SAP ABAP Data Element - Index O, page 7
Data Element - O
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 OIG_EVDOCA TD Event document assignment indicator OIG_EVDOCA CHAR 
2 OIG_EVDTTX TD - event document type text OIG_EVTEXT CHAR 
3 OIG_EVGRP TD - event default group OIG_EVGRP CHAR 
4 OIG_EVGRTX TD - event default group text OIG_EVGRTX CHAR 
5 OIG_EVLT TD - event long text indicator OIG_EVLT CHAR 
6 OIG_EVNR TD - event number OIG_EVNR NUMC 
7 OIG_EVSEQ TD - event sequence number OIG_EVSEQ CHAR 
8 OIG_EVSEQU TD Event sequence number (unique) OIG_DLNMCK CHAR 
9 OIG_EVSIA TD Event shipment item assignment indicator OIG_EVSIA CHAR 
11 OIG_EVSTXT TD - event status text AS4TEXT CHAR 
13 OIG_EVTYTX TD - event type text OIG_EVTEXT CHAR 
14 OIG_EVVEHA TD Event vehicle assignment indicator OIG_EVVEHA CHAR 
15 OIG_EXCH Automatically access user exit for exchange assignment CHAR1_X CHAR 
16 OIG_EXCHCH Check exchange assignments at scheduling CHAR1_X CHAR 
17 OIG_EX_ASS Delivery item has exchange assignments ? CHAR1_X CHAR 
18 OIG_F4HLP TD-F F4 help used CHAR1_X CHAR 
19 OIG_FAHZTD Total travel time for stage OIG_GESZT QUAN 
20 OIG_FFIND TD-F Indicator: assignment created by FIFO XFELD CHAR 
21 OIG_FIELDS Field selection OIG_FIELDS CHAR 
22 OIG_FL_BNK_CAPA TD-Vehicle Fuel Bunker Capacity OIG_FL_BNK_CAPA QUAN 
23 OIG_FRKFLG TD-F flag: if SCD-relevance is set for TSTYP CHAR1_X CHAR 
24 OIG_FRKRLV TD - shipment cost relevance for vehicles FRKRL CHAR 
25 OIG_GESZTD Total time for stage OIG_GESZT QUAN 
26 OIG_GLIND TD-F Assignment changed due to gain/loss handling XFELD CHAR 
27 OIG_GLPCT Gain/loss quantity (%) OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
28 OIG_GLPCTC Gain/loss quantity (%) OIG_GLPCNT CHAR 
29 OIG_GLPOD Goods issue at loading, proof of delivery (POD) OIG_GLPOD CHAR 
30 OIG_GLPST TD gain/loss postings at vehicle close CHAR1_X CHAR 
31 OIG_GLQTY Gain/loss quantity on a vehicle OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
32 OIG_GLQTYC Gain/loss quantity on a vehicle, in shipment UoM OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
33 OIG_GRECEIVER Goods receiver (generic field for search report ROIGSD01) CHAR10 CHAR 
34 OIG_GSENDER Goods Sender (generic field in search report ROIGSD01) CHAR10 CHAR 
35 OIG_HISITM TD shipment history item number NUMC3 NUMC 
36 OIG_HPMITM Sequence number for HPM segments OIG_POSN5 NUMC 
37 OIG_HRMCOD TD external personnel number OIG_HRMCOD CHAR 
38 OIG_HTGN TD handling type bulk shipment gain OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
39 OIG_HTLD TD handling type bulk shipment load OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
40 OIG_HTLS TD handling type bulk shipment loss OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
41 OIG_HTLT TD:handling type, bulk shipment load (taxed) OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
42 OIG_HTLU TD: handling type, bulk shipment load (untaxed) OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
43 OIG_HTRT TD handling type, bulk shipment return (taxed) OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
44 OIG_HTRU TD handling type: bulk shipment return (untaxed) OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
45 OIG_HULLID Double hull indicator (DH) OI0_XFELD CHAR 
46 OIG_INDSEL TD - compatibilities indicator selected OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
47 OIG_INPGP Intransit posting group OIG_INPGP CHAR 
48 OIG_INPGPT Intransit posting group description CHAR20 CHAR 
49 OIG_INSLC Intransit storage location LGORT CHAR 
50 OIG_IRECEIVER Invoice receiver (generic field for search report ROIGSD01) CHAR10 CHAR 
51 OIG_ITBTCH In-Transit Batch CHARG CHAR 
52 OIG_ITEM TD document item number OIG_ITEM NUMC 
53 OIG_ITPLT In-Transit Plant WERKS CHAR 
54 OIG_ITRFL TD in-transit flag X CHAR 
55 OIG_ITSTLC In-Transit Storage Location LGORT CHAR 
56 OIG_KALSMD Delivery output determination procedure KALSM CHAR 
57 OIG_KALSML Loading output det.procedure KALSM CHAR 
