SAP ABAP Domain - Index P, page 19
Domain - P
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 PM_DOC_TYP PM: Document type (order, notification or MaintPlan) CHAR   
2 PM_FACTOR Conversion factor DEC
3 PM_FLD_NAM PM: Field name for print diversion CHAR 10    
4 PM_HIER_LEVEL Level in a Hierarchy INT4 10    
5 PM_HIER_OBJID ID for Object in Technical Object Hierarchy CHAR 40    
6 PM_KENNZ Cost key figure of the maintenance order CHAR 10    
7 PM_PAPER PM: Shop paper CHAR   
8 PM_PERIOD Period for PM Selection NUMC   
9 PM_PHASE Maintenance processing stage CHAR   
10 PNAFO Format for editing names NUMC   
12 PNA_EVATTR Attribute of a posting run for NA CHAR 10    
13 PNA_STATUS Reporting status CHAR   
14 PNCTRR_KK SEPA: Requirement for a Pre-Notification CHAR   
15 PNCTR_KK SEPA: Requirement for a Pre-Notification CHAR   
16 PNHKF_KK SEPA: Origin of Direct Debit Pre-Notification CHAR   
17 PNINT interne Positionsknotennummmer NUMC 10    
18 PNNUM_KK SEPA: Number of Direct Debit Pre-Notification CHAR 16    
19 PNORI_KK Prenotification origin CHAR   
20 PNORM Reference time for dynamic break CHAR   
21 PNO_ACF_ARCHIVE_REF ACF - Archive Reference CHAR 15    
22 PNO_ACF_AUTH_CHALLENGE_RESULT ACF - Authentication Challenge Request Result CHAR 10    
23 PNO_ACF_AUTH_METHOD ACF - Authentication Method CHAR 15    
25 PNO_ACF_CORRESPONDENCE_ID ACF - Correspondence Id INT4 10    
26 PNO_ACF_CORRESPONDENCE_STATUS ACF - Correspondence Status CHAR 10    
27 PNO_ACF_DOC_TYPE ACF - Document type CHAR   
28 PNO_ACF_FORM_TYPE ACF - Form Type CHAR 10    
29 PNO_ACF_MESSAGE ACF - Message CHAR 100    
30 PNO_ACF_RECEIPT_ID ACF - Receipt Id INT4 10    
31 PNO_ACF_RECEIPT_STATUS ACF - ReceiptStatus CHAR 10    
32 PNO_ACF_REPORTEE ACF - Reportee Number - SSN(11 digits)/Org Number(9 digits) NUMC 11    
34 PNO_ACF_SERVICE_CODE ACF - ServiceCode CHAR 10    
35 PNO_ACF_SRC_SYSTEM ACF - Source System CHAR   
36 PNO_ACF_SYSTEM_PASSWORD ACF - System Password (password for the end user system) CHAR 20    
37 PNO_ACF_SYSTEM_PASSWORD_ENC ACF - System Password - Encoded CHAR 128    
39 PNO_ACF_SYSTEM_USER_NAME ACF - System User Name (identifikator for the end user sys.) CHAR 20    
40 PNO_ACF_USER_PASSWORD ACF - User Password (end user's own password) CHAR 20    
41 PNO_ACF_USER_PIN_CODE ACF - User Pin Code (authentication challenge token) CHAR 20    
42 PNO_ACF_USER_SSN ACF - UserSSN (Personal ID number/User name) CHAR 64    
43 PNO_ETC_ARBGI Employer grouping CHAR   
44 PNO_ETC_CREAT Creation type CHAR   
45 PNO_ETC_FORSF Tax card form CHAR   
46 PNO_ETC_NOTIFICATION_TYPE eTaxCard - Notification type CHAR   
47 PNO_ETC_TABEF Table tax flag CHAR   
48 PNO_ETC_TABTY Table tax type CHAR   
49 PNO_LOG_LEVEL Log level CHAR   
50 PNO_PS_TRFST Pay scale level INT1   
51 PNO_SPK_ORGJU_LIST List of legal org. number STRG   
52 PNPID_KK Direct Debit Pre-Notification: Type of Change CHAR   
53 PNP_SELECTION_SCREEN_TYPE Type of selection screen CHAR   
54 PNR_JAHR IS-M/SD: Publication year and goods arrival list number CHAR   
55 PNSTA_KK SEPA: Status of Direct Debit Pre-Notification CHAR   
56 PNTYP Pension scheme type CHAR   
57 PNTYP_VK Item category CHAR   
58 PNUM1 Pointer: forecast parameters NUMC 10    
59 PNUM2 Pointer for forecast results NUMC 10    
61 PNXREF_KK SEPA: Reference to Direct Debit Pre-Notification CHAR 16    
62 PNZ_ABSAM Absence $ Amount for Year DEC
