE Portal Builder Layout Information: Value CHAR 255    
19 PBO3_PFLAG Indicator for Test Procedures CHAR   
20 PBR_479FL Leave eligibility upon termination CHAR   
21 PBR_ALTER Code of change for GREU CHAR   
22 PBR_APPRE GREU: trainee CHAR   
23 PBR_ARAIS Absence code for SIAL NUMC   
24 PBR_AREAPROV Reserve area CHAR 10    
25 PBR_ARRSS Indicator for payables processing CHAR   
26 PBR_AVPWO Working notice period identifier CHAR   
27 PBR_BASE_IRRF_MANAD Basis indicator NUMC   
28 PBR_BEGHR Entry hour CHAR   
29 PBR_BETRG Numeric value CURR 15 
30 PBR_BR147 Character field, lenght 47 CHAR 147    
31 PBR_BR204 Character field, length 204 CHAR 204    
32 PBR_BR306 Character field, length 306 CHAR 306    
33 PBR_CALTY Calculation unit for alimony CHAR   
34 PBR_CATER Identification code of company category CHAR   
35 PBR_CATY FCSWI: company class CHAR   
36 PBR_CAUDE Cause of death CHAR   
37 PBR_CDNAT Legal nature code of logical establishment CHAR   
38 PBR_CDRET Logical WITD withholding code CHAR   
39 PBR_CDRTN Return code for absence - Infotype 2001 CHAR   
40 PBR_CEI SRS Specific Register of Social Insurance Body CHAR 12    
41 PBR_CGC Tax code CHAR 18    
42 PBR_CH130 Character 130 CHAR 130    
43 PBR_CH156 Character 156 CHAR 156    
44 PBR_CIATY Company class for Data Medium Employee List CHAR   
45 PBR_CIVIL Marital status code NUMC   
46 PBR_CLEMP Company class in FGTS Collect company syst.Social Welf.Info NUMC   
48 PBR_CODCE FGTS Collect company system Social Welf.Info.centraliz.code NUMC   
49 PBR_CODCONTB Contribution indicator CHAR 10    
50 PBR_CODEMP HBRRAIS domain by relationship type CHAR   
51 PBR_CODPROV Reserve code CHAR 10    
52 PBR_CODRE Data Medium Employee List collect code CHAR   
53 PBR_CODSE FGTS Collect company system Social Welfare Info.collect code NUMC   
54 PBR_COD_FIN_MANAD Archive purpose code CHAR   
55 PBR_COIND Severance pay code CHAR   
56 PBR_CPFNR Sole Proprietor's Registry number (CPF) CHAR 15    
57 PBR_CPNME REP: employer name CHAR 150    
58 PBR_CRCST Circumstance NUMC   
59 PBR_CRIN Regional Council abbreviation CHAR 10    
60 PBR_CRNAM Regional Council name CHAR 90    
61 PBR_CRNR Regional Council register number CHAR 15    
62 PBR_CTNR Worker's Card for Social Welfare number - WCSW CHAR 10    
63 PBR_CTRCD Collect centralization code (Data Medium Employee List) CHAR   
64 PBR_CTRLAD Absence control in wage management calculation NUMC   
65 PBR_CTSR Worker's Card series number - WCSW CHAR   
66 PBR_CUPDT General register of employed and unemp.: record update code CHAR   
67 PBR_DCLDEP Code for keeper declarant NUMC   
68 PBR_DEC12_02 Decimal number with 12 digits, 2 after comma DEC 12 
69 PBR_DEC2_7 Decimal number w/2 places before and 7 after the comma DEC
70 PBR_DEC3_2 Decimal number w/3 places before and 2 after the comma DEC
71 PBR_DEC3_3V Decimal 3,3 with sign +/- DEC
72 PBR_DEC3_6 Decimal no. with 3 places before and 6 after comma DEC
73 PBR_DECLR Declaration type for General Register of Employed Unemployed CHAR   
74 PBR_DFIND Default values indicator CHAR   
75 PBR_DFVAL Default value CHAR   
76 PBR_DRVCT Driver's License category CHAR   