58 OIG_KALSMS Scheduling output det.procedure KALSM CHAR 
59 OIG_KALSMV Scheduling (shipment/vehicle) output det.procedure KALSM CHAR 
60 OIG_KALSM_V Pricing procedure in vehicle of shipment KALSM CHAR 
61 OIG_KNOTD TD-F - discharge point KNOTN CHAR 
62 OIG_KNOTL TD-F - loading point KNOTN CHAR 
63 OIG_LAQTMC Load - allocated per material OIG_UQTYVC CHAR 
64 OIG_LBATCH Batch (loading) CHARG CHAR 
65 OIG_LDCDAT Document date (loading) DATUM DATS 
67 OIG_LDDFR Loading date - from DATUM DATS 
68 OIG_LDDTO Loading date - to DATUM DATS 
69 OIG_LDEDDA Actual date for end of loading DATUM DATS 
70 OIG_LDEDDT Planned date for end of loading DATUM DATS 
71 OIG_LDEDTA Actual time for end of loading UZEIT TIMS 
72 OIG_LDEDTM Planned time for end of loading UZEIT TIMS 
73 OIG_LDIND TD shipment item load indicator OIG_LDIND CHAR 
74 OIG_LDITM TD-F Load/discharge quantity assignment item OIG_LDITM NUMC 
75 OIG_LDOCNR TD-F number of load-relevant document OIG_DOCNR CHAR 
76 OIG_LDPLT Loading plant WERKS CHAR 
77 OIG_LDQTY Load quantity MENG13 QUAN 
78 OIG_LDQTYC Loaded quantity in shipment UoM OIG_LDQTYC CHAR 
79 OIG_LDSTDA Date for start of loading DATUM DATS 
80 OIG_LDSTDT Planned date for start of loading DATUM DATS 
81 OIG_LDSTLC Loading storage location LGORT CHAR 
82 OIG_LDSTTA Actual time for start of loading UZEIT TIMS 
83 OIG_LDSTTM Planned time for start of loading UZEIT TIMS 
84 OIG_LDTEMP Temperature at time of loading OIB_OTMP CHAR 
85 OIG_LDTIME Loading time TIME TIMS 
86 OIG_LDTUOM Temperature unit of measure at loading MEINS UNIT 
87 OIG_LICNMR TD transport unit identifier OIG_LICNMR CHAR 
88 OIG_LICTXT TD license type text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
90 OIG_LICVAF TD driver's license: valid from data DATUM DATS 
91 OIG_LICVAL TD driver's license: valid to date DATUM DATS 
92 OIG_LIFNR TD carrier (vendor account number) LIFNR CHAR 
93 OIG_LITEM TD-F load-relevant document item number for assignment OIG_ITEM NUMC 
94 OIG_LOADED Checkbox - status of shipment loading end OIG_STTRA CHAR 
95 OIG_LOADINDICAT Loading relevance indicator (for report ROIGSD01, TD) CHECKBOX CHAR 
96 OIG_LOADST Checkbox: Status of shipment loading OIG_STTRA CHAR 
97 OIG_LOAOVR TD-L Over-delivery tolerance message level OIG_TOL CHAR 
98 OIG_LOASEQ TD compartment loading sequence OIG_LOASEQ NUMC 
99 OIG_LOAUND TD-L under-delivery tolerance message level OIG_TOL CHAR 
100 OIG_LSHITM TD-F Loading-relevant shipment item for assignment OIG_SHITM NUMC 
101 OIG_LTXT TD Longtext indicator OIG_EVLT CHAR 
102 OIG_LVQTY Quantity left on vehicle (LoV) MENG13 QUAN 
103 OIG_LVRRC Left-on-vehicle/return/rebrand quantity in shipment UoM OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
104 OIG_LVRTRB Left-on-vehicle/return/rebrand quantity MENG13 QUAN 
105 OIG_LVUOM Unit of measure quantity left-on-vehicle MEINS UNIT 
106 OIG_LVUOMH Left-on-vehicle UoM quantity header MEINS UNIT 
107 OIG_MAINT Meter maintenance flag OIG_MAINT CHAR 
108 OIG_MATITM TD material item sequence number BUZEI NUMC 
109 OIG_MATNR Material loaded MATNR CHAR 
110 OIG_MATOB Material on board MATNR CHAR 
111 OIG_MCIND TD-F Assignment manually changed XFELD CHAR 
112 OIG_MDTYPE TD - Master data type (driver, transport unit, meter etc.) OIG_MDTYP CHAR 
113 OIG_MEABM Unit of measure for length/width/height MEINS UNIT 
114 OIG_METDAT Meter reconciliation date DATUM DATS 
115 OIG_METDF TD meter deletion flag XFELD CHAR 
116 OIG_METEND Meter end reading OIG_MTRRDG NUMC 
117 OIG_METHST TD meter history record status OIG_METHST CHAR 
119 OIG_METSEQ Meter sequence number OIG_METSEQ CHAR 
120 OIG_METST Meter start reading OIG_MTRRDG NUMC 
121 OIG_METSTA TD transport unit meter start reading OIG_MTRRDG NUMC 
122 OIG_METTIM Meter reconciliation time ATIME TIMS 
123 OIG_MMFL Multiple meter flag OIG_CHKBOX CHAR 
124 OIG_MTRTXT TD vehicle meter text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
126 OIG_MTRUOM TD meter unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