63 PNZ_ABSWE Absence Completed Weeks for Year DEC
64 PNZ_ABSWK New Zealand Absence Weeks DEC 11 
65 PNZ_ACBAS Account Base Number CHAR   
66 PNZ_ACCAJ Accrual Adjustment Value - NZ DEC
67 PNZ_ACCFL Leave Accrual - Accrual Flag CHAR   
68 PNZ_ACCFR Leave Accrual Frequency CHAR   
69 PNZ_ACCID Leave Accrual ID NUMC   
70 PNZ_ACCNM Account Name CHAR 31    
71 PNZ_ACCRT Leave Accrual / Grant Rate DEC
72 PNZ_ACCTY Accrual Units Type CHAR   
73 PNZ_ACSUF Account Suffix CHAR   
74 PNZ_ADJHR Accrual ID per Change Value DEC
75 PNZ_ADJMV Adjust for Maximum Value DEC
76 PNZ_ADJTP Change Type for Leave History Changes NZ CHAR   
77 PNZ_ADJTY Leave Adjustment Type NZ CHAR   
78 PNZ_ADVIN Advance Payment Indicator CHAR   
79 PNZ_ANNDT The Fixed date when all employee's leave will become entitle CHAR   
80 PNZ_ANNOP Anniversary Rollover Action CHAR   
81 PNZ_ANNTM Anniversary Time Period CHAR   
82 PNZ_ANNTY Anniversary Type CHAR   
83 PNZ_ASSIG Superannuation Wage Type Assignment Information CHAR   
84 PNZ_ATYPE Adjustment Type for Leave - NZ CHAR 12    
85 PNZ_AVRTE Average Hourly Rate DEC
86 PNZ_AVWKY Average Weekly Earnings DEC
87 PNZ_AYRPD Adjustment Year and Period - NZ NUMC   
88 PNZ_BNKBR Bank Branch CHAR   
90 PNZ_CATEG Employee Category CHAR   
91 PNZ_CONMB Contact Mobile CHAR 20    
92 PNZ_DECV19_5 Decimal no.19 characters, 5 places after dec.point, +/- sign DEC 19 
93 PNZ_DECV23_5 Decimal no.23 characters, 5 places after dec.point, +/- sign DEC 23 
94 PNZ_ENTAM Entitlement $ Amount on rollover / history adjustment DEC
95 PNZ_ENTMV Maximum Leave Entitlement DEC
96 PNZ_ENTNH Negative Entitlement Hours to adjust negative P0005 Balance DEC
97 PNZ_ENTPH Positive Entitlement Hours Rollover / Adjustment DEC
98 PNZ_ENTWN Warning Leave Entitlement DEC
99 PNZ_EPMAX Earner Premium Tax Calculation Ceiling Maximum NZ CURR 11 
100 PNZ_GRSAJ Gross Earnings for the Year DEC
101 PNZ_GRSAM Grass Earning for the Year DEC
102 PNZ_GRSWE Gross Weeks for the Year DEC
103 PNZ_GRSWK Gross Weeks for the Year DEC
104 PNZ_IRDDP Date IRD Number Provided NZ DATS   
105 PNZ_LVBAL Leave Balance - NZ DEC 11 
106 PNZ_LVGRP Leave Grouping NZ CHAR   
107 PNZ_MAXAG Maximum Age for super contribs NUMC   
108 PNZ_MEDCL Superannuation Medical Classification CHAR   
109 PNZ_MSGAR Payroll Message Area NZ CHAR   
110 PNZ_MSNUM Payroll Message Number (NZ) NUMC   
111 PNZ_MULTI Tax Calculation Multiplication Factor NZ DEC
112 PNZ_PAYID Pay Rate Indicator CHAR   
113 PNZ_PAYTY Leave Pay Type for New Zealand Payroll CHAR   
114 PNZ_PDAMT The paid amount for leave taken - NZ DEC
115 PNZ_PDANJ Anniversary pay adjustment - NZ DEC
116 PNZ_PDHRS Number of paid hours DEC
117 PNZ_PDIND Pay rate indicator - NZ CHAR   
118 PNZ_PERC1 First year percentage DEC
119 PNZ_REASC Superannuation Reason Code CHAR   
120 PNZ_RECTY Leave Record Type - NZ CHAR   
121 PNZ_RECYR LVACC Record year and number NUMC   
122 PNZ_RELTY Leave Type Relationship ID CHAR   
123 PNZ_RETAM Superannuation Retirement Age for Males NUMC   
124 PNZ_SLOAN Student Loan Flag NZ CHAR   
125 PNZ_SPERC Decimal place, 5 whole number and 2 decimal places DEC
127 PNZ_STATU The Status in LVACC record for NZ CHAR   
128 PNZ_STPUT Leave Step Units. CHAR   
129 PNZ_SUPEA Superable Earnings CURR 15 
130 PNZ_SUPSC Superannuation Salary Usage NZ CHAR   
131 PNZ_SUPWT SuperAnnuation Tax Method CHAR 12    
132 PNZ_SURCD National Superannuitant Surcharge Code NZ CHAR   