77 PBR_DRVNR Professional Driver's License number CHAR 12    
78 PBR_ECONA Economic activity CHAR   
79 PBR_EGGRP Employee grouping for severance pay calculation CHAR   
80 PBR_ELECN Voter Registration Card number CHAR 15    
81 PBR_ELECS Voting Section CHAR   
82 PBR_ELECZ Voter Registration Card area CHAR   
83 PBR_EMPID Employment relationship CHAR   
84 PBR_ENDHR Leaving hour CHAR   
85 PBR_ESCOA School CHAR   
86 PBR_ESTAD State (FU) CHAR   
87 PBR_EVETP Event type CHAR   
88 PBR_FAIXT Scale group NUMC   
89 PBR_FASAR Education CHAR   
91 PBR_FERI Leave absence CHAR   
92 PBR_FGTSP Percent.for Length Serv.Guarantee Fund (FGTS) payment order DEC
93 PBR_FGTSR FGTS movement reference code CHAR   
94 PBR_FICHADN Employee tab page serial no. NUMC 10    
95 PBR_FIL04 Character field, length 04 CHAR   
96 PBR_FIL06 Character field, length 06 CHAR   
97 PBR_FIL09 Character field, lenght 09 CHAR   
98 PBR_FIL241 Character field, lenght 241 CHAR 241    
99 PBR_FILIA Branch logical code CHAR   
100 PBR_FILIA2 Branch logical code CHAR   
101 PBR_FLXBRK Flexible range CHAR 20    
102 PBR_FPAS SAWF code CHAR   
103 PBR_GENTP Generation type CHAR   
104 PBR_GRAVP FCG: notice NUMC   
105 PBR_GRCAT FCG: worker category NUMC   
106 PBR_GRCDS FCG: withdrawal code CHAR   
107 PBR_GRGIN FCG: education level NUMC   
108 PBR_GROUPTXT Application group text CHAR 50    
109 PBR_GRRVG FCG: vacancy replacement CHAR   
110 PBR_GRSIM Simplified tax collect indicator NUMC   
111 PBR_GRTIR FCG: application type - person responsible NUMC   
112 PBR_GRTPE FCG: application type NUMC   
113 PBR_GRTPT FCG: application type - person responsible NUMC   
114 PBR_GRTRM FCG: delivery type NUMC   
115 PBR_GRZ36 FCG: 36-length numeric field NUMC 36    
116 PBR_GSGRP GSW group NUMC   
117 PBR_GSWCD GSW collection code CHAR   
118 PBR_GSWFL GSW field NUMC   
119 PBR_GSWMN Months for GSW NUMC   
120 PBR_GSWP GSW percentage DEC
121 PBR_GSWTP Type of GSW collection NUMC   
122 PBR_HANHR Handled schedule CHAR   
123 PBR_HMNDISTRICT Homolognet: district CHAR 144    
124 PBR_HMN_FIRE_REASON HomologNet: absence reason CHAR   
125 PBR_HRCOD Time schedule code CHAR   
126 PBR_HRREC Registered selections CHAR 35    
127 PBR_IARSN Adjustment reason CHAR   
128 PBR_IDENT GREU: identification type (tax number or SRS) CHAR   
129 PBR_IDFNR Foreign Identification Document number CHAR 20    
130 PBR_IDGRP Group identification, number of 3 positions NUMC   
131 PBR_IDNR Identification Document number CHAR 16    
132 PBR_IDORG Identification Document Issuer CHAR   
133 PBR_IMPTA Amount CURR 13 
134 PBR_INDIS FGTS Company collect syst.Social Welf.Info collect indicator NUMC   
135 PBR_INDRE Collect indicator NUMC   
136 PBR_IND_ED_MANAD Indicator of MANAD data entry type CHAR   
137 PBR_INEMP Company size indicator CHAR   
138 PBR_INSID Insert indicator for payroll result CHAR   
139 PBR_INSS_VALUE Value type to SIB calculation CHAR   
140 PBR_IOCN1 Case number CHAR 25    
141 PBR_IOPLN Name of proxy CHAR 40    
142 PBR_IOSTS Garnishment status CHAR   
143 PBR_IRECE FCSWI: revenue origin indicator CHAR   
144 PBR_LEGRP Dismissal group (legal) CHAR   