127 OIG_MTR_NR TD meter number OIG_MTR_NR CHAR 
128 OIG_M_QTYC Quantity calculated by meter reading CHAR17 CHAR 
129 OIG_NBWTAR TD Multiple valuation types on shipment CHAR1_X CHAR 
130 OIG_NCOMP Adopt compartment allocation when the vehicle is changed X CHAR 
132 OIG_NMRCMP Number of compartments (TD) OIG_NMRCMP INT1 
133 OIG_NMRMET TD number of meters on the transport unit OIG_NMRCMP INT1 
134 OIG_NMRTU Number of transport units on vehicle (TD) OIG_NMRTU NUMC 
135 OIG_NQTYIC New quantity for delivery item OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
136 OIG_NRDEC Number of decimal places for shipment quantities OIG_NRDEC NUMC 
137 OIG_NRDIGR TD rack meter number of digits OIG_NRDIGR NUMC 
138 OIG_NRDIGT TD number of digits on meter OIG_NRDIGT NUMC 
139 OIG_NRTUSC Number of transport units for screen display (TD) OIG_NRTUSC INT1 
140 OIG_NRVEHC TD Number of vehicles in shipment for screen display OIG_NRTUSC INT1 
141 OIG_NSEQCL TD: Bypass sequence control (in reconciliation) CHAR1_X CHAR 
142 OIG_NUMBERDOCS Number of documents found (for search report ROIGSD01) CHAR8 CHAR 
143 OIG_N_SLC TD Fixed in-transit store locations per shipment OIG_N_SLC CHAR 
145 OIG_PCG TD product group OIG_PCG CHAR 
146 OIG_PCGT TD product group text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
147 OIG_PEDDTF TD Event: Planned End Date - From DATUM DATS 
148 OIG_PEDDTT TD Event: Planned End Date - To DATUM DATS 
149 OIG_PEDTMF TD Event: Planned End Time - From UZEIT TIMS 
150 OIG_PEDTMT TD - event planned - 'end time to' UZEIT TIMS 
151 OIG_PLQTYC Prior to load quantity in shipment UoM OIG_LDQTYC CHAR 
152 OIG_PLQTYV Planning quantity in volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
153 OIG_PLQTYW Planning quantity in weight UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
154 OIG_PMOBQTYC Planned Material On Board Quantity OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
155 OIG_POBVC Planned total Material On Board Volume(sum of all materials) OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
156 OIG_POBWC Planned total Material On Board Weight(sum of all materials) OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
157 OIG_PQTYIC Planned quantity on document item OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
158 OIG_PRCFR TD - percentage from OI0DC_DEC5_2V DEC 
159 OIG_PRCTO TD - percentage to OI0DC_DEC5_2V DEC 
160 OIG_PRDCPI TD product indicator OIG_PRDCPI CHAR 
161 OIG_PRDCPX TD product text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
162 OIG_PRNTFL Output selection flag (indicates print required) OIG_PRNTFL CHAR 
163 OIG_PRTDC TD partial delivery confirmation allowance X CHAR 
164 OIG_PRTNR Partner number in shipment process (vendor, customer, plant) CHAR10 CHAR 
165 OIG_PSIGN TD - compatibilities posting sign OIG_PSIGN CHAR 
166 OIG_PSTDAT Posting date in delivery confirmation DATUM DATS 
167 OIG_PSTDTF TD Event: Planned Start Date - From DATUM DATS 
168 OIG_PSTDTT TD Event: Planned Start Date - To DATUM DATS 
169 OIG_PSTTMF TD Event: Planned Start Time - From UZEIT TIMS 
170 OIG_PSTTMT TD Event: Planned Start Time - To UZEIT TIMS 
171 OIG_PTLFL Prior-to-load flag OIG_CHECK CHAR 
172 OIG_PTLQTY Prior to load quantity MENG13 QUAN 
173 OIG_QTYASC Delivery quantity assigned to exchange call-off OIG_QTYASC CHAR 
174 OIG_QTYFR TD quantity from OIG_QTYTOL DEC 
175 OIG_QTYITM TD quantity item number of a shipment/transport OIG_POSN5 NUMC 
176 OIG_QTYPE TD-F planned or actual quantity taken OIG_QTYPE CHAR 
177 OIG_QTYTO TD - quantity to OIG_QTYTOL DEC 
178 OIG_QTYVLN Quantity in norm. volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
179 OIG_QTYVOL Quantity in volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
180 OIG_QTYWGT Quantity in weight UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
181 OIG_RAKUOM TD rack unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
182 OIG_RBDEL TD Delivery (doc.type) radio button OIG_RBDEL CHAR 