133 PNZ_TAXCD Tax Code NZ CHAR   
134 PNZ_UANSP Leave Entitlement Balance DEC
135 PN_NARRATIVE Payment Notification NARRATIVE CHAR 1024    
136 PO6I_ITFPC PAC interface CHAR   
138 PO8P_PRIOR Priority of a tax district within a TinA grouping NUMC   
139 POABRECHNR IS-M/SD: Postal settlement number CHAR   
140 POART_EX Item type of external sales order CHAR   
141 POART_ISP Item type for publishing sales order CHAR   
142 POART_WWW Item type in sales order for WWW CHAR   
143 POBJ_ANCHOR POBJ Logical Anchor CHAR 32    
144 POBJ_ANCHOR_TYPE Anchor Type - Relationship or Anchor CHAR   
145 POBJ_ATTACHMENT_TYPE Attachment Type CHAR 32    
146 POBJ_ATTACHMENT_TYPE_TEXT Type of Attachment CHAR 60    
147 POBJ_BROTHER_TYPE Brother Type CHAR 15    
148 POBJ_CONSUMER POBJ Consumer ID CHAR 30    
150 POBJ_LEVEL Process Object Level INT1   
151 POBJ_LOGICAL_ANCHOR Logical Anchor Value for Handling Linked Objects CHAR 32    
152 POBJ_OPERATION Permissible Attribute Operations CHAR 10    
153 POBJ_OPERATION_ATTR Permissible Attribute Operations CHAR 10    
154 POBJ_PHYSICAL_ANCHOR Physical Anchor for Linked Objects: Anchor/Relation Type CHAR 32    
155 POC_ACTION_TYPE Action in PI Sheet CHAR 30    
156 POC_ADD_ON_OBJECT Enhancement Object PI Sheet CHAR 30    
157 POC_AUTH_ACTIVITY Authorization Activity CHAR   
158 POC_AUTH_DEFN_ACTIVITY Process Definition Authorization Activity CHAR   
159 POC_AUTH_PROCESS_E2E_SCOPE Process Scope (E2E or Local) CHAR   
160 POC_AUTH_PROCESS_USER_INFO User Information for Authorization CHAR   
162 POC_BA_CATEGORY Task Category CHAR   
163 POC_BA_ID Task ID CHAR 32    
164 POC_BA_TYPE Task Type CHAR   
165 POC_BOBJ_ID Business Object ID for Data Sources CHAR 60    
166 POC_BOR_KEY Domain for BOR Key NUMC   
167 POC_BO_ID Business Object ID CHAR 70    
168 POC_BO_LOG_LEVEL Business Object Log Level for Built-in Processes NUMC   
169 POC_BO_PRIORITY Priority of the predecessor BOR objects NUMC   
170 POC_BO_TYPE Business Object Type CHAR   
171 POC_BRF_RULE_ID BRFplus Rule ID CHAR 32    
172 POC_BUSINESS_AREA Business Area CHAR   
173 POC_BUSINESS_AREA_NAME Business Area Name CHAR 60    
174 POC_CBE_CATEGORY Callable Business Entity Category CHAR   
175 POC_CBE_CATEGORY_NAME Callable Business Entity Category Name CHAR 20    
176 POC_CREATED_BY User name for created by CHAR 60    
177 POC_DB_MODE Domain Model: processing mode for database CHAR   
178 POC_DIRECTION Message Type Direction(In/Out) CHAR   
179 POC_DOCID Domain model: document identifier CHAR 18    
180 POC_DOMAINTYPE Domain model: type of value domain CHAR   
181 POC_DS_BO_ID Business Object ID for Data Sources CHAR 55    
182 POC_DS_CBE_TYPE Data Source Callable Business Type CHAR 55    
183 POC_DUR_THR_UNIT Unit of Measurement for Duration Threshold UNIT   
184 POC_E2E_PROC_DEF_ID Realized Process Chain Definiton ID CHAR 32    
185 POC_ENTRY_NUMBER Entry Number NUMC   
186 POC_EVENT_PROCESS_PARAM Event Processing Parameter NUMC   
187 POC_EVENT_TYP Domain for Event type CHAR 30    
188 POC_EVENT_TYPE Type of Event in PI Sheet (Global (MDA) / Local) CHAR 30    
189 POC_EVT_LOG Event Log in the PI Sheet CHAR   
190 POC_FAC_BUS_STATUS Business Status STRG   
191 POC_FAC_EVENT_NAME Process Facade : Event Name CHAR 10    
192 POC_FAC_LIFECYCLE_EVENT Process Facade : Life Cycle Event CHAR 15    
193 POC_FAC_PROCESS_STATUS Process Status CHAR 15    
194 POC_FAC_PROC_DEF_STATUS Process Definition Status CHAR 15    