145 PBR_LINES Length 3 numeric field (HRMS BR) NUMC   
146 PBR_LOQTG Losing leave entitlement: absence grouping CHAR   
147 PBR_MARCA Special attributes for severance pay codes Brazil CHAR   
148 PBR_MDN01 Municipal district number NUMC   
149 PBR_MIDIA Media type used in GREU CHAR   
150 PBR_MILCA Military Certificate category CHAR   
151 PBR_MILNR Military Certificate number CHAR 12    
152 PBR_MILTY Military Certificate type CHAR   
153 PBR_MODEN Educational specification CHAR   
154 PBR_MONTH Date month parameter NUMC   
155 PBR_NATDEC Declarant's category CHAR   
156 PBR_NITNR Employee Identification Number - EIN CHAR 11    
157 PBR_NOREU Birth certificate register CHAR 32    
158 PBR_NU036 Numeric field (36 characters) NUMC 36    
159 PBR_OBRA Construction site CHAR   
160 PBR_OCRSN Occurrence reason CHAR 30    
161 PBR_OCTYP Occurrence type CHAR   
163 PBR_PASNR Passport number CHAR 15    
164 PBR_PERIO Transportation ticket frequency NUMC   
165 PBR_PJAM Interest and Monetary Update value DEC 14 
166 PBR_PREA1 Type of notice period CHAR   
167 PBR_PSNR SIP/PSHFP number CHAR 20    
168 PBR_PYMOD Calculation model for alimony CHAR   
169 PBR_QC Compensation quota CHAR   
170 PBR_QRULE Time of payment indicator CHAR   
171 PBR_RACE Race/complexion CHAR   
172 PBR_RCCAT Record category CHAR   
173 PBR_REALM Function domain code CHAR   
174 PBR_REMID Media to be used in Data Medium Employee List CHAR   
175 PBR_REPNU REP: REP production number NUMC 17    
176 PBR_RISK Hazard NUMC   
177 PBR_SAL Leave entitlement (in number of days) DEC
178 PBR_SATID Industrial Accident Insurance code NUMC   
179 PBR_SDTAZ Number of hours DEC
180 PBR_SEQRE REP: sequential record in file NUMC   
181 PBR_SFMOD FCSWI: file specification CHAR   
182 PBR_SIMPL Simplified tax collect indicator NUMC   
184 PBR_SINTY Application type NUMC   
185 PBR_TCMSN Punch clock manufacturer code CHAR 17    
186 PBR_THIRD Third-party logical code CHAR   
187 PBR_THIRE Third-party CHAR   
188 PBR_TIPAU Absence type CHAR   
189 PBR_TIPIN Company booking type (FCSWI) NUMC   
190 PBR_TIPOA Absence Type CHAR   
191 PBR_TIPOC Compensation quota CHAR   
192 PBR_TIPOQ Absence quota type CHAR   
193 PBR_TJAM Interest and Monetary Update coefficient DEC 16 
194 PBR_TRANS Transportation code CHAR   
195 PBR_TSEQN Sequence number NUMC   
196 PBR_TYPE_VALUE Value type to SIB calculation CHAR   
197 PBR_TYREC Booking type (Data Medium Employee List) CHAR   
198 PBR_TYUPD GREU: type of update CHAR   
199 PBR_UI_0002_GESCH Gender CHAR   
200 PBR_UI_0021_GESCH Gender CHAR   
201 PBR_VISNR Visa series number CHAR   
202 PBR_VISTY Type of Visa CHAR 20    
203 PBR_ZEINH Unit of measure/time CHAR   
205 PBSI_FORML BSI Formula DEC   
206 PBSI_FORML_2 BSI Formula NUMC   
208 PBT Requirements date for period requirements CHAR   
209 PBTTMSTAMP Time stamp PBT resources (in seconds) DEC 15    
210 PBUFSTATE Status of a table in the table buffer (TABL & TABLP) CHAR   
211 PB_REO_AKT Activity in reorganizing the demand program CHAR   
212 PC01AOBE Tax Audit Data Access: Begin or End Operator NUMC   
213 PC01AOKT Transparent Cumulation String CHAR 96    
