SAP ABAP Data Element - Index I, page 29
Data Element - I
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
2 ISH_INPUTFIELD_TEXT IS-H: Field Label for Input Field CHAR30 CHAR 
3 ISH_INPUT_SEQUENCE IS-H: Entry Sequence for Object NUMC10 NUMC 
4 ISH_INSAN IS-H NL: Zorginstantiecode ISH_VINSA CHAR 
5 ISH_INSCRLF IS-H: Indicator Carriage Return/Line Feed to be Inserted XFELD CHAR 
6 ISH_INSDEB IS-H: Specifies Creation of FI Customer XFELD CHAR 
7 ISH_INSERT IS-H: Services are only to be entered XFELD CHAR 
8 ISH_INSNR IS-H NL: LMR-Instellingsnummer ISH_WCCCD CHAR 
9 ISH_INSNR2 IS-H NL:LAZR-instellingsnummer CHAR06 CHAR 
11 ISH_INSTYPE Insurance Type CHAR6 CHAR 
12 ISH_INSTYPE_TEXT Insurance Type - Description TEXT50 CHAR 
13 ISH_INSVC IS-H: Insurance Verification XFELD CHAR 
14 ISH_INS_NO Insurance Number CHAR30 CHAR 
16 ISH_INTDEP IS-H: Include Inter-Departmental Bed Locations XFELD CHAR 
17 ISH_INTENS IS-H: Intensive Care Indicator of Organizational Unit XFELD CHAR 
18 ISH_INTERACTIV IS-H: Indicator that Processing Step is Interactive XFELD CHAR 
19 ISH_INTKZ IS-H: Intensive Care Treatment Supported XFELD CHAR 
20 ISH_INVCOPY_PRINT Kennzeichen Rechnungskopie mitdrucken XFELD CHAR 
21 ISH_INVIS IS-H: Do not Display Field Indicator XFELD CHAR 
22 ISH_INVOICE_AMOUNT IS-H: Rechnungsbetrag für amb. Zuzahlung / Praxisgebühr WERT7 CURR 
23 ISH_INVOICE_DATE IS-H: Rechnungsdatum für ambulante Zuzahlung / Praxisgebühr DATUM DATS 
24 ISH_INVOICE_GENERATE IS-H: Rechnung für Ambulante Zuzahlung generieren XFELD CHAR 
25 ISH_INVOICE_NO_PAYMENT IS-H: Rechn. Amb. Zuzahlung nach Ablauf Mahnfrist unbezahlt XFELD CHAR 
26 ISH_INVOICE_POSTAGE IS-H: Porto für Ambulante Zuzahlung berechnen XFELD CHAR 
27 ISH_INVOICE_STORNO IS-H: Storno einer Rechnung für Amb. Zuzahlung XFELD CHAR 
28 ISH_INVOICE_UNDELIVERABLE IS-H: Rechnung für Ambulante Zuzahlung unzustellbar XFELD CHAR 
30 ISH_INV_COPY Kennzeichen Rechnungskopie an Patient XFELD CHAR 
31 ISH_IPCHG_DATE IS-H: Date of Insurance Provider Change (DE) RI_DATUM DATS 
32 ISH_IPCHG_LFDNR IS-H laufende Nummer VV für Kostenträgerwechsel (DE) LFDVV NUMC 
33 ISH_IPID Health Insurer Number in Insurance Relationship ISH_IPID CHAR 
34 ISH_IPNA_PROV IS-H: Insurance Relationship - Name of Health Insurer TEXT70 CHAR 
35 ISH_IPPNO Internal Number of Provisional Insurance Relationship ISH_IPPNO NUMC 
36 ISH_IPPNR_PROV IS-H: Provisional Ins. Rel. - Health Insurance Number TEXT12 CHAR 
37 ISH_ISHD1 IS-H: Case Status of Medical Basic Documentation XFELD CHAR 
38 ISH_ISHD2 IS-H: Case Status of Medical Basic Documentation XFELD CHAR 
39 ISH_ISHD3 IS-H: Case Status of Medical Basic Documentation XFELD CHAR 
40 ISH_IST IS-H: Service Has "Actual" Status XFELD CHAR 
41 ISH_ISTK IS-H: Actual Indicator XFELD CHAR 
42 ISH_JAHR IS-H: Year to be evaluated in statistics GJAHR NUMC 
43 ISH_KALKZ IS-H: For Internal Purposes Only, DB Contents Irrelevant XFELD CHAR 
44 ISH_KALMOD IS-H: Processing mode for calendar days in visit planning ISH_KALMOD CHAR 
45 ISH_KALSM IS-H: Calculation Procedure (Patient Billing) ISH_KALSM CHAR 
46 ISH_KALVG IS-H: Doc.Pricing Proc. (Det. Pricing Procedure Pat.Billing) KALVG CHAR 
47 ISH_KARND IS-H: Round Proposed Amount Up or Down to Nearest Whole No. XFELD CHAR 
48 ISH_KART IS-H: Hospital Type / Category ISH_KART CHAR 
49 ISH_KARTTXT IS-H: Description of hospital type ISH_CHAR40 CHAR 
50 ISH_KAT1 IS-H: Catalog letter CHAR1 CHAR 
51 ISH_KAT2 IS-H: Catalog Section NUM2 NUMC 
52 ISH_KAT3 IS-H: Catalog Subsection NUM2 NUMC 
53 ISH_KATID IS-H: Identification of Surgical Procedure Coding Catalog TARID CHAR 
54 ISH_KATUA IS-H: Catalog Subsection CHAR1 CHAR 
55 ISH_KATUUA IS-H: Catalog Sub-Subsection NUM2 NUMC 
56 ISH_KAUFN IS-HCO: Cost Object (Order) AUFNR CHAR 
57 ISH_KAVUSER1 IS-H: User-Defined Field 1 CHAR20 CHAR 
58 ISH_KBFRE IS-H AT: Kennzeichen Kostenbeitragsbefreiung ISH_KBFRE CHAR 
59 ISH_KBPFLV IS-H: Cooperation BPflV Hospital XFELD CHAR 
60 ISH_KDKAT IS-H: Catalog for Hospital Main Diagnosis for EC-EIS KATID CHAR 
61 ISH_KENNR IS-H AT: Scoring - Kennnummer (nicht mehr aktuell) ISH_KENNR CHAR 
62 ISH_KENNZAHL_ORGFA IS-H: Name of Departmental Organizational Unit (Department) TEXT30 CHAR 
63 ISH_KENNZAHL_ORGPF IS-H: Name of Nursing Organizational Unit (Care Unit) TEXT30 CHAR 
64 ISH_KEYARG IS-HCM: Key Value for Data Retrieval for Dispatch Order TEXT30 CHAR 
66 ISH_KEYONE IS-H: Key Figure ONE for Data Transfer IS-H -> EIS ISH_KEY_QUAN QUAN 
67 ISH_KEZA_ALTER IS-H: Key Figure Patient Age ISH_ALTER CHAR 
68 ISH_KEZA_ALTPD IS-H: Key Figure Average Patient Age ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
69 ISH_KEZA_AUFAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Admissions ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
70 ISH_KEZA_AUFDT IS-H: Key Figure Admission Date RI_DATUM DATS 
71 ISH_KEZA_AUFFA IS-H: Key Figure Admitting Departmental OU ORGID CHAR 
72 ISH_KEZA_AUFPF IS-H: Key Figure Admitting Nursing OU ORGID CHAR 
73 ISH_KEZA_AUFZT IS-H: Key Figure Admission Time UHRZT TIMS 