195 POC_FAC_PROC_ORCH_TYPE Process Orchestration Type CHAR   
196 POC_FAC_SCOPE_OBJ_STATUS Process Facade : Scope Object Status CHAR 15    
197 POC_FAC_SCOPE_OBJ_TYPE Scope Object Type CHAR   
198 POC_INTEG_POINT_TYP_CODE Integration Point Type Code CHAR   
199 POC_INTEG_POINT_TYP_NAME Integration Point Type Name CHAR 30    
200 POC_INTEG_POINT_TYP_NAME_EXT Integration Point Type Extended Name CHAR 120    
201 POC_ITEM_ID Item ID CHAR 10    
202 POC_KPI_CALC_CAT KPI Calculation Method CHAR   
203 POC_KPI_CTG_TYPE KPI Classification Code CHAR   
204 POC_KPI_CTG_TYPE_NAME KPI Category name CHAR 60    
205 POC_KPI_STATUS poc kpi status CHAR   
207 POC_MODE Domain model: execution mode CHAR 16    
208 POC_OBJECT_TYPE Domain for POC BOR Objects CHAR 30    
209 POC_OBJ_TYPE Domain for object type in process viewer CHAR 30    
210 POC_PARAM_DESC Parameter Description CHAR 60    
211 POC_PARAM_ID Parameter ID CHAR 32    
212 POC_PREV_BOR_TYPE Previous BOR type derived from DRB and priority list CHAR   
213 POC_PROCESS_E2E_SCOPE Process Scope CHAR   
214 POC_PROCESS_ID Process ID CHAR 32    
215 POC_PROCESS_KPI_CATEGORY Process Instance KPI Category CHAR   
217 POC_PROCESS_KPI_DURA_VALUE Process KPI duration value QUAN 17 
218 POC_PROCESS_KPI_TYPE Process Instance KPI Type CHAR   
219 POC_PROCESS_LOG_LEVEL Process Log Level NUMC   
220 POC_PROCESS_STATUS Process Status CHAR   
221 POC_PROCESS_STATUS_DESC Process Status Name CHAR 60    
222 POC_PROCESS_STEP_ID Activity ID CHAR 32    
225 POC_PROCESS_SYSTEM_STATUS System Status for a Process CHAR   
226 POC_PROCESS_TYPE_ID Process Type ID CHAR 32    
227 POC_PROCESS_USER_INFO User Information CHAR   
228 POC_PROCESS_VERSION Process Version NUMC   
229 POC_PROCESS_VERSION_CH process version CHAR   
230 POC_PROC_STEP_QUALIFIER_COUNT Activity Qualifier for KPI Count CHAR   
231 POC_PROC_TYP_NAME Process Type Name CHAR 60    
232 POC_RAISED_EVENT Domain For Raised Events CHAR 30    
233 POC_ROW_COUNT Row count CHAR   
234 POC_SERVICE Domain model: service type of an operation CHAR   
235 POC_STATUS_UNFINISHED Process Status Unfinished Flag CHAR   
236 POC_STEP_ACTIVITY Activity at Process Step in the PI Sheet CHAR   
237 POC_STEP_PROCESSING Domain model: state of a step CHAR   
238 POC_THRESHOLD Threshold for the UI CHAR   
239 POC_THRESHOLD_COUNT_VALUE Count Threshold Value DEC   
240 POC_THR_CHECK Threshold Check CHAR   
241 POC_THR_DEF_ID Proces sThreshold ID CHAR   
242 POC_THR_STATUS Threshold Status CHAR 40    
243 POC_THR_VAL_DUR Duration Threshold Value DEC   
244 POC_TIMESTAMP UTC Timestamp in Long Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun) DEC 21 
245 POC_TRANSACTION_ID Transaction ID CHAR 32    
246 POC_USER_NAME User's Full name CHAR 60    
247 POC_USER_PROCESS_SCOPE User Process Scope CHAR   
248 PODAU Level of automation of the POD for inbound deliveries CHAR   
249 PODELE Portfolio: Delete Mode CHAR   
250 PODKZB Vendor indicator relevant for proof of delivery CHAR   
251 PODKZS Control of POD relevance for deliveries CHAR   
252 PODREL POD relevance CHAR   
253 POFOZ Portfolio: Time of Automatic Portfolio Determination CHAR   
254 POFST Portfolio Determination: Determination Strategy CHAR   
255 POG_ARGUMENT_TYPE Type of Additional Argument NUMC   
256 POHIST_BADI_CALLER Caller for BAdI for Adjustment of PO History (View) CHAR   
257 POINTER Pointer within tables INT4 10    