214 PC01_ABSCH HR-DSV: Advance Pay Indicator CHAR   
215 PC01_ABSEN HR-DSV: BVV Sender (Text) CHAR 40    
216 PC01_ALTEB Total Old-Age Exemption Amount CURR 15 
217 PC01_B2A_PUTM Mode for Controlling Transfer of SI E-Mails CHAR   
218 PC01_B2A_SVESTAT Status of Processing of E-Mail Social Insurance NUMC   
219 PC01_BRJAL HR-DST: Gross Annual Earned Income CURR 12 
220 PC01_DTYPE File Type CHAR   
221 PC01_DUJAL HR-DST: Average Annual Earned Income CURR 15 
222 PC01_DUSOB HR-DST: Average Other Remuneration CURR 15 
223 PC01_FRBGS HR-DST: Personal Exemption Amounts CURR 15 
224 PC01_FREIW_PRI HR-DSV: Voluntary/Private Insured Indicator CHAR   
225 PC01_GROUP HR-DST: Tax Class Group CHAR   
226 PC01_GRVM0 HR-DSV: Reason for Zero Return CHAR   
227 PC01_HHFBT Household Allowance CURR 15 
228 PC01_INT3 3-Character Integer Field NUMC   
229 PC01_KASSE HR-DSV: BVV Fund or Pay Scale Distribution CHAR   
230 PC01_KV_BMG HR-DSV: HI Income Threshold CURR 12 
231 PC01_L106 HR-DST: Regular Income CURR 12 
232 PC01_L111 HR-DST: Misc. Gross Tax Amount CURR 15 
233 PC01_L113 HR-DST: Multi-Year Gross Tax Amount CURR 15 
234 PC01_L114 HR_DST: 1/2 Gross Tax Amount CURR 15 
235 PC01_L118 Amount for Pension Payments CURR 15 
236 PC01_L462 HR_DST: Estimation Basis for Regular Income CURR 15 
237 PC01_L474 HR-DST: Tax Exemption for Pensions CURR 15 
238 PC01_L475 HR-DST: Old-Age Exemption Amount CURR 15 
239 PC01_LFDNR Sequence number NUMC   
240 PC01_NAME HR-DST Formatted Name CHAR 20    
241 PC01_OFOLGEJ HR-DSV: Following Year Indicator CHAR   
242 PC01_O_STICHJ HR-DSV: Key Year Indicator CHAR   
243 PC01_PERSB HR-DST: Other Personal Payment CURR 15 
244 PC01_PRZ22 Packed percentage rate NN,NN DEC
245 PC01_PRZ23 Packed percentage rate NN,NNN DEC
246 PC01_SUM14 HR-DSV: Total of the Contributions from IT 14 CURR 12 
247 PC01_SUM15 HR-DSV: Total of Contributions from IT 15 CURR 12 
248 PC01_SVTAG HR-DSV: SI Days CHAR   
249 PC01_TABEZ HR-DSV: BVV Rate Description CHAR   
250 PC01_TALNR HR-DSV: BVV Seq. No. for Additional Policy CHAR   
251 PC01_TTLIN DEUEV Name Affix CHAR 15    
252 PC01_UFOLGEJ HR-DSV: Indicator for Shortfall in Subsequent Year CHAR   
253 PC01_U_STICHJ HR-DSV: Indicator for Shortfall in Key Year CHAR   
254 PC01_VERFOJ HR-DSV: Earnings in Following Year CURR 12 
255 PC01_VFREI Total Tax Exemption for Pensions CURR 15 
256 PC01_VMERK HR-DSV: Processing Feature upon Leaving CHAR   
257 PC01_VMJAL HR-DST: Reduced Annual Earned Income CURR 15 
258 PC01_VRART Processing Type for Advance Payment Contribution Statement CHAR   
259 PC01_ZSART Type of DEUEV Name Affix CHAR   
260 PC03RA_PFLEG Garnishment AT: Indicator for Cost of Meals CHAR   
261 PC03RA_RFEAT Return Value Feature DOKNT Account Assignment Blocks CHAR 15    
262 PC03RA_STATU Status Information for Infotype Record CHAR   
263 PC03RA_STATUS_UBSTEUER Subway Tax Status of Employee CHAR   
264 PC03_ALKND Family Situation for Calculating Short-Time Working Subsidy CHAR   
265 PC03_ANZHL Number of Employees (Used in SI AT) DEC   
266 PC03_ASTES_FLAG Control Indicator CHAR   
267 PC03_DSATZ ELDA: Data Record LCHR 2000    