74 ISH_KEZA_COSTW IS-H: Key Figure Cost Weight for DRGs ISH_DEC31_5 DEC 
75 ISH_KEZA_DIAAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
76 ISH_KEZA_DIFAD IS-H: Key Figure Average Number of Diagnoses per Case ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
77 ISH_KEZA_DRDAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of DRG-Relevant Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
78 ISH_KEZA_DRDID IS-H: Key Figure Average Percentage DRG-Relevant Diagnoses ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
79 ISH_KEZA_DRDPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage DRG-Relevant Diagnoses ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
80 ISH_KEZA_DRGAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Cases with DRG ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
81 ISH_KEZA_DSVWD IS-H: Average Length of Stay ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
82 ISH_KEZA_DVWDB Average Reduced Length of Stay ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
83 ISH_KEZA_EADAZ IS-H: Key Figure No.of Cases w/o Expected No. of Diagnoses ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
84 ISH_KEZA_EADKZ IS-H: "Without Expected Number of Diagnoses" Indicator ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
85 ISH_KEZA_EADPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage Cases w/o Expected No. of Diagn. ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
86 ISH_KEZA_EAUFD IS-H: Key Figure Average Entry Duration Admiss. Diagn.(Days) ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
87 ISH_KEZA_EENTD IS-H: Key Figure Average Entry Duration Disch. Diagn. (Days) ISH_DEC31_2 DEC 
88 ISH_KEZA_ENTAZ Key Figure Number of Discharges ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
89 ISH_KEZA_ENTDT Key Figure Discharge Date RI_DATUM DATS 
90 ISH_KEZA_ENTFA IS-H: Key Figure Discharging Departmental OU ORGID CHAR 
91 ISH_KEZA_ENTPF IS-H: Key Figure Discharging Nursing OU ORGID CHAR 
92 ISH_KEZA_ENTZT IS-H: Key Figure Discharge Time UHRZT TIMS 
93 ISH_KEZA_EXPECTED_DIAGNOSES IS-H: Threshold Value for Expected No. of Diagnoses/Case NUM02 NUMC 
95 ISH_KEZA_HDIAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of DRG Principal Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
96 ISH_KEZA_KDIAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Hospital Main Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
97 ISH_KEZA_NAMEN IS-H: Key Figure Last Name and First Name of Patient ISH_KENNZAHL_NAMEN CHAR 
98 ISH_KEZA_NDIAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of DRG Secondary Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
99 ISH_KEZA_O5PAZ IS-H: Key Figure Cases with Surgery Mvmt w/o "5-" Procedure ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
100 ISH_KEZA_O5PKZ IS-H: Key Figure Surgery Mvmt w/o Existing "5-" Procedure ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
101 ISH_KEZA_O5PPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percent.Cases with Srg. Mvmt w/o "5-" Proc. ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
102 ISH_KEZA_OHDAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Cases w/o DRG Principal Diagnosis ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
103 ISH_KEZA_OHDPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage Cases w/o DRG Principal Diagn. ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
104 ISH_KEZA_OKDAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Cases w/o Hospital Main Diagnosis ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
105 ISH_KEZA_OKDPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage Cases w/o Hosp. Main Diagnosis ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
106 ISH_KEZA_ONDAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Cases w/o DRG Secondary Diagnosis ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
107 ISH_KEZA_ONDPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage Cases w/o DRG Secondary Diagn. ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
108 ISH_KEZA_OPBAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Cases with Surgery Movement ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
109 ISH_KEZA_OPBFZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Surgery Movements ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
110 ISH_KEZA_OPBPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage Cases with Surgery Movement ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
111 ISH_KEZA_OPRAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Cases Without Procedure ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
112 ISH_KEZA_OPRPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage No. of Cases Without Procedure ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
113 ISH_KEZA_ORGFA IS-H: Key Figure Dept. OU at Selected Date/Time ORGID CHAR 
114 ISH_KEZA_ORGPF Key Figure Nursing OU at Selected Date/Time ORGID CHAR 
115 ISH_KEZA_PCSDIAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of PCS-Relevant Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