258 POINTOFUSAGE Price Catalog Usage Location CHAR   
259 POINTS_PROC Points Procedure in Loyalty Management CHAR   
260 POKEN_PAY Item indicator NUMC   
261 POKEY_VK Payment Option Key CHAR   
262 POLTY_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Contract Type CHAR   
263 POOL Table pool name CHAR 10    
264 POOLNR IS-PAM: Number of media agent pool CHAR   
265 POPCODE Inspection point of dependent validation CHAR   
266 POPER Posting period NUMC   
267 POPTSATZ Real estate option rate DEC
268 POPUPINFO IS-PSD: More data available in popup? CHAR   
269 POP_FLAG Flag for postponed funds return CHAR   
270 PORTFO Bill of Exchange Portfolio CHAR 10    
271 PORTION Portion CHAR   
272 POSAENDKZ POS Interface: change indicator CHAR   
273 POSAENDTYP Change type for article master in POS download CHAR   
274 POSAR Item type CHAR   
275 POSARTCNT POS interface: count request for material CHAR   
276 POSARTPOST IS-M/SD: Item type for pricing (postal charge settlement) CHAR   
277 POSAR_BF Posting area CHAR   
278 POSBILLC Aggregation for billing CHAR   
279 POSBRDUPL Double doc. anal. type CHAR   
280 POSBRGAP Gap analysis type CHAR   
281 POSBW_BBYNR Bonus buy description CHAR 12    
282 POSBW_RECSIGN Debit/Credit Sign on Receipt CHAR   
283 POSBW_SCFLAG Scanningflag NUMC   
284 POSCAT_BRO Item type in agency report CHAR   
285 POSCURR POS: Field for currency-dependent amounts CURR 17 
286 POSEDSELSEAR Choose "Select" or "Find" CHAR   
287 POSEDSITE Store CHAR 10    
288 POSEKOAR Profile of allowed condition types CHAR   
289 POSENCTYPE Encryption Type - Payment Card Encryption CHAR   
290 POSERRMOD Error behavior CHAR   
291 POSEX Item Number of the Underlying Purchase Order CHAR   
292 POSEX_ISP IS-M/SD: Item number of purchase order NUMC   
293 POSFIVORG Transaction in POS system CHAR   
294 POSFLAG POS flag CHAR   
295 POSFLAGV Flag for transaction/event-dependent control CHAR   
296 POSFREPL Update replenishment-based Inventory Management CHAR   
297 POSGR Document item group for screen sequence CHAR   
298 POSGROUP Group of items CHAR 10    
299 POSGRP_BRO Grouping key for broker report items CHAR 10    
300 POSID_KK Identification for Item CHAR 12    
301 POSIKZ Item or Header Data CHAR   
302 POSINTPROF Internal interface profile POS CHAR   
303 POSINVMC Aggregation for Inventory Management CHAR   
304 POSIT Sequence of main criteria for ranking list output CHAR   
305 POSIT2 Sequence of main criteria for ranking list output (1-9) NUMC   
306 POSITION Item in Sequence NUMC   
307 POSITIONNO Item Number of an I/O Node in APO CHAR   
308 POSITION_TYPE Position category CHAR   
309 POSKOPRO Communications profile CHAR   
310 POSKZ Yes/No field CHAR   
311 POSMESTYPE Logical message types supported by POS interface - inbound CHAR   
312 POSN2 Item number (2 CHAR) NUMC   
313 POSN3 Item number (3 characters) NUMC   
314 POSN5 Item number (5 CHAR) NUMC   
315 POSNEWWF Control exception processing using workflows CHAR   
316 POSNM Item number NUMC   
317 POSNO BOM item number NUMC   
318 POSNR Item number of the SD document NUMC   
319 POSNRC Item Number of Sales Document CHAR   
320 POSNRCOLLECT IS-M: Return Collection Item NUMC   
321 POSNRI SI-FM interface: internal item no. NUMC 10    
322 POSNR_ACC Accounting document line item number NUMC 10    
323 POSNR_CHAR Sales Document Item in Character CHAR   
324 POSNR_CTBW Item number NUMC   