268 PC03_ENTG_TYP Remuneration Element Type CHAR   
269 PC03_FDTYP ELDA: Field Type CHAR   
270 PC03_FKT_GRUPPE Function Group (Income Statistics) NUMC 10    
271 PC03_GRLKT Category of Valuation Bases CHAR   
272 PC03_INAME ELDA: Field Name of Internal SAP Structure CHAR 10    
273 PC03_LHNGR Wage Group NUMC   
274 PC03_LZ_UBGRD Transfer Reason Payslip Tax Domestic (L16) for Other WT CHAR   
275 PC03_MARKED Triple State CHAR   
276 PC03_MDART Data Distributor: Notification Type CHAR   
277 PC03_MSART ELDA: Record Type CHAR   
278 PC03_ORGZU Return Value Feature ARORG CHAR   
279 PC03_RKREP Report Name of Reserve Report CHAR 40    
280 PC03_RNDART Rounding Indicator for Employment Years CHAR   
281 PC03_SE16N_CD_VALUE Table Display: Data Part of Change Document LCHR 3000    
282 PC03_SE16N_SIGN Table display: SIGN CHAR   
283 PC03_STATU Data Distributor Status of Data Records CHAR   
284 PC03_TAZGR Standard Weekly Working Time CHAR   
285 PC03_TSWAPPL Table Search: Applications CHAR 30    
286 PC03_UNSH_DBMOD Database Modification Type CHAR   
287 PC03_UNSH_STAT RPUNSHA0 Data Transfer Status CHAR   
289 PC04_PROCE RED system: Process syntax identifier CHAR   
290 PC04_PRUEB RED system: Test indicator CHAR   
291 PC04_REFER RED system: Reference CENDAR for forwarding NUMC 14    
292 PC04_TRETR CT printout type in retroactive accounting CHAR   
293 PC07_TXITM Field of a taxform CHAR   
294 PC07_UI_XFELD Non-Exempt/Exempt CHAR   
295 PC08_AUBGR Social insurance contribution group (GB) CHAR   
296 PC10_ACTIO Action to be carried out CHAR   
297 PC10_ADPCC ADP interface: ADP company codes CHAR   
298 PC10_ADPVL Value of ADP system variable CHAR   
299 PC10_CHKTY ADP Interface: Check Information CHAR   
300 PC10_DISTC Distribution Code CHAR   
301 PC10_ONTKR Tax priority: Ded.rule for origianl period CHAR   
302 PC10_PERCT Tax percentage DEC
303 PC10_PYREC ADP Interface: Record for Conversion into EPIP CHAR   
304 PC10_RNTKR Tax priority: Ded.rule for origianl period CHAR   
305 PC10_TSTNO HR-US: domain for BSI-US-TAX test case NUMC   
306 PC10_TXSR2 HR-US: Sort mode for tax authorities CHAR   
307 PC10_UI_XFELD Non-Exempt/Exempt CHAR   
308 PC10_VARBL ADP System variable CHAR   
309 PC12_BTIND Indication of BELCOTAX sum type CHAR   
310 PC13Q_SCODE Super Choice Fund Code CHAR 40    
311 PC13Q_SWCOD Super Work ChoiceFund Code CHAR   
312 PCACTVT Activity for authorization check, product catalog CHAR   
313 PCAFLAG01 EC-PCA: Account Category CHAR   
314 PCAL_ABKRN Payroll parameter related to time unit CHAR   
315 PCAL_ACTIO Action to Execute CHAR   
316 PCAL_ERNID Evaluation run ID NUMC 10    
317 PCAL_IDENT HR: Identifier CHAR   
318 PCAL_IDNUM Identification number CHAR   
319 PCAL_LAND1 Country indicator CHAR   
320 PCAL_MSGID HR: Notification Type NUMC   
321 PCAL_MSGID_TEXT HR Notification Type Text CHAR 40    
323 PCAL_SORTF Sort CHAR 20    
324 PCAL_STATU Statement Text Status CHAR   
326 PCAL_VERNU Version number RAW   
327 PCAL_VERS HR: Version of Message Type NUMC   
328 PCARD_ACT Activity on procurement cards CHAR   
329 PCARD_COMPANY Procurement card providing company CHAR   