116 ISH_KEZA_PCSFA IS-H: Departmental OU Responsible for PCS ORGID CHAR 
117 ISH_KEZA_PCSPF IS-H: Nursing OU Responsible for PCS ORGID CHAR 
118 ISH_KEZA_PCSPROCZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of PCS-Relevant Procedures ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
119 ISH_KEZA_PROAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Procedures ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
120 ISH_KEZA_UHDAZ IS-H: Key Figure No. of Cases with Non-Spec. DRG Prin.Diagn. ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
121 ISH_KEZA_UHDFZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Non-Spec. DRG Principal Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
122 ISH_KEZA_UHDPZ IS-H: Key Figure % Cases with Non-Spec. DRG Principal Diagn. ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
123 ISH_KEZA_UNDAZ IS-H: Key Figure No. of Cases with Non-Spec. DRG Sec. Diagn. ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
124 ISH_KEZA_UNDFZ IS-H: Key Figure No. of Non-Specific DRG Secondary Diagnoses ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
125 ISH_KEZA_UNDPZ IS-H: Key Figure Percentage Cases with Non-Spec.DRG Sec.Diag ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
126 ISH_KEZA_UPRAF IS-H: Key Figure Number of Cases with Non-Specific Procedure ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
127 ISH_KEZA_UPRAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Non-Specific Procedures ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
128 ISH_KEZA_UPRPF IS-H: Key Figure Percent. Cases with Non-Specific Procedure ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL DEC 
129 ISH_KEZA_WFAAZ IS-H: Key Figure Number of Department Changes ISH_KENNZAHL_KURZ_INT INT4 
130 ISH_KEZA_WSLFA IS-H: Key Figure No. of Cases with Department Change ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL INT4 
131 ISH_KGROUP IS-H: Insurance Provider Group - PPA Ins. Prov. Master ISH_KGROUP CHAR 
132 ISH_KHART IS-H: Type of Hospital ISH_KHART NUMC 
133 ISH_KHDIA IS-H: Hospital Main Diagnosis Data Transfer IS-H -> EIS DIAID CHAR 
134 ISH_KHDIA_BILL IS-H: Hospital Main Diagnosis Required XFELD CHAR 
135 ISH_KHHDG IS-H: Hospital Main Diagnosis DIAID CHAR 
136 ISH_KHHPD_ICON IS-H: "Hospital Main Diagnosis" Icon CHAR04 CHAR 
137 ISH_KHNUM IS-H: Hospital Number for German Stats. Regulatory Reqs. ISH_KHNUM CHAR 
138 ISH_KHSTATV2002_INT_PROZ IS-H: KHStatV Intensiv Tage Prozent   DEC 
139 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ABHBFG IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Aufgestellte Betten HBFG   INT4 
140 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ABKHG IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Aufgestellte Betten KHG   INT4 
141 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ABSONST IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Aufgestellte sonstige Betten   INT4 
142 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ABSUM IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Aufgestellte Betten Insgesamt   INT4 
143 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ABSUM_I IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Aufgestellte Betten in FA Intensiv   INT4 
144 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ABVERTR IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Aufgestellte Vertragsbetten   INT4 
145 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_AMBOP IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Ambulante Operationen   INT4 
146 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_AMBOP_BEL IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Ambulante Operationen d. Belegärzte XFELD CHAR 
147 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_B_B_TAGE IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Berechnungs- und Belegungstage   INT4 
148 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_B_B_TAGE_I IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Ber.- und Bel. Tage in FA Intensiv   INT4 
149 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ENTB_FEHL IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Entbundene Frauen mit Fehlgeburt   INT4 
150 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ENTB_GES IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Entbundene Frauen insgesamt   INT4 
151 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ENTB_KAIS IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Entbundene Frauen, Kaiserschnitt   INT4 
152 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ENTB_KOMP IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Entbundene Frauen mit Komplikationen   INT4 
153 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ENTB_VAKU IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Entbundene Frauen, Vakuumextraktion   INT4 
154 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_ENTB_ZANG IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Entbundene Frauen, Zangengeburt   INT4 