325 POSNR_CTBW5 Position number NUMC   
326 POSNR_CUR Subitem numbers of accounting document NUMC   
327 POSNR_PVBW Item Number NUMC   
328 POSNR_RL Item number of invoice list NUMC   
329 POSNR_VF Billing document item number NUMC   
330 POSNR_VL Dummy NUMC   
331 POSNU Item number CHAR 16    
332 POSPLIT Splitting Criterium Purchase Order CHAR 10    
333 POSPONOTFOUND Processing alternatives, if no purchase order is found CHAR   
334 POSPREVENTPO Disallows / allows automatic purchase order generation CHAR   
335 POSQUAN POS: Field for quantities QUAN 15 
336 POSQUANTDEL Prevents / Enables Quantity Check During Delivery Search CHAR   
337 POSREASON Reason for changing external documents CHAR   
338 POSSHKZG Debit/credit indicator in IDoc FI/CO doc. CHAR   
339 POSSTATUS Status for external documents at POS interface - inbound CHAR   
340 POSSTATUS_ITAGCY Line item status CHAR   
341 POSSTOPSEARCH Processing alternatives when searching for purchase orders CHAR   
342 POSSYSTYP POS system category CHAR 10    
343 POSTCLEAR_KK General request - Post and clear documents CHAR   
344 POSTCODE Postal code for Workbench training data model BC_Travel CHAR 10    
345 POSTFLAG Posting Status in System CHAR   
346 POSTING_CHANGE Goods Movement Control for HU CHAR   
347 POSTLISTNR IS-PSD: Number of postal delivery list NUMC   
348 POSTO Determine due date CHAR   
349 POSTP Item category CHAR   
350 POSTPERFR_KK Posting period from ACCP   
351 POSTPRO_ITAGCY Posting Process in Agency Collections CHAR   
352 POSTP_KK Type of Automatically Generated Item CHAR   
353 POSTREPORT_KK Posting FI-CA Document in Report CHAR   
354 POSTRULE_BRO Clarification code CHAR   
355 POSTSTATUS IS-P: Status of postal change service CHAR   
356 POSTTARIF IS-M/SD: Postal rate (kilo rate/unit rate) CHAR   
357 POSTVRS 1st or 2nd posting of a trip version NUMC   
358 POSTY Warranty item category CHAR   
359 POSTYPEN Item categories CHAR 20    
360 POSTYP_KK Information Category for Collection Agency Information File CHAR   
361 POSTZTYP Item category: IS-R general (header or item entry) CHAR   
362 POST_CLEAR_KK General request - Post and clear documents CHAR   
363 POST_CODE Postal code CHAR 10    
364 POST_KUNNR Loan customer selection CHAR   
365 POST_RCODE Update return code NUMC   
366 POST_STAT_BRO Posting status of broker report item CHAR   
367 POST_WST Post PDC time tickets to Incentive Wages CHAR   
368 POSUMSTYP Conversion Category CHAR   
369 POSUVORG Transact. type of POS upload as per register receipts CHAR   
370 POSVLZEIT POS interace: lead time for POS download NUMC   
371 POSWIELIKZ Processing control in GR for POs with delivery completed CHAR   
372 POSWRONGDEL Processing Alternatives for Incorrect Deliveries CHAR   
373 POSXY Position Location co-ordinates DEC 15  12 
374 POS_CSGMT_ACTIVE Status of Consignment Processing in POS Inbound by Process CHAR   
375 POS_CSGMT_POST Controls Type of Database Change CHAR   
376 POS_CSGMT_STATUS Status of an Interface Line CHAR   
377 POS_DYNAMIC_STRING POS Outbound: Dynamic Long String in Place of EDIDD-SDATA STRG   
378 POS_MAX_IDOC_SIZE maximal POS IDoc size NUMC   
379 POS_NUM Requisition Item NUMC 10    
380 POS_OUT_MESSAGETYPE message type POS outbound CHAR 30    
381 POS_SDATA POS Outbound: Long Character Field for IDOC Data LCHR 270    
382 POS_SE_INT_TYPE Type of XI interface CHAR   
383 POS_TABIX Index in an internal table INT4 10    