330 PCART Production campaign category NUMC   
331 PCA_ABIND Indicator: Distribution of absences CHAR   
332 PCA_ACCOUNT_VAL_DIFF Account control when transferring valuation differences CHAR   
333 PCA_ACNBF Account Number portion of Business Number (Canada) NUMC   
334 PCA_ACPER Number of current pay period NUMC   
335 PCA_ACTYP Business Number account type CHAR   
336 PCA_ALEMT ALE Distribution Method for EC-PCA in Controlling Area CHAR   
337 PCA_AMT Amount field - curr 9 CURR
338 PCA_BALCUR Balance amount: 9 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR
339 PCA_BNTYPE Business Number type CHAR   
340 PCA_CBUSN Business Number (Canada) CHAR 15    
341 PCA_CGSTN Canada GST Number CHAR 15    
342 PCA_CLAIM Claim code - Canada CHAR   
343 PCA_CLAQC Deduction code Quebec CHAR   
344 PCA_CLASS Value of processing class CHAR   
345 PCA_CMPAI Vacation pay accrual formula CHAR   
346 PCA_COMPSE Service with company NUMC   
347 PCA_CRYPTIC_NUMBER Encrypted Card Number CHAR 30    
348 PCA_CRYPTIC_RAW_EXTERNAL Externally Encrypted Payment Card Number RSTR   
349 PCA_CSTIMX Time measurement/unit for service duration CHAR 10    
350 PCA_CUR9_2 Garnishment amount: 9 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR
351 PCA_CWDAY Time unit for sickpay absences CHAR   
352 PCA_DBWRITE Flag: database change CHAR   
353 PCA_DEC15_3 Amount field with 15 number and 3 decimal DEC 15 
354 PCA_DESGR Designated Groups for Group Types CHAR   
355 PCA_DFIND Indicator for default value CHAR   
356 PCA_DFVAL Default value CHAR   
357 PCA_EEAGT Group Types for EEA reporting CHAR   
358 PCA_EEOGS Employment Equity Occupational Groups (EEOG) NUMC   
359 PCA_EXFLD Garnishment payroll: Field identifier in external table CHAR   
360 PCA_EXIND Exemption reason code - Canada CHAR   
361 PCA_EXPNT Garnishment payroll: Pointer to entry in ext. table for debt RAW   
362 PCA_FLAG Record Flag CHAR   
363 PCA_GAYVP Vacation pay accrual year grouping CHAR   
364 PCA_GEN_FLAG Flag: Generation of FI-SL tables and coding CHAR   
365 PCA_GFCUR Garnishee fee: 9 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR
366 PCA_GFTWH Garnishee fee: type of withholding CHAR   
367 PCA_GFUNT Garnishee fee unit CHAR   
368 PCA_GGATXT CA garnishment: Text for garnishment CHAR 40    
369 PCA_GHDKEY CA garnishment: Header key NUMC   
370 PCA_GHDTXT CA garnishment: header text CHAR 132    
371 PCA_GHINTS CA garnishment: Intensified flag for history text CHAR   
372 PCA_GHLENG CA garnishment: history text length NUMC   
373 PCA_GHLEVL CA garnishment: level of history text CHAR   
374 PCA_GHTEXT CA garnishment: history text CHAR 40    
375 PCA_GNIND Sign indicator for calculation of gross/net CHAR   
376 PCA_GNTPY Type of payment for which gross/net are calculated CHAR   
377 PCA_GRMSTS CA garnishment: Remittance status CHAR   
378 PCA_GRNCUR Garnishment amount: 11 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR 11 
379 PCA_GRTYP PY-CA: Grouping type for Reg/Account Number groupings CHAR   
380 PCA_GSORT1 CA garnishment: sorting parameter CHAR   
381 PCA_GWTVP Vacation pay wage type grouping for special events CHAR   