155 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_FAELLE IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Fälle   INT4 
156 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_FAELLE_B IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Intensivfälle beatmet   INT4 
157 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_FAELLE_I IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Intensivfälle in FA Intensiv   INT4 
158 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_FAELLE_I_B IS-H: KHStatV2002: SA1 Intensivfälle in FA Intensiv beatmet   INT4 
159 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_KIND_GES IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Geborene Kinder insgesamt   INT4 
160 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_KIND_LEB IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Lebendgeborene   INT4 
161 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA1_KIND_TOT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA1 Totgeborene   INT4 
162 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_ABBELEG IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Aufgestellte Betten Beleg   INT4 
163 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_ABINT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Aufgestellte Betten Intensiv   INT4 
164 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_ABSUM IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Aufgestellte Betten insgesamt   INT4 
165 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_AUFNAHMEN IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Aufnahmen in das KH von außen   INT4 
166 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_AUF_EXT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Verlegungen aus anderen Krankenhäusern   INT4 
167 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_ENTLASS IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Entlassungen aus dem KH ohne Sterbef.   INT4 
168 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_ENTL_PFLEG IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Entlassung in Pflegeheime   INT4 
169 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_ENTL_STATR IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Entlassung in stat. Rehaeinrichtung   INT4 
170 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_INT_TAGE IS-H: KHStatV2002 Intensiv Tage   INT4 
171 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_PFLEGETAGE IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Berechnungs- & Belegungstage   INT4 
172 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_PFLEGE_INT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Berechnungs- & Belegungstage Intensiv   INT4 
173 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_TOT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Patientenabgang durch Tod   INT4 
174 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_VERL_VST_T IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Verlegungen teilst. in vollst.   INT4 
175 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_VERL_VST_V IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Verlegungen vollst. in vollst.   INT4 
176 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA2_VER_EXT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA2 Verlegungen in andere Krankenhäuser   INT4 
177 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA5_NACHSTAT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA5 Nachstationäre Fälle   INT4 
178 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA5_TEILSTAT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA5 Teilstationäre Fälle   INT4 
179 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA5_TEILSTAT_T IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA5 Teilstationäre Berechnungstage   INT4 
180 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA5_TN_PLAETZE IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA5 Tages- und Nachtklinikplätze   INT4 
181 ISH_KHSTATV2002_SA5_VORSTAT IS-H: KHStatV2002 SA5 Vorstationäre Fälle   INT4 
182 ISH_KH_PRIV IS-H: Hospital type private XFELD CHAR 
183 ISH_KH_PUB IS-H: Hospital type public XFELD CHAR 
184 ISH_KKFAL IS-H: Case Number Used by Insurance Provider ISH_KKFAL CHAR 
185 ISH_KKFAL_NEW Case Number at Insurance Provider (New) ISH_KKFAL_NEW CHAR 
187 ISH_KLEIS IS-H: Combination Service TARLS CHAR 
188 ISH_KLFFKT IS-H: Discount factor case classification for statistics ISH_DECV42 DEC 
189 ISH_KLVAR IS-H: Costing Variant KLVAR CHAR 
190 ISH_KNAME IS-H: Insurance Provider Name TEXT50 CHAR 
191 ISH_KNAMEL IS-H: Insurance Provider Name TEXT100 CHAR 
193 ISH_KNULLR IS-H: SG: Print Invoices with Amount 0.00 XFELD CHAR 
194 ISH_KOMEI Unit of Measure of Picked Quantity MEINS UNIT 
195 ISH_KOMNG Picked Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
196 ISH_KOND Output of Conditions Requested XFELD CHAR 
198 ISH_KONTO1 IS-H: Receivables Account for Accrual SAKNR CHAR 
199 ISH_KOST1 IS-H: 1st Cost Field (Total Material Costs) not Supported ISH_WERTV6 CURR 