183 OIG_RBFL Rebrand flag OIG_CHECK CHAR 
184 OIG_RBRES TD radio button reservation (doc.type) OIG_RBRES CHAR 
185 OIG_RBSN TD radio button: shipping notification(doc.type) OIG_RBSN CHAR 
186 OIG_RCBTCH Receiving batch CHARG CHAR 
187 OIG_RCCHCK Rapid confirmation (checkbox) OIG_CHECK CHAR 
188 OIG_RCPLT Receiving plant WERKS CHAR 
189 OIG_RCSTLC Receiving store location LGORT CHAR 
190 OIG_REASCD Reason code - to group quantities in shipment process OIG_REASC CHAR 
191 OIG_REASCH Reason code - delivery header OIG_REASC CHAR 
192 OIG_REASCI Reason code - delivery item OIG_REASC CHAR 
193 OIG_REASCS Reason code - shipment OIG_REASC CHAR 
194 OIG_RECLOV Indicator for reconciliation of left on vehicle qty. CHAR1 CHAR 
195 OIG_RECPTL Indicator for reconciliation of prior to load CHAR1 CHAR 
196 OIG_REGDT TD-Vehicle Registered Date OIG_REGDT DATS 
197 OIG_REG_CNTR Vehicle Registered Country LAND1 CHAR 
198 OIG_RMCONV TD rack meter conversion factor OIG_CONVFC DEC 
199 OIG_RMDATE TD rack meter recording date DATUM DATS 
200 OIG_RMDF TD rack meter deletion flag FLAG CHAR 
201 OIG_RMSTA TD rack meter start reading OIG_RMRDG NUMC 
202 OIG_RMTEXT TD rack meter text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
203 OIG_RMTIME TD rack meter start time ATIME TIMS 
204 OIG_RMTNMR TD rack meter number OIG_RMTNMR CHAR 
205 OIG_ROIGASHV_ALV_1 Service Agent   CHAR 
206 OIG_ROIGASHV_ALV_2 DocItem Base Qty   QUAN 
207 OIG_ROTDAT TD driver shift rota start date DATUM DATS 
208 OIG_ROUTEV TD-F vehicle route ROUTE CHAR 
209 OIG_RRQTY Return/rebrand quantity MENGE QUAN 
210 OIG_RRTEMP Return/rebrand temperature OIB_OTMP CHAR 
211 OIG_RRTUOM Return/rebrand temperature unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
212 OIG_RSCDES Reason code description TEXT40 CHAR 
213 OIG_RSNCDV Reason code to accept gain or loss OIG_REASC CHAR 
214 OIG_RTBTCH Returning batch CHARG CHAR 
215 OIG_RTDATE Date of return DATUM DATS 
216 OIG_RTFL Return flag OIG_CHECK CHAR 
217 OIG_RTIME TD - archiving retention time OIG_RTIME NUMC 
218 OIG_RTPLT Return plant WERKS CHAR 
219 OIG_RTPLTD Return plant description TEXT20 CHAR 
220 OIG_RTPLTH Return plant - header WERKS CHAR 
221 OIG_RTSTLC Return storage location LGORT CHAR 
222 OIG_RTTIME Time of return TIME TIMS 
223 OIG_RTUOM Unit of measure of returned quantity MEINS UNIT 
224 OIG_RTUOMH Unit of measure of returned quantity - header MEINS UNIT 
225 OIG_SAMPL Sample number OIG_SEALSA CHAR 
226 OIG_SBQTY TD text balance quantity CHAR1 CHAR 
227 OIG_SCAPPL TD-F Application of shipment cost document or item OIG_SCAPPL CHAR 
228 OIG_SCATEG TD-F shipment category OIG_SCAPPL CHAR 
229 OIG_SCHOVR TD-S Overdelivery tolerance message level OIG_TOL CHAR 
230 OIG_SCHUND TD-S Underdelivery tolerance message level OIG_TOL CHAR 
231 OIG_SCLDQC Scheduled or loaded quantity CHAR17 CHAR 
232 OIG_SCLDQY Scheduled/loaded quantity OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
233 OIG_SCQTY Scheduled quantity MENG13 QUAN 
234 OIG_SCR1 TD Master data checkbox: Screen 1 active/not active CHAR1_X CHAR 
235 OIG_SCR1TX TD master data screen 1: text OIG_SCRBUT CHAR 
236 OIG_SCR2 TD - master data checkbox: Screen 2 active/not active CHAR1_X CHAR 
237 OIG_SCR2TX TD - master data screen 2: text OIG_SCRBUT CHAR 
238 OIG_SCR3 TD Master data checkbox: Screen 3 active/not active CHAR1_X CHAR 
239 OIG_SCR3TX TD master data screen 3: text OIG_SCRBUT CHAR 
240 OIG_SCRNO1 Screen number assigned to first user screen DYNPRONR NUMC 
241 OIG_SCRNO2 Screen number assigned to second user screen DYNPRONR NUMC 
242 OIG_SCRNO3 Screen number assigned to third user screen DYNPRONR NUMC 
244 OIG_SEQNR TD master data sequence number OIG_SEQNR NUMC 
245 OIG_SGLDEL Single Load per Delivery XFELD CHAR 
246 OIG_SHFTMT TD - shift mandatory CHAR1_X CHAR 
247 OIG_SHIFT TD driver shift OIG_SHIFT CHAR 
248 OIG_SHIFTT Shift description OIG_TEXT CHAR 
249 OIG_SHITM Shipment item OIG_SHITM NUMC 
250 OIG_SHNUM TD shipment number OIG_SHNUM CHAR 
