SAP ABAP Data Element - Index O, page 4
Data Element - O
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 OG_COMPIND Compare results indicator OG_COMPIND CHAR 
2 OG_SAMMG_V Software maintenance process run number SAMMG CHAR 
3 OHEADER_MA Block header, maximum size INT4 INT4 
4 OHEADER_MI Block header, minimum size INT4 INT4 
5 OHEMPLBOOK Without bookings of all employees CHAR1_X CHAR 
6 OHEMPLHIST Without history of all employees CHAR1_X CHAR 
7 OHEMPLSTOR Without employee cancellations CHAR1_X CHAR 
8 OHNDATLF When deleting notif. runs, ignore those already registered CHAR1_X CHAR 
9 OHNEE Also display info records without purch. organization data XFELD CHAR 
10 OHNEEINZ Move-out w/o move-in OHNEEINZ CHAR 
11 OHNEEINZT Text for reason for move-out without move-in TEXT30 CHAR 
12 OHNKORRI Ignore old corrections when deleting notification runs CHAR1_X CHAR 
13 OHPREBVORM Without employee prebookings CHAR1_X CHAR 
14 OI0BWCHARGR Reference Batch number CHARG CHAR 
15 OI0BWEQUNTU Equipment number -(transport unit) EQUNR CHAR 
16 OI0BWEQUNVE Equipment number - vehicle EQUNR CHAR 
17 OI0BWLGMNGD Delivered quantity in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
18 OI0BWLGMNGL Loaded quantity in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
19 OI0BWLGMNGS Scheduled quantity in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
20 OI0BWLGORTR Reference storage location LGORT CHAR 
21 OI0BWMATNRR Reference material MATNR CHAR 
22 OI0BWWERKSR Reference Plant WERKS CHAR 
23 OI0BW_ADQNT2 Additional oil quantity 2 OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
24 OI0BW_ADQNT3 Additional oil quantity 3 OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
25 OI0BW_ADQNT4 Additional oil quantity 4 OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
26 OI0BW_ADQNT5 Additional oil quantity 5 OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
27 OI0BW_FEETOTD Fee total (document currency) OIA_FEETOT CURR 
28 OI0BW_KUNWE Ship-to party KUNNR CHAR 
29 OI0BW_LGMNGZ Actual quantity delivered in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
30 OI0BW_LIFNR Account number of the vendor or creditor LIFNR CHAR 
31 OI0BW_MENGE_D Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
32 OI0BW_MSEHI1 Unit of measurement 1 MEINS UNIT 
33 OI0BW_MSEHI2 Unit of measurement 2 MEINS UNIT 
34 OI0BW_MSEHI3 Unit of measurement 3 MEINS UNIT 
35 OI0BW_MSEHI4 Unit of measurement 4 MEINS UNIT 
36 OI0BW_MSEHI5 Unit of measurement 5 MEINS UNIT 
37 OI0BW_NMRCMP Number of compartments (TD) OIB_UOMGR CHAR 
38 OI0BW_NMRMET TD number of meters on the transport unit OIB_UOMGR CHAR 
39 OI0BW_QTYVOLZ Quantity in volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
40 OI0BW_QTYWGTZ Quantity in weight UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
41 OI0BW_QVOLD Delivered quantity in volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
42 OI0BW_QVOLL Loaded quantity in volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
43 OI0BW_QVOLS Scheduled quantity in volume UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
44 OI0BW_QWGTD Delivered quantity in weight UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
45 OI0BW_QWGTL Loaded quantity in weight UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
46 OI0BW_QWGTS Scheduled quantity in weight UoM OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
47 OI0BW_SHNUMN Next shipment number OIG_SHNUM CHAR 
48 OI0BW_SSTSF TD shipment status (functional) OIG_SSTSF CHAR 
49 OI0BW_VBTYP SD document category VBTYP CHAR 
50 OI0JVPPINV Flag if material is prepaid inventory (material valuation) X CHAR 
51 OI0_ACTCODE_ECC Action code for exch. assignments (services) OI0_ACTCODE_ECC CHAR 
52 OI0_AETIM Time of day the record was changed UZEIT TIMS 
53 OI0_ALV Indicator ALV (AbapListViewer) display/output type OI0_ALV NUMC 
54 OI0_APAREADESC Description of Application Area OI0_EVDESCR CHAR 
55 OI0_APPAREA Application area OI0_APPAREA CHAR 
56 OI0_APPLIC IS-OIL application index OI0_APPLIC NUMC 
57 OI0_AREA IS-OIL application that needs a junction OI0_AREA CHAR 
59 OI0_BWREL Business information warehouse (transfer,..) active flag XFELD CHAR 