384 POTYP HR object type CHAR   
385 POTYP_KK Item category CHAR   
386 POVERKZ Postal distribution indicator CHAR   
387 POWL_ACTIONID_DOM action identifier domain CHAR 30    
388 POWL_ACTION_CONF_DOM action confirmation results CHAR   
389 POWL_ACTION_DOM InfoSet Query POWL action types CHAR   
390 POWL_ACTTYPE_DOM POWL Activity Type INT1   
391 POWL_ALIGN_DOM output justification (L,C,R) CHAR   
392 POWL_ALLOWED_DOM Values: Allowed = 'X' Disallowed = ' ' CHAR   
393 POWL_CARD_DOM Action selection dependency CHAR   
394 POWL_CHANGE_MODE_DOM data change mode relative to cache content INT4 10    
395 POWL_CHANGE_TYPE_DOM Domain for Change Type CHAR   
396 POWL_COMPOSITE_ACTION_DOM Action triggered in composite component CHAR   
397 POWL_CRITTYPE_DOM Select option display style CHAR   
398 POWL_CRITTYPE_PARAM_DOM display type for simple parameters CHAR   
399 POWL_DESCR_DOM Description CHAR 50    
400 POWL_DISPLAY_DOM powl cell renderer CHAR   
401 POWL_EASY_APPEND_COLUMNS_DOM Specifies how unlisted Structure Fields are handled CHAR   
402 POWL_EASY_DEF_VALUE_MODE_DOM Specifies display of selection criteria with default value CHAR   
403 POWL_EASY_KEY_FIELDS List of Key Fields separated by '+' CHAR 60    
404 POWL_EASY_SELECT_ROWS_DOM Number of selected rows needed to execute the action CHAR   
405 POWL_EASY_TEXT_DOM Text-ID or OTR-Alias for buttons, Tooltips, column titles CHAR 50    
406 POWL_LAYOUT_DOM Possible Layouts for POWL Query Rendering INT4 10    
407 POWL_MAX_RESULTS_DOM maximum number of results per query cache entry NUMC   
408 POWL_MSGTYPE_DOM Message type CHAR   
409 POWL_OBJECT_DOM POWL objects CHAR 12    
410 POWL_PLACEM_DOM Placement of an Action UI Element CHAR   
411 POWL_REFRESH_TYPE_DOM Possible Query Refresh Options CHAR   
413 POWL_SELKIND_DOM kind of selection criteria: Paramter or Select option CHAR   
414 POWL_SORTGROUP_DOM Sort grouping for a column CHAR   
415 POWL_SORTORDER_DOM Sort order for column CHAR   
416 POWL_TABLE_SEL_MODE_DOM POWL Selection Mode Domain CHAR   
417 POWL_THEME_DOM POWL Workflow Domain CHAR   
419 PO_BOX PO Box (with conversion for regional structure) CHAR 10    
420 PO_BOX_IND Post box no. ID (even/uneven/all) NUMC   
421 PPACCID_CA Prepaid Account ID CHAR 12    
422 PPALOG PPA log flag CHAR   
423 PPAST_CA Status of Prepaid Account in Rating and Charging System CHAR   
424 PPCHW_CA Handling of Charge for Withdrawal of Promise to Pay CHAR   
425 PPC_ACTIVITY_TYPE Activity Type CHAR   
426 PPC_BW_FLAG Three-Value Flag for BW Transfer CHAR   
427 PPC_CHRON Processing Time CHAR   
428 PPC_FLG_INFO_DEST Origin Indicator of Backflush (=> Subsequent Processing) CHAR   
429 PPC_FLG_ORIG Backflush origin CHAR   
430 PPC_GMOVE_IND Goods movement type: GI / GR of primary, co- and by-product CHAR   
431 PPC_OBJECT_TYP Reporting Point Object Type (M = Multi.Work Center, A = ALG) CHAR   
432 PPC_OPTION Option für Selection Options/Ranges CHAR   
433 PPC_ORDERNR External Number for an Order CHAR 12    
434 PPC_PARA Switch: Pallel processing CHAR   
435 PPC_PROCESS_STATUS Status of Process in System CHAR   
436 PPC_PROFILE_NAME Name of Backflush Profile CHAR   
437 PPC_PROFILE_TEXT Description of Confirmation Profile CHAR 30    
438 PPC_REPPOINT Universal Unique Identifier RAW 16    
439 PPC_REPPOINT_EXT External reporting point description CHAR 18    
440 PPC_RESGUID Internal Description (Company ID Number) of Resource CHAR 32    