251 OIG_SHNUMP Previous shipment number OIG_SHNUM CHAR 
252 OIG_SHSTDT Planned date for start of shipment DATUM DATS 
253 OIG_SHSTTM Scheduling start time UZEIT TIMS 
254 OIG_SHUOM Shipment unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
255 OIG_SINAME TD shipment item name OIG_SINAME CHAR 
256 OIG_SMQTY TD text for maximum quantity in scheduling UoM CHAR1 CHAR 
257 OIG_SPLQTY Prior to load quantity MENG13 QUAN 
258 OIG_SQTYIC Scheduled quantity CHAR17 CHAR 
259 OIG_SSTSF TD Shipment Status (Functional) OIG_SSTSF CHAR 
260 OIG_SSTST TD shipment status, technical OIG_SSTST INT2 
261 OIG_STAND Data Element for Standard shipment OI0_XFELD CHAR 
262 OIG_STCMNR TD-Vehicle Telex Number OIG_STCMNR CHAR 
263 OIG_STDIS Checkbox - status of shipment planning OIG_STTRA CHAR 
265 OIG_STGFLG TD-F flag if stage is used as dep. or destination point CHAR1_X CHAR 
267 OIG_STYPE TD-F -Shipment costing based on loaded or disch. quantitites OIG_STYPE CHAR 
268 OIG_SUMQTY Summary quantity MENG13 QUAN 
269 OIG_TACTVC TU actual volume OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
270 OIG_TACTVL TD actual transport unit volume OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
271 OIG_TACTWC TU actual weight OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
272 OIG_TACTWT TD: actual transport unit weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
275 OIG_TDACT TD action (schedule, load, delivery confirmation) OIG_TDACT CHAR 
276 OIG_TDSTD TD shipment type description TEXT40 CHAR 
277 OIG_TDSTYP TD shipment type OIG_TDSTYP CHAR 
278 OIG_TEMP Temperature OIB_OTMP CHAR 
279 OIG_TMOBQTYC Material On Board Quantity OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
280 OIG_TMXVL Transport unit maximum volume OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
281 OIG_TMXVOL TU maximum volume OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
282 OIG_TMXWGT TU maximum weight OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
283 OIG_TMXWT Transport unit maximum weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
284 OIG_TOBVC Total material on board volume (sum of all materials) OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
285 OIG_TOBWC Total Material On Board Weight(sum of all materials) OIG_CHAR17 CHAR 
286 OIG_TPPT_T Description of transport planning point TEXT20 CHAR 
287 OIG_TPUNR Transport unit sequence number in shipment OIG_TPUNR NUMC 
288 OIG_TPUNRC TD transport unit number for screen display OIG_NRTUSC INT1 
289 OIG_TRANSF TD transfer stock indicator XFELD CHAR 
291 OIG_TRQTY TD transaction quantity OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
292 OIG_TRQTYC Transaction quantity CHAR17 CHAR 
293 OIG_TRUMOD TD transport unit: mode of transport OIG_TRUMOD CHAR 
294 OIG_TRUNMR TD transport unit number OIG_TRUNMR CHAR 
295 OIG_TRUOM TD transaction unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
296 OIG_TRUPHT TD transport unit physical type OIG_TRUPHT CHAR 
297 OIG_TRUTXT TD transport unit text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
298 OIG_TRUTYP TD Transport unit type OIG_TRUTYP CHAR 
299 OIG_TRUTYX TD transport unit type text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
300 OIG_TUCOMP TD transport unit and compartment number (display field) CHAR17 CHAR 
301 OIG_TUHGT TD transport unit height MENG13 QUAN 
302 OIG_TULEN TD transport unit length MENG13 QUAN 
303 OIG_TUMVL TD transport unit maximum volume OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
304 OIG_TUMVOL Maximum volume for transport unit OIG_TRUQUA CHAR 
305 OIG_TUMWGT Maximum weight for transport unit OIG_TRUQUA CHAR 
306 OIG_TUMWT TD transport unit maximum weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
307 OIG_TUNWGT TU unladen weight OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
308 OIG_TUNWT Transport unit unladen weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
309 OIG_TUOM Temperature UoM MEINS UNIT 
310 OIG_TUSTA TD transport unit status OIG_TUSTA CHAR 