60 OI0_BW_FKIMG Actual billed quantity MENG13 QUAN 
61 OI0_BW_FKLMG Billing quantity in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
62 OI0_BW_LMENG Required quantity for in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
63 OI0_BW_SMENG Scale quantity in base unit of measure MENG13 QUAN 
64 OI0_CHAR40 General purpose short description (length 40) for IS-Oil CHAR40 CHAR 
65 OI0_COLOR_ALV Color information for display with ALV CHAR3 CHAR 
66 OI0_COUNTER IS-Oil: Counter for relevance customizing OI0_COUNTER NUMC 
67 OI0_CP_ARG Message Variable OI0_CP_ARG CHAR 
68 OI0_CP_ATTR Compatibility check Attributes OI0_CP_ATTR CHAR 
69 OI0_CP_ATTR_DESCR Compatibility Attributes description. OI0_CP_ATTR_DESCR CHAR 
70 OI0_CP_CMP_MD Compatibility Compared MD OI0_CP_MD CHAR 
71 OI0_CP_GRP_DESCR Compatibility Group Description OI0_CP_GRP_DESCR CHAR 
72 OI0_CP_GRP_ID Compatibility group ID OI0_CP_GRP_ID CHAR 
74 OI0_CP_OP Compatibility Operator OI0_CP_OP CHAR 
75 OI0_CP_OP_DESCR Description of Compatible Operator OI0_CP_OP_DESCR CHAR 
76 OI0_CP_REF_MD Compatibility Refering MD OI0_CP_MD CHAR 
77 OI0_CP_RET_MSG_TYPE Message Type of Compatibility Check OI0_CP_RET_MSG_TYPE CHAR 
78 OI0_CP_UOM1 UoM of 1st Value of Compatible Attribtues MEINS UNIT 
79 OI0_CP_UOM2 UoM of Value2 MEINS UNIT 
80 OI0_CP_VALUE1 First Value of the Compatibility Attributes OI0_CP_VAL QUAN 
81 OI0_CP_VALUE2 Second Value of Compatible Attributes OI0_CP_VAL QUAN 
82 OI0_CP_VAL_REQ Value required OI0_CP_VAL_REQ NUMC 
83 OI0_ERTIM Time of creation UZEIT TIMS 
84 OI0_EVDESCR Master Data Event Type Text OI0_EVDESCR CHAR 
85 OI0_EVNR Master Data Event number OI0_EVNR NUMC 
86 OI0_EVSTAT Master Data Event Status OI0_EVSTAT CHAR 
87 OI0_EVTYPE Master Data Event Type OI0_EVTYPE CHAR 
88 OI0_FUN IS-Oil junction function index OI0_FUN CHAR 
89 OI0_GRP IS-OIL: Function group OI0_GRP CHAR 
90 OI0_GRP_C IS-OIL: Function group for Ticket Correction OI0_GRP CHAR 
91 OI0_GRP_R IS-OIL: Function group for Ticket Reversals OI0_GRP CHAR 
92 OI0_INACTIVE Flag if component or functionality is inactive OI0_XFELD CHAR 
93 OI0_JUNC IS-OIL junction OI0_JUNC CHAR 
94 OI0_KEYWORD Keyword (descriptive name) CHAR50 CHAR 
95 OI0_LOG_NUMBER Id number of an application log OI0_LOG_NUMBER CHAR 
97 OI0_PROD_TYP IS-Oil: Production Document Type OI0_PROD_TYP CHAR 
98 OI0_RANK IS-OIL: Ranking of relvance fields OI0_RANK NUMC 
99 OI0_RELTYPE IS-Oil: Relevance type OI0_RELTYPE CHAR 
100 OI0_RESDT Resets Data XFELD CHAR 
101 OI0_SELKZ Selection flag / general switch OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
102 OI0_SEQNO IS-Oil: Sequence number OI0_SEQNO NUMC 
103 OI0_TEXT IS-Oil: Descriptive text OI0_TEXT CHAR 
104 OI0_TXT_10S Character field length 10 with upper/lower case CHAR10 CHAR 
105 OI0_USRFNC Function customizing blocking indicator CHAR1_X CHAR 
106 OIAWO_QS Without quantity schedules XFELD CHAR 
107 OIA_ACPOL Fee accounting policy indicator OIA_ACPOL CHAR 
108 OIA_ACQTY Logical inventory quantity MENG13 QUAN 
109 OIA_ANDOR AND / OR indicator for netting selection criteria OIA_ANDOR CHAR 
110 OIA_APPIND Exchange application use (sales/purchasing side) KAPPL CHAR 
111 OIA_AREWR GR/IR account clearing value in local currency OIA_FEETOT CURR 
112 OIA_ASQTY Quantity assigned to exchange entitlements MENG13 QUAN 
113 OIA_AUTIND Indicator: Entry to be used to create an autom. call-off XFELD CHAR 
114 OIA_BALAN Include balances indicator OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
116 OIA_BASVAL Base product value WERT7 CURR 
117 OIA_BEXNUM To exchange agreement number OIA_EXGNUM CHAR 
118 OIA_BEXTYP To exchange type OIA_EXGTYP CHAR 
119 OIA_BICNT Counter created batch inputs per netting document OIA_BICNT DEC 
120 OIA_BISSL Selection criteria item - to value OIA_BISSL CHAR 
121 OIA_BMATNR To material number MATNR CHAR 
122 OIA_BMATRF To - mat. group reference for exchange balance reporting OIA_MATREF CHAR 
123 OIA_BOMCON Indicator: BOM continuation item OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
124 OIA_BOMHM BoM header material number MATNR CHAR 