382 PCA_IAQT1 Treatment of amount CHAR   
383 PCA_IAQT2 Treatment of additional payment CHAR   
384 PCA_IARSN Reason for adjustment CHAR   
385 PCA_IAWTY Type of wage type used in adjustment CHAR   
386 PCA_IDBTY Type of initial balance CHAR   
387 PCA_IDOPU Ongoing payment unit CHAR   
388 PCA_IND Indicator for processing wage type CHAR   
389 PCA_INDCT Indicator for view subset selection CHAR   
390 PCA_INDYR Indicator for year - QC - Canada CHAR   
391 PCA_IOCN1 Order case number CHAR 25    
392 PCA_IOSTS Order status CHAR   
393 PCA_KNTRG Rule for detail default assignment to profit center CHAR   
394 PCA_LANGU Official Languages (Canada) CHAR   
395 PCA_MARRD Married or equivalent CHAR   
396 PCA_MASK_NUMBER Masked Card Number CHAR 25    
397 PCA_MESSAGE_TEXT PCA message text CHAR 60    
398 PCA_NOCCO NOC code NUMC   
399 PCA_NODEP Number of dependants - Canada NUMC   
400 PCA_NOWRITE Flag: no database change CHAR   
401 PCA_NUM_DAYS Number of days in the year INT2   
402 PCA_NUPER Number of pay periods within the year NUMC   
403 PCA_NXDCUR Nonexempt amount per dependant: 9 digits, 2 digits CURR
404 PCA_NXEXD Number of dependants in non-exempt calculation NUMC   
405 PCA_NXFCUR Nonexempt flat amount: 9 digits, 2 digits after comma CURR
406 PCA_NXREL Relation by which percentage and amount values are connected CHAR   
407 PCA_NXUNA Unit of the non-exempt amount CHAR   
408 PCA_NXUNP Unit of percentage value in non-exempt calculation CHAR   
409 PCA_OBART EC-PCA: Allowed object types for statistical key figures CHAR   
410 PCA_OPACUR Ongoing payment amount: 9 digits, 2 digits CURR
411 PCA_OPTIO Option for Taxation (Canada) CHAR   
412 PCA_PAYIT Payout of vacation pay upon employee termination CHAR   
413 PCA_PAYIV Accrual/Payout of vacation pay upon end of vacation year CHAR   
414 PCA_PENMO Number of pensionable months NUMC   
415 PCA_PERCNT 3 places before, 2 places after the decimal point DEC
416 PCA_PERIOD Periods in EC-PCA NUMC   
417 PCA_PGEBIET EC-PCA Planning: Planning Area CHAR   
418 PCA_PIKNZ CO-PCA: Plan/Actual Indicator CHAR   
419 PCA_PROT Logging CHAR   
420 PCA_PROTOCOLL_TYPE Log type: degree of detail CHAR   
421 PCA_PROV Canadian Tax Areas CHAR   
422 PCA_PTIND Payment Type Indicator CHAR   
423 PCA_PVTAX Province of taxation (CE) CHAR   
424 PCA_QCTXI Quebec Taxation Id CHAR 16    
425 PCA_QGSTN Quebec GST number CHAR 16    
426 PCA_RCCAT Garnishment payroll: Record category CHAR   
427 PCA_REASON Reason code for issuing a ROE CHAR   
428 PCA_RECSE Special cases for relation of debt to other debts CHAR   
429 PCA_RECTY City, census metropolitan area CHAR   
430 PCA_REC_STATUS EC-PCA: Status of a dabase record or data field CHAR   
431 PCA_REGN2 Registration Number portion of Business Number (Canada) NUMC 10    
432 PCA_RELEA Release data for Analysis Flag CHAR   
433 PCA_REPRI Priority of the debt in relation to other debts NUMC   
434 PCA_RESID Indicator on how debt is sorted in relation to other debts CHAR   
435 PCA_REWID Indicator on how debt is weighted in relation to other debts CHAR   
436 PCA_ROEW_PROCM Web ROE processing method (HRSDC) CHAR   