311 OIG_TUUWGT Transport unit unladen weight OIG_TRUQUA CHAR 
312 OIG_TUUWT TD transport unit unladen weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
313 OIG_TUWDT TD transport unit width MENG13 QUAN 
314 OIG_TYPTXT Description of stage type CHAR30 CHAR 
315 OIG_UALQTV Unallocated quantity in volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
316 OIG_UALQTW Unallocated quantity in weight UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
317 OIG_UALQTY Unallocated quantity at material level OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
318 OIG_UOMID Unit of measure identification OIG_UOMID CHAR 
319 OIG_UOM_DF TD Default unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
320 OIG_UQTYIC Unallocated quantity for shipment item OIG_UQTYVC CHAR 
321 OIG_UQTYMC Unallocated quantity at material level OIG_UQTYVC CHAR 
322 OIG_VACTVC Vehicle actual volume OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
323 OIG_VACTVL Actual volume for vehicle OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
324 OIG_VACTWC Vehicle actual weight OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
325 OIG_VACTWT Actual weight of vehicle OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
326 OIG_VALDAT TD end validation date for meter recalibration OIG_VALDAT DATS 
327 OIG_VAPRSY TD vapor recovery system OI0_XFELD CHAR 
328 OIG_VARGST Overall status of shipment cost settlement vehicle level ARGST CHAR 
329 OIG_VARSTA Status of shipment cost settlement vehicle level ARSTA CHAR 
330 OIG_VBALNC TD vehicle balance check against tolerance table (TOIGS5) CHAR1_X CHAR 
331 OIG_VCCPI TD vehicle/customer indicator OIG_VCCPI CHAR 
332 OIG_VCCPIT TD vehicle/customer compatibility indicator text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
333 OIG_VCG TD vehicle group OIG_VCG CHAR 
334 OIG_VCGT TD vehicle group text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
335 OIG_VCLOSE Vehicle close flag; set confirmation to complete (status=6) CHAR1_X CHAR 
336 OIG_VCLOSEL Allow vehicle close at loading; status = complete (6) CHAR1_X CHAR 
337 OIG_VEHCUSTGRP TD Vehicle Customer group OIG_VCG CHAR 
338 OIG_VEHHEI Vehicle height MENG13 QUAN 
339 OIG_VEHID TD vehicle identifier OIG_LICNMR CHAR 
340 OIG_VEHIND TD-F: Vehicle stage indicator with first and last node OIG_VEHIND CHAR 
341 OIG_VEHLEN Vehicle length MENG13 QUAN 
342 OIG_VEHMVL TD vehicle maximum volume OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
343 OIG_VEHMWT TD vehicle maximum weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
344 OIG_VEHNR Vehicle Sequence Number in Shipment OIG_VEHNR NUMC 
345 OIG_VEHNRC TD Vehicle number for screen display OIG_NRTUSC INT1 
346 OIG_VEHSTA TD vehicle status OIG_VEHSTA CHAR 
347 OIG_VEHUWT TD vehicle unladen weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
349 OIG_VEH_DRAFT Maximum Vehicle Draft OIG_VEH_DRAFT QUAN 
351 OIG_VEH_REG_OWN TD-Vehicle Registered Owner OIG_VEH_REG_OWN CHAR 
352 OIG_VEMVOL Vehicle maximum volume OIG_VEHQUA CHAR 
353 OIG_VEMWGT Vehicle maximum weight OIG_VEHQUA CHAR 
354 OIG_VEUWGT Vehicle unladen weight OIG_VEHQUA CHAR 
355 OIG_VFBGST Overall status of shipment costing vehicle level FBGST CHAR 
356 OIG_VFBSTA Status of shipment costing vehicle level FBSTA CHAR 
359 OIG_VHLTXT TD vehicle header text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
361 OIG_VHSCREL Freight cost relevant vehicle OIG_VHLNMR CHAR 
362 OIG_VHTYTX TD vehicle type text OIG_TEXT CHAR 
363 OIG_VMOT TD vehicle mode of transport OIG_VMOT CHAR 
364 OIG_VMRQT Vehicle meter required indicator CHAR1_X CHAR 
365 OIG_VMTNMR TD vehicle meter number OIG_VMTNMR CHAR 
366 OIG_VMXVL TD vehicle maximum weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
367 OIG_VMXVOL Vehicle maximum volume OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
368 OIG_VMXWGT Vehicle maximum weight OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
369 OIG_VMXWT TD vehicle maximum weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