441 PPC_RETRY Number of attempts to start a process INT1   
442 PPC_RPOINTTYPE Type of reporting point CHAR   
443 PPC_SELECTION Selected Process CHAR   
444 PPC_SHOW_MODE Defines which lists are displayed in ALV CHAR   
445 PPC_SIGN Sign for Selection Options/Ranges CHAR   
446 PPC_WPS Number of work processes INT1   
447 PPECIF_CATEGORY Type of Variance CHAR   
449 PPECOPY_OD_ADAPT Adjust Object Dependency When Copying Across Classes CHAR   
450 PPELUI_ACTIVITY Settings for Default and Standard Values CHAR   
451 PPELUI_DIA_CREA Behavior When Creating Product Structure CHAR   
452 PPELUI_LAYO_SAVE Option for Saving Layout in iPPE Workbench Express CHAR   
453 PPELUI_LAYO_SEQ Sequence of Screen Areas CHAR   
454 PPELUI_LAYO_SIZE Layout Size in Percent of Screen Area INT1   
455 PPELUI_LAYO_USE Basic Usage of Display and Maintenance Screens CHAR   
456 PPELUI_LAYO_VIS Display the Maintenance and Display Tables CHAR   
457 PPELUI_PROFILE_DESC Profile Description in the iPPE Workbench Express CHAR 40    
458 PPELUI_PROFILE_ID User Profile Identification CHAR   
459 PPELUI_PROFILE_NAME Profile Name in the iPPE Workbench Express CHAR 40    
460 PPELUI_START_OPTION Start Option in iPPE Workbench Express CHAR   
461 PPELUI_VAL_COPY Default Value for Copy Options in the iPPE Workbench Express CHAR   
462 PPEOM_OD_ADAPT Adjust Object Dependency for Class Change CHAR   
463 PPEUI_APPLICATION iPPE Application Object Type CHAR   
464 PPEUI_APPLOBJ_TYPE iPPE Application Object Type CHAR   
465 PPE_ACCESS_OPTION Access Option for the iPPE Workbench CHAR   
466 PPE_ACTEFFECT Effectivity of Order for iPPE Activity CHAR   
467 PPE_ACTOBJTYPE Objects from the iPPE Process Structure CHAR   
468 PPE_ACTTYPE iPPE Activity Type CHAR   
469 PPE_ACTVT Activity Type CHAR   
470 PPE_AENNR Definition of the Change Number in iPPE CHAR 12    
471 PPE_APPLOBJ_GUI Application Objects in the iPPE Workbench CHAR   
472 PPE_APPL_INDICATOR ID for Application Usability of iPPE Workbench CHAR   
473 PPE_ARC_MODE Archiving Status CHAR   
474 PPE_ATCOD Code for Value Dependency CHAR   
475 PPE_ATINN Internal characteristic number NUMC 10    
476 PPE_ATNAM Characteristic CHAR 30    
477 PPE_ATSRT Sort Field for Char. Values (AUSP) NUMC   
478 PPE_ATTR_TAB Tab Page for iPPE Tabstrip Control CHAR 20    
479 PPE_ATWRT Attribute Value CHAR 30    
480 PPE_ATXFE Yes/No Field CHAR   
481 PPE_ATZHL Internal Counter NUMC   
482 PPE_CAPAPLNG Capacity Planning Allowed CHAR   
483 PPE_CD_OBJECTNAME Object Description CHAR 160    
484 PPE_CLASS Class Number CHAR 18    
485 PPE_CLASS_ASSIGN General Assignment for Class Use CHAR   
486 PPE_CLINT Internal Class Number NUMC 10    
487 PPE_CONF_TYPE Configuration Type for iPPE Process Structure CHAR   
488 PPE_CONSTRAINT Usage of Minimum and Maximum Interval NUMC   
489 PPE_CONTEXT iPPE Workbench Context CHAR   
490 PPE_CONTEXT_DISP Display Control for Effectivity Attributes in Context CHAR   
491 PPE_CONTEXT_ENV iPPE Context Environment CHAR   
492 PPE_CONTRAINT_SUB_TYPE Constraint Subtype INT4 10    
493 PPE_COPTYPE Co-Product Type CHAR   
494 PPE_COPY_OPTION Copy Options CHAR   
495 PPE_CRTYPE Relationship Type CHAR   
496 PPE_CUOBJ Configuration (Internal Object Number) NUMC 18    
497 PPE_CUOBN Classification: object field CHAR 50    
498 PPE_CYCLE_TIME Takt Time NUMC   
499 PPE_DAPPL Application CHAR   
500 PPE_DAY_OFFSET Offset with sign (days) DEC