200 ISH_KOSTL IS-H: Cost Center Assigned to Organizational Unit KOSTL CHAR 
201 ISH_KOSTR IS-H: Sort Criterion Insurance Provider NUM01 NUMC 
202 ISH_KOSTR_LONG IS-H: Insurance Provider (Screen Field) ISH_KOSTR_LO CHAR 
203 ISH_KOSTR_SORT IS-H: Sort Order by Insurance Prov. (Collective Invoice) ISH_SORT05 NUMC 
204 ISH_KRAZLS IS-H AT: LKF - Leistungscode NUM7 NUMC 
205 ISH_KRDRU IS-H: Do not Print Inoice Forms for Insurance Provider XFELD CHAR 
206 ISH_KRDSEL IS-H AT: LKF - Kennzeichen Diagnose selektiert XFELD CHAR 
207 ISH_KREUZ IS-H: Checkbox in screen XFELD CHAR 
208 ISH_KRFCOD IS-H AT: LKF - Abteilung / Funktionscode CHAR6 CHAR 
209 ISH_KRHDIA IS-H AT: LKF - Hauptdiagnosecode CHAR5 CHAR 
210 ISH_KRKHNR IS-H AT: LKF - Krankenanstaltennummer CHAR4 CHAR 
212 ISH_KRLSAN IS-H AT: LKF - Leistungsanzahl NUM2 NUMC 
213 ISH_KRLSEL IS-H AT: LKF - Kennzeichen Leistung selektiert XFELD CHAR 
214 ISH_KRPLZ IS-H AT: LKF - Postleitzahl CHAR6 CHAR 
215 ISH_KRSCOD IS-H: KRAZAF data carrier, dept subcode CHAR2 CHAR 
217 ISH_KRSVNR IS-H AT: LKF - Sozialversicherungscode CHAR2 CHAR 
218 ISH_KRTRNR IS-H AT: LKF - Trägernummer CHAR4 CHAR 
219 ISH_KRUDIA IS-H AT: LKF - Diagnosecode CHAR5 CHAR 
220 ISH_KRZUS IS-H AT: Kennzeichen LKF-Zuschlag XFELD CHAR 
221 ISH_KSBEWKZ Indicator That Assignment to a Movement Exists XFELD CHAR 
222 ISH_KSLEIKZ Indicator That a Service Is Assigned XFELD CHAR 
223 ISH_KSSNAM IS-H: HI Search Name From Ins. Provider Master File (PPA) TEXT60 CHAR 
224 ISH_KSSNAS IS-H: Stnd. HI Search Name from Ins. Provider Master File TEXT60 CHAR 
225 ISH_KSTFKT IS-H: Factor for cost-identical billing days ISH_DECV42 DEC 
226 ISH_KSTKZ IS-H: Allocation Indicator Cost Center XFELD CHAR 
227 ISH_KTADR IS-H: Insurance Provider Address - Long TEXT60 CHAR 
228 ISH_KTARI IS-H: Service Catalog of Combination Service TARID CHAR 
229 ISH_KTART IS-H: Order type for cost object-based orders AUFART CHAR 
230 ISH_KTARTI IS-H NL: Internal insurance provider type ISH_KTARTI CHAR 
231 ISH_KTAUF IS-H: Cost Object-Based Orders XFELD CHAR 
232 ISH_KTEXT IS-H: Text DRG Surcharge/Discount or Transfer TEXT30 CHAR 
233 ISH_KTKEY IS-H: Internal Insurance Provider Category ISH_KTKEY CHAR 
234 ISH_KTOKD IS-H: Account group RF customer SAP R/2 ISH_KTOKD CHAR 
235 ISH_KTRKZ IS-H: Service is Cost Object XFELD CHAR 
236 ISH_KTRKZ1 IS-H: Service is Cost Object ISH_LVKZ CHAR 
237 ISH_KTRKZ2 Insurance Provider Is Invoice Recipient XFELD CHAR 
238 ISH_KTTXT IS-H: Text for Case Classification Category TEXT30 CHAR 
239 ISH_KUALF IS-H CH: Rejection deadline for insurance verification ISH_KUALF NUMC 
240 ISH_KUAMB IS-H CH: IV procedure (outpatient) ISH_KUVERF CHAR 
241 ISH_KUANR IS-H: Sort Criterion IV Request Number NUM01 NUMC 
242 ISH_KUBD1 IS-H AT: Kostenübernahmebeginndatum 1 DATS DATS 
243 ISH_KUBD2 IS-H AT: Kostenübernahmebeginndatum 2 DATS DATS 
244 ISH_KUBD3 IS-H AT: Kostenübernahmebeginndatum 3 DATS DATS 
245 ISH_KUEDT IS-H AT: Bis-Datum der Kostenübernahme DATS DATS 
246 ISH_KUEINF IS-H: Outout of IV information requested XFELD CHAR 
247 ISH_KUST1 IS-H CH: IV procedure (inpatient 1st class) ISH_KUVERF CHAR 
248 ISH_KUST2 IS-H CH: IV procedure (inpatient 2nd class) ISH_KUVERF CHAR 
249 ISH_KUST3 IS-H CH: IV procedure (inpatient 3rd class) ISH_KUVERF CHAR 
250 ISH_KVDAT IS-H: Date Healthcare Smart Card Imported RI_DATUM DATS 
251 ISH_KVGBO IS-H: Charge Catalog (PPA billing Germany) ISH_KVGBO CHAR 
252 ISH_KVKKZ IS-H: Indicator that healthcare smart card was imported XFELD CHAR 
253 ISH_KVMAN IS-H: Indicator that HCSC Data Entered Manually XFELD CHAR 
254 ISH_KVUEB IS-H: Status of PPA Billing Case KV_STATUS CHAR 
255 ISH_KVUSR IS-H: User who imported the healthcare smart card USNAM CHAR 
256 ISH_KVWS_AREA Assignment of Messages to PPA Work Station Areas ISH_KVWS_AREA CHAR 
257 ISH_KV_AEINH Maßeinheit Kontrast-/Arzneimittel für KV-Daten ISH_KV_AEINH NUMC 
258 ISH_KV_AMENG Mengenangabe Kontrast-/Arzneimittel für KV-Daten   NUMC 
259 ISH_KV_AUFDT Aufnahmedatum in KV-Daten RI_DATUM DATS 
260 ISH_KV_CASE_BILLED IS-H: Bearbeitungsoption abgerechnete Fälle anzeigen ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
261 ISH_KV_CASE_CHECK IS-H: Bearbeitungsoption KV-Prüfung und Abrechnung ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
262 ISH_KV_CASE_ERROR IS-H: Bearbeitungsoption nur fehlerhafte Fälle anzeigen ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
263 ISH_KV_CASE_PREQ IS-H: Bearbeitungsoption auch Vorquartalsfälle ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
264 ISH_KV_CASE_PROCESS IS-H: Bearbeitungsoption KV-Prüfung und Abrechnung ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
265 ISH_KV_CASE_PROCESSED IS-H: Bearbeitungsoption nur unbearbeitete Fälle anzeigen ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
266 ISH_KV_DIATXT PPA Billing: Diagnosis/Tentative Diagnosis (Field ID 4207) TEXT60 CHAR 
267 ISH_KV_DKM IS-H: Doppelkilometer für KV-Daten   NUMC 
268 ISH_KV_ENTLDT Aufnahmedatum in KV-Daten RI_DATUM DATS 
269 ISH_KV_ERBZON IS-H: Zone für KV-Daten   CHAR 