437 PCA_ROE_NUMC7 Numeric character length 7 NUMC   
438 PCA_ROE_NUMC9 Numeric character length 9 NUMC   
439 PCA_ROE_OMCODE ROE other money code CHAR   
440 PCA_ROE_PMTAM Leave payment amount CURR
441 PCA_SERIAL Serial Number CHAR   
442 PCA_SPDUR4 Time measurement/unit for illness duration CHAR   
443 PCA_SPDURX Time measurement/unit for sick pay duration CHAR   
444 PCA_SRCOD Code for special rule CHAR   
445 PCA_SRFTX Field text for special rule CHAR 20    
446 PCA_SROPR Operator used in special rule CHAR   
447 PCA_SRRES Result term in special rule CHAR   
448 PCA_SRSEQ Sequence number of the special rule NUMC   
449 PCA_SRTRM Term in special rule CHAR   
450 PCA_SURPA Survey Participation Flag CHAR   
451 PCA_TAXAR Tax area CHAR   
452 PCA_TAXAU Taxing authorities CHAR   
453 PCA_TAXLV Tax level CHAR   
454 PCA_TAXMO Tax model CHAR   
455 PCA_TAXTY Tax type CHAR   
456 PCA_TTYPE Tax type (Canada) CHAR   
457 PCA_TXPTR Key data for tax cumulation NUMC   
458 PCA_TYP Grouping of wage types CHAR   
459 PCA_UI_GESCH FACE: Gender Domain (for Canada) CHAR   
460 PCA_VAABS Specification of the absence period CHAR   
461 PCA_VALID_TO_SEL Valid for Selection Conditions (With Conversion Exit) CHAR 10    
462 PCA_VCROE Vacation pay accrual and record of employment types CHAR   
463 PCA_VILQU Definition of illness quota CHAR   
464 PCA_WCBCG Classification group for WCB CHAR   
465 PCA_WCBGI Group indicator for WCB RAW   
466 PCA_WCBOT Object type for WCB (position, job, org. unit) CHAR   
467 PCA_WIP_CAT Work in Process Categories for Profit Center Accounting NUMC   
468 PCA_WRKAR Work Area CHAR   
469 PCCE_DIST_BTYPE Basis type CHAR   
470 PCCE_DIST_FIELD Amount or Number CHAR   
471 PCCE_DIST_METHOD Distribution Method CHAR   
472 PCCE_FIELDSTRING Field String or Table CHAR   
473 PCCE_GPASG_CNFIG Configuration Type of Grouping Rule Assignment CHAR   
474 PCCE_GPRSN Grouping Reason CHAR   
475 PCCE_GPRUL Grouping Rule CHAR   
476 PCCE_GPVAL Grouping Value CHAR   
477 PCCE_PERIOD Period CHAR   
478 PCCE_PERSON_TABLE Is the Table a Person Table? CHAR   
479 PCCE_RELCS Table Relevant for CE or SE CHAR   
480 PCCE_TAB_ACCESS Where to Find Person Tables CHAR   
481 PCDOW Indicator: Download control for PC data entry in FI-LC CHAR   
482 PCHAR Number of dependent children NUMC   
483 PCHSTR Comments Line STRG   
484 PCK Profit center consolidation active/inactive CHAR   
485 PCKPF Packing control CHAR   
486 PCLASS Format group CHAR   
487 PCLCSUBCOMP Software Component CHAR 30    
488 PCLDATA PCL data LRAW 3900    
489 PCLO_EXT_OR_PAYR Binary indicator (direct or for each payroll run) CHAR   
490 PCLO_HANDL_506C Indicator (default, maximum, fixed value) CHAR   
491 PCLO_INT_METHOD Interest calculation method CHAR   
492 PCLO_IN_OR_OUT Binary indicator (in or out) CHAR   
493 PCLO_PAY_TYPE Payment type CHAR   
494 PCLO_SYNCL Indicator for mapping third-party loans CHAR   
495 PCLO_VDATE Value date CHAR   
496 PCL_PACKID packid CHAR   
497 PCMNR Production campaign number CHAR 12    
498 PCMPOS Position Indicator INT1   
499 PCM_MODEL PCM Model CHAR 30    
500 PCNA_PRGRP Processing group, North America CHAR