125 OIA_BOOKTYPE LIA quantity adjustment type OIA_BOOKTYPE CHAR 
126 OIA_BSBMAT To base product number MATNR CHAR 
127 OIA_BSPBUP To period to analyze - posting period MCPERIOD NUMC 
128 OIA_BSPMON To period to analyze - month RSCALMONTH NUMC 
129 OIA_BSPTAG To period to analyze - day DATUM DATS 
130 OIA_BSPWOC To period to analyze - week MCPERIOD NUMC 
131 OIA_BTCEX BTCI generation exit for movements based netting GRPNO NUMC 
133 OIA_BWKEY Plant (valuation area) BWKEY CHAR 
134 OIA_CBAL Closing exchange balance MENGV15 QUAN 
135 OIA_CHAR50 Message CHAR50 CHAR 
136 OIA_CHSBP Sub/base product user exit routine GRPNO NUMC 
137 OIA_CIMAP Change internal moving average price OIA_CIMAP CHAR 
138 OIA_CIND Contract / call-off indicator OIA_CIND CHAR 
139 OIA_CLRCYC Item already cleared in all cycles under process (X/ ) KREUZ CHAR 
140 OIA_CLRNO Doc. number of the netting document clearing the item/cycle OIA_PREQNO CHAR 
142 OIA_COND_ERS Settle delivery cost items XFELD CHAR 
143 OIA_COND_ID Condition Code CHAR3 CHAR 
144 OIA_CSEGI Quantity schedule creation permitted OIA_CSEGI CHAR 
145 OIA_CVIND Customer / vendor posting indicator OIA_CVIND CHAR 
146 OIA_CYCIND_DEL Indicator: Delivery cost & tax invoice cycle XFELD CHAR 
147 OIA_CYCIND_FEE Indicator: Fee invoice cycle XFELD CHAR 
148 OIA_CYCIND_MAT Indicator: Material invoice cycle XFELD CHAR 
149 OIA_CYCLE1 Indicator for invoice cycle 1 XFELD CHAR 
150 OIA_CYCLE2 Indicator for invoice cycle 2 XFELD CHAR 
151 OIA_CYCLE3 Indicator for invoice cycle 3 XFELD CHAR 
152 OIA_CYCLE4 Indicator for invoice cycle 4 XFELD CHAR 
153 OIA_CYCLE5 Indicator for invoice cycle 5 XFELD CHAR 
154 OIA_CYCLE6 Indicator for invoice cycle 6 XFELD CHAR 
155 OIA_CYCLE7 Indicator for invoice cycle 7 XFELD CHAR 
156 OIA_CYCLE8 Indicator for invoice cycle 8 XFELD CHAR 
157 OIA_CYCLE9 Indicator for invoice cycle 9 XFELD CHAR 
158 OIA_DELIV Exchange deliveries MENG15 QUAN 
159 OIA_DEL_COST Indicator: Delivery cost & excise tax items XFELD CHAR 
160 OIA_DESCR Breakdown period description TEXT30 CHAR 
161 OIA_DISNEG Display negative fee lines OIA_DISNEG CHAR 
162 OIA_DMBTR Fee amount in local currency OIA_FEETOT CURR 
163 OIA_DMBTR1 Amount in local currency WERTV7 CURR 
164 OIA_DMSDOCU Documentation by using Document Management System (DMS) XFELD CHAR 
165 OIA_DOCSTA Exchange - netting document status OIA_DOCSTA CHAR 
166 OIA_DOCUM Document number OIA_DOCUM CHAR 
167 OIA_DURAT Duration of a period OIA_DURAT DEC 
168 OIA_DURUN Unit of duration (period) OIA_DURUN CHAR 
169 OIA_DWAERS Currency for exchange statement WAERS CUKY 
170 OIA_ELINE End line for selection criteria OIA_ELINE DEC 
171 OIA_ENTLU Breakdown ind. for scheduling on contract/call-off level OIA_ENTLU CHAR 
172 OIA_ERRHAN Error handling routine for statement production GRPNO NUMC 
173 OIA_ERSBA ERS procedure: type of document selection (OIL) OIA_ERSBA CHAR 
174 OIA_EVTYPE Evergreen type OIA_EVTYPE CHAR 
175 OIA_EVTYPE_BAPI Evergreen type (for use in BAPIs) OIA_EVTYPE_BAPI CHAR 
176 OIA_EXADD User exit for displaying additional exchange data GRPNO NUMC 
177 OIA_EXAST Exchange assignment type OIA_EXAST CHAR 
178 OIA_EXBEGD Starting date (exchange agreement) DATUM DATS 
179 OIA_EXENDD Closing date (exchange agreement) DATUM DATS 
180 OIA_EXGASS Purchase assignment user exit GRPNO NUMC 
181 OIA_EXGIND Exchange number required (indicator) OI0_XFELD CHAR 
182 OIA_EXGNUB Exchange agreement number to OIA_EXGNUM CHAR 
183 OIA_EXGNUM Exchange agreement number OIA_EXGNUM CHAR 
184 OIA_EXGPTR Exchange partner (vendor number) LIFNR CHAR 
185 OIA_EXGSEL ERS: Selection of exchange-related items OIA_EXGSEL CHAR 
186 OIA_EXGSGN Sign for logical inventory update(override flag) XFELD CHAR 
187 OIA_EXGTXT Exchange type description TEXT30 CHAR 
189 OIA_EXHEAD Exchange header format routine GRPNO NUMC 
190 OIA_EXIND Material check indicator at LIA posting OIA_EXIND NUMC 
191 OIA_EXREL Exchange relevant documents XFELD CHAR 
192 OIA_EXREVD Review date (exchange agreement) DATUM DATS 
193 OIA_EXSTAT Status of an exchange agreement OIA_EXSTAT CHAR 
194 OIA_EXT Element posted externally OI0_XFELD CHAR 
195 OIA_FBSTYP Source document category (purchasing) BSTYP CHAR 
196 OIA_FD Indicator: fee is on detail level XFELD CHAR 
197 OIA_FE Indicator: update fee order history XFELD CHAR 
198 OIA_FEECH Fee edit control OIA_FEECH CHAR 
199 OIA_FEECHK Fee check indicator (apply minimum of one fee to exchange) OIA_FEECHK CHAR 
200 OIA_FEECHK_BAPI Fee check indicator (for use in BAPIs) OIA_FEECHK_BAPI CHAR 
201 OIA_FEEDT Fee pricing condition date DATUM DATS 
202 OIA_FEEMAN Fee rate indicator OIA_FEEMAN CHAR 
203 OIA_FEEPD Fee pricing date OIC_INPD CHAR 
204 OIA_FEEPRT Condition is printed at item level XFELD CHAR 
205 OIA_FEEPST Posting rules for fees OIA_FEEPST CHAR 
206 OIA_FEEPSTRUL Posting rule for fees OIA_PSTRUL CHAR 
207 OIA_FEERCI Fee recalculation ind. XFELD CHAR 
208 OIA_FEES Indicator: fees to be invoiced XFELD CHAR 
209 OIA_FEES_UNZIPPED Indication if fees are unzipped XFELD CHAR 
210 OIA_FEETOC Fee total (in local currency) f. communication structure NUMC13 NUMC 
212 OIA_FEETOTD Fee total (document currency) OIA_FEETOT CURR 
213 OIA_FEKNUM Working storage for fee doc.condition reference KNUMV CHAR 
214 OIA_FERP Fee repricing indicator OIA_FERP CHAR 
215 OIA_FERPDT Fee repricing date for invoice verification GRPNO NUMC 
216 OIA_FERPDTGR Fee repricing date for goods receipt OIA_FEERP_EXIT NUMC 
217 OIA_FFTYP Fulfillment indicator for exchange assignments OIA_FFTYP CHAR 
218 OIA_FINEX Financial document selection exit GRPNO NUMC 
219 OIA_FOOTER Exchange statement footer GRPNO NUMC 
220 OIA_FRBS Source document type BSART CHAR 
221 OIA_FRGRDC From goods receipt document type BLART CHAR 
222 OIA_FTEXT Fee account assignment description TEXT20 CHAR 
223 OIA_GPKNUM Reference to fee conditions for group delivery processing KNUMV CHAR 
224 OIA_GRDAT Goods receipt date DATUM DATS 
225 OIA_HEADER Header formatting routine GRPNO NUMC 
226 OIA_HTXT Dynamic headings for quantities in quantity schedule CHAR17 CHAR 
227 OIA_IMATV Internal material value WERT7 CURR 
228 OIA_IMVAP Moving average price for logical inventory WERT13 CURR 
229 OIA_INCLIA LIA included indicator (X/ ) KREUZ CHAR 
230 OIA_INCPFA PFA included indicator (X/ ) KREUZ CHAR 
231 OIA_INCYCA Invoice cycle indicator active (X/ ) KREUZ CHAR 
232 OIA_INCYCCAT Invoice cycle category OIA_INCYCCAT CHAR 
233 OIA_INCYCI Invoice cycle included indicator active (X/ ) KREUZ CHAR 
234 OIA_INCYST Cond. statistical due to invoicing cycle KREUZ CHAR 
235 OIA_INDBD Book delivery OI0_XFELD CHAR 
236 OIA_INDBR Book receipt made OI0_XFELD CHAR 
237 OIA_INDNP Negotiated payment OI0_XFELD CHAR 
238 OIA_INDOC Indicator 'receivable/payable in netting document ?' OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
239 OIA_INT Internally-posted element OI0_XFELD CHAR 
240 OIA_INTQTY Quantity scheduled to be exchanged MENGE QUAN 
241 OIA_INVCS1 Status of invoice cycle 1 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
242 OIA_INVCS2 Status of invoice cycle 2 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
243 OIA_INVCS3 Status of invoice cycle 3 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
244 OIA_INVCS4 Status of invoice cycle 4 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
245 OIA_INVCS5 Status of invoice cycle 5 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
246 OIA_INVCS6 Status of invoice cycle 6 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
247 OIA_INVCS7 Status of invoice cycle 7 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
248 OIA_INVCS8 Status of invoice cycle 8 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
249 OIA_INVCS9 Status of invoice cycle 9 OI0_INVCST CHAR 
251 OIA_INV_FILTER Invoice verification filter type OIA_INV_FILTER CHAR 
252 OIA_IPMVAT VAT on internally-posted material OIA_IPMVAT CHAR 
253 OIA_IPMVAT_BAPI VAT on internally-posted material (for use in BAPIs) OIA_IPMVAT_BAPI CHAR 
254 OIA_ISSUES Formatting exit for exchange issues GRPNO NUMC 
255 OIA_ITCAT Exchange - netting document item type OIA_MVTYPE CHAR 
256 OIA_ITEM Item number OIA_ITEM NUMC 
257 OIA_ITNO Exchange - netting document item number OIA_ITNO NUMC 
258 OIA_KNPRS Delivery cost repricing indicator KNPRS CHAR 
259 OIA_KONTI Allocation (Account Assignment Number depends on Type) OIA_KONTI CHAR 
260 OIA_KONTZ Account Assignment Type OIA_KONTZ CHAR 
261 OIA_KOSTL Cost center for fee expense accounting KOSTL CHAR 
262 OIA_KSCHL Fee price condition record type KSCHL CHAR 
263 OIA_KTOSL Fee accounting process key OIA_KTOSL CHAR 
264 OIA_KWERT Fee detail clearing amount WERTV7 CURR 
265 OIA_LFKNUM Delivery note reference for fee doc. conditions KNUMV CHAR 
266 OIA_LFPOS Reference delivery note item POSNR NUMC 
267 OIA_LIAEXT LIA user exit for logical inventory movements GRPNO NUMC 
269 OIA_LIA_DMBTR LIA quantity adjustment value in local currency WERT7 CURR 
270 OIA_LIFTS Exchange lifts MENG15 QUAN 
271 OIA_LIVAL Total logical inventory value WERT13N CURR 
272 OIA_MATCYC Invoicing cycle for purchase material costs OIA_INVCYC NUMC 
273 OIA_MATCYC_BI Invoicing cycle for purchase material costs OIA_INVCYC_BI CHAR 
274 OIA_MATIE Material internal / external posting indicator OIA_MATIE CHAR 
275 OIA_MATPST Posting rules for material OIA_MATPST CHAR 
276 OIA_MATPSTRUL Posting rule for product OIA_PSTRUL CHAR 
277 OIA_MATREF Material group reference for exchange balance reporting OIA_MATREF CHAR 
278 OIA_MEINS Quantity schedule-related UoM MEINS UNIT 
279 OIA_MENGE Quantity in transaction UOM OIA_MENGE QUAN 
280 OIA_MENGE_LIA LIA quantity in transaction UOM OIA_MENGE QUAN 
281 OIA_MESS18 Message data element CHAR18 CHAR 
282 OIA_MOD Mode of transport OIA_MOD CHAR 
283 OIA_MOT Transaction Type CHAR1 CHAR 
284 OIA_MVTYPE Movement type (in exchange statement) OIA_MVTYPE CHAR 
285 OIA_MWOFI Movements without financials indicator OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
286 OIA_MWSBPA Tax value if all cycles are active WERTV7 CURR 
287 OIA_NEGADJ Negative adjustment indicator for LIA OIA_NEGADJ CHAR 
288 OIA_NET Movement-based netting indicator XFELD CHAR 
289 OIA_NETBAL Net balance check TOTAL WERT7 CURR 
290 OIA_NETCRT Netting grouping criteria FDNAME CHAR 
291 OIA_NETCYC Netting cycle (FI blocking indicator) ZAHLS CHAR 
292 OIA_NETDOC Movement-based netting document XFELD CHAR 
293 OIA_NETNUM Exchange - netting document number OIA_NETNUM CHAR 
294 OIA_NETTNG Netting indicator OIA_NETTNG CHAR 
295 OIA_NETTNG_BAPI Netting indicator (for use in BAPIs) OIA_NETTNG_BAPI CHAR 
296 OIA_NETWRA Net price if all cycles are active WERTV8 CURR 
297 OIA_NEXIT User exit for netting cycle determination GRPNO NUMC 
298 OIA_NEXREL No exchange-relevant documents XFELD CHAR 
299 OIA_NGPSTL Negative posting line (exchange fees) OI0_XFELD CHAR 
300 OIA_NOCYC Invoice cycle not used indicator OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
301 OIA_NOTPER Notice period for exchange agreement OIA_DURAT DEC 
302 OIA_NOTPERC Period of notice for exchange agreement (CHAR) CHAR03 CHAR 
303 OIA_NOTPER_BAPI Notice period for exchange agreement (for use in BAPI) OIA_DURAT_BAPI NUMC 
304 OIA_NUMKR Number range for exchanges document NUMKR CHAR 
305 OIA_OBAL Opening exchange balance MENGV15 QUAN 
306 OIA_OIFEES Fee selection indicator for invoice selection CHAR1_X CHAR 
307 OIA_OIXEXG Indicator for exchange agreement selection at invoice verif. CHAR1_X CHAR 
308 OIA_OLIKWT Open delivery credit value transferred during billing WERTV10 CURR 
309 OIA_OLIMET Open delivery quantity transferred during billing MENGV15_3 QUAN 
310 OIA_OPREI Old Price WERT11 CURR 
311 OIA_ORBTR Fee amount before clearing (original amount, document curr.) OIA_FEETOT CURR 
312 OIA_ORGA (,,, CHAR25 CHAR 
313 OIA_OUTMEI Output unit of measure (for exchange and netting statement) MEINS UNIT 
314 OIA_OWNCHK Ownership check indicator OIA_OWNCHK CHAR 
315 OIA_PARTNER_ID ID of exchange partner CHAR12 CHAR 
316 OIA_PAYTYPE Negotiated payment type OIA_PAYTYPE CHAR 
317 OIA_PFA Pure financial adjustments section GRPNO NUMC 
318 OIA_PMTHIN Previous month indicator OIA_PMTHIN CHAR 
319 OIA_PREQNO Exchange statement print request document number OIA_PREQNO CHAR 
320 OIA_PREQTY Exchange statement print request document type FKART CHAR 
321 OIA_PRIOR Priority of an exchange agreement for load balancing OIA_PRIOR NUMC 
322 OIA_PRODUCT Base Product Code CHAR8 CHAR 
323 OIA_PTEXIT Payment term transfer to VBRK GRPNO NUMC 
324 OIA_PTRM Payment terms for invoice cycle X ZTERM CHAR 
325 OIA_PTRREF Exchange partner reference code OIA_PTRREF CHAR 
326 OIA_PYMT Payment amount for LIA OIA_PYMT CURR 
327 OIA_QAABU Qty. already assigned to exchange entitlements MENG13 QUAN 
328 OIA_QAASU Qty.already assigned to exchange entitlements MENG13 QUAN 
329 OIA_QTABU Qty to be assigned to exchange entitlements MENG13 QUAN 
330 OIA_QTASU Qty to be assigned to exchange entitlements MENG13 QUAN 
331 OIA_QTYDEF Quantity default for quantity schedule at time of call-off XFELD CHAR 
332 OIA_QTYIND LIA quantity check indicator OIA_QTYIND CHAR 
333 OIA_QUAN Movement quantity OIA_MENGE QUAN 
334 OIA_RATE Exchange rate (for foreign currencies) OIA_RATE FLTP 
335 OIA_RECPT Exchange receipts MENG15 QUAN 
336 OIA_RECPTS Formatting exit for exchange receipts GRPNO NUMC 
337 OIA_RECQTY Quantity intended against an exchange MENGE QUAN 
338 OIA_REC_DEL Indicator to mark Receipts and Deliveries CHAR1 CHAR 
339 OIA_REEWR Invoice fee value entered in local currency OIA_FEETOT CURR 
340 OIA_REFPLT Price reference plant BWKEY CHAR 
341 OIA_REFWR Invoice fee value entered in document currency OIA_FEETOT CURR 
342 OIA_REORG Reorganization date DATUM DATS 
343 OIA_REPEAT Repeat flag: document already sent? OIA_CHAR CHAR 
344 OIA_REV_LIANUM Document number for reversal logical inventory adjustment OIA_UPENUM CHAR 
345 OIA_REWWR Fee detail clearing amount (document currency) WERTV7 CURR 
346 OIA_RULECI Fee recalculation according to copy rules XFELD CHAR 
347 OIA_SBMAT Base product number MATNR CHAR 
348 OIA_SBMEIN Base product quantity unit MEINS UNIT 
349 OIA_SBMNG Base product quantity MENG15 QUAN 
350 OIA_SBREL Sub product/ base product relevence indicator OIA_SBREL NUMC 
351 OIA_SCHDDT Schedule date DATUM DATS 
352 OIA_SEGNUM Document item no. for logical inventory adjustment OIA_SEGNUM NUMC 
353 OIA_SELEX Movements index selection exit GRPNO NUMC 
354 OIA_SENDING_PARTNER ID of sending exchange partner CHAR12 CHAR 
355 OIA_SEQENT Sequential segment number OIA_SEQENT NUMC 
356 OIA_SEQNR Sequence number OIA_SEQNR NUMC 
357 OIA_SHIP Shipping date DATUM DATS 
358 OIA_SKMNG Quantity in stockkeeping UoM MENGE QUAN 
359 OIA_SKMNS Stockkeeping unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
360 OIA_SLINE Start line for selection criteria OIA_SLINE DEC 
361 OIA_SMENGE Called-off/delivered/goods receipt quantity OIA_MENGE QUAN 
362 OIA_SPLIT How to split quantity in quantity schedule OIA_SPLIT CHAR 
363 OIA_SPLIT_BAPI How to split qty in quantity schedule (for use in BAPIs) OIA_SPLIT_BAPI CHAR 
364 OIA_SPLTIV Indicator for split invoice verification OIA_SPLTIV CHAR 
365 OIA_SPMEIN Sub-product base unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
366 OIA_STAT_COND ERS status for split conditions XFELD CHAR 
367 OIA_STAT_FEE ERS status fees XFELD CHAR 
368 OIA_STAT_MAT ERS status material XFELD CHAR 
369 OIA_STEPL Step loop number for selection item OIA_STEPL INT4 
370 OIA_ST_NUM Step loop number for selection item OIA_ST_NUM NUMC 
371 OIA_SUBITM Sub-item number OIA_SUBITM NUMC 
372 OIA_SUBPRD Sub-product number MATNR CHAR 
373 OIA_SUMMRY Exchange statement summary section GRPNO NUMC 
374 OIA_SUPP Suppress inactive contracts based on pricing date OIA_SUPP CHAR 
375 OIA_TAXPSTRUL Posting rule for taxes OIA_PSTRUL CHAR 
376 OIA_TBSTYP Target document category (purchasing) BSTYP CHAR 
377 OIA_TEXT Text field TEXT20 CHAR 
378 OIA_TMEINS LIA transaction unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
379 OIA_TOBS Target document type BSART CHAR 
380 OIA_TOGRDC To goods receipt document type BLART CHAR 
381 OIA_TOIRDC To invoice receipt document type BLART CHAR 
382 OIA_UPDATE Update indicator OIA_ANDOR CHAR 
383 OIA_UPDCHK Update consistency check for quantity schedule while calling OIA_UPDCHK CHAR 
384 OIA_UPE Exchange LIA (logical inventory adjustment) format GRPNO NUMC 
386 OIA_UPEFI LIA financial document type BLART CHAR 
388 OIA_UPENR Constant to identify logical inventory adjustment CHAR3 CHAR 
389 OIA_UPENUM Document number for logical inventory adjustment OIA_UPENUM CHAR 
390 OIA_UPEPI Source of LIA material price GRPNO NUMC 
391 OIA_UPETXT LIA document type TEXT20 CHAR 
392 OIA_VALFLG Exchange valuation indicator OIA_VALFLG CHAR 
393 OIA_VAT_SIGN Sign (+/-) of the invoice vat amount SIGN CHAR 
394 OIA_VEXNUM From exchange agreement number OIA_EXGNUM CHAR 
395 OIA_VEXTYP From exchange type OIA_EXGTYP CHAR 
396 OIA_VMATNR From material number MATNR CHAR 
397 OIA_VMATRF From mat. group reference for exchange balance reporting OIA_MATREF CHAR 
398 OIA_VNETB Netting balance (with +/- sign) VWERT13 CURR 
399 OIA_VONSL From value for selection criteria item OIA_VONSL CHAR 
400 OIA_VSBMAT From base product number MATNR CHAR 
401 OIA_VSPBUP From period to analyze - posting period MCPERIOD NUMC 
402 OIA_VSPMON From period to analyze - month RSCALMONTH NUMC 
403 OIA_VSPTAG From period to analyze -daytime reference DATUM DATS 
404 OIA_VSPWOC From period to analyze - week MCPERIOD NUMC 
406 OIA_WRBTR Fee amount in document currency OIA_FEETOT CURR 
407 OIA_WRBTR1 Amount in document currency WERTV7 CURR 
408 OIA_WRBTR_SIGN Sign (+/-) of the invoice amount SIGN CHAR 
409 OIA_XBLNR External delivery note number XBLNR1 CHAR 
410 OIA_XINIT Selection criteria - initial value search OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
411 OIA_XSTRG Selection criteria - as a character string OI0_SELKZ CHAR 
412 OIB_ABFAC Air Bouyancy Factor OIB_ABFAC DEC 
413 OIB_ABFAC_F Air buoyancy factor (oil) OIB_ABFAC_F FLTP 
414 OIB_ABIND Air Bouyancy Indicator OIB_XFELD CHAR 
415 OIB_ADICH Alternate Density OIB_DICHT FLTP 
416 OIB_ADQNT Additional Oil and Gas Quantity OIB_ADQNT FLTP 
417 OIB_ADQNTP Additional oil quantity (packed format) MENG13 QUAN 
418 OIB_ADUOM Additional unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
419 OIB_AGASTDPRS Standard pressure from AGA c-code: 14.73 PSIA or equivalent TEMP_VALUE FLTP 
420 OIB_AGASTDTMP Standard temperature from AGA c-code: 60 FAH or equivalent TEMP_VALUE FLTP 
421 OIB_AIR_GAS_RAT Volume of air to burn one volume of ideal gas(dimensionless) OIB_FAC FLTP 
422 OIB_AIR_GAS_RATC Volume of air to burn one volume of ideal gas(dimensionless) OIB_CHAR CHAR 
423 OIB_ALPHA60 Thermal Expansion Factor at 60F OIB_FLTP FLTP 
425 OIB_ALT_DENS Density at alternate conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
426 OIB_ALT_PRES Pressure at observed conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
427 OIB_ALT_TEMP Temperature at alternate conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
428 OIB_ALT_VOL Volume at alternate conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
429 OIB_ANALYSE_BASE Silo Mgmt: Base interval of DIP - MM analysis OIB_ANALYSE_BASE CHAR 
430 OIB_ANALYSE_UPDATE Silo Mgmt: Update mode of DIP - MM analysis OIB_ANALYSE_UPDATE CHAR 
431 OIB_ANA_STORE_ZERO Silo Mgmt.: Store zero lines (no movements) OIB_XFELD CHAR 
432 OIB_ANA_VERSION Version number of dip material movement analysis NUMC4 NUMC 
433 OIB_API Gas component liquid API gravity at base conditions OIB_DICHT FLTP 
434 OIB_APIC Gas component liquid API gravity at base conditions OIB_CHAR CHAR 
436 OIB_API_DUA API Alternate Density Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
438 OIB_API_DUO API Observed Density Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
439 OIB_API_PUA API Alternate Pressure Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
441 OIB_API_PUO API Observed Pressure Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
442 OIB_API_TUA API Alternate Temperature Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
443 OIB_API_TUB API Base Temperature Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
444 OIB_API_TUO API Observed Temperature Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
445 OIB_API_UNIT API Unit of Measurement OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
446 OIB_API_VUA API Alternate Volume Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
448 OIB_API_VUO API Observed Volume Unit OIB_API_UNIT CHAR 
449 OIB_APRESV Alternate Pressure OIB_APRESV FLTP 
450 OIB_AROMATICS Industrial aromatic hydrocarbons: Type OIB_AROMATICS CHAR 
451 OIB_ARRAT Natural gas Argon content (ratio) OIB_RAT FLTP 
452 OIB_ARRATC Natural gas argon content (ratio) OIB_RATC CHAR 
453 OIB_ATPRES Atmospheric pressure of the air surrounding a product OIB_PRES FLTP 
454 OIB_ATPRESEH Atmospheric pressure unit MEINS UNIT 
455 OIB_BAS_DENS Density at base conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
456 OIB_BAS_PRES Pressure at base conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
457 OIB_BAS_TEMP Temperature at base conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
458 OIB_BAS_VOL Volume at base conditions OIB_FLTP FLTP 
459 OIB_BDBHV Base density / base heating value parameter handling OIB_XFELD CHAR 
460 OIB_BDICH Oil/gas density at standard/base conditions OIB_DICHT FLTP 
461 OIB_BDICHABS Gas component - liquid absolute density at base conditions OIB_DICHT FLTP 
462 OIB_BDICHABSC Gas component - liquid absolute density at base conditions OIB_CHAR CHAR 
463 OIB_BDICHGS Gas component -ideal gas absolute density at base conditions OIB_DICHT FLTP 
464 OIB_BDICHGSC Gas component ideal gas absolute density at base conditions OIB_CHAR CHAR 
465 OIB_BDICHREL Gas component - liquid relative density at base conditions OIB_DICHT FLTP 
466 OIB_BDICHRELC Gas component - liquid relative density at base conditions OIB_CHAR CHAR 
467 OIB_BDICHRELGS Gas component ideal gas relative density at base conditions OIB_DICHT FLTP 
468 OIB_BDICHRELGSC Gas component ideal gas relative density at base conditions OIB_CHAR CHAR 
469 OIB_BDNEH Unit for densities at standard/base conditions MEINS UNIT 
470 OIB_BHVAL Heating value at standard/base conditions (natural gas) OIB_HVAL FLTP 
471 OIB_BHVALGSINF Gas comp. heat. value, inferior, ideal reaction, ideal gas OIB_HVAL FLTP 
472 OIB_BHVALGSINFC Gas comp. heat. value, inferior, ideal reaction, ideal gas OIB_CHAR CHAR 
473 OIB_BHVALGSSUP Gas comp. heat. value,superior, id. react. fuel as ideal gas OIB_HVAL FLTP 
474 OIB_BHVALGSSUPC Gas comp. heat. value,superior, id. react. fuel as ideal gas OIB_CHAR CHAR 
475 OIB_BHVALLQSUP Gas component heating value, superior, fuel as liquid OIB_HVAL FLTP 
476 OIB_BHVALLQSUPC Gas component heating value, superior, fuel as liquid OIB_CHAR CHAR 
477 OIB_BHVEH Heating value unit at standard/base conditions (natural gas) MEINS UNIT 
478 OIB_BLTIME Posting time in the document TIMES TIMS 
479 OIB_BOILPOINTPRES Boiling point reference pressure TEMP_VALUE FLTP 
480 OIB_BOILPOINTPRESC Boiling point pressure OIB_OPRES CHAR 
481 OIB_BOILPOINTTEMP Boiling point: temperature at reference pressure TEMP_VALUE FLTP 
482 OIB_BOILPOINTTEMPC Boiling point temperature at fixed pressure OIB_CHAR CHAR 
483 OIB_BOM Use of item category as part of an Oil bill of material(BOM) OIB_BOM CHAR 
484 OIB_BPRESEHPPP Base pressure unit for physical properties data MEINS UNIT 
485 OIB_BPRESH Natural Gas Base Pressure for Combustion (Heating Value) B_FLOAT FLTP 
486 OIB_BPRESHEH Natural gas std/base press.: combustion (heat. value): unit MEINS UNIT 
487 OIB_BPRESPPP Gas component base pressure: flammability limit OIB_PRES FLTP 
488 OIB_BPRESPPPC Gas component base pressure: flammability limit OIB_OPRES CHAR 
489 OIB_BPRESV Oil/gas standard/base pressure:metering (volume, density) OIB_PRES FLTP 
490 OIB_BPRESVEH Oil/gas standard/base pres.:metering (volume, density): unit MEINS UNIT 
491 OIB_BSDNEH Base density unit (at standard reference conditions) MEINS UNIT 
492 OIB_BSHVEH Base heating value unit (at standard reference conditions) MEINS UNIT 
493 OIB_BSTEH Oil/gas standard/base temperature unit MEINS UNIT 
494 OIB_BSTEHPPP Base temperature unit for physical properties data MEINS UNIT 
495 OIB_BSTMP Oil/gas standard/base temperature TEMP_VALUE FLTP 
496 OIB_BSTMPH Natural Gas Base Temperature of Combustion (Heating Value) TEMP_VALUE FLTP 
497 OIB_BSTMPHEH Natural gas std/base temp.: combustion (heat. value): unit MEINS UNIT 
498 OIB_BSTMPPP Gas component base temperature: flammability limit TEMP_VALUE FLTP 
499 OIB_BSTMPPPC Gas component base temperature: flammability limit OIB_OTMP CHAR 
500 OIB_BSTMPPPSUM Gas component base temperature: summation factor TEMP_VALUE FLTP