270 ISH_KV_ESS Contraception, Sterilization, Termination of Pregnancy XFELD CHAR 
271 ISH_KV_FIND_MED PPA Billing: Findings/Medication (Field ID 4208) TEXT60 CHAR 
272 ISH_KV_FTEXT Freitextfeld für KV-Daten TEXT60 CHAR 
273 ISH_KV_GNRZU IS-H: GNR-Zusatzkennzeichen für KV-Daten ISH_KV_GRNZU CHAR 
274 ISH_KV_GONUM IS-H: GO-Nummernzusatz für KV-Daten   CHAR 
275 ISH_KV_KZ IS-H: Relevant for Panel Physician Association Billing XFELD CHAR 
276 ISH_KV_LTEXT Langer Text zu KV-Daten TEXT255 CHAR 
277 ISH_KV_OPDAT Aufnahmedatum in KV-Daten RI_DATUM DATS 
278 ISH_KV_PATFEK Patientennummer (EDV) des FEK-Bogens CHAR8 CHAR 
279 ISH_KV_PROZ IS-H: Prozent der Leistung für KV-Daten   NUMC 
280 ISH_KV_SP IS-H: Indicator for Visit Type "PPA Block" XFELD CHAR 
281 ISH_KV_SUSPEND_CLAIM Eingeschränkter Leistungsanspruch XFELD CHAR 
282 ISH_KV_WDHUNT IS-H: Wiederholuntersuchung (KV-Daten) ISH_KV_WDHUNT CHAR 
283 ISH_KV_ZEIT Um-Uhrzeit der Leistung in KV-Daten TIME TIMS 
284 ISH_KWNO IS-H: Calendar Week in Year NUMC02 NUMC 
285 ISH_KW_BIS IS-H: To calendar week NUMC02 NUMC 
286 ISH_KW_VON IS-H: From calendar week NUMC02 NUMC 
287 ISH_KZ24H IS-H: Indicator for case lasting under 24 hours XFELD CHAR 
289 ISH_KZBTM IS-H MM: Anesthetic Indicator XFELD CHAR 
292 ISH_KZGEF IS-H MM: Hazardous Substance Indicator XFELD CHAR 
293 ISH_KZIMP IS-H MM: Imported Material Indicator XFELD CHAR 
294 ISH_KZKAT1 IS-H MM: Catalog 1 Indicator XFELD CHAR 
295 ISH_KZKAT2 IS-H MM: Catalog 2 Indicator XFELD CHAR 
296 ISH_KZKAT3 IS-H MM: Catalog 3 Indicator XFELD CHAR 
297 ISH_KZKOM IS-H: Indicator that Complications Arose XFELD CHAR 
298 ISH_KZNLSU IS-H: Checkbox for Creation of NLSU Statistics File XFELD CHAR 
300 ISH_KZPLENT IS-H: 'Planned Discharge' Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
302 ISH_KZSELK IS-H NL: Self-payer indicator XFELD CHAR 
303 ISH_KZSELS IS-H: Ind. for Case Selection for Invoice Cancell./PartCncl KENNZ_SEL CHAR 
304 ISH_KZTYP IS-H: Statistical Key Figure Category ISH_KZTYP CHAR 
306 ISH_KZ_FAK IS-H: Indicator for Billing Document XFELD CHAR 
307 ISH_KZ_MOVE IS-H: Movement Indicator XFELD CHAR 
308 ISH_KZ_NVL IS-HCO: Indicator for non-allocatable service XFELD CHAR 
309 ISH_KZ_RBTZ IS-H: Indicator for Dialog Box for Posting Back w/Part. Pyt ISH_KZ_RBTZ CHAR 
310 ISH_KZ_SERV IS-H: Service Indicator XFELD CHAR 
311 ISH_LAAMB Service Type P301 Outpatient ISH_LAAMB CHAR 
312 ISH_LAAMBTX Text for Service Type P301 Outpatient TEXT60 CHAR 
313 ISH_LAND IS-H: Country LAND1 CHAR 
314 ISH_LANDPB IS-H: Country of Post Office Box LAND1 CHAR 
315 ISH_LANDX IS-H: Country name TEXT15 CHAR 
316 ISH_LANGUAGE_CODE_BE language code   CHAR 
317 ISH_LANGUINDEP_LONG_NAME_BE language independant long name   CHAR 
318 ISH_LANGUINDEP_MEDIUM_NAME_BE language independant medium name   CHAR 
319 ISH_LANR Lebenslange Arztnummer ISH_LANR CHAR 
320 ISH_LANR_BA Lebenslange Arztnummer des behandelnden Arztes ISH_LANR CHAR 
321 ISH_LANR_EDOC Lebenslange Arztnummer des ein-/überweisenden Arztes ISH_LANR CHAR 
322 ISH_LANR_FIX Fixer Anteil der lebenslangen Arztnummer (Stellen 1-7)   CHAR 
323 ISH_LANR_INITIATOR Lebenslange Arztnummer des Erstveranlassers ISH_LANR CHAR 
324 ISH_LANR_P115B Lebenslange Arztnummer eines §115b SGB V Arztes ISH_LANR CHAR 
325 ISH_LASTDATE IS-H: EDI Date when Counter Last Incremented RI_DATUM DATS 
326 ISH_LASTXB IS-H: Borrow Last x Medical Records of a Medical Record Type NUMC2 NUMC 
327 ISH_LBEGDT IS-H: Substitution Start Date RI_DATUM DATS 
328 ISH_LBEGZT IS-H: Substitution Start Time UHRZT TIMS 
329 ISH_LEGRP IS-H: Service performer group §302 ISH_LEGRP CHAR 
330 ISH_LEIDAT IS-H: Date at which a Medical Record Is Borrowed/Requested RI_DATUM DATS 
331 ISH_LEIHIG IS-H: Upper Value of Service in Range Tables TARLS CHAR 
332 ISH_LEILOW IS-H: Lower Value of Service in Range Tables TARLS CHAR 
333 ISH_LEISTA IS-H: Borrowing Status ISH_LEISTA CHAR 
334 ISH_LEIZEI IS-H: Borrowing time UHRZT TIMS 
335 ISH_LEN301 IS-HCM: Length of §301 message (in characters) VARCLEN INT2 
336 ISH_LENDDT IS-H: Substitution end date RI_DATUM DATS 
337 ISH_LENDZT IS-H: Substitution End Time UHRZT TIMS 
338 ISH_LEVEL IS-H: Nesting Depth ISH_LEVEL INT1 
339 ISH_LEVNR IS-H NL: LAZR Aanleveringsnummer LAZR-bestand NUMC07 NUMC 
340 ISH_LF301 IS-H: Message Number ISH_LF301 NUMC 
341 ISH_LF301C IS-H: EDI Sequence Counter for File Name Logic ISH_LF301C CHAR 
342 ISH_LF301D IS-H: File Number ISH_LF301D NUMC 
343 ISH_LF301F IS-HCM: Sequence Number of EDI Message Record NUMC03 NUMC 
344 ISH_LF301M IS-HCM: Seq. File Number (Data Cllct. Point-Specific) NUM05 NUMC 
345 ISH_LF301R IS-H: Sequence EDI Number ISH_LF301 NUMC 
346 ISH_LF301Y DALEUV Year of Data Transmission GJAHR NUMC 
347 ISH_LF301_L IS-H: Sequence Number of EDI Message ISH_LF301_L NUMC 
348 ISH_LFDAK IS-H: Sequence Number of an Action CHAR10 CHAR 
349 ISH_LFDBEW_ACTIVE IS-H: Only Show Services of Current Movement XFELD CHAR 
350 ISH_LFDBEW_PROPOSAL IS-H: Seq. No. of Movement for Default Values LFDBEW NUMC 
351 ISH_LFDBV IS-H: Sequence Number of Bank Details   NUMC 
