SAP ABAP Data Element - Index I, page 19
Data Element - I
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 IM_LBUDGV "Distributed budget values" column number NUMC2 NUMC 
2 IM_LEFNR Position number left brother (in hierarchy) IM_POSNR NUMC 
3 IM_LENG Internal field length NUM02 NUMC 
4 IM_LENGTH Internal field length NUM02 NUMC 
5 IM_LFDHI Consecutive no. within hierarchy NUMC6 NUMC 
6 IM_LFDNR Sequence number NUMC3 NUMC 
7 IM_LGALL All Ledgers/Currencies XFELD CHAR 
8 IM_LIST "Actual values" column no. NUMC2 NUMC 
9 IM_LIST_AR Ind: List Appropriation Requests XFELD CHAR 
10 IM_LIST_BUDGCAT_SPLIT Display Values Separately by Budget Category XFELD CHAR 
11 IM_LIST_CUR Kz.: Current App. Values, Measures, Appropriation Requests XFELD CHAR 
12 IM_LIST_FUT Ind: Future Values Also XFELD CHAR 
13 IM_LIST_MEAS Ind: List Measures XFELD CHAR 
14 IM_LIST_MEAS_TO_AR Ind: List Measures for Appropriation Requests XFELD CHAR 
15 IM_LIST_OLD Ind: Also Old Values, Measures, Appropriation Requests XFELD CHAR 
16 IM_LIST_POS Ind: List Investment Program Positions XFELD CHAR 
17 IM_LIST_USERVAL_ROLLUP Roll Up User Field of Measure, Appropriation Request XFELD CHAR 
18 IM_LIST_VT_01 Ind: List Plan from Measures XFELD CHAR 
19 IM_LIST_VT_04 Ind: List Assigned Values XFELD CHAR 
20 IM_LIST_VT_39 Ind: List Plan from Appropriation Requests XFELD CHAR 
21 IM_LIST_VT_41 Ind: List Budget from Measures XFELD CHAR 
22 IM_LIST_VT_47 Ind: List Budget from Investment Program Positions XFELD CHAR 
23 IM_LIST_VT_48 Ind: List Plan from Investment Program Positions XFELD CHAR 
24 IM_LMBREL Column number for "measure budget releases" NUMC2 NUMC 
25 IM_LMBUDG Column number "Measure Budget" NUMC2 NUMC 
26 IM_LMPLAN Column number "Measure Plan" NUMC2 NUMC 
27 IM_LNGKZ No generic search for coding mask XFELD CHAR 
28 IM_LOBLIGO "Commitment values" column number NUMC2 NUMC 
29 IM_LOCK Indicator: Lock settlement rule XFELD CHAR 
30 IM_LOGDEL IM Logical deletion indicator IM_LOGDEL CHAR 
31 IM_LOGSYC Logical system of the investment program LOGSYS CHAR 
32 IM_LOGSYV Logical system of the sub-tree of the investment program LOGSYS CHAR 
33 IM_LPLAN "Planned values" column no. NUMC2 NUMC 
34 IM_LPLANV "Planned values distributed" column number NUMC2 NUMC 
35 IM_LREMP Column number "residual plan" NUMC2 NUMC 
36 IM_LRPLAN Column number "Appropriation Request Plan" NUMC2 NUMC 
37 IM_LUSRVAL Column number "user-defined value field" NUMC2 NUMC 
38 IM_LVERF "Assigned values" column number NUMC2 NUMC 
39 IM_LVERFB "Available values" column number NUMC2 NUMC 
40 IM_MACOD Matchcode fld for short texts CHAR40 CHAR 
41 IM_MARK Selection indicator XFELD CHAR 
42 IM_MASKE Editing mask for cap.inv.program position coding CHAR24 CHAR 
43 IM_MEASURE Measure (for an investment program or an approp. request J_OBJNREXT CHAR 
44 IM_MEAS_AS Assignment of measure to an appropriation request IM_MEAS_AS NUMC 
45 IM_MOVEB Ind: Transfer budget consistently in inv.program XFELD CHAR 
46 IM_MOVEP Ind: Transfer plan values consistently in inv.program XFELD CHAR 
47 IM_MPLAN Indicator: Planning on measure XFELD CHAR 
48 IM_MVERS Planning version in assigned measure COVERSI CHAR 
49 IM_NEUSP Coding mask locked XFELD CHAR 
50 IM_NEWMS Ind: Select current measures XFELD CHAR 
51 IM_OBART Allowed object types for cap. inv. programs IM_OBART CHAR 
52 IM_OBJNR CO object number for inv. prog. position J_OBJNR CHAR 
53 IM_OBJSEL Selection of an object type XFELD CHAR 
54 IM_OBJSEL_IQ Appropriation Requests XFELD CHAR 
57 IM_OBJTOCA Recalculate Object Currency in Controlling Area Currency XFELD CHAR 
58 IM_OBL Cap.inv.program position / Measure: open commitment WERTV8 CURR 
59 IM_OFFS Offset within the field NUM02 NUMC 
60 IM_OLDMEAS Take old values into account XFELD CHAR 
61 IM_OLDMS Ind: Select old measures XFELD CHAR 
62 IM_ORDOBJ Order (as hierarchy object) IM_HIEOBJ CHAR 
63 IM_OUCON Allowed value of user-defined organizational unit CHAR20 CHAR 
64 IM_OUCTX Description: Contents of an organizational unit TEXT40 CHAR 
65 IM_OULNG Field length IM_OULNG NUMC 
66 IM_OUTTX Description of the organizational unit TEXT40 CHAR 
67 IM_OUTYP Organizational Unit CHAR4 CHAR 
68 IM_OWAERS Object Currency of the Investment Program Item WAERS CUKY 
69 IM_PARNR Parent position number IM_POSNR NUMC 
70 IM_PBABUDG Ind: Adjust Budget XFELD CHAR 
71 IM_PBAPLAN Ind: Adjust Plan XFELD CHAR 
72 IM_PCNT Group share PRZ38 DEC 
73 IM_PERAB Valid from period PERBL NUMC 
74 IM_PERBI Valid to period PERBL NUMC 
75 IM_PERVER Alowed usage category for period control IM_PERVER CHAR 
76 IM_PGSEL Selection of Measures/App. Requests by Program Position XFELD CHAR 
77 IM_PGVALONLY Ind: "Read only budget/plan from program positions" XFELD CHAR 
78 IM_PI_DOC_DESCRIPTION Description of Physical Inventory Document TEXT40 CHAR 
79 IM_PLAN Cap.inv.prog. position / Measure: planned value WERTV8 CURR 
80 IM_PLANGU Language for investment program texts SPRAS LANG 
81 IM_PLANV Cap.inv.prog.position / Measure: planned value distributed WERTV8 CURR 
82 IM_PLGET Plan values to use in detrm proposed plan values- app. req. IM_PLGET CHAR 
83 IM_POSID Identification for an investment program position IM_POSID CHAR 
84 IM_POSIDLF Identifier for end node position of investment program IM_POSID CHAR 
85 IM_POSIDNE Position ID in new program IM_POSID CHAR 
86 IM_POSIT Ind: List program positions only XFELD CHAR 
87 IM_POSNR Position number IM_POSNR NUMC 
88 IM_POSNRLF Position number of an end node of an investment program IM_POSNR NUMC 
89 IM_POSOBJ Investment program position (as hierarchy object) IM_HIEOBJ CHAR 
90 IM_POSPROZ Portion of the new program position at distribution PRZ32 DEC 
91 IM_POSRQ Ind: List program positions and appropriaton requests XFELD CHAR 
92 IM_POSRQMS List prog. positions and approp. requests and measures XFELD CHAR 
93 IM_POST1 Short description TEXT40 CHAR 
94 IM_POST2 Short name 2 TEXT40 CHAR 
95 IM_POS_EXT Identifier of investment program position in external format CHAR24 CHAR 
96 IM_POS_TXT Text for an investment program position TEXT40 CHAR 
97 IM_PPPLAN Ind: Determine default planned values from measure XFELD CHAR 
98 IM_PPROFIL Planning profile for cost planning on approp. request BP_PROFIL CHAR 
99 IM_PRART Program type IM_PRART CHAR 
100 IM_PRARTBU Program type for budgeting IM_PRART CHAR 
101 IM_PRART_P Type of program from which the budget should be taken IM_PRART CHAR 
102 IM_PRAUT Ind. automatic assignment of program position XFELD CHAR 
103 IM_PRC_DEL Ind.: Detach Measure/Appropriation Request Assignments XFELD CHAR 
104 IM_PRC_REAS Ind.: Reassign Measure/Appropriation Request Assignments XFELD CHAR 
105 IM_PRFBTR Absolute tolerance range WERTV8 CURR 
106 IM_PRFPROZ Percentage tolerance range PRZ22 DEC 
107 IM_PRFSIGN +/- sign for availability control IM_SIGN CHAR 
108 IM_PRGOBJ Investment program (as hierarchy object) IM_HIEOBJ CHAR 
110 IM_PRNAM Investment program name IM_PRNAM CHAR 
111 IM_PRNAMS Investment program name in summarization database IM_PRNAM CHAR 
112 IM_PROFIL Investment measure profile IM_PROFIL CHAR 
113 IM_PROZU Percentage assignment of a measure to a program position PRZ32 DEC 
114 IM_PTRUP Roll up only to point of entry position XFELD CHAR 
116 IM_QUICK - not used - CHAR1 CHAR 
117 IM_RATIO Key figure key for the scale of cap. investment measures IM_RATIO CHAR 
118 IM_RATIO5 Key figure key for scale (language-dependent) CHAR5 CHAR 
119 IM_RATIOLD Key figure key for scale IM_RATIOLD CHAR 
120 IM_RCBUDG Recalculate Budget XFELD CHAR 
121 IM_RCPLAN Recalculate Plan XFELD CHAR 
122 IM_RECONV_BUDG Recalculate Budget XFELD CHAR 
123 IM_RECONV_PLAN Recalculate Plan XFELD CHAR 
124 IM_REOBUDG Adjust Budget XFELD CHAR 
126 IM_REPCUR Report Currency WAERS CUKY 
127 IM_REPOBJ Element of Reporting Hierarchy IM_REPOBJ CHAR 
128 IM_REQOBJ Appropriation request (as hierarchy object) IM_HIEOBJ CHAR 
129 IM_RHIER Role of Position within Investment Program Hierarchy IM_RHIER CHAR 
130 IM_RLONLY Ind: Take only released measures into account XFELD CHAR 
131 IM_ROBEX Element of Reporting Hierarchy (External Display) IM_ROBEX CHAR 
132 IM_ROLLUP Indicator: Rollup XFELD CHAR 
134 IM_ROLLUP_FROMLEAF Rollup from End Nodes XFELD CHAR 
136 IM_RULEAF Rollup from End Nodes XFELD CHAR 
137 IM_RUMEAS Rollup from Measures/Appropriation Requests XFELD CHAR 
138 IM_RVYCH Reset fiscal year change XFELD CHAR 
139 IM_SCHED Key for investment program position coding mask IM_SCHED CHAR 
140 IM_SELOPT_HIGH Top value for selection IM_SELOPT_HIGH CHAR 
141 IM_SELOPT_LOW Bottom value for selection IM_SELOPT_LOW CHAR 
143 IM_SELOPT_SIGN Selection including or excluding entered values IM_SELOPT_SIGN CHAR 
144 IM_SGTEXT Line Item Text TEXT40 CHAR 
145 IM_SINGLE_ASSIGN Indicator: Only single assignment allowed XFELD CHAR 
146 IM_SIZECL Scale of investment objects SIZECL CHAR 
147 IM_SLLEN Number of relevant characters for determining coding mask IM_SLLEN NUMC 
148 IM_SONDZ Special symbol for coding of cap. inv. program position CHAR1 CHAR 
149 IM_SPRAS Default investment program language SPRAS LANG 
150 IM_SROBJ Element of Reporting Hierarchy IM_SROBJ CHAR 
151 IM_SR_CHANGE "Change" indicator for SaveReplica method XFELD CHAR 
152 IM_SR_CHGVAL "Change values" indicator for SaveReplicaValues method XFELD CHAR 
153 IM_SR_CREATE "Create" indicator for SaveReplica method XFELD CHAR 
154 IM_SR_DELETE "Delete" indicator for SaveReplica method XFELD CHAR 
155 IM_SR_DELVAL "Delete values" indicator for SaveReplicaValues method XFELD CHAR 
156 IM_SR_REASSIGN "Reassign" indicator for SaveReplica method XFELD CHAR 
157 IM_SR_SETSTAT "Set status" indicator for SaveReplica method XFELD CHAR 
158 IM_STASL Process Objects per Status Selection Profile XFELD CHAR 
159 IM_STATACTVT Activities for system status changes IM_STATACTVT CHAR 
160 IM_STATSEL Status selection profile (measures/approp. requests) SELID CHAR 
161 IM_STATUS Main system status of measure J_ISTATEXT CHAR 
162 IM_STAT_RULE Settlement: Status of Settlement Rule XFELD CHAR 
163 IM_STAT_SEQ Process user status first XFELD CHAR 
164 IM_STRATFLG Strategic Appropriation Request XFELD CHAR 
165 IM_S_WAHKK Total field value portion by origin -> dialog takeover ANLKWERT CURR 
166 IM_TEST_RUN_ERRMAX Test run: maximum number of messages   INT4 
167 IM_TLEVEL To-level for entry to investment program SEU_LEVEL NUMC 
168 IM_TPLNR Functional location TPLNR CHAR 
169 IM_TRGKZ Indicator: Capital investment program new / old BP_TRGKZ CHAR 
170 IM_TXTLG Output length of short text NUMC2 NUMC 
171 IM_UDATU Date for currency translation program <-> measures DATUM DATS 
172 IM_UPALL Roll Up Values from Old Measures/App. Requests Also XFELD CHAR 
173 IM_UPDKZ Update indicator CHAR01 CHAR 
174 IM_UPDTX Ind. "Update long text" CHAR1 CHAR 
175 IM_UPD_CALLMODE Internal: Type of update call CHAR17 CHAR 
176 IM_USER0 Name of Person Responsible CHAR20 CHAR 
177 IM_USERVAL Identification for user value field IM IM_USERVAL CHAR 
178 IM_VALUETYPE External value type IM_VALUETYPE CHAR 
179 IM_VBRSGR Distribution rule group for periodic line item settlement NUMC3 NUMC 
180 IM_VERF Cap.inv.program position / Measure: assigned value WERTV8 CURR 
181 IM_VERFORW Indicator: Carry forward version to next approval year XFELD CHAR 
182 IM_VERNA Name of person responsible PS_VERNA CHAR 
183 IM_VERNR Person responsible PS_VERNR NUMC 
184 IM_VERSN Reporting version NUM03 NUMC 
185 IM_VJAWE Handling of unused budgets at fiscal year change IM_VJAWE CHAR 
186 IM_V_1 Version COVERSI CHAR 
187 IM_V_2 Other Version COVERSI CHAR 
188 IM_WAERS2 Other Currency Key WAERS CUKY 
189 IM_WAHKK APC value portion by origin ANLKWERT CURR 
190 IM_WAHKO APC value portion in object currency ANLKWERT CURR 
191 IM_WAITS No. of times a process had to wait to obtain an IM lock INT4 INT4 
192 IM_WBABTR Settled value of line item in company code currency ANLKWERT CURR 
193 IM_WBGBTR Total value of original line item in company code currency WERTV8 CURR 
194 IM_WBSEOBJ WBS element (as a hierarchy object) IM_HIEOBJ CHAR 
196 IM_WERTUGR Lower value limit of scale in controlling area currency WERTV8 CURR 
197 IM_WERTV Value distributed WERTV8 CURR 
198 IM_WFSTAGE Level in approval workflow NUMC2 NUMC 
199 IM_WGAP Total value to be capitalized in captl investmt prog.curr. WERTV8 CURR 
200 IM_WGK Overall value in controlling area currency WERTV8 CURR 
201 IM_WGKV Distributable total value in controlling area currency WERTV8 CURR 
202 IM_WGO Overall value in object currency WERTV8 CURR 
203 IM_WGP Overall Value in Reporting Currency WERTV8 CURR 
204 IM_WGPV Distributable Overall Value in Reporting Currency WERTV8 CURR 
205 IM_WJAP Annual value to be capitalized in captl investmt prog.curr. WERTV8 CURR 
206 IM_WJK Annual value in controlling area currency WERTV8 CURR 
207 IM_WJKV Distributable annual value in controlling area currency WERTV8 CURR 
208 IM_WJO Annual value in object currency WERTV8 CURR 
209 IM_WJP Annual Value in Reporting Currency WERTV8 CURR 
210 IM_WJPV Distributable Annual Value in Reporting Currency WERTV8 CURR 
211 IM_WRGXXX Overall Value in Reporting Currency WERTV8 CURR 
212 IM_WRTTP IM value type IM_WRTTP CHAR 
213 IM_W_TIME Cumulative time (millisec.) spent on internal machine waits INT4 INT4 
214 IM_XAFAV Indicator: Depreciation forecast incl. distributed values XFELD CHAR 
215 IM_XAKTB Budget distrib. of overall values only from prog.position XFELD CHAR 
216 IM_XALLP Ind. "Operative objects at all positions" XFELD CHAR 
217 IM_XANLE Indicator: Original line item for proof of origin XFELD CHAR 
218 IM_XANLG Ind: Select assets XFELD CHAR 
219 IM_XAUFKO Ind. "Cost planning on internal order" XFELD CHAR 
220 IM_XAUFT Ind: Select orders XFELD CHAR 
221 IM_XAUTO Indicator automatically copied XFELD CHAR 
222 IM_XBEZPL ID: "Derive available values from the plan value" XFELD CHAR 
223 IM_XBUDG - free - XFELD CHAR 
224 IM_XBUDP Ind: Transfer of budget from inv. program XFELD CHAR 
225 IM_XBUD_UE Ind. budget transfer from cap.inv.program - (default value) XFELD CHAR 
226 IM_XCFBU Ind: Carry forward budget values XFELD CHAR 
227 IM_XCFMR Ind: Carry forward measures/app.requests XFELD CHAR 
228 IM_XCFPL Ind: Carry forward plan values XFELD CHAR 
229 IM_XCFPO Ind: Copy program structure XFELD CHAR 
230 IM_XCFTC Carry forward to current approved values XFELD CHAR 
231 IM_XCHKHY Inheritance by lower-level program positions XFELD CHAR 
232 IM_XCHKMR Inheritance by measures/app. requests XFELD CHAR 
233 IM_XCHKOU Check inheritance of organizational unit XFELD CHAR 
234 IM_XCOBJ Ind. Statistical update of WBS element from asset XFELD CHAR 
235 IM_XCOSTS Indicator: Read actual values and commitments XFELD CHAR 
236 IM_XEDIT Only program positions with formatted numbers XFELD CHAR 
237 IM_XGENJ Indicator: Assignment from approval year XFELD CHAR 
238 IM_XGNJ Ind: Assignment new in approv. year/or copied from prev.year IM_XGNJ CHAR 
239 IM_XIANLKL Asset class for assets u. construction is not changeable XFELD CHAR 
240 IM_XIMMKO Cost Planning on Real Estate Object XFELD CHAR 
241 IM_XINID Uniform valuation data by asset class XFELD CHAR 
242 IM_XINVM Asset under Construction for Investment Measures XFELD CHAR 
243 IM_XINVP ID: "Select capital-investment program positions" XFELD CHAR 
244 IM_XJBDG Ind. "Annual budget" XFELD CHAR 
245 IM_XKSTKO Ind: Cost planning on cost centers XFELD CHAR 
246 IM_XLEAF Ind: Program position is end node XFELD CHAR 
247 IM_XLGTX Ind. "Long text exists" XFELD CHAR 
248 IM_XMANF Ind: Select appropriation requests XFELD CHAR 
249 IM_XMSRQ Ind: No measures or approp. requests exist for the position XFELD CHAR 
250 IM_XMSTAT Ind: Output main status XFELD CHAR 
251 IM_XOBART Selection indicator for object type XFELD CHAR 
252 IM_XOLDMR Ind: Old measure / approp. request XFELD CHAR 
253 IM_XORGC Indicator: Check org. units of assigned measures XFELD CHAR 
254 IM_XORGV Ind: Data transfer of org. units to lower hierarchy levels XFELD CHAR 
255 IM_XPATH Point of Entry Position with Superordinate Items XFELD CHAR 
256 IM_XPLAN - free - XFELD CHAR 
257 IM_XPOSI Indicator: Select only cap. investment program positions XFELD CHAR 
258 IM_XPPBU Ind: Roll up budget values XFELD CHAR 
259 IM_XPPPL Ind: Propose plan values XFELD CHAR 
260 IM_XPRFBU ID: "Budget value is basis for availability control" XFELD CHAR 
261 IM_XPRFNOT ID: No availability control XFELD CHAR 
262 IM_XPRFPL ID: Plan value is basis for availability control XFELD CHAR 
263 IM_XPRFVER ID: Carry out availability control XFELD CHAR 
264 IM_XPROJ ID: Select WBS elements XFELD CHAR 
265 IM_XPSPKO Cost Planning on WBS Element XFELD CHAR 
266 IM_XRBREL Roll up budget releases of measures XFELD CHAR 
267 IM_XRBUDG Ind: "Total upward" the budget values of measure XFELD CHAR 
268 IM_XREOR Reorg.ind. If leading object archived 'X' - yes '' - no XFELD CHAR 
269 IM_XRESTR Ind: Roll up only within subtree XFELD CHAR 
270 IM_XRIST Ind: "Total upward" actual and commitment val. of measure XFELD CHAR 
271 IM_XRPLAN Ind: "Total upward" the planned values of measure XFELD CHAR 
272 IM_XSANLKL Asset class for dep. simulation is not changeable XFELD CHAR 
273 IM_XSAUF Relevant to budget XFELD CHAR 
274 IM_XSETL Reduce planned investments by capitalized amounts XFELD CHAR 
275 IM_XSPSP not used (any longer) XFELD CHAR 
276 IM_XSUMAN Indicator: Do not select single objects for assets XFELD CHAR 
277 IM_XSUMIE Indicator: Do not select single objects for equipment XFELD CHAR 
278 IM_XSUMIP Ind: Do not select single objects for inv.prog.positions XFELD CHAR 
279 IM_XSUMOR Indicator: Do not select single objects for orders XFELD CHAR 
280 IM_XSUMPR Indicator: Do not select single objects for WBS elements XFELD CHAR 
281 IM_XTOBU Adopt Budget Values from Old Investment Program XFELD CHAR 
282 IM_XTOPL Adopt Plan Values from Old Investment Program XFELD CHAR 
283 IM_XURSCH Create AuC per source structure and source assignment XFELD CHAR 
284 IM_XVADD Ind: Add values XFELD CHAR 
285 IM_XVOVR Ind: Overwrite values XFELD CHAR 
286 IM_XWBREL Read budget releases of measures XFELD CHAR 
287 IM_XWBUDG Indicator: Read budget values of measures XFELD CHAR 
288 IM_XWIST Ind: Read actual and commitment values of measures XFELD CHAR 
289 IM_XWPLAN Ind: Read plan values of measures / approp. requests XFELD CHAR 
290 IM_XWPROF Ind: Read data for preinv.analysis for approp. request XFELD CHAR 
291 IM_XWTCURR Ind: Edit current values XFELD CHAR 
292 IM_XWTFUTU Ind: Edit forecast XFELD CHAR 
293 IM_XWTPAST Ind: Edit balance carried forward XFELD CHAR 
294 IM_YDIST Budget distribution of annual values from program position XFELD CHAR 
295 IM_YFROMRC Recalculate from fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
296 IM_Y_FROM From Fiscal Year GJAHR NUMC 
297 IM_Y_TO To Fiscal Year GJAHR NUMC 
298 IN01 Record Type CHAR002 CHAR 
299 IN02 Consecutive Number per Order NUMC05 NUMC 
300 IN03 Info. Field for Supplement CHAR055 CHAR 
301 IN04 Break Field CHAR001 CHAR 
302 IN06 Reserve CHAR010 CHAR 
303 INAAM_KK Total of Partial Amounts for Inactive Selections WRTV7 CURR 
304 INACT Indicator that maintenance item is inactive FLAG CHAR 
305 INACTDEL Delete inactive nametab entries DDFLAG CHAR 
306 INACTIVE Indicator defining whether table is inactive XFELD CHAR 
307 INACTIVE_DATE Date, From Which Route Is Inactive DATUM DATS 
308 INACTIVE_KK Execution Data is Not Active BOOLE CHAR 
309 INACT_FLDS_A Inactive Fields CHAR20 CHAR 
310 INACT_SOL Inactive Solution Path INACT_SOL CHAR 
311 INAKTIV Inactive Gas Procedure INAKTIV CHAR 
313 INAKT_TERM Indicator: event scheduling inactive X CHAR 
314 INAME Text for instrument TEXT20 CHAR 
315 INAME1_GP Primary Contact Name NAME CHAR 
316 INAME2_GP Secondary Contact Name NAME CHAR 
317 INANK Indicator: Entry allowed in asset class XFELD CHAR 
318 INAPO_KK Number of Inactive Selections NUM05 NUMC 
319 INAR1 Internal begin record type INART CHAR 
320 INAR2 Internal end record type INART CHAR 
321 INART_D Work time event type INART CHAR 
322 INAUKZ Indicator: Domestic / Foreign CHAR01 CHAR 
323 INAUS Domestic/International/No Distinction INAUS CHAR 
324 INAUSLD Domestic/Foreign CHAR1 CHAR 
325 INAUT Indicator: Quota number filled by PDC INAUT CHAR 
326 INA_CHAR65 Character Field of Length 65   CHAR 
327 INA_SYS_CONFIG_PARAM_VALUE Value for i18n sys config parameters (TCP0I-Value)   CHAR 
328 INA_SYS_CONFIG_PARAM_VALUETEXT Value text for i18n sys config parameters (TCP0IA-Valuetext) INO_SYS_CONFIG_PARAM_VALUETEXT CHAR 
329 INA_SYS_CONFIG_PARAM_VALUE_OP Value options for i18n sys config parameters (TCP0IA-Value) INO_SYS_CONFIG_PARAM_VALUE_OP CHAR 
330 INBACKGRD Execute Background Processing CHAR1 CHAR 
331 INBDA Asset Accounting: Date of operating readiness DATUM DATS 
332 INBDATE Date received DATUM DATS 
333 INBDT First start-up date DATUM DATS 
334 INBETRHZ Date of heating installation start-up DATUM DATS 
335 INBKCLCD Interbank Clearing Code - Belgium Domestic Payment INBKCLCD CHAR 
336 INBLART_KK Document Type for Installment Plan Interest BLART_KK CHAR 
337 INBOUND Create incoming shipments XFELD CHAR 
338 INBOX_FLAG Pushbutton "Inbox" appears SO_FLAG CHAR 
339 INBTIME Time received TIME TIMS 
340 INBTR Amount in Document Currency WERT7 CURR 
341 INBUSER User of inbound Docs BNAME CHAR 
342 INC01 Type of terms of payment INC01 CHAR 
343 INC02 Unit of measurement INC02 CHAR 
344 INC03 Total Number of Installments in Installment Plan CHAR15 CHAR 
345 INC04 Current installment number CHAR15 CHAR 
346 INC05 Installment plan balance including current installment CHAR15 CHAR 
347 INCASH Incash transactions BLART CHAR 
348 INCCK Financial doc. processing: Check INCOTerms XFELD CHAR 
349 INCDY_KK Screen Number for Include Screen CHAR4 CHAR 
351 INCENTIVE_PROGRAM_ID IncentiveProgram ID   CHAR 
352 INCET IS-M: Increment of Schedule Line Number in Sales Document NUM6 NUMC 
353 INCEXC IS-H: Exclusion Indicator XFELD CHAR 
354 INCEXP_KK +/- Sign Generated from Requests from Open Items INCEXP_KK CHAR 
355 INCFB_KK Function Module for Add. Selections for Acct Maintenance CHAR30 CHAR 
356 INCFS Financial document processing: Incoterms field selection FAAKK CHAR 
357 INCHD Inline change documents XFELD CHAR 
358 INCHK_TXT Local currency validation CHAR1 CHAR 
359 INCL Indicator: Include INCL_EXCL CHAR 
360 INCL185 Trace with table T185 XFELD CHAR 
361 INCL185D Trace with T185D XFELD CHAR 
362 INCL185F Trace with table T185F XFELD CHAR 
363 INCL185V Trace with table T185V XFELD CHAR 
364 INCLALL Include employees who have left the company CHAR1 CHAR 
365 INCLAPP Include suffix (+35(5)) for long program names   CHAR 
366 INCLCOMPSCRAP Indicator: Post with component scrap XFELD CHAR 
367 INCLD IS-H: Service Inclusion Indicator INCLD CHAR 
368 INCLDEL__6 Delete include INCLDEL__6 CHAR 
369 INCLEXTA Include extension (+30(2)) for include names of classes   CHAR 
370 INCLEXTB Include extension (+32(3)) for class include names   CHAR 
371 INCLFK Flags whether foreign key is inherited and modifiable INCLFK CHAR 
372 INCLINHER Flag: Foreign key inherited from included table DDFLAG CHAR 
373 INCLNAME Name of include which defines a substructure PROGNAME CHAR 
374 INCLTP_FLAG VPRS Update: Correct the Transfer Prices Upon VPRS Update CHAR1 CHAR 
377 INCLUDENR INCLUDE number of function module INCLUDENR CHAR 
378 INCLUDES ID for output with includes AUSWAHL CHAR 
380 INCLUDE_STRUCTURE Include Higher-Level Structure in Evaluation BOOLE CHAR 
381 INCLUDE_SUBENTITY Is include subentity or not? INCLUDE_SUBENTITY CHAR 
382 INCL_AR Delete after archiving XFELD CHAR 
383 INCL_ASSIGN Employee available in more than one organizational unit CHAR1 CHAR 
384 INCL_EXCL Inclusive (=I) / Exclusive (=E) INCL_EXCL CHAR 
385 INCL_FAUF Parameter "Including Production Orders" FLAG CHAR 
386 INCL_KSTRG Parameter "Including Orders for Cost Objects" FLAG CHAR 
387 INCL_NETZE Parameter "including networks for project" FLAG CHAR 
388 INCL_PIAUF Parameter "Including Process Orders" FLAG CHAR 
389 INCL_PKOSA Parameter "Including Production Cost Collectors" FLAG CHAR 
390 INCL_PMAUF Parameter "including plant maintainance tasks" FLAG CHAR 
391 INCL_PROJ Parameter "Including Orders for Project/Network" FLAG CHAR 
392 INCL_QMAUF Parameter "Including QM Orders" FLAG CHAR 
393 INCL_SAFNR Parameter "including orders for run schedule" FLAG CHAR 
394 INCL_SER Include Services in XML File   CHAR 
395 INCL_SETTLED Also Consider Agreements with Final Settlement XFELD CHAR 
396 INCL_SORT Sort includes aplhabetically AUSWAHL CHAR 
397 INCL_TASK Include unreleased request tasks X CHAR 
398 INCL_TEST Indicator: Selection Including Test Runs XFELD CHAR 
399 INCMD Screen combination in MRP lists CHAR8 CHAR 
400 INCNOINHER DD: Flag whether inheritance is switched off for the FRK INCNOINHER CHAR 
401 INCO1 Incoterms (part 1) CRM_INCOTERMS1 CHAR 
402 INCO1VTTS Incoterms for printout INCO1 CHAR 
403 INCO1_BEZ Incoterm description TEXT30 CHAR 
404 INCO1_TXT Incoterms description for printing TEXT15 CHAR 
405 INCO2 Incoterms (part 2) CRM_INCOTERMS2 CHAR 
406 INCOME BSI: Income category CHAR1 CHAR 
407 INCOME_REC Total Income Received WERTV8 CURR 
408 INCOMPL Completeness indicator for the asset INCOMPL CHAR 
409 INCOMPLETE Indicator: incomplete audit statistics only XFELD CHAR 
410 INCONS_DEF Inconsistencies Can Be Corrected XFLAG CHAR 
411 INCORR_ABRZO_CA Upper Limit of Period DATUM DATS 
412 INCORR_ABRZU_CA Lower Limit of Period DATUM DATS 
413 INCORR_AUGRD_CA Clearing Reason for Inbound Correspondence Request   CHAR 
414 INCORR_AUGRD_TXT_CA Clearing Reason for Inbound Correspondence Request (Text) TEXT50 CHAR 
415 INCORR_BUKRS_CA Company Code in Correspondence CORR_BUKRS CHAR 
416 INCORR_COLL_DUNN_CA Dunning Based on Collection Strategy   CHAR 
417 INCORR_DEFER_CA Deferral of Inbound Correspondence DATUM DATS 
418 INCORR_DEFER_KK Deferral of Inbound Correspondence DATUM DATS 
419 INCORR_FAEDN_CA Inbound Correspondence Due Date DATUM DATS 
420 INCORR_FAEDN_KK Inbound Correspondence Due Date DATUM DATS 
421 INCORR_INDATE_CA Date Inbound Correspondence Received SYDATS DATS 
422 INCORR_INDATE_KK Date Inbound Correspondence Received SYDATS DATS 
423 INCORR_KK FI-CA Correspondence: Inbound Correspondence Indicator XFELD CHAR 
424 INCORR_OPBEL_CA Document Number of Sample Document OPBEL_CA CHAR 
425 INCORR_REF_PERIOD_KK Lower/Upper Limit of Reference Period for Incoming Corresp. DATUM DATS 
427 INCORR_TYP_CA Inbound Correspondence Category   CHAR 
428 INCORR_TYP_TXT_CA Inbound Correspondence Category (Text) TEXT50 CHAR 
431 INCPAYMENT_CA FI-CA Incoming Payment   CHAR 
432 INCPO Increment of item number in the SD document NUM6 NUMC 
433 INCPO_ISP Increment of Purchase Order Item Number in Sales Document NUM6 NUMC 
434 INCPO_PAM IS-M/AM: Item number increment in the sales document NUMC3 NUMC 
435 INCPR_KK Program Name for Include Screen CHAR40 CHAR 
436 INCRE Order quantity invrement in the rounding profile, level 1. MENG13 QUAN 
437 INCRN_KK Internal Reference Number   CHAR 
438 INCUP Increment of sub-item number in sales document NUM6 NUMC 
439 INCUPO_ISP IS-M: Sub-item number increment in sales document NUMC4 NUMC 
440 INCURR Currencies participating in the European Monetary Union WAERS CUKY 
442 INC_PAY_LOCKREASON_KK Lock Reason for Incoming Payments SPZAH_KK CHAR 
444 INC_ZAUF Indicator: Combined Orders Only FLAG CHAR 
445 IND Index   INT4 
446 IND23_VK Indicator for Reference Fields VGPART2/3, VTRE2/3 IND23_VK CHAR 
447 INDABWV_EE Search Index: Alt. Collective Bill Contr. Acct in Doc Item XFELD CHAR 
448 INDAK Financial document processing: Financial document indicator INDAK CHAR 
449 INDAT Inverse date DATUM DATS 
450 INDATA_D Difference: Average Data Volume to Application Server (%) DECV10_2 DEC 
451 INDATA_P Average Data Volume to Application Server per Step (kBytes)   DEC 
452 INDATA_SAW Standard Deviation: Data Volume to Application Server   DEC 
454 INDBF Financial doc. processing: Indicator for bank control INDBF CHAR 
455 INDBW Indicator for indirect valuation CHAR1 CHAR 
456 INDBW_ICON Indirect Valuation ICONNAME CHAR 
458 INDCOS Cost assignment indicator INDCOS CHAR 
459 INDCTX Index class name TEXT50 CHAR 
460 INDDA_NEW Key Date for Displaying Salary/Pay Scale Structure Amounts DATUM DATS 
461 INDDBE Indicator: record exists in database FLAG CHAR 
462 INDEF Insert/delete indicator CHAR01 CHAR 
463 INDEI Indicator: Legal Control Import / Export INDEI CHAR 
464 INDET Calculation key INDET CHAR 
465 INDET_TXT Selected calculation key TEXT40 CHAR 
466 INDEU Insert/delete or update indicator INDEU CHAR 
467 INDEV Indirect valuation CHAR1 CHAR 
468 INDEX Index of the invalid record SYST_LONG INT4 
469 INDEX1 Index 1 from Plan Data for Space Management DEC6_2 DEC 
470 INDEX2 Index 2 from Plan Data for Space Management DEC6_2 DEC 
471 INDEX3 Index 3 from Plan Data for Space Management DEC6_2 DEC 
472 INDEXDATQ1 Index file of catalog CHAR1 CHAR 
473 INDEXDATQ2 might not be up to date! CHAR1 CHAR 
474 INDEXDATQ3 Last generation occurred CHAR1 CHAR 
478 INDEXES Number of Indexes in DBspace SINT4_NOS INT4 
479 INDEXFUNC Function that can be carried out on an index INDEXFUNC CHAR 
480 INDEXID Unique Index ID in a Table INDEXID CHAR 
482 INDEXNAM Access Path Value CHAR25 CHAR 
483 INDEXNM1 Access path part 1 CHAR20 CHAR 
484 INDEXNM2 Access path part 2 CHAR20 CHAR 
485 INDEXNR Consecutive number of register relationship INDEXNR NUMC 
486 INDEXORG Flag if table has structure INDEX ORGANISATION DDBOOL CHAR 
487 INDEXP Index-Based Price INDEXP CHAR 
488 INDEXREL Index Characteristic XFELD CHAR 
489 INDEXSCANS SAP DB: Number of Index Scans CHAR26 CHAR 
490 INDEXS_D Index in the table INT4 INT4 
491 INDEXTYP Access Path Type CHAR1 CHAR 
493 INDEXVERS Table index version AS4VERS NUMC 
494 INDEX_ACT Index referring to the current entry in a list SYST_LONG INT4 
495 INDEX_AFAB Index to the AFAB document table TABIX INT4 
496 INDEX_AFPO Index for AFPO document table TABIX INT4 
497 INDEX_AFRU Index pointing to completion confirmation document table TABIX INT4 
498 INDEX_AFVG Index to the AFVG document table TABIX INT4 
499 INDEX_APOS Order: Index pointing to order item TABIX INT4 
500 INDEX_ASVW Index referring to reference record in item allocation table TABIX INT4