370 OIG_VOLA TD volume unit of measure (ambient) MEINS UNIT 
371 OIG_VOLC TD volume unit of measure, corrected (temperature) MEINS UNIT 
372 OIG_VOLUOM TD volume unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
374 OIG_VUNWGT Vehicle unladen weight OIG_PQTYVC CHAR 
375 OIG_VUNWT TD vehicle unladen weight OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
376 OIG_VUOM TD vehicle unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
377 OIG_WGTUOM TD weight unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
378 OIG_WT_UOM UoM of TD-Vehicle(For Draft) MEINS UNIT 
379 OIHCC Excise duty cost center manual entry   CHAR 
380 OIHCCM Excise duty manual cost center indicator   CHAR 
381 OIH_2STEP_NEW field obsolete in ERP 2005 /only new Two-Step Transfer logic X CHAR 
382 OIH_ACCDTN Excise duty account determination CHAR2 CHAR 
383 OIH_BLKIND Ind: IS-Oil Excise duty revaluation XFELD CHAR 
384 OIH_CALTAX ED tax calculation X CHAR 
385 OIH_CERTF1 Excise tax external license number OIH_CERTF1 CHAR 
387 OIH_CKEXT Check of external number for transfer (indicator) FAUSW CHAR 
388 OIH_CKFNL Check of tolerance on final transfer (ind.) X CHAR 
389 OIH_CKITM Check tolerance on each goods receipt X CHAR 
390 OIH_CNT03 Consecutive counter in ATAB tables for inventory management NUM03 NUMC 
391 OIH_COLL_PROC Excise Duty Revaluation - Collective Processing XFELD CHAR 
392 OIH_CONIND Post excise duty to consumption (ind.) X CHAR 
393 OIH_CONV_02 Convenio 02 XFELD CHAR 
394 OIH_CONV_03 Convenio 03 XFELD CHAR 
395 OIH_CONV_80 Convenio 80 XFELD CHAR 
396 OIH_CONV_80D Convenio 80 at destin. XFELD CHAR 
397 OIH_CONV_80O Convenio 80 at origin XFELD CHAR 
398 OIH_COREV Excise duty: revaluation required (indicator) X CHAR 
399 OIH_COREV_NEW Use new Excise Duty Revaluation X CHAR 
400 OIH_COREV_NUMKR Number range for tax revaluation NUMKR CHAR 
402 OIH_CURDAT Current date DATUM DATS 
403 OIH_CURQTY Current quantity MENGE QUAN 
404 OIH_CURQTYV Current quantity with sign MENG13V QUAN 
405 OIH_CURTAXV Excise Duty Current Value OIH_TAXDIF CURR 
406 OIH_CURUT Current unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
407 OIH_CURVAL Current value OIH_TXVAL CURR 
408 OIH_DATF Date from which the tax rule is valid DATUM_INV CHAR 
409 OIH_DATFM1 Excise duty tax certificate valid from date DATUM DATS 
410 OIH_DATFRO Excise duty rate valid from date DATUM_INV CHAR 
411 OIH_DATTO1 Valid to date for excise duty tax certificate DATUM DATS 
412 OIH_DEFER Deferred payment (radio button) X CHAR 
413 OIH_DEFTAX Excise duty default tax status key for new batch OIH_TAXKEY CHAR 
414 OIH_DOCTP Excise license tracking document type OIH_DOCTP CHAR 
415 OIH_DYNNR License master data screen number CHAR4 CHAR 
416 OIH_EDBAL Excise duty balancing is required (indicator) X CHAR 
417 OIH_EDBALM Excise duty balancing method indicator OIH_EDBALM CHAR 
418 OIH_EDBASE Base quantity for excise duty rate DEC6 DEC 
419 OIH_EDCL Excise duty clearing value OIH_TAXCON CURR 
420 OIH_EDCLT Excise duty clearing value total OIH_TAXCON CURR 
421 OIH_EDCNT Excise duty physical count indicator X CHAR 
422 OIH_EDCODE Customs tariff number OIH_EDCODE CHAR 
423 OIH_EDDFLT Excise duty default sequence indicator for SD documents OIH_EDDFLT CHAR 
424 OIH_EDOK Excise duty validation indicator X CHAR 
425 OIH_ED_GRP Excise duty grouping code OIH_ED_GRP CHAR 
426 OIH_EGAIN Error gain percentage tolerance limit PRZ32 DEC 
427 OIH_ELOSS Error loss percentage tolerance limit PRZ32 DEC 
428 OIH_ETAX_BP_IND Tax Classification: Tax Type is Valid for BP OIH_ETAX_BP_IND CHAR 
430 OIH_ETAX_COND_TABLE Number of Excise Tax Condition Table KOTABNR NUMC 
431 OIH_ETAX_COND_TYPE1 Excise Tax Condition Type 1 KSCHL CHAR 
432 OIH_ETAX_COND_TYPE2 Excise Tax Condition Type 2 KSCHL CHAR 
433 OIH_ETAX_COND_TYPE3 Excise Tax Condition Type 3 KSCHL CHAR 
434 OIH_ETAX_COND_TYPE4 Excise Tax Condition Type 4 KSCHL CHAR 
435 OIH_ETAX_COND_TYPE5 Excise Tax Condition Type 5 KSCHL CHAR 
436 OIH_ETAX_COND_TYPE6 Excise Tax Condition Type 6 KSCHL CHAR 
437 OIH_ETAX_CONV_FNAM Function Module for Excise Tax Rate Conversion FUNCNAME CHAR 
439 OIH_ETAX_PROD_IND Tax Classification: Tax Type is Valid for Product OIH_ETAX_PROD_IND CHAR 
440 OIH_ETAX_TYPE Tax Classification: Tax Type OIH_ETAX_TYPE CHAR 
441 OIH_ETAX_TYPE_TEXT Tax Classification: Tax Type Description OIH_ETAX_TYPE_TEXT CHAR 
442 OIH_EXEMP Exemption license X CHAR 
443 OIH_EXTNR External tracking number OIH_EXTNR CHAR 
444 OIH_FIELDS TDP fields filled in every FI document posting line X CHAR 
445 OIH_FOLQTC Excise tax follow-on license qty. f. communication structure NUMC13 NUMC 
446 OIH_FOLQTY Excise tax follow-on license quantity MENG13 QUAN 
447 OIH_FTIND Final transfer indicator OIH_FTIND CHAR 
448 OIH_FULTAX Excise duty tax value at the full rate OIH_TXVAL CURR 
449 OIH_FUTDAT Future date DATUM DATS 
450 OIH_FUTDT Future tax date DATUM DATS 
451 OIH_FUTDT2 Future tax date 2 DATUM DATS 
452 OIH_FUTQT Future tax quantity MENGE QUAN 
453 OIH_FUTQT2 Future tax quantity 2 MENGE QUAN 
454 OIH_FUTQTY Future quantity MENGE QUAN 
455 OIH_FUTQTYV Future quantity with sign MENG13V QUAN 
456 OIH_FUTTAXV Excise Duty Future Value OIH_TAXDIF CURR 
457 OIH_FUTTX Future tax value OIH_TXVAL CURR 
458 OIH_FUTTX2 Future tax value 2 OIH_TXVAL CURR 
459 OIH_FUTUT Future unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
461 OIH_GHNDL Gain handling OIH_GHNDL CHAR 
462 OIH_GLQTY Gain/Loss quantity in stockkeeping unit of measure OIH_GLQTY QUAN 
463 OIH_GLVOR Business Transaction for Tax Revaluation ACTIVITY CHAR 
464 OIH_HANIND Indicator whether handling type is required/optional/none OIH_HANIND CHAR 
465 OIH_HANTYG Handling type for transfer gain OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
466 OIH_HANTYL Handling type for transfer loss OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
467 OIH_HANTYP Excise Duty Handling Type OIH_HANTYP CHAR 
468 OIH_INDTAX Indicator whether status is taxed X CHAR 
469 OIH_INEX Code for internal or external excise duty rate determination OIH_INEX CHAR 
470 OIH_INEXPO Default price ind. for purchase orders OIH_INEX CHAR 
471 OIH_INEXSD Default price indicator for sales OIH_INEX CHAR 
472 OIH_INVDAT Date for revaluation DATUM_INV CHAR 
473 OIH_INVREC Indicator whether ED pricing is external (not used?) X CHAR 
474 OIH_ITMNR Tracking number item line OIH_ITMNR NUMC 
475 OIH_J1BSTPR_INTER Sub.Trib. surcharge percentage rate interstate =gross margin J_1BTXRATE DEC 
476 OIH_J1BSTPR_INTRA Sub.Trib. surcharge percentage rate intrastate J_1BTXRATE DEC 
478 OIH_J1B_ACSSEQ Access sequence number OIH_J1B_ACSSEQ CHAR 
479 OIH_J1B_ALCRATE Percentage of alcohol in gasoline OIH_J1B_PERCENT DEC 
480 OIH_J1B_APRICE Acquisition price per unit OIH_J1B_PRICE DEC 
481 OIH_J1B_APRICE_P Acq.price including charges per unit OIH_J1B_PRICE DEC 
482 OIH_J1B_BCKRATE Percentage of backward sub.trib. collected OIH_J1B_PERCENT DEC 
484 OIH_J1B_CONVENIO Brazilian tax convention ("convenio") OIH_J1B_CONVENIO CHAR 
485 OIH_J1B_CTXGR Customer tax group OIH_J1B_CTXGR CHAR 
486 OIH_J1B_CTXGRT Text for customer tax group TXT20 CHAR 
487 OIH_J1B_CTYP Customer type (end c./reseller/industry) OIH_J1B_CTYP CHAR 
489 OIH_J1B_EXC_ICOP Exception indicator for ICMS complement (Brazil taxes) OIH_J1B_EXC_ICOP CHAR 
490 OIH_J1B_FACCOF Factor for COFINS ST calculation OIH_J1B_FACTOR DEC 
491 OIH_J1B_FACPIS Factor for PIS ST calculation OIH_J1B_FACTOR DEC 
492 OIH_J1B_FORMATID Numeric values: blank=xxx,xxx; 1=num,xxx; 2=num,num CHAR1 CHAR 
493 OIH_J1B_FUEL_GAS Fuel, Diesel, CIDE Inter Sales 'To Rate' XFELD CHAR 
496 OIH_J1B_ICREF Indicator: customer is legal claimant for this case XFELD CHAR 
497 OIH_J1B_INT Inter / intra operation type OIH_J1B_OPER_SALES CHAR 
498 OIH_J1B_IPRINT Indicator where to print ICMS OIH_J1B_IPRINT CHAR 
499 OIH_J1B_IPRINT_PIS Indicator for PIS/COFINS ST printing exceptions OIH_J1B_IPRINT CHAR 
500 OIH_J1B_LOWEST Indicator lowest pump price XFELD CHAR