352 ISH_LFDCO IS-H: Sequence Number of Assignment ISH_LFDCO NUMC 
353 ISH_LFDLEI IS-H: Seq. Number of Reference Service; Internal Use Only LNRLS CHAR 
354 ISH_LFDNM IS-H: Sequence Number of Guarantor ISH_LFDNM NUMC 
355 ISH_LFDNR IS-H AT: Laufende Nummer NUM3 NUMC 
356 ISH_LFDVOR IS-HCM: EDI Sequence Number of Business Transaction NUMC3 NUMC 
357 ISH_LFD_ACTION IS-H: Sequence Number of Procedure Action CHAR10 CHAR 
358 ISH_LFD_ACT_DIA IS-H: Sequence Number of a Diagnosis Action CHAR10 CHAR 
359 ISH_LFMNG IS-H: Required Number in Accordance with V2/V3 NUMC4 NUMC 
360 ISH_LFNR IS-H: Sequence Number for Defining Service Groups NUM3 NUMC 
361 ISH_LFSTA_ICON IS-H: ICON Processing Status of Material Requisition CHAR30 CHAR 
362 ISH_LGTX03 Screen Field for Displaying Dynamic Icon ISH_ICON CHAR 
363 ISH_LIAB IS-H: Display physician/comment in the visit overview XFELD CHAR 
364 ISH_LIARB IS-H: Display physician/room/comment in the visit overview XFELD CHAR 
365 ISH_LIARZT IS-H: Display physician and treatment room in visit overview XFELD CHAR 
366 ISH_LIBLGE IS-H: Enhanced Occupancy List in Care Unit Overview XFELD CHAR 
367 ISH_LIBMRK IS-H: Display Comment Field in Work List XFELD CHAR 
368 ISH_LIBWAR IS-H: Display Movement Type in Worklist XFELD CHAR 
369 ISH_LIDSPTY IS-H: Scheduling Type Is Displayed in Visit Overview XFELD CHAR 
370 ISH_LIFALL IS-H: Case Number Is Displayed in Visit Overview XFELD CHAR 
371 ISH_LIGBDT IS-H: Output Birthdate in Visit Overview XFELD CHAR 
372 ISH_LIOEB Treatment OU is Displayed in Visit Overview XFELD CHAR 
373 ISH_LIORGF IS-H: Include dept assigning pat. to other dept in work list XFELD CHAR 
374 ISH_LIPNAM IS-H: Display Patient Name in Worklist XFELD CHAR 
375 ISH_LIRB IS-H: Display room/comment in the visit overview XFELD CHAR 
376 ISH_LIRETX IS-H: Display physician/room/comment in the visit overview XFELD CHAR 
377 ISH_LMED IS-H: Ind. whether Med. Services Should be Displayed XFELD CHAR 
378 ISH_LMENG IS-HCO: Activity Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
379 ISH_LMPER_EHP4 This Field Is Not Supported Until IS-H 6.04 (EHP4) RI_DATUM DATS 
382 ISH_LMRNR IS-H NL: Recordcode voor soort deelbericht ISH_LMRNR CHAR 
383 ISH_LMTTG IS-H: Max. no. of billing days subject to discount ISH_LMTTG NUMC 
384 ISH_LNAME Last Name of Guarantor NAME CHAR 
385 ISH_LNCARD Sequence Number of Health Insurance Card ISH_LNCARD NUMC 
386 ISH_LNCARD_DET Sequential Details of Health Insurance Card   NUMC 
387 ISH_LNCARD_REP Seq. No. of Additional Ins. Data for Health Insurance Card   NUMC 
388 ISH_LNGTXT Output of Long Text Desired XFELD CHAR 
389 ISH_LNRAPP IS-H: Sequence Number of Provisional Appointment ISH_LNRAPP CHAR 
391 ISH_LNRIC IS-H: Sequence Number of Surgical Procedure Code ISH_LNRIC CHAR 
392 ISH_LNRIC_REF Sequence Number of Reference Surgical Procedure Code ISH_LNRIC CHAR 
393 ISH_LNRKO IS-HCO: Sequence Number of Account Assignment ISH_LNRKO NUMC 
394 ISH_LNRLM IS-H MM: Sequence Number of a Material Requisition ISH_LNRLM CHAR 
395 ISH_LNRLP IS-H MM: Sequence Number of Material Consumption ISH_LNRLM CHAR 
396 ISH_LNRLPREF IS-H MM: Reference to Cancellation Doc. of Mat. Consumption ISH_LNRLM CHAR 
397 ISH_LNRVL IS-H: Sequence Number of Services From Preliminary Entry LNRLS CHAR 
398 ISH_LOCIND IS-H: Substitution Situation Indicator XFELD CHAR 
399 ISH_LOCK IS-H: Block Physician-to-Patient Assignment XFELD CHAR 
400 ISH_LOCNR IS-H NL: Polikliniek- of locatienummer NUMC2 NUMC 
401 ISH_LOGDP IS-H: Logical Invoice in Invoice Overview XFELD CHAR 
402 ISH_LOG_ITEM_CTG_CODE_C_BE Log Item Category Code   CHAR 
403 ISH_LOG_ITEM_NOTE_BE A short text for the log message   CHAR 
404 ISH_LOG_ITEM_SEVERITY_CODE_BE Severity code of a log item   CHAR 
405 ISH_LOG_ITEM_TYPE_ID_BE Unique identification of the type of a log entry   CHAR 
406 ISH_LOG_NOTIF IS-H: Pushbutton 'Print Log of Admission Notifications' TEXT10 CHAR 
407 ISH_LOG_UNIT IS-H: Indicates Documents to be Canceled Together VBELN CHAR 
408 ISH_LOKALIS IS-H: Medical Localization Code N2_DIALO CHAR 
409 ISH_LOKFU IS-H NL: Locatie-functiedeel CHAR01 CHAR 
410 ISH_LONGSTAY IS-H: Long-Stay Pat. per Period for Data Transfer IS-H->EIS ISH_KEY_QUAN QUAN 
411 ISH_LONGSTAY_C IS-H: Long-Stay Indicator for Data Transfer IS-H -> EIS XFELD CHAR 
412 ISH_LONGVAR IS-H: Long Character String   CHAR 
413 ISH_LOS IS-H: Length of Stay (Actual, Calculated) ISH_LOS NUMC 
414 ISH_LOSDAUER IS-H: Cases with Total Length of Stay > Planned LOS XFELD CHAR 
415 ISH_LOSDAUER_ICON IS-H: "Estimated Length of Stay Exceeded" Icon TEXT50 CHAR 
416 ISH_LOST IS-H: Length of Stay ISH_LOST NUMC 
417 ISH_LOSVGL IS-H: Cases with Total Length of Stay > Comparison Value XFELD CHAR 
418 ISH_LOSVGL_ICON IS-H: "Length of Stay Exceeded" Icon TEXT50 CHAR 
419 ISH_LOS_BILL Reduced DRG-Relevant Length of Stay for Case in Days ISH_LOS NUMC 
420 ISH_LOS_BRUT IS-H: Gross Length of Stay of a Case ISH_LOS NUMC 
421 ISH_LOS_GENERIC IS-H: Length of Stay for a Case, for All Country Versions ISH_LOS NUMC 
422 ISH_LOS_NET IS-H: Net Length of Stay for Case ISH_LOS NUMC 
423 ISH_LPASSNR IS-H: Subvention Document Number (Long) ISH_LPASSNR CHAR 
424 ISH_LPASSTY IS-H: Subvention Document Type (Long) ISH_PASSTY CHAR 
425 ISH_LPBEDT Start Date of a Planned Value DATUM DATS 
426 ISH_LPENDT End Date of a Planned Value DATUM DATS 
427 ISH_LPMNG IS-H: Planned Quantity of Service NUMC4 NUMC 
428 ISH_LSCHL Service Code P301 Outpatient   CHAR 
429 ISH_LSTADM IS-H: List Type for Arrivals List ISH_LSTADM CHAR 
430 ISH_LSTAMM IS-H: Ind. whether period is valid for service master XFELD CHAR 
432 ISH_LSTDIS IS-H: List Type for Departures List ISH_LSTDIS CHAR 
433 ISH_LSTDP IS-H: Display Method Last Used ISH_LSTDP CHAR 
435 ISH_LSTPLS IS-H: List Type for Waiting List ISH_LSTPLS CHAR 
436 ISH_LSTWL IS-H: List Type for Waiting List ISH_LSTWL CHAR 
437 ISH_LSUREL IS-H: Relevance of Assignment for Service Statistics XFELD CHAR 
438 ISH_LVAKS IS-H: Activity allocation orders and cost center XFELD CHAR 
439 ISH_LVAKSA IS-H: Activity allocation orders and cost center XFELD CHAR 
440 ISH_LVAUF IS-H: Activity Allocation to Orders XFELD CHAR 
441 ISH_LVAUFA IS-H: Activity Allocation to Orders XFELD CHAR 
442 ISH_LVERS IS-H: (Billing) Version of IS-H ISH_LVERS CHAR 
443 ISH_LVKAS IS-H: Activity allocation cost centers/statistical orders XFELD CHAR 
444 ISH_LVKOS IS-H: Int. Activity Alloc. to Cost Centers for Inpat. Cases XFELD CHAR 
445 ISH_LVKOSA IS-H: Int. Activity Allocation to Cost Centers for Outp.Case XFELD CHAR 
446 ISH_LVMNG IS-H: Agreed Number in Accordance with V2/V3 NUMC4 NUMC 
447 ISH_LZUAB IS-H: Agreed Surcharges or Discounts ISH_WERTV6 CURR 
448 ISH_LZUO IS-H: Period is valid for service assignment XFELD CHAR 
450 ISH_MABER_F Mahnbereich für Forderungsverfahren ISH_MABER CHAR 
451 ISH_MABLAD IS-H: Unloading Point TEXT25 CHAR 
452 ISH_MABRKZ IS-H: Indicator whether Material can be Billed for ISH_MABRKZ CHAR 
453 ISH_MADTKA IS-H: Key date for creating reminders for medical records RI_DATUM DATS 
454 ISH_MAFRI IS-H: Dunning Deadline for Copayment Request in Days MAFRI NUMC 
455 ISH_MAHNA IS-H: Dunning Block for Copayment Requests/Receivables ISH_MAHNU CHAR 
456 ISH_MAHNU IS-H: Dunning Block for Transfer Posting ISH_MAHNU CHAR 
457 ISH_MAIL_XL IS-HCM: Message Content (Maybe Only Parts/Segments)   CHAR 
458 ISH_MAINI IS-H: Indicator for Main Insurance Relationship XFELD CHAR 
459 ISH_MAKTX Short Text for Material TEXT40 CHAR 
460 ISH_MAKZ Is-H: Person is Employee XFELD CHAR 
461 ISH_MANFCN IS-H MM: Number of Requests for a Material INT4 INT4 
462 ISH_MANFOE IS-H: Departmental Org. Unit Requesting Material ORGID CHAR 
463 ISH_MANFOEKB IS-H: Short text for requesting departmental org. unit. TEXT12 CHAR 
464 ISH_MANPOE IS-H: Nursing Org. Unit Requesting Material ORGID CHAR 
465 ISH_MANPOEKB IS-H: Short Text for Requesting Nursing Org. Unit TEXT12 CHAR 
466 ISH_MANPR IS-H: Manually Set (Basic) Price of a Service ISH_WERTV6 CURR 
468 ISH_MANUAL IS-H: Manual Entry of Card Data ISH_MANUAL CHAR 
469 ISH_MARK IS-H: Selection Field (for Table Control, for Example) XFELD CHAR 
470 ISH_MARKV IS-H: Number of Visits Selected NUMC4 NUMC 
471 ISH_MATERIALLIST IS-H: Information of Materials in Requisition TEXT80 CHAR 
472 ISH_MATMENGE_LONG Material Quantity for Display ISH_MENGE_V20 QUAN 
473 ISH_MATNAM Last and First Name of Ordering Physician TEXT40 CHAR 
474 ISH_MATNR IS-H MM: Material Number of the Service MATNR CHAR 
475 ISH_MAXAD IS-H: Maximum Amount per Day/Visit WERTV8 CURR 
476 ISH_MAXAM IS-H: Maximum Amount per Case WERTV8 CURR 
477 ISH_MAXBEL IS-H: Maximum Occupancy of Room NUM02 NUMC 
478 ISH_MAXCA IS-H: Maximum payment amount WERTV8 CURR 
479 ISH_MAXCP IS-H: Maximum Percentage Rate DEC3_2 DEC 
480 ISH_MAXDY IS-H: Maximum Number of Days per Year ISH_VTAGE NUMC 
481 ISH_MAXOP IS-H SG: Maximum Medisave withdrawal WERTV8 CURR 
482 ISH_MAXWERT IS-H: Maximum Value Allowed for a Service DEC13_2 DEC 
483 ISH_MAX_LOS_GENERIC IS-H: Maximum Length of Stay (Generic for PCS) GRVER NUMC 
484 ISH_MBADAT IS-H MM: Requisition Date of Material Order DATUM DATS 
485 ISH_MBANFO IS-H: Text of request for medical grounds TEXT72 CHAR 
486 ISH_MBART IS-H MM: Type of Material Document ISH_MBART CHAR 
487 ISH_MBATX IS-H MM: Type of Material Document TEXT20 CHAR 
488 ISH_MBERR IS-H MM: Set indicator if error when posting to MM XFELD CHAR 
489 ISH_MBEWTY IS-H: Movement Category ISH_MBEWTY CHAR 
491 ISH_MBLNR IS-H MM: Number of a material document BELNR CHAR 
492 ISH_MBMEIN IS-H MM: Order Unit of Material MEINS UNIT 
493 ISH_MBMENG IS-H: Quantity of material in base unit of measure MENGV8 QUAN 
494 ISH_MBPOS IS-H MM: Item Number on the Material Document BNFPO NUMC 
495 ISH_MBSEIN IS-H: Base Unit of Measure of Material Item MEINS UNIT 
496 ISH_MBSMNG Material Quantity in Order Unit MENGV8 QUAN 
497 ISH_MBTEXT IS-H: Text of medical grounds TEXT72 CHAR 
498 ISH_MBUINF IS-H: Quantity in base unit of measure TEXT15 CHAR 
499 ISH_MCATID IS-H MM: Code of a Medical Category ISH_MCATID CHAR 
500 ISH_MCATLTXT IS-H MM: Long Text for a Medical Category TEXT120